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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 15, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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stairway to heaven is a great who song otherwise -- >> sounds like you want somebody to take you. >> i already have a date. >> you can talk about chris christie while you're there. >> that's it for us. "special report" is next. tax day 2015. what are you paying? what are you buying? and whether you are getting your money's worth. this is "special report." good evening and welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. you have a few more hours to get your taxes in the mail. there is an overreach and bloated government. washington will collect $11,000 in tax revenue per person this year but it will spend 12,000 per person. on the more positive side tax
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season generates about $300 billion in refunds each year. the average refund is around $2800. the irs is conducting fewer audits these days and answering fewer phone calls. congress has cut more than $1 billion from the agency's budget since 2010. we begin tax day coverage with correspondent peter doocy. >> if you needed help from the irs today, too bad. wait times are sky high on tax day 2015 and the irs chief claims his agency doesn't have enugh cash to help everybody who calls in and he's blaming budget cuts that came after his employees got caught targeting conservatives. now senate democrats are sympathizing with john's complaint. >> your budget has been cut by 18% since this scandal came up.
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and what is the call wait now for a taxpayer who has a problem? what is the average amount of time they have to wait on the phone because you don't have enough personnel to answer the phones? >> at this point when you get through, if you get through, on average it would have taken you 28 to 30 minutes. >> reporter: he explains that enforcing obamacare requires a lot of manpower but many lawmakers think the irs has plenty of money and its problem is really bad management. >> the irs commissioner simply wants more money to run a larger bureaucracy. >> reporter: others on capitol hill are outraged that irs would threaten refund delays and a shutdown of operations as ransom until they get more money, especially since they spent generously on things that don't exactly improve the customer service at the internal revenue service. for example, $4.3 million on
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market research and public opinion polling. $4 million on new office furniture. $8,000 on a stare climber and decorative items for manager meetings. the irs is pushing back saying "many of the spending items the agency has been criticized for date back several years. irs policies have been overhauled in these areas." but the tax collector has not been changed since they got caught. >> they have the time and energy to destroy e-mails. just not take your phone call. >> reporter: and public opinionh polls, $4.3 million because if you ask any taxpayer on the street about their opinion about the irs they will tell you for free. bret? >> pretty cut and dry. peter, thank you. a 61-year-old mail carrier
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from florida is taking responsibility for this, pilotingxa gyrcopter in order to advance a liberal cause. douglas hughes sent an e-mail to news organizations, including this one, to protest what he calls campaign finance corruption. he says he intended to deliver letters addressed to every member of congress. he was taken into custody by capitol police before he was able to do that. stocks were up. the dow gained 76 and s&p 500 finished ahead at 11. nasdaq was up 34. according to one conservative opinion page, the newest republican presidential candidate is venturing a bit out of the gop box when it comes to tax reform. so will the issue of taxes be a winner or a loser for marco rubio? chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel takes a look. >> reporter: two days after announcing he's running for the white house, florida senator marco rubio joined with senator
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mike lee to sell their vision for fixing the tax code. >> there will be higher paying jobs that provide upward mobility. the question for americans is how many are created here. >> reporter: the rubio/lee pla' would cut the top tax rate for corporations from 38 to 25% andlz eliminate taxes on capital gains and reduce tax brackets to two 35 and 15% and create a new tax credit worth up to $2500 per child. american taxpayers should not be penalized for having those costs and they are going to spend less money than they would because extraordinary contribution to america's future. >> reporter: for example, "the wall street journal" editorial page wrote, "the rubio run, the 43-year-old is strong on foreign policy, less so on taxes". >> i'll put it down as
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undecided. >> reporter: on the left, the democrats say it would take away revenue. >> the tax plan that he released is again, a replication of more of the same. tax cuts for the wealthiest and most fortunate americans. >> reporter:úlee defended the criticism. >> anything that enhances freedom and that is pro-family and pro-growth is going to be good for our country and economy. >> reporter: in new hampshire, potential 2016 candidate new jersey governor chris christie will release a plan of his own in a few weeks. >> normal every day americans should not have to file a tax return at this state. it's crazy that we have a tax code that's riddled with loopholes and preferences. >> reporter: jeb bush talked about the need to streamline the most complicated tax code in the world. >> we have the cost of bringing it back in.
