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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  April 9, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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enge" where i feature the best gram. topic hash tag, real inspiration. who inspires you most in for me, my mom, told me anything wanted to be i could be. thanks mom. >> take the challenge go to @gretchen fox news hash tag the real story. send me your inspirational photos. here's shep. >> we're barrett investigators to release dash cam video from the police shooting in south carolina them word is it could reveal whether the officer lied about what happened before he shot the man in the back five times. a closer look at airport security. have you heard about this? screeners make us take off our belts and shoes and throw hour waters away but we're learning about hundreds of previously unreported incidents of people sneaking through perimeter security and in some cases boarding jets. hackers say they connected into the islamic state take over a global television network. their message and what it says
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about the terrorist tech capabilities. and lil' kim kim jong-un, learning to drive when he was two years old. at least that is what the north korean teachers are supposed to tell their students. and wait until you hear the other bizarre claims about our lil' kim. let's get to it. first, we're waiting to see the dash cam video from south carolina they say could show what led to the moment a cop shot and killed an unarmed man. investigators plan to release the video soon. it could show what the cell phone video does not. the traffic stop that turned dead limit the officer claimed he shot the victim, walter scott, because he felt threatened. prosecutors call it murder. they say he shot walter scoot five time is once through the heard, all while the victim was
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running away. now another man is claiming none of this might have happened had police just listened to him in 2013. that man accused the officer of using excessive force during an arrest. he says the over showed up at his home, demanded to come inside. when he put his hands up to surrender he claims the officer tasered him anyway. man had not done anything at all wrong. he wasn't even the person employs were trying to find. and internal investigation later cleared the officer, again, the police department did the investigation, and the police officer was cleared, and allowed to stay on the force. john roberts is on fox's top story and live in south carolina. john? >> reporter: good afternoon. shep. according to the police complaint in that incident in 2013 the officer michael slager was responding to a brother being taken to the home of a possible suspect by the victim when marrow givens man on the left side. the victim yesterday to slager,
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he, givens was not the suspect. slager yelled to givens to leave the house but when he refused a struggle ensuesed and slager hit givens with a slager. slager was exonerated but today his attorney is saying he is not buying it. >> we believe that at the particular time in mr. givens' house what went on was wrong, it was ruthless and law husband, givens said he didn't want to leave the house and didn't want to go and tried to close the door because he was quote, afraid of the police. >> we're hearing actually i guess nbc is hearing from the witness to the shooting. >> reporter: he was one of the big guests that they like to put on the air. "the today show" this morning the person who shot the cell phone video on saturday morning said -- this could be crucial to the case but is utterly
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contradicts what slager told police in the area going. he said that walter scott never had control of slager's taser. don't forget slager told police in the initial investigation the reason he shot him while he was flying is because he took his taser and he was afraid that he was going to cause bodily injury, either slager or somebody else. >> john roberts, thank you very much. like talk to michael schmitt a reporter who covers police shootings. they have a lot of evidence here and will figure this one out. the climate in the community and how people are treat ode on a regular basis, the "times" has done some reporting. >> currently what they did very quickly is de-escalated it by charging him before we get the video out there. that ratcheted things down and showed them they're actually doing something. win you dig in there there are lot of issues.
