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tv   Stossel  FOX News  March 15, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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inheritance. remember you can't take it with you. do you have a strange inheritance story you would like to share with us? we would love to hear it. send me an e-mail or go to our web site strange >> breaking news tonight the eccentric real estate heir at the center of multiple murders and unsolved disappearance of his wife is now under arrest. elwell come to a special edition of "justice robert durst arrested. i am judge jeanine pirro. robert burst behind bars where he was arrested at a marriott hotel under an assumed name based on a warrant for murder in the first degree from the county of los angeles for the december 23rd, 2012, murder of
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his good friend susan berman. he is set to appear at an extradition hearing at 10:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m. on the hbo dock ue series this amazing off camera admission by durst himself. could it be what finally brings robert durst down? >> killed them all. >> robert durst attorney chip lewis. good evening, chip. >> hey judge. >> how are you? >> well, i have had better
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spring breaks. >> what do you think about robert durst admission at the end of the jinx? >> well, it is attempting to be as helpful for you as possible, i will barely say my over arching thoughts are i was a bit underwhelmed given the lead up and the build up to this new development. >> underwhelmed? he admitted he killed three people at least. >> judge, honestly you and i are very -- let's say flamboyant people who speak our minds often. >> you may be flamboyant but i am honest. i am on the side of truth and justice, chip. >> your honesty would lead you to say things under your breath you probably didn't mean. i don't want to talk about -- >> the guy admitted on television he killed three people. >> la county has the case. we will address those facts in the courtroom. but generally speaking i was
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underwhelmed, honestly, judge. >> okay. let me ask you this. you were shown the letter i wrote this down watching you speak tonight in the 6th episode of the jinx and you looked at the envelope and you were silent for a few seconds and you said i see similarities an differences which is an after thought you didn't know you would have to say as a defense attorney. you are in deep trouble in this case. are you going to be representing him in l.a.? >> if that is bob's choice. he has asked me to assist in assembling what i believe would be the best representation he has. we will start the process in the morning and we will play the
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hand that is it dealt us. >> he waived extradition when he stole the sandwich in pennsylvania and had to go to texas. will he waive extradition and go straight to california tomorrow? >> as things stand now unless there's something new that develops our morning that will be the position. we are eager to get to los angeles, find out if there really is any new evidence other than the mutterings of a bathroom. with that said i look forward to speaking to you again. i wanted to compliment you, you look well as always on the show, hope to speak whatith you soon. >> does that mean you are hanging up before i am done? >> no. i didn't know. >> you guys when you represented him you said that i was the bogeyman and you admitted it on camera you can't blame someone now? what you have is a cadaver note even he himself admits only the
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killer could have written which is the guy saying i killed them all mumbling to himself. he is not crazy. you know that because you brought in the aspergers. are you being togoing to bring in insanity when you know he isn't insane? >> i don't venture a note that the road holds before us. i am not going to speculate what the defenses are until discovery. i think you are being too humble yourself. the law and arm of judge jeanine is far reaching. without westchester county and fuhrman la doesn't have a motive. >> i tell you susan berman was in big trouble as the detective said. once they knew susan was contacted by new york her fate was sealed. she knew too much. i think he confessed. chip lewis we love you. love asking you onhaving you on.
