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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 2, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

8:00 pm that is all the time we have left. i hope have you a gi happy, blessed easter. i'll see you tuesday from kentucky. that is a hint. see you then. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> there are no great religions. they are all stupid and dangerous. [ applause ] >> the attacks on religious americans mounting in the media. what should be done, if anything? tonight, ann coulter will weigh in. >> i have always conducted myself in accordance with the law. >> but the justice department says that's not true. and has indicted senator robert menendez on corruption charges. even as attorney general holder says he will not charge lois lerner in the irs scandal. we'll analyze both cases. also ahead, playboy magazine hoaxes the press and gutfeld and mcguirk on words you cannot use when reporting on hillary clinton. >> what difference, at this point does it make?
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>> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi i'm bill o'reilly thanks for joining us tonight. the war on christianity gets even worse. kenya, africa, five radical muslim killers murdered 70 people in a college at that country. at least another 75 were wounded. gunmen bursts into a christian prayer service, proceeded to shoot down the innocent worshipers. that comes after a mid march suicide bombing in pakistan killing 14 christians wounding 70 others. a few weeks before that, libya isis killers, beheading, 21 egyptian christians. so you can see christians are being slaughtered all over the place. here in the u.s.a., verbal attacks against christians are the headline. as we reported yesterday, some far-left people aided
8:02 pm
by a sympathetic media are now smearing americans who oppose things like abortion and gay marriage. no question it is open season on christians. >> there are no great religions. they are all stupid and dangerous. [ applause ] [ laughter ] >> and. >> all religions i think, sell you a problem and then sell you the solution. they remind me of the three stooges episode where they are exterminators but first they go to the house and plant roaches and rats. >> mr. mar a well known religion hater who is much' lionized by the mediaa free pass to bash people of faith. his antireligious movie got some negative reviews attacks on islam. viches behavior on christianity largely ignored in the press. a recent poll from the associated press is instructive. here's the question. in states where same sex couples can be married legally do you think wedding related businesses with
8:03 pm
religious objections should be allowed to refuse service to same sex couples or not? 57% say yes. they should be allowed to refuse marital service. 39% say no. 4% don't know. a public poll asks in america today do you believe that the right of religious liberty is being threatened or not? yes it's being threatened 54%. no, 41%. don't know 5%. so most americans get it even though the secular progressives have succeeded in putting people of faith on the defensive. perhaps the best example of this is the pizza shop in walkerton, indiana. the media went to the store, the owner said they wouldn't feel comfortable catering a gay wedding, a theoretical question as pizza, not usually on the menu at wedding receptions. well, all hell descended on the store as secular zealots threatened all kinds of things. >> i actually think what it shows is when you have a lynch mob underway and you have a number of people doing things that are purely
8:04 pm
symbolic that it's very hard to stand up to lynch mobs. >> once again the reason all this is happening is the lack of push back by american religious leaders. it is very rare to see any high ranking catholic cleric defending the faithful publicly. protestants are a little bit better but organized efforts to defend the christian faith are rare. therefore the antireligion people have a free fire zone to attack at will. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight reaction. with us here in new york city syndicated columnist ann coulter. you wrote a column today that says what? >> that says the media is subjecting us to a whole series of fake stories and we have a different hate campaign each week from hands up, don't shoot, fraternity rape at uva, going back to the duke lacrosse fake rape. hysteria over nuclear power and this week's hate is just happens to be on the christians. now, that is a longer trend
8:05 pm