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>> reporter: offering details of a plan to make you a target. rubio says we've reached a point and laying out what you will do is a hindrance to election than we are in bad shape. >> mike thank you. it turns out hillary clinton was asked about her use of private e-mail more than two years ago while she was still secretary of state. her response at the time, ignore the question. chief white house correspondent ed henry covering the clinton campaign again tonight says she's taking the same approach with all but a few precious softballs in iowa. >> i am so delighted to be here. >> reporter: just weeks after collecting the last of a string of six-figure speaking fees hillary clináon nodded when talking about student debt. >> i hope to be that voice and a champion for you and others like you. >> reporter: and smiled just right as at times she conducted her own oprah-esqe talk show. >> jennifer, what about your
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business? >> staying tightly on message as her ad team lurked behind the scenes getting footage for future campaign ads. >> unfortunately, the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top and we need to reshuffle the card. >> reporter: not all democrats are buying her championing of the middle class. after years of coziness with wall street. telling a bloomberg breakfast today, "is hillary clinton, are other candidates, prepared to take on the billionaire class? based on her record, i don't think so." hillary went another day with not doing a sit-down interview, only answering questions from the small business owners. >> i'll have a lot more to say about this as the campaign goes forward. >> reporter: she answered nothing as reporters shouted questions. about a letter obtained by fox reporters and others asking if
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she had used personal e-mail accounts for official business back in 2012. a spokesman saying, this is a letter that was sent to all cabinet agencies leaked to the press two years later at the start of hillary clinton's campaign. she followed the letter and the spirit of the law. she has provided all of her work e-mail to the state department and has asked the state department to release them publicly as soon as possible." yet there was an independent arbitrar to determine if nonpersonal e-mail was deleted. >> secretary clinton unilaterally decided to wipe her server clean. now, after her visit here to capital city hillary clinton went behind closed doors meeting with local lawmakers trying to line up endorsements for the
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political caucuses here next year. meanwhile, her next step is new hampshire, her staff confirms. >> this is all set up. she's not walking into these people and seeing them out of the blue? >> no doubt about it. the daily mail is claiming that she planted people at a coffee shop yesterday. the campaign is saying they weren't planted. yes, they set it up at both parties do. they tried to build a broader trip as meeting regular people when, meanwhile, she's not quite meeting a lot of regular people. >> okay. ed thank you. up next why president obama is doing a 180 on congressional involvement in the iran deal. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates are covering tonight. the second anniversary of the marathon bombings. a moment of silence the tolling of church bells and calls for kindness. last week dzhokhar tsarnaev was
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found guilty of 30 charges and could face the death penalty. and a tucson police officer used his car to catch a suspect. mario valencia. and the first quintuplets was born in the u.s. this couple already has a 4-year-old daughter. we'll be right back. meet the world's newest energy superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology
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former pro football star aaron hernandez guilty of first-degree murder today. the 25-year-old was then handed his sentence. >> you are sentenced by order of the court as follows. you will be confined for the term of your natural life without the possibility of parole. >> the verdict triggers an automatic appeal. odin lloyd was shot at an industrial park nearly two years ago. president obama is trying to make a legacy deal with iran over the nuclear program but many democrats may be getting in the way. correspondent kevin corke tells us that the white house is peddling. >> reporter: and with that, lawmakers got their wish, a voice in the proposed iran nuclear talks, a setback for president obama who previously
3:16 pm
threatened to veto legislation to give congress a deal. >> this is a runaway train. we had significant support. >> reporter: the white house had to withdraw its veto because democrats and republicans alike are recoiling from what they have seen over the last two weeks and what they heard from secretary carry over the last two days. >> reporter: over 100 phone calls by secretary of state john kerry, they voted 19-0 in favor of a bill that would guarantee a role with congress in the talks. legislation, if passed would likely be signed by the president. there has been strong opposition to political oversight. dennis mcdonough wrote congress saying that legislation would have a negative impact, create divisions within the international community, emboldening hard liners.
