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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 6, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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right here at 7:00 p.m. one more time who should be on next year's most powerful list joe tahmooressi. go to and i will tell you how to make sure she is. good night from washington. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> it is a good deal a deal that meets our core objectives. >> big political showdown coming up. congress demanding president obama include them in the iran nuke treaty. the president says he may veto that bill. brit hume has some thoughts. >> if you are a print shop, and you are a gay man, should you be forced to print god hates nags for the westboro baptist church? >> how much power should the government have to make you do things against your conscience? we'll continue our reporting tonight? >> can i push your buttons? beep beep beep, beep beep beep beep beep. >> all right. >> also ahead.
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watters going to a very strange place the apple store. >> ever worry did your eyes popping out of your head? >> caution you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. trusting president obama on iran. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. many americans and many members of congress do not trust mr. obama on anything. recent quinnipiac poll asks who do you trust more to make decisions? president obama or republicans in congress? 42% say the president. 47% the republicans. but in that poll just 4% of self-described republicans trust barack obama. more than their own party. just 4%. that's because the president has not done much to
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persuade non-liberal americans that his policies are good for them. also american foreign policy is a make. president obama has made mistakes in the middle east. no putin and seems confused in the world. vital situation stopping iran from developing nuclear weapons, the president finds himself with little credibility. therefore, when he says the deal is good many americans, perhaps most, simply don't believe him enter congress who next week will debate a bill that would require president obama to submit any nuke treat were with iran to the senate and house for approval. that seems to be logical because then, all the strengths and weaknesses of the deal would be public for the public to see. >> there would be robust debate which is a good thing. however, the president is threatening to veto any such congressional bill. >> my hope is that we can find something that allows congress to express itself
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but does not encroach on traditional presidential prerogatives and ensures that if, in fact we get a good deal, that we can go ahead and implement it. >> now if president obama defies congress on the iranian nuclear treaty that's going to be a disaster for america. and nor the president himself even though he may not know it there is no question that iran is a terrorist nation it brutalizes its own people through a vicious secret police and the militant islamic revolutionary guard. also it has funded terrorism all over the world. killed americans. simply put, millions of americans do not trust president obama to protect us from the deranged mullahs. who have committed atrocities for decades. therefore congress must, must provide oversight and reassure the american people. that's the way our system is supposed to work. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight reaction. joining us from washington fox news senior political
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analyst brit hume. where am i going wrong, brit? >> i'm not sure you are, bill. but i would say it's as much a question of trusting iran as it is trusting president obama. and one reason, of course, that the people may be skeptical about what the president is saying is that they don't believe iran can be trusted to hold up his end of the deal. such as it is. so, that's one point i would say, bill. >> if that's the case, if that were the decision maker, then you would never get a deal with iran. you couldn't get a deal with iran. they would develop their nuclear weapons and that would be that everybody would say we are not going to do it because we don't trust them. they shouldn't be trusted. the fact of the matter is there is supposed to be verification in this deal. supposed to be exposure in this deal. i don't know whether there is or not, i don't know what's agreed upon yet. iran, i think you know, this iran what their interpretation of the deal is totally different than what president obama says. >> that's right. that's why it does come down to what exactly are the specific measures that will
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be in place for verification. so far, bill it, it doesn't look as if they are very strong. doesn't look like anywhere, any time surprise inspections inspectors would be allowed to go anywhere and see any site or any expected site. if that's the case then it looks like the deal is subject to being cheated upon. the president has a deeper argument here bill that needs to be looked at. that is i think his view is, a, the sanctions really don't work and aren't working and can't be held together and, second, that if you don't do a deal then, they go forward anyway. and the military option although he claims, you know, that all of our capabilities remain in place. he is really effectively taken off the table. whenever you are arguing about this or there an argument he disagrees about this. he always falls back on what's your option? more war. he clearly is not prepared to do that what he is basically saying to us is look we have got no good option os here.
