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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  April 12, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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backs there. i'm watching earnings. big week. probably see earnings down because of the strong dollar. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. i'll be back tomorrow morning on opening bell on fox business network. this is a fox news alert. this is "#mediabuzz". hillary clinton finally jumping into the presidential race today. and fox news chief white house correspondent he haded henry is live. >> reporter: remember after the e-mail trouble started she gave this speech in washington where she talked about new beginnings that she's a new grandma, she wanted a new relationship with the media. but i can tell you in the last couple days, it's been the same old clinton team as we've tried to define how this rollout will play out, every last detail treated like a state secret. we have gotten a couple key
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elements. unlike 2007, where she always had a video on social media and said i'm in and then weightsaited a week, this time we expect her to get to iowa other key states. second, we've obtained a memo from her campaign manager saying what will dominate her campaign is fighting for the middle class, income inequality the same message that has animated president obama who by the way all but endorsed her yesterday. and that is tricky business because she could end up being too tied to what might be called a third term for an unpopular president. though she doesn't want to run too far from president obama. republicans meanwhile are treating her like the general election candidate already. they're running ads in key states saying let's stop hillary. she knows full well from last time that she can't assume anything. she first has to win the nom democratic nomination. and in iowa third place like
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last time 37. >> ed henry, thanks very much. and joining us now, mary katherine ham, susan ferrechio, and dana milbank. hillary isn't giving the press what it wants which is a big speech. what gives? >> they might be able to catch her and ask her some questions which would not be i dealdeal. i know i'm supposed to act like this is super exciting, but i'm into going to get a video announcement? the sus benspense is killing me. >> your pulse is not beating anymore quickly? >> no. not interested in the video announcement. >> i'm fast fated natured by the
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fact she's putting it on twitter. memo says here is the secret strategy. a way of controlling the message? >> this is clinton all the way. i'm wondering if there will be real hard questions pointed her way now that she's an additional candidate and not just somebody who we think willnkthink will be a candidate. will we be looking at the hard issues and what her vision is for the country. so far those kinds of questions have been getting to the bottom of the story instead of the top of the story. i'm waiting for that to be the main issue here. her as a real candidate. >> most candidates when they make the big announcement, they to a little bit of a tv tour. we have no indication hillary clinton plans to do that at least initially. is this again part of a media avoidance strategy? >> i don't imagine how you can come up with such a notion. this will i'm sure be riveting
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television when she announces here on fox news particularly if you're anchoring the coverage. but i have to agree that the only thing that would be interesting is if she says i'm not running. sorry about that. because what is the news value in her announcement or in any of these announcements? we know that they're running. we know what the campaign will be about. there is no campaign memo about what she's supposed to be doing. she's trying to win. of course she'll be talking about incoming qualities. >> they're setting up themes, defines yourself of course she's been on the national -- media appetite for all things hillary is so overwhelming that i'm wondering whether she'll be covered in part more as a celebrity again particularly since she doesn't have much competition on the democratic side. >> i being thethink the e-mail alone despite that they're saying
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she's open, they can play a keep away game. but she needs to be asked hard questions and that i would be interested in. so let's go for it 37tit. >> the fact that she would be the first woman to sit in the oval office, she talks about being a grandmother, is a lot of coverage will revolve around her ground breaking status, will it be suddenly sexist? >> i think part of the problem of covering her as a candidate is that we're not going to get to the hard questions. it will get last paragraph treatment as i cause callll it. this time she will try to define herself as a female candidate who can connect with voters. that will be part of the theme here. and i worry that that will be on secure these harder questions about her tenure as a leader.on secure these harder questions about her tenure as a leader. what was her role. will those things be drowned out. those are the important questions. >> it's a long campaign and i can't imagine that the more