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adviser valerie jarrett says there's a reason for the sudden change. >> senator corker worked very hard to make some accommodations to the bill which was particularly troubling to the white house and secretary kerry. this is a compromise. >> reporter: a compromise that would require a 30-day review period and president must submit the final agreement to congress and certify that iran is sticking with the deal. if a deal is reached with iran later this year the president would i can lookly have support in the senate to fight off a threat. meanwhile, president rouhani continued his call for an immediate end to sanctions and dismissed the congressional compromise. >> translator: we are not dealing with the american senate. we're dealing with a group called the p5+1. >> reporter: they may not be able to live up to the agreement
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as laid out because of congressional oversight. then again bret, there are plenty of people on capitol hill should be. > senior political analyst brit hume is here to talk to us. >> secretary state kerry was on capitol hill lobbying vigorously. on reflection it's hard to see why the white house fought it so hard. the bill does not come close to a treaty, which require as two-thirds vote of the senate or the treaty dies. this simply gives congress is a little time to review the iran agreement and then time to disapprove it. if it passes, it will be subject to a presidential veto which requires a two-thirds vote to override. the congress ends up with the treaty process in reverse and
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the deal with iran will stand until the super majority will stop it. to lift permanently, congress imposes and that will be true without the senate committee's bill. besides the president can waive those sanctions and continue that waiver for as long as he's in office. as you heazd president rouhani say that his country is dealing with obama and other world leaders and considers the u.s. congress irrelevant. it's not clear if rouhani knows much about the u.s. system but he seems to have this figured out. >> do you think it would be about the iranians about them walking away from the negotiation as it is happening if congress somehow stuck its nose under the tent here? >> congress didn't get its nose very far under the tent and this bill never really did that. the other possibility, bret, which is the one that i certainly hope is not the real one, which is that this deal
3:20 pm
may -- they are prepared to agree to a deal so weak that a veto disapproval is something that is possible and that they are worried about that, the administration. i hope that's not the (páq because if it is, then i think we have a lot to worry about. >> brit, thank you. still ahead california farmers fight back in the state's water wars. first, why is russian president vladimir putin sending warships to the english channel? i told myself for so long that i needed to quit smoking. i would quit then i'd go right back to it. chantix absolutely helped me quit smoking. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some people had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix or history of seizures.
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♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ . u.s.-led forces are targeting isis terrorists in syria and iraq with more air strikes. the pentagon says six strikes conducted in syria and 17 more in iraq from tuesday to
3:24 pm
wednesday morning. this, as isis terrorists have captured three villages during offensive in iraq's anbar province. villagers were forced to leave their homes. meanwhile, police in baghdad say eight people were killed in an overnight car bombing which was part of a wave of attacks that left at least 28 dead. the state department is thanking russia for evacuating 18 americans from yemen on board one of it is ships. meanwhile, some of russia's other moves are not being so enthusiastically welcome. james rosen has that story. >> reporter: at this celebration last month, the one-year anniversary of the annexation of crimea. while drawing kudos on iran's nuclear account -- >> certainly they have played a helpful role in these
3:25 pm
negotiations, i would say. >> reporter: -- moscow has gone ahead with surface-to-air missiles with iran. >> translator: it's a defensive weapon which will not jeopardize the security of any country including of course, israel. >> reporter: and scramble a fighter jet to intercept a u.s. reconnaissance plane over the baltic sea which is being called an unprofessional maneuver. >> the u.s. is raising this with europe in the appropriate channels. >> reporter: and ships have been dispatched to the english channel and continued its tack cal support of pro-russian separate separate separatists in ukraine. this did not produce an era of
3:26 pm
good feelings with moscow. >> is it fair to infer that the whole process of the jpoa and the iran nuclear talks has not where the u.s./russia relationship is concerned proved transformative in any real way? >> no i wouldn't say that it has. >> reporter: indeed, a top state official told fox news, this is a very bad moment in u.s./russia relations and urged to provide weapons to the ukrainians. >> with putin, however brutal and cynical he may be he does respond to strength and takes advantage of weakness. ñpso when the united states deals with him, we need to be strong and we need to be self-confident. @r(t&háhp &hc% >> reporter: now a source of confidence for the u.s., wesley clark freshly returned from a visit to ukraine that more than policing violations of the cease-fire there are members of the russian military something the department of state here denies.
3:27 pm
bret? >> james thank you. the european union is charges chargesing google with respect to the android mobile system and actions could result in billions of dollars of fines for goingogle which has 90% shares of internet searches in europe. on this tax day, a look at the redundancy and duplication you're paying for from your federal government. the grapevine is next.
