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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 7, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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teenagers that make a mistake deserve a second chance. >> senator, congratulations. that is all the time we have left from louisville. we'll be back in unafraid. here comes greta. >> tonight we have this letter. from our marine held in iran in dangerous prison there our marine sent this letter directly to president obama. that's straight ahead. >> and this is a fox news alert. u.s. officials confirming to fox news that russian hackers hacked into state department and white house computers. the incident is not new but the suspected identity of the hackers is. correspondent rich edson joins us rich? >> good evening, greta. what we are looking at is this classified, unclassified breach or a breach of an unclassified network at the white house back in october of 2014. what officials are telling us now, cyber intelligence sources, they believe that it was a russian operation called operation pawn storm.
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the administration won't identify this as russian hackers. the white house says no sensitive administration have been stolen. they have been talking about the frequency and information with which hackers are attempting to infiltrate u.s. facilities, u.s. infrastructure and cyber infrastructure. that's something that they have been saying publicly for some time. also, as you noted, the state department was also hacked into. that's a suspected russian intrusion as well. that took the state department months to resolve. attempting to try to get that footprint out and any continued entrance into the state department network. so, this continues especially according to that source since the u.s. upped its sanctions on russia remember the u.s. intensified its sanctions regime and started one with the european union after russia invaded ukraine. >> is it suspected russian government or russian nationals? maybe private interest? >> i should noted that russia says it hasn't invaded ukraine.
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it is suspected, according to this official that they're tied, in fact, to the russian government. >> rich, thank you. >> today some tense moments here in washington. widespread power outsages sweeping across the city affecting the white house capital and the state department. spokesperson marie harp in the middle of a news conference when the power went out o. she had to finish answering questions using the flashlight on her phone. museums losing power in washington. forcing hundreds to evacuate. university of maryland also impacted. blaming an explosion at southern maryland power plant for ought the outages. the white house says there is no known link to terrorism. right now, now there are two. a second republican jumping into the 2016 race for the oval office. senator rand paul declaring we've come to take our country back. paul formally kicking off his 20216 presidential campaign. >> i have a message. [cheers and applause] >> a message that is loud and clear and does in the mince words.
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we've come to take our country back. [cheers and applause] we have come to take our country back from the special interests that use washington as their personal piggy bank. the special interests that are more concerned with their personal welfare than the general welfare. the washington machine that gobbles up our freedoms and invades every nook and cranny of our lives must be stopped. [cheers and applause] i have a vision for america. i want to be part of a return to prosperity. a true economic boone that lifts all americans. a return to a government restrained by the constitution. [cheers and applause]
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a return to privacy, opportunity liberty too often, when republicans have won, we have squandered our victory. by becoming part of the washington machine. that's not who i am. big government and debt doubled under a republican administration. and it's now tripling under barack obama's watch. president obama is on course to add more debt than all of the previous presidents combined. [crowd booing] >> we borrow a million dollars a minute. this vast accumulation of debt threatens not just our economy but our security. we can wake up now and do the right thing, quit spending money we don't have. [cheers and applause] >> today i announce with
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god's help, with the help of liberty-lovers everywhere that i am putting myself forward as a candidate for president of the united states. of america. [cheers and applause] >> and joining us our political panel david canton knees and "the weekly standard's" john mccormick. listening to senator rand paul's speech saying he is running for president. libertarian, tea party republican speech? how would you describe it? >> definitely running as libertarian trying to build off his father's coalition. i think he is going to have a difficult time because events in the past year have conspired against him. he was caught guard by russian invasion of ukraine. a week after the islamists had taken over mosul the second largest city of iraq. rand paul was still skeptical of any any military action against isis. flash forward to august he is was very much taking them
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on. libertarian magazine friendly magazine said that his flip flop reached a political desperation. he is going to have a difficult time appealing to republican mainstream voters on foreign policy. >> flip flop or change in circumstance? i'm always sort of careful when people accuse either party of flip flpg. the world is so dynamic and so fluid, sometimes circumstances required that you change. >> he will tell you it's a change in circumstance. >> of course. >> his opponents are going to say it's a flip flop. john is right and the polling corpgdz with that rand paul was -- when world events were a lot calmer. things changed last summer and you started to see him drop. you also see some in the republican party move. you saw anti-interventionism within the republican rise in the early 2013 and 2014. then isis hit and now you have quinnipiac poll in the beginning of march saying 62% of republicans support ground troops to deal with isis.
