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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 9, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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the hollywood reporter with a big party and don lemon offered a kind thought. >> i think megyn kelly is powerful, very honest i think she's very fair, she's a star, and i watch her every single night. >> thank you. tonight the climate being created is not a good climate. that's why you have these rogue police officers feeling they have license to do what they want to do. >> why are liberals blaming conservatives for the police shooting of an unarmed man in south carolina. we will have the details and legal reaction from kimberly guilfoyle. the president attacks christian christianity again. >> i listen to less than loving expressions by christians i get concerned. >> our panel of christian leaders weighs in. >> be careful, this is turning into a habit. two prominent bim interviewer.
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>> liberal media lark out against senator rand paul. but the republican presidential candidate is fighting back. "hannity" starts here right now. welcome to "hannity." tonight, another disturbing video of a police onhk5á using deadly force. yesterday we showed you an alarming video taken by a witness of a shooting in south carolina that showed a black man being shot and killed attempting to run away from a police officer. and that's not all. tonight, another disturbing video out of florida, a dash cam video released in the incident from february where a florida officer killed a man reportedly mentally ill. watch this video. >> get on the ground or you're [bleep] dead. get on the ground. [ shots fired ] >> put your hands behind your back. >> joining us, former detective
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bow deed he will, fox news contributor royln7dñ murdock, and kimberly guilfoyle, co-host of "the five." not as cut and dry as south carolina. what's your reaction? >> this is difficult. you have kind of a blending of analysis. the two happening on the heels of one another, so people then get a little heightened emotion saying what's going on, do we have a racial problem in this country. what you need to do as prosecutor, you have to examine the specifics, the facts of each case on its own merits and make a decision from there. otherwise, we kind of aggregate them on emotion. >> would you agree the south carolina video is cut and dry? >> apparently altercation before that. >> irrelevant. >> excessive use of force in the last encounter. >> he was not a threat in the south carolina video to anybody. we can roll that and talk about it as the night goes on. apparently, this person had some mental illness. he was swinging a metal broom
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handle before the shooting, the officer apparently was saying, you know, get on the ground, get on the ground, i am going to kill you. you can see the officer was in a heightened state of adrenaline as he was firing, which is a natural reaction. what is your take to the new video just released? >> i think in all these cases, what needed to f intelligent national discussion about police use of force, excessive force, nonlethal means of taking down people without killing and hurting them and it would be easier to do this and develop consensus what to do if we don't bring in the racial angle unless there's evidence of racism. if this guy said i don't like blacks, there's racial an must. trying to settle this -- >> i think cameras help officers no, and help the public in terms of we're going to know what's going on. >> they will. absolutely. police officers -- >> you agree with that?
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>> cameras shine a light, illuminate the situation. i think he is right, you don't want to all of a sudden jump on the race card say this is something racially motivated, had racial elements to it. you don't want to do that because then we are not winning as a nation. we have to be very specific, agree to talk about this in a controlled way that will actually shed light on an issue that exists. >> as you go to the new video, bo to the extent you can new video released today, analyze it for us as the officer again you only see one side of it. >> right. you can see the emotion of the officer when he is shooting the gun, obviously there's a lot of emotion there. i don't know if the guy is still standing there swinging, you can't see it. >> according to authorities, they say he was wildly swinging this metal broom handle. most think he was mentally ]w disturbed suffering from
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schizophrenia. >> that's one of the biggest problems, there's a lot of mentally disturbed people witho go they release them, bring them to the hospital three days, they release them. this is two different animals now. the thing in south carolina, as former law enforcement, i can't condone it. he should be arrested for murder, go away the rest of his life, that's one. this one here is completely different. sean, my big upset, last month there was five african-american police officers killed across this country. never heard a word. the one that really angers me is that hero cops there was a videotape. why isn't it on tv. a videotape of the guy that shot two cops in 2001 comes out shoots that cop right in the face. cop never got his gun out, is shot in the face. there was outrage from the black community, ferguson, ferguson, and that's the ferguson thing.
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my thing is the thing in south carolina is different than ferguson and staten island. >> ferguson, let's be clear. we have the new florida tape released today, but in south carolina there's no defense. look, i have been trained in use of a firearm you have been trained. tactics, police tactics, techniques. you don't shoot somebody running, not a threat to anybody else, it is not justifiable. >> you chase them, tackle them down, that's it. you have to remember, i did my whole career without shooting anybody. i was hospitalized 30 times. i was shot at stabbed and all. i don't shoot my gun. my point is that cop should have ran after him, tackled him down. >> gives cops a bad name. every cop i talked to they're angry, people have the perception all cops are like this. >> now you have your friend al sharpton jumping up and down like it is such a widespread thing. again where was the outrage with five african-american cops in one week killed. >> let me ask this question.
