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tv   Stossel  FOX News  April 12, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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t right now the political field of presidential candidates is beginning to take more shape. the wait is over now. hillary clinton officially in the race. the word coming via youtube, a video two minutes long with some are saying is a clear attempt to rebrand the hillary clinton who laud her first presidential bid eight years ago. let's watch together now. a section throughout the theme. hillary clinton telling voters she wants to be the champion for better economy. >> every day americans need a champion and i want to be that champion. you can do more than just get
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by, you can get ahead and stay ahead because when families are strong america is strong. >> hillary clinton immediately followed up with that video online tweeting this on twitter i'm hitting the trail to earn your vote headed to iowa. fox news learned she is scheduled to be in iowa tuesday. we have fox team coverage. chief political carl cameron following the action pouring in from gop rivals for example. let's begin with chief white house correspondent ed henry live in des moines, iowa. you are learning many more new details about how quickly hillary is going to ramp up her campaign. >> she will be on the ground outside des moines where i am a couple hours outside on tuesday. the new information we have is she will be meeting with educators and students at a community college then on wednesday a little closer in the suburbs of des moines will have an event with small business owners. that fits into the theme you
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mentioned in the campaign video where she is trying to say i will be the champion of the middle class. the point of that is they realize that the 2008 campaign was more about her trying to make history as the first female president. she got caught up in some of that and didn't get her hands dirty as much as barack obama did on the ground here in iowa. they want to change that and that is why in the video they made clear they would have a new theme this time. gl i am getting ready to do something, too. i'm running for president. americans have fought their way back from tough economic times but the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top. i'm hitting the road to earn your vote. because its your time and i hope you will join me on this journey. >> so the point is that she wants to say she is taking nothing for granted this time, an acknowledgment that last time perhaps she did. a little reality check.
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last year she was also trying to kind of set this message that she was standing up for the middle class and stumbled because she talked about being flat broke when she left white house as first lady when people quickly pointed out she had money coming in from previous books, speeches and the like. this message is not as easy as they are laying out. >> one thing you will get into is where americans feel the economy is right now and kind of overlay that as tapestry upon what hillary clinton has promised that she might be able to do. a lot of questions about how she might make things different. i'm looking at democrats who might get in. i'm not sure about this. senator bernie sanders and governor martin o'malley. what are you learning? >> absolutely. you mentioned bernie sanders. from the more liberal wing saying fine hillary clinton is in. he wants to make sure she is pushing progressive policies.
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i sat down the last couple of days here in iowa with martin o'malley. jim web thrks former virginia senator where they come together is they say this should not be a coronation. that fits their political interests but interesting in our reporting on the ground here with iowa democrats they are saying the same. >> she is taking it more seriously this time. i want to talk to her staffers. i think she understands she has to earn the nomination. as i stated this is a totally open, more open than the media thinks. >> now on the positive side the clinton advisers pushed back on all of that by saying she had 18 million votes last time even in defeat that is 18 million more than anyone on the democratic or republican side has gotten. as you hear from those democrats on the ground here in iowa, not national pundits she has a lot of work to do. she came in third in the iowa
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caucuses last time. >> and recent surveys and polling have shown people don't want someone anointed. they want the contest. >> they want a wide open primary. >> always good to see you. thank you very much. busy sunday for you. a rollout on a video website different. why is that necessary? some political observers are calling it rebranding of hillary clinton who has been called everything from cold recollect unrelatable and in words of our current president barack obama, quote likable enough. and critics said her 2008 campaign was all about her and not the voters. clinton is coming out the gate with a video depicting every day people making plans for the future and she refers to you, the voter, five times in her brief appearance. the video leaves a lot of room for questions such as how does she plan to make life better for americans. one of the fox news political insiders who joined me each
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week, a couple of resume points as to why he is across from me. you also worked hands on the hillary clinton senate campaign i think with the scandals that surrounded hillary she doesn't have as of yet specific answers to your first question which is what is the agenda so she wanted to show empathy compassion and concern for ordinary people and wanted to do it in a format where she wouldn't get questioned. >> these letters dotted with momeoes that look at some of the
