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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 4, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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believe me, he should look it up, article 2, section 2, clause 2. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. thank you for being with us. see you again tomorrow night 7:00 p.m. eastern. good night. ♪ ♪ the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> it was a very dark strange speech painting a picture of a really world. >> cnn christian amanpour herself raised in iran did not think much of netanyahu's speech. the real issue is trust. do america's allies trust president obama? >> is this white house anti-semitic? are they? >> very provocative question from andrea tantaros. she will be here to explain her point of view. >> you are a wizard, harry. ♪ if you want my money and you think i'm sexy. >> also tonight, poor harry potter being used by boston university as a sex ed icon.
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>> i'm a what? >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. northbound. >> ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the trust factor. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. it is quite clear that israel does not trust president obama to make a deal with iran that protects the world from nuclear weapons. it's also apparent that many republicans, perhaps most do not trust the president's leadership on just about every issue. and finally, u.s. allies in europe and around the world are not exactly rallying to mr. obama's call for a coalition to fight isis and the jihadis. charles krauthammer believes our allies don't trust president obama to do what's necessary to defeat the jihad. so they are reluctant to step up with than token assistance. the world is a dangerous nasty place. villains are running wild
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wild. putin is a menace. simply savages with no agenda other than destruction. north korea is run by a loan. chinese are quietly plotting to dominate south asia. if america ever needed a true leader, it is now. but trust in president obama is almost rock bottom. the reason? mr. obama's not a terror warrior. not a person comfortable with confrontation. also is he a man on the left who sees gray not black and white. generally speaking liberal america does not want to right wrongs overseas preferring to concentrate on social justice and income redistribution here in the u.s.a. mr. obama relishes that but does not want to police the world therefore the danger overseas grows. you choosing to it attack the latest messenger benjamin netanyahu. >> it was a very strange dark lovian speech painting a picture of a stokian
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world. raising the picture of a genocidal nation. genocidal regime spraying nuclear weapons to annihilate the whole world and whole region. now obviously many people are very concerned about iran and there is a deep lack of trust. but surely the same was said of the soviet union all those years ago. ms. a.m. amanpour was raised in iran until age 11 and apparently does not believe the mullahs would act unilaterally with the nuke. she does, however, use the phrase deep lack of trust. and that is the crux of the matter. many americans and israelis will oppose any deal the president makes with iran because they don't trust him. and, of course they don't trust the mull also a. the only thing mr. obama could do is lay the terms out so everybody could see them. but some in his party oppose that. >> we don't know what is being developed in that agreement. that's one thing we don't know for sure. >> that's true. and so we are having a lot of discussion about something that we don't know
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anything about. and the parts that may be most difficult i don't think we should know about right now. >> so let me get this straight congressman. we, the people, should not know what america is proposing to prevent iran from developing a nuclear weapon? is that what you're saying? good grief. this isn't some economic treaty. it's a matter of mass destruction in the hands of crazy zealots. time for clarity, mr. president. time for straight talk. that's the memo. now, for the top story tonight. reaction, joining us from tampa, jessicaer lick, democrat and from washington simon progressive think tank. where am i going wrong here mr. rosenberg. >> first of all bill. i think it's important to recognize our european allies are standing steadfastly with us on isis. on iran, on combating putin
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and i think the notion, i think charles krauthammer is simply wrong. >> let me stop you there. how many sorts, our european allies flown against isis and syria. >> i don't know the answer. >> the answer is mr. rosenberg. >> yeah. >> the answer is zero. >> but, bill, we also found out. >> wait, mr. rosenberg. this is a no spin zone. you said they are standing steadfastly with us against isis. they have flown zero sorties in syria against isis. and in iraq 90% of the bombing is done by america. so if they're standing steadfastly with us. either their planes are out of gas okay, or the word stead fast is escaping me. go ahead. >> i think it's accurate to portray that the united states and europe are not working hand in glove in all three of these crises together. >> what is being done to stop putin to from taking
