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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 15, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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tee dropped his own salary from 1 million a year to $70,000 does money buy you happiness? >> happiness comes in many forms. >> mark says no, on you ask make yourself happy. "fox and friends" starts now. good morning. it is wednesday, april 15th. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. violent protests against police erupting across the country, blocking highways even swarming police precincts as a brand new dash cam video is released showing the moment a arizona cop stopped a man. oh, my. and do not reply. that's what hillary clinton did when congress asked her about those private e-mail accounts more than two years ago. will she be force today answer the tough questions now that she's on the campaign trail? if there's somebody to ask them
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maybe. his impressions are spot on. >> god i hope it's not miranda. oh, definitely dear. melting like a snow cone. >> a tribute to the late robin williams that will bring a smile to your face if it hasn't already. let me remind you on tax day, mornings are still better with friends. ♪ well brian, you just mentioned it. today is april 15th it is day you have to file your federal and state taxes. it's not we have a gym class, those are perching bags. how many people would want to
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punch a bag? >> if you need to relax the grit inside of you can head over to the spa for musquauj treatment. puppies are on the way because we know what they do for your stress. they erase it. crispy cream donuts -- >> you can't take the puppies. you can throw a few punches and get is massage if you come by. >> do not come down here to get your puppy massages or to box your donuts. because that -- you know what? on april 15th. weird things happen. >> that's title boxing club. they're out here working out today. nothing like a little boxing. >> i think we've covered all bases in terms of stress relief. you can go all the ways to take the stress away on tax day. if you have questions, we have an accountant on hand to take your tax questions. don't be afraid to send us via
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e-mail, twitter. >> are you ready? >> i'm ready if they're ready. in the meantime -- >> the irs doesn't have enough operators. >> we got ron. >> more than ever we need ron. >> the head of the irs, the commissioner said, by the way, he did note six out of ten people who call with a question are not going to get someone to assist them. >> we promise 100% of the e-mail you send us for ron he will look at and see if he can answer. >> thankly we're not answering those. >> the irs commissioner has got some answering to do. you know how with governments and whatnot at the end of the fiscal year they have to blow the dough. >> it's the way our great government works. in that building the irs in down town in washington, d.c. they went on a wild spending
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spree with the money you're sending them today. >> one pocket they're claiming it's inside out and they're broke. on the other they're spending it on this. $4.3 million spent on market research. >> i've got an opinion about the irs. >> $8,000 on fitness equipment. and thousands on decorative and give away items. >> i think the fitness equipment was a treadmill i think. >> plush animals, football, wrist bands for the meeting and $4 million. $4 million on office furniture. >> special thanks to orrin hatch for putting a letter out to him and asking can you explain that. which brings us to your opinions. when it comes to your taxes, how do you feel about how much you pay compared to previous years snz i am surprised it took this long to get the money this high. for those of you who took this survey, 63% of you said taxes
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are too high. that's up since 2012 when only 54% they were too high and 53% in 2010. i actually -- you could add in one thing, that's obamacare. a lot of people didn't factor it in. now we're feeling it. >> keep in whiendmind when you look at that number right there, 63% say it's too high. what is the number of people in america who don't pay taxes? i think it's 50%. it puts it all into perspective. >> only 34% believe that tax is just about right. >> when you look at the federal government, you know with why so many people are going to texas, so many people are going to florida they say to themselves why are we here? the weather is not great and we're playing a ton of money. >> the poll also asked which tax is the least fair? 26% thought the federal income tax was the least fair. 25% thought the local property tax is unfair.
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14% thought federal social security was unfair. 13% state sales. 11% of you thought state income tax was one of the least fair. >> this is one of these days when everybody starts talking what about the fair tax, value added tax, look at that today our logo is in red because we've been in the red -- talking about the money we're spending. it would be one thing if we were spending the money and the government were spending it wisely. do you think they're spending it wisely when they're spending thousands on it on plush toys. >> and $4 million on furniture. >> on a good note americans are known as the one people that are most honest in the world on paying their taxes. isn't that a good thing? >> i hadn't heard that. >> the guy who brought your freaknomics in terms of the being untrustful is the greeks.
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>> people are probably cheating on their taxes and never getting caught. >> our honest friends out there if you have honest questions e-mail us here. >> we are going to be doing heather nauert's taxes live on the air. that will be exciting. >> i'm looking at your deductions here. way too much on ink. >> exactly. stop adding toner. >> that is for sure. good morning, great to see you all. hope you're off to a good day already. we have brand new information that just came in overnight from here in new york city. it's important i want to tell you about that right now. two officers assaulted in new york when crowds mobbed the brooklyn bridge. take a look here. here's what's going on now. hundreds of protesters taking to the streets to protest alleged police brutality. two officers were hurt. more than 20 protesters are now
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under arrest. these anti-police protests are happening in other parts of the country. hundreds swarming parts of oakland and chicago. in los angeles dozens of protesters laid down on a railroad track. not a smart idea. they blocked the trains from passing. in arizona an armed robbery suspect is claiming police brutality in his arrest. we warn you this video i'm about to show you may be tough to watch. a police cruiser running down that man sending him flying into the air. the officer says he was trying to knock a rifle from this man's hand. it happened back in february. that video just coming out right now. the suspect was hospitalized but is okay. the officer behind the wheel was cleared of any wrongdoing. and some extreme weather to bring you. a small tornado flipping a car upside down in a community college in oregon. three other cars were damaged when it touched down in the
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parking lot. one student said it tossed his feet eight feet into the air. no one was hurt there on the west coast. today marks two years since the boston marathon bombing. the families of four killed and more than 250 injured are getting ready to mark one boston day. banners will be raised and a moment of silence will be held at 2:49 p.m. dzhokhar tsarnaev is not allowed to attend anything. his penalty face starts tuesday. one day after the 2015 marathon. space x falcon 9 rocket successfully blasting off in cape canaveral. take a look. >> we have liftoff. >> it's off to deliver supplies
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to the international space station. the second part of the mission not successful. the rocket portion was meant to land on a barge. it made a hard landing. those are your headlines. before i let you go i want to compliment you and peter doocy on a lovely article in one of the new jersey magazines. >> he's done okay. >> what magazines? >> bergen health and life or something. >> i'm going to check that out. >> it's great. >> congratulations. it's great. >> thanks for bringing that to our attention. >> remember a couple years ago when it was revealed an epa administrator was using a fake name, an alias and an off campus e-mail account to do her official business? after that, darryl issa, who is running the house oversight committee sent out a letter to hillary clinton. and 18 other administration officials and said you're not using private e-mail accounts,
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are you? they never heard back from her. >> hillary clinton now on the campaign trail, she can ride, but she can't ride from this. it's getting worse. this letter said specifically have you or any senior agency official ever used a personal e-mail account. simple enough. he didn't hear back. he reached out to the agency. and didn't hear back from them. they ignored the question. upon his inquiry there. and provided no response. so here we are, again, wondering, is it still a shield? >> maybe she deleted that e-mail she got from issa. >> she gets the e-mail, doesn't answer they ask about indirectly they gave an answer about just directly here's our policy and never said. one month ago we find out that hillary clinton was using private e-mail for the past couple years. my hunch darryl issa had a
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hunch. we'll probably get a chance to ask him. something else is clear, whether you agree with her or disagree with her, she's creating a raucous wherever she goes as she shows up in her van in iowa. as hundreds of press seem to have gathered on the outside to see her. as her van rolls by w sprinting go all the media just to get a shot of her as she'll eventually drive to the other side. >> i had my money on the guy with the red pants. he came from the left and took the lead. >> they all came from the left believe me. >> cutting off the reporter there. >> he doesn't look like much of a runner. if you look at the way -- >> he's running and reporting. that's the kind of running towards somebody that you would normally associate with people who spot justin bieber. there they go. >> meanwhile the students at the college she spoke up were on lock down in their classrooms
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because they couldn't walk across the path that she was entering. you see them with their faces pressed against the window. they couldn't come out because she needed a clear path apparently to get where she was going to speak to 22 people. >> apparently, it is hillary's listening and lockdown tour. right? >> so much for connecting. 13 minutes after the top of the hour. on this tax day, speak up and face retaliation, the startling new claims against va whistle blowers. hear from a veteran who says he knows because it happened to him. more stories coming your way w. this has got to hurt. this has everybody talking this morning. why you should not participate in the halftime antics. do not forget, we are outside all morning long helping you get through tax day. relieve your stress. boxing, spa and donuts and puppies. all for you on this big day. what a collection. ♪ i'm so excited ♪ ♪ and i just can't hide it ♪
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new flonase allergy relief nasal spray outperforms a leading allergy pill. most allergy pills only control one substance, flonase controls six. so go ahead, inhale life. new flonase. six is greater than one. this changes everything. he says she's an undisciplined overwaterer. she claims he's a cruel underwaterer. with miracle-gro moisture control potting mix, plants only get water when they need it. fight ended. or shifted? miracle-gro. life starts here. a shocking new report from the united states office of special counsel department of veteran's affairs has been retaliated against whistle blowers who speak up about the
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practices that have led to the deaths of 23 united states veteran. an addiction therapist at the va hospital says that he after serving in the marine corp you say that your private medical records were illegally accessed after you spoke up about the facility's failure to treat veterans with suicidal tendencies. what is happening? you spoke up saying what? >> i spoke up -- thanks for having me as well. i spoke up regarding suicidal veterans leaving the va hospital after being deemed suicidal in phoenix, arizona. >> after voicing your concerns, they're loinlegitimate, the numbers prove it t. too many veterans are waiting for service and dying in the meantime. what happened? >> one of my concerns was my records were accessed by a social worker that i work with. she went into my medical records. nobody knows what the reason
3:19 am
was. she never had to say why she went into my medical records. she had no reason to be in there. she just went in there. i guess just looking around to see what she could find. >> so you voiced concerns about violations when it comes to veterans' rights and their health. your own situation is violated, especially when it comes to hipaa. >> i spoke up and was plaitsced on leave after allegations i had allegedly threatened another employee. those allegations were proven false. i've been on paid administrative leave since january 27th. >> this is a letter that you received here. it said you may rern to the phoenix va for the purpose of receiving treatment. you must check in wp the va police there and you must check out with the va police. why are they treating you like a criminal? >> that's the million dollars question.
