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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 10, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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#jill tahmooressi. find out more at voting ends in just a few hours. let's get moving. let's make it. she is influential. look what she did. she got her marine home. good night from washington. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> secretary can we expect you back brooklyn your headquarters possibly? >> all in good time. >> hillary clinton picks sunday to announce her run for the white house. can she overcome the mountains of controversy already surrounding her? we will debate that. >> only an insane person would compare the united states of america with a country that is governed by the ayatollahs. >> president obama's nuke deal with iran getting slammed by all sides. lt. colonel ralph peters will analyze. >> i'm in my closet. i hope -- are we close? >> prosecutors releasing a chilling 911 tape of a terrified sandra bullock hiding from intruder in her
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own home. we'll have details. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. political dynasties, that's the subject of this east coast's talking points memo. the office of the president is supposed to go to the man or woman who generates the most ideas to make america better. it's supposed to go to the man or woman who has the leadership skills to stimulate the economic power house that we have right here in america. it's not supposed to go to the most inevitable or the one whose dad, brother, or husband was president so therefore it's his or her turn. hillary clinton's plan is to announce her presidential run this weekend, and jeb bush is soon to follow soon after. so bush and clinton. are we so devoid of men and women with strong ideas values and leadership skills that we're down to a bush
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vs. a clinton choice for the next president? i hope not. the last 20 years or so have been brutal on america's standing in the world. globally, we are near the top in economic freedom now we rank number 12. in the past, america's created high paying jobs in manufacturing, construction, medicine but now we create jobs in service industries like restaurants and bars. in fact, we lead the world in jobs created at fast food restaurants and that's a problem. we no longer lead in education. the united states is now ranked 14th in education even lagging behind russia. we have had a bush or clinton in the white house for 20 of the last 26 years. do rereally need more of the same? i will vote nor the most conservative candidate for president. i hope my choice doesn't come down to it a bush or a clinton. we're better than that that's the memo. now for the top story. hillary clinton is expected to announce her candidacy this weekend and she can expect to face a lot of scrutiny.
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>> 9/11 unruns with the burden. cain had to run with burden immigration policy. her burden is sort of the muscle memory of everything that went wrong last time. >> joining us now from washington democratic strategist richard good stein who was an advisor to hillary clinton's first presidential campaign and daniel halpern the author of the book clinton inc. richard, let me start with you. nicolle wallace pointed out a lot of what we are going to see when we hear about hillary's announcement is all the mistakes she made the first time. what mistakes did she make the first time? >> well she obviously didn't present herself in a way until almost towards the end of the campaign that was her most appealing. let's not forget about the fact that in ohio, and texas and pennsylvania, and a lot of very big state primaries, florida, dishee exceptionally well in 2008. this motion, i would say a myth that somehow she is this horrible campaigner is just that it's a myth. as she said, she got
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18 million votes to try to break that glass ceiling. but, obviously. >> did she underestimate senator obama? >> >> i think she did one thing wrong in terms of running the campaign which is they ignored the caucuses. i hate to say it but she didn't compete there because she thought by the time the caucuses rolled around the campaign, i think she thought was largely going to be over so she kind of front loaded. it didn't work that way. so she got beat pretty badly in one caucus after another. that's where obama mounted the difference frankly between him and her but for that frankly we would still be contested who was going to get that nomination. >> daniel when you think of hillary clinton, at least when i think of hillary clinton, i think of the corrupt politician i know versus the one i don't know. maybe she is inevitable choice on the democrat side. what are your thoughts on what she should do or what do you think you will expect -- what we should expect to see sunday? >> well, i think sunday we are going to see probably a facebook message trying to get the facebook voted. we will see the social media
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gimmicky trying to attract young voters and trying to support this groundswell. but the problem is that it's gimmicky and comes from a place of frankly of weakness. the problem with hillary clinton is that she is inevitable candidate. expectations are very high. and they are frankly too high that she can't even meet the expectations. so she has to announce from a standpoint of weakness. because she can't fill a basketball arena. she can't get 30,000 people to come out to see her. so she is going to start with these small events and trying to work her way up and trying to build some enthusiasm that way. it's going to be really hard for her because she is not expected to have such a strong primary challenge. what is she going to be doing for the next 8, 10, 12 months, you know, until the primary is over? she sort of has to look like she is not taking things for granted without and likewise look compelling that's a hard message. >> why doesn't she a challenge? why doesn't it look like anyone is going to step up? we have a northeast governor
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who said he might, we have elizabeth warren senator saying she probably won't. shouldn't one of these people step up? give her a challenge? >> >> you wouldn't know it if you watch fox all the time, democrats love hillary clinton. 86% when asked would you vote for blank for president, hillary clinton was at 86%, biden, warren was in the 50s or lower. when asked the question are you enthusiastic about it? 40 percent said they were very enthusiastic. bush is at 10. that's why no one wants to run against her because democrats love her. eric, she was the most popular figure in the world among women 18 of the last 21 years and the gallup survey of america. people like her. >> what's going on in the last year or so. every time she has a scandal whether it's the server scandal or wiping her servers clean after congress said don't do that these things are hurting her. approval ratings are.