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fresh new ways to sort of improve her hike abilitylike ability. it said they wanted her to appear on "home improvement" to make her feel warmer. how important is it that hillary clinton be liked? >> it's very important. back in '95 just to refresh your memory and that of the audience it was after the debacles over the rollout of health care for the first time, the scandals over the travel office. hillary's ratings were not particularly good and she was not seen as particularly likable. back then and now she has to be likable. this video was trying to re-introduce her in a way that it was as you suggested not all about her but about what she could do for ordinary people. >> you washed the video. >> i did. >> a minute and 37 seconds or so into the video you see her for
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the first time and you see these people no one has seen before. what is it about their story? >> she is trying to say my campaign will be about ordinary people. >> do you believe that? >> i think the press is going to focus on her and the issues we have been talking about here on political insiders. that is her challenge. she spoke about income and equality and that is something the democratic left cares about. >> you know her. >> i do. >> is the perception the reality about her? >> she is a fasile and talented politician who is not her husband. she doesn't have his skills. she is very shrewd, smart and can make herself likable when she so chooses. >> she couldn't do it in 2008 apparently? >> she didn't do it to beat barack obama. it was a close contest. she made some strategic errors. >> real quickly you hinted at
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some of the scandals, one of which is the newer one about the e-mail and idea of lack of transparency with sitting secretary of state at the time. and so it is an important issue. what about the idea that as she grapples with that digital scandal she comes out in the digital world. why not live? when she gets to iowa it won't be on tape. >> she did not want to be questioned. she is the front runner and picked up what appeared to be the president's endorsement calling her an excellent candidate. she doesn't have a need to spell out a program or face the press. she will probably starting tuesday but for today she wanted it about the video. >> it will be interesting to see if people will ask her about that and what her answers will be because it won't be on tape but live. the rest of the fox news political insiders and analysis coming up. early on thank you very much. tomorrow we are expecting a big splash for the republican party, political watchers saying this
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man could just be hillary clinton's toughest opponent on key issues. florida senator marco rubio. let's go to miami and get a flavor of the hours ahead of the presidential bid announcement from rubio. he would be the third republican in the field. and in a fox news sunday exclusive the last republican presidential nominee said the number and quality of political potential republican candidates will make for an exciting season. >> i think we have the advantage of having an exciting debate in the republican party. it's going to go on throughout the primary season compared to democrat side. we'll have the energy, eye balls of america on our process. i'm looking forward to see who it is that is able to get some distance and become our nominee. >> carl cameron is live for us in miami. it is interesting on twitter earlier i saw someone tweet out
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coast is clear for marco rubio and his big announcement tomorrow. >> well there are others who would say the hillary clinton announcement would overshadow it but the rubio camp thinks it is an opportunity to contrast himself to her and argue she is the politics of the past and she is of the future. for marco rubio tomorrow is a huge day. he made it clear for months he is eyeing the presidency. he put out a video inviting people to come to his big announcement at the freedom tower here at miami. it has been the place where since 1960s cuban exiles and immigrants have come first. he is making it clear he will be making hillary clinton and barack obama part of his campaign's opposition watch. >> around the world because of the obama/clinton foreign policy our allies no longer trust us and enemies no longer fear us. this is the road this president has placed us on, a government that increasingly controls every
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aspect of our life from our health care choices to even the internet. >> and a lot of the candidates putting out videos in reaction to clinton today. ted cruz the first candidate, senator from texas to announce two weeks ago put out a video. it was really ultimately after the criticism of clinton a fundraising opportunity. rand paul who announced last week enlouisville has actually released an attack ad running in iowa, new hampshire and south carolina. here is a little bit of it. >> what paths will america take? will it be a path to the past? a road to yesterday? to a place we have been to before? hillary clinton represents the worst of the washington machine the arrogance of power, corruption and cover up conflicts of interest and failed leadership with tragic consequences. >> this is the republican
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primary and they are going to have to battle with one another like it or not. rubio starts that battle tomorrow. >> i mentioned his juxtaposition with hillary clinton written on websites today cht what about sitting in with the rest of the republican field? >> the rubio folks argue that rubio is more electable arguing cruz is attached to the tea party. rubio has concentrated on establishing himself as a u.s. senator. it is well to say that paul is going to seek reelection to the u.s. senate while running for president whereas rubio is expected to announce tomorrow as part of declaration of presidential candidacy that he will not seek re-election. it is worth noting that jeb bush put out a video talking about hillary's entry into the race and for marco rubio tomorrow's