3:20 am
i had a one on one meet ing with secretary mcdonald. i told him as the most powerful man in the va he felt comfortable with me. but i could not go to the va hospital and check in without police. >> what was his response? >> he said he would look into it. it has been fixed to where i can go to the va hospital in phoenix without a police escort. thank god, it's nice if i want to go get medical care. >> what message does it say to others who want to bravely speak up and defend the rights of veterans who have been denied service? >> don't speak up. my advice to them would be no matter what the va does to me i can sleep at night. >> we thank you for being here. we'll talk again soon and stay on this. thanks. now, this coming up marco rubio just put himself into the running for president. these people are clueless as to
3:21 am
who he is. watch. >> what do you guys think about marco? >> polo. >> marco rubio? >> never heard of him. >> he's a republican senator out of florida. >> i don't like them. >> she would test people before they vote? we'll debate that next. y as it gets. wouldn't it be great... ...if hiring plumbers, carpenters and even piano tuners were just as simple? thanks to angie's list now it is. we've made hiring anyone from a handyman to a dog-walker as simple as a few clicks. buy their services directly at no more calling around. no more hassles. and you don't even have to be a member to start shopping today. angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. visit today.
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here's a scary question. how much do americans know about president obama's accomplishments or the republican presidential candidates? jesse waters in jesse waters world hit the streets to find out. >> what do you guys think about marco? >> polo. >> marco rubio. >> never heard of him. >> he's a republican senator out of florida. >> i don't like him. >> there you go. this along with studies showing americans are poorly informed on
3:25 am
government and politics. is it time to revisit a test for people to be able to vote? joining us to debate this ann coulter and executive director. does it bother you that your vote counts as much as somebody who doesn't know what is going on? >> for one thing, i think it should be more difficult to vote. there's nothing unconstitutional about literacy tests. instead we have ballots being given in 124 different languages. i'm pretty sure senate debates will not be taking place in urdue. what are they voting on? my main point is i would let democrats do all of the vote theft they can get away with. i would limit voting day to one 24 hour period. >> the whole mail in thing unless you're in the military. >> they're bringing in the bushels of the -- >> that's not true. that's never been proven true.
3:26 am
>> but i know you don't feel that way, does it bother you at all that people who can't name the vice president or don't know how many senators are in there? >> their vote counts as much, but i don't know -- they're not actually voting, though. only 36% of the population is voting. that's the lowest ever. not one state that's passed elections went over 60%. we have a civic crisis in america. we shouldn't block people from voting. we should be investing in civic education. we have since civic education across the board. the real problem is the education system which republicans are defunding. >> what a great way to do it is to force people to understand what's going on before they vote. >> that's fine. until that happens maybe we could check to see if they can name the vice president before letting them vote. and as for my civic education that means 12 years of chinese
3:27 am
style propaganda schools. which means you are dumber than somebody who has gone to school. >> people who come to america who don't speak english as a first langage is passing the test. it has to do with investing in america. >> how about having a literacy test? >> it's against the law. it violated the amendments -- >> it does not. >> it's against the 1965 voting rights act -- >> it does not. in case anyone pulls this on you, viewers the truth of the matter is fake literacy tests were used by democrats after the civil war to prevent blacks from voting. >> and then the law changes 100 years later. >> they would allow every white person yeah, you did they wouldn't allow blacks to use it. continuing a long tradition of vote theft. those tests -- >> that was 100 years ago. >> the president took this a
3:28 am
step furter a ago he said let's make it mandatory. >> let's do it. >> everybody vote. >> then people will take it seriously. they'll read before. >> you know that's not true. the reasons democrats want this is a completely ignorant voter better for the democratic party or republican party. >> i say the republican party. >> well, weirdly though you're the one pushing for -- >> it's the great debate. i cannot wait for your upcoming book coming up. >> june first. we couldn't discuss this in the 8:00 hour. >> we can agree on that. >> everyone is edgy because it's tax day. thanks for coming in. steve tell me what else is important? >> apparently getting her coffee. he refused to surrender his facebook password to a judge and got thrown ipjail. we showed you this video
3:29 am
yesterday. fish flying everywhere. it made us wonder -- >> i wish carp tasted good, it would have been a field day. >> prepared properly it does. >> the key is prepared properly. coming up we're going to prepare carp properly aren't we? >> yeah, we are. >> oh, boy. first, happy birthday to actress emma watson she is 25 today. >> he's not worth it. you want me to pick just one? yeah, right. i say if it looks tasty, order it. because at red lobster's create your own seafood trio i can have it all. choose 3 of 9 dishes for just $15.99. like the creamy baked lobster alfredo. and the sizzling brown butter shrimp scampi. and fresh soy-ginger salmon
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you know what? today is april 15th. it's tax day. we're offering stress with all sorts of stuff. what are you doing? >> we're knocking out stress with our boxing club. >> that's what you got to do. if you got to pay you want a punching bag. not enough mortgage interest deduction. meanwhile, if you're really stressed it's time to relax. what better way on tax day than with a neck massage. how are you today? >> good. >> who is that person you're rubbing? >> she is a -- >> a total stranger walked off the street and you're giving her a rub down. >> something like that. >> how does it feel? >> fantastic. >> okay very nice. have you ever had a massage on television before today. >> no. all right. just curious. all right. meanwhile, what else can you do on a day like this? you need treats. what better way than something from crispy cream donuts. they have their camp fire treats. >> this is iced coffee.
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>> great. >> this is our new product. one drink behind there for you. >> it's tax day could we spike this? >> absolutely. >> we'll wait till noon. then, what better way to celebrate a highly stressful day than with a puppy? hi there. look at him. from north shore animal -- i just paid my taxes can i have some love? awww. i don't know about you guys but i feel so much better on tax day. >> i think you just adopted a dog, do you want to make an announcement? >> only if it's a deduction. i could use another deduction. >> we can ask that question today while you get some more sweet puppy kisses. if you have questions, we've got answers. we have an accountant on hand this morning. >> he's diagonally across the street. here's here to take your tax questions. this is when the irs says flat
3:35 am
out we don't have enough people to answer your questions. we have answered that question by paying his fee. how much are we paying you? >> he cannot answer that answer today. that will remain private. >> that's the one question he can't answer. >> he will answer all yours. log on to our facebook page at "fox and friends" and any question will be answered. steve will continue to get massages puppy kisses and punch somebody there. heather nauert is here with headlines. i just had a question for him which he answered very quickly. send in your questions. >> mine was slow coming off the mark. i have news to bring you president obama is pushing to remove cuba from the state terrorism list. the president says cuba has not supported terrorists in the past six months and claims they won't in the future. congress has 45 days to respond to the request. officials currently estimate
3:36 am
between 100 and 130 fugitives are living in cuba right now. most, they say do have ties to radical groups. among them the convicted cop killer, who murdered a new jersey state trooper in 1973. she escaped from prison in 1979 and has lived under political asyalmost in cuba for more than 30 years. a texas community rallying around a man who refuses to surrender his facebook password to a judge. >> free jeremy for free speech. >> that group rallying for jeremy, he lost his gun shop during a bankruptcy. the company that took it over claims his facebook page as a business asset. a judge agreed to turn it over. he says it's his personal page. and turned himself in to the u.s. marshals. >> i've got messages through this facebook page with my attorneys that i have been in counsel with for the past two
3:37 am
years they'll have access to. >> he says he wants people to know they should not be afraid to fight for their rights. what a bizarre story. robin williams was one of the most iconic actors in all times. one man has a spot on impression. take a look. >> humans, they're strange. they are things called pets. melting like a snow cone. you got to fantasize the woman. madonna. madonna. good morning vietnam. >> it's almost eerie to watch that. that is the actor jamie costa. it's going viral with well over one million views. those are your headlines. let's head outside to maria molina with a look at our weather. >> we have hardworking people behind me this morning. i want to take a look at your weather conditions.
3:38 am
here in new york city they are beautiful this morning. you're looking at calm conditions and also temperatures that are relatively mild. i want to show you the radar image. it's active as we head south and southwest across parts of tennessee and kentucky. you're dealing with rain. by the way, out west in parts of the central rockies they could be getting more than a foot of snow in some of the higher elevations. that's going to be a big issue out there. otherwise several more rounds of showers and thunderstorms are forecast across the southeast, not only today but over the next several days. locally up to six inches of rain will be possible in some areas. let's head back inside. >> well, thanks. we showed you this viral video of a carp attack caught on camera and it sparked a debate between steven and brian. >> is the lake crowded or is the water hot? >> fish got to jump. >> fish jumping season. >> i was asking you guys like you're carp experts. i wish it tasted good.
3:39 am
>> prepared properly it does. >> when is the last time you had carp? >> as it turns out steve is right. the solution to a carp crowded lake, you eat them. isn't that right? >> james is the author of the great -- essential techniques and inspired techniques to make every dish better. he's here with your favorite carp recipes? you can eat carp? >> there are no carp recipes in that book. we're taking my favorite fish recipes from the book and adapting them. >> around the world james, carp is considered by some as a delicacy. here in this country the reason we saw the picture is they took asian carp to arkansas to clean out the farm lakes. then it flooded because of the mississippi river, and now they're everywhere and they're crowding out the other fish. >> the solution is, we'll dine on them what are you making for us? >> it's a fish taco, you know?
3:40 am
we're rolling that in corn meal and we have a simple salsa. canned tomatoes black beans and corn. canned vegetables makes it quick and easy to get a healthy meal on the table. >> i know you are doing your best but this sickens me. >> compare carp to another type of fish you would eat normally? >> i think similar to cat fish. it's got a little bit of that you know, muddy fresh water -- >> fishy. >> it has a higher oil content. more strongly flavors. >> probably good omega 3's in it. >> should i try this? >> try it. >> good vegetables here. >> start with a small bite. >> we topped it off with our favorite cheese. they probably got carp in wisconsin, they make cheeses. they're absolutely amazing. >> it's a carb friendly dish.
