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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 25, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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everywhere, will live their lives the way they choose, no matter what. lowell 11. double digits. it's a great one. happy birthday. and tonight for the hour we will be examining the hottest movie in the country and how some hollywood liberals are trying to take down a hero. "american sniper" patriotism is under fire next. >> i got a male watching the convoy over. >> do you think he's reporting troop movement you have a green light. your call, over. >> it is the blockbuster movie that everybody's talking about. >> "american sniper" was amaze amazing. >> phenomenal. >> i don't usually watch movies like that, but i loved it. it was really good. the ending was perfect.
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>> the emmy-nominated film pulled in over $5 million in just first week. >> "american sniper" shattering box office records. >> some bent on -- >> i can't believe michael did that. >> we stood behind you, seth when you did your movie. give them the same respect. >> michael moore -- >> all these guys, they know your name. they feel invincible with you up there. >> tonight you'll hear from chris kyle's father and widow. their emotional interviews. >> he volunteered. he wanted to do this. and i knew he was doing something that he loved to do. >> chris was really good about little bit by little bit telling you more and more about his service and what he did. >> i'm ready. >> baby -- >> i'm ready to come home. >> a "hannity" special, "american sniper," patriotism under attack. it starts right here, right now.
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>> the numbers prove it. audiences in america, they love "american sniper" but reaction from members of the media, well, that's mixed. >> i was disturbed by the movie. i sat there in the movie theater with my wife over the weekend and thought this just underscores how many lives we have ruined because of doing something that was terribly wrong. >> we stood behind you, seth when you did your movie. and we said you had the right to make the movie you wanted to make. >> yeah. >> give them the same respect. if you've never been to war, it's a lot that you can call people a name you can call all kinds of names. but until the bombs are exploding around you and the people are dying around you, you need to be a little more sensitive, dudes. i get that you're creative types, but so are they. so back up. >> what i saw on that screen was a film that tore my guts apart because of the way it depicted the iraqi people. >> a lot of good guys and a lot of my friends died, you know, for his right i guess freedom of
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speech. >> for somebody who's spent their entire career on freedom of speech and freedom of expression to criticize an individual like chris kyle that's really biting the hand that feeds you. >> it was a movie about an american s.e.a.l. who risked his life overseas four times. >> here now with reaction two of chris kyle's friends retired u.s. army ranger sean and retired u.s. navy s.e.a.l. jason redman. jason, from what i've heard you have come under fire for defending chris, defending the movie and defending how, you know, the job snipers do. what happened? >> sean, absolutely. i mean any time you take a stance on anything controversial you're always going to have people that come after you. which is fine with me. i actually find it pretty humorous with some of the statements that people make. everything from i was getting texts what would jesus do thou shalt not kill, my personal
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favorite the atheist that wrote on that to all muslims it's the christians you want, not us i'm an atheist. things like that they're almost entertaining. because the reality is i fought for freedom, chris fought for freedom, sean fought for freedom. every american veteran out there fought for the freedom for people to say whatever they want to say. but here's the deal, it's not freedom from opinion it's not freedom from people who are going to stand up and disagree with what you said. both michael moore and seth rogen made inflammatory comments that disrespected the service of a great american, a great sniper, a great father, everything that chris ever did. and in turn it directly reflected upon the american military. that's why i'm so adamant about stepping up and say, hey, you can say what you want but i'm going to be there to counteract it. >> i think it's important because you also knew chris. and, sean, you knew chris. the first thing that comes to my mind is they're ignorant, unappreciative. you guys give them the right to say whatever they want,
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freedom's defended by guys like chris and guys like you guys. i think i'd be angrier if i did four tours like chris did. sean? >> yeah no, look. there's a bright side to this coin and that's the fact that "american sniper" in the first four days raised $105 million at the box office. so, you know, seth rogen, michael moore, rolling stone america doesn't give a -- about what you think. most of the time these people miss their mark with the criticisms of the movie. you know "american sniper" is not a political commentary on the iraq war. "american sniper" is not an exploreatory view of weapons of mass destruction in iraq. it's not an explanation or in-depth study of atrocityies -- it's about the effects of war on the american hero and american warrior and on their family. "american sniper" is not a pro-war film, it's a pro-warrior
