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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 6, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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we appreciate it. we hope you have great day. thank you for joining us on this monday. we will be here all week long at 5:00 a.m. >> "fox and friends" starts right now. hello. good morning today is monday, 6th of april, 2015. i'm anna kooiman. rolling stone retracted a new report forces the music magazine to apologize for its journalism after reporting on a hat never took place. after that still no accountability. >> great. it was supposed to be their dream vacation. the father is paralyzed and the sons are in comas. what went wrong at this resort that now has the feds on the case? all right. they were kings of the castle until big government stepped in. one town telling these kids to tear down that cardboard wall.
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amazing. mornings are better with friends, though. >> it's time for "fox and friends." howdy, everybody? >> howdy. >> we're working you silly. how many days are we killing you with? >> three in a row. >> thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. >> it was easter weekend i had a nice visit from the easter bunny. you were in florida? >> the entire doocy family in the station wagon. there we are going back to the airport yesterday. as you can see everyone is wearing sun glasses except me. great thing about easter. it's one of the two times during the year when the whole family gets together. >> you have a station wagon old school? with the wood panelling? >> we have a station wagon but no wood panelling. in the way back we have -- >> it's great it's like a catapult. >> it is so little only small
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people can sit back there. >> it's fascinating to see who was driving. >> of course mrs. happy drive everywhere. >> that's us having easter. and that's a shot of a third of my table. there's the other third of our table. we had a rotation situation. >> we call that a buff et i think that's how jesus would have wanted. people eat at the table >> did you wear your elastic wasted pants? >> we were very efficient. i think we did not have a lot of fatty foods, not a lot of carbohydrates. we had a lot of ham. my wife did an unbelievable job. >> fantastic. it looks like it. but you had to work. >> i did. >> how did you squeeze in easter? >> we had a photo booth on saturday.
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tucker and clayton and myself had a lot of fun with the easter bunny there. we learned recipes on what to do with your left over easter egg cand. >> you're using your tv pictures for your family easter? >> oh my goodness. >> it's all right. we had devilled egg. >> i made that saturday. it's my favorite part. >> you whip yolks into a frenzy and pour it into the hallowed out white. >> you hard boil them so they're look play dough. we hope you had a wonderful easter with your family. and your friends as well. today is easter monday. >> should we have people send us pictures of -- >> why not? sure. post them. send them to us or facebook them or tweet them. >> the best looking family gets on our show. >> just send the pictures. good luck. let's talk about the paul
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family. rand paul, senator from the great state of kentucky tomorrow will be in front of the uss yorktown in charleston. he's going to announce he's running for president. how do we know that? he put out a video last night that said he's running for president. >> it's time for a new way. a new set of ideas. a new leader. one you can trust. one who works for you and above all, it's time for a new president. >> really capitalizing on his unique position on things being more libertarian. but also coming more to the right to appeal to the rest of the gop. becoming more offensive on foreign policy and defense. >> yeah. i just find it fascinatingment looking at his background he's
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be with his dad. when his dad was running for president, he was there. his dad let it be known my son has political ambitions. sure enough he comes in and shocks the world with his tea party victory and wins over people like mitch mcconnell and most of kentucky. he's a somebody who is going to be running for president. that's not a surprise. when he spoke at berkeley, that was imprestive. the inner city, was impressive. the world is blowing up. his let's worry about america first is not resonating as well as a year ago. but now he's in a situation where he seems to be more muscular. saying i would increase defense by $190 billion. i would be more active in the middle east. he's trying to straddle the line between libertarian and conservative. he might be successful. >> i think you should describe him as libertariany he's not his
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father he's somebody else. the way it's stacked up it's front loaded to imhad h. his father ran for president, he was very libertarian. in 2008, and 2012. he got the apparatus involved in iowa and nevada, which are caucus shapes. new hampshire is very libertarian. it's front loaded because he's inheriting his father's 57 apparatus. how conservative is he going to be? we didn't hear from him last week regarding indiana and the religious freedom thing. we didn't hear from him regarding israel. and iraq. >> or the iran deal. i think it's going to be fascinating to see this about rand paul. number one, can he keep the libertarians in his corner? >> interesting. >> some time grab conservatives
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and on the other hand he has not polled strongly in iowa. >> it's interesting the first two people to throw their hat in the ring, both of them have an extraordinary gift of gab. that's what made their name recognition go way up. >> wait a minute, obamacare is a disaster? >> train wreck. let's time i checked. >> here's another train wreck. a framework for a deal with iran is in place, but netanyahu not happy. >> he says israel's future hangs in the balance as president obama defends the deal. >> he went on five shows yesterday to talk about that. we are live in washington with the latest. >> good morning. weeks after israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu criticized the then emerging agreement with iran to congress, the white house has signed off on the framework. both leaders are lobbying opposite sides. >> i have to respect that the
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fears that israeli people have. this is our best bet by far to make sure iran doesn't get a nuclear weapon. we'll be doing -- even as we enter into this deal is sending a message to the iranians and entire region that if anybody messes with israel, america will be there. >> i think this is a bad deal. it leaves iran with a vast nuclear infrastructure. it lifts the sanctions on them fairly quickly and enables them to get billions of dollars into their coffers. >> republicans claim -- john boehner says not telling the truth will undermine the american's people trust in president obama to do the right thing. this deal fails to meet the white house's previously stated bench marks. iran says it has agreed to reduce the number of centrifuges and submit to international
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inspections. the united states and un say it will lift sanctions. >> meanwhile, might as well do it right now. you know, i thought you were out of your mind. >> that's right. >> what's that for? >> wisconsin badgers. so far. we still got tonight. >> get it over early. >> that was not money. >> no. not at all. >> those are not play money. >> excellent game. >> wasn't it an amazing game? they played so well. fantastic. great to see everybody. great to be back. happy monday to everyone. i have news to bring you out of california. a deadly and horrific scene in southern california overnight after a car and a tour bus collide in the city east of los angeles. living the driver dead. passengers on the bus also hurt. firefighters had to use the jaws of life to remove some of the victims from that wreckage.
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every single member of a delaware family sickened on a trip to the us verminirgin islands. the environmental protection agency says the family got sick when a pesticide that's restricted in the united states. was sprayed in the $900 a night condominium they rented. the father is paralyzed. the sons are in comas. his wife has been released from the hospital. we'll watch that story as it develops. frightening for that family. they were kings of the castle until the big government steps in. this is an unbelievable story. a family being told by city leaders this cardboard castle is violating city code. that code prohibits junk ortrash from being stored on property. the family has been given 15 days to remove the junk. if they don't they'll be fined.
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>> they can also file criminal charges against us. and levy the fines as a lien against the house. so they're not playing. >> goodness. the kids say they plan to keep the castle in place until that deadline expires. we will watch that story carefully. what kid doesn't love one of those. >> buy them a gift at christmastime what do they play with? the box it came in. >> with that duct tape it's going to last 112 years. it won't fall apart. >> let's talk about this. remember the explosive story from rolling stone magazine where a woman was raped at the university of virginia. by seven members of the fraternity as two other people watched. it was an incredible story. as it turns out. now we know according to the police there and according to a review by the columbia school of journalism, it was all made up. >> after this fraternity goes through hell and back.
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>> they suspended themselves. >> they did. they reinstated themselves after this -- in january. now they're currently, apparently seeking legal action against rolling stone. >> good. >> meanwhile, this is what the rolling stone reporter is saying. is this good enough? j want to offer my deepest apologizes to the readers. to my editors and any victims of sexual assault who may feel fearful as a result of my article. >> this school of journalism did a big study on it. says there is holes all over this story. everyone is saying wheres the apology. it came out yesterday. is it good enough? think about the fact they also said, covering a rape story, it's delicate ground. her part of the story i guess when someone is rape, you don't say are you sure. >> you always corroborate the story. the review found they didn't do that. the people she said she talked to.
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didn't. it is a mess. the big problem at uva is for people who have been accused. how do they get their reputation back? >> it's not just this fraternity it's at the across the united states. greek life as a whole that got thrown under the bus and it shouldn't have been. >> in this case they should not have been. 13 minutes after the hour. >> price check, mainstream media investigating scott walker over his $1 sweater. will they treat democrats the same way? >> the terrifying moment a snowballer is buried alive. the race to save him. look at this caught on camera. >> it looks like he's underwater. ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm going to find you ♪ ♪ i'm going to get you get you get you ♪ ♪ one way or together ♪ ♪ i'm going to win you ♪ and my days are filled with important lunches
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rand paul set to jump in the 2016 presidential race tomorrow. in the wake of senator ted cruz's announcement last month. what republican contender could be the biggest threat to democrats? here to debate, the brothers. we have brad woodhouse and dallas woodhouse. good morning to both of you. >> good morning, sir. >> all right. dallas, let's start with you, which is the republicans so far
3:18 am
are worrying democrats the most, do you think? >> how would he know? >> i'll answer the question quick. hillary has turned out to be steal moldy and unprepared. >> she hasn't got in the race yet. >> she's been in the race for 40 years. the candidate they ought to be worried about is scott walker. he has a compelling narrative. jeb bush is raising a lot of money. i think those two candidates have raised themselves above the bar for everybody else. ted cruz had a decent launch. rand paul, i brian, that his sort of world view may not be fitting the world as a lot of people right now. rand paul has got to prove he will nuke a muslim country if we have to. i'm not saying we should. i'm saying we will do that if it
3:19 am
takes saving america. and that there's no doubt that he will do what it takes to protect america. >> right. go ahead. >> first, of all, dallas i can't believe what you said about nuking a muslim country. thank god you're not running for president. look. >> i'm not saying we ought to do it but i want someone who would be willing. >> i think rand paul and ted cruz have probably been the most underestimated in this field. ted cruz is absolutely the best public speaker the republicans have running. he did have a really good launch. he zoomed up in the polls. rand paul has got something that i think applies in the republican party. >> a moment ago dallas said they should be worried about jeb bush and scott walker. what about the fact that they went after scott walker and he
3:20 am
bought a sweater for a dollar? my wife does that all the time. dallas, are they going to put hillary up to the same scrutiny? >> well, we hope so. now, p politico fact ought to know better. there's no way to prove that unless you were with him in the store. then it doesn't matter to anybody anyway unless he were to have a pattern of exaggerating and not telling the truth which is not something we've seen. we need to look at his record. there should be a lot of scrutiny. we didn't have enough scrutiny on the last guy, the one that's in the white house now. >> right. >> i want to see a lot of scrutiny. i think -- i get a lot of scrutiny from my wife about my clothes. that's as far as that ought to go. >> brad because you didn't get to talk a second time i'll send
3:21 am
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the jokes like this take comedy too far? >> we got bruce jenner will be here doing musical performances. he's doing a his and her duet by himself. >> some people laugh at that. i thought it was funny.