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it's also similar to ferguson, police department that is predominantly white in an area with a lot of african-americans. >> what about shootings that were questioned by members of the community and otherwise, have they had a lot of them? >> they've had some. the most interesting thing is the taser situation from as recently as two years ago. the thing is that it looked like excessive force. they never charged the man who was tasered. nothing happened to him. usually internal investigations in police departments are criticized for not being tour row. what happened there and why was it he didn't get into the trouble for that? >> you'd like to think there would have been enough evidence outside of the tape that forensics would have shown he was shot five times in the back while running. if there nor fingerprints on the taser -- but maybe that's my naivete. you listen to a lot of african-americans who say, look, this is our living, walking, breathing >> and all of american ohio
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history we finally have a video of what one of these shootings looks like. without it you have the witness that would have been dead the witness who shot and ran away, who knows what he would have said. and why would a jury have believed the witness over the officer or any of the other officers that shopped up? >> there's testimony -- there are written reports from other officers on scene, as is standard, they all give their account of what happened. the one officer who is said to have given cpr, never sayings he did. in the same report others officers say they witnessed and/or helped him with the cpr and now a witness says there never was cpr. does your reporting give us a clear picture how much truth is told in those reports? >> there's two videos. there's a second video of what is going on after the fact. and i can't tell you exactly what they're doing but it doesn't look like cpr. they're around the body, touching the body and such but it doesn't look like cpr, and in these key minutes after he was
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shot, when there was any chance of saving him, there certainly wasn't any cpr. >> procedure is according to their manual and those of most cop shops once ur subject is subdued and can't hurt you if you shot him, you have a duty to help him other. officers said they applied cpr but there's no evidence of that and witnesses say that dent happen. >> that is not what the videos show. we -- there could be things we don't have, and there certainly was time when it wasn't shot. >> the "times" going to spend some time down there? >> i think so. this police departments seem to be in a lot of places across the country. where do you start? >> mike schmidt from "the new york times." >> we're waiting for a verdict in the aaron hernandez trial. we said it yesterday, and they
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deliberated nine hours and nothing, and now they're deliberating into today. we can't read anything into that really. did the former pro football star's lawyer create enough doubt in the jurors' mind with that last-minute claim that hernandez witnessed the shooting but didn't commit the crime? plus how the judge says a television station nearly caused a mistrial yesterday. or at least it was threatened. we'll tell you what the television station did and you tell us.
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as jurors deliberate for a third day the aaron hernandez murder case, the former pro football player from the patriots, the judge today threatened to call a mistrial. the distance between a threat of a mistrial and a mistrial can be from here to holy holly spring. jurors have to decide whether the former new england patriots star murdered a man in an industrial park in massachusetts two years ago now. that man, oden lloyd, dade dating the sister of hernandez's fiancee. it was said hernandez and two other guys picked up oden and drove to the industrial park and later the day oden's body showed up riddled with bullets. his attorneys say hernandez was a witness, not a the trigger
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map. his two friends face murder charges. he is putting it on them and going, i'm a young guy 23, i didn't know what was going on. i just watched this murder. under massachusetts law jurors can fine hernandez guilty of murder even if he did not actually shoot lloyd. prosecutors only have to prove he was involved and had the intent to carry out the crime. intent. that's important. investigators say they still have not found the murder weapon. the gun they say killed oden lloyd. if the jury finds the nfl start guilty he could get life in prison with no chance for parole. there's no death penalty in massachusetts. the trial is featured testimony from aaron hernandez' former boss, the new england patriots owner robert kraft who anyone dez told him he was not part of she shooting. and today two jurors said a local television news crew was
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following them around. the station denies it worker approached any juror. no matter what the jury decides, aaron hernandez is set to face trial on separate murder charges after prosecutor says he killed two men outside a nightclub years ago. hernandez has pled not guilty. arthur aidala is here. i nothing of the television news crew. they drop them off at a parking lot. there was a live truck there from whdh. without a reporter no can talked to anybody but they wasn't haywire, which seemed like a reminder to the media stay away, more than anything. >> when i was a younger prosecutor, this is -- this has to do with money. no one was allowed to go near the jury. the jury was empaneled.
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phone calls monitored, slept in a hotel, the media not be able to get near them. in fact courtroom used to be locked when the judge was giving the jury instructions because it was such an important part of the proceedings. the sanctity of the jury was so important know, important part of the trial. the story you just reported would be absolutely beyond anyone's majors -- >> a live truck in a parking lot blocks away. >> because of the money, because of budget cuts they don't want to pay the court officers and the clerks and the hotel for the jurors and pay for their meal so is they allow them to go home, and they're giving their word, shep they're not going watch tv or follow media coverage. so that part of trials have changed tremendously. what happened here is this. the defense attorney did -- an old trick dish. >> he complained. >> no, no, forget that. i'm talking about the summation.