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trails rand paul two very important swing states. maybe she should step up her game a little bit. >> well look, she is trailing only to glorify quinnipiac over abc "the washington post" and cnn and frankly more gallup more for middible pollsters have her with rather substantial ends over every sing single one of the republican candidates. >> i'm not so sure that that's ♪ changing. that adam pulling than threat the sweater starts to open up and see what's behind it are there a lot of threads in the clinton foundation? what are behind those closed doors. >> not just the clinton foundation we are expecting news about. it's the relationship between the clinton foundation and her work as secretary of state. was she doing favors for the clinton foundation and for whoever their donors might have been while she was secretary of state. people are thoroughly investigating it and there has been some news about different ties to different corporations. and i expect a lot more detailed approach. >> corporations daniel, and
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also maybe the clinton foundation took up to it a million dollars from morocco to sit down and meet with the king of morocco i'm not sure that's even legal. >> absolutely it raises serious questions about the legality and, of course, the ethics behind it back to richard's point for a second about democrats really loving clinton. democrats love willing. they don't really love hillary clinton. they loved hillary clinton so much they would have voted for her president the one time they had a chance instead of choosing the person they didn't know barack obama over the personal they did know. they don't love her so much. they love winning. she is completely expendable for most democrats there is not a groundswell of support. they just realize she is the inevitable nominee. they have to get behind her. >> we are going to leave it right there, gentlemen. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> geraldo rivera with some very provocative thoughts on the walker police shooting in south carolina. we'll be right back with that. not to be judgmental, but from where i'm sitting... it's your gas that's out of order in this court. the pressure. the bloating.
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in the impact segment tonight, the fallout from the walter scott shooting in south carolina, police dash cam footage shows what started as a normal looking traffic stop. >> let's start with your license. the reason for your stop is your third brake light is out. >> moments later while officer slager check mrs. scott's license in his patrol car scott exits his vehicle. you have got to stay in the car. >> scott gets back in but shortly afterward he bolts eventually leading to the deadly confrontation. >> the evidence against officer slager appears overwhelming, but geraldo rivera thinks otherwise and he joins me now. geraldogeraldo, taillight, a man is dead. why is it not murder?
