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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 9, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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isaac hill on also the middle eastern megyn kelly. tomorrow brit hume on hillary and her e-mails. thanks for watching everybody. i'm megyn kelly. this is "the kelly file." see you tomorrow night at 9:00. we do get money from other countries. and some of them are in the middle east. i think it's a good thing. >> bill clinton stands by accepting foreign donations. ainsley earhart is here with the full report on the foundations accepted money from. >> she needs to step up and say exactly what the situation is. >> democrats continue to run away from hillary's e-mail scandal. >> we're the slaves that built the white house and the economy of the south. >> president obama getting heat over the comments he made during the 50th anniversary of selma's bloody sunday. >> i think it's know who your
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ally is and who your enemy is. >> a stern warning as obama continues to negotiate with the rogue regime in tehran. and former texas governor rick perry is here. "hannity" starts right here, right now. welcome to "hannity." the scandal swirling around hillary clinton continue to escalate and some in the mainstream media they're starting to apply pressure. now the former first lady's inevitable 2016 run for the white house will focus heavily on issues of womens rights and equality. now earlier today she revealed a report by the clinton foundation called no ceilings about the progress women around the world have made over the last couple of decades. watch this. >> the good news, based on 20 years of data from more than 190 countries, collected by the clinton foundation and the gates foundation through the no ceilings project is that there has never been a better time in
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history to be born female. >> now, hillary went onto say there's unfinished business and much more must be done, but a new report by the liberal "new york times" questions donations made to the clinton foundation by foreign government with lousy women rights records. fox & friends first co-host ainsley is at the big board. >> a report by "new york times" says hillary finds herself under attack and the millions of dollars the clinton foundation received from the governments of some middle eastern countries is now casting doubt on hillary's record as an advocate of women. the countries listed include saudi arabia, oman, algeria qatar the united arab emirates and kuwait as well as brunei. all seven of these nations have poor gender gap rankings with saudi arabia ranking 130 out of 142 countries. and then brunei the only nation ranking in the top 100 is at 98. here's a closer look at how much
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money those countries donated to the clinton foundation. some of the examples of their discrimination against women. let's look at saudi arabia. that country donated between $10 million and $25 million to the clinton foundation. in 2011 women were finally granted the right to vote there. but get this women are still not allowed to drive and they need a male guardian's permission to work or to travel. then in kuwait which did give between $5 million and $10 million to her foundation women do not have the right to become public prosecutors and judges and there are not any laws on the books which make domestic violence illegal. then the united arab emirates donated between $1 million and $5 million and considered one of the most socially liberal gulf states, but still women there are required to have a male guardian conclude their marriage contract and then have the legal right to discipline their wives with the use of physical violence. then in oman qatar and algeria as well as brunei which all donated between $250,000 and $5 million, women do not have the
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same rights as men when it comes to divorce. and marital rate, sean, is not considered a crime. now on saturday former president bill clinton decided to explain why the foundation accepts donations from some of those countries. >> we do get money from other countries. and some of them are in the middle east. i think it's a good thing. for example, the uae gave us money. do we agree with everything they do? no, but they're helping us fight isis. and they built a great university with nyu helping people around the world. and they've helped support the work that this foundation does. do i agree with all the foreign policy in saudi arabia? no. but i think it's pretty impressive that the recent king who just died built the first co-educational institution in saudi arabia and they have more women than men in colleges. so you got to decide when you do
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this work whether it will do more good than harm if someone helps you from another country. >> all right sean we'll have to see how this is going to affect her campaign should she decide to run in 2016. >> ainsley, great report. according to the national journal's ron fornier who will join us later the biggest threat to hillary is not her e-mail scandal but the controversy over donations to the foundation. follow the money. here with reaction syrian christian american activist with us and american islamic zudi jasser and author of brand new book "isis exposed beheading slavery and hellish reality of radical islam," erick stackelback. let's see, women can't drive, women must cover, women can't be seen in public without men they're not married to.