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film. every time the journalists or some of these coddled hollywood types come out and criticize the film or chris or warrior's journey home, it just makes it more difficult for guys that have served in combat to actually come home and live a normal life. because it makes it more difficult for them to talk about their experience without being criticized for it. you know here's the bottom line, 24% of this nation has served this country during 13 years of war. the gap between warrior and citizen in this country has never been greater. so every time that these hollywood liberals or journalists make comments that criticize our warriors on the battlefield, it makes that gap even further apart and becomes hard to reconcile here when you come home. >> i think i'd be pretty angry as a warrior put my life on the line for as long as he did or as long as you guys did only to get this treatment wen you get back. now, you were both friends with chris. i ask you, jason, did he ever talk about his experiences? is this what he described to
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you, the decisions he had to make? >> you know i think all warriors sit around and talk about things that happened on the battlefield. i mean, i don't think i ever sat around with the guys and said, wow, i wish we had done this or wish we had done that. many times you'll second guess how an operation unfolds. but we follow the law of conflict, we follow the rules of the geneva convention. the american military follows the most strict guidelines related to war to probably almost any nation out there. so when we go in and we do something, we do it the utmost of our ability. chris did that so we could make sure we were making our right decisions on the battlefield and come home and say hey, i did what was right to take care of my men and preserve the freedom of the american people. >> michael moore, we were taught snipers were cowards. i didn't specifically mention american sniper but does it on the day it's released. he thinks he's being cute by saying, oh, i didn't really mean
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it about that as he tries to back off. the controversy because he's getting slammed. sean. >> well, yeah. the key part of michael moore's tweet was that he said, he mentioned eded invaders and that's a direct plight at the 9/11 who raised their right hand something other than themselves during a time of war. these people are the best of us. whenever they're criticized and as jay said we defended their right for them to be able to say whatever they want but we're sick and tired of some of these hollywood elites having big powerful platforms for their words and tired of them shaping our society and culture views veterans. so that's why it's important for jay and other military veterans to speak out so that we have our voice heard so that doesn't happen. i'm always reminded of a hemmingway quote critics are somebody who watches the battle
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unfold from the high ground and come down and shoot the survivors. that sounds a lot like what's happening right now. >> preeshtd it. interesting michael moore doesn't come on tv and go head-to-head with one of you guys and defend those comments. i'd like to see that debate. >> i'd be happy to do it. >> he's welcome here any time if he wants to debate either one or both of you. >> anybody who knew chris knew he was somebody when he was out and about he loved to practice his chokeout skills. so all the people who know chris are going to laugh at this. but i guarantee you if chris was still walking around today and he was with michael moore he would be glad to put michael moore to sleep. >> probably take him about nine seconds. wouldn't take that long. if he could get his arm around his neck. all right. guys, appreciate it. thanks for being with us. coming up tonight on this special edition of "hannity". >> very engageable, very powerful, reveals the truth of what goes on abroad that american people are afraid to think about. but our brave soldiers have to endure while they're out there.
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>> we sent our producers to speak to movie goers about the hit hollywood film and no surprise they loved it. only hollywood elites that have a problem with it. why do they have a problem with our military? that's next on this special edition of "hannity." so check it out! i'm sending a tweet. tweet! that's not how it works, grandpa. you think i am out of touch. i saved 15 percent on car insurance in just 15 minutes. you could've saved money in half that time with esurance. (wings flapping) ah, a reply... i'm trending! 15 minutes for a quote is old news. start with a quote from esurance and you could save money on car insurance in half the time. welcome to the modern world. esurance. backed by allstate. click or call.
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"american sniper" was amazing. >> phenomenal. >> very engageable. very powerful. reveals the truth of what goes on abroad that american people are afraid to think about, but you know our brave soldier haves to endure while they're out there. >> really portrayed like how awesome of a sniper he was and how much of a hero he was. >> i thought it was amazing. i don't usually watch movies like that, but i loved it. it was really good. >> it was a powerful movie.
