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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  April 19, 2015 3:00am-7:01am PDT

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hello and good morning, friends, it is sunday, 19th of april. i'm anna kooiman. a fox news alert. isis claiming responsibility for its first major attack in brand new territory. we've got the fall out straight ahead. >> as the war on terror takes center stage, in champ, two -- in new hampshire, two presidential candidates discussing it. >> it's a disaster, we should have never been there. >> two opposing world views. we'll bring them to you just ahead. a new twist for a reporter
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caught ranting against a tow truck attendant. >> i'm in the news sweet heart [ bleep ]. do you feel good about your job? i have a brain and you don't. >> this morning that tow truck company speaking out and wait until you hear what they had to say. "fox & friends" begins right now. ♪ ♪ sweet heart, baby girl. >> you are watching the news, sweet heart. >> welcome to the news, sweetheart. >> good morning to you. >> we've got senator scott brown joining us in a short time. barbs are flying in new hampshire. >> and they stem from news from abroad. that's where we want to start this morning with a fox news alert. iraq now afghanistan. there is evidence this morning that isis has struck in that country for the first time at a
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bank. it's a 60 miles outside of the town of kabul. a man with a suicide vest walked into a crowd and detonated himself. >> the taliban came out immediately and denounced the attack. no, no this isn't us. they came out and denounce it this isn't good. and isis claimed responsibility for it. >> they called on the news agency, they posted press releases on line with their black flag waving in the background and putting a picture of the suicide bomber. we're not going to show that to you and let them gloat to you. you know it's bad when it's the taliban denounses it.
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>> isis has struck in afghanistan. colonel david hunt was on "justice last night with judge jeanine. >> it means to me the war that we've declared on isis isn't working. they have gained territory. we've got 3,000 soldiers back in iraq. we've been spending about $9 million a day. we're not really bombing and it is not stopping isis. they are getting more territory in iraq, more in syria, now they are moving into afghanistan. >> isis has reportedly recruiting afghan extremist from the taliban who is impressed with the huge swath of territory they have been able to gobble up. >> there's been fractured leadership in taliban and moving over to isis. these attacks it wasn't one guy who went in there with a suicide
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vest. it's a coordinated abeing at that. three different explosions at the bank. i didn't know this. there is so much corruption there that afghani civilians go to these banks where their money is funneled from their place of employment to get their withdrawals. >> just put that into perspective. this is like going to your neighborhood bank branch, you put in your debit card and go see the teller. this is nuts. >> it is nuts. it's an ominous time where the u.s. has been since 9/11 may be falling apart completely. how should the u.s. policy respond to this? it's a really interesting back and forth in new hampshire houbl the first primary in this country between two men who may be running for president of the country. lindsey graham and on rand paul. we want to play two sound bites.
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these are the contrasting views of foreign policy within the republican party. first lindsey graham and then rand paul. >> you know how you defeat radical islam you go over there and you fight them so they don't come over here. fight these guys before they get strong enough to hit us here again and if we don't, 9/11 is coming again. how many of you believe 3,000 died on 9/11 and 3 million because they couldn't get the weapons to kill 3 million of us. >> the other republicans will criticize the president and the hillary clinton over their foreign policy. every one of those times wanted our troops on the ground in libya. i think it was a mistake to be in libya. we are less safe. jihadists swim in your swimming pool now. it's a disaster.
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we should have never been there. >> speaking those libertarian views. >> it's interesting to hear rand paul slamming his gop contenders. you guys would have done the same thing as hillary clinton. >> that's why he's so zpiesed in washington because he breaks their code of silence. for him to get up and say wait a second all of you wanted to send troops to libya, why is that a good idea? >> he will bring up these defense contracts. he slammed those. people called him isolationist. he said look we need to secure our borders here as you mentioned, terrorists swimming in our swimming pool. >> this is the key debate on the republican side. it will be really interesting to see rand paul's traction.
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>> one thing they all agree on is hillary clinton cannot be in the white house and you heard that sentiment echoed from all of them in new hampshire. we'll hear some of the barbs coming up in a bit. some other stories making headlines. an iranian military official announces foreign snpers -- inspectors will not be able to access the military sites under nuclear deal. any inspections would be the quote of selling out, this as cries of death to america and israel could be heard from the iranian crowd while celebrating their annual army day. >> smoke and fire pouring from a bus on a massachusetts hi. more than 50 university of ken connecticut students heading to a senior cruise narrowly escaping the blaze. the bus went up into flames.