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>> we're talk bat television news van. >> sorry. >> the van is nothing. they didn't talk to anybody. whatever. here's the thing. this defense attorney at the very end -- the evidence was clearly there he had been there. this is almost exclusively circumstantial case. there's no murder weapon there's no eye witness, very little dna. in the end, the defense attorney goes he was there. >> right. so, you're correct, but the government did a great job of making something. 439 exhibits, ten weeks, 132 witnesses. so you give the impression that there's all this stuff there and the defense attorney admits what he can't deny. so he has to admitter aaron hernandez this, but he deis what the can't admit. he can't admit he pulled the trigger. so he concede as much evidence as he can stopping short of conviction. so makes him seem reasonable to the you'res.
12:16 pm
one of those other two guys, who are more experienced or more likely to do it, are the ones that probably did it. >> it doesn't matter. >> by the -- well matters -- you're right. doesn't matter who pulled the trigger. matters whether they're acting in concert. >> if that was the intent. >> and their intent. but he has them thinking and as a criminal defense attorney with this overamount -- ten weeks' worth of evidence, the fact you have kept them out days and days means, okay, i've done a solid enough job, i've given my client a chance. >> did they overprosecute this thing? it went on forever. >> 132 witnesses is a lot of witnesses and in this type of case. if you're talking about prosecuting the world trade center bomber that's different. this is 439 exhibits? that's overwhelming for jurors. but the prosecutors use it like, folks, has to be guilty. look how much stuff we have, even if the stuff is benign. >> how do prosecutors get their job?
12:17 pm
>> usually right out of law school and they interview some work up. these are senior prosecutors people who decided i'm not going into in the private sector. >> career prosecutor. >>hat's correct. >> so the jury is still out on aaron hernandez. 'nine hours tuesday and wednesday and whatever they've done today. history tells us they'll be done by the opened the day on friday. >> if he gets convicted of the top count, the judge sentences him immediately. there's no argument. it's mandatory since there's no death penalty, so -- >> then seive about appeal. >> right. it's very -- usually a gap, but here it's like guilty, life without parole-bye, and it's over. >> goodbye mr. hernandez. >> correct. >> iran is not on the same page as the united states and five other countries when its comes to a final nuclear agreement of course, nothing is signed. they're all bloviate, just yack yack yack. the latest from both sides as they yack yack yack.
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>> iran's president is now warning saudi arabia and its allies, us, that ongoing air strikes in yemen are a mistake. the iranian president rouhani here calling for an end to the strikes, targeting iran-backed rebels. iran sent this destroyer and an accompanying ship to the near yemen yesterday as the united states -- sorry go ahead -- someone was screaming. the world health organization says that fighters have killed at least 643 people over the last three weeks. here's another look at the
12:22 pm
destruction, in sana'a the capital city. a regional proxy war has form. we're involved. one rebel here preparing his weapons. the country's president left for saudi arabia last month. iran reports it will not sign a final nuclear deal unless it lifts all economic punishments on tehran right away. the u.s. and other world powers called for gradually easing the punishments after inspectors make sure that iran holds up its end of the bargain and the president said throughout that will be part of the deal. the country's supreme leader, the ayatollah khamenei, says right now he is not for or against the outline that both sides agreed to last week but also said the u.s. and five other countries taking part in the talks are, quote not to be trysted. wonder whether i see says that?