3:41 am
>> ladies and gentlemen, here he is brian was worried about carp. here he is trying the carp taco. carp is not just for dinner anymore, it's for breakfast. >> what are you going to jump on today? >> not as good as gold fish, but. >> more cheese and more salsa? >> no, it's terrible. >> you did a great season but the fish is terrible. >> you can't get beyond the fish taste? >> it's terrible. >> we got some grilled fish we're doing too. anytime you're cooking you want to cook with your best oil. we love the extra virgin olive oil. >> the chef is a great sport to come here and put the carp to the test here. you book is fantastic. it does not have carp recipes. we thank you for braving the carp grill here. we're going to it on our website if anybody in missouri wants it. >> she wanted to talk to the students about the treatment of muslim women. she says a muslim group at duke
3:42 am
university tried to ban her from doing so. she's here to share her story. that's got to hurt. the fail that's got everybody talking this morning. ouch. and tax day stress relief. come down to our world headquarters you can get a massage. we'll feed you breakfast and you can pet a puppy. ♪ and tax day stress relief.
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see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. time now for some good and ugly sports headlines. the good, rockiy's third baseman running down a pop fly for the giants. take a look here he catches it
3:46 am
just before crashing right into the crowd. the rockies win it, 4-1. what a catch. and the ugly. that's got to hurt. this utah jazz employee shoots for the stars and misses. he tried to pull off a trampoline dunk but he overshot it and fell on his face. i can't say i would have done a better job on that. i give him an a for effort. after muslim groups at several universities across the country tried to ban their schools from showing the movie american sniper. our next guest an islamic feminist says a muslim group at duke university tried to do the same thing to her. she's an author of this new book. she joins us from pittsburgh. thank you for being with us today. >> thank you. >> okay. what did you want to tell the university students at duke about the plight of muslim
3:47 am
women? >> the title of talk was the paradox of women in muslim. i was born in india to a mother who wore the face veil as she was growing up. in this country i've been able to enjoy freedoms america offers. i wanted to tell them we are living a paradox. there is a progressive spirit in islam but there are forces within our community that subordinate us, subjugate us and silence us and that's what i saw at duke university. >> on this channel we have talked about that. at duke there are some groups -- you particularly pointed out the muslim student group. they found out you were coming and what happened to you? >> two years ago a professor of islam at duke university published a smear against me claiming i have an alliance with islamphobes. it's a way to silence people within our community.
3:48 am
the muslim students' association resurrected that and they shoot an e-mail that said they wouldn't send anybody to the event. which they have a right to do. but that they would also issue a few words of caution about my controversial religious and political views. we know what that does effectively, it scared everyone. and the sponsoring organization and duke university decided they would pull the invitation. i asked them for the evidence. and then a day later they decided to reinvite me after they looked at the quote, variables. >> and you went down there and you talked to nine people. apparently everybody else had been scared off. what -- this is troubling. i mean, obviously, there are a lot of people who want to hear what muslim women face in the world. but, apparently, there are forces at duke university who don't want that to happen. >> well there are forces in our world. and i call these forces the honor brigade.
3:49 am
they are people bloggers academics -- >> what do they not want you to say? >> they don't want to tarnish muslim. they don't want us to talk about the is the reality of a situation in which sadly muslim women are treated like second class citizens in way too many communities, including the u.s. we are put in the back of the mosques. we are not even allowed through the front doors at some mosques. this is a tragedy. we serve the religion and we service the country and the world best if we forge ahead with a gender jihad. a jihad that fights for women's rights, along with all people's rights. >> you're speaking up today. your writings as well. we thank you for getting up early and joining us from pittsburgh. author of standing alone, an american's woman's struggle for
3:50 am
islam. one day into hillary clinton's campaign a potential new bomb shell in that e-mail scandal got bigger. what we just learned about a letter she ignored years ago. maybe she erased or shredded it. you know him for his role in full metal jacket. he's taking things to a more explosive level. >> it's "gunnytime"." get some. >> man, i would watch that store. retired united states marine corp lee ermey. >> there's steven making a fool of himself. mr. doocy, how are you doing? ♪
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
we know him for his legendary roles as a ruthless drill instructor in full metal jacket. now he's taken on a more explosive role. >> it's gunnytime. >> it is all about blowing things up. it premieres tonight. >> here with us right now. is the marine corp vet. gunnery sergeant r. lee ermey. good morning. >> semper fi. good to be with you. >> thanks to you, sir. >> brian how you doing. you don't call me sir. >> sergeant?
3:55 am
>> you stepped on it again, didn't you. sergeant is two ranks below gunny. you just busted me. >> he's having a rough day tflt. he just ate carp. >> this is officially gunnytime can you tell us about the show? it starts tonight. >> i've been -- done 75 movies, okay. we went to tv we had two tv shows. both of them were hit tv shows. we had male call and the other one was lock and load. and both were hit shows. i got to the point where i was being dictated told how to run the show. so i own the show. i took the show away. we -- i produce, i direct, i write. i host. >> you're giving the people what they want. what do they want? >> i know what they want. they want explosions. >> stuff blowing up. >> weapons systems.
3:56 am
they want to see where their tax dollars are being spent when we do something with the military. weapons system. but i've got a philosophy if you country drive it fly it or shoot it we blow it up. gunnytime is on steroids and it's on tonight. >> let me ask you something, are the marines on board with this. do you check with them first? >> i spent two weeks with the marine corp. we did 80 millimeter mortars. we did all kinds -- mark 19 grenade launcher which is it's a machine gun grenade launcher. if you can't kill them with that then go home. but the marine corp, i've been dealing with them marine corp -- i'm part of the brotherhood. >> 53 years is your anniversary this year serving our country. >> they retired me in 1972 and i
3:57 am
just kept showing up for work. >> you're never going to slow down. watch gunnytime tonight at 8:00 p.m. >> be there because i know where you live. >> tax day we have special surprise. ♪ help join a continent with nearly 3 million rugged square miles with a single broadband connection. when emerson takes up the challenge
3:58 am
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good morning to you. it is wednesday april 15th. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. violent protests against police taking place across the country. brand new dash cam is released during the moment an arizona cop uses a police cruiser to hit a man shooting a rifle in the middle of a neighborhood. wow. all right. hillary clinton's e-mail scandal comes roaring back to life. it turns out, she was warned not to use private e-mail back in 2012. her response? delete. meanwhile they're supposed to be stoic and proper.
4:01 am
but you know what? even a member of the queen's guard makes mistakes. we'll tell you what happened at buckingham palace. because wednesdays are better with friends. >> it's time for "fox and friends." ♪ >> it's april 15th. this is the day you have to file your federal and state taxes or ask for an extension. to help you today we have the bases covered. you can take out your stress on the punching bag. you can get a massage by a stranger. >> because you're feeling the stress. it's in your back. of you get a massage on our plaza. follow that by a great crispy cream doughnut and a kiss from a puppy. what could be better to cure
4:02 am
your tax stress with all the comfort essentials. >> forget that check you just wrote to the tax man. special thanks to oasis day spa, crispy cream donuts is self-explanatory. >> we have more dogs out there h. what happened to them? >> you had a great kiss from one? >> i did. i thought i left him out there. if you are doing your taxes and you find something puzzling. we have standing by answering all your questions on facebook ron as you can see right there. >> all day long. which is a great thing we heard from the commissioner of the irs that the commissioner said six out of ten questions and calls that come into the irs -- they are so underprepared today they don't have enough people to answer the phone. six out of ten people will not
4:03 am
get an answer from the irs. >> not only do they claim they don't have enough people. with obamacare so complicated they can't figure it out. we can't figure out how to do the new tax equations. >> listen, if today you are grabbing for the maalox because of tax day, you're not alone. because earlier just about a half hour ago -- yesterday we were talking about asian carp that were scaring the row boaters up there in missouri, and brian asked if anybody ate the carp, i said if it was prepared properly. we had one of the greatest chefs in the world to prepare it properly. >> he did the best he could. >> don't steal your own thunder. >> here's brian trying carp. >> you know carp is not just for dinner anymore it's now for breakfast. >> right. what a good jump on the day. thoughts? >> not as good as goldfish. >> not as good as goldfish?
4:04 am
>> it's terrible. >> you did a great -- >> the first is terrible. >> you can't get beyond the fish taste. >> it's terrible. >> you know, and he's been preparing it for about an hour in the studio. i've been in the studio for close to 20 years. this is as bad as it's ever smelled. >> ed who is on camera four right now, tasted it and he said he's not overreacting. >> kudos to chef for giving it a try. his other recipes are wonderful. his book is called the great cook. >> if a carp jumps in your boat throw it back. >> it needs a label on the side, do not eat. >> if every carp would put a label on itself. >> some countries it's a delicacy. send them there.
