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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  April 5, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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see you next "fox news sunday." pope francis making a plea for peace as christians around the world celebrate easter sunday today. and happy easter to everyone. happy passover. i'm julie banderas in for harris faulkner. this is "the fox report." the pontiff taking the opportunity to address conflicts around the world and condemn recent brutality against christians. the holy father also leading the faithful in celebration marking the resurrection of christ more than 2,000 years ago. ♪ >> pope francis celebrating easter malice at the vat tan. tens of thousands of worshippers braving a downpour to see him there live. they huddled together with ponchos and umbrellas as the
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pope prayed for an end to suffering and bloodshed. conner powell has more from jerusalem. >> reporter: pope francis today marked easter from a rainy st. peter's square. while thousands braved the bad weather. pope francis tackled global violence and politics in a message to the faithful. it was a somber speech. the pontiff expressing hope that the recent international nuclear agreement between the west and iran will be successful. he also highlighted human suffering around the world. the pontiff expressing concern about the growing violence against christians and people of faith. he called for peace in iraq and syria, while pushing the international community to do more for the victims of violence. >> translator: we ask for peace above all for our beloved syria and iraq. that the roar of arms may cease and that peaceful relations may be restored among the various groups which make up those beloved countries.
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>> reporter: francis praying for the recent victims of the attack in kenya. 148 people were killed thursday by somali militants from the terror group al shabaab. those militants threatening more violence and vowing to turn the streets of kenya red with blood. >> conner, thank. kenya beginning three days of mourning in honor of the victims of the attack. ♪ worshippers singing and praying as armed guards stand and watch at a catholic church in garissa, the city where the attack took place. some of the victims attended this church which was the site of a terror attack three years ago. meanwhile kenyan investigators say one of the gunmen in the university attack is the son of a government official. his family reported him missing last year. new reaction tonight to the u.s. agreement with iran over its nuclear program and the push by lawmakers to make sure they have a say in any final deal. a preliminary agreement reached
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thursday requires tehran to cut the number of centrifuges used to enrich uranium by two-thirds and reduce its stockpile of low-enriched uranium to levels too weak to build a nuclear weapon. iran and six world powers are shifting into the next phase of negotiations as the june 30th deadline looms. but republican senator bob corker is drawing supports from both sides of the aisle pushing a bill requiring congressional approval of the preliminary deal before moving forward. >> i want to see a negotiated agreement. i know that a lot of water has to go under the bridge over the next 90 days and it's very important that congress is in the middle of this, understanding teasing out, asking those important questions. >> a lot of important questions to be asked. and live from washington, doug an important congressional vote is looming later this month. >> that's right april 14 the is the date that the senate foreign
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relations committee will have a vote to move approval of the deal out of committee to the senate floor. too early to tell how a congressional vote will shape up. but congress is determined to have a role, as you said. the white house is going to be paying very close attention because congress could be very close to a veto-proof majority if it rejects the agreement. >> going through this in detail and making sure that all the answers -- the questions are answered is an appropriate thing for us to do. that doesn't mean that there won't be a deal. we just set in place a process re that if there's a deal, it's a deal that will stand the test of time. >> reporter: tremendous international pressure is building in part due to israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu's position that the framework is untenable. >> i'm not trying to kill any deal i'm trying to kill a bad deal. you say it's a historic decision, it could be a historically bad deal. because it leaves the preeminent terrorist state of our time with a vast nuclear infrastructure. >> reporter: and that in turn is
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sparking criticism from some domestic critics. >> this can backfire on him. and i wish that he would contain himself. because he has put out no real alternative. in his speech to the congress, no real alternative. since then, no real alternative. >> netanyahu believes the sanctions are what brought iran to the negotiating table to start and it's time to increase pressure on iran, not lessen it. >> the question of snap inspections and whether iran will comply with the agreement obviously raising a lot of trust issues. what goes on there? >> reporter: well, julie, skeptics believe there is plenty of reason to distrust iran on both fronts. any agreement must require iran to permit snap inspections at any location, and even they're no guarantee based on iran's past cheating of international agreements they'll not embark on a secretive nuclear development
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plan that's hidden from all western eyes. two teenagers arrested in two anti-terror sweeps in the uk. british police say a 16-year-old girl was arrested in manchester and a 14-year-old boy was taken into custody just outside the city. both are accused of plotting terrorist attacks and they were both released on bail. they are due in court may 28th. terror-related arrests have surged in the uk recently as more citizens are trying to join isis in syria. the obama administration is working on a new program to fly immigrant children to the u.s. to reunite them with their families. the kids will travel for free, meaning you the american taxpayer, will be footing the bill. >> reporter: illegal immigrant children from guatamala, honduras, and el salvador walking into the u.s. it's so 2014. now they get to fly for free.
