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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 11, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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anyway, good night from washington, d.c. we'll see you tomorrow night. 7:00 p.m. right here at the o'reilly factor is next. good night. o'reilly factor is on, tonight. >> if you were a man today with all this fuss be made? >> i will leave that to others to answer. >> how much damage is hillary clinton sustained over the email controversy? tonight we will analyze that question and tell you about a lawsuit filed by the associated press demanding the former secretary of secretary of state's correspondence. another horror today, 12-year-old boy under the control of isis shooting a man in the head at the same time, congress is grilling the obama administration about isis. >> i believe that much of our strategy with regards to isis is being driven by desire not to upset iran. >> we have a special report. >> also new report says
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dangerous behavior on college campuses is rampant. rape, assault, drug use, you name it we will take a hard look at the situation. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the aftermath of email gate. that is the subject of of this evening's talking points memo. quite a press conference yesterday. hillary clinton attempting to explain why she deleted thousands of emails. during her tenure as secretary of state. as you may know, mrs. clinton is refusing to give access to her home server where those deleted emails are stored reaction fairly predictable with the democrats trying to save mrs. clinton. >> hillary clinton followed the letter of the law and
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the spirit of the law and all the rest is total politics. >> but,look this country's infrastructure is nag apart. we have 47 senators who for the first time in the history of this country sent a letter to a foreign country undermining the president and we're talking about emails? >> yes, governor rendell, we are talking about emails because national security is at stake. also it's very unusual for american secretary of state to be so secretive. anyway governor rendell is a smart guy. know he knows it's a big story. he is towing the government line. we had some madness yesterday, why did you opt out in using two devices at the time and my second follow-up question is if you were a man today, would all this fuss being made be made? thank you. >> i will leave that to others to answer but, as i
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said, i saw it as a matter of convenience and it was allowed. >> now, i truly hope this bogus sexism business is not going to be part of hillary clinton's campaign. i mean, that would just be awful. and that's what the email stuff is all about. whether or not hillary clinton will be elected president in 2016. i will tell you they i believe this performance today probably calms the democrats and i think this for the time being she is satisfied enough partisan issue and that's works to her benefit. >> i disagree. it does not work to mrs. clinton's benefit at all. yes, partisans on the left will vote for her no matter what but there are millions of americans in the middle. the exception now is that hillary clinton is not a standup person. she does not put forth the whole truth and nothing but the truth it is true that mrs. clinton has at times been treated unfairly. overall she has been the
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beneficiary of soft treatment by the media however, that's beginning to change. the email situation has embarrassed the press which largely supported her in the past. it's safe to assume that mrs. clinton will not get the same treatment by president obama hot press continues to idolize. therefore, her road to the white house will be more difficult. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. as we predicted last night. there will be lawsuits in the case. today the associated press filed suit in washington d.c. demands will state department turn over emails from tenure secretary of state especially concerning ben laden raid. the being stonewalled by the state department having filed freedom of information requests as far as back as five years ago. so now the lawsuit. joining us from chicago, tom executive editor of real clear politics and bob cusack. mr. cusack, how much damage did hillary clinton sustain yesterday? >> i think significant
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damage, bill. i mean, aspects of the left including parts of the media liberal columnists have gone after hillary clinton. the media hates secrecy and that's why i don't think it's going to hurt her for the nomination. but for the general election, because members of her own team, including your buddy jon stewart are going to go after her. you mentioned a.p. lawsuit. this is going to be a story for weeks if not months. >> mr. bevin, what say you? >> i agree. i think it's too early to tell exactly. this is not terminal for prospects for the nomination. but it is a reminder that of the drama surroundingsing the clintons. this is their playbook you ignore something until you have to address address it and hung hunker down for the two weeks or two months bad press. hillary will reemerge. listen, this is old news. i already addressed it. we are moving on.
