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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 3, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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great weekend. happy easter, happy passover. "on the record" is next with andrea tantaros. alanna, we will see you. tonight, rolling outrage around the world over the iran nuclear framework. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu insisting that this deal will threaten the very survival of israel. >> the cabinet is united in strongly opposing the proposed deal. this deal would pose a grave danger to the region and to the world and would threaten the very survival of the state of israel. such a deal does not block iran's path to the bomb, such a deal paves iran's path to the bomb. and it might very well spark a nuclear arms race throughout the middle east and it would greatly increase the risks of terrible war.
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now, some say that the only alternative to this bad deal is war. that's not true. there is a third alternative. standing firm, increasing the pressure on until a good deal is achieved. and finally let me say one more thing. iran is a regime that openly calls for israel's destruction and openly and actively works towards that end. just two days ago, in the midst of the negotiations in lozan. the commander of the besieged security w÷+(qj in iran said this: the destruction of israel is nonnegotiable. while i -- well, i want to make clear to all the survival of israel is nonnegotiable. >> hello, everyone, i'm andrea tantaros in for greta van susteren. well now that obama its
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nuclear deal framework in place, they are working overtime to try to sell it to skeptics at the white house. that includes many members of congress. representative robert pit jerry joins me now. congressman, tell us, what is congress going to do because the president didn't consult congress a lot on this one, if at all, and a lot of members are up in arms. it's not just republicans as i understand. it's democrats as well. >> there are serious concerns with this framework. we want to have oversight of whatever agreement is written. we believe that what has been stated by the iranians back in our own country the foreign ministers says already that all the sanctions will be removed that all their nuclear sites will be open, that they will have the exas city to develop their heavy water site. that they will have the ability to continue with research and development,
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that they can continue in enriching uranium, even selling uranium on the open market. they can develop long-range ballistic missiles. these are serious concerns while the iaea has very limited access. they can't go anywhere at any time. they don't have infetterred access they never have. i have met with the leadership of the iaea in vienna. they have always been restricted to going to just the agreed nuclear sites. they can't go anywhere else in the country. yes we have serious concerns over this structure. >> what are you going to do about it because we are going to pass legislation that gives us a say in this matter. they have veto majority to override a presidential veto. president obama says he will veto any action that you try and take take' the president made
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his statement and we will make our statement: he understands as they understand our middle east allies understand the threat of iran with nuclear capacities and long range ballistic missiles. we will make every effort to try to challenge this agreement. we believe it's not only harmful but it's an existential threat to the united states of america. >> well, you the president spent a lot of time talking with negotiators and has said that the u.n. will have their say. i don't understand why congress can't have its say. so i'm trying to find out do you think that the vote are there to try and allow congress to have its say in legislation that would get them involved to approve or reject a deal? do you think the votes are there? >> i think they should be. i think there are serious concerns across party lines from the members that i have talked with. yes, the president is trying to circumvent the congress once again by going to the united nations first and putting pressure back on our
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congress. this is a matter of the security of the united states of america and the people's representatives should have a voice in what is done. >> all right. so, maybe you can tell me, congressman, because i have been trying to this out. i have been reading all the reports. i know this is just a framework. what did the u.s. get out of this deal? >> i think we gave one concession after another. you know the paradigm changed. we started saying in the beginning that iran would be allow nod nuclear capacity. over months we allowed them to enjoy greater agreements, greater concessions. they have won at the table. you know ronald reagan understood diplomacy. he got up from rake ventricle and he walked away from gorbachev demanding he come down on missile defense. ronald reagan said no and he left the table. our team has just been too
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eager. i don't know what our representatives believe do they think that iran will be a different country tomorrow than it was yesterday? this is a country that every november 4th they celebrate death to america day. >> yeah that's right. they call on the ownization against israel. >> i don't see that changing any time soon, you're absolutely right. we applaud your efforts to try to get congress' say. we will be following that after you get back from easter recess. thank you so much. >> thank you have a wonderful easter. >> you too. the big question. could the obama administration have gotten a better deal in the "wall street journal" is reporting that the u.s. made steady concessions throughout the nuclear talks. the "wall street journal's" carroll lee joins us now. that is the question. could we have gotten a better deal? >> well, if you take a step back and you look, there is a key moment that happened when negotiators in the u.s. senate sat down to talk