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and he's justifying taking money from that country. millions and millions of dollars. hillary says she's the womens president. and she takes money from that country with the treatment of women. any problem with that? >> she's not the womens president yet. and i don't have a problem with a country coming to the aid of people in haiti or in philippines -- >> this isn't coming to aid -- whoa, whoa, stop stop. hang on. the aid is going to the clinton foundation. and they're taking money from countries, erick, that have horrific human rights records as it relates to women. >> as it relates to women, support for terrorism. hillary clinton feminist icon, we've been hearing that for two decades now, why doesn't she lead a movement stirring up people in these countries to take womens rights back? actually not take them back they've never had them. when is she advocating move for womens rights in saudi arabia,
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qatar, broader muslim world. >> has she ever openly criticized these countries that gave millions to her and said their treatment of women is abhorrent and despicable? has she every taken that stand? >> yes, she has. >> give me the words. when? >> 20 years ago in beijing and she said for the first time womens rights are human rights. and she equated those two things. >> did she ever say it about the countries she took money from? you're not answering. >> what were y'all doing on international womens day? i don't understand where all this interest is in international womens issues just because it's hillary clinton -- >> these countries are very, very clear. and their mistreatment of women -- hillary clinton is silent in confronting them and takes millions. this i think, is going to be a massive issue. >> it is definitely a massive issue, sean. and what we are tired of is for people making comments that have truly no idea what's happening in the middle east. as a syrian-american women are
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completely mistreated not only mistreatment is not even the word for how women are being treated in the middle east. and these are the countries we are accepting millions and millions of dollars. >> well, the clintons are. >> yes, the clinton foundation. and we should not be accepting money. it's considered bribery. it's considered they're buying time. they are publicly executed in the streets of saudi arabia. women aren't allowed any rights whatsoever. education, they're educating them but not allowing them to drive. what type of human rights is this? she had said in 1995 in beijing that human rights are womens rights and womens rights are human rights. i would like to ask mrs. clinton where have you been since thousands of women, especially in the middle east have been mass slaughtered, our young girls are being sold into sex slavery, we're being beheaded, they're being treated like worse than animals. where have you been if you're an advocate for womens rights?
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i believe those are just words. i do not believe anything she says. i do not believe she's a human rights advocate. i don't believe a lot of things she says. and honestly accepting millions of dollars worth of foreign donations is horrible. and she's contributing to these crimes because that is not a way to condemn these nations that are under suspicion of a lot of things that are happening. and that is not a way for an authority in our administration to behave. >> all right. dr. jasser, very powerful words from nahren. did they buy -- in other words did these muslim countries buy hillary's silence? >> why else would they invest the money? these countries suffocate free speech. they put in prison people who question islam and want reform. at the end of the day why are they dumping millions while qatar has slavery internally, saudi arabia doesn't allow churches to be built, prevent any type of freedom whatsoever let alone religious freedom. at the end of the day they're getting blasphemy laws in the
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west. and the clinton foundation and i think this conversation is so important because we operate on pennies at the american islamic forum because we don't take foreign donations because this is the greatest conflict in the 21st century against political islam globally. and the new evelil empire is the -- president clinton saying they're working with us against isis, qatar and saudi arabia were funding isis if not isis themselves before the world started to pay attention -- >> let me go back to erick. you go back to the last election and the left was so up in arms about sand ra fluk and people paying $9 a month for womens birth control and war on women. mitt romney had women's resumes people he wanted to hire. and then compare to the treatment of women in country they are taking money from and hillary clinton is virtually silent. she's never gone after these countries. so, i mean, how do we interpret
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that? >> sean, we talk about a war on women the democrats talk about so often, there's a literal jihad against women by muslim throughout the world. they don't want to confront nasty things that are going on in the islamic world head-on. that's pretty clear. hillary clinton for example kind of echoed the administration's sentiment. look, terrorism is rising because of lack of job and lack of opportunity. hillary clinton gave a speech a few months ago saying we need to have empathy for our enemies. have empathy for isis while they behead us. >> i'll give you the last 30 seconds, how you can defend. that it's really indefensible. she's taking money and they've basically bought off her silence. you might talk about what words she said in china, when has she ever uttered a word -- >> you should read her book. i advise everyone in your
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audience to read sglit what does she say? >> she's negotiated with the saudi arabian government -- >> they treat women like garbage. >> to prevent 8-year-olds from being married up. people who want their 15 seconds of fame and talk about -- it has never left their lips -- >> doesn't -- not about women in saudi arabia. >> i think it's very telling that no muslim reformers are engaged with the clinton foundation. why? because that's the way qatar and saudi arabia wants it. where is the reform voice inside the clinton foundation? >> we're going to leave it there. isis exposed, this is erick's new book. great book. congratulations. out in bookstores today. coming up next on a busy news night on "hannity". >> i think that she needs to step up and come out and state exactly what the situation is. >> a lot more trouble for hillary. the left is now having a very hard time defending hillary clinton's use of personal e-mail address during her time at the
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state department. even president obama's trying to distance himself from the scandal. that's coming up next. also, later tonight -- >> we're the slaves who built the white house. and the economy of the south. >> obama's speech on the 50th anniversary of selma's bloody sunday's creating huge controversy. that and much more straight ahead. i have the worst cold with this runny nose. i better take something. dayquill cold and flu doesn't treat your runny nose. seriously? alka-seltzer plus cold and cough fights your worst cold symptoms plus your runny nose. oh, what a relief it is. you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends. three jobs. you're
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welcome back to "hannity kwtsz. in the wake of hillary clinton's e-mail scandal top democrats across the country are not exactly sticking up for the former secretary of state. listen to what dianene feinstein said over the weektd. >> i would like her to come forward and say what the situation is because she is the preeminent political figure right now.