4:05 am
earlier we were telling you there were all sorts of protesters against cops. there is a shot of the protests in brooklyn. we have a couple of things to show you where people put themselves in harm's way. >> cops slamming a police cruiser into a suspect popping off rifle shots in a neighborhood. >> this is officer michael he starts speeding towards this man. everywhere is like why is he doing that? the man had a gun. he was eventually going to kill himself. >> he had threatened suicide and had stolen that rifle frump walmart. >> the cop was not suspended. he did the right thing. you saved a lot of citizens. he was shooting randomly in the streets. >> in fact, his chief of police defended his actions and said, that he actually saved that man from taking his own life. >> steve, he stole that rifle
4:06 am
from walmart. al. >> he did, indeed. >> in the meantime let's take you to tempe, arizona. for 11 miles a woman was driving the wrong way down three different highways. so what does the police officer do? he's going to do a serpentine motion right here. actually if we could back the tape up, you can see it better earlier where he does a serpentine motion which is usused by officers to slow the traffic behind the patrol car to get the attention oftd on coming car. she blew an extreme dui. the limit is .08. she was at .22. >> it's amazing when you see the video. you hear the people there's a woman are driving the wrong way. everybody is panicked. but the officer had to go take his life in his own hands and risk a head on collision with a drunk person to bring them to heal and put her in cuffs. >> these are what officers are
4:07 am
willing to do every and every day to keep us safe. >> before you climb a bridge in brooklyn and stop traffic in your city. keep in mind what they're doing 99.9% of the time. >> give them a thank you you know, they deserve it. they work hard and their families know the risk they put themselves in is great for the rest of us. give us a thanks. >> that was very well put, mr. carp. >> are you feeling okay? i'm the one that passed the carp to you. then i read your headlines after you -- >> did you really? >> how dare you. i would suggest you have a peats of it every day. we'll carp it carpdium. >> i'm going to seize this moment to toss to heather before i toss my cookie. i did see you run out of the studio, a mad dash. good morning to you all. we got to start out with extreme weather to bring you. it's coming from the western part of the united states. a tornado flips a car upside down at a community collegeige oregon. at least three other cars were
4:08 am
damaged when a funnel cloud touches down in the school's parking lot. one student says that twister tossed his jeep eight feet into the air before the winds slammed it back down. today in boston, it is one boston day. marking two years since the deadly boston marathon bombing. the city coming together to honor the memory of those killed in the attack and the more than 260 others who were injured. banners will be raised on street followed by a moment of silence at 2:49 that's when the first bomb ripped through the finish line. the jurors who convicted dzhokhar tsarnaev will not be allowed to attend anything related to boston day or the marathon. the penalty phase starts next tuesday. one day after this year's marathon. a brand new e-mail problem for hntsillary clinton to tell you about. it turns out she was asked more than two years ago in a letter from congress if she had ever used a private e-mail account when she was serving at
4:09 am
secretary of state. her response to this letter silence. that note was sent by congressman issa and according to "the new york times," the state department finally responded two months later after clinton had left office. but the response did not mention anything about private or personal e-mail accounts. buckingham palace guards are supposed to be stoic and proper. but how does a guy handle this? poor thing. during his routine changing of the guard he steps on a manhole. he slipped and had that entire moment captured by hundreds of tourists. how do you get up and keep on going? we all experience. >> he kept a stiff upper lip. apparently they drive metal protectors into the soles of his shoes. he was on that manhole cover. >> let's switch to school for a second. i know you switch when you come
4:10 am
home to help everybody with their homework. the last assignment my daughter brought home was find a veteran and do a bio. we could not wait to help out. >> my daughter had the same assignment and talked to my dad. >> it's great. talk about this assignment that came from a different teacher in a different school system. >> this is a high school in wisconsin. and the students were asked to pretend they were muslim. male or female in the united states. within this five paragraph kpamp they have to give two examples of what they do daily. three paragraphs in the body and a closing. keep in mind they were watching documentaries that would back up the facts they could use to support this essay. some people were concerned did you do this for other religions and what does this have in the role of a world history class? a. >> a couple years ago the school
4:11 am
fell under file for passing out a crossward. >> that is text book definition of conservatism one of the paernts said the purpose of this was to vent -- i wonder if any of the kids and said p sharia law is what is involved in that. if they did i wonder what their grades were. >> an organization, an educational watch dog group in that area asked for answers. they have not responded to the questions. they're good ones. >> other religions should be explored. >> they don't blame the teacher, they blame the school system. so that's according to the parents. >> they brought the company in that created that assignment. pretend you are a muslim. >> not the first time this school has fallen under critique. >> maybe you think it's a great idea and give people a sense of tolerance.
4:12 am
maybe you don't and you might agree with me. let us know on facebook or twitter. here's what's coming up. >> she claims to be an advocate for a women in the work force. did you know hillary clinton didn't pay her female staffers the same as men? can she call herself a champion for women. a fair and balanced debate next. >> if you were cutting the government a big day on this tax day, why not have lunch for free? the freebies you can get that will bring a smile to your face today. and some of them are right here on our plaza. if you're in another country or state, you still have time. ♪ any way you want it ♪ ♪ that's the way you need it ♪ ♪ any way you want it ♪
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but what if that thing is a few hundred thousand doses of flu vaccine. that need to be kept at 41 degrees. while being shipped to a country where it's 90 degrees. in the shade. sound hard? yeah. does that mean people in laos shouldn't get their vaccine? we didn't think so. from figuring it out to getting it done, we're here to help.
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and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit i want to stand up and fight for people so that they cannot just get by but they can get ahead. they can stay ahead. >> well hillary clinton portrayed herself as a champion for women in the work force. during her time is in the senate she only paid female staffers for $0.72 for every dollar paid to men. we have lisa booth and
4:17 am
democratic pollster jestsica. where do you -- does she actually stand with women right now? >> she stands with women completely. that data isn't correct. buzz feed did an analysis. they found she paid men and women equally. and actually, women ended up coming out on top and earning more over the period 2002 to 2008. i think there's not strong ground to stand on there. >> your response to that? >> well, look, i think hillary clinton feels that she see entitled to the women's vote like she feels she's entitled to the democrat nomination. that's a dangerous appreciation. she's not a compelling candidate. this is someone that david axelrod has admitted a polarizing figure. she doesn't practice what she preaches. she says she's for women's rights, but the clinton foundation had no problem taking money from repressive foreign governments and foreign countries like saudi arabia. that's going to be problematic
4:18 am
for her. >> let me ask you this, the clinton foundation did take money from saudi arabia, kuwait quatar and more. known for their horrific treatment to women. i pose this question to you, jessica. is that standing with women? >> i think that -- you can't justify everything. i don't think that's necessarily right. they use the money for good things. but does it justify it, not completely. i think that i want to return to the point i originally made which is that republican talking point is she paid $0.72 on the dollar -- excuse me $0.72 for women versus a dollar for men and that's not what happened. >> do you believe? you have to look at the whole person and what they do. do you believe on one hand she can say i stand with women and open her hand and accept money from countries who are malicious in terms of their treatment for women? >> it's a black spot but we need to look at what she did in the senate. she was a co-sponsor of a
4:19 am
paycheck fairness act. these work in her favor and she's doing well with women and leading the republican field by 25 plus points. >> what it highlights is just how bad hillary clinton is. she says one thing and does another. this is someone that says she used a private server for convenience. we know that's not the case. this is some that voters cannot trust. we're seeing that in the polls in critical swing states. voters don't trust hillary clinton. i think the problem she has if she focuses on women's issues she will not only alienate the women voters, but she's going to alienate men let's face it women aren't single issue voters. we care about the economy, we want a candidate to be authentic. we care about a candidate we can trust. >> voters are looking for consistency here. we want to thank you both for joining us.
4:20 am
facebook and e-mail us at "fox and friends." thanks. up next, nearly 150 kids couldn't prove they had been vaccinated so they got kicked out of school. is that out of line? our next guest wants schools to follow in their foot steps. plus a police chase like we have never seen. a coyote on the run in the city. my oh, my. ♪ if you got the money, honey ♪ ♪ welcome to the jungle ♪ you want me to pick just one? yeah, right. i say if it looks tasty, order it. because at red lobster's create your own seafood trio i can have it all. choose 3 of 9 dishes for just $15.99. like the creamy baked lobster alfredo. and the sizzling brown butter shrimp scampi. and fresh soy-ginger salmon topped with sweet pineapple salsa. i could go on. but there are three things on one plate waiting for me and i'd rather just go wouldn't you? but hurry it can't last forever. sunday dinners at my house... it's
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this morning we've been telling you about how we have free things for you here on our plaza. there are a couple of companies that are handing out some really sweet food freebies across the country. head into boston market today
4:24 am
and you'll be able to buy one meal and get another one free. that's not bad. great american cookie, free sugar cookie. california tortria free ships. hard rock cafe if you sing a song on the stage they'll give you a free burger. the tax man will likely be on the play list at the hard rock cafe. over to you. thank you. the school district administrators in spoke an washington taking action to curb the spread of disease yanking 147 out of class because they couldn't prove they had been vaccinated. the director of community relations for spoke an public schools and he hopes other school districts will follow their example. good morning. >> why take such severe akds?ction? >> it's complying with the law that has gone a little bit unnoticed and taken to the back
4:25 am
burner here in washington state. as you may know, all states in the union have different compliance laws regarding immunization. after the recent -- we had a pertussis outbreak in november in the area as well as the measles outbreak of course that started at diz neland. we started looking at our numbers for compliance that we h. washington state allows immunization record update or three different waivers that could be filled. we had about 6% rate, about 5,000 students that were in some sorm of non-compliance. >> in terms of that non-compliance and the parents go ahead and gets the shots, how soon can the kids return back to school? >> same day. >> very same day. >> right. when parents say i don't feel comfortable. you say don't come to our school system?
4:26 am
>> what we say, is it is a requirement of state law. if they want to sign a wairbver, they're free to do that. this isn't about vaccination, it's about state law. we've offered a number of clinics. we've given them updates to clinics around the region. we have great partners with the regional health district. >> have parents taken advantage of that option? how many of those kids are actually back in school? >> yes. quite a few. we've had -- on monday we had over 100. and then yesterday at a different region of town we had about 75 take advantage of that. >> and you basically say it works? there's no danger and you have to be compassionate towards the other people in their class. you can't expose them. >> we say -- no, actually we say you can fill this form out or
4:27 am
your parents can fill this form out one of the three different exemptions we allow. that's the important thing. the exemptions are part of this as well. we're not there to immunize, we're there to show them where the forms are. they have always been readily available online as well. throughout this three month eperiod we've been communicating with them. >> the exemptions are? >> religious medical and fill osphical. >> my philosophy i'm not getting it. >> we thank you for joining us this morning. >> you're quite welcome. all right. 27 minutes after the hour. let's go back to reality, which it's tax day. the irs can't afford to help answer your questions but it has no problem spending your money on things like bath toys.w much will blow your mind when we go through the whole list. plus, anna is headed back to school.
