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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 28, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PST

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administration's prisoner swap proposals? log on to "fox & friends first" facebook page to waib -- weigh in. bye. good morning. it is wednesday january 28. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. the great snow job of 2015 has come and gone and this morning hundreds of thousands of fliers are stranded. so when will travel get back on track and did the government get too involved? we're going to debate it for you straight ahead. >> and the pentagon calls him a liar but this morning he is doubling down that bowe bergdahl will be charged as a deserter. >> i stand by all of those facts plus if you look at what admiral kirby said in the written statements from the pentagon they don't deny the material findings of the report, what i said is in the report. >> somebody's not telling the truth. we'll present both sides this morning. >> how much more time do they need? let me change topics.
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who doesn't love a puppy? give me a second. i'm welling up. super bowl advertisers caving to concerns over this ad. sorry, danica patrick. why is everyone so upset? >> but the puppy just got home. why would people be upset. >> steve, you said that out lord. mornings are better with friends. >> hey. this is john ratzingberger and you're watching "fox & friends." >> welcome to "fox & friends" where everybody knows your name. >> so glad you joined us this morning. >> by the way quick thing. cliff said he had the best job because he wore the same thing every day. he was the mail man on the
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set. just like going to catholic school. >> we're so glad to have you with us this morning. we're also glad to see ainsley earhardt. how are you? >> great. there has been a lot going on. let me tell you what's happening. filling in for her they are nauert right now -- for heather nauert. the blizzard that blasted long island in new york up to maine is crippling travel, stranding passengers. look at the line of cots at la guardia airport. at this hour more than 900 flights canceled. 400,000 fliers have been affected over the past three days costing them and the economy a whopping $235 million. airlines hoping to have everything back on track by the end of the week. caught on camera the incredible moment a heroic councilman pulls his gun to defend his colleague from a shooter. >> get down! get down!
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everybody get down! >> that went right through the door. >> everyone get down. >> somebody got shot. >> stay down. >> the gunman hitting two cops before being fatally shot by other officers. the two officers who were hit are making full recoveries. a disturbing new beheading video just released by isis makes a direct threat against president obama and america. an extremist saying, quote we will cut off your head in the white house and transform america into a muslim province. this as the terror network continues to demand the freedom of a prisoner held in jordan or else, they say, a jordanian hostage and the remaining japanese hostage in their captivity will die in 24 hours if the militant is not released. spoim president obama and the first lady back in the white house this morning after a trip to india and saudi arabia but michelle obama making headlines after the new saudi king's entourage refused to shake her hand. you can see them just
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nodding their heads as they're passing her by. saudis are reporting their outrage. the first lady did not cover her hair with a headscarf during that visit for king abdullah's funeral. saudi arabia is the only country in the world where women are banned from driving cars among other restrictions. those are your headlines. >> i read also in the news reports they blurred her out. >> that may or may not be true. >> imagine that. >> something we told you about yesterday, tony shaffer, former intel guy all around smart guy was on with bill o'reilly two nights ago and said bowe bergdahl will be charged with desertion. sergeant bowe bergdahl walked off base in 2009. five or six americans were killed looking for him. he was traded for five high-valued taliban commanders. those five right there. well, this hit the fan yesterday. nbc confirmed what mr. shea
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mr. shea -- mr. schaffer told us. nbc was told by senior defense officials he would be charged. admiral john kirby women -- john kirby will join us in about 90 minutes. was asked about it. listen. >> no decision has been made in respect to the case of sergeant bergdahl. none. there is no time line to make that decision and the general is not being put under pressure to make that decision. i think it is extraordinarily premature for anybody to say that they know what general milley is going to decide and when he's going to decide it. >> lieutenant colonel tony shaffer doubled down on his statement saying he believes that charge sheet was offered there, they have it in their hands as it relates to bergdahl and he believes this delay is politically motivated. watch this.
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>> i stand by those facts. if you look at what admiral kirby said in the written statements from the pentagon they don't deny the material findings of the report or what i said is in the report. they're being very careful how they parse their words and i think there's reasons why. i do stand by the fact that my understanding is that bergdahl's lawyer has been given a statement of charges, a charge sheet that says this is what to expect. >> lieutenant colonel tony shaffer comes back on bill o'reilly. bill says there's been fall back. what do you say? i double down. my sources are fine. if you're in the military and did the investigation, how hard is it? two years ago we had on the people he was serving with who went hunting for him, the the missions that they were preventing from going forward with because they had to look for this guy. they knew that he left. his buddies knew that he left. how hard is it to come to a conclusion? however, if the army is done with their report -- and i imagine they are -- and they're big on
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deadlines and they were told no rush to get the story out, what if the army tapped into somebody who used to be in the military but they often do, they can speak freely to get it out there. to pressure the administration perhaps to come out with a report and the conclusion. >> something the white house saw as a double. bringing an american home and the operation of letting gitmo become a nothing. release these five and also you get the applause of bringing an american home. but if he's a traitor, if he's a deserter at all, even if he wasn't, is it worth the trade? and did it open up a pandora's box? >> we're going to talk to admiral kirby 90 minutes from now here on fox. our lead story in the northeast there was a monster storm. here in new york city thankfully we were not hit. we were told we were going to wind up with feet. we got inches. >> suffolk county on long island got hit but when it came to new york city you
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saw the governor and mayor racing in a panic because they wanted to be safe and be sorry. for the first time in our 110-year history we shut down the subways shut off commerce and individuals got $300 tickets for being out past curfew. >> people saying you shouldn't be outside if you don't need to. when that ban was lifted and i was walking around yesterday a bunch of stores were closed. obviously damage there in economic numbers. but then people were outside. please let us outside, tell me it's okay. hundreds of kids sledding and walking but some were worried this may have been an indication of a nanny state mentality. this is "the new york post" comments on that. >> this is a self-governing society. if you want to go outside when it o'snowy and -- when it's snowy and slippery that's fine. mayor de blasio warned people not to go outside and buy eggs because they might slip and fall. we're his boss.
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he is not our boss. i don't need to hear from my mayor that i'm not supposed to go outside when it's snowing. >> in 1888 there was a giant blizzard in new york city and people said you know what? we've got to do something. let's dig a subway system underground. the subway was created because of a blizzard back in 1888. my problem with, it's always best, i feel, to be safe than sorry, but they pulled the plug so fast. they have never in the 101-year history of the subway turned it off because of snow. >> it's already underground. >> this became a political hot potato that governor cuomo and the mayor of new york city, de blasio they both have had terrible p.r. problems and wanted to be the hero of the storm. they overdid it. people were safe that's the good thing but i think they overdid it. >> do you think the
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government should shut it down to protect us from our own decisions or was this just safety? what do you think? >> should we be allowed in a snowstorm to run with scissors? that's the big question. >> you're not the boss of me. >> danica patrick is supposed to be on "fox & friends" when we go to the super bowl tomorrow. she canceled her appearance. did it have anything to do with the fact that her ad got canceled for go daddy. watch the ad and see what you think the problem is. ♪ >> it's buddy! i'm so glad you made it home. because i just sold you on this website i built with go daddy. >> ship him out. >> get your domain and website all in one. >> did danica patrick just
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drive that puppy off? >> it's a bit of a shocker. there are a ton of complaints coming from animal rights activists. >> peta is furious. they say anybody who sells a dog on-line is a callous jerk and it supports puppy mills and inhumane breeding practices. the guy who writes go daddy -- there is that adorable little dog. the c.e.o. says quote what should have been a funny ad clearly missed the mark and we will not air it. go daddy will run an ad. they already paid $4 million for the spot. they haven't announced what they're going to run. >> let us know what you think about that. >> do you have a problem with that, shipping the puppy off? >> let's call beth stern. she'll be the ultimate job. >> 11 minutes after the top of the hour on this busy wednesday. coming up, the united states never negotiated with terrorists, we are told, until now. wait until you hear what is in the files of terrorists we swapped for bowe bergdahl.
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pete hegseth is here to tell us just how bad these guys are. good morning, captain. >> and incredible video of a daring rescue through the eyes of a fire fighter running directly into the flames to save three small children. look at that. ♪
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they have been called the worst of the worst, a 2008 pentagon report revealing the taliban five was a significant risk to the united states and its allies and that trade for bowe bergdahl was reportedly just the first. the obama administration accused of releasing convicted terrorist al mari in exchange for prisoners in qatar. we're going to ask major pete hegseth c.e.o. of concerned veterans for america and a fox news contributor. this is troubling. we're at war and when you see the taliban 5 to understand that a trade was made and the precedent it set, i'd love to get your message on what this sends globally to our enemies.
3:17 am
>> that's the most dangerous aspect. these five we're willing to trade them for a deserter who we knew was a deserter at the time. the investigations after the fact very clearly reveal that they slow walked it. you guys outlined very clearly. this sends a message to our enemy that we are willing to negotiate with terrorists effectively negotiate with terrorists. think about those words coming off the lips of an american. it's something we've never been willing to do starting with jefferson and the barbery pirates. we don't negotiate with terrorists. we act strongly based on our principle and will. here we've decided that door is open and islamists are exploiting the heck out of it. >> it's a form of currency. let's go through these five, high risk individuals. abdul haik. he was sent to qatar. >> high level taliban commander. what you'll see on all of these guys is red, green
3:18 am
red. high risk low threat from a detention perspective. these guys are likely to go back to the battle field and try to fight americans and still have connections to taliban leadership. it's not as if he's going to know what's happening right now because of actual intelligence. he knows the networks, he knows the people still facilitating attacks in pakistan and sphagz. sphagz. -- and afghans. >> number two, noori. >> a connection to al qaeda. this guy was not just an intelligence officer but an action oriented guy working with al qaeda in attempts to attack americans on the battle field. you'll notice the trend red, green red. high risk high intelligence value. >> we could be getting information from them? >> we pulled this guy off the battle field in 2002. not as if we're going to get information that will lead us to somebody now. it's the networks and how they communicate who's connected to who that has
3:19 am
value. >> what about this one also sent to qatar? >> who knows how long he'll be held at qatar? >> high risk. >> when they say low threat from a detention perspective, that means at guantanamo bay he's a low threat to perpetuate attacks. he's docile there. it's not as if these guys are a low threat in that sense. >> what about karula karakwa? >> close ties to osama bin laden. he's also accused of trafficking heroin. these are guys who not just are committed to fighting and killing americans but they're involved in nice side businesses as well to facilitate and finance the things they do. >> mohammed nabi. >> senior taliban leader held multiple leadership positions within the taliban. once again a commander of the haqqani network there in eastern afghanistan and
3:20 am
pakistan. a member of the haqqani network. a variation in our pattern of red, green red. also a high threat from a detention perspective. these guys are all looking to go back to the field. >> they're in qatar and chances are they will go back to the battle field. >> and we traded them for someone we knew was a deserter. we knew it. the colonel was right. others talking about this are right. we knew what this guy did. we traded because this president wants to shut down guantanamo bay and knew this was the way to get five of the worst out first so he could pursue a political agenda. >> putting us further at risk, you say? >> that's right. absolutely. >> thank you. coming up, did you know that police departments around the country are logging everywhere you go with license plate readers and they are keeping the information? is that okay in the name of solving crime or an invasion of privacy? a debate on that next. and this robbery attempt didn't work out the way the criminal had in
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mind. ♪
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headlines now. caught on camera edition. fighters pull off an heroic rescue all caught on their helmet cam. crews managed to pull three children out of a burning apartment. they were treated for smoke inhalation doing fine. >> mind-blowing video from pennsylvania. notice that woman is in handcuffs after an alleged
3:25 am
robbery. now watch. she manages to scramble into the police cruiser's front seat and drives away at 100 miles an hour using just her knee. she then ditched the car yelled to a nearby person to take the car, still in handcuffs and this not so smooth criminal gets stuck upside down, dangling from a window -- this is a different story -- the would-be burglar gets caught with his feet sticking out. police arrested him and charges the 27-year-old man with hanging outside of a window. he was there for five hours. >> could have been beer involved. college. meanwhile, it's a question of policing versus privacy. automatic license plate readers are used as a crime-fighting tool by law enforcement all across the country right now. there's a possibility you haven't heard about these things. the readers take pictures of our license plates, then they are crosschecked against a wanted data base. critics say the surveillance is basically the same thing as spying. is your personal information at risk?
