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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  April 13, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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i've been hungry. tomorrow on the program from the food network katie lee joins us. >> and kelly paul. >> that's right. got a great new book. >> now is your opportunity to watch the after the show show. you're not going to believe. bill: big day on the road to 2016. marco rubio will join the crowded republican field as hillary clinton jumps into the race with this online video. >> i'm running for president. every day americans want a champion and i'm that champion. martha: hillary clinton taking a laid back approach. she rolled it out on social media to make it official. of course nobody held back. several gop hopefuls went after what could be the sole
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democratic nominee. >> hillary clinton represents the worst of the washington machine. corruption and cover-up. conflicts of interest and failed leadership. >> hillary clinton represents the failed policies of the past. does america want a third obama term? bill: byron york with us from washington. what is striking about the talking points put out by clinton's team is it has everything to do with domestic policy. >> she only spoke 94 words and it was all about the economy. she signaled contrary to the believes of some people that it's going to be about foreign
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policy. she says the deck is still stacked for people at the top. she said nothing nothing about the fact that she used to be the secretary of state or it's a dangerous world out there. absolutely zero with foreign policy. bill: reince priebus writes what was her biggest accomplishment as secretary of state? that question at some point will be asked. >> in this video she has the highest name recognition of any politician in america and she said nothing about who she is or what she has done. nor did she give much of a rationale for becoming president. she has a record as secretary of state. the republican critique is she flew a million mimes around the world and didn't do anything. now the world is in a mess.
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the rights of isis. chaos in the middle east. terrible things going not world under what republicans will always call the obama-clinton policy. bill: she'll try and keep the focus on the economy as best and as long as she possibly can. >> if you look at the polls and economic figures economic anxieties are strong in the united states. we just had a new labor department survey showing the income the average income for most americans has gone down between 013 and 2014 for the bottom 80 -- bottom 80%. i think her theory will be you can't have an elect about foreign policy when the incomes of americans are continuing to go down.
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martha: pretty much everybody involved with 2016 started to weigh in immediately. the only potential rival mayoro malley had this to say. he says he has heard from democrats her look for someone who arounded restrong progressive values. mitt romney sounded off. listen. >> i think people want to see change, want to see something new and hillary clinton is just not that person. >> she doesn't have a track record of leadership or trupt worthiness. she is not the woman for the white house. bill: check out this map showing
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twitter activity in america. we are told the flashing blue lights represent a geotag tweet. twitter reports 3 million viewer viewed her announcement treats. martha: critics pointing out a gaffe in her campaign bio. the original posting contained this line. quote, she fought children and families her entire year." you can imagine the person who didn't correct that error. republican marco rubio is set to announce his run for president later on this afternoon.
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the florida senator released this teaser yesterday. >> we are excited about the announcement tomorrow. there is a lot unprofessional of video going on out there. that's my takeaway. so clearly marco rubio wants his to be more low key. rand paul, ted cruz. >> i think there will be a lot of people, something like 4,000 request for the event at the freedom tower. i expect rubio to give a speech that's much more forward looking. a significant contrast from what we saw from hillary clinton yesterday as well. martha: it's a significant spot for him and his family.
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cubans fleeing from the castro regime. that's a huge part of what marco rubio is all about. you say he's the under valued gop candidate out there. >> i spent a lot of time covering this 2010 senate race in florida and followed him closely ever since. i have seen him give a bunch of speeches at places with very few people in the audience and in some cases big venues. it's almost universally the case when you are in the audience people leave and say wow that was quite a speech. he was at 3 per in the polls. he didn't have the name i.d. or the people who could show up. he gave speech, created some local but.
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he developed some fundraising that followed that and won him a senate seat. that's the kind of model you will see him take into place like iowa, new hampshire south carolina and nevada. >> he will want to get out there and talk to people. in many cases people do walk away after hearing him knowing he has a lot of foreign policy depth. that's his strong suit. but there was a time when people thought if jeb bush looked like he was going to throw the hat in the ring. his other florida companion marco rubio would say this isn't my turn. >> i don't think that was ever really the case. but i think marco rubio has been focused looking forward to the possibility of running for president for quite some time. he doesn't view this as taking on jeb bush. he look at this as his time to
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make a case the american people will embrace. i think you will have points of emphasis from rubio and some softer candidate. particularly jeb bush. he's the son of exile. that will be the heart of his argument. look at me, look where i came from, look at my experience and my person is the american experience. it's an person we as a country need to preserve. that will be the heart of his message today and throughout his campaign. martha: interesting smart candidate on this lineup. it will make for a lot of great debate and discussion as this go forward. steve, thank you so much. we'll be watching you there. bill: senator rubee sit down with sean hannity. your point is well taken. all these folks getting in ring will open up a lot of debate
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about where we are as a country and where we are heading. martha: they are all very specific about who they are and what they are about. this will be the opportunity for the american people to look it over. they are putting themselves out there and taking question. one thing people will ask of hillary clinton is will you do the same? bill: where is the van? you have all these reporters. where is the van? martha: she should call an uber. so a rocky takeoff caught on camera. a passenger's jet struggling. really windy on the takeoff. they went sideways into the air. plus this ...
