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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 11, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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tikrit. iraqi troops and shiite militant forces qeet squeezing them on two fronts. a combined forces are attacking from the south. officials say there are indications many isis fighters had already fled the area. tikrit is the hometown of former dictator sad am hussein. another blackeye with the agency tasked with keeping the president safe. two secret service agents are under investigation following a car crash at the white house complex. they drove a government car into a security barrier after a night of drinking. they have been reassigned pending the outcome of the investigation. i'm jackie ibanez. "hannity" starts now. it? tune in tomorrow to find out what we've learned. thanks for watching. i'm megyn kelly. i opted for convenience to use my personal e-mail account which was allowed. >> two breaking developments in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal.
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she lied and now a -- filed with the state department. >> the full participation of women and girls is a great unfinished business of the 21st century. >> is hillary really a champion on womens rights? tonight you meet the woman who volunteered in the clinton white house and saw firsthand how the former first lady really treats women. [ bleep ] the two students expelled from oklahoma university for the racist chant have now apologized. should they be forgiven? juan williams and former oklahoma football star spencer tillman are here with analysis. "hannity" starts right here, right now. welcome to "hannity." hillary clinton finally faced the press about her e-mail scandal yesterday but hardly anyone is satisfied with what she had to say. and the questions about what was in the thousands of personal e-mails that she deleted some 32000 of them? well, that's far from over. earlier today the a.p. sued the state department to release
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e-mails and other government documents while hillary was secretary of state. now the a.p. says the legal action comes after repeated requests filed under the freedom of information act that they have been ignored. meanwhile the a.p.'s fact checker picked apart hillary's excuses from yesterday's presser. and many of them just don't pass the smell test. here are some examples. >> i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail. there is no classified material. >> all right. according to the mainstream media, the a.p. the fact check they have hillary sidesteps the issue since some of the information exchanged might not technically be classified but could still be sensitive material. here's what she said on the security of her private server. >> it had numerous safeguards. it was on property guarded by the secret service. and there were no security breaches. >> all right, the server may
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have been physically guarded by the secret service, but as the a.p. points out she provided no evidence that it hadn't been compromised by hackers. and she did not disclose who administered the e-mail system. and if it was monitored and received software security updates, we didn't know about that either. here's hillary's excuse for not using a government e-mail address. >> when i got to work as secretary of state i opted for convenience to use my personal e-mail account which was allowed by the state department because i thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my work and for my personal e-mails instead of two. >> just one device. but guess what? smartphones, they're capable of having multiple e-mail accounts. and hillary admitted that she used multiple devices just two weeks ago. remember this. >> iphone or android? >> iphone. okay. in full disclosure --
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>> blackberry. >> and a blackberry. i have a, you know an ipad mini an iphone and a blackberry. >> oh, four of them. in her book hillary writes she was dependent on her ipad and sources tell fox news she used it even though the state department would not certify that as a secure device. hillary also said she would not provide her personal e-mail. she won't provide it. >> the server contains personal communications from my husband and me and i believe i have met all of my responsibilities. and the server will remain private. >> all right. one itsy-bitsy problem. bill clinton spokesman told "the wall street journal" he only used e-mail four times in his entire life and both times was when he was president of the united states long before the period in question. senior political columnist at
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the national journal. let me begin with you. i mean when the a.p. is tearing you apart the "new york times" is going at you hard as they are, we have more questions than answers, what's your reaction to the flimsy excuses she was giving yesterday? >> well, the associated press as you know i worked there for 20 years, the men and women who are working on that fact check are the best in the business, totally nonpartisan. they just try to get to the bottom of the story. and they got to the bottom of the story. the fact is she went after a bunch of accusations defended herself a bunch of accusations that weren't really in play. created some strawmen. ducked the real issues and dissembled. for example she talked about how she had used her own e-mail and that was allowed by the state department. of course that's the case. the state department has no problem with using your private e-mail. the problem is the statute requires and common sense and