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fire kbleetly gutting that bus. it remains one of the deadliest acts of domestic terrorist in united states history and today we remember the 168 victims including 19 children killed in the oklahoma city bombing 20 years ago. timothy mcveigh was executed in 2001 for orchestrating the attack. and yesterday's ride to remember event had its largest turn out. 2,000 motorcycle riders participated. today, a ceremony will be held at 9:45 a.m. eastern. and the final beatle has been inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. ringo starr getting a little help from his friend paul mccartney. bill widthers and rock queen
3:09 am
joan jett. ♪ my bad reputation ] >> tucker saw her live in 1982. >> yeah. >> jett even getting a little emotional while on stage. >> i was really going to try not to tough and be tough. that's a little overwhelming there. thank you very much. and our ainsley earhardt will be here tomorrow morning with a behind the scenes look at the ceremony. you are a big rock and roll fan, janice dean. >> i am. >> they needed to bring paul mccartney on stage to buttress. >> he hasn't gotten his due. >> i want to see tucker back in 1982 rocking out.
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>> we have john cougar and joan jett. >> throwback thursday. >> do we have pictures of tucker back in 1982? >> i would pay money for that. that's worth the price of add admission. >> let's take a look at temperatures across the map. a lot of 40s and 50s. we have a system rolling across the mississippi valley that could give us the potential for severe weather. we had large hail, damaging winds and even tornadoes yesterday and that's going to continue throughout the day today across the mississippi river valley and parts of the ohio and tennessee river valleys moving into the southeast and mid atlantic over the next 12 to 24 hours. here's that big swath of moisture and unfortunately moving into the big cities on monday. i-95 corridor is going to be wet and messy and windy. there's your severe threat today. again wide section of real estate affected by the potential of severe weather and that's going to move into the southeast and the mid atlantic. on monday we will keep you posted throughout the day. back to you on the curvy couch.
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thank you, janice. she's in the news, baby. that of course the comment echoed and heard around the world when that espn reporter went into this tow truck operators booth to complain about her car being towed the other night. let's play this exchange. listen to the full exchange. >> i'm in the news sweet heart. i will sue this place. >> i will care your video carefully. >> i have a degree. [ bleep ]. >> taking people's money. >> what low blows right? and britt mchenry becoming a household name after all this.
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this beautiful blonde bombshell. she's getting raked over the coals on line. the advanced towing company who the poor clerk was a part of and had to suffer the brunt of this they say this, parking enforcement is contentious by nature. at the same time neither gina, our lot clerk nor our company have any interest in seeing britt mchenry suspended or terminated as a result of her comments. ms. mchenry is our neighbor and as she said to paraphrase made remarks that were out of line. she is human and errors in judgment can be made in the heat of the moment. >> they are taking the high road. >> it's a bribery scheme designed to defend these companies. they leaked the tape of her. there's a media pile-on which i hate designed to destroy her.
3:13 am
i mean, they kind of punished already didn't they? no they don't want her to be suspended. >> the woman said hey, you are on video. watch what you say. you are on sloo right now -- video right now. the behavior was absolutely disgusting and its defensible. >> so is this parking scams where they demand a to get your car back? >> i know that the tow company is saying look we don't want her to be fired. she apologized. let it go. >> you are seeing more and more of this, where companies are suspending or firing people for things that are doing off the clock. however, she's a media personality. again they leaked this. but again, what do you think? let us know. coming up. it's not only afghanistan hit by new isis attacks, now a key iraqi city is about to fall to militants and head of the
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pentagon doesn't seem concerned about it. >> the city itself is not symbolic in any way. >>. nobody bothered to rsvp for her little girl's birthday party. hundreds of guests came to make her day. i've got a to-do list and five acres of fresh air. ♪ ♪ happiness is a drive-over mower deck. [ male announcer ] that's how we run, and nothing runs like a deere. ♪ ♪ bring us your baffling. bring us your audacious. we want your sticky notes, sketchbooks, and scribbles. let's pin 'em to the wall. kick 'em around. kick 'em around, see what happens. because we're in the how-do-i-get-this-startup- off-the-ground business. the taking-your-business- global-business.
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>> the city itself it's not symbolic any any way. it's not been declared part of the kal i fat on one hand or central to the future of iraq. we want to get it back. i would much rather that ramadi not fall. >> that's general dempsey. he's the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. he's down playing the significance of the imminent fall of ramadi. john mccain, senator of arizona has slammed this as an snault to
3:18 am
the families of hundreds of brave young americans who were killed or wounded during the surge fighting to free ramadi from the grip of al qaeda. who are -- why are these comments striking a nerve? >> for a couple of reasons, general dempsey has a pretty good reputation. i think he's done a good job in terms of his advice to the president. unfortunately, a lot of that advice has not been taken by the president. the second point is if you considered ramadi's significance, it's pretty basic. it's the capital of the western province on the side of iraq there. it's a key area of operation for isis. as a final point, why it's so
3:19 am
important is it's predominantly sunni and to abandon it as we see to be happening now allows isis to kind of take control of that population and when we talk about the politicalization of sectarian parts of iraq, that's a big problem. >> i know we want to stop isis, but is anybody thinking through like what's the plan for iraq ten years from now? should it remain one country or break it up into three? is anyone thinking about that at all? >> yeah. i think there are a lot of debates about that. in the interim what you have a discrepancy between the president's stated objective which is obviously over time is degrade and defeat isis and the practical means on the ground. and the absence of air controllers, the absence of
3:20 am
arming, your ability to confront isis and to actually also reform the iraqi military so it has kind of a more representation of iraqi society and instead of just an iranian subset is weakened weakened. in the short term, the u.s. military is doing whatever they can. >> they do that well. tom rogan, great to see you this morning. >> thank you. >> a mother and daughter go to see a broadway show, they haven't been seen since? what happened to them? a common theme this weekend for a 2016 possible candidates, hillary clinton. scott brown joins us to weigh in on what they should be saying. stay tuned.