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the sanctions really aren't working so we have got to make the best deal we can and i have done that. >> you about the sanctions do work in the sense that they have weakened the he economy. >> that's what brought iran to the table. >> sanction and then force people to uphold them or you punish them. is he not that kind of a president. i understanding that. the second thing is if you don't have snap inspections. if you don't have surprise capabilities to go in and look you really don't have a dual. and everybody knows that. so it's a hollow exercise. that's why i want congress to expose that if that's the case. and get it all out there so people can make intelligent decisions. >> well, bear in mind, bill that congress at some point will have a definite up or down say in an important part of this that will be expected removal of the sanctions that congress impose. the president has got to go to congress on this anyway. i think it's fair to expect
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it. whatever the details of this agreement if there is a final agreement will be looked at, brought to the public and debated and acted upon. i think it's a good question in the end to pull this off. >> here is what i don't want i don't want the press because i don't think the trust the press. i think i trust iran more that be i trust the press. i don't want the american press interpreting this for me. i want to see this in committee hearings on television. i want to seat debate. if obama tries to shut it down shae i'm not going to do it i will veto anything you guys do i think that would be horrible. >> he can't veto his way out of the fact that there are sanctions imposed by congress that must be lifted by congress. >> i understand that but congress i think is going to want next week allege an up or down vote where weather the treaty should be. >> brit hume, everybody. factor exclusive. bowe bergdahl committed some
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factor follow up segment tent. continuing on the trade that brought sergeant bowe bergdahl back it the u.s. in return tore releasing five top taliban terrorists from guantanamo bay. as you may know, sergeant bergdahl has now been charged with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. if convicted of those charges in a military court. can serve life in prison. that is embarrass the obama administration. made a big deal out of sergeant's release bringing his parents to the white house from idaho. but here's what's new. tonight, in 2009, the naval criminal investigative agency ncis filed a report on bergdahl's activities in
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afghanistan the ncis considered the military's best investigative agency became involved in the case once bergdahl went missing on june 30th of that year 2009 ncis report cited sole disturbing information. tony shaffer has new facts about that ncis report. >> so, did you see the report no bill, did i not see it. part of the investigation and various aspects of it they did see the report. >> and they told you? what's the headline? this is what is behind the article the 9 misbehavior charge. essentially there is clear evidence that ed was quote, unquote, going over to the other side and he had deliberate plan. there is two different strings here bill, that go off. first, one of the strings says he was going to go off to uzbekistan.
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he had made contact with. he made contact with the russians because he wanted to talk to russian organized crime. the other thread says that he did move out with the purpose. he had afghan contacts and he was actually trying to offer himself up to the taliban. both are very severe. let me be clear. this came from the ncis forensics on his computer through detailed debriefings of platoon mates and went outside the wire. tracked down the afghans he had contacted with. those three sources. >> he was involved with some kind of security where he was speaking with afghans while he was a member of the army. >> that's right. >> these are wild tales okay to uzbekistan and meet the russians. this shows a guy who is mentally imbalanced, does it
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not? >> that's one of the factors here, bill. clearly he was not all there. we are going to see more and more as this report is made public there were a number of disconcerting things within bergdahl. let me be clear on this. i'm not trying to explain away his bad behavior we just want to know what the ncis has come up with. this report is a secret report. >> this is part of general doll's large err report. i think what we will see here and, again, my information, bill my information from two senior sources this is the information behind the article 99 charge. >> that he is charged with misbehavior. >> right. >> toward the enemy. so you can say collaboration. you can say a whole bunch of words. now, here is the key. that was done and completed in 2009. >> right. >> bergdahl was traded, what, last year 14, right?
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the trade was last year. that's five years held by the taliban. wouldn't the obama administration know, based upon the initial investigation by the ncis this was a troubled guy who did some serious things against his country even if he was a loan he still did them. why would they make such a big dog and pony show out of this. >> i was briefed on some of the initial elements back when i was asked to help out on the bergdahl recovery back in 2012 bill. more to come on this. let me be very clear. there is indications that senior leaders who were in constant contact with the white house did know these details we just talked about. >> they had to know. >> and then they -- there is no way -- there is no way could not have been shared with the white house. >> the commander and chief president obama is the commander and chief of the armed forces. are you telling me is going to make a trade for five top taliban commanders and he doesn't know all the facts about who he is trading for?
