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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  April 6, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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not. >> you want him in there? >> yes! >> you don't have to do it. i'm kidding. we ran out of towels. have a great day. "america's newsroom" is next. bill: a fox news alert. president obama trying to defend the deal with iran calling it a once in a lifetime opportunity. but many at home and overseas are not buying it. welcome to america's newsroom. martha has the day off. pats * the president is trying to sell that controversial framework with iran but it's not winning over benjamin netanyahu. the prime minister says it's a dream deal for iran and a night their for the rest of the world. >> this leaves restaurant
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capacity to produce material for many nuclear bombs. iran will have billions of dollars in its coffers not for schools and roads but to pump you have its nuclear program. bill: how is the president reacting and responding to criticism on this? >> reporter: the president was very very personal in the way he described his feeling. he said it pains him greatly to hear people feel he's disengaged from the notion there is plenty of danger the middle east or somehow the mayor candle commit to the protecting israel would be violated with any sort of deal. he told friedman in that conversation that there noise way a deal with iran would impact -- there is no way a deal with iran would impact its
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commitment to israel. >> i would consider it a fundamental failure to my presidency if on my watch or as a consequence of the work i have does israel was rendered more vulnerable. i think that would and moral failure. >> reporter: a moral failure he said. he said he feels diplomacy is the best way to keep iran from getting bomb, not war. bill: what is congress doing about all this? what are they saying? report people on the hill, especially some senators, feel regardless of how president wants to frame this congress has to have a say on what sanctions are lifted, when they are lifted and to what extent. >> we should approve this deal, we should approve what we see
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prior to those being lifted. i talked to the negotiators. no one has said that congress weighing in what have any effect on this deal. >> reporter: we are going to have a lot more on that topic as we get a chance to grill josh earnest. we'll unpack this even first on special report at 6 rsh eastern time. bill back to you. patti ann: kenya launching airstrikes in somalia striking al-shabab targets. the terror group based in somalia claims responsibility for those murders. bill: the poasm condemning the
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attacks during his easter mass. form of francis called for prayers for the young people killed in that college massacre and for the ends to the persecution of all christians. he says we ask jesus the victor over death to lightsen the suffer -- those who suffer injustice in his name. patti ann: a 14-year-olds by 16-year-old girl taken into custody in the u.k. kitty low gains live in london. >> reporter: we don't have too many details particularly given the ages of the suspects involved here. the big concern two teenagers
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were arrested on suspicion. preparing acts of terror. the police did say they examines electronic devices before issuing arrest warrant. the two were arrested in the north of england. the first a 14-year-old boy was arrested in land lancashire. and a 16-year-old. these two are very young to be involved in suspected acts of terrorism. police say they will not release any more information at this stage. we are unlikely to learn more at this point in time. patti ann: this is latest in a string of arrests? >> reporter: that's right police have been cracking down
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on' people suspected of joining groups in the islamic state. police say they are still questioning six people arrested at the port of dover. they conducted searches in the city of birmingham where those people are supposed to live. many. a number of people have gone out joining extremist groups. up to 600 peoplev are thought to have gone outed from the u.k. that led the government to increase the threat dem to its second highest -- its let level to its second highest level. bill: columbia university
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release its investigation on the "rolling stone" rape article. >> reporter: "rolling stone" reached out to columbia school of journalism to take on this in depth investigation. this is wall cluj columbia found. the magazine set aside or rationalized as unnecessary essential practices of reporting. 15-minute. the attorney general got involved with some of these investigations and said this.
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we are finally building national mow-men touch. the report was pretty damning. bill: how will rolling stone, the magazine handle this? >> reporter: nobody involved with this is going to be fired. the magazine went on to issue its own extensive apology. the editor says we are committing ourselves to journalistic practices laid out in the report. the president of uva is blasting "rolling stone" talking about the trouble that was brought on
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to the university. and she said rather than helping with his issue of sexual violence it complicated things and made it much more difficult to address the issue. pat report race to 20 -- patti ann: the race to 2016 picking up speed. >> above all it's time for a new president. patti ann: rand paul getting ready to make it official. bill:official.bill. bill: new details that say al qaeda is spreading. patti ann: a college student missing for a move. her family says the police are not doing enough to find her and her father is in jail for taking
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evidence into his own hands. >> it was the fact of the overwhelming information that evidence me there.
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patti ann: a new jersey family is reeling after a fire in their home. the home belongs to the mother of one local volunteer
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firefighter, a 44-year-olds suffering from stage 4 cancer. >> they supported him in november with a fundraiser. day saw solve his good -- today i saw some of his good buddies. >> no one was hurt during the fire but a dog was killed. officials say the fire spread quickly, fueled by strong winds. bill: an intelligence source received al qaeda in the arabian peninsula taking advantage of the chaos in that country to solidify its control and provide guidance to another terror group called al-shabaab in somalia. 148 students dead in kenya and
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they claim responsibility. top democrats are calling out the obama administration. >> al qaeda has had a resurgence. they have taken over the fifth largest town in yemen. sprung al qaeda opportunists. that's providing the fertile grounds and environment for them to grow again. bill: k.t. macfarland joins. >> for him to say pay attention to is. i look at yemen. most people can't 90s on a map.
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-- host people can't find it on a map. finds it on a map. it's next toll saudi arabia. you have georgia bad guys on the somali and yemen side you could choke off the world's trade. bill: josh earnest said the goal is to make yemen a safe hairen. -- a safe hairen. haven. >> there was a jailbreak and a lot of senior died guys are basketball going back into the
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battlefield. the third part which are trying to support the more moderate sunnis. a three-part civil war that could spread to the region. bill: what happened to the comment about being on the run and al qaeda being decimated? >> it's the same comment that yemen is our big success story. the area is aflame with sectarian silence. it's a religious fight where both sides have a lot of oil money backing them up. they get more money to support their terrorist groups in the region with the lifting of sanctions in iran.
