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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 10, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> don't you go negative on my joe biden. >> and midnight swimming naked that i like. >> you never told me that, kimberly. "special report" is up next. the wait is almost over. hillary clinton is set to announce her presidential run this weekend. this is "special report." good evening welcome to washington. in two days we could have our first and least surprising democratic contender in the race for the white house. so how will hillary clinton announce her candidacy? we have fox team coverage. carl cameron in nashville at the national rifle association convention. we start with chief white house correspondent ed henry in iowa with the latest on the question of not if but when and how hillary clinton will announce
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her run. >> good evening, brett. hillary clinton will finally make it official on sunday and get here on the ground to iowa where today we caught up with both of her leading democratic rivals martin o'malley and jim web who is trying to beat her to the punch. >> hi there. >> reporter: two democratic sources close to hillary clinton tell fox she will announce her second presidential campaign via social media on sunday in a rerun of the video she cut way back in 2007 to look warm and fuzzy on her living room couch. >> i am beginning a conversation with you. >> last time that conversation did not start in key battle grounds like iowa for a week. in the second episode her advisers plan to get her here to the hawkeye state for events as early as monday to start engaging one-on-one with voters. democratic rival martin o'malley has been here several times and warning it will not be a
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coronation. the former governor suggesting she is old news. >> history is full of examples where inevitable front runner is available. people want new leaders. they want to hear the voices of new leaders and want to set up a robust debate. >> reporter: another potential clinton rival former virginia senator jim web is jumping on this week's poll which found 49% of voters in iowa do not find clinton honest and trustworthy. >> people are looking for leaders who say what they really believe and be consistent about it and rather than massaging issues to try to get one political safety zone or another will really take the risk of leadership and put them out there. we have done that my entire political career. >> reporter: has hillary clinton done that in her career? >> you will have to ask her. >> reporter: clinton will be
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asked about the fact that the state department's general is organizing [ inaudible ] and o'malley who served as mayor of baltimore suggested clinton had a weak record as secretary of state. >> my experience as elected executive of a big city and as governor. her experience as executive overseeing the department of state on some other issues i don't know where she stands when it comes to reining in reckless behavior on wall street and regulating wall street. >> reporter: clinton can counter that in a dangerous world a former maryland governor might not have enough experience to be commander in chief. i am told the last couple of days clinton has been hold up behind closed doors on issues like isis. she hasn't been on the trail for a long time could be rusty. >> live in des moines. thank you. as the clinton machine gears up potential republican rivals
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are already out on the trail. several are at the national rifle association convention in nashville where we find carl cameron tonight. >> national rifle association convention attracted 70,000 enthusiasts to nashville and that brought most of the presidential field who took aim at president obama and hillary clinton who launches her campaign this weekend. >> i wonder what her slogan will be? it may be what difference does it make. hillary clinton gave russia a reset button. a reset button. >> from nashville walker goes on a week long european trade trip last marked by the refusal to answer nontrade related questions. all of today's speakers have a ratings from nra. rand paul was campaigning in iowa where he courted young voters. >> let's let college students deduct the entire cost of their education of working careers and make college tuition entirely
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deductible. >> new jersey governor was also a no show. the garden state added new gun controls. >> in just three days i will announce whether i will run for president for reelection to the senate or for commissioner of the national football league. >> florida senator marco rubio's announcement monday will compete with hillary clinton's campaign announcement. rubeio is expected to say he will not seek reelection to the senate to fully commit to a white house bid creating an immediate contrast for rand paul. for rubio running against jeb bush amounts to challenging a mentor. >> i have a message for the obama administration. why don't you focus more on keeping weapons out of the hands of islamic terrorists and less on keeping weapons out of the hands of law abiding americans. >> reporter: rick santorum got several standing ovations and filed a testing the waters
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committee for his campaign yesterday. and the gop field will reconvene a week from tonight in new hampshire for another presidential cattle call. many say they are not sure if they are going to run for president but will be standing under a banner next week and everybody who speaks at the podium is supposed to be a presidential candidate. >> carl cameron live at the nra. a little later in the show the latest interview in our presidential contenders series. i sat down with donald trump this week. our conversation coming up at 6:30. a 20-year-old kansas man was in court today accused of planning a suicide bombing in support of isis. john t. booker is charged with attempting to detonate a half ton car bomb at fort riley in kansas. the complaint says booker went so far as to rent a storage locker to hide his bomb and talked about his commitment to be a martyr. overdue recognition for the
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survivors and relatives of those who died in the fort hood shooting. 44 people received purple hearts at a ceremony at the military post in texas where then army psychiatrist nidal hasan went on a shooting ram pain in 2009. >> and praying that everybody who received this award today are doing well and we are able to pick up the pieces, wake up every day knowing that we are victors and to continue on our lives that normal as possible. >> these purple hearts are unusual. recipients are still fighting for medical benefits that normally come with the honor. trouble again tonight for the secret service. d.c. metro p officer arthur baldwin has been arrested for attempted burglary and destruction of property. this comes one day after we learned a supervisor is being investigated for an alleged
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assault against a female employee and weeks after another incident. on the heels of an iran deal another foreign policy move by president obama. he is expected to meet with cuba president raul castro tomorrow. >> reporter: at the summit of the americas a visit to the great locks of the panama canal symbolic perhaps for a president looking to unlock gridlock. separated by a mere 90 miles the united states and its neighbor have remained worlds apart since the cuban revolution of 1959 when fidell castro ushered in the communist regime.