3:26 am
joining us is former deputy assistant attorney general tom dupree and retired d.e.a. agent edward fall. good morning to both of you. tom, if you're just driving around in your car out in public and there is something on a police car that is reading your license plate, why do you have a problem with that? >> steve, i think the concern here is that this is a program that originated in connection with the border, that law enforcement was focused on drug traffickers and in that context it can make sense to track vehicles that might be moving around the border in suspicious patterns. but what they've done now is expanded this program so that it's sweeping across america and you have what basically is a massive data grab that's used by law enforcement for a variety of purposes, most of which are perfectly legitimate. but the concern here is that the government is sweeping up vast amounts of information that honestly has no relation to a crime
3:27 am
and it's one step closer to a big brother state where we have very little privacy remaining. >> edward, what do you say about that? all this data is being gathered and it's being housed somewhere. we don't know -- we suppose there's a pretty good padlock on it but we don't know who's got access to it. >> i can comment on that. the data collected is strictly the license plate number which is an issued number to whomever is driving the vehicle and it is required by law that the license plate be in public view public view. consequently we must remember that driving is not a right. it is a privilege that is extended by the states to those desirous of having access to license plates for their vehicles. it's a different monster. >> edward, how do you feel about tom's point where this is just another brick in the wall essentially?
3:28 am
now they know where your car was at a certain time. they know when you cross a bridge or a tunnel if you've got ez-pass. it's just another piece of data that the government is amassing about us. >> this is an orwellian fantasy. any first-year constitutional law student knows that in order to deny access to any information, there must be a reasonable expectation of privacy. there is none with a license plate in public view. that is the only, the only information that's taken with those readers. secondly, it also should be understood that there's an incrediblely highly, highly rated program that monitors, protects and controls that data. and there's checks and balances left and right from the office of inspections with d.e.a. to the department of justice. inspector general and also other inspection
3:29 am
functionaries. it's extremely well guarded. >> all right. i hope you're right. tom, the final word. >> from my perspective it isn't so much a question as to whether this is constitutional or not. there are limited constitutional protections in this context. from my perspective the question is whether it's good policy and whether at each step along the way we want to say is there really a need for this information before we automatically defer to the government and say sweep it all up. >> good debate. we thank you very much talking about these automatic license plates. thank you. >> coming up on this wednesday, we showed you the video yesterday. a pilot in trouble winds up ditching the plane in the pacific. but watch this there's a parachute on his plane and he can probably thank his life for the fact that he had that chute. we're going to talk to somebody about that incredible chute technology that saved his life coming up. meet the woman who got tired of waiting and married herself. what a story.
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talk about your extreme weather. a live look from boston this morning. new england digging out. it's calm there now thankfully, nearly three feet of snow they got in some parts of massachusetts, more than 10,000 people are waking up on this icy morning with no electricity. >> they are not in the clear yet. maria molina what are we looking at? good morning to you. >> good morning. good to see you. hello everyone at home. take a look at snowfall totals reported from parts of new england and across long island. 30 inches or more of snow were reported, a very
3:34 am
significant storm system impacting this area. flooding a huge problem across parts of new england. we see major flooding in places like nantucket and eastern massachusetts. conditions have dramatically improved within the past 12 hours. we have lingering snow showers, blustery conditions. most of the heavy stuff is over with across parts of the northeast. that storm system will continue to exit the area and we'll have a bit of a break out there. wind chill temperatures are very cold. you're talking below zero across portions of new england. i want to show you our computer model because over the next couple of days this system does hint there could be another clipper system swinging through parts of the northeast. this could bring more snow generally light accumulations expected. the exception will be parts of maine where we could be looking at over seven inches of snow as we head into thursday across the northeast. let's head back inside.
3:35 am
>> what day is it going to snow again? >> thursday. we're just going to pick up light snow here. thursday into friday. >> don't use the european model. >> that one is very reliable. that one is usually right. and that very heavy snow band set up about 50 miles east of us could be a different story in new york city. >> pluses and minus to european models. >> let's turn to ainsley who's got the headlines. >> a fox news alert this morning. reports just in that jordan is ready to give in to isis demands trading a terrorist prisoner in exchange for a pilot being held hostage. the terror network posting a new video saying the pilot and the remaining japanese hostage will die within 24 hours if the militant was not released. this as an isis affiliate claiming responsibility for an attack of a luxury hotel
3:36 am
in libya that left at least nine people dead including one american. gunmen burst into the hotel taking hostages before detonating a car bomb in the parking lot. that american is david berry, a former marine working as a private security contractor. berry served as a marine for 12 years and had been working there in tripoli since july. in case you needed one here's another reason not to watch al-jazeera america. they are banning the use of words like terrorism. here's the guidance to the news staff. when it comes to extremists, the executive says quote, do not use -- avoid characterizing people. often their actions do the work for the viewer. next they say don't use the word terrorism or terrorists. one person's terrorist is another's freedom fighter. for the word islamist, he says the rule is simple. do not use. finally jihad, according to the network strictly
3:37 am
speaking, jihad means an inner spiritual struggle, not a holy war. residents of gardenia, california, are seeing this disgusting black stuff. it's water coming out of their faucets and showers. get this the water company claims it's perfectly okay to drink. >> that representative said that he's never seen it so bad in all of his years. >> the water company claims the color comes from sediments in the pipe but meets their drinking water standard. here comes the bride all by herself. this woman turning 40 and disieppedded that she is all -- and decided that she is all she needs and had a huge wedding ceremony where she married herself. since this is actually not legal her sister performed a spiritual ceremony for her and for her friends and those are your headlines. >> i feel so bad about that. >> good for her. you only live once. she wants to be married.
3:38 am
>> there you go. >> it might be an easier marriage. >> thank you, ainsley. 23 minutes before the top of the hour. check this out, the coast guard capturing a moment a pilot decides to ditch his plane after running out of fuel. >> i don't know that he had a choice. he was running out of gas. it happened 250 miles off the coast of maui in hawaii. the propeller stopped the pilot deploys a parachute especially designed for this plane. >> former navy pilot and aviation attorney daniel rose has experience with these specific types of planes. he joins us now. good morning to you. this plane is equipped and this is a kind of model plane with a ballistic recovery system we see in play here. how does it work in that moment? >> it works by the pilot pulling a handle inside the cockpit that fires a rocket, that sends out a parachute bag. eventually the parachute inflates and -- >> slows down the descent?
3:39 am
>> slows down the plane, first of all and slows down the descent coming down. >> if i was going to be a pilot i would want this on my airplane. is it only available -- we're going to start with animation. that's the cirrus airframe parachute system. what do you do with that? >> the handle, you grab it and pull it down with 45 pounds of force. >> is it above the pilot? >> right above. >> by the way if the plane still has energy and you pull the parachute, could the thing explode? >> no. it's not going to explode. you're generally waiting until the last moment. that's your last decision, your last option. and you pull it. >> after you pull it, we've got another animation that shows the next thing that happens. you mentioned this a minute ago. there's the rocket and parachute extraction. >> the parachute goes up through the fuselage of the plane and it starts to gradually inflate, as you
3:40 am
can see. it takes about nine seconds until you're under a complete canopy. then it's designed to let you down at about 1,700 feet per minute, which is about 20 miles per hour. it's like free falling from 13 feet. >> man, oh, man. in the history of this company how many people's lives have been saved by this really cool technology? >> i believe cirrus claims about 50 people. >> the technology is also available for other airplanes as well if you want to spend the money? >> right. it is not easy to put in a plane. you have to have a plane that's certified. >> the reason we got the video is because the coast guard was alerted. they were able to take all this in because they're there to save. once he hits the ground out comes a little boat. and he's able to get in it and float around for awhile. >> you can see how quickly the plane submerges many >> without the parachute that plane is not above water. >> you can ditch. it may be on top of water.