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transparency requires that the e-mails whether it's a government account or personal account, if you're using it for work, it's got to be stored on the government server. by her doing this rogue server in her basement or wherever, it gave her full control over documents that belong, in my opinion to us. so now we have to take her word for it. and we're living in an era where we don't take anybody's word let alone the former secretary of state. >> and you said you don't think she looked any less presidential than yesterday. you really thought this went badly for her. >> i've known the clintons and frankly admired the clintons since the mid-80s. i've been covering them for a long time. and i respect their commitment to public service. and i'm not a hater. i don't have an ideological problem with them either way. they have some great strengths. but look they have some great weaknesses. and we saw them all on display yesterday, a sense of entitlement, a sense of the ends justify the means, a sense of
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victimization that everyone's out to get me, this paranoia. so i've always thought ironically, that she would be a better president than her husband. i've thought that for years. well, yesterday i've never seen her look as unpresidential as she did at that news conference. >> frank luntz, let me juxtapose that press conference with what she said about the bush administration and secret e-mails in 2007. she had a very different opinion back then. watch. >> our constitution is being shredded. we know about the secret wiretaps. we know about the secret military tribunals the secret white house e-mail accounts. it is a stunning record of secrecy and corruption, of cronyism run amuck. >> secrecy corruption cronyism run amuck, frank? >> first off, take a look at her. and you may want to show some video as i describe this. in watching her press conference i was shocked at how little she looked up and how much she was
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looking down the entire time. if you study human behavior like i have, that's someone who isn't speaking the truth. during almost the entire time. she was either looking at notes or looking away from the reporters who are asking her questions. second, is that this happened now for 23 years as ron spoke of. at a certain point the american people say enough is enough. third is that she's always gone on the attack that as she believes most effective when she's shredding somebody else. and she can't seem to handle it when it comes against her.finally, if you study james carville, you'll know he's at his most extreme and most crazy when he's trying to shoot down something that's real. carville was out of control over the last 48 hours because he knows that his favorite person hillary clinton, is in serious trouble. >> i tend to agree with that analysis. john fund, let's go back to her book hard choices. we have the audio version. and she talks interestingly enough about securing e-mails. let's listen in.
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>> when we travel to sensitive places like russia we often received warnings from department security officials to leave our blackberries laptops anything that communicated with the outside world, on the plane with their batteries removed to prevent foreign intelligence services from compromising them. even in friendly settings we conducted business under strict security precaution taking care where and how we read secret material and used our technology. one means of protecting material was to read it inside an opaque tent in a hotel room. in less well-equipped settings we were told to improvise by reading sensitive material with a blanket over our head. >> even the "new york times" recognizes we didn't receive any assurances, she didn't receive classified material and the server was secured. >> hillary knew when she was secretary of state she clearly put the political needs of running for president ahead of security protocols of secretary
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of state. once again politics before public service. >> yeah. all right. ron, let me go to the bigger issue. you had some really interesting comments about follow the money. we're going to get into this maybe with kathleen willie later. i think hillary's trying to run isn't it time for a woman to be president she said last week. okay. is hillary that woman? when she takes money from saudi arabia, algeria, oman, the uae kuwait and all these countries that have atrocious records human rights for women? and we're talking about tens of millions of dollars. and she's never been critical of those countries? >> yeah, obviously that cuts against a brand if not being outright hypocritical. but i think the question's even bigger than that. because she has this rogue server, this off the book server she now has total control of these documents. among the decisions she's making on our behalf is what is private and what is public. well, what's her definition of private? could it include for example
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e-mails about her family's charity? does she consider that to be personal? well if that's the case we had a lot of stories, a lot of investigative pieces about pay for play involving the donors and favors that they might get for donating to the clinton foundation. if there's any fire behind that smoke, that's the kind of thing you would expect to see in e-mails. i don't know that it's there, but what i do know is i may not ever know because she has taken these e-mails offline. >> and, sean, what's even worse is let's give her the benefit of the doubt. she made a mistake. and she now realizes she made a mistake. well, the state department asked for the e-mails. she deletes half of them, send the other half to the state department. she doesn't send them in e-mail form. she sends 110 of these. you can't search these. it will take months to figure out what's in them. she is actively thwarting an investigation of what's in her e-mails just by the way she sent
