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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 16, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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twitter afterwards. somebody had to tell the obama administration to let it go #for the grand kids. he said it was his grand kids calling. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. kimberly guilfoyle in for greta. >> this is a fox news alert. an alarming arrest. an ohio man is accused of plotting to attack the u.s. homeland after training with terrorists overseas. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani is standing by to go on the records in just seconds. hello everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle in for greta van susteren. >> today in ohio, an alleged isis sympathizer indicted on federal charges. he trained with terrorists in syria and returned to the u.s., planning to kill american soldiers and police. the 23-year-old suspect is a naturalized u.s. citizen. he is he now facing several charges, including providing material support to terrorists. today's indictment, says the suspect left the u.s. bound for syria in april, 2014.
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he bought a one way ticket to greece. but he never boarded his connecting flight from istanbul to athens. instead, he traveled to syria, prosecutors say that's where the suspect trained with weapons and explosives and was then instructed by a larrick to it return to the u.s. and commit acts of terror. and today's indictment of the ohio suspect just the latest in a rash of recent arrests of terror recruits right here in the u.s. many of the jihadists accused of plotting attacks on u.s. soil and former new york city mayor rudy giuliani joins us. mayor, pleasure to have you on the record tonight. what do you make of the news that another american has been linked to a terror group? >> well, it's not a surprise at a all. kimberly. this is part of the plan that goes back to the late 1990s, bin laden wrote about the fact that you can self-actualize these jihadists if you know what you are doing. and it's actually an easier way to bring about an attack. so, part of my frustration
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about this is how we act so surprised at these one offs like the boston marathon bombing. the bombing in london in 2005 were local people. they were people who were basically citizens of the u.k. this has been part of their plan. their war on us from the very beginning. and it's something that we have to be very aware of. this is a good result for the government because we caught this guy. >> right. >> but the reality is there are a lot more of them out there that we're not catching. this is why we need to have a great deal of local police knowledge about how to look for the precursors of terrorism. this is why we shouldn't be taking police out of mosques like mayor de blasio did a few months ago. >> great plan. >> because remember the 1993 bombing of the world trade center was planned in a mosque in union city, new jersey. that went on to plan several
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other major attacks on new york city. i'm aware of that from my days as u.s. attorney and as mayor. >> sure. but the pc politics is what is hand capping this country and giving the advantage to the terrorists. i want to ask you, people at home might be thinking what makes these people become radicalized in the united states and want to join these terror groups? >> well because the fact is there is an awful lot of information on the internet. there is an awful lot of communication that goes on and then this is by no means an attempt to suggest that every mosque is like this. the vast majority of mosques and i have been in mosques, and i have gone to islamic services. and i know a fair amount about the religion. this is not an indictment of the entire religion. but there are mosques in this country that encourage violence and encourage terrorism. that is a fact. that is not fiction. it's not the majority of them. it's not most of them. but there are some. and the police and the fbi should not feel uncomfortable about having
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to go into those mosques and listen to what's going on. they wouldn't be uncomfortable, i don't think, about going into a church or sin goggles. >> they would not. >> in any i think cardinal would welcome new york city police officers in saint patrick's. i'm sure every rabbi in new york would welcome police presence in their synagogue. so we have got to have surveillance on these groups in the united states that may be encouraging people. i don't think this land accident whether i is syria. something happened in the united states. >> we have to shut it down here before they become radicalized. they leave. how about when they try to get back in the country? what can we do to make sure that people like this don't get back in the country to do us harm on u.s. soil? >> well we should have a lot more information about them. and that's what we are lacking. we are lacking the information we need on these people. it is a tough job in a way. this is the hardest thing to
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do than to detect an international plot where there is a great deal of traffic, you know over the airways that you can pick up this requires very intensive information between the fbi and police. looking for the precursors of terrorism. those things that suggest that somebody will move in this directions. it means having informants. i mean, i spent a great deal of time investigating and prosecuting the mafia, and we didn't do that, you know, from the outside. we did it by infiltrating. >> sure. >> we did it by putting people inside the mafia. by wiretapping their homes. by wiretapping their cars. that's the way we did it, and that's how we finally were able to at least deliver a very strong blow to them. >> sure. the problem is there seems to be such a politically correct reluctance to do the type of things that we need to do to keep this country safe. you have made a great point here just in our own city of
