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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 25, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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ill see you all again tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. if you you can't watch live set your dvr and watch. go to gretawire, there is a bergdahl poll i want you to vote on. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> sergeant bergdahl is charged with one count of article 85, desertion with intent to shirk important or hazardous duty. >> the army finally making a statement about the bo bergdahl investigation. he will be charged with desertion not good news for president obama. we will have the inside story. >> how long was this guy -- he is he a climate change denier. we cannot have a president of the united states who is a climate change denier. >> the far left continuing its jihad against ted cruz and conservative americans in general. tonight, we'll continue our reporting with bernie goldberg.
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>> also ahead, momentum building for the movie "killing jesus," which debuts next sunday talk with the man owho plays. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪. hi i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. sergeant bo bergdahl will be charged with desertion and other crimes. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. finally today, the army clarified the bergdahl situation, he will be charged with two crimes after leaving his unit in afghanistan. >> sergeant bergdahl is charged under the uniform code of military justice with one count of article 85 desertion, with intent to shirk important or hazardous duty and one count of article 99, misbehavior
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before the enemy by endangering the safety of a command unit or place. >> it is the second charge endangering the safety of his fellow infantry men that is the most serious. if convicted, sergeant bergdahl could get life in a military prison. the first count of desertion carries the maximum penalty of five years in prison. both charges, if there is a conviction, mean a reduction of rank, forfeiture of pay which in bergdahl's case could be more than $300,000. the army's decision today is an acute embarrassment for president obama. you may remember last may the president met with the sergeant's parents at the white house trumpeting the deal he made to secure bergdahl's release from the taliban who had held him for nearly five years. the prisoner swap was 5 to 1. five top taliban commanders for bo bergdahl. those terrorists will soon be released from supervision in qatar. free to return to the afghan battlefield, free to kill americans if they can.
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from the beginning, many americans thought the deal was bad for the country. but the president and his ache lights acolytes disagreed. >> certainly anybody held in those conditions in captivity for five years has paid an extraordinary price. that is is really not the point. the point is that he's back. he is going to be safely reunited with its had family. he served the united states with honor and distinction. >> another embarrassment for ambassador rice. because, according to the army, bo bergdahl did not search with honor and distinction, instead may spend the rest of his life in prison. if you are a supporter of administration, what do you say now? what do you say? it is long past time for americans to stop the ideological nonsense and see things for what they really are. mr. obama made very serious mistakes in foreign policy. the entire war on terror is going against the good guys, us, and the other jihadist nations. the mistakes must stop.
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the president must see the terror threat for what it really is and aggressively try to defeat it leaving u.s. troops in afghanistan for the time being is a smart move. negotiating a tough nuke deal with iran would send a very strong signal and actually unite the country. so i really hope mr. obama and mr. kerry will achieve that and present it to congress. in the meantime, bo bergdahl is a man in crisis and the obama administration totally botched the whole thing. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, inside story on bergdahl. joining us from washington lt. colonel tony shaffer point man bergdahl case for the factor. you predicted medicine march for a decision, just a few days off. what happened behind the scenes? >> behind the scenes we talked about it a little bit last week, bill. there was horse trading attempts. the horses didn't get traded and i think you would have probably heard this last week had the prosecution side, the army side decided that the deal had been taken. it wasn't. and i think the army had no choice but to do the right
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thing. let me say that i'm very proud of the army for basically not buckling to the presidential pressure to make this quietly go away. so i think what you have seen here, bill, is this situation play out albeit glacially, wanted to go through this linear foot of documentation. god bless him for doing it we have gotten the answer which i think is appropriate regarding the factual circumstance. >> just to recap, when we spoke last time, the army is trying to make a deal with bergdahl's attorney -- >> -- trying to get. >> a civilian, to try to plea out some of this stuff so there wouldn't be embarrassing trial for the army and the obama administration. apparently the counselor for bergdahl said no deal, we will take our chances at trial. now what's going to happen is the members of bergdahl's unit are going to come in and say, hey he put us in danger. some of our guys were killed searching to for him. >> that's right. >> bergdahl will be convicted and could very well be sentenced to life in prison if the testimony is