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them. >> we'll get to the conflicting statements she made too. frank, this is the missing gap she says she only e-mails bill, bill only sent two e-mails. any of these things she said two weeks ago she uses four devices. so she contradicted herself. and it begins to look bad. what is the long-term impact? because some liberals are now openly talking about plan b which would be elizabeth warren for them. >> so i'm going to take a point of view that might be contrary to what you might expect. but if conservatives want to make the most of this as they have a right to do they would do so by asking questions rather than delivering accusations or delivering declaratives. that they would ask, do you trust hillary clinton? does she have the integrity to be the next president of the united states? is this the type of scandal that you want to be dealing with for the next four or eight years? if conservatives really want to take advantage of this and again they have every right to do so, they would do so more
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calmly and quietly by asking questions that quite frankly she's either incapable or unwilling to answer. >> all right guys. thank you for being with us. appreciate it. coming up, when we come back we're going to delve deeper into the lawsuit that the state department. we'll check in with judge shapiro and did hillary break the law? and is hillary clinton really a champion of womens rights? tonight you'll meet a woman who volunteered in the clinton white house who says hillary is not the person she claims to be. that and the latest on oklahoma sir, we're going to need you on the runway later. don't let a severe cold hold you back. get theraflu... ...with the power of three medicines to take on your worst pain and fever cough and nasal congestion. it breaks you free from your toughest cold and flu symptoms. theraflu. serious power.
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welcome back to "hannity." so yesterday hillary clinton finally spoke out about her scandalous use of personal e-mail accounts while serving as secretary of state. despite her dodges as we reported earlier the a.p. filed
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a lawsuit against the state department. now, the a.p.'s executive editor stated "the freedom of information act exists to give citizens a clear view of what government officials are doing on their behalf. when that view is denied the next resort is the courts." joining me now for legal analysis, criminal defense attorney and host of justice judge. let's start at the beginning. the a.p. first requested documents and e-mails. >> in 2010. >> five years ago. >> right. >> so what is the law in terms of did she break the law? >> all right. there are several issues here. i don't know if you're going to agree with me on this but number one, unless we can prove she intentionally destroyed something that was a part of the federal record that should have been preserved or if she is concealing stuff that should have been preserved, those are federal crimes. that goes without saying. there is no question she violated state department rules. and the question is has she
10:17 pm
exposed us through this use of personal e-mails and personal security server to any kind of problem internationally or at the end of the day did she intentionally hide her actions? >> the only way you'll be able to find out if there was intention here we waited -- wait a minute, she waited two years to comply with the records act. she was supposed to be handing these over on a regular basis. so does that justify any type of subpoena of the server? >> what i said last saturday was the first thing i'd do as a prosecutor is i get a subpoena for that server. i don't care if it's in her house or bill clinton's house. these are records that we're entitled to see. and the real problem here is how she ran that state department. the rules apply to everyone but her. she's firing people for doing the same thing that she does and for six years or whatever five years, no one was able to get any information under the freedom of information act. >> for two years congress has been -- they had their own investigation in benghazi going
10:18 pm
on. if i waited two years to comply with a congressional request for my e-mails, why do i suspect -- >> you'd be in jail. >> handcuffed, perp walked, mugshotted and calling you saying bail me out. >> the inspector general said the state department was run ineffectively and inefficiently. all right. and the problem with that is, and everybody knows who's been in government office whether you're in at the lowest level of government freedom of information is something that the public is entitled to know. >> so she's not complying. she hasn't complied. she hasn't complied with the a.p. she hasn't complied with the benghazi select committee. >> well, sean, i think a lot of this is going to come down to and i agree with the judge from a prosecutorial standpoint was there an intention? was there a willful deception in order to try to prevent information from coming out? >> can't a reasonable person conclude there was an attempt at deception considering she waited five years in one case and it's been two years and she hasn't handed over what she should have been recording according to the records act? >> prosecutors are going to look
10:19 pm