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i am not going to wish you luck. >> with me now new york times reporter charles bagley a journalist who covered the durst case for years. lisa depalo kathy durst's brother jim mccormack and homicide detective who led the investigation in galveston, texas cody kaslef. we have been together in this case some of us 15 years. >> 33. >> 33 for you. you are the brother of kathleen the first wife. lisa i remember going down to galveston texas with you in 2000. charlie you have been worrying about this a long time. among us there's almost a bond, it is a group that kind of suffered through this. i want to ask each one of you the same question. what was your reaction when he
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said i killed them all. i killed them all. >> i would say shock that he actually said it. i am not surprised because i always felt like he was responsible for these three deaths but to hear him say it out loud i was shocked. >> jim, for the first time you hear that your sister's husband admitted he killed your sister. your reaction? >> i wouldn't say as much shock as it was finally vindicated for the years and years of pursuing the truth. bob, you know i knew him when he was in love with kathy. i knew him when kathy was in love with him, how that de sgraded over time like a separate drama. the bottom line is bob is the fight or flight syndrome. he would always fight if he knew
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he had a good bank account behind him. this time around he knew he had the flight which was his only option. he was trying to get out of this country in a big way when the fbi arrested him. i was so happy to see that happen. >> why don't you explain to the viewers what you are talking about. the wofz he was hearing was to go to another country where there was no extradition. >> correct. i could elaborate on it to some degree. the fbi who has been wonderfully in charge of this, they had me on what i would call a need to know basis. i don't need to know it. i don't want to know it because i don't want to corrupt information or evidence. god bless them. same thing with all of the law enforcement folks i dealt with over the years. the bottom line is when it was certain bob was leadingving the country they acted immediately. he was leaving for a country called cuba which is off the forbidden list to travel to which doesn't have an
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extradition treaty. he would have wound up in cuba not able to get him and who knows how much money he has pushed offshore already. >> he's a shrewd guy. we will talk about that. lisa you have been a journalist. you have written about this for well over a decade. how did you feel when you heard it come out of his own mouth? >> i wasn't underwhelmed. i am still shaking from it to hear the words i killed them all. >> i killed them all, of course. >> charlie? >> i think that it is so shocking to hear the admission in the private moment in the fact that it was recorded. there has been a tremendous amount of speculation in every single case that bob has been associated with. but here you have them talking in his own words.
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at one point he says he was right, i was wrong. >> maybe he -- >> that was a quote he captured on the show that durst himself sent. >> there's always a little flightyness in all of this when he says killed them all of course. there's no pro noun. there's a lot of things. this is as close to a confession as we have ever seen from bob durst. >> detective? your take? you said something interesting. we all watched this together. you said something interesting when he said i killed them all of course you said he wasn't sure specifically what he was talking about. tell us what you said? >> early in another episode he is talking to andrew and he says
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they think i killed my first wife kathleen and killed bhoois friend and my neighbor and a whole slew of others. there hasn't been any speculation on the whole slew of others. but when he said, i killed them all, of course, is he talking about the three we are talking about tonight or is there even more? we are going to bring in susan berman's close friend and the last person to see her alive rich marquis. all right rich. your thoughts? did you see the last episode of "the jinx" this evening? >> i did. >> that combined with the fact that we all heard this morning he was arrested what are your thoughts about robert durst? >> it is a great release that he
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is arrested. i don't know if what he did will constitute a legal admission but it certainly constituted a moral admission. he hope he knows if he is caught he gives into the inevitable at this point and pleads guilty. >> rich, you were friends with susan. i understand that you spent the last evening with her before she was killed that you went to a movie with her. had you ever spoken to her about robert durst? >> she mentioned him. they were good friends. she told me he had sent her money very recently. she was kind of in tough straits right then. other than that i don't remember anything specific she said about him. >> did she indicate lawrence was
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looking to speak to him regarding the disappearance of kathleen durst? >> wait a minute. let me saketake a second on that. i had lunch with durst after susan's funeral before he went to texas. he told me that you were sending investigators to talk to susan and that you were after him. >> robert durst told you that i was after him? >> yes. he actually asked me if i would be interested in doing public relations for him. a oo at that point susan was gone. why would he skwask you that? >> i don't know. i didn't have any sense that this man was a serial killer when i met him. he was a little quirky, but
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nothing terribly out of the ordinary. i just got the idea that he was really trying to protect himself trying to ingratiate himself with susan's friends and family. why? i am not sure but i think he had some scheme planned. >> thank you for joining us this evening. appreciate your time. >> you're welcome. >> the rest of the panel is going to stick around with us. coming up on this special hour of "justice" much much more on this breaking story robert durst arrested. and what got susan berman killed? new shocking details about her relationship with robert durst.
