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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 2, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> that may work. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. this is a fox news alert. tonight, no specifics. that is promised june 30th. there is a framework for an iranian nuclear deal. and meeting with some skepticism from both sides of the aisle. just hours ago negotiators in switzerland understanding outlining limits on iran yawn program. congressional republicans and democrats will continue to press the obama administration on the details, the specifics of those limits. fox news correspondent leland vittert joins us. leland, what's the deal? >> it seems like, greta, on the face of it, at least, the united states gave up a lot to get even this agreement about making a deal. it's possible it could all fall apart by june 30th. that's when everyone has to
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agree on something other than vague language and principles. president obama's rose garden speech sounded like a victory lap. the nitty gritty of the deal is very different. point by point the u.s. appears to have caved on one core principle. minutes before the president spoke, the iranians themselves declared victory as foreign minister said he felt good when he was in switzerland. even hit back at the united states and its fact sheet. a few of the key points, while both sides agree to inspectors, the idea of snap inspections at any time at any of iran's facilities off the table. and while at one point the president of the united states talked about iran disassembling their heavy water react tore. fortified underground nuclear enrichment facility and advanced subtri fiewdges iran gets to keep all of those, even under this framework. all of of this comes with a policy against iran becomes increasingly complicated as we are fighting both with and against iran in syria. with them in iraq. against them in yemen and
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now working together in a sense with this framework. the president's victory here at home may be short-lived. not a guarantee. many on both sides of the aisle up on capitol hill say the most important date is april 13th. that is when the senate returns and, could of course, pass legislation, making all of this discussion a moot point. >> how much work is to be done between now and june 30th? we have this framework that is so vegas that it doesn't mean anything or are we close to getting all the details? >> it seems as though the divide is so huge. think about how long we had to go through negotiations. how many times there were just to get a few points that both sides can't even agree on what those points mean. now comes the nitty gritty. how long do the inspectors have to give the iranians as advanced notice before they come in. exactly what happens to this enriched uranium? exactly what kind of centrifuges can they come? all sorts of areas this could fall apart. >> the no snap inspections
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that means where they show up. to me that is the most telling because iran has lied and, of course they don't want snap inspections because we may show up and see something. >> exactly. not only have they lied about what they're doing they have lied about where they're doing it it's not like iaea international inspectors can take their helicopters and fly anywhere. satellite inspectors show there may be a problem. iranians can be doing this and living by the letter of the agreement in one area and doing whatever they want in the other area. so much this agreement is based on the thought that the u.s. knows everything that iran is doing. that is a heck of a gamble. >> stay tuned. anyway, leland, thank you. >> thanks, greta. >> israeli leaders are not happy about the deal the general framework with iran. prime minister benjamin netanyahu warning the deal will leave iran just months away from being able to build a nuclear bomb. former u.n. ambassador john bolton joins us. your assessment of this framework? we don't have the specifics but we have a framework.
