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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 3, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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on his head. >> humiliating. >> you bully dogs. >> that is it for us. have a great weekend everybody. happy easter. >> set your dvr never miss an episode of "the five." president obama's deal before the deal with iran becalm becomes fodder for the campaign. this is "special report." good evening, welcome to washington. bipartisan howls from congress and strong opposition from israel are greeting president obama's attempt at a legacy building nuclear arms agreement with iran however iran's president says he will keep up his end of the deal if the u.s. does. we have fox team coverage. carlcome rn with a at how
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the iran situation may factor in. we begin with chief washington correspondent james rosen at the state department dealing with mixed messages about what was agreed to. >> good evening. secretary of state john kerry convened a seven nation conference call this morning aimed at reassuring gulf allies as he also sought to disspell claims being made about the proposed terms by the leaders of iran. jubilation in the streets over the proposed nuclear terms with iran's foreign minister greeted. took to twitter to challenge what he calls the state department's spin in the fact sheets citing separate documents he tweeted iran five plus one statement u.s. will cease application of all secondary economic and financial statements. is this gradual?
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in jerusalem the nuclear talks most prominent critic appeared unpersuaded. >> the deal would not shut down a single nuclear facility in iran would not destroy a single centrifuge in iran and would not stop on iran's centrifuges. on the contrary the deal would legitimize iran's illegal nuclear program. >> secretary of state kerry having spent 19 of the last 34 days negotiating in switzerland arrived at 6:00 a.m. in the nation's capitol with aides professing little concern about how he was portraying the term. >> the fact is he is not contradicting any of the facts included. and he is obviously out there trying to make the case to his population and his country's leadership that he got a good deal. we are doing the same thing. >> reporter: state department officials acknowledge that
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parameters is tentative including iran's estimated breakout time would remain one year after the attempt here. >> part of what is being negotiated. >> whether inspectors have access to military installation. >> we would find it very difficult to imagine one that did not require. >> what would happen when inspectors deem a site suspicious. >> the dispute resolution process all details have to be worked out. >> reporter: and how soon iran can research and develop new centrifuge designs. >> we have r&d issues to work out and those are challenging. >> reporter: deputy secretary of state will be hitting the road shortly visiting five nations as officials scramble to put together a summit for our gulf allies. >> james, thank you. the iran agreement is raw meat for many republicans who want a chance to replace president obama in 2017.
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time will tell how it plays for the presumptive democratic nominee. chief political correspondent carl cameron looks at 2016 contenders' reaction to the deal. >> reporter: add the june deadline to the foreign policy flash points overshadowing hillary clinton's presidential candisy announcement. even before the agreement was reached wisconsin governor scott walker said the threat is so grave that he would undo the deal after the inauguration. >> if i am honored i will pull back on that january 20 2017 because i think the last thing for the world we need is a nuclear armed iran. >> there is evil in the world
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today. it's always been there. >> reporter: the conservative american legacy pact where dr. ben carson chaired efforts to kill obamacare is running an ad about the iran deal. >> translator: in a dangerous world it's time for american leadership. >> reporter: democrats know republicans will blame if -- >> if it passes muster they will be attacking her for giving a pathway to the bomb to the iranians. >> reporter: as the top diplomat mrs. clinton helped design the current approach to iran. in a statement she said iran could never be permitted to acquire a nuclear weapon and then left room to abandon it. i know well that the devil is always in the details in this kind of negotiation. for now diplomacy deserves a chance to succeed. >> rand paul argued in the path
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that diplomacy is better didn't weigh in on the deal. he was preparing for campaign launch in louisville and was silent on the debate over religious freedom this week. here to the u.s. and the economy. more signs of a weakening economy. employers added the fewest jobs in march over the last year and a half. we have fox team coverage on the state of the economy. liz in new york with what this means perhaps going first. first at the white house with the details and washington reaction. >> reporter: the president's road trip hitting a pot hole tonight when the job numbers came out. that could knock him off message for quite some time. >> we can't maintain the best military that the world has ever known unless we also have an economy that -- >> reporter: at hill air force base in utah president obama took a break from touting solar power initiatives to acknowledge