3:25 am
how about jeff ross's pope and nun cost ume? we saw trevor noah and jamie foxx come under attack for insensitive jokes. do they cross the line or is comedy under attack? we have assembled a great panel here. welcome to all 3 of you. first off, let's talk about if we can, do you believe that jamie foxx went over the line? >> well, he was trying to be funny. he wasn't inciting violence. he wasn't doing anything, i thought that crossed the line. >> right. >> it is true that people who are transsexual do face violence. al. >> kanye west got upset.
3:26 am
i heard him say how talented he was. >> i heard him say how untalented other people are. no one crossed the line. he got laughs in the room. >> is it all about laughs? >> yeah you're playing to an audience. >> do you agree? >> guess what sometimes comics do say jokes that go too far. you go to an open mic for five minutes. you'll hear worse. >> is it responsible for pushing the line? are they supposed to be politically correct? >> it's 16-1 for obamacare democrats. it's free speech for me and not for these. it's like, there's an award we're not cool enough to hear about. >> the daily show, is really a very liberal medium and trevor is the new host and they're attacking him. >> right. for tweets he wroets years and
3:27 am
years ago. they were bad jokes, they were dumb. i don't think -- yeah. >> in a way,b he even says they were bad jokes and written on twitter for two seconds. they attack jews on side. >> good joke, bad joke give him a chance to tell the joke. the news buzz words are racist and sexist. >> they want the -- >> so many people think you're smart and look how cultured i am. i know this is offensive. you don't know this. >> i saw clips of justin bieber's roast. jeff ross comes up with this stuff walked out with a pope outfit and nuns in outfit is. they joked about abortion. >> it was a hack first of all. comedy sometimes, you'll miss. you can't be aafraid to swing and
3:28 am
miss. >> he was tried for mder and you're upset about his jokes? >> that's an important point. >> he killed someone, but he made a abortion joke. that's unacceptable. >> there is such a double standard. >> if they got laughs, is it okay. he wouldn't give laughs in hollywood. that's the thing. >> you have to give someone a chance to say it. >> i always say the family in the jeffersons. funniest shows joked about racism on both sides. they say that show would not good past. >> watch the dean martin roasts. they took worst shots at different celebrities. >> smoking and drinking on stage. those are the days. can you ma'am that? thanks to all of you. there is a line and it concerns you that people are drawing the line, correct? >> there is a left right line. it is basically -- >> sorry. >> ryan, carey and catherine.
3:29 am
thank you. >> 28 minutes after the hour. coming up speaking up jokes, bill mohr making enemies with lots of teen age girls. >> which one in the bad were you? where were you during the boston marathon. >> is it okay to compare one direction to dzhokhar tsarnaev. that and more pop culture coming up. i guess according to the audience, the answer is yes. make way for fried supreme courts covered in chocolates. the newest foods you can get at the ball park. we want to wish happy birthday to candice cameron bure. she is 39 years old and looks 38. ♪ everywhere you look ♪ . before he opened his first hot chocolate stand calling winter an "underserved season". and before he quit his friend's leaf-raking
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started last night. the first game of the 2015 season. the cardinals beat the cubs. 3-0. no luck for john lester making his debut. we're kicking off the season. the most delicious foods debuting in parks across the country. here to show us is the chef. >> you ready to knock this thing out of the park? >> the food this year is exciting. you got nachos on a stick. >> state fair meets baseball. we have nachos on a stick. downtown brat. fried smores and chicken on a stick. >> this is more of a restaurant. people want variety. >> absolutely. like i said it's you know states fair type feeling. festival type feeling. it's not about hot dog and
3:34 am
cracker jack. >> if you're going to charge 10, 15 bucks. you better make sure. >> this is an 18 inch brat. you get two big pieces on there. >> the calories don't count on opening day. >> we put the sauce on top. >> oh, my goodness. >> there is eight people yelling at you i got to get back to the game. >> is this something the vendor would throw to the person? >> i don't think you are going to throw these. this food has been worked hard on the teams in milwaukee. >> fried sauerkraut. >> this has my name all over it. >> that's the fried smores. >> fried smores. okay. >> the rangers have fried smores, the chicken fried corn
3:35 am
on the cob. that is their specialty. other teams have their own. >> oh, my goodness. >> all right. >> play ball, ladies and gentlemen. thank you very much. would you mind continuing to cook for the crew? >> absolutely. >> heather nauert, we got a fried taco calling your name. >> i just saw cheese curds on that brought. enjoy that food over there. two british teenager are under arrest suspected of terrorism in the uk. a 14-year-old and a 16-year-old girl now free on bail. after getting picked up on suspicion of planning terror attacks. then here at home, homeland security chief jeh johnson now admitting that 40 radical americans who went overseas to join isis are now back here in the u.s. >> we have kept close tabs on those who we believe have left and those who have come back.
3:36 am
and a number have been arrested or investigated. and we have systems in place to track these individuals. but you can't know everything. >> in the last three weeks there have been six americans arrested for trying to join isis. a florida gun store owner no longer welcome at suntrust bank. the american gun and pawnshop's accounts now being forced to close for no longer meeting corporate objectives. at that bank. the store's owner believes he's one of several gun shops around the country being targeted by operation choke point. that federal program is aimed at closing businesses that are considered high risk for fraud. the latest example of that story. hundreds of u.s. army soldiers reportedly forced to sit through an unauthorized lecture about white privilege. it was part of an equal opportunity training presentation in georgia. one slide at that presentation read this race privilege gives
3:37 am
whites little reason to pay a lot of attention to african-americans or to how white privilege affects them. to be white in america means not having to think about it. officials say the instructor did not stick to the authorized topic and will get additional training. >> a communist flag is flown next to the u.s. flag at the capitol building. some local patriots were not pleased. they took matters into their own hands. with the help of an official they took down the flag. they say flying it at the same height as oldglory were disrespectful. let's go outside with maria molina. >> good morning. hello. that's right we're talking about much needed rainfall finally arriving to parts of the west. we've been talking about the ongoing drought. this storm won't take us out of
3:38 am
the drought but it will bring most needed rainfall and snow across higher elevations. we are talking about potentially a foot of snow in some of the higher elevations. great news with that storm system moving through. we do have heavy rain forecast across the eastern united states. that will bring risk for isolated flash flooding, especially across parts of kentucky tonight and in to tomorrow. we had to deal with a lot of flooding there last week. slight chance for severe storms across the plains. we have warm temperatures across parts of the south. >> thank you very much. al. >> so good to have better weather to report. 22 minutes before the top of the hour h. time to look at the lighter side of celebrity news. we start with thousands of teen age girls firing back at bill mohr. >> here is michael. >> good morning, he's in the cross hairs. he's making enemies with lots of
3:39 am
teen age girls days after zane malek quit one direction. he made shocking comparisons. >> which one in the band were you? and where were you duringther boston marathon? >> okay. that controversial clip sending fans into a rage. most giving backing to malek. >> take a look. zane may not be in the band and me may have hurt us. disrespecting his religion shouldn't be a thing. >> i hope he's feeling the wrath of 1000 teen age girls for calling zain malek a terrorist. >> why did he leave? >> he may be going solo.
3:40 am
>> more money. >> it doesn't work for beyonce. >> he doesn't care. any publicity is good publicity. >> how about this next one? you can start your eye rolling now. a warping to fans of george clooney, do not disturb. >> i told mifl i wasn't going to be paranoid. is that guy looking at us? >> no. huh-uh. >> a italian city posting a public notice to prevent fans from disturbing him. anyone who violates the order could face up to a $600 fine. the power couple is expected to spend the summer at the villa. >> you get fined $600 if you talk to them? >> apparently so. there's a lot of rules and regulations involved with george clooney. >> if it wasn't for what he's
3:41 am
done in the movies and the people who care he would not have a place at lake como. his fame has brought him fortune. the down side is people recognize you. >> do you know how much money that villa could be a castle. build a moetat. >> because they are the world's biggest pop stars doesn't mean you can't have good old fashioned fun. >> look at that? what's happening? >> taylor swift getting competitive. she battles her little brother to get the most eggs. judging from the video we'd say she probably won. >> she's just like our kids, but how old is she? >> look at those legs. >> she's going to shake it off. shake it off. >> you know? i think that she is the one star that's going to be first on the scene all good publicity. the older she gets the better
3:42 am
things she does. >> she's fantastic. >> great singer. >> she's great with her fans, too. that, folks is our culture pop. >> very nice. thank you very much. >> new segment. i like this. >> the lighter side of celebrity news, is there such a thing? >> 42 minutes after the hour. the clock is ticking to file your toxes. gerri willis up next. >> what is she working for h&r block now? >> i guess so. ♪ know your financial plan won't keep you up at night. know you have insights from professional investment strategists to help set your mind at ease. know that planning for retirement can be the least of your worries. with the guidance of a pnc investments financial advisor,
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he was able to be dug out. he was not hurt. look at those images. look out below a sky diver drops a camera midjump. it keeps recording as it plummets thousands of feet to the ground. spinning around. i'm getting dizzy. turn it off. somebody in sweden found the owner after posting that video online. it's getting down to the wire to file your taxes. according to a new survey by wallet hub. 28% of americans are waiting until the last minute to file their taxes. here with last minute tax advice gerri willis from our sister network, fox business. taxpayer advocate is saying our nation's tax agency is failing to meet needs. how is it shaping up? >> even the irs itself says it's a crummy tax season. 60% of people who call the irs and ask for help are not getting it. remember this is one of the big things they're supposed to do.
