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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 7, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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having time to finding >> how secure is this? >> good questions. thanks for joining us. we will see you at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. have a great day. "fox and friends" starts now. good morning to you today is tuesday april 7th. the race for 2016 is starting to shape up. an hour from now rand paul will throw his hat into the ring. how does he stack up against hillary clinton? when does she make it official . the university of virginia fraternity fights back claiming rolling stone's article ruined their reputation. this morning two of the men who were featured in that article break their silence. they say women are more sensitive than men. science says they might be right. but is that a good thing? we're going to report, you
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decide. and elizabeth will break down the science. because she's good at that. mornings are better with friends. >> it's "fox and friends." live from studio e as in elizabeth hasselbeck. she returns after a birthday celebration at your house. >> a double birthday. my husband and my daughter. >> who was ten? >> guess. i made the table look like a football field. i made a ten yard line and a 37 yard line. they're basically the same person in terms of personality. thank you for saying i could accurately assess the science the difference between men and women. >> it's amazing how science has backed up your gender has superior in so many ways. in touch, sight and everything else. >> the theory is they're sensitive and obviously you're sensitive about that.
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we'll talk about that in a moment. now there are two rand paul there in louisville kentucky is going to throw his hat into the ring as he joins what will probably be 20 rivals on the republican side for the nomination to become the next president of the united states. >> i like the way they're giving people a little bit of respect and room. ted cruz had two weeks. looks like marco rubio this week. this tends to be rand paul. and hillary clinton plans to join the 43 within two weeks. already you have preliminary polls, if nothing else are fun to look at. >> primary voters, you see walker there at 15%. in terms of preference here. >> among republicans. >> paul at 9%. this is pretty close. ben carson hanging on at 11%. jeb bush at 12%. you look at this, rand paul is starting in a classic way.
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apparently set to take off at the primary states after an exclusive with "hannity" on the fox channel. >> can we put that up again? if the election were held today. by the way, it's not going to be. >> this is interesting. >> hillary as you can see is at 47%. reprima rand paul is up a little bit. they're within the margin of error. among the republican primary voters, the poll we showed you earlier, while walker has an edge -- >> they're closing the gap. >> the margin of error is five. what you do is you do have two things that have happened. you have ted cruz who is the most conservative and rand paul is the most libertarian. he goes towards the conservative. i am surprise said that we'll get into more next hour. there have been two republicans going after him already in speculation he was going to make
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the announcement. >> governor perry and senator lindsey graham. >> in terms of his foreign policy and negotiating with iran. >> are they afraid of him? are they leery about him -- >> he's an isolationist when it comes to some foreign policy. he did ask to increase defense and military spending by 17% last month. >> he's different. he's libertarianish. but he's likable. because the poll that shows favorability is he north of 50% at 52%. the big question s will he be the next president of the united states? larry sab atow was on with sean hannity and made this observation. >> the key thing in this election is not so much who the republican choose or whether it's hillary clinton. it's where the economy is in late spring, early summer of 2016 and whether president obama is up in the upper 40s, low 50s
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or is he in the low 40s or below that. if it's the latter, then a republican is probably going to win the presidency. the former, hillary clinton will probably win. >> i hope he's up. i don't think he's right. you are looking at the economy hard numbers and discarding the fact that a man or woman might be electrifying the public. i like the direction they're going to bring the company. >> historically that's accurate. if you look at the end of the george bush administration, americans wanted a change from him at that time. that's how we wound up with a democrat -- >> he was this charismatic guy that did a lot to win the election. >> his wife, hillary clinton right now as her aides on watch at any point. they could start boosting into the campaign here on that 15 day clock since they signed their lease in brooklyn. they are on the clock to
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officially announce their campaign activity has begun. >> we should point out our audio guy is near the campaign headquarters. so he will keep us apprised. yesterday we told you that rolling stone magazine did a terrible job in reporting that story out of the university of virginia. university of -- columbia university came out with a report that said at every level they were wrong. and now the fraternity that was accused of being the host of that gang rape, it looks like they're going to sue rolling stone for everything they can. >> they quote the chapter president said this, our fraternity and its members have been defamed. they seem to be doing something about it. two of those involved in the accusations were with megyn kelly and they spoke out for the first time. >> i was never contacted by jackie or any of the staff at rolling stone prior to the publication of the article. >> the first you knew you had of your participation in this, your
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friendship with jackie in this tell was when you read it in rolling stone? >> yeah. that was the first i knew it was going to be a story. >> unbelievable. >> can i say 100% that absolutely nothing happened that night? no, i can't say that 100%. based on her track record and some of the huge inconsistencies with the perpetrator not even existing, i don't think there's any basis to say this was likely at all. >> the gentlemen were mentioned in the article by rolling stone. those were her two friends she went to and said this is what happened. was she bloody like she described, did she look like she was physically harmed. you heard their response. >> they said rolling stone should be held accountable, it looks like it would be a slam dunk. i was reading some legal analysis. they said if individuals sue, less likely they would prevail. if the fraternity sued as a whole, they would more likely
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win, but they've got to show money damages. and at the very best it could be in the low $100,000 case. stand by, we'll find out. >> you hope people who were legitimately assaulted and say i'm not going to try this. this is a case in journalistic failure because the story doesn't add up. >> no one so far has been fired or asked to step down. the writer of this article, she's still going -- named there as someone who is going to contribute. >> it was journalism, but it was all made up. meanwhile it is like a fairy tale. heather picked duke. she's the winner of her bracket at "fox and friends." >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> that was a great game? >> way to go, badger.
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so do i. got some news to bring you. we have a fox news alert to start out with right now. a fourth new york city man behind bars this morning. he's been charged with bank rolling want to be jihadis. a 26-year-old accused of raising money to try to send americans overseas so they can fight alongside isis. the feds nabbed three of his accomplices back in february. he already admitted giving money to one of those guys. he will be arraigned in a new york court tomorrow. it is now in the hands of the jury. deliberations begin this morning in the boston marathon bombing trial. prosecutors arguing in closing arguments that dzhokhar tsarnaev made a cold hearted decision to spread terror and punish americans for wars in muslim countries. the defense often returning to tsarnaev as just a kid. saying the deadly attack would have never happened if his brother hadn't planned the entire thing. tsarnaev could face the death penalty if he's found guilty.
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there is a bomb shell new report to tell you this morning on sergeant bowe bergdahl. shedding light on his disappearance from a base in afghanistan. according to a fox news contributor, there was a 2009 ncis investigation into bergdahl's activities. he alleges that that report found that bergdahl was contacting the afghans in hopes of abandoning the army and then eventually joining the russian mob. listen to this. >> there is clear evidence he was quote unquote going over to the other side. he was going to go off to uzbekistan. he made contacts with the local afghans and wanted to be moved to uzbekistan and then made contact with the russians
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star freshman coming from behind with a strong second half to take down wisconsin. 68-63 they captured their fifth national championship. all with coach k. the party beginning in dur ham. several benches going up in flames during the school sanctioned festivity. those are your headlines. great sportsmanship. >> so true. >> great bracket. >> thank you very much. >> what are we going to do now without our brackets? >> i guess baseball. >> we can have man to woman combat. apparently, according to science, men and women sense things differently. >> they do. >> they don't know why, just
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science shows women are able to do things that men simp can't. >> this study that's coming out and this scientist that is in charge of testing this. this is why you should be doing the laundry and this is why you smell the garbage. he actually goes into the five senses. what did he find? >> number one, it's cones and rods that are giving us up when it comes to sight. men are more likely to lose some color definition and get color blindness. therefore, women can see things better, therefore they're more detail oriented. >> they are more likely to be color blind which explains my suit tie combination. when it comes to touch women have smalling fingers. people with smaller fingers have a better tense of touch. >> when it comes to hearing men are five and a half times more likely to lose their hearing. >> because we choose the symbols in fourth grade.
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when it comes to smell, women are using to smelling because they're always cooking and doing the laundry. they can do a -- >> no, it's because they have more neurons and cells in their brain. >> what did you call me? you're better -- when it comes to smelling a meat as a potential reproductive person. >> that's why we wear high karate. women have more taste buds than men. do you think that women can hear better, see better, sense better? >> i don't find anything to disagree. >> write to us. give us an example of how your husband or wife is contrary. >> a woman picked this on our show. a woman did this study. >> i support it. >> we're up against it. straight ahead. >> a terrorist cop killer serving a life sentence. he could soon be a free man. his excuse is he can't remember the crime.
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going back to that study it seems. was his story too good to be true? the fisherman who survived 66 days sea could be a liar. he's back to silence his doubters, straight ahead. ♪
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people ipnew jersey may be forced to free a terrorist cop
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killer. he was killing a state trooper in 1973. he's claiming he blacked out and no longer remembers the murder. this hits home for joe coner. he lost his father at the hands of a similar terrorist group. your reaction to i forgot i did it, or i don't remember doing >. we've reached a point in this country where we're releasing murderers because they forgot. it's beyond absurd. it's dangerous. we're playing russian roulette with the american people by releasing killers. he was part of a murder of a new jersey state trooper. he was sentenced to life in prison. maybe they should change that to death in prison. because these people belong where they are. >> i don't understand why the judge is hearing the case. how many other people in prison are going i don't remember stabbing or shooting him? >> think about the precedent it's going to set. i don't know how these things get to the point where you have judges that can make decisions in this.