7:16 pm
she is the leading candidate, whether it be republican or democrat, for the next -- to be the next president. and i think that she needs to step up and come out and state exactly what the situation is. >> while senator feinstein is calling for an explanation from her former colleague president obama seems totally baffled by the latest e-mail revelation. to make matters worse the president and his press secretary they don't exactly seem to be on the same page here. watch this. >> when did you first learn that hillary clinton used an e-mail system outside the u.s. government for official business while she was secretary of state? >> the same time everybody else learned it through news reports. >> yes, the president was aware for e-mail address, he traded e-mails with her. shouldn't be surprised the president of the united states traded e-mails wts secretary of state. >> learned from news reports? shocking. especially in this case since the president actually traded e-mails with hillary clinton's private account.
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anyway joining us now with reaction senior political columnist at the national journal john fornier, and john trippie and andy mccarthy. this whole idea of secrecy was very important to hillary clinton. you might remember these words. >> our constitution is being shredded. we know about the secret wiretaps. we know about the secret military tribunals. the secret white house e-mail accounts. it is a stunning record of secrecy and corruption of cronyism run amuck. >> secrecy, corruption, cronyism, ron, you think this is going to be very damaging and may prevent her from being president. >> yeah. you know, those are very strong adjectives she used and they all apply to her right now. you can't -- you know, two weeks ago you had me on the show
7:18 pm
because i wrote the donations to the clinton foundation were sleazy and stupid. stupid because it exposes a hypocrisy you talked about in the last segment. you can't be the woman who's breaking the glass ceiling for women when you're taking money from countries that suppress the right to women and who are giving you money because they want something. that's how it works. at the very least it raises a question of perception and potential conflict of interest. it's sleazy because, you know, it raises that question. and now we have these e-mails. if we want to follow the money and figure out what they were doing with that money and if there was any quid pro quo, if we want full transparency over the clinton foundation money she was collecting as secretary of state and presidential candidate, we've got to see those e-mails. that's what makes this e-mail issue a secondary issue but very important because it gets to the big question which is what were they doing for all that cash. >> i think he's right about the fund raising. but to me the issue crying out to be looked at right now is
7:19 pm
obama and the whole administration put out the story that benghazi was caused by a video. now, we know from mrs. clinton's testimony that a few minutes before the state department put out her statement blaming the video, she spoke to the president. and in the weeks that succeeded that there was an insidious effort by administration officials including clinton and obama to run this story by the public that the video, not al qaeda or al qaeda affiliate, was responsible for what happened in benghazi. it's stunning to me that -- >> they knew from the get-go this was a terror attack. >> right. >> this was a whole false lying narrative from the begin ingbeginning. let me go to joe. we have records laws. everybody works in government knows what they are. that's issue one. and how do you claim that you're going to be the great champion of womens rights and take money from these countries that treat women so horribly?