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that is a huge sea change. rand paul can't have isis as the main event going into next fall because that makes very tough for him to thread that needle on foreign policy on what some people are going to say is a flip flop. >> go ahead. >> there is nothing wrong with changing your mind. he never gave a good reason. i would have said best case scenario financial panic at home. the exact opposite has happened. stock market continued. kicked the can down the road budget issues. >> how do you compare in contrast the other candidate announced ted cruz. how are they similar and different as we try to figure out this race? >> if you go down most of the domestic issues, they are pretty much in line, foreign policy is going to be the big break ted cruz is going to be much more hawkish than rand paul on iran, on how to deal with isis. i think another different point of emphasis that rand paul sort of brings to the table is trying to grow the
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party. if you saw where cruz announced. he announced at liberty university. christian university. speaking to evangelicals and social conservatives. rand paul today had on stage two african-americans, a blind child. hispanic state legislature, a college female student. he is trying to say i want to reach out to all the different groups of the republican party usually has problems with connecting with. >> it wasn't just today. he went to howard university, which is predominantly an african-american university here about two years ago and he spoke at berkeley, not the typical places you find republican politicians. he did that a couple years ago. that's unusual. >> he is going to have a different kind of message and gone around the fact that he has actually had a real career outside the college and the law. >> he is an opt mall gist. >> i think he is going to run as a regular person, had a regular job. he knows what that's like. i think it will be difficult for him to distinguish himself from his father. both his father ron paul had far out opinions swells president obama on foreign policy. >> but ron paul was there
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today but didn't speak which i think was telling. he vblegd had ron paul griewsing him. he was on the back part of the stalings stage not the main part of the event. >> panel, thank you. it's going to be fun watching 2016 and we are just getting started. haven't heard from the democrats. just two republicans. >> thank you. >> senator rand paul is talking only to sean hannity. >> i think so often we get people who are elected and they spend decade after decade up there. they lose touch with the people. and then nothing changes. we elect republicans that say we want republicans to balance the budget and then republicans do the same thing the democrats do. i ran for office originally as part of this tea party movement because we were upset with republicans who doubled the debt. we were upset with republicans that bailed out the banks. and i still think that now republicans are are in charge of congress we need to stand for something. >> and karl rove joins us. nice to see you karl. karl, for a moment hypothetically being the campaign manager for senator rand paul, what's his
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strategic path to getting this nomination? >> well he has got to find a way to win one of the early contests. iowa is dominated by social conservatives. though his father had a good organization there. i think his best shot would be new hampshire, which is an open primary. independents can vote in either the republican or democratic primary. there is a chance for him to bring sort of the isolationist, you know pro-peace, pro-dope progressive independence into the republican primary to vote for him by emphasizing his libertarian principles and his libertarian outlook. >> how does that compare then to senator ted cruz who is also the only other announced candidate at this point? >> well it's interesting. both of them did come out of the 2010 tea party year. but one of them has chosen to emphasize the libertarian aspect. the other has chosen in his announcement, senator cruz to emphasize the social conservative aspect. this rides me to believe that senator cruz is making
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an effort to win iowa. where in iowa, the caucus goers, depending on what poll you look at, anywhere from 55% to nearly two thirds of iowa caucus goers are self-identified social conservatives. evangelicals. which is why senator cruz went to liberty baptist university and made his announcement there. it's why senator paul is going to go to new hampshire tomorrow for an event in milford, a town hall meeting. but it's a delicate balancing act. nobody is going to win the nomination ultimately by being the candidate of one part of the republican party. you're going to have to be able to dominate one or two parts of the republican party and have sufficient strength in the the remaining elements of the party that you can cobble together what ultimately is a majority. >> well the last two republican nominees have been more moderate senator john mccain and governor mitt romney. it's not that the party has nominated someone who is very very conservative. >> yeah, look.