4:28 am
we're clowning around is required. we're going under the big top with her next. ♪
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♪ welcome back everybody. as you know it is tax day. and as tax day it's a stressful day. since you got to go to work anywhere, on your way to work we want to relieve stress. we asked title boxing to come down. joining me now is brooke. why are you here today? >> because we like to knock out stress every day at title boxing
4:32 am
club. today we're taking a different spin on it. we're knocking out stress here. >> watch this, watch what brooke is hitting. brooke is hitting the tax form. do you feel better? >> i feel awesome. >> she's always smiling. if boxing is not your thing maybe massage is. what's your name? >> brittany. >> oasis spas, do you guys pick up business on a day like this? >> 100%. oasis day spa has been in the city for 16 years. we've been providing facial therapy, dry salt therapy from breathe easy. we provide relaxation and wellness to new yorkers and people all across the country. >> i love this they're working on your fingers as if you're doing your tax forms by hand. nice. a lot of people say -- i'm not getting enough calories in my diet. not getting enough sugar. what better play to go than to crispy cream. how has business been?
4:33 am
>> great. we have three new donuts and ice coffeesism everything is going well. >> people can come down. i had this for the first time, vanilla. it's time to put down the hot cup and get the cold coffee. and get some -- the best doughnuts in the world. if you want to grab a puppy and don't want to come home with a puppy, maybe you do. if you want temporarily to feel better, why not grab a puppy. what's your name. >> christina. >> how many puppies did you bring with you? >> seven puppies with us today. >> what's the response been? >> it's been great. everybody has been stopping by. how can you not? >> what is it about puppies. >> they're stress relievers. what better way to reduce stres than adopt animals. >> i'm going to probably bring three or four in we'll see if we can get the crew to adopt some. they talk a big game but they
4:34 am
don't adopt one. guys bactsk to you. >> keep in mind what harry truman said if you want a friend in washington, get a dog. >> they are cute and they make you feel so much better. >> that's just perfect. >> from puppies to all that's going on today. headlines, heather nauert is here. you know dogs can relieve stress. they certainly do. we need it today on this tax day, right? listen to this one i got a story related to that. if you need help filing your taxes today unfortunately, you may be out of luck. the irs now blaming its poor service on the slashed budget. even though they're wildly spending your hard earned money. $4.3 million on market research and public opinion polling. then listen to this more than $8000 on a stair climber exercise machine. on top of that they spent nearly $4 million on new office furniture and a whole bunch of other things. unbelievable. president obama wants cuba
4:35 am
taken off the state sponsored list of terrorists. he says the country has not supported terrorism in the last six months. he believes they won't in the future. congress now has 45 days to respond to that request. federal officials believe there are somewhere between 100 and 130 fugitives living in cuba right now. most of them have ties to radical groups. among them the convicted cop killer. we've told you about her she murdered a new jersey state trooper in 1973. she's been living under political asylum in cuba since she escaped prison in 1979. what do you think of all that? a second opinion may have saved her life. that is 58-year-old actress rita wilson revealing that she has just undergone a double mastectomy for breast cancer. she tells people magazine a initial test came up nevada and a friend encouraged her to get a second opinion. i hope this will encourage
4:36 am
others to get a sixty-second opinion and trust their instincts. she is expected to make a full recovery. when you think of new york city wildlife a coyoety giving new york's finest a run around. an animal dodging cops in a church yard for more than a hour before they took it down. the coyote was taken to a vet. we asked you this morning how did this thing get into manhattan? it crossed a bridge or tunnel somehow to get into the city at night. unbelievable. how would you like to see that on one of the brinldges? those are your headlines. let's check out with maria to get the forecast. >> you know what? anything can happen in nyc. that highlights that. taking a look at the weather conditions can across the country. we have relatively calm conditions here in new york city. at the moment. but just to the south we've had some areas of rain that have
4:37 am
moved on out already across parts of new jersey and the mid-alt. further south across the southeast, that's where we're looking at areas of heavy rain. and it's moving into parts of tennessee and eastern kentucky. out west in the rockies there is a storm system moving in. this has a punch in terms of snowfall. potentially more than a foot of snow in some of the higher elevations across utah, colorado and also into wyoming. you can see that the future radar here across the southeast is forecasting for showers and storms to continue over the next several days locally some areas could pick up to six inches of rain. concerns are in place as far as flooding goes. some areas do have flash flood watches. there's a look at your current temperatures across the country. very mild in the southeast 60s. as we head westward temperatures are much chillier. feeling like winter in the 30s and missoula, seattle and parts of utah. >> thank you very much. >> thanks. road trip is the new series
4:38 am
here on "fox and friends." where we send anna kooiman around the country on epic adventures. she joins us to tell us about her latest experience a chance to go back to school and go to the circus. >> it's clown college. have you ever seen a strong man lift 550 pound with his teeth. that's what you get with the ringling brothers circus extreme. i wanted to be part of the show. i decided to go to clown college. watch. >> whoa. welcome to the greatest -- come on, we got to get started. it is all about taking philly seriously. you know, we're so excited you're here. are you excited? >> i'm so pumped about this. i want to learn about clowning. how did you get into this? you're the boss clown? >> i am. i am the boss clown here at the greatest show on earth. i wanted to be a clown since i was itty bitty.
4:39 am
seeing the audience just laugh. >> is it hard to be funny everybody? >> how about i show you. >> okay. >> is that okay? so to be a clown, you have to be able to play to everyone, right? >> play to the masses. >> play to the masses because we have people in the front row and people all the way up into the upper balcony. >> you have to do things bigger. >> like a normal person would walk. very casual. but we, as clowns, will not walk like that. we'll add a little bigger step -- kind of like -- >> how am i doing that. >> there's a jazz number in that. we've got to make sure and make them laugh. that is key. >> how do you feed off of the crowd? how do you feed off the energy? >> we live for the audience's energy. there's no barrier to laughter. if you're going to fall down, somebody is going to laugh. that's universal all the way across the country. which is so much fun.
4:40 am
>> taylor goes on to show me is gag the clown calls four chairs. a famous bit i hope to pull off a little bit later. >> before we do all of that, we've got to make you look like a beautiful clown righting? >> are you going to give me one of these sne. >> a red nose some rhinestones. >> a little bringling. i'm so pumped. >> we'll get practice. >> now it's time to get in the makeup share and let taylor work his magic. >> i'm nervous. >> don't be nervous you'll dee fantastic. are you ready, it's showtime. >> i guess i'm ready as i ever will be. >> let's do it. ♪ >> after clowning around we get right to the bucket and gather volunteers for our gag.
4:41 am
all right. what we're going to do, we're going to cross our arms like this. perfect. all right. >> then one by one we start removing the buckets. >> here we go. >> okay. >> finally, the moment of truth. ♪ >> oh, my gosh. it was amazing. you were fantastic. >> thank you. >> it all came together in the end. and you were incredible. >> i think we made a few people laugh. >> i absolutely know we made a few people laugh. it's the greatest show on earth. >> i want to say a big thank you to ringling brothers they gave me great access. >> you did a great job. >> thank you. >> send in the clowns. >> my dad came in town the next weekend. my mom and dad were in town.
4:42 am
he gave me this squirt gun ring that he wanted me to hit you guys with. how cool is this? i grew up with a clown at home too. >> that's good. dad, come on. >> anna, great work. we love you clowning around. >> up next we are headed to fargo, north dakota. i'm going to be a roady. >> you're going to take us back stage. ultimate access. >> you will have control of his amps. >> we can't wait. with scotty mccrurry what a star. >> they're such silly guys. on the road there is 12 of them. they give us a tour of their tour bus. they played pranks on each other the whole time. >> they were -- >> clown college experience? >> yeah. i broke the g string on his guitar. >> he's got a g string. >> you broke my g string? don't worry i have a whole pack of them. >> we look forward to that.
4:43 am
meanwhile, it's a story you're going to want your boss to see. >> effective immediately we'll pull a scaled policy into place. we will have a minimum $70,000 pay raise. >> everybody is going to make $70,000. will more money really make his employees happy? what do you think? ♪ and the trumpet ♪ ♪ there you go ♪ . ♪ ♪ mike fincham was diagnosed with colorectal
4:44 am
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4:46 am
this is a story you're going to want your boss to see. here it is.
4:47 am
>> effective immediately we're going to put a scale policy into place. we'll have a minimum $70,000 pay raise. >> i'd applaud too. there you have the ceo of credit card processing firm gravity payments doubling salaries for some workers. kicking them up to $70,000 and cutting his own. the purpose, to see if money really can buy happiness. joining us now is happy guy. >> trying to be. >> we'd like to double the salaries. that's fantastic. what dan price said in seattle, he owns a credit card processing company. i'm going to increase your salary to a minimum of $70,000. 120 employees making 70 undollars there's a $2.2 million. i'm going to take $70,000 and give away the profit. he said he did it based upon a
4:48 am
2010 stud that was published that showed the correlation between salary, money, happiness, emotional, well-being. >> that's the numbers $70,000 makes you happy? >> at 75 it kind of piques out. there you are. how happy are you? $40,000 to $50,000. 46%. $50,000 to $75000, 55%. ronald reagan, once said money can't buy you happiness but it buys you a different class of memories. i think that's something we all can understand. >> you know what i like about this story? he's doing it on his own. he said we're having a good year. he's naught being forced by the government. you're going to pay people this amount of money. i'm doing it on my own. >> we read study after study of ceos who are making 500 times the median salary of their employees. now this man is saying, listen i want to put the money back into
4:49 am
human capital. into my employees. i believe over time they're going to bring me back that profit that i'm now giving back to them and more. this is an investment in their happiness and this company's future. i think that's an exciting prospect for american business especially on tax day. it gives us all an opportunity to say, yeah, okay. you know, it may not buy you happiness but it may buy you some satisfaction and emotional well-being. studies show poorer people have less emotional well-going. when they undergo problemswise love and stress and life and health they sometimes take it worse because they have less financial resources. this is a happen american story today. >> absolutely. al and if your company doesn't give you more money, it would be nice if the government took less of it. >> that's not going to happen. this might happen more than the government taking less.