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really in ernst. this was their first meeting. they went into that meeting with the hope of dismantling most of iran's infrastructure. when you talk to. it became clear that was not a sailable option. instead the parameters of the deal that was announced this week were set in that key meeting they decided to put together a set of complex limitations on iran's nuclear program that would keep it at what has been called a one year breakout period. meaning it would take a year for iran to breakout and quickly obtain nuclear capacity. currently the estimates are that that is around three to four months. that really set the tone for negotiations and then things went for there over 19 months. you know, iran did make some concessions on its own in terms of the inspections that are set up in the
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framework deal limiting and reducing the number of centrifuges and limiting the number of materials. >> i'm looking at watt president said in 2012. and none of the things that he said were must haves really got into this deal. not one of the country's 19000 centrifuges will be dismantled. none of the nuclear facilities will be closed. i mean, i could go on and on and on. so what happened? and i'm going to ask you the same question. everybody is asking, carroll, what did we get out of this? >> well, from the white house's perspective, you got a deal that puts iran in a longer time period from being able to break out and acquire nuclear weapon. and you got stronger inspections. the u.s. sees that as either having no eyes or less eyes on their program to having some set of inspections that are -- is going to give them a window into their nuclear
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activity. the argument that the president is making and this is where he is going to have a challenge with congress with our allies in the region there it are a lot of folks who feel he should have stuck with that principle dismantle ling most of iran's infrastructure. you know, the u.s. officials will tell that you that just wasn't going to get iran to yes. >> he really wanted a deal. he should have left the table a long time ago. no talk about hostages and must haves that he originally ticked off o. we will be following this as this is just a framework. carol, thank you. >> thank you. >> iran's president insisting that his nation will abide by the agreement. is anyone besides the obama administration really buying that? >> >> it is a good deal. >> the cabinet is united in strngly opposing the deal. >> the president has given the iranians everything they wanted.
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>> iran's nuclear program is and will remain exclusively peaceful. >> everything is up for grabs again. >> this deal will pose a grave danger to the region and to the world. and will threaten the very survival of the state of israel. >> this framework would cut off every pathway that iran could take to develop a nuclear weapon. >> and the man with the mustache you saw in that montage is here with me now. former u.n. ambassador john bolton joins us. ambassador bolton i have been asking what we got out of this deal. i know you think we didn't get very much. the million-dollar question can iran still build a bomb under this deal. >> of course they can. and really it leaves in nearly iran's total discretion what the timing for that decision will be. let's be clear. iran hasn't been in a rush to build one bomb during the entire length of its program. which is now some three decades. they have been carefully building a broad and deep infrastructure. the concessions that they
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have made under this framework i don't call it a deal because they haven't signed anything that commits them to anything. are trivial and easily reversible. and most importantly of all, everything the people talk about rests on the assumption that we have 100% accurate knowledge of everything that iran is doing in the nuclear field. and i think that's fundamentally false. >> ambassador bolton, historically in iran, they do not believe in doing deals or adhering to deals that are done with infidels. isn't this deal just a big bunch of nothing? >> well, i don't trust their theologians, i don't trust their nuclear scientists either. just as one example. the fordo facility. the deeply buried facility was not disclosed to the iaea. we found out about it from our intelligence and leaks inside iran. really raises the question yet again how many other undisclosed facilities are
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there? remember now that the nuclear program is controlled by the iranian revolutionary guards corps. this is central to their concept of dominance inside of iran and dominance in the region. the nuclear program is not controlled by the iranian foreign ministry. i think they know really very little about what's going on in the program. and i am convinced that if and when a real deal is signed by the end of june, the iranians will violate it before the ink is dried. just as they violated every other commitment they have made on the nuclear program. >> ambassador bolton, on "special report," just now, george will was talking about how president obama does want to fundamentally seemingly change the middle east and this would do that. but charles krauthammer came back and he said well if we lift these sanctions, that will lift iran's economy and boost it in such a way that it will helpful their terrorism program. and really bolster them in a way that we can't really stop. you agree on that.