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>> well, i don't think so we have a framework. i mean, a framework implies something that all the parties have actually agreed to. and looking at the statements and the documents that have been issued today, i can only see one to which more than one party has affixed its name. that's the joint eu iran statement, which is short and vague to say the least. everything else is assertions by the parties of where they think things are are. and i think as a practical negotiating matter, what that means is everything is up for grabs again in the next three months. i think that's exactly what iran wanted. i think it just buys them more time. you know, we have been directly or indirectly negotiating with iran for 12 years. 12 long years. and we're still negotiating and the centrifuges are still spinning. >> all right. suppose that president obama likes what he he sees on june 30th u can he go alone or is this a treaty and go to two thirds ratification as the constitution says or should he get some sort of
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agreement from congress? i know they are the ones that have to lift the congressional sanctions but does he have the authority to make this deal himself? >> well, politically he would probably be better advised to get cooperation from congress but constitutionally it's far from clear. look, scholars count things in different ways but there's no real dispute that since 1945, over 90% of the international agreements that the united states has entered into have been executive agreements of one form or another. the senate has receded from its constitutional responsibility. that's a problem they have helped create and it's very hard to get it back in one step. there is no bright line between executive agreements and treaties. this will be, as professor corwin, i think it was said, an invitation to struggle. >> what do you think tonight that prime minister netanyahu is saying to his closest advisors? >> he is saying we have been
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sold out. the americans have given iranians everything they have wanted. they have given them more political legitimacy. legitimized their uranium enrichment program with whatever constraint you want to put on it is the long pole in the tent for a would be nuclear proliferater. it's all based on two incorrect assumptions. assumption number one we know everything we need to know about iran's nuclear program today and assumption number two we will know everything they too for the next 10 years. those are both false. when you start off with foundations that are that flawed, it's only a short time before the thing falls apart. >> we have a map up showing iran with all of their known facilities, i should add. known, they have hid some before so i don't know if there are more on that map that we don't know. what did we get out of this deal? >> well, i think we really got very little. i think the president has other objectives in mind here, and i think if congress wants to focus on what to look at with this
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deal, it ought to insist that all parts of whatever understandings there are with iran be made public. not just what the perm a plus germany have agreed with iran. are there other agreements? is there an agreement to take them off the list of state sponsors of terrorism? is there an agreement to establish full diplomatic recognition? in other words, is there a cuba deal here? >> i mean, is it possible there is a deal to take them off the state sponsors of terrorism and that would not be included in what they publicly disclosed as of june 30th? i mean do you think they would try to slip that one in? >> look, the deal that is announced in the -- we shouldn't call it a deal. what was announced in geneva today was the result of the negotiations between the perm 5 plus germany and iran. they don't have any role, the rest of them in our bilateral dealings with with iran. i think it's at least congress -- it's worth congress asking the question are there other issues on the table? the terrorism issue, diplomatic recognition, other strayed restrictions
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that we have been discussing bilaterally with iran and something that you contemplate doing in the near future? >> so what happens? congress comes back the 13th. they have some chatter and talk about they fire some words back and forth across the aisle. some democrats don't like it though. and then along comes june 30th, and then what? >> well, i'm not sure that on june 30th we won't still be negotiating for another parameters of another joint comprehensive program. i think that what iran wants here is relief from the economic sanctions for obvious reasons. but they are not prepared to give up anything significant on the nuclear program. and i think this -- these various statements that have been made today show they haven't given up anything significant. >> if the u.n. gives up its sanctions, but the u.s. congress sticks to the guns on their own, i mean, that's essentially giving iran everything it wants on the sanctions. doesn't that sort of bust the sanctions that the rest of the world doesn't have sanctions? >> yeah. i don't think pounding our chest and saying we are