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i'm still mind boggled by the ending. >> great director too, clint eastwood fantastic. >> will it win best picture? i want it to win best picture. >> from coast-to-coast "american sniper" is crushing it at the box office. hollywood reporter crunched numbers on the top grossing theaters for the film during its opening weekend, san antonio texas was at the top. and can you believe it even new york city made the top ten list at number eight. movie goers agree "american sniper" is a big hit, but why are some in hollywood giving the movie such a hard time. does tinseltown have their own agenda? remember the praise for michael moore documentary, look at this. >> you can make people do anything if they're afraid. >> take action to close all of the airports in the united states. >> all commercial and airline traffic was grounded. >> you had some airplanes
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authorized at the highest level of our -- to pick up osama bin laden's family members and f the country. >> trying to get list in the army and go over to iraq. >> the usa patriot act allows for searches of financial and medical records. >> gives law enforcement almost unlimited power. >> hollywood darling friend to the late venezuelan leader hugo chavez. >> there's been no success in iraq. the so-called surge as hype by the media when in fact iraq was trashed almost from the beginning to the end. success in iraq and afghanistan can you tell me? there have been many weeping widows out there. >> pretty unbelievable. here to explain that and much more senior editor for in touch weekly kim sarafin u.s. retired navy s.e.a.l. and wnyw reporter
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thanks for being with us. i don't want to drag into politics, kim. i know you're in the entertainment lifestyle. this movie, americans love it. except these arrogant, narcissistic l.a. elites out there. they're the ones, you know, making comments, oh snipers are cowards. where's the disconnect here? what is it that america sees that they don't see? >> i think across the board people love this movie. i mean, even in that lineup piece that you show you have women coming out of this movie. a lot of times these war movies are not really targeted for a female audience, but i think that is what is really touching a nerve with a lot of people with "american sniper" it shows obviously the war side but also talks about the family side of that too. chris kyle coming home dealing with being a husband, being a father. i think that's what you see bradley cooper talking about so much as well talking about this is a human side of war, the human side of a wor yor and that he wants people to take from this movie not a debate about the iraq war but about the human side. about whether you walk into an
10:16 pm
airport and you pass a service member saying thank you to them for giving us our liberty and our freedom. i think that's really the message so many people are relating to in this movie. >> jonathan, that happens to you. people do know you from the show. >> sure. >> and when you walk through airports you've told me people come up to you. it's got to anger you because it angers me. here chris kyle spent all this time, his life at risk saving lives and protecting the free speech rights of people like michael moore and seth rogen and to deal with this crap. >> free speech never angers me but what does anger me is disrespect. >> and ignorance. >> and ignorance. i accept ignorance because there are some people that are ignorant like michael moore. but seth rogen he's on a rocket ship up. i don't understand sometimes in hollywood and entertainment industry, you know you have to understand if you come out and you say these things and you disrespect people, it's going to tarnish your career. that is an anomaly to me.
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but from a personal standpoint, this movie which we were talking about earlier is that it inspires a lot of people. and i'm fine with that. i have my problems with the technical part of it. and i think it kind of demonstrates that hollywood needs to get more in touch with the technical side of it. the tactics and movements and the way we dress and act. i think it just shows in most of these movies -- >> marcus lutrell in "lone survivor". >> that movie was done correctly tactically. >> but there are certain deficiencies from that standpoint you didn't like. >> i think so. and i think the director in "lone survivor" was very focused on that. what'd you think, simone. >> of the film? >> yeah. >> i would say it's a b movie led by an a-plus performance from bradley cooper. his best performance yet. >> why a b movie? i was on the edge of my seat.
10:18 pm
that to me is an a-movie. if you can keep my attention, you've got me and really every time people go to movie theaters there's not -- you can't hear a pin drop by the oend end of this movie. >> i'll admit it was suspense suspenseful. but some of the ways the filmmakers went was contrite and not believable. >> in what way? >> i don't think that a navy s.e.a.l. would be on the phone with his wife while he's in the middle of combat and bullets are flying all around. >> i hate to tell you. i was there. i was in iraq and that's reality. they're making phone calls they're doing all sorts of things. they go through their daily life. it's not world war ii anymore. there are communications chlts people get on the internet and send e-mails to loved ones. >> well, perhaps it was some supporting cast performances. bradley cooper was amazing. >> didn't like sienna? >> i thought some of her scenes were not believable. >> kim, you're more the critic than i am. i look more bigger picture.