as i described in my book "godless" it's christianity the left hates most of all. it's the foundation of our country. all of our freedoms come from that freedom of association. freedom of speech. this direct attacken on the christians and i agreed with your talking points memo i wouldn't put so much stress on what's happening in other countries. the rest of the world is assess pool of violence and atrocities. this is the most consequential nation on earth. the fact that these christians would rather get praise from the "new york times," nicholas kristof by changing bed pans of ebola patients in nigeria rather than stand up to the "new york times" and fight against abortion and fight against these bullies and i don't think it's gay bullies, i think it's as you call them secular progressives or liberals. the media, they are the ones who are trying to tear down this country by going directly at the heart of america which is christianity. where are the christians? and where are the republicans? i'm glad this mike pence isn't running for president. they are falling like toy
8:06 pm
soldiers. >> i spoke to karl rove last night and i said to mr. rove if the republican nominee for president wants to win he or she better start sticking up for people of faith. >> you're absolutely right. >> because, if they don't, then it's going to be the same old wishy washy, don't have the backbone to defend us. >> yes. and man of steel jeb bush back down. >> i don't want to. >> look they all have. governor of arkansas. >> governor bush sitting where you are sitting soon and we will see if he is going to back down or not. >> he did. >> but 80% of americans describe themselves as christian. 80% right. >> all right? however the 80% are getting thumped. >> yes. >> they are losing. >> yes. book. >> i what, 5% 8%? how did that happen? >> because these small town owners of pizza have more courage christian leaders and certainly the republican party. i mean, if the one thing a
8:07 pm
few days before easter it's worth mentioning besides eternal life with your creator the one thing every christian should have is courage. the most important thing in your life. eternity is already taken care of. go out and fight. you are afraid of being sneered at by the "new york times"? that is the one thing every christian should have and most of them don't. >> you have a cross on your neck. what faith are you? i mean what religion are you? >> i'm a straight christian. >> protestant? >> presbyterian. i'm a quarter catholic. >> you can't be a quarter catholic. you are either in or you are out. >> i go to whenever one has the evening services. i'm not a morning person. >> my religion roman catholicism i have been critical of the fact that there are no clerics in america zero, who put themselves out to defend the christian faith. nobody. all right? they might write a column here or there. but, believe me, we have asked them to come on the program. you don't get anybody to come on. >> you should ask me i know who to tell you.
8:08 pm
>> we have jeffress in dallas, the protestant minister and he has now become a fox analyst. so he comes on. we have a couple of catholic analysts, father morris and things like that. but the leadership, the big boys, okay? >> yeah. >> remember falwell? he is dead. all right, robertson he is in his -- i think close to 90. they are out of the playing field. billy graham, he is out of the playing field. his son franklin, does come on and does speak up. but there isn't an organized attempt. >> no. >> as there is in the gay lobby. >> yep. >> in the abortion women's reproductive rights lobby. you got now, you have got all these pressure groups. >> right. >> you don't have anything on the christian side. >> right. >> isn't that strange? >> there are individuals and i will give you a list after the show, eric metaxis and mcconnell and sphears the priest go father rutger in new york. most people would rather risk getting ebola than
8:09 pm
being called a homophobe, a racist, the horrible accusations at homonym attacks in this country. it's time for christians to recognize that the big thing is taken care of. could you be courageous and fight for the most consequential nation on earth? >> okay. ann coulter everybody. next on the run down, in the muslim religion, in the muslim religion is it okay to harm people of other faiths? then later dana perino with her two most important stories of thou have something for pain? i have bayer aspirin. i'm not having a heart attack, it's my back. i mean bayer back & body. it works great for pain. bayer back & body provides effective relief for your tough pain.