3:47 am
give us help. they're not doing that this year. people are frustrated. and secondly, what's going on out there is they have a lot more responsibility than they used to. they're enforcing obamacare, believe it or not. that created 47 changes in the tax code. they're struggling to keep up. a lot of people are falling behind. folks who were filing for obamacare subsidies this year, many of them found millions of them found that they owe the irs money this year. it was a big mistake a big gaff. and now everybody is scrambling. >> which is tough on people who were counting on that money to be coming back into their pocket. any chance we could get tax simplification? >> it seems like it's getting worse. it only gets more complicated. the irs is enforcing more rules. now the tax code, 4 million words long. 4 million words long. that's longer than the bible and the works of shakes spear.
3:48 am
you can't understand it either flth it's rin in this arcane language that nobody gets. >> you're saying you're trying to call the irs and get them on the horn and they're thought picking up. >> no help at all. >> for people who are filing last minute any last minute tips and advice? >> if you find your tax bill, once you do the math is too high. you can put $5,500 into an ira and set it aside for yourself. pay yourself, not the irs. that's good news. if you can't pay that bill that you have that you see coming you can break it up into installment payments. you'll pay interest of course and you'll pay a fee for setting up the installment account. if you can't make it, there is help. >> what about people who want to file their own tax and go their own way? there's a specific salary you have to be under, right? >> $60,000 is the limit for getting free help from the irs, getting free software. that doesn't mean they're answering your questions. they are giving you free
3:49 am
software. you can do it online. most folks filing online. almost 98% are filing online instead of doing it the old fashioned way. that typically speeds it up. gets your refund back faster than possible. i got to tell you this year, the irs is saying you'll have to get your refunds back late. you'll have to wait. i wish i had better news. >> at least we have a warning. thank you so much. don't miss her on our sister network fox business. find it in your area by going to happy easter, hope you had a nice weekend. 49 minutes after the hour. coming up on "fox and friends." he's ready to run. rand paul teasing us with his video announcing his campaign. donald trump could join the fray. he's here live at the top of the hour. it's the perfect example of the american dream. he moved here without knowing a lick ofening english. he's been accepted to eight ivy league universities. there he is.
3:50 am
♪ follow me everything is all right ♪ the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. after all, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned... every day... using wellness to keep away illness... and believing that a single life can be made better by millions of others. healthier takes somebody who can power modern health care... by connecting every single part of it. for as the world keeps on searching for healthier... we're here to make healthier happen. optum. healthier is here.
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here is a great story for you. you're about to meet a new york whiz kid who has been accepted to every college he applied to including all eight ivy league schools. now all he has to do is choose. he is a senior at elmont memorial high school. he joins us. congratulations. for all the parents watching now whose kids want to go to a great college. how did you do it? >> i worked pretty hard. i definitely tried to apply myself and tried to take advantage of every opportunity that was afforded to me in my high school. i'm say i'm self-motivated.
3:54 am
i try to reach out to my teachers and i was very involved in school. so i think those are the -- >> more than just doing your homework. >> more than doing your homework. you have to be involved. community service. >> you know all about opportunities. you came to this country from nigeria at age eight. in the beginning could people understand what you were saying? >> no, i had a thick accent. it was difficult to trying to adapt to a new culture. my parents set a good example for me. >> your parents were doctors? >> no they worked at target at first. >> they were clerks? >> they struggled to find stable jobs to support my family. >> as you applied to these schools, what are your thinking? >> i was stunned when i got the acceptances. i'm humbled by the entire situation. i get to represent my school and community in such a positive light. i see this as an accomplishment
3:55 am
for me and my community and school. >> and for your family, too. >> definitely for my family. >> that's why you wanted to get into this. your grandmother has alzheimer's to find a career. >> that's my ultimate goal. >> i read a story about you and what blew away admissions officers was your essay. you talked about coming to america. >> yes. it was about coming to america and kind of struggling to adapt to the new environment. seeing my parents lead by example and being very tenacious. no matter how many times they'd get knocked down they would always, keep going forward and persevere despite the potential to sometimes -- i was appreciative of my parents. i took their example and started talking to people on the play ground and speaking to them. i tried to apply myself to the new environment and try to absorb. >> it's interesting. you went and put yourself out
3:56 am
there and said i dare you not to accept me almost. you're on the cover of news day over the weekend. it's incredible. they even got word in nigeria, what's the reaction? >> my grandmother called me. she's so excited. she's ecstatic. >> are you ready to announce where you're going to go? >> drum roll? >> which one is it? >> i'm not sure yet. >> the university of pennsylvania? >> you're leaning toward yale. >> i am leaning to yaille. >> what do you want to do when you grow up? >> a neuro surgeon. >> just don't forget about it. >> of course not. >> good luck. let us know your decision. we'd like you to come back and announce what went into it. coming up a new report says rolling stone failed at journalism with his sexual
3:57 am
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4:00 am
non-insulin victoza. it's covered by most health plans. good morning today is monday 6th of april. 2015. i'm anna kooiman in for elizabeth hasselbeck. rolling stone retraction. a new report forces the magazine to apologize for its shoddy journalism after reporting on a sexual assault that never took place. after that still no accountability? shouldn't someone be fired? donald trump here to react live. it was supposed to be their dream family vacation. a father is paralyzed and the sons in comas. what went wrong at this resort that now has the feds on the case. if stay at home moms got paid a salary, what would it be? a grateful husband did the math. and the numbers make shock you. they shocked him and he says he
4:01 am
couldn't afford to pay her what she's worth. it's a great message. we got more of them coming up straight ahead live from new york city. this is "fox and friends" on easter monday. >> it's time for "fox and friends." ♪ >> play ball. one of the longest winters in the history of the world. we desperately need spring baseball to end and for the regular season to start. and it's finally happening. officially it happened last night. today is opening day through major league baseball. we have the finest little leaguers around and harold reynolds will be here. >> we'll be talking about how baseball is moving along a
4:02 am
little bit quicker trying to stay under the three hour mark. to get more kids involved in the sport. >> that's the problem. so many kids are being asked at various levels you got to commit to one sport and they're picking football. and -- >> football is down, chalactually. the football is suffering because of head injuries. i would say this, with baseball they're making it faster. you don't want to sit there for three and a half hours. they think they can get it down to two and a half and making the players be in the batters box and maybe making the pitchers pitch quicker. it's going to be some major difference in your national pasttime this year. >> we have a dunk tank out on the plaza. guess who is going in? >> it's 46 degrees. >> i don't know which jersey should i wear? the cubs jersey -- because i went out to the wriggly field 100th anniversary. or the indians i did spring train ing with them? e-mail us or hit us up with
4:03 am
twitter which jersey should i wear in the dunk tank? >> they're filling it up with hose water. >> you should be thanking me. >> last time we turned on the faucet out there it didn't turn off for three days. >> the bunny trail leads straight to 1,600 pennsylvania avenue where the first family is hosting the 137th white house easter egg roll. >> kevin corke joins us now as a crowd of more than 30,000 expect today gather there on the south loan. do you have your wooden spoon? it's almost egg rolling time. >> if you've never had a chance to experience this, i want to encourage you. make your way down here just once. i want to show you something quickly. i have the easter egg roll collection. they're all fancy colors as you can see. al i can hold that still for craig. you've got petunia purple, sea breeze blue sea green sunburst
4:04 am
orange. and down at the end -- i don't know if i'm allowed to do it. better to ask forgiveness than permission. this is unique. all the eggs are actually signed on the back by the president and the first lady. this is actually signed by both and sonny the first dogs. they have pawprints on that. it's a fun day. terrific characters behind me. give them a wave, guys at "fox and friends." thank you very much. >> the eggs are made out of wood because if the kids took home a commemorative real hard boiled egg they keep it on the shelf and in a couple weeks they would be a health hazard. >> why did you bring that up? you're killing me. it's right. by the way, i want to mention one other thing, the theme this year is give me five. use the hashtag give me five. that stands for five things you're doing to had lead a healthier lifestyle. i assume chasing eggs is a good
4:05 am
start. >> have fun. >> see you later. let's bring in donald trump. he joins us every monday at this time. mr. trump hope you had a nice easter yesterday? >> i did, thank you. good morning. >> tomorrow rand paul down in charleston in front of the yorktown at patriots' point is going to declare he wants to be the next president of the united states. he's put out a video. watch this and then your reaction. >> it's time for a new way. a new set of ideas. a new leader. one you can trust one who works for you and above all, it's time for a new president. >> what do you think? >> well, what's to talk about? he put it out. i like him by the way. he's a nice guy, a friend of mine. he's a very nice guy. i don't understand, really what's the purpose he put out a
4:06 am
video prior to doing the actual announcement. a little bit different. is that what you're getting at? >> what do you think of him as a candidate. people say he's like his dad and he's different from conservatives. al his policy seems to get more muscular when it comes to defense. because his message wouldn't be resonating with today's problem with isis. >> he's a libertarian. he's becoming more conservative because of the fact i think he has no choice if he's going to be running. maybe it was done for that reason. he is a libertarian. not to the extent of his father. he's also a nice guy. he is somebody i know very well. he's actually a nice guy. >> does he have a shot? >> i think, you know there are numerous people that have a shot. i would say the one that maybe has the best shot is not put in too many polls. one of them came in fourth in a poll and i haven't done anything.