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hi, friends. good morning, 24 minutes after the hour. headlines now. hundreds are feared dead after a migrant ship capsizes in the mediterranean sea overnight. 700 people were on board. right now, only 28 people have been rescued. 20 ships and helicopters are searching for survivors. looking at this stunning new video of horses galloping against a backdrop of a brush fire in california. the inferno gobbled up 300 acres
3:25 am
and threatening hundreds of homes. the gop top contender for 2016 stirring up support in new hampshire this weekend. are republicans sending the right message to win back the white house. let's ask former massachusetts senator scott brown. >> good morning to you. >> we want to start with a poll this morning. this is a new fox news poll on a preference on gop primary voters. scott walker sitting on top with a bunch of 15%. rand paul at 9 thrs and amongst a bumple of people in the middle, you see a bunch of tears emerging among these group of candidates. was there a clear victor from the pack yesterday? >> i think there are tears and i don't think everybody who was at the summit is going to run.
3:26 am
some are trying to get their name out there. you have obviously walker, bush, rubio and christie i think in that top four, and then you have rand, ted huckabee and others in that next group very very close. and interestingly enough, you are starting to see some of the jabbing and infighting and it's obviously going to get worse. that's part of the problem. we will come out of this primary season bloodied and battered. are we going to be come out and take on hillary clinton what she's doing? calling on her and her husband's markers to get ready for battle. we'll see what happens. >> what obstacle, senator do you see the republican party having to overcome in the primaries, especially with the party really being divided in a lot of ways? >> well it is divided and the major question i have and others
3:27 am
have is after it's all over, do we unite or do the people who lost go home and take their toys and go home and not participate as what happened with mitt romney and other elections, where you battle and the victor wins, and yet the people who lose stay home and don't participate versus the democrats, it doesn't matter. they tell you where to go, when to go, where to vote and who you are voting for, and that's the difference between our parties. we'll see what happens. >> you are in new hampshire. we see the mills of manchester behind you. what do voters are looking for? do you think they care about the economic message or the foreign policy message? >> i think foreign policy is huge especially when we see what's happening in ohio and other home grown terrorist issues. they care very deeply about what's happening with isis. you reference between lindsey graham and rand paul, i think lindsey has very strong foreign
3:28 am
policy credentials and rand has more of an isolationist approach. in libya had the president left a transition force and left the assistance that the libyan government then wanted, i don't believe we would be in this situation not only in libya but in iraq and that's the problem. they have a conflict and then they leave and that -- you can't do that and that's part of the foreign policy problems of the president. >> senator before we go, the poll out of florida this morning i think is fascinating. mason-dixon-polling. rubio and bush, 31% 30%. is that the race to watch? >> marco is a personal friend and jeb has strong credentials in florida. it's going to be a battle in florida. but the first three primary states are new hampshire iowa, and carolina. once the field will be narrowed
3:29 am
down, we'll have to unify and move forward. joining us live from manchester this morning. coming up here on the show caught on cam rarks a knife wielding suspect chases a cop down a busy city street. >> stop! stop right there. take your hands out of your pocket now! no man not going to do it. >> shoot me. shoot me. >> a slit-second decision by this officer making him a hero. a girl suffers another tragedy when she falls 30 feet from a tree. she says she even went to heaven and she's here with her story.