3:19 am
>> in new jersey there's a precedent. another man was freed when the courts ruled -- commuted his life sentence over a similar claim. >> we've seen this over and over again. look what's going on in philadelphia with the murder of officer faulkner. we have the release of the faln terrorists. we see a push for the release of oscar lopez who was another faln terrorist. we started to see -- the radical groups from the 60s and 70s are being made heroes now. and people are looking to release these people. they have forgotten these horrible crimes they've committed. >> what can you do as a citizen to make sure this doesn't happen? let your voice be known? >> i think we need to get out there and be vocal as citizens. i'm a new jersey resident. there's a book coming out today called days of rage which brings the terrorist groups together. it talks about how they were bent on overthrowing this country, creating a markest state. it seems quaint now but they
3:20 am
were dangerous people. it's a precedent setting thing if you start releasing him. >> no contrition, now he says i don't remember. thanks so much for coming in. >> anytime. it seems to never end. >> i agree. ten minutes before the bottom of the hour. coming up, you done doing hard time? the government has a gift for you. free healthcare. more on the push to give inmates coverage on our dime thanks to obamacare. and dogs getting sick with the flu? how serious is it? how do you keep your pet safe? the vet is in the house. no one tell the dog he might have the flu. ♪ hang on sloopy ♪ sloopy hang on ♪ hang on sloopy "%ñ
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welcome back. some quick headlines for you now. a break in a terrifying case of road rage. police arresting this 22-year-old for shooting a woman who honked on him on a texas highway last month. investigators confiscated his white suv and a gun they think was used in the shooting. the victim is making a full recovery. now insurance, no problem as long as you were an illinois inmate. the state is picking up the tab while they're behind bars, they want you to do it once they're free. an outbreak of canine flu in chicago has experts worried about a possible epidemic on the horiz horizon. more than 1,000 dogs have caught the flu in a couple weeks. is there any danger to you.
3:25 am
joining us is our veterinarian in the d.c. area. good to have you here. >> thank you. we should introduce our girlfriend here. this is penny lane. >> hello, penny lane. >> she's a cavalier king charles spaniel. >> penny lane is fine now because she doesn't seem to have the systems. what are dog flu systems? >> they're very similar to what we experience. for the most part, like a cold virus almost. upper respiratory systems. runny snonose, sneezing. most dogs are fine after one to three days. about 5% of the cases have been fatal. >> when we put up the systems for dog flu, they're similar to allergy systems. >> absolutely. >> just like our eyes are running because there's stuff, you know, pollen flying around right now. it's the same for dogs, right? >> absolutely. >> it's hard to tell the difference. >> it is difficult for people to tell the difference. especially if you're in the
3:26 am
chicago area and your pets show these symptoms make sure you take your dog in to be seen. for these 5% of dogs that have developed other types of signs like pneumonia, it can be fatal. you want to make sure you're not ignoring those symptoms. >> let's talk about the things you can do to make sure, particularly our friends who are watching n chicago area where it's virtually an epidemic. >> first and foremost, talk with your veterinarian. there is a vaccine. the great news we haven't seen it mutate like we have in people. the vaccine is quite effective, but it's not one of our core vaccines like rabies, parvo and things like that. it would be a great idea to talk with your veterinarian by that. >> the human flu vaccine, do you have to get it every month?
3:27 am
>> best advice, if you don't have to be taking your pet somewhere, and you're in that area, leave them at home where they're safe. if you don't need to go to the dog park or the doggy day care or grooming. goodness, gracious, it's best for them to stay home. >> people shouldn't feel bad. you can't give the flu to your dog and your dog cannot give it to you. >> the flu that we're seeing now is one that cannot be passed to people. >> they'll just be sitting next to you -- >> sitting pretty like penny lane in her beautiful tutu. >> thank you for coming up from washington. all right. coming up on this tuesday, was his story too good to be true? critics say the firserman who survived 66 days lost at sea, he might have been lying. today he's back to silence his doubters. he served three tours of duty in afghanistan and iraq. at 34 years old, he's hoping to become the nfl's most unlikely
3:28 am
rookie. he joins us live with his incredible story from los angeles next. first we want to wish happy birthday to musician john oates. he's 6 6. ♪
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it's a bee. hold on, hold on. you guys are wild things. you're not supposed to be scared of bees when you're a wild thing. and now cried mack, let the wild rumpus start. who can do a wild rumpus? hey, hey, hey. >> yes, that's a wild rumpus. it's your shot of the morning as kids swarmed the white house for the easter egg roll, they found
3:32 am
out where the wild things are as bees created a buzz with storytime with the president. there he is reading his favorite childhood book. >> kids and bees don't mix well most of the time. >> later in the week he'll be going, hearing the buzz about cuba. he's going to be talking about a meetings with the americas. over in panama. >> we'll see if there's any bees there. >> no kidding. we know where the headlines are. heather's got them right there. good morning to you all. hope you're off to a great day. we have a hairable story to bring you. it's out of maryland there is unimaginable grief for one family. it's a cautionary tale. a father and his seven children are found dead in their maryland home. police suspect carbon monoxide poisoning caused the death. the father was struggling financially and he was using a portable generator to heat his home after the electric company cut off his service. >> he's a great father.
3:33 am
he's a wonderful father. he's a father that anyone would want to have. >> he had to do something to keep his kids warm in that house. he had to do something. >> an official cause of death is expected later today. caught on camera, a terrifying case of road rage as a crazed man terrorizes a family. take a look at this. >> it's a chainsaw. >> can you imagine that? this guys comes to the car, you have your kid in the car and this guy terrorized you. police in montreal are looking for this man. the man reportedly had been fleeing the scene of an accident. the mom, the driver, chased him up and that's when he revved up the chainsaw. there have been doubts about his story of survival. now lewis jordan, the south carolina sailor who was stranded
3:34 am
for 66 days at sea is explaining how he held on for so long. he says he rationed food and water to help keep him alive before he was eventually rescued on tuesday. by the way, they had stopped looking for him back in february. he says he spent most of his time inside his capsized boat to try to keep warm and avoid sun and wind exposure. he now plans to write a book about that adventure. we're used to seeing the rock as a tough man. he posted this story, he says he randomly pulled over to meet a group of fans. and what happened next, was absolutely incredible. this teenager told the rock that he inspired him to fight cancer. and then thanked him for giving him strength. the rock says he got back in his car and he drove home in tears. and those are your headlines. what a chance meeting, nice to hear that story. >> incredible story. >> what a news cast between that and the guy with the chain saw
3:35 am
at the window? no kidding. >> thank you, heather, for that. now we're going to take a look outside to see what the weather looks like. >> good morning, great to see you as well. hello everybody at home. we have a lot of storm systems across the country. it's a relatively active period across the country in terms of weather. i want to show you the radar. we have one system across the east that's going to be bringing in areas of rain along the east coast and the midwest. quite heavy at times. then we have another storm out west. this one is actually bringing in some rain. there have been drought conditions across the west. we're getting much needed rain and heavy mountain snow, as much as 1 to 2 feet across parts of northern california. we have a marginal risk for severe storms today. that stretches across the plains into western parts of the carolinas. heads up, you could be looking at damaging winds from some of the storms. temperatures across the nation, very warm across parts of the
3:36 am
south. you're looking at temperatures well into the 80s. in the northeast, still on the chilly side, especially new england. highs there only forecasted to reach the 30s. let's head back inside. thank you very much. you're looking at glen walter, an attorney from atlanta. he did a great thing. he did a sports cast on our show for a great cause. you picked a great day. tell me a little bit about yourself. >> i'm an attorney in atlanta. i have a tv show on the cw network. >> really, fantastic? this should be easy for you.tar night around midnight. duke. >> the duke blue devils winning big. >> three seconds going to run out of time. the blue devils are the national champions of 2015. >> the blue devils led by their star freshman jones, okafor coming from behind with a strong second half to take down
3:37 am
wisconsin. the trio scored a total of 49 points. duke capturing their fifth national championship. all them coming with coach k at the helm. and baseball is back in action. monday was the biggest opening day for the major league baseball ever. 28 teams kicking off their seasons. the yankees's first game without derrick jeter was an ugly one. with a 6-1 loss to the blue jays. the red sox were looking hot. taking down the phillies 8-0. and the running of the presidents the national's opening day tradition was sabotaged today by a particularly violent easter bunny. >> that's ridiculous. you can't do that. >> he got tackled to the ground there. >> that is no way that's planned. >> that is not right. >> gary, great job. round of applause. good job. great meeting you. came all the way from that know to do that. we'll see if we can get to the rabbit story.
3:38 am
see if you can follow that. thank you very much. back over to you guys. >> that was great, brian, thanks for that. a 34-year-old green beret served three tours in afghanistan and iraq. >> he's doing the unthinkable. he's taking the career from the bltfield to the football field hoping to be the next player on an nfl roster. >> live from los angeles, staff sergeant nate boyer joins us. >> how you doing? >> okay. >> good morning. that's a relative term. it's pretty early. >> it's 3:38 where you're sit ing there in los angeles. why do you want to do this? a lot of people would say you're too old. you would say what to them? >> you're probably right. no. i'm just kidding. i mean, i'm in healthy body and mind. and i'm in as good a shape as i've ever been.
3:39 am
i just got finished playing college football for four years. i was able to start for three of them in my position. yeah, i'm as healthy as a horse. >> we can't thank you enough for your service to our nation. i want to ask you what motivates you in terms of staying physical why as a veteran and someone who has served this country as someone who wants to stay active, is that what it is? >> as a human being, more than just a soldier -- first and foremost, i'm passionate about what i do. there is nothing i'm going to do but follow my dreams and do what i love, no matter what it s. no matter who you are, i don't think you're too old to try anything. if you can get out there and push yourself and, you know, not let obstacles break you down, but, you know, overcome them, then -- i don't know why we have to put these limits on ourselves, such as i'm too old, i'm too small. i'm not smart enough or whatever. there is just no reason.
3:40 am
a big part about that. not just active soldiers, but veterans as well. our suicide rate is 22 a day for veterans right now, which is, you know, just -- it's awful. and i think a lot of that is due to the fact that guy and gals maybe get out and don't know how to transition or what, you know -- maybe limit themselves. think they're not able to do something because they spent this time in the military. >> let's talk about what you were able to do. 22 a day is unacceptable. after 9/11, you get the motivation, you're going to join you see what's on 9/11. you join. you become a green beret. afterwards you decide to go to college. then decide i'm going to try out for the football team. he hears you're a veteran, he says carry the flag. you have incredible fitness record. why wouldn't a team take a chance on you?