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>> let me start with the taillight. now, the third taillight is out in south carolina if you have one taillight out you can legally be stopped. this stop was legal. now whether or not weather it was black man driving mercedes that was the reason the cop stopped him to begin with i think that's an issue that can be debated. there is no debate that the traffic stop was legal. there is no debate now that the dash cam camera has been made public that as scott as mr. scott runs away, there is a time where officer slager catches up with scott. takes out his taser and there is a physical tussle. so now you have these guys in a violent confrontation. scott breaks away from slager. that's when slager does the unforgivable and shoots him in the back. >> you are jumping a little bit there, geraldo. the videotape that we have seen shows the very tail end of what you describe as a tussle it looks like scott breaks away and runs right? >> the dash cam video and then there is the gap in
5:14 pm
video. there is a reliable eyewitness account someone no one has impeached that slager was on top of scott on the ground and they were in a physical tussle. here is why i don't think it's murder. once you have the legal stop the physical violence, the tussle one of the two requirements for the lesser charge of manslaughter. they are heat of the moment and a legal provocation. the legal provocation for the cop is that this fellow has resisted arrest. now he has resisted arrest. the gunshot. >> resisting arrest in and of itself is not grounds to shoot somebody. >> it is provocation sufficient to reduce the charge under south carolina law, very specifically for murder to manslaughter. my point. >> rules of engagement require specific -- when you are going to use deadly force and imminent threat. the officer -- substantially bodily harm by the way not
5:15 pm
just an imminent threat of a tussle as you point out. where is the proof that they are. >> this was a hideous act. let's be clear. we are on the same page. >> he was concerned for his life. >> as a cop you do not have to prove self-defense. >> sure you do. threat of bodily harm. manslaughter requires that there was not a premed occasion to commit murder, but, yet you took the life anyway. you took the life in the heat of the moment with the legal provocation. that makes it manslaughter. it is not murder. furthermore, if they insist on charging murder, i guarantee you this cop will be acquitted because this. >> because what? >> because the jury. >> where did he perceive the physical bodily threat? >> this man grappled with me. he grabbed me. he was reaching for my taser. you don't see that in the video. >> a long track record of doing the right thing. >> fine. fair enough.
5:16 pm
long track record of doing the right thing except for when he likely picked up the taser, put it next to the dead body. that's a big problem. >> separate charge of tampering with the evidence. >> give me a long history. >> remember trayvon martin? trayvon martin, say the words trayvon martin. let. >> let's stay on. this let me tell you why there is a parallel. in trange martin, i urged the prosecutor if they were going to charge zirm with anything, it should be manslaughter. look what happened? the prosecutor because of politics, insisted on a murder wrap, the jury acquitted. if you want to be be politically correct and charge only murder that south carolina jury will acquit him. charge manslaughter. >> and murder. >> you can do both. >> in new york you can i'm not sure about south carolina. >> but i say that because political correctness affects the prosecutor's job in high profile cases charge manslaughter. he goes to jail up to 30 years without possibility of
5:17 pm
parole. >> he falsified the police report. >> do you want him to go to jail or do you want the possibility of acquittal. >> he shot the man in the back and there is no proof that he was in imminent danger for body. >> you don't have to be in imminent danger. >> you do. >> you don't. for a manslaughter wrap to hold you need a legally justified provocation and heat of the moment. he did not -- do you believe that officer slager set out that day to kill walter scott? >> no, i don't. >> don't you believe that the incident -- >> -- officer slager killed a man that shouldn't have been killed. shot him in the back. >> shot him in the back. tampered with evidence and falsified a police report. boy, if i'm a prosecutor i don't know if it gets any stronger. >> clear case of manslaughter. >> and not murder? >> i do not believe it's murder under south carolina. >> and you are a prosecutor. you wouldn't go for murder? >> i worked in the new york county district attorney. >> you wouldn't go for murder in a case like this? >> in new york you can. you can charge murder manslaughter. go down as far as you want and the jury can pick. >> you are as pro-law
5:18 pm
enforcement as they get. when a bad cop does something bad that puts a bad mark on all cops. >> you know what's even worse when a bad cop gets something bad and he gets acquitted because the prosecutor is being driven by politics, rather than the law. >> geraldo, have a great weekend. >> you too eric, thank you very much up. >> next, 2016 presidential hopefuls already diving into the race, why so soon? two top campaign veterans weigh in on the early bird strategy upcoming. for over 19 million people. [ alex ] transamerica helped provide a lifetime of retirement income. so i can focus on what matters most. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real. transamerica.