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i see a 30-year war western shiites and sunnis and it's where most world's exported oil comes in. bill: where do we fit in here? >> that's a good question. historically we supported the arabs. but now we are supporting iran. iran is controlling a lot of forces in the middle east. they become flush with door support them even more. so the war we thought was going on ... >> it's absolutely a safe haven. now it's wide open. it's the battlefield for
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sectarian tension. >> they can export their terror. we are seeing that floin to africa. >> that group launched attacks on the united states. it has large ambitions. so not just launching attacks in so mallial and saudi arabia -- attacks in somalia and saudi arabia. >> they don't want american boots on the ground, they want american intelligence and american aid. gift to them. they want to reform their religion and fight the bad guys. patti ann: poisoned in paradise. a whole family only vacation at a luxury resort, some of them fighting for their lives. plus this ...
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bill: they were there to bet on the boxing match. what sent the chairs one after the other flying and the fists were right hirnld it.
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are he he he he he
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so,as my personal financial psychic, i'm sure you know what this meeting is about. yes, a raise. i'm letting you go. i knew that. you see, this is my amerivest managed... balances. no. portfolio. and if doesn't perform well for two consecutive gold. quarters. quarters...yup. then amerivest gives me back their advisory... stocks. fees. fees. fees for those quarters. yeah. so, i'm confident i'm in good hands. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. bill: chaos at a casino in new york city. a brawl break out at a resnort queens, new york. apparent lit service wasn't fast -- apparently the service wasn't fast enough.
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several people injured including one police officer. patti ann: the desperate search for a freshman who disappeared during spring break. complicating matters the teen's father is in jail after allegedly break into a home saying he was following a tip that his daughter had been seen there. >> i want my daughter home. that's what i want. and that's all i want. patti ann: a.y. went missing a month ago. police say there is no evidence of foul play. is it possible she just left?
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>> well, patti ann when you look at a situation you have a college student. she has been gone for 30 days. does she have a car cell phone or credit card, gals -- credit cards gas cards. you look at foul play. some of the outside evidence is there is simply no evidence that she voluntarily disappeared. i think that's the case here. patti ann: it's a good question. wouldn't there be activity on her cell phone and credit card? police did search a pond 40 miles away on a tip but they
6:26 am
found nothing. >> when you get a tip how did it come in? did somebody write a letter? was it a male oral female until how much validity did they give that tip? obviously they sent a dive team to a pond. a no outside of her disappearance i think it's time for the police to let the public know what they know and do a press conference and get the public involved in this because it seems that police are not very successful at following the leads themselves. patti ann: the father wellesley says he got a tip she was in a house. and so he breaks in. he's accused of planting the jacket.
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what do you make of that. >> we don't know how this tip came in or how the father got it. we don't know the dynamics. but i think it frustration on the father is coming through with their lack of site early information back to the family or lack of pursuing this case where they are actually developing information. certainly the family is not under any suspicion it seems they eliminated them. that means they believe there is some kind of outside force that's involves in the abduction of young lady. bill: will there be closure for
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the victims of the families in the boston bombings. closing arguments begin today in the trial of the boston bombing. patti ann: the white house facing backlash on its deal with iran. was it the best deal we could get? >> you will never be able to get the best deal. the best deal comes with a new president. sometimes breathing air can be difficult. if you have copd, ask your doctor about once-daily anoro ellipta. it helps people with copd breathe better for a full 24hours. anoro ellipta is the first fda-approved product containing two long-acting bronchodilators in one inhaler. anoro is not for asthma. anoro contains a type of medicine that increases risk of death in people with asthma. it is not known if this risk is increased in copd.
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were just as simple? thanks to angie's list now it is. start shopping online... ...from a list of top rated providers. visit today. patti ann: prosecutors and defense attorneys in the bobs on -- in the boston bombing trial begin their closing arguments today. in. >> reporter: the judge and jury have yet to enter the courtroom
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but things are expected to get rolling shortly. after the final arguments are made we are expecting the judge to give give jury instructions. the proposed jury instructions are 47 pages long. the judge will ultimately determine his own instructions for the jury but it's possible that portion of the day could prove to be on the lengthy side. it's possible that that's likely given the admission that was made by one of his attorneys during her opening statements. she said there is little that occurred during the week of april a that 15 that we dispute.
6:33 am
patti ann: how soon might we see a verdict? >> reporter: it's possible we could see something quickly. 17 of the charges carry the possibility of the death penalty. the jurors may have that at the back of their minds even though this fate will technically be decided at the second phase of the trial. when they get back in the room they they may have information they should talk about. there are so many charges in this case. these are federal charges and they refer to five days of activity from the bombing in boston and the ultimate capture of dzhokhar tsarnaev. patti ann: molly line, live in
6:34 am
boston. bill: can we get a better deal with iran? the president strongly defending it calling it a once in a lifetime opportunity to stop iran from getting a nuclear bomb. >> i think it's the best deal obama could get with iranians because the iranians don't fear nor do they respect him. obama is a failed negotiator. his policies have failed on many fronts and he's not feared oral -- or respected. anybody on our side except maybe rand paul could do better. bill: let's draft off the argument lindsey graham is make.