3:41 am
>> that's a good question. you know, i don't even see it as taking a chance. it's just taking a look. i mean, i know i don't fit that typical mold and everybody's -- they look at certain esthetics and how you look on pap. i may not have that. just atypical. i don't think there's anything wrong with that. and so, yeah, there's no reason they shouldn't. >> are you -- >> i had a different story -- go ahead. >> no, go ahead. that's great. >> i was just saying, different circumstances when i was playing. i'm a little small for the position. but i played in texas, 190 pounds. because i had to deploy every summer. i stayed in the national guard while i was playing. i'm going back to afghanistan. i'm coming back a day before fall camp starts essentially. and i'm turning in my kev lar and being issued my helmet and pads at 180 pounds. now i'm up to 220.
3:42 am
and, yeah, i'm -- i've been able to do that over the last couple of months. >> you're not going to fold under the pressure. we know that for sure. >> this could be the year. this could be the year an nfl team takes a chance. you could be on the starting team. staff sergeant nate boyer. thank you very much. we hope you achieve your dream. >> we wish you the best. >> i appreciate that. thanks a lot. >> we also want to represent you when you get that deal. we'll cut it. 18 minutes before the top of the hour. >> you'll be talking about him in sports again. an rv engulfed in flames as mother and daughter are trapped inside. watch this. >> get your car off of it. >> you're about to meet the hero who saved their lives with seconds to spare. >> unhitch the car. y, more and h type 2 diabetes are learning about long-acting levemir® an injectable insulin that can give you blood sugar control for up to 24 hours.
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because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs. billions in tax revenue... and a new century of american energy security. the new energy superpower? it's red, white and blue. log on to learn more. well, a terrifying scene on a florida highway. an rv erunts in flames.
3:46 am
take a look at it right there with a mother and daughter trapped inside. wait till you see what happens next. >> get your car off of it! get your car off of it! >> the brave man who ran into those flames, ross thompson joins me now. we want to thank you for being here. more importantly, how incredible it was that you were there at the scene. we hear a voice get your car off of there. i read that you saw a leg coming out of the window. what did you see and what did you do? >> that's correct. we saw a foot trying to come out the back window. that's when i realized there was people still trapped inside. the entire front of this rv was fully engulfed. they didn't have any way to escape. they didn't know how to get out. so that's when we sprang into action. i got over there as fast as i could. these toxic fumes in these rv can overwhelm you within seconds
3:47 am
mpth got put me in the right place at the right time to help these folks out. >> some people would z gone right by. you jumped into the flames and helped the situation right here. a real rescue. the irony is you own a company called the rv doctor. certainly resuscitation there. theoretically as you went in there. let me ask you this, when you're going in and seeing this happening, there was one thing that was on your mind, the propane tank, you know this from your work. why did it concern you? >> it was a 100 pound tank can do a lot of damage. if there was anybody near the rv they would get hurt if not killed. i was trying to get people away from the rv. >> did you give it a second thought like i shouldn't get in this situation i might put myself at risk? >> absolutely not, elizabeth. when i saw the young people in the back and they were trapped in there. i couldn't believe it. their mouths and faces were full
3:48 am
of black soot. it was horrifying. >> have you heard from the family since, everything okay? what's their status. >> i haven't heard anything yet. i'm hoping everybody is okay. >> it's incredible when we're seeing the footage mow catastrophic it seemed. you're a hero and you saved their lives for taking action. thanks for being with us this morning and sharing that story. >> thank you, elizabeth and have a great day. >> ross thompson, the rv doctor, for sure. coming up, these cops reaching out to the community shooting hoops with kids. take a look at this. the kids are the one who took the cops to school. she spent decades in the spotlight and has no plans on slowing down. vanessa is down with her very latest on projects next. ♪
3:49 am
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3:52 am
she is one of the most respected performers in the entertainment world today. having starred on emmy nominated shows like ugly betty and desperate house wives. after nearly 30 years in the business -- it was a long haul. vanessa williams has no plans to let up. making her next appearance on the mindy project. >> wow i haven't seen you since medschool. that was my favorite professor.
3:53 am
>> that's nice. >> i saw the inside of your apartment in architectual digest. there it was. >> yes, plenty of time to decorate. can i confess something? i have the hots for you, too. >> yes, i got all your letters. >> i'm a little bored. >> and soon she may be starring in her own primetime program with a new project in the works. singer and actress vanessa williams is here to tell us about it. >> always busy and always successful and always beautiful. >> thank you. >> we hear about this new project and it has to be with football. >> it might be on the fall lineup. it's called fantasy life. we finished it on wednesday, last wednesday. it's based on the matthew barry book who is the guru of fantasy football. it's about a regular guy. kevin conley is one of the
3:54 am
producers and also the star. he's working at an insurance company. and but he has a blog and a podcast and twitter followers. >> this is like a slice of life. >> yes. >> there is nothing hotter -- >> gets a call about having a position at fox sports one. i give him a job. he's got a week to not only do the job, and next week to make it number one. >> no pressure. >> no pressure. it was a lot of fun. and we'll see. we're waiting for the pick up. >> you might be on fox. we know for sure you will be in japan. >> yeah. you know, we were talking about singing and acting. no matter what acting roles, i can always sing. so there's always a concert i can do somewhere in the world. >> singing for yoursupper. >> singing for your sushi over there. >> singing well always. >> you know what i love? i love how you give back and pay it forward. you're doing something with success is calling program.
3:55 am
you partnered two companies together, what are they? >> it's dress for success and trac phone. success is calling is the program that a young woman or woman of my age who is middle aged and has been down on their luck, and needs a job can go to dress for success. get attire to have interviews. then they go through a program where they can learn how to be interviewed. and be interviewed on the phone. once they pass the interview, they get their on trac phone. >> there's something else, i know you look at the big picture and where we're going, especially when it comes to gender. there is a study out that only 36% of women want to become ceos. only 31% of the next generation feels the same way. does that -- >> if we have 36% in the ceo's in the work face that would be great. >> did you say hey, i don't want
3:56 am
to be a part of it, i want to run it. >> i've never done the corporate but i always do what i wanted to do and do it the best. i believe in being prepared. working your tail off. getting as much information from your mentors that you possibly can. that's how you learn and succeed. and also network. i mean, where you go to college, all the people you meet and interact with in your life can always help you. >> how many times have you thrown the name steve doocy around -- >> all the time. >> it got her here today. >> that's right. >> that's a great cause that you're work ing with. >> thank you so much. >> i am always impressed. >> i'm a little jealous. you can sing and dance and act. >> it's not too late. >> that's right. >> thank you. meanwhile straight ahead on the tuesday the scale and scope of an isis terror ring grows with brand mew arrest right here in new york city. the disturbing details of recruitment happening right here in one of the nation's top
3:57 am
terror targets, next. and call it a parent trap. kids calling on their parents to take on their dwebt. is that something you should do? dave ramsey has an opinion on that. he joins us next hour. i can imagine what he'd say ♪ and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? with cialis for daily use, you don't have to plan around either. it's the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision,
3:58 am
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4:00 am
good morning. today is tuesday, april 7th. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. the race for 2016 is starting to shape up. just an hour from now rand paul will throw his hat into the ring. how does he stack up against hillary clinton? when will she make it official? >> a lot of questions. the uva fraternity fights back claiming rolling stone's bad journalism ruined their reputation. this morning two men who were featured in the article break their silence. >> can you say this word? >> wor chester shire you're thinking, right? you would be wrong.
4:01 am
we have words that are too hard for a lot of people to say. >> give me another chance. >> very easy -- >> that's the word. >> they're really complicated and you might be mispronouncing them right now. they're coming up on this tuesday on "fox and friends." >> this is vanessa williams and you're watching "fox and friends." she's like vanessa williams was just here. >> you're right. >> she was -- could you please just say this so we can play it over and over. so we could play it several times, like right now. >> hi this is vanessa williams and you're watching "fox and friends." >> i loved her voice for 30 years. >> she's great. let's talk about something that's going to happen today. two weeks ago was ted cruz week, now it's rand paul. he will make his announcement today. he will make it about 11:30.