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new york city with with people like mayor de blasio that has really handicapped the police department it's alarming. >> you could have said when i was u.s. attorney in the 1980s that i was profiling italian americans. >> yeah. >> i was. because -- the mafia was made of by italian americans. i'm sorry i'm an italian american. i'm a very proud one. i hate what they stand for and vast majority of italians were not members of the mafia. >> sure. you would be derelict in your duty if you are looking for the irish guys in the italian mafia. >> it would be stupid if i were catching tony on the west side of manhattan which was controlled by the irish mob. >> all right. threw go. you say it best. always a pleasure. thank you so much. >> this is a fox news alert. isis ramping up his attack on ramadi. the capital of iraq's crucial on bar province. more than 2,000 families have been forced to flee their homes and today in washington joint chiefs
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chairman general martin dempsey speaking out about the difficulties in the battle for anbar. >> al anbar has always been packets of i sf and pocket of isil. it's been a much more dynamic back and forth. this latest attack on ramadi is yet another indication that what the government of iraq really needs to do is connect these ink plots, if you will of their legitimate security forces so that there isn't this constant back and forth. >> an international business times report aaron bank co-joins us live. great to see you again. what is the latest latest from iraq? >> i actually just got off the phone with a couple of the people i work with in ramadi. there are only 1,000 people left in ramadi city right now. >> wow. >> they say the streets are like ghost towns. no one is there.
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i mean they are really just -- there is nothing left. very reminiscent of auto aleppo very disconcerning. this is an important saddle for the iraqi security forces and tough battle because there are pockets of people that do support isis. and there are pockets of people who want to get out. so, again it's going to be very tough battle. and we're not really sure who is supporting whom at this point. we are not really sure who is fighting on the front lines, it could be the iraqi security forces could be the shia militias. i heard from people on the ground today that there were no shia militias on the ground. it was only the sunni tribes and security forces. >> three villages on ramadi's eastern outskirts. do you think this signifies a threat to the capital? >> i do. i have been following this story since november. isis has been in anbar in ramadi city since november. people have been living there they have been going
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to school and doing, you know, got great but they have been staying in their homes and just within the past few days they have been fleeing. the people that i have talked to said that's because of the air strikes. they are saying that they fear they will be targeted from those air strikes. so they're leaving. so once these air strikes really ramped up in the past two days, they got out of there. so,. >> they're fearing being a casualty of. attempt to secure. this no one wants to see isis take ramadi. >> exactly. air strikes have been going on for a couple of months. just in the past, go, three, four days, they have really been ramping up. that's the problem for civilians they are going east to baghdad to create and then back down to baghdad. the problem is that isis controls the roads from ramadi east. so, they are getting out but they are not really getting out because they still have to face isis in these small --
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>> very troubling no means of escape for them and no means of redress at this point. erin thank you so much. now turning to a troubling story out of mexico where police are central bling to track down stolen radioactive material it. they are even pleading with the public to help find it. grn's james bleer joins us live from mexico city. how dangerous is this when we hear radioactive material it gives us pause. >> it's potentially very dangerous indeed, kimberly, but the good news is it was in a box, actually stolen from a truck in a trailer park in the city in tabasco. unless these people are foolish enough to actually open that box and it would take quite an effort to do it because it's secure and it's also got the radioactive symbols on it it's relatively safe. if they do open the box, of course the pan door wraps
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box is open. radioactive material and it could cause severe burns. it it could contaminate the people. they could potentially die. >> what is the radius the area in which it could effect if that was opened even accidentally by someone if they see radioactive material inside. if they open something like that, how far could it spread? >> it would only be within the immediate area. the people that would be foolish enough to open it it would die most probably. >> right. >> unless they got treatment. this material is dangerous. it's very dangerous potentially. it's used in the radio radiography industry for welding. it's of absolutely no use to an ordinary chief. i mean, authorities here have said that opportunists. but if they do open it, they are going to need medical treatment or they would suffer from radiation burns and radiation sickness both of which are potentially fatal. far more serious in december of 2013 when thieves stole a medical equipment being