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above the doors of the irs building in washington is the quote "taxes are what we pay for civilized society." civilized, maybe, but nonefficient. they found, as you can imagine plenty of programs that exist across six departments for nonemergency medical transportation. children's toys are under the consumer products safety commission. if a toy has
3:32 pm
billion since 2011. it is protected to save another 80 billion over the next eight years. the new york city government is under fire for wild spending with little to show for it. start-up new york is a business incentive program from the governor governor's administration. it's created 76 jobs after more than 50 million spent on marketing. a bipartisan coalition is calling for the program to be suspended quote, that's not economic development. that's lunacy says one critic.
3:33 pm
the program is still in the early stages. fanl finally, the democrat-controlle" minnesota state senate, speakers are not allowed to make eye contact with fellow members during floor debates. one republican says the rules are antiquated while supporters say it keeps debates shorter and less personal. water is also not allowed on the floor of the state senate, not even for pregnant or mursing mothers. farmers in california are fighting back against the notion that they are using too much water in the drought-ravaged state. our correspondent has the story tonight from los angeles. >> reporter: people have to realize it takes a lot of water to grow trees. >> reporter: in parts of california, nut farmer brad glisan is considered public enemy number one. >> it does take 40 gallons to make a cantaloupe. >> reporter: as the state endures one of the worst drouts
3:34 pm
droughts on record, agriculture is fighting back against the perception that farmers are using too much water and homeowners get hit with restrictions. >> nearly a billion meals a day in this country and that's a task. >> reporter: a task that requires water. >> right now on the west side, there's zero. on the east side, there is zero water available. >> reporter: zero because the state promised farmers water it didn't have, allocating up to nine times as much water as some rivers can actually supply. it also failed to build a single new reservoir in 35 years. supporters also say the claim that they used 80% of the state's water is wrong. >> 50% of it goes to the environment. >> reporter: not only does river water wash into the ocean, trillions of gallons are held back for threatened species. >> we desperately need a rebound
3:35 pm
year this coming winter. if we don't have that rebound year things are going to change. the face of agriculture in california is going to change probably forever. >> reporter: farmers argue growing food isn't the same as growing grass or filling a pool. that they've already absorbed bigger cutbacks than urban users are just now beginning to feel. it becomes a blame game that nobody wins. bret? >> the gao says passengers could take control of the commercial airliner by using a plane's wireless entertainment system to access its flight controls. the faa says it is working with government security experts to identify needed changes. it is tax day. you're probably not happy about it. we'll find out how the panel feels about a bunch of things when we come back.
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i don't think that "the wall street journal" will have any quarrel about what we've done on the pro growth side of this ñ% debate. i would say two things about that. child tax, the most you would get is maybe, maybe 2% reduction in the top rate. i think our argument is that it's not a redistribution because this money doesn't belong to the government in the first place. i'm a huge proponent of everything that president reagan did. he's, quite frankly, my favorite president of the 20th century. i think we need to recognize that the 21st century has significant differences from the era in which he governed. we need to stay globally competitive. >> newly announced presidential candidate marco rubio putting out a tax plan that he says can be workable. along with senator mike lee laying out the points in this
3:40 pm
plan. cut the top tax rate for corporations from 38% to 25% and eliminate taxes on cal tal gains dif vendsvidends and inherited estates and reduce tax brackets from seven to two from 35% and 15% and new tax credit up to $25 per child. "with this proposal, senator rubio makes himself the party's most visible ally of the new republican idea that the reagan tax-cutting plan and now must redistribute revenue directly to middle class families it's not clear how candidate rubio would hope to have a payoff." it's out there. it's tax day. charles lane, opinion writer for the washington post and charles
3:41 pm
strahan. in the early stages, candidates don't usually get specific. marco rubio is getting specific. >> yes, he is etgetting specific. and in his book he goes into this in detail as well. rubio is right that it's not redistribution to have the child tax credits because they are, in fact, the people who have paid the taxes, it's their money in the first place. but i agree with the journal that this could be a bolder plan. at a time of a -- a political time when you've seen republicans coming off of the irs, remember, what started the apologizing for the scandal. there are high tax rates now and republicans should be going big and bold and moving towards a consumption tax. this is a good tax plan.