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announcement puts him at odds with the former governor. jeb bush has been a close friend and mentor to marco rubio. they are complimentary of one another. last week on their way back from the national rifle association convention they shared a flight and sat next to each other for a coupling of hours. tomorrow they become on rubio's side of this official rivals. jeb bush is expected to announce sometime may or june. >> we are in full gear now. don't miss a fox news exclusive tomorrow. florida senator marco rubio will be a guest on hannity. that is 10:00 eastern right here on the fox news channel. right now the obama administration's nuclear deal with iran faces a major hurdle. fiery words from iran's supreme leader. i guess he is actually talking now. he has raised new concerns about whether an agreement with tehran is possible as president obama
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through the whole process step by step. and they'll even call your old provider. it's easy. even she could do it. whatever, janet. for all the confidence you need td ameritrade. you got this. hold your fire. this week on tuesday the senate foreign relations committee expected to debate a bill aimed at giving congress a say in any deal with iran. one of the senators defended congress's push to get involved. >> let me simply say i'm not backing off. i honestly believe that it is a congressional duty. >> kerry says he hopes to convince lawmakers over the next two days to wait until they see a final agreement by the end of
10:19 pm
june. doug mcelway. >> some remarks also today by iran's supreme leader served to increase skepticism of the deal in advance of the depate. earlier this week the ayatollah said western sanctions should be released. he said the sanctions should be anulled the same day an agreement would come into force and delivered hard line stance saying inspectors should not be allowed under infiltrate under the pretext of monitoring. president obama yesterday acknowledged if the supreme leader is unwilling to budge on the inspections the deal could be in jeopardy. >> if that is his understanding and his position in ways that can't be squared with our concern about being able to embark on vigorous inspections to assure that iran isn't
10:20 pm
cheating under any program and that we don't have capacity to snap back sanctions when we see a potential violation, then we are probably not going to get a deal. >> pressure has been steadily mounting against the framework at home. senator mccain hinted congress cannot go along with the deal when two sides are offering different interpretations. the white house has been putting pressure on senate democrats to go against the deal. co-sponsor menendez says he has no intention on backing off. secretary of state john kerry said tough talk is all spin and that everything kerry said about the framework when first agreed to remains true today. >> we will talk a little more about this later with political insiders. the world soldiers testing their medals. it's a salute to participants. we'll show you what it takes to become the army's tough guy the
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air and often without benefit of sleep. the best ranger competition has been an annual tradition since 1982. hillary clinton giving it another go announcing a second run for the white house. it's where we started the news this hour and we will continue. what can we expect this time around? the fox news political insiders are about to join me. some are saying marco rubio could be clinton's staunchest competition. we want to hear from you. clinton versus senator rubio or ted cruz of texas. your thoughts. chime in while you tune in. hit us up on social pages, twitter, facebook and instagram. boy: once upon a time, there was a nice house that lived with a family. one day, it started to rain and rain. water got inside and ruined everybody's everythings.
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it's where we started and breaking news having to do with hillary clinton. she has entered the 2016 race for the white house. we are learning it is confirmed by fox news that she has left the clinton foundation. the clinton foundation will no longer have hillary clinton on its roster. we will talk a little about that with the political insiders because we know there have been allegations regarding that foundation. we have also confirmed she will travel to iowa on tuesday for a series of small private gatherings with voters. one-on-one that will not be on
10:31 pm
tape like her announcement. let's bring in fox news political insiders. former pollster for president jimmy carter and joining us live from beautiful charleston. and former republican congressman for new york and president bill clinton's pollster and friend of hillary clinton as we established in the a block. with this announcement about the clinton foundation is that necessary? >> if she was going to do it i would have done it a long time ago because she has already invited scrutiny and simply jumping off doesn't solve the problem of the money she took from all of those countries while she was secretary of state and the deals being done. all of that is still wide open to be discussed. all it does is in my opinion bring it to the foresome more. that announcement was about the worst thing i have seen. i swear to god, i thought it was
10:32 pm
one of those ads they keep running for bp or something thrks beginning of it because it took so long to get to her. and it is disconnected. i'm sorry. her problem is what does she believe in and what is her vision? that stuff just looked terrible. >> the counter argument might be it's just an announcement. should we expect the announcement to have much more than i just want to run. >> i expect the announcement to be the most dynamic beginning of a campaign with the theme that you are going to run on repeatedly. it is your chance to re-introduce yourself to america. the problem with hillary is she doesn't stand for anything. she is all over the map. it is different every time. her staff is the same way. committee of people so one guy says we are going to do this she listens to that. so one says this and she listens to that. it is hopeless. >> i'm writing down a name and i will get to this in a minute.