12:23 pm
because we always say the iranians north to be trusted, which they're not. the deadline for the final agreement is at the end of june. lea gabrielle is here. we'll know at the end of june but is the time for everyone to play politics. >> yes, and of course, iran's supreme leader, who -- >> he is playing politics, too trying to keep his people together. >> he has the final say over anything in iran. he has been silent on this so-called deal until today, which happens to be a special day in iran. it is iran's nuclear technology day, and remember that fact sheet the white house produced on the terms of the agreement and here's what the ayatollah said about that. >> translator: the statement they issued and called a fact sheet is mostly bogus. >> well the state department not really reacting to that claim. but rather saying that any sanctions relief is part of a final d.a. deal will be a
12:24 pm
phase -- final deal will be phased. >> we are not negotiating in public. the fact sheet represents understanding that were reached. >> today we also learned that the secretary of state and other high-level officials will be briefing congress on this next week. >> robb's support of the rebels in yemen and our support of the saudis is an entirely separate issue. >> they houthis have said iran is not arming them but the secretary of state says it's obvious that iran is selling supplies. >> we are wail aware of the support iran has been giving to yemen, and iran needs to recognize the united states is not going to stand by while the region is destabilized or while people engage in overt warfare
12:25 pm
across national boundaries. >> you mentioned the destroyer iran is send though waters off yemen. well tehran says that is there to protect shipping routes from pirates. >> won't it indeed. thank you. bob she fer the long-time anchor of "face the nation" on cbs announce head plans to retire at the end of the summer of ate least during the summer. going to miss that one. he is 78 years old, has been a fixture at cbs for four decades. during a speech at texas christian, he case his career has been a quote, great adventure. >> i was hired by a little radio station in forth fort worth, and because that's where it all started for me, i wanted this to be the place, and i wanted you all to be the first to know that this summer i'm going to retire.
12:26 pm
>> man alive. and a quiver in his voice. he is an emotional guy and the sweetest guy you'll meet. you can hear peep gasping. he covered vietnam before he joined cbs number 1969. for nearly half a century. bob schiffer has covered all the major beefs in washington interviewed every sit can president since richard nixon started on "face the nation" in 1991. >> today secretary of defense -- >> during his career, he won almost every major award there is for broadcast journalism, including eight emmys. the president of cbs news our friend david rhodes says bod schiffer is, quote, an inspiration and mentor to so many colleagues and me, and i know david means that, and i mean it. bob is as good as they get. my hats off to him.
12:27 pm
i hope -- maybe this retirement will last 50 years. some fellow journalists and celebrities took to twitter after the announcements. john kerry saying bob kerry, wish him the best on a well-brad basely? he says isodose my friend and proud texan bob schiffer is going retire so your next career, country singer songwriter, senator john mccain, sunday morning won't be the same. look forward to sitting across from the best in the business. i like this last one, nora o'donnell. but she is said to be on the short list, david rhodes's so litter for "face the nation." you don't want to follow bob because bob is a hero to all of us and we will miss him on sunday morning without any question and i know his friends and colleagues at cbs will. we're hearing about hundreds of security breaches at some of
12:28 pm
the nation's busiest airports. investigators say intruders have hopped fences slipped pass guards and got on to jets but you carpet have that bottle of water. break toothpaste in half. but people are going over the fence. take your shoes off. >> a cyberattack by the islamic state taking out a major network. that and more at the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. across america, people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza. he said victoza works differently than pills and comes in a pen. victoza is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time. and the needle is thin. victoza is not for weight loss
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the fugitive treasure hunter pleaded guilty to contempt of court for refusing to testify. prosecutors say he found a huge stash of gold in a sunken ship and then disappeared. his investors say they never got a penny. he could spend two years in jail. >> a woman who admit shed stole packages from front yard areases during the holiday season will go to prison for, get this, 23 years. a judge in san diego made it official, prosecutors say she had faced a life sentence because this was her third strike. ♪ push it. ♪ ♪ p...push it real good! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ow! ♪ ♪ oooh baby baby. ♪ if you're salt-n-pepa, you tell people to push it. ♪ push it real good. ♪ it's what you do. ♪ ah. push it. ♪ if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance you switch to geico.
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intrude ores made it on 0 the grounds of busy airports hundreds of times over the past decades and managed to climb up on the jet. that's according to an investigation from the "associated press." ap is now reporting officials have logged nearly 270 breaches since 2004.