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going to impose more u.s. sanctions really accomplishes much. the only way the economic sanctions can be effective is if they're re comprehensive, they are universally applied and they are rigor russly enforced. european countries are bending over backwards already to get rid of these sanctions. countries like russia and china have helped iran evade the sanctions ever since they were put in place. and i think we've got to recognizance that the very fact of these negotiations has encouraged people to think that the sanctions are coming down and that's encouraged them to evade them already. >> ambassador, thank you. >> thank you. >> so while secretary of state john kerry spent hour after hour working to get a nuclear deal or plan or framework, what about the american marine and how about the american christian pastor both held by iran in their worst prison? what about american bob levinson the former fbi agent missing in iran for nine years. here is what secretary kerry said today. >> i'm not going to go into
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any details except to say to you that conversation is continuing. we have a very specific process in place to try to deal with it. and we call on iran, again, today, now, in light of this, to release these americans and let them get home with their families. we're working on that, and we will continue to be very focused on it. >> and joining us marine veteran and talk show host montel williams. nice to see you, montel. >> good to see you, greta. thank you for making america aware. >> actually, i got you on to do that. secretary kerry said we have a very specific process in place to deal with this. do you have any idea what that means? he is talking about the christian pastor. talking about the marine. i mean, what does that mean, the specific process? >> we have no idea. it's the same thing as the president said in his speech. this deal meets all our key objectives. would not getting an american soldier back out of the grips of a terrorist
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country that is torturing him, be one of our objectives? >> along with the others. so i don't really understand what that meant, look, i am, again, it's really pompous of me to think that the state department needs to call montel williams and tell him what they are doing. listening to me talking to you. what they do need to do don't call me, tell the american public what you're doing. the american public needs to understand since you and i started talking about this, greta, there have been 18 million impressions of people in america looking at the story. that means america wants to know how dare we he make a deal, and even contemplate signing one in a month without bringing our citizens home. i don't get it. >> well, this marine has been held 1312 days. i don't think i got into it until 1310, shame on me. you have been in on this much longer. 1312 days and the american people are not focusing on or the american media not focusing on the fact that a u.s. marine is being held,
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former -- he is not active duty but in a prison there is, to me, is stunning. now, i understand the problem of trying to get americans released with this nuclear program, but at least give us a hint that you're paying attention to this. >> look, how about doing us a favor and give relief to the families. do you know the families weren't called before this information was passed. so, when they heard the president say all of our objectives were met, they may have thought for a second that we were releasing our prisoners, but that didn't happen. secretary kerry just made his statement a little while ago, still to the day, amir's father is dying. the president has gone to see the pastor. no one has gone to talk to this dying man. amir, right now, all he wants, listen to me, we want, again, #free amir now. we want to let the government grant amir a basic request to go see his grandmother who is also ill right now. take him with a guard and let him do that then, let's be sure that america understands that this man doesn't even have access to
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a consulate. he hasn't season a counselor. he has no red cross access. please, give this soldier just the dignity of life. we give it to these guys down in gitmo. >> his family released a statement. they said he was first sentenced to death. the trial took place behind closed doors without this marine's knowledge. no legal counsel to present a defense and, of course, we have representation in iran. i mean, and his father is dying of brain cancer. i mean, at least someone -- is no one even calling his father and having a conversation and saying at least we are trying to get your son back? >> no one has called his father. maybe one underling at the state department. this is something that secretary kerry should do. he is a marine. >> pick up the phone. >> the reason why you are able to fly over and negotiate is because of the lives that our boys put on the battlefield and give us the right to do this. so, i don't want to hear it anymore, please, this is just a simple request, first off. i want everybody, again,
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#free amir now. and then any comment you can make to say, iran, let him have at least a geneva convention right to the red cross. are we crazy? please. >> and, of course, also, there is pastor abedini. >> yes. >> who is a christian and he is being held because he is a christian. and bob levinson, former fbi agent. i have been talking to his wife for eight years. and no information about him; bob levinson being held in iran. look, i don't think it's easy to get these people back, but i do think it's easy to pick up the phone and have conversations with them from the state department or the president of the united states and say look, we are trying. >> and after you try, we should be putting more pressure on -- i don't care about these negotiations. the pressure right now should be the geneva convention allows the red cross to come in and check a prisoner of war. he, right now, is being held as a prisoner of war because of what he did in iraq. i say let's make sure iran holds up to at least the geneva convention.