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in the fact for follow up segment tonight, the very early start to the 2016 presidential campaign election day is 18 months away. but ted cruz and rand paul have already announced their
5:22 pm
candidacies. hillary clinton is planning to announce on sunday. and marco rubio is expected to make it official next week. but, are they getting in too soon. joining us now from boston democratic strategist marianne marsh and from tampa. republican strategist adam good win. adam, let me start with you 18 months away, a lot can happen in 18 months. but the sooner they announce the sooner they can started to fund raise right? >> absolutely. the campaign for president actually began on november 5th, 2014. the day after the last election when everyone said thank god it's over for a while. well it began again the next morning. and i think right now we have kind of moved eric have you might call the spring training phase into the first innings of this ballgame. as the number of candidates actually move ahead and declare have started to multiply and the early positioning starts to move forward and give this race on both sides of the aisle some kind of definition and shape. >> marianne, i'm kind of
5:23 pm
surprised that hillary clinton planned to announce on sunday. she, a doesn't have any competition. the g.o.p. side seems to be stumbling a little bit. maybe it would have been start for her to sit back and watch and see how things play out. would you have advised her to wait? >> no, not at all. i mean, it's only nine months until the iowa caucuses and new hampshire primaries. the two most important contests that kick off this entire process. you have to build an organization, raise money, go and campaign and win people's votes one by one by one. that takes time and that's actually not a lot of time. not only about winning the primaries and caucuses in iowa and new hampshire. it's about setting yourself up to win the nomination and win those states in the general election. that's 10 electoral votes right there. that can be the difference between being the next president of the united states or going home. even in the case of somebody like hillary clinton who everybody knows her name and all the posts she has held. they don't know much about her background. i think it's important to spend that time doing that. >> she is going to be the only democrat candidate. and therefore with what's
5:24 pm
expected to be somewhere between 3 billion and $4 billion spent on attack ads across the board. there is going to be a lot of attacking on hillary clinton going forward. marianne a comment on that? >> well all the more reason she needs to get out there and show people that by the way, she grew up in a middle class family in the midwest. her father started a business. her mother had a childhood -- she went to two great colleges. that's what you have to do. she has got to do that. >> okay. but, adam, 18 months of attack ads is it better to get some of that stuff out of the way early? maybe that's why she is going a little earlien instead of the really big stuff hit her had and interest that water under the bridge and move forward from there? >> eric, i think what happened with hillary, she got a wakeup call. i think that press conference over the email fiasco told her she wasn't yet ready operationally or in terms of her performance or message ready for prime time. and it said we need to get moving here because the game is on. and what americans are looking for coming out of the last election and they
5:25 pm
are still looking for today eric, they are looking for leaders who are fresh, genuine and relevant. i think she has a problem on her hands in proving that right now in the early start which by the way, is being done in completely controlled fashion by twitter. >> and not only that adam now, marco rubio has already told most people that something big is coming monday in florida. yet, hillary divided to do sunday on facebook. it almost looks like she is trying to hide duck under the cover of the republicans' announcements. >> hillary has a problem, eric, dealing with the press and media and with the american people and looking them in the eye and telling them where she stands at times. if i were to come up with a slogan for hillary if she were to allow me it would be don't press me i'm hillary. and i think that's the attitude she has going into this race. that's not good enough at a time when people want to connect with their leaders as opposed to to be lectured by their leaders. >> $2 billion she is going to have to spend. who is her biggest concern hillary?