7:20 pm
i'm interested on your spin here. >> i'll take the second one first. and that is look i don't think -- there are many attacks you can lay on hillary clinton that may play against her. i don't think attacking her as someone who doesn't really care about womens issues -- >> she's taking money from the clinton foundation and from countries who have atrocious women rights records. >> if you want to keep that attack going, go ahead. i don't believe americans are going to reject hillary clinton because they think she somehow not real about wanting to advance womens issues. >> stay there. ron, you say follow the money. you say this is a bigger deal. >> joe i think you're right that nobody's going to vote against her because of this. but the affirm mags or reason why she wants people to vote for her is because of her support on womens rights. that's the -- she wants that to be the inspiration behind her candidacy, you know if you're
7:21 pm
selling coke or a president you don't want something to undermine your brand. this goes right to. >> joe, what do you say about the records laws are clear. go ahead. >> this is why we have elections. it's why we hopefully have two strong parties. she is going to get asked all these questions. much of this is already out in the open. >> no it's not. it's not out in the open. 55000 pages. but it just so happens to be missing the benghazi time. >> sean can i just finish a question here? >> well you said it was out in the open, it's not. >> i said much of it. >> no, not really. >> anyway i think politico just reported about ann hour or so ago that she's planning on having a press conference about this within the next few days. so i think look, she's going to have to run this gauntlet. and i agree with if e-mails were deleted if things like that happened -- >> let me go to our legal expert.
7:22 pm
>> trey gowdy's going to get this stuff. >> let me go to andy. from a legal standpoint the records law is pretty simple. she didn't abide by the law. >> right. >> she once said in 1996 you know she was asked if she ever kept a journal said why would i do that everything could be subpoenaed. >> i think you're right. the records law is clear. i'm not sure if i were the republicans that that would be what i'd be hammering. i think it can't be denied that this was systemically done to circumvent recordkeeping and i think therefore sleazy. i think one of the things that hasn't been harped on nearly enough is the fact she's not any federal employee. she's the head of the state department. it was her job to make sure that her subordinates in the department complied with the recordkeeping law. >> trey gowdy got into this this weekend. they have been requesting these e-mails and all information relevant to benghazi going on two years now. >> but adam schiff says they received all those e-mails.
7:23 pm
and that she turned them over to the committee, they read them and there's nothing in them. >> ron. >> joe just to be clear what she's turned over are the e-mails she thinks she needs to turn over. that's not the way it's supposed to work. the e-mails are to be kept on a government server. >> ron, this is where i do agree with you. i've read a lot of things you've been writing. i agree that part of what's going to have to happen at some point here is some independent look at that -- i don't know whether it's somebody -- >> last question. andy, asked me for my e-mails and took me two years, why do i think i'd be handcuffed, perp walked, mugshot in every paper and in trouble. >> you would be. it's a politicized justice department. that's been the history o it. >> thank you all for being with us. appreciate it. coming up next tonight on "hannity." >> we're the slaves who built the white house and the economy of the south. >> this past weekend marked the
7:24 pm
50th anniversary of selma's bloody sunday. president obama's speech is raising a lot of eyebrows. we'll play the highlights. and later tonight. >> even in these times of sometimes heated disagreement, you know, i think it's useful to remember who your ally is and who your enemy is. >> a very stern message from the israeli prime minister b.b. netanyahu. and later former texas governor rick perry here to explain how a deal with iran will hurt our ally israel and probably us and much more straight ahead.