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>> the question remains what got durst's close friends and co-worker and con if i didn't susan berman killed? what role did susan play in the disappearance of kathleen durst. the panel is back with me. what we were talking about a
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minute ago was a rich marquis last person who spent time with susan berman. charles you had something to say about that. >> when i went to la to attend susan berman's memorial i interviewed a lot of her family members and friends. every single one of them said it was like a mantra they all repeated. bobby didn't do this. bobby loves susan susan loves bobby. >> why wouldn't the friends come to the aid of bobby? was someone accusing bobby? >> you had these people from new york. >> the new yorkers. >> yeah, those pesky new yorkers. the police in los angeles had focused their investigation on a business associate of hers. they didn't want to hear about anything else. >> it wasn't until two or three
7:20 pm
years later when bob was sitting in jail in galveston they asked him for a handwriting sample they looked at the ballistics. >> when he was arrested he had a nine-millimeter pistol, susan berman was killed with a nine-millimeter. it turns out both those things came back as -- >> negative. >> not negative. inconclusive. >> it seemed like just like every other case it seemed like once again bob it was inconclusive. we don't know what really happened. >> lisa you had something to say about durst and susan berman. do you know? >> we actually kind of met. they were trying to keep the press out to protect bobby who didn't both e showing up to the
7:21 pm
moem memorial or the funeral. as far as i know he has not been to her grave. i thought that was amazing when there was a bunch of people who were supporting them and saying you were susan's close friend. >> great guy. >> the whole rob loyalty thing they talked about susan as a mob daughter did have a great mob loyalty. that cuts another way which is if somebody crossed her, they were screwed. something happened in those last days where i think he got the sense that she wasn't going to be. >> on the phone is kathleen durst close friend roberta. >> good evening. >> so good to hear your voice. obviously someone i have known for many years.
7:22 pm
>> what's your reaction? >> i have been waiting to hear this for 33 years. i knew bobby had killed kathy and had been involved somehow andin sue berman's death i was having trouble getting certain authorities to listen to me. >> kathleen durst was at your home the night that she disappeared. i mean the last anybody saw her. you have been persistent in your, not only belief that robert durst committed the crime, but in trying to move the system to make him accountable and responsible. you have to feel vindicated. you went through a lot fighting
7:23 pm
for kathleen. how is it you were convinced the nice guy that your friend loved was actually killed kathleen? oo the last thing he said to me on my front porch at my house as she was leaving the dinner party that my family attended was roberta promise me, if something happens to me tonight you will check it out. i am afraid of bobby. those words have haunted me for 33 years. >> you actually went to the train station to ask people for weeks whether or not they had seen kathleen durst get on the train that robert durst said he put her on to and moved her to new york city and my theory on that no one ever said they saw her. what made you so convinced she never left chester county? >> it is only a two-car train on sunday night. i brought a picture and i had
7:24 pm
detailed information. kathy had been cut off from bobby financially. she didn't have any money. i gave her a $50 bill and $100 bill. she had to break with one of those to buy a ticket on the train. >> the fact is there was not enough time for kathy to get from my house to the homes in south salem eat dinner drink a bottle of wine and this is all according to bobby now. and get to the train station by 9:17. there was not enough time. it didn't work. >> the detective at the time from the state police and i took that ride and we timed it several times. it doesn't work. it doesn't work. >> how do you feel this evening coming up against a break. what is your state of emotion
7:25 pm
right now? >> part of me is rebuked part of me has more questions. i would like to know where her body is. we need that evidence. you and i had discussions about this, we need the body. we need to be able to prove that there was an actual murder. >> all right. gilberta thank you for being with us this evening. and thank you for your first appearance. >> you're welcome. >> coming up my exclusive interview with the men who created the jinx, the documentary that could finally bring robert durst to jail. let me talk to you about retirement. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable professional. would you trust me as your financial advisor? i would. i would indeed. well, let's be clear here. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ] [laughs] no way! i have no financial experience at all.