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>> when you look at this program you have to wonder why is there a border anyway? >> reporter: that's right, a new state department and dhs venture seeks to stop the surge of unaccompanied kids at the southern border and reunite families by letting parent hot have any kind of legal status apply to have their kids picked up in central america and put on a plane. without paying a penny. judicial watch points out once these kids arrive, taxpayers also pick up the tab for education, food stamps, medical care, and living expenses. >> under this program they would be "refugees." refugees have access to government benefits that other illegal aliens don't. >> reporter: the state department says this is a safe, legal, and orderly alternative to the dangerous journey that some children are currently undertaking to the united states. and for that reason the program has some support. >> i think it's more humane and a got policy these children are not going to die being in such an unsafe place. >> reporter: others are worried about starting a system that ignores people attempting to
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imgreat the traditional way, waiting in line. >> my gosh what does the rule of law mean if you break the law to get here and then you get the government to help bring the rest of your family? >> reporter: how much will all this cost? good question. >> the price tag? i don't know. >> if she doesn't know, we won't know in the the program is complete and the money that is been spent. there's no way to tell how many unaccompanied minors are minors since this program is available for adults as old as 21 and many of their grownive up relatives. lots of questions very few answers in foggy bottom. much, much more straight ahead. a wild high-speed police chase come toth a dramatic ending. this crash shutting down the highway after an suv slams into other cars and flips over four times. we hear from one of the innocent
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i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit christians in the holy land and across the world celebrating easily tear. the faithful gather in jerusalem marking the resurrection of jesus more than 2,000 years ago. some worshippers making the pilgrimage in gaza. christians there are given special permission to travel to the holy city over easter. the first family celebrating easter today as well. president obama first lady michelle daughters sasha and malia participated in mass at the historic alfred street baptist church in alexander dra, virginia, this morning. and in england, the royal
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family including queen elizabeth ii and prince philip, also celebrated easter by attending the traditional service at st. george's chapel at windsor castle. for years maggie gabron has been working to change the lives of poor people in egypt. the devout christian has helped thousands through her organization steven's children. now her work has become increasingly focused on coptic christians as terrorists are targeting them in the middle east. >> reporter: julie, brutal beheadings of 21 coptic christians shocked the world. these men who didn't renounce their faith even in the face of death. now we know where that faith may have come from. her name is mama maggie. she's known as the mother teresa of cairo. for two decades she has served the children living in egypt's slums through their organization, stephen's children. seven of those beheaded came out
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of her school, five she knew by name. >> i touch them, i eat with them, i pray with them, i play with them. we cry together. we study together. yes, they are my boys. >> reporter: when they were beheaded the 21 men were said to have called on the name of jesus. i asked mama maggie, how did these simple men have such faith? >> they have their identity their self-respect their self-esteem, clear. and they are looking up knowing they're going to live forever. >> reporter: mama maggie unlike mother teresa came from upper middle class beginnings. the author of her first biography said during an interview on that maggie gabron gave up her career after seeing children live in abject poverty and deciding to help them. >> she realized she got more happyiness out of serving that family than she did from her job and traditional wealth. >> reporter: stephen's children is named after the first
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christian martyr, who while he was being stoned to death proconfessed his faith in jesus. police say suspects start started throwing drugs out the window during a high-speed chase but that is all. when the suv finally crashed in the middle of the highway, what else was found? we're going to tell you. kentucky fans are not happy about losing for the first time this year. and they took their anger to the streets. my lenses have a sunset mode. and a partly sunny mode. and an outside to inside mode. transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. ask for transitions xtractive lenses. extra protection from light... outdoors indoors and in the car.