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do you have the sanction has had an effect on iran's economy. economy bad shape because of 35 years of consistent mismanagement and collapse of international oil prices the iranians wanted relief from the sanctions because it's a sensible thing to want. but they haven't done anything to indicate that once relieved their behavior on the nuclear front or on the terrorist front is going to change. >> and ambassador, i don't have a lot of time. but i do want to ask you, are we seeing the beginning of a middle east arms race. we know that the saudis have hinted at a nuclear program. the israelis are mum on theirs. but what do you think? >> it has already started. i think the president's negotiating strategy, these past two years has accelerated what would have been an arms race once iran tested a nuclear device. it's now pushed it forward because saudis, egyptians, turks and others see that the president is not going to do what is necessary to stop iran.
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they are going to move now before it's too late from their point of view. >> ambassador, thank you. >> thank you. >> now to the growing threat from terrorist recruits right here in the united states. today, a philadelphia woman was charged with trying to join isis. and just yesterday three terrorist suspects charged in new york city. including two women accused of plotting an isis inspired bombing. former nypd commissioner ray kelly is here to go "on the record." but, first more on the latest arrest from philly reporter wilson. she joins us live. shanna, tell us about this woman and the arrest that took place. 30-year-old tiana thomas was arrested as we're told for trying to join isis. her arrest comes as a result of that two year investigation. investigators say that she had been providing material support and resources to isis. so here's what else we learned today. we are told that thomas goes by the name lionness. investigators say that she wanted to join isis.
4:15 pm
she wanted to fight with the terror group. even martyr herself on behalf of isis. prosecutors in federal court today said that thomas applied for a u.s. passport. that was back in february. and bought a plane ticket. that was in march. the plane ticket was for spain. they say she researched common routes of syria and isis training camps and greta, very interesting, also they say they have been monitoring some of her activity on social media and twitter accounts that she had there, greta. >> all right. it's andrea, but seanette thank you so much. arrests in philadelphia coming one day after three suspects. two women accused of plotting to build bombs and a man accused of plotting to help al qaeda murder u.s. military members overseas. why are so many americans looking to join these terror groups and so many women? former nypd commissioner ray kelly joining me in studio. thank you for coming in on good friday. >> good to be with you. >> how do you think the
4:16 pm
terror war has changed? as a grateful new yorker who watched you really transform the nypd into a force that kept us safe for so long. when you see reports like this, what sticks out in your mind about how its changed over say the last decade since 9/11. >> i'm not sure it has changed. it's pretty consistent. two individuals just arrested today in aurora, illinois. one planning to go to syria. the other planning to attack a military base. so yeah. it's fairly consistent. it's just that we haven't paid that much attention to it if a plot fails, it's a one day sorry. but they sort of accumulate over time. they want to come here and kill americans or kill other americans as we saw in the arrest yesterday. it's ongoing problem that will be with us for a long time to come. >> are we safer now? >> i think the government has done a lot. and we haven't had any
4:17 pm
a lot of the i think, good things that you did when you were on the force. a lot of the good terror techniques that were used to foil a lot of these plots that people don't know the nypd and others have stopped. what do you think about that? >> well quite frankly, i'm not certain that he has changed in that area. >> well, like listening in on the mosque. peter king is pretty vocal that's a useful tool and the nypd should have every resource at disposal to try to go after potential
4:18 pm
threat. >> one thing they did change was demographics unit which i think is a mistake. most diverse city in the world. we have a right to know where people are living. we can't just rely on census data. that's one thing they did eliminate. they have been clear in saying they appreciate what was put in place before. i think some crime eye fighting initiatives have sort of drifted. >> what's the most useful technique that you think the cops are really focusing on now to foil these terror plots? i mean, we see with these women they seem to be radicalized over the internet. i mean, it's changing so we see more women joining this fight and the women that were apprehended yesterday in the new york area said that they could do more damage here rather than go abroad. and a lot of that came through the radicalization of the internet. how is the police addressing that? >> well, obviously there is a a lot of monitoring going on in the internet. the police are able to enter chat rooms. new york city has such a diverse police force. police officers born in 106
4:19 pm
countries. they have unique language skills. they are able to get that noah these chat rooms and find out what's really going on. we have people who were born in karachi so they are able to understand the nuances of a lot of these chat rooms. it is ongoing battle it's not easy. some of the things we haven't seen before. a lot of the radicalization is coming ba b. just on the internet. you see these films that are done. very sophisticated. they are very well done. recruitment films. so many of them will show you pictures of the world trade center. so proud of that and so focused on new york. >> it's a recruitment tool. >> absolutely. >> that they still use. >> they have been more sophisticated and i think the administration has warned us about these lone wolf attacks. it's not like it used to be where you had to be trained over there in the mountains of afghanistan. you can be radicalized behind a computer.