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it was the handshake between presidents at the funeral of nelson mandela. now the administration is expected to remove cuba from its list of state sponsors of terror, a designation it shared with iran sedan and syria. last night's meeting was the first since the 1950s. further evidence of the administration's head long push to renew ties with the island. >> we are confident that this process of engagement will ultimately lead to not just improved relations between the united states and cuba but will also end up being beneficial for the cuban people and give them the kinds of opportunities they might not have in the past. >> reporter: opposition to renew ties has been fierce. on capitol hill bob menendez called the policy towards havana misguiding. >> within a matter of seconds they were surrounded and attacked by these thugs of
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castro state security apparatus and they were beaten. >> florida senator marco rubio saying it is reminding us of the true nature of the castro regime and showing how naive president obama's policy is. >> those were ongoing despite the negotiation. we believe there is a better way to improve things on the island and improve conditions for the cuban people. >> presidents obama and castro expected to have a breakout at some point tomorrow though the timing has not been set. we are also told they may stand next to each other for the so-called family photo of leaders this evening. it is not expected to be all smooth sailing. president of venezuela reminding of the invasion that never should the united states invade
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a latin american country. tough crowd and perhaps a tough weekend for the white house. >> thank you. up next the fight over a vote on the iran deal hits the airways. first here is what fox affiliates are covering. fox 32 in chicago with a tornado that killed two people and injured 20 in northern illinois overnight. the fire chief in the tiny town says 17 of the town's 71 structures were ripped from foundations. forecasters say at least two tornadoes touched down in that area. fox 24 in charleston with the latest on a white police officer facing capital murder charges in the shooting death of a black man. walter scott's family say he may have run from the officer because he was behind on child support and wanted to avoid jail. a live look from austin texas covering the rush to get the apple watch. preorders began today.
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don't expect them on anyone's wrist until june. apple is set to begin shipping on june 4. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. people ship all kinds of things. but what if that thing is a few hundred thousand doses of flu vaccine. that need to be kept at 41 degrees. while being shipped to a country where it's 90 degrees. in the shade. sound hard? yeah. does that mean people in laos shouldn't get their vaccine? we didn't think so. from figuring it out to getting it done, we're here to help.
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pakistani lawmakers have voted to stay out of the saudi led coalition targeting shiite rebels in yemen. much needed medical aid has arrived. deliveries by the red cross are the first since saudi-led air strikes began two weeks ago. tensions over an iranian nuclear deal are not just between the u.s. and iran. pressure is building in congress. chief congressional correspondent tonight with the push to get a vote on iran. >> reporter: pressure is building as senate foreign
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relations chairman trying to achieve a veto to allow lawmakers to review an iran deal while democrats are among those offering amendments to neutralize the bill and make it acceptable to the white house. utah republican says frustration is building because lawmakers aren't entirely sure what has been promised to the regime. >> i am often asked whether i support the deal. my response is frequently i don't know whether i support it because i don't know what it is. >> reporter: deputy national security adviser says tehran must work to get sanctions relief. >> we have a framework and the president said if the details don't bear out the agreement that was reached we are not going to get a final deal. >> reporter: illinois republican congressman complained in an oped the administration has kept my colleagues and i entirely in the dark throughout negotiations
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while stone walling bipartisan calls for congressional oversight on a final nuclear agreement. a state department spokesman rejected that complaint. >> we have had unprecedented levels of cooperation consultation and briefings with congress. >> reporter: a bipartisan group is running a $650,000 ad campaign pressing current members who have not pledged support for the corker bill suggesting the threat of a nuclear blast here one day. >> tell senator huh shaheen no deal without congressional approval. the group started running ads in places like virginia thanking democrat tim cane for supporting the measure. >> thanks. still ahead donald trump reveals when he will make a decision on presidential run and yes he says he is serious. first stocks end the week up and good news for your pocket
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. he's a billionaire real estate mogul tv star and now he says he wants more. we are talking about donald trump a man who never shies away from the spot light or controversy. earlier this week i had a chance to sit down with the donald and ask him if he is serious about a white house run this time. billionaire donald trump has more name recognition than just about anyone from his reality tv show celebrity apprentice. >> it is going to be bigger and better than ever. >> reporter: to his recognizable helicopter, hotels, golf courses and various properties around the world.