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the republican party has, if you want to look at it on an ideological spectrum, which is one way to look at it, only one way. it goes from the very conservative to a small group of, you know, self-identified liberals and a somewhat larger group of moderates. but the biggest chunk to the party are the people who consider themselves somewhat conservative. and what we have intended to do is to nominate somebody who sees himself as a conservative or somewhat conservative and neither the left, what there is of the republican party left, or the right, the hard right have been able to dominate as opposed to the candidates who view themselves as conservative or somewhat conservative. >> if you're advising any hypothetical republican candidate now, what would you advise in terms of when to make the announcement? we have two ends separated by about a week. what's your best advice for when should someone make an announcement? >> well, we are going to have another one announce next week marco rubio. at some point the press is going to get tired of giving each candidate a week's
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worth of exposure and there are going to be too many candidates entering the race. we do have ben carson, jeb bush, chris christie scott walker, hillary clinton. we have got a large number of people that could occupy us the balance of the spring. i do think that probably by sometime in june or july early july at the latest we are probably likely to have all of the candidates formally into the race. look the object is get in when you are comfortable and ready to get in. that is to say you have a message. because, this is your best moment. this is the week or several days during which you will get the greatest exposure until you start spending money and the debates begin in the fall. so you better -- do it as soon as possible but do it when you are ready and have a concrete idea of what your message ought to be. look, today we saw this in senator paul's announcement. evidence had a pretty good speech. in there he talked about how the federal government gets about $3 trillion in revenue. and the federal government ought to only spend $3 trillion in revenue. well, in the the next couple of days, he is going to get questions about what is the 500 or $600 billion you're
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going to cut out of government now in order to make it make the expenditures match the income. if you belief that why did you last week call for increasing the defense budget by $190 billion if you don't think the government ought to spend anything more than it gets in? >> so it's going to get rugged the next couple of weeks, karl, thank you. >> it's going to get rugged, you bet. >> indeed. in a programming note sean hannity sits down with rand paul for an hour long interview. don't miss it dvr 10 p.m. on hannity. right now news about sergeant bowe bergdahl. did very a secret plan. fox news correspondent catherine herridge joins us. did he have a secret plan. >> we were able to get new information from two sources, one military and one intelligence about this initial investigation in 2009 into bowe bergdahl's disappearance. they looked at his computer, they interviewed his squad mates and we were told that they also interviewed some afghans who are working on a construction project outside
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of the wire. bergdahl's squad had been providing force protection or security for that construction project and we were told there was one afghan. he made contact with. he spoke some english and that this seems to be part of a plan to hook up with someone once he got off base. >> what did his computer show? >> the computer is based on what we were told showed, i wouldn't say obsessive, but a high interest in russian organized crime. and also, what was described to us as an intent to travel outside of the region, possibly to uzbekistan. >> is there any information gleaned for us why the president all of a sudden suddenly made this deal without notifying congress? they seemed to indicate last may when they did it something was happening. >> the you are general is i that was described last may was that his health was deteriorating in a significant way. though that was criticized based on information that came to light the fall before with the proof of life video. but what this information does is it raises the question if in 2009 there
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were even red flags about intent or plan to leave that base why was it the a years later the president with his parent at his side welcomed him as someone who had served honorablely in the military and not someone who is facing -- i. >> unfortunate remark. thank you catherine. >> you're welcome. >> now to horrifying discovery in tikrit and iraq. what some feared. mass graves 1700 bodies. believed to be soldiers massacred by isis last year. forensic teams are now exhuming the bodies now that iraqi forces have recaptured defeat from isis. lt. colonel oliver north joins us. good evening, sir. this is what everyone feared was going to happen and that the shiite militias were going to get revenge. >> well, and they have. there is no doubt about that. these 1700 to 2,000 bodies were essentially shiite recruits for the iraqi military at camp speicher.
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by the way, camp speicher has never fallen to isis. camp speicher was built by the u.s. air base that saddam had had. we moved into it 2003. i was there many times. they infer took, isis never took it what happened was the officers for these recruits fled and then the recruits said there is nobody else around let's get out of here. they were captured on their way out of the camp and a headed south. it took over three days for isis killing squads to murder these 1700 to 2,000 youngsters. >> that's extraordinary. murdering or executing or slaughtering, about 2,000 people in three days. >> well and again, they have put these videos of the killings up on the internet. so this is simply finding the evidence of what we knew happened back in june of 2014. this kind of thing, greta has happened in every piece of touraine that isis has captured. whether they are shiites or recalcitrant sunnies or god forbid christians or.