4:02 am
i think we'll get a sense how he's going to straddle the word libertarian and conservative. he'll be different than all the other nominees. >> he has a chance to stand out. in terms of a new fox news poll, in terms of nominee preference among primary republican voters, he's kind of creeping up here a bit. 9%. >> back in the pack, but it's within the margin of error. >> look at the points, they're all pretty close. walker has 15%. jeb bush has 12. carson is hanging on with 11%. ted cruz, huckabee. then you see rand paul with 9%. >> what's going in his favor he's a likable guy. you can take a look at his favorability poll. north of 50% of the country has a favorable impression of him. but 23% have an unfavorable impression of him. part of that may be a lot of people in the republican party are promilitary and historically
4:03 am
rand paul has not been. rick perry, former texas governor says that could be his achilles -- i'm going to mispronounce words. >> achilles. >> achilles -- he's akilling me. that could be his problem. >> i think the more important issue for the person people to focus on is the next president of the united states is going to absorb this chaos that's being created by this administration. we need to talk about how we build our military back up. how we project the western values, if you will. how we protect our allies and how we send clear messages to our enemies. that if you cross a red line, there will be a consequence. >> he called for 16% increase in defense spending about a month ago. >> he's made a turn. >> do you know where he gets that money from, foreign aid, which is part of foreign policy. take away from that. when he came out, he was talking
4:04 am
about let's pull out of the middle east. blame george bush for causing the iraq war and causing this mess. a lot of people saying that's refreshing. now a lot of people are saying what's happening in the middle east. that might not be the best position to be in. the one difference between ted cruz's launches and the launch of rand paul. is the fact you have senator lindsey graham taking a shot at him, sunday and monday. you have a bit of a shot from governor perry. he says nice things. by the way, let me show you why i'm different, even though i'm not in. >> the former eye doctor is going to be focusing on his announcement today in kentucky. >> i think the candidate most people are going to compare him to will be his father. >> yeah. >> how libertarian ee will rand paul be. you'll hear his statement coming up. meanwhile, how long until hillary clinton throws her hat into the ring? apparently, her aides have put supporters on stand by in iowa
4:05 am
and new hampshire. her staff has been told, hey, be ready to go to work at any moment. starting this coming monday. they're trying to figure out the timing. she might make an announcement on april 15th. but that's tax day. and, you know, that could be problematic. >> that's the last day she could. this is a two week area, the 15 day period the sec gives candidates. >> it may be the day before, which is equal pay day, which you could then see as a campaign theme. as she runs for president. >> steve doocy, i think you may have predicted the announcement day. >> i don't think it's going to be on tax day. equal pay day. >> the word is she's going to iowa and new hampshire. she's going to show everybody i am not taking any regrets. even though it looks like she's running unopposed. >> it would be a social media. she's not going to go the classic route. she will take to twitter or facebook. meanwhile since rand paul is
4:06 am
announcing today and hillary could be announcing in the next two weeks. if the election were held today, who would win? she would have 47%, he would have 45. that is within the margin of error of registered voters. as rand paul declares today, that's good news for him. >> the one thing that's not leaving senator,/secretary of state, former first lady is the e-mail situation where she wipes out her server and all of a udiciden these e-mails don't exist. lieutenant general flynn has had a chance to sit down, i think with megyn kelly last night. sat down with bret bear before. and he was asked about this situation and what would happen in the military if something like you choosing to use your own e-mail and making it susceptible to outside elements. let's listen. >> as a military officer, if i said i was doing something for convenience sake, to my -- the
4:07 am
soldiers i was leading, and it was solely for my convenience instead of their well fare, i should be relieved of duty. i would expect to be fired. >> incredible statement there. expressing how selfish it was and self-centered of her to do that with so many lives at risk. >> there is problems with the convenience line. she didn't want to carry more than one device. she was carrying around an ipad. there was something else he went on to say. he goes i'm sure the chinese and russians have hacked into that e-mail. >> yeah. they did. >> sure the israelis and also the nsa. and what about goos i fe are? it was all out there. anyway, we just want today update you on what's happening in politics. rand paul today, hillary within
4:08 am
two. >> that is right. in the meantime within two seconds heather nauert is going to bring us headlines. >> good morning. a couple other things going on this morning i want to tell you about. it is a fox news alert right now. there is a a fourth new york city man who is behind bars this morning. he's been charged bank rolling want to be jihadis. he's a 26-year-old man accused of raising money to send americans overseas so they could fight alongside isis. the feds nabbed three of his accomplices back in february. he already admitted to giving money to one of those guys. he will be arraigned in a new york court tomorrow. it is in the hands of the jury. deliberations begin this morning in the boston marathon bombing trial. prosecutors arguing in closing arguments that dzhokhar tsarnaev himself made the decision to spread terror and punish americans for wars in muslim countries. but the defense often referred to tsarnaev as just a kid. they said that the deadly attack never would have happened if his brother, tamerlan, hadn't
4:09 am
planned the entire thing. he could face the death penalty if he's found guilty. more fallout to tell you at the university of virginia. the fraternity at the center of that retracted rolling stone article. that fraternity now vowing to take legal action. it claims that the zag zeen acted recklessly and defamed members by publishing a false story about a brutal sexual assault on campus. students now breaking their silence saying the magazine should be held accountable. >> i think it's important that rolling stone and our media outlets look at this story of what not to do in reporting, so that in future reports they can be more confident that the reports themselves are accurate. >> rolling stone has apologized for that article. they say that neither the author nor the editor will lose their jobs. and this brand new video coming out this morning gives a brand new meaning to assaulting an officer. take a look at this. >> don't fall.
4:10 am
oh. foul ball. foul ball. >> look at that kid. great job. that philadelphia police officer getting schooled on the basketball court. the two on duty officers were walking by the court. they were challenged. the young hoopsters to play a little bit. the one making the cop fall, the cop eventually goes on to fall is a point guard for allegheny college. that might be a question you want to ask those kids on the court. do you play for college? >> you're playing now in cleb college. the long arm of the law has good defense. >> thanks heather. >> if you come here from another country -- heather you were born here? >> yeah. if you were born in anothering country they always say english is the hardest language to learn. but with people who come here and want to learn english, they have drilled that and figured
4:11 am
out certain words that are trditionally the hardest for people from another country to pronounce. >> or just anybody speaking english. a guy on reddit had hardest words to pronounce. we'll put the hardest word on right here. wor chester shire sauce. >> did you ask for that -- >> i did. >> every marinade i make. >> you know what? it's correctly pronounced wor chester shire. >> i think it needs a new name. >> worcester sheer? >> i said worcester sheer. >> what about this specific word? do you have trouble saying specific? >> specifically not. >> a lot of times children say pacific. >> they do. it's cute when they're little.
4:12 am
then you need to correct them. >> i'm shocked at this next one, squirrel? are we sure about this? >> because it's so squirrely. >> according to people on reddit. if you have been to the brewery you might have trouble pronouncing brewery. >> brewery. >> that would be the natural phenomenon which is the final word we're highlighting that many english speakers -- >> i got a problem with this list except for worcestershire. >> are you above -- >> i'm saying this is not a true swath of america. >> okay. we need confessions from you at home. if you have words you have trouble pronouncing, send them to us and share. >> one of them is derby. a lot of people say darby. >> derby? >> really? >> that's on the list too. >> we only use the five words right now. >> meanwhile, it is 12 minutes after the top of the hour. he's got a long list of
4:13 am
in the senate who wants to run for president. who does senator mike lee think would be a good commander in chief? he's got a new back. they say women are more sensitive than men. >> it's sleeping. >> it died. >> now science says they might be right. is that a good thing? we report, you decide. >> i have already decided. >> i like that movie. >> what is that, a pot plant? ♪ to you, they're more than just a pet. so protect them... ...with k9 advantix® ii. it's broad-spectrum protection kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes too. k9 advantix® ii. for the love of dog™.
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4:17 am
nothing runs like a deere. well, in just a short while. senator rand paul will officially throw his hat in the ring as a republican candidate for 2016. our next guest is a close friend of senator paul. he's also the author of a new book, our lost constitution the willful subversion of america's founding document you've got paul, cruz, rubio, that puts you in a pickle? >> pretty soon i'll be the only republican senator not running for president. but especially with these three.
4:18 am
rand paul, ted cruz, and marco rubio they're perhaps my closest friends in the u.s. senate. >> right. >> and i think the world of all of them. they're all fantastic people. they're all big champions of the constitution. i wish each of them the very best as they approach this big step. >> so it's a little early for you to throw your support behind any one of them. >> sure. look, i'm going to be paying attention to the personalities to be sure. especially those i know. i will also be paying attention to their policies, proposals. what they want to do in office. >> the constitution, which is what you have written this great book about is something that's very clear and dear to your family. your father was solicitor general of the united states of america. in the reagan years? >> yes, sir. >> so you would have conversations around the dinner table from the time you were five years old, just about. i object and going through the motions? >> you know i think i may have been 30 before i realized not every family discusses the
4:19 am
presentment clause at the dinner table. i thought that was perfectly normal. at our house it was. >> what is it about our constitution today that is bugging you the most that nobody seems to be following. >> one of the things i point out in the book is the fact that most of our laws are no longer made be people of our own choosing. if you go into my office in washington, you'll see two stacks of documents that i describe in the book. one is about 80,000 pages long. it's last year's federal register. al all of the regulations -- >> oh, my goodness. >> it was put together by executive bureaucrats. another stack thstack of the documents passed by congress. it's a few inches tall. most of the laws that govern us is now attributable to laws that were put in place, not by people who you elected but by people who can't be fired.
4:20 am
>> you have a story about a clansman who hijacked the clause to strangle catholic schools. >> this is an example of the court system hijacking the constitution in order to achieve political ends. they manipulate the legal system. that's also bad. and so what i do in the book i highlight stories. i tell the constitution through a series of stories. stories that help us understand how a provision was put in the constitution and why it was needed and stories about how it was distorted. and how we can fix it. >> the stories are great. you are a very good writer. people should check it out. our last constitution. senator mike lee thank you for joining us. stop by anytime. call it the parent trap. kids calling on their parents to take on their debt. is that something you should do? dave ramsey has advice for the whole family when we return. that guy's next. ♪
4:21 am
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welcome back. it's time for your news by the numbers. 16 years, that's how long it's been since fbi agents were required to pass a fitness test. that's about to change. all 13,000 changes must pass one by october. 60 seconds, that's how long it could take for you to charge your cell phone. researchers are testing a new battery. they say cause as quick charge. >> finally. $1.5 million, that's how much the original manuscript could fetch at auction.
4:25 am
it's hitting the auction black at christie's later today. there's a new kind of student loan targeting parents. let's ask them to take on college debt. he says buyer beware. more money i can get my kids to that school they deserve. is this a good or bad thing? >> as if we don't have a student loan crisis, let's add mom and dad to the fire. we've had the parent plus loan parents could sign up for. now some of the private people are entering the space this week and encouraging parents to borrow to send their kids to school. it's not necessary. this is just silliness. >> if you can't afford it, maybe you pick another school. there's other opportunities depending on what state you're in. you have tips for parents. there is something that alarms you. you think it's a lack of financial literacy among the next generation. >> it is.
4:26 am
i think the big thing is mom and dad need to guide their child carefully into what school to go with. one of the biggest problems we have is going to a school you can't afford. there's community college for two years. go to instate schools, work while you're in school. you can get scholarships. there's lots of things you can do to avoid student loan debt. it's absurd. parents need to grab their 18-year-old and love them well and don't let them go to a school where they can't afford. >> if you can't afford a big house, put it off. you aren't obligated to pay for college. >> millions of you didn't get help from your parents. i didn't get help from my parents. and they were child abusers.