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for all the confidence you need td ameritrade. you got this. we like to check in with our fox stations to see what they're working on. tonight the report about a career criminal facing charges after leading police on a high-speed chase and crashing on the highway. fox station kmsp in the twin
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cities has the story. >> reporter: the danger of this high-speed chase couldn't be any clearer. just as state patrol throws out stop sticks the suspect suv swerves to avoid them, rolling four times before coming to a stop on the driver's side. >> get down! >> reporter: and with the driver pinned inside, the passenger escapes through the sun roof and tries to run but doesn't get far. >> came out of the blue, i had no idea he was going to hit me. >> reporter: dave was driving one of three other vehicles hit. >> my back end of the truck was fish tailing a little bit. kind of got it off to the side. then i looked and the other vehicle was still rolling when i turned around to look. and then -- yeah, there was just stuff everywhere. >> reporter: during that chase, a white substance can be seen being thrown from the driver and passenger side windows believed
4:20 pm
to be drugs. >> the driver told the medics he had enjeds a large quantity of meth in trying to destroy that evidence. we haven't been able to prove that at this point. but he was watched for signs of possibly overdosing on that drug. >> reporter: the driver had to be cut out of the suv but otherwise wasn't hurt. but the main reason 494 was shut down for an hour and a half was because of all the items believed to be stolen scattered across the highway. credit cards, ipads, computers, tools, now piled up in evidence. >> this bag here, that's all just cell phone sglrts more than 30 in all. both suspects had criminal histories and the driver has a revoked license because of narcotics and previously fleeing police. >> the driver by the way is facing charges for breaking into a home. the passenger was arrested but has since been released. they say the bigger they are, the harder they fall.
4:21 pm
and when you are 38-0, it's a long way down. >> step-back -- >> wisconsin delivering a knockout punch to previously undefeated kentucky. the badgers sending the wildcats back to lexington two games shy of what would have been a historic 40-0 finish. will daughters reporting live on what's shaping up to be a weekend of firsts for a lot of the sports fans. some fans didn't take the kentucky loss so well. >> that's right. this game was a major bracket-buster. including mine. i had kentucky going all the way. this is all i have left after i ferociously tore it in half this morning. some kentucky fans they took it a step further. apparently one loss was one loss too many in hex lexington. many fans took to the streets, started fires. their brackets may have gone up in smoke. around 30 people ended up
4:22 pm
getting arrested. then kentucky guard andrew harrison got himself in trouble as well last night. he muttered a racial slur with an open mike that was turned on about frank comisky, wisconsin's star 7 footer. harrison having to go to twitter afterwards tweeting, when i realized how this could be perceived i immediately called big frank to apologize and let him know i didn't mean any disrespect. we had a good conversation and i wished him good luck in the championship game on monday. now wisconsin taking on duke after duke beat michigan state yesterday. coach k. won his first championship back in 1991 in indianapolis. he won his last championship back in 2010 in indianapolis as well. so we'll see if duke can d again tomorrow night or if wisconsin will continue to roll. >> all right and now baseball season is kicking off. >> that's right. you know, baseball fans love spring training. but if you're a pure fan, there is nothing like opening day. tonight is the first game for
4:23 pm
major league baseball. the cardinals taking on the cubs. there's a lot of excitement around the cubs this year. that's because this will be the first time that jon lester is pitching after signing a huge contract. and this is the time of year that every team has some kind of hope. and the new major league baseball commissioner hopes that fans are just as excited. >> our game is still a gate-driven game. it's really important to our economics that we have good attendance. you know, over our 2430 dates we average 30,000 people a night. it's crucial to our business. we do think we continue to have a really positive, affordable, family in-park experience. >> for the rest of the teams, opening day is tomorrow. if it's anything like last year where the kansas city royals made it to game seven of the world series, this should be quite an exciting season. >> this next one's got me very interested. a woman's about to take the very first time, never had before
4:24 pm
role of being in the midst of a bunch of big, sweaty men. i'm talking about an nfl referee being a female for the first time. >> that's right. the nfl really trying to rebrand its image here. especially in the wake of the ray rice and adrian peterson cases. so for the first time according to reports it appears that the nfl will have a female referee. her name is sarah thomas. she has 20 years of experience, including nfl preseason games and college games. the nfl is expected to make that announcement sometime next week. >> that is so cool. she's so tiny. she's going to be amongst all those football players good for her. now turning to the box office. "furious 7," did you make it to the movies this weekend? it won big at the box office. the latest installment of the "fast and furious" franchise speeding across the finish line its opening weekend with a whopping $143.6 million in ticket sales across the u.s.