10:19 pm
the bigger picture if you can hold my attention and portray a hero this way and the american people respond the way they did i think they scored. >> yeah. i mean the numbers you mentioned the box office numbers just all these sorts of records, breaking january records, martin luther king weekend records i think it's on its way to becoming the second highest grossing r-rated film ever. so that's a huge deal. and this really -- >> what's number one or shall i not ask? >> i don't know what number one is. i don't know. but second highest, who knows at the end of this maybe it will be the first highest. but this is like superhero numbers. this is like the numbers you see coming out of summer superhero blockbusters. but this is about a real life superhero and i think that's why again why people are really relating to it in so many different ways. again, the movie opened right after just got six oscar nominations. and i think even the big numbers that we're seeing for box office certainly helps its chances with winning an oscar. and it definitely helps bradley
10:20 pm
cooper's chances. his third oscar nomination in a row. everyone agrees bradley cooper is incredible. as you mentioned he's worked closely with chris's family and his friends. and he obviously wanted to get this right. it was so important for him to get this right. >> all right kim, why do i believe hollywood will try and snub in the end? >> well, to say it that hollywood would snub this that would have to imply it's superior to the other nominees and i don't think that's true. >> what bird -- >> yeah. "birdman" is a superior film, "selma" is a superior film. >> i think it's a matter of taste. whatever the content doesn't fit the hollywood agenda that's wa we get. i think michael moore is a hero among the left for attacking brave americans like this. >> sean, you may be right there. but i think looking at this from a mission success standpoint which we like to do in the s.e.a.l. teams i think the movie has touched people.
10:21 pm
and i think the fact whoopi goldberg came out and defended i salute her. >> totally agree. >> coming up next tonight right here on "hannity". >> do you ever now looking back have any regrets at all about anything that you did? >> yes, i do. it's the people i couldn't save. >> the americans you couldn't save, the allied forces? >> the americans the local iraqis. anyone who i witnessed violence coming down on them and i could not save them. >> chris kyle back in 2012. more of that interview coming up next. and a former sniper explains what life is like on the front lines. michael moore maybe we'll help educate you in that segment straight ahead. ♪ lookin' good, flo! feelin' good! feelin' real good!
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ibanez. now back to "hannity." as a sniper your job is to kill them, not wound them not arrest them, you have to have a certain mentality to be a sniper. you're killing them. >> oh i'm killing them to
10:24 pm
protect my fellow americans. >> and you liked it. you liked that job. and the book -- you know, your wife didn't want you to do it. she wanted you to stay home. how many times did you go back? >> four times. >> four times. you liked killing these guys. did you ever figure that out? >> well, i mean, it's not a problem taking out someone who wants your people dead. that's not a problem at all. >> do you ever now looking back have any regrets about anything you did? >> yes, i do. the people i couldn't save. >> the americans you couldn't save, the allied forces. >> americans, the iraqis, anyone who i witnessed violence coming down on them and i could not save them. >> that's your regret? >> yes, sir. >> that was an interview chris kyle did with o'reilly back in 2012 detailing what life is like as a sniper. here now to explain is the author of "the reaper."
10:25 pm
nicholas irving good to see you. appreciate you being with us. did you think this movie accurately portrayed the job that you did? >> yes, i do. as far as the other scenes where people are talking about, you know i guess the inconsistencies or things that didn't make sense. i don't think the movie was about that. the movie was about the job as a sniper and the time back at home and the struggles guys like us go through daily. >> did you go through struggles when you got back? did you second guess you're maybe people you took out? >> oh, definitely. as far as people i took out no, i never second guessed that. but i've had issues as soon as i got out of the military, pretty much became an alcoholic. i think a lot of guys do that. i think that's one of the reasons we have 22 vets a day commit suicide. the only one regret i guess have is i couldn't save corporal
10:26 pm