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impact segment tonight. there are an estimated 2.2 billion christians around the world and 1.6 billion muslims. as we just reported, muslim fanatics in the middle east and africa now actively murdering christians citing the koran as justification in some cases. joining us now from boston
8:13 pm
alli, author of the new book her tech, why islam needs reformation now. so there is a lot of confusion, ms. alli, about the koran and how it addresses other religions. can you clarify that for us? >> the need not be any confusion. the koran is very clear on other religions. the koran and the prophet mohammed consider only the religion of islam to be the legitimate religion. christians are lost their way. jews are confused. in many passages in koran separation of those who believe in other words those who are muslim and those who are not. in particular christians and jews must be given three choices, either convert to islam pay a discriminatory tax or die. there are numerous stories of the prophet mohammed in the koran and outside of him
8:14 pm
vagd wage in jihad killing the men and divvying up the women as slaves for those who fought along with him. now, can you say this is a document from the seventh century but it's being applied today in many places. >> it certainly has been applied today in the jihadists believe that. and, you know, you can't deny it, they are going around. but the question is how -- look, on the 1.6 billion muslims all around the world what percentage of them believe that it's okay to harm people of other faiths? and i don't know. i just don't know. i will say that in the christian -- certain christian religions that if you don't become born again, you go to hell. and they preach that that if you don't become born again and you don't accept jesus as your savior, it doesn't matter how are so you are damned. there are a lot of things in a lot of religions that are disturbing. but, we're not seeing any other religion on the planet act out the way we are seeing muslim zealots,
8:15 pm
fanatics jihadists act out. but i have to ask you again. is that just the 10% minority or does it speak for most muslims in your opinion? >> when we see these muslims fanatics and zealots act out we also see that by far the largest number of victims are muslims. but we also see that within muslim countries not in places that are in a civil war like syria and iraq and yemen today even in so-called stable places like pakistan and bangladesh and indonesia we see christians and other religious minorities but particularly christians subject to all forms of persecution and what we see is that the governments look away. we see blasphemy laws. you know the example of the sudany woman who was accused of become apostate. there are apostasy laws that condemn to death those who leave the religion. in sudan the woman didn't
8:16 pm
leave the religion. >> in iran they imprison people if they carry a bible. in saudi arabia there is no other religion that's allowed except for islam and we know that now -- >> -- yes. >> in your book, and in your life, is you have had a lot of interesting things. one of them is an imam named wad al bailey. am i saying his name right. >> there he is. >> now, he is a radical islammist, you say who has now been appointed to preach in federal prisons. number one, how do you know mr. bayly is a radical? >> i know him because he condemned me to death saying that i had defamed the religion and then citing the koran and saying well those who defame this religion they ought to be put to death. >> how did he condemn you? did he say that in a mosque? where did he say that? >> >> i was invited to come and speak at the university in
8:17 pm
johnstown in pennsylvania and he was responding to that invitation. he wanted me to be disinvited and he told the people who invited me that this is wrong and he said it to a journalist who called him. and he told the journalist yes, she needs to be -- she needs punishment. >> sentence to you death because of your opinion. and now he is now speaking and being paid by the federal government to go to prisons and conduct religious ceremonies. we asked the federal bureau of prisons for a comment and they would not give us one. so i think what you are saying is true that the federal government has hired a radical islamic guy to go into the prisons and radicalize muslims inside the prisons. that's what it is all about right? >> well radicalize muslim inmates but also convert other inmates and then have other inmates who are converted or radicalized to carry on that exercise. and it's really quite a shame because as we fight islamic extremism with every
8:18 pm
weapon we can that is legal, i think the most -- one of the most important ways is to make sure that our institutions are not infiltrated. inmates are vulnerable category of people and exposing them to radical ideas makes them even more vulnerable. why are we paying taxpayer money? >> i think it's outrageous and we will follow up with the bureau of prisons and stop this. if you want to read ms. ali's full article it was in the "wall street journal" earlier this week and the book again is heretic. thanks for coming on. dana perino with her two top stories of the week. gutfeld and mcguirk with words you cannot say when analyzing hillary clinton. reports after these messages. ♪ ♪ with a full tank of freedom, ♪ ♪ find your own highway ♪ ♪ we'll take you wherever you go. ♪ ♪ we'll take you wherever you go. ♪ how can you just stand there? what do you mean? your grass man, it's famished. with just two springtime feedings
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personal story segment tonight, the two most important stories of the week, according to dana
8:22 pm
perino, here she is, the co-host of the five. today they announced some iranian nuke thing. i don't really understand it but you know i'm not that quick on the uptake. can you explain what they announced to me? >> i think the devil is going to be in the details and i don't think we will actually know what is actually in the agreement for many months because they have been discussing and negotiating for 15 months. what they were able to produce today. >> yeah. >> is a vague outline. >> a vague outline of what? >> some sort of a deal that the administration is going to hail as significant progress, in particular that iran has agreed to curtail some of its nuclear enrichment and to have it shipped out of the country but not all. >> some of it will be shipped out? >> some. >> but we don't know how much? >> correct. >> we don't know where it's going? >> we don't know. >> maybe it will go to north korea? >> it could. maybe it will go to syria. >> so 15 months. we have a vague outline of what might happen. they go back in and try to make it less vague by june? >> that is the hope. i think there is another hope here, two hopes.