very deeply into this if they're going to look into it at all is to determine whether or not she was sending those e-mails were going to government servers. her defense is that those documents were there. she did nothing to conceal ordestroy that information. >> but do we know that? and how does she get to decide which e-mails to delete 32,000 of them? she said i used to e-mail my husband. according to her husband spokesperson he doesn't e-mail. >> i agree with you. but the way these are written and the way things are changing and the policies are changing i agree no single person should be the arbiters. >> how legally can either the benghazi select committee or the a.p. get that server? >> with a subpoena. >> can they get that? >> i believe that they can get a court ordered subpoena. >> how? >> if there is an issue, if they can show that there is a probability that something is awry here, that some federal law
10:20 pm
was violated. >> does the length of time that she has chosen to comply, does that justify it? >> i would argue in that request that this whole setup was designed to defy freedom of information, designed to defy classified information. >> and the right judge would agree with you. >> absolutely. >> the wrong judge would not. >> respectfully i don't know if i would agree with that because lots of times government workers, may not be the best practices but doesn't mean heir doing something illegal so long as the e-mails she's sending and she's indicated have gone to government workers then those are preserved. >> her closest government workers were lawyer or hench woman none of them had that >> i agree what the prosecution's going to do and you know this, judge, as a prosecutor they're going to try to find out whether or not any government records were exchanged through one e-mail to another and did not make its way -- >> i want to bet those other people that worked with her had private servers too. >> even "new york times"
10:21 pm
interviewed people that have worked in the state department that use classified and send classified materials to one another they say it is nearly impossible, that she never had a classified document on her e-mail. so was there a security risk? would that legally justify the subpoena for the server? >> well i think that that's one of the arguments that i would make. to allege that you never, never did anything regarding any classified information for the four years that you were there and then to argue that you then wouldn't let anyone have access to this. look, there is a conspiracy here, sean. period, end of the story. because every freedom of information request they had to go to hillary or her assistant -- >> but she could legally today before any subpoena is issued she could have that server destroyed, couldn't she? >> absolutely. i wouldn't be surprised if it's destroyed already. >> that will cause another issue. the cover-up is always worse than the crime. we're jumping to conclusions. no one's saying any of these e-mails on this private server she had are not preserved.
10:22 pm
that's going to be the issue. if the government can prove -- >> wait, she was very clear in saying she deleted them. i've got to believe she understands the clintons aren't stupid there are a lot of things she understands that the only way you can fully delete it is to eliminate the server. >> that's true. and that's why i believe it would be hideous for her to do that. and i don't think she did that. >> and she'll say i told everyone i deleted it. >> she indicated she deleted personal e-mails. >> who decided what's private? >> that's the key. >> do you think she would be stupid enough to delete them on her device but not on the server? >> i don't think she's stupid to do that. that's my point. it's too easy to prove. i think we have to change the policy -- >> is there any way to recover -- >> you can send a subpoena for anything. you don't really need a grand jury -- >> she might have destroyed it yes. the issue is can you trust this woman based on her history? >> you can't prove that the destruction of those servers -- >> legal liability. >> i'm not suggesting --
10:23 pm
criminal liability exactly. >> what did she have to hide all those years? >> obviously something. >> why did she do it? >> there was an 18-minute gap in watergate. there's a lot of gaps -- >> we've got lots of gaps no e-mails during months of benghazi, really? >> but nobody yet has been able to show any of those e-mails resided on a private server that they were -- >> we can't possibly know. >> understood. that's why they need to change the policy do all government -- >> the policy is clear. since 2013. she didn't follow it. >> we got to break. all right, how do you really feel, jeanine. >> one way or another. >> hillary clinton claims to be a champion for womens rights. up next my next guest worked in clinton white house and said that's a flatout lie. remember kathleen willie? and later the two students expelled from the university of oklahoma have now broken their silence. they are apologizing. should they be forgiven? we'll check i i i i i i
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welcome back to "hannity." so in the past few days hillary clinton has been out in full force touting herself as a champion of womens rights. aside from the clinton foundation accepting money from foreign donors who have horrible womens rights records, well, the washington free beacon has a new report out that details a list of various ways that hillary clinton has in fact mistreated women associated with her husband bill. now, my next guest says hillary is the war on women and she has even orchestrated a "terror campaign" against some including her. joining me now, former clinton white house volunteer, kathleen. it's been a long time. good to see you. >> it has been a long time. all i can say is deja vu all over again. here we go again. >> let's remind our audience a little bit about hillary's recent advocacy the great champion of womens rights.