3:22 pm
his high profile friends from the sports and entertainment world to the miss universe pageant which he owns. the trump name is on a lot of things. the question is will it be on a ballot anytime soon? >> you hear that? >> trump has shown up in new hampshire, iowa. most political analysts will tell you we have heard it all before. is this real? >> this is real. >> really? >> this is really real. i am looking at it very, very seriously. i will make a decision soon. politicians are all talk no action. i deal with them all the time. i have done very well with politicians. i will tell you our country is going to hell. we have people running the country that don't know what they are doing. this is absolutely real. >> you know the dig on you and the concern about you that this is all about the brand.
3:23 pm
why is this time different than 1999 or 2007 or 2011 when you talked about it and looked at it? why is this different? >> i looked at it twice. last time was very serious. i was very, very disappointed in mitt romney. some people choke. he choked. he failed. he should have done great. he should have beaten obama. i love all the things i'm doing. i fix things. i make things better. i fix them. this country can be made great. it's not great right now. people laugh at us. and if i run my slogan is make america great again. i have to add the word again because i have to do it. make america great again. >> people look at you and say he is successful and he is on tv. why do this? why put yourself through this? why put your family through this? >> we have a great life. i built a great company. it's a phenomenal company.
3:24 pm
this is really what the country needs. it needs a certain type of thinking. we owe $18 trillion. we are going to 21 trillion and ultimately 24. 24 trillion is the magic number like the point of no return. we're there quickly. we will end up being another greece and maybe another detroit. that is where our country is going. we need proper leadership. >> for donald trump a presidential exploratory committee isn't a step, a phrase, a signal, a means of repeating same teasing maybe i will run formulation he has used many times before. >> a theme you seem to keep coming up with too. this recent poll coming out. they say he is not running. that's a real negative.
3:25 pm
the one thing that will clear that up instantly if i stand up and i say i'm running for president. >> the go/no go time, the decision? >> i would say june, july will make a very strong decision. if i go i go. i go and look very simple. i want to make our country great again. it's a very simple campaign. and i don't know of anybody else that can do it. >> that poll trump was referencing was the poll that put trump ahead of rand paul chris christie, marco rubio rick perry and others. >> donald trump is probably the only billionaire most of us know and the only billionaire who can communicate well with average people. he has a knack for saying things in a way that people can interpret. they can relate to. i don't think he is running. i think he is playing with it in order to a platform.