8:23 pm
one is that congress does move forward to at least have some sort of say in the deal. >> oversight, sure. >> when the state department gets back and john kerry can go up and brief the hill they will know more. second thing is we hope the iranians will continue to do what they have done in the past. do something outrageous, say something outrageous that saves us from our own bad ideas. >> i want peace in the world. i hope they give up the nukes, don't you? >> i think the administration's line that it is either this bad deal or war is wrong. the reason iran came to the table the first place. >> sloppy sanctions. right now, to be fair to everybody, and i do want to do that on the factor we just don't know what's going on. so you have got to do this and standing in front of the flags until june, right? >> right. like the saudis the pakistanis, they are going to be very much against this. no matter what the united states has given away our upper hand and we have strengthened iran in the region. >> okay. >> that's a consequence. >> second biggest story of the week is, what?
8:24 pm
>> it happened in indiana. so, iran and indiana. indiana where the governor of indiana, very popular governor, governor pence moved forward with legislation to restore religious freedoms. the problem is they were completely unprepared for the backlash. and i think it was an unnecessary law. it was completely unforced error and then they didn't even handle the aftermath of it well. >> so you don't want to see any law about religious freedom in indiana right? >> no. i think, well, first of all, there is a law religious freedom that is already a national law. there is federal law. what indiana, in my opinion what they were trying to do was to legalize something that would protect them against a hypothetical. i don't think that's a good way, necessarily to govern. >> what was the hypothetical? >> the hypothetical is that maybe there would be some discrimination against people who were against gay marriage in case they didn't want to cater a wedding, for example. >> say you are in indiana and they didn't do anything and the gay couple came in and said look i want a wedding cake with all due respect i don't want to
8:25 pm
participate in this ceremony here is another bakery down the street and they will do it. you are in indiana. that gay couple says we are going to sue you for discrimination. we are going to bring a civil lawsuit against you and it costs money to defend. all right? isn't the couple that doesn't want to make the cake, shouldn't they be protected in some way? >> you are protected under the federal law in that regard. >> still have to go through the process in civil court. >> okay if indiana thought that they needed that. >> yeah. >> but then why would they walk all of it back later on to say that's not what we meant. >> you say they didn't handle this properly. >> correct. >> you didn't build -- in indiana you can't discriminate against anybody on the basis of color, creed, lifestyle whatever however if you have a religious objection, conscientious on tore it okay, you can in our court system, bring it in and make your case, so that's all they had to do. i think that's what they did in the end. >> it is what they did in the end. >> right. >> a week with boycotts. >> craziness. pizza. >> it takes away from the fact that the republicans are actually likely to have
8:26 pm
additional progress gay marriage will not be a wedge issue in 2016 in the presidential election for the first time in decades. that's progress. >> that's true. i don't think gay marriage is going to be a big issue. as i told karl rove here yesterday, if the republican nominee for president doesn't stand up for people of faith, for being smeared as bigots and homophobes and everything else anti-women, if that person doesn't do it, they are going to lose. >> well, think about. >> progressively have to do it. >> this week our administration grabled in front of iran anti-semitic anti-women and anti-gay and nearly lost our minds over a hypothetical question of gay couple looking for a cake maker in indiana. >> dana perino everybody. justice department will not prosecute lois lerner who everybody knows did something wrong in the irs scandal but they have charged senator menendez with corruption. we will report on both of those stories. bernie goldberg on a massive media hoax involving playboy
8:27 pm
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vo: join us and save without settling. verizon. audible safety beeping audible safety beeping audible safety beeping the nissan rogue with safety shield technologies. the only thing left to fear is you imagination. nissan. innovation that excites. unresolved problem segment tonight. two shocking situations out of the justice department. attorney general holder says he will not prosecute lois lerner. she took the fifth in front of congress failing to testify about the irs scandal where some believe conservative americans were targeted by that powerful agency.