10:33 pm
the whole e-mail thing i'm writing it down as a memory for myself. juxtapose this with senator ted cruz. big motivational message talked about all sorts of things and then you have this on tape. does it matter if it is live? >> it doesn't matter if you are the front runner with the endorsement of the president of the united states as hillary clinton appears to have and no real opponents. cruz is facing a situation with whatever number of opponents so he needed to make a point. he had a successful announcement. with $31 million from superpacks he is poised to make impact. >> remember when president obama said we needed somebody in this country who had new car smell and you said that would not be hillary clinton. you said that. he also said this about likability. >> she is my friend.
10:34 pm
i think she would be an excellent president. i'm confident that she will be very clear about her vision for the country moving forward. >> so that was yesterday in panama. we know in what i thought we were going to go to but we know he said some years ago. let's watch it. well we'll move on. only i'm hearing it. the president had said she was likable enough. your thoughts? >> that was in a campaign. he made that very clear that she was challenged in her likability. obama was obviously a compelling new figure in 2008. but right now he did exactly what the clintons would have asked him to do. he said she will articulate a vision and that she will make an excellent president. candidly and let me be very clear about this. she and bill clinton could not have expected anything more from the president of the united
10:35 pm
states the day before she announced her candidacy, huge, huge. >> and flip side of that is that she now cannot really escape the good or the bad of obama if this iran nuke deal is the central issue outside the campaign right now. it is obama's deal. hillary endorsed the talks as they were going on. she can't now in my view separate herself from the president on this iran nuke deal. she is going to be running for the third obama term now. and will the country -- >> the announcement is her attempt to be different. >> let's go to pat. >> thank you. i want to say a couple of things. one is i believe in the end of her campaign last time people forgot when she was behind she came out and fought and was a much more compelling candidate. she needed today have a real announcement to me to show that she is fighting for something. she is backing to the cautious
10:36 pm
phase in the beginning of the campaign. to this point i agree. she is going to have to defend everything in her book she tried to separate herself. and then she becomes obama's third term she ends up not being the candidate of the future. so yes he endorsed her but right now she doesn't have a lot of competition in the democratic party and she will not be able to get rid of the push from the left. >> i want to push one more question before we get a break here. governor martin o'malley is thinking of getting in. senator bernie sanders we are told might be getting in. your thoughts? >> i think that somebody should get in. i think she is very weak. we have a long long way to go. she has -- democrats like her but are getting nervous given the numbers that keep showing she has trust worthy problems. you have jim web who has raised the problem yesterday. they don't look like much now. inside a democratic party they
10:37 pm
could. if elizabeth warren had the courage of her convictions rather than her ambitions she would run now when the democrats want her and hillary would be in deep trouble. many many months from this and it will still be open. >> you know, the video seemed to talk solely about the economy. we know that people will vote with their pocket books. foreign policy is also an issue on the table. we will talk more about that. we are looking at fox news polling on the economy best describing feelings of the economy, nervous 55% now. confident 39%. >> the confident number is coming up. nervous number is coming down. that is good news for hillary. she tried to speak for people's economic insecurity in the video to trump elizabeth warren by talking about economic insecure. >> it is down to 16 points from
10:38 pm
where it had been. >> would you say it is important that she get specific while on the ground in iowa? >> i don't think she will and i don't think she should because it is the start of a campaign. she has no opposition. she can pace her flself. >> i will give you one right now. on tuesday when she hits iowa some reporter is going to say mrs. clinton you were a u.s. senator and secretary of state. how would you vote on the corker bill if you were still in the senate? she has to answer that. >> which would give the senate clear oversight over the iran treaty. >> i want to hear what she would say. >> i need to get to a ticket for iowa. i don't have a lot of confidence that that might happen. >> why don't you ask her? she is not going to say no to you. >> hillary clinton working to rebrand herself. it was breaking news here on the fox news channel as republican senator marco rubio prepares to announce his campaign tomorrow. what is the republican strategy?