4:20 pm
that's what is changing and that's what is so scary. >> exactly. that's what you saw in the case yesterday. they were getting information from the internet. they were using inspire magazine which has been out there since 2010. it's a clear how to book terrorist actions used by the boston information out there. on the internet. radicalization process is alive and well on the sweater. >> we have got to stay alert. commissioner, thank you for service for keeping us safe and come in tonight. >> straight ahead. bleak news about jobs. a positive streak snapped. so what's going on with our economy? our political panel is here next. plus, donald trump says that he knows how to get congress and the president together to get the deal done and trump shares that secret with greta and you, that's coming up. ameriprise asked people a simple question: can you keep your lifestyle in retirement?
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disappointing job numbers out today. in march, the u.s. economy adding only 126,000 jobs. and a the unemployment rate holding steady. so, is the economic recovery already losing momentum in 2015? joining us now are political panel, the national review jill january and the "the washington post" philip bump. all right i'm going to go to you first philip. there are some other numbers that we left out of that intro that are pretty staggering, 93 million americans out of work. and the fed has cut their growth first alert forecast down to zero. now, the "new york times" called this report, quote: muddy. do you think it's muddy or do you think it's a different adjective, perhaps? >> no, i think it's muddy. there are really three factors that came into play here. there was the bad weather which you saw what happened in boston economic activity
4:25 pm
will be different there. oil prices dropping means that there were a lot of mining jobs lost in the oil sector in texas in particular. and then the strong dollar, which is generally good news but it makes it harder for exports because you will not makes a much money. people expected this jobs report to be not as good. that's what they mean. it's not clear. this could be the start of a bad trend. people expected this to be worse than normal. >> also, they revised the numbers down for january and february, jillian. 69 now jobs. so not as good as the white house told us in january or february. yet, i'm not really seeing a lot of growth even though they are telling us that everything is so good. there are still 93 million people out of work. >> i think that's definitely a concern it is hard to decipher from just one jobs report. i think the concern is that this is looking worse than 2014. if 2014 was our boone year after -- the recession that's not a great thing. i think this is really the effect of a lot of very threatening regulatory policies coming to roost. i think you have got
4:26 pm
businesses that are less tant to expand. i think you have got investors who are are hesitant to invest. i think the economy is certainly paying the price for that. >> i think a lot of people, philip, have simply given up. that's what that employment number doesn't tell. that's why i keep saying 93 million. you keep hearing the economy is okay. economist from the white house took to the pressroom today and said things are okay, we are rolling along, going along. it just doesn't seem to be resonating with the american public because the polls show fewer in 4 in 10 say they're confident we are on the right track. >> no question people aren't feeling economic recovery to the extent it's an economic recovery. part of that is slow wage growth. one of the points wage growth continues to be relatively flat. you are right, the labor force size of people who have work or looking for work continues to decline. part of that is a function of the fact that baby boomers are getting older and dropping out of workforce. part big steep decline during the recession. it means that the economic picture is not as good as the president obama would
4:27 pm
like it to be. >> so if you keep saying it over and over and over again jillian, it doesn't matter. it's what the reality is if you have lost a job and someone is telling you things are really great, things are looking up and you are sitting on your couch and given up looking for work, you are not really buying that. >> it doesn't make it true. there is 62.8% labor participation rate. that's a lot of people. count on the elderly, a lot of people have given up on looking for a be jo. this has been a very weak recovery and this latest jobs report shows that it's fragile. >> quick answer to both of you. i want to talk a little bit about obamacare. we know that's affected some of these jobs snubs. administration has pushed off some of these deadlines. very quickly how big of a factor does obamacare play in this down the road? >> huge. >> i mean, there is -- i have seen very little evidence there has been -- every month since obamacare went into effect there has been job growth. i just don't see it. >> also pushed back a lot of those deadlines too, so we will see when they do eventually take effect. thank you both. >> panel, stay with us.