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that strong. >> in addition to that bill, there is intelligence -- this is the rest of the story. i think one of the reasons the army went with the article 99 charge which is the misbehavior before the enemies there is strong intelligence evidence that says that he did more than simply walk over to the enemy. let's be blunt. he gave aid and comfort to the enemy by his presence there by the fact that he was able to help the taliban leverage the release of five taliban leaders. so that cannot be underscored in any such way other than to say this was as bad as it gets. >> all right now, i don't want to speculate and i don't want to convict bergdahl. he is innocent until proven guilty in this country. he will get his day in the military court. >> right. >> was i unfair to general mille? because i pounded him for taking far too long to come up with this decision because we knew what the evidence was. everybody knew what the evidence was. he had all of it together in october. we put intense pressure on the army, as you know. so i don't want to be unfair to the general. do you think i was? >> i think the army, once in a while, needs a kick in the
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pants. there is nothing wrong with having due diligence thrust before upon the leadership to say we're watching you. be honest bill, god bless you for staying ahead of this. had it not been for you and the factor pushing. this look, your staff was on top of, this asking me questions all the time is there anything new? if not for the pressure you could take the chance of this kind of quietly going away, going off the radar. and so a critical time. this is back on the table, bill, the same time we now have the taliban five leaders being on the cusp can of being released. which now needs to really put pressure on congress to do the investigation they have already started to look at the other options president obama had before him. as you point out in your talking points memo. there were -- this was a bad decision. president obama had better options. and he chose to go with this one instead of the better one. >> it's so embarrassing for him. we're glad we put the pressure on the army. because i think that the folks all americans and people around the world had a right to know -- >> -- that's right. >> what was done in their name. >> absolutely.
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>> remember, president obama does these things in our name. we elected him. and we need to be protected. and when you let five top terrorists out of prison, for a dubious swap,. >> right. >> now we know it was a swap for a guy the army feels actually killed some other service people searching for him. that's the key. >> bill, that's the key. the taliban are going back three of them are already in contact with taliban compatriots in afghanistan. we are still in contact with the enemy. this is bad. >> they are all going to go back? do you think these guys are going to open up a used car dealership in kabul? look at them. they will all be back and all directing operations and this puts everybody in danger, including military people. >> they're going back as rock stars. >> good job. >> great, thank you bill. >> now we will go into the trial mode. >> yes, sir. article 32. that's right. >> next on the rundown the left continuing to attack ted cruz in very personal ways. later, miller on pot for pets.
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and a mccallum on killing jesus. factor is coming right back.
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see how new york can grow your business and create jobs. visit fact for follow up segment tonight. the left crazed over senator ted cruz running for president. >> the bottom line with this guy is he is a climate change been denier. we cannot have a president of the united states who is a climate change denier. is he a gay denier. is he a woman's right to choose denier. listen, i'm sorry and i am going to take pot shots at him because you know, he may not have been at the charge, but he didn't stop the charge. >> it's not fair enough. a climate change denier. it is foolish and unfair foolish and unfair to believe a person is not
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qualified for higher office if their conscience tells them that life begins at conception. or that the facts do not prove man made global warming. you don't have to vote for the person. but to diminish them as unqualified is ridiculous in the extreme. joining us now from miami, the purveyor of bernard mr. goldberg. are you a climate change denier? >> actually, i am. but i don't want to get into that right now. >> so you see where i'm going with this thing. >> yeah, i do. >> it used to be okay we don't like you because you you have opposite views. now if you have opposite views you are evil, you are a bad person you should be in a leper colony some place. >> look. liberals, of course, aren't going to treated cruz fairly. you are on to something important here. if he is for -- if he is pro-life, he is going to be portrayed antiwoman. if he doesn't buy al gore's version of cataclysmic global warming, then he is
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portrayed as a neanderthal. politically, bill, if liberals were smarter, they wouldn't bash ted cruz. they would praise ted cruz and go easy on ted cruz and hope he gets the nomination. because, if he does get the nomination, say hello to president hillary clinton. if you don't believe me, ask president pat buchanan who like ted cruz ran campaign as ideologically pure conservative. so today it's ted cruz who is in the crosshairs. but when he fades as he will, there will be another republican boogie man they put in the crosshairs and that person will be portrayed not because of his simply because of his policies, he will be portrayed as a dope or a bigot or both. so today it's ted cruz, tomorrow it's going to be another republican. >> right, but i think you are short changing cruz a little bit. ronald reagan was a
5:15 pm
doctrineaire conservative and he won big. >> big difference. >> what difference? >> can i do this in five seconds or less. big difference is ronald reagan had an immense ability to bring people together. ted cruz like barack obama, is a polarizing figure. >> what if he stops doing that? what if he says, listen, you know what? i'm going to change my style and try to convince you philosophically that my belief system is better for the country and here is why. >> i will cheer him if he does that. i will cheer him if he does that. but i will betcha he doesn't because he is constitutionally, i think a kind of guy who thinks like obama, by the way. he thinks he is the smartest guy in the room. he is a polarizing figure. and like obama, he is an ivy league guy. and like obama, he is -- you know he is a minority. and unlike obama who the media loves they hate him.