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substantive questions and what she would do about a whole range of issues from iran to the domestic economy will always be in the last paragraph. >> no there is some irony in that she's the celebrity candidate and that's what was used against obama back in 2008. but, no, i think no way is hillary clinton getting a free ride. and i think that because whatever ideological preferences and by as oigs there are in the press, there seems to be an unrelenting hostility. because she's so hostile to the press and disdainful of the press. and of course there will always be this effort to get her to answer questions and she's going to always be resisting it. we'll have 18 months of this tension. >> the good news is there is a piece in buzzfeed so i'm sure everybody will be loving her. >> so we talk about celebrity
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coverage. and let me put up a couple covers. town and country comes out with this cover story on bill clinton and "elle" magazine you see on the left kind of a gushing piece on chelity ityity itysea clinton. does that sort of thing matter? >> i don't see any "elle" magazine covers of rand paul's wife. why isn't he on town and country magazine? i just think the general desire in the media to cover the clinton's favorability is still there even though will is hostility toward the clintons, but i think overall, they're treateded as celebrity status. >> one media outlet is not treating her with great warmth. new york "post," oh hill no! signaling the former secretary of state will not be getting in. and interesting treatment of the
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clintons last night on a certain saturday night program. let's roll it. >> i am running because i want to be a voice for women everywhere. >> did someone say women everywhere? hillary, isn't it crazy this some can thank videos now? if they could have done that in the '90s i'd be in jail. >> the great deal darrel hammond hammond. does that sort of thing hurt or help or just sort of solidify that these are cultural figure sths. >> it hurts me because i feel like i've live this had campaign already and we have to do this darn thing again. and another bush.this had campaign already and we have to do this darn thing again. and another bush. i do think bill clinton gets pretty good coverage because he's a popular former president and chelsea is not seen as a partisan figure. >> you talked about hostility from the hillary camp tour. i think it might surprise some
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folks, ap folks, an off the record meeting from the incoming campaign chairman, maybe a piece offering of sorts? >> he's making pasta apparently. so i hope they brought somebody to test the food. >> and bloomberg ran a story it had to retract saying nancy reagan encoresedly hillary. it will be a crazy season. >> and i think that can form a narrative that the media can follow about her. >> the caricature will always be there and she'll always have to dodge that along the way. they're clearly trying a different strategy this time. but clinton is still a popular figure. and i think that overriding factor will help her, not hurt. even given the "saturday night live" skits. i think it will still be a positive.
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>> if you like hillary, two for the price of one. >> and you cannot begrudge chelsea clinton has someone who had frizzy hair and buck teeth around the same time that she did. >> you got a makeover. >>dy it. thank you to my orthodonist. >> and i guess another question is how much coverage marco rubio will get. ahead, a different media narrative for that horrifying police shooting of walter scott. but when we come back, rand paul lectures a vansavannah guthrie.
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and pull's presidential
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campaign was just hours old when he got a little annoyed at savannah gutry.pull's presidential campaign was just hours old when he got a little annoyed at savannah gutry. >> i once said iran was not a threat. now you say it is. you once proposed ending foreign aid to israel, you now support it at least for the time being. and you once offered to -- >> before we -- >> dras trach lyi wonder if you've mellowed out. >> why don't you let me explain instead of talking over me. before we go through a litany of things you say i've changed on, why don't you ask me a question, have i changed my opinion? that would be a better way to approach it. >> is iran still not a? >> no, no no. >> a tech my that isneak i asked him about last month. >> hey kelly.