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at old dominion, we ship everything you can imagine. and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe's handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises. lost at sea for 66 days. but tonight a lucky sailor is back on dry land after putting his survival skills to the test. >> check- >> -- this is the dramatic moment, a coast guard helicopter rescues lewis
4:32 pm
jordan off the coast of north carolina. >> roger. >> 66 days ago. jordan's family first reporting him missing to the coast guard and 1: 30 p.m. yesterday a german cargo ship spotting him on top of his capsized sailboat nearly 200 miles off the coast of north carolina. now jordan collin recalling the night his cope capsized. >> i was flying through the air somersaulting. the floor was the ceiling and this side was the other side. >> a terrifying moment that he says was the start of an incredible story of survival. >> i was just praying to god, you know, please protect me. >> and today questions about how he might have survived at sea for more than two months. >> he was also fishing with a net and collecting rainwater. so he was just rationing the food he had and making the best of it.
4:33 pm
>> >> and now jordan finally back on dry land. >> we're so happy to reunite him with his family. >> and that dramatic first phone call with his father recorded and released by the coast guard. >> hey dad. hey, louis. >> i haven't heard you in so long. >> incredible story. and the coast guard will continue to investigate it. they say that everything would have been much easier if jordan had filed a float plan. that's a flight plan for boats. now back to the growing controversy over the iran nuclear deal framework. the plan has been met with skepticism from both sides of the aisle and members of congress demanding that they get final approval so what's next? well our political panel is back. the national review julian melder and the "the washington post" philip burden of bump. do you see getting their say. >> i don't at this point. they have to have a veto proof majority in order to have that happen. >> do you think they have it? lindsey say they have it? >> the problem is what the
4:34 pm
democrats needed was a glimmer of hope. something they could hold on to saying maybe this can work and i think what obama gave them yesterday does that enough for enough people that they're probably not going to get there. >> what do you think, julian? you are talking to the u.n. you are giving them their say we should have our say too. >> sure i agree with that i think this is something very significant for our foreign policy. this should be conducted in a way that has congressional approval and has some measure of transparency to it. this has been very much about shoring up the obama administration's legacy regardless of what it accomplishes. >> when you look back philip the things president obama was looking for in too deal. 19,000 centrifuges wanted them dismantled. he wanted the nuclear facilities closed. he wanted the infrastructure to not remain intact. none of those things have happened. so do you think this is a good deal or a bad deal? >> well, i mean there is no deal yet, i think it's
4:35 pm
important to remember. >> framework let's say. >> exactly there is this framework. the nature of negotiations is you say these are the things i want and hard line where you actually won't go past. it seems as though they didn't go past that hard line. it's interesting because the "the washington post" did a poll earlier this weeks. the vast majority of americans actually support the idea of make a deal with iran to lessen sanctions in exchange for getting rid of the nuclear program. a lot of them don't think it's going to happen. they hadn't seen the deal with this poll was done. i think there is a lot of questions that exist. i just don't know that anyone has all the answers. >> they don't trust iran either. i want to ask you about the political appearance of this. because the rose garden has become and i joke sort of the place where bad things happen to good people. and you see the president has gone out. he had the boberg dal press conference that deal ended up being i think a pretty bad deal. is he going to regret this if iran says you know what, we are not going to follow any part of this deal. we are going to wait until we start to get american
4:36 pm
products. we are going to have our economy lifted and oil markets back in and use that to pad or covers and one build a bomb and proxy wars. >> iran living the north korean example: >> forced iran to the negotiating table. and by pulling back on those just at this critical moment, i don't see what leverage we are going to hold iran to their deal. >> the sanctions aren't lifted until the inspector goes in and check and see that these things have been met. i understand there are questions to the extent which the inspectors can do that it's not as though as soon as soon as they sign this thing that sanctions come off. >> there is no snap inspections either. they just can't go in and inspect. we have to want to assume they are going to be credible inspections and want and also they are not going to say we're coming in on tuesday so get ready to put everything away. i mean i guess i just want to pose the question, too. could we have gotten a better deal?