3:41 am
but the reality is it is a safe controlled impact on the water. this guy got out. you've got about 30 seconds before the plane submerged in this case. >> that guy was really lucky and we're lucky daniel that you stopped by to tell us thousand -- tell us how it works. >> you may be celebrating prices at the pump but this former they will c.e.o. says these low gas prices will have crippling consequences in america. he joins us next. >> this is one lucky dog. he went missing five months ago and found just as death was knocking at his doggy door. how a fire fighter and a google search saved his life. ♪
3:42 am
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a a a
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all right. time for your news by the numbers. the snow edition. first, 15 bucks, that's how much passengers were given to spend on food by the airline after being trapped on a delayed virgin atlantic plane for six hours during the blizzard. they were left in a deserted jfk airport after the flight was canceled. they got $15 vouchers. next $200 million, that's how much new york city lost in economic activity after the blizzard that never was. the decision to shut down the transit system heavily impacting small businesses and hourly workers who will never get that money back. finally, five months that's how long this whip-it puppy was missing in new york city until a fire fighter found him in the middle of the snowstorm the night before last. the pup is now safe with his owner. happy ending. brian? >> it may seem like good news at the pump with gas prices dropping to an average of $2.03 now but it's causing major layoffs across this country and the
3:46 am
industry. the price of crude oil dropping nearly 60% since june which is leading to over 20,000 layoffs nationwide. our next guest says that number may actually more than double soon and get worse. joining us is the former c.e.o. of shell oil company, john hof meister. are you concerned for the american oil worker? >> yes, you have to be because these are people that work in really rough conditions all kinds of weather and they bring us the oil we need every day. and when the oil industry begins to shut down cost spending, they're very good at it, and we know how to close the door on spending money but that results in the layoffs of tens of thousands of people. i estimate for every rig that shuts down -- and we've shut down about 500 rigs already since october -- about 100 jobs disappear not just from the rig but from the factories that produce the material that supply the rigs. >> this business that was raging, do you believe the saudis are doing this to try to keep us in check
3:47 am
because they fear with the new innovations done with our extraction? >> i think the saudis have become quite competitive and they are trying to test not only the u.s. shale but they are also testing fellow opec members. when opec cuts back production to hold the price up guess who cuts back production? mainly the saudis. and the saudis are also, i think, entering a foreign an international relations dispute here where they don't mind hurting iran because they don't think the u.s. is on the right path with iran and they don't mind hurting russia because russia is so, you know, so expansionary at this point. so they're playing their own international relations strategy with the oil price. >> you said they are also fed up with venezuela and nigeria. look at some of these numbers in texas. on layoffs, one company is laying off 9,000 7000, 1,000. and your belief is it is only going to get worse as
3:48 am
the price at the pump makes us smile? >> i think that is a reality. i think we could achieve probably at about 50,000 now because there's a lot of layoffs that haven't been reported in the media. this could perhaps double based upon more rigs shutting down until we reach the bottom. and until we start to realize that the extra oil in the market is not going to sustain us for very long because we're not drilling. and it's only when we realize that we don't have a glut of oil and we start to bring people back to work that, to try to make up for shortfall. by that time the price will be back in the 80 90 range which i think will be later this year. >> and hopefully we'll be poised to get those jobs back, put people back and start using the shale and the fracking. we don't have time now but you say natural gas is the pivot you'd like to see. john hofmeister, thanks so
3:49 am
much. coming up straight ahead, howard dean trying to make nice with veterans after his angry "american sniper" comments. why his new apology won't be getting him off the hook. ahead. the amazing moment a blind veteran gets back his vision and sees his wife for the very first time. >> hello! hey, you're pretty! >> that vet here with his incredible story next. ♪ ♪ nexium 24hr. it's the purple pill.
3:50 am
the #1 prescribed acid blocking brand. available without a prescription for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protectiontm.
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3:53 am
an incredible moment caught on camera when new technology allows a blind veteran to see friends for the first time in 20 years. watch. >> wow. that's what he looks like. hello? >> hey! >> you're pretty. wow. >> i'll take my glasses off here. okay. now you can look. >> here with his story is air force veteran mark cornell along with his wife. we thank you both for being here. mark, we thank you for your incredible service. 18 years serving in our air force. we watch this video of you seeing for the first time and it's emotional for us. how emotional, if you can describe, was it for you to see for that first time? >> i'm going to tell you right now, it's emotional right now just listening to it. i have a tear in my eye. it's just an amazing piece of
3:54 am
equipment that allows me to be able to do this and to be able to look at my wife and say, wow, you still look the same now as you did when i first met you. >> that would make any woman smile, i think. we share your joy. i see your grin there, i know the love between a husband and wife is so unique and incredible. to see mark and understand his emotion right now, for you as his wife, what does it mean to you to have his vision back? >> to me it's having -- he's back again. >> mark, what does it mean to you to know that this technology is going to be available and can really help other veterans and other individuals who have lost their sight if it's something like you lost it due to lyme disease. but there are many other people out there who struggle with loss of vision. how encouraging is it for you to know that this can help them
3:55 am
too? >> i'm going to be honest, i was skeptical at first. had i tried them on and i was able to go out and walk in a parking lot for the first time without actually having to use a cane, oh my god. this could help tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people, both veterans and civilian counterparts. it's because of the folks at esight that they have this technology that it will help, again, help people be able to see. maybe not perfect 20/20, but for crying out loud just being able to go to a store and read a label. >> it's your freedom back. you fought for our freedom in this great nation for 17 or 18 years. and we thank you for that. but to know that you have your freedom back, that has to be one outstanding moment for you. >> it is. and there is no words that can describe and say except for
3:56 am
thank you. >> we couldn't be happier for both of you as a family and for all those that can benefit from such technology. mark again we thank you for your service and for sharing this moment with "fox & friends," and to your wife. >> thank you. >> thank you. that's terrific. coming up, he got a lot of attention from republicans this weekend and this morning wisconsin governor scott walker heard the support and just made a big announcement. we'll share that with you in a minute or two. plus what 90% of kids don't get enough of. the eye opening new information every parent needs to hear as we dream on from new york city where we're still digging out from three inches of snow. ♪ ♪
3:57 am
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good morning. today is wednesday, january 28. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck.
4:00 am
the pentagon called him a liar, but lieutenant colonel tony schaefer standing by his story that beau bergdahl will be charged as a deserter. >> i stand by all of those facts, plus if you look at what kirby said in the written statements from the pentagon they don't deny the material findings of what i said is in the report. >> admiral john kirby from the pentagon will join us this hour to respond. it's no secret the white house will go out of its way to go out of its way using the term islamic extremist. at least one news organization is taking its side. instead of terrorists, they'll be known as freedom fighters instead. guess who the network is. >> meanwhile, howard dean tries to apologize for insulting the american people over the "american sniper" movie. get this dean never even saw the movie. perfect critic. we got a busy two hours kicking off. thank you for joining us live from new york city. this is "fox & friends".
4:01 am
>> i'm clay walker and you're watching "fox & friends." i'm one of them. >> clay walker sings music, saves lives, too. >> once upon a time. >> about a half hour ago we discovered that it's ainsley's mother's birthday. >> right. >> great reporting steve. >> our producers are so awesome. they let you wish my mom a happy birthday. >> i sent her a gift. it should arrive today. the post office was closed the last three days. we love you mom. you're awesome. happy birthday. the blizzard that buried new england under nearly three feet of snow crippling travel and stranding flyers across the country. just look at this line of cops at la guardia airport in new york. at this hour, more than 900 flights have been canceled. 400,000 passengers have been affected over the past three
4:02 am
days. costing them and the economy $235 million. airlines hope to everything back on track by the end of the week. a fox news alert. israel firing at least 50 artillery shells over its border and into lebanon this morning. this as new video of the barrage being launched after a number of israeli military vehicles were hit by an antitank missile. a lebanese hezbollah group is claiming responsibility, saying it caused casualties on the israeli side. also breaking overnight reports just in that jordan is ready to give in to isis demands, trading a terrorist prisoner in exchange for a pilot being held hostage. overnight, the terror network posting a new video saying the pilot and the remaining japanese hostage in captivity will die within 24 hours if the militant is not released. this as a disturbing new beheading video released by isis makes a direct threat against president obama and america.
4:03 am
extremist saying we will cut off your head in the house and transform america into a muslim province. wisconsin republican governor scott walker, one step closer to his 2016 presidential bid. just hours after launching a political fundraising committee he announced that he is very interested in a run for the white house. walker says his committee will push the message of limiting the powers of the federal government to those defined by the constitution. he says he will make a decision on running for president within the next few months. those are your headlines. >> all right. thank you very much. >> we've been talk being it all morning of the beau bergdahl released from captivity and swapped for five high-ranking taliban get mow prisoners back in may. we wanted to find out now that he's back home should he get his back pay or should he be tried and court-martialed because of the actions that led up to his capture? >> and how dangerous is this for the united states and what men does it send to the enemy about what we're willing to do and
4:04 am
what we're willing to trade? we sat with major pete hegseth. >> this sends a message to our enemy that we're willing to negotiate with terrorists! effectively negotiate with terrorists. think about those words coming off the lips of an american. it's something we've never been willing to do starting with jefferson and the pirates. we don't negotiate with them. we act strongly based on principle and our own will. suddenly we've decided that door is open and islamists are exploiting the heck out of it. >> okay. so we're told we don't negotiate with terrorists. but now we're seeing more and more evidence that we actually do. and there are these prisoner swaps. and the news this morning that apparently jordan is going to release a terrorist in exchange for a pilot held by isis. and we're going to talk to admiral kirby in a little bit about this bergdahl deal where we got our deserter back and we gave up five of the worst guys held in gitmo. >> without the consultation of congress. the president did this without
4:05 am
telling anybody. >> so when you look at the taliban five and you want to go through why they were there, which is important here because they're in qatar which means it's basically like a layover until afghanistan where they'll eventually go. the first was a taliban deputy minister of intelligence. he was wanted because he was on watch for mass killings and torture. okay? next guy senior military commander of the taliban, wanted because he engaged in hostilities against the united states. all these are high-risk to the united states. he murdered, according to them thousands of shiites in northern afghanistan. >> next one, we sent him to qatar now that we've got our deserter back, alleged deserter. as you can see right there he's a high risk and high intelligence. so we got good stuff out of him. but he's gone. >> and this guy he's high risk. he's trouble. he's a planner.