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>> yeah i did learn you're not supposed to shush people. i'm human. i try to be as even keeled as i can but like everybody else there are interviews that i would have done differently. >> was there anything unfair about a van any guthrie pressing senator paul on his evolving views? >> his views have changed and i think what he was expressing was a frustration in how he feels he's portrayed in the media, that he's considered an ought liar candidate because he's more libertarian and he gets it from the right and the left. that's what i heard in his voice. he's also new to politics. only a few years in. she was asking fair questions. he was not doing a good job dealing with difficult questions. >> somebody sitting at home watching this, who looked like they were going overboard? savannah guthrie or rand paul? >> this is not the greatest way for him to communicate. when he had that incident with kelly evans, i wrote he should
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have avoid those especially with female anchors. i think he did avoid the pitfalls with a van in guta guthrie. get to the point. >> i don't have a point with guys theses getting snippy with the media. he will turn the question around like he did with abortion. >> politicians push back on reporters' questions all the time. it's sort of part of the give and take. so what was different about this? >> there is nothing wrong with in a republican primary with the candidate bashing the media. i don't think that is -- >> you're staying that has a certain appeal. >> i think that is only good politics if you watch any of the 5,000 republican debates last time, you would see that was a driving theme there. something like that. but what he was doing here you could see in the way he was
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doing it she was asking a fair question. she wasn't requesting about some personal indiscretion. she was asking about policy views that he had changed. now, i wouldn't go so far as to say is it sexis or not. i think it would be a good idea to beat up on howiehoward kurts. >> his answers are fine as politician's answers go. >> a lot -- i was getting flooded with facebook messages with a lot of conservatives say, yeah, stick is it to her. but whether you think she was rude or not, how does it help the senator if the whole first week of his rollout ended up
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being like this? >> i don't think being framed as hostile to the media is necessarily a huge problem. i do think you can learn from mistakes and he can go forward and make changes. and he did these other two things which is the abortion question being turned around which the republican electric rat is like please, beefwe've been begging for that for whoever. so i think that is an interesting point. and then we had this november sense with him storming off the set alledgedly when he was asked a question in which if you watch the videos, clearly not what happened. >> he's being interviewed by the ghat guardian and then he said one more question and then he had to go to cnn, which was a false narrative. what about the two female anchors and some columnists say he has a problem with female
8:19 am
journalists. >> i think he would have done a similar interview if it was a male, but the fact that it was two in a row, eats out there now. luckily for him he has months and months to rehabilitate that image and sound more calm and cool and collected on the air. >> rand paul's defense is that i'm equally prickly with male and female. >> and he is. his father used to lecture reporters in of the same fashion. i don't think he cared if it was a man or woman. they are not portrayed fairly by the media and he did say this morning that his supporters come up and say good for you. >> he may be right, but he was actually getting pretty good press for his announcement speech before this became sort of the defining moment of his week long rollout. >> certainly derailed whatever message he was position building in the thinking about, but this is the point where you you with ament to make sure they spell your name right and get some attention.
8:20 am
if should he should somehow survive republican primary, then he'll have a woman problem in the general election against hillary. >> all right. we have to go. great to see you. ahead, mayorriel hemingway on sexual harassment in hollywood. but first columbia university's damning indict of the "rolling stone" article. why the magazine still doesn't get it. ♪ ah, push it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ push it. ♪ ♪ p...push it real good! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ow! ♪ ♪ oooh baby baby. ♪ if you're salt-n-pepa, you tell people to push it. ♪ push it real good. ♪ it's what you do. ♪ ah. push it. ♪ if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance
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you deserve to love the experience of buying them. ♪ columbia journalism school report on "rolling stone's" agencies of a brutal gang rape ran more than 12,000 word but the key words are these a
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failure that was avoidable. >> flat out whose fault was this. >> well, it was the collective fault of the reporter the he hadded either tore, he had the tore's super ice or and supervisor and fact checking department. >> two told megyn kelly that what the piece said was untrue. >> you're described as concerned that her reputation would be shot for the next four years discussion reported that you had while she stood there mute in her bloody dress. made you sound pretty callus. >> yeah, absolutely. and that's just not true and i think if sabrina had reached out to us to anybody, she would have found out that's not true. >> joining us now a david zurawik. let's start with rolling stone's
8:25 am
reaction. >> that's one of the most distressing part. really blaming jackie. saying she was a fabulous she was an expert story teller and she took -- >> all which may be true. >> it is but that's not excuse for your journalistic malfeasance. and if you read through the report, it's consistent. first they say that they were too night. the reason that we made this mistake is we were too differential to good people. that was the other thing. and then they say, well, i wish that my editor had pushed me harder to contact these people and the they start pointing fingers. >> you're talking about the reporter. >> yeah. and unbelievable that they cannot accept this and this is twhat the what the public dislikes about the media.