6:35 am
if you consider the following comment by thomas freedman, it's our best bet by far. do you think it is? >> i don't think it is. you have the -- you have the details that were laid out. but we have a lot of details going up to this june 30 deadline. the white house was saying despite the deal reached on a nuclear he agreement. the irans say they want to wipe israel off the earth they are chanting "death to america. ". i don't think they can be taken apart. they have to be negotiated together. that's one issue on the table in terms of the dee behavior and
6:36 am
statements by the regime. bill: is this the best bet by far? >> it's more about political posturing than it is about the facts. everyone who criticized this deal before it was known are the same people criticizing it now. we won't go all the facts until june. the long are we wait to do this deal with iran, the closer they get to a nuclear weapon. bill: netanyahu was talking everywhere sunday and his position has not changed either. >> i'm not trying to kill any deal i'm trying to kill a bad deal. the preeminent terrorist state of our time should not have the
6:37 am
ability to build nuke yarl weapons. bill: the end of june is the next deadline. katie, you will have a president and administration that will sell this idea to congress. what does congress do? >> are they going to zell to it congress? the white house made it clear they are not necessarily interested in going to congress with this deal. over the weekend president obama said i'll going to congress so long as they do what i want. i'm not so sure they are going to ask congress for their ideas on how to move forward on this deal which means it's not necessarily a serious deal if song isn't going to be able to take vote on it and dethe way in a way that nation it solid and long term. bill: the question is should
6:38 am
though go to congress and include them this agreement then you have the force of government behind you that says we can say this is maybe not the best deal but a better deal. >> the question isn't whether president obama is going to congress he is. the question is, what action is congress going to take. if congress is going to set a president where they override the president's ability to do deals that's a bad precedent to set for any congress of the united states. the president and the white house is already reaching out to congress. it started the day after the framework was pea flounced. prime work was announced. bill: the thing the president said was not on my watch will
6:39 am
iran go nuclear. i imagine there must be some clarification on a statement like that because his watch in the white house has less than two years to go. mary anne, thank you. and katie thanks to you as well. patti ann: guns are making their way tbiengt legislative agenda. conservatives make a push to roll back restrictions on gun control. >> reporter: the second amendment foundation insisted congress needs to pass a national rels prolsity bill to allow -- -- anational reciprocity deal toll allow -- deal toallow guns to cross
6:40 am
state lines. >> groups like the national rifle association and second amendment foundation pushed forward to loosen gun restrictions. >> voters spoke loud and clear. >> reporter: gun rights advocates target lawmakers. the second amendment foundation targets legislatures. both sides were working to change both state laws. high on the priority list, concealed carry. kansas' governor signed a law to carry with permit. but advocates for begun laws are
6:41 am
advancing too. michael bloomberg helped fund a background check measure. the second amendment foundation calls that buying ballot measures. their off significance wholeheartedly disagrees. bill: this will be debated throughout the week. rand paul is getting ready to make it official as the kentucky senator announces he's running for the white house. northeast questionhouse. patti ann: what keeps jeh johnson you have at night in he made some comments on that and how dangerous isis is in
6:42 am
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when emerson takes up the challenge it's never been done before simply becomes consider it solved. emerson. bill: wall street opening after a short week last week, and the dow had a delayed reaction after that dismal jobs report that came out friday. the number of jobs add was half what so many expected. we thought we would see a lot lower number. but that has not been the case. it's early. we'll see if we can hang on thursday. wall street open to a new week now. >> it's time for a new way a new set of ideas a new leader, one you can trust one who works for you and alove all it's -- and
6:46 am
above all it's time for a new president. there are questions about what kinds of leader senator paul would be. some critics claim he's moving away from his libertarian roots. byron, a libertarian we know him to be, but analysts save he's trying to downplay that. "the washington post" says he has turned fuzzy and it's unclear what kinds of republican he will present himself at when he takes the stage. >> rand paul realized he cannot rub for the presidential nomination as a libertarian. i think the "post" criticism is overbroad but it's true in the
6:47 am
key area of foreign policy. vanlds fall formulate his campaign ideas when there was more concern about ns parks snoochg and -- nsa nsa snooping. he has supported american military actions against isis and that led to con if fusion aboutof -- led toconfusion. patti ann: can it help him with republicans who support some of his views but support him on isolationism? >> he has reached out to african-americans and other groups that are not traditional rumextra -- not
6:48 am
traditional republican constituencies. with isis, the middle east in chaos. rand paul will have to formulate a position that will not alienate some of his supporters who swoonlt he less american intervention abroad and appeal to strong develops republican constituentcon city constituencies. patti ann: some in the african-american community said we found him to be insincere. is it going to come across well? >> that was bob wood woodson *.
6:49 am
i think rand paul gets a lot of credit for make an effort. showing up is important in politics. if he keeps doing that i think he will benefit from that in the long run. patti ann: after rand palms paul's announcement come he will sit down with hannity. bill: a crash of a tour bus. than is this. patti ann: wisconsin just sets kentucky. can the badgers take it all tonight? jim gray joins us.
6:50 am
40% of streetlights in detroit at one point did not work. at the time that the bankruptcy filing was done the public lighting authority had a hard time of finding a bank. citi did not run away from the table like some other bankers did. they had the strength to help us go to the credit markets and raise the money. it's a brighter day in detroit.
6:51 am
kids are feeling safer while they walk to school. 40% of the lights were out but they're not out for long. they're coming back.
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patti ann: furious 7 winning big at the box office. $137 million across. latest installment of "fast & furious" franchise earned $384 million internationally. >> game on now. national championship, college basketball comes down to night. what a thriller on saturday
6:54 am
night. >> step back. hits a three! made a champion of wisconsin with unbelievable stretch drive to the championship game. bill: it was a great game. wisconsin stunning kentucky, ending their perfect season in indianapolis. the duke blue devils also winning. go back to the big stage rolling over michigan state. so tonight in prime time, it is wisconsin versus duke. jim gray, sports reporter and fox news contributor there for the big game in indianapolis. good morning to you. couple things to tick through quickly. can we rate how big of an upset wisconsin topping kentucky's perfect season at this point. >> anytime you have an 0 after your name this point in season it is upset. not as big as everybody is thinking. john calipari, the coach of the kentucky wildcats going into the hall of fame here to accept the honor quite gracious after
6:55 am
the loss. they were beaten byby a team who had to think about it, wisconsin, lost by a point last year in the final four to that same wildcat team of kentucky. so they had been fermenting. all of their guys came back. a veteran team up against freshman who were not ready for it. 38-1 has never been done before. kentucky had a great year. that will not go over well but it is not a great as upset happening in the past, particularly unlv losing to duke, when they were the last team at this point to be undefeated. bill: i heard clark kellogg saturday night i think it was kellogg, kentucky did not watch game film of wisconsin prior to the tipoff. wisconsin watched every play kentucky run all year long. you wonder if that was the case ifer this better prepared. move to night's matchup, duke and wisconsin. how good does america have it
6:56 am