3:42 pm
if this was a tax plan in the country tomorrow it would be good for economic growth and for a number of reasons. but i think as an aspirational plan, been bolder. >> chuck when you talk to different circles, flat tax a fair tax that you can pay your taxes on a postcard it's all things that they talked about. whether it's reality or not is a different story. >> yeah. i basically agree with thañ point. there's no overarching theme to this tax plan. it's a grab bag of various proposals and i guess the political logic of it runs something like this. he's getting rid of capital gains tax and it's music to the ears of republicans and the republican base and then over here he's getting 2500 bucks in the tax credit to john hugh public per child and that's the way he wants to play that. if he gets to a general election he'll be able to say to the middle class people, here's my middle class piece.
3:43 pm
knowing that they don't begrudge the upper income people. it's sort of a -- the class warfare doesn't necessarily play. >> i think the big problem with it to me is i haven't heard how he's going to pay for all of this. he's going to cut taxes a lot. there's dynamic scoring going on on his side but he's also responsible for the deficit side. >> that's another piece of this that has to be talked about long term. what bowles/simpson said is tough take something off the table. >> they don't have to run for the presidency. i support that plan and i think the president is serious about tax reform will do exactly that, try to aim for a revenue neutral tax reform. you could always add on revenue in the end but you want to aim for revenue neutrality which was in the commission report in which obama never touched.
3:44 pm
but he's proposing something different here. he's proposing tax cuts. and i think this argument with him and "the wall s(zqqá journal" over what is essentially 2% of the rate, içó think it's slightly overexaggerated. it's not going to mqhq any difference in the real world if there's 1 or 2% lower rate. and i think what he's doing, obviously, is to try to win votes with the sweetener of the child tax credit. there's nothing particularly wrong with that. and it is true that a pudding has to have a theme and a tax plan doesn't have to have a theme. particularly on the corporate side, you're lowering tax on return on investment, capital gains which people on the right say is the way to growth. you have pro growth elements in here and a sweetener with a child tax credit. that's, you know a rejection of reaganism i find slightly over the top. >> you also have the sweetener
3:45 pm
of support from senator mike lee who is backed by the tea party and conservative side of the party. listen to president obama today on tax day and we'll get a quick reaction from the panel. >> if you listened to some of my political critics, they always want to paint me or the democratic party as this tax expand and irresponsible and let me say this. since i came into office, the federal deficit has come done by two-thirds. it hasn't gone up. >> charles? >> i'm sorry but i didn't hear that and perhaps you could give me a break. >> wow. we'll come back to you. >> yeah. >> because i thought you were armed and ready. did you hear it? >> yes, i heard it. >> bigñi mistake. okay. >> the president was boasting about bringing the deficit down by two-thirds and i guess --
3:46 pm
>> and contrary to the tax and spend critique. >> i don't know. the deficit has come down by two-thirds. how much of thatçó is him and how much is the republicans fighting for sequestration, we can fight about. it was in place because of the recession and i know you may not agree with that but when growth was restored, that did a lot to bring the deficit back down again. >> the president has fought every effort to bring the deficit down and when it's convenient for him he says that republicans you know, the evil republicans implemented the sequester and starved all of these very necessary programs from the dollars that they need to perform successfully and when he wants to boast about deficit reduction, it's totally disingenuous. if he's not a tax and spend liberal, that word has no definition. those words have no meaning. >> aren't you sad that you didn't hear it now? >> i am. i would have said what charles
3:47 pm
said but far more negatively and with passion. it's like a guy who robs a bank and says i left behind a few of the bags. what he did with the deficit is completely unprecedented. a trillion and a half. we've never come close to that. and of course it was reduced because it was entirely unsustainable. that's an empty boast. and still the level he's at now is high in pre-obama days. he talks about it as if easy limb nated the deficit. up next what is russia up to?
3:48 pm
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i think that he does respond to strent. he is a rationale actor. i don't see him as an
3:51 pm
irrational person. so it's necessary for the united states as leader of the west to be strong. and that means building up our nato fors in lithuania and poland to indicate to putin show him that we are not going to be pushed around there. i think it also means that we ought to be giving the ukrainian government some reason to try to recover from its present situation. i favor the transfer of u.s. weapons to the ukrainian government to make thisña fairer fight and to raise the cost to putin.@ >> talking about vvladimir putin, russia's recent moves in ukraine. aggression has stepped up. heavy fighting there again. despite all of the warnings. then you have the other things russia is doing selling surface to air missiles to iran. intercepting international flights in u.s. reconnaissance plane in international airspace in the baltic seas. sending ships to the english channel. have you efforts to hack the state department and arguably the white house as well though they won't confirm that. what is going on.