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>> no, there is no way. this information had to be provided why we make such a big deal out of it trying to make it like it's the greatest deal in the world. it doesn't make any sense does it? >> bill, i think this white house because they have nobody from the senior military background serving do not understand context. as far as can i tell. it was more important to get the taliban gone and this guy back and they could try to explain away why it's okay he walked away. >> all right colonel. we appreciate the report. directly ahead. should the federal government be able to tell you how to conduct your business when matters of conscience are involved. later watters going to a very scary place. the apple store. >> i will be on my phone all day. >> all day? >> all day. just looking at facebook. >> everything? >> everything. >> do you ever get hit by a car? >> it happened to me once. [ laughter ] >> i can't lie. >> the factor is coming right back.
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impact segment tonight. about 30,000 people have donated to the memories pizza store in walkerton indiana after its owners were terrorized for saying they would have trouble cater ago gay wedding. about $850,000 have been raised for that pizzeria. whether they should have the power to compel americans to go against their conscience. >> if you are a print shop and you are a gay man, should you be forced to print god hates fags for the westboro baptist church because they hold those signs up. should the government this is the case here. should the government force you to do that? and that's what these cases are all about. >> joining us now from denver is mary katharine
5:21 pm
ham. here in new york juan williams. pretty interesting argue. the former senator from pennsylvania is making. >> well i this it's an artful dodge. clear diversion from the real difference here. a matter of discretion and discrimination, bill. clearly, the government has an interest in protecting everyone's rights, your civil liberties as americans, and that includes if you are black, jewish, female whatever. you and i do business. you run a successful tv show the government doesn't tell you what it do. if you start discriminating about people you can't do that bill o'reilly. >> you are making two mistakes. one, the discretion vs. discrimination takes out the conscience level. so you say okay, look, gays have to be protected, blacks have to be protected, jews have to be protected, minorities have to be protected. what about christians? christians is a majority. they have to be protected, too, right? >> absolutely. >> so, the pizza store
5:22 pm
didn't say we are not going to sell you a slice of pizza they just didn't want to go to an event. that being a gay marriage. if somebody invites you, juan williams, to an event say a ku klux klan rally all right? >> okay. >> you don't want to go there, okay? >> no. >> and you have the perfect right to say no. >> no thank you. >> i don't like what the kkk stands for. i don't want to go to that event. >> correct. >> it's the same thing. of the pizza and other people say it violates my religious tenets to go or participate in a gay wedding ceremony. not to sell a piece of pizza to gays. but to go to an event. do you not see the difference? >> no, i don't see the difference. i think what you are saying is that it's a matter of conscience and matter of religious belief and you want to make sure those are respected. you are hearing your argue many hear my argument. those people have religious beliefs. buff those religious beliefs do not trump american laws, our civil liberties and protection.
5:23 pm
>> the law is still influx that's why they are tried to pass the law. >> we're a nation of laws. >> you have to obey the indiana law. go ahead, mary katharine. >> fundamentally this is about a disagreement between those on the left and those deciding not indicater or a cater a gay wedding. i think as you do, bill, if you are serving gay customers and happy to do that and you want the opportunity to appeal in the case that you have been asked about a gay wedding that is an act of discretion that we maybe should allow in a pluralistic society for our fellow men and women. and i think what santorum is trying to point out here is look, these laws just don't protect the folks you don't like on the left. the left like religious protection liberties fine until they find out someone they don't like might use them. >> here is your analogy. >> hold on. >> wait i have to explain it, mary katharine because not everybody knows what the westboro people are, all right? they are a bunch of bigots who go around terrorizing
5:24 pm
homosexuals, okay, and bringing signs to military funerals that say the american soldier killed here was killed by god because america is pandering to the gay mount community. so a gay person who owns a sign company, all right and these people walk in and say i want a sign that says this hateful thing and they are going to go no, we are north going to it do that and they should be protected. all right. now, you can't make the analogy between westboro and any kind of gay marriage that's not fair. but the actual imposition of forcing somebody to do something into an event not one on one is the point here. >> when it comes to religious freedom restoration act. these laws are there aren't a lot of cases. those that are won, guess who win them. they are used to protect religious minorities in this country this and american
5:25 pm
prisoners. so i think the left should maybe rethink whether they want to wipe out all these protections. >> they are not going to rethink anybody because a bigger picture for them to use that hammer. >> a lot of other people are going to get hurt. not just the people you don't like liberals. >> i think there is an interesting argument about intolerance on the left. i think there is lots of that i just caution the two of you again, we are a nation of laws. and if you don't like the law and there are people who don't like the indiana law and want to see it repealed. they don't want to see any kind of half steps taken that really an insult to the gay community. why don't you say protect the gay community if you want this law. >> legislature out. that's how you do it. >> that's just fine. that's why people are going to protest just like they are spending money pizza >> don't have any beef with protesters but don't threaten anybody. >> law allow you nothing but a chance to appeal. >> factor moves along this evening. megyn kelly on the san diego man getting heavy prison
5:26 pm
time for women on his web site. watters is going to a place i have never been, an apple store. >> do you go to church more or the apple store more? >> um, probably the apple store. >> we hope you stay tuned to those reports. well, a mortgage shouldn't be a problem your credit is in pretty good shape. >>pretty good? i know i have a 798 fico score thanks to the tools and help on kaboom... well, i just have a few other questions. >>chuck, the only other question you need to ask is, "what else can you do for me?"