4:07 am
that happens to be trump. >> you're talking about you. >> are you going to throw your hat in the ring? >> i came in fourth and i haven't done anything. everybody is saying what happened out of 22 candidates trump came in fourth and he hasn't done anything. we didn't put trump in the poll and he came in. >> some people think you're not serious. >> i am totally serious. i am serious. they will soon find that out. >> who have you just hired to work on your staff? >> many people. i have people up in new hampshire people in south carolina. i have people in iowa. and i am looking at it very seriously. i am tired of watching politicians screw up this country. we have a president who is incompetent and doesn't know what to do. you look at the deal they're make ing with iran. it's disgusting. it's a disgrace. just one little aspect of that deal. we have three people over there, prisoners you would say with one sentence -- by the way, do me a favor release our three guys. release them.
4:08 am
that's one sentence. it takes ten seconds. if they were smart, they'd do it. they're still over there. nobody even mentions them. we have incompetent people negotiating for us. what i have seen, politicians i have dealt with them all my life. they're all talk, no action. nothing gets done. all they want to do is self-preserve. they want to stay in office. that's all they care about. i am giving it very very serious -- i guarantee you china will not be taking advantage of us any longer. mexico will not be laughing at us and how stupid we are at the border. those things will not be happening anymore if i do it and if i win. >> i know mark burnett came to see you on thursday or friday. he's the producer of the apprentice. he says he's going to convince you to do the show again. have they done that? >> they have done that. they've been doing that. i've said i'm going to do something else. i've done it for 12 years. it's been a hit. i said i've got something very
4:09 am
important to do. if it doesn't work out, i'd love to do it. >> trump has put the show on hold. he is serious. >> is this too little too late? rolling stone has retracted its report on uva and the hoax. the reporter has apologized after columbia issued a review. no one is being fired and the reporter behind the story is not apologizing to the fraternity members. you remember that there were seven fraternity members at uva that allegedly raped this woman. and it turns out her story had holes all throughout it and it's false. here is what the reporter is saying. ulate want to offer my deepest apologies to rolling stone readers and editors. the uva community and to any victims of sexual assault who may feel fearful as a result of my article. missing there is apologizing specifically to the fraternity and the fraternity across the country and greek life as a whole. they got a bad name because of
4:10 am
this. >> i tell you what i have personal experience with rolling stone. they wrote an article about me quite a while ago. it was so false -- i've had a lot of phony articles written to be honest they were quoting me, saying things i never said at all. i read it and i said i never said any of this stuff. it was such a lie and so incredible. and i remember to this day, there are a bunch of liars. i hope somebody sues them. they're financially weak. they're not a strong magazine. i hope somebody sues them, a really y good lawyer and puts them out of business. they really do lie. i have personal experience about it. now, many reporters lie then you have great reporters like yourselves that do a fantastic job, right? you have so much crooked reporting, but rolling stone was a great case. they got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. whoever it is that was wrong, has to get some great lawyers and just go after them for the next few years. you're going to become rich and they're going to go out of
4:11 am
business. both of those would be great. >> the fraternity is doing. they had suspended themselves in november. reinstated themselves in january. they currently we're told are exploring legal action against rolling stone because of this. >> look for a lawsuit. we know you got to go run your empire. thank you, sir, for joining us today. >> thank you very much. >> try to buy something today. it is 7 7:11. we start with a fox news alert. kenya slow to react to that terror attack at a university there. but now that air force of the kenyan government is going full force bombing two al shabaab terror camps. the air strikes coming one day after the kenyan president vowed to fight terrorism to the end. the bombings are the country's first major military response to last week's deadly attack. 148 people were killed when al
4:12 am
shabaab gunmen opened fire on campus there. a horrific and deadly scene in southern california overnight after a car and a tour bus collided in san bernardino california, east of los angeles leaving the driver of the car dead. passengers on that bus were also hurt. but their injuries are considered minor at this point. firefighters had to use the jaws of life to remove victims from the wreckage there. every single member of a delaware family sickened on a trick to the u.s. virgin islands. this morning the department of justice launching an investigation into exactly what happened. the environmental protection agency says the family became sick when a pesticide that is restricted in the united states was sprayed in the $900 a night condominium they rented. the father now paralyzed, his teen age sons are in comas right now. his wife has been released from the hospital. we'll go more in depth with a
4:13 am
doctor on this later in this hour. those are your headlines. i'll see you back here in just a minute. thank you. >> what a story there. coming up this monday, six americans arrested in the last three weeks trying to join isis. why are the extremists turning our kids into terrorists? a former islamic radical knows the answer. he will explain live from londonnext. do you like to take nice long showers in the morning? >> yes. >> you can by fined -- >> grab a towel and get a ticket. >> oh, my goodness. ♪ you're hot and you're cold ♪ you're up and you're down ♪ ♪
4:14 am
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and keep being their favorite playmate. ♪ ♪ with tena's unique super-absorbent micro-beads that lock in moisture and odor... tena - lets you be you. 180 americans who have gone overseas to fight in iraq and syria, 40 have come back. i assume that you're keeping close tabs on those 40? >> we have systems in place to track these individuals. you can't know everything. >> that's great. dhs secretary jeh johnson warning of the increasing threat of home grown attack.
4:18 am
last week six people were arrested. joining us is the author of radical. good morning to you. thank you very much. what is it about isis that's a number of americans are attracted to that they would want to essentially kill all of us, and start their own islamic state? >> well yes what we're unfortunately up against is the new global resistance. these people are the new kche guvara. they have been successful at marketing the new antiestablishment mood. that's why we're witnessing not just young men joining, but actually lots and lots of -- too many young teen age boys and too many teen age girls want to be with those boys.
4:19 am
just this week in the uk we had an entire family that up ended and left their home a city here in the united kingdom and tried to join isis via turkey. this is a dark nightmarish twisted version of the gold rush to the wild west. >> they're trying to create a caliphate. that's what you were trying to do back in the day but they're out cutting off people's heads you were trying to do things politically. >> i was involved in a great that was attempting to insight middle coupes. my former group was to popularize the idea among muslims. i served five years as a political prisoner in egypt in that pursuit. during my own time in prison and my debating and discussing with the who is who of the jihadi spectrum. i read george orwell's animal
4:20 am
farm. i realize if we have established this caliphate it would be hell on earth. i think the years since my departure yaeb been vindicated. anyone who tries to create a perfect society on earth is bound to become a tyrant. that's what any islamist will be what it becomes. >> thank you for joining us with your expertise. >> thank you. all right. meanwhile, coming up, trying to drop that winter weight fast? put on a couple of pounds? celebrity trainer joel harper shows us how to quadruple your weight loss in 15 minutes. that's dr. oz's trainer. he knows what he's doing. ♪
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you know what time it is. time for news by the numbers. $500. that's how much you can be fined for taking a long shower in california. the governor announcing the penalty for using too much water as the state continues to deal with the drought. now the shower police. next, no long lines you'll need to make an online reservation if you want to get your hands on the new apple watch. after making the reservation you can pick it up in the store on or after april 24thts. $143 million, that's how much furious 7 has pulled in in big money at the box office. shattering april box office records. making it one of the biggest openings of the year. all right. over to you and brian. >> here we are. not getting the workout results
4:25 am
you've been hoping for? don't blame your body. it may be your mindset. here to teach us how to maximize our weight loss. joel harper celebrity trainer to the stars. >> congratulations on your book, mind your body. we need some tips that are going to change people's weeks around, their spring around. what should we keep in mind first and the biggest mistake we make? >> getting your mind on board. the mind is so powerful. i could tell you the most amazing workouts but if you don't get your mind in place -- >> how doia get your mind? >> i broke down all the traits that ten winners have. i took the physically fit, mentally fit, they all have the safe traits if you look across the boards. those traits, i broke them down and made them very user friendly. for the reader. i give you ways to do it. >> yeah, and one example of this would be, oh i'm having a bad workout today. i'm tired. the rest of the week i won't
4:26 am
work out because i already had a bad week. i'm going to throw in the towel. same thing with eating. that's a bad mindset. >> what you just said that's like saying i don't feel like brushing my teeth. i'll do it on saturdays. you can't make up for all the days you didn't brush your teeth. >> maximize your inner motivation. that's a problem with a lot of people. where do they get if. >> look inside and figure out what's important to you. don't look at your husband, spouse friends anybody outside of you. your doctor what they said. you got to figure out what is important to you. you give yourself five minutes and walk yourself through a step there to figure out what's important to you. once you get deep down inside that will stick with it every single day. you're looking within. when you're comparing to somebody else one day it's going to be the great and the
4:27 am
next day it might not be. >> america is the land of choice. convenience is king. when we go places like fast food restaurants, we need to pretend like burgers and fries aren't there. >> we have new choices which is amazing and it can get overwhelming overwhelming. you want to make sure you use your will power in the right direction. when you have choices, look at the menu ahead of time. go online. find out what it is or have meals automated. my program you start on sunday and go to the grocery store. get everything. when you're hungry you don't wait too late. >> you said extinguish the escape routes don't give yourself an out. >> a lot of people have things to fall back on. i have a client his name is nathan. what happens to him he is aioio
4:28 am
dieter. we're cleaning your closet out. we're only having clothes that fit. you'll have to buy more clothes. threw half his closet away. >> i want to go to something you said. when you train celebrities the reason why they're focused they have a deadline. they have to do something on camera a certain time. you need a definite goal. >> that's right. i get with my clients, i give them a specific goal. may first i'm going to be bikini ready by the time -- >> that's my mantra. >> you want to wear that thong by may first. you got to do it. >> share your pictures with us later. >> congratulations on your book. mind your body and your career. >> thank you very much. >> thanks for not wearing socks. >> exactly. 28 minutes after the hour. a horrific scene as a church ceiling collapses on people praying during sunday's mass. underneath the rubal what many are calling an easter miracle.
