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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  March 22, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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getting over the romney loss in 2012, but says he's determined not to go out on the losing end. that's it for today, have a great week and that's it for fox news sunday. there's two developing story we are watching right now, let's begin with the big news in politics, texas senator ted cruz is expected to become the very first person from either party, republican or democrat, to declared he's running for president in 2016. a life report on that minutes from now. plus reactions from the fox news political insider. first it's crunch time for the ongoing nuclear negotiations with iran. we are inside ten days to a deadline for the deal. but the talks set to begin this week secretary of state john kerry said progress is being
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made but important gaps remain. and cia director john brennan says deal or no deal the u.s. will ensure that iran will not be able to make a nuclear weapon. watch. >> there are a nibub of things the united states has available to it to prevent iran from getting a bomb. president obama has made it very clear that we are going to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon, they are going on the track to obtain. so they decideif they decide to go down that route, they know they will be in peril. >> so there's some good reasons to doubt what he just said why? >> it's based on iran's outright cheating on its nuclear -- >> if people pierce through the
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weaponization aspect and the ballistic missile aspects of iran's program are not even part of this deal. there's now talk how we're going to observe the uranium mines and track what comes out of them e. what about the uranium mines in venezuela. >> iran came out and said that his government would not capitulate to america's demands. and the crowd chanted death to america. so now with nine days before the latest deadline to hammer out a frame work for further remarks, a wide gap may still exist. the administration is feeling huge pressure to cut a deal before the end of this month. secretary john kerry said where
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the b-51 partners are meeting, positions don't get any easier has time goes by. >> first iran used the word pressure, then you just did, a lot of pressure the administration is feeling coming from congress right now. >> and if anything the pressure is only building stateside as support builds for legislation that would allow congress to sign off on the bill and the bill is distasteful to many members of congress. >> we keep moving from our position, the p5 plus 1, so there's a concern that the administration cares about making a deal versus the right deal. i think you know one of the things that brought iran to the table were the congressly mandated -- >> if the administration turns to thein' to lift iran's sanctions all a part of this
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deal. >> very interesting, it flows right into what's making news right now, doug, always good to see you. so right now we know that it has wrapped up, emergency meeting at the u.n. about yemen. and our military just pulled out all the special forces on the ground in yemen, evacuated as that country does a death spiral into chaos. remember yemen was touted by president obama as a success story. now according to the obama administration there is no longer a military or dip ehlolomatic american presence there. iran backed sunni rebels now control more than one-third of that country. those iran backed rebels vowing to push ahead against forces still low to the pro u.s. president, of course they ran
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him out of power in capital city a month ago. >> reporter: that's exactly right, everything you were saying yemen is on the edge of civil war and a peace agreement is the only option that will keep yemen from sliding into further saychaos, becoming like iraq, syria and libya. jahmahl benemar speaking at today's unsecurity council. saying little progress has been made warning a war between both the rebels and president hadi would only benefit terror groups like isis and al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, this coming just two days after isis a sunni group took credit for their first attack in yemen, suicide bombings at a shiite mosque killing 137. >> emotions are running extremely high.
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and unless a solution can be found in the coming days, the country will slide into further violent conflicts and implication. >> today's u.n. meeting coming at the request of president hadi as iran backed rebels continue to take control of the country, but the u.n. security council was backing president hadi and demanding they give back governmental institutions or face further measures. >> it seems that the -- it's just paper right? >> that's exactly right. it's not a law binding resolution, and the rebels have ignored similar u.n. statements before. today the rebels taking the third largest city in yemen, taiz, the rebel leader promising
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to push troops to aden where president hadi is based saying international dialogue is leading nowhere. al qaeda is taking advantage is seizing the city on friday leading to the evacuation of all u.s. special forces. >> you're talking about how those houthi rebels might not reach aden. they are really recruiting that way. brian, thank you very much. again, the headline, america evacuating all american special ops from yemen, and they were there to fight al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. that's the very same group that claimed responsibilities for the attack on the paris offices of "charlie hebdo." that includes the 2009 christmas
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day underwear bombing attempt on board a flight to detroit. homeland security chairman mike mccall says our -- >> we have no intelligence footprint or capability to monitor what aqab and aisis are doing in the region. without that intelligence we cannot effectively stop it. >> but that division of al qaeda, isis the islamic state, the savages also claiming responsibilities for the deadedly explosions at the mosques last wooerk that killed 140 people. rick gunnel is a fox news contribute for. let's unpack this, let's start with the united nations on yemen and we'll get to iran in a second because we have to. we have pulled out diplomatic, a we're out of yemen right now. what do you think of this u.n.