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ukraine over. >> bill, we have had unprecedented sanctions in europe. >> done tremendous damage to the russian economy. as has done to the iranian economy. the reason the iranians are at the negotiating table is sanctions have seen tremendous impact. >> that's true. >> if you have a policy that is failing to stop putin from annexing an entire country and failing to stop iran from developing a nuclear weapon because they are still working on it now. it doesn't seem to me the policy is doing very much. or am i wrong jessica? look, and basically i didn't want this to be a policy segment. i wanted this to be a trust segment. i mean, at this point, we just have a brand new fox news poll. i don't think you guys have seen it you couldn't possibly because i got it handed to me. the american people don'tn't trust putin but they don't trust
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president obama to fight terrorism. they don't trust him. unfortunate. i still believe that the president has the best interest of the united states at heart. >> do you believe though, do you trust -- okay, the best interest, that's a wishy washy thing. >> and i believe. no and the. >> trust president obama to defeat the jihadis and to stop the iranians from developing a nuke? do you -- do you 100% trust that he is going to do that? >> i absolutely -- i do. because i know that that is the policy that we have been putting forth in this country. that's why we had the sanctions. >> 136% that do. >> yeah. i mean i think there are issues here that it's turning more into a partisan thing. >> if that's what -- jessica, if it's a partisan thing, then hillary clinton doesn't have a shot in 2016. because the numbers are are so overwhelming. let me give you one example, simon. you are a numbers guy. you run a think tank where
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people think. all right. >> sometimes. >> do you have to be in the tank? or you can walk around? all right. in the war against terrorism it feels like the extremists are making gains. this is the fox news poll americans. 64% say yes. 64%. that cuts across all boundaries. 26% feel that the jihadis are losing ground. come on. come on. >> so i think that the president is trying a different strategy than the last president did. the last president's strategy didn't work. he left the country in a far weaker place and a world far more unstable than he found it what we are seeing barack obama do do something very traditional american. using all the tools in the toolbox. military action when he needs to. >> do you believe it's working. >> diplomatic. >> he has been in there more than six years, do you believe it's working around the world? >> i think what he is doing is trying a different approach, more. >> different doesn't mean it's working. it's not working. >> i understand. and i think that we have to give it time bill.
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>> i think of the three things that you have said, we have unprecedented coalitions in place. >> that does nothing. >> no that's not true. >> they don't do anything simon. >> that's not fair. russian economy is on the verge of going out of business. >> all right. the iranian economy has been severely weakened. >> ukrainians who are getting killed by the thousands. >> we have done far more. >> let's give jessica the last word. >> i think there is a lot to be done here a good point that you made, actually. it's going to be interesting to see what we see going into 2016. neither side here and this happens on your show and everyone else, has a specific plan. this isn't like the cold war where it's decades of international reels and arguments going back and this is the left side afternoon this the reagan side. we need to come up with new plans because we are under attack. >> we don't have the time with iran right? this thing is coming down to it now. >> we know this is coming along. they have got to get hopefully a deal done that will ensure nuclear, you know nonproliferation going forward. if not, then they don't get a deal and we continue to
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move forward. we need to have stronger foreign policy. i think everyone can agree on that coming forward. >> i don't know if simon would agree. i agree with you you we need to have a stronger foreign policy. next on the rundown, fox news pundit andrea tantaros questions whether the white house is anti-semitic. andrew will be here. later miller on whether harry potter is being used in a sex ed capacity. uh-oh. factor is coming right back. my house... it's a full day for me, and i love it. but when i started having back pain my sister had to come help. i don't like asking for help. i took tylenol but i had to take six pills to get through the day. so my daughter brought over some aleve. it's just two pills, all day! and now, i'm back! aleve. two pills. all day strong, all day long. and now introducing aleve pm for a better am.