4:29 am
al details next. baseball is back. it's opening day. former major leaguer and all-star broadcaster harold reynolds is warming up and warming up the kids. he's explaining the changes coming to america's favorite pasttime and how to swing. and those kids how do they get ready? ♪ jack's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today, his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before your begin an aspirin regimen. your brain can send information to the rest of your body at 268 mph. three times the speed of a fastball. take care of your brain with centrum silver men. multivitamins with 20% more vitamin d. my heart beats 100,000 times a day
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4:33 am
>> it's probably almost ready. >> a huge shout out from 14,000 feet. >> you a master teaser. >> 28 other things, right? >> i'm going to imitate what it probably looks like. his face is going. >> it's something like that. >> you'll see it in a minute. let's go to heather who has the news. i'll bring you headlines here. with a framework nuclear deal. israeli prime minister netanyahu renewing calls for what he says should be a better deal. saying iran is getting too much with the current obama administration's agreement. >> i think this is a bad deal that leaves iran with a vast nuclear infrastructure it enables them to get billions of dollars in their coffers. >> president obama claims the deal is the best deal and israel shouldn't worry about it. >> that, by far, make sure iran doesn't get a nuclear weapon.
4:34 am
what we will doing as we enter into this deal is sending a message to the iranians and the entire region that if anybody messes with israel america will be there. >> negotiators have until june to reach a final agreement. a bomb shell revelation more than a year after 19 firefighters died battling a massive wildfire in arizona. a lawyer who is investigating the fire says that a sole survivor heard the leader order his team to leave their safe zone. the group died when the wildfire changed direction. the flames then overtaking them. this lawyer says that this man heard his supervisor had argued with the top deputy and pushed him to make a dangerous move for him and his men. he denies making that statement. and a terrifying moment to tell you.
4:35 am
a church ceiling collapses. at least 14 people were hurt. some were trapped under the rubble frl several minutes. everyone is expected to be okay. one person did get a four inch gash on their head. investigators trying to figure out what caused that roof to collapse. and then one husband's moving essay is hitting home with a lot of families. he says his stay at home wife should earn more than $73,000 a year. he writes, quote, our income doesn't even come close to covering what she does for our family. she loves me our son and loves our family. obviously she isn't doing any of these things for a paycheck or even for recognition. it certainly doesn't hurt to know that stay at home mom's salary is appraised at nearly double my income. the texas guy ends by wishing he could better express appreciatation for his wife. he did it right there. what a nice guy. let's head out to steve.
4:36 am
what you got? >> all right. thank you very much. mentioned a moment ago we would show it to you. how awesome is this? one brave "fox and friends" viewer giving us a huge shoutout from 14,000 feet. he snapped this photo moments after he jumped out of a plane. he's a police officer, a marine vet. he loves "fox and friends." in the afternoons, he's got the"the five" on his team. that's going to be one last thing. >> it's opening day. today is the official day. it's the start of the 2015 season. did you have a chance to see this game yesterday? cardinals beat the ubcans 3-0. >> that's something. they're not going to go undefeated. we expected that. the cardinals came out. you got a great shot.
4:37 am
you hoped john lesser would throw well. it's a long year. >> there he is right there. >> you out dressed us. >> i'm on "fox and friends," i had to come ready. >> baseball has a problem. half of the people who love it are above the age of 55. there are a lot of little league teams that are having trouble filling out the roster. maybe because kids want to play lacrosse or something. they like to run around with stick and throw things and it's fast. >> i think the main thing is action. we got to get back to a lot more action. we had a lot of strikeouts and not a lot of offense. one of the things that baseball is trying to do is pace the game. really where you speed the pace of the game up. you go to a game, it drags on. >> they're doing hard core changes. if you're a batter you can't step out of the box anymore unless you get hit. >> these rules were already in the roolule book.
4:38 am
you step out of the box you back in you going. we got away from that when guys of style were hitting home runs. they want to get that within 20. >> last year the average time was over three hours. >> a lot is tv revenue. it's a tv game now. one of the things we're doing we're getting back from commercials quicker. get back from commercial -- >> you need to put bathroom breaks in. >> seventh inning stretch is like you're doing a stretch to stay awake. >> you have to adjust yourself in the dugout. we have players behind here. do you want to give them some tip snz tips? >> we have local little leaguer stars. this guy is only 12 years old. i put some balls on the tee.
4:39 am
don't hit me. okay. >> even big kids use a tee to practice. >> absolutely. >> start swinging. >> we don't have a whole lot of time. gets back. nice swing. that's good. next guy up. let's have a bat ready to go. he is getting ready. swing it right here. >> bring it on, steve. >> trying to kill us. al a left hander. all right. okay. one more. we're going to see. >> real quick. >> here we go. ready? good swing. man that's a good swing. sfwll >> anna kooiman. >> look at her. she's throwing the tee out of there. >> are those regulation cleats she's wearing? >> she's ready to go. oh. >> anna. >> oh.
4:40 am
that's my fault. bad pitch. oh my goodness. >> harold reynolds, ladies and gentlemen. what is your message today? you're here on behalf of the commissioner's office? >> baseball is not in dire straits. it's opening day, it's a celebration. that's the big thing. his initiative is youth baseball. he feels if you get a kid playing at a early age. they may not become a major leaguer but become a major league fan. >> this will be the first year the mets will be doing it in about ten years. >> all right. by the way, thank you new york sluggers and the brooklyn bonnies. >> thanks guys for coming down. >> okay. by the way those two teams are going to try to dunk anna at the conclusion of today's show. >> you have to find me a towel
4:41 am
because it's a little cold out here. >> it is 48 degrees. it was supposed to be their dream vacation for a family. instead a trip to this resort left a father paralyzed and his teen age sons in comas. how they got poisoned and how to make sure it doesn't happen to your family when you're on vacation. they're in the country illegally, now they could be teaching your kids in school. wait until you hear about the push to put illegals in the classroom. bye, guys. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:42 am
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break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. all right. a look now at headlines all about education. teach for america hiring dozens
4:45 am
of illegals to teach disadvantaged students apparently across the united states as part of a new pilot program where young immigrants can apply for a work permit and earn a reprieve for deportation. teach for america says it plans to create more opportunities for immigrants in the coming years. and leave your laptops at home. a brand new study finds students learn better when they take notes by hand. like they kid right there. researchers say kids who type or keyboard are mindlessly recording what their teacher says. al those writing with their hands, actually listen and decide what's important because it's harder. anna over to you. >> a trip to paradise turned into a nightmare for one delaware family. it's believed they were poisoned by a banned pesticide while vacations in the virgin islands. two teenage boys are in a coma
4:46 am
and their parents are seriously ill. how can something like this happen? joining me is a doctor who is the director of toxicology. thank you for being with us. when you hear about this, you're going oh, my goodness. they were spending $900 a night in this room. they fall sick like this. what are some of the symptoms they would have been exhibiting? >> part of the problem is this is a very toxic chemical. it may have no warning signs at the beginning. some early signs can be burning in the eyes and the throat. dizziness blurred vision, headache. then progressive as it has in these cases to confusion seizures, coma. >> wow. and the two boys are still in a coma. it's reported and the father he regained consciousness, but then was paralyzed. how long does it take for something like that to set in? you want to get to the doctor.
4:47 am
>> it can be delayed as long as 48 hours after exposure or it can be right away. you're absolutely right. you know, if you suspect you've been exposed or develop any systems that don't make sense whether you're traveling or not. get to medical attention as well. >> we've been in a room where we smell fumes of some sort should this be used as a warning for us to make sure we get out? >> i think -- >> we don't want to cause alarm. >> generally yes. there were regulations in place to prevent extraordinarily toxic chemicals like this from injuring residential spaces. or whether it's a resort or home. and those regulations exist for a reason. you know, so generally in the united states that protects us from being exposed to things like that. >> and sometimes things do happen while we're traveling and we're outside of our comfort zone. we don't have our doctor to go
4:48 am
to. who do you trust in a situation where you're traveling? >> i think it's hard to say. you know you -- just essentially the local medical center which you know is where this family originally went. >> and another reason to get travel insurance, too and maybe look on their website too. >> perhaps. >> thank you so much for your time today. we wish that family well. that's awful. 48 minutes after the hour on this monday morning. coming up, they were the kings of the castle until big government stepped in. one town telling kids to tear down that fort. when we come back, one of the strangest inheritances we have ever seen. our jamie colby takes on a case with a whole lot of by the. an exclusive sneak peek of these gators and crocs ♪ don't turn around ♪
4:49 am
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4:52 am
all right. tonight an all new "strange inheritance" a family is set to inherit a business with a whole lot of bite. >> we have a couple thousand alligators, a couple hundred crocodiles. >> my idea all along is i could build something i could pass to my family. >> that was always in the back of your mine? >> upon my father's passing we might have to hit the road. >> it might be sold out from underneath us. >> how risky is the inheritance?