10:39 pm
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to sea-bond denture adhesive seals. holds stronger than the leading paste all day... without the ooze. feel secure. be yourself. with stronger, clean sea-bond. swift gop reaction to hillary clinton's official campaign launch. former florida governor jeb bush says this is going to be a long fight but will stop her, end quote. fox news political insiders are back. john, why are you shaking your head? >> i think the republican candidates for president are obsessed with hillary. you are running to win the republican nomination and to shake the republican image and message. >> here is a news flash. >> we are railing on this woman all day. >> some people think the media are obsessed with her. >> the media might be. they don't need to be using the
10:43 pm
media to talk about her. they ought to be saying harris, here is why i'm running. i am going to change the country by doing boom, boom, boom and never mention hillary or obama. talk about a positive thing. they don't do it and they have negative ratings. >> republicans have no program, no agenda and no positive message for the future. when jeb says together we will stop her, what you didn't hear is together we will make a case that we have a better program and agenda for america which is what the people really want. >> it's not fair to say that they don't have a positive message because he didn't say it at the end of the sentence. he hasn't declared yet. why is he waiting to get in so late? >> he is financing his entire effort with superpack money. it is apparently legal but once he gets in he can't do it. candidly poll numbers are sufficiently weak that i would
10:44 pm
reassess. >> two things you said apparently legal. i take that as legal. we saw it with ted cruz. you get in and see a bit of a bump. handicap it for me the race so far. >> the race so far is the people who announced got a bump. rand paul has a special constituency. as i keep saying support what doug and john said. republicans have no message and their leadership in congress has no record. so everything -- what you start seeing is the high degree particularly of independents who make up almost half the electort. they don't like hillary. 42% of republicans independents say they would never consider voting for jeb bush. that may not be true in the end. right now there is a very sour mood in the country not being
10:45 pm
reflected here and support what they said. already the republicans are out there. you saw the negative ads that they are running against her. stop it. you people do it. the clintons greatest dance of being saved is republican craziness which saved him an impeachment. >> from the reagan 11 commandment, thou shall not speak ill of a fellow republican. >> how come they do so well? >> they do. here is the problem. >> they do well because people are so sour as pat says that they respond much more to negative information than they do to positive. >> if negative information points to scandals and lack of transparency, how can that be a bad thing? >> that is not what is going to go on. >> don't you have anything nice to say about your party? >> i will tell you where i think the race is going to go. 131 million for jeb bush and a
10:46 pm
lot more coming in these other guys. and in the hands of political consultants who love what? money and they love negative ads we will witness a blood bath inside the gop where they are going to rip each other apart. >> who is going to benefit from that? >> i think someone who is not yet in the race. >> i think the answer is hillary clinton will benefit. >> you think there is a republican who has not jump in? >> i think someone in the fall. >> pat had thought he might have found that person earlier when we were looking at a congress situation. looking ahead is there somebody out there that we don't know about? >> there are people we don't know about yet. governor kasich. this is the problem. washington political class media is so obsessed.
10:47 pm
and it's not about anything. as john said they will all tear them up. hillary will be boring. if i were advising a candidate i would say hold off until august or september and come racing into this race with a whole new message. by the way, attacking rand paul instead of doing that, whoever is spending the million dollars you should be spending it pushing democrats on whether or not they are going to have the congress vote to on this deal or not. they don't understand anything. >> this week it's the biggest issue in politics is this corker bill coming up is huge. >> to force congress into that. >> 67 votes. they are close. schumer coming over was big. he has been watching political insider insiders. >> i don't think as we sit here today they have 67 votes. i'm not sure they are going to get them. with the supreme leader having back off on inspections.