10:27 pm
and then i want you to tell your story. here's what she's been saying. >> one recent report on the gender pay gap in the valley found that a woman with a bachelor's degree here tends to make 60% less than a man with the same degree. i know there are still some people who roll their eyes when i or others say that womens issues are america's issues. but they're just going to have to get used to it. i'm going to beat this drum as long and loud as it takes. today we mark the progress that has been made in the two decades since the international community gathered in beijing and declared with one voice that human rights are womens rights and womens rights are human rights. and my passion for this fight burns as brightly today as it did 20 years ago. >> now kathleen, she mentions the gender pay gap. she didn't mention that the obama white house nor her office when she was secretary of state paid women about 70-plus cents
10:28 pm
of every dollar they paid a man. why don't you tell us your story and how it relates to hillary. and remind people. >> well, my story is obviously i was assaulted by her husband in the oval office. and at a time that was a pretty dire time in my family's history. and i went to him for help because i was a friend of his, my husband was a friend of his. and at the time i was volunteering. and we have a serious financial crisis. and i went to him and i said my volunteer days are over. i need your help with a job. and i don't mean a job here or in the white house or any washington. anywhere in the government. and if you could find me a job in richmond, where i live that would be a big help. and i was upset at the time. i was visibly upset.
10:29 pm
it had all bubbled up. and i had to do everything that i could to save my family. and he could see that i was upset. i was visibly upset. and crying which i tried not to. but anyway he said well i'm sorry to hear what's going on. would you like a cup of coffee? i said sure. so he ushered me back into another room. it was a little galley kitchen. and i noticed out of the corner of my eye that he kind of told a stew steward to get out of the way and leave. i didn't pay any attention to that at the time because i was focused on getting a job. he said next thing i knew he said let's go in here and go into my study so we can talk. i find out later that's the famous study where he and monica
10:30 pm
met. he sat down and i was leaning up against the door jam drinking coffee telling him what was going on. i just needed some help. i just needed a real paying job. and he acted like he was serious about it. and he was comforting me about it. and he -- i don't want to take up a lot of his time obviously. and i said, well, i better go but i just want to let you know and i asked him. and at that point i was walking out the door trying to get out the door and he just cornered me. and had me backed into a corner. and without going into detail if you want the details you can read my book "target" because i don't want to go into the details. it's pretty obvious. it was unwelcome and inappropriate and out of line. >> and he -- >> i consider myself lucky to get out of there. >> and you say hillary is the war on women and that she
10:31 pm
orchestrated a terror campaign -- >> absolutely. >> explain that part. >> well, i've talked to some of these women. and when i was writing my book the word got out. and i got calls from a number of women who insisted -- and i promised their names would be anonymous. i would not disclose their names. over and over again. these people were terrorized. one woman was so terrorized she left -- most women -- i was at the time single -- >> how was she specifically involved? what did she do? >> she put it all into play. she had her attack dog, sydney
10:32 pm
blumenthal blumenthal, james carville. she had three of the best-known private investigators in the country on retainer. they were part of it. they know how to do it. >> all right. let me ask you this. the clinton foundation has taken money from all over the world, qatar, kuwait, brunei, we're putting up on the screen the gender gap in terms of this is where they are ranked nationwide and how they treat women. saudi arabia women can't drive, they need male counterparts. i'm just putting it up there. what is your take -- she hasn't been critical the champion of womens rights has taken tens of millions of dollars from countries that have abysmal rights records for women. and what is your take on that? >> well, it comes down to two things. it's real obvious. everybody knows that money is the most important thing with the clintons.