5:16 pm
and they hate him only because of his politics. >> that's right. they don't know who he is. >> but that's the interesting thing. in so many ways he is like barack obama. and yesterday you read a piece from an editorial in the "the washington post" in 2007 that said putting your political feelings aside we should be excited about barack obama. well why don't you put your political feelings aside and be excited about ted cruz. >> cuban american, half cuban and coming on -- good point. all right. so let's -- i want to throw one question at you about bowe bergdahl. this story didn't get a lot of play in the big newspapers and on the network news. it was solely driven by fox news channel. and i think demonstrates the power of fox news channel because finally, we got some clarification here. >> yeah. i mean, i don't know, bill don't get crazy here but i don't know to what extent the general watch fox.
5:17 pm
>> believe me, they knew. >> okay. and in any case, you are absolutely right. that fox news ran with this story because it was a legitimate news story. and i want to see how the networks play this story and i want to see how the "new york times" plays the story because it may be one thing to want to bring even a deserter back home. but trading a deserter for five taliban commanders does not make the president of the united states look very good tonight. >> no. well tomorrow on the factor, we will tell everyone how the network news and the morning shows covered bergdahl. how much time they gave to it. and how the urban newspapers like the "new york times," the "the washington post" where they put it. i predict the times will put it on a-18. that's where it will be. i could be wrong. it could be on the front page. probably now after i said it to make me look stupid they will put it on the front page. bernie goldberg everybody. truth serum. why did president obama turn down the meeting with nato.
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truth serum segment tonight. beginning with nato which stoplight ton burke from norway requesting a meeting with president obama this week. the president said no. >> for three days the president can't make a half hour at some point. >> if you you have seen the president's schedule over the -- certainly over the day yesterday and over the course of the week, the president's schedule is pretty full. i would anticipate the secretary general's schedule is pretty full. the president did just meet with him last fall in whales. we willn touch with him about a presidential meeting. >> just last fall. meanwhile putin running
5:22 pm
wild. this whole thing seems pretty strange to me. joining us now from washington shannon bream and here in new york city eric shawn both fox news correspondents. if the guy wants a meeting. the secretary general of nato and putin is sending jets over the baltic states why would you not meet with the man. >> you have got netanyahu. it means you don't meet with him. in that news conference ed henry asked. earnst denied they weren't making phone calls and not responding. in his news conference he was asked by a german radio reporter send a political signal when the president of the united states cannot spare some minutes to meet with you? well the guy is a veteran diplomat. he tap danced around that they will have a meeting at some point. >> maybe when putin marches into france. maybe have a meeting then. it really doesn't make any sense, does it? look, we know the president
5:23 pm
is busy. but the secretary general requested it. i'm coming to washington. can you give me a half hour, i want to brief you or whatever he has got to say to him. and now he is going to go to the secretary of defense right? he got shunned off to ashton carter. >> earnst did say the president had a full schedule. today he had a meeting at 10:330. another meeting at 11:00. 4 and a half hour break on the public schedule. a meeting at 3:20, 1 at 4:45. >> maybe he could have taken a four hour break. >> i didn't have a break today, sean, i was all over the place promoting "killing jesus." if the secretary general wanted to meet with me. >> they did have a joint news conference together in 2009 in oslo. that was when president obama won the nobel peace prize. >> i got it okay. let's go to you, bream. according to my information, in the homeland security department, there is mini controversy because something favorable was done for terry mcauliff who is the governor of virginia, a
5:24 pm