benjamin cobb who paid the ultimate sacrificing saving me and a reconnaissance team. >> explain when you're in battle and your job is to protect american troops and you're looking down the scope and you've got somebody in your sights, what goes down in that moment? >> pretty much the math. how is the wind blowing, is my distance correct? >> focused on the job? >> yeah. it's just a job. i've wanted to be a sniper since i was in elementary school. it was a lifelong dream. i don't have any regrets about it. but as far as taking someone out, i don't think anything other than math at that point. >> because it's amazing to me that people forget you're actually saving american lives that are in jeopardy. and then you hear comments by michael moore. what is your reaction to that? >> like i said before, giving
10:27 pm
him the breath that comes out of my body he doesn't deserve that. his opinion about me or chris kyle, i think it's disgraceful. but as far as -- i would like to see michael moore in a room with me or a few of chris kyle's s.e.a.l. brothers. >> in other words say it to your face? >> yeah. i've never had anybody say that to me personally. >> no. why do i think he wouldn't have the courage to do that? he's even trying to cowherard away from his own comments. maybe you can think of a couple real life instances that you went through and explain for our audience you know what it is that you have to do and why you do it and why it is an act of courage. and why it's important that you do what you. >> pretty much a day in the life a typical op i would go on we'd
10:28 pm
start off early that night and pretty much i'm just over watching the troop movement. at any point in time i see a target pop up or a target that presents a threat or poses to i guess take one of our guys out, it's my duty to take that target out to protect the guys on the ground. i'd rather shoot a guy than present a flag to a mom. i have no problem doing that. >> really well said. and like chris you're a hero. it's an honor to meet you, nicholas. thanks so much for being with us. >> thank you, sean. coming up, we sure hope michael moore's watching because next medal of honor recipient dakota meyer is going to explain
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this powerful winds 0 over the week. knocking down trees and power poles. no injuries were reported but the winds damage many homes and cars. i'm kelly wright. now back to a hannity special. they don't get the training we do. half these guys were civilians six months ago. >> let's coach them up. i was a unit on the street. >> can't do that. we need you on overwatch. >> if i'm on the street --
10:35 pm
>> deadliest job here man. you got some sort of savior complex? >> i just want to get the bad guys. if i can't see them i can't shoot them. >> all these guys, they know your name they feel invincible with you up there. >> they're not. >> they are if they think they are. >> that was another clip from "american sniper" which shows true courage men and women display when they fight for our freedoms. that's why so many are outraged by the comments of michael moore. i sat down with medal of honor recipient dakota meyer to talk about this recipient and more. last night you were saying the movie "american sniper" gives a very accurate depiction of life as a sniper. you did this for three years? >> i did it for three years. >> okay. so you think the movie is true to form true to life? >> i think that you know, it kind of portrayed us as what we do. it's an overwatch position
10:36 pm
trying to you know maintain the safety of troops and in support of combat operations. but i think that part of it was, you know, it tried to show the overall mission of what snipers do. it tried to show that piece of it. and i think what it also did is it also showed the effectiveness and the psychological effect that snipers have on the enemy as well as enemy can have on us if they're effective as well. >> you touched on this last night and i didn't have time to delve into it. and that is that the real battle or something of that effect begins when you get home and something he also talked about and went into chris kyle's personal life and you go home and all of a sudden there's no switch in your brain that i'm not in a war zone after ten years. how hard is that? >> well, you know, the decompression in coming back it's a tough transition back. especially doing it -- i think one of the greatest things i see in the movie that chris had said was, we're sitting over here and
10:37 pm
everyone's going on with their everyday life and worried about what's going on with them. and there's a war going on. there's people dying overseas right now. and to face that reality every day day, you feel guilty about not being over there, you feel guilty about the people you couldn't save, you feel guilty about the brothers and sisters you lost. >> so you went through the very things they depicted in the movie. you felt guilty you didn't do enough even though you were there for what three years doing that? >> well, you know i deployed twice. but i tell you, sean if it was up to me i would go back as many times as possible. >> we talked last night about michael moore. then you have seth rogen another unappreciative narcissistic overpaid hollywood brat and his comments comparing it to a nazi prapopaganda film.