4:06 am
held over in gitmo. a low threat, by high intelligence value, means he organized and inspires, which possibly is worse. another is from qatar from haqqani, they're the worst of the worst. they're the ones that held bergdahl towards the end. listen, he must have a miserable existence over five years. obviously regretted what he did. who would think that he'd leave a base and go into captivity. he tried escape once. had to live in a box once. it was brutal. however, in the big picture, the president will pull this off. doesn't he have to check? in the other big picture if megyn kelly and our show and other people who are interested to find out what were the circumstances of this disappearance, find out he deserted, we talked to people who he served with, he deserted. the army is taking forever to come up with their report on the circumstances to his disappearance. however, the report, according to lieutenant colonel tony schaefer, is completed. the army says they're recommending he get court-martialed. however, the admiral kirby up
4:07 am
until this point is not confirming that. >> it's political. the reason there was this big prisoner swap is because the president wants to get out of afghanistan. cooperate do it cleanly with him still there. so that was the deal. that was the monty hall deal. let's make a deal on them. unfortunately, it looks like there is politics involved at the pentagon and we're going to talk to kirby. >> one of those guys had close ties to osama bin laden. i can't get beyond that. >> they're bad guys. have you seen the movie "american sniper"? it's absolutely terrific. it talks about chris kyle who was ultimately one of the greatest patriots who has served our nation portrayed by bradley cooper who ought to win an oscar. howard dean, who professionally says a lot of crazy stuff on tv says that the millions of people who see the movie are mainly very angry members of the tea party. he also said he never actually saw it. he was given the chance yesterday to apologize and he
4:08 am
did, kind of. listen. >> i apologize to the veterans. i haven't seen the movie and i think it was wrong. i make no apologies to all the thousands of right wing nut jobs who have been twittering me with nasty language. but i do apologize to the veterans. >> why do you think everyone who tweets you is a right wing nut job? >> or not a veteran. >> by the way, tea parties are patriotic. but if you look at the tea party, they're more about fiscal responsibility. they're not talking about war. in fact a lot of them are not being involved in the wars. why are you just taking the tea party and now you say they're responsible for bringing 200 plus million dollars to anybody's box office? >> why do you attack anyone or make anyone feel shame for seeing this film in this nation is just repugnant. but also the fact that you would deny anyone the ability to see the reentry that our military has and the complexity of those who come back and what their reentry is like back into the
4:09 am
civilian world and you should never shame anyone to get an insight. >> ultimately, his facts were wrong. they did some anization of who saw the movie in the first four days. there was a ton of women who went and also a ton of people under the age of 25. >> i went with girls. >> all tea party members? not really. >> let's talk about the super bowl. you know go daddy each year invests all their money in buying one phenomenal impactful super bowl ad. here is this year's entry. >> it's buddy! i'm so glad you made it home. >> because i just told you on this web site i built with godaddy. >> ship him out! >> get your domain.
4:10 am
>> that is crazy. that nice lady picks up her puppy and suddenly became cruella deville. >> that's going to be speedy shipping if danica is driving that car. >> there is huge backlash. people are saying you got to be kidding me. peta. it is a little cruel, to be honest. is that the message you want to get across? the ceo says what should have been a funny ad clearly missed the mark and we will not air it. although go daddy says it still will use its 30-second super bowl flop. they did pay $4 million for it. but it's unclear so far to what will run in its place. >> maybe they'll change it to a cat. >> let's interact. >> dean wrote this, go daddy super bowl ad is gut wrenching and heartless. they have a record of tasteless ads and this fits right in. >> evelyn is already on facebook this morning. she says companies should leave the puppy commercials to budweiser. just saying. by the way bud riser does great commercials.
4:11 am
>> budweiser is good for you. i'm thinking guiness. pete, i will respect companies from when they say something and stand by their actions instead of folding at the first chirp from anyone with an agenda. >> danica pat trick is such a great individual. she's so strong and kind. so i'm sure that it's got to be hard for her to be facing what could be some scrutiny. >> when you look at the idea on a piece of paper it kind of looks funny. but then you see it and it kind of looks -- >> it's just the last wimper of the dog. >> see you. keep the e-mail coming and facebook and tweets. >> that dog is going to a happy family somewhere. maybe that's the new commercial. >> up next a major news organization banning words like terrorists. they call them freedom fighters instead and that's not all. we'll explain. and then an incredible moment caught on camera. take a look. >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ] >> get down, get down. everybody get down. >> wow. the hero councilman who pulled
4:12 am
out his own gun to defend his colleagues. >> wow
4:13 am
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how much money do you have in your pocket right now? i have $40 $21. could something that small make an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years that retirement challenge might not seem so big after all. ♪ ♪ these are individuals who carried out an act of terrorism and that's right tried to justify that act of terrorism by invoking the religion of islam and their own deviant view of it. >> the world is not at war with
4:16 am
islam. the world is at war with individuals who in the name of islam, try to carry out acts of violence. why say one word when you can say a sentence? the white house will go out of its way to avoid the word islamic extremist. now up with news organization is on the same team. al zazi a sent this e-mail warning them not to use words like terrorists, islamists. they claim writers need to manage their words carefully. but is that really the reason? joining us now is the author of a battle for the soul of islam, founder and president of the american islamic for democracy dr. jasser. is this organization being very tolerant and positive by avoiding those terms? >> no, this isn't about tolerance, brian. who is al-jazeera? they're the main media arm for the muslim brotherhood movement.
4:17 am
so what they're trying to do through this censorship is their directors are trying to prevent the war of ideas from the islamist controlling our muslim community and they're desperate. right now with isis, with a flag that has our scripture on it, with the pandemic of radical islamic from boko haram to pakistan, to egypt and the muslim brotherhood personnel of al-jazeera are running from ei didn't want and running for cover and the way to do that is control the terminology. by the way it's not just al-jazeera. bbc arabic with all its brotherhood type reporters recently had the same type of directive and they're consolidating circling the wagons and influence and as you saw with josh earnest there, their influence on the obama administration, et cetera. so they'retrying to prevent muslims like me from having a seat at the table. >> let's go through some of the banned words. extremists. is there a problem using that word? do not use avoid characterizing people. often their actions do the work for the viewer.
4:18 am
in other words, reporting on the violent group that's in the news for nonviolent reasons. is that helping? >> no. you have to use those terms because what it does is it exposes to the world that there is an extremist element of the islamists and deeper, below that iceberg is a political -- sea of political ideology that we have to confront. they're running for cover. this is desperation this attempt to control terms. >> now the terrorists, the problem this guy has with terrorists is one person's terrorist is another one's freedom fighter. do you like that dissemination? >> oh, my god. brian, that summarizes why they have a problem with this. the muslim brotherhood and all these islamic groups don't want to be considered terrorists. they're freedom fighters. they're fighting for theocracy. those fighting against jihad wants to marginalize them and we can only do it if we call them
4:19 am
what they are. >> you said something profound in the break. you said that by not saying islamic extremist, we are helping the muslim brotherhood boko haram al-qaeda everywhere and isis because that will wake a sleeping giant. muslims like yourself who don't want to kill people because they don't agree with you will begin waking up. >> absolutely. that's what they don't want 'cause once the majority of muslims start saying, wait a minute. these guys are dominating what we're being called in the media and government, et cetera, we are not going to let them dominate who we are as muslims and as patriotic american muslims and ha is and is not islam. if you don't call it islam, you let the islamist movement and their theocracies all over the planet dominate who we are. you call them islamists and the rest of the muslim community will have to wake up for a revolution or jihad as i call it against jihad. >> those are islamic extremists who are threatening to behead
4:20 am
everyone they get ahold of if they aren't in the al-qaeda movement. thanks so much. >> thank you. ten minutes before the bottom of the hour. new this morning, border patrol agents have new orders from the white house. inform illegal immigrants about president obama's foreign policy. can coma patients hear us when we talk? it doesn't just happen in hollywood. our next guest says his family's voices brought him back from his coma. ♪ ♪ there's nothing more romantic than a spontaneous moment. so why pause to take a pill?
4:21 am
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welcome back. we have a quick medical headline segment for you. new report showing a staggering 90% of kids aren't getting enough sleep and it's all because of two things. ipads and caffeine. researchers say the light from ipads and caffeine in drinks interfere with their sleep patterns. and a cure for peanut allergies? researchers combined a mixture that could help with that. and you thought you lived in a pineapple under the sea. this x-ray shows sponge bob square pants was in a kid's throat. the toy thankfully was removed. that had to be uncomfortable. >> a new study from northwestern medicine and heinze v.a.
4:25 am
hospital suggests coma patients can not only hear family and friends, but their voices actually help with waking and recovery as well. here to explain, neurosurgeon and author of "the proof of heaven," dr. alexander. he suffered a seven-day coma which he says led to a near death experience back in 2008. he joins us from charlottesville. do you remember in your week long co- marks do you remember your sisters talking to you? >> i do. it's actually something that i mentioned in the book "proof of heaven," but it's an extraordinary experience that i recall that was really kind of what brought me back to this world was the fact that my sisters were there day and night. there were other family members, too. but i specifically remember my sisters, the nurses allowed them to be there. initially they were sharing stories with me of our childhood that i did not remember. yet, i was very aware that the more they shared those stories with me, the more they started to trigger those memories.
4:26 am
and now seeing this paper, i can understand how it worked to help bring me back. >> do you think, going forward now that we know that people in comas actually do register identifying the voices of friends and family members does this mean going forward that we should see more talking to somebody in a coma because that's going to help them in some measure? >> yes, i believe so. the interesting thing about this story, about this paper is they showed scientifically how familiar voices, sharing familiar stories is so critical. family members, loved ones sharing stories of meaningful events that happened more than a year before the onset of coma were powerful at helping bring the patient back helping to heal. and i think this is ground breaking work that hopefully many clinicians who deal with these cases will take to start and start to acknowledge and use this kind of information.
4:27 am
>> sure. and of course, if somebody is in a coma, if you're at their bedside, the number one thing you want them to do is wake up and look at you and say well, hello. does this study suggest that this actually does prompt somebody in a coma to perhaps wake up a little earlier? >> it does. in fact, they showed very clearly that they had a more efficient and more rapid recovery of brain mechanisms and of interaction and participation in rehab by these familiar stories, from family members that were repeated over and over again to help bring the patient back. >> sure. you're a neurosurgeon and scientist as well. is there any scientific explanation of why that would work? >> well, i think the modern version of kind of understanding the relationship between consciousness mind and the brain indicates that it's best for us to really focus on consciousness
4:28 am
and mind at being what from a top down perspective runs the brain. and therefore, when we talk about the brain recovering from an injury, mind and consciousness can have a tremendous impact on helping to facilitate that process. that's what this study shows so clearly. >> so i guess the answer to the question is can they hear me? the answer is yes. >> the answer is very often yes. much more than we would have thought a few years ago. >> interesting stuff. dr. alexander, thank you very much. >> thank you very much for having me, steve. >> interesting stuff. coming up, the pentagon denies beau bergdahl will be charged with desertion. but the man who broke the story stick to go his guns. >> i stand by all of those facts, plus if you look at what admiral kirby said in the written statements from the pentagon, they don't deny the material findings of the report of what i said is in the report. >> all right. we're going to do just that when pentagon spokesman rear admiral john kirby joins us live from
4:29 am
the pentagon next. and why do football players show up to media day? >> i'm here soy won't get fined. >> i'm here so i won't get fined. i'm here so i won't get fined. >> he said that about 50 times. anything else? we'll tell you straight away
4:30 am
in my world, wall isn't a street. return on investment isn't the only return i'm looking forward to. for some every dollar is earned with sweat, sacrifice, courage. which is why usaa is honored to help our members with everything from investing for retirement to saving for college. our commitment to current and former military members and their families is without equal. start investing with as little as fifty dollars.