democrat. hugh rodham hillary clinton's brother and our pal harry reid, out in vegas, what did the the homeland security department do for them? >> well, an inspect general report says that the now number two guy at the department, back when he was heading up citizen and immigration services he expedited some visas that were attached to request from a number of wealthy donors and top democrats. and in adecision to those you named, ed rendell, former pennsylvania governor as well, the inspector general says no laws were broken but there were sirous issues, serious issues, ethical issues and concerns about it. >> i don't know what expediting visas mean. what does that mean in english. what did the guy do? >> he is accused of giving favoritism. special fast tracking status to some of these things that were either denied or delayed. they are allegations that he spoke with terry mcauliff before he was the governor and mcauliff complained to him that he was trying to
5:25 pm
get some of these wealthy donors and businessmen to be able to come here to the u.s. he wasn't getting it done. and. >> mcauliff and reid and hugh rodham wanted people overseas who invested in whatever they were doing, whether it be business or running for office, to get into the united states i guess on a plaintiff's exhibited visa because anybody could come here on a travel visa. but i guess they wanted to stay here or whatever. so they asked this guy to get them the special visa. is that what you are saying? >> that's true. and that he is accused of going around the normal channels, fast tracking and getting those things done in a number of these cases. now mr. miorkas who is number two at the department of homeland security says he repudiates the allegations against him. he disagrees completely with the report but that he quote will learn from it. >> he will learn from it, everyone. and it's tony rodham, all right, not hugh rodham? it's tony rodham who had a business that he wanted the thing in. i'm glad he is going to learn from it and i think we
5:26 pm
have all learned something as well. >> yeah. and josh earnst today said at the white house that this proves the system is broken and it needs to be fixed. >> learning all around for everyone. >> learning is an educational experience as is the factor. thank you very much. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. the man who plays the nazarene in killing jesus will be here. he is a muslim. that's pretty interesting. later miller and maccallum the d man on pot and pets. the mother charged with a felony. wait until you see why. hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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personal story segment tonight. playing the part of jesus. not an easy thing to do. this coming sunday 8:00 and 11:00 p.m. on the national geographic channel "killing jesus counties will day debut. a actor playing is a muslim. i talked to him this week. you were raised in lebanon correct. >> correct. >> lebanon is a interesting place big christian community as well as the muslim majority. when you were growing up as a muslim, did you know anything about jesus? >> oh, yeah. absolutely. we celebrated christmas. >> you did? >> oh, yeah. and i knew not so much in details about his teachings and what he stood for until later in my life. but i always understood his presence in my life and in the world and the importance of his presence and how he affected people. that always got from a very young age and how he influenced the world in such
5:31 pm
a positive and powerful way. >> let me follow you. what is your name? judas he he is. >> bless jesus. >> when you interviewed for jesus. there were a lot of jesus before you. there was the surfing jesus. surfing hunter, king of kings, blonde hair blue eyes. they called me and they said well you know is he a muslim? i said would jesus hire him? >> jesus. >> how could you you know me? >> it's an honor for me to be in this position. and when i told my mother the first thing she said bless you, my son, for playing our prophet, peace be upon him. >> for yours is the kingdom. the power, and the glory forever, amen.
5:32 pm
>> amen. >> i was heavily influenced in his teachings. i had many people whom i was guided by in that process and when i found out that i got the part. i only had but excitement passion, and love and i couldn't wait to get there and like start working on it, you know. and filming. in terms of preparation. i also liked i read your book, which was fantastic. and i -- the screenplay i thought. >> you did a nice job adapting the screenplay. and you brought anger to jesus, which i think some people are going to be surprised by. >> this is the house of god. >> this is my livelihood. >> when you summoned the anger in the scene where you go into the temple, your demeanor is not of a peaceful guy. you are really wanting to right this wrong. what are you thinking about? >> he was playing the game. he was very clever man.