for this game? >> it will be great. it will be so much fun. you have america's coach in mike krzyzewski. looking for his fifth national championship. he is involved in three gold medals. the head of usa basketball. he is america's coach. the duke team is terrific. they have great players. okafor is fun to watch. quinn cook. it is a great team. you have the wisconsin team which america probably has fallen in love with because the way they play and their coach, bo ryan. he has dedicated his life to basketball. 45 years as a coach. he has won in division iii. second final four in a row. wisconsin has captured everybody's imagination. frank kaminsky is player of the year. a lot to hold on to for everyone. it will be fun. bill: thanks jim gray. >> listen on westwood one if you can't watch. bill: we'll do. thanks jim. >> thanks bill. patti ann: if there is such a thing as the obama doctrine what
6:57 am
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bill: here we go. new hour. president obama under constant criticism for his foreign policy. laying out what he calls the obama doctrine. brand new hour for america's newsroom. home hope you had a great easter weekend. martha has the day off. how are you? patti ann: i'm patti ann browne for martha. the president is facing strong political headwinds at home and abroad as he seeks support for nuclear framework still in process but he says it is all part of his plan. >> you asked about an obama doctrine. the doctrine is we will engage but we preserve all our capabilities. it is not as if all these conversations i'm leaving all my you know, rifles at the
7:01 am
door. we're walking in these negotiations and everybody knows that we've got the most firepower. and we're not relinquishing our capacity to defend ourselves or our allies. in that situation why wouldn't we test it? exsenior political analyst brit hume is back with us in the nick of time. we missed you. hope you had a nice -- >> would say it is nice to be back and that would be partly true. bill: great to see you. >> thank you. bill: take the obama doctrine, we'll engage but preserve all of our capabilities. what did you hear from that description? >> well i think it's a bit of a stretch for him to say that because it is pretty clear from all he has done and all that he said the military capabilities vis-a-vis iran are not on the table. he says they are but his aversion to the use of u.s. military power is very clear especially with regard to iran. he keeps saying if we don't do a
7:02 am
deal like this the only other option is war which he treats therefore something as not to be engaged in. i'm not, it is an attempt to describe his doctrine. i'm not sure that is what his doctrine really is. that is interesting. first time we heard it. the other thing he said, i think it is important to recognize iran is a complicated country just like we are a complicated country. we did a little research. here is what you have in iran. restriction of freedom of speech. harrassment of journalists. severe restrictions on academic freedom. restrictions on assembly, association and religion. that is just the beginning of this. seems to me, brit iran is not lot more complicated that the united states. why the comparison? >> if you by complicated you mean restrictive, yes. we're a pretty open society. iran is a much more closed society. and the two are really not comparable in that spence. now to say there are a lot of political crosscurrents and
7:03 am
different groups and factions and tribal allegiances and so forth in iran as much as there are different factions in the united states i suppose is a reasonable thing to is a but i don't know bearing saying that has on anything frankly. bill: what is your expectation by the end of june? because also in that interview the president said, not on my watch will iran go nuclear. that is a bit of a rephrase of the statement from last week. when you consider you're less than two years away from the conclusion of a second term. >> well, if this agreement holds as it has been outlined, it would, it would certainly retard to some extent iran's march towards a nuclear weapon. that is certainly true. and, therefore, the president can look ahead to what will then be what a year-and-a-half and say, you know that it won't iran won't get a nuclear weapon on his watch. does not mean that iran will not continue at a perhaps slower pace its relentless progress
7:04 am
toward a nuclear weapon. and it doesn't play out saying that at all explain what would happen if iran were caught cheating on this deal or any of the rest of it. bill: hmmm. brit thanks. we missed you. >> thanks bill. bill: see you at 6:00. you bet. you as well. brit hume in washington. >> all signs were pointing to a bad day on wall street today. dow futures way down because it is the first time the market would be able to react to friday's dismal jobs report but take a look at the big board right now. we're actually in positive territory. joining us right now from our sister network fox business network's stu varney to go over all of this with us. good morning to you. >> good morning, patti ann. patti ann: one of last week's disappointing jobs report one of the signs you say the economy is weaking, not improving. here we are so far in positive territory. what is going on? >> there is concern everywhere especially on wall street that
7:05 am
we are stuck patti ann. stuck with a poor jobs market, a slowing economy and a middle class that is shrinking. we're stuck with failing policies. look we've printed trillions of dollars. we have borrowed trillions of dollars. and president obama has spent trillions of dollars in government stimulus. it is not restored america to real growth and prosperity. the concern is, that, what are we going to do now? if this is a spiraling down of the economy a spiraling down of new jobs creation, what are we going to do? print some more money? borrow some more money? spend some more money? will that work? probably not. so the concern is, that we're stuck with failing policies and president doesn't have in his tool box the kind of policies which may turn things around. that is the concern even though at this moment, patti ann it is not reflecting on wall street. the dow as you say is up very, very slightly. patti ann: yeah. if a government response is needed is this an opening for
7:06 am
more republican approach? >> i think it is an opening for the republicans to come through with their own version of economic policy that is different from the president's version. it is an opportunity for them to lay out their stall and here is how we get some growth, here is how we get the economy moving again. it is opportunity for republicans. it's a risk for democrats if they want to double down on policies which already have not worked very well. patti ann: so what do you expect to actually happen? >> nothing. i think we are stuck. i think we're stuck in a policy vice for a couple of years where the president will not change course. he will do more of the same and the republicans are not strong enough in congress, even though they have got a majority not strong enough to push through different policies. so i think we're stuck. i think that is a dilemma. patti ann: wow. for sure. stuart varney, fox business network. as always. >> patti ann. bill: breaking news right now. concern i can't launching airstrikes against somali
7:07 am
militants in is. following the deadly terror attack, al-shabaab taking responsibility for the horrendous massacre there. jennifer griffin live from the pentagon. what do we know about the kenya response so far? >> reporter: they claim the kenyan air force that carried out airstrikes that destroyed two al-shabaab training camps on the other side of the kenyan border. the first response, this is the first response to the terror attack at the university. a spokesman for the kenyan defense ministry said the jets pounded the two camps and had aerial visuals confirming the strike. they didn't provide aerial. the al-shabaab said the airstrikes simply hit farm land. al-shabaab vowed more strikes in kenya. kenya has 120-mile border with somalia and al-shabaab fighters
7:08 am
move across the border with ease. bill: they have got a big task on their hands. what do we know about the attackers, jennifer? >> reporter: perhaps what is most shocking one. four gunmen was the son of a kenyan government minister. abdul malai was a educated law student a promising career, a real up-and-comer. his family reported him missing last year. he is kenyan but ethnically somali from the part of rural kenya to borders the region where those al-shabaab training camps were supposedly hit in the past 24 hours. it's a shocking revelation for kenya and kenyan government officials and they have called on kenya's muslim community to do more to monitor attacks, attempts to radicalize their young people. kenya plans to compile a list of people suspected to have joined al-shabaab or become radicalized by islamist. government sources told local reporters today. bill: thank you jennifer. from the pentagon, jennifer griffin on that story.