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-seltzer plus presents the cold truth. i have a cold, with terrible chest congestion. better take something. i'll catch up later. awww... truth is, theraflu severe cold doesn't treat chest congestion. really? new alka-seltzer plus day powder rushes relief to your worst cold symptoms plus chest congestion. oh, what a relief it is. here we go! woooo! woooo! and now, alka-seltzer plus has a complete line of powders to treat your worst cold symptoms. fox nurse alert. he made a bombshell claim that the united states army would charge sergeant beau bergdahl with desertion and then the pentagon said that's not true. but lieutenant colonel tony schaefer is still standing by that story. >> i stand by all of those facts, plus if you look at what admiral kirby said in the written statements from the
4:33 am
pentagon, they don't deny the material findings of the report of what i said is in the report. they're being very careful how they parts their words and i think there is reasons why. and i do stand by the fact that my understanding is that bergdahl's lawyer has been given a statement of charges a charge sheet that says this is what to expect that we're coming. >> right now we're joined by pentagon spokesman rear admiral john kirby with reaction. good morning to you, admiral. >> thanks for having me. >> so tony schaefer and nbc as well say that bergdahl will be charged. tony says that bergdahl's lawyers were given the statement of charges last week, that include the allegation of desertion. so is the pentagon saying that they were not given those charges? >> i don't know how they could be given charges when he hasn't been charged with a crime yet. there have been no charges filed against sergeant bergdahl, nor would we ever before charges are filed against a service member, give them a heads up hey, here is what's coming.
4:34 am
that's just not the way the process works. we're not there yet. >> would you say that the reports of his desertion are inaccurate, that the men he served with had they came out and described what happened are inaccurate? and why would it take ten months to put together something that we're able to ascertain in three interviews? >> well, first of all, i don't know who you're talking to on these sources. i don't know who anonymously is passing information -- >> people he served with. >> on camera. >> okay. look, so the investigation was done after we had a chance to talk to sergeant bergdahl. that was a very thorough comprehensive investigation. it was the first time anybody had a chance to talk to sergeant bergdahl himself. that investigation is pretty significant in size and scope. general millie, the four star that has been given to now, is going to have to go through that investigation very author rely, very carefully and then make decisions about how the case should be disposed. i can tell you right now, i am absolutely certain general millie has made no decisions
4:35 am
about what he's going to do with this case. as a matter of fact, general millie is still going through the investigation itself. >> admiral, let me ask you this, upon his return here, susan rice originally said that he's a prisoner of war but he served the united states with honor and distinction. so many people are wondering if this delay in this investigation and these charges, that perhaps will end up coming are political. is there pressure on the pentagon to delay any charges on beau bergdahl? >> oh, my goodness no. that is the most ludicrous claim i've heard in the last few days. he has whatever authority to take whatever recommendation he wants. nobody is reaching out to him of the he is under no pressure whatsoever in any way. >> so you're saying no decision has been made. but at the same time tony schaefer has been told the lawyers have gotten the statement of charges last week that include the allegation of desertio the pentagon says in
4:36 am
the public interest people are interested in this and you should act transparently. how about a time line on how the pentagon is going to proceed with this? >> we want to be careful we don't put deadlines on general millie. >> admiral, all the facts are in. the technical, the operational the legal facts with all in. there is no reason the general can't make his decision now. >> we put deadlines on war. >> first of all, this is a big investigation. general millie wasn't in afghanistan at the fob where the ford operating base where bergdahl left. so he has to avail himself of all the information. he hasn't gotten completely through this investigation himself. we got to give him time here. i don't understand what the rush to judgment is here. this young soldier is still an active duty soldier in the united states army. he has been charged with no crime and the last time i looked, someone is innocent until proven guilty. >> that's a great point. but i think the rush is that a lot of people are outraged that five higher ups with the taliban
4:37 am
are in qatar and possibly enroute to afghanistan. they're outraged that some have gotten killed or wounded, military dog at the very least killed, and they want to see some answers to see the circumstances regarding what happened to beau bergdahl, how much was he captured or did he desert? so i think you're very interested in the welfare of those who sacrificed to search and were wounded in that way and you especially should understand that. >> i think you can understand that everybody in the pentagon well understands the service and sacrifice and the losses the flood and treasure ex preponderance of the evidenced in the last 13 years of years and how seriously we take that. it's also clear that among all the federal institutions, this one probably more than any other, is good at holding each other to account. we hold ourselves accountable. we're responsible institutions. and we pride ourselves on good leadership and good leadership in this case means taking our time and doing this right. >> general millie, will he go from his conclusion to the cameras or have to go to the white house and will the white house ultimately be responsible on whether we get this or not?
4:38 am
>> when we have something to say, you'll hear it probably from here. probably from the pentagon. most likely from me. we're going to hold ourselves at can be for this process -- accountable for this process. >> it's always great having you. thank you very much. you can tell we've got a lot of questions about beau bergdahl and when you're ready you'll let us know. >> i understand. i appreciate y'all giving me the chance to talk about it. it's 22 minutes before the top of the hour. ainsley has got some headlines and it's caught on camera. >> that's exactly right. the incredible moment a heroic councilman pulls his own gun to defend his colleagues from a shooter. >> get down, get down. everybody get down. >> that went right through the door. >> stay down. everybody get down. >> the gunman hitting two cops before being fatally shot by other officers. the two officers who were hit are now making full recoveries this morning.
4:39 am
the obama administration now telling immigration agents it is their job to ask illegals if they qualify for the president's immigration plan to avoid deportation. it will now be up to the agents to find and release immigrants who meet the new lenient rules. the plan is being compared to having the irs call taxpayers to say that they should have used certain deductions. and in sports this morning there is new theory about the timing of deflate gate as the nfl zeros in on a patriots locker room attendant taking 12 afc championship game balls into a bathroom for 90 seconds. one reporter finds out it would not take that long to deflate those balls. the new york daily news saying they did it in 40 seconds. and now just days before the super bowl the patriots' owner forced to address it at media day. >> i think by and large especially our quarterback -- i
4:40 am
think they think it's a bunch of hogwash. >> the nfl not expected to finish its investigation until after the big game this weekend. and the seahawks marshawn lynch wants to make one thing clear on super bowl media day. >> i'm just here so i don't get fined, so y'all could sit here and ask me all the questions you want to. i'm going to answer with the same answer so i'm here so i won't get fined. i'm here so i won't get fined. i'm here so i won't get fined. >> lynch was reportedly threatened with a $500,000 fine if he didn't show up for interviews on media day. so he did show up, as you can see, and repeated that same answer 29 times to 29 questions over four minutes and 51 seconds. those are your headlines. >> we're just here so we don't get fined. >> i was watching espn yesterday, they were debating, should he get fined? >> he stayed there. put a timer on his phone and there you go.
4:41 am
>> i saw my neighbor said this to me yesterday, he said, you know why boston wound up with so much snow? because of that low pressure over in new england. >> maria molina loves weather jokes. she'll laugh all day at them. >> i wonder how much longer i'm going to be listening to these jokes because unfortunatelier the forecast was missed for the biggest city in the u.s., or along parts of the east. that's why we're looking at so many jokes with this storm system. but take a look at some of the snow totals from new england. that's where the storm was historic. we saw more than 30 inches of snow out there. parts of massachusetts, like in auburn and hudson, 36 inches of snow. parts of long island also picking up heavy snow 30 inches across eastern long island. the storm system really coming to an end. lingering snow showers across parts of maine and also some very cold windchill temperatures there. they're in the teens, single digits and below zero. hint to go a clipper system
4:42 am
swinging through this system overall will bring light snow accumulations across the northeast thursday into friday. into maine that could be looking at easily over seven inches of snow from the storm system. winter storm watches have already been issued. let's head back inside. >> hang on to our shovels for a couple more days around these parts. thank you. coming up on this wednesday this man accused of killing a store clerk over a pack of cigarettes. what's worse, he's an illegal alien out on bond for a violent crime. why was he allowed back on the street thoughtfully crafted and intelligently designed. with available forward collision warning and new blind spot monitor and a 2014 top safety pick plus rating. cost of entry? a fortune. until now. hey sarah, new jetta? yup. can i check it out? maybe at halftime?
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4:45 am
today convenience store clerks from across arizona will gather in their uniforms to say good-bye to one of their own. a man was gunned down over a pack of cigarettes.
4:46 am
he was only 21-years-old. but what makes the story more tragic is that the criminal that the cops say pulled the trigger is an illegal immigrant facing deportation who was released from jail on bond. arizona attorney general joins me now from phoenix. thank you for being with us. a sad day for the family of this victim here as his comrades will gather around him in uniform. how infuriating that this criminal was released on bond? >> elisabeth, it's very, very infuriating. you have here an individual that's alleged to have committed this crime that in cold bloodshot someone in the face and walked over the body to grab a pack of cigarettes. my thoughts are with the family. my thoughts are with those hard working arizonans who work hard every day and want the dignity of their lives. it truly is a tragedy especially when you have an alleged killer who has been in this country out on release for
4:47 am
more than two years after committing the crime, a felony in arizona, and has got not one, but two orders of protection against him by a former girlfriend for allegedly threatening to kill her. if someone like this can remain in this country even though he's here illegally and has been committed crimes, you have to ask yourself what is the obama administration doing? what are their policies? why are they allowing people like this to stay in our communities and be threats to our wives, families, children and husbands and fathers? >> so what needs to be done, because if your community is under attack by individuals who aren't just coming here to work they're coming here to as we see, kill, what's to be done? >> well, first and foremost, no one is more sympathetic reform to immigration reform. i'm a product immigration. but immigration reform has to start with securing our border and making sure that those that break the law are deported back to their countries. and what we've seen is a lack of will on the part of the obama administration.
4:48 am
so until we get the border secure, we can't move on to that next phase in immigration reform. >> that two-year time period while waiting for his hearing, seems like a long time. >> yes. >> tracked during that time? we know there is a huge gap there. what do you say to the feds? >> well, i would urge the obama administration to follow the law. it's one of the reasons why arizona joined with the majority of the states to sue the obama administration over his unconstitutional action and his obligation to take charge and take care of the united states and enforce the law of the united states. there are laws on the books and all we are asking is those laws be enforced and that people that enter this country illegally especially those that mean to do us harm, we need to make sure they're deported to their home countries and that the administration, the obama administration is not encouraging more illegal immigration by its unconstitutional actions. >> heart breaking day for the family of that clerk. we want to thank you for being with us attorney general for
4:49 am
arizona. sad day there. >> thank you. coming up, you wish you could live on a ski resort? you don't have to hit the lottery to do it. cheryl casone has your lift tickets to big bucks up next. ♪ ♪
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
it might be cold and snowy outside, but deals in ski towns are heating up. here with what you need to know is cheryl casone and you're going to tell us the four best places to buy a house in a ski town. >> this might be one of the most fun listings i've ever done on this show.