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martha: amateur video captures the moments after a fiery plane crash in florida leaving the person shooting that video in utter disbelief. a small twin engine plane went down outside fort lauder dame. it killed all -- outside fort lauderdale. all four people on board were killed. too cuba is doing. >> cuba is doing nothing to reduce political oppression. why is the president doing it? >> the president has the misimpression that if you open your hand to dictator toes they will unclench their fist. bill: menendez calling the
6:16 am
president's practice of trying to change behavior by make concessions dangerously naive. welcome back to our program. if that's the case, why is he doing it? >> the president's just arrogant and thinks he know the more than anyone else an know nothing. he has got senator menendez who is the ranking democrat in the foreign relations committee extremely concerned. he has chuck schumer who is the defactor leader of the democrats in the senate. an has a whole bunch of democrats joining republicans saying the constitution says on issues like this we do this with both the executive branch and the legislative branch
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participating. but the president is too arrogant to was the constitution says. bill: word out of moscow, they will lift embar goes on missile systems -- will lift the embargo on missile systems shipped to iran. what is your expectation on behalf of the pressure in the u.s. senate? >> the president is going to have to start understanding that actions like that between iran and russia have significant. to try to befriend iran when they are creating turmoil in the middle east. frightening the saadies. putting pressure through their support of folks supporting problems in syria. they virtually are the bad actor
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in everything bad that is going none the middle east. bill: bret was in amman jordan, and he asked what is the threat of a growing threat throughout the region? >> their outreach to iraq, lebanon, syria yemen that's concerning for you? >> again africa. er in the whole of africa and toward the center, too. bill: his point is those moves on behalf of tehran should be part of these negotiations. i don't know if they are do you? >> they are things the president is choosing to ignore. king abdullah's message is, president obama don't be so stupid and ignore ways going on
6:19 am
in this region. we have problems and we need support from u.s. putting pressure on iran. np. not greecing the pawnl. iran in pratt says. bill: you have a shadow ward. why would you not try and change iran's behavior. >> the president has a grand vision that he wants to do with iran with nixon did with china. the difference is nixon did something with chain@whole world supported. obama is doing something with iran that the whole world opposes. this president is going to sign something no matter how bad it is. bill: make sure you watch the
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rest of bret's interview with king abdullah of jordan. 6:00 only on "special report." martha: new video showing isis terrorists destroying even more and i chenltmore -- ancient cultural treasures that can never be replaced. where is the united states in all of this. bill: there are reports of law enforcement officials illegally seizing and destroying guns. ways going on here? -- what is going on here? rugged square miles with a single broadband connection. when emerson takes up the challenge it's never been done before simply becomes
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consider it solved. emerson.
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bill: shots fired at a community college in north carolina.
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the campus is said to be on lockdown. this is wayne community college southeast of raleigh. no other details oath than this. on the website for the school, quote, this is not a drill. the entire campus is on lockdown. martha: new eye isis violence the battered country of libya. isis militants claim responsibility for two attacks in tripoli. >> is very continues to expand its presence in lib what, taking advantage of the kay no that country. militants targeted two foreign empalsies in the capital city of tripoli. gunmen opening fire on causing some
6:25 am
damage to the main gate and a nearby residential building but otherwise no one was hurt. the u.s. has relocated all of its diplomatic staff out of libya intawflts ongoing violence but we are starting to see isis gang popularity around the world even as they lose territory in iraq. they are seeing is very offshoots pop up in libya iraq and syria. a lot of an lizs say isis appears to be the most well-funded terror group in the world and they are using social media and gang popularity by the day. bill: the white house and
6:26 am
pentagon calling out moscow for a dangerous faceoff in the skies. martha: hillary clinton's campaign kicked off focusing on domestic issues ignoring her foreign policy. great panel coming up to analyze how she did. >> do the american people want another four years of the children tons and their weird marriage and the deceptive behavior we saw with regard to the e-mails which so red lent redolent of clinton experiences past. a little token of appreciation. oh, that's... that's... that's great...
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college in golds goldsboro. the website says this is not a drill. the entire campus is on lockdown. as soon as we get more information we'll bring it to you. bill: breaking news out of russia. washington protesting after a russian fighter jet intercepted a u.s. plane in what's being called an unsafe and unprofessional manner. kevin, what do we know about this? >> reporter: what we can tell you is this incident took place last tuesday over international air space in the baltic sea north of polled. the u.s. has increased its presence in the area alongside nato in response to the
6:31 am
russian-back attack in ukraine. the military says the russian aircraft interest september a u.s. aircraft in an unsafe -- intercepted a u.s. aircraft in an unsafe manner. now for those of you who are unaware, there are a number of different u.s. spy aircraft, reconnaissance aircraft that make flights in the region. this was an rc-135. bill: some saber rattling from vladimir putin. >> we have seen a great deal of this. but military sources tell fox news that russia has been stepping up its aggressive tactics in that part of the world. the head of u.s. northern command say can the russians
6:32 am
have been flexing their air power. we got astounded i would like to share with our listeners. >> the futions have developed a far more capable military that the soviet union had. at the same time they are messaging us that they are a global power. >> reporter: as you said in the lead-in saber rattling going on. muscle flexing. vladimir putin attempting to be very provocative. we are learning russia is lifting an embargo on a defense system it plans to sell with iran. bill: thanks, kevin. we'll look for more today.