7:09 am
patti ann. >> homeland security secretary jeh johnson speaking candidly about the ongoing war on terror. >> boarder security is not simply preventing people from getting in but very often preventing somebody from leaving for the wrong reasons. patti ann: coming up johnson talks about the one thing that he says keeps him up and night. bill: poison in paradise. leave as american family hospitalized. enthen there is this. >> terrifying avalanche caught on video. how the man behind this helmet cam made it out alive. making a fist something we do to show resolve. to defend ourselves. to declare victory. so cvs health provides expert support and vital medicines. make a fist for me. at our infusion centers or in patients homes.
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bill: a speeding car crashing into a tour bus in santa barbara, california injuring nine. one rushed to a hospital in serious condition. that car reduced to a pile of twisted metal. you can see a gaping hole in the side of that bus as well. at least one person cut from the wreckage. investigators saying the driver of the car was speeding and lost control. santa barbara california. >> that is the challenge, isn't it? and that's one of the things frankly keeps me up at night because we would have little or no notice if somebody decides to commit an act of violence. so if the family member, the religious leader, the teacher,
7:14 am
trusts us enough to inform us, we're in a position to make a difference. patti ann: well the department of homeland security wants your help to combat the threat of a lone wolf terror attack. the agency create ad network of law enforcement officials at every level of government with secretary jeh johnson himself reaching out to build trust in local communities. pete hegseth ceo of concerned veterans for america and fox news contributor. you heard him, pete, biggest fear person sitting on internet, no criminal record not on a watch list, difficult to track. it is up to the public. is that effective. >> it is part of it. up to the public and families and networks of people our government needs to establish a relationship especially at risk communities around the world and and america, muslim communities where they're targeting youth. i'm here in minneapolis. there are problems with some of
7:15 am
the somali community here going to fight with isis. not just because they get radicalized from the computer. it is information from the internet and seeking of affirmation or collaboration and working with someone to fulfill the dream of going to iraq and syria. that requires human-to-human interaction or conversation over the internet. that is where the authorities have to be on their toes, to maintain informant networks and surveillance. there is particular mosque in bloomington near minneapolis where there is a lot of focus of radical teaching. you need inroads into the pressure points. to know wherere getting a lot of information and trying to collaborate. patti ann: as you say, if they get actually close to acting there should be red flags visible to others outside of their immediate circle but in the meantime, are there false alarms? you're going on, chasing false leads a lot? >> boy that is difficult. if you're trying, if you're trying to surveil just based on who is visiting what site i
7:16 am
could have visited a number of sites preparing for this very segment. if i'm raising flags meantime we're sending people on the wrong rabbit trails. that is where using resources in efficient way is critically important. sharing information. joint terrorism task forces there are many across the country. there is one here in minneapolis. you have the national level of the fbi collaborating with the local sheriffs office and municipalities so families with a sheriff great example of our sheriff in minneapolis making outreach to the muslim communities so they feel comfortable coming forward to authorities. as a result when you get information from parents or friends, that is when you can head it off. otherwise the authorities are never going to know if a young teenager who has been radicalized on line trying to figure out how to get to iraq or syria. you have to have relationship and community based policing. that is where national threats become very local. you can't just cast a wide net.
7:17 am
tough -- you have to be focused where the young muslims are associating so you can run interphones. patti ann: secretary johnson mentioned on "60 minutes" that the dhs has 78 so-called fusion centers around the country time prove coordination between the different law enforcement groups. we always hear about these turf wars. how would you assess the coordination on this point? are we all on the same page or does the left hand not know what the right is doing? how is that going? >> it is not perfect certainly state by state area by area. in in minneapolis here i can speak to the sheriff working hard with members across the communities here across minneapolis because they are disparate there and vertically to the national level to make sure that information is shared. it will be different in every place. a lot is based on personalities. i think 9/11 and unfortunately the rise of isis have reawoken people we can't have turf wars anymore. we have to get bureaucracy streamlined as much as possible.
7:18 am
information is gold, information and data share something gold. without the data points you can't be effective. you can have all the digital surveillance, ultimately patti ann, this is about relationships and interest. trust. i learned that in iraq. if they don't feel they can trust you they will not inform you whether someone is radicalized or taking action. local communities have to have trust and work to establish in some these communities. those communities have to call out those radicalizing their youth that combination is how you get in front islamic threat so you don't have more folks from minneapolis heading to fight with al-shabaab and isis or attacking here at home. >> the biggest fear of all. pete, thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks a lot. bill: 18 minutes past the hour. his tore droughts in california. now emergency measures are sparking criticism there. >> there are farmers who have senior water rights. some people have a right to more water than others.
7:19 am
bill: so are some people paying an unfair price to end the drought or try anyway? while others are off the hook. we'll investigate that. patti ann: a desperate woman holding on for dear life with a carjacker at the wheel. >> i don't know what she was thinking but, i mean i guess if it is your car you love it that much. you drop 40 grand on a new set of wheels, then... wham! a minivan t-bones you. guess what: your insurance company will only give you 37-thousand to replace it. "depreciation" they claim.
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bill: breaking news out of boston. molly line reports that the judge is strucking the jury, then closing arguments will begin. it's a death penalty case as aware with dzhokhar tsarnaev and his fate on the line. when there are developments inside of the courtroom we'll give them to you here on "america's newsroom." patti ann: a good samaritan stop as carjacker and it is all caught on video of the suspect making his move at a busy car
7:23 am
wash in smyrna georgia near atlanta. you can see the victim jump on the hood of her car to stop the carjacker, from leaving the parking lot. that is when a city worker washing his car pulls out his gun and hit him in the shoulder. >> i heard a pop. >> i heard a pop. the guy got shot, was falling out of the car and holding his chest. he started shivering and shaking. he flopped on to the ground. patti ann: witnesses say the woman slid off the hood as the car stopped. the suspect was arrested but police say three accomplices got away in this red minivan. they are still at large. the. bill: california's governor in some hot water over water. jerry brown defending his mandatory conservation orders in the face after prolonged drought. william la jeunesse is live on that from los angeles. why is the governor now playing defense? william? >> reporter: well, bill he is getting it from all sides. consumers don't want to change.