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disappointing job numbers. >> the government has to work to take the steps that we know will grow our economy. and i'm hoping that working with congress we can get some things done this year. >> reporter: the sooner the better. the economy added 126,000 new jobs in march ending a 12-month streak of creating at least 200,000 jobs. it is the worst number since december 2013. >> the jobs created last month is an anemic number because america has the capacity to do so much more. we need it around 350,000 to bring down unemployment more. >> reporter: the weakness was broad but the largest slow downs in construction manufacturing and leisure hospitality. analysts point to the drop in oil prices and severe winter weather for slamming the brakes on job growth. despite the decline the white house maintains the economy is on the right track. 3 million new jobs tht past year, 61 straight months of job growth. >> i think there is volatility
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from quarter to quarter but if you look over longer period, six months to a year you can see that the u.s. economy has had a good trend. >> reporter: more than half, 55% of those surveyed in our latest fox news poll say they are nervous about the economy. fewer than 4 in 10 say they are confident. this as the number of americans not in the labor force exceeded 93 million for the first time with job participation rate falling under 63% matching a 37-year low. >> that means a lot of people out there who want to work have simply stopped looking. the unemployment rate remains steady but that is expected to rise just a bit in the coming months with summer vacation and graduations quickly approaching. >> live on the north lawn. thank you. joining us from our sister network fox business network with more on the economy and the jobs picture. good evening. >> good evening. kevin was smart to point out the
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labor participation rate in that report. it is ugly at this point. people have simply dropped out of the workforce. they have either been discouraged or giving up. we have a demographic change trying to be fair and balanced and take a look at all things into play here. this number is not a good one. does one bad number a trend make? you have to be careful to also point out last year we have seen over the last year the strongest job gains in the past two decades. so there are good parts and bad parts. the wage growth part of this looked a little bit better than expected. this is just not a good number and leads people to wonder what does the federal reserve do? as you know you talked about this. janet yellen has said that labor numbers job numbers are extremely important, one of the most important numbers on her so-called dashboard of economic data. are we going to see a rate hike this year? >> when you hear the white house
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saying this is bad weather what do you think? >> i personally don't think so. here is why. because boston was slammed with snow. the eastern seaboard slammed with very cold temperatures and a week or two where we really did see a very cold cold weather gripping much of the nation. however, you have to look at what a lot are saying is the new normal. when you touch a hot stove as many businesses did several years ago during the housing bubble you get burned and you remember that. you try to say let's not be in our hiring. i think the new normal is thates are very conservative when it comes to up and hiring and as things start to get better you will see better numbers. this isn't the worst number in the world but does make you wonder what is going to happen next month. >> quickly, can you look to another country where things look better? >> well you talk to very smart people on both sides of the aisle the u.s. is one of the
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best things going. people say how about china? china has been such a stimulating place for a lot of business growth. china is having its own trouble. russia is a total disaster. sanctions are hitting that hard. europe is entering that stage of central bank stimulus that we just exited. we are pretty much the best thing going right now. >> liz as always thank you. don't miss liz on our sister network and if you are not sure where to find fox business network in your area just log on to up next a look at the growing persecution of christians. here is what some fox affiliates are covering. in louisville where heavy rains caused flash flooding throughout the area. police report a mother and child remain missing after their car was swept into a flooded creek this morning. nearly 200 firefighters have battled this blaze at a general
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electric plant today. wavy in norfolk, virginia as a sailor is reportedly rescued after 66 days lost at sea. he says he was sailing north from south carolina where he hit bad weather and says he survived by rationing his water and eating raw fish. this is a live look at indianapolis from fox 59. the big story there, of course, final four weekend. the national college basketball semi-finals are saturday night with the championship game monday. there are concerts and plenty of other events going on with stars such as rihanna, lady antebellum and imagine dragons. from "special report" we will be right back. ...heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm... amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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steps of jesus on his way to the cross. filled the narrow streets of old city. palestinian christians held a similar observance on the west bank. pope francis condemned the attack by islamic militants at a kenyan university that left 147 people dead the latest example of the targeting of the followers of jesus. national security correspondent has more tonight from the pentagon. >> reporter: while marking good friday at the vatican in rome pope francis listened as a papal preacher. >> christians are, of course, not the only victims of homicidal violence in the world. we cannot ignore that in many countries they are most frequently targeted. >> earlier the pope sent a telegram to the victims of the kenya university terror attack condemning the senseless brutality and praying for a change of heart.