6:33 am
>> we change the direct our country is heading we must do better than the clinton foreign policy that endangers our relationship with our allies. martha: that was jeb bush slamming hillary clinton on her foreign policy record. flaw from her tenure still fresh on the mind of many. the infamous reset with russia. still unanswered questions about the deadly attack on our consulate in benghazi, and she once praised bashar al-assad as a quote reformer. we now know so much hell has been reekd on his country under his watch. this is a very complication she leaves behind in her secretary of state legacy.
6:34 am
so. >> you worked in the clinton camp for a long time, doug. the rollout was interesting and it was bereft of any mention of what should have been part of her resume. >> the topic was the economy the economy the economy. there is concern on the democratic left about income inequality and wage stagnation. that's what she chose to speak to. given some of the problems you alluded to i think it was the right decision. martha: clearly what going on around the world with the destruction of our relationship with israel. we just did a story about russia's plane buzzing close to ours. we are living in a crazy world right now. >> doug is correct when he he americans are concerned about
6:35 am
the economy. but american are concerned about foreign policy as well. there is a reason hillary clinton is not touting her state department experience. she doesn't have accomplishment to tout. and the ones she wants to be talking about she'll say i did thing with women and girls around the world. those things will be under scrutiny considering they don't add up. it will be easy for republicans to attack her on her foreign policy and it will be hard for her to defend herself not only against the charges made because she doesn't have those accomplishment but also again not talking about her person as secretary of state. >> we heard jeb bush refer to the obama-clinton policy. >> first it was huge news
6:36 am
martha that the president effectively endorsed her this weekend saying she would be an excellent president. martha: did you think he was even thousandsd did youthink he was ent think it was enough. but both and katie are right. she can't really run on the obama foreign policy and she made clear in her book that she has differences on syria on the overall direct of american foreign policy with the president. the real issue is where does she come out on congressional oversight of the iran deal and the deal itself if it is struck. martha: i'm wondering about the enthusiasm factor in general.
6:37 am
the republicans are trying to carve out a second of the public to fire up. who does hillary clinton fire up? >> that's the question. what does hillary clinton stand for. when it come to detail about her plan for the country she doesn't have a lot of them. there and lot of enthusiasm. a poll by bloomberg show 70% of democrat want a pry mary opposition. hillary clinton isn't august of the specific they want to see. people say they represents the past and not the future. it will be interesting to see smog forward who jumps in the race again her and whether she is able to continue this momentum she has gotten over the weekend. but there doesn't seem to be a
6:38 am
lot of enthusiasm. >> my biggest concern is elizabeth warren getting in the race. right now there doesn't need to be a lot of enthusiasm for hillary clinton. she has the next year, year and a half to ray money and consolidate political support. if elizabeth warren runs, if she did for the reason you and katie were suggesting it would be a tough fight for the former secretary of state. martha: see you next time. bill: we watched a star being born at the masters. jordan spieth captures golf's green jacket. bill: cool to see him just the way he carry himself.
6:39 am
he's 21 years old. the youngest master champ since tiger woods. first player in nearly 40 years to lead that tournament from end to end wire to wire. his caddie sharing a special moment. but a unique story of his own. he was a math teacher in elementary school. he said wing at augusta is a childhood dream. when you consider he was a teenager two years ago. he's grown up fast. martha: you couldn't help but get choked up watching him hugging his parents and his family. he has a gracious humble demeanor. he's a serious young man and ready smile. when he went to do his scorecard. he turned around and hand it to
6:40 am
the former math teacher. can you take a look at this. it's good to have a form math teacher in your owner. bill: they asked what did he do the night before? bill: he played poke were his grandfather who is 82, was there as well. martha: he watched a movie too. bill: i find him to be some of what a throwback to some old school value a lot of people have not talked about in a long time. jordan spieth, we'll hear a lot about number the future. >> martha: back to this as the islamic state is on the move, advancing on a strategic prize in iraq. didn't the president tell us isis was on its heels? bill: we have heart pounding moment on the runway from that plane from the moment it takes
6:41 am
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how's the college visit? does it make the short list? yeah, i'm afraid so. it's okay. this is what we've been planning for. knowing our clients personally is why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way. martha: heavy winds made for a shaky takeoff at an airport in england. apparently severe weather caused problems for several pilots trying to take off and land. incredibly and thankfully to the skill of the pilots and the plains they were flying, no serious incidents there. bill: isis on the march launching an attack on iraq's largest oil refinery. they broke through the security
6:45 am
perimeter before they were pushed back. isis destroying this ancient city in iraq. that's the pattern on behalf of isis to go from town to town and remove the history. >> it's not just isis it's radical islam. they are trying to erase everything before them. numbers no history that matters. only us. there is no religious interpretation that matters only the one we give. whether you are a christian or another version of islam we'll tell you unless you subscribe to our particular vision of the world. they think they have the right to do it and the responsibility to do it. bill: i thought king abdullah's