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decommissioned. cobalt 60 which is far more radioactive than. this both materials are very dangerous. >> and lethal as you point out. >> couple things though, james, one we don't know who it is in the hands of. we don't know if it's gotten into the hands of people like might be accidental thieves. we don't have any information that's gotten into terrorist hands. somebody might have come across there is people thieves like accidently taking different things perhaps they don't know the significance or important stuff. >> yes, it's most probable they don't know the significance of it it's got virtually no commercial value at all. and so the police are saying people who identify themselves can actually receive medical treatment. five people previously dead and survived. people who don't receive medical treatment could easily die. >> all right james. thank you so much for that update. >> and now to exploive new information in the bowe bergdahl case. well, it turns out the president's top military
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advisor knew bergdahl walked off base back in 2008. that is almost five years before the controversial swap. and fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge joins us. catherine tell us what you found out. >> kimberly, three of bergdahl's teammates have told fox news on the record that they met informally with the military advisor then chairman of the joint chiefs of staff admiral mike mullen in december of 2009 and mullen knew even then bergdahl had walked away from base. the men pulled security dealing for mullen during his swing through afghanistan. after thanksgiving, 2009. six months after bergdahl was captured by the taliban. as was his practice on these trips. the men say mullen asked the leadership to take a break so that he could speak candidly with lower level soldiers and enlisted. matt says he told mullen bergdahl had deserted had walked away and that mullen agreed, saying he knew about the circumstances. this account was backed up by former sergeant evan who
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says he was also at the informal meeting. the comments taken at face value meaning it was known at the most senior levels of the administration that the bergdahl case at the very least was problematic four and a half years before he was swapped for the five taliban commanders. mullen reported to only two people then, then secretary of defense robert gates and president obama. mullen declined fox news request for an interview but said in a statement, quote: from the moment sergeant bergdahl went missing the u.s. military was focus canned on finding him as it does with any service man or woman that goes m missing. the exact circumstances were not known then nor did they drive our decisions. we do not leave our people behind. what we don't know tonight is admiral mullen's full version of events. who he briefed if anyone or known in the administration that bergdahl had apparently walked off base. the question is whether the white house had all of these facts and ignored them to portray bergdahl as serving
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with honor and to justify the swap for the five taliban commanders. kimberly? >> unbelievable and the families of those that fell trying to find him and lost their lives would want to know that too. because it appears that this could happens be fraud perpetuated against the american people which they knew and that's why this investigation is important. >> can i have one final point is that okay? >> absolutely. >> he said something very important to us. he said the explanation is we don't leave anyone behind. that's right in the military but in this particular case he says bergdahl left them behind. he walked away. and that's a very different set of circumstances. >> such a salient point and then yet we have the marine in iran who has done no wrong and is still in prison suffering in terrible conditions. that's later in the show. catherine, a pleasure. >> thanks, kimberly. >> after all president obama did to get an alleged deserter bowe bergdahl back, why isn't the administration doing more to free our marine from a violent iranian prison? tomorrow night at 7:00, greta, hosts a special "on the record" about the fight
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to bring amir hekmati home to the u.s. we are going to hear from his fellow marines and his family members. >> we sometimes feel like it's a nuisance, maybe, in the greater foreign policy. >> they think it's a nuisance? you don't think it's a nuisance? >> no. we think amir is worth fighting for aside from being a marine. is he an american citizen. on top of that is he a man who served his country who did his time, put his life on the line. he would do it today. he is that kind of person. and it's obvious, he is a decorated marine. and to know that not more was being done that we had to act through the swils it was hurtful to be honest. >> let's show we care as a country and be sure to join greta for the special marine held in iran that's tomorrow at 7:00 right here on the fox news channel. and straight ahead is new trouble brewing for hillary clinton's presidential campaign? that's next. plus, terrifying news, isis gunmen shooting an american woman working at a college in pakistan a live report
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coming up. stay with us.