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doers they don't worry if something's possible. they just do it. at sears optical, we're committed to bringing them eyewear that works as hard as they do. right now, buy one pair and get another free. >> live from america's news headquarters i am kelly wright. good evening. a 20-year-old man is in jail charged with killing two police officers in ferguson thursday.
7:30 pm
he is facing fooi charges including two counts of first degree assault williams telling authorities he didn't target the officers that he was shotting at someone else. the shooting happened just as a protest was starting to break up. the demonstration following the resignation of the police chief. both officers were treated and released. secretary of state john kerry arriving in switzerland last night he will be meeting iran's president in the morning. they have a two-week deadline about agreement about iran's budding nuclear program. some saying negotiators may be contempt with further talks. ill kelly wright now back to judge jeanine. for all of your headlines log on to >> developing tonight robert direction the durst the ex entrick air on the jinx the life death of ropb bet
7:31 pm
durst now under arrest. could the interview lead to his conviction? the jinx director tosat down with me to talk about the series. >> thanks so much for being here. you both spent the better part of a decade robert durst making a documentary robert durst don't go that loosely based film on his life all good things? why? >> we have been fascinated by the story of somebody who started out in an incredibly opulent way born into this billionaire family and westchester county with all of the opportunity in the world and ended up 7 years later in a $300 a month rooming house disguised as a woman. that was a story we could not ignore. >> how did you first find out
7:32 pm
about it mark? >> back in the day when the original disappearance of kathy happened and you reopened the case. >> just to bring everybody up to date the wife of robert durst disappeared in 82. i wasn't the da until 94. i reopened it in 1999. and so you decided first to do this film with ryan gosling "all good things." why? >> mark and i grew up in that part of the world. we were interested in this man's story. >> we followed it in the media. there was a beautiful love story that preceded the burlesque stories about bob dressing as a woman we met he was the other side of the coin himself he met somebody who was a lovely person who loved him for him and we thought wouldn't it be interesting to tell the love story of how that developed. as we got deeper and deeper into it we started to do our own
7:33 pm
investigation and we discovered a lot more than what we originally had known. >> i have to style when you say love story. i was familiar with the case and i was investigating it as a homicide. two different approaches. you bring out a collage of experiences. you have a guy who loved his wife but who i and many believe is responsible for his disappearance. a guy whose best friend is shot and killed right before my office and a guy who chops another guy apart in galveston texas. do you think he is crazy? >> i try not to label him because it really took us all of six episodes to be able to explain his audience enough to make his owe deann decision. >> he lies for a living and he lies very well. let's talk about the fact that he lied to me.
7:34 pm
one of his lawyers i got involved even after i left as da. they say the reason he chopped up a body because i was chasing him and he had to chop the body up? how did you get the lawyers to admit it? >> if you watch the episode before there's really a quite collaborate discussion between the lawyers of how they strategized. one of the lawyers says, well we kind of created this mythical creature in jeanine pirro. we knew it would be persuasive to the jury if we could say bob ran to galveston because he was running away of the investigation of driven da trying to use this to further her own ambitions. it is r was something we trumped up for the jour re. they ate that up. >> were you surprised mark? with he all believe in jut and trues justice. when you hear them say let's blame it on the da, the devil
7:35 pm
made me do it. the guy made this guy chop up a body. >> you made a big noise back there and the question was not back in 2000 but whether bob was running away from you. >> you were investigating the disappear ranges of his wife. that could have been what he is running away from. >> i jumped up and down begin when the da in texas is not bringing in the fact that he didn't run away from new york that he kept traveling back to new york. he kept -- robert durst allegedly afraid of me he had to chop up a body because no one would believe he killed a man in self defense. >> they said bob durst was 'ole over the front page of the newspaper you were every where. that's not true. of course not. >> did he kill his wife? >> i think people will dom come to their own conclusions about
7:36 pm
this. >> why did you do this? in the end what were you hoping to accomplish? >> we like to find truth. >> did you find truth? oo they placed it in front of the audience to see what people couldwould do. >> the journey you took, it was one of unfolding one card after another card after another card. >> now we are here and we want the audience to experience the journey we took. we don't want to just get in the front of it. >> thanks for being with us. >> looking at the history of robert durst. inside the information on the status of the california investigation.