10:33 pm
period. >> do you think she won't criticize because the money's more important than the principle of standing up. >> exactly. being womens advocate and, you know, the war on women attack is totally bogus. she's got a choice. if she wants to further womens issues and advocate for women all over the world, it's okay to look the other way when she takes all this money from these countries that abuse women. so which is it? is she going to take that money from them? or is she going to say no, i'm not going to take that money from them? >> well, she took it. >> and they treat women terribly. >> all right, kathleen, thank you so much. appreciate your time tonight. >> you're welcome. coming up two students expelled from oklahoma university for leading a racist chant have now broken their silence. we'll check in with spencer tillman, he played football at the school. he'll be joined with juan williams. later tonight could rahm
10:34 pm
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♪ ♪ great rates for great rides. geico motorcycle see how much you could save. welcome back to "hannity." we have more fallout surrounding this video of members of a university of oklahoma fraternity gleefully participating in a racist song. [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> so the president of the university has expelled two students parker rice and levi pettitte pettit. offering deepest apologies and
10:40 pm
pettit wrote, he made a horrible mistake and will live with the consequences forever. here with reaction former all-american player running back for the university of oklahoma spencer tillman, and one of my favorite broadcasters, great friend not one of my favorite congressmen tatmmentators because of his views, but -- no, we were talking about this last night. my buddy went there. i have friends in norman oklahoma. oklahoma city, these are great people. i was shocked -- i can't fathom what the hell's going on here. that's not the community i know. >> i think you would be correct. that's not the community i know. but i will qualify that statement, sean, just by saying that at the university of oklahoma when you're an athlete you are operating in a vacuum, okay? you are isolated and insulated. you receive preferential treatment. it's one of the reasons by the way i believe athletes along with entertainers are the most susceptible people to failure in
10:41 pm
the world today mainly because we live facilitated lifestyles. so because of that athletic ability you enjoy a different level of privilege at the university of oklahoma and not just ou but universities with marquee athletic programs around this nation. and it's a problem. when you transition into the real world, you often see a different outcome. >> but this was ugly. there's no other way to describe this. this was ugly. this was hateful. in this day and age it's kind of shocking, you know kids doing this. now, one kid offered an apology the parents of the other kid offered an apology. there's talk about maybe expelling other kids. what do you think we should do here? >> well, i think first of all there's two things. i think president boern and his wisdom moved swiftly. i think that was the right thing, the correct thing to do. but i think in recent history we have the penn state thing to look at and maybe there was a little overreach like it was there. we had over 33 young men for a period of time who will not have the benefit of an academic
10:42 pm
higher level of education because someone moved quickly to punish everyone for those heinous crimes committed by one -- >> you got to have the video -- >> pardon me? >> listen, irrespective, there were people in that house that were not on that bus that had absolutely nothing to do with what took place there. so i'm agreeing with what the president did in moving swiftly. i just think there was a little bit of an overreach. again, this is not a comment or commentary on the great president we have at the university of oklahoma, but i believe it was a classic political response. when we move that way nobody's going to refute the fact what we saw was heinous and abhorrent but also the politically correct thing to do. >> juan, i'm a christian, you're a christian all have sinned and fallen short. >> yes. >> kids tend to be stupid. i don't know what's in these kids hearts i don't know if they're really racist or if they were just being stupid and dumb
10:43 pm
like kids drinking. >> right. >> do you accept the apology? does the school maybe give the other kids on the bus maybe kind of involved maybe not organizing it a second chance. >> well they already have. they only expelled two kids. so you got the question, this is what spencer's raising spencer says it was too quick reaction by the president. i wonder if maybe i don't think it was too quick by the way. i think you have to send a clear statement to your community. but it could be the clear case you want to use this as a learning experience. i've been thinking about this today, sean. i think you know how i felt impacted by it. i just thought it was evidence of a broader culture. it wasn't about even those two kids. and it's not about the house. it's about that whole fraternity system. >> i have been to norman and oklahoma city so many times. i know the people there. they're not like that. >> i'm going to tell you that fraternity system is segregated. >> that's different. the fraternity system is different from -- >> on the campus i think a lot of things outside of the bubble