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5:30 pm
violating women on his internet site. in rolling stone magazine never a bags of honesty crushed by investigation out of the columbia school of journalism. here now to explain ms. megyn kelly you see her right after the factor. rolling stone magazine reported that the university of virginia a fraternity there there was a gang rape of a student. >> that's right. >> turned out to be totally bogus like the duke lacrosse situation. and nobody gets fired. nothing happens at rolling stone, right? >> noble. >> nobody? >> not even the reporter who wrote the story. >> right. >> the person who had primary responsibility for the story winding up in magazine nothing. she is still going to be with the magazine. not a single editor has been held accountable. they have come out and said basically we are sorry, we're taking down the article. we're going to take down the article. and they have turned it over to colombia journalism review so they could sort of, you know shine a light on their mistakes. that's only helpful if you
5:31 pm
then have some accountability for your mistakes. what's the light has been put on it. >> columbia journalism review basically said they did everything wrong. they didn't do anything. they didn't fact check, there was a blind source even when there were red flags raised. >> "rolling stone" magazine primarily a music magazine. i, you know sorry. it's just not at the level of time magazine or something like that. >> this confirms what a lot of people believed along those lines. when you look at the process they went through and coming up with an article that was so damning against a united states college, not to mention this fraternity. >> and the fraternity is suing them them. >> yes. the national fraternity which got besmirched by this article. >> oh, yeah. >> is going to file a massive lawsuit and they are going to win. they are going to win. >> look at the cover of rolling stone magazine. it was that they committed a
5:32 pm
gang rape. that no one cared. seven young men attacked this young woman with no care for her humanity. none of which appears to be true. >> right. >> now rolling stone magazine acknowledging that doesn't' fire a single person associated with the story. with the false story. it's outrageous. >> in san diego there was this vial human being who collected pictures from around the world -- i guess the world but mostly in the united states of men sending pictures of women and compromising positions. >> they call it revenge porn where guys who would take pictures of their girlfriends or wives and then the relationship would end. >> and they would send pictures to this man and then he would demand money from women. >> he would blackmail them. >> to take it down and he gets 18 years. 18? >> it's great. i you mean, it's a great ruling. he could have gotten probation. and even the prosecutor was asking for 10 years. so that gives you a feeling of how seriously the judge took this case and hopefully
5:33 pm
it will send a message. because not only did he take these pictures of women in compromised positions that obviously they were in initially with men they trusted. >> and then the relationships went sour. so then you post them and he had another web site where he would charge them money to change their reputation and sort of get all of this off of the internet. and try to redeem themselves. >> good judge. got to stop this stuff on the internet ruining people's lives and saying terrible things about them. he gets 18 years. i wonder if we could trade him for five taliban terrorists. they have come back to guantanamo. and we send him to kabul. you know? i think take care of him. all right. megyn kelly, everybody. she is coming up in about 20 minutes or so? >> you think? >> when we come right back, a fox news analyst once spent three months in jail for protecting a source. can you guess who that is? then, watters going mano a mano with folks in an apple
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reporter's journey" by fox news anchor judith miller. ms. miller then a "new york times" reporter wrote a series of front page articles indicating that saddam hussein did have weapons of mass destruction. ms. miller basing her reporting on sources that turned out to be flawed. subsequently a few wmd's were found in iraq but nothing, nothing like the bush administration was touting. some on the left, including many working at the "new york times" blamed judith miller for helping start the iraq war which began on march 200th, 2013. in addition, there was a controversy about outing cia agent valerie plame, you may remember that that also involved ms. miller. in fact, she spent 85 days in jail because she refused to give up the source in that case. and here's the kicker. ms. miller didn't even write about valerie plame in the "new york times," the source turned out to be vice president cheney's advisor scooty libby who eventually granted judith miller a
5:39 pm