10:48 pm
>> we had that report a little bit earlier that not only did he back off inspections but death to america is what he has been saying throughout. >> sanctions. >> it will be very interesting to see if there are any young local reporters watching tonight who might ask hillary clinton that very question about how would you vote on the corker bill and what would you do via iran? last thought before break. >> last quick thought i agree we need to come back to it. the corker thing may not have the 67 but they better because the issue long term on this deal is going to be if they sign this and things go badly who lost the middle east the democratic party can't afford that. >> and if you are talking about a third term president obama and she runs on that and that's the legacy. >> after the break can we talk about the corker bill more? >> we will also talk about this because you said you wanted a
10:49 pm
positive message. this announcement coming up tomorrow known for positive words. florida senator marco rubio. can he sound out among the crowd of "ride away" (by roy orbison begins to play) ♪ i ride the highway... ♪ ♪ i'm going my way... ♪ ♪i leave a story untold... ♪ he just keeps sending more pictures... if you're a free-range chicken you roam free. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance you switch to geico. it's what you do. ♪ two wheels a turnin'... ♪
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florida senator marco rubio set to announce candidacy tomorrow. i will go straight to twitter now. harris, if the republicans make 2016 about only stopping hillary they will lose the election. several people agreeing with you. elaine pane says i hope they listen to you because if they don't they will lose again. cynthia says good show. i agree gop candidates need to
10:53 pm
ignore hillary and show plan for america. cue marco rubio who has had a positive message. you said it includes iran. >> he has been a staunch opponent of the iranian deal signed by 47 senators and a staunch opponent of the normalization of relations with cuba that president obama has done. he is meeting today after i think about 50 years with the cuban president raul castro. rubio, to be fair, does have a positive message. he does have a positive agenda. his story is an inspiring one as an immigrant himself. john, you pointed out there are liabilities. for me he is a very positive candidate. >> i have two liabilities that he will have to address. he has done a 180 on this pathway to citizenship known as amnesty in gop. the other one is he looks young. he looks very young. >> the first one you can deal
10:54 pm
with and the second is tough. >> it is a problem. >> i don't think so. >> bill clinton looked young when he started. barack obama looked young when he started. >> i started to say my first thought was john kennedy. in the contrast with hillary rubio is substantive strong on foreign policy and positive in his message. he has problems not only with the immigration, he has a problem with the sugar interest in florida. he comes across and offers something new and he is smart and has a great record. we got to come to this question about the corporate thing which is critical. my grandchildren will be 20 to 22 when obama says in 13 years iran will have the bomb. so we are going to pass it on to
10:55 pm
them. the president oversold this. that is why it wasn't written. they did a deal which is not a deal and using it to try to drive democrats to commit suicide which is to say we will not do our job on the congress. they do that this party will be in trouble. so will hillary because it will become the issue of 2016. >> if you are a u.s. senator you are a co-equal branch of government to the president. to turn your power over to the president is crazy. >> interesting because she was a senator. i can't wait to hear her answer to that question. i hope to ask it in iowa. we'll be right back. photos are great... ...for capturing your world. and now... ...they can transform it with the new angie's list app you can get projects done in a snap. take a photo of your project... ...or just tell us what you need done... ...and angie's list will find a top-rated provider to do the job. the angie's list app is the simple,
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and an outside to inside mode. transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. ask for transitions xtractive lenses. extra protection from light... outdoors indoors and in the car. a little bit of a free for all to finish up. is it negative if it is true? when we were talking about the
10:59 pm
scandal that is what i said the e-mail scandal and negative messaging. >> i would say it has to be true for it to be effective positive or negative. we have too much politics now that is both true and negative as a result. >> getting specific about the economy people curious to know what hillary clinton will do. >> to answer this thing about negative if you come up with an idea jack kemp revived the republican party with the tax cut. one idea of a tax cut across the board. why can't someone come up with a new idea? and we will talk about that instead of the e-mail server, lois lerner. >> those are important things. pat your quick thoughts for the end of the newscast. >> i believe that what we are facing now is the opening for someone to run in this country. i don't think it is necessarily either party to run on the question of restoring america
11:00 pm
and making it work for people. that's what they want. grab some popcorn your night is made. back-to-back episodes of and we'll bring that back to you live at 3:00. >> a double dose at 3:00. >> i'm chris wallace. hillary clinton getting into the race. >> don't you someday want to see a woman president of the united states of america? >> we'll discuss clinton's candidacy and the crowded republican field with the gop's 2012 nominee, mitt romney. then, congress prepares to vote on whether it must approve an iran nuclear de president obama tries to prevent the talks from unraveling. >> this is not done until it's done. the next two to three months of negotiations will be absolutely critical. >> we'll hear from one of the administration's fiercest critics on iran and restoring


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