3:17 pm
the attackers separated christians from muslims executing christian students on the spot. outbraj and sadness about the attack that left 147 kenyans dead, 79 wounded. >> i would like to challenge the muslim community to distance them themselves from what is happening. >> reporter: the gun men shouted targets in advance like 270 nigerian school girls kidnapped a year ago these students were targeted for their religion. it is just the latest in a string of attacks on christians around the world that seem to be accelerating accelerating. attacks like this one targeting the tomb.
3:18 pm
more than 140,000 christians forced out of their homes. an estimated 500,000 christians fled homes in syria. some say it is death mail for christianity in the middle east. >> one of the goals is basically to create and produce a civilization of war between an islamic world that they control and what they consider as christian west. >> on july 25, 2014 isis declared mosul free of christians. 21 coptic christians were kidnapped and throats slit in egypt. and suicide bombers killing 14. president obama called kenya's president to express his condolences. the white house said the attack will not preclude him from visiting kenya in july in a statement condemnic the terrorist atrocity did not refer
3:19 pm
to christians being the target even though a white house statement yesterday did. at the vatican the pope's representative warned christians in the west not to be like pontius pilot. the palestinian official reports the terrorists control half of the camp that the united nations says houses up to 18,000 people. a philadelphia woman is being charged with trying to join isis as well as provide material support to the terrorist organization. the justice department alleges 30-year-old tweeted her willingness to become a martyr on behalf of the group. thomas's arrest comes a day after two women were arrested in new york in another home grown isis terror case. fighters received a shipment of weapons from a saudi led
3:20 pm
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now to what can be viewed at ultimate social accessory or ultimate symbol of
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self-absorbtion. >> the president may be a fan as are millions of tourists from california to the new york island. the selfie stick is facing a back lash. >> sometimes it might be better to put the phone down and appreciate the artwork. >> museums are banning the device the smithsonian among them claiming it is not just abnoxious but may be dangerous risking damage or injury to other patrons trying to dodge a swinging stick. california's coach ela music festival and some would say is a festival of narcissism of itself is banning the selfie stick. using hashtag love thy selfie is promoting use handing them out in washington, d.c. and san francisco and no sword fights in
3:25 pm
the lobby. >> the thing i like is that it gets people interacting together. it is sort of a community way to take a selfie. >> there are dangers as lake tahoe officials have warned using one to take pictures of a bear might not be the best idea given that you are turning your back on a bear. same story at the running of the bulls where organizers are fining those foolish enough to stop for a selfie. >> personally i would never use a selfie stick. no one on tv could be accused of being a narcissist. how do i look? great. as always no grapevine tonight. up next the story about a whole new group of taxpayers supporting immigrants coming to america.
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tonight the story of a little known barely promoted obama administration effort to bring more central american immigrants into the country. not only paying for the trip but also for much of the living expenses here in the u.s. correspondent peter doosy has the expensive details. >> reporter: illegal immigrant
3:30 pm
children walking into the u.s.? it's so 2014. now they get to fly for free. >> when you look at the program you have to wonder why is there a border. >> a new state department venture seeks to stop the surge of unaccompanied kids and reunite families by letting parents who have any kind of legal status apply to have their kids picked up in central america and put on a plane without paying a penny. points out taxpayers pick up the tab for education, food stamps medical care and living expenses. >> this program would be quote refugees. refugees have access to government benefits that other illegal aliens don't. >> the state department says this is a safe, legal and ordly alternative to the dangerous journey that some are undertaking to the united states and for that reason the program has some support. >> i think it is more humane.