4:25 pm
that is a franchise best. the movie unseated previous april recordholder "captain america: the winter soldier," which brought in $5 million last year. "furious 7" is dedicated to actor paul walker who died in a car accident while the film was being made in 2013. california's governor ordering mandatory water restrictions as the state faces severe drought. the situation taking yet another hit, though, after a major water leak at a pumping station. this just in. new comments from president obama tonight on the importance of a nuclear deal with iran and what it could mean for relations with our ally israel. the fox news political insiders are here. we're going to play the tape. president obama's comments. we want to hear from you with critics weighing in on what should and shouldn't be included in a deal. we want to know what would it take for you to support a nuclear deal with iran? tweet us on our fox news social
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♪ music plays love you by the free design ♪ ♪ attendant: welcome back. man: thank you. it's not home. but with every well considered detail . . . it becomes one step closer. no wonder more people. . . choose delta than any other airline. i'm julie banderas and this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour,
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time for the top of the news. 82,000 gallons of water leaked from a california pump station. the malfunction could not have come at a worse time. this week governor brown ordered mandatory water restrictions for the first time in california history as severe drought continue on this the west coast. police in oklahoma nab an easter bunny stuffed with $30,000 worth of meth. the drug-filled bunny was intercepted while it was being shipped to an address in tulsa county. the woman who was supposed to receive the package reportedly confessed to police she knew about the drugs. a new bill moving through congress right now in an effort to give lawmakers a say in the iran nuclear deal. tehran and six world powers reached a preliminary agreement thursday. and now have until june 30th to finalize it. meanwhile, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, who's been a vocal opponent of the negotiations, says he's open to a deal but the current agreement just isn't good enough.
4:31 pm
>> i think there's still time to reach a good deal, a better deal. and i think what is required is to hold firm to increase the pressures until a better deal is achieved. one that significantly rolls back iran's nuclear infrastructure and one that doesn't lift the restrictions on iran on iran's nuclear program until they stop their aggression into egypt. >> the fox news political insiders are here and you can join the conversation on our fox news social media pages. tweet me @juliebanderas. former republican congressman for new york, former pollster for president jimmy carter, former pollster for president bill clinton and a fox news contributor. great to see you again. >> great to see you. >> we just got this in. president obama spoke with the new york times regarding benjamin netanyahu's concerns as we just heard there. and the united states' concerns. and congress' concerns over
4:32 pm
perhaps his alienating israel. here is what he says. i would consider it to be a failure on my part, a fundamental failure of my presidency, if on my watch or as a consequence of the work that i've done israel was rendered more vulnerable. and i think that's not just a strategic failure, i think it would be a moral failure. doug, let me start with you. are we failing israel by signing the deal that is currently on the table? >> well it certainly seems to me that that's a real possibility julie. look, president obama is expressing sentiments that i'm sure all americans share or should share. and certainly we as political insiders i think share those sentiments. but we i think as right-thinking americans have real doubts about a deal that potentially allows iran to cheat to have a secret program. they have themselves in the past
4:33 pm
cheated. and candidly, we're in a position that as the prime minister suggested in the sound bite you played, they have not renounced terrorism. they've not renounced their own commitment to destroy israel. nor have they stood down from doing work against our interests in the region and around the world. so i think there's much for israel to be worried about. in the deal, the words from the president are reassuring but they're only words. >> john this is a preliminary deal. many would call it a quasi-deal if any deal. really because it plays in the favor of iran. it would limit iran from enriching uranium. it would allow inspectors to have vast access to its nuclear facilities the next 15 years. however it allows some 5,000 centrifuges to remain open when originally they had talked about a couple hundred. i mean is president obama being handed a bad deal? >> first of all, he negotiated this deal. he was involved with every