5:33 pm
and he, when he went into that temple to do this he did that for a purpose a reason. >> oh, sure. >> he was trying to fulfill the prophecy. not just entirely him being reactive. it was al planned and plotted in his mind with no judgment towards humanity and everything about it when, you know in terms of like the story itself. if you really want to ask me the essence of it? it's a story about love and also a story about celebrating us humans what we are capable of doing for one another. >> it's also celebrating a story about revolution. >> about revolution. >> he wanted to change society. >> but who does revolutions? humans? >> two other scenes i want to pinpoint for the people who watch the story on sunday. couldyou turn at one time and you call him a viper. >> those are the council of the sanhedrin a generation of vipers. >> he chose to be human on the planet so when you cut
5:34 pm
him he is going to plead. when you punch him he is going to feel the pain. in no way would this be different from many being human in all other aspects in that journey from his humanity into divinity. so in no way would that then you can separate, you can say oh it's okay for him to feel pain but it's not okay for him to react that way. that would be judgment on humanity itself. >> um-huh. >> he didn't do that. >> no. and he laid out what his belief system was and obviously to this day, 2.2 billion people. final question. very affecting scene with lepers. and it's a tough seen. >> tough scene, yeah. >> thank you. >> he never saw people as weak. he never saw a sick person as weak or incapable or a prostitute. he treated everybody as powerful why? because everything that god creates is magnificent including humans. >> everybody is going to be talking to you about how does that change your life. >> i think for me just
5:35 pm
walking away from it as personally to try and attempt every day to live and love and let love. >> you are going to incorporate some tenets of christianity into your own life. >> absolutely. many of our tenets are in all other religions. i'm not really religious. i'm all about being inclusive of all people. jesus had the ability to do that. >> the temple is god's glory. >> god's glorious love. >> fantastic performance,. >> thank you very much. >> thanks for coming in. >> absolute pleasure to meet. >> you if he is not nominated for an emmy, they have got to close the emmy thing down. hello again killing jesus, the movie, this coming sunday 8:00 p.m. national geographic channel. when we come back miller time. ted cruz pot for pets. the d man is next.
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5:40 pm
enemies. before first blush i would have to say i like him. because everybody who hates his gutses seems i love to see pissed off. i'm happy about that if they're supposed to say to me i'm not supposed to like ted cruz because he shut down the government. hey, i dug that, too. let's find the stupid sob who restarted the government. that's the guy i don't like right there. i think though he has a rough run here. they will go after him. they won't be happy until he is in a dracula cape hosting creature feature on tell monday doe late on saturday night. i met cruz not long ago at event in texas for bush 41. he came up to me and he said ted, you know, they are going to troy to destroy you, if you want to get them off your back, i have one simple hint for you. come out tomorrow and say you are here illegally. nobody will know what to do with you at that point. >> a canadian born in canada. as we researched that won't matter because his mother was an american and so he
5:41 pm
is. >> listen, at this point i would vote for sire cruz over hillary clinton so whatever they want to do. >> nevada you know, interesting state. and now there is is a lawmaker there who wants to pass some kind of legislation that would provide medical marijuana for pets. so i'm not exactly sure what kind of pets need pot. >> look at this moron. what else are you going to do when your name is tic except pass pedestrian -- pet legislation. he thinks he matters. tick, get out of here. i wish there was a spray for you. you know, something, billy. if all the dog's owners are going to be stoned. why shouldn't the dogs get stoned too? the guy is too stoned to take you for a walk. you know something, cats? they have been stoned for decades. every time i look at cats laying there looking at me with that look, i know they are on the weed. so, why not? i think everybody should get stoned. it's the future of the country. >> everybody must get stoned.