4:50 am
>> all right. straight ahead. remember the mother who dangled her son over the cheetah exhibit at the zoo and dropped him into the cheetah cage? most of you were outraged. dr. keith ablow says not so fast. he's going to tell you why you should change your mind about that maybe. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
first everyone was like why is this kid screaming. next thing you look somebody says there's a kid in the cheetah tank. >> outrage after a mother dropped her two-year-old son into the cheetah exhibit. now she's being charged with childhood endangerment. >> the question most of us have is what kind of mother would do this. >> here to answer this is dr.
4:54 am
keith ablow. what can you say about these two cases? number one the dangling child. >> this is a griet opportunity for people to get inside my mind. as a forensic psychiatrist it's not enough to say what happened. you have to say why this happened. i don't know this woman. if i were to start to think about this, is it as simple as the fact that she's irresponsible, that she committed a criminal act by dropping her child, or could it be there are other factors? for instance believe it or not i've treated people who have delusions who believe that their own kids have been replaced by doubles who think that they're the devil. god forbid terrible stuff. but it happens. how would our view of her change if we knew she had narrowly escaped death at age two, the same age of her son -- >> was that true? do we know she was a victim? >> we don't. but, see this is the way you
4:55 am
open your mind and decide before i find a reprehensible i better find out the why. if she lost her brother, let's say at age two people are going to say, wait a second. that humanizes her. we understand. we don't know this woman's story. >> we don't. it looks to all of us like she did something dumb and the kid almost really got hurt. >> but many people are saying negligence or dedangerment. but you're saying it could be on the nuts in. we only do normal or nuts. you're saying in their psyche something could be going on. >> absolutely. things that are negligent and endangerment could have an explanation. how do we treat someone if we come to understand the underlying story. that's my job. you can read about it on my blog. it's important. >> also, people thought right away michael jackson dangled his kid. we know he had a myriad of
4:56 am
issues? >> he did? >> yeah, i think there would be more than one blog you'd have to do on that. >> he seemed very normal -- no, you're right. >> thank you very much. >> my pleasure. this next video is shocking. brand new dash cam just released showing the moment a police officer uses his cruiser to hit a man shooting a rifle in the middle of a neighborhood. we have details on that at the top of the hour. it's one of the top spring break destinations. one city might just be ready to end the party. and make that girl put down the funnel. plus, don't forget we're outside all morning helping you get through the tax day by punching those tax forms away. get a quick little massage having some great donuts. and holding a puppy. ♪ photos are great... ...for capturing your world. and now they can transform it with the new angie's list app
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5:00 am
good morning. it is wednesday, april 15th. it's tax day. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. take a look at this violent protests taking place across the country. brand new dash cam is released showing a moment an arizona cop uses aplice police cruiser to hit a man shooting a rifle in the moigd of a neighborhood. hillary clinton's scandal comes roaring back to life. turns out she was warned not to use it back in 2012 e. two viral videos you have to see. if you haven't seen them yet. they are supposed to be proper. even a royal guard makes mistake. the slam dunk fail that got everybody talking this morning. as him icing down his upper body
5:01 am
and face. we're telling you it's tax bay. we have the omway to relieve the stress because mornings are better with friends. >> it's time for "fox and friends." ♪ okay it is tax day. we know the stress that comes along with that. we are fixing that on the "fox and friends" plaza. we have puppies tocule your cure your ailment. >> you need one of those. those coffees are iced down. >> they got chocolate every day flavor. it is great for krispy kreme to do that. as we make our way down, where do we find ourselves? >> we're here at oasis spa to relieve the tension that comes along with filling out forms. we're going to reduce not
5:02 am
deduct. and then, if you still need to get out a little more than stress and angst. you can take it to title boxing here on the plaza. you see what's taped up on the bags? >> title boxing, the every day american is working out. why not do something different. they're going to a title boxing franchise across the country. you cannot hurt that guy because he's wearing a protective iron man shield. >> i wonder if it's okay today -- i see this -- can you come over here? >> i'm going to give it a jab. >> there you can see. there's the fax form. come on over here. >> that's how we all feel. >> just punch that part, would you? right there. right there. come on, take that. take it. take it. >> i don't know about you, i feel better. >> it goes good when she hits it. >> you want to punch something when you hear about how the irs is wasting money.
5:03 am
>> they're spending the money and going to waste. >> wasting your money on things like this. $4.3 million on market research and public opinion polling. $8,000 -- >> give you my opinion, it's not going well. >> they could have come here on our plaza and boxed for free. thousands on decor give away items like stuffed animals. wrist bands for their meetings. >> of course as you pointed out earlier, they do this thing if they don't spend the money they won't get the same amount of money the next year. the irs found itself with more money, so they spent $4 million on office furniture. >> what's galling about that is you have the commissioner on capital hill when you call us up and we don't answer. we don't have enough money. if you don't have enough money to have people there. how come you have enough money to buy everything else.
5:04 am
hit the mortgage deduction. earned income. right there right there. right there. >> feel the burn. >> the tax form is just one page it would be no problem. >> it is complicated. there should be something simple about average americans want to call. when you have questions, but six out of ten calls are not going to be answered. we had a certified public accountant answering your questions right here at "fox and friends." >> it took senator orrin hatch to find this out. >> to your point -- there he is right there -- wouldn't today be a good day to have a national dialogue about why don't we have a flat tax? why don't we have -- how would you like to fill out your taxes on a post cardment put the amount of money i made this year what i made in taxes. >> that would solve the call problem you wouldn't have as many questions with the complications. they wouldn't have to turn away six out of ten calls.
5:05 am
>> let's talk about the 2016 election. on the democratic side it's one woman, one candidate. it is former senator former secretary of state, former first lady hillary clinton. we know about the latest scandal. you can use the term scandal because she hasn't come clean on it. that's her using a personal e-mail for four years as secretary of state for the obama when you say. now it turns out that darryl issa asked her two years ago, are you using a private server, mrs. clinton. he wrote her a letter and asked her the question >> he asked the entire department there. it says have you or any senior official ever used a personal e-mail account to conduct business. it took them months after hillary clinton left her office there for the department to actually get back to him. when they did, they provided a general response, no specifics. we see hillary clinton in iowa with dark glasses. she can ride but not hide.
5:06 am
sooner or later we will have to get to the bottom of this. >> i wonder how many of the other channels are covering the fact she was asked, are you using this illegal system two years ago and she never responded. i would suggest maybe this is the only channel -- or cnn. >> "the new york times" did a good job breaking the whole thing. >> who is going to pick it up? this next image as we take you out to iowa yesterday shows you the mainstream media approach to the hillary clinton campaign. >> they spot -- >> they've been waiting for her. there goes scooby right there. the armored $70,000 van she's traveling in. look at them run. like they've never gotten a shot of her before. >> she was out for 500 days. she doesn't have a primary for six or seven months. she doesn't have any competition. do you know how many muscles were pulled yesterday? >> i had my money on the guy in the red pants right there.
5:07 am
he seemed -- >> look at the pictures of the crowd. >> no selfies, it was too much of a fast moved pace to take a selfie. >> you're always running around to get the person. do you know why they do it? they talk to you. hillary clinton has got to talk eventually. >> her audience was 22 people deep. they put students on the college she was visiting on lockdown in their classrooms. you saw their noses pressed against windows so she would walk through without having to infwaj engage with people. >> marco rubio announced on monday, she announced on sunday. marco rubio is actually answering questions. she's sitting there in the auto shop -- she's not answering any reporters' questions. that's their slow rollout. you know what? they're getting coverage all over the place. for them, it's working. >> i listened to her i thought she sounded as if she was exhausted already and it's the
5:08 am
beginning of her campaign. >> it's not easy going to shia restaurant. >> isn't this like doing a show in the middle of a bar brawl? >> i don't even notice t. you can tell i have two boys at home. >> they're usually bouncing off some walls. >> hold on a second. ladies and gentlemen, can you stop for just a second? just stand behind me. >> gather around. >> we need your opinion on this. we're going to roll video. >> we're going to show you two pieces of video you tell us what is funny. first let's take you to buckingham palace, the changing of the guard. everybody watch. the guy changes, whoa. that's the first one. you got that. then we'll take you to i think, dallas. >> halftime at the utah game i believe. whoa. all right. >> this is one of the employees
5:09 am
at the halftime dunk. studio audience who thought it was -- >> from the buckingham palace guy falls? >> put your gloves up for buckingham palace. two. >> what about the guy the f the utah jazz who does the face plant? come on? >> all right. >> go back to traipsing. >> back to the bags. >> i wanted to give them a breather. let's go back inside for the headlines with heather. >> i'm not hearing that. >> we're going to pick up where heather left off. two officers assaulted in new york as crowds mobbed the brooklyn bridge. take a look at this.