4:34 pm
single bit of it. and that's been published that it wasn't john kerry by himself he was on the phone every day to the president who's very involved. on the initial question, president obama today has weakened israel by emboldening iran through these talks. the neighborhood that israel lives in is much less safe much more unstable. yeah, israel is strong militarily through themselves. but they're much more vulnerable. the president by his own standard has already failed our ally, israel. >> pat in an interview netanyahu said they are getting a free pass to the bomb. that says it all. >> well i think so. first of all, the president what he said today he has these weird moments where he goes off-script. that should be the epitaph of his administration. he has already left israel hung out to dry here and in greater danger. look, this deal we don't even
4:35 pm
have a joint signed outline by the two powers. what does that tell you? we have the administration which is known for prevary dating and exaggerating and frankly just lying, going out and claiming what's in the deal except the iranians say it's not. we do know that there is -- what we do know and it's very serious is not a single structure of the nuclear infrastructure of iran is being undone. they still have been getting ballistic missiles. and they are -- and iran is right, they're going to take the sanctions off. the president, my god, my god, it's peace, it's peace again in our time number two. >> republicans have every right to question his judgment. that's the whole point of congress. and the iran nuclear agreement review act of 2015 calls on the president to submit the final agreement to congress within five days of it being signed. here's what's a little scary to me.
4:36 pm
after the agreement was reached on thursday, the president had this warning for congress. listen. >> if congress kills this deal not based on expert analysis and without offering any reasonable alternative, then it's the united states that will be blamed for the failure of diplomacy. international unity will collapse and the path to conflict will widen. >> the path to conflict will widen? >> well, first of all, maybe i'm off base here. but i don't think as of today congress does have the ability to stop this agreement. that's why the president wants to not have it be voted on by congress and take it to the u.n. to lift the sanctions even before congress can really do anything about it. >> but -- >> he's afraid of congress. it goes to what pat said. why do we not know what was negotiated in switzerland? we don't know anything. we haven't been told anything officially by any government. that we have six governments on
4:37 pm
our side and the eye yain thanes. so seven governments. and the eu. and moab has told us one thing that's officially in this agreement. why not? >> bus we do know who won because we can see it in the streets of tehran. we hear it from hamas. you can see it by the silence of our arab gulf allies. france and others. who look at this and go, oh my gosh, it is as churchill said, we have only taken the first sip of a cup -- he said this right after munich -- that we will be offered year after year. this is a deal that is really a disaster. our problem is the united states, we're looking for a churchill to challenge this president and what he says in his straw men that he creates. and they're leaving these negotiations to be led by the woman who did north korea. what does that tell you? >> jeffrey writes, making a nuke deal with iran is akin to giving
4:38 pm
your child a loaded docked gun and saying don't shoot. just stupid. doug, i'll give you the final word. >> i think that that is true. but we don't have, as john and pat have said, we don't know the specifics of the deal. the iranian protocol is different from the american protocol. we still have till june 30th. but at the very least we need to know what's in the deal and we should push for congressional ratification. >> doug, john, pat, stand by. we'll be right back. "political insiders" continues. the top democrat co-sponsoring the iran act with senator corker indicted on federal corruption charges. critics question though the timing in all of this and wondering if the case is payback for bob menendez after speaking out against the obama administration. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424.