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what do you do in the case when you know somebody is mentally disturbed? that makes it a harder issue because he represents a threat to himself and threat$s to the police officer. do we need to think about another option? i like the idea of a taser, like the idea of anything other than killing the guy like in this case, but the officer didn't have the -- >> tasers are one idea nets would be another. maybe darts with some anesthesia or something knock people out. >> there should be other weapons, i agree. >> i was talking to cops at penn station where there's a lot of edps there, talking to the cops specifically about this. i said guys, you ever think about when you have an edp with a weapon, we are told shoot at the body mass. i am laughing about it, try to shoot the guy in the thigh let him go down.
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the whole point is that's not how you train. >> you train body mass. >> you use deadly physical force. in my mind if you could be a monday morning quarterback and rethink it a lot of things would be different. >> kg? >> there's a lot of room for improvement, sure. we can't operate from the premise that police officers, anyone that wears a blue uniform is seeing color or race and that's what motivates some of these situations. the facts and statistics don't wear that out. we have to be responsible in the way we cover these stories. >> talk about the politicalyzirñ side of this considering everybody agrees about the south carolina shooting, i want to bring up comments made by south carolina congressman james clyburn literally blaming people for the shooting that weren't responsible. listen. >> this so-called american legislative whatever they call that group -- they have been
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drawing up these legislations pieces of legislation like stand your ground. that legislation gives a license for people to be vigilantes. the climate being,é created is not a good climate. that's why you have rogue police officers feeling they have license to do what they want to do and there will be no consequences paying for it. >> my question is everybody agrees what happened in south carolina is wrong politicizing it stand your ground has nothing to do with it. where is that coming from? >> it is despicable, this man walter scott hasn't even been buried yet, here is congressman clyburn making political hey of it. somehow this is tied to voter id laws. nigeria had an election they had -- >> when i went to democratic national convention kimberly
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was there as well, you needed a photo id to get into the dnc convention or any presidential debates. kg should get in because it is her. maybe bo you keep out. >> sean likeaj question about this. i don't think anybody is disputing what we saw in south carolina, but the point is we have cops out there now risking their lives, have to be able to react, or we have more dead cops. we will probably reach 100 dead cops this year across america. >> scary stuff. guys, thanks for being with us. when we come back, fiery debate, more reaction to what's going on in south carolina and disturbing new dash cam video of a police officer shooting a mentally ill man in florida. later tonight senator rand paul under fire by the mainstream media, why the double standard. we will explain who this is nothing new and much more on this busy news night.
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welcome back to "hannity." the brand new dash cam video today showing a florida police officer fatally shooting an unarmed black man in february comes on the heels of last weekend's fatal shooting of another black man by a cop in south carolina. joining us with more reaction founder and president of brotherhood for new destiny, and civil rights attorney leo tur he will. i carried a gun my entire adult life. there's no risk to anybody. you do not shoot an innocent man in the back eight times in cold blood like this. your reaction? >> well, i agree with you that when i first saw the video, i was shocked as well to see this guy running off this black man running away, being shot in the back. after the initial shock i calmed down and i start to question
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things. what happened before those shots$pñ -- >> wait wait, he is not a threat to the officer. wait a minute. if he is not a threat to the officer, or to anybody else, there's never justification in terms of tactics and techniques and training, there's no justification for what i see on the video. none. >> i want to make it clear8ó not justifying at all the action of the police officer what i am saying is that we as american citizens owe it to the officer to give him the benefit of the doubt. >> that's fine. >> until we get all of the information and then make a decision. >> let's assume he punched the police officer in the face, gets him with a hammer punch, broke his jaw. at that moment he fired the weapon, hit the man eight times in the back, he was not a threat to the officer or anybody else and that means it is not justifiable use of force
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period. jesse, the tape is clear as day. >> that's right. but i'm not justifying the shooting itself. i don't know what happened. i am just saying in america you are innocent until proven guilty, right now, sean, white officers are under attack by angry black folks in this country. and the officers are not listening, not obeying authority. >> leo let me go to this. >> he doesn't get the one í]fñqá we don't know the evidence. >> before you switch subjects this is the second time in the history of fox news cable that you, sean hannity and i agree. jesse lee is talking about everything else other than unlawful shooting of this man. i suggest that you look at a
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case -- the supreme court said you can't shoot an unarmed person. for you to come on this show as a black man and say somehow justify this shooting, you are an embarrassment to the world now, the whole world is looking at how stupid you are. >> i am not justifying. >> yes, you are. you're trying to focus on another subject. you're changing the subject. >> one at a time. jesse? >> this man was8risç shot in the back. >> you are the only man taking that position. this is embarrassing. you are embarrassing. >> we have so many cases where americans overreacted. george zimmerman situations. michael brown ((tesituations. what i am saying we have to stop overreacting. >> gentlemen let me step in. leo. you have to stop. we can't hear jesse and can't hear you. let him finish his thought, i will go back to you, i promise.