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they went after them with this kind of viciousness in every occasion. so there is mass graves like this all over that part of the world right now. >> the march is on to mosul. what happens at mosul? >> well, look, short form. if i'm giving advice to the add baddie and the americans who are leading. >> al baddie meaning the head of as sis? baghdadi. >> baghdadi. if i were given advice in baghdad, i would say take a deep breath, guys because tikrit to this very second, there is gunfire in tikrit tonight because there are still killing squads and suicide squads and ied planters in tikrit. isis is not totally defeated. it's done. there is going to be killings that will take place. what you now have is shia. look, iraqi army is predominantly shiite. you can't send shiite army and certainly not shiite militias controlled by iran into the sunni hart land of anbar province. they have got to take some of anbar province back
11:19 pm
before they move on mosul. >> if that doesn't happen. >> city of half million people. 200 some odd thousand people there second largest city in that whole part. look if there is still a month plus into the attack on tikrit, 25,000 people left in it, think how bad things are going to get before they move on mosul. >> terrible. anyway. colonel knot, thank you. >> pleasure to be with you. >> and straight ahead, iran is holding one of our marines in their most wicked prison and the marine makes a plea directly to president obama. you will hear what the marine told the president. plus, ambassador john bolton is here to talk about it that's next. also ahead had, president obama taking a swing at a potential presidential candidate wisconsin governor scott walker. so why should governor walker be thrilled about that? i will tell you what i think off the record, of course, coming up. gives you security. technology gives you control and now technology gives you home security and control in a new and revolutionary way. introducing plug & protect
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we have recently been able to have contact with him. >> you know, at this point he is mal-nourished. daylight, he doesn't see it he needs lentils. he has some protein there. he has lost over 30 pounds. >> give this soldier just the dignity of life. we give did to these guys down in gitmo. >> you know he always wanted to be somebody that could achieve something that nobody has done before. >> the american people are furious this marine is being held in iran. >> he should be freed no matter what. >> #free amir now. >> put his life on the line for this country do. it again. bring him home and he would do it right now.
11:24 pm
we want the state department to show that same resolve. >> we will not accept them into the international community if they hold political prisoners. >> for nearly three and a half years i have endured inhumane treatment and witnessed devastation. >> well now on the record obtained a record from amir hekmati to president obama. the marine writes: i ask that you do not forget me mr. president. former u.n. ambassador john bolton joins us. thank you for being here. >> glad to be here. >> to what extent should his release by the iranians since is he one of our marines, be connected to the discussion over the nuclear weapons? >> well ideally, it would not be. but, in fact, it's gonna be. i think we made a big mistake frankly in not emphasizing earlier that we want all the americans, all of the malcolm jenkins. >> which includes a christian pastor abedini and we have bob levenson, reporters, we have got others. >> and maybe some we don't know about. some like in the cuba deal where there was an
11:25 pm
intelligence officer who had been held for many years. but the fact is if the president really wants iran to come back into the civilized world. this is an example what they ought to give back before there is any deal at all. just as a matter of basic leeltd, they have not said why they are holding these people. they haven't given him any due process. i don't see any grounds frankly for i had any of them. they ought to release them. >> the marine, mr. hekmati, went to visit a sick grandmother. bob levenson was think think working for the cia on something. pastor abedini is a christian. that's his crime. his faith. and the reporter practically, you know, just doing journalism. so i mean, what should the president be saying tonight to the iran? what can we do now? >> he should have been talking to the american people. >> that's what he should have been but what about now? we are up to our eyeballs now. >> better late than never. all of these people were granted permission to go into iran. this is not a situation where somebody wandered
11:26 pm
across the border like the hikers or somebody like that. so iran in effect, good faith is at issue here. just like it's good faith in complying as this deal on the nuclear weapons program. if they are not willing to honor the idea that somebody can come into the country, do something that's perfectly legitimate, they have to declare it when they apply for the visa. they come in and then they don't get out. where is the good faith there? that tells you a lot about the nature of the regime in tehran. >> does that mean tonight in light of where we are, does that mean this framework should not go forward that that should be a condition precedent. meaning that you release our americans or no deal? >> yeah. i wish in an ideal world you weren't there. but you have to look at reality. the reality is the president's prepared to go full steam ahead to conclude the details or actually more than the details of this nuclear weapons agreement. and as far as we can tell, to do that whether or not the americans being held by iran are released. i think that's a big mistake. that sends a signal of weakness on our part that
11:27 pm
you can't take back. >> look, you know, the idea that a pastor is being held for his faith, a christian pastor. the idea that a journalist practicing reporting or doing whatever. this is a marine. this is a man born in the united states. who, you know, put his life on the line for the rest of us he doesn't seem to be front and center in terms of all of the attention. we are now getting the attention of the story here "on the record." montel williams has been carrying the water pretty much alone. >> look, this is a president who is prepared to trade five terrorist at gitmo for bowe bergdahl and yet this man who has been -- has served in iraq as a marine and then later as a contractor he is still languishing in prison. and, again, what this tells you is the character of the regime that's holding these individuals. >> what does it say about us? >> it doesn't say much that's good about us. in terms of iran, we will rely on their promise to comply with their
11:28 pm
promises -- do this to american citizens forget about it. >> ambassador, nice to see you sir. >> thank you. >> new tonight for senator john mccain, is he announcing he is running in 2016. senator mccain goes "on the record" next. let me talk to you about retirement. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable professional. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ] woman: [laughs] no way! that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro you just don't know. cfp -- work with the highest standard.