7:24 am
cities say agriculture is getting off easy. experts say the restrictions don't go far enough. a little good news a storm arrived in the sierras with snow and foot on the way. that is important because the state gets 30%. i its water from snow pack which is 95% below average. san francisco, rain in central valley through los angeles. it is needed but not enough to change the big picture. sunday governor brown said his 25% mandatory water cut will force residents to change how they live. >> it is requiring action and changes in behavior from the oregon border all the way to the mexican border. it affects lawns, it affects people how long they stay in the shower, how business use water. >> reporter: doesn't mean that police will put you in cuffs for a 10 minute shower. local water districts will enforce the 25% with a tiered rate structure, forcing consumers to pay a lot more if
7:25 am
they exceed that amount with fines up to 500 bucks for watering your side walk. bill: 80% of the water goes to agriculture right, california? >> right. bill: why are the farmers getting a pass on this, william? >> reporter: well, actually they are not. they're not the 25% doesn't apply to them but they have already had cutbacks last year. they will get zero federal water this year. brown says watering lawn doesn't produce economic good. long shower doesn't support jobs or feed family. ag is 2% of the state economy. 500,000-acres lie empty because of lack of water and another 20,000 this year. 500,000 farmworkers are unemployed. brown doesn't want to loosen tire central valley economy to the drought. issue coming up is pumping of groundwater which farmers are using to supplement that will be issue because it is seen as a common good. bill: stay on it. thank you. william la jeunesse in california there. patti ann: a tropical vacation
7:26 am
leaves an american family fighting for their lives. we'll have the latest on investigation how they apparently got poisoned in paradise. bill: also hillary clinton facing sharp new criticism from within her own party. why a one-time democratic presidential candidate saying the clinton machine should quote, frighten every american? what does he mean by that?
7:27 am
7:28 am
7:29 am
patti ann: an american family fighting for their lives after a spring break vacation in paradise. the father and two kids are now in critical condition after apparently inhaling a pesticide at their condo in the virgin islands. the father was found unconscious. his wife and sons experiencing seizures. david lee miller right now is live in new york with the rest of the story for us. hi. do we know what made them so sick? >> reporter: patti ann according to authority as condo downstairs where they were staying was sprayed with methyl bromide used
7:30 am
indoors. has been banned from 1984. the family got sick from delaware at a resort on st. john in the u.s. virgin islands. accomodations there start at over $500 a night. the resort is described on its own website, ultraluck sure just. the family was flown back to the u.s. and still being treated in the hospital, the father, steve esman and his two songs. his wife dr. teresa devine is no longer hospitalized. according to the epa methyl bromide is toxic material. high concentration and exposure can cause respiratory system failure and specific and deleterious actions on the lungs, eyes and skin. epa spokeswoman said more than one unit at the resort was sprayed with the pesticide but so far at least no others have reported becoming ill. patti ann. patti ann: nonetheless, is there still a danger? >> reporter: well the company,
7:31 am
term minute nix that is sprayed pesticide is prohibited by local officials using the product anywhere, indoors or out. the apartments where it was used are off limits to anyone but law enforcement and epa officials. they have to use protective gear. term minute nix term nix. >> should a statement, that the family is in our thoughts and prayers. we're cooperating with the authorities and conducting our own thorough investigation. the u.s. justice department patti ann initiated a criminal investigation into the incident. the epa says this is the not the first time methyl bromide was used at the resort. it was sprayed at least one other time. that was recently as only five months ago. patti ann? patti ann: david lee miller, live in our newsroom. thank you.
7:32 am
bill: rand paul releasing a video ahead of the formal announcement that will come tomorrow, tuesday. >> to fix washington, we can not have business as usual. congress should read every bill. [applause] congress should also live under the laws they have passed. if they won't listen we should limit all their terms and send the career politicians packing! [applause] ♪ bill: so there it is. ed rollins was ronald reagan's campaign manager in 1984. joe trippi was howard dean's campaign manager in 2004. both fox news contributors. monday with joe and ed. howly doing? i'm doing fine. i hope you had a great easter weekend. rand paul what does he bring to the race? ed you start. >> he attracts young voters as his father did. he has great volunteer program. he is out of the mane stream a
7:33 am
isolationist when most republicans are hawkish on things we do in the middle east. he is different voice. i don't think he is finalist, early stages of top four or five candidates but he will not be nominee. bill: does he raise money. >> he will raise money in a difficult way. he will raise money through grassroots, what have you. he will not be a candidate of big donors. bill: joe how do you evaluate his candidacy? >> i think ed's right, he will raise money. he will attract young voters which is important to the republican party overall. i think, looking, the real question a lot of his libertarian views would help him tremendously in a general election i think but the i think he figured out that won't help him win the republican nomination. he has got to move more to the right. he hasn't yet spoken out really seriously on the igious freedom or, even the iran deal. in a forceful way. i think that is him trimming his sails a little bit.
7:34 am
he is going to have to, that will be the high-wire act that he will walk in this republican primary. bill: interesting. we'll see, sean hannity is flying out to kentucky. we'll see how he kind of handles some of this. you will see sean's interview tomorrow night in the hour of prime time, 10:00 eastern time. make sure you check that out. mehntime gary hart is mouthing off about hillary clinton. this is, this is a pretty strong statement. he says, clinton campaign intends to raise one billion dollars. that ought to frighten every american he says. if you got to have a billion dollars to run for president, how many people can do that? only the clintons, the bush, and one or two others. joe, as a democrat, how do you take that? >> he is right. every american should be worried about taking a billion dollars to run for president of the united states. and that is a fact exactly what happened in 2012. both mitt romney and barack obama raised over a billion or spent over a billion dollars in that campaign.