8:26 am
they keep making excuses. >> one of the stunning detail jackie never told "rolling stone" the real name of drew and jackie stopped cooperating. and the magazine published the story anyway. >> it's unbelievable that it didn't stop at the point where they cooperate talk tokooptcooperate cooperate talk to any of the people. astonishing any editor would let help get for that point. i did a profile a long time ago and they not only wanted my coat, they wanted my tapes. if you're listening i want my tapes back. but seriously, nobody would head this go on. this is astonishing in it arrogance. >> nobody is punished. and again "rolling stone" didn't contact the three friends who it was pretty easy to find them.
8:27 am
but the columbia report i thought was masterful at details everything that went wrong with this train wreck except the question of why. and i'm wondering whether you think that the magazine wanted this story to be true and that sabrina herdly, the reporter wanted perhaps a more spectacular tale, so it had to be not just one rape but seven men and bloodied and all that. >> this is what the story is. and columbia walked up to it. arntd and said that, quote, seems to be what happened here. it is crystal clear. and you don't have to use social science terms. an image a picture this our head and then the reporter went out to find evidence that would future the picture in her head. whites southern male privilege lem and the magazine wanted to believe it.
8:28 am
even says what the intent was. >> and a lot of people were damaged. a decade ago i revealed that jason blair was a serial fabricator and then a few months later i wrote about jack kelly who made up stories around the world. both edit ors lost their jobs. not the case here. but in a way, this was worse because the editors as those paper, they were deceived. in this case the reporter believed it was true and all the editors signed off on this piece of garbage. stick around, david. up next, a south carolina police officer who was taped shooting an unarmed black man in the back. are some bun did i tellspundits pushing the racial argument too hard? and later mariel hemingway on rebutching woody allen when she was a teen. the pressure. the bloating.
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south carolina post initially. >> reporter: reported the shooting as a traffic stop gone wrong but the coverage changed when it showed a video showing hick shooting him in the back eight times. you know this is graphic. slager has been charged with murder and the media framing has been far different than what happened in ferguson, missouri. >> i have watched the video. and i was sickened by what i saw. >> this is a victim rubbingnning away from the police shot in the back. >> they should be commended for
8:33 am
swift,. >> joining us from new york to analyze the coverage, david webb. david zurawik still with us. david webb, how has the tone of the country different from ferguson? >> the tone has evolved. we had clarity in south carolina. we didn't have clarity in ferguson. we had the lie told by dorian johnson, no video we had contradictory witnesses. what has happened however, is that over at msnbc and some of the other more left-leaning areas, they tried to portray this as ablack/white issue rather than the fact that we have a cop who shot a man running away in his back and killed him and that is something we need to deal with from an honest reporting point of view. and by the way something else that is not being talked about in the media and i know some will react to this another way
8:34 am
which is the discussion needs to be how you deal with the police because unfortunately and while he didn't deserve to be shot should never have been shot by this police officer, he bolted from the car leaving a passenger. and that needs to be part of the media narrative. how you deal with the police. >> right. z, do you agree that since there is no definiteive evidence that it wouldn't have played out differently if the guy running away was white, and are some liberals going too far saying there are a lot of bad cops rarn just dealing with the one case in south carolina is this. >> i think the one thing that is overwhelming is this video.this. >> i think the one thing that is overwhelming is this video. we've reached a point, and i know i did it would sit on my desk with the sound off and just kept playing over and over. and it came to me that i think this in the eric garner video and -- >> the choking death yeah.
8:35 am
>> where they look like executions almost to some people. if you're a fair minded white viewer, you go my god this stuff is going on, and it's like the evening news reports in the '60s from cbs and nbc with the fire hoses and the dogs. i think these videos are so powerful, that they blow almost everything out of the discussion then it does come back to race of course. >> and these bystanders, shot by a barber on the way to his work. i think he's a hero in this. let's show of an interview that he did the other day. >> i won't deny that i knew the magnitude of this and i tried to -- i even thought about erasing the video. >> why? >> i felt that with this information might be like in danger. >> david webb, obviously for him to keep filming as a man is
8:36 am
being shot to death takes a lot of guts. and of course if there had been no video and the officer had said we just for the into a struggle over the taser gun, whole story would be covered differently.into a struggle over the taser gun, whole story would be covered differently. >> of course. and kudos to him. he's filming someone being killed. that alone is something that has to weigh on his mind. but then the fact that he's concerned about blowback from it, that adds to it. and i think what we have here is a case of a clear video we have clear evidence, police reacted quickly. but the media 23450edneed be to be honest. questions can be asked. by all appearances this cop was someone who did something completely horrible and i don't know if we can say definitively based on color. >> david eye's right.