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you know, i think about money kind of a lot. money is freedom. money's always on my mind. car insurance. credit cards. preschool. debt. cell phone bills. it's complicated. it's not easy. i am not a good budgeter. unfortunately, i'm a spender. i would love to learn more about finances. savings. investments. retirement. man: the more educated i am, the better decisions i can make in the future. welcome back to "hannity" now. thousands gathered to commemorate the 50th anniversary of selma, alabama's bloody sunday. president obama made a speech in it made some opening remarks that are now controversial. take a look. >> we need to open our eyes and ears and hearts to know that this nation's racial history
7:27 pm
still casts its long shadow upon us. right now in 2015, 50 years after selma there are laws across this country designed to make it harder for people to vote. we're the immigrants who stowed away on ships to reach these shores. the huddled masses yearning to breathe free holocaust survivors, soviet defectors, the lost boys of sudan. we're the hopeful strivers who cross the rio grande because we want our kids to know about our life that's how we came to be. we're the slaves who built the white house. and the economy of the south. fifty years from bloody sunday our march is not yet finished. >> joining me now civil rights attorney leo terrell, fox news contributor deroy murdock. when i lived in atlanta, i got to meet a lot of these
7:28 pm
incredibly courageous brave men that put their lives on the line for civil rights in this country. including john lewis and joseph lowry, jose williams became a good friend of mine and maynard jackson, all people i interviewed over the years. i really applaud them, incredibly brave courageous and made the world a better place including martin luther king jr. >> sure. >> i guess the question i have is with this president these comments coupled with three high profile race cases he injects himself into without any evidence in he's wrong, ferguson, trayvon and cambridge police. what is your thoughts as you put it all together? >> well i think this was a very historical occasion. commemorating it was perfectly appropriate. i saw the film "selma." i recommend it to anybody who wants background on this. i agree with what he said. people who have come to this country, holocaust survivors, former slaves, people coming all
7:29 pm
around the world to make it what it is. >> is he making race relation better or worse? >> i think it's fine to talk about the streams that create the great american river such as it is today, but i think there are many things the president attorney general people like al sharpton have done that made this much more contentious racial situation than anything i've seen in my lifetime. you pointed out the cases of eric garner and ferguson, missouri and so on. i think it's very interesting we find out in these cases over the last few weeks that the department of justice has decided not to engage in civil rights actions against officer darren wilson. they're not going to pursue anything against george zimmerman in the trayvon martin case. and apparently nothing in the eric garner case. and these were held up as example of white cops and turns out there's nothing racial. >> the way i've been saying it is the president is a three-time loser on high profile cases in the country. wrong on the cambridge police acting stupidly, wrong on trayvon martin. the constitutional attorney
7:30 pm
rushed to judgment without hearing the arguments. same thing in ferguson rushed to judgment without hearing arguments. and you can say a four-time loser with al sharpton being at the white house 90 times. not exactly somebody that's the great racial healer he claims to be. so how does a president be so wrong so often? a constitutional attorney no less. >> i cannot believe that you have a guest like mr. murdock and yourself are talking about this situation in such a negative manner when in oklahoma a bunch of white privileged kids used the word about people like me. >> you didn't answer my question. >> i see how just the mere fact you brought that man in here, mr. murdock -- >> what man? >> to basically say whatever you want, it's amazing. why don't you talk about oklahoma today, sean hannity? >> we're talking about wisconsin. >> i denounce what happened in oklahoma. they shouldn't have done what they did. that was wrong. i'm glad the university has gone after them -- >> the situation in oklahoma
7:31 pm
today -- >> leo. let him talk. >> talk about oklahoma today. >> i was under the impression we were going to talk about the selma march, the commemoration of bloody sunday. >> we're talking about racism. we're talking about how selma has not resolved everything. >> i agree with you what the fraternity did was wrong. >> why didn't you bring it up? >> you brought it up. i didn't bring it up. >> why didn't you bring it up? >> i was asked by the anchor about selma. if he asked about oklahoma, i would have talked about oklahoma. i agree with you. i denounce what happened at the university was correct in -- >> leo -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> lee you, you got to calm down. you didn't answer my question. >> okay. >> hang on. you didn't answer my question. >> why don't you and i go to oklahoma. >> the president -- maybe i will. but i'm with you and deroy. we're not disagreeing. we all agree on this.
7:32 pm
and similarly we're going to follow the case in wisconsin where a black teenager was shot who was unarmed by a cop. we'll follow the story except i won't rush to judgment like the president did in cambridge in the trayvon case and in ferguson. why won't you address the fact that the president's been wrong on these high profile race cases? >> okay. let me respond, mr. hannity. >> i'm waiting. >> let me respond mr. hannity. you have articulated that the president was wrong on ferguson by ignoring the department of justice report regarding the pattern and practice of discrimination in the ferguson police department -- >> he was wrong. he was wrong on darren wilson. he was wrong. >> you won't mention that. >> he was wrong on darren wilson. >> do you deny the discrimination -- >> did we not have -- in ferguson there was hands up don't shoot. that never happened. >> you are ignoring the racist e-mails and all the negative discriminatory -- >> i condemn the racist e-mails.