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impact segment tonight. very provocative point of view from andrea tantaros. >> netanyahu wants to stop iran from building a bomb. i question does the white house really want to stop them from building the bomb or are they enabling them? i mean, does he feel that they have a right to do this? >> i think it is time that we ask the question i'm dead serious about this: is this white house anti-semitic?
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are they? >> wow. here is andrea. you took a lot of heat from that, right? >> yeah a lot of people were upset about it. but nobody has been able bill, to come back and say why they are not. >> no but that's hard to prove. you know. an accusation like that is hard to disprove it. i'm curious, so you pose the question. so just for posing the question you got a lot of heat, right? >> a lot of heat. >> you never said whether you think they are ante semitic, do you. >> no, i was asking the question. >> here on the factor you are are now going to have to answer the question. >> okay. do you think they are anti-semitic in the white house? >> look, i don't look at what susan rice said in a vacuum when she said that netanyahu coming here is destructive. i look at bill all of the things that this white house has done. trashily look, the democratic party has been perceived as being sympathetic to palestinians, but this administration, in particular i will go through the list right now the things that they have done against israel. >> it's all policy though. >> that's not true. let me make my case.
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>> all right. he ripped obama ripped netanyahu to nicholas sarkozy. he called for the return to 67 borders. he had someone in his administration call him chicken [bleep]. okay. obama in his history, read his history is he friends with, i think people who could be considered anti-semitic it edward. >> the guy in columbia. >> and khalid rashidy, very anti-israel. >> let me stop you there if israel elects a liberal prime minister on march 17th. i think president obama would be very happy. i think he would applaud a liberal leader of that country. would you say that would be probably true? >> i don't know i'm not sure. >> i believe is he not anti-semitic which is i hate you because you are jewish. i believe he is anti-netanyahu, who is a hawk he believes, in my opinioned that the israelis under netanyahu and other
5:16 pm
right wingers, are oppressors, that's what obama believes they oppress the palestinians by developing settlements by using really hard tactics. i think the president is wrong. i believe that israel is in dire danger because they are surrounded by terrorists funded by iran. so i think he is wrong. but i don't think is he an it at this semitic. >> well, the definition of anti-semitic as well isn't just some definitions say you say hating jews. it's being not supportive of jews. >> oh, i don't know if not supportive is anti-semitic. >> bill, let me challenge you on this. when you have heard president obama come out and wag his finger with such hostility against the arab world for their treatment of israel? he has not done it nor has anyone in his administration. in fact, when jews were attacked in that deli, they went out of their way to try and say well, they were just attacked because they were attacked. >> there is no question that president obama does not want to offend the muslim world. i think that's been
5:17 pm
established beyond any reasonable doubt. for whatever reason he doesn't want to offend them. on the other hand, he will offend israel at the -- i hate to use the cliche. doesn't want to offend israel. he doesn't like netanyahu. everything netanyahu believes, obama believes the opposite. again, i don't think that has anything to do with being jewish. it's just policy that obama is very very afraid to engage the muslim world. he is afraid. >> but it's more than just about the muslim world. bill, you can be trying not to offend the muslim world and you can still be professional and i think cordial or just stern with israel. this is an administration that is openly hostile i know the man you know if you go against him he takes it personally. one more question. >> yeah. >> do you believe that
5:18 pm
barack obama really wants to hurt the state of israel? >> no. i don't think he wants to hurt them. but i don't think that they agree at all. >> no, they don't. >> at all. >> they don't agree on anything. >> benjamin netanyahu is trying to preserve the future of his nation. >> he is doing what he exactly needs to do. >> the way they treated hamas, especially this administration is also questionable. so, final point, if this administration was speaking this way and to blacks, to women, to hispanics, we would be asking the same question about that. >> all right. andrea tantaros everybody there she is. directly ahead last week dr. franklin graham said president obama is being influenced by muslims in washington, d.c. we have been investigating that charge. we'll tell you what we know. then later martha maccallum investigating while the irs wants to give refunds to illegal aliens who haven't even filed tax returns. up ahead.