12:34 pm
around the perimeters of major u.s. airports. ap reports the number may not come close to the actual number because official at airports in new york city and boston refuse release records. it also reports to other airports it survey eddied not -- it surveyed did not have data. the ap started an investigation after a 15-year-old storeway from from california to hawai'i in the wheel well of a jet trace gallagher is live in the west coast news hub. what? 200 what? >> 268 and several other high-profile breaches including in 2010 when a 16-year-old is thought to have climbed a tree that actually hung of the perimeter at charlotte douglas airport and made his way into the wheel well of a jet heading to boston. he fell out when the gear was lowered for learning, his body was found in a boston suburb.
12:35 pm
last year, a man dug a tunnel under a fence at orlando international and climbed into the wheel well of a jetblue plane. in 2006, a phoenix pilot told air traffic controllers he almost struck a man while he was taking off. the man was on the runway. the man said he was trying to take a short tutt. and a mentally unstable man jumped the fence at lax eight times in one year. >> who patrols the outside of airports trace? >> well the individual airports are actually responsible for securing securing the perimeters. since 9/11 u.s. airports have spent more than $650 million on perimeter fences. cameras, detection devices. but if you show me a ten-foot fence i'll show you an 11-foot
12:36 pm
ladder and the truth is the airways don't have the resources to guider the entire area. the perimeter of los angeles here five square miles, twice the size of disneyland. the airport with the most reported breaches is san francisco with 47. >> when the news is good, you release the information. >> it is. when it's good, you give it out. when it's bad you hold it back, like poker. >> thank you, trace. a man from wisconsin traveled to the middle east to try to join the islamic state but his trip was a complete failure. that's according to the feds. he is 34 years old and here he is. maybe the they can have him. he is behind bars with no bond help was arrested at chicago's o'hare airport after returning from turkey.
12:37 pm
be tried to cross the border into syria but people who were supposed to help him just wanted money. he was dropped off on a road. and even isis didn't want that fool. and the terror group linked to the bloody rampage across iraq and syria may be for a hacking. they seized troll control of major television network in france. an executive says the hackers cut transmission to 11 channels belonging to tv 5mond last night. thed inwork restored -- network restored the symbol. the hackers posted messages, part of the message in english part in arabic called the recent attacks on the magazine "charlie hebdo," gifts for the
12:38 pm
french, and the hacking group anonymous just released a list of names it says are pro-isis and u.s. companies that host those sites. anonymous has attacked web sites associate width the terror group. took over a whole television network and it's online property. that shouldn't be easy. >> if you watched the movie v was easy because anonymous is based on guy fox. it's not easy but what we have here is a failure of imagination. we're style defending yesterday's problems. these guys are looking into the future and defeating us every time. >> the message is key for everything, and if you can steal the message, you win. >> it's control of the narrative. when they called it cybervandalism when isis hacked a twitter and youtube account,
12:39 pm
that was not enough. it's a boost for morale. when you control the narrative and control the information warfare, you combine that now with taking an the social media sites and we haven't seen stuff like this ever. >> why isn't it possible to compel the hosts of these web sites to shut them down? >> shep, that has been a question for a long time. when you start finding out where these are hosted in the u.s., they should be shut down. sometimes they're hosted in countries with ha no extra division -- extradition treaty and we can't touch them. >> i understand there's a slippery slope no matter how good something like this sounds, there's a downside you didn't think about. my god, they're recruiting people to break -- to murder people, and to cut their heads off, and it's insane. >> it's crazy, and i tell you this is the one -- coming from a law enforcement background
12:40 pm
sometimes the enemy of my enemy is my friend anonymous may have taken on law enforcement but they're sitting back, saying that's fine, take these sites down. they're not paying attention because the know the u.s. knows they cannot take direct action against the cites and take them down quote legally but let anonymous do that and kill two birds with one stone, metaphor include people. >> do you think anonmiss could be of help. >> they are being of help and law enforcement will take a little bit of hands off approach as long as they stay attacking isis some don't branch out and get on their radar it will be okay. that's just the sad fact of life. this isn't 20 years ago. this is the internet age and the rules have changed. >> clearly. so morgan wright, great to talk to you. thank you. >> you bet. >> the jurors in boston deciding whether to convicted marathon bomber should spend life behind bars or die for his crimes. a trial goes on starting next week. the court ruled yesterday that
12:41 pm
tsarnaev is guilty. he and his now dead brother planted two presser cooker bombs at the boston marathon. three people died, 260 hurt. the defense attorney says that dzhokar tsarnaev did it but his brother was the moster mind. the judge says the sentencing phase should start next week inside. say they're investigating other cases of would-be terrorists in all 50 states. the fox business network's blake is live outside the d.c. bureau. what else were we hearing? >> the department of justice just this morning proved yet another reminder the battle against terrorism is at home and abroad. they announces the arrest of a 34-year-old man from wisconsin. picked up at chicago after he flew to and from the middle east. trying to help out isis.