7:33 pm
i agree with you. >> oh okay. and mr. murdock says nothing about it. >> on this show in the fall i denounced the police in ferguson for using all kinds of -- >> profiling. >> jaywalking violations, parking violations basically to raise money. part of the racial tension in ferguson was the police department targeting black folks and using them as a way of raising money. i said that was wrong. the whole controversy was revolved around the notion that darren wilson was a racist white cop who shot michael brown because of racism. >> darren wilson was a lightning rod. >> not to fol -- >> we're out of time. i got to let deroy have the last word. >> shame on you, mr. murdock. >> i don't know -- >> we're not disagreeing. >> why shame on me i'm not disagreeing -- how bizarre. very strange. >> very strange. coming up next on "hannity". >> even in these times of sometimes heated disagreement you know, i think it's useful to
7:34 pm
remember who your ally is and who your enemy is. >> a chilling warning from israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. but will the u.s. stop negotiating with this rogue regime in tehran? i doubt. former texas governor rick perry here to explain why. and a police officer kills a black teen who allegedly struck him in the head he was unarmed. we'll check in with milwaukee county sheriff david clarke here to respond to more.
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well, a mortgage shouldn't be a problem your credit is in pretty good shape. >>pretty good? i know i have a 798 fico score thanks to the tools and help on kaboom... well, i just have a few other questions. >>chuck, the only other question you need to ask is, "what else can you do for me?" i'll just take a water... get your credit swagger on. become a member of experian credit tracker and find out your fico score powered by experian. fico scores are used in 90% of credit decisions. welcome back to "hannity." president obama sat down with nbc news and said this. >> if there's no deal you're willing to walk away. >> absolutely. if we cannot verify that they are not going to obtain a nuclear weapon that there's a breakout period so that even if
7:40 pm
they cheated we would be able to have enough time to take action if we don't have that kind of deal, then we're not going to take it. >> it's no secret that israel may be opposed to any deal the u.s. may strike with iran. prime minister netanyahu also gave an interview over the weekend and had a stern warning for president obama. >> even in these times of sometimes heated disagreement you know, i think it's useful to remember who your ally is and who your enemy is. >> joining me now with reaction former texas governor rick perry, possible 2016 presidential candidate. governor this to me is -- this has all the makings of a possibility of a holocaust, a modern day holocaust. if you give the mullas as radical as they are weapons of mass destruction in the out years as we're being told they would have the right to have why do i believe that they will use them considering they said that's their goal, thoughts?
7:41 pm
>> well, absolutely. i think you're spot-on here in not trusting the ayatollahs. they're responsible for death of hundreds and hundreds of americans, the marines in beirut, the weapons that were given in iraq that killed a substantial number of our u.s. servicemen. so there are two things here that we have to have. one is there has to be lockdown, solid, no way iran is going to get a nuclear weapon period. and the other one is until we are assured there is going to be no work with iran until they have assured us and to our satisfaction that they are not putting weapons into terrorist hands. they're the major supplier for hezbollah and hamas at this particular point in time. so those are two issues that have to be on the table from my perspective. let me just say from my view, is this agreement -- and this is an agreement because the president
7:42 pm
is keeping this secret from congress. the united states congress has no idea what is in this plan. we have ideas about what's in it. but the president's not being open and honest with congress. and i will suggest to you the next president of the united states shouldn't be held to this agreement at all. >> well, 47 congressmen led by arkansas senator tom cotton actually sent out a message to the iranian leaders educating them about our constitutional system of government and said anything not approved by congress is a mere executive agreement and the next president could in fact undo this. and if you were president, and the president makes a bad deal, from what i'm hearing from you you would undo this. >> in a heartbeat. you know, i think the senator from arkansas for recognizing this and bringing it to the attention not just to those negotiators in iran but to the people of this country. i think most americans feel like i feel. that you negotiate with iran a country that is broken
7:43 pm
practically every deal they've ever gone into, whether it was with the international atomic folks with our partners who go in and take a look at their operation. they have never lived up to a deal before. and i don't know why we would trust them at this particular point in time. prime minister netanyahu said it right. you need to know who your allies are and who your enemies are. >> what do you make of this president bending over backwards for these radical mullas and radical islamists and outright hostile to our closest ally in the region, the only democracy in the region, israel. how do you interpret the president's actions here? >> well, i don't know -- i can't get into the president's mind. but when i look at how libya
7:44 pm
egypt, syria, the real disconcerting thing for me is while all this is going on putin is watching this. and i think that's the reason he was given the green light, if you will, to annex crimea to go into ukraine. he saw how this administration was going to negotiate, which means every time there's a red line drawn and someone crosses it and there's no consequence and that's what concerns me about this. we don't know where the red lines are in this negotiation because they're basically secret. but we do know one thing is that when red lines have been crossed in the past with this administration and you cross them there's no consequence. that is why pliemrime minister netanyahu has great concern. i think that's the reason 47 senators signed this. there ought to be a few ghkts that have great concern about what this does -- >> oh senator menendez does. >> what does this do to israel? the prime minister was spot-on when he said he's worried about the future of the israel and we need to be worried about security of the united states.