4:53 am
realty track rated these ski towns and came up with number one. guess where it is? huntsville utah. which you've been to. >> that's the only one on the list. >> so they looked at the median home price what is the best city to buy an investment property? $169,000 was the median home price. 3.7% unemployment rate. awesomeness factor is 70.2. a lot of skiing. how good the slopes are. so they ranked high. 70.2. >> is there a metricness? >> i think it might be. a lot of research went into awesomeness. are the lifts good? are the resorts good? everything that goes to a great ski experience. you want to buy a place in a ski town, that's where you do it. >> what about georgetown colorado? >> this is where steve has been to. so median home price, 189 grand. unemployment rate 3.4%. if you want to rent the house
4:54 am
out during the summer months to someone that lives there, most people have jobs in georgetown, colorado. median home price $189,000. so on the grand scale of things, th deal for a home. >> absolutely. >> we're going to pump up the pure awesomeness factor. mammoth lake california. >> number three is in montana. steve again has been there. steve is awesome today. unemployment rate 3.7%. median home price, 279 grand. awesomeness factor, 67.6. again, based on the skiing. how are the lifts and the snow? >> and the thing about california is sometimes you could be in the sun and right soon you could be in the mountain and mammoth lake, california. >> that's why it's so popular because it's so close to l.a all of the l.a. folks if up there. that's where they ski. >> skip school. >> they probably do.
4:55 am
$340,000 is the median home range price. if you're going to buy a piece of property in another city or state, you may have to think about using it as a rental property, especially if you want to retire there, but your not ready to retire. >> it pays for the investment. >> the mortgage, the rent would cover the mortgage and then you're basically free and clear until you're ready to become a full time ski bum. which after today you should be. >> the awesomeness factor on this segment? 100%. >> thank you very much. >> purely. thank you. so you don't want to miss cheryl on the "fox business" network. to find it in your area g to the pentagon doubles down that beau bergdahl is not facing desertion charges at this point. >> how they could be giving charges when he hasn't been charged with a crime yet. >> tell that to the fellow troops who risked their lives searching for him. one of those men joins us live
4:56 am
next hour. and did your dog have a behavior problem? so train them like a navy seal would. we're going to show you how just ahead staples has everything you need for an attention-grabbing presentation. brochures, business cards and banners all at low prices, still need to grab your client's attention? [air horn sounds] staples has that stuff too. how much? make on-budget happen. make presentations happen. staples. make more happen.
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good morning. it is wednesday, january 28. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. the pentagon denies beau bergdahl will be charged with desertion. but the man who broke the story is sticking to his guns. >> i challenge you to ask kirby the hard questions regarding the statement of charges and the other interactions regarding this with the white house. >> and we just did just that. the pentagon's response and what one of beau bergdahl's fellow soldiers have to say about it live this hour. and an incredible moment caught on camera. a gunman opens fire on a city council meeting.
5:00 am
>> get down, get down. everybody get down. >> that went right through the door. >> everyone get down. stay down. >> oh, my goodness. the hero councilman who pulled out his own gun. he was packing heat to defend his colleagues. that story straight ahead. and who doesn't love a puppy ? go daddy. caving to critics over this ad. why is everyone so upset? we'll tell you if that puppy ever gets home. >> sad. >> mornings are better with friends. >> this is camera operator chris chulo. i'm here so i don't get fined. it's "fox & friends." >> that was great. thanks chris. >> welcome back. hour three of "fox & friends" for this wednesday. we start this hour with a fox news alert.
5:01 am
we told you yesterday about how that man pictured right there in that pick up truck, former sergeant beau bergdahl, is going to be charged with desertion after he walked off post in 2009. that allegation came from tony schaefer who had it on good authority that apparently bergdahl's lawyers were given a statement of charges last week. he repeated that last night on the bill o'reilly program. >> i stand by all of those facts, plus if you look at what admiral kirby said in the written statements from the pentagon, they don't deny the material findings of the report or what i said is in the report. they're being very careful how they parce their words and there is reasons why. i do stand by the fact that my understanding is that bergdahl's lawyer has been given a statement of charges a charge sheet that says this is what to expect, that we're coming. >> so is that in fact true? rear admiral john kirby just
5:02 am
joined us. we wanted to know if he's parcing his words and he wants to know what the rush is. >> there have been no charges filed against sergeant bergdahl nor would we ever before charges are filed against a service member, give them a heads up hey, here is what's coming. that's just not the way the process works. we're not there yet. i don't understand what the rush so judgment is. this young still is still an active duty soldier in the united states army. he has been charged with no crime and the last time i looked, someone is innocent until proven guilty. >> right after that ran, tony schaefer e-mailed me and said with all due respect, the admiral is lying. he said they're now protecting the white house narrative. some are pushing behind the scenes for justice. it is a battle between the white house and the pentagon. >> we asked about pressure from the white house in terms of the general making a decision on this and he denied that as well. >> or maybe he just doesn't know. unless he's lying. the admiral might be out of the loop. >> what he said was a final
5:03 am
decision has not been made. tony schaefer was simply saying that beau bergdahl's lawyers were given the sheet with the allegation of desertion. given that last week. he did not deny that the lawyers were given that. >> but he did deny that they got the -- he says why would we ever give the charges to a lawyer prior to filing the charges? >> he did say that. >> he might not know if that was done. >> will he be charged with desertion is up for debate according to the two individuals we just showed you. but the broader question say he didn't desert are we still in the game of trading up for five taliban terrorists that are now back in qatar on their way delayed to afghanistan? one of them buddies with bin laden? >> there is a lot of people who served with him and want answers. since when do they say they don't have deadline. their lunch and breakfast is on a deadline. they're philosophers all of a sudden? >> while tony schaefer completely disagrees with what the admiral said maybe the
5:04 am
admiral doesn't know. coming up in a couple minutes, we'll talk to sergeant jordan vaughn a retired u.s. army served in the same company with mr. bergdahl. so that should be great because in fact one of the quotes to admiral kirby was, well we've talked to his guys who served with him and they said he walked off base. he deserted. >> meanwhile, ainsley earhart has been assembling other breaking news. >> this is breaking overnight. jordan is ready to give in to isis demands trading a terrorist, a prisoner, in exchange for a jordanian pilot who is being held hostage. overnight, the terror network posting a new video of the remaining japanese hostage holding a picture of that pilot, saying that they will both die within 24 hours if the militant is not released. the fate of the japanese hostage is now unknown. this as a disturbing new beheading video just leased by
5:05 am
isis makes a direct threat against president obama and america. an extremist saying quote, we will cut off your head in the white house and transform america into a muslim province. caught on camera, the incredible moment a heroic councilman from minnesota pulls out his own gun to defend his colleagues from the shooter. >> get down, get down. everybody get down. >> that went right through the door. >> everyone get down. >> stay down. >> the gunman hitting two cops before being fatally shot by other officers. those two officers who were hit they're making full recoveryies today. fresno firefighters pull off an heroic rescue and it is all caught on their helmet camera. >> where is she? how old is she?
5:06 am
three kids in the back! i got a kid! >> that is incredible. the crews were able to pull those three children out of that burning house. the kids were unconscious, but they were treated for smoke inhalation and they are doing just fine this morning. police are now investigating, saying that the kids all under the age of four, were home alone in that apartment when the electrical fire broke out. president obama and the first lady back in the white house this morning after a trip to india and saudi arabia. but michelle obama making headlines this morning after the new saudi king's entourage refused to shake her hand. you can see them nodding their heads as they're passing her by. the saudis reportedly are outraged that the first lady did not wear a head scarf. saudi arabia is the only country in the world where women are banned from driving cars, among other restrictions. >> i understand if you're from another country, it's up to you
5:07 am
whether you wear them or not. correct? so she chose not to. >> thanks for that. good question there for sure, brian. after tuesday's attack by islamic terrorists on a hotel in libya, the english executives at al-jazeera sent out an e-mail to their employees banning certain words. this is what they included. what not to say. not to use word extremist. do not use, avoid characterizing people. >> so on al-jazeera, they're not going to use extremist or terrorist. why? because he writes, one person's terrorist is another person's freedom fighter. we will not use these terms unless attributed to a source or a person. >> they also said not to use islamist. they said we'll continue to describe brutes and individuals by talking about their previous actions and aims to give viewers a context that they require rather than using it
5:08 am
simplistically. >> do these guidelines sound familiar? it sounds like guidelines that the administration puts out because that's what we get when we put out somebody involved in the muslim. dr. jasser is a scholar and president of the american muslim forum for democracy. i asked him if this is a way to avoid having war with a billion muslims? >> you have to use those terms because what it does is it exposes to the world that there is an extremist element of the islamist and this deeper below that iceberg is a political, sea of political ideology that we have to confront and they're running for cover. this is desperation, this attempt to control terms. >> yeah. and they say that the message is if you say islamic extremist, islamic extremist those when are not militant, will stand up for their religion and say i'm tired of you doing this in my name. but if you keep saying extremists, the muslim will say it's not on me. that's between the western world
5:09 am
and this extreme version of islam. >> such thoughtful perspective on this. >> we were told by the forecasters that it was going to be extreme weather here in new york city. we should have been waking up yesterday morning, there was supposed to be up to three feet of snow. >> we're glad about that. >> thank goodness we were spared. >> they got that wrong of the that's okay. they got it wrong for new york. it's bad up north of here right now. unfortunately, for the first time in the city's history, they shut down the subway. they closed the roads. if you were driving on the road a $300 fine. >> it was a ghost town. >> you couldn't use any of the parks. they closed them as well. john of the new york post says it's one thing to err on the side of safety. it's another thing to have the government continue to meddle in our lives. he says the big storm where they told everybody to stay in their
5:10 am
house, another example of the nanny state. listen. >> this is a self-governing society. if you want to go outside when it's snowy and slippery, that's fine. mayor de blasio of new york city spent a minute warning people not to go outside to go to the corner store to buy some eggs because they might slip and fall. we're his boss. he is not our boss. i don't need to hear from my mayor that i'm not supposed to go outside when it's snowing. >> i agree with that. the fact that you're going to get a ticket. can you imagine getting a ticket because you want to pick up milk? can i judge by now? i think we're past curfew. i don't know. >> litigious society now. >> even if there was three feet of snow, it was offensive being told you can't walk. i can understand shutting down some -- >> i went running. >> you did yesterday. into the park she went. >> the storm, we're told, according to i think it was in the "new york times" today, the storm in total throughout the northeast cost $1.25 billion.