7:35 am
there is not a whole lot -- one thing i disagree with him about on this is that you know, because of what's happened in the dean campaign what happened in the obama campaign in terms of small donors rand paul another one that can attract that. once somebody wins iowa and new hampshire they can get a lot of money fast. whoever the democratic nominee is or republican nominee is will have that kind of money but still something every american should worry about. bill: ought to frighten every american. i guess the day and age we live in ed. >> it is day and age. unfortunately his career was 30 years ago. he blew his candidacy up in 1988 by misadventures. he could have possibly beat bush and stopped dynasty but he didn't. no other public financing. obama destroyed that you have to raise money to be viable candidate. that will not change in my lifetime i'm afraid. bill: joe you want to add to
7:36 am
that. >> i agree. i don't agree about obama creating it. citizens united. everything has gotten us to the point here where big money and the big whole thing. bill: do you want her to be challenged by another democrat? do you want that? do you encourage that? >> no. she will be challenged by another democrat. look, i was there in 1984 with walter mondale and gary hart, you know, took a second place in iowa and started all money started flowing into him. the problem was back in 1984 you didn't have the internet. in 2016 someone will. and they will raise hundreds of millions of dollars immediately if they emerge as a strong contender. >> more important than not having internet we didn't have fox news in 1984. the game has changed. bill: you got that. rand paul doesn't miss an opportunity to go after hillary clinton, ed. that is one thing you will hear from him. >> everyone will run against hillary. they will not wait for a opponent. there will not be a serious
7:37 am
opponent from her. there may be obscure opponent. she will be nominee unless she messes it up. there is long battle for her to do that. bill: ed, joe, thank you to be continued. keep it here on the fox news channel after rand paul's announcement tomorrow he will sit down with sean "hannity" for the interview. live, 10:00 eastern time only here on the "fox news channel." patti ann: we'll take you live to the white house. the president and first lady hosting the annual white house easter egg roll. mr. obama is expected to speak any moment of the theme this year is, hashtag give me five. five minutes of physical activity. part of the first lady's campaign to get young people more active. today's event includes sports and fitness zones. and cooking demonstrations and the traditional egg roll. you hear the music. they have musical performances. about 35,000 people expected. bill: huge crowd. i mean, really. that is a huge crowd in the
7:38 am
south lawn. goes back to the 1800s. patti ann: that's right. bill: when local kids would roll eggs on capitol hill grounds monday after easter. annoyed by growing crowds, congress banned that. they just do it on the south lawn of the white house. patti ann: the kids in 1800s were whining about the fact they weren't allowed to do it. the president said back then said we'll do it. 136 years of egg roles. bill: if you're a kid and have the opportunity like today or any day for that matter to be on the south lawn of white house what an honor that truly is. for those who are lucky, enjoy. "rolling stone" magazine apologizing and retracting its report on alleged sexual assault on the university of virginia. >> we were unable to find any basis of fact to conclude there was even an event on september 28th 2012. at that particular fraternity house. bill: the review calling the reporting for the article a
7:39 am
quote, journalistic failure. what does it mean for the school what does it mean for the magazine? is there legal action here? we'll look at all of that in a moment. patti ann: also, can you tell who this statue is supposed to depict? well the memorial has a lot of people saying, the town has some explaining to do. ♪ help an oil company overcome minus 47 degree temps, 5 foot ice, and 16 foot waves, to safely keep crude oil flowing 365 days a year. when emerson takes up the challenge it's never been done before simply becomes consider it solved. emerson.
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7:41 am
i hate cleaning the gutters. have you touched the stuff? it's evil. and ladders... awwwwwww!!!!!
7:42 am
they have all those warnings on them. might as well say, "you're going to die, jeff". you hired someone to clean the gutters? not just someone. someone from angie's list. but we're not members. we don't have to be to use their new snapfix feature. angie's list helped me find a highly rated service provider to do the work at a fair price. come see what the new angie's list can do for you. [laughter]. bill: you can eat that stuff at leftovers. fans of comedienne lucille ball to launch an online campaign to get rid after statue made in her honor. they say it is ugly and looks nothing like her. what do you think? the statue went up six years ago in the hometown of western new york state jamestown. sparking complaints from day one. critics want the statue replaced
7:43 am
with a new one. they hold annual lucille ball comedy festival and artist change it for free. the artist says it will cost 10 grand. we'll see who gives in jamestown, new york. patti ann: fox news alert. we're awaiting news conference at the top of the hour after "rolling stone" magazine retracted its widely discredited article published last november on a alleged gang rape at the school. last night the columbia school of journalism issued a scathing review calling it a failure at every level. "rolling stone" managing editor will dana issued an apology. this report was painful to me personally and us at "rolling stone." it's a fascinating document, a piece of journalism about a failure of journalism. we have the outreach director for freedom works and judge andrew napolitano is fox news senior judicial analyst. thanks you both for joining us. the damage here is really incalcuable, mainly because many people are saying real victims
7:44 am
are now going to be viewed with skepticism as a result. >> you're right. i could see why that would be the case. they would be afraid to come forward. but i find this a big failure of our journalist society. this was a activist journalist basically, who was trying to drive home the point of really overall point from the left, a lot of times is this war on woman. i think that is the point she was trying to make. she didn't do due diligence. didn't verify or talk to any of the accuser's friends. didn't verify the alleged rapists name. i fault the editor. they failed the country as well. patti ann: the columbia report said this is not one person. there are supposed to be many people looking over a article like this and double-checking that due diligence was done. judge napolitano, the next question who could sue who could be sued? >> the other thing she didn't do was name individuals who she
7:45 am
said participated in the rape. that is what creates a problem for any potential plaintiff. as the law now stands, there is no such thing as group liable or group defamation in the united states. there is only individual defamation. the reason for that law to encourage junenallists to write what they want and broadcasters say what they want to say. the first amendment is intended to encourage open debate to encourage litigation. sometimes the law is changed with particularly egregious situations and this might be one of them. so if the fraternity were to sue, they run the risk of having it dismissed because the law says you can't defame a fraternity. patti ann: they are considering suing, we should say. >> but they run the chance of getting the law changed because the facts in this case are so extreme, the writer and publisher took no effort whatsoever to verify the
7:46 am
allegations and allegations were horrific. patti ann: one of the things that the reporter says is that i didn't want to revictimmize this woman. you know it is tricky to say to somebody oh, common, were you really raped, really? no one wants to be in that position. is that one of the reasons why the magazine hasn't fired her or anybody else? >> time will tell if they do fire her because really public opinion should weigh in on this heavily. i see this as liberal rule with the media and journalist society. remember ferguson whole hands up, don't shoot, was all a lie, media ran wild wit. that individual, door i don't know johnson is yet to be held accountable. he basically started that. the media doing big disservice why are we focusing on hillary clinton deleting emails which is evidence? why isn't that something in the headlines today? when in fact they can't do do due diligence with accusations.