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paragraph paragraph. paragraph truth serum tonight last week we interviewed franklin graham on president obama. muslims in america are influencing him. >> now, when you say muslims give me some names in washington. i don't know any muslim advisors to president obama. do you have any names? >> i can get those for you bill. but i do know that they are there. >> well the doctor did give us some names and the factor investigated and here to report, correspondent eric shawn, also washington shannon bream on another matter. alabama versus the u.s. government. so let's first go to you. all right so, we tracked the three main names that dr. graham gave us, all right.
5:23 pm
the first one is arita acon. who is he? >> he has been at the white house bill, 28 sometimes. i don't know about infiltrating. do you know what the guy is a former deputy mayor of los angeles. he was assistant secretary of the homeland security under the policy development office. he is currently the highest ranking civilian commander in the los angeles police department and he. >> he has been there 28 times. do we know why he has been in the white house. >> we have to aassume because he was with homeland security. >> he doesn't have any radical pro-jihad views. >> no. >> so is he a security guy. what about mohammed elbriari. >> he goes under the oops department. he had to leave last year because this is what he tweeted. it's inevitable that the caliphate returns talking about isis. he also said that everyone should, quote, take it easy, folks, take a deep breath and relax about isis.
5:24 pm
2013 he tweeted i do consider the united states of america an islamic country with an islamicly compliant constitution. >> what's this access to president obama? sounds like a loan. >> former member of the homeland security advisory council. >> does he have access to the president. >> not that we know of. he visited the white house at least three times. >> three times. >> we don't know. >> but i visited three times. i mean, you know but we don't know whether it's just a social -- but this guy shouldn't be anywhere near the white house. >> here's the rub. he also calls himself a muslim republican. went back to texas. on fox news being interviewed in 2008 as a john mccain supporter. how about that? last one is rashad hussain, who is that? >> state department special envoyened coordinator for strategic counter terrorism communication. he has visited the white house 40 times, bill. 40 because he was the representative of the administration to the organization for islamic cooperation, the oic. that's the main u.n. organization of all those 57 muslim countries. so that explains while he
5:25 pm
was at the white house some times. >> does he have any pro-jihad views. >> he went to yale. >> that's not good. >> kidding you up in new haven. >> like you he has master's degree from the hard kennedy school of government. do you know where he was born? wyoming. >> the key question is does he very any pro-jihad views or anything like that. >> certainly not that we know of. >> is he a legitimate guy with legitimate business? >> yep. >> all right. now, shannon how about you, you cover the supreme court for fox news. now there is a big brawl between the state of alabama which i guess yesterday told all their people you do not need issue any marriage licenses to gay couples. and that is in direct conflict with the federal government. how is this going to play out? >> it is a spider web of confusion. you have all of these different court rulings. you have a federal district court, that's the lowest level federal court that said, listen, do you have to issue these licenses. well the state supreme court there in alabama said no you don't. we are telling you that alabama has a law that recognizes marriage only
5:26 pm
between men and women. one federal court can't tell you to do anything different. basically the alabama supreme court minus the chief justice who has been very outspoken against gay marriage and in favor of traditional marriage, he sat this one out. but the remaining. >> 7 to 1 i understand the vote was 7 to 1 that we're not going to obey the federal court order and we are going to cease issuing these licenses. so that sets them up almost like the civil rights. i'm not making it for you -- don't get mad at me. but this is what happened with george wallace and the desegregation order. the federal government came in after they -- and bobby kennedy was the attorney general, and forced the state of alabama. but this sets up a state of alabama against the federal government as it stands now. correct? >> yeah, it does. it's interesting because what would happen v. to happen is now someone could file a federal suit saying listen these probate judges in alabama should ignore the state supreme court order and go ahead. but the fact is, we're going to have an answer probably from the supreme court on
5:27 pm