3:26 pm
clearly he can self fund. it would be a very well financed campaign and a fundraiser for donald trump. >> nobody is going to come along and say as they do with politicians i want to be the ambassador to france or ambassador to some other place. that's what they do. i'm going to raise you a million dollars. none of that crap is going to happen if it is with me. i would pick people. they wouldn't have a chance. we have tremendous potential in this country. every country that does business with us rips us because we have people that are incompetent negotiators. when we deal with china and brazil and mexico and deal with japan which is really starting to rear its head again as you
3:27 pm
probably have seen and manipulating currency very low very hard to compete. politicians don't know. they talk. what they are great at is self preservation. they keep their job. that is all they want to do is keep their job but they don't want to do good for the country. >> as president trump what would you do? >> i wouldn't raise taxes. i would lower taxes. i'm going to take back business from china and vietnam. take back business from these countries that are manufacturing. we are going to start manufacturing in this country. i will take in so much money and we will make this country so powerful and rich again and therefore great that you won't have to cut social security, medicare and medicaid. we will get rid of the fraud which is massive and we will get rid of the waste. i'll give you example. president obama takes air force one and his wife leaves at
3:28 pm
almost the same time and she takes another boeing. you have two boeings going in the same direction almost the identical time. you tell me is that right? is that right? they go out to do television shows in the same area burbank california. they're landing at i believe the same airport. one leaves an hour or two early. you don't think maybe mrs. obama or the president can say let's take one plane. >> immigration how do you deal with it? >> you have to stop the border, stop mexico from sending everybody here. people don't realize mexico is not our friend. we have to build the wall and stop people from coming in and stop it now. nobody can build a wall like trump can build a wall believe me. >> what do you do with the 11 million plus here? >> i believe in a merbt system. somebody has done a great job and done that wonderful job and
3:29 pm
had a productive period of time you start letting them go through a system. but the bad ones you get them out and you get them out fast. >> on president obama's foreign policy trump says countries are continuing to take advantage of the u.s. on all fronts. >> the reason it is not going to stop is because they have no respect for our leadership. >> when it comes to u.s./israel relations? >> a lot of jewish friends who supported obama are saying what did we do? >> one potential problem for trump's rollout is past red sentence to release tax returns. >> i want to tell you right now i have no problem with giving my tax returns but a stupid person, a really stupid person is paying a lot of taxes. if you are in business i'm in business for myself and for my family. i want to take care of my kids.
3:30 pm
i give a lot of money to charity. i am proud of the fact as a businessman i want to pay as little tax as possible. >> reporter: trump says he wants a countrywide infrastructure project. >> who is better than trump? i know how to do it inexpensively. >> reporter: a much stronger military. >> very strong on the military. very strong on taking care of our veterans, very important. >> reporter: trump's wife and all of his children are they ready for this? >> nobody knows if anybody is ready. it is a tremendous burden on a family. no question about it. i understand that. i explained it to ivanka and everybody. i explained it to my wife. i have a great wife. i said our country is dying and the politicians are not going to change that. i'm not playing games. because i'm tired of watching politicians give away the country and destroy our country i may surprise a lot of people and i'm not doing this for fun.
3:31 pm
>> there is much more to this interview as you can imagine. we will post the rest monday on my blog. a good day on wall street today. the dow was up almost 99. s&p 500 up 11. the nasdaq up 21. hillary clinton is expected to make her presidential run official this weekend. so what can we expect this time around? we'll ask the panel and play a little candidate casino right after the break.
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i am obviously flattered and deeply honored to have people ask me and people encourage me. i am thinking about it but i'm going to continue to think about it for a while. >> well it is true, i am thinking about it. but for today that is not why i'm here. i'm here for the steak. >> your headquarters here possibly? >> all in good time. >> well, it is that time. we are told this weekend hillary clinton will throw her hat in the ring for the presidential run in 2016. we're told it will happen on social media and then will make a stop in iowa. this comes as a new poll is out
3:36 pm
by bloomberg. do you think it would be a good thing or a bad thing for the democratic party if hillary clinton faced serious competition for the presidential nomination? 72% said a good thing. next, do you think hillary clinton has been truthful in saying she turned over all e-mails relevant to her time as secretary of state or do you think she personally withheld or deleted e-mails. 53% and then not sure. that is the back drop. let's bring in our panel. nina easton. amy walter national editor for the cook political report and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. what about this? >> interestingly she added an epilogue to her book to humanize her as a grandmother and spent a lot of time talking about the arrival of her new grand child. i also was struck by that epilogue in that most campaigns run on change.
3:37 pm
this is about status quo. she highlights barack obama and bill clinton both hugging on stage at the convention while she is half way around the world doing diplomatic duty. this is both her strengths and her weakness. she is very much tied to a past. to me what is really interesting is how she runs against this president particularly on foreign policy. she was secretary of state. i predict that this supportive sense of barack obama right now is going to become prickly and possibly hostile as she tries to continue her dance away from him on foreign policy. >> no doubt the democratic party is united when it comes to dealing with hillary clinton as the nominee largely. but there are hurdles that she faces. >> i think the most important of which you pointed out in the poll. their own party says she should have competition. i don't think that means they
3:38 pm
want her to lose or would like to see her get taken down a notch. they would like to see that she gets real major league pitching before she goes in before the real game against a republican. and i think even her team would admit they want to make sure that she looks like she is in shape by the time we hit the general election and they would also like to make sure that she doesn't look like the presumptive nominee. i think you will hear it a lot as she is out this weekend whether on social media or visiting voters talking about how important it is for her to earn the vote and not going to assume she is the nominee. >> a couple of people are out trying to earn the vote even though they are not declared. martin o'malley had this to say today. >> i think history is full of examples where the inevitable front runners until they are no longer inevitable. what i have heard is that people want new leaders.