5:10 am
>> hundreds of protesters hitting the streets protesting alleged prese brutality t. two officers were hurt. 42 protesters under arrest. hundreds of anti-cop protests in parts of chicago and los angeles. dozens laid down on railroad tracks blocking trains from passing by. all this has brand new video is released showing what cops have to do for public safety. take a look of this in arizona taking desperate measures to stop a robbery suspect -- >> he stole a gun. >> the guy the allegedly taken one from walmart. he fired shots in the middle of the street. watch. police running down the armed man moments after he fired his stolen gun into the air. he had robbed several businesses and threatened in fact to kill himself. >> this happened in february the subject was hospitalized and is now okay. the officer was cleared of wrong doing. harsh words in court as school employees are sentenced
5:11 am
to prison in one of the biggest cheating rings in history. >> this thing was pervasive. it's like the sickest thing that's ever happened to this town. thousands of children that were harmed in this thing. and that's what gets lost. this is not a victimless crime that occurred in this city. >> there you got the judge giving the harshest sentence to these three former educator. seven years in prison. they are three of ten who will see jailtime for their roles falsifying school test scores back as far as 2005. in order to collect bonuses for themselves and their schools. >> and by the way, as they said they admitted guilty. the party may be over at one of the top spring break destinations. i'm talking about panama city beach set to vote next months on whether to ban drinking on beaches. the current temporary ban began
5:12 am
after incidents on a beach. spring break is the main a economic driver for the area. city leaders hope the ban will push party goers into bars. >> it turns out from the people they don't really make a ton of money because the kids aren't spending money. there's a lot of damage and a lot of people don't come because the kids are there. >> something needs to be done down there. it is not safe. >> change is coming to the panhandle of florida. and that is the news. >> now this, he's the youngest candidate in the race for the presidency and many now questioning if marco rubio is too young for the job. up next larry sab adoughdough is looking into the future. they partied with hookers but federal agents got promoted. they can't be fired. ♪
5:13 am
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5:16 am
all right. as you send your kids off to school today, we want you to hear what is happening in union grove, wisconsin. this was a history -- world history assignment for tenth graders.
5:17 am
they asked this we want you to pretend you are a muslim. >> this is their assignment. >> either a male or female in the united states. we want you to give three examples of what you do daily for your religion and any struggles you face. five paragraphs. and then it also has the instruction keep in mind we've been doing work and watching documentaries. that have the facts needed to write the essay. in other words the stuff you've been, you know, assimulated in class you want you to put into an essay. which is an interesting assignment. >> they did a couple years back they were asked to fill out a crossword puzzle where it defined being conservative as quote, the political belief of preserving traditional moral values by restricting personal freedoms. they were reprimanded and took the puzzle out of the curriculum
5:18 am
assignment. a parent is concerned because she felt she was asking the students to make up concerns or prejudice that wasn't occurring without any backup. really, let us know what you think would you want your child coming home with the assignment? should other religions be represented? >> pretend your a catholic or anybody. >> do you think it's important? i do not voice my concern directly to the teacher i do not blame the teacher. i believe this is a curriculum issue. that according to one opinion. >> second one they've faced. >> i wonder if they did study the religion in this world history class if they wrote down things like if i criticize any part of the quran they will kill me. if muslims mary non-muslims they will be put to death. they will amputate my right hand if i steal. i wonder if they put that stuff in. that's part of sharia law. >> how in depth did they get into sharia law.
5:19 am
these assignments require support. you require the support system around it and you wonder if that was done. >> it's harder than calculating the area of a triangle. >> that's true. i took geometry in 10th grade. >> i'm looking at your permanent record in my hand. >> i appreciate it. what are those called? theorems. we had to memorize them. coming up on the show. he's the youngest candidate in the race for president. many now questioning if marco rubio is too young for the job. coming up dr. larry sabato. he will be looking in his kristol ball. >> look who is getting puppy love on tax day. it's suzanne somers >> from dancing with the stars. >> she's dancing with the dogs. ♪ come on baby ♪ ♪ make it hurt so good ♪ ♪ sometimes love don't feel like
5:20 am
it should ♪
5:21 am
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so quick aviation headlines. the very same wi-fi used during a flight can be used by hackers to bring down an airplane. a chilling new report suggests a terrorist could simply use the wi-fi to take control of the avionic systems in the cockpit. airlines currently rely on fire walls. soon you'll be able to spread out more on your southwest flight. the airline unveiling their new
5:24 am
seats which are seven inches wider. the new seats will be on the boeing 737. which are coming out next year. the seats will be lighter and saving the airline a lot of fuel. >> there's good news all around there. thank you. she's best known as the bubbly blond on the 70s comedy three's company. the health problems they faced nearly turned deadly. they found the source of their problems in their home home where black mold was growing. the frightening experience is inspiring to somers to write her 25th book. toxic. it's a powerful exposure on the dangers of living in a world that has become toxic. you can't believe this happened to you. >> our house burned down. that bad. then i move into a beautiful house on the hill.
5:25 am
a leased house. i thought, well, this is nice, maybe we'll buy this house and not rebuild. then we both started getting sick. i could -- get like my stomach got like a baseballketball. i would eat less and work out more. my husband's eyes got red and watery. he ended up having -- i was diagnosed with cancer, so much cancer they said they never seen so much cancer and suggested i start chemotherapy today. you know how i feel about that. i said to the doctor, just so you know where i'm coming from, i'd rather die. then you should think about getsing your things in order. >> then you come to find out, it wasn't cancer. >> it was black mold. >> where was the mold in the house? >> underneath this least how we had an unfinished basement that was filled with water. it was in my lungs, in my
5:26 am
husband it got into the base of the brain and started creating these spasms. it's taken about four years to clear it up. then my two grand daughters, mold allergies food allergies. this is what is happening in the environment today. and you were talking about airline seats. second highest carcinogenic to human beings is pbde, it's flame retardant that has to be in every airline seat. every mattress every -- >> poison. >> regulated by law that we have to have it and we're sleeping on our mattresses. >> but it's toxic. >> how do you get rid of these toxics in your body? >> it starts with your food. stop eating food is poison. who thought it was a good idea to spray poison on our food. stop eating food that's engineering.
5:27 am
buy organic it's expensive. but it's worth it. it's not a drug answer. it's a detox answer. >> this is fantastic. go out and get it it's called tox sick. suzanne somers i'm sure it will be a best seller. we didn't have to wait out for you to show up to see what you were doing. dancing with the stars, are you glad you did it? >> i'm glad i did it. it's the hardest thing you ever done. i'm an entertaining but i'm a non-dancer and you teach them a new dance. it's like -- can you -- >> i'm from a long -- >> do you? do you dance? >> as much as you hate talking about t we're going to show a clip that you're really going to hate. watch this. >> is this where the dress? >> right now is suzanne and
5:28 am
tony. >> well, you know what? you feel like such a loser. it's a horrible feeling. it's so humiliating. i'm glad i did it. i had the greatest partner. i danced. >> you moved on to something new. the thigh master, it vibrates. why? >> why a vibrator? >> because if you want limpphatic you know, simulation you could do that. >> what kind of stimulation? >> lymphatic. >> elizabeth and i can't do it, put it between your legs. >> it sounds like a shaver. >> i'm going to go this way. >> you can go that way. or the thigh master is great for bicep curls or get your books higher. >> you must be thigh mastering on your -- >> you're doing this wrong.
5:29 am
>> okayment? >> this is a new -- >> i think this thfirst time. >> is this being packed in your suit case because you're going to las vegas? >> may 23rd i'll be there all year. you come to vegas for a year. they want a couple more. if all goes well. >> check the basement for black mold. >> really. you know what they're doing? they're redoing my entire suite toxic free. and organic mattress. there's a suzanne, room, spa blackjack tables. and you come you get a vibrating thigh master. >> it's going to be in vegas. >> this is the greatest gift you can give somebody. >> i was thinking jewelry since my wife's birthday is friday. >> here. >> absolutely. >> it's your fourth anniversary.
5:30 am
how hard was this to get? >> thank you very much. >> always fun with all of you, thank you. straight ahead it's tax day, we want you to relax. come on down to our plaza -- by the way we'll rub you down. >> we sure will. he is not kidding about that. big news for billy joel. the singer just revealed about his personal life. we'll bring that to you. ♪ good, good good vibrations ♪ ♪ she's giving me good vibrations ♪ ♪ good good good vibrations ♪
5:31 am
there's some facts about seaworld we'd like you to know. we don't collect killer whales from the wild. and haven't for 35 years. with the hightest standard of animal care in the world, our whales are healthy. they're thriving. i wouldn't work here if they weren't. and government research shows they live just as long as whales in the wild. caring for these whales, we have a great responsibility to get that right. and we take it very seriously. because we love them. and we know you love them too.
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people ship all kinds of things. but what if that thing is a few hundred thousand doses of flu vaccine. that need to be kept at 41 degrees. while being shipped to a country where it's 90 degrees. in the shade. sound hard? yeah. does that mean people in laos shouldn't get their vaccine? we didn't think so. from figuring it out to getting it done, we're here to help.
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♪ okay. it is tax day. right here on the plaza at "fox and friends." we're relieving your stress with all the remedies that you could and for.
5:34 am
we're here with title boxing. we are punching out the stress that comes along with filling out your taxes. how you feeling here? >> amazing, relieving stress feeling strong in the core. >> that's what you got to do. you fill out the form, do punching. when we're done with that we head over to oasis spa. we're relaxing muscles because they're tense with taxes. >> everyone is enjoying all their different massages. we have so many services to offer. people can come in for facials. >> this is tax day. we're all stressed out. what's your name. >> greg perry. >> are you feeling completely relaxed on this tax day? >> this is helping for sure. >> after this ges what you can do you can get a doughnut. i'm not kidding. krispy kreme is here. i think you have two or three new donuts. >> three. three. incredible. they're adorable. people are just kind of snacking with sweets to deal with the sweets of tax day.
5:35 am
>> absolutely. when it gets too much. you jump in with an iced coffee as well. it's perfect. >> the perfect prescription for this day on the 15th. now right after your donuts and coffee you got to come over and get love by this puppy. what's your name? >> michaela. >> hi who do you have here? does it feel good to hold him? >> yes. >> you're not filling out taxes but i was hanging out with a puppy yesterday and i felt good. this has got to be a great cuddle this morning, right? >> yes. >> it's your birthday today? >> yes. >> do you think you're going to take this one home? >> i wish. >> where is mom and dad? hi dad. no pressure. >> not at all. >> you just got a birthday wish from your sweet girl. we'll see how that goes, okay. we're hanging out on the plaza. i'm going to toss it back inside to steve and brian. have you gotten a massage yet? >> is that an offer?