4:37 pm
what was the alternative? >> i mean. >> we have heard a lot of rhetoric we should are waited for a better deal i haven't heard anyone articulate what that deal would be. >> i think obama views this as a nixon and china moment. unlike china we don't have shared interests with iran. our interests are very diametrically opposed both on the nuclear issue and iraq. it's going to be very difficult to cobble an agreement on this. obliterate israel which they still said is a goal of theirs. thank you both. >> thank you. >> straight ahead, the black box revealed shocking new details about the plane crash in the french alps. a live report from france. that's up next. trump has an idea how to get congress and the president to work together. he takes greta behind the
4:38 pm
scenes tour of his giant new project. that's coming up.
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germanwings co-pilot repeatedly took down the plane as he took it in the french alps. flight data recorder that investigators found yesterday. catherine steel joins us live from france. catherine? the investigators here in paris have had that second black box just over 24 hours now. but the main first information that they have given to us is that as was suspected, the co-pilot took control of the plane, manipulated the auto pilot in such a way that put the plane on course for descending down to 100 feet and quite shockingly we also discovered from investigators he also deliberately revved up the speed so as the plane was going faster and faster
4:43 pm
during that all important 8 minutes from the time that he locked the cockpit door to when it crashed into the mountains. andrea? >> tragic story. catherine, very quickly. anything else that we learned from the black box? at this stage no, not really. this is a piece of the jigsaw that they really had to get because they already got the flight recorder from the cockpit. they are going to put these two together over the next few weeks and get the most detailed analysis they can and then get back to us and have that alongside information they are getting from germany about his mental and -- state to have a full report sometime in the next couple of weeks. andrea? >> thank you very much. we'll be following that story. up next, donald trump takes greta behind the scenes. and you will get to go along for this rare tour, too. stay tuned. >> listen up. greta talk is your new podcast destination. subscribe on itunes, tunen
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the white house, the capital, the monuments and now visitors to washington d.c. are about to have another famous building to see. donald trump is restoring the old post office, turning it into a luxury hotel and trump gave greta a special behind the scenes tour of the site. take a look. >> this is on pennsylvania avenue, down from the u.s. capitol and the-know a block or two underthis building is the white house. this actually is the perfect location. >> well, we are right smack in the middle between the
4:49 pm
capitol. congress and the president they can all get together in this building. they will merge and get together and maybe make deals right in this building. >> we are going for a tour. >> this is a typical hallway. and you see the kind of protection. it's all three quarter inch plywood wrapped around everything. all of this. and under this is the most incredible marble you have ever seen. >> okay. let's go. show me some more. >> this will be the lobby. and about 25 years ago a group blew out the floor and opened it up as a very inexpensive food court. that's what it has been for many years. what we are doing now is bringing it back to the original grandeur. >> are you working with historians? how do you know how to restore this? >> we have historians and the gs apartment has historians. we are working together. for instance the doors going into all of the suites. they are all the original doors. the hallways are all original. it's going to be amazing.