4:53 am
jamie colby is the host of "strange inheritance." she'll be on tonight at 9:00. this is one of the stories. >> we have two. i think it's riskiest for the gators and crocodiles because they came off the endangers species. the one i wrestle is named gucci. poor little guy. you know how -- there you go. they said to me do you want to sit on this alligator? my producer said you do not have to do this, jamie. this is not part of the gig. i said oh, it has to be part of the gig. how many chances do you get and. >> it looks like you had won. he kept his mouth shut the intime. did someone die and leave this? >> they left it to their husband. the husband gave it to the children. they sell also the gator jerky and gator meat. apparently it's a delicacy.
4:54 am
i did try it but it's chicken fried. >> that's the family. >> it's a road side attraction. one of the best i've visited in florida. the second episode i have tonight i want to tell you about -- it's all new tonight at 9:00 p.m. is about a man, a manly man like you, bri who inherited 5,000 dolls from his man. you think it would be a chick magnet. it's been a burden. >> really? let's listen. >> i was shocked. i know laurie was really shocked. we knocked some dolls off. while we were counting. >> i was like, oh, my gosh. i don't know if this is collecting or hoarding. i've never seen anybody with that many dolls. >> me neither. >> that's strange. is it worth anything? >> we brought in an expert on this a doll expert from one of the auction houses.
4:55 am
you'll have to watch. the story is so interesting, this gentleman's mother was a teacher and asked all the students who were going to war to bring back a doll. when you see all these dolls. some are a little chuckie to be honest with you, but i walked into a -- >> chunky or chuckie? >> both. a little scary. i could swear their eyes were following me. i walked into another room. there were 600 barbies in original boxes. i did squeal with delight. >> good job. that's still the kid in you. >> i guess. all that tonight. >> we'll watch that tonight. don't mis"strange inheritance" if you don't have the fox business network, go to >> i hope folks will find me and tweet with me while i'm out there. i'm going on season two soon. >> what's your twitter? >> @jamiecolbytv.
4:56 am
here we are in the final hour of the show. coming up our troops fight and die for the country. is it right they are being lectured on white privilege during an army training session? more on that outrage top of the hour. and it's the perfect example of the american dream. he moved here eight years ago, not knowing a lick of english. now he's been accepted to all eight ivy league universities. that was his story next. i love life, but really i love my chico's life. i take good care of myself and i love what i see when i look in the mirror. i've often been told i'm the best pair of legs in the room. the so slimming collection only at chico's and ♪ to you, they're more than just
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5:00 am
forces a new survey says men don't think women can hack it in special ops. should women be allowed to serve on this elite military team? a fair and balanced debate coming up. plus, "duck dynasty" makes family meals cool again. the matriarch is here to cook for you breakfast like a duck commander with miss kay. she's got a new book with recipes. mornings are better with friends. ♪ take me out to the ball game ♪ ♪ take me out with the crowd ♪ >> good who you going to root for to get dunked in the tank?
5:01 am
it's opening day here in new york city. we have the dunk tank with water at 45 degrees. one of us will sit in that thing. who would you like to see get dumped, brian or eyei in our suits or anna? you can tweet or facebook us. >> there's a chance if those kids are not in midseason form and cannot hit that target nobody goes down. >> they just threw it over the fence. >> just stop practicing. >> they are throwing baseballs at the white house. those kids have wooden spoons and what they're doing is it's the annual easter egg roll at the white house. those are hard boiled eggs. al this is a story that once upon a time cub reporter bret baier covered. this brings back fond memories to you? >> yes, the wooden spoon. i tell you what, there are about 35 40,000 people who show up
5:02 am
for the easter egg roll every year. it's a big annual event at the white house. and one worth checking out if you're ever here. >> absolutely. when i lived in washington and covered it i would take my kids. you had a very busy easter. where were you and the family? we have pictures. >> stayed here, went to church. we had our own easter egg hunt. those are the kids making easter eggs on saturday. it got a lot of dye all over the place. >> there's your beautiful wife. >> and then coming back from chrch. we had a great day. it was very relax. >> i also follow you too. i see you have your family golfing already. the kids capture the golf fever that you have. >> do you know what we watched over the weekend? the drive chip and putt. the thing at augusta with all the kids. my kids, seven and four just watched the whole thing. i'm hoping they aspire to be there. >> there's no doubt about it. you as a college player, it's in
5:03 am
the genes let's go to politics, and the buzz around the bret baier easter table is about rand paul. >> dad do we have to talk about rand paul? >> we knew he was going to run. he's going to make it official tomorrow. here's a look at his promo video. >> it's time for a new way. a new set of ideas. a new leader. one you can trust. one who works for you and above all it's time for a new president. >> so really playing off being a unique candidate. his libertarian views. those views have come to the right to appeal more to the conservative base. what's the buzz about him as candidate? >> people are trying to figure out where he's going to be as a candidate. obviously, overall, his father
5:04 am
ran a really interesting race. both times the last two times, he's going to try to tap in to some of the black book there and some of the young people. he's also going to try, i think, expand to a different area of the republican party. the question is where does he stand? he hasn't really weighed in on the big controversies of the past couple of weeks the iran framework and indiana and arkansas religious freedom bills. he has not commented on leading up to this launch. he's clearly going to get a lot of attention. >> that might be smart, bret, because, a lot of these candidates weighed in right away and reverses their positions as governor mike pence reversed his. >> that's true. you don't want -- you want to kind of say something and stick to it if you can. he's going to have an interesting launch tomorrow. the question is you know how libertarian he goes how much he catered to the republican party overall. there was an interesting piece in the washington post one of his father's former advisors in
5:05 am
iowa was quoted as saying the question is mathematics. how many people will be gained versus how many he will lose in terms of numbers and energy depending on whether he tried to court traditional republicans. >> absolutely. bret, let's shift gears. al the president of the united states was on 60 minutes last night. and who knew, you know we heard a number of republicans say look this deal between -- regarding iran and their nuclear deal it's bad. he was with -- "new york times" rather than 60 minutes. i watched it during the 60 minutes time. here's the thing, it has taken an emotional toll on the president. listen to this. >> this has been as hard as anything i do. because of the deep affinities that i feel for the israeli people and for the jewish
5:06 am
people. it's been a hard -- you know -- >> you take it personal? >> it has been personally difficult for me to hear. >> really? >> personally tough for the israelis because they feel they're going to get bombed by iran. >> i think part of this interview was to make clear from his perspective, from the president's perspective that the u.s. has israel's back. and that the u.s. will protect israel. that is a bit of a tough sell if you look at netanyahu and what the prime minister has said about this deal not a single facility or centrifuge has been destroyed as a result of this framework. obviously we have a long way to go before it's all in stone. there are some vague elements to it, including inspections and how they happen and sanctions and how they're sequenced to be released. >> i think the most interesting thing is how many democrats have a lot of questions about this
5:07 am
deal. i think three new york -- three democratic congressmen have questions. senator bob corker is going to get support insisting the president comes back and get an okay on this before he signs it june 30th. >> i think that's right. you'll see that after congress gets back, which is next week. and i think you'll see senator corker's legislation by attractive to both sides. the question is will they have enough votes to override the president's veto which will be coming if they pass that bill. >> we have another story we want to get to quickly, the president is spinning this as a good deal for the united states. the foreign minister of iran came home to jubilation in the streets. he took to twitter and said this is a great deal for us. which one is true? >> that's the difference is how it's perceived in both countries. it's interesting to see the u.s. saying one thing and iran reacting saying that's not the deal we signed on to. and iran going in and getting
5:08 am
people in the streets cheering. so we have a lon to go before june 30th. i think is the message here. >> all right. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about rolling stone magazine that came out months ago with a sensesational story about a rape at a fraternity in the university of virginia. seven members involved. two people are watching. but the story started to fall apart. now the columbia school of journalism has done a review and they said at every level bret, they blew it. there were failures at every level from the reporting editing and fact checking because they didn't talk to the right people. and they were relied on one woman jackie is the name they used for her. they didn't corroborate their story. rolling stone looks stupid and they haven't fired anybody. >> nobody is being let go. the apology didn't seem to apologize to the people affected, the fraternity itself. who was smeared here.
5:09 am
and it's a really interesting case in journalism. it's also an interesting case on covering this story. imagine what would happen if a story like that aired on special report? it wouldn't. by the way. but if it did, i think the establishment everyone else would jump on and say what is happening. it does not seem like that has gotten -- >> why do you think that is? >> i don't know. i mean, i think you look through a different prism as we often do about how things are covered. but this is an egregious example, obviously of not following up with who, what, where and how. and having all sides in a story of this consequense where so many people are affected. >> i look forward to getting your review on that. have a great week. >> you too. >> i got feeling you brought
5:10 am
your lunch from home and you have devilled eggs in there? >> no, i'm not a devilled eggs. my kids decorated about 50 eggs. >> we'll see you at 6:00. news time with heather and we start overseas. we certainly do. good morning to you all. we start out with a fox news alert right now. the kenyan air force bombing two al shabaab terror companies in somalia overnight. the air strikes coming one day after the the kenyan president vowed to fight terrorism. they are the first major military response to last week's deadly attack at a university there. 148 people were killed when al shabaab gunmen stormed the campus targeting christian students. they went on a dream vacation and now members of a delaware family are fighting for their lives. the father is paralyzed the sons in comas after a trip to the u.s. virgin islands.
5:11 am
the justice department is investigating after it's believed that a pesticide was sprayed in the family's building at a luxury resort in st. john. the company spraying the pesticide has suspended it's work. hundreds of u.s. army soldiers furious after the reportedly forced to sit through an unauthorized lecture about white privilege. it was part of an equal opportunity training presentation at ft. gordon in georgia. one of the slides -- you can do right here reads this. race privilege gives whites little reason to pay attention to african-americans or to how white privilege affects them. to be white in america means not having to think about it. officials say the instructor did not stick to the authorized topic and the person will receive additional training. you may remember this guy he's the new york whiz kid who now has a big decision to make. he has been accepted to every college he applied to.