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statement? >> let's summarize, yemen is in chaos, that's where aqap is. we have a civil war between saudi arabia and iran and we have a bunch of diplomats on the upper east side of new york who had an emergencies meeting together and they issued a piece of paper, they said this is bad, it's like throwing up their hands and saying what do we do? there are no solutions in this. you are right about the online version of this it would have been better if they all started tweeting to be honest nobody has seen it for a while. it's really just a press statement. it's atrocious. >> who listens to the u.n.? and i don't say that lightly. are the rebels really listening to the united nations? >> there are some people that listen to the u.n. here is the fact, i think it's worse to gather a whole bunch of people together and then pretend like you're doing. >> oh boy. >> you haven't done anything. it's actually worse because you
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give people a false sense of hope. >> okay let's unpack this a little bit more. because we start as well with the news of iran, and how this ties in because the houthi rebels are iran backed. if you look at that seems like the iranian footprint is spreading, i know isis wants to spread, but iran is spreading too. >> we have an al ely in the saudis and the saudis are not happy about this. we need a policy that takes our allies and our friends that helps us push our policy in the region. we're not doing that. remember the saudis threw their hands up and said we're not going to be a number of u.n. if the americans are going to be on it. this is the exact country which is our friend who should be blunting the iranians or at least helping the u.s. blunt the iranians. >> you mentioned twitter,
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they're reaching out and they're talking about is this impending deal. because i want to stick to iran. it all leads back toer eriran. they're tweeting if the united states doesn't lift sanctions, we're not doing a deal. well, there is congress. the president can't unilaterally do some of that. they want to separate what's going on in iraq, they want to separate out what's going on in yemen, the iran backed rebels. yet they still want to says that they're doing a deal with us and other western allies. >> remember that the iranians really don't care about the u.s. sanctions they care about the world sanctions so it does matter by getting the u.n. security council too weaken the resolutions. the current resolutions that are in place the majority by the beneficiary administration. this obama deal allows the
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iranians to enrich some uranium, so this deal that obama has cut, the president obama has cut is weaker than the u.n. deal. they're goeg to have to go back to the security council and weaken it. the iranians love this. >> what's the point? >> the point is that to the iranians cannot deal with the current demand saying stop enriching all of your uranium. i don't understand why president obama doesn't just say, you have sanctions, you have u.n. resolutions already on the books, just comply with thoirzse why are we weakening the current resolutions just because iran can't deal with it. >> i was trying to see if we could put up a tweet from the religious leadership. sanctions are ineffect tiff i threatening to sanction or
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military action won't scare iranian iranians. >> they're really having a heyday with our weakness. they've got us on the run and now in yemen, they're right there and we are fleeing out of yemen. >> talk about the timing of that. >> timing of what? >> of what's happening in yemen and the fact that you've got this deadline coming up. >> thor rainians that we're negotiating with in againgeneva are right in the middle of us in the -- if they go to geneva and say do you want some help in yemen to let up on the violence? we're going to look that as a positive thing and probably give up more in the iranian resolutions. >> real quickly aqac unchecked what kind of world does that lead us into. if they're allowed to grow
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unchecked -- >> it's an absolute threat to every siggal american, because aqac has the money, and they have the desire to attack us and they will. >> rick grinell great to have you tonight as we deal with all this breaking news. a number of potential white house hopefuls are testing the waters, now one is ready to jump in feet first. texas senator ted cruz has announced his intention to run for president. i'm harris faulkner, this is the knocks report. congestion. better take something. theraflu severe cold doesn't treat chest congestion. really? new alka-seltzer plus day powder rushes relief to your worst cold symptoms plus chest congestion. oh, what a relief it is. here we go!