waiver after she finally released from federal detention in virginia and agreed to testify in front of a federal grand jury about the libby situation. something the "new york times" did not want her to do. miller was forced out by the times. she joins us now. i read the book and i'm exhausted by that lead. in all right, let's take it step-by-step. there is an awful lot of stuff there. first thing is that you looked into the anthrax letters that were sent a few days after the 9/11 attack in 2001, all right? >> i actually got a letter that was filled with powder that they thought was an anthrax letter. >> it was a false alarm. >> it was, thank goodness. this doctor the fbi said committed suicide. did he do it in your opinion. >> i don't know because i didn't do the reporting on that because it's one of the stories i wanted to go back to and look at that i wasn't permitted. >> so you don't know whether this doctor who was a, i guess a fizz physicist. the fbi committed suicide after that so they thought he did he it.
5:40 pm
>> the problem, bill before they were convinced that dr. bruce ivins did it, they were convinced that another scientist did it, and they hounded him for about six or seven years. >> but he was exonerated in the end. >> he was exonerated and got money of the government. >> the reason i started with that question is i wanted the audience to think about to the hysteria that was going on after 9/11 that there were terrorism threats there was anthrax. there was saddam hussein, he had weapons of mass destruction. he was going to give them to the terrorists and on and on and on. you, a reporter for, what 28 years at the "new york times." you were over in iraq and dealing with a guy and you were dealing with u.s. intel. they mislead you, both of them, did they not? >> actually, he didn't mislead me. he may have mislead other people in our government but he was always pretty straight with me. he said i have someone here i think you should talk to. we can only vouch for he is who he says he is. but you guys have to do the rest. >> so he steered you to iraqis. >> um-huh one iraqi.
5:41 pm
>> who then told you saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction. >> he had done a version of that, yeah. >> okay. and you believed that source? >> well, i was skeptical. i'm always skeptical i did my best to report out his claims. i went to the u.n. inspectors. i went to the cia. i went to people who new knew about weapons of mass destruction and everybody said "on the record," they were quoted by name as saying this looks pretty solid. we're impressed by it. >> so the "new york times" then put it on page 1. >> right. >> then it turns out there were no weapons of mass destruction to that level. >> right. >> and then the left turns on you. >> right. >> starts in the blogs as it always does, all right? that you, judith miller. >> right. >> started the iraq war. >> right. >> because of your misreporting on this issue. >> right. the problem here bill,is that the intelligence community told not just me but the president of the united states that it was a slam dunk that saddam had
5:42 pm
weapons of mass destruction. >> ivins did that and you reported it and we went to war? >> right. >> but then the left the father left to this guy bush did it on purpose. >> that, i believe to be a false narrative based on the reporting that did i. that's why i wrote this book. >> you book and cheney did it on purpose but they say did you it on purpose. >> right. >> that you cooked the article to get us into war. >> exactly. >> that brings me to you. >> um-huh. >> you join the "new york times" as a raving liberal woman, did you not? >> i was never a raving liberal. >> that's not what you say in the book. when you were young in college you were kind of out there. >> by that time, yeah. moderate. >> you walked into an organization that's almost 100% liberal with the exception of bill sapphire, a friend of yours, the late bill sapphire. and the climate over there is very left wing, is it not? >> you know, i think it's kind of left of center. i don't think it's left wing. i think what's interesting is that in this really
5:43 pm
important and dispensable institution there was a collapse of conviction in the need to defend your own reporting and your own reporters. >> because they turned on you? >> well, they were under attack and they wanted someone to blame. >> and that was you? >> and that was me. >> are you bitter toward them? i mean, you spent almost three months in jail defending your source. >> it was a really painful experience. i think that's why it took so long in part for me to go back and decide to look at the facts. look at wmd. look at why i went to jail. look at what happened to scooter libby whom i think was railroaded in his conviction. and try and with the distance passage of time and distance, try and tell people what we now think happened. >> right. and that's what i have tried to do. >> i must say, reading the book, the "new york times" does not come across very well from sulsberger the publisher on down, keller the editor was there not only stabbed you in the back the front and the head and
5:44 pm
every place else. they worked you over hard. >> fortunate thridz there were other people that believed in my reporting that knew i hadn't done anything wrong. i had done the best job i could and i was as sceptic call as i glkd it would be insane to think that you cooked those articles to try to get us into war. >> no, i would never do that. >> the book is the story a reporter's journey. thank you for coming in. >> thank you bill. >> watters on deck. he goes some place i would be too frightened to go. an apple store. don't miss this one moments away. ♪ ♪ the beautiful sound of customers
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paragraph braff back of the book segment' tonight watters world the apple store edition. this high tech stuff is like oopium. people become addicted spend most of their lives on these crazy machines.