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senator john mccain making big announcement he is seeking re-election to the u.s. senate. if reelected this would be his sixth term in the senate. senator john mccain joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening.
11:32 pm
>> was it a tough decision or easy one for you to decide to run again? >> it wasn't too difficult greta. the country and world is in more turmoil than ever before. that's not just my opinion if there are threats to us that thanks to failed presidency and the incredibly hands-off leading from behind foreign policy country is in grave danger and also there is a lot to be done in arizona as well. i'm looking forward to continuing serving as chairman of the armed services committee. >> you bring up the topic of iran obviously, the whole topic about dangerous to the world. i'm curious what you think how your former colleague, now the current secretary of state john kerry is doing in negotiating this deal and getting the message? because he is the emissary for the president. >> john kerry has had a series of failures. whether it be trying to negotiate bashar assad's departure from syria or the
11:33 pm
israeli palestinian peace process. and it was obvious to all of us who know him that he was desperate for some kind of an agreement and this agreement is not only flawed but it's dangerous. there is really no verification that's meaningful. there is no restraint on things like their missile development and their war head development. and their continued behavior sponsoring terror and on the move throughout the middle east. and thanks to the failed policy of barack obama, we have now the middle east who is going their own way. the sunni arab countries because they have no trust and no confidence in us and this is just another affirmation of that. this really bad deal. >> when you say desperate for an agreement desperate for agreement for what purpose? i mean, we are all sort of desperate to make sure iran doesn't get a nuclear weapon because that will change the equation all over the world. not just the middle east. when you say he is desperate
11:34 pm
for an agreement, what do you mean? >> in that he was willing to make concessions, which are obviously now a very flawed treaty or certainly very questionable. certainly there are two different versions of this quote, agreement, between the iranians and the u.s. and be interesting to see how we sort that out. but, in other words, no restraint on iranian behavior which, in four countries in the middle east, lebanon, syria, iraq, and yemen right now. iraqis are on the move. and they are calling the shots. and now we have -- are treated to the situation where solemani is leading the fight against isis in tikrit. the same guy who sent in the copper-tipped ieds in iraq during the surge and before and after that killed hundreds of american soldiers and marines. it's hard to make that kind
11:35 pm
of thing up. >> let me turn to today's news senator rand paul making announcement he is now number two. i know senator cruz you have not been big fan of in the past what about rand paul these two senators throwing heir hats into the ring. >> very bright new members of the senate. senator cruz is a valuable member of the armed services committee. rand paul obviously has a strong base. some of it inherited from his father. i'm very interested in rand paul's past fews as well as evolving views on national security. obviously it seems to me some of those have changed somewhat as the situation in the middle east has deteriorated. but look i have been through it it's a tough grind. i wish them both well. and i will be supporting lindsey graham who is the person who really knows how to handle these national security challenges. >> one quick question, our marine who is sitting in were prison in iran, what do
11:36 pm
we do about that and, of course, we have a christian pastor and we have a journalist and others. i want to focus on the the marine. >> we should be demanding his and others' release greta. this is just an example of the arrogance frankly, of the iranians and what they are able to get away with. isn't it our obligation to bring this marine and other american citizens home before we enter into an agreement? we probably won't obviously. look, we are in disarray throughout the world. lessons are being taken from our involvement. leading from behind doesn't work. latest two examples of success, somalia and yemen are authentication of a really immoral foreign policy, much less a failed one. >> senator, thank you. nice to talk to you sir. >> thank you. >> now to the latest news from kenya where al shabaab militants slaughtered 148
11:37 pm
christians. it happened last week at the university. today kenyans taking to the streets of nairobi. they are angry about reports that took police seven hours to arrive at the scene of the attack. >> the protesters are also demanding better campus security. today in a kenyan court, the suspects in the terror attack making an appearance. police have accused the suspects of supplying guns to the four gunmen who carried out this vicious attack at the university college. the gunmen were killed by security forces and today, the court granted police 30 more days to investigate the suspects before official charges are brought. and tonight, in downtown nairobi a candlelight vigil in memory of the victims of this very vicious terror attack. and straight ahead. president obama taking a swing at a potential republican presidential candidate. wisconsin governor scott walker. i will tell you what i think off-the-record. and former white house press secretary ari fleischer goes "on the record" next. plus a plane crashes on the
11:38 pm
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cvs health, because health is everything.