5:26 pm
>> look, i think this is going to be a competitive general election no matter who the republican nominee is which is why she needs to get out there and define herself before anyone does that for her. that's why she is starting now. anyone who has done any campaign let alone a presidential campaign, nine months is nothing. 18 months is nothing. >> $2 million attacking somebody. who does she worry about? i talked about this in the talking points memo. is this what we are going to come down to? is that it? bush, clinton and for the next 8 years making it 28 out of 34 years of bush or a clinton in the white house? >> i don't know. we'll see. but that's why we have these races. a lot of times conventional wisdom isn't what bears itself out. i think you can stand hillary clinton she will go to diners, living rooms. >> you won't answer the question. >> i'm not in the prediction business. >> that's what you are doing. you are -- that's what we do. we talk about who -- we predict we think, we speculate. adam. who is hillary's biggest competition? who is she worried about the
5:27 pm
most. >> eric, thank you for throwing it out there. i think her biggest competition in this race is going to be jeb bush ultimately because of this. both of them have the same thing going for them. sustainability. they are going to have their resources, the manpower and i think that the message that will enable them to go through some of the tough days, the tough times to get on top again, i think it's going to be interesting by the way republican primary election. i think you are going to see multiple candidates at different times holding as they say the lead in the polls. i think at the end of the day if you look at history it will default to that candidate whose message and persona has sustainability. weather the storms is it jub besh or the money? let's talk about just jeb and marco rubio for one second. two very popular g.o.p. candidates from the same state they are going to be fighting over the same dollars, aren't they? >> they are. >> yes they do come from
5:28 pm
the same state. different places. jeb bush one of the most successful governor in the history of florida rubio was one of the more successful speakers of the house, went to the senate. he represents kind of a new, fresh voice of conservatism. i think it's going to be a fight for not just the soul of the republican party. it's going to be a fight to prove who is ready to hit the ground and lead this country and that's where the campaign really begins. >> marianne, i have got to go. i'm sorry i cut you off. next time i promise you. by the way. >> thanks, eric. >> if you just ape my question earlier we wouldn't have to go around the table. >> i agree with richard either rubio or bush. >> there you go. iran's ayatollah says what the white house has told us about a nuke mare deal is not true. $10 million ransom money to release hundreds of christian hostages. guess who is here. lt. ralph peters is going to be here to analyze that moments away.
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in the unresolved problem segment tonight two important stories, the nuclear deal with iran and isis demanding $30 million to free hundreds of christian hostages. but first to iran. congressional opposition to a nuke deal grows louder by the day. the obama administration is struggling to get correct me if i am wrong to butt out. >> congress will have to vote to lift ultimately some of the angst is which are congressionally mandated. we all understand the
5:33 pm
process here and i think we just need to be serious in a way that does not interfere with the president's ability to pursue the foreign policy interests of our nation. >> some members of congress don't exactly see it that way with senator john mccain even saying that iran might be right over claims that the white house isn't telling the whole truth about the deal's terms. >> john kerry must have known what was in it and, yet, chose to interpret it in another ayatollah is probably right. john kerry is delusional. >> fox news strategic analyst ralph peters; colonel peters john mccain is right in that we see a very different deal with the one or two page secretary kerry gave us upon leaving the deal versus what the
5:34 pm
ayatollah has put out in iran. >> the human capacity for self-delusion is almost infinite and obama and kerry are champions. eric, the iranians negotiate. we beg. and the iranians are really really good negotiators. they are tough. now, part of what you are seeing or hearing with what ayatollah khomeini is saying is negotiating strategy. their foreign minister mohammed shareef is the good cop. eye toll lal khomeini is the bad cop. back to the next round of talks say to kerry oh gee, john, i would like to help you out but the ayatollah says i can't do that. that's part of it. to me the fundamental issue is these are people, kerry and company, just aren't serious negotiators. the iranians the persians of the core of iran. they have a bizarre culture. they are born haglers and
5:35 pm