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senator bob menendez indicted on federal corruption charges this week. menendez has been an outspoken critic of the obama administration about iran and cuba. and he says there is no doubt the case against him is politically motivated. the fox news political insiders are back. doug, the administration drops a bomb on the new jersey democratic senator that he's going to face these federal charges. however, ironically no charges are going to be brought against the central figure in the irs political targeting scandal, lois lerner. anything wrong with this picture? >> i think what's really wrong is that the timing of the indictment was almost the day that the iranian deal was signed. bob menendez was the ranking member on the foreign relations committee. he's had to give up his post. and to get congressional oversight, there needs to be 67
4:43 pm
votes in the senate. and candidly with lois lerner having not been prosecuted and men then december prosecuted candidly, i think we're going to see the effort to get congressional review fall short. i hope i'm wrong. i hope there is review. but i think this really sends a message to the entire congress. >> let's talk about the indictment. 68 pages long. it statesmen then december had three girlfriends took nearly $1 million in trips, at a preference conference on wednesday the senator vehemently denied all of this. he asserted his innocence. listen to senator corker on whether the menendez indictment is politically motivated. all right, we don't have it. let's kill that. let me just ask you then john, is the indictment politically motivated? >> a year ago this investigation of menendez was complete and they did not indictment him. and for the last year they've been holding it back and then all of a sudden he opposed the
4:44 pm
normalization of cuba and really went off when he said the obama administration gets their talking points from tehran. boom, the minute he says that you start reading leaks, investigation heating up, making a deal, not making a deal, next thing you know he's indicted. as doug said, right when the deal is being completed. it sends, to use an old term, a chilling feeling through any other democrats who are thinking of crossing the obama white house. >> pat, i mean, here's corker's comments to chris wallace on "fox news sunday." i know bob menendez has been a very good partner on foreign policy issues. he was not though in line with president obama. what does that say to you? >> logic, there's no doubt we were the first show i think, "political insiders," to raise this issue. that this was going to be a political act by the -- what i call the criminally injustice department that we have, which is run by a political hack who when he's not playing the race
4:45 pm
card is covering up scandal after scandal, be it solyndra irs, whatever. they did this to menendez, as doug and john suggested, to chill the other members. they went after the one democrat who is speaking with great conscience on this issue. they had this three years ago. the public integrity section, which itself is an oxymoron, is the same section that took out senator ted stevens and did it -- got reprimanded after he lost his election by withholding evidence. this is a corrupt scene designed -- 76% of the american people want the congress to have a say. barack obama intends to bypass the congress to the u.n. the issue right now for the country, my party and doug's party suffered under the question of who lost china and what happened while being -- >> all right -- >> i tell you that's what faces the democratic party today. >> let me switch gears.
4:46 pm
talk about double standards here. where is the outrage over harry reid basically admitting that he lied about romney on the senate floor? >> it's such an outrage that this guy can stand there and trash romney and accuse him of paying no taxes and he knew it was a lie when he said it. and he knew they could do nothing to him. and now he chortles about it by saying, well who won the election? i mean, no wonder the american people hate politics except the political insiders. no wonder they hate the two parties and they think the whole thing is corrupt. you know why? because it is. >> speaking of corrupt, how about the irs? lois lerner. the central figure of the irs tea party-targeting scandal, still facing investigation over the intrusive scrutiny of conservative groups. when the house oversight committee tried to question miss lernor she declined to answer any questions citing her fifth amendment right against self-incrimination.
4:47 pm
should lernor have been held in contempt? >> i'm not sure. i would say technical questions, she made an opening statement which apparently would subject her to the requirement that she answer questions. it's a close legal issue. but i think as pat and john compellingly suggested the fact that she was not indicted she was given the benefit of the doubt and bob bob menendez was indicted is a chilling message. add david petraeus to that. he acknowledged lying to a federal officeras head of the cia he gave classified materials to his mistress and pled guilty only to a misdemeanor with no jail time. again what message does all of this send to the congress? >> by the way -- >> go ahead. >> let me just throw in -- go ahead pat. >> menendez one of theendez being charged about the women, the trips.
4:48 pm
bill clinton is going to orgy island with a convicted pedophile, you don't hear anything. >> that. you have senators doing business with their families. the corruption on the hill is unbelievable. this cover-up of lois lerner and the lover-up on benghazi, worse than anything covered up in watergate. >> i'm going to have to leave it there. stand by. we're going to be right back. talking about senator rand paul. because as you probably heard he's expected to officially announce a presidential run this week. how does he stack up against awe the other republican hopefuls? the fox news political insiders are coming right back.