3:39 pm
they want to hear voices of the new leaders and want to set up a robust debate about issues our country faces. >> what about that? >> this is a very old generational theme. she has several issues the first, of course is authennicity. there is the thing about o'malley using the word new. that is the theme of the republicans and used by whatever challengers on the democratic side. it is not a chronological age. it is her political age. she has been around forever. she can't run on change because she has been in this administration and has been around for 30 years. that would be a fraud. that would be an obvious fraud and wouldn't work. it is like kennedy in 1960. people are going to run on newness, energy the future, running against the lyndon johnsons of the world. she represents of the past in the '90s a good past. in the last six years it was not
3:40 pm
that good a path. she will be representing one way or the other. she can't escape that. that will be a strong underlying theme. she might want to declare sexism or ageism on that but that won't work. >> i want to enter democrat candidate casino. we come here every so often. let's go down the row in the democratic casino. who is going to be the nominee? >> used to be $100 on hillary. i am down to 90. the only one who deserves to get anything is elizabeth warren. the only reason i have $10 on her is because there is probably a one in ten chance she will get into the race and she would be the only challenger who would have a chance. >> you and i have the exact same number. 10 i put to the house not because i think somebody else will beat hillary clinton. i think he is positioned to be the nominee but i'm very risk averse. i don't like putting all my
3:41 pm
money on one number. >> we have seen you here in the casino before. >> i am first person to put 100 on a candidate. things like martin o'malley candidacy, far fetched. hand picked successor lost an embarrassing race for governor to maryland. he oversaw one of the worst rollouts of obamacare in the country. this is not somebody with a strong record to run on for example. i don't see anyone out there besides hillary and elizabeth warren made clear she is not going to run. >> all in with 100. we go into the republican candidate casino right after the break.
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3:45 pm
on scott walker and the other 30 on the rest of the candidates all by way of saying i think it is a wide open field. i think jeb is pretty much a front runner if there is one. we saw this week announcements ted cruz rand paul marco rubio coming up. i think there is a chance for a breakout in other candidacies. >> you have been here before a number of times. the approval numbers and disapprove for jeb bush disapprove continue to go up in a lot of the polls. >> what keeps what you see is seems to be a group of republican voters that is not convinced that they are going to like jeb bush. however, unlike some others in the field like, say, chris christie he does not have hardened negatives in that same way. what i look at it is that there is a sense that jeb bush for many people is george w. bush
3:46 pm
even among republicans there is that feeling. he has to work hard to get over that. i do think that at the end of the day i agree with what nina is saying is he is able to convince people that he is not the candidate that they think he is. >> i have a table to run here. >> so i still put jeb as front runner at 40. walker at 30. rubio is my sleeper candidate. i put $25 on him. even though field is big and diverse i think i keep coming back to the same three as three most likely to get the nomination. >> i am with the same three. i have been with them for a while. i think rubio is the one. if the theme is new and old. and especially because foreign affairs have become an important issue very unusual in the last 30 years that we should have an election that hinges a lot on
3:47 pm
that. i think discuss with the position in the world is going to lead to who can speak on those issues. rubio i think is the best. i put $5 on ted cruz because anybody who raises $30 million a week deserves. >> did you contribute to the 401 k? >> a little on the 401 k because i'm trying to be responsible as i mature. >> you left off women and song. >> i reformed. i'm not sure how long i will stay on the wagon. >> many of the people who e-mail in or tweet in or drop facebook messages say their favorites tend to be ted cruz and rand paul and there is a lot of grass roots betting on other candidates. >> i think the problem with the candidates as strong as they may be you have to look at whew is vying for the same face. you have to look at which
3:48 pm
category each of them is buying for. i think jeb bush's advantage is that he has no one for the space so more moderate candidate. >> rand paul, the latest in the head to head has him beating hillary clinton in some of the states. polls up and down. do you think that the conventional wisdom that he had a bad launch is true? >> he had a bad launch in the sense that people in the media thought he had a bad launch because of the way he interacted with the media. rand paul's problem still is going to be the fact that he is on the wrong side on the foreign affairs issues. that is going to be his biggest problem, not whether or not he talks back to reporters. i will say his temperment is going to be questioned time and time again, not just reporters but i'm curious to see how he does on debates and how he reacts when he gets dinged by
3:49 pm
his opponent. >> we will see first today on fox. next up friday lightning round.