5:12 am
that includes all eight ivy leave colleges. earlier we talked to him to ask how he pulled off such an amazing feat. >> i tried to apply myself and take advantage of every opportunity that was afforded to me in my high school. i'm self-motivated. i tried to reach out to my teacher teachers. >> i'll say he's self-motivated. he says he's thinking about yale. those are your headlines. kind of like we all had that tough decision to make. >> i thought you were talking about me until the last minute. >> i went to harvard. book store. >> all right. >> 12 minutes -- >> you could have gotten in. >> i don't think so. closing arguments set to begin today in the trial of the boston marathon bomber. what we can expect and what will happen to him? will he get the death penalty? peter johnson, jr. has been
5:13 am
examining that. he's next. then they were the kings of their castle. until big government stepped in. one town telling these kids to tear down the cardboard wall. it doesn't seem right. will i get dunked this hour? we're celebrating opening day for mlb on the plaza. stick around and see. don't let them practice no. ♪ there's always something happening and it's usually quite nice ♪ usually bad. so when ron said you'd never afford a john deere tractor you knew better. the e series. legendary quality. unexpected low price. americans... ...83% try to eat healthy. yet up to...90% fall short in getting key nutrients from... alone. let's do more... add one a day women's gummies. complete with key nutrients we may need... it supports bone health with calcium and vitamin d. one a day vitacraves gummies.
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5:17 am
the closing arguments beginning today in the trial of boston bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. after weeks of emotional testimony from survivors and gut-wrenching video evidence of the deadly day, lawyers will make their final cases today and then it's in the jury's hands. peter johnson jr. is here with the who, what, when and where and why. >> it's getting close to the end. >> what did the defense argue? >> they said, well, it was him. during the opening statement. dzhokhar's brother was the master mind who dragged his little brother into it. a fingerprint expert testified that the bomb showed tamerlan's the older brother's prints on
5:18 am
two of the bombs. a computer expert testified tamerlan's computer was the one used for to search for bomb making techniques, not dzhokhar. >> the defense said he was there, but it was the brother. >> you're right. they're setting it up for the death penalty phase in terms of sympathy and mitigation. one of the prosecution present? this is interesting. they're trying to set a picture for the death penalty phase. quizly images of victims. four died hundreds injured. 17 lost their limbs. graphic testimony from survivors. the receipts to trace the purchase of the pressure cookers the bb's and ammunition and video of dzhokhar sliding the backpack off and running away as the bomb went off. and finally, the manifesto he scrawled on the boat. that he was hiding and stating that he was jealous his brother it had achieved paradise by
5:19 am
dying like a holy warrior in jihad. >> it sounds like the prosecution did a fantastic job showing it's an open and shut case. the question is will he get the death penalty? >> what's the chances he get it he faces 34 charges. 17 carry the death penalty. they state his betrayal of the united states goes toward the death penalty. 62% of boston's residents say they would sentence him to life. only 27% would put him to death. could be a tough play. >> how long is it going to take. >> closing arguments today and tomorrow. it may be a convict verdict if the jury says that's it. if that's true then death penalty is more likely. >> what does your gut tell you? >> there will be a verdict here, i think within a day. there is complicated charges.
5:20 am
they'll sift through it then on to the death penalty. >> only 27% would vote for the death penalty you have to have it unanimous. it doesn't sound good. >> have a good week. coming up on this easter monday. what's a communist flag doing flying next to a our american flag over a state capitol? didn't take long for a few patriots to take care of that. they took it down. find out where it happened. "duck dynasty" made family meals cool again. the matriarch is here to cook for you breakfast like a duck commander. miss kay is live next. ♪
5:21 am
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5:24 am
rise and shine. a quick look at headlines. incredible video from a helmet cam shows a terrifying moment a man gets buried in a avalanche. his friends were able to dig him out after a couple of minutes. they were the kings of their castle until big government stepped in. city leaders saying this card board castle is violating the trash code. they have 15 days to remove the junk or face a fine. the family plans to keep it up until the end of the 15th day. the stars of "duck dynasty" have brought back the family dinner as you know. >> we thank you for another good day on planet earth. thank you for these fish you
5:25 am
provided for us. thank you for your love and mercy. >> the matriarch of the family has a new collection of recipes to give your family plenty of reasons to sit down and share a meal. >> the star of a&e's show, miss kay robertson. thanks for the hug you came in. >> that's what i do. >> she cooks every single day, three meals a day. she puts them into another book. what have you brought for us today? >> well, i have -- this is called french toast casserole. and so funny, because phil never liked the word casserole because somebody at a pot luck at church said i cleaned out my refrigerator and put it in there. i was like phil, she didn't literally mean that like it was old food. now he'll only eat one if i make it. >> are these your recipes your
5:26 am
grandmaw's. i know she taught you how to cook. >> the first was my grandmother's and these are from friends and family. >> this is going to be the french toast casserole. are you ready. eight large eggs. >> did you just her? >> you have to whip, whip, whip. i know how to do that. >> anna would you get three cups of whole milk. steve, get two tea spoons ofville nilof vanilla. >> perfect. perfect. >> vanilla. >> we need 3/8th of salt. >> i better do that. she'll never do that right. >> wait. wait. why would she not do it right? >> just a pinch. my grandmother taught me how to do that. >> where does the bread come in. >> you dunk the bread in. >> it doesn't say -- >> bread that you use for this? >> you know they want challah
5:27 am
or french bread. i'm working on making breads. phil wants me to. >> once you get all the parts of the bread nice and soaked you'll throw that in the casserole. your refrigerator clean out bowl. >> now he won't even eat this. >> let's see how you make it. >> see it through. >> do you have to grease that pan first? >> it doesn't but it would be a good idea. >> all right. >> i do that all the time. >> what do you serve it with? >> honey over the top or -- >> that would be lovely. people have brought me maple syrup that actually made from up here. >> what do you do with that stuff? >> that is the top. >> cream cheese. you supposed to put it on the
5:28 am
bread but we'll throw it in. >> why don't you move on to the next one and i'll finish. >> it's time for the -- >> then butter and she'll be stingy, but you know, go ahead. >> miss kay are we donwith that recipe yet? >> on the top is sugar and cinnamon. >> we will have all the recipes on in an hour. >> here is the spritzer. >> there it s. two cups of lemon lime soft drink. >> which is sprite. sprite. you know, you use that. it's just a little fun drink that the kids love. >> if some of -- >> we have tea parties with it but it's not really tea. >> how often do you take that drink and add hooch to it? >> i just said we use it at a tea party.
5:29 am
>> lemon ice box pies. >> do you know i made those when phil and i were dating? >> really. it was part of the seduction process? >> that's exactly right. that is exactly right. do you know what our motto is? if you feed them, they will come. >> the way to man's heart through his stomach. >> if you feed us, we'll come back. >> you better drive safely. >> i know, i didn't think about that. >> a little problem with the law. >> willy saved me as he always does. >> i'm excited about this book, go out and get it. >> it's got good pictures. >> she's already tabbed a lot of it. >> that's a tacky louisiana thing. >> thank you so much. you go out and get the book celebrating family and friends. >> it looks delicious. coming up, he's an accused terrorist serving a life sentence for killing a police
5:30 am
officer. now he could walk. his excuse? he doesn't remember doing it. then how much do you think a stay at home mom's salary would be? this guy just figured it out. his story and the math are now going viral. i'm sure miss kay has a theory on that. ♪ not a trace ♪ ♪ no doubt in my mind ♪ ♪ i'm in love ♪ sunday dinners at my house... it's a full day for me, and i love it. but when i started having back pain my sister had to come help. i don't like asking for help. i took tylenol but i had to take six pills to get through the day. so my daughter brought over some aleve. it's just two pills, all day! and now, i'm back!
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5:33 am
does all greek yogurt have to be thick? does it all have to be the same? not with new light and fluffy yoplait greek 100 whips! let's whip up the rules of greek! ♪ i can see clearly now the rain is gone ♪ >> the white house is on a roll kind of today as the first family hosts the annual easter egg roll. it's a tradition dating back to 1837 with hayes served as
5:34 am
president. kevin corke joins us live as thousands gather on the south lawn to participate or observe the egg strav ganza. >> great writing by you. i want to show you quickly. these are the eggs the kids are out there rolling. i'll be honest if i had my chance i'd be out there rolling the eggs too. they're cool. i showed you earlier today on "fox and friends." i want to show you how bright they are. this is sunburst orange. and these all have the little seal on there. it's all, obviously, signed by both the president and the first lady. a lot of celebrities actually out here, including rg 3 the quarterback of the washington redskins. it's going to make for a great day. i'll have the cool detailsilator today on fox news. >> happy easter. thanks for coming on the program. >> this is a story you try not to break. >> otherwise the yolk would be -- >> can't put it back together
5:35 am
again. it is 26 minutes before the top of the hour. heather has the news and we start with a terrorist. that is right. this is a story many of you are probably familiar with. he was convicted of helping one of the fbi's most wanted fugitives kill a new jersey state trooper. but now he may now go free. he was originally sentenced to life in prison after the terrorist used his gun to kill a state trooper. he now claims that he blacked out and can't remember the shooting. he's on the verge of release because an appeals court ruled he can't be held responsible for that. the new jersey supreme court is stepping in to hear the arguments that this convicted criminal should stay in jail. we'll watch that story as it develops. a florida gun store is no longer welcome at the very large suntrust bank. the american gun and pawnshops accounts are being forced to close for no longer meeting that company's corporate objective.