5:42 pm
isn't that bob dylan? everybody must get stoned. something like that. >> even dillon at some point is going to go whoa, i didn't mean it where are the adults? tick. >> i have some fish at home in a little tank and they are asking me for medical marijuana, the fish are. and i'm not exactly sure how to deliver that to them. i don't really know how to get. because if you put the cigarette in there it gets all wet and you can't smoke it. >> listen, here is what you do. you put a chunk of hash in the little scuba guy's thing. when the bubbles come out the fish get loaded. >> is that right miller? see you actually thought about this. >> make sure you use mexican gold hash for the gold fish. >> you have actually thought this through, miller. >> i am trying to make a buck. i'm trying to make a buck off the end of the culture as we know it. >> all right. starbucks saying look, we are not going to demand that our baristas talk about race. unless al sharpton, of course, comes in. we are not -- we are
5:43 pm
abandoning that program, and you say? >> i was in there today and they are still writing all sorts of hakus on there. i got my cup and it looked like gary's golly mask when he played for the boston bruins. i said to the guy behind the counter i want to rap with race. if you you persist i have to call the cops. they moved on to the next thing. howard schultz is another idiot. he had to go on the road and do the odd couple with tick out there from nevada. have you ever seen howard schultz the way he treated people of seattle the time it was time to sell the supersonics. intellectualizing compassion. they want to rap you about it day-to-day life when it comes to treating people with civility. schultz sold that team to oklahoma city like that. he could care less about human interaction. all of a sudden i'm trying to get a joe and fly out the door, i have got to sit down in a smoke lodge and have a dream circle can some kids
5:44 pm
about race. everybody should wake up. the country is going to hell in a hand basket and we don't even manufacture the hand basket anymore. >> well, i can't argue with that. so i have -- and i have always been this way. i go to duncan dunkin' donuts. it's impossible to have a discussion about race there when i'm getting doughnut and coffee because the clerk usually does not speak english. i don't know what they are saying no matter what. >> i'm so screwed up now i go to the naacp headquarters and ask for a cup of joe they don't know what i'm doing either. >> kind of divert it around. all right, dennis miller, everybody. one footnote miller and i looking forward to spending a few days in new mexico bringing the don't be a pinhead tour there to the santa ana star theater rio rancho, saturday, april 11th, great time to be in the land of enchantment. tickets 95% sold out. it's a big room. want to see it, you have got to move it martha maccallum on deck. mother of three charged with
5:45 pm
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back of the book segment tonight did you see that in albuquerque, new mexico mother charged two felony counts for allowing middle school daughter to fight another girl. >> a student at taft middle school shot this cell phone video of two girls in a very violent fight. deputies say the two had argued earlier in the day before things got physical, a teacher tries to break the two up but is punched and pulled to the ground in the process. all this while deputies say one of the girl's mothers just let the fight continue. she is a one in the striped hoody here. they say nicole moreland appeared to be cheering and
5:49 pm
encouraging her daughter to fight. >> here now to explain further, fox news anchor martha maccallum. so what is she charged with? >> i wish i could explain this further. it's unbelievable. it's a middle school. she is charged with child abuse. charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. she stood there you can't hear it that clearly on the tape. she is basically cheering her daughter on as these two rip into each other 13-year-olds in middle school. they had disagreement earlier in the day that led to this. another teacher that is trying to pull them off of each other. she is doing the right thing while mom is standing there cheering them on. >> cheering them on. felony charges. serious. probably bust it down to misdemeanor. >> she has a long rap sheet. arrested 10 other times. mostly minor offenses. one of them is battery. domestic abuse charge as well. that was dismissed. but she is going to have to show up. she could get 18 months to three years. >> she has two other children. >> she has two other children, correct. >> this is a dubious mother? >> yes, she is out on bond.