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it's not going to prove anything. what it's going to do is give our country the dignity to know that we don't leave a soldier behind. period. >> montel, thank you. and i hope the american people, you know, i hope they join with you. thank you, montel. >> yes. thank you. >> this is a fox news alert. tonight three terrorist suspects, all-american citizens, two men, one woman are all under arrest in the united states. arrests come in two separate cases of terror plots. targeting americans both here in the united states and abroad. fox news correspondent david lee miller is live at the federal courthouse in brooklyn. david lee? >> greta, two women from queens, new york, former roommates, allegedly inspired by al qaeda and isis wanted to set off a bomb in their quest for jihad. a homemade bomb here in the united states. the women were in court today, the building behind
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me, federal court in brooklyn. the defendants, 28-year-old noel and 31-year-old asia. they are charged with conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction. according to court papers the women told their plans to someone who turned out to be undercover officer. one of the women were quoted why we can't be some real bad bitches. >> she also talked at length about the boston marathon bombing and joked about pressure cookers including one that she received as a gift and that it can be used, for among other things, cooking food. valencia why people were traveling overseas to engage in jihad when there were more opportunities for pleasing allah in the united states. her co-defendant, sedeki was in possession according to the criminal complaint of multiple propane gas tanks as well as instructions how to transform them into explosive devices. she would not reveal to the
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undercover officer just how close she was to making a homemade bomb. the criminal complaint says that sediki had repeated contact with the arabian peninsula. she also had contact with samir con. a deceased al qaeda leader. he wrote an essay at one point, an essay entitled how to make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom. both of the women now being held without bail. if convicted, they could face life behind bars. and also, in the same courthouse today, in brooklyn, new york, just about an hour or a few hours earlier in a separate case, texas-born u.s. citizen mahmoud alpha reek appeared. he allegedly tried to travel and did to the federally administered tribal region of pakistan. that's an area with close ties to al qaeda to undergo training to undergo jihad against american troops stationed in afghanistan. the court documents say one of the men he traveled with helped to training three others who were later convicted of trying to bomb the new york city subway
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system. now, the question remains how did he become radicalized, according to the court papers, greta, he listened to lectures by the now deceased propaganda anwar al-awlaki. he faces 15 years if convicted of the charges. greta? >> david lee, thank you. and this is horrifying. today's two terror arrests, three different instances, raise fears that more and more americans are joining isis. >> they were arrested before they did anything. at least before they harmed anyone but, you know we are hearing more and more nights that we are reporting here that americans are joining isis or al qaeda. what's your thought on this? >> well, i mean, these are u.s. citizens, but self-radicalized. in the case of the two women, they considered themselves to be citizens of the islamic state. they were attending a mosque on long island in new york. they were intending on using pressure cookers.
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they obviously don't have the best interest of america at heart. as we witness the expansion of isis in the middle east and europe. he we are reminded that if we don't defeat the threat overseas that we will be facing it here at home. they had the propane tanks in their possession when they were arrested. they asked the informant for copies of tests, magazine articles for instructions on how to build an auto bomb. it's clear they had every intention to use an explosive mechanism here on u.s. soil. so, you mentioned the good news is that we are foiling these plots before it's too late. the bad news is that we keep on seeing more plots to be foiled, left and right, as isis sympathizers plot to target the homeland. >> all right. so is there anything congress can do to try to put the lid on this? because, you say there is no expansion of isis, but, actually, i consider an expansion al qaeda here someone has joined al qaeda and trying to do harm here. i realize it's not a huge
4:20 pm
expansion but one is too many for me. is congress able to do anything or i mean, are you able law enforcement? are you helping the fbi? giving them everything that they need? >> yeah. there is an expansion as we're seeing overseas and here at home. >> and it looks like we lost our feed to the congressman. my apology to the congressman. well, it's not just americans. the number of foreign fighters joining terrorist groups is growing and growing. general bob scales is here next to talk about that. plus, did you hear what is on the germanwings co-pilot's personal computer? that's coming up. simple questio: can you keep your lifestyle in retirement? i don't want to think about the alternative. i don't even know how to answer that. i mean, no one knows how long their money is going to last.