3:31 pm
>> others are worried about starting a system that ignores people attempting to immigrate the traditional way by waiting in line. >> what does the rule of law mean if you break the law to get here and then you get the government to help bring the rest of your family. >> how much will all of this cost? good question. >> the price tag? i don't know. i don't know. >> if she doesn't know we won't know until the program is complete and the money has been spent. there is also no way to tell how many unaccompanied minors are actually minors since the program is available for adults as old as 21 and many other grown up relatives. lots of questions and very few answers. >> we'll keep asking. the republican who could be the swing vote in the senate in the confirmation of the new attorney general has made up his
3:32 pm
mind. >> reporter: u.s. republican senator mark kirk up for reelection announced he will support the nomination of loretta lynch for u.s. attorney general. immediately that sparked accusations that kirk was responding to the challenge from democratic congress woman a wounded combat veteran. supporting lynch could win favoritism and says it goes back to the problem with chicago gang violence. homicides have increased and the city has seen only a few warm days. the senator interviewed lynch and believes she is the right person to confront the gangs. >> to make sure that the big large gangs cannot operate like they have been operating. she did a very good job with me. because she was so good on the subject i am going to vote for loretta lynch's confirmation. >> he has been involved in the antigang anticrime movement
3:33 pm
ever since he was a congressman and before that when he was a staffer. this is a guy with tremendous knowledge of the problem and that was the focus of his conversation with loretta. >> now, if all things remain constant the vote from the republican will either tie the vote or break the tie. in the event of the tie vice president joe biden cast the tie breaker. we are learning tonight that the co pilot who deliberately crashed the germanwings passenger jet into the french alps repeatedly increased speed as he plunged the aircraft towards the mountain. that is the headline from the black box recorder recovered yesterday. fast and furious, the reaction to president obama's nuclear deal before the deal with iran. we will discuss it all with the panel after the break.
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if the other party honors its promises iran will honor its promises. if someday they want to adopt another pathway the path to other options will always be open to our nation. >> what we have done through this agreement if we can complete it we will verify that iran is not able to acquire a nuclear weapon. >> the deal would not shut down a single nuclear facility in iran, would not destroy a single centrifuge in iran and would not stop r&d are iran's centrifuges. >> reaction is coming in from all over for the deal before the deal with iran. president obama working the phones as is secretary kerry with allies and lawmakers. meantime there is news from the french about the inside of these negotiations. israel national news cites the french foreign minister who represented france in the
3:38 pm
nuclear talks between iran and world powers revealing that his nation had rejected an original version of the deal reached the day before for not being solid enough. france has long complained about these talks that they were being kept in the dark and that americans were trying to quote, force them to make concessions on issues like the number of centrifuges allowed or sanctions. let's bring in our panel. george will, julie pays and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. >> why is the president so enthusiastic of an agreement that falls short of his original aims and would leave iran a threshold nuclear power? i have had an epiphany. i think at this point mr. obama most resembles george w. bush. bush had a vision.
3:39 pm
he was going to plant democracy and a democratic infection and he would transform the middle east. i believe mr. obama thinks he can transform the middle east by domesticating iran and bringing it into the community of nations as he likes to say. the question remains, however, what will the rest of the middle east say about this? will the saudis insist on the same kind of technologies that iran is under this agreement allowed to keep and cultivate. notice that one subject that was very important when started is ballistic missiles which remain out of control. >> a lot remains. the president kind of outlining what he thinks about iran's nuclear program and the state department was asked about that today. >> we know that they don't need to have an underground fortified facility in order to have a peaceful nuclear program.