12:42 pm
the head of the homeland security, jeh johnson, says why his agency is able to track those who leave and come back into the country, he admitted, quote you can't know away. one counterterrorism expert we spoke with today said part of the problem to become radicalized you don't have the to go to the middle east. he said you can just get off your couch and go to your computer, turn it an surf the internet surf twitter. these terrorists know and it they're trying to exploit it. >> the things that counterterror gist groups were using ten years ago, basic e-mail, now they're using twitter and ina gram -- instagram, so it evolved so quickly the government doesn't have a lot of experience but recognize this and they're trying to make headway. >> that includes the younger generation, of course, accord ago to research another fox news, over the last 25 months since march 2013 the feds have been able to track down at least 12 teenagers. >> wow, and this is all over the
12:43 pm
country? >> all over. we saw the arrests in the past few weeks in new york and in pennsylvania. the one today originating out of the midwest. teenagers from denver were also picked up over in europe as well. and as you mentioned, the head of the fbi said earlier this year at least as it relates to isis there are active investigations in all 50 states. >> wow. is that cherry blossoms blooming? >> i think so. i'm new here but i think so. >> new here in the last few days. looks like it. i saw snow in new york last night. not fun. then there's this. lil' kim learned to drive when he was three years old. that is what students in north korea will learn about kim jong-un and that is not all. we'll look at other lessons in a new teacher's manual in north korea. stand by for news.
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a new teacher's manual in the north korea reportedly makes some very bold claims about their dictator, lil' kim. kim jong-un. among them that lil' kim learned to drive when he was but three years old and when he was nine he won a yacht race. according to the south korean television news report this is part of the new school subject called, and i quote, kim kim kim jong-un's reef luigser in activities -- revolutionary activities. they'll also learn he can draw well and knows how to compose music, too. kim jong-un made "time" magazine's readers poll of the 100 most influential people on the planet. competing for the top spot, the russian president, vladimir putin, and the south korean pop star cl. a singer from the girl group,
12:48 pm
2anyone. i get it. here's a look at the current standing. it's a tight race for number one right now, and lady gaga is not too far behind. some of the other people on the list include are world leaders president obama pope francis and katy perry and madonna. you're not on the list. >> wawa. >> kennedy is here. ilkim not surprising that kim ongoing ounce on the list, if you don't do what he says you can bet -- >> fed to the dogs? like his uncle, allegedly, although no one can corroborate that story. >> we wife we could. what do you think of the list. >> fascinating. i love lists. this is a readers'll. megan kelly is on the list. >> i knew she was one of the 100 most media people. i hope she is ahead of kim
12:49 pm
jong-un. i don't know. >> i don't know where lil' kim is on the list. >> megan wants to interview hillary clinton. she said it wouldn't be some sort of tussle but wouldn't be a tingle up your leg. like chris matthews. hello, chris. >> how do you choose? rand paul is actually ahead of -- >> come on! >> ahead of marco rubio, ted cruz and jeb bush. >> all of those people? it's a rather's poll. >> a reader's poll. harper lee is very high up on the list. >> anyone on there upset you? >> i tend to not get too upset but fallings nate that renorth carolina ahead of beyoncé taylor swift and katy perry. >> i saw rihanna at barkley's center she is smoke where hot. >> but katy perry wears some
12:50 pm
lure rid outfits. >> i think katy perry picked the rebel. i love katy perry. >> i share your love but she and taylor swift have this thing back and forth, i kind of love her. >> now that she admitted she is full on loco. makes her more lovable. >> she is live -- >> think kim jong-un while -- >> i think man who learned to drive at three years old and won a yacht race against a ceo when he was nine, doesn't haven't to admit anything. the first time his father played a round of goal, 11 holes in one. >> he was really good. >> they're blessed and magical. >> that's why their electricity work so well. we'll watch for you tonight there on fox business network.