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you have americans who are going to join isis. >> some americans have been joining in this fight. >> the number of those seeking to go to iraq and syria is going up. >> they have a very robust propaganda network. >> they have us in their cross hairs. >> the fbi and their partners spending tremendous amount of time trying to identify those who want to travel to syria to fight. >> either traveled to the conflict zone or attempted to do so. >> we need to be more vigilant than ever. >> it is a dreadful fact. dreadful one. getting worse. u.n. report showing 25,000 people for more than 100 different nations are leaving their homes to join isis and al qaeda. that is a 71% spike in the last year. and as we report, just today three u.s. citizens, one man and two women arrested on terror charges here in the united states. major general bob scales joins us. good evening, sir. >> hi, greta. >> when you read this -- the
4:25 pm
associated press received this report from the u.n. and says that in the last year, mid 2,014 to march 2015, increase of 71% of people joining isis from foreign countries. >> yeah. it's amazing. and, oh, by the way, it's also important to note that over half the countries in the world, over 100 country ares have contributed young men to this fight. a lot of us thought that the bad news that was coming out of the battle for tikrit last week would have damped the enthusiasm for the migration of this fight. in fact, greta, it's had the opposite effect. turkish border officials say the flood libya and tunisia got that rush sharks the european union? as you have heard the united states and 100 different countries, young men are coming into the fight. and, look, these aren't nationallers, these aren't propagandists, joining the young men of isis to fight and die if they need to.
4:26 pm
no, this is no longer a regional conflict. this isn't about syria or iraq. this is a global phenomenon that goes from the atlantic all the way to the hindu kush. >> involves so nations in the middle east. absolutely phenomenal, greta. >> when you put up the map and you see it's growing night after night after night. and going in our direction. do i applaud though the fbi for making the arrest before these three did anything today. but, for the most part, we have got -- i mean, the numbers are staggering, so, what should we do? >> well, there is really, at this stage, there is nothing we could do. the fbi, i think, is doing a good job in these clandestined missions to, you know, to trap these terrorists before they do anything nefarious. but the problem. >> but, general, that's here. a lot of them can come here on their passports. a lot of them will leave here and come back. >> right. >> it's reasonable to have an expectation that this is going to get worse, when you
4:27 pm
see these numbers. >> yep. and it absolutely is getting worse as we speak. and, look, the iraqis and the syrians can't kill these guys faster than they are appearing on the battlefield. now, a weakness we used to think was the facts that isis holds territory. take back the territory. isis will begin to dessent great. in fact, the opposite is happening. isis is not a nation yet. it's an idea. it's an ideology. it appeals to young radicalized youth. most of them get their radicalization over the internet. and a 16, 17, 18-year-old kid who has no future in his life, if he lives in london or germany or france or even russia packs up and heads to war. and right now, given our commitment to the region, there is very little the united states can do about it, greta. >> let me just add the other day we had a report we had
4:28 pm
children leading christians to be executed. we had the report al qaeda, boko haram and isis are joining together and training. >> yeah. >> i sit here night after night and hear they're stuff and it makes your hair stand on end. general, thank you, sir. >> okay, greta. thank you. >> and straight ahead, the investigation into the french alps plane crash taking a terrifying turn. new evidence about the co-pilot just discovered. live team coverage from germany and france is next. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ] woman: [laughs] no way! that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro, you just don't know. cfp -- work with the highest standard. what would you like, apple or cherry? you're giving away pie? cherry. oil or cream? definitely cream. [reddi wip spray sound] never made with hydrogenated oil, oh, yeah... always made with real cream. the sound of reddi wip is the sound of joy.