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jesse. >> all i am saying, we should wait for due process because i don't think americans understand how angry and brainwashed these young black folks are. there has been an iry element of black america -- >> you betterhç come to -- >> leo, you're killing me. >> i am not going to sit here and listen to this hate. now it is my turn. >> leo. >> i am not going to listen to it. >> leo, i want to ask you a legal question. we are talking about here i think what jesse is discussing is a topic for another day, but not in this case. >> yes. i agree. >> the legal justifiable use of force is clear. he is not a threat to anybody. i think it is irrelevant what happened leading up to this based on the video. >> listen, i just am giving you cudos. you and i are in agreement
7:18 pm
second time in the history of fox news cable. it is against the law for any officer to shoot an unarmed black man or any man in the back. he wants to talk about everything -- hey you quiet down, if you don't stop talking i am done. i am done. i am done. >> right now, i am working with a family in the inner-city of south central l.a. they have gang members who live in their community and openly rob their homes breaking into their homes, and they're afraid to call the police officers and they know who is doing it -- >> jesse -- >> i want leo to get with me and go with cameras into the community. that's too bad, leo is a little coward. i want leo to go into the inner-city with me with cameras, take pictures of the thugs -- >> jesse, that's a discussion for a different day. we cannot have in this country
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innocent, look, you talk about the officer is innocent until proven guilty, that tape is overwhelming in konevidence he was shot in the back. he is not judge and executioner doesn't get to fire at a guy that's not a threatst to anybody. the other issues are irrelevant to this case. you don't shoot an innocent person that's not a threat in the back! that's murder. >> first of all, sean, i want to say that this guy wasn't innocent. he had a warrant out on him and it is being reported that he ran. >> his job is to arrest him. he should have followed after him you don't fire shots in the back. >> do you agree with me that we at least owe him the respect to wait until all the information is gathered. >> i agree every person is innocent until proven guilty.
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but this tape is overwhelmingly outrageous. >> you don't know that, sean. you came in at the middle of the video. >> doesn't matter. >> you didn't see the fight on the ground. you didn't see what happened. >> he aimed and fired eight times, hit him in the back. he was no threat to anybody. he was not a threat. i've got to go. we are out of time. >> they're making a big mistake overreacting. >> there's a man that's dead that shouldn't be dead a mother and father lost their son his brother was on last night jesse. this man should be alive. all right. >> allow due process. had he not run away. >> due process for the guy that's dead, he is not getting due process. >> he will be if the officer is punished properly the guy that's dead he is getting justice, but we need to allow things to happen because this is america. >> no lawyer on the facem÷ of this
7:21 pm
earth in my opinion based on what we see on that tape that will get that police officer off. i have to go. thank you for being with us. senator rand paul under fire from mainstream media. we will check in with andrea tantaros. always give better treatment to the democrats. and memories pizza, a go fund me campaign raised hundreds of thousands to support this indiana pizza place after they were forced to shut down over death threats. the owners give an update. that and more straight ahead.