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this one is sure to become a campaign issue. the "wall street journal" reporting that the clinton foundation will continue accepting donations from foreign governments. that's despite hillary clinton's run for president. and the "wall street journal's" james joins us now. james, so why? why would the clinton foundation continue to accept these donations from foreign governments? >> well, they need the money to keep running these programs that they started poverty alleviation and
4:21 pm
environment. climate change, as well as their healthcare programs. they want to keep them going while she runs for president and possibly becomes president. they want that foundation to be up and operating and maybe bill clinton will run it if she were to be elected. that's something that probably will become a campaign issue for sure because she continues to accept the money now, she has limited it to six countries for the main part of the foundation. the health initiative will be able to receive money from many more countries. >> okay, the but the problem is that many of the foundation's biggest donors are actually foreigners that are legally barred from making convictions to the united states presidential candidate. so how are they going to reconcile this very troubling ethical question and escape the fact that it wreaks of influence pedaling? >> well, that's the balance they are trying to strike by limiting it to the six countries that they have
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received money from in the past. but don't forget, they have received a lot of money from a lot of other countries in the past. there are no plans to give that money back. in fact, in the last year, we have reported earlier this year that they have taken money from some middle eastern countries who have records that are not as consistent as hillary clinton's record on treatment of women, for example, saudi arabia. united arab emirates, owe olan and others. it definitely raises appearance questions and i'm sure that campaign will continue to be asked about it and continue to come up on the campaign trail. >> isn't that a relevant question? if you are someone that's saying elect me and i will be the first female president of the united states of america and i'm fighting for the middle class and i am fighting for women and children and for gays and for minorities yet, you are accepting in your name clinton foundation money from places that torture women, that stone women and gays to death. how is this okay?
4:23 pm
>> i would think that would be a question asked in the primary depending on who runs against her and certainly will come up, i think, during the general election campaign should she win the nomination. it will be interesting to see how she answers that she was asked that question you remember, in that famous state department press conference about a month ago. and all she said was that she was proud of the work that the clinton foundation has done. she does want to take credit for the work the clinton foundation has done. and they have done good work in distributing drugs aids and h.i.v. they have received staggering amounts of money from foreign governments that would not be allowed as political contribution. so on the one hand she has taken credit for all the good works that the clinton foundation has done. on the other hand, taking this money and saying well, that's a separate operation and we are just running
4:24 pm
those good works and that money is now going to the campaign, you know, we have all source of pots of money that you can put in for the clintons. it could be a campaign contribution. it could be super pacs. it might be that you are raising funds in the tens of millions of dollars. or, don't forget the speeches that they have given, just to hillary clinton alone in the past two years has received money from all sorts of organizations that will also come up on the campaign trail as questions that i think will dog her through the campaign. >> they are relevant questions. as a former prosecutor, i believe there are legal implications as well as ethical obligations and they are ones that should be addressed and so let's hope the good reporting continues, james. thank you so much. >> well, keep reading the journal. >> definitely. and straight ahead, breaking news out of pakistan isis gunmen ambushing an american woman working at a middle school. a live report is next. >> listen up, greta talk is
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this is a fox news alert. an person woman ambushed shot at a medical school in
4:29 pm
afghanistan and the gunman claiming to be isis. live from islamabad, pakistan with the latest. jonathan, tell us. >> the latest is that this american and a woman called debra lobo a long-term resident of karachi was attacked after leaving work. she was in her car gunman on a motorbike pulled up and shot her. we understand twice. once in the face and once in the arm. she is critically wounded. and leaflets were dropped at the site of the shooting. claiming responsibility identifying her by name and the attack has described themselves. they call themselves the dull la for isis. major question marks whether this is the same islamic status as we know from the middle east or whether these are people who are members of a slightly different
4:30 pm
group or simply inspired by islam state. it's simply not clear yet. >> well, it appears to be terrorists inspired. if there are times to identify themselves whether it's an offchute or parallel group. nevertheless, it appears very direct and compelling because she was targeted because of her status as an american and because of the location where she was. where is the investigation going from here? >> well certainly. i mean, all of that is definitely true. although karachi is a violent city at the best of times. and there is a problem with extortionists and target killings, which often are most motivated by criminality and trying to extort money from the victims. so there are sort -- there will be many different options, or many different scenarios that the authority will be looking at. >> what you are telling me now is they are going to
4:31 pm
have to investigate whether anyone tried to make contact with her or her family whether extorlings means and was this in retaliation for that based on what you are saying with the criminal enterprise in karachi. jonathan, fascinating story. we have got to stay on top of it? >> thank you. >> all right. now to yemen, al qaeda captures a major airport sea port and oil terminal in the south. and today in washington, defense secretary ash carter warning the chaos in yemen creates a threat to the united states. yes aqap provides opportunity in the environment created by the turmoil branch of al qaeda attack us and our homeland and therefore of serious concern to us. conor powell joins us live from the middle east.