5:50 pm
>> we see this though a lot. we see kids girls, young girls physically -- is there a reason for this, do you think that this is -- >> you know, i think. >> didn't see that in the past as much. >> twisted, everybody sort of wants to be the video is everywhere. this goes up on facebook. she got cheered on by her friends as well. you know, obviously. >> she got negative attention -- >> -- exactly. >> there is a lot of that. whatever you do is on the internet and then some kids, you know no matter what it is think cool. i saw you in the theater lincoln center. we had a big preview monday night killing jesus. a or 600 people in the audience. there is maccallum. i know you have to get up 3:00 in the morning or something to prepare for hemmer. >> i wanted to see the movie and really concentrate on the movie from start to finish. and it was really i'm so glad i did. because it really was so well done. and it's -- obviously it's an extraordinary story which we know. retelling of it is done in a
5:51 pm
beautiful way. all shot in morocco. i know you have been talking about it it, the actor i got to meet him as well who played jesus. he was really good. tough to play jesus. >> i saw you talking to haas. i think he was impressed with you. he didn't know who you were, of course. >> of course he knew who i was. he watches my show every morning. he wasn't too clear on who you were. >> until i had to sign the paycheck. >> oh he, yes mr. o'reilly. is he great. >> you saw the movie. there has been a lot of jesus movies as we pointed out. the king of king is the the first one i saw and that was jeff ahunter who was born in a manger in malibu california. i mean, the guy couldn't have looked more nordic. so we more nordic. so we kind of try to get the realistic. i get a lot of mail from people say can my 10-year-old or 11-year-old watch this movie? because it is a little intense in some parts. what do you think? >> i think so. i think there's a lot of brutality in it, but you know what, the story of jesus and of the times he lived in are very
5:52 pm
brutal. >> yes. >> and i do think it's important -- you know, kids see so much violence in the world today that i never miss an opportunity for my children to see something that will teach them about history and teach them what life was like. the other truly scary thing that is in this movie you see crucifixion, you see beheadings and you see stonings. what does that remind you of? >> yeah, today it's going on -- >> i think it's going on today and i think it's really important for kids to see this story. >> how much flak am i going to take on monday because some very re religious people are going to say this was just history, you didn't have any miracles. you didn't have a lot of the theology we respect so much. and you're a bad guy, o'reilly, for not having that. >> the fish miracle's in there. >> well it's not exactly a miracle, but it is an occurrence. >> it's an occurrence. exactly. but the part i was waiting for in the movie was during the
5:53 pm
crucifixion when the clouds sort of come over. there was no huge sort of storm moment at the end of the crucifixion. but i think there's actually a lot of religion in it because it teaches about love. it talks about what christ -- >> certainly from his point of view. >> absolutely. but i think it's fascinating. you talk about the fact a muslim actor plays jesus. and jesus is mentioned many times in the quran. >> he's a prophet in the quran. >> all these religions i think helps people understand what we're talking about. >> the word christ is never mentioned in the movie because that came after jesus was executed. when he was alive nobody referred to him as christ. that came after. glad you liked it. thank you for staying up late. >> congratulations. everybody watch sunday night. >> "the factor" tip of the day about your money. i'm going to intrude on your money. the tip moments away. ♪ nexium 24hr. it's the purple pill. the #1 prescribed acid blocking brand. available without a prescription for frequent heartburn.
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5:57 pm
ronny, odessa, texas. bill o'reilly, i'll be glad when you're gone. you're not alone, ron. big bear lake california. you told kirsten powers being dumb and stupid are the same. wrong. dumb is when you don't know any better. stupid is when someone knows but still does the wrong thing anyway. nice analysis. florida, my heart skipped a beat. for once someone stood up for teachers. thank you, bill. you're welcome, troy. i'm a member of your crew. guy newport, rhode island. o'reilly, you said you would find out if colin powell and condoleezza rice signed the exit statement from the state department. did i miss it? the state department says they have no record of the exit statements. both mr. powell and ms. rice say they signed everything they were given. but we don't know if they were given the exit statement and the state department doesn't know. chaos. william, california. o'reilly, your book and movie "killing jesus" is a
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word of the day no ingannation on bill o'reilly. ms. megyn is next. the spin stops here cause we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, just months after the president celebrates the return of a u.s. soldier held hostage and ultimately traded for five top terror leaders the army announces that soldier is being charged with desertion and more. and tonight the political fallout is getting dramatic. welcome to a busy night here on "the kelly file" everyone. i'm megyn kelly. then-private first class bowe bergdahl went missing in 2009 disappearing from his post in afghanistan and then appearing in a terrorist video. a shaky bergdahl is released but came with a controversial price as not one but five taliban commanders were released from


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