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south carolina police officer charged with murder in the shooting death of an african-american man after a traffic stop. officer michael slay was arrested and charged after law enforcement officials saw a video of the saturday shooting. >> [gunfire] >> 4 3 -- >> it all started when officer slayinger stopped walter scott for a broken taillight. the officer reportedly said he feared for his life because scott took stun gun during a scuffle. the video shows the officer firing 8 times as the man fled. >> let's all go off-the-record for a minute.
11:43 pm
whether they like it or not presidential candidates get advice and lots of it from the constituent holding the baby at the rally to sometimes even the party opponent president of the united states. check out president obama's advice to maybe candidate republican governor scott walker. >> i am confident that any president who gets elected will be knowledgeable enough about foreign policy and knowledgeable enough about the traditions and precedence of presidential power that they won't start call in questions the capacity of the branch of the united states to enter into agreements other country countries. if that starts being questioned. that's going to be a problem for our friends and that's going to embolden our enemies. and it would be a foolish approach to take and, you know perhaps mr. walker, after he has taken some time to bone up on foreign policy will feel the same way.
11:44 pm
>> not governor, but mr., and yes i know that was a bit of a slap. and my guess republicans are rolling their eyes and thinking about president obama's own foreign policy blunders calling isis jay i have. don't feel sorry for governor walker. he just got big free promo from the sitting president. a political candidate can't buy this stuff. my guess, declared candidate rand paul and ted cruz are scratching their heads tonight wondering how can they get criticized by the president. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. joining us former white house press secretary president george w. bush ari fleischer. good evening, are ay. nice to he sue. already the fundraising has started by governor walker on this statement by the president. >> sure of course it has. and it is a badge, of honor to be attacked by incoming president by the party. the president of the united states is wrong. no presidential policy is set in stone. of course the successor has the right to disagree with it and governor walker has
11:45 pm
said clearly what i would do and he would not honor that treaty if it was to put in place. there is not a treaty union lateral agreement by the president. two, the president lowering himself to the level of tit-for-tat in that aloof manner in a campaign, is he supposed to be above it is he not running for re-election again. i think this is one of the reasons why you see so little get done in washington who when you have a president so eager to take shots at people who aren't even running against him. >> certainly shows he is paying attention. listening to what some of his critics are saying. this isn't the only potential candidate who has taken -- you know disagreed with the president, perhaps taken a slap back. others have likewise done that he decided to single out governor walker. i don't know if we should read anything into that. it certainly is -- i mean, i think it's unusual. >> it's beneath the level of the presidency. it's the second time he has done it to governor walker if you recall when the governor signed the right-to-work legislation into law. the president attacked governor walker by name in a statement from the white house. what strikes me, too, is
11:46 pm
when president bush left office he set a very gracious tone and turned down every opportunity to say something critical of barack obama his successor. you are seeing a preview of president obama's post presidency where he can't control himself and resist lowering himself into political mud. it's wrong for a president to do that it will be wrong for an expresident to do that. >> what do you make of the announcement today? we have number two into the race. senator rand paul following ted cruz. >> senator rand paul biggest change agent when it comes to domestic policy. senator, who think the government is too big. rand paul is the most serious about making it smaller. i think on foreign policy though, the republican party still is largely a ronald reagan bill peace through strength party. rand paul doesn't fit that mold. somehow he is going to have to address his foreign policy weaknesses. i'm curious to see what he is going to do on domestic. >> fascinating to watch. because the republican field, at least what we anticipate is huge. they are going to have to
11:47 pm