4:32 pm
conor, so what is going on in yemen right now? >> yeah, al qaeda in the arabian peninsula using the chaos in yemen to really grow and expand their operations. it was just a few weeks ago that they busted out about 300 or so of their fighters from prison. and now they control the key southern city and much of the surrounding province as well. they control the city. they control the airport and they control the shipping oil terminal. now, al qaeda's law maintains a sort of presence in this area despite u.s. drone strikes, which are really focused in that area. but after the u.s. military was forced to leave because of the shiite takeover of the country and saudi air strikes. the al qaeda operations really expanded, they have taken advantage of the growing kay office. the houthi shiite rebels. they aren't targeting any of the al qaeda operations
4:33 pm
there. and that's one of the sort of big problems there. al qaeda, of course has used yemen to strike and it to plan attacks against the west. against the united states. but the saudi air strikes are not focusing, not even talking about trying to hit al qaeda operations there. and so they are really operating in this sort of black hole and the potential for a strike against the west is only growing because of the chaos there. now, the u.s. is operating and working with the government to target the houthis but kimberly, right now it's an area that is sort of lawless and collapsing failed state. and it's a state where there is a real potential. it can be used like afghanistan was in the 1990s and early 2,000s as a base of operations to strike around the world kimberly. >> it's a big problem because that's one of the most lethal franchises of al qaeda is right there in yemen. so it's problematic what i'm hearing from your report that they are not really doing anything specifically to target them and that is bad news for the west
4:34 pm
indeed. conner, thank you. and hundreds of americans are fleeing yemen. fearing for their lives and they are headed to tabuti. hundreds are trapped in yemen. ambassador, what is happening right now? >> we have had over the path two weeks several significant groups of americans who have made their way from yemen both from aden and from is is a that any way that they can. many of them have arrived in the country where me and my colleagues work in gentleman jabuti. we had a large group come earlier today on indian naval vessel we have had 59 american citizens and
4:35 pm
another 40. every time one of these boats american citizens came in u.s. consulate officers from the embassy and as well as we at the waiting to greet these people they came off the boat. we tell them that we are here to help them. we make sure they have water and food. lodging and make sure that they have any other needs that we're able to take care of them. >> okay. so do you have sufficient resources? because i understand the process that's going by and the type of assistance that you are helping them with but this is an alarming and developing in yemen. do you have what you need at this hour? >> yeah, i do, normally we have very small cownel
4:36 pm
section. a small country with less than a million people. aren't very large. but, in a moment of crisis, every single one of us the emphasis becomes a consulate officer. i'm very proud of the way that my colleagues have pulled together, pretty much everybody has contributed to make sure t the resources that we need. and, at the same time we have gotten reinforce. s at the state department has been from all over the region. one of our biggest needs is a lot of these americans and their families prefer to communicate in arabic. and we don't speak arabic. the other things that your viewers may not realize is
4:37 pm
djibouti is the only host of the entire african continent. they have been helpful in a number of different ways and helping us take care of american citizens who are coming here. >> all right. well good news is that you are getting them out. you are able to provide the assistance you need. sounds like you need some help with language issues and we wish you all the best with the next stepping with these poor displaced americans there. thank you very much. >> a battle is brewing on capitol hill over the so-called death tax. that means your inheritance, big or small could be on the line. our political panel, they are here next to explain. plus, florida governor rick scott is going "on the record." he is suing the president. governor scott is here to tell you why coming up. t something we do to show resolve. to defend ourselves. to declare victory.