the underlying merits of the issue of same sex marriage by the end of june. we expect they are going to hear the case in april. that is -- so, these legal challenges in alabama. >> it better be worded, shannon, that decision by the supreme court better be worded exactly or alabama is going to say look, you cannot override state law unless, you know, going to deal with our issue directly. i don't know if the supreme court was s. is going to do that fascinating. >> it gets ugly. >> thank you, guys aappreciate united states it. amazing story that may make you angry. apparently the irs wants to give illegal aliens, some of them, tax refunds when they haven't even paid any income tax. martha maccallum on that. also on the horizon, miller talking about netanyahu north korea and harry potter. hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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braff paragraph personal story segment tonight. last week in washington, there was a hearing in front of the house committee where families who have been victimized by violent illegal aliens got to tell their stories. >> my family's peace and freedom were stolen by illegal alien from mexico. he was brought here by his illegal alien parents and allowed to grow up as a wild animal. do black lives really matter? or does it matter only if you are shot by a white person or a white policeman? >> joining us now from los angeles is jamiel shaw and from phoenix, arizona steve ron beck whose 21-year-old son shot dead by illegal
5:32 pm
alien in january. mr. shaw, begin with you. that was very impassioned statement you made in front of the congress people. what kind of reaction you have gotten? >> thank you. a lot. a lot of phone calls. emails, letters. you know, but mostly nationally locally, you know, were people know what's going on. >> you are right. it gets very very -- criminal illegal aliens get very little coverage on the national level. when your 17-year-old son was killed -- what did you find out about the killer? what did you find out about him? >> that he was brought into the country at 4 years old by his illegal parents. he had extensive criminal background. he was on his third gun charge when he murdered by son. he was out of jail only one day and he was ordered by the la taken knee shock caller gang shock collar to murder blacks when they get out of jail looking for someone black to kill and he
5:33 pm
was in my neighborhood and saw my son walking down the street and he walked over and murdered him. >> he was a maniac. that situation where he was 4 years old when he came. that's the dream act. is he going to be legalized. now he is not. he is going to be in prison by the rest of his life by president obama. that could have been an american that did that
5:34 pm
they pled it down to a simple burglary. he never did any time. he was released. he was supposed to be on probation. and about the time that his probation ended, he murdered my son. >> so he is an illegal alien. is he here. he has got an arrest record. but they don't instead of deporting him right away they kick him back out on the streets in arizona and he murders your son. so what did you tell congress about that? >> well, you know, my brother actually was the one who told congress it's just not acceptable. i mean, we're angry. we want to know why he was on the streets.
5:35 pm
why did they let him go? >> why do you think they let him go? >> you know, i have no idea. i can't even answer that question. i don't know. it's mind boggling. >> so you don't really have a political opinion on illegal aliens committing violent crimes. you don't really haven't formed an opinion on it? >> not as of yet. >> okay. but. >> i'm learning more every day. >> certainly, will shaw, have you formed an opinion on it and that would be? >> yes. we are trying to enforce 1041. we are trying to get a bill passed 1041 that would let the fbi give statistics of what's going on in the city, the states, the federal government the federal to enforce and to give everybody a statistics of what's going on. where they are doing it who is doing it. >> sure, let's have a little sunshine. okay. now one more question mr. shaw. it may be unfair question to you. if it is, you don't have to answer it. if your son had been gunned
5:36 pm
down by a white police officer, you would have been on every program, every radio show everything. but since it was an illegal alien that killed your son as you said at the beginning of this interview unprompted, you didn't get any national coverage. what do you think about that? >> yeah. it's disrespectful. because they say black lives matter. but it only matters if you are killed by a whites or white police. my son going to the coroner my son was laying on the ground after he was shot in the stomach with his hands up. and he shot him through his hands into his head and killed him and the so-called black politicians, the black leaders the athletes, they don't care about that. because he was killed by a latino person. >> haven't seen any -- if he would have been white. >> we haven't seen any nba players with your son's picture on it. >> no. >> i want to say this me to you, okay man to man. your son was a really good kid. i mean he was really a good kid with a very bright