4:27 am
you're not a child abuser if you don't pay for your child's college. the idea to borrow into it is absurd. >> save for retirement before you get your 529 for your kid, is that correct? >> absolutely. you're going to retire. your kid may or may not go to school. so you've got to put that first. it's noble to say i'm going to throw myself under the bus for my child but it's not wise. there's a way to do both. you don't have to sacrifice one for the other. you need to prioritize retirement first. we're excited. we're going to help some people going to school. >> that's fantastic. now, dave, you are kicking off financial literacy week. as financial literacy challenge. what can we do to be part of this? >> we've teamed up with 5th 3rd bank we're giving away money in prizes for kids going off to school. go to
4:28 am
the grand prize is $36,000 which would cover four years at a lot of colleges pretty cool stuff. we're excited. we're going to help do away with somebody's student loans. >> you don't have to be a whiz kid. these are 20 competency questions you need to answer. >> it's financial literacy this month. we celebrate that. we have a high school curriculum about 2 million high school kids have gone through. we want to support financial literacy. take this 20 question quiz and you're registered for the drawing. the grand prize is $36,000. we're so pumped about that. that's cool. >> dave, great and congratulations your radio show is fantastic. dave ramsey, thanks for joining us. 28 minutes after the hour. that is dave ramsey. here's what straight ahead. an rv engulfed in flames with mother and daughter trapped inside. >> get your car off of it. get your car off of it.
4:29 am
>> hear from the hero who saved their lives with only seconds to spare. it's national beer day. and if you think a cold brew isn't your thing, you are wrong. we have the secret to matching the perfect beer with your perfect taste buds and the perfect person. your brain can send information to the rest of your body at 268 mph. three times the speed of a fastball. take care of your brain with centrum silver men. multivitamins with 20% more vitamin d. my heart beats 100,000 times a day sending oxygen to my muscles... again! i can lift even the most demanding weights. take care of your heart with centrum silver men. multivitamins for the most important parts of you.
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4:32 am
whethbefore the big race... or a healthy start before the big meeting, there's a choice hotel that's waiting for you. this spring, choose choice twice, get a night at no price at 1,500 hotels. book now at coming up very shortly you will see the fastest beer party ever thrown together. we were supposed to do this outside a minute ago, as you can see people are walking around with umbrellas. so they carried in ten kegs of beer so we can talk about beer day in just a moment. >> elizabeth can flash back to boston college. >> 28 minutes before the top of the hour. here's a fox news alert. if we can keep the kegs quiet. >> you know what? that's christina and she's making noise as she rolls out the kegs. m men and women do things differently. >> have you ever in a
4:33 am
situation -- >> beer balls next time. >> has this ever happened to you? >> we have custard cheesecake. >> and yellow. >> i wanted to pick something that was gender neutral until we get the maybe and have a more decisive pallet. >> like the baby is going to come in here and demanding desert colored wall. >> it looks like custard and cheese cake. there is a new study that says if you are married and your spouse does something different. and it is science. women are able to distinguish things whether it's sounds or sights or smells because of science. >> the science actually focuses on the five senses. how the genders are so different. and women seem to come out on top of this study. women are better able to distinguish between subtle
4:34 am
shades of primary colors. men are more likely to have color blindness. >> that backs up the custard cheese cake debate. >> when it comes to touch, people with smaller fingers have a finer sense of touch. and just generally, women have smaller fingers. so they can feel things better. >> men are five times more likely to have some type of hearing impairment. women are quick to pick up sounds that may lead people to pick up a prowler. >> which is why we think men are blocking us out. >> we've gone deaf. >> when it comes to smell, women can out perform men. they have more neurons and cells in their brains in a department that smells things. >> they have more sensitive noses -- that's why they're more equipped to be the laundry or notice the trash needs to go out
4:35 am
because they smell it first. heather and i are laughing at this. >> a woman did a study -- >> they were scientists. we asked you if you felt -- they all had beakers. >> christie wrote on twitter, we all know moms are the finders of missing items i used to ask my kids did you look with mom's eyes? i agree with the study. >> i pulled two april fool's tricks on my husband, he never noticed. >> one day -- >> heather is listening to all this, she can hear much better than the two of you. >> we can relate to a lot of that. >> show some balance that men do something better. according to this study men have no reason to get up.
4:36 am
good morning. good morning. everyone. hope you're off to a great day. 35 minutes after the hour. remember the delaware family we told you about yesterday. they got sick on the caribbean vacation. they are showing slow signs of improvement. the father, steve esmond is listed in stable condition his wife is out of the hospital. they're two sons do remain in critical condition. the family's attorney says they're hoping for a full recovery. we certainly hope so. investigators say that they believe that the family was exposed to a dangerous pesticide at a luxury resort in the u.s. virgin islands. a family trapped inside a burning rv terrified after it burst into flames on a florida highway. thankfully a good samaritan driving by sprang into action. >> come on. come on. come on. >> earlier we spoke to that hero. he says he got the family out in the nick of time. >> you know, these toxic fumes
4:37 am
in these rvs can overwhelm you within seconds. what i did was god put me in the right place at the right time to help them. >> thankfully no one was hurt in that fire. the duke blue devils now your 2015 ncaa champs. >> three seconds. it's going to run out of time the blue devils are the national champions of 2015. >> did you see that? the blue devils led by their star freshman jones, okafor and allen coming from behind with a strong second half to take on wisconsin. 68-63. duke capturing their fifth championship with coach k. it was time to celebrate by bonfires that was held by students. >> thank you very much. she did win the office pool on
4:38 am
the bracket because she took wisconsin. >> i always said winning is not everything. >> really? i don't know if i've ever heard that from you. >> meanwhile, outside it is raining, and that's why when you're the weather person, you stand in the rain. >> that's right. we have drizzle. pretty light stuff out here in new york citity. we have clouds, light drizzle moving through. it will get a lot heavier as we get into the next several hours. we have a big storm system across the eastern u.s. that will produce areas in rain in new york city and other areas up and down the east coast. on the west coast there is a system out there that's bringing in beneficial rainfall. they're getting much needed snow. up to two feet possible locally in the higher peaks. the plains, and western parts of the carolinas, you do have a marginal risk today for some severe storms. that's something we'll keep tracking. otherwise temperatures across the south, very warm, into the
4:39 am
80s. >> thank you very much. i don't know, if that was maria molina. it's national beer day. there is a beer for everyone. whether you love coffee or wine. we're crafting a beer time especially for you. we have a craft beer expert. she joins us live. happy beer day. >> happy beer day. >> is that why the banks are closed? >> everybody is celebrating at 7:30 like we are. >> how do you match a beer with a person? >> i end up asking what flavors they like. anything. a lot of times people don't realize the flavors they like in wine or coffee can be applied to beer as well. >> let's start from there. >> here's the coffee beans here. >> if you do love coffee, a lot of stouts have flavors that mimic coffee. some take it up a notch lie including coffee in the beer. >> that is the color of coffee. >> it is the color of coffee. >> can you get that in america? >> all of these are great
4:40 am
american craft breweries. they're not available in every state. if you can't get these particular beers, you can find something local. >> white wine drinker? >> this beer is a perfect beer for white wine lovers. be sure to use a glass. you were talking about you like to use wine glasses. >> you don't recommend drinking out of the bottle? >> don't drink out of the bottle. you want to experience every facet. >> if you're a red wine lover? >> moving on, red wine lover, this is brewed with buries. >> what's the name of this. >> russian consecration. it's from california. >> in the russian river area. >> in santa rosa. rosy and a little sour and tannic. it cuts through steak the way
4:41 am
red wine would. >> i serve this where i work all the time. people back flip over it. >> what about whiskey? >> whiskey is beer at the end of the day. >> if you look at it that way. this beer is aged in bourbon barrels. it's from kentucky. it's kentucky bourbon beerall a. >> is it bad i think that smells good at 7:41 in the morning. >> most people are wine or whiskey drinkers to find a beer that is for you is fantastic. >> thank you for having me. >> happy beer day. >> yeah, of course you want to make your own beer? >> what is your title? >> a ciserono. >> thank you for being here. >> coming up straight ahead at 19 minutes before the top of the hour. lexi thompson making a splash on
4:42 am
the may cover of digest. is this photo too hot for the green? she joins us ahead. >> what went on between the clintons during the lewinsky scandal. never before heard details at 1,600 pennsylvania avenue. >> if those walls could talk. ♪ ll of famer dominique wilkins, are taking charge ...with non-insulin of their tvictoza.abetes... for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar, but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza. he said victoza works differently than pills, and comes in a pen. victoza is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time. and the needle is thin. victoza is not for weight loss, but it may help you lose some weight.
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4:45 am
so if you have any epackages you want to returnil you should just give them to us since we're going to be here anyway it's kind of a no brainer well from playing horse shoes with president bush to decorating the reagan white house. the palling around with the first kids. the white house staff has done and seen it all. all their stories are wrapped up in the new tell all. the residents inside the private world of the white house. joining us is two residents. this is really, i'm, what a gem
4:46 am
of a book to have such insight and stories coming from the white house. what did everyone want to know what goes on there. i want to start with the story you start with. you talk about hillary clinton in a vulnerable moment she had when she was getting ready before doing some press. >> the clintons are like everybody else. that's an interesting part of this book. she was -- there was one of the staffers told me that the clintons were the most paranoid people they ever worked for at the white house. there is a great story about hillary clinton just taking some time alone by the pool. which i love which makes her seem like a human being. this is in 1998 before the president announced his affair with monica lewinskyts. one of the staffers was called up to the bedroom and there was blood on the bed. everyone on the staff was because she hit him. the interesting thing, a lot of the staffers, especially the women thought this is great.