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this is a fox news alert. disturbing new information about the co-pilot who intentionally crashed the germanwings a 320 plane into the french alps. today german prosecutors saying in the days leading up to this vicious act the co-pilot had researched suicide methods and cockpit door security. and mark hall lem joins us live from germany. good evening, mark. so he was busy researching, i guess the writing is on the wall what he was doing. >> good evening, greta. yes. this is from the düsseldorf public prosecutors today. they have been analyzing his recent internet history. browser history on a tablet computer in his apartment which was in düsseldorf as well as in the west of germany. it shows the 27-year-old apparently researching means of suicide and also medical treatment methods. one of his searches into ways of committing suicide the prosecution said was conducted on the monday of last week. so, one day before the crash. his past search entries also showed that on at least one day he was looking into the cockpit doors of the air bus
4:33 pm
a 320 and their security precautions. apparently he spent several minutes prosecutors did not say lubitz specific web sites he visited. as you say, he is believed to have intentionally locked his pilot out of the cockpit and deliberately crashed the plane. >> is a point of all this research, i mean, there has been no doubt in the last five or six days who did it. he did it. i mean, i realize it's investigation and we'll have to get a formal report. but now all this spra digging, is this simply to try to, you know, trying to find a motive? i don't know if at this point we even need more information, but i guess it's always important to get everything you can. but they are really digging. >> indeed, you are right. we are reaching the point now where many parts of this picture, i think, are clear despite the gaps that are yet to fill in. the discovery of the second black box, of course, raises some hope. the flight data recorder it
4:34 pm
is called if that is undamaged and has all of the records in it, it should record effectively everything that mr. lubitz entered from his co-pilot's feet during the flight which is a very strong hypocritical sis at this stage. >> mark, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> and in france prosecutors announcing that news that mark just announced just said the plane's second black box has been found. grn correspondent catherine field joins us live from france. catherine we now have the flight recorder and now this is new we have the data recorder. what are they looking for on that data recorder? >> exactly, greta. it was a 9-day search that it took for them to find this flight data recorder. what they want from that is to find out every bit of information data about this plane. that particular data recorder registers 500 different readings. it's going to know about position. it's going to know about speed, altitude. it will also know who moved which buttons when.
4:35 pm
in particular, they want to see who it was that deactivated the speed alarm in the cockpit. they think it was the co-pilot that did that. and they say that means they will know that he was conscious. he wasn't incapacitated in any way. what they are trying to do is to put this together with what they have got in the cockpit voice recorder and have a detailed analysis of pretty much absolutely everything that happened to that plane from the time it left barcelona airport to when it crashed. greta? >> has anyone come forward and said that he or -- mostly a he but he or she has been in at cockpit with this pilot or co-pilot or noticed anything strange or unusual about him in the past? certainly he has flown with other pilots. >> the only thing i have seen, greta, there was interview in the german newspaper where the pilot who had been in the co-pilot with lubitz a couple of days before he, of course, had
4:36 pm
said it was shocking afterwards in retrospect that he had been with this same man and that he had actually left the cockpit of the plane. that's the only information we had. he didn't go into that much detail but just enough to tell readers of this german newspaper that it left him cold to think about what could have happened that day. greta? >> catherine, thank you. and straight ahead, christians slaughtered. 147 christians slaughtered at a university in kenya. that's because they're christian. we will take you live to kenya next. plus i will talk to you off-the-record what i think of the iran nuclear deal framework. that's coming up.