6:46 am
remarks about iran were interesting. and his thoughts about isis and the way email country is going about it, that there noise coherent strategy. -- that there is no coherent strategy. >> because there is no leadership. others are saying where is america? we need american leadership. they are saying america we need you to help pull us together. the thing that's upsetting is for 15 years we have been scream where are the moderate muslims. why don't they stand up and fight themselves. we finally have people standing up to do it and we are not helping them. bill: you say you are hearing the same fling the president of jit as the king of jordan. >> they need somebody to help
6:47 am
pull them together. we need a quarterback to say you do this part of it. do you that part of it. your boots on the ground. saudis why don't you write some checks. you need someone to pull it together. here is why it's so critical for us. the fight in the middle east is. you don't want to help the shiite iranians. we have a third choice and they are rising up and crying out for our help and we are not helping them. bill: is it in part because of what's happening behind the scenes with iran? >> i think you hit it on the noles. we don't want to support another group because this president decided his friend in the middle east is iran. he will welcome iran into the
6:48 am
community of nations. but what will happen in the middle east? as henry kissinger and george schultz said there will and nuclear arms race in the middle east. while the * thinks he's paving wait for peace -- while president thinks he's paving the way for peace he's not. bill:not.. they are getting wealthier because they have oil income. while therm smashing the antiquities that can't be moved. they are stealing other antiquities. they are also kidnapping and holding people for ransom. they also have the cache' of
6:49 am
american weapons when the iraqi well-trained army dropped its american weapons. bill: the more they dig in the heard they are to uproot. k.t. mcfarland thank you. >> martha: today is sentencing day for jodi arias. it feels like this has been around for a long time. the woman convicted of slaughtering her boyfriend will never' see daylight again. bill: he's called the real life spied were maine. he has outdonnell himself this time. >> if you are afraid of heights watch this one. he will do it for you and we can stay nice and comfortable.
6:50 am
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6:53 am
bill: they don't call him spiderman for nothing. that building in dubai is 1,000 feet tall. the daredevil had no ropes just chalk and sticky tape on his fingertips. he made it up to the top in 1 hour 10 minutes. that's alain robert. martha: it's sentencing day for convicted killer jodi arias. a judge decides this morning if he will spend the rest of her life in prison or if she can eventually be freed on parole.
6:54 am
william lajeunesse is with us in los angeles. >> this is the last day in a long time jodi arias will have her day in the sun. the question today is straightforward. judge terry stevens will give areas life with the possibility of release after 25 years or life without parole which is what people expect. murder her boyfriend in 2008. at first she denied it. then she played the victim claiming abuse. areas confessed under cross-examination by juan martinez. >> what i did was so horrific i could never have imagined myself doing that to another human
6:55 am
being. >> there are good things to this job and one of the good things to this job is you can prosecute people who are alleged to have committed certain crimes. >> reporter: defense attorneys allege martinez withheld evidence and other misconduct which will provide the found for her appeal. martha: what about the victim's family? will they goat weigh? reporter: they will. and will areas speak be? the emotional statements from the family who were there every day of the trial. >> my brother's life. he will stay in my memory forever. >> you have to sit there and
6:56 am
wonder, is there justice? will this family find justice? >> reporter: they will be transferred to the women's prison in perryville. she'll get an orange jumpsuit and she can access compute per at the library. bill: shots fired at a community college north carolina southeast of raleigh. it looks like student are members of staff being led away. the word out of raleigh. this is wayne community college goldsboro. police say there has been a shooting at the campus library. on the website it he, this is not a drill. the entire campus is on
6:57 am
lockdown. screen left, screen right. you should just give them to us since we're going to be here anyway it's kind of a no brainer
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marco rubio is the next up to join the field of republicans making a presidential bid. he will announce his campaign in front of the freedom tower in miami. welcome to a brand now hour of america's newsroom. i am martha maccallum. >> and i will bill hemmer. marco rubio made the announcement a day after hilary clinton and his campaign is focused on new ideas to keep the american dream from slipping
7:01 am
away. we begin with carl cameron who is live in miami where we will hear from marco rubio. set the scene for us. >> reporter: the rubio campaign let it go known this would happen today. it wasn't a surprise. but hilary clinton's announcement on the internet was and she is head to iowa on tuesday. the rubio thought it would bow a good attention to get attention from hillary who dominated the news yesterday and doesn't get to iowa until tomorrow. from 1962-1974 this was the processing center for a lot of cuban exiles. it is very symbolic for rubio who is the son of cuban imgrants but he would be the first presidential nominee in either
7:02 am
party who is hispanic. he is a freshman florida senator and one of the first tea party candidates elected in 2010. when he got into office he proposed an immigration reform that offended a lot of tea party members because they called it amnesty. he was the speak of the house in and florida and his mentor was jeb bush and today they are rivals. mr. bush isn't expected to formally announce his campaign for another year or more. today rubio makes a case on immigration social issues and he is a strong social conservative. because he is latino and only 44 he can attract younger voters and tea party and he does have credentials with the tea party