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nowhere is that more on display than in the apple store. >> what's the obsession with apple? >> i think it's mostly that the user interface is really easy for most people. >> whoa, whoa. interface? >> yeah. >> speak english. >> yeah, sort of peculiar spooky like. >> maybe an hour. >> you were in there that whole time under your own free will. >> yeah. >> how long were you you in there for. >> guy for like half an hour. >> how many hostages are inside? >> how many what? >> do you go to church more or do you go to the apple store more? >> i'm an atheist so i go to the apple store more. >> probably the apple store. >> what were you doing in there the whole time? >> i'm looking at ipads so. >> shop smart. you got that? >> what do you have there? >> i have a mack book pro-13-inch. >> 13 inches?
5:49 pm
>> yeah. >> you have got admit there is more to it than meets the eye. >> do you have an iphone on you? >> i do. >> can i check it out? >> sure. >> why is anthony weiner texting you? >> holy mackerel. >> how often do you scare down at your screens? >> the whole day. >> ever worried about your eyes popping out of your head? >> no. not worried about that ♪ ♪ >> if you were given a choice, you had to give up apple products for a week or give up sex for a week what would do you? >> i would rather not give up apple products. sex is like extracurricular. >> things will get better. >> what a strange look there is to that face. >> i have done it before many times. >> go without sex? >> yeah and without devices. >> hard probably give sex for a week. >> you have to have sex to give it up. >> i can see right through you, ha ha ha. >> i would pick the computer products over sex. >> anything else?
5:50 pm
>> can i push your buttons? >> beep beep, beep beep beep beep. >> so, where do we go from here? >> i can't find the button. >> no. >> i always have trouble finding it. >>. if computers take over the world and go to war with humans whose side are you on. >> i will take humans. it's not that simple. >> i don't think i'm going to decide. i think i'm going to let your mind wander a bit. >> i take the machine side. >> you would, wouldn't you? >> yeah, hell yeah. the machines have have got it all right now. >> a silt i would rather not be seeing. >> do you feel like you are staring at the screen a lot or following what's going on in the world. >> i think i'm following what's going on in the world. >> do you guys know who the vice president is? >> that's elm gar wassing. >> steve wizard of wozniak. >> joe biden? >> joe.
5:51 pm
>> bush. [ buzzer ] >> i don't know. are you talking to me? but you are dead. do you ever watch i watters? >> is it on the computer? >> it is. >> i watters and this is i-oworld right here. >> yeah looks like concrete. >> i-watters. >> download it? >> i'm going to download it gotcha. >> we shall conclude until our next schedule sent into the everlasting pit of darkness. >> here is watters. is it as bad as i think it is? >> i asked one guy the last time he has played competitive sports and he said i went figure skating in high school. i asked one person what's the latest on the clinton email scandal? have you been following? and they said oh, what did bill do now? they thought it was bill. >> bill clinton not hillary. >> yeah. so they have no idea. >> you were, what eighth grade high school when this stuff started to come in. >> sure. >> whatever, okay. i have seen -- and you look
5:52 pm
anywhere and their heads are down like this. even when they are driving. they are like this. i was at mass yesterday, a guy comes in, in mass with a bottle of water and the -- and he is doing this during mass. what's next? a pizza? >> maybe he was recording the sermon or something like that. >> no. it's a bottle of water -- wasn't even holy water. it was holy water. it was regular water. >> i've seen people all friends sitting around the table all just looking at the screen. like they know each other. >> why bother? just stay in your house. >> i know. >> it's going to be next ten years wait until you see the difference in this country. it's already getting desperate. >> so watch "the factor" on your device. >> well, look if you're watching something that you can learn from. >> yeah. >> we give you an exemption. >> okay. >> if you're just doing this all day telling people what kind of socks you have on, you're an opiate addict. "the factor" tip of the day, new history series on the fox news channel has a big edge.