3:52 pm
we're back with the panel. steve? >> you had had had 400 russian ñroops doing exercise in the pro-russian region of more dove have a last week. this is russia flexing muscles trying to indicate it's not going to be scared of further expansionism. if you are putin you are like i have got 21 months left with barack obama left in office. he has showed no will to try to stop me from the things i have been doing. i need to do what i want to do and i need to do it quickly. >> joan? >> in a way this is the new chapter and haven't talked about the ballistic missiles with iran which will ci/ the calculus around the whole nuke deal. vladimir putin believes the fall of the soviet union was a geopoliti(p& disaster. he is doing everything he possibly can in his capabilities to restore as much of that old sphere of influence as possible. this is is a person who does not share western europe and
3:53 pm
current united states' government belief that soft power is all and we live in an area of interdepend dense. he believes that hard power is what decides things in the world. and that there is a zero sum game going on between him and his rivals in the geopolitical land mass that used to be the soviet union and eastern europe. and i think we can expect more of the same not just through the rest of the obama administration but beyond. >> no right winger saying that he favors the transfer of weapons into ukraine. >> well, the administration obviously believes and they have said it would be counter productive that the ukrainians can't use these weapons. thqv lack the training and capability to effectively employ them. the president has been very clear that he thinks this would just be be more trouble than it's worth. i have got to say i think that is a view that let's just say nic burns understands the mistake there which is putin respects strength. he takes advantage when
3:54 pm
people allow him more space. >> charles? >> you don't have to go to nick barnes, you go to it president obama's own secretary of defense. he supports the transfer of weapons to ukraine. it isw% inconceivable. up explainable inexplicable is the right word. why obama is not doing. this you talk about putin seeing the collapse of the soviet union biggest disaster of the 20th century true. that has remained constant for the past years putin put in power. he was cautious when he he had to deal with presidents. who would put up resistance. theñreason he is out of control now, he knows who he is dealing with. this is an open door. obama said in his first speech to the u.n. in 2009, that a alliance is based on the old divisions of the cold war are obsolete. he essentially said nato is done. and then he gives a message
3:55 pm
russia at the time saying tell vladimir that in my second term after the election i will be more flexible. vladimir gets all these messages direct one from obama. and then he watches the behavior of the united states, why shouldn't he be marching all over europe. why shouldn't he be threatening the coast of britain and why shouldn't he be taking as much of ukraine as he can with obama in power? >> quickly steve, general west clark just back from of the european monitors policing violations of cease-fir are members of the russian military or russian intelligence service. >> look that's part of the problem. i mean, we are not serious about confronting putin. not serious about stopping all of the things that chuck cited as what the administration says for not providing these weapons. is he right. that's exactly what they are saying. it's a bunch of excuse-making after we initially decided not to send weapons the ukrainians begged us to send technology
3:56 pm
and computers that could work that could talk to one another. we refused even those requests and then they asked for intelligence and wey< refused those requests too. >> that's it for the panel. from our online show you may have missed.
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finally tonight, most wednesdays after the show we continue our conversation on "special report" online if you haven't been there before it's much more relaxed, take a look the last few weeks. >> he is the luddest critic on iran and cuba. >> he is just loud, period as i watched it i thought i love new jersey. what a state. so zorro kitty is back she types or he we're not. >> it could be transgender. >> can i be totally obnoxious here? >> it's online. >> all right. biggest story this week, what do you think it will be ken.
4:00 pm
>> i can't even confirm whether she was right. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now and "special report" online starts in two seconds. >> we all dread it. yes, the worst day of the year, april 15th and there are only five hours left until the tax day deadline. presidential cand marco rubio has a tax plan. does it make sense? you are about to hear his plan. senator rubio is about to tell you all about it nonstop disgusting irs waste from $8,000 stair climber to stuffed animals, bathtub toys and even kazoos while the irs wants you to pay up today by midnight. wait until you hear how the irs is spending some of the money they just took from you. "on the record" takes you inside the dangerous iranian prison where our u.s. marine is being held. you are going to hear about the most brutal conditions amir hekmati is suffering in. all of that straight ahead.


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