7:03 am
and the establishment and hopes to use those to appeal to the broadest spectrum of voters. >> he will have to work to set himself apart from cruz and paul; the two guys already in. >> reporter: and he does do that. rubio will argue he is more electable in that he is more mainstream. rand paul a libertarian leader conservative, father was presidential candidate as three times and viewed as an on the fringe. we cannot rule out lindsay graham from south carolina but he is the favorite in the south primary. rubio is positioned well in the primaries. with scott walker it might be a real test. senator rubio against governor
7:04 am
walker. both very poplar. but it is a close race and all of them are knotted together. walker is above some but within the margin of error they are all very close close. >> senator rubio will appear for a full hour tonight like the other candidates who have done on hannity and reaction to hilary clinton's announcement. and now the former secretary of sate kicking it off yesterday on social media and releasing a two minute video focused primary on the economy. >> when families are strong america is strong. so i am hitting the road to earn
7:05 am
your vote because it is your time and i hope you will join me on this journey. >> it is back to iowa. ed henry live in des moines where hillary is expected to campaign this week. have you seen the van? rumors are it is on the road. is that confirmed? >> i have not seen it yet. she is heading through pennsylvania from new york last night. i think the point of this is she is trying at least to show that she is going to reach out to middle class americans. you saw that in the video you just played. it took 90 seconds before we saw the candidate. she is trying to say this is about you. not about me. why is that significant? because last time in iowa it was largely about her. she barely came here. it was also about the historic
7:06 am
nature of being the first remailfemale president. that is the attempt to make the focus the middle class. on her book tour she talked about the middle class and slipped up in an interview saying heshe was flat broke coming out of the white house. >> he finished third behind ed edwardsed edwarded edward edwards and obama. how does she win this time? >> part of it is showing up. she didn't good enough of that last time. she will have some competition. o'mally and web are two democrats who might give her a
7:07 am
run. and here is what a liberal bloger said about her being pushed to the left: >> she will have to lay out her own vision for american especially the progressive wing of the democratic party who is not as happy what a lot of the obama administration has done and she will have to show why she can carry those issues forward. >> reporter: you heard from the passion on the left from people like elizabeth warren who say they are not running. you heard there others are trying to engage in the election but clinton isn't looking ahead. >> thank you, ed. waiting on the van there. hilary clinton may be the only democratic candidate who is in there so far and officially throwing her hat in but a new
7:08 am
poll shows this. 72% of democrats and independents would like someone to run against her. 72% say they think that would be a good thing if she had serious competition in the democratic race. bret baier is here. good morning to you. i want to get your thoughts on the rollout. it a little video she did yesterday and she is in a scooby doo bus and is headed to iowa. >> the video is unusual way to do it but compared to what others do i suppose it is fine. i don't think it makes any difference. the van is intended to be a symbol she is not going to be carried around by aids. that might help a little >> that was a different cartoon
7:09 am
we remember. you made interesting comments. you think people are sick of the clinton's and their weird marriage. what is different this time around? why does she have optimism? >> she is by far the best known candidate in the field and maybe the most famous woman in the world. she might be. and she has a residue of support from the people who backed her in the past and they are not small in number. she has a big organization experience, a resume as long as your arm whether it is thick or thin on the list of achievements is an argument we will hear about, but the biggest advantage of all is she is the only candidate at the time moment in the race. >> let's look at the numbers. this is a bloomburg poll.
7:10 am
do you think you will definitely vote for hilary clinton she is down ten points. 27% say probably 22% say might or might not there is an opening there if anyone of substance decides to give it a whirl. >> i think there is uneasy about her. i think that is reflected in the need for competition in the race. people are uneasy about hilary clinton. they are not sure that she is the person to do the hard thing of winning for the democrats the white house for the third time in a row. that is a historically difficult task. she is facing that. she is not a new face. she is an old face and that is part of the reason people are uneasy and the episodes where she described herself as flat broke or whatever and then this mez messy business with the e-mails and the majority of people
7:11 am
saying they think she hid something. she has vulnerabilities and i think the numbers reflect that. when you descend from the secretary of state position you look different to people. you favorability ratings are likely to decline. >> she might have helped that job would help her candidacy but it is got her in a odd position. >> you fly all over the world as secretary of the state but you drive to des moines? >> you are fascinated by the van. >> social media is everywhere. where is the picture of the van? is it on the road or in the garage still?
7:12 am
>> can the president sell congress in a deal with iran? john kerry trying to make the case to give it time. >> i think people need to hold their fire let us negotiate and complete the job. hoping the pour persuasion will by breathing room. will congress act anyway? it is being called a growing assault gown rights. can the government take legal guns way from law-abiding citizens? and how a toddler wound up inside a cheetah habitat. >> at first people were like why is tscreaming and you look and someone is like there is a kid in the cheetah tank.