5:36 am
>> no we want a professional. thanks. it would be great if all those puppies had homes today. >> it's tax day so many people across america could make them deductions next year? >> absolutely. a huge puppy deduction. >> one of the other things we're doing. ron a cpa has been answering on facebook all sorts of questions. and we got a couple for you right now ron. >> are you ready, ron? >> i'm ready if you're ready. >> here's what katie said. how do you prove you had no income. i need to file taxes in order to fill out the fafsa form, are there any suggestion,s? >> the answer is you don't need to prove that you don't have income. but to be able to file a fafsa form you need to have file adtax return. you file a tax return showing you have no income. >> what's a fafsa form? >> a form used for financial aid for college students. >> that's not important now. >> very good. meanwhile, evan has a question for you on facebook.
5:37 am
how do i get copies of my taxes if i did them online? >> you can go to the irs website. you can get a form there to request a transcript of what you filed. >> is the message there you should make a copy on your end before you send them? >> absolutely you should. >> i love going to the irs and downloading a form. it goes well. >> sure it does. >> thank you very much for being with us. how many people's questions have you answered today? >> probablyly a little over 100. it kept me busy this morning. >> cannot wait to get that bill. it will be huge. >> he's back again this year. thank you. speaking of taxes let's talk about a large sum of money. that is where we start with a fox news alert. >> anyone who has been to new york city and walked through times square has noticed there is a massive recruiting station for the military. a few years back there was
5:38 am
bombing. that brings us to a fox news alert. the fbi is offering up to a $115,000 award for any information leading to the arrest of this bomber who placed that bomb in 2008. an unidentified person set off an sploigzexplosion right in the heart of times square and got on to a bicycle. nobody was hurt. investigators believer that explosion may be connected to other bombings in new york city. $115,000. u.s. federal agents who partied with prostitutes and let drug cartels foot the bill. cannot be fired. a we learned in a hearing they cannot be fired. she says she's not allowed to fire them and that led lawmakers to ask the question, aren't you
5:39 am
the boss? >> that's what happening you're protecting the people who solicited prostitutes who had 15 to 20 sex parties and went through the whole operation and used taxpayer money to do it. >> she hopes more training will keep it from happening. after muslim groups at several universities tried to ban the schools from showing the film american sniper. a muslim feminist said a group at duke university tried to do the same thing to her speech. the group came up with a smear campaign claiming that she has an alliance with idlaumslamphobes. >> they sent an e-mail saying they wouldn't send anybody to the event. but that they would also issue a few words of caution about my controversial religion and political views. we know what that does it
5:40 am
scared everyone. >> well, duke then apologized and invited her to speak the following day. good news to bring you, billy joel will be a ther again. will it be an uptown girl or uptown boy? ♪ sing us a song you're the piano man ♪ >> the 65-year-old singer is expecting their first daughter together. she has one daughter, a 29-year-old with former wife christie brinkley. those are your headlines. >> if your dad is going to sing you a lullaby it ought to be joel. >> put on a vooedideo. kid's having trouble sleeping put on uptown girl. >> what does your son have to hear? >> right now isaiah likes kelly
5:41 am
clarkson's song. that wakes you up i don't know about nighttime. we're going to sing out to maria molina who is checking out the weather for you at home. >> good morning, it's a beautiful start to the day here. in new york city and other areas in the northeast. i want to tickake you to the southeast. we have showers and thunderstorms and they have been racing northward impacting tennessee and parts of virginia. the rockies is having snowfall in utah and wyoming. potentially a foot of snow. across the southeast, the forecast over the next couple of days is for that pattern to continue. of unsettled weather, showers and storms. locally up to six inches of additional rainfall will be possible in spots. watch out for localized flash flooding. here's a look at your current temperatures across the nation. you can see mild across the southeast. farther west a lot cooler. temperatures in 30s lie seattle.
5:42 am
>> coming up after shaking hands with a dictator, president obama takes cuba from the terror list. taking it off there. will they play fair or is this another bad deal? >> we've had enough of those already. he made a prediction on our show nearly a year ago. elizabeth has not let the box out of her sight. the amazing kreskin is here to open it up and see if the prediction came true ♪ ♪
5:43 am
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5:45 am
all right. president obama fast tracking a fresh start with cuba taking it off our list of nations that sponsor terror. why do they deserve that? cuba hasn't supported any international terrorists. should we have waited longer than six months to evaluate whether they're worthy of leaving the list. the former secretary of the
5:46 am
army, and he's also the author of this book, the new terrorism. is it time to take cuba off the terror list? >> no, it's not. what are we getting for this? i don't know who is doing our negotiating these days. don't forget less than two years ago less than two years ago, a north korean ship was seized actually trying to go into the panama canal zone with two mig 21 fighters made in the soviet union carrying cuban weapons. >> we know they're in various shady acts. they have not changed that behavior. >> no, they haven't. again, i don't know who in the world is doing our negotiating for us. don't forget what happened with bergdahl. we gave up five taliban commandos. and i think we need somebody else doing our horse trading. >> lest talk about the prime minister. he's here in washington, met with the president. he wants more guns and weapons to fight isis.
5:47 am
you want the book about new terrorism should we give it to him? >> absolutely. we need to help king abdullah who says this is time for muslims and christians to come together. make no mistake, the fight against radical muslim is the challenge of our time. >> if we continue to give them weapons while they're in bed with iran, shouldn't we have some ramifications for us financing this? >> absolutely. i think it's wise for the president to be tough on the current iraqi regime. when they went into tikrit only one to 3,000 of the fighters were actually sunni militia out of a force of 30,000. we have to get the composition of that force. we've got to get it down a whole lot better. >> in your book you talk about the new wave of terror, what we're dealing with now. the proceeds of the book go to a good cause. what should we be on the lookout? >> isis is a cancer that's spreading. we have cases open in all states
5:48 am
of america looking at people with connections with isis. i am glad about the national guard scholarships. they're not taking one dime of administrative fees in these scholarships. >> they paid a tremendous price over the past few years. all the proceeds of the book go there. >> great to be with you. >> someday we won't need this topic. >> thank you. >> look what's coming straight ahead, the amazing kreskin to see if his big prediction from nearly one year ago was right. fact. when you take advil you get relief right at the site of pain. wherever it is. advil stops pain right where it starts. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil.
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our next guest as amazed oddiances with his ability to read their minds and see the unseen before it happened. on this show nearly a year ago
5:52 am
the amazing kreskin made this prediction. >> in here, whether i'm here next week, a month from now, five months from now, it's exactly what's going to happen on the show. >> that was a year ago. fast forward now. >> this has been in a secret hiding spot in my office. has not been moved. i had to look for it today. i couldn't remember where it was. >> i got the key. >> we got the key to open it because there's glass in there. >> glass? >> it was in a safe place. >> put it down here. >> i took good care of it. >> i'll tell you story about this. roger set in a press conference a year ago. he says wait a minute, i don't think you understand quite what happens with him. with cards. forget about slight of hand. a man from mostly casinos in the united states. i'm going to show you something. that when you tell people later on they will say this is rigged. had to be something involved.
5:53 am
open that box but don't take the contents out. meanwhile, i want you to hold this. this sh going to confirm what's been in there. if you will -- this is -- i will have you stand up and step behind me. we will do -- you play cards at all, what kind of cards do you play? >> strip poker. >> of course you do. >> i'm a gold fish girl. >> take the deck in your hand and hold it face down. take the top card and put it halfway down into the deck. now you could not tell where that card is at this point? >> no. >> if you were to guess -- by the way this is a joker deck. take the joker out. pick the joker. it's the regular deck. put the rest of the cards down. put that card down. when you play cards, you take them in your hand and cut the cards like this after someone has shuffled. instead of using the table, take the deck in your hand. cut the cards.
5:54 am
lift cards off the top and put them on the bottom. you won't believe this, because he could be in another room. we don't have time to move around. turn your back to us. >> me? >> yeah. give the deck a cut. keep your back to us, the camera should not show what you're cutting. cut the cards keep them in your hand. did you cut the cards? >> yes, sir. >> got the cards face down? >> yes. >> take the top card look at it and don't show it to anymore. >> okay. >> turn it face down and put it down in the deck halfway down or more in the deck. stick it in. come and face us. i don't want to touch the cards. hold the deck and turn sidesways? you can't turn your back to the audience. you can't see where the card is stuck in the deck? >> no. >> open this package here, elizabeth. and turn it upside down. can you see where you put your card? you can't possibly see. >> no.
5:55 am
>> all right. you have there, let's take this out. there's a glass in there. it's fragile. so we won't in any way shape, or form -- you folks -- i got to show you something. look, this was done -- i'm wondering if the cards -- i just wonder if the -- yes. they're all in place. and let me just, if i may. >> she didn't touch it. >> she didn't touch it. there's a card -- it's -- here we are. by the way let me just show you -- there should be a card reversed here somewhere. you have no idea what i reversed because it was -- >> no. >> hold this in your hand palm up like that. like that. >> it's been in this box that's been in my office for a year ago. >> it's glass in there. take your jar out. >> quickly. >> take the note out of it.
5:56 am
>> quickly. >> by the way, look on the website for amazing kreskin the supernatural dating society. >> it says that you pulled the deck face down -- >> the card will be 17 from the top. >> take the deck in your hand. deal one at a time -- face up. >> one, two three four, five six, seven, eight nine ten, 11 12 13 14 15. >> 15. >> 16. don't turn over the 17th card. we don't know what your card is. >> find out what it is after a break. we're going to take a break. >> my heart is beating. whether you need a warm up before the big race... or a healthy start before the big meeting there's a choice hotel that's waiting for you. this spring, choose choice twice, get a night at no price at 1,500 hotels. book now at ♪ to you, they're more than just
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5:59 am
and we have to move faster. to learn more or support the cause, go to nobody has moved. >> no. >> without turning over, what's the card with your back to us. tell us. >> seven of diamonds. >> what's the card i had in the box. >> seven of diamonds.
6:00 am
>> i said you would put the card 17 -- turn over the 17th card. >> look at that. >> did i miss? >> no, that's -- let's make sure. bill: we must wait for the answer from kreskin. new details on hillary clinton's private e-mail scandal. revelations she sidestepped congress on her personal e-mail server for years. i'm bill hemmer.


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