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whether the press accepts that or not. we all agree that the nomination is secure for hillary clinton. this isn't going to knock her out of the democratic precincts. but as far as perception in independent, whatever group you want to label it that makes the call it really does. i think she has sustained damage to her reputation. now, the associated press, they are frustrated because they did the foia requests five years ago. they got nowhere. state department says they are backed up. you know, the usual kind of stuff. all of this goes to not corruption, i think that word is too strong. but honesty. if the republicans come out of the gate with a fresh air candidate who says, along i'm an honest guy or gal if it's carly fiorina, you know, you contrast honesty against the clintons. that's a tough -- that's mr. cusack, a tough perception to fight, is it
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not? >> it is and be president of the united states. you can't be secretive here is a novel idea bill, when if she released personal emails? it would humanize her to see the emails about chelsea's. >> she is not going to do it. >> no she is not going to do it what she should say to the fbi the justice department. come, in take a look at my server, all right, mr. bevin please keep my private emails private. i think they would agree to do that in bright. -- writing. if there is some mistake i made by classifying private email that really is public business then you can release it don't you think that's a logical thing to do mr. bevin? it might be logical thing but that's not the clinton's mo. >> why not? you are advising her, mr. bevin. you make your living in the political arena.
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you are advising her. what's wrong with that? >> it might be good political advice. we don't know what's on that server, bill. >> the only reason wouldn't take it there is something there she doesn't want anybody to see. right? it's the only possible reason. >> that's the reason she set up the first place so she could control. >> she says it was convenience. isn't that convenient? okay. look, but the fact of the matter is this gets solved in a heart beat. calling the justice department fbi look at it the fbi, you know, makes a determination on whether private or public. if it's all private, no problem. and it's all gone. >> yeah. i think that's a good idea. hillary clinton said listen, i made a mistake. if i can go back in time she didn't use those records. >> holder said she made a mistake. i don't think anybody thinks she is contrite.
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i'm tired of the sexism stuff. the turkish reporter. a man would they do it? hey two words, dick cheney, he couldn't even meet with oil guys. they were all over him. come on wise up. aren't you guys tired of the sexism thing already? >> mr. bevin. that's you. >> sure, sure. i mean, but that's going to be part and you already seen this on behalf of the aids. they are going to make that an issue in the campaign democrats still think the war on woman is effective strategy even though it failed in 2014. >> if they make that an issue i'm going to be on the opposing war side. last word mr. do you sack. yeah, i think they are going to use that it did not work in the last election. if they use it too much. they are going to by the their hand hillary will have to have another interview with you to answer questions. >> if she does we will treat
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her surface-to-air fairly here. everybody knows she could clear this up in a heart beat. she chooses not to. we will see what comes. gentlemen? next on the rundown will the white house be dragged into the email controversy, ed henry on that. later, dennis miller has thoughts on mostly cloudy. you may want to get a pen and paper to jot them down up head.
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what is he saying? >> he told bill plant at cbs last weekend that he learned about this from the news: interesting the next day
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josh earnst played clean up duty in the briefing. what he meant was he had emailed hillary clinton on that personal email address so he, in fact was aware. she was using that but but josh says what he meant was he was -- the president was not aware that she had this server at the home in chappaqua, new york and she was not using state department email other times it's possible. >> the problem is white house counsel and other people did know about it. and she was getting it past them. perhaps. the president is not going to be in the weeds on the server. somebody in the white should have been looped in, pretty obvious. >> asking advice on chelsea's wedding or the baby. >> i can understand. i don't want the emails about my yoga poses or pocket hankies, for example.
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>> the obama administration doesn't seem to be very concerned about this, do they? >> they are getting a little more concerned because of the lawsuit. today in the briefing, josh earnst was getting batted around and kept saying i refer to you hillary clinton's team. and this review was done by hillary clinton's team. two points there, one, the lawsuit about the state department, this is the president's state department now. she is long gone, this is not a lawsuit by the associated press against the clinton campaign in waiting. it's against the obama administration, number one. number two, i think the fact that josh earnst just kept saying well they have represented to us that they only deleted thousands of emails about personal stuff and wedding. >> they are counting on her words. don't know for a fact. >> he is not going to back hillary clinton's play. president obama has the authority to order the fbi in to look at her server. he can do that. >> they can do that if they want. >> yeah. he can do it. >> they are not going to. >> why not?