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
it's more than the cloud. it's security - and flexibility. it's where great ideas and vital data are stored. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions from a trusted it partner.
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including cloud and hosting services - all backed by an industry leading broadband network and people committed to helping you grow your business. you get a company that's more than just the sum of it's parts. centurylink. your link to what's next. reports hit the wane county commune college of shots fired. it is on lockdown. the police were called two hours ago reporting a shoot at the campus library said to be one victim. there has been video of students and administrators and teachers walking away from the campus building with their arms in the air. southeast of raleigh in the eastern part of north carolina. the white house takes on
7:17 am
capital hill in a high stakes battle over the iran nuclear deal. lawmakers challenging for president insisting congress needs to have oversight on any deal that is done. >> the whole purpose of the sanctions is to have negotiation negotiations. we have having them and earned the right through the interim agreement and what we laid out in the parameter that has been set forth we have earned the right to try to complete this without interference and certainly without partisan politics. >> tucker carlson is here. john kerry is in deep on this one and worked hard and he is afraid his former colleagues in the senate are trying to blast it a part. what do you think? >> the white house is mad at the state department thinking they
7:18 am
should have a free hand on this. they are rusty on the separation of powers over there. this is a good thing. it will force the administration to sell the program on the hill. that is not something they like do to or have done it. they are informing congress on this to a greater degree. more important it helps the negotiation itself. iran needs and wants the deal more than we do because their economy is at stake. and congress is acting like the bad cop. iran understand if they make too many outrageous demands the deal is scuttled so it is probably helpful to have this. the republicans are showing real resolve. i wish they did this with repealing obamacare. but they found their backbone on this for sure. it is hard to see the downside. >> the white house says what is in the deal -- it is like obamacare -- wait until you see the death and more account
7:19 am
accountability. this is just the framework and we will have the final deal and then you will see how much we are holding their feet to the fire. >> the key difference is this to bipartisan and there are prominent democrats who are openly suspicious of these plans and the white house's plans in negotiations. they are pressing hard whereas obamacare was a flat line deal. there is not much support for military action against iran. so if the democrats can success the republicans are pushing for war and some are not against the war to be honest, that would
7:20 am
bump up the chaos. >> some believe you should leave it on the table for stronger grip. then you have the ayatollah who says they are lying and devilish in the way they do these nugoingsnu negotiation negotiations. >> it does seem pretty clear that as in the united states there is not an agreement on what this deal should contain with iran. it is not as all helpful having someone like the ayatollah popping up and start denouncing the hallolocaust or attacking the united states as the great american satan. that is not helpful to the administration. they would like him to go away. i don't think it is clear who is calling the shots in iran. >> he is someone to be listened
7:21 am
to because he has to sign off on anything they do. >> thank you, martha. one person dead in a community college and the school is on lockdown. authorities are searching for the man with the gun. we are told the shooter is not in custody. a spokes person for goldsboro, north carolina says there is a victim at the wane county community college. that person is dead but no other details. the shooter is not in custody. no other information as to whether or not the shooter is still on campus. they don't know at this point. looking at the shots of students and teachers gathering near the building and screen right is where we believe the library is located on campus. back in a moment on that breaking news.
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
7:25 am
have you heard this one? the cleveland metro park zoo is seeking child endangerment charges after a woman's son fell into the cheetah pit after witnesses say she was dangling her 2-year-old over the railing and he dropped ten feet. his dad jumped in. >> you can hear the screams and see an adult jumping in and getting the kid and someone pulled him out with the kids who started screaming and that is when they started blocking everybody off. >> luckily someone was able to pull them both out over the railing. the cheetahs never moved toward the toddler or parent. the boy was treated for bumps and bruises. the zoo is back open now.
7:26 am
growing concern of gun right loseage across the country. a man filled out paperwork to have guns returned to him but he was awarded money because authorities they the police destroyed the guns. judge joe -- judge is here and good morning to you. you say gun con taking is not a new idea? >> it is a reaction by local officials democratic politicians usually, reacting to movements by the federal court in favor of recognizing gun rights. all of this is stemming from a supreme court decision written by justice scal about five years ago that defined if inthe second
7:27 am
amendment protects the right to defense. >> maybe this case in california or somewhere else but the public officials would argue we are doing this in the interest of public safety. >> if a person has an argument with a school teacher or cop and uses words he should not he should not be surprised if he legally owns guns a s.w.a.t. team shows up at his house to take the guns and when he sues to get the guns back he gets cash. fair market al value. >> you say that is common? >> yes. and some justice who agree on the right to keep and bear arms have been letting this happen without due process or hearing or an opportunity to defend himself. >> i think you would say that is why you have to register so the state knows who has what and
7:28 am
where. >> the state wants to know who has gun so it knows who to take them away when the state is worried people will have guns. what is the state worried about? my right and everybody's watching righting to own a a gun is as natural as free speech but the liberals who wait guns try to take them away >> watt did jefferson say about this? >> when people fear the government there is tyranny when the government fear the people there is -- i agree with those words. as you know hilary clinton has started the second bid for president now. now she is in where is the van as bill hemmer would like to know and what does she really
7:29 am
want to talk about this time around. >> just saying, everybody has a camera. space-x is trying to land a rocket booster on a floating barge in the ocean. can they do it?