7:37 pm
oh yea, that's coming down let's get some rocks, man.
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>> welcome back to our "justice special. robert durst arrested. we have been telling you about the explosive developments today in this case. now we want to show you how it is we got here. take a look. >> a new bombshell in a case that captivated the nation. robert durst taken into custody by fbi agents late last night in the lobby of the marriott hotel near new orleans now being held on a first degree murder warrant. >> durst's lawyer chip lewis says durst will not fight extradition charges to los angeles but will mount a vigorous defense just like he has done in the past. >> we the jury find the defendant robert durst not guilty. >> money two murders and a missing wife haunting the life of eccentric new yorkreal new york
7:42 pm
real estate heir. he said he did not kill his wife or his friends but admits he killed and dismembered his neighbor in texas. it began in 1982. durst's 29-year-old medical student wife kathleen disappeared. friends say kathleen was afraid of durst. >> i can remember very clearly the telephone calls and bobby insisting that kathy come home and kathy being visibly shaken after the phone call. she went out, she came back in and she said i am leaving now. >> we stood on the front porch and she said to me promise me if something happens you will check it out? i am afraid of bach bee. >> fast forward to spring 2000 as westchester county district attorney opened the case of kathleen durst's disappear ras and looked to interview those involved in 1982. december 24th, 2000, shortly before a scheduled interview
7:43 pm
with durst's close friends and confidante susan berman by members of my office she is found murdered shot execution style in her la home. >> at the time of susan's murder but never charged by california authority. >> with a pension tore dressing like a deaf mute woman named dorothy durst nextc appears in galveston texas renting a room in a low income area next to one morris black. when morris black's body parts wash up on the bay he claims he killed self defense and chopped up the body to he is chap the scrutiny his defense team claims i put him under.ñi he was found not guilty in 2003. now in the docudrama the jinx
7:44 pm
evidence on earth is admitted not only connects but implicates robert durst in the murder of susan berman. >> this letter found by his step mom to durst. it has eerily similar handwriting that led them to the body of susan durst's home in 2000. this evidence has the word beverly in beverly hills misspelled in the same way. could the jinx have finally jinxed robert durst? >> the fanl was back along with former lapd homicide detective and fox news tron trib contributor mark fuhrman. you were an lapd detective. what do you think at the end of the jinx before he says i till them all of course. >> i think that the statement is
7:45 pm
going to come in. it was unsolicited, spontaneous statement. he is wearing a hot wire. he has been notified of the hot wire before. it is being recorded he knows it. that is specifically where he is there. i don't think it made a difference whether he went into the bathroom or other room. i think the statement will come in and it is lislely incriminating. >> i muss tell you in addition to his knowing he was wired, et cetera, someone said well he was in the bathroom maybe an expectation of privacy. if you watch the jinx most of us have who are glued to the story earlier on he was talking to himself on the wire and his lawyer came out and said hey, hook the wire is continuously taping him. do you think this is the kind of case where they are going to think to use an insanity defense? >> well, i think first he's crazy. >> that is too easy.