5:36 am
the story's owner believes he is one of several gun shops around the country being targeted by operation choke point. that's a story we brought you previously on the show. that program is aimed at closing businesses that are considered high risk for fraud. and listen to this out of washington state. a chinese communist flag flown next to an american flag at the state capitol. the governor ordered the flag be flown for his meeting with the chinese ambassador. some local patriots were not pleased about that. they took matters into their own hands. with the help of a capitol official, the men took down the chinese flag. they say flying that at the same height of old glory was disrespectful. all right. thank you very much. now it's time for our double dose of maria's first maria molina on the streets of new york city. >> and maria bartiromo on deck. how cold is it out there?
5:37 am
we are hoping it's warming up. >> a little on the chilly side. you will need that sweater out here. let's take a look at the weather conditions across the country. we have rain and snow forecast across many areas out west. this is some welcome news. we do have drought conditions in place. but we could potentially be looking at a foot of snow across the sierras. many people in california will be happy. across eastern united states, we are looking at showers and storms from the southeast to parts of the ohio valley and parts of kentucky could be looking at areas of very heavy rain as we head into tonight and tomorrow. across the center of the nation, there will be storms that could produce some isolated severe weather. and there's a look at your high temperatures for today. a not bads in the plains. highs in the 80s. new york city not bad, highs in the low 60s. >> maria number one. you're about to meet number two.
5:38 am
you can't put a price on love but one husband is showing his wife just how much he appreciates her being a stay at home mom. steven wrote this, writing the fact of the matter is, that our income does not even come close to covering what she does for our family. she loves me loves our son. loves our family. obviously she isn't doing any of these things for a paycheck or recognition. >> he says his wife should actually be making over $73,000 a year. so is that a fair price? >> let's talk to maria number two. maria bartiromo from the fox business network. >> hello. >> i love this guy. >> i love him too. >> he figured out his wife, he gets $36,000 of childcare. $5000 cleaning, $12,000 of cooking. you calculate other things as well? >> i do. there's one thing he did not include in this which i think is really priceless. i would just say as far as you
5:39 am
saying is this the right amount of money. it's what the market can bear. it could be more actually. maybe he underestimated. it was a great piece. everybody knows a state at home mom has much more responsibility than anybody else. and is juggling so much more than anybody else. what he did not calculate in those numbers is the confidence and the security that he has walking out of his house every day. you cannot put a price on that. he knows his family and his home is going to be safe while he's at work. that is priceless. and for that that confidence and security state of mind that he has is more. >> he writes he's ashamed his wife ever felt she doesn't have just as much right to our income as i do. >> right. he said she never buys herself a treats or extra things. she doesn't think the family can afford it. i thought that was so sweet. >> what he says she should -- after he calculated everything she should be making about $74,000 a year. he said on my salary i can't
5:40 am
afford what you do. >> yeah, it's true. he says that what she should be making is more than actually what he takes home. and what i'm saying is it could be more than that bautz it'secause the market can bear. >> you are negotiating a higher price for her? >> yeah i think she is underpaid in that scenario. >> working moms, take that and add that to your salary. >> don't miss maria on the fox business network. to find it, go to >> we got a great desk today. the founder of tiger management is coming up. going to look at jobs numbers. the jobs numbers were stink rz. >> thank you maria number two. >> let's tell you what's happening in the final 20 minutes. al a new survey says men don't think women can hack it on special ops.
5:41 am
should women be allowed to serve on this elite team? we're going to debate that with two female veterans next. they spent the last hour in training with an mlb great, the question now, do these little leaguers have what it takes to send me into the water in that dunk tank. we put them to the test. straight ahead. >> come on kid, hit it! hit it! ♪ jeff... hey, scott! this is no time for lollygaggin', lad. but we love lollygaggin'. we do. but it's a battlefield out there! you know the chickweed is surrounding
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5:45 am
hi everybody good morning. happy monday. a controversial new study about women serving in special forces. a survey found a majority of men in special ops don't think women are up to the task. they feel the pentagon will lower the standards to integrate women into their units. should women be ail to join the elite ranks? joining me is a former fighter pilot and the founder of a foundation. thank you for your service. i'll start with you. uk this is a great thing? >> i think qualified women should be given a chance to qualify. we have seen women when giving the opportunity and training have been able to excel. over 100 women in the marine corp have passed. i think they surprised everyone. >> one of the biggest points of contention is the fear that the standards will be lowered. do you think there's a risk of that happening? >> i think that's everyone's
5:46 am
concern. i think the military leaders won't let that happen. special forces shouldn't let that happen. i think the bigger issue -- the question that needs to be asked right now is does it make our military stronger. when you're looking at the military, it's not your typical equal opportunity employer. i admire the women who are going after the jobs and courses. they are amazing. i believe there are women who absolutely can do it. the question we have to ask though is is this the right weapon for the right job. are women the right weapon for this job. i think that the debate that needs to happen. >> i was in camp lejeune in jacksonville north carolina. women were about to graduate. they said once my helmet is on we are one and the same. nobody knows the difference. do you think that is the case? >> i think that's true. there are incredible women trying out for positions. there are bimmen who are fitter than some men. near olympians who are joining
5:47 am
the army. if they want a shot and they can do the job, let them do it. >> of course there are some women who have the warrior spirit and are strong or stronger than some of the men. it adds the extra variable of having two different sexes. is that a problem? >> two things first of all if you take a man in his best physical shape the best specimens of a man and woman a man is going to be better physically. that's a fact we can't argue with. the men in special forces are best of the best. they are the best physical specimens in their prime. do i think there are women who can do it? absolutely. the question is how is it going to work. is it the best tool for the best job job. there are women serving in special forces. i served with s.e.a.l.s in afghanistan. there are women doing things for special forces that people don't know about. they're using the tools they have for that job. i think the question here and
5:48 am
the issue i think special forces have is all the intangibles whether or not it's going to work in a combat environment and whether it will make our special forces stronger. >> one of those intaskables is not just the sexual alt of men and women. is chivalry dead? most men want to take care of woman. if one of his brothers is in gun fire and his sister is under gun fire. will he help the sister rather than a brother. is that a decision he should make? >> there was a lot of talk of this back in the 20/01, 2 and three. men and women are able to work alongside each other. it's one man or woman with a helmet on. >> we r espect your poirnopinions. i posted this on twitter and
5:49 am
facebook yesterday and social media lit up. they spent the entire last hour with an mlb great. do they have what it takes to send me into the dunk tank? >> i'm watching that. step right up. good morning to you. more trouble as al qaeda advanced. the president says the iran deal is the best by far. brit hume is back on the obama doctrine. yet another republican now announcing a big for the white house. we will examine senator rand paul's policies and potential when we see you at the top of the hour.
5:50 am
are you still getting heartburn flare-ups? time for a new routine. try nexium® 24hr. the latest choice for frequent heartburn- and get nexium level protection. ♪
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5:53 am
they played last night it's officially baseball's opening day today. 14 games set to take place across the country. we're celebrating with little league action. >> players from -- give it up for the new york sluggers and the brooklyn -- >> they are here today on opening day. >> come on back over here. the objectative on opening day -- what would be more fun of going to the ball park or dunking anna kooiman. >> the viewers have spoken, they want me. >> you're going to hit the first one. >> you're going to hit me? >> yeah. >> what happens if i say you're not. >> it's not going to happen. >> what is your name and where are you from. >> eric and from manhattan. >> go on over there. get into the dunking booth. anna stays dry, then we're okay. i got a feeling she's going to
5:54 am
wind up getting dunked. all right. hold on just a second. give charlie a little room. give everybody room. anna, are you ready? contestant number one let it rip. dunk that girl. a little high. number two. let's go big guy. oh, my that was close. whoa. we got her. who knocked her in what's your name? >> andrew. >> how good did that feel? >> it felt amazing. >> come on over here. say hello. how old are you andrew? >> 11. >> he's 11. are you freezing? >> i'm freezing. what's your name. >> andrew. >> i hate you right now andrew. >> that was a close throw. you were such a good sport.
5:55 am
>> get up here brian. >> let's go to the videotape and take a look at andrew's skills. >> how long you been playing baseball? >> five six years. >> they play 120 times. >> do you want me to do it again? i'll do it again. >> are you ready? here's another ball. all right. ready? go. come on. oh just a whisper away. oh my gosh. we need a towel for her. by the way, thank you party perfect for the dunk tank. visit the website at back in a moment with "fox and friends." >> we got to find a towel for anna. >> she has one. >> there you go.
5:56 am
>> that was great. ♪ it all have to be the same? not with new light and fluffy yoplait greek 100 whips! let's whip up the rules of greek! it's happening. today, more and more people with type 2 diabetes are learning about long-acting levemir® an injectable insulin that can give you blood sugar control for up to 24 hours. and levemir® helps lower your a1c. levemir® comes in flextouch® the only prefilled insulin pen
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5:59 am
♪ >> our thanks to louisville slugger for all the bats and the hats. and thank you very much for scotch guarding anna. >> how you feel? >> and a special thanks to jose. you give your time for these kids. guys like you keep baseball alive. >> thank you. one of the reasons we are here is to prepare for the world series, which is in puerto rico this year. we have a good chance of getting there. >> jose, are you ready to get in the dunk tank? >> no, i'm not. >> you want him in there?
6:00 am
>> yes! >> you don't have to do it. i'm kidding. we ran out of towels. have a great day. "america's newsroom" is next. bill: a fox news alert. president obama trying to defend the deal with iran calling it a once in a lifetime opportunity. but many at home and overseas are not buying it. welcome to america's newsroom. martha has the day off. pats * the president is trying to sell that controversial framework with iran but it's not winning over benjamin netanyahu. the prime minister says it's a dream deal for iran and a night their for the rest of the world. >> this leaves restaurant


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