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mouths are watering, and stomachs are growling. or is that just me? it's lobsterfest... lobster's largest variety of lobster dishes all year. double up with dueling lobster tails. or make lobster lover's dream a delicious reality. but hurry this won't last long. . well, are you ready for campaign 2016 to kicks off? making him the first white house hopeful to officially enter the race, and by jumping in, he's apparently skipping the usual step of creating an exploratory
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committee. he's expected to make that announcement at liberty university in virginia tomorrow and our own adam housely following the story from our west coast newsroom. adam, the big question is the timing on this, why so early? do we know? >> there's a lot of people who have their theories on this. the presidential campaign speech has already begun you can make the argument it never really stops, it seems to always continue these days. but a lot of people you talk to on the republican side of politics say he's been talking about like a presidential candidate, he's been giving opinions like a presidential candidate ever since he was in the senate. he's been getting attacked as if he's a presidential candidate, he might as well just run anyway. so that's' what he's doing. he's expected to start his campaign immediately and instead of starting the whole exploration committee thing, he's going to jump past that formality. his speech tomorrow is expected to detail some of the plans and the themes he will start his campaign on some are critical
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that cruz is jumping in with a little bit too much confidence, others say that might play well with vetters showing his confidence to lead. >> senator cruz is clearly showing that he's the right person, that he can be decisive and that he can make decisions an he's ready to rumble. he's ready to get this campaign started and present his ideas and see where it takes him. >> the other republicans expected to jump into the fray include jeb bush scott walker, rand paul, marco rubio, and that number could reach as many as 12 republican candidates it all depends how it goes here but tomorrow on the list is going to be at least apparently senator cruz. >> hillary clinton, first a delay maybe she would announce in july now she's moved it up potentially in april. >> the "boston globe" came out
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today and they put out a little segment that we pulled for you that kind of explains for you how some of the democrats in the northeast are urging senator warren to run as a second candidate. democrats would be making a big mistake if they let hillary close to the presidential nomination and as a national leader, massachusetts senator elizabeth warren can makes sure that doesn't happen. that's from the "boston globe" editorial board today and they are urging as others are senator warren to get in. at this point harris elizabeth warren has said she's not going to run. >> okay, adam good to see you. >> and the pressure's there too. >> absolutely, be sure to catch everybody senator ted cruz tomorrow night, he's going to sit down with sean hannity for
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a helicopter has crashed into a home in orlando. authorities tell us one person died who was on board the chopper. it's not known if that was the pilot or somebody else on board. the crash caused major damages to those homes. a massive cleanup is under way after a train carrying an industrial solvent derailed in a neighborhood. the now thousands of gallons of
4:25 pm
can tam contamination they're now trying to contain. texas hazmat is working the skaeng for a second day in the central region of the state where 12 freight cars derailed saturday, one car leaking we're told no one was hurt, the cause of the derailment under investigation. florida, terrifying moments for eight people trapped on a carnival ride in lehigh acres the ride got stuck and they were left dangling upside down and sideways. the last person rescued was up there for nearly two hours. they all made it down safely. investigators system a faulty hydraulic 3u6r7 is to blame. california, the marine mammal center in sausalito is very busy these days, many of these sea lion pups are suffering from malnourishment.
4:26 pm
a recent change in ocean -- garth brooks singing the praises of sports, he and some top athletes spent some time at his denver ball field, but garth says it's not just about teaching them team work. >> when these kids leave here if they feel like they have something to contribute, that's the most important thing. we'll peel back the political curtain as we do here on sundays as the first person from either political party to formally announce, he's ready to get in senator ted cruz and just how frosty as the relationship between president obama and prime minister benjamin netanyahu become? that word's just thrown around a lot. we'll tell you what it really means when friends and allies are not hitting it off. hit us up on our fox and social media pages twitter and facebook. have bayer aspirin. i'm not having a heart attack, it's my back.
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natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs. billions in tax revenue... and a new century of american energy security. the new energy superpower? it's red, white and blue. log on to learn more. a we hit the bottom of the hour, a man hunt is on the way for a gunman who took the lives of 23 people. tunisia's president now says his country is at war with the extremists who carried out this attack. the facility in riyadh as well as two others had suspended all consular rrksr services.