7:46 pm
he is evil. >> well, i don't think he's going to use the defense. he is so crazy and man niche tive and money has made him ill cluesive in the world and allow him to do things that other people would never get away with. i think he will pay another million and a half dollars and have attorneys try to get him off and i think he believes he is going to get off. >> you were shaking your head when detective fuhrman said he was crazy. >> i don't think he is crazy obviously. i have my own finance. i think it is interesting when chim chip lewis was on earlier. eager to get to california or eager to see what california cal had. they waited to see what the
7:47 pm
prosecutors said, ose okay, here we go men. i gt got to tell them kudos congratulations. they did what law enforcement couldn't do for 30 years. law enforcement in three states. these guys put it in a box put a bow on it and kissed it and gave it to the prosecutor. you have the guy admitting he killed three people. you got him saying only the killer could have written the note. the these guys were genius at this. any chance what happened in texas? what happened in da. >> they took their time and worked robert durst very
7:48 pm
craftily. they work on his ego. they work on telling his story, his love story with his wife. it goot them in his confidence. that's how it was done. a decade, they spent a lot of time doing it. i think the police sometimes use those same tact techs. ternlly where they had one cast los angeles westchester and galveston that is more than one. >> i am going to ue the brother of kathleen durst. mark said time was on their side. that is true to a certain extent. as you look back on the 30 years since your sister disappeared. at what doint did you think for sure robert durst --
7:49 pm
>> after he got word and started shuttering. you jammed an 8 waiter. >> how long do you start throwing out or books and belongings? >> i think it was 3-4 weeks. he had my sister mary and i we were devastated trying to go around and get this out. >> weer we are going to come up with more. robert durst arrested. how do i get hotel deals nobody else gets?... i know a guy. price-line ne-go-ti-a-tor! i know this guy... konohito... and this guy... who knows a guy. hey guy. i know a guy in new york, vegas, dallas. i've known some guys for decades and some, nice to meet ya, let's deal. my competitors may know a guy, but i know over 60,000 guys. and gals. exclusive hotel deals
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>> welcome back to our special coverage of the arrest of robert durst. let's take more look at robert durst's amazing admission at the end of "the jinx" this evening. rl >> we were speaking with the brother of katherine durst
7:54 pm
robert durst's first wife. you were saying that you were clear that robert did this when he started throwing out her medical books, her clothing. >> all are the personal effects. jammed the custodian for being building on the east side called up and said i can't get rid of the garbage. turned out to be the clothing books and medical books. went into the west side the riverside place all of that was bogus. when kathy met him she loved him. she met the caregiver's heart and it manifested itself so many times over she wanted to be a nurse it went south she wanted to get along the way she thought maybe i could get the issues and get behind his personality and help him. his abuse escalated. i have done a lot of reflection
7:55 pm
on his abuse. it was emotional, it was verbal. it was intellectual. it was psychological. it was economical and eventually it was physical. >> six levels of abuse and often times multiple levels of the same time. >> let me ask you a question before and wrap up on the panel. that's one of the reasons i was fascinated by the case. she was in medical school i was in law school. domestic violence is something i fought against. did the durst organization the durst family one of the most powerful families of new york city help you your family in your quest to find your sister? >> they never made it. >> all right. i have one minute. anything you want to wrap up with? lisa? >> i think there's a lot of stuff that happened prior to susan's murder that is going to help a lot the prosecution in
7:56 pm
this case. it all happened really fast. you had open the case that's in november 2000 pheiffer days later he rents a crapy apartment in it galveston he gets a marriage license you have the wedding on the 11th the murder on the 23rd. that's a lot. >> charles thanks so much for being with us this evening. that's it for us tonight. thanks for joining us. remember to friend me on facebook follow me on twitter judge jeanine. see you next saturday night. they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm... amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. in a work, work, work world...
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from new york. they shake the earth. they believe they're holy warriors. >> they started shooting at us from all directions. >> there's nothing holy about them. >> if a girl refused sex, they would rape her. >> the evil known as isis tonight. >> they tied them to a chair threw water on their bodies, and attacked electrical cables to them. >> this this house right here 18 members of the family were killed. over there 30. >> can they be stopped? >> to defeat them is very possible. >> is america doing enough? >> how do americans and other


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