8:31 pm
but the justice department has charged senator robert menendez of new jersey with corruption, taking money for granting favors allegedly. senator vehemently denies any wrongdoing. here to analyze both judge andrew napolitano. let's take menendez first. how strong is the case against him? >> the case against him is pretty strong. it will depend on what happens to the doctor who is indicted with him who is the person that allegedly paid the bribes. if the doctor pleads guilty and flips and agrees to testify as the government witness, the senator will definitely go down. if the doctor resists, along with menendez, then the jury will have to decide who do we believe? these two friends that normally exchanging gifts or was the doctor bribing him? >> okay. basically what did menendez do according to the feds? >> according to the feds he did a lot of favors for this doctor that resulted in millions of dollars of payments from medicare to the doctor because senator menendez according to the feds, in return for favors from the doctor, talked medicare into treating the
8:32 pm
doctor's applications for reimburstment more generously. >> okay. so that's pretty simple. this doctor here gave menendez trips, expensive hotel rooms, private jet transportation, in return, menendez through some kind of power he had in washington, got the medicare authorities to reimburse the doctor. >> nicely stated. the allegation is that the trips and everything were worth in excess of a million dollars. that's enough to put menendez away if he is convicted of everything. >> menendez, to be fair to him, has been very outspoken saying i didn't do anything wrong. blah blah blah. we'll see. all right, lois lerner, i'm surprised that lois lerner is not going to be held accountable by anyone on this. why not? >> well congress voted to hold her in contempt. that requires a federal prosecutor to go to court and prosecute her for contempt. they have declined to do so. >> why? >> well, the reason why is because they probably want to protect her political bullying and use of irs agents to torment conservative political
8:33 pm
action groups. >> now you're accusing the justice department of corruption. >> i am. >> you just did. >> i am. yeah. i stand on that. >> how you can stand on it though -- an opinion is one thing. >> yeah. >> do you have any facts to back up the justice department and attorney general holder is corrupt? >> the facts are that the case against her is a very strong one, but if it is prosecuted, her true behavior and the behavior of the irs under the obama administration may become known. she alleges that she took the fifth amendment, which is a privilege all of us have not to testify. but at the time she took the fifth amendment she also made denials. when you make a denial at the same time that you assert your right to remain silent. >> you lose it. >> correct. >> okay. so is there anything that can be done now that the attorney general has declined to prosecute lerner? or does she get away with what she allegedly did? >> the statute of limitations is five years. >> so she is out. they are out new administration could resurrect the case? >> highly unlikely but it could be done.
8:34 pm
>> why is it highly unlikely? >> oh, because bill you know this as well as people in my business these administrations do not like to prosecute people from preceding administrations because they want to protect their own from a successor administration. >> that's a very astute thing and the example is the mark rich pardon that everybody knew was dirty on the last day of bill clinton's presidency he pardoned the biggest tax cheat in america's history living in switzerland because his ex-wife gave a lot of money to the democratic party. when bush came, in he refused to reopen the case and everybody knows it was dirty. >> both of those, the pardon and the refusal to prosecute are acts of corruption. >> all right. okay. you know, i wish the country was in better shape. i really do this stuff is very distressing. judge papandreou. when we come right back. bernie goldberg on the playboy hoax. bernie is next.