4:49 pm
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increased blood pressure, common cold symptoms, urinary tract infection, and headache. take charge by talking to your doctor about your oab symptoms and myrbetriq. find out if you can get your first prescription at no cost by visiting well kentucky senator rand paul throwing his hat into the ring for 2016. he is expected to officially
4:52 pm
announce a white house run on tuesday, but he may have his work cut out for him as he is trailing in the latest fox news poll. when asked who they favor for the gop nomination 15% of republican primary voters chose wisconsin govern scott walker former governor jeb bush senator ted cruz, and former governor mike huckabee round out the rest senator paul is innicsinnics sixth place. i would ask you first, if you agree with the pollsters. would you say that rand paul is coming in at number six or would you place him higher? >> well, the poll is the poll, i don't think they mean much other than the name id at the moment. these announcements and the candidates that get the attention, like ted cruz it boosted him in the polls the following two days. i guess the same thing might happen with rand paul.
4:53 pm
and each one of these candidates, which is good, let the public learn about them and see them directly and hear what their message is. the problem is, as the three of us have been saying, we have yet to hear a compelling message from any candidate in any party at all that addresses what is bugging the american people. and it makes me repeat what i said on here before. the next president of the united states is not even in the race yet. and we're not yet talking about him. >> do you know who you're talking about? would you like to let us in? >> no but -- he is warming up in the bull pen. >> okay, i'm -- you guys make predictions on this show. so if we could make some history here, have at it. let me ask you about foreign policy. this is a central topic, of course it will be a hot topic in the 2016 election. i want to know how you guys believe rand paul would stack up against his competitors when it comes to this top voter issue, doug? >> yeah i think julie that is
4:54 pm
exactly the right question. rand paul has been an isolationist historically, not wants to get america intertwined in the foreign conflicts. with the rise and fall of isis, this is a huge liability for him particularly in republican primaries. so i think this is a huge, huge challenge. that being said, julie, this race is wide open. anybody can win. the fact that scott walker and others are doing well is more a reflection of the base of any candidates, not any endorsements of their policy sies or any candidates. >> but if we talk about foreign policy experience and you know it may come up, some may say scott walker and chris christie may not have that experience. marco rubio, put him up against
4:55 pm
rand paul. you tell me john. >> well, marco rubio sort of has been captured by the neocon, so he is one extreme. and rand paul as doug said is an isolationist so trying to move off of that. >> i have to say the republican party or america is in between the two extremes, wouldn't you agree, pat? >> yes let me just say one thing i have been looking at in the polls that is very significant, if you look at the washington post poll which is overly democracy and historically and notoriously so has hillary clinton way ahead. fox has it much closer. but if you look at even the abc poll, and we have much less independence, i'll tell you this: no person running as a democrat or republican is getting a favorable response from the 38 or 50% of the
4:56 pm
electorate will be an issue, and so far nobody has articulated a great message and it does hurt. i agree with doug. >> all right, thank you gentlemen, we'll be right back. stay tuned. ou have something for pain? i have bayer aspirin. i'm not having a heart attack, it's my back. i mean bayer back & body. it works great for pain. bayer back & body provides effective relief for your tough pain. better? yeah...thanks for the tip! bring us your baffling. bring us your audacious. we want your sticky notes, sketchbooks, and scribbles. let's pin 'em to the wall. kick 'em around. kick 'em around, see what happens. because we're in the how-do-i-get-this-startup- off-the-ground business. the taking-your-business- global-business. we're in the problem-solving business. 400,000 people -
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mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. ibanez . the fox news political insiders are back can you guys do this in one minute? doug, i'm going to go to you final thoughts. >> yeah i think the world is at great risk after the iran deal, we have a sectarian war beginning in the middle east. north korea has not as pat said, given up the nuclear ambitions, and candidly, the united states is on the retreat. >> pat, go pat. >> it will get much worse we are on a slick slope, things will get much worse before we ever see light. >> john, quick. >> i still think the united states will rise up and be great again, politically and morally. >> i love the positive note ending.
5:00 pm
thank you very much for ending that on a positive note. gentlemen, always great to see you, have a happy easter, thank you so much for having us. and that is how fox reports this easter sunday, 2015 i'm julie banderas "killing jesus" is next. have a great night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ god has no


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