12:51 pm
where is it? >> i think there's a channel finder. just go to, fox, channel finder and it will be found. >> good luck. be right back. don't go anywhere y.
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
people from the upper midwest midwest to the mississippi valley could see nasty storms, including hail and possible tornadoes a warning from the national service. check out the wall. it's springtime. this is how it goes in the spring. st. louis problems chicago, problems, cincinnati, 57 million people from illinois to louisiana, live in an area of enhanced risk for severe weather. rick reithmuth is here. >> normally 245 tornadoes.
12:55 pm
only had 73. incredibly low numbers but when you look at the averages, look at what happened in april. a more active pattern. see it next week. so if you're in these areas prone it to be ready. today, the biggest red is the hatched area and would see tornadoes larger and longer lived ones and those are generally the ones that cause more damage. so in chicago, northern and western parts of illinois be very, very watchful. you just showed those watches we have in effect here. one in effect until 8:00 tonight. the next one 11:00 and that includes the chicago area. so a lot of rain with this. that threat for towards and we're certainly going to see really large hail. this is the line of storms getting going. we'll see that progress and these getting more severe, and we'll likely see a few discrete ones. this moistly just honey -- wind
12:56 pm
and hail. and that's the watch area. >> thank you very much. back in just a moment with a look at the most important event in the history of our nation and it happened on this day, way back then. to his merrill edge retirement account. before he opened his first hot chocolate stand calling winter an "underserved season". and before he quit his friend's leaf-raking business for "not offering a 401k." larry knew the importance of preparing for retirement. that's why when the time came he counted on merrill edge to streamline his investing and help him plan for the road ahead. that's the power of streamlined connections. that's merrill edge and bank of america. i love making sunday dinners. but when my back hurt, cooking all day... forget about it.
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tylenol was ok, but it was 6 pills a day. but aleve is just 2 pills all day. and now, i'm back! aleve.
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12:59 pm
>> on this day in 1865 robert e. lee surrendered the union army effectively ending the civil war. the war divided our nation for four long and very bloody years. hundreds of thousands of soldiers died on the battlefield. eventually the union general, ulysses s. grant, cud -- cut off lee's supplies and that was that. lee told his men he had no choice but to surrender, saying i would rather die a thousand deaths. then they met and grant allowed the starving troops to go back home. today in virginia re-enactors of
1:00 pm
the conflict. the war was over, 150 years ago today. >> when news breaks out we'll break in, breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. "your world" coming up. right now. >> the state department could pull cuba off its terror list any day now. just as we cut a deal with iran, which is still very much on that list. whatever happened to trust but verify? >> welcome everyone, i'm stuart varney in for neil cavuto. the president might with cuba and iran but do they want to deal with us? iran's president now thenning to scrap any nuke deal unless all sanctions are lifted day one. to former u.s. spokesman of the united nations rick cornell who does not like where this is going. the president said, if iran cheats the world w