10:38 pm
michael moore saying i was taught snipers are cowards. i don't know what to say. i find these people delusional and unappreciative of the life you live, it's hard to express the anger i feel. and i got to believe as somebody who did this you feel even worse. >> you know, i don't feel any anger anymore. but i tell you what's really funny is a man so quick to call other people cowards, you know whether they're german snipers, whether they're snipers of the u.s. military, you know, and whether whoever it is, a man that's so quick to call someone a coward is now backtracking and trying to change his word. i mean, that sounds like to me -- stand by it. don't be a coward. >> apparently he's a bit of a coward. that's a really good point. i don't think people really appreciate what goes through your mind. here you're tasked with the job that you got to protect these other brave men and women, that you know. i'm sure you've probably had a
10:39 pm
relationship with them. you see potential threats coming their way. you're at a distance. you've got them -- you've got an enemy in your scope and you've got to make that decision maybe on your own to take that shot. walk us through that process. i don't think most people would, you know -- can really identify with that because it's such a different job than most of us -- such a different life than most of us. we live in the comfort of a home in america where it's safe and secure. i don't think most people can identify with that. explain it. >> i mean, you know, when you're going to have to -- you can imagine trying -- you're having to end someone else's life. and you think about this and i've thought about it many times is so many times is that person you're fighting is believe in in what their cause maybe just as much as you are. they're willing to give their life for the cause they believe in just as you are. and it's a -- it's not -- i guess i don't want to portray this the wrong way, but it's not
10:40 pm
about you thinking who's right or who's wrong. but you have to let it cross your mind that's another human being that you have to stop. and you got to process all that. >> on the other hand to do your task i got to imagine it's like a lot of things you've got to clear your mind and focus on the task at hand. hitting somebody 300 yards away is not exactly an easy task. >> well, you know, i mean that's just your job. it's like coming on the news and you doing your job. i mean, we train so much. we've got some of the finest training, some of the best men and women in our country who are out there fighting. and, you know you do your job. that's where training kicks in. and hopefully you weren't slacking in your training. and, you know, you do it effectively. >> so what's the furthest if you took a shot using a scope or what you used when you were in the war zone, how far away could you hit a target at exact location? >> you know, sean, i have no idea. i don't want to put that out there. i don't know.
10:41 pm
far enough. >> a thousand yards? is that too far? >> i mean yeah, 800 to 1,000 depending on what weapon system you're using. >> that's unbelievable. one thing that stuck with me in the movie is bradley cooper playing chris kyle saying i'll go before god and defend every shot i took. that was a powerful moment in the film. as being somebody who's lived that life, do you feel the same way? >> absolutely. there's not one day i lay awake in bed at night worried about the enemies or the targets that were eliminated. the only thing that keeps me awake at night is the guys i couldn't save and the targets that got away. >> all right. you truly are american hero. dakota meyer, medal of honor recipient. sir, thank you for being back with us. >> thank you so much for having me. coming up next tonight right here on "hannity". >> he volunteered. he wanted to do this.
10:42 pm
and i knew he was doing something that he loved to do. >> part of the beauty of chris is that he wouldn't say those things to me, like honey, i'm saving lives over there. >> my emotional interviews with the father and wife of chris kyle. that's coming up next straight ahead.
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you did your part. you sacrificed enough. you let somebody else go. >> let somebody else go? >> yeah. yeah. well, you find a way. you have to. okay. i need you to be human again. i need you here. i need you here. >> an emotional clip from "american sniper." and recently i sat down with chris kyle's wife taya, and she spent a lot of time with both bradley cooper and sienna miller to help them prepare for their roles in this movie. and i spoke with her about this and much more. taya, thanks for being with us. i really appreciate it. i guess if i was going to be portrayed in the movie bradley cooper would be pretty good and sienna miller's pretty good too. there's a positive side to this. how real do you think they were? how do you think they captured
10:48 pm
your relationship? was that a real clip? >> i think they did a phenomenal job, honestly. taking a person's life and putting it into two hours, you have to condense some things and portray some things with the right sentiment and maybe not the exact verbiage. but honestly even probably the words are accurate over a long period of time if you condensed it certainly -- certainly it gets the sentiment right and bradley and sienna both did a phenomenal job as far as dialect and manners and heart and soul. it could not be more spot-on. >> honestly. and i know that chris's dad wasn't as happy as you are with the film. let's talk about life at home. because he had all of these deployments, more confirmed kills than any other u.s. soldier. i mean it's a pretty amazing accomplishment. and each one of those saved people's lives. when he came home, did he talk about what happened? did he say i had to make this choice killing a kid killing a woman, did he ever tell you about it? >> yeah he told me about his
10:49 pm
experiences. but they were in clips. and it was during certain times it could be just a drive down the freeway. or a lot of times it was when we were with friends or somebody else and he would just let his guard down a little bit in time. but a lot of the reason he didn't share things as they were happening with me is he didn't want to scare me and he knew he'd be going back. so as much as i would tell him that my imagination is pretty powerful and i watched the news and the coverage and i'm not naive to what would happen over there, he felt pretty strongly that there was a time and a place to let me in on more. so that happened as the days went by and certainly even after he got out we talked about more. but his protective nature is not something he can really pull back. and that's part of it was him not wanting to scare me. >> so that was really a real clip in as much as what he had four deployments, after those deployments, he wants to go back because in his mind he's thinking i've got more guys i've got to save because he knows the
10:50 pm
danger they're in and he knows he saved their lives. was that real? >> you know, yeah absolutely. and part of the beauty of chris is that he wouldn't say those things to me like honey, i'm saving lives over there. i'm making a huge difference. although i would hear those stories from other people. and, you know, i know that's what he's doing. and i would i know that that's what he's doing, and i would learn more over time. but, you know, when it got to the point where it was time it wasn't just me saying it's time because i need yes, that was absolutely a big part of it. the other part of it was i was watching his blood pressure go through the roof his body take a beating his soul you know taking a hit, and really, they don't typically deploy people back to back to back for ten years like they did with chris. usually you would have a shore duty in between, some time to decompress or to have the family get some time together.