they look at obama and they size up their customers. and they know obama wants to buy this persian rug no matter what. he is fixated on buying it. people are telling him that's a fake, don't buy that rug. but he just wants to buy it and by god they are going to get the highest price they can. >> colonel, do a side by side comparison of the two deals -- two countries ideas of the deals. under u.s. say they are permanent and iran says they are temporary. right here sanctions. the u.s. says the sanctions are phased in where iran says the ayatollah supreme leader says is he not doing a deal unless those sanctions are lifted before he signs it i have got to tell you these aren't deals aren't even close on paper. >> i don't think the paper is very specific. i think there is a tacit, if not overt agreement between kerry and za reef that okay, we are going to agree to disagree we will spin ours and you spin yours. >> did kerry and company lie to us? do they have a separate deal
5:36 pm
or the ones that the iranians believe. they want a deal so badly back here don't worry i will tell the american people what i need to tell them to get them on board. >> of course they are lying. i mean, next question? of course they are lying. kerry lies, obama lies, secretary clinton lied when she was secretary of state is. my question to you would be when in the course of these negotiations or our engage thement in the middle east has the white house told the truth about isis being the jay vee team about yemen being a success story, about what we were going to do in syria or libya? i mean, this is an administration that has lied so long about so much they no longer have a grip on the truth. >> okay colonel. by the way. after president obama leaves office, i'm going to have a poker game, you me president obama, john kerry but we don't want za reef, we don't want the iranian -- he can stay away from the table. other story other topic. isis commanding demanding
5:37 pm
$30 million for christian hostages. what do we do there? >> our position is correct. if you're not personally involved. our position is we do not negotiate with or with terrorists or pay ransom for hostages. as long as you don't have one of your relatives as a hostage. that sounds pretty good. the problem is this. we have this devil's dilemma whereas if we don't -- if nobody pay as ransom they will graphically and brutally film the murder of hundreds of christians. if somebody does pay a ransom they will kidnap more christians and more -- who don't measure up. you have got to take the pain. no we don't pay the ransom. anyway the bottom line here is the way you avoid paying ransoms is to kill them before they take hostages. i'm sick and tired eric of people saying there is no military solution. we have never tried a military solution. we have sent our troops whether under bush or obama
5:38 pm
into theú gá4< a+bg=[9?qh÷÷lín_8#zñmwj1]ddp ñ8ñ5#-uúc battlefield so much ♪9féh9d fear of any collateral damage that we have never tried a military option. you kill these suckers, that's how you stop the kings. >> leave it right there colonel peters, thank you very much. when we come right back, prosecutors releasing sandra bullock's frantic 911 call as she hides from an intruder in her home. we will play that for you when the factor comes right back. my feet felt so heavy at the end of the day. they used to get really tired. until i started gellin'. i got dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles. when they're in my shoes my feet and legs feel less tired. it's like walking on a wave dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles, i'm a believer! at old dominion, we see freight...
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. thanks for staying with us, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly and in the personal story segment tonight, two big stories including a new jersey teacher who has been suspended after assigning her 3rd graders to write letters to a convicted cop killer but we begin with the chilling audio of sandra bullock calling police during a break-in to her home last year. it was played in court yesterday at a hearing for the man accused of stocking her. -- stalking her. >> joining us now in studio
5:43 pm
a former florida circuit court judge and here also in new york debra blum a defense attorney. alex let me talk to you briefly. sandra bullock is hiding in her closet. stalker says he loves her god has told her that she should be his wife. should he be locked up? >> absolutely. they also found in his house he had a bunch of illegal weapons including machine gun and assault weapon. he had broken into her house three nights in a row before. this this guy is dangerous. his lawyer tried to get the charges thrown out claiming he was delusional and thought he was married to her. that is for a jury to decide. delusional qualifies for lyle legal i object sanity. we have had celebrities killed by stalkers and he should be treated very seriously. >> what do you say debra. >> lock him up? >> i think that mental illness sometimes go hand in hand with committing crimes. is he clearly suffering. is he delusional. he thinks he is married to sandra bullock and he is the father of her child. i think that perhaps there
5:44 pm