7:45 pm
>> governor, when are you announceing for president? >> we will let you know when we do, if we do. >> i try to catch you off guard. governor, good to see you. thank you for being with us. >> so long sean. >> remember, iran, they're a tiny country, they're not a threat. so we go back in time. and there was also that moment when john kerry and tom harkin went to -- and now angry wrote this note. interesting back story. >> on the other side to this is that the ballistic side, the blis ballistic missile side isn't even being talked about. >> well said. when we come back, disruption in wisconsin. we'll check in with milwaukee sheriff clarke here to weigh in.
7:46 pm
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welcome back back to hannity. more protests after a unarmed black teenager was killed by a white officer. officer kenny, responding to a possible assault call chased
7:51 pm
robinson to an apartment where the officer shot the teen after he was struck in the head. madison police chief apologized for the shooting in a blog post he wrote quote, reconciliation cannot begin without my stating i am sorry. i don't think i can say this enough, i'm sorry. we're learning the department of justice is monitoring events in madison. with reaction is milwaukee county sheriff. good to see you. thanks for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> this is on the heels of hands up don't shoot didn't happen. i don't know what happened in this case. facts aren't in yet. maybe they cannot rush to judgment here? >> no. because there is an ulterior motive. i'm sorry officer kenny hasn't been given a chance for this
7:52 pm
investigation to play itself out. it's still early in the investigation, sean. i'm a veteran homicide detective and a veteran police officer related to shootings and i know how these things works. each time these happen, and they're all different these people come in with their hidden agenda going to rush to judgment anyway. that is how false narratives like hands up don't shoot begin. when all is said and done what i want to happen to officer kenny is i want him to be judged by the rule of law under reasonable officer standard. that is very clear not the standard of an arm chair quarterback, an anarchist or race-baiting individual with no use for the police. once that happens we'll see what went on here. i don't know why officer kenny fired shots. >> but -- the eye witness said ground and pound, but others
7:53 pm
rushed to judgment. in ferguson, eyewitnesss proved what the officer claimed was true but that happened and people rushed to judgment. why can't we just stand back and do what you're saying? he said get assumption of innocence and an investigation goes forward. why don't we do that? >> you can expect some of this from professional protestors. that is what you're seeing in madison. they don't know what happened. we're going to keep our powder dry until we do. when very-important people with a big platform like the president of the united states like eric holder, when they speak, and speak early on in the investigation, that is when this stuff spirals out of control and controls a pathway for anticop rhetoric. >> sheriff, good to see you. let's hope they don't make the same mistake twice. sheriff great to see you, thank
7:54 pm
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7:59 pm
comedians are taking notice of hillary clinton's latest scandal. >> e mails are clean as a whistle. this is not how hillary clinton goes down. i wasn't born yesterday. i was born 67 years ago. and i have been planning on being president ever since. there will be no stop in my rise to the top. if i decide to run. who knows? >> i will claim my rightful place in history. if i choose to run, i don't know. all right. what do you think? did saturday night live do a
8:00 pm
good job of spoofing hillary clinton? fun question tonight. as always thank you for being with us we'll see you back here tomorrow night. the royale factor is on. tonight. >> why don't we just call it quits. and jeb and hillary can run on the same ticket. >> how much influence with l. media pundits and the press in general have on the upcoming presidential election? why have new polling and charles krauthammer will weigh in. >> do you feel scapegoated sometimes? >> yeah. we are the easy ones to pick on. >> many police officers across the country fed up with getting kicked around by politicians and the press. tonight, they will have their say. >> i was born 67 years ago and i have been planning on being president ever since. >> also ahead, hillary clinton getting pounded over the email controversy and also for accepting donations from countries unfriendly to women we'll


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