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now to yemen with terrorists are overrunning a country. stormed a prison freeing a al qaeda leader. freed three other inmates. two prison guards and five inmates were killed in the clashes. and christians executed. because they are christians. news today that terrorists gunned down 147 christians at a university in kenya. one student saying if you are a christian, you were shot on the spot. the shooting spree and hostage siege going on for 13 hours. grn correspondent rudolph he will mental doppler joins us from nairobi, kenya. what happened today? >> it was very early in the morning. in kenya around 5:30. a group of four or five heavily armed terrorists entered the university compound after killing two guards and then they entered the premises of the university and they started shooting indiscriminately to the students who are just waking up and preparing for
4:42 pm
their lessons. and it's just because they were christians? >> it's not like that. but usually when al shabaab attacks, they make a difference between christians and muslims to create a bigger media attention, in fact. but they were shooting anybody there. but there are reports they were targeting christians, specifically by having people say muslims, if you fail then they shoot you. >> so, tonight, is there a huge response to try to go out and get the al shabaab terrorists? tell me what nairobi is doing. >> at the moment in nairobi it's 2:42 in the morning. so, most people are asleep. but the president announced that the security forces are on top of it to make sure to find out how this terrible
4:43 pm
attack could have happened, just under the eyes of the kenyon police. >> is there any suggestion that the policy cooperative in any way with al shabaab? >> um, it's not really, but it's not the first time in kenya an attack happens despite the security force watching what's happening here because in 2013 in nairobi in the capital, there was this big west attack where 76 people died. and now it just happened again. so the people in kenya are really disappointed in the security forces. >> indeed. rudolph, thank you. very tragic. straight ahead president obama took to the rose garden today saying the deal with iran is a good deal is congress buying it? the fight from the iran nuclear deal is far from over. our political panel is here next. >> listen up, greta talk is your new podcast destination. subscribe in on intunes,
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framework about iran's nuclear program has been agreed to. that's the story. and told by the airlines at major american newspapers and around the world newspaper headlines making all kinds of statements about this deal. in london, the "times" quoting president obama assures its readers that iran will never have a bomb. but a different message in israel the top story quoting israelis on the danger of the deal and another israeli paper, israel quoting israeli government official promising that israel will act on its own against iran if it must. but the jerusalem post calling the deal historic. and across the middle east
4:49 pm
to iran english language papers telling their own story. the tehran times claiming the removal of sanctions in the islamic republic news agency quoting iran's former minister calling the outcome a win-win. now dissecting the political impact right here in the united states the political panel "the washington examiner" susan father rich choo and "the weekly standard" john mccormick. there is the framework, i guess it isn't a deal. framework but also the political ram anyification. i know no one is home on capitol hill right now but what's the political impact. >> i think there is going to be a lot of push back. we don't know if the framework is going to be hold. immediately after it way a announced the white house put top iranian diplomat called it spin. we don't know what's in this deal. based on the best case scenario prime minister netanyahu cited in a phone call to president obama this afternoon that it's a threat to israel's very existence. so i think you are going to have a lot of people in congress pushing back against. this the "the washington post," which is usually somewhat friendly was even very critical said it fell
4:50 pm
far short of what obama had promised, iran doesn't close down any nuclear facilities. even in 2012 president obama had said that there was this fortified nuclear facility buried deep in the side of a mountain called fordo. he said, listen, there is no reason to have this for a peaceful program this is something definitely get rid of it. that's going to stay there. >> susan, i suppose, and i expect the foreign minister of iran to go back to iran and say that he won. both sides can't go home to constituents and say we didn't get a good deal. they both have to brag about the deal. that doesn't surprise me much. you know, capitol hill has not been -- you have got a lot of people who are not crazy about what they thought was going to be the proposed framework. >> this is a really pivotal moment now between now and the end of june when this supposed final deal is supposed to be completed. how far will congress go to try to put their stamp on it in other words, will they pass legislation between now and then that mandates that they have a final say in this deal?
4:51 pm
>> are they going to do that? >> they talk about it as though they will. when they get back the week of april 13th, as you said earlier this the show. they are going to be taking up legislation that would mandate that congress have the ability to review the deal and the ability to approve or disapprove the deal and lift the sanctions. congressional sanctions. >> why wouldn't they do that or why wouldn't they do that? i know why they would do that but why wouldn't they do that. >> a key reason they wouldn't do that is if they start losing too much democratic support they can't pass it why would that happen in the president is going to be lobbying very hard for democrats to not do that i think they want to come to some broader agreement, you know, about what kind of say congress will have so the president doesn't look like he is. >> let me read to you what mark reduv prime minister to it. this is a tweet. prime minister netanyahu to president obama a deal based on this framework would threaten the survival of israel. that says it like it is from
4:52 pm
israel. doesn't it? >> i didn't expect anything less than that. >> you are going to see a lot of concern on capitol hill from -- >> -- threaten the survival of israel? they tweet out that this is a conversation between prime minister netanyahu and president obama? >> well, the key here for them is still allowed to enrich uranium, they are still allowed to keep the fordo nuclear plant hidden for a long time. a lot in there not going to stop them from enriching uranium and eventually producing nuclear weapons. >> it shows how angry prime minister netanyahu is that he puts this out on twitter, something from their private conversation and he puts on twitter for the world to see and uses the words "threaten the survival of israel." >> very forceful. even the best case scenario that the obama white house is touting now we don't know he if that's true or not, listen, this is a nonstarter. >> it's the bad deal he said it was going to be when he came to congress earlier this month. >> panel, thank you. >> let's all go off-the-record for main. good deal or bad deal with iran?