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welcome back to "hannity." back in 2007 and 2008 i told you journalism in america is dead. now the media is back to the same old tricks when it comes to the 2016 republican presidential candidates, just listen to nbc news savannah guthrie's interview with senator rand paul earlier this week. >> you once offered to
7:24 pm
drastically cut, wait wait to cut defense spending, now you want increase it. >> why don't you let me explain instead of talking over me. >> sure. is iran still not a threat? >> you answer a question. >> rand paul crossed the line, and rick lasio handed hillary clinton a note during the debate. when it comes to liberals they tend to get a free pass. for example, there are numerous examples that hillary clinton has a vicious temper. is savannah guthrie going to touch it next time she interviews hillary clinton? maybe she could ask about how in 1999 gail sheehy wrote in her book "hillary's choices" she's angry not all of the time but most of the time. another example. dee dee myers former clinton
7:25 pm
spokesperson in 2000 on an interview, described a confrontation between hillary and george steph nop loss and wrote mrs. clinton got really angry, she attacked george and anybody that stood up and tried to say this was a bad idea was, you know, smashed down, belittled ver
7:26 pm
protesters, rand paul is taking heat for shushing a cnbc reporter, she shushed protesters in her office. look, the real question, too, is why didn't any reporter ask hillary clinton if she would repeal her husband's law on religious freedom. has anyone asked her that, that was last week's big news story when george steph nop loss who asked the gotcha question about the religious freedom act on a sunday show, dominated the news cycle, tried to make it look like republicans didn't like gays. it was also george stephanopoulos during the presidential debates threw out the question on contraception that started the war on women debate, tainted republicans as hating women. so that's what they do. there's a huge double standard. >> i don't see a double standard at all. i see someone that launched what some say a great opening statement, rand paul got out there, was forceful in his initial opening remarks, then ends up looking like a defensive
7:27 pm
thin skinned can't let a host ask a question. i think that's looking setting a standard for being a lot less presidential. i would be more concerned about rand paul running this race. >> go to some others. if a republican, for example, was accused of throwing a lamp, you know we have a side of hillaryjé denied throwing objects at her husband but a new book in fact suggests she did. watch her deny it. >> did you ever throw a lamp at your husband? >> no, i didn't. >> did you ever throw a bible at your husband? >> no, i didn't. >> do you have a terrible temper. >> no, but i do get angry. there are things that are wrong or things that should be fixed and i am not shy about expressing my opinion. i try to be a direct person and -- but i don't tell people what to do. i say here's what i think. >> that's contradicted in a new book. let me go to george stephanopoulos. he said he was stunned and that hillary said to him, yelled at
7:28 pm
him, belittled him, said you never believed in us you never stood by us we were alone in new hampshire, and she jumped down my throat. george stephanopoulos said that. >> the difference is sean i don't think anyone thinks she's a shrinking violet. she wants you to bring up the lamp throwing story. why? why was she throwing the lamp because of a man, because a man cheated on her. so every woman should identify with hillary clinton throwing that lamp. there is a double standard. and it is just the way that it is. look, rand paul i have to say, the shushing of kelly evans, i didn't love it i didn't. telling a woman to calm down, it wasn't the greatest of tv. now that we have him doing that to savannah guthrie, it is a prime example where the media will say he has an issue with women. >> savannah guthrie asked these questions about direct quotes of hillary having a vicious temper, ask it savannah. >> hold on a second. but being fair i don't think
7:29 pm
savannah's question was too crazy, i am just being realistic. >> all questions i asked the night before. >> you have to manage temperament if you're running for president. >> rick ought to be able to hand a paper to poor miss hillary in the debate. >> she will play the victim. she wants them to shoosh her. >> here's the point. the point is that this wasn't about -- the questions weren't% about temper they were about policies and rand paul being a caa:uju)p libertarian. picking and choosing what issues he wants to be a libertarian on and women's health in particular is one where he feels there needs to be -- >> if you look at the quinnipiac, rand paul is beating hillary in a number of states, including pennsylvania. and if you look at rand paul now he is at what, 41% in ohio. doing well in other states colorado beating hillary.
7:30 pm
i wonder if it is connected. >> no question. he is deeply threatening to the left, a libertarian, could steal independent and moderate votes. i know rand paul, i interviewed him he has no issues with women. he is a wonderful guy. has to work on -- >> never asked obama about bill ayers one time. and i said that to george stephanopoulos. president obama goes out of his way to bash christianity a panel of christian leaders join us next to respond. later tonight, exclusive interview with the owner of memories pizza. now hundreds of thousands are pouring in to support the business. they were forced to shut down after receiving death threats for sticking up for religious freedom. the owners of that joint join us next straight ahead.