4:31 pm
and seven children were killed ages 5 to 16 their little bodies are are being flown to jerusalem where they will be buried tomorrow. the mom and sister of those children remain hospitalized in critical condition. senator ted cruz in texas is first out of the gate in the race for the white house of 2016. will no doubt we will be watching on monday when he announces his bid tomorrow. we always love to have you on our fox news social media pages pat cnd here at home baste, john, former republican congressman for new york. good to see you. john, i want to start with you since we talk about what's been
4:32 pm
making news tonltsight and where we started with yemen, let's start there. the u.n. held an emergency meeting a little while ago, i don't know if you heard rick grinnell. he said the worst thing is that nothing got accomplished and they're trying to make us think something got accomplished. >> we have such a vacuum in the middle east because this president has basically abdictated the traditional role of leader of the free world. he's obsessed with this quest to bring tehran into the community of nations to make his mark i'm talking about president obama his mark on history. he thinks it's the equivalent of nixon going to china. he wants to be the guy to bring iran back which i think the free of us are unified in saying
4:33 pm
that it's a tragic mistake. >> all right, we'll talk a little bit more about yemen but i wanted to touch on it quickly. senator ted cruz jumping into the race, and gentlemen if you'll allow me republican getting in very early in front of potential democrat hillary clinton. >> i think the president of the united states is not even being talked about yet among all the people that are talking politics. i don't think it's any of these prom innocent people the more prominent they are the worst they're doing in the bombs. you have all this money, $100 million to be given to jeb bush, but the voters don't want him. focus groups find they don't like him, they don't like his positions, they don't want him. and he has a disease that richard nixon talked about that is fatal in american politics. he's boring. if you look back at the tv era, the boring guy loses to the less
4:34 pm
boring guy. every race happens this way, mccain was boring, he loes. romney was boring, he lost. we aren't really evolving in this race yet where someone is stepping forward and speaking to what is bothering the american people. there's only one person on the political spectrum that's even talking about it. >> who? >> elizabeth warren. she's the only one who's seen as caring about the average american. >> you know you're a republican, so people might be confused. >> so ted cruz is jumping in in what looks like the head of an exploratory committee, that's odd, but does it work? >> he's doing because he needs to. we're in a situation now where the two front runners are ben carson and scott walker, not getting much support, so he's
4:35 pm
got to jump in and try to jump-start his campaign. but john was talking about the largest problem republican voters are angry, they don't really like any of the candidates that are running and carson, and walker and to a lesser extent rubio represent basically sort of fall back positions for people who projected candidates like jeb bush, who are engendering great support from donors very little support at the grass roots level. but harris we can't underestimate the extent to which the american people are angry with both parties and the lack of leadership in washington. >> do you think it's okay for him to jump in this early? >> i think it's fine that he jumps in early. it's always better to be one of the first or one of the 15 it will be in april announcing. but we're dealing with a much bigger issue. the republican party is split
4:36 pm
between it's donor class and it's base. we seen in congress that the leadership is working with the democrats, boehner is the conservatives are unhappy. there is a basic sense that it's not just liberal and conservative, it's blirmt establishment anti-establishment, which is the dominant theme in all these elections. both parties have vulnerable, and we're not just going to talk about the democrats, i think the republicans are waiting for a real insurgency and it's a question of whether they can get a candidate who envisions that and can then draw from everyone. >> let's talk about the democrats now. him clinton has hillary clinton has moved back and forth. but i want to put upz some words on the screen from president obama. you're talking about conserve venn si, but what about the democratic party? i think the american people they're going to want that new car smell, they're going want to
4:37 pm
drive something off the lot that doesn't have as much mileage as me. wow. you brought up elizabeth warren. >> i brought it up before. but i think that -- and doug was the first pollster to the conduct polls in iowa and new hampshire. just elizabeth warren versus hillary. if elizabeth warren were to run, i think the three of us saying she could beat hillary on the left on all the vulnerabilities that hillary has on grubbing for minute, sucking up to wall street. but she's not running. >> wouldn't that be good for the republicans as well? because that gives you two really stark differences what are your thoughts? >> i think the elizabeth warren the democratic party looks like to me 1967, linden johnson can't be taken on, he will win, robert kennedy wouldn't run jean mccarthy did and linden johnson was out of the race in 60 days after new hampshire. i believe that right now, the
4:38 pm
problem with elizabeth warren is she wants to be a political force with the leadership of the party, to the minute someone stands up for the country and runs against this tired woman for something something will happen. jerry brown was so dynamic this morning, he said he would have run if he were 10 years younger he would run, he was so not political, i thought oh, my god, jerry, don't worry about age, it's a whole new era. but somebody should do this because she's the pinata looking for a pin. >> ted cruz only has to beat hillary, she's very boring. i think's talking to you, john. but doug, i want to talk about that. hillary, does she have no car smell? is she exciting? is she anti-boring. >> she has yet to prove that 124e has the new car smell as you know, they reconditioned new cars and try to give them the new car smell. by what she really needs, and i
4:39 pm
think this is the serious point, she needs a message, a strategy going forward, a set of ideas and principles that give people the idea that she has something new to talk about, some fresh ideas, leadership on the economy on jobs. and on income and equality. so far we have yet to see it. but look, she'sworking assiduously i have every reason to believe that she'll make it. >> tell me some of the positives, about senator ted cruz as he jump into the race. >> ted cruz is very courageous, i think he speaks his mind, he's way out there on expressing his opinions. i think that's good he's going to liberty university to do the announcement, which means he's really courting the religious right which is a key part of the republican party.