7:47 am
>> yeah pushing an agenda. judge, as i mentioned the fraternity announced they are considering filing a charges or a lawsuit i should say. what about the university of virginia? there was accusation of a rape culture. >> the university of virginia has two impediments to filing. one, it is an entity. patti ann: right. >> it's a group. the other it is owned by the state. patti ann: right. >> typically you can't defame the state. you can say anything you want about the government without fear of defamation. if the article named individuals. patti ann: right. >> we would be talking entirely different ballgame. then the insurance carrier and carriers for "rolling stone" would be on notice, you're going to be dropping a lot of money. because it didn't name individuals the state can't be a plaintiff in a defamation of litigation. this fraternity can't unless the courts of virginia want to start a trend to change the law pause the facts are so offensive here. patti ann: credibility dinneen of "rolling stone," is it
7:48 am
impacted by this? >> i'm sure it is. remember the individual in the boston bombing, how they basically glorified him putting him on the cover of the magazine. their credibility is at stake it will be even more so if there aren't any repercussions what this individual did how she reported this story. patti ann: all right. >> i would think their credibility is zero after the report from the columbia journalism school that came out this morning yet, people will read this thing because they like to read salacious articles even if they're not truthful. patti ann: things that reinforce their own world view. >> yes. >> whether or not it is even true. columbia will have their own press conference at noon today. it will be interesting to hear. they will give more details their review what "rolling stone" did or didn't do. judge napolitano dinner mean, thanks for joining us. bill: 12 minutes before the hour. jon scott coming up on "happening now." how are you? >> good morning, bill. the article the judge and dinneen was talking about it
7:49 am
was one of the biggest ever online for "rolling stone." you heard about legal and sort of public areas about it. now the media discussion. it is acknowledged to be made up. the magazine apologized but is it too little too late? why is no one being fired? presidential campaign news on rand paul. and jeb bush also hillary clinton. it is all ahead "happening now." bill: good deal. jon, happy monday to you. >> you too. bill: great easter weekend. a group rather of workers headed to court claiming they should not have to pay union dues if they're not union members. this is a case that could have a major impact across the country. we'll look at it in a moment for you. plus there is this. [engine noise] that is a terrifying moment. a snowmobiler buried alive in a avalanche. we'll tell you what happened next.
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
patti ann: dramatic video shows a shoemo bealer being buried by an avalanche. curtis johnson is a experienced snowmobiler in canada. he was wearing a helmet camera when he became stuck in the avalanche on the side of a hill. luckily he was with three other snowmobilers and they were able to quickly come to his rescue. took ten minutes to free him from the snow. bill: a labor battle brewing in the heartland with far-reaching implications. some workers heading to court to fight state laws that require them to pay union dues. mike tobin on that story, he is live in chicago. who are the plaintiffs first, mike let's start there? >> reporter: there are three state employees who are part of this suit. mark janus is one of them a child support specialist for state of illinois. he opted out of the joining the union.
7:54 am
therefore he wants to opt out of paying the union. laws in illinois require him to pay fair share dues. he is in court challenging the laws. >> i don't feel that the union you know, represents me 100%. you know, in what i believe and what i would like to do. and, on top of that nobody asked me if i wanted to join a union. >> reporter: now the unions argue janus and others like him enjoy higher wages and benefits, the result of their collective par gaining. therefore owl employees are required to pay a fair share. bill: what is the governor's position on this, mike? >> he started the effort got the ball rolling in terms of action being taken. he did that by executive order preventing state agencies from withholding fair share dues with non-union members. went to court seeking declaratory judgment that he was doing right thing. the basic of the argument. unions engage in political activity. therefore the first amendment prevents any individual support
7:55 am
them. >> by their very nature government union activities are political. they're inside of the government advocating with politicians. so by definition it is all political and takes away freedom of speech if the employees have to pay union dues. >> reporter: afl-cio says what is happening the demise of middle class, what representative described as race to the bottom. bill: when do you think we'll get a resolution on this, mike? >> reporter: there are a few different lawsuits that need to go through but lao looking to take this all the way to the supreme court to have a broader national impact like harris versus quinn but for all state employees. bill: we'll watch it. mike tobin in chicago today. patti ann? patti ann: president obama face as tough sell on nuclear deal with iran as he tries to convince naysayers that the talks are on track. he also needs to address the question whether the deal hurts our closest middle east alley, israel.
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does all greek yogurt have to be thick? does it all have to be the same? not with new light and fluffy yoplait greek 100 whips! let's whip up the rules of greek!
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♪ bill: if you do, apparently it will cost you. trying to steal a glimpse of actor george clooney in his luxury italian villa could earn a big fat fine. the mayor of a town in northern italy that gawkers and paparazzi will be charged 500 euros, about $550 if they get too close to the sprawling estate on the shores of lake como. how close? 100 meters. 300 feet of clooney or his wife or his entourage. apparently the mayor is putting the word out. they're hanging out in new york city. >> you're following them. bill: he is shooting a movie and she is teaching at columbia. >> don't you have the same rule, people are not allowed to get close to you. >> call de blasio. he will do the same thing. the easter egg roll is underway officially on the easter monday. gorgeous day from the southport tick coat the white house. >> 35,000 people there. bill: wisconsin, or duke,
8:00 am
patti ann? >> i will have to say duke because i have no horse in this race and you do? bill: apparently i owe people money. tantaros some money and martha some money too. that will happen manana. have a great day. "happening now" starts right now. jenna: certainly a good day for basketball. we'll have some of that on the show. meantime, "rolling stone" officially attract retracting its article on an alleged gang rape on the university of virginia campus. i hope you're having a great day. i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. the columbia journalism school in a scathing review that the magazine failed to engage in basic or routine journalistic practices. it spark ad nationwide outrage and crackdown on fraternity activities at uva. "rolling stone" apologizing to


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