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am supposed to love and i have to say that sometimes when i listen listen to less than loving expressions by christians i get concerned. >> less than loving expressions by christians. you mean jeremiah wright? that was president obama going out of his way to attack christianity. here he is in february doing the same thing while giving a speech about isis. >> remember during the crusades and inquisition people committed terrible deeds in the name of christ slavery, jim crow all too often was justified in the name of christ. >> to respond to the comments, president of national hispanic leadership conference dr. samuel rodriguez, contributors robert jeffers and father morris. gentlemen, i would like to play for you the president now seems
7:37 pm
to regularly want to go out attack christianity. he has gone out of his way a number of times to defend islam like in these cases. >> the united states is not and will never be at war with islam. as a student of history, i also know civilizations's debt to islam. islam has always been a part of america's story. also proud to carry with me the goodwill of the american people, and greeting of peace for muslimj5 communities in my country. islam is not part of the problem in combatting violent extremism, it is an important part of promoting peace. our enemies respect no religious freedom, al qaeda's cause is not islam it is a gross distortion of islam. >> isil is not islamic. no religion condones killing of innocents, vast majority of
7:38 pm
isil's victims have been muslim. we reaffirmed again and again the united states is not now nor ever will be at war with islam. islam teaches peace. >> dr. jeffers, as you listen to the president his comments about islam and compare to comments about christianity, what do you conclude? >> i conclude the president has a serious addiction problem. he is addicted to bashing conservative christians and seems like the prayer breakfasts are trigger events that set him off. you showed february, then a couple of days ago he was silent about the 148 kenyan christians who were slaughtered by islamic terrorists. he didn't talk about that. instead he criticized christians less than loving for holding to traditional marriage. you can believe whatever you want to about traditional marriage but it is a fact, it has been the teaching of christian tee and judaism for years and it was the belief of
7:39 pm
barack hussein obama until he decided to run a second term of president and needed money from hollywood to call this view traditional marriage less than loving, why, that is ludicrous, sinister, betrays another agenda i am afraid is at work here. >> father jonathan morris he talked about christians over the line, over the top, say things that aren't particularly christian. would this fall in the category? watch "rthis. >> we bombed heir oesh ma we bombed nagasaki we never batted an eye. the stuff we have done overseas is now brought back into our own front yard. america's chickens are coming home to roost. >> no, no, no, not good bless america, god damn america. that's in the bible.
7:40 pm
you're killing innocent people. god damn america for treating citizens less than human. >> he sat in the pews of that preacher 20 plus years. he is like family to me he said. >> i could not sit in those pews for two seconds and what's so shocking about these comments of this easter is that this is a prayer breakfast. you don't say those things anywhere, but you certainly not in a prayer breakfast. let me try to get to the bottom of it, analyze it with you sean. you know, where is it that all of our guests here tonight, we were all in seminary, sometimes in seminary like any academic institution, you have important debates but also have stupid debates. you have luxury of the time to critique even your own religion. when you're the president of the united states of america, and when there's a total genocide going on now in the middle east,
7:41 pm
it is not time for stupid debates. and the president, i don't think he is totally against christianity, i would disagree with you on that, sean. >> the history of the crusades, father, the crusades were christiansx2 conquered by muslim armies trying to get back their holy sites. that's my reading of the crusades. >> i would agree that's a totally off the wall statement, wasn't fair academically. but what i think he throws into this academic rhetoric of remember we are not perfect. of course we are not perfect. we christians should be doing self intro specs. is it the time at easter prayer breakfast to criticize christians for some unkind thing when thousands of christians' lives are in danger. >> let me bring in dr. rodriguez. i don't understand where this is
7:42 pm
coming from with this president. he has gone out of his way, bending over backwards to defend islam, to acknowledge radical islamists, which is bizarre takes cheap shots at christianity. sat in reverend wright's church. did once say to nicholas kristof, dr. rodriguez when he was in a muslim school in jakarta, he was quoted saying with first rate accent the most beautiful sight in the world is muslim call to prayer at sunset. do you think that experience perhaps has altered his view somehow such impression on him, is that where this is coming from? >> look, i was there at the easter prayer breakfast, i can tell you firsthand his comments can be described as dichotomy. on one hand critical of christians through rhetoric disagree with his policies act in a way he doesn't deem appropriate or part of the christian sort of rubric, then celebrates and acknowledges the crucifixewsucifixion and resurrection
7:43 pm
of jesus christ. with the prime minister of great britain, for easter, david cameron released a video he called england a christian nation. where he celebrated the virtues of the work of jesus christ the church of jesus christ, and he addressed the issue of christian persecution around the world. i believe, i believe our judeo christian value system is under assault in america like never before. around the world christiansñ being slaughtered. we need our president to be more like david cameron. celebrate virtues of christianity. be less critical. >> thank you for being with me. maybe the president slept through reverend wright's sermons for 20 years maybe had head phones on. i don't know. good to see you. tonight donations poured in for memories pizza. nearly a million dollars. the small business was caught up in the national fire storm over the state's religious freedom bill. they will join us next in a
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insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. last week in the hours surrounding the religious freedom bill, we introduced you to the owners of memories pizza.