5:53 pm
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call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. "the factor" tip of the day, a new history series on fnc called "legends and lies." first, tomorrow charles krauthammer will be on "the factor." he's supposed to be here, but he went to opening day. threw us right under the bus. the reason i'm telling you this is because we have a poll on that pits charles against me. here's the last chance to vote tonight. in hindsight would you have traded five captured taliban commanders for bowe bergdahl? yes or no. results tomorrow with charles. now the mail, california. bill your muslim guest never answered the question of whether the coquran justifies attacks -- depends on the interpretation. radicals say yes, moderates say
5:56 pm
no. california, the difference between religions is christians will try to convert you, extreme muslims will try to kill you. jamie morgan, missouri. anne coulter's right, christianity's under attack all over the world. but how are we supposed to do anything about it? up to the chris chin leadership, jamie. pope francis mentioned it in his easter homily. but here in the u.s. you say usa powerful clerics are mostly quiet. in fact, we asked the united states conference of catholic bishops to provide us with one spokesperson, one. they ignored our request. not very christian like. pastor minnesota, i have ministered to this small town for 21 years. our people are heartbroken over the anti-religious. australia, here we have the australian christian lobby, a very influential voice. and you guys need it.
5:57 pm
the sydney morning herald attacks every morning. mr. o, just watching "killing jesus," but the cross he was nailed to does not look like the cross in my church. we explained that the romans kept the stem of the cross in the ground as a warning. jesus carried the cross bar which was placed in a t-formation at the top. mail is running about 5 to 1 in favor of the movie. many of those who dissent can't understand the book and film are history. they cannot understand that. bob dorce, idaho when will "killing jesus" be released on dvd? june 2nd bob. patty, lubbock, texas. as a premium member i love the podcasts. now i can tick you everywhere. i'm along for the ride. we hope everybody signs up for premium
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membership. hear "the factor" any time you want and a free book. i would also like to thank don and lo rain foundation for donating $150,000 to that's ten high-tech wealheelchairs for the severely wounded vets. finally tonight, "the factor" tip of the day. new series on fox news channel called legends and lies about historical figures and what they were really like. not what you get in school or political myths. next sunday night april 12th 8:00 p.m. right here on fox news. we're run two episodes for you. first doc holiday, second jesse james. >> sorry to bother you so late at night. we're all turned around. can you show us the way back to the main road? >> glad to boys. i'm always ready to help the union cause. >> thank you. >> now you go down here about half a mile --
5:59 pm
[ gunfire ] >> confederacy will never die! >> jesse james not a good guy. wait until you see how bad he is. once again "legends and lies," history unlike you've ever seen. next sunday evening april 12th 8:00 p.m. right here. and you will like it. "the factor" tip of the day. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website which is different from also, we'd like you to spout off act "the factor" o' name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day one of our favorites, do not be a poltroon when writing to "the factor." again, thanks for watching us
6:00 pm
tonight. ms. megyn warming up. i'm bill o'reilly. please always remember the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight new fallout from a devastating report ripping "rolling stone" magazine for its handling of a high profile report on a rape accusation at the university of virginia. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone. i'm megyn kelly. the original story was entitled, a rape on campus, and it recounted one woman's story of how she was sexually assaulted by a group of men at a fraternity party. how she was pressured by friends not to report the assault. and how the school's response fell short when she did come forward. but not long after publication we saw strong evidence that that alleged crime never happened. and then we learned that


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