4:40 pm
my doubts about senator cruz's campaign is can he grow beyond that slice of the republican party? and so far i haven't seen that he can. >> yeah. and i want to say -- >> and he gets that attention point that we're talking about. go ahead, pat. >> and i think also he's the only candidate that kind of played with corruption. there's something else going on. you have a country that basically wants neither of these parties as they are done. they want more choices. this week, a group of the peter ackerman is punishing, almost 50 prom in effect americans democrats, republicans independents took on the question of the rigged debate. it's the beginning of a movement to open the process and if these two parties fail, it is more open than 1992 was for ross perot and that's the politics that no one in washington seems to get. >> that seems like a good place to end this. thank you very much. we have more with the u.n.
4:41 pm
reporting progress in the nuclear talks with iran. the nation's supreme leader who has the final say in all. he's kind of got some ancient ways of running things but he tweets. he's calling the negotiations a fraud. we showed you a little bit of that earlier. the fox news insiders will come back and we'll get into it deeper, twitter, our fox news facebook page, get in on them, i want to include you in the conversation. are you still getting heartburn flare-ups? time for a new routine. try nexium® 24hr. the latest choice for frequent heartburn- and get nexium level protection. ♪
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4:45 pm
ours. >> #isis. >> earning this president has done, he has been in bed with them since day one, hen he didn't support, after the riots in the streets after the riggeds elections back in 2010 and he wants nothing, he wants to the detract from his allies, to watch while he took over yemen, the revolutionary yard score which controls iran's nuclear program, has said they're not going to they're totally opposed to this deal, they're the ones taking over and opposed to this war in iraq and their leader, they have killed thousands of -- the gulf states are terrified and this president is either totally naive and we are being fed a lot of bull on this as we will all finding out as john will tell you, kerry's desperate for a deal for reasons
4:46 pm
john can explain and obama will do anything even if it destroys the interests of the united states. >> doug, what options does the republicans have and really what options are there to stop this from going forward? or maybe the president will just walk away? >> well there is the option of passing legislation now that says that any treaty with iran has to be ratified by the senate. now the problem is the president has made it very clear he'll veto that legislation so we kneed 67 votes in the u.s. senate to override the veto. that being said, it's a very high bar to overcome, especially has made very clear there will be retribution against any democratic senator who opposes them. >> john? >> the first story today that senator bob menendez will be indicted this week by the-for
4:47 pm
saying that the became mrgts is taking their talking points to iran. and the other thing that's a disgrace leading up to this agreement, the obama administration has removed iran and hamas from the terror watch list so they're no longer listed as threats to this country. that's ridiculous, the capital of international terror isser rang. this is the kerry playbook. >> you think this is going to happen? >> it's done. and he will sell out. >> why is he tweeting? >> he's playing to his hardcore base, but the reason they need a zeal deal is their economy is a bask case from the anations we have put on them. we have these guys on the ground with our heel in their neck and we're lifting the heel off and not getting anything for it. they're giving them what they want, so that kerry can win the
4:48 pm
nobel peace prize and obama can say i have changed the middle east and the world will be much worse off because of this thing. >> and kerry can run for president. >> i said that there's some indications that he might try to look at that. what are your thoughts? >> let me make a point, because that was really john's. i no no one whoever runs and loses does not want to run again. that's why al gore is thinking about it. but relating to what john said, in the tweet, the ayatollah today was out chanting "death to america." they have nonplan plans to observe this agreement the sanctions will be lifted what i'm telling you, they have no intention of making a deal. i don't care what bob woodward
4:49 pm
says, protecting obama, he. >> i'm going to let him get the last word. when we come back, benjamin netanyahu the brand-new of course still prime minister of israel crossways with president obama, what is that going to look like going forward because he's back in air force and they're going to have to talk to each other. iran came here to tell president obama and congress not to go for this deal we'll talk about their relationship when we come back. and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? with cialis for daily use, you don't have to plan around either. it's the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions