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they were forced to shut down their small business in indiana after receiving death threats because they answered no when they were asked by a reporter would they cater ajkfñ gay wedding. they started a go fund me, they got more than $840,000 in donations, and the pizzeria reopened today. a "hannity" exclusive to explain what they plan to do with that money owners of memories pizza, kevin o'connor and his daughter. crystal, start with you. first congratulations on the reopening. is business booming today i hope? >> oh, yes yes. >> has the threats stopped? >> we've had two phone calls that i just hung up on. other than that i haven't heard of any other threats. >> what about the money that came in all of this money. what a testament to the
7:50 pm
generosity of the american people. what are the plans for the money? are you going to expand the operation? >> we are going to do that and we're also donating. >> we're going to pay ahead, sean, and people have been sean. people have been good to us we just want to give back. we'll share that way. and two things. >> you think you are now open for business and don't expect anymore trouble? >> we hope not. i'll just say that. i hope not. we've been helped a lot and it's been helping us. >> when i'm in town, i'm coming in for pizza. >> you do that. >> and i converted kirsten powers the new book going to be called
7:51 pm
the silencing. how the left is killing free speech. wow. >> let's just be clear. >> no. for a long time, i've been writing that there is this women on the left just violent people. it's people say what about conservatives? conservatives don't have the cultural power for silence anybody. if they wanted to. and we saw in this situation, what happened with the petes rea owner is that they expressed a view that -- a group of people don't like. it happens not to be my view. but they have a right to express that view. >> i take heat when i saw this. i don't like bill maher. he's good for america because he says everything he wants. that is healthy. you have groups of people that take every word i say in the
7:52 pm
hopes they can attack my advertisers, shut me down get me fired. >> this isn't new. what is shocking is the moving from a civil rights agenda, live, let live. let us live our lives, moving into punishing people who disagree with you. when we see this move from the left around the world going from liberalism to facism. i think those of us who care about the civil rights movement, everybody who cares about the civil rights movement must stand up for christian in the move of what the christian rights movement have stood for. >> coming from you, it's more powerful the president of now for crying outloud. you're coming at this i don't
7:53 pm
want to say you're a gay and lesbian activist. but you don't hide your sexuality. you're saying this because your side is doing this. >> this is it. for those of us coming from the liberal end of things that we were there because we wanted individual freedom, and individual responsibility. this is the antithesis of that. in the name of my commitment to a certain group, whether women, or gays, what christian are now facing has to be embraced by everyone in this country. those individuals must be stood up for. i think it's pretty clear. >> very powerful statement. and don't you think i had a big impact on that change? >> you -- you're not the -- >> our liberal view about freedom of speech. >> this natural liberal -- >> it is. you're right. >> this is not new. for every liberal and very a
7:54 pm
lot of respect for kirsten must recognize what's happening now is not -- >> when is your book coming out? >> may 4th. >> thank you. i want freedom of speech and people do have the right to choose religion. >> handing it back to the communities is a p example of how to handle these situations. >> good to see you both. >> tonight's question of the day straight ahead big question, straight ahead. hey, what's up? i'm ted. rudy and i have a lot of daily rituals. namaste. stay. taking care of our teeth is one of them. when i brush my teeth, he gets a milk-bone brushing chew. just another way to keep ourselves healthy. i'll go change. [ female announcer ] we help make secure financial tomorrows a reality for over 19 million people. [ alex ] transamerica helped provide a lifetime of retirement income. so i can focus on what matters most.
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night senator marco rubio will be my guest for the hour. monday at 10:00. thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. the o'reilly factor is on tonight. >> let me explain instead of talking over me. >> days after launching his campaign senator rand paul facing accusations that he is mean to women. is that true? dana perino weighs in. is a police officer ever justified in shooting a fleeing suspect? we'll break down the rules of engagement. >> say to you in terms of the push back against you and your efforts for this bill? >> well, they don't like the bill. >> it's high noon for president obama's iran nuke deal but will his own party join the republicans to sink it? we'll have a report. caution, you are updated to the no spin zone, the factor begins ri


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