3:40 pm
they certainly don't need a heavy water reactor in order to have a peaceful nuclear program. >> self-evidently true that president obama dialled back his negotiating posture over the course of the negotiations in order to concede further and further to the iranians? >> not at all. our bottom lines have never changed. we need to cut off the pathway for iran to get to a nuclear weapon and get iran from currently two to three months of breakout time to six times that under this agreement. that is what we have done. >> if you listen to the french foreign minister it's a different story. >> the french have been much more stringent on a lot of these positions. it is interesting when you listen to the clip from obama from a couple of years ago the tougher line he was taking there. it is clear that the administration has had to move on key points in order to get a
3:41 pm
deal. if the deal goes through their purpose is going to change. i think that george is right. obama sees the nuclear deal with iran as something that would not just curb their nuclear program but then could be the start of a broader conversation with iran to be able to try to get them to pull back on terrorist activities support for different groups around the region. i do think that it is a very tough sell for a lot of these arab countries because they trust us if we do this deal it can solve the rest of the problems. >> already working the phones on that. on the cell that he has in capitol hill is there enough there to say go with me on this legacy issue and we are going to make this work? >> i think the fact that the administration got an interim agreement here that is broader and more specific than a lot of people had expected could help them. i think the fact that congress is not currently in washington will help them giving them a little bit of time to work the
3:42 pm
phones and get congress to hold off. but congress wants to have a say on this deal. they want -- even if it is a vote to say we approve or reject it. it will be tough to hold off. >> that is the other deadline april 13 when congress comes back because you think it starts then. >> congress has a good argument. george is right about the white whale that obama is after is the domestication of iran and it will pull back on what it's doing around the region, instability, terrorism, et cetera. it makes absolutely no sense. if iran is pursuing destabilization and supporting proxys in syria and iraq and lebanon and now in yemen under conditions of tremendous economic strain and diplomatic isolation the idea that when we lift the sanctions we allow billions of dollars to flow into the treasury so it will be unconstrained it will double and
3:43 pm
triple the amount of support it is giving to the assad regime in syria, hezbollah in lebanon to hamas in gaza and yemen and it will also be able to invest all of the money in the maintenance and the advance of the nuclear infrastructure which everybody agrees remains intact. and the idea that it will without isolation decrease its activities when it is on the threshold of being the power in the region is completely contrary to all the evidence on the ground. >> is there a way that this deal works? that it is tough enough to work and that the strawman that administration says it is this or go to war is not really a thing, that they can stiffen it enough to make it work? >> there are a dozen reasons why it will not work. it is not just that it will expire. so at best in ten years iran
3:44 pm
will have a huge untouched infrastructure which it can rev up and have all the revenues it needs and produce an arsenal of nukes. it's not just ballistic missiles are left untouched. it's not just the iaea will not be able to do spot inspections. if you can't do spot inspections in the statement we heard yesterday they would be allowed to inspect on a schedule, that is absurd. when you were in college and your parents arrived there was a lot of stuff. your stuff was not out in the open when they arrived on schedule. i wouldn't expect the iranians to act any differently. i'm not imputing you. >> sorry, mom and dad. >> here is the cheerful way of looking at this. ten years is a long time in the life of nations. look back ten years before the soviet union disappeared 1981
3:45 pm
the peak of the cold war in some measures. buy time and hope for regime change. what we did in deterring the soviet union medium age of european union is 41 years. median age in the united states is 37 years. median age in iran is 28 years. it is people not forever looking westward going to be content being governed. >> sound like george bush. >> so it is going to emerge. not a shred of evidence of any of that. second the idea that somehow the iranians are going to abide and hold back for a decade is an extreme assumption when we know that they have cheated at every step of the way and without spot inspections able to continue the cheating indefinitely. >> you were one of the people saying we should have encouraged the protests in 2009 by young people the green revolution in
3:46 pm
tehran. you had hope back then. >> they were crushed by a regime that has confidence in itself unlike didn't pull back and allow a revolution. there has not been any repetition of that in the six years. there is no indication that the regime has weakened. what was weakening, what might have been the hope of the revolution that you are hoping for were the sanctions and the collapse of the economy and that has been undone. >> last word, is there confidence that the white house can get this across the finish line? >> there is more confidence at the white house now than there was a few weeks ago i would say. after the break economic numbers, winners and losers and it's friday. candidate casino. lightning round is next. when eating healthy and drinking water just isn't enough to ease my constipation i trust dulcolax tablets. i take dulcolax for dependable overnight relief and in the morning
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complicated explanation. the obvious one is this is the weakest recovery since the second world war. when you grow at 2% you are not going to get -- improvement employment situation. and it looks as if the growth of the first quart terst year is going to be 1% or less.