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john podesta who was in the white house is going to run the hillary clinton campaign. >> didn't barack obama say he wanted the most transparent administration in the history of the country. >> he did. >> all right. >> the average freedom of information act request for documents from his state department is over 400 or 500 days just to get basic information in some cases. and so look he has talked about transparency and been transparent other cases he hasn't been transparent. >> order the fbi to look at server and can certainly compel i don't think you bring the fbi in fairness. >> there should be an he is investigation. >> what's the investigation? >> whether national security was compromised by using a personal server. >> there is no criminal investigation for the fbi to look into that. i agree with you though. >> there is no allegation though that china hacked in there we know they are
5:17 pm
trying all the time. >> i don't care about an alleys. the fbi is in place. it's a federal bureau of investigation to investigate there may have been some compromises in national security and so they should investigate. >> well, this is why i think, you know, there have been reasonable people in both parties saying why not have an independent third party arbiter go in because the fbi is not going to investigate on a maybe might, let's get the third party in there to say were the proper emails deleted or were there official emails that were improperly deleted? we don't know an answer to that question. >> i disagree. i think it has to be done by an investigative agency attached to the justice department because there were deleted emails on the secretary of state's phone. we have to know what they were. you have been assigned by fox news i understand, to get to the bottom of the email thing; is that correct? >> i have been assigned to take the lead on covering secretary clinton's potential campaign email
5:18 pm
controversy is one thing that popped up. >> you are going to be the lead guy. >> i will still be at the white house. i'm not leaving the white house. when these stories pop up i will be taking the lead on it. >> she must be thrilled about that henry. are you chatted with her? >> i am looking. i have challenge thed with her before not in recent days since this assignment. i'm looking forward to that and looking forward to many more nights on the factor. >> have you emailed her on her private server? >> i don't have her email address and she has changed it since the previous one got out there so it's dark. >> it's hillary at white she is anticipating that. >> i'm going to email you. if you email me back. >> i can't even work the stupid machine. that's true. i had the tech guys for 8 hours today trying to work the damn machine. >> how are you writing all these books then. >> i write them the old fashioned way, henry okay? i write them like this. there is ed henry, everybody, a big shot now. directly ahead 12-year-old under the control of isis murders a man on vape. continue our reporting on
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why america has not successfully encountered these savages. crazy destructive behavior on college campuses. martha maccallum will analyze a new report that's frightening. factor is coming right back.
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impact segment tonight. another atrocity committed by isis. another boy under isis control executing a man on vape shooting him in the head. fox news does not show murders but the atrocity now exists in cyberspace unfortunately. in washington the senate foreign relations committee held a hearing today asking what the obama administration will do about the isis savages. >> i believe much of our strategy with regards to isis is being driven by a desire not to upset iran so they don't walk away from the negotiating table on the
5:23 pm
deal you are working on. tell me why i'm wrong. >> because the facts completely contradict that but i'm not at liberty to discuss all of them here for a lot of different reasons. >> joining us now from tampa, florida, democrat jessica irlick and co-host outnumbered angela taken tar rose. it all goes back to what we said two months ago that the obama administration in my humble opinion does not have a strategy to defeat isis. i think you agree with that right? >> the president admitted as much at the podium a couple months ago that there was no strategy. >> how did he do that again? >> he was at a press conference and said we don't have a strategy to defeat isis. the department of defense was getting upset about that of course we do. why would you say that? >> what do you say, jessica? what do you think that the obama administration's policy or strategy is to defeat isis? >> i think it's continuing to grow policy. that's why thee have had this hearing because he already asked for an authorization that would do away with the 2002 authorization to go into
5:24 pm
iraq and be very open. that's the concern democrats are having. >> every day we are seeing stuff like the 12-year-old kid committing murder. women being raped. forced into marriages. christians being murdered. towns being looted. i mean, you know, they are not americans that are being abused but they are human beings. and you are telling me tonight that the obama that administration's strategy to stop this carnage is a resolution? that's what it is? >> it's not a resolution. they are asking congress to give them authority so that the department of defense and department of state can have a wider range of options available to othem whether that means if there is an issue over having the ground troops and going in, but the whole argument that we have had back and forth always is we need congress' approval. they want to make sure that they have. right now they are talking about sun set clauses. having ground troops. >> this has been going on now for more than a year it all stems andrea, from the mistake of removing the
5:25 pm