5:11 am
here in new york city, the "new york times" did an estimation. the average person in new york city makes $406 a day. so they extrapolated the number of people who didn't show up. new york city lost in wages $160 million in money. those workers will never get back. >> better to be safe than sorry. we asked you what you thought. one said i think the decision to err on the side of caution was the better of bad choices. >> for the first time in almost 200 years, over 100 years, no subways. melissa writes, yet in your city, you're told what size soda drinks you can buy what foods you should be served in schools, your mayor doesn't think you're a very intelligent group of people. neither did the previous one. >> also there was a power struggle. it was governor cuomo and he turned off the subways and got de blasio showing up in his slicker with the logo on it. it looked like they were competing to see who could be the hero of the storm and who could close down the most. >> these two democrats don't
5:12 am
like each other. they're doing so well. 11 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, despite pressure to make decision, the pentagon doubled down, saying beau bergdahl is not facing desertion charges. >> i don't know how they could be giving charges when he hasn't been charged with a crime yet. >> tell that to his fellow troops who risked their lives searching for him. one of those men join us nex hope this guy has insurance. the test drive that went really really really wrong. watch. b-vitamins... and vitamin d... in chocolatey flavors. $2 off at
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5:16 am
i don't know how he could be given charges when you hasn't been charged with a crime yet. >> but tell that to beau bergdahl's fellow troops who were searching for him. the pentagon doubled down as you just heard saying beau bergdahl won't face desertion charges or don't know yet. sergeant jordan vaughn served in the same company as bergdahl and participated in over 50 search missions to find him. sergeant now retired, thank you for joining us. how do you feel about the fact that this investigation is still going on? >> it really seems like they're dragging their feet. they've had plenty of time five years to conduct this
5:17 am
investigation. just been in an super view with bergdahl. it's very frustrating. >> what happened? for people just catching up to this story now. >> bergdahl flipped out of o.p. mess in 2009. we heard lvi, low level voice intercept traffic, which intercepts local radio and traffic, just locals communicating there, that there was an american out in the night and he was looking for the taliban. he was not seeking to rejoin his comrades. and then he turns up in taliban control shortly afterwards. long search, we diverted resources. we lost multiple good men. my squad leader was one of them. >> he got killed? your squad leader got killed? >> my quad leader was killed in afghanistan. >> what do you say to people who say there is no proof of that? >> i don't know what to say to them. it angers me beyond words. when they say wait until the report comes out to try and
5:18 am
give -- we were there. it's kind of like witnessing a murder and then you're one of the witnesses and they say well, wait 'til the trial. no, i saw him kill the guy. i don't need to wait for the trial. i know what happened. >> the admiral just told us, hey, what's the rush? the investigation takes time. we're going through it. what's your reaction to that? >> that does sound like the administration narrative doesn't it? he served with honor and distinction, according to them. so he's saying he's an active duty soldier and he's innocent until proven guilty, that sounds great. but we did lose actual soldiers, real soldiers who were quality searching for this waste of oxygen. >> mark o'ens first book chronicles searches. that means to go find him because they thought they had him. and he talked about how their commanding officer got shot. he had to take disability and a military dog got killed. in the big picture, he's part of
5:19 am
a small percentage that signed up to put the uniform on of the he was captured and i believe tortured for 5 1/2 years. what would you like to see happen? >> honestly, i want to see a guilty conviction for desertion. i know he did time, per se with the taliban. the character of that time has yet to be established whether that was amicable or not. so i really want to see a dishonorable discharge. i want to see benefits revoked and i would feel vindicated if that happened. >> unfortunately, we're never going to get the five taliban back. who will probably be back in the fight that you guys were winning before you went out. thanks so much for joining us. i appreciate the add federal who wants to put together -- admiral who wants to put together the investigation. sergeant vaughn, thanks so much. >> no problem. thank you. coming up straight ahead, the video was frightening. you got a family trying to get out of harm's way driving head first into a sink hole?
5:20 am
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time for news by the numbers on this wednesday. first, the 529 plan will stay the way it is. the president yesterday scrapping his proposal to end the tax free part of the college savings plan after parents and democrats complained.
5:24 am
next 34,000. that's how many iphones were sold every hour in the last three months. 34,000 an hour. apple made a record $18 billion in the last quarter. most in history of any american corporation. and a one of a kind lambourghini soaked. that's not good. it was a test drive that ended in the lake on a racetrack in florida. luckily the driver got out. he's okay. the engine believe it or not, not damaged. but he made our highlight reel. the blizzard that buried parts of new england under three feet of snow crippling travel and stranding flyers across the nation, just look at this line of cots at la guardia airport. more than 600 flights have been canceled. airplanes now say that tonight
5:25 am
should be close to their normal operation level. but with so many flights canceled, what is the best way to get to your trip back on track? we're here to help you with kurt the cyber guy who logged over 240,000 miles a year. so he knows a thing or two about travel and tech. you're here to help. >> i do fly a lot and do you learn these little secrets and this one this morning we're looking at this is flight aware's misery map. it's called that because the darker the line in red, the worst the route is, or the city's airport is at getting flights out in time. >> in green, that means things are going out better. >> a lot better today. you see major cancellations in the northeast without any question. you tap on an airport and it gives you their stats in terms of how many cancellations are existing inside of that. >> misery map. >> that's free, by the way online. and then which one did you want -- >> i'd like to start with if you're looking to get back on travel track n this is great. this is a feed-based web site. you pay five bucks to get
5:26 am
access. if you travel a lot and you're a road warrior you know about this and willing to spend that money because the cots we showed at laguardia that you're sleeping on really don't feel quite as good as getting home. this really helps you get there. >> why? >> because if you look at this, this is the raw data that airport and airline employees look at and it shows the flight alternatives that are going on in this particular market. so we're looking at boston to chicago today. >> which is all airlines. >> all airlines. if you see all the numbers to the right that are teeny tiny the more you see the larger the number, the more seats there are in that category of fares. >> so maybe worth cash to purchase that if you travel a bunch. what about flight board? >> this is great. you download this app and we'll put in boston. and right now just populated, canceled canceled, canceled. so for right now, it shows you this is in real time, which flights outbound are canceled. and then you scroll through and say, wait a second, there is a flight to dallas if that's where you need to go out of boston. it's on schedule. let's call or walk up to the
5:27 am
airline and say, hey, how about this flight out of gate 3 is and boom, you may be on it. >> flight track pro. >> i love this app because this is what i always keep my flights in so you can see the status. so for example flight today new york to los angeles, it will keep the data of my flight. it's going to show me on the right, it's scheduled out at 4:30 today. i put that in military time, going out of the gate. what if that goes south? well, i click a button. top right, look at that. find alternative flights. simply click that and now up on that it will populate every single flight alternative that i can use in that very moment as well. >> wow. >> i'll leave with you this one. it's so geeky and fantastic. especially your kids will love this. this is live atc. so what you can do is no matter what airport you're at, you can actually tune in live to the air traffic control center at the airport. why would you want that?
5:28 am
'cause you'll be the first to know when the planes start taking off. it's a little trick. >> you are our flight hero today. so many more people are going to be able to get home safely and on time, at least because of you. thanks. coming up, this man aen illegal out on bond for an illegal crime, accused of killing a store clerk over a pack of cigarettes. why he was allowed back on the streets will have you fired up. and getting older doesn't mean you can't have kids. fox news senior correspondent john roberts and his wife are here to tell their personal story and journey that will indeed give you hope. ♪ ♪
5:29 am
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5:32 am
i have a few questions. it's one of these rhetorical things so don't yell it out. why is it necessary to label one of those chickens as a young chicken? i don't feel bad enough eating something. like a living, breathing thing, now struck down in the prime of its life. bobby the chicken. beloved son. >> you look so much like your son. >> oh, my goodness. yeah i know. i had a much better hairline then. bill o'reilly last night if you did something interesting that he thought was interesting prior to getting this job, would you come on and talk about it? >> when was that? >> that was like the '90s before i went to los angeles. i was doing all sports radio and at night i would be doing that.
5:33 am
>> that's great. >> you're funny. >> funny guy. >> the symbols were put in by toba. >> what happened? you used to be funny. >> thank you very much. >> that's hard. what happened to her? >> she'll be here all week. >> when elisabeth turns on you -- >> let's hundred now to ainsley who has a fox news alert. >> let's change the tune here because we do have a fox news alert for you. we have just learned a u.n. peace keeper has been killed in southern lebanon, likely related to the flairing violence at the border. israel has fired at least 50 artillery shells and into lebanon this morning, the barrage in response to an israeli military vehicle being hit by an antitank missile. the hezbollah group claiming responsibility now. an illegal immigrant accused of gunning down a store clerk was actually out on bond and awaiting deportation hearings. he is accused of murdering 21-year-old man as he counted change for a pack of cigarettes.
5:34 am
but the man was released from ice custody two years ago on a $10,000 bond after a burglary charge. arizona attorney general spoke earlier on "fox & friends" about this case. >> if someone like this can remain in this country even though he's here illegally and has committed crimes, you have to ask yourself what is the obama administration doing? what are their policies? why are they allowing people like this to stay in our communities? >> he was also issued two harassment injunctions while on bail. this video is pretty frightening. a family trying to get away from a water main break in their house drive head first into this sink hole. it happened as they were backing out of their driveway. that sinkhole was hidden under the water. the family managing to escape before the car was nearly submergeed. >> we were going like this. i thought the car was going to go deep down.
5:35 am
>> the family, including a four-year-old and a six-month-old, are doing just fine today. >> and we are just days away from the super bowl and we're getting some sneak peeks at all the commercials. here is one that you will get to see on game day from the ladies at victoria secret. ♪ ♪ >> but you're not going to see this cute puppy. >> it's buddy! i'm so glad you made it home! >> because i just told you on this web site i built with go daddy.