4:47 am
he deserves it. she had him sleeping on the sofa in the sitting room adjoining the bedroom. they were rooting for her at this time. >> interesting too. there's another story i will tease about. the telephone season and they wanted to keep it private. i want to move on to the bush president. what do you know? >> they were the most beloved of all the presidents. president bush would have weekly horse shoe games. one of these staffers he grew so close to he invited him for dinner in the private family dining room. barbara bush would go down to the shop wearing a bathing suit before her morning swim to check on how they were doing. they treated the staff like they were their grand parents everybody said. the bushes knew how to deal with the staff. they had had help for basically their whole lives whereas the clintons and obamas had more
4:48 am
trouble being waited on hand and foot and having people constantly around them. >> you tell a story about president nixon bullying the staff as well? >> i love the story. it makes him feel human. he wondered into the kitchen and asked one of the kitchen if hay want today bowl and they bowled until 2:00 in the morning. he said his wife would never believe it. and the president wrote a note. another staffer says there was probably a bottle of scotch involve. >> another story has to do with president obama. they said they could wear jeans on the weekends. and they said? >> no, they like to wear their formal wear. in fact, lady bird johnson they didn't have to it wa. he would eat dinner at 10:00 at
4:49 am
night. we want to serve him. there's a lot of pride. they don't mind being called domestics. to them they serve the most important family in the country. and they're really fiercely loyal to the first family. >> the book is called the residents inside the private world of the white house. the author joins me right now. what an intimate exceptional look inside the white house. thank you so much. >> thank you. the book is today. you're going to want to read it. professional golfer making a splash. is this photo too hot for the green? lexi will join us live to answer her critics next. on this day in 1990 love will lead you back by taylor dane was the top spot. i think brian was singing that. ♪
4:50 am
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4:52 am
4:53 am
well look out. there is a fox on the links. >> professional golfer lexi thompson making a slash. she posed without a shirt on and covered up by a gym towel. >> i defended you last week. now lexi thompson is here right now. the lpga out standing golfer. thanks for joining us. i know it's early. first off, what has the feed back ben since you went on the cover? >> there's been a lot of great feed balk being on the golf digest cover. it's such a great honor to work with everyone for the fitness cover for golf digest.
4:54 am
it was a lot of fun. >> i thought it was great. it showed a woman who is strong and beautiful and great at her sport. there is a lot of people. a reader on facebook says i don't understand if she has to be half naked. what does being shirtless have to do with that at all? someone else said she's gorgeous. number one to women commenting how many of you actually watch the lgpa tour? you are just jealous. how do you address those who say couldn't she do it with a shirt on? >> you know, it's funny. it's not a towel. it's a jacket that i'm covering up with. i have more clothes in that picture than some girls that go to a beach. i have shoes on, shorts on and a jacket covering me. it is a fitness issue. we shot a lot of different looks. that's the one they chose for golf digest. i'm happy with it. >> it is the first time a female
4:55 am
progolfer has been on the cover. you know, regarding -- why did you decide you wanted to do this? >> well, i decided i wanted to do it just to -- not only represent myself as, you know, a professional athlete and a golfer, but to represent all women athletes in general. fitness is a huge part of my lart and a huge part of the lgpa tour. there's a lot of fit athletes out there. this is a huge part of life. >> it's a joke. david beckham is the number one soccer player, not for -- he took his shirt off every moment he could. all these magazines don't have his shirt on, but they want you to have a different standard. lexi, let me ask you something, a lot of people are saying where do you get those arms done you say you don't do a lot of lifting, you do punching, what do you mean? >> with my training i put a lot
4:56 am
of boxing into my training with my former trainer. so i got those arms from that and a lot of working out with push ups and a lot of arm work. but, you know, swinging the club, taking big divots helps too. >> would you take that same photo again? >> i definitely would. like i said before, it was a huge honor to shoot it and represent the lpga tour for fitness and be on the cover. >> lexi thompson joining us today from the beautiful city of miami. thank you very much. good luck. >> thank you. >> thanks. >> what do you think? e-mail us coming up, a bomb shell new report sheds light on why sergeant bowe bergdahl may have walked away from his post. was he trying to reach the enemy? >> unbelievable. the easter festivities take an unexpected turn at the white house when bees attack.
4:57 am
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5:00 am
good morning. today is tuesday, april 7th. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. ready to run, rand paul just hours away from announcing his presidential bid. but does he have what it takes to beat hillary clinton? a brand new poll numbers for you straight ahead. and right now, the jury is deliberating in the boston marathon bombing trial. making a life or death decision. will dzhokhar tsarnaev get the death penalty? we are live in boston in moments. then, he put a price tag on a salary for stay at home moms. and says he can't afford his wife. now his touching tribute is going viral. ipthis hour you will meet the couple behind the viral video and the essay may i add, mornings are better than friends? >> you may. >> hi this is coach k and you're
5:01 am
watching "fox and friends." why did we use coach k today? >> he's got championship rings on four fingers and a thumb today. >> what a game. >> heather nauert won our bracket. you had the final game all the the way to the end. >> she never stops talking about it. i won, i won, i'm the best. i'm heather nauert i'm a winner. >> the subtle message is you're all losers. everybody else. >> i do have a self-esteem issue, but that's what i got from it. >> my wife beat me in my bracket. not that i'm bringing it up. let's talk a little bit about rand paul. later today he's going to announce he wants to be the next president of the united states. i was looking "the new york times" has a story they're running that apparently an outside group has a big ad buy of about a million dollars. it's a 501 c 4 group.
5:02 am
they're saying that rand paul stands with barack obama when it comes to the subject of iran and calls him dangerous. the group behind this is headed up by rick reed, who was with the swift boat people. >> at 11:30 today he'll take the stage. jc watts will be on the stage with him. >> he'll make that announcement. some are anticipating hillary clinton will announce her in the next two weeks. she may announce on e-mail or social media. >> i know we're looking ahead to 2016, how to republicans and primary voters feel about the people that we know are going to run for sure? so far we know about ted cruz who declared two weeks ago. now rand paul. right now he's at the bottom of the he happeap. this is a republican primary
5:03 am
voter poll where the margin of error as you can see right there is five points. they're even money. >> he's pretty much favorable when you look at this. a recent poll here, his favorability is high. it's 52%. that's incredible right there going into that. a good day for him to make that announcement. >> you're going inside these poll numbers and then larry sabato walks in to "hannity" last night and says forget about that. >> the key thing in this election is not so much who the republicans choose or for that matter whether it's hillary clinton or not. it's rather where the economy is in late spring, early summer of 2016 and whether president obama is up in the upper 40s, low 50s e or is he in the low 40s or below that. if it's the latter, then a republican is probably going to win the presidency. if it's the former, then hillary clinton wil probably win.
5:04 am
>> you take the good doctor's theory right there. and if the economy is stinking, they would want a change. right now, the economy is so so. if you looked at a poll if the election were held today rand paul and hillary clinton essentially are tied. she's a little ahead at 47%. he has 45%. he's made a little headway. this is with registered voters and the margin of error is three. they're neck and neck. >> he's closing the gap. interesting poll there. >> we have senator graham and governor perry going up against him. >> a fox news alert on this tuesday morning. jurors headed back to the jury room right now to decide the fate of boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. it's day one of deliberations after month or emotional testimony. the big question is will he get the death penally.
5:05 am
molly line is live in boston with the latest. >> good morning. now, as you mentioned day one of deliberations, there are seven women, five men on this jury that will decide tsarnaev's fate. closing arguments said they were in a terrorist revenge plan when they bombed the boston marathon, including the killing of the mit police officer. they were seeking to punish america for the deaths of muslims overseas. that day, he felt they were soldiers. they had brought their battle to boston said the prosecutor. he said the defendant brought terrorism to main street. he talked about the long moments, four minutes that dzhokhar tsarnaev stood behind a row of children intentionally choosing that spot. thick with people to cause mausive damage. these children weren't innocent to him, they were americans, that bomb killed the youngest
5:06 am
marathon bombing victim and a 23-year-old college student from china. defense attorney argued that he chose that spot not to target kids but because there was a tree there. she confirmed his involvement in the bombing but said he was a follower of his older brother. she did not dismiss what the prosecutor said. she said we don't deny it happened. prosecutors asked jurors not to get bogged down in which brother committed which act but they were in on it together. >> molly line. peter johnson jr. had a poll from people in boston about whether or not they would put him to death. i think only 26% said they would vote for that. and it's got to be unanimous. >> he manipulated and he was mind -- >> my big brother made me do it. six minutes after the hour. heather nauert is here.
5:07 am
>> another story to bring you. this is also about terrorism. there is a fox news alert. a fourth new york city guy is behind bars this morning. he's been charged with bank rolling want to be jihadis. he's a 26-year-old is accused of raising money to send americans overseas. so they could fight alongside isis. the feds nabbed three of his alleged accomplices back in february. he already admitted to giving money to at least one of those men. he will be arraigned tomorrow. there is a new report to tell you about today. it's about sergeant bowe bergdahl. it sheds light on his disappearance from an in afghanistan. a fox news contributor says there is a nine ncis investigation into bergdahl's activities and that it allegedly found he was contacting afghans in hopes of abandoning the u.s. army and eventually joining the russian mob. listen to this. >> there is clear evidence he was going over to the other
5:08 am
side. he was going to go off to uzbekistan. he had made contact with the local afghans and wanted to be moved to uzbekistan and then make contact with the russians because he wanted to talk to russian organized crime. >> wow, that report has not been released. bergdahl faces charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. and caught on camera, a terrifying case of road rage. you've got to see this to believe it. a crazed man terrorizes a family. take a look at this. >> it's a chain saw. >> can you imagine that? this guy rips open a chain saw there. police in montreal are looking for this man after he threatened a woman and her child with that chain saw. the man reportedly had been trying to flee the scene of an accident. the woman chased him down in her car. then he revved up that chain saw. he could be charged with deadly
5:09 am
assault. that happening in canada. they'll find that guy. back here an home thousands swarmed the white house for the annual easter egg roll. some bees created a bit of a buzz during storytime with the president. check this out. >> it's a bee. hold on. hold on. you guys are wild things. you're not supposed to be scared of bees. when you're a wild thing. >> the president was reading his favorite childhood book, where the wild things are. the bees started swarming. al the kids understandably got scared. >> i hate bees. they took my honey and nectar. >> really? >> you're so sweet, steve. >> it's a joke from about fourth great. how about this? do you have problems saying these words? you are not alone. we'll give you some and see how you do. when people come and try to learn the english language they are words they have a tough time pronouncing. >> the sauce you get by the
5:10 am
ketchup and musterard, how do y say it? >> what are we eating now? >> lamb chops. >> yummy, yummy. they sure look inviting. >> i wish i had some worcester shirr shire shire sauce. i can't say worcester shire. >> that's a hard one. one of my marinades i country pronounce it. >> worceershire is the right way to say it. a guy on reddit had this. a lot of people have trouble with this word, specific some people say it and it sounds like pacific. >> little kids try that. >> i don't agree with anything except worcester shire. i don't get it brewery. >> brewery. tougher with every beer to say it properly. >> possibly.