is something better we could do for him rather than put him through the system. >> like? >> incarcerate him. like rehabilitate him. a lot of people suffer from mental illness and he is going to be locked up and he is not going to be rehabilitated and is he just going to be released and he is just going to do the same thing again. >> if we use that defense any time anybody has a mental illness we will basically punt them out of the criminal justice system. the problem is nobody is going to disagree if you commit a heinous crime like tsarnaev the boston bombing you have to have mental illness to kill little children in that manner. i guess he needs to be rehabilitated. debra is not going to take him to her house to rehabilitate him. >> and debra what do you wait until he does something as judge points out heinous before you put him behind bars? i mean, the man had guns and he was clearly delusional. >> i don't disagree that is he clearly delusional and frightening to have him throughout in the general population. i do have to say i have had a lot of experience with mentally unfit clients. they are not mentally challenged enough to be
5:45 pm
found unfit for trial and it's really scary. one of my clients tried to stab his father in front of me. and these things are really frightening. >> a jury will decide if he is insane. that's the legal standard. >> even if he is insane he can still spend time behind bars. >> in a hospital for the criminally insane but not in a jail. >> very good. let's pivot to the new jersey teacher to instructed 3rd graders to write letters to cop killer. >> this is ridiculous. this man is a cop killer. is he a convicted murderer. the evidence was very strong against him. he has gone up and down all the appeals courts. the only thing that has happened in this case of any significance is the federal judge looked at the instructions to the jury and how the jury handled the death penalty phase and said there might have been some confusion with the juries about ago aggravators or mitigators. he is guilty. retry the death penalty phase. >> he is bragging about it he shot a cop in the back
5:46 pm
and when the cop was prone and helpless he shot him between the eyes and killed him. >> and this -- you can imagine? i have a kid in public school, if a teacher told my kid to write a letter to this man i would throw her out. >> it's really disturbing. i agree with your honor and yourself that this is really not the right thing for 3rd grade students to be doing. criminals that are convicted of crimes have a lot of time on their hands when they are sitting in prison and tone courage your students to have a letter writing campaign with a convicted cop killer is pretty frightening. >> the problem with this eric, it's another like cause celeb years later that people from hollywood jumped on the band was gone and started claiming he was innocent when he is not. >> i he is like a rock star in prison. >> they named a street after him in france. in philadelphia where they know the facts of the case they certainly don't. >> judge is suspended with pay. what ultimately should happen? >> i don't know what her background is as far as whether she has had had any other problems. >> does it matter? >> personally, i wouldn't want her teaching my children. if she feels it's a good
5:47 pm
idea to take 3rd graders and have them write letters to a convicted cop killer, i don't want her teaching my 3rd grader. >> the orange county school board has a way and protocol to handle this. if they find that she should be fired, they need the superintendent to recommend that as well as majority of the board. so it seems like they have good cause here to terminate her. she did tweet about this. multiple tweets. >> she violated some of the most common sense rules and laws of -- they are 8-year-olds. they are 3rd graders and 8-year-olds without permission more specifically. >> without permission. thank you both. coming up, president obama prepares to break bread with raoul castro. could removing cuba from the u.s. terror list be next? factor come right back. azy that your soccer trophy is talking to you right now? it kinda is. it's as crazy as you not rolling over your old 401k. cue the horns... just harness the confidence it took you to win me and call td ameritrade's rollover consultants. they'll help with the
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in the back of the book segment tonight, president obama trying to make peace with cuba. the president is expected to have a historic meeting with cuba's raul castro during an international summit in panama tomorrow. and the white house wasted no time touting the warmy relations between both countries today. >> the president strongly believes that an approach that was focused entirely on isolation, focused entirely on seeking to cut off the cuban people from the united states of america had failed. and that a policy of engagement won't just lead to the ability to work with the cuban government in some areas, it will lead to much greater engagement with the cuban people. and even just over the coureveral months we're seeing things that would have been unimaginable a year ago. >> but the obama administration looks prepared to go even further than that nearing the decision on whether or not to remove cuba from its u.s. terror
5:52 pm