7:30 am
7:31 am
7:32 am
back to this story of breaking news at wayne community college. people leaving the scene after a shooting in the library and ap is saying one person is dead in the shooting and the shooter is large. very frightening scene
7:33 am
unraveling and we will bring you the latest as we get more in. senator marco rubio will make it official he is running for the white house today. florida republican kicks off his campaign later in miami and that announcement makes him the third republican candidate to officially enter the race between texas senator ted cruz and kentucky senator rand fall. joe and ed are here to discuss this. welcome back to both of you. two weeks ago fox polling found marco rubio checking in at 8% and that is seven down. you believe that marco rubio has a vision ed. what is it in >> he understands young people. florida in a unique state. it is one of the fastest growing states in the country. he has been a leader in that
7:34 am
state and he understand the changing democracy in the country. >> how does he do joe? >> he may be in seventh place but he is own 5-7 points from being out of first. the field is so big and the frontrunners are such low numbers low and mid double digits that any of these canada candidate can catch them. he represented the future of the republican party -- >> how so? >> i think -- one thing he talks about a lot is the president for the next century and not the past. he seems to be understanding the kind of messaging that might be a problem for hilary clinton. it is not left-right as much as future past and he want to represent that. whether he can pull that off is a different question. >> can he pull it off, ed?
7:35 am
>> we will see. he has to win something early. march 15th is the florida primary so it is win or take all. 99 delegates and that is more than the first four have. he or bush win that and whoever wins gets to move forward. >> let's talk about hilary clinton. bloomberg did a question a week ago and here it is: does the idea of electing the first woman president make you more inclined less inclined, or matter much to you. 83% said it didn't matter much. ed what did you think of the roll out? >> i taught with a tusswas weak. it was anticipated but didn't do a lot. when you compare her with other leaders around the world it was a pale start.
7:36 am
>> joe, what did you think? it is one tweet. not even 140 characters >> what i thought about the video, the interesting thing was how aspirational it was and looking at people's every day live and not much about her which was a big difference from the announcement in 2008. we have to see the rest of the rollout. it is clear they intend to put her in small groups of people and interact with them. she did better in those situations like in new hampshire when she started moving to that campaign she started to win. i am not sure that she needed the big explosive rally announcement i do think rubio may benefit from announcing because i think you are seeing a lot of conversations where we
7:37 am
are throwing them both in together and thank that helps them. >> i saw talking points. hilary clinton for america ed. it is three pages in length. it talks nothing about international affairs. it is all about domestic issue and the economy and drafting off the secretary of state position >> it is the whole redistribution of wealth drill without plans. this country desperately needs a leader after seven years of obama and all of the chaos in the middle east. we need someone to stand up to putin and the iranians and that is her strength if she does that. >> do you agree with joe? does this help marco rubio? >> absolutely. i think he is going to give a fire and brimstone speech that is be insohpirational. a philadelphia mother is accused of abandoning her
7:38 am
disabled son in the woods so she could head out of town with her boyfriend. her son was found after five days. david lee miller is live in the newsroom. how did this young man survived? >> in the words of the police he survived only by the grace of god. 41-year-old parlor left her son in a wheelchair with a blanket and bible in a wooded area of a philadelphia park. her son cannot speak and authorities say he is completely defensiveless but managed to survive five nights on his own. he would probably not be alive if not for someone taking a stroll. >> there was a male walking down the path sees the wheelchair, and saw the kid laying on the ground and does the right thing and calls the police right away. >> the young man is being treated for dehydration mal
7:39 am
malnutrition and a cut on the back. the mother was turned in by the boyfriend she was visiting in silver springs maryland. she is in the hospital right now on other issues but when released she is going to be arrested and charge. >> what more do we know? >> a friend of parlor said the friend always looked after her son and he was always looking clean. others are voicing a great deal of angry. the head of the philadelphia chapter of cerebral palsey say decisions like this happen too much. >> i would never want anyone to feel like they are in that position. i hope the family comes together
7:40 am
and helps support this young man as he recovers. >> many are asking why she didn't reach out to friend family or authorities before allegedly leaving her son abandoned. we might learn more when she is released from the hospital and makes her first appearance in court. a case of rape that never happened but changed the lives of everyone involved. >> you can google up one of the boy's name my name and then on the computer you saw the word rape. sexual assault. it was next to your name. even today i get emotional about it. >> that is duke's former lacrosse coach speaking out what happens after the cameras go away and the headlines disappear but the scars remain forever. and the state steps in again picking up two kids less than a mile from home and bringing them
7:41 am
into protective custody. >> we made a safety plan that says we will not leave them unattended at all until it was over. i am not going to risk my kids being snatched again. &%c1
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
i want to bring you the associated news press from florida. it reads marco rubio says he is running for president and feels unique and qualified to talk about the future. we didn't think we would see the senator until well until the afternoon for an event at 6:00 eastern time in miami florida and you will see the interview for one hour with sean hannity but that is what is moving on the fire.