5:11 am
>> some of the other ones we were going to include as well, a lot of people have a problem saying derby because if you are a non-english speaker from birth you say darby. regularly comes up regularly. february. a lot of people slur those words together. >> yes. >> edited because it's edited finally air. heir a lot of people say hair. >> we have a team of people work in social media. steve wants to read this. steve would read this. >> i'm going to read this. philip writes to us on twitter. how about cinnamon. >> and alley on twitter saying linoleum is always hard for me to pronounce. >> michael says he can't pronounce kilmeade. >> thank you very much. >> it's very complicated. there's a lot of different emphasis. >> what do you prefer? >> just brian. >> all right.
5:12 am
keep them coming. coming up on this tuesday, the fraternity at the center of the rolling stone university of virginia sexual assault article, ready to sue. but could they lose even though the article was all wrong? judge napolitano says there is a long legal fight ahead. come on, judge, you're next. most people think men and women see the world a little differently. >> we have custard and cheese cake. >> and yellow. >> they might both be right. is that a good thing? are women good at everything. that is what it seems like, elizabeth, just say it. >> okay. i will. ♪ come on baby ♪ make it hurt so good ♪ sometimes love don't feel like it should ♪ ♪ it hurts so good
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5:16 am
or by any of the other staff at rolling stone prior to the publication of the article. >> the first you knew of your participation in this, your friendship with jackie in this tale was when you read it in rolling stone? >> yes, that was the first i knew it was going to be a story. >> unbelievable. >> two students speaking out after being shamed in the
5:17 am
rolling stone's discredited story of a sexual assault. the fraternity vowing legal action against the magazine. does it have a case? judge andrew napolitano is our senior legal correspondent. >> those two men were not accused rapists they were friends of the person that concocted in the story whose names were named. they're saying no one called us to ask us for our friend had told us that she had been raped. this was a non-rape that never occurred. it was concocted by this woman and the magazine and reporter went along with it. >> well, when you have a rape and assault, it's very sensitive. you don't want to question people's integrity. >> look, the university of virginia is owned by the state of virginia. so when the president of the university punished a fraternity because of nonsense made up
5:18 am
nonsense in a magazine that is the government punishing without charge and without trial. it is profoundly unconstitutional. there needs to be a remedy for that or lawsuit. >> because it was nonsense and because you got the columbia school of journalism looking at it and saying it's all made up and they made mistakes. you would think anybody that is in that fraternity going forward, you know, their fraternity is online. it's gone viral forever. with their reputation. they have been damaged. you would think they would be entitled to something. >> right. >> it would be a slam dunk. >> it should be. unfortunately, it's not because the article did not mention the names of an individual. >> it named their fraternity. >> right. the law says for defamation, only individuals can sue, not groups. uva can't see, the government can't sue. it's impossible to defame the government. that's how bad it is. >> you're saying the fraternity itself cannot sue?
5:19 am
>> unless they could argue it's obvious who in the fraternity she was talking about. i've read the story. it's not obvious who she is talking about. >> there is no bill jones. >> correct. she made it all up. what they really need is a courageous judge to say this is judge made laws, this judge is going to change the laws when the defendants' behavjavier was reckless they must be made to answer it. >> you would think the fraternity itself could sue. they could argue look, this is going to damage our donors and reputation going forward. we have lost x hundred thousand dollars. >> i encourage them toi file th lawsuit and see what happens. >> tell me if this matters. the duke lacrosse case, it was not true. the rest of my life if i was a
5:20 am
lacrosse player, my boss is going to say were you involved in that case? you could argue that would follow me my whole life. >> in that case, they named names we knew the accuse said people of another non-rape. those guys received substantial awards financially. >> because they were named. >> correct, because they were named. in this case where no human being was named, they have to out themselves. they say i think i'm the person this article was written about that didn't commit the rape. >> which could turn on those students who are innocent of anything. >> correct. correct. the law doesn't always provide a perfect remedy. i encourage them to file the lawsuit because rolling stone's behavior must be reviewed by a jury. >> thank you, judge. coming up straight ahead, the government is coming up with a new plan to take your guns away. and it starts -- judge stick around i think we need you. you want to live to be a
5:21 am
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well it's time for some quick sports headlines. the duke blue devils are your 2015 ncaa champions. >> three seconds. we're going to run out of time. the blue devilseral the national champions of 2015. >> what a game. the team coming from behind with a strong second half. to take down wisconsin. 68-63. and students lightened it up by
5:25 am
lighting the traditional bonfire. baseball back in action the yankees's first game without jeter was ugly. they lost. the red sox easily took down the phillies 8-0. the washington nationals running of the presidents was sabotaged by the easter bunny. what's that about? sorry, teddy. brian. i got to tell you something is going to make you live longer. our next guest has searched for the secrets that has kept these people living to 100 years and beyond. it's about what they eat and a little bit more. they're detailing their diets called the blue zone's solution. best selling author, he's here. first off, congratulations on doing this. great idea. what's a blue zone? >> it's a part of the world where people live the longest. the blue zone solution was a ten year effort with national geographic to find out what they can do. the average american can live extra 12 years.
5:26 am
>> those are the blue jones in the world today. okina okinawa, jupawn, americans live longest in loma linda. >> we'll go through your lifestyle -- let's start right here. >> this is the best diet humans have ever invented. corn and squash you could live off these. >> where did you find these? >> coasta reeka. >> used together. >> the longest living people on the planet live on oakinawa. sweet potato. huge long living people. >> how do you make it. >> boil it. wine, i just got back from
5:27 am
sardinia where the longest living men are. five times more. this wine they drink throughout the day has three times the level of antioxidants. when you drink it with a blue zone or plant based meal. it tripled the nutrition absorbtion. >> it scrapes the artery and keeps it clean. this is a biblical diet? >> this comes from the seventh-day adventist. the diet from the garden eden, beans and grains. >> here. >> start the day with oatmeal, nuts. it's one centenarian told me chase it with the prune juice shooter. >> some universal lifestyle things you also want to relay. what did you discover? >> none of these centenarians
5:28 am
ever got on a diet or exercise program. they changed their environment. and we're actually working with the blue craoss plans to induce plans. sleeping for eight hours. have ten inch plates instead of 14 inch plates and think about your social network. three best friends are obese and unhealthy, there's 150% you will. the best thing you can do is curate your social network. surround yourself with healthy friends. friends to be a long term adventure. >> you look great. >> i'm 103. >> good job. meanwhile coming up straight ahead, professional golfer lexi thompson making a splash on the cover of golf digest. is this photo too hot? hear her response only on "fox and friends." if stay at home moms god paid a salary, what should it be?
5:29 am
a grateful husband did the math to honor his wife. his story has gone viral. this wonderful couple joins us live next. who's watching your son? ♪ i love you ♪ i love you ♪ i live you
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humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work the presidential race for 2016, which continues to heat up. get this, in a recent interview robert deniero said he hoped hillary clinton would be the next president. he gave a strong endorse. he said she's pretty good.