3:50 pm
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3:52 pm
friday lightning round starting with iran. the administration is insisting, still, that sanctions relief on iran will only happen after they complete all of the stipulations in this framework of a deal. iran says no, they will be lifted first. meanwhile capitol hill, lawmakers come back next week to start pressure of this bill to get final vote up or down on any deal. we're back with the panel. nina? >> i think the events that have traps period over the last week definitely strengthen senator corker's hand in congress. not only did you have
3:53 pm
predictable critics being aired. you had the president himself seeming to say on npr that the breakout time at the end of this deal for iran to get a nuclear weapon would be zero. then you had two secretaries of state come out and say this is a dangerous deal. and then you had this problem that you suggested they think the iranians saying we want sanctions off right away and the president trying to hold on to that theme that the sanctions have to come off gradually. >> the administration amy is losing democrats. >> this is what really interested. democrats in congress and just in general are more united ideologically than most republicans are on big issues except foreign policy whether it's syria, iran, what to do with isis. they are divided and this is another one of those issues that's a big pressure point for democrats. on capitol hill it's going to be a big pressure point in 2016. >> charles? >> what was devastating was the khomeini speech, ayatollah speech. not only in the details where he contradicted everything the administration has said but
3:54 pm
it was in the tone. the premise of the deal and what obama is hoping and promising is that this engagement will mellow the regime. will make it like a normal regime. and what khomeini showed us is that he believes united states remains the devil it's cheating. deceptive. revolutionary spirit completely undermine the whole idea of the deal itself. >> winners and losers? winners first? >> my winner first is raoul castro. the castro brothers had to wait through 10 presidencies to get t a president that would give them everything without relaxing the police state by one iota and they got it in obama. loser of the week is marie rharf. i have heard a lot of big words and big thoughts in that piece. there is certainly a place for that. this administration of tremendous smallness in spirit and stature but for
3:55 pm
marie harf smallness in comedy. >> winners and losers? >> my winner legacy in politics, winners legacy on the basketball court. i think uconn 10th championship and of course duke with their fifth. for my loser it's getting hard just to be a regular campaign donor anymore. you have to have a super pac to be cool now. we saw this week with ted cruz there are four super pacs now not aligned with his campaign but four of them pledging $31 million. >> a lot of money. >> winners and losers quickly. >> winner angela at apple. apple came out with smart watch and she is -- and there was some skepticism about it but it sold out in six hours. good day good week for apple. my loser is president obama. and over the iranian deal. they keep talking about the
3:56 pm
white house clearly thought they would come out and embraces an historic moment. crumbled all book and i think the opposition has deepened and wydened to it. >> okay. womenner here extra panel segment on a friday. that's it for far the panel. stay tuned for a new bumper. ro sticker on the campaign trail. savings. our experience is one reason 100% of our retirement funds beat their 10-year lipper averages. so wherever your long-term goals take you we can help you feel confident. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. when it comes to good nutrition...i'm no expert. that would be my daughter -- hi dad. she's a dietitian. and back when i wasn't eating right, she got me drinking boost. it's got a great taste and it helps give me the nutrition i was missing. helping me stay more like me. [ female announcer ] boost complete nutritional
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3:59 pm
finally tonight, hillary clinton isn't the only democrat gaining momentum apparently in the white house the group draft biden 2016 is putting the vp's name in the mix and apparently trying out slogans. >> draft biden 2016. bumper stickers i'm riden with biden. that's the sticker. a lot better than the other one that women around the white house have started using i'm hyden from biden. >> oh, yeah. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report," fair balanced and unafraid. make it a great weekend.
4:00 pm
should be an interesting one in politics. greta goes "on the record" right now. ♪ ♪ this is a fox news alert. isis is in american. don booker accused of planning a terror attack. getting ready to get killed in jihad is a energy rush. i am eager to meet my lord. it isn't chilling words. he had a plan. car bomb attack set to go off u.s. soil at a major military base. join us topeka reporter justin. tell me what's the latest? out of northeast kansas, he had what he believed was


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