4:50 pm
>> where are we going? >> i'm going to show you a meeting room. the doors are all 12 feet high. most of ceiling heights are massive. here is a typical ceiling height which is usually 18 feet. i'm going to show you a room that's incredible. >> so this was the main meeting room of the united states post office. this is where they really ran the whole country. that was when a post office was a post office. and this room is just spectacular and look at the doors and the carvings. all of -- everything is being preserved. >> look at the top of the pillars. >> it's great to bring it back. and the date is 1889 is when it started. they started construction in 1889. and you just could never do a thing like this. when you look at ceiling heights like this. >> what is this about? >> the ceiling height here is about 35 feet, yes. and this is standard. >> outside we're building a magnificent court. that's the internal revenue service building. >> i can't believe you had
4:51 pm
the irs. >> up up there waving at us. >> if you are president what's going to be going on in that building? >> i love that building. i think it's a beautiful building. >> proble most people don't know this is a very tall building for washington because we have height restrictions but this was grandfathered in. >> this was built before. >> before the height restriction. >> so this is the -- the tower is the tallest point in washington. other than the washington monument. >> i think this is a good deal. >> if you love this country. >> this is a smart business deal. >> if you love this country, this is the center of the world, right? and we love this country. >> okay. where to? >> let's go up to a room that's being built. >> these elevators when they're finished are going to be brand new and be incredible. >> how many floors are there in this building? is this the top one? >> 19 floors. >> 19? >> yeah. >> and the top is a roof that is so incredible. rear going to have close to 300 rooms and suites. we have many suites. here is an area that hasn't
4:52 pm
been touched yet. that area is going to be be a study. we will have desks in there. >> these are the features i really like. the rounded feature like this. you know that's. >> totally round. >> that's the beauty. >> that's going to be a study. we have magnificent chandeliers coming. federal chandeliers. literally federal chandeliers that hang from that area and that's going to be something great. in one month we start renovating the top. that glass used to be clear glass and we're going back to the clear glass and totally renovating it. same exact look. but fantastic. >> you can get a room that faces the irs. you can make faces at them or gestures. think about that how cool. trump expects the hotel to be open by mid 2016. and take a look at this dramatic video. at least two jets struck by lightning bolts as they descended into seattle's tacoma airport in washington state. the terrifying moments caught on camera.
4:53 pm
while the lightning strikes, look really scary aviation experts say passengers may notice a flash of light. but they are not really in any danger. still very cool footage. and coming up. flames and thick black smoke shooting into the ira as a massive fire putting an entire community on the edge. the latest on that inferno up next. let me talk to you about retirement. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable professional. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ] woman: [laughs] no way! that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro you just don't know.
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this is a fox news alert. five suspects are now reportedly under arrest in connection with the massacre at a kenyan university. 148 people were killed in yesterday's terror attack and tonight local media are reporting that kenyan police have arrested five people responsible. that's according to kenya's interior minister. he says that the arrests were made a short time ago. islamic extremist targeted christian students in yesterday's attack. now let's speed read the news. in other news tonight hundreds of kentucky firefighters spending most of the day battling a massive fire. the blaze broke out at general electric appliance park. thick smoke and heavy flames could be seen shooting up from the manufacturing center. nearby residents were ordered to stay in heir homes. the fire is now under control.
4:59 pm
french judicial authorities starting a manslaughter probe into a deadly helicopter collision in argentina. killed 10 people while filming reality show. 8 victims were grench including three famous athletes. tornadoes touched down last night and today in oklahoma and kansas. in oklahoma, barnes and other structures were damaged and in kansas trees knocked out power lines. crews are now working to restore the power. there are no reports of injuries. thank you much for being with us tonight on good friday. greta will be back on the record monday night at 7:00 p.m. eastern. i will see you back monday on outnumbered at noon. up next, catch a very special presentation of killing jesus. it's based on bill o'reilly's book very successful "new york times" best seller. and it will be making its debut on the fox news channel coming up right after this program. the special rea again on sunday night.
5:00 pm
also, can you tweet me during the movie if you would like using @ andrea tantaros because i'm curious what you think about bill's movie. have a great weekend everybody and happy hole week. king, god has no mercy on you. he shall


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