10:51 pm
but with him, i think the exact words i heard were needs of the navy. that's not the people he served directly with in his platoon or team but there were people right outside of that like maybe a master chief who didn't see combat making those decisions, and they felt like they needed chris there. i won't drag this on too long but even after he got out, there was always a bittersweet part of that, the part that he did always feel he let his country down in not continuing to be on the battlefield despite the cost. >> we sat down in an interview with chris' father wayne and talked about his son's legacy. wayne, nice to see you. i had a chance to speak with you on the phone. thank you for being on the program. >> thank you. i appreciate it. >> i saw the movie "american sniper." i would urge everyone to see it. i knew the story of chris ahead of time. icondolences, my
10:52 pm
thoughts. how many americans' lives were saved because of your son. >> i think so and that's one of the things that really bothered chris was he would really like to know how many lives he saved rather than how many lives he took. >> yeah. >> it's an unknowing number. >> it's an amazing -- what i really liked about the movie is that it literally brings you into a situation. the movie opens up, and i won't give away the plot in any way where your son -- and this is a true story -- there was a muslim woman and there is a young child. the woman takes something out of her clothing, hands it to the son, and your son who is way far away has to determine whether or not that's a bomb that they're about to use on american soldiers. i won't tell the outcome of it but that's a true story, isn't it? >> yes, sir. it sure is.
10:53 pm
>> and you have grandkids. he had his own kids right? >> yes. he has a son and a daughter. he had both of them -- he may have only had his son at that time. >> yeah. and that was the type of decision -- that was what he was asked to do every day. when you would talk to him about the things that he did, how did you react as a dad knowing the situation and the moral quandaries and dilemmas he had to deal with? how would you react to that? >> well, things like that didn't really bother me because i knew chris was doing a job and he volunteered. that's one thing about our military today, it's all voluntary, and he volunteered, he wanted to do this, and i knew he was doing something that he loved to do. >> yeah. >> and he would put his fellow warriors, you know ahead of
10:54 pm
everything else and save their lives and not worry about the lives that he had to take. >> yeah. you met with clint eastwood and bradley cooper before the making of this movie. i got a chuckle. you actually told them that if they dishonored your son -- i'll let you say it in your own words. >> well, i told them -- i looked both of them in the eye and i said if you do anything to dishonor my son i'll at ancestry, we call it a hint.. our little leaf that helps guide you through the past. simply type in a name and you're taken on a journey. a journey that crosses generations. and continents. all to tell the most amazing story. yours. discover your story. start searching for free now at
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for one second put away politics and appreciate the sacrifice of men like chris kyle. that shows how pathetic they are. we want to know what you think.number. i'm shannon breen, thanks for watching fox. i'm chris wallace. president obama is defiant, doubling down on his agenda on the first state of the union speech to the gop-controlled congress. >> i have no more campaigns to run. my only agenda -- [ applause ] >> i know because i won both of them. >> we'll discuss the president's domestic policies and the growing terror threat in the middle east with white house chief of staff denis mcdonough. plus house speaker boehner invited a prime minister to capitol hill without


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