8:37 am
digital technology has stolen this from us. we don't make the pictures anymore. but our responsibility becomes to have a responsible discussion. not to have either side take this and tried to lead us to their political point of view. >> and in this case i've been struck, you because of the horrifying video there has been a more civil discussion i would say certainly than happened after trayvon martin and then after michael brown in missouri. >> i think it's part charity of the video, but also the excesses of ferguson on both i had sides. hopefully we all learned a little bit about that, about taking it beyond where we can go with the facts. >> david webb, do you agree that
8:38 am
the way everybody kind of spun out of control, you think the media learned something here? >> yeah, i hope they did. i hope the evolution of covering stories honestly and to david's point, again, he's right organization the media needs to evolve to the point of covering the story telling the story based based on available facts and nothing else. for those that want to push a narrative on either side they are completely wrong. the community also very responsible in their response. that speaks to the community versus a community that was hijacked by both insiders and outsiders in ferguson. >> maybe modest progress here. my thanks to both davids, webb and zurich. ahead the media's challenge in covering hillary clinton as she jumps into the presidential race today. after the break, my sitdown with
8:39 am
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8:43 am
book, called out come the sun. i sat down with her in new york. welcome. >> that you think. >> you've written very raw material. isn't it hard to go public with all this stuff? >> yes. in a room by yourself when you're writing the story, you're like, oh, this happened, this happened. but then when it comes time to actually reveal it it is challenging in the sense that it's like, oh, my gosh. but the funny thing about it is, and i say this to people, it's like we fear our stories sometimes. sometimes where we come from is not as balanced or wonderful or the jones happy life. >> celebrities have imamges to protect and you're stripping that away and not all is all
8:44 am
that 34respleasant. >> but i think everybody comes from something. they have a story. they have a fear. they have a this, they have something that they need to like not talk about. >> fascinating insights in to hollywood. so whether robert de niro, bob foss chlt, in one case chasing you around a hotel room, is it really that much of a casting couch culltureculture? >> that was in the '80s and i suspect it's probably very similar. i think there is the nature of hollywood. i don't know that any business is without its, you know -- politics has its weird tales of things that go on. >> that's an understatement. >> so i think it's part of the world. it's about relationships, it's about people about not being clear about your needs and
8:45 am
desires. and for me -- >> sounds like they were clear about their desires. >> and that's why i tell the story. it's not a book about gossip not about bob fossi. he was an in-creditble man. >> i have to ask the woody allen question. you co-starred with him and you were 581818 and what happened is this. >> i just played a movie where i played his girlfriend. i was very good to me. i really admired him. he took me through manhattan. and i grew up in a time where i felt -- my other book is called in-advise only girl. i felt like an in-individualablevidin-vizable
8:46 am
person in my family and he made me feel seen. so i wanted to throw almost idaho and he wanted to show me paris. and in my naive mind, even though i was 1, i'd8, i'd never had a boyfriend and i went there hoping my parents would go they're not going with you. sadly, my prmtarents do that. and i realized it was up to me and i would have to be the one that says i can't go to paris because i can't. and i didn't. you about i was really a naive girl. you have to remember the girl i played in manhattan wasn't the girl i was. and woody was respectful. >> a tremendous action to that story. a lot of people angry with woody
8:47 am
allen, but you don't seem angry. >> i'm not angry at him at all. i don't know the facts or details of his life since then. ich not been a part of his life. >> you've spoken out in recent years on mental health issues. of course your grandfather committed suicide as did your sister, margo. how is it that you're not crazy. or are you? >> umm. i don't think i'm crazy, but it took me a lot of years to realize that i wasn't. and i think that a lot of my years were trying to make sure that i didn't go crazy. so i was very regimented about food, regimented about exercise, learning how to -- i was always trying to find a way to find balance in my life. >> the hemingway name and legacy cast a shadow over you? >> look, being a hemingway is one of the greatest honors in
8:48 am
the world. i am the granddaughter of one of greatest writers in the world. how could that not be exquisite to be a part of. but it's also a very umbrella that is pretty large that sends a very large -- casts a large shadow. and so i think it's very important as human beings to understand where we come from. because then it helps you to negotiate your own problems, your own life choices. oh, i get why i made those choices because look where i came from. all these suicides, all this mental illness all this addiction. and yet there is always this creat creativity, too. it's about understanding your heritage. i think that's very important for us. >> you're very candid in this book about your movie came prior and how it's gone through ups and downs. cliché question but does it become harder for actresses after a certain age? >> yes, absolutely.