3:51 pm
but, thus you get really lousy employment numbers. >> the white house has all kinds of explanations weather all kinds of stuff. it's snowed in winter what a shock. >> i think this is a big flashing yellow light for people who have been really excited about some of the strong jobs reports that we have seen. this is a recovery still very much in process and i think that the next two job reports are going to be very crucial to determining whether this is a blip or if this is actually where the economy is. >> 126,000 jobs is about the number you need to absorb the national growth rate of the labor force. if the workforce were what it was when president obama was inaugurated. 9.7%. if we had had the average post war recovery there would be 4 million more americans working today than there actually are. >> it's all about the numbers. and at that we are heading
3:52 pm
to a viewer pointed out today he was spotting some different places if you you are planning to visit "special report" candidate casino tonight be sure to arrive early. large crowds expected. there you can see he has the casino all set. so we enter, george republicans, where is your money? >> $35 on scott walker because he appeals to more than one faction and one faction cannot nominate a republican candidate. jeb bush, $30. because attention is now beginning to be paid to his extraordinary record of governor. $10 on rand paul because he may get a slipping shot affect out of the early primaries particularly iowa, new hampshire, and nevada. $5 on cruz because he is raising a lot of money from small donors and had had a good rollout and i'm thinking outside the box here. i think the electorate might
3:53 pm
want the country run by something that itself is run well. be nice to be run by southwest airlines where they are competent and cheerful. >> how about that? angling for tickets. >> 40 odds bush. structural advantages. 20 on rubio. rollout coming out soon. rubio one of the candidates that has potential to catch fire here. 20 on walker. some of the early magic has faded. 10 on cruz for the same reason that george said really impressive funding records from grass roots. 5 on paul. he will get buzz and momentum on that. >> charles, welcome back. >> my top tier remains unchanged. rubio bush and walker. and i'm taking the radical step of taking the $10 that i normally allocated to retirement fund and put half on it on ted cruz.
3:54 pm
anybody who can raise $4 million in 8 days becomes the leading long shot. >> all right. quickly winners and losers downtown line. lightning round. >> the iranian foreign minister. this is the winner. he is the happiest man on the planet. and he received a charles lindberg reception upon his return home. loser indiana governor mike pence. whatever the rights or wrongs, whatever the virtues of the bill that he originally passed his clumsy handling of it has cost him any chance of entering apart from winning the republican nomination in 2016. >> julie winners and losers? >> this could be completely reversed in a couple of months. my winner is john kerry who has managed to keep his iranian deal alive and loser is benjamin netanyahu who tried tirelessly to disrupt this bill and obviously the negotiations will move forward. >> winner lois lerner because she rightly
3:55 pm
understood that justice department would in her. california now has water rationing environmentalists have refused to build adequate water infrastructure and political class will not allow water to be allocated by the market pricing it as a commodity, which it is. >> panel, we got it all. in thank you. that's it for the panel. possible new lead in the bob menendez case.
3:56 pm
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audible safety beeping audible safety beeping audible safety beeping the nissan rogue with safety shield technologies. the only thing left to fear is you imagination. nissan. innovation that excites. finally tonight, new jersey senator bob menendez has obviously had a rough week. he insists he did not accept donations and gifts from florida eye doctor but one late night show has been looking closer. >> i like to set the record straight about these baseless accusations about me and dr. melgen i never
3:59 pm
once accepted an inappropriate gift from him. our relationship had nothing with him being eye doctor and me being a senator. now i'm going to go home to my wife and ask her to hold my closer tiny dancer. >> well, before we say goodbye tonight, we want to say goodbye to our long time line producer lana brit. lana has worked here at fox for last 8 years and integral part of "special report." alan seems to always have a smile on her face. but her smile has been even bigger lately. she recently made the decision to leave work here to be at home with her new son trey and her husband tim. she said it was a tough decision to make and lana the work there will likely be tougher but we applaud you. and we wish you and your family the very best. we'll miss you. with that, there she is is waiving. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. fair balanced and unafraid. it a great weekend. happy easter, happy
4:00 pm
passover. "on the record" is next with andrea tantaros. alanna, we will see you. tonight, rolling outrage around the world over the iran nuclear framework. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu insisting that this deal will threaten the very survival of israel. >> the cabinet is united in strongly opposing the proposed deal. this deal would pose a grave danger to the region and to the world and would threaten the very survival of the state of israel. such a deal does not block iran's path to the bomb, such a deal paves iran's path to the bomb. and it might very well spark a nuclear arms race throughout the middle east and it would greatly increase the risks of terrible war.