4:53 pm
i bet you have heard lots of opinions and tonight you may have one yourself. it's too bad we don't have the all-important specific details. they don't exist. we only have a generalized framework and that's not enough to know if we have a good deal or a dangerous one and whether the world has been saved from a rogue nation gaining the ultimate weapon or if we have just been had by a history of lying no one wants iran to have a nuclear weapon because that would change the world forever and in the worst possible way. so while there are many skeptics to this framework and i understand why, we don't have the all-important details, let's not forget the words of a former u.s. president and at another very important time in history. >> trust but verify. [ laughter ] >> [foreign language] >> you repeat that at every meeting. [ laughter ] >> and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. and coming up a washington, d.c. lawyer murdered at
4:54 pm
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get ready to speed read the news. first, a motive in the murder of a lawyer at a fancy d.c. motion. last night we told you a 21-year-old woman was arrested for the stabbing death of david meserschmitt and today court records showing the woman told police she went to the hotel to rob him. now, according to the court records, messer smith had placed an ed on craig's list to solicit men. the woman answered the ad with the name chris. she and the victim ended up fighting and she stabbed him to death. and in new orleans, millionaire murder suspect robert durst appearing in court. prosecutors were requesting a delay in the weapons charge case against durst. but today a judge turning that request down. durst was arrested last month at a new orleans hotel. is he also charged with murdering a woman in california. and just a short time ago, indiana governor mike pence approving changes to a controversial new law, governor pence had asked lawmakers to clarify language in the religious objections law after it
4:59 pm
sparked boycotts of the state. revised legislation prohibits businesses from using the law as a legal defense for refusing to provide services based on race, religion, or sexual orientation. and, senator robert menendez from new jersey pleading not guilty to corruption charges. senator menendez is accused of accepting the nearly $1 million in gifts and campaign donations from a long-time friend in exchange for political favors. the senator denies it. and sergeant bowe bergdahl will appear in court on july 8th. his preliminary hearing will be held he in texas. sergeant bergdahl charged with desertion and more serious charge misbehavior before the enemy. taliban captive after walking away from his platoon in afghanistan. he was brought back to the united states as part of a swap for five taliban leaders. thank you for being with us tonight. see you tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. eastern. if you can't watch live use dvr and follow me at the twitter greta. go to my facebook page because i want you to do something special for jill tahmooressi who is the mother of the marine andrew
5:00 pm
tahmooressi. go to my facebook page and see what i'm talking about. we need to help her out on this. go to my facebook page greta van susteren is the name on that. good night from washington. it will be up in about 20 minutes. i have got to get it up first. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> there are no great religions. they are all stupid and dangerous. [ applause ] >> the attacks on religious americans mounting in the media. what should be done, if anything? tonight, ann coulter will weigh in. >> i have always conducted myself in accordance with the law. >> but the justice department says that's not true. and has indicted senator robert menendez on corruption charges. even as attorney general holder says he will not charge lois lerner in the irs scandal. we'll analyze both cases. also ahead, playboy magazine hoaxes the press and gutfeld and mcguirk on words you cannot use when reporting on hillary clinton. >> what difference, at this point, does it


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