5:37 pm
future and i just can't imagine the pain you're going through. so if we can do anything for you and you mr. ronnebeck you let us know. you are both right. we have got to stop this madness and stop it now. thanks for coming on. >> thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> it will be miller time. big ross err tonight. north korea harry potter. miller is next. the future of the market is never clear. but at t. rowe price we can help guide your retirement
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thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight. let's get it the sage of southern california joins us from santa barbara. so netanyahu miller, what say you? >> well my favorite line is when he said iran's promises were as empty as nancy pelosi's stare. >> huh? what was that all about? heavily remodeled house, nobody home. i was hoping that pelosi and boehner would have a cryoff somewhere during the day. and, you know, the reason he had to come over here and say you this is because it's a madhouse. the swoorld madhouse. everybody knows that we should do to iran exactly what harry reid's bow flex machine did to him a couple months ago. but we're not doing that we have got this guy coming
5:42 pm
over here and they are chiding, there you go. that's a good look, huh harry? read the bottom line you are a drip. announcer saying that they thought that netanyahu's speech was dispopic to me putting a guy in a cage and lighting him on fire seems a little more distopic. i felt like charles hesitate stolen waking up in the field and the chimp is on top of the pony. i guess at this point i should just be thankful that the democrats didn't arrest netanyahu like that benghazi film maker guy. i don't know what's up. awful i know is this: i'm with the jews in this. i think the other people are crazy. it seems like half our country is wavering on them. >> no, the poll came out today on fox news shows quite clearly that americans now think that the obama administration is paralyzed and doesn't know what to do to fight terrorror stop iran from doing anything. all right.
5:43 pm
now, let's get to north korea. one of your favorite countries. i know you have been there like five or six times you and dennis rodman. kim jong un the great leader, is telling his armed forces to ramp up for a war against the u.s.a. how do you think vegas would handicap that war miller? >> i don't know. this kid looks me. he looks like a super good -- >> sure he does. >> sure he does. yeah he looks sharp. >> he looks like king jong un kardashian to me. i fear north korea less i fear the other whack jobs. at least north korea are godless men whereas the other guys are god-driven member. i think we can get out this kid. we can sneak somebody a few shekels and get somebody to go in and do him at night. pranked him by cutting off his sideburns. have him sneak in the middle of the night and do the guy. you brought up rodman. maybe we send rodman back
5:44 pm
over as i said before in the wedding dress. he chats the kid up. geghts gets a little flirtatious. marries rodman becomes the first lady of north korea. and ends up divorcing the kid. the kid is devastated and we get half their money. maybe that's a play. awful i know is i fear these guys in a nuclear war but not in a ground war. because i don't know if you have ever seen the north korea's army but they are like the rockettes for god's sakes. >> all right. >> christmas show. i think we can do them. >> boston university where i matriculated, they have a week called frisky february. i guess that would be a month. frisky february where they have health-related sexual things. one of them is sex ed at hog warts. they are incorporating harry potter into this sex ed business. i don't know if harry is cooperating or not. what do you think? >> well, i think during sex week a lot of the kids up
5:45 pm
there matriculating two or three times a day, bill. i would say it's chronic me trick legs. all i know is this you have got to watch yourself is when you are in college. you can't be that much of a saider. i knew a guy in college who was very frisky sexually and he ended up getting hog warts and they had to perform a wandectomy on him. those wandectomies are not covered under obamacare even. i took a lab once in sexuality through harry potter, early morning lab where we studied lord cosby the possession master. and, you know, various ways you can go here. >> i think it would be wise for me not to say anything. >> no you better stay away from that billy. >> i still have my bu switcher. >> walk away from it. it never happened. wandectomy. >> you were an aberration miller. we are looking forward to seeing everybody in rio rancho new mexico for the don't be a pinhead show on saturday, april 11th. great time to be in the land of enchantment details on
5:46 pm