troops in iraq. american troops. move them all out of there. giving isis access from the north to come down and iran access from the east to come across. will be in that was a huge blunder by the obama administration and no reasonable person could deny it now it seems like and jess can is right. no strategy other than another resolution and maybe we will have a hearing here and meanwhile people are getting brutalized. >> new iraq war is obama's war. the new war in afghanistan is obamas' war. nobel peace prize winner. he is rye lee lying on iran to fight isis. >> sure he is. >> we don't know what he is negotiating behind the scenes. according to assad there has been coordination your government. josh earnst has said. no these are two countries, iran and syria that are enemies of ours. but who perceive isis to it be a threat. i think that the president is hoping that iran will take on isis. i also think iran could take on isis and defeat them. they could flatten them in a
5:26 pm
minute. i don't think iran will allow ever a sunni caliphate nor do i think saudi arabia. >> if iran becomes become surrogate fighter against isis is they control iraq and they control syria. >> but we are losing iraq anyway. >> look i'm not arguing if that's the policy then articulate it. go ahead jessica. >> secretary kerry just stated today that that's absolutely not the case there are two separate issues. senator rubio is trying to bring them together here. we are not using iran to you know, have some grand bargain with the nuclear weapons that we're trying to get them to stop. >> secretary kerry said that today. the men trusted on emails, really, jessica? you really believe everything they tell you? >> testifying in front of the panel right now. >> means nothing. >> well, it's sad that you feel that way.
5:27 pm
>> realistic. >> who you would believe in this situation. >> if you are going to put your confidence in what john kerry says, all right. there is precedence to say, they haven't -- they booted it all the way down the line. okay? it's a mess. it's a mess. so, i think a healthy dose of skepticism is okay. i don't think you make accusations but you go, you know what you guys? you screwed it up. it's bad over there and it is. ladies thank you. >> it is bad. they are trying to address it. >> all right. so i'm trying to grow a beard. it comes in red and gray. >> i don't believe you. >> i'm not going to do it. >> plenty more ahead as the moves along this evening. dennis miller on the hillary clinton email deal and apple i watch: new report says college behavior out of control. we hopeum 2 you stay tuned to those reports. available without a prescription for frequent heartburn. get complete protection.
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take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. outspoken politician in the country these days, the former mayor of new york city rudy giuliani and here he is talk a little isis and a little hillary clinton. >> sure. >> maybe i'm wrong here but you are war on terror guy and because we got hit here in new york city and you were deeply involved i don't see anywise coordinated effort by the phantom organization to confront this isis crew any meaningful way am i wrong? >> today's testimony kind of confirms that. the secretary of defense was
5:32 pm
against the sun set clause before he was for it. >> what's the sun set clause again. >> in three years we are out. that's crazy. the president is asking for authority and. >> he doesn't even need to ask this. is he bombing them now. if he wants to spend special forces in, he can. this is all a ruiz. it's a delay and he goes on for months and months. >> unfortunately the strategy has become that iran is going to defeat isis why have a northern against a southern middle east. >> sunni shia play. we don't want to get bogged down bewant to have a little control. 60 coalition. that is such a force. where are they. >> i was in dubai two weeks ago and the people in the emirates, people in saudi arainia people in jordan, i met with all of them. enormously frustrated with us and say we are playing a backup role. >> they want us to lead and we are not. >> we won't even send in forces to extract pilots who
5:33 pm
get shot down. you know hillary clinton pretty well. senator in new york. new york city. you are pretty friendly with her. >> i have high personal regard for her in many respects. i disagree with her politically. >> but you guys are kind of friends, right? >> i wouldn't say we were friends. >> which is no -- >> -- no acrimony? >> i feel lining i'm a friend of president clinton's. liked him a lot. >> you watched her yesterday, hillary clinton she comes across as evasive, would you say yes. >> yeah. i don't understand the basis of her testimony. she destroyed half of the emails. half of them 30,000. >> she is chatty. >> but the whole idea is when you work for the government, that this belongs to the government. >> okay. but that's not the way she sees it. >> i think she is going to have a real problem with testimony the freedom of foi cases against her are going to be numerous. i think there are possible civil violations that have to be looked at i think she
5:34 pm
is going to be put under investigation. the best answer here is, you know, trust but verify. >> okay. but. >> we have to see those emails. >> you know america is a changing country. and you know that there are a lot of voters they call them low information voters. they don't care about this. i mean, they vote ideology. democrat. >> democrat. >> so she is banking on putting together a coalition of the willing women minorities, democrats liberals that will just give her enough over, that's -- >> -- doesn't it play into a feeling though? doesn't it play into a feeling. >> for those who are paying attention. >> i'm not talking about the people who have made up their minds but those people who haven't made up their minds. >> sure it hurts her. >> also plays into another theme that i think is very strong. what did she accomplish as secretary of state? >> not much. it's a mess. >> everything in the world is a mess. >> worse now than when she took over. >> are people going to really care? she is first woman president. she is this, she is that. if you were hillary clinton's advisor.