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should the death tax die a battalion is taking place on capitol hill. the house voting to repeal the state tax. this impacts you big or small. your inheritance could be on the line. and do you really want to hand your family's hard-earned money right over to the government when you die? sorry to be a bummer, but in a recent fox news poll, an overwomenning majority, -- overwhelming majority 71% of people think the estate tax is unfair. joining to us sort this out is our political panel this evening the "wall street journal" john bussey and the national review's jillian melcher. john does the repeal the state tax have a shot of happening? >> no, it doesn't. and i'm not sure -- this is a little bit of politics right at tax time. it's not going to get through the senate. if it were to get through the senate the president has already said is he going it veto it what's really interesting is 71% of people who say it's unfair there is is a separate poll by the
4:43 pm
pew research group say 60% of people say hey the rich don't pay enough taxes as it is. if you were to be asked kimberly what percentage of people in the united states, percentage of estates actually get affected by this tax what would you guess? >> i don't know. >> two tenths of 1%. it's a tiny, tiny number. that's me. i'm in the tiny unfortunate number. i think it's hard families and people. you are suffering, you have tremendous loss in your family. you lose a loved one and then you get hit by the government and it's just pouring pounds of salt on an on wound and it's tough. you know your loved ones and work so hard. you can't take it with you. the government is going to take it with with you. >> they will take it four. these are assets that have already been taxed. i think what's so devastating with this i grew up in wyoming. so we have got a lot of ranchers a the lot of farm country. they are the ones that get hammered by. this it's still a small
4:44 pm
percentage. a lot of their assets are tied up in land. the value of land also goes up. also tied up in expensive farm equipment. >> oh, true. >> i have talked to people that have had farms in their family for generations. fifth generation farmer terrified that the estate stacks would mean that that he couldn't pass her ranch on to her little grandson that's devastating. >> this is very devastating. this is a good example. you are right land with appreciation in value perhaps when they bought it it was not worth very much. now, if it's been in the family a long time it's worth a significant amount of money, and like you said farming equipment to the point where the family going to be able to continue in the family business because they are being penalized, john. >> well, all the things that congress could be focusing its attention on, immigration real tax reform. corporate tax reform. education, right now, the way it stands an estate would have to reach a level of almost $11 million for it to be subject to the estate tax. it's hard to kind of work up a tremendous amount of
4:45 pm
passion even though jillian is right this effects people that are farmers. >> want to continue in the business. >> small business people that have built up a business and want to pass it on to their kids. >> isn't that part of the american dream, right? you work so hard? i want to hand something over? i have been working the land and the farm and the soil and raising crops or corn or anything like that with my family, i want to hand it on to my, whatever, my children to be able to do it. why are we penalizing that? >> that's true and i think it's a very viscerally felt argument that everybody would agree with it's ours. >> the american dream. >> the flip side of that is also a social compact issue here is which is do you allow wealthy families to empower themselves over generations geometrically without any type of tax to level the playing field. >> that sounds like redistribution and socialism to me because the idea is supposed to be work hard. >> it's called progression
4:46 pm
taxation. >> i'm. >> on top of that generational wealth being passed on to inheritance i is a great tool for pulling people up in the middle class. if you look at the richest. that's a really volatile list. a lot of of it is earned income and people tossed up buffeted by the market. that's a lot of the reason why you look at the forbes list of wealthiest people not the same people on it year after year. great tool for the middle class and not something that effects income inequality. >> you guys have been fantastic panel many thanks. up next former governor rick scott going "on the record." he just announced he is taking the obama administration to court. governor scott is here to tell you why next. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day.
4:47 pm
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quote today,call liberty mutual insurance at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. florida governor rick scott suing the president. he said the president has gone too far.
4:51 pm
cutting off federal healthcare dollars to his state. all in an effort to expand obamacare. governor rick scott. governor, thanks for going "on the record" tonight. we want to hear more about why you are suing the administration. >> kimberly, it's outrageous. the federal government started a program in our state in 2006, it's called the low income pool. it's for low income families now what they are saying is they are not going to keep that program going unless the state expands obamacare. so this first off. >> that sounds like extortion. absolutely. >> first think about the families. vs. sebelius. not lawful for the federal government. for the obama administration to use coercion tactics, basically held a gun to our head if we don't expand obama care. they say they can't do that. by the way they are not cutting our federal taxes in doing.