10:44 pm
spencer's talking about where the athletes occupy you see lots of exclusionary type behavior. i was so impressed to see by the way the football team rk black, white, hispanic arms together, basketball team at that demonstration saying, you know what, we're going to be an example in this community. i don't think it's the case that it was too much. but i do think you have to have an opportunity for reconciliation in the christian tradition where you say this could be -- >> got to learn grow up. stop being stupid and ignorant. >> and don't just say it's about the kids. talk about the entire campus and the culture. >> well said. i do love the community down there, spencer. and i know them pretty well. >> they're good people. >> thank you, guys. coming up was oklahoma university justified in expelling two students? should they expel others? plus believe it or not rahm dead fish emanuel the mayor of chicago, may lose his re-election. coming up next, dagen mc you're giving away pie? what would you like, apple or cherry? cherry. oil or cream? definitely cream.
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10:50 pm
fox business network our friend melissa francis fox news correspondent only guy in tv with one name geraldo and dagen mcdowel. i'm arguing last night with mike myers and other friends of mine and i'm like i sound like the liberal in as much as the hard -- because i'm saying i wanted all those kids expelled. they said no. >> well, you can expel them. the question is how you expel them. when you do something that dramatic that draconian, you have to have due process under our system particularly in a public institution. you can get to that result. but first you have to give them a chance to present witnesses, rebut thethem. >> disgusting and shocking is what they said it could well be and likely protected under the first amendment because it's a public university. >> i disagree. if you look at civil rights title 6 -- >> i know what you're going to
10:51 pm
say. >> they're taking federal funds and creating a holist environment. >> they went on and violated the environment for other students. >> greatest leg the university has to stand on is because they're talking about lynching. >> but first, you need a hearing. it is as it is. >> geraldo? >> look. you have to be able to cross examine them. >> i would sit them and say do you want to go through a public hearing? yes or no? >> that might be if they yield constitutional merits. >> they have freedom of speech. they can sing their idiotic song anywhere they want. >> what i'm interested in knowing is how deeply engrained
10:52 pm
in the national fraternity sae culture is this diddy that the kids sang? he didn't make it up on the bus. it had to be around for a while. >> you're looking at this group of kids. why do we have to make it bigger than it is? >> what if it is? what if this is a sae secret handshake deal. >> i don't think the biggest issue is whether it's right or left or a disgusting thing you've heard first amendment free speech is protected >>. rahm rambo dead fish is -- >> they say your greatest strength is your greatest weakness. i can rub people the wrong way. i own that.
10:53 pm
but i'm here to make a difference when politics stood in the way of a full day kindergarten i surged ahead. look i'm not going to always get it right. when it comes to fighting for chicago and chicago's future no one is going to fight harder. >> lame, lame desperate ad. >> i have the same ad. >> i love he's closing down schools. it's on the basis turned attention. >> how many kids have been getting killed in chicago? he hasn't lifted a finger to fix that problem? >> this reminds me that hillary clinton has you come from a liberal educated background and he gets attacks
10:54 pm
on the left they realize he didn't one of them z he's a limousine liberal that has chosen to go to this city and become the leader of it. >> this guy is going to be the special pleader. you are. >> can i just say to my colleague's argument, what he did was lost jesse jackson. and many in the african american community his base, he hung out in the loop too much. >> if you're a class a jackhole, people get sick of you after a while. >> thank you. >> by the way quick programming note. our good friend melissa from fox business network, brand new show unpacked tomorrow night at
10:55 pm
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convenience sake. let us know what you think. thank you for being with us we'll see you i hope, right


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