5:33 am
pretty good. that says a lot for him, yeah. >> and a few words. >> she'll be within two weeks we know that for sure. >> heather nauert stands by for all thas going on for you at home. >> good morning, great to see you. a family tragedy to tell you about. in maryland seven children and their father are dead and police say it's because of a silent killer carbon monoxide. the father was struggling financially and was using a portable generator in order to heat his home after the electric company cut off their service. >> it hurts. it hurts me. >> the community and the system failed him. the father taking care of seven kids by himself. >> well, an official cause of death is expected later today. it is a government gun grab, but this one is trying to appeal to your wallet. a connecticut democrat has unveiled new legislation that
5:34 am
would give gun owners a tax break for voluntarily handing over their semi automatic rifles. the congress woman says these are assault rifles and only belong on the battlefield. gun owners could see $2,000 in tax credit. professional golfer lexi thompson making a splash on the cover of the may golf digest. the 20-year-old posing without a shirt. some are blasting saying it's too risque. she joined us earlier defending her choice to pose for the magazine. >> i have more clothes on that cover than a lot of girls that go to the beach. i wanted to represent myself as a professional athlete, and represents all women athletes. >> she said she had a blast during that photo shoot. there's a new study that shows women are winning the battle of the sensess like being able to distinguish between
5:35 am
colors. >> we have custard and cheesecake. >> and yellow. it's yellow, right? it doesn't stop there according to the study. women tend to out perform men in identifying smells. they also have a more sensitive pallet. researchers say the sensory advantages may be from societal norms. women are more likely to cook and we have better taste and smell. so they say. in another study put together by a woman. >> i didn't see custard and cheese cake i saw lemon meringue. >> i think your eyes can see all the colors then. study defiance. >> thank you very much. look at this, a texas husband has penned a letter of appreciation to his wife. he calculates what his wife's annual salary would be. let's average five hours a week on financial services four hours
5:36 am
for business dinner and a weekly laundry service add on to that our conservative estimates for childcare. shopping. that's an annual stalry of $739.60 i can not afford to pay my wife. >> joining us is that couple. why did you want to write that letter? >> i think the reason is we believe everyone is made in the image of god. because of that, we should share the love that christ first loved us with. this post was just a really simple way for me to express that. and to show that appreciation to my wife and to hopefully reflect that kind of a god honoring love. >> glory did you have have a problem because you had worked your whole life since your 14 and all of a sudden you're not working. did you have a problem with staying at home and not working? >> it was difficult. i spent two years of my son's
5:37 am
life staying at home. it was a hard change. this letter meant a lot to me. to show his appreciation and just give me the confidence i need today look back on that time and smile on it. >> had you ever thought of it like that before in terms of what your efforts were like monetarily? >> absolutely not. and it's sad because i don't think most women do. and i'm hoping that because of this and all the stay at home moms -- not just them, but working moms too can see that and appreciate themselves a little bit more. >> here's a little of that letter. it says, this is a letter from steve to you. i tragically fail today show my wife the appreciation she deserves. she loves me, loves our son her family. obviously she isn't doing those things for a paycheck. you are more precious than rubies and i can't afford you. then he went on to write it down, how much you would cost, but what did that letter do for
5:38 am
you in terms of how you visualize what staying at home meant to him? >> you know, honestly, this isn't -- it wasn't a big surprise for me. the letter was a symbol of the way he treats me every day. so i think it wasn't out of the blue. i knew he felt that way for me. it meant a lot to see it on paper, i think, and it meant a lot to see the effort he put in to writing it all down. >> sure. >> yeah, i think that's just the way he shows me he loves me. that means a lot. >> that's nice. glory, i've got a stay at home mom at home as well with my wife. she doesn't regard it as a job. you know, it's just what being a mom is all about. you know, you can't really quantify it with a number. although your husband has. and then said that, you know, it would cost me $100,000 to cover our expenses plus pay you. you must feel like a million bucks, if i'm going to quantify
5:39 am
it. >> yeah, that's absolutely right. and you know, at the end of the day, it's not really a job. it's my life. and i love it. and you know i hope other people do too out dollar. >> the reaction has been so strong. this has gone viral. what's your reaction to that. >> steve? >> it definitely has been a huge surprise. i thought this was going to be a little bit of a thank you note i posted on my blog to my wife. it seemed to resonate with a lot of people and took offism it's definitely been a surprise. >> i think there are probably a lot of couples who have read that story and now they know the number. they know exactly how much -- what the spouse does at home, if they stay at home with their kids. i'm sure it can come up during an argument. >> some will -- >> i'm doing $75,000 worth of free work back here. >> he said it right here in the itemized list. a lot of meaningful talk going on in households.
5:40 am
>> what your blog? >> >> we thank you for joining us. >> very nice. coming up on this tuesday, rand paul just hours away from announcing he wants to be the next president. he's already getting slammed by his own side. >> as to rand paul, i like rand a lot. but at the end of the day, his foreign policy is to the left of barack obama. >> pete hegseth agrees to him and joins us to explain. christie brinkly like you've never seen her before in the hospital. look at that shiner right there. how in the world did that happen? we're going to talk about it. >> uh-oh ♪ i'm louis, and i quit smoking with chantix. i told myself for so long that i needed to quit smoking.
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5:44 am
entertainment headlines. christie brinkley tropical vacation interrupted when she tried to save a bird. new instagram post shows her with a cut and black eye. no word on how that happened. she is doing fine and back to the sun and fun. no idea if she's getting back with billy joel. >> rewriting bible for kanye waste? it replaces every mention of god's name with the rapper's name. it is a nod to one of his albums and sells for $20 online. i wish i had a credit card. well, rand paul just hours from his presidential announcement one republican is already criticizing his foreign policy. watch. >> i like rand a lot. but at the end of the day, his
5:45 am
foreign policy is to the left of barack obama. at the end of the day the libertarian philosophy he embraced is a step behind leading from behind. >> will his approach be a problem as terror spreads across the globe? here the weigh in, war veteran and fox news contributor major pete hegseth. thanks for being here. when you hear lindsey graham state that that he is had left of president obama, in terms of foreign policy, you say what? >> lindry graham and rand paul are on different ends of the expectroom. there will be a rostburse debate. as it pertains to american's use of power or leading on the world stage. he believes it needs to be more robust. rand paul believes we should be restrained. whether he's to the left of president obama, i'm not sure. president obama believes that american power is the problem. rand paul i think is more
5:46 am
attuned to say we need to be more restrained. what i like is the fact there's going to be a big debate about foreign policy. >> what are you looking for in that debate to come out? >> we'll look at how we use force, how we use it most judicishly and effectively. how do you step back from a policy that's failed? al qaeda is spreading. use american leadership to address them without legions of boots on the ground. which is something rand paul makes a strong argument about. this is the type of thing america wants to hear about and we'll see what it plays out. >> i want to talk about is the defend freedom tour 2015 right here on our show on april 17th. tell us about it. >> we're honored to partner with you. next friday we'll pack it with veterans. we have a concert.
5:47 am
you know them well. we have tons of great veteran that will come out and speak. if you're a veteran or military family or a patriot, this will be the event to see. al you guys will here here. >> we'll be packing the plaza. patriotic movement right there. >> free barbecue, rock music, america, you can't beat it. >> we'll pack the plaza. >> they can sign up at >> 10:00 p.m., rand paul will be with sean hannity on "hannity." coming up, people break up over facebook all the time. but now a judge is actually saying a woman can serve divorce papers through the social network. is it a good thing or legal insanity. keith ablow will debate it. let's check in with martha. >> good morning. rand paul, revs up for his
5:48 am
announcement today. we will be there live. karl rove is here on that. brand new information on who bowe bergdahl was contacting before he left his fellow troops. and is the u.s. still the economic powerhouse of the world? the surprising admission from an obama insider coming up when bill and i see you at the top of the hour. we'll see you then. new flonase allergy relief nasal spray outperforms a leading allergy pill. most allergy pills only control one substance, flonase controls six. so go ahead, inhale life. new flonase. six is greater than one. this changes everything.
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5:51 am
ilegal insanity. a new york woman scoring a judge's approval to serve her husband with divorce papers on facebook. the judge allowing her to facebook message her husband, the papers since it's apparently been the only way she's been able to reach him over the last couple of years.
5:52 am
is this method legal insanity? joining us is fox news legal analyst arthur and dr. keith abblow. >> don't mix us up. >> it's the battle of the bald guys. arthur, let's start with you, you had just come from a meeting with the finest legal minds in new york city, they say this is a trend. >> it was a big breakfast today with judge and lawyers. very prestigious lawyers. i prepare for these segments, keith, so i did speak to them and ask them what are the trends, what's going on. and you know they threw it back in my face. now you don't file papers in court anymore. it is e-filing. you don't walk into court with a piece of paper anymore. you walk in with your ipad. the issue is the privacy concerns, but they're not saying you can just serve on facebook. it's got to be through facebook
5:53 am
messenger which is like their e-mail. >> this has been the only way the two have communicated for a while. it would make sense. >> that may be a symptom of their relationship. we're not about plugging holes in their relationships by adjusting policy. we don't jump head first into treads because they're popular. social policy shouldn't be made by judges on the bench. >> everybody is doing it. it's the only way they can get to the guy. >> we need to remain connected one to another. >> you're right. >> these are very vulnerable plat forms. >> you're correct. let's look at reality. reality is -- >> -- who don't mean to -- >> this woman can't get a divorce. she can't get out of the relationship because she can't find him. that is the only method in which she is interacting with him. the judge is being practical. >> arthur, how about a nation of laws where you can serve things because there's a way to reach
5:54 am
people? >> he's disappeared. >> doctor, times change, methods change. >> of course they do. >> we're out of the telegraph stage. my main concern is whether if you serve somebody papers online or through facebook messenger, how you know whether or not he actually got it. >> that's a great point, steve. what the judge says i'm only going to say it's adequate if he responds. if the husband responds -- >> how do you know it's the husband? >> you're correct. but the judge is basing on the history. it's not like this is a husband and wife like you and your wife were together all the time. they just communicate through facebook. they can serve through facebook. they have to acknowledge acceptance of service -- >> hold on a second. when somebody is on your couch, do you heckle them the whole time? >> that's how they get wellism that's my method. >> bottom line, is you wouldn't pay your bills on facebook -- >> pay my bills online. >> not on facebook. it doesn't purport to be that
5:55 am
secure. how can you dissolve a marriage? >> if you're the husband and say the only way i'm going to communicate with my wife is through facebook, the judge is going to say the only way you're going to accept service is through facebook. >> this is a judge who has thrown in a towel. >> on allowing a woman get a divorce? as a doctor, don't you feel the woman is entitled to be sprung from this abusive relationship? >> i would like her to have a real solution. >> the judge came out with a practical solution. >> you know what? the judge does agree with arthur. but who do you agree with? e-mail us >> which bald guy? >> which bald guy. the guy who said do it on facebook, the guy who said you got to go like this, you've been served. >> there you go. that's it, you're done. you're going down. >> all right. >> we're still friends. >> keith? arthur? thank you, sir.
5:56 am
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6:00 am
>> hegseth would name his sun gunner. >> i know, right? >> show everybody your picture? >> what are you making here? he's a great artist. >> the magic ipad. bill: a fox news alert. shocking new claims about sergeant bowe bergdahl's time with the taliban. the team is back together. i'm bill hemmer. martha: good morning. i'm martha maccallum. a 2009 investigation showed not only did he plan to abandon his post but he also reached out to the other side about how to go about it. bill: catherine herridge leads our coverage. what more have you


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