8:49 am
here is the good news p because of people like robin wright and the house of cards and wonderful projects that enable -- that give opportunities to just tell stories, those stories contain people of all ages. and that is what is beautiful about kind of television these days. television seems to be the way where the place where women can explore their creativity no matter what ablg age they are. but movies still seem slanted towards young people. and that's always been the case. it's funny to look back now and think of myself as an 18-year-old in a movie. i can imagine an actress looking back and thinking -- like why is an 18-year-old girl playing somebody's girlfriend. >> maybe we'll look for you on netflix. thanks so much for sharing your
8:50 am
story with us. and you can see the full interview on our home page our or facebook page. coming up everyone knows hillary clinton doesn't much like the press, but can the press be fair to the overwhelming democratic favorite as she jumps in to the race today?
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8:52 am
8:53 am
there is no question hillary clinton has mus twistederrorist has mess mistrusted the media but it's a challenge for the media, as well. we need to thoroughly vet the former secretary of, but
8:54 am
it's a challenge for the media, as well. we need to thoroughly vet the former secretary of state. we need to be fair to hillary clinton will despite the scars that journalists have accumulated accumulated. and we need to treat her the same way as any male candidate and not as a celebrity and not slou allow any bias to seep in. there will be clashes, but make no mistake the hillary campaign is a very big test for the journalism business. still to come he won't be facing the nation much longer. bob schieffer stepping down after half a century.
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i'm the protector of my patio. killing weeds where they grow. a barrier forms so weeds can't appear - serious weed prevention up to a year. [chorus singing:] ♪ roundup max control 365 ♪ with no more weeds it's your year. bob schieffer has done just about everybody at cbs. covered vietnam, watergate,
8:58 am
anchoring the evening news and of course hosted face the nation. he returned to texas christian university to make this announcement. >> because that was where it all started for me i wanted this to be the place and i wanted you all to be the first to know that this summer i'm going to retire. >> he showed he could be blunt. >> do you like politicians is that the best you can do? this seems to be a sdasdisaster. how can so many professionals keep pressing on with this? >> that's your characterization, not mine. >> sthor >> senator, did you if you didn't
8:59 am
threaten to shut down the government, who did? >> in a business just filled with towering ego, almost no one has a bad word to say about this gentleman. now finally calling it quits. ss sheafer bob schieffer announcing jop john dickerson is will replace him. and his mother, nancy, was almost legendary cbs news correspondent. a lot of people thought nora o'connell might have gotten the job but it may be she's too valuable in the mornings. that's it for this edition of "#mediabuzz". we hope you'll like our facebook page where we post a lot of original content follow. follow me on twitter.
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and you can also set your dvr in case you're not home when "#mediabuzz" comes. we're back here next sunday morning with the latest buzz. fox news alert. right notice we're awaiting hillary clinton's announcement that she is running for president a second time. the former first lady and secretary of state expected to post a video message before heading out on a tour to meet with voters on key election states. hello, everyone. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> mrs. clinton's campaign is sending out a memo laying out the themes they say she will run on. the strategy will focus on trying to convince voters that she has ideas to boost the struggling middle class the economy


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