5:35 pm
say she calls you tonight and says hey, maher, i saw on the factor. you really look dapper i love that o'reilly. what should i do about these private emails? should i left the fbi come in and take a look with a guarantee? what would you tell her. >> i would say have an independent fbi review of it. if they are truly personal -- >> -- they are not going to burn her, right? >> if if they are truly personal, final, they stay personal. if they are not they be put out. she cannot be the final arbiter of it trust but verify. >> bring in the fbi. >> i think this haunts her unless she does. of course bill clinton said they never exchanged emails. maybe once or twice. >> he, according to the "wall street journal." >> according to her she was emailing him all the time. >> maybe he just didn't want to answer. >> we have two contradictory answers. i'm a lawyer and in court that would be a heck of an argument and summation. >> maybe, bang. he just clicked in and go -- so i don't know. but you would advise her to
5:36 pm
little sunshine in there you know? >> i think this doesn't go away until people -- there were 60,000 30,000 being withheld. she was the secretary of state. also, what is she doing taking the server home? isn't it going to be guarded better? isn't it going to be more secured and more cyber security when it's kept under government control? she is playing around with the security of our country. that doesn't help the record of the secretary of state. >> i don't think we will ever get to the bottom of it. and i know she must have a sore thumb that delete button. that's a lot to delete. 30,000. >> all right mayor thanks for coming in as always. when we come right back it will be miller time. he wants to talk about hillary and the new apple watch. miller is next.
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paragraph ploof thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight let's get right to the sage of southern california, joins us from santa barbara. all right, miller. email gate. what say you? >> well, my favorite is the 30,000 emails about yoga. hillary's practice iting yoga. that looks like it's working out well. the only yoga that hillary clinton practices is contorting the truth. she is splendidly, perfectly
5:41 pm
full of it. she is the mass. she has figured out pi to a degree of certitude full of it. that doesn't cost you anymore. that's the new rubric in politics. it used to be that these people were admiral and that's why you voted for them. let's face facts, now we vote for the person who is the most full of it. in the kingdom of the full of it, you look for the person who has is the most full of it to be the kingor queen to the full of it it's tippecanoe and full of it too, billy. it's the new politics. >> i think john tyler might be offended by that miller. certainly william henry harrison. you know, these are men. >> john tyler doesn't tweet so i don't care. now, listen, i also don't use the email that much. unlike her old man. occasionally i email you. but your server is on the back side of the planet nuclear weapon tune for god's sake. >> i get emails from like 18
5:42 pm
months ago saying can you meet me for lunch? well i could have if it was 2012 to what i'm getting to from you is two things. >> you watched that yesterday, i know you do the fair and balanced thing. that was painful to watch. you know that, man. she is full of it. >> i agree. >> that's what gets you elected. she is full of it. she should be the president full of it. i don't care anymore that she is full of it. >> you are coming across as cynical. i think there are honest people in public life i don't. all of them? >> okay, billy there is a couple up there. i'm not going to name names though because the full of it ones that go after them like the victimmers went after frankenstein. there is a few honest men up there after 535 of them. mix in biden and the president a 37, i would say
5:43 pm