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back of the book segment tonight. did you see that? we have two important stories beginning with the irs apparently getting ready to give refunds to some illegal aliens who haven't even filed tax returns. >> whoever did it's wrong and it shouldn't have happened. the reason it's going to happen for five million people potentially is because of the president's order. >> here now to explain further martha maccallum you see her at 9:00 in the morning with hemmer. >> it's almost hard to believe. >> this almost explanation. >> earned in connection with tax is something you get with a social security card. if it goes through a texas
5:50 pm
judge has a stay on all of it right now. if it goes through as many as 4 million illegal immigrants could be eligible for back taxes for three years once they get that social security number there is a 15 year standing law th there's a 15-year standing law that was created by the irs chief council that says you need a social security number to get the earned tax income credit, but if you don't have it that year and get it in the coming year -- >> but here's my question. and you know probably better than everybody else that i'm a very simple man. >> i do think i know that probably better -- >> so if they haven't filed, they being the 4 to 5 million illegal aliens any federal income tax paper, then how do they know what the -- an income tax credit is when you earn below a certain amount of money and then the government gives you money more prosperous. they just give you a check. all right. but they don't have paper to document any earnings. >> they have to somehow prove what they made. >> somehow. >> through pay stubs and
5:51 pm
different forms. they have to file -- you could argue that it's political, that's it's wealth redistribution. that they're trying to find a way -- >> i think you might argue that. >> you could argue that. >> would it be more fair to the american people citizenry here if they started from scratch? wouldn't it be? >> i would say, yes it would be more fair. >> so we don't have to go through that ridiculous gesture. >> but the other side of it is that there are people who exist in the system who are paying into the tax system and not getting anything for it. >> but they're here legally. >> they're here legally. they are paying taxes out of their paychecks for various things even if they're not paying income tax. >> they shouldn't be paying taxes because they shouldn't be here. >> have a taxpayer id number. >> okay. if you're going to let them stay here, start from ground zero so we can do it in an orderly meticulous -- >> done. i'm glad we worked that out. next topic. >> google.
5:52 pm
another one of these cyberspace things, my name your name and all kinds of garbage comes up about us that's not true and any human being in the world. if you google somebody half of what you read three quarters of what you read won't be true. and google's actually upset about that right? >> i did some research by google googling myself to see what came up. usual, wikipedia some is true, some isn't. they are doing research to see if they can do it based on accuracy. so they have something called the knowledge bank trust which basically correlates all the data and facts and try to use that as a benchmark against the ranking when you search something come up based on accuracy rather than -- >> but to do that for every human being on earth, how could you possibly do that? >> it's google. >> but somebody's got to make the rankings. >> agreed. that's what i think doesn't make any sense. who's going to decide what's
5:53 pm
factual what's accurate? and this way it comes up in a market base way, the most popular sites and i also think people get pretty good at scanning, that's garbage, that's garbage. >> but a lot of people believe stuff anything they're told. i have a personal question for you. >> yes. >> okay. what percentage of stuff on the internet do you believe is flat out false lies, defamation, slander? >> an enormous amount. probably over 60%. >> i'm with you. i say 75%. because people love to take other people down. they love to you -- it used to be they did it with gossip and all of that. now you can go on machines and do it. buyer be ware, we always tell you that. martha maccallum, everyone. there she is. "the factor" tip of the day, update on killing jesus the movie. the tip moments away. tipated? .yea dulcolax tablets can cause cramps but not phillips. it has magnesium and works more naturally than stimulant laxatives. for gentle cramp free relief of occasional constipation
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here because we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, hillary clinton's e-mail problem may be far worse than we thought. the democratic establishment blind sided this week as a bombshell report from "new york times" is raising serious political and now legal questions for the presumed 2016 democratic front runner hillary clinton in a scandal that also lands squarely at the doorstep of 1600 pennsylvania avenue. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone. i'm megyn kelly. tonight, some 48 hours after we first learned secretary clinton conducted all, that's the critical part all of her state department business on a private


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