4:52 pm
this oh we will cut your federal taxes because we are going to cut out your program. our taxpayers are still paying for the federal government but they are going to cut out a program and try to hold a gun to our head. >> all right. so when are you going to file this lawsuit? >> we're working with our attorney general pat bondi. we have a great attorney general in our state. >> yes. my friend. >> yep. she is a good friends of yours. we are working with her to do this in the right manner. but i'm going to stand up for every citizen in our state. one the citizens that have a program that they are relying on, those that can't afford their own healthcare that's one. two, the rest of our citizens saying you know, we are paying our federal taxes and we are not going to let the federal government tell us how to run our state. that's outrageous. it's not what the supreme court allows. we are going to stand up for all 20 million people in our state. >> i think with pam bondi filing this and you on top of it, this is really compelling issue. there are serious constitutional implications as a former prosecutor myself. seems that you are on some serious strong ground with precedent with the comments
4:53 pm
from the chief justice that this should not be allowed and it should be precedent setting for other states if they are compelled in this way forced against their will to expand and feed the behermine moth that has become obamacare. >> absolutely. but, don't they care about the low income families that they have already created a program for in our state? >> sure. >> doesn't everybody now understand that this is an administration that's going to use coercion tactic its and when it's appropriate they will cut back funding if you don't do another program they want. >> right. so there is a penalty. it's not the way we expect our federal government. >> it's a shake down to the states if you don't do what we say we're gig bigger than you and bully you and force you and penalize you and really just hurting the lower income families by doing. this. >> louisville. one, they don't care about the low income families, because they are willing to walk away from a program and then, two, they are using bully -- this is a
4:54 pm
sopranos, they are using bullying tactics to attack our state. it's wrong, it's outrageous just that they're doing. this you are standing up for all floridians, this is fantastic. so important we get the message out there and learn about these issues because it's going to be facing the other states as well. governor, such a pleasure. thank you for coming on here tonight. >> thanks for coming, kimberly have a great evening. >> a republican senator telling his colleagues let it go. you have to see this next. it's cute. ♪ let it go ♪ let it go ♪ can't hold you back anymore ♪ let it it go ♪ every truck can tow a boat. every truck can climb a hill. every truck can haul a trailer. but not everyone can say they're the fastest-growing truck brand in america.
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get ready to speed read the news, a judge ordering hip hop mogul shug knight to stand trial for murder accused of striking to two men his truck. he pleaded guilty.
4:59 pm
the 61-year-old florida man who flew a gyro copter appearing in court today. he is accuse of violating national airspace and unregistered aircraft. court date may 8th. ordered to stay away from the capitol and the white house. you have to hear this pat roberts phone went off in the middle of a senate hearing. it's his ring tone that has everyone talking. >> oh, come on. [cell phone] let it go ♪ >> just let it go, mister. apologized and later tweeted somebody had had to tell the obama administration to let it go. #for the grand kids. thank you for being with us tonight, it's been a pleasure. join greta tomorrow night at 7:00 for a special "on the record" marine held in iran and you will get a complete look at the case of amir hekmati and the efforts to free him from a brutal iranian prison. you will hear from amir's family and fellow marine. so don't miss marine held
5:00 pm
in iran, that's tomorrow night at 7:00 with greta. i will see you tomorrow on the 5:00. up next, the o'reilly factor. good night, everyone. >> the o'reilly factor is on, tonight. >> why don't you tell me what hillary clinton campaigning on, do you know? >> some liberal democrats not happy with hillary clinton's candidacy. how will that effect her campaign? tonight we will talk with one of the dissenters. senator bernie sanders. >> everybody that was around him knew what the truth was. and it's just relieved that the united states army did the right thing. >> and apparently the white house knew what the truth was about bowe bergdahl as well but chose to praise him anyway. we'll have new information tonight. >> a kid gets a crush on you in sixth grade and that kid's name is? >> prince. >> prince? >> also ahead, fox news


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