7:45 am
republican senate running for the white house in 2016. duke university's former lacrosse coach speaking out about his forced resigning from duke during a brief scandal in 2006. mike presler lost his job and reputation in a rush to judgment after a stripper falsely claimed she was raped by three of his players. he described the emotional roller coaster on 60 minutes. >> i asked each one to their face one at a time and the astonishment on their face. and when you know your people i knew exactly from their reaction to the allegations, this was absolutely untrue. >> i am joined by the out reach director at freedom works. and michael, jr. who is the president and founder of assoc associate and an adjunct
7:46 am
professor. they showed the video of people protesting in the streets instantly and put rapist signs on the front of the coach's house. everybody immediately assumed to be guilty in this case. and once the case goes away these people's lives are affected forever. you know what have we learned from this? we think about uva and ferguson in the context of all of this. >> i think there are concerns around rush to judgment. my only concern is you want to err on the side of caution because if the allegations a true rushing to judgment against the victim is equally tragic. i am sad to hear the coach went through what he has. there was a tremendous racial
7:47 am
component to this. he did lose his job. and i think the uva case is important because i think there is a journalistic component that needs to be addressed >> there is a pile on before the evidence is out there. it is almost like there is a practice where the policy kicked in. al sharpton shows up protest begins, and whoa. >> it becomes a circus. al sharpton has been involved in a number of circus and has not been held responsible for his actions or words. i blame the media in this because they should do their due diligence and be a responsible source out what the information and details of the case are before a rush to judgment just as mentioned. you have this coach who was coach of the year turned into the criminal of the year basically because he was
7:48 am
standing up for his team and standing up waiting all of the facts to come in. but you had inthe media weigh in. there was no medical evidence and scant evidence pointing in their direction. everybody was on the bandwagon. it seemed like it happened because there was not enough investigation. he talked in the next sound byte what about duke university advised him. >> i was advised to distance myself from them. and at that time that was like blasphemy. you are telling me that? you don't run. we don't quit. you know? that is not how we are made. you finish you sign on and finish what you start at all cost. you finish it.
7:49 am
>> you happen to think about others in this situation. and you think about bad things happen in the country and you want everyone coming forward to tell their story but the problem is there is no process that. and people don't respect the fact the process hasn't taken place. >> i think there is respect for the process but what is probe problematic and going to the media problem there are two things. folks engaging in journalistic responsibility but we live in a 24 hour news environment with twitter and social media compounding the situation reinforcing the conversation in the negative or positive way and it is hard for individuals to weed through that to get to the facts. so there has to be that
7:50 am
>> this was agenda driven because there was a tight election up. if you are your own individual you can be in that position as well and if you don't have the resources and money and big companies companies behind you like the universities have you are vulnerable. >> it is clear the coach cared about the program and the athletes and went to them and said you need to tell me the truth does show integrity on his part. >> he turned them into a division one team. he has gotten huge offers to go to other programs but he said they were loyal and he is staying there. it is a great story. good to see you both. jon scott is coming up. how are you? >> good morning. a lawyer killed in his home and his 21-year-old girlfriend
7:51 am
called the police saying shot hum him in self defense but is six bullet holes too much? and the future of drones with the pentagon being too cautious.
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
what do you think about this? two children known as free range parenting were allowed to roam and are back at home. they were six and ten and picked up by the maryland police less than half a mile from their home. >> after sitting in the closet two and a half hours he said i am going to bring you home and instead he brought us here. >> their mother was frantic
7:55 am
because she was not told the children were taken into the custody and taken from the park. the family sparked debate earlier this year when they were found guilty of child neglect because they think it is okay for their kids to walk back and forth to the park. what do you think? tweet me. space-x is trying to land a floating barge in the ocean. the last attempt didn't go so well. phil keatings is live. bold predictions, do we have any? good morning. >> reporter: good morning. space-x gave a 50/50 shot in january and today they are giving an 80% prediction of successss landing the rocket after it goes 150 miles down to the
7:56 am
landing perform in the ocean. look at the test file video. this gives you an idea of how they will pull it off. nine minute after it detaches and goes back to earth and reignite the rocket to have a controlled landing on a pad that is only the size of a football field. it is called just read the instructions and they attribute to ian banks the science-fiction writer. it will reduce the space travel rocket launch cost boy a hundred fold. musk said no one would fly across the country if we trashed a 747 after each trip. 4,000 pounds. >> it could change the way we travel in space forever. >> reporter: load them and take them back off. >> thank you phil. we will be watching. five hours and 4 minutes from
7:57 am
now. >> new information on marco rubio's 2016 announcement coming up.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
so carl cameron confirms marco rubio is in. and we have not seen the van. >> if you see the van take a ica picture and send it to bill. he is dying to see is. bye, everybody. hilary clinton ending years of speculation and now senator marco rubio jus telling donors he is in the race also. >> if you like politic we have it here. the former secretary of state announced on sunday she is traveling to iowa which holds the first contest in the presidential race. this as marco rubio is set to voters later today he is running for president


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