rent rent out a coliseum just for the debates. that's not for the people watching but people participating. >> a lot of jobs will be created building that stage. i think it's going to hold 23 people there are about 23 for the first debate. i don't know how the party is going to decide who is a serious candidate and who is not. probably there is some 12 to 15 actual serious candidates who are emerging. look, it's a wide open field. most open in my lifetime. republicans are very hierarchial. we always nominate the guy who lost the last time. that's been our history since nixon lost and got the nomination in 68. we always do that not this time. this time totally wide open. there is no frontrunner. there is a tier of cop candidates. but, stay tuned, greta, this one is really going to be fascinating one for so many reasons. >> i think so too. i'm looking forward to it. ari, i hope you come back as we pursue this long march towards the oval office. whoever gets it thank you ari. >> happy to. >> straight ahead, caught on camera. family trapped in burning
11:48 pm
rv. see what ha
11:49 pm
test test. test test
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11:51 pm
11:52 pm
tragedy strikes after last night's ncaa basketball tournaments it. seven people killed when a small plane on the way back from indianapolis crashed in central illinois. the says that 414 crashed just sort of the central illinois regional airport. it happened around midnight. illinois state university says it's associate head basketball coach and a deputy athletic director are among the victims. the ntsb is investigating the cause of the crash. the video shows dense fog near the scene. and now to a terrifying scene but an amazing rescue. it happened on a florida highway. a good samaritan springing into action when an rv bursts into flamsz. >> >> get your car off of it.
11:53 pm
get your car off of it. >> crisis on a florida highway has a 20-foot highway with three people on board explodes into flames. >> oh my god. >> but to everyone's great surprise. all three passengers are alive. this good samaritan risking his life to save theirs. if there when i saw the young people in the back. and they were trapped in there. i couldn't believe it when i got them out. their mouths and their faces were full of black soot in their nostrils. >> terrifying screen on camera. >> thompson run into the flames to drag out a mother and daughter trapped inside. >> anybody else? any animals? the middle of the crisis even moving the crar to avoid a massive. >> a tank go off can really do a lot of damage. >> but the family and the car safe. all thanks to this hero's actions. >> i mean it was just horrifying. had to get them out. >> and it turns out cross thompson the hero, happens to run a business called the
11:54 pm
rv doctor. and coming up, the nation's eyes are on massachusetts where two juries are now deliberating two big cases. the latest is next. "ride away" (by roy orbison begins to play) ♪ i ride the highway... ♪ ♪ i'm going my way... ♪ ♪i leave a story untold... ♪ he just keeps sending more pictures... if you're a free-range chicken you roam free. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance you switch to geico. it's what you do. ♪ two wheels a turnin'... ♪
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i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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and in boston a case of the marathon bombing is now in the hands of the jury. today, jurors deliberated for seven hours. they sent out two questions both questions will be addressed tomorrow. they accused bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev is facing 30 counts. if convicted, he could face the death penalty. another massachusetts jury is now deliberating in the murder trial of former nfl player aaron hernandez. the former patriot is accused of shooting oden lloyd to death.
11:59 pm
during closing arguments, the defense acknowledging for the first time that hernandez witnessed the murder but pinned the blame on two other friends. actor best known for role on the dukes of hazard. james best played sheriff roscoe coal train on the show. he appeared on gun smoke and andy griffith show. he died from complications of pneumonia. he was 88. thank you for being with us. we'll see you again tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. if you can't watch live, use your dvr. follow me on twitter at greta. who should be on times 100 list this year? jill tahmooressi. get this mother the resignation she deserves. she is the one who got mexico to move. she got the president's attention with the petition, got 100,000 signatures. jill tahmooressi, she didn't want to leave her son the marine back there in mexico. #time 100 with #jill tahmooressi. if you can't remember how to do it go to we really need your vote. jill tahmooressi really deserves it.
12:00 am
anyway, did president obama's jab at governor scott walker help or hurt him? sean has the big interview previously on "red eye." >> with -- welcome to "red eye." this is tv's andy levey. >> i think i would smuggle the baby. >> how do you feel about that? >> when you say it out of context it sounds bad. >> you don't have to kill it. >> something we wouldn't do on this show. or would that be good? >> every time i do i feel not only does a piece of me die, but a spirit of a spartan warrior dies. >> and now the thrilling conclusion. >> hello. i am walter kern. let's welcome our guests. she nicknamed her liver the black dalia. i am here with joanne nosuchunsky. fogy jew -- foxy jews alert foxy news jews.


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