there are seven who aren't full of it. you think that too but you don't want to say that? >> converted into the machines and you can say anything and people don't care and you can go out on the street today and say what about hillary's emails and look at you like this. and makes it a lot easier for full of it people to get away with it. >> what's your problem with the machines? what's your problem with the machines? what's your problem with the machine? what's your problem with the machine? >> it is melting people's brains. now, on the machines, there is a watch put out by apple, costs as much as $10,000. and it will run your life for you, this watch. it will feed you and put you to bed and tuck you in. >> it's like the old joke billy if you can afford 10 grand on a watch you don't have to be anywhere at a set time. okay? and you know something? any time i can watch gone with the wind on a screen the size of a bazooka joe
5:44 pm
comic, i'm a happy guy. can't wait until next year when they come out with the smart cuff links and watch it in i max going back and forth. i sprung for an extra 19.99 and got the smart catheter adapt ter this way i can have a vague feeling. i think it's on now, no, that's something else. what's your problem with machines? what's your problem with machines? what's your problem with machines? >> but i mean i just want to know if it's going -- if we are going it give hillary clinton a gift if will is a delete button on the watch. do you know that if there is or not? because i don't think she would use it. >> i don't know. i'm so happy with my segment anymore i'm not even going in on that. i'm digging what i did. i'm digging what i did. i'm digging what i did. [ laughter ] >> all right let's let miller go back to whatever miller goes back to. >> they are all full of it. >> and can you see miller and me live in new mexico saturday april 11th. springtime in the land of
5:45 pm
enchantment. details on bill o' martha maccallum is on deck. compared to serving students on college campuses drinking and assaulting. moment away.
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botox® cosmetic. it's time to take a closer look. back of the book seeing want tonight, did you see that? new report by the educational group based in virginia says that four out of five college students drink alcohol and nearly half of them have indulged in binge drinking within a two week period of that survey. half. there is a lot more. here to tell us about it fox news anchor martha maccallum. what's the head lynn of this report? >> this is a sad story. it's a tragic story. there is a huge amount a of birng drinking going on in college campuses. 1800 students who go off to
5:49 pm
school every september i do because of -- die because of it. 1800 students a year. hugely untold story what's happening on college campuses in our country. it's depression, it's drug use. the college counselors see uptick in depression. 95% of them see more anxiety. more depression. you ask, why? why is this going on? >> let's try to put it into some kind of perspective. >> yeah. >> the society morass have fallen. >> everything is expected of these. they don't just go out to get drink but go out to get hammered. >> drunk and throw up and roll around in the bushes and do all kinds of crazy stuff. there was that when i went to college. i went up to marist college. you went to state school in new york. >> i went to saint lawrence university. >> it's cold up thrmpleghts very cold up there. >> when i was in college there was binge drinking on
5:50 pm
the weekends primarily. i thought it was ridiculous. i didn't do it. but, now, the difference is a lot of girls do this now. where, back then, in the back then in the 1970s it was mostly guys doing it. >> i think it's much worse now. there are some who think one of the reasons is that the drinking age was lowered -- was raised to 21. there used to be a group of 100 college presidents who wanted to put it back to 18 because what happens now is these kids drink in their rooms to excess they want to go out drunk before they leave for the evening. >> that's against rules. you can't drink in your rooms. >> yeah. >> you can't use illegal drugs or marijuana, but they don't enforce. >> no. and they don't want you to know this is going on. what needs to happen is college presidents need to start to take this problem seriously. they need to speak openly. and they're not doing it. >> most college presidents are stoned.