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4:53 pm
why to you say that? >> because i worked with john kerry on the p.o.w. in vietnam. secret deals that he doesn't tell anyone else. phony inspections that he daze says, oh, yeah, we're looking. all eyes all done to get the bottom line to get the deal at the signing ceremony to get the nobel peace prize to run for president. you can't trust him. i don't trust him. this thing is bad news. >> this is the kind of thing that israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu had warned everybody including the president of the united states about, doug? >> absolutely harris. very important article today in "the new york times." quickly. the president instead of congratulating the prime minister basically attacked him for having, in his words, ended the peace process a peace process that hasn't existed and will not exist with the palestinians who are dedicated
4:54 pm
to the destruction of the state of israel. so obama is doubling down on the strategy pat and john have talked about and candidly to bet on iran to bet on syria is the cruellest and most dangerous thing this president could do. >> you know the bottom line, #bottomline, i'm going to come to you, pat, about the danger. iran backed these rebels in yemen. we're not learning that, we knew that. now we've pulled out our military, our special ops. we've closed our embassy. potentially it's more dangerous than not to do a deal? >> it is more dangerous. isis is threatening families of service men. the president basically -- this is a president who ran for re-election saying you know, you can keep your doctor. you know, lie about that lying about that al qaeda was destroyed and with joe biden saying blacks should be put-back in chains.
4:55 pm
everyone knows rhetoric. the president is using this for an excuse because his pettiness. he's warning of netanyahu's hatred but his lack of support for israel. i'm going to tell you -- >> we're running out of time we'll be back. >> the democrats have to face the choice. ght, so this tylenol arthritis lasts 8 hours but aleve can last 12 hours. and aleve is proven to work better on pain than tylenol arthritis. so why am i still thinking about this? how are ya? good. aleve. proven better on pain. introducing the new can-am spyder f3. with a cruising riding position and the most advanced vehicle stability system in the industry...'ll ride with a feeling of complete freedom and confidence. visit your can-am dealer and test drive the spyder f3 today.
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so funny on twitter. i let pat finish. he kept talking through the commercial afl. i want to get in tweets. lcdr 1970 finishes i prefer a governor not a corporate leader talking about cruz and talking about senator ted cruz and some of the others who could potentially get in. what's your thought on that? governors usually do pretty well. >> i think no matter what it is, doug said it pretty well, we've all said it on other shows, the message is the key here. nobody yet running has a message connecting with the american people. >> we don't know. maybe we'll hear it from ted cruz tomorrow. then we've also got randy belay.
4:59 pm
don't republicans need to nominate a general election candidate who can also win evangelical. >> that would be nice. the last great leader we had, the republicans, reagan had a foot in the evangelical camp. what was the conservative or tea party and the establishment. why not bring them altogether. none of these candidates can bring them altogether. >> also what i'm seeing on twitter, doug, i've seen quite a few of these, quite a few tweets who say hillary clinton is a clinton. they don't want a clinton or a bush. what are your thoughts? >> well hillary is polling extremely well. she's well ahead in the democratic primary when you don't look at iowa and new hampshire where it's much closer and she ahead in the general election. what you're pointing out, harris, is the reality. there's a lot of doubt on the democratic side as well as republican side. a desire for a fresh face as
5:00 pm
"the boston globe" said today. i think if elizabeth warren gets in, it's a big if she wins the race. >> thank you for joining me, i'm harris faulkner. a world record car collection. >> he just kept going. he never stopped. >> his goal was to have one of every car ever made. >> a maverick driven to leave a mark. >> he went to a wrecking yard auction bought the whole wrecking yard. >> his family plans to carry out his plan. >> there was a thought of dread relief, enthusiasm. >> love it. feel the hair throwing. the top down. >> but can they fulfill the patriarch's dieing wish? >> none of us wanted to be the one who said we split all this stuff up. you don't want that car oil on your hands.


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