5:36 am
>> wow. go daddy now forced to pull this ad after animal rights groups slammed that company. they say it promotes selling animals online that often come from puppy mills instead of buying from shelters of the those are your headlines. >> did anybody ever think about the aftermath? >> a lot of you have been sounding off on that canceled ad. kurt said yet carl's junior will strut out a half naked woman and no one will think about that. we have our priorities totally screwed up. >> it also featured fruit. amy said i'm a dog lover. i have two golden retrieves and i guess i have a different sense of humor because i laughed. >> katy says why does everyone think it's a puppy mill? it's obviously a farm. maybe because i'm a midwest gal i don't see anything wrong with this. >> all right. let's change gears. who can forget marissa toe may's famous freakout about not being married with kids? >> my biological clock is ticking like this and the way this case is going, i ain't
5:37 am
never getting married! >> well, our next guest tells you there is no reason to panic. >> don't panic! >> why don't you take over. >> she's the author of a new book and he is her us and a member of the fox family joining us are cnn anchor and correspondent keira phillips and fox news correspondent, john roberts of the honor to have you with us. >> welcome. >> i've been trying to get on fox for ten years. as soon as i said i'm writing about my husband's super sperm, bam, i was booked. i was booked. >> all right. we've got the sound bite. >> and we have some footage of your super sperm. let's roll it. >> i think it's so great that
5:38 am
the two of you together are here to talk about this because a lot of the time it's cast as a female issue, a woman's issue. but it's really a family issue and a couple's issue. this book is like a girlfriend's guide to going through this. why was this important to you? what was your story? >> that means a lot to me because i wanted it to be fun, but also very serious and i was approaching 40. i was covering the war in iraq. i was going through this horrible divorce. i came back. my house had flooded because a pipe burst upstairs. i lost everything. and i remember sitting on my stoop thinking, oh my god. this is it. i don't have a family. i don't have children. and thank goodness i met this wonderful man after a period of time and he was open to going through fertility. i thought -- he even said to me, you have to write a book because constantly, i was looking for things to make me feel better. >> she was worried that when she was on her death bed, there would be nothing there but an empty whiskey bottle. >> congratulations. >> i have twins.
5:39 am
>> so in addition to the empty whiskey bottle, you'll have the kids and john there. >> there they are right there. they're now four years old. this is such a personal story though. >> i like how you used the fox picture. >> of course. >> where is the one when they had cnn gear on? there we go. >> we're fair and balanced. >> and we're most trusted. >> the fox blanket is warmer. i have to say. >> you were astounded that here no one ever talked to you about fertility. >> you're all parents. this is the book i want your daughters to read. as soon as she understands her sexuality and everything that she does what she eats, drinks smokes, how she -- her cosmetics, all of that stuff impacts her fertility and ability to have a child. >> you also go through what can impact the guy right? supplements that men could take to improve or really work against fertility. it's incredible the information you put in.
5:40 am
>> is this a confession? >> what we can say about recreational drugs. >> i confessed to the mormon tabernacle choir. >> you want to get into that? >> not really. >> what's your edge ultimately to families struggling? i think any woman who walked down this road says this isn't fair. it seems so hard. >> you're so right. so from the youngest gals to sort of that career oriented woman, like me, i felt like i had to sacrifice family and love and children in order to make it in this business. and now there is things you can do, like freezing your eggs. you see how popular that is and companies are getting on board and paying for it because they want women to be happy. that takes the pressure offment 'cause i felt like i hit 30, i had this great job at cnn and now i needed to get a husband and children and then i would be able to have it all. i made some really bad decisions and then fast forward a decade, there i was thinking, oh, oh,
5:41 am
can i still do it? i was lucky to be able to do fertility and i was able to have children. not everybody is that blessed. so this is to empower women of all ages from the youngest to that sort of middle age, all the way to my geriatric age, which is what i was referred to. it was your idea to do it, right? >> the book? >> let's have a doover on that. >> i told her to write down your experiences. it started off as kind of like a personal narrative and then the book company and the agent got involved and said, why don't you turn this into really a scientific book that's got a personal side to it? we recruited the head of the nyu fertility business. >> he's the best in the business. >> he jumped right on board and hammered this thing out and here it is. >> check it u. called "the whole
5:42 am
life fertility plan." real nice having you. >> thank you. >> coming up straight ahead. >> you may be celebrating the prices at the pump but these low gas prices could have crippling consequences. maria bartiromo, come on in. you're our next contestant on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
2.03 a gallon sounds like a pretty good deal if you remember what gas used to cost us just last year. but here is what you might not know.
5:46 am
that low cost apparently costing jobs. earlier we spoke to the former ceo of shell oil who had this warning. >> when the oil industry begins to shut down cost spending, they're very good at it. and we know how to close the door on spending money. but that results in the layoffs of tens of thousands of people. i estimate for every rig that shuts down and we've shut down about 500 rigs already since october, about 100 jobs disappear. not just from the rig, but from the factories that produce the materials, that supply the rigs. >> bet you didn't think about that. here with reaction from our sister network fox business' maria bartiromo. we love the fact that gas is not costing us much. but then at the same time somebody is losing a job. >> it absolute israeli right. and we've already seen the beginning of the negative implications of the decline of the price of oil. at some point, and i'm not sure if that price is 45 40, 50. i don't really know the breaking point in terms of the price.
5:47 am
but at some point the price becomes uneconomical for some of these shale companies to continue doing their business at the prices that they were. that's why you're seeing rig cannulations and a string of oil companies announce job cuts. we're seeing the beginnings of this. if this continues, we are going to see further job cuts to an industry that truly has been the growth story of america the shale revolution. >> we got a couple of graphics we're going to show people. good news and bad news. crude oil has dropped 60% since june down to 45 1/2 per barrel. here is the bad news texas oil layoffs, 9,000, baker hughes, 7,000. halliburton, 1,000. these are real people's lives impacted by the low cost of gas. >> these are jobs that are high paying. these jobs require certain skill sets and they've been trained to do these long-term projects within the energy business. look, if you look at the dallas federal reserve research, they will say all of the jobs created since 2007 came from texas.
5:48 am
they were energy related. now the dallas federal reserve is out with its new annual report and they are saying that yes, we will see job losses as a result of this weakness. they're not predicting recession. they think texas will continue to grow. however, you are seeing a real dent in what was one of the bright spots in american jobs. >> the other side of it is it's bright for awful us because now we're paying a fraction of what we were just a year ago. >> it's true. but what are we doing with that money? so far we have not seen that money filter through the economy. lot of people were saying this is a big positive because at some point you have that extra money in your pocket, you spend it in the retail sector and as a result, it's a positive cycle. we had retail sales down december by nine tenths of a percent. at some point it catches up, but it hasn't yet. >> you know what people are buying? iphones. you'll talk about that this weekend. >> we're going to talk about a the next ten minutes on the "fox business" network on the opening bell and looking at yahoo. they're selling their stake that they held in ali baba.
5:49 am
that is play -- placating some investors. >> what a good tease. if you want to watch, log on to and there you'll find the channel. thank you. coming up, does your dog get a little out of hand from time to time? maybe your dog needs to be trained by a navy seal. up next a seal and his dog show us how they do that and how you can, too. but first let's check in with bill hemmer who is seated upstairs right now with a preview of today's program. >> i'm just here so i don't get fined. good morning to you. great to see keira and john. great to see both of them. what's the truth behind the beau bergdahl story? liz cheney is here. will hillary clinton answer questions on benghazi? congressman trey gowdy heads up that committee. he will tell us that answer live today.
5:50 am
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they're the best of the best. dogs trained to serve with the navy seals. and now you can learn how to apply the same precision style training techniques. joining us is a form member of the navy seals, team three and the author of this new book "team dog, how to train your dog the navy seal way." what do we need to know and welcome back? >> thank you for having me. the big thing is to remember you can't explain anything to a dog. a lot of people make the mistake of assuming that their dog knows what they want them to do. they know what they want but the dog has no idea.
5:54 am
so in this instance, it's important to remember that you can't explain anything and that you have to use body language and reinforcement to get the point across. >> so going from battlefield command and control, how do you apply that to backyard with a dog at home? starts with leadership, you say? >> it absolutely does. if you think about how you interact with people, how you interact with your bosses, if you want somebody to take you seriously, you act a certain way, you carry yourself a certain way. dogs are masters at reading body language. you need to apply those same principles. a lot of people treat their dogs like small children or they get on the ground and act a little crazy with them, act goofy. if you act like a clown with your dog your dog is going to think you're a clown. >> because he won't respect you? >> absolutely. there is a time and a place for that, but it's after you've established the higher arcky. >> so the dog is watching you. so you as the master need to master nonverbal communication. in what way? >> so the biggest thing is just to, if you think about how you
5:55 am
can exude leadership with your body. an example is to go -- so if you just watch the way i carry myself and kind of get his attention in terms of moving him around. >> and you're showing you're in command? >> absolutely. >> you're not loud with him. >> no. >> nonverbal. >> emotional stability is very powerful in the animal world. if you watch any animals that are in an alpha role or in a leadership type position they're not flamboyant. they're not emotionally charged. they're very confident, calm. they carry themselves very, very much that way. >> what's in it -- what is the reward or punishment for a job well done? >> the reward, what i like to use is a clicker, which essentially is like taking a photograph of what the desired behavior is. so i use a clicker to mark that behavior. and then i use just these little pill pockets treats. >> so he does something you want you'll click and then give him something? >> yes. >> so he associates that sound
5:56 am
with -- that's essentially your good dog. >> and he wants the sound? >> that's the communication, whatever it is that you're doing is what i use. >> all breeds? >> every breed. the important thing about this book is whether you're training dogs to go to the battlefield or training your lab to stay off the couch, the principles are the exact same. >> mike and tiggo. >> thank you. >> warrior dog foundation is your main cause. thank you for joining us. >> thank you . .
5:57 am
right when you feel a cold sore, abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. without it the virus spreads from cell to cell. only abreva penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. you could heal your cold sore, fast, as fast as two and a half days when used at the first sign. learn how abreva starts to work immediately at . . the. knock it out, fast. with abreva.
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i'm here so i won't get fined. i'm here so i won't get fined. i'm here so i won't get fined. >> that was marshawn lynch. he was talking about with the seattle seahawks. he doesn't like to talk to people. so he showed up and said that 29 times to every question and then left so he wouldn't get fined. >> and the pine is half a
6:00 am
million dollars. >> we're here because we want to be. >> yes. >> you are going to super bowl tomorrow. >> right after the show, i'll be there. and it will be a lot of fun. >> see you tomorrow. bill: morning everybody, here we go. fox news alert. a dangerous game negotiating with terrorists of the 9 country of jordan is willing to give into an isis demand, releasing a would-be suicide bomber in exchange for a pilot held by the terror group. develop developments in america's newsroom. martha: good morning. i'm martha maccallum. isis released a video threatening to kill a jordanian pilot and japanese prisoner holding his prisoner if they did not release a woman held in the death of 2005 oman hotel bombings. bi


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