5:51 pm
they're either drunk or they're high on some substance. did you ever meet a college president? >> yes i've met many of them and many are outstanding citizens. but they are not taking the leadership on this issue they need to be taking. >> the ones i know are humming janis joplin tunes. it's bad. parents should know it's bad. now, my staff talked me into this. i didn't want to do this story. a guy named sug night always in trouble, now charged with murder in l.a., all right? and there's videotape of him actually murdering these people. roll it. >> watch the top left of the frame. security camera footage obtained by tmz shows sug night in his red truck pulling in the parking lot identified as lee stone bones. what's next is unclear but
5:52 pm
interpretation. night backs up clipping stone then accelerates forward into the parking lot hitting sloan get, running over and killing terry carter. >> i don't think one person watching "the factor" cares about this guy, but he is some kind of entertainment mogul. >> suge night has been around for a long time. he was ceo of death row records, huge rap producer. tupac tupac shakur was one of his clients. notorious big was killed five years later. he spent five years in prison on an unrelated situation to this but now he may go back to jail for life. >> i want to confirm one thing label is death row. >> death row records. >> see a little irony here? >> he may end up on death row but his attorneys claim that this video exonerates him. that it shows he was attacked by these other two guys and that they had a gun and that he was
5:53 pm
trying to flee the scene. they say he's blind in his left eye and couldn't see somebody was on his left eye and that's why he ran over the guy. >> all right. well, i don't really care but i want justice to be done. ms. martha, thank you. >> thanks, bill. >> tip of the day, newscasters like myself overusing words. it's annoying. the tip moments away.
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i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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"the factor" tip of the day bad talking by tv people in a moment. first big discount going on. all my history books in the killing series 45% off. not 50%, 45%. not going to last much longer though. so if you want to stock up for father's day, birthdays, all of that check it out on also if you purchase anything on our website you get the isis is
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5:57 pm
philip, cleveland, ohio. bill i see you've been drinking the clinton kool-aid. why would you trust the fbi to review hillary's server? maybe it's because it's the best investigative agency in the world, did you miss the report? bill, if i start calling myself talking points, can i refer to myself in the third person as well? if you get your own show, dave, you can do whatever you want. sheryl smith, illinois. why isn't the bashing of sarah palin sexist? because she's a conservative woman, sheryl. and not protected by politically correct nonsense. bill, greenville south carolina. bill, just finished "killing patton," it was out of the park. my dad fought in world war ii and i learned a lot. karen california. o'reilly, what you say about fox news being the only place to get fair coverage is so true. charles krauthammer's right, most of the media slants everything left. you know it really is out of control now with the websites,
5:58 pm
karen. but here's the good news because the far left lunes are so hysterical, independent minded americans are flocking to fnc in record numbers. good for us. and finally tonight, "the factor" tip of the day. we are in our 19th season here on "the factor." and over that period of time i have said millions of words on television. occasionally sometimes those words are grammatically incorrect, even dumb. and believe me you guys let me know. those of us in tv news are subject to using cliches in the heat of conversation it is easy to fall back on overused phrases. here's the latest one. >> what do you make of the notion that you're now a lame duck. >> what do you make of the fact you have so many desperate groups. >> what do you make of this? >> it gets worse and worse on this e-mail scandal. what do you make of it? >> what do you make of the fact there's been some talk about the wind shift sng.
5:59 pm
>> what do you make of it from your vantage point? >> "the factor" tip of the day, what do you make of that? it's hard. you have to ad lib, you have to say things quickly. but it's driving me crazy. it's like at the end of the day don't, don't. don't you dare at the end of the day, never again. that is it for us tonight. please check out "the factor." the fox news factor website which is different from also we'd like you to spout off about "the factor" from anywhere in the world. o' name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be redundant when writing to "the factor." i got your end of the day right here. again, thanks for watching us tonight. ms. megyn is next. i am bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here because we're definitely looking out for you.
6:00 pm
breaking tonight, big news in the clinton e-mail scandal as "the kelly file" obtains information suggesting the potential criminal case against hillary clinton may have gotten a whole lot stronger. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone. i'm megyn kelly. in the 24 hours since hillary clinton gave a news conference on a scandal threatening her political future, her situation has not improved. the state department inspector general came out tonight and slammed her department's recordkeeping. the associated press is now filed a lawsuit claiming it has been stonewalled by state for five years on document production. the benghazi select committee is getting ready to force mrs. clinton to testify under oath about her e-mails. new reports suggest several


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