list. joining us now with reaction from washington, republican strategist mercedes, along with a democratic strategist and former chief of staff to congressman luiz gutierrez, welcome both of you. >> thank you, eric. >> jaenis, you're in favor of opening relations with cuba. tell us why. >> engagement is more powerful than isolation. we know that what was going on right now is the word grudge. it has not worked. since before the time mercy and i were born this has been going on. and clearly it has not worked. i think, however, like anything dealing with an evil dictatorship, we have to go into this with our eyes wide open. i think that part of the engagement has to be our sense of justice and fairness so the cuban people first and foremost are benefitted. >> mercedes, you have a completely different take on this. >> absolutely. let me tell you as a daughter of a forman cuban political prisoner that castro threw into jail for six years for fighting for freedom, i will tell you
5:53 pm
that the way this administration has handled it you're dealing with dictators. the ones that haven't changed are the castro brothers. this regime that refuses to give freedom to the cuban people. so we gave the weakest negotiation that our country has done with cuba. and guess what, we got nothing in return. so yes apparently they let go of 50 dissidents. they've incarcerated even more since we agreed on this normalizing relations in december. >> i guess the whisper is that fidel castro was the dictator the evil one. >> no. >> but hold on. but raul allegedly is a lot more free market oriented. is that true? >> there's a saying that says it was fidel castro who would order the execution and it was raul castro who would basically pull the trigger. there is no difference between these brothers. they believe in the same form, which is a fact of making sure you suppress the cuban people that you do not allow for freedom of expression or freedom
5:54 pm
of religion in cuba. they still throw these dissidents into the jail. they kill them. there's human rights abuses left and right in these cuban prisons. guess what, if that is what we want to deal with and negotiate with, the mere fact this administration has not met with the cuban dissidents but has yet extended an olive branch to the regime is an embarrassment. >> jannice, talk about this a minute. the obama administration is not exactly scoring well lately in negotiations, with the bowe bergdahl trade turned out to be terrible. the iranian deal seems to be also stacked in the iranians favor. have we given the cubans too much? should we have demanded more, ie what mercedes points out. human rights atrocities, maybe open some of their markets quicker and wider. >> well, i think that we should look at the facts. i think you look at the countries that are not for example, on the list. we have libya, we have iraq, we have north korea, there are clearly a lot of abuses in those
5:55 pm
countries too. i think what we need to look in terror sponsor state is to figure out why is cuba on the list and whether it demands passive or active terroristic activities. >> who is cuba closest with right now? >> venezuela. >> and who else? >> iran and north korea. >> yeah. exactly. go ahead, mercedes. >> so let's just say so this is what cuba has done. it lied to the international community. it sent over 250 tons of heavy weapons over to north korea, secretly, hidden under sugar. this is what they do they support spain's separatist movement. they bombed madrid. they support -- they support the natural -- >> to your point the reason why cuba is on the list is because back in the day of the cold war it was providing refuge to a lot of these terrorists including one american said to have killed -- >> that's right. and they still do. >> i know. but the facts will determine if
5:56 pm
cuba belongs a ter tor -- >> that's right. the question becomes whether this administration will twist the facts. because the mere idea here is they have to figure out if the cuba regime is meeting this criteria and that they promised not to engage in terrorist activities. and what we know so far is that they're involved in providing safe havens for the members, national liberation army of colombia, all of them are foreign terrorist organizations. >> i think at the end of the day, eric, it will be won pragmatism over ideology. and i think that's what's going to happen here. >> i would hope so. there are so many markets could be open to u.s. farmers, agriculture, travel, et cetera. >> sure. let the castro brothers go and allow for democratic election. >> ladies, thank you so much. "the factor" tip of the day, the one thing you cannot miss this weekend on tv. the tip moments away. when eating healthy and drinking water just isn't enough to ease my constipation i trust dulcolax tablets. i take dulcolax for dependable overnight relief
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sunday 8:00 p.m. eastern. and that's it for us tonight. i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. and please remember the spin stops here because we're looking out for you. welcome to our "the kelly file" special, the 2016 race for the white house. i'm megyn kelly. it is 18 months until americans head to the polls to elect their next president. but the campaign drama is well under way already. two of the most-talked about and at times controversial lawmakers became the first major candidates to seek the highest office in the country. senators ted cruz and rand paul. the only two who have officially declared. however by this time monday the white house field is expected to have doubled. sources say democrat hillary clinton will announce this sunday. and republican marco rubio expected to declare on monday. notably all four of them are curr


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