8:35 pm
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight earlier this week there was a report that secret tunnels to celebrity
8:39 pm
homes were built below playboy mansion in los angeles in the 1970s. the tunnels allegedly went to the homes of jay nicholson w. baity, kay douglass and jay khan. a number of media actually picked the story up including vanity fair magazine, "people" magazine, and media hype and even lou dobbs on the fox business channel. the result? a hoax. joining us from now from miami the purveyor of bernard, mr. goldberg. so this is a stupid story but it has wider implications or am a i wrong? >> no, you are not wrong. it has wider implications and very important ones. i will give you an example involving a current example involving harry reid. first, i have to acknowledge my bias, my personal bias in this area. i think harry reid is a despicable human being and i'm not entirely sure about the human being part. okay? in 19 -- in 2012 harry reid took the floor of the senate
8:40 pm
and as senate majority leader told an outrageously false story about mitt romney who he said hadn't paid any taxes in 10 years. it was totally wrong. the media picked it up and ran with it and that was legitimate because it was an important p making the accusation, but they did it the right way. they did it with a lot of skepticism. this week harry reid goes on cnn. he is asked about it. he not only refuses to apologize but he acknowledges what it was all about. he said mitt romney lost, didn't he? well, that's also an important story but that one has gone virtually -- been virtually ignored. cnn -- "the washington post" online did a very good story. but no other major newspaper really picked it up. neither did the evening newscast. and it's not because, well, all politicians lie. it isn't news. it's because harry reid -- and we all know this. it's because harry reid is a liberal democrat who
8:41 pm
supports barack obama just like the journalists who are supposed to be covering him. because, if it was a republican senator, who made an outrageously false statement about barack obama and he lost, we wouldn't hear the end of it. >> that's right. >> there would be editorials calling for his resignation for all sorts of things. they blame the entire republican party. but, on this silence. >> how are you going to segway into playboy in the tunnels? >> no. you asked if it had wider implications? >> yeah. >> that's the widerrismly occasion. somebody says something and you just think because they said it it's news worthy. well, if it's harry reid, it is news worthy. if it's a tunnel under the playboy mansion, it isn't news worthy. there is a reason they do that too if you want to keep it narrow. the reason they do that is because web sites that are supposedly news web sites, they are 24/7, 365 days a
8:42 pm
year. they constantly, constantly need new material and they don't want to check too hard to see if something is true. so they put it on if it isn't true and they get clicks. that's how they make money. and when they find out it isn't true they put that on and get more clicks and get more money. >> then they don't care what's true or not? >> well, i'm talking about the web sites. >> yeah. but the straight media picks them up from those web sites. i want to be fair to lou dobbs. the dobbs people told me they actually did call playboy magazine and they said look this sounds outrageous they said no, no, no it's true. there are secret tunnels. they actually tried to find out. >> maybe the others tried too. >> no i doubt it. >> but we both have been around long enough. >> yes. >> one could be fooled. one could be fooled. the burden ought to be not just on the media but on the person perpetuating the hoax. >> bernie, i'm not buying that. i saw this story and knew right away it was ridiculous, right?
8:43 pm
number one, a tunnel in los angeles for miles to somebody's house? from the playboy mansion? come on. anybody, anybody would know this was fool. but they don't care bernie. they don't care. because there is no downside for the web sites to print stuff that isn't true. no downside at all. >> absolutely right. >> and then the straight media when they pick it up can blame the web sites. oh, wow, they said it. >> 100% correct. >> right. >> can we assume that most reasonable news organizations figured that when harry reid said mitt romney hadn't paid taxes in 10 years did that sound true to anybody? >> no, it didn't. that was a whole different thing because they wanted president obama to win. they didn't care what was said. right? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> that's what that was all about. we don't care what anybody says. we want him to win. and that was the only honest thing that reid said. it's the only thing he said he won didn't he? or he lost didn't he? >> i think it was legitimate
8:44 pm
to run something even when it's obviously false if it's an important person making the point and if you treat it with skepticism. but to ignore what he said last week by cnn that's wrong. >> you want the kicker? do you want the real story? there is a tunnel under the playboy mansion to harry reid's house. bernie goldberg everybody gutfeld and mcguirk on deck. what words you just can't use while covering hillary clinton. the boys moments away.
8:45 pm
8:46 pm
8:47 pm
back of the book segment tonight, what the heck just happened? iranian nuke talks have been extended until june, 15 months they negotiated so
8:48 pm
they could extend to june. even far left zealot howard dean admits this is crazy. >> i am worried about this. i do think it makes sense to be at the negotiating table. i think obama is right to try to get a deal. i'm worried about the way these negotiations have gone and i think that joe is right, probably to step away from the table and say okay, you're not backing off to sending uranium to russia and we'll get rid of the sanctions at our own pace. i agree. >> okay. here now to analyze bernard mcguirk and greg gutfeld. i shouldn't have used that sound bite i want to tell everybody because it made no sense in the context of what just happened today but i don't care anymore. [ laughter ] >> what the hell? >> it's not even friday. >> here is why i don't care anymore because it's just a big charade, is did not? this is a big charade. >> it's genius. both comprehensive and vague
8:49 pm
like an art flick with french subtitles and miles. it's so confusing. one they are announcing a deal for an agreement that's happening later and, get this they can't tell you about it. >> right. >> because it's got to be secret. it's like a who's on first routine without the translators. i'm so confused by this though the flags are amazing. i have to say the flags are amazing. >> and kerry's hair is perfect as always. that's what impresses me about the whole thing. i understand, mcguirk that one of the negotiating points is that kerry was going to give his hair dressing to the mullahs in return for shipping uranium out to russia. >> he has got good hair. but, look, when he walks in the room if you can picture clinton eastwood mike tyson and samuel l. jackson playing poker and then aunt bee sits down at the table that's how the iranians view john kerry. >> kerry is aunt bee? >> we are going to roll this dyed dude right here. >> aunt bee is much tougher than kerry. >> like dating a hooker.
8:50 pm
you know cheating going on. it's not going to be good, bill. >> i have no basis of comparison to that analogy. [ laughter ] >> so we are cynical about the iranian thing i think all three of us agree on that. let's go to the hillary rodham clinton super volunteer's group. super volunteers group. okay. i don't know how many people are in the crew, but they have issued a statement that the following words are not acceptable when analyzing the former secretary of state. polarizing, calculating, disingenuous disingenuous, insincere, ambitious, entitled overconfident secretive, will do anything to win, that's a bunch of words, represents the past, out of touch. so if you use any of those gutfeld. >> yes. >> this group is going to come to your house -- >> i know. >> and take your sweater and stretch it. >> i hope they come to my house. it would be so much fun. i'm lonely. they haven't gone far enough in
8:51 pm
my book. if you call her hillary, that's sexist because that's a girl's name. they should no longer refer to her by her first name. gender independent maybe professor pantsuit, something that has no gender whatsoever. what are they actually threatening? like what are they going to do? they're going to come and park in your front lawn and cry? >> i don't know. but i must correct you. pantsuit is a feminine -- you know -- >> has pant and suit. >> do you have pantsuits? i shouldn't ask you that. >> i have chap suits. it's half chaps half pantsuit. >> i've seen him in them. >> it's when i'm dancing downtown. >> hey, listen, the only thing i left out i guess grandma's out of the question, all right. sounds like it was written by a bunch of pushy this thing. >> whoa! >> i'm just kidding. it's a joke. it's a joke! >> oh. >> they left out standby your mand rode her husband's coat tails and nixon in the pantsuit. they all felt they don't like
8:52 pm
worn and let's be honest betty white looks like she has more spunk. >> i disagree. i don't think mrs. clinton looks bad for her age. i think she's formidable in her appearance. >> nancy pelosi looks like a hot cougar next to -- >> is that the case? no wonder your glasses are on top of your head. we're not going to cheep shot hillary clinton here. >> no no. >> gutfeld. >> how dare you? i say nothing but kind things -- sure. she's my squats partner. >> she's your squats partner? >> yes. downtown. dance session has to make money to pay for the squats session. >> and after squats, oh man, it goes crazy. >> how much time do we have left in the segment? this is serious though. >> no it's not. >> no, you're not serious. this is truly serious. this is truly dead serious you
8:53 pm
can't say any of these words. you know what's funny, oh she waddles up to the podium, but if you say that about governor christie you get a job writing for jimmy fallon. that's sexist. >> there's a good point in that. you can make fun of mens appearance. >> that's what they'll say. >> you can make fun of bernie and his -- >> forehead. >> strange thing above his neck. i'm sorry. >> all right. are you through? is that it? >> i don't know. >> happy easter. we would like you to vote in our poll. as you may remember charles krauthammer and i disagree about trait e trading five taliban terrorists for bowe bergdahl. so our question is this in hindsight would you have traded the five commanders for bowe bergdahl? yes or no. we'll give you results on monday during charles' segment. coming next, wild mail segment about the situation in indiana. we'll be right back.
8:54 pm
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please always remember the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, under immense pressure in indiana changes its religious freedom law. but critics are still not satisfied and a local pizzeria that wanted nothing to do with this fight is now ground zero in an increasingly ugly battle. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone. i'm megyn kelly. just a short time ago indiana governor mike pence signed a clarification bill saying it's in the state's best interest to change -- for gay customers. but critics are not happy and others warn this could undermine religious liberties. this follows a week of heated debate that shoved not only indiana but the