3:30 am
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it's baseball season and it is your shot of the morning. two foul balls yesterday. have you ever tried to catch a foul ball while holding a beer? that is a $10 beer. use your beer to catch the ball. she gets a big cheer from the wrigley field crowd and chugs the rest of her beer. in canada, this guy tries to snag the baseball holding his beer can. it didn't go as well. his shirt got soaked. he didn't get the ball either. >> wow. head on over to our facebook page and weigh in on this poll. which video do you like the better the girl who catches her ball in her beer or the guy with
3:35 am
the can in toronto? there's no one at the toronto game. there's four people there. >> they don't like that species of baseball. >> i feel bitter that they beat my phillies in the world series. a new york mother and daughter vanish without a trace. police on long island are looking for them. they were last seen three weeks ago on surveillance video near a manhattan parking garage heading to a play. they have no leads but don't believe they are in danger. an incredible show of bravery. a murder suspect armed with a knife runs toward an ohio police officer. >> put your hands up. >> shoot me shoot me. >> stop right there. take your hands out of the right now. >> no man i'm not going to do. >> shoot me shoot me. >> wow, officer jesse killeder
3:36 am
refusing to shoot at the suspect. the cop says he didn't want to shoot unless absolutely necessary. the police chief said the officer would have been justified if he had fired the suspect. a day long nightmare for travelers. this jet was diverted to colorado springs. passengers were told they could get off the plane and would forfeit their seats. they sat on the tarmac for six hours. eventually, they were driven to denver, less than two hours away. hundreds of strangers ban together to attend a minnesota girl's 10th birthday party. no one responded to the invite. she has a rare genetic disorder that delays her development that
3:37 am
makes her hard to make friends. now she has hundreds. >> thank you all for coming. i cannot thank you enough. >> go fund me campaign was also created, raising more than $2000 to host the birthday party for those kids. >> the initial kids on the list not showing up what kind of parents do they have? come on. >> let's check in with janice dean, she's in for rick morning. you want to defend that beer video. >> that's a foreign country up in canada. no one has heard of a baseball game. i was born in toronto so go blue jays. i would be there if i could. let's take a look at the weather map. it's a beautiful day here in new york city, but you know what, that's all going to change within the next 12 to 24 hours, we've got a system that's
3:38 am
pushing across the great lakes mississippi river valley tennessee valley, ohio valley bringing the potential for severe weather and we've got several inches of snow in the colorado rockies and springtime skiing. rainfall, some areas, several inches of rain. across the gulf coast we've seen over a foot of rain. flooding is going to be an issue are. and boston marathon is tomorrow what is in the forecast? it looks like to start off, partly cloudy skies but as we get into the afternoon, we're going to see that rain move in all up and down the i-95 corridor tomorrow, it's going to get messy. if you are traveling, you want to take some snacks in case you are delayed on the tarmac. there's your highs for sunday. 58 in new york. quite a difference from yesterday. it was 78 degrees. 70 in raleigh, 69 in kansas city. 52 in denver. it's much cooler across the northern rockies and heading into monday, much warmer. it's so nice to give you guys a
3:39 am
nice springtime forecast. it's been a long winter. you know what i see out here? the corner of my eye? i see a barbecue! >> we're going to be cooking up some food. it's the first barbecue of the season here on "fox & friends." >> finger lickin' good. no white kids allowed. one school district is separating students who go on college visits by race. do some students need more visits to the colleges to make decisions? one girl fell from a tree and also suffers from disorders. the doctor says that could have killed her. she says she went to heaven. coming up. when eating healthy and drinking water just isn't enough to ease my constipation i trust dulcolax tablets. i take dulcolax for dependable overnight relief
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welcome back. we've got a look at your legal headlines this morning. lawmakers in oklahoma have approved death by nitrogen gas chamber. supreme court is to decide soon if that state's legal injection law is cruel and unusual punishment. people with concealed handgun licenses to carry them openly in texas. indiana public school district under fire for inviting only black third graders on field trips to colleges, not white students. here to address them. >> is this sending the right message to these black students? you know what we need to put you on the bus send you off to
3:44 am
these colleges for these field trips and the white students get to stay behind? >> there's a high correlation between race, ethnicity and poverty in terms of not going to college and i think you are sending the right message to these students. i don't agree with the use of the term segregation here, because i think if you are trying to target this population, there is way to do it. i don't think it should be exclusionary, but i think there's nothing wrong with targeting a specific population if you are trying to get them to understand the importance of going to college. >> crystal, not segregationist? >> i don't know what other word you call it. it's segregation. the modern-day jim crowe and if you had a white -- if this school district was taking white students only which occurred before oh i don't know 1964 in you know, the racist south,
3:45 am
tweled be hearing outrage and these are public schools so taxpayer dollars support the school and if i'm a white parent i would say hey, wait a minute i want my third grader being exposed to college too. the reality is blacks don't graduate from college at the rate whites do. kids need to be taught standards are for everyone. we don't live in a segregated america and it breeds intolerance. it's absolutely wrong. >> a number of black students came out said they disagreed with this policy. they think all of the kids should have had a chance to go to. >> i think that's right. i don't think it should be exclusionary of other students but i think if you are trying to target a very specific population, that you can do so. we do this a lot in high school in terms of college readiness
3:46 am
and exposing kids to college. we do it when they are in college to try to get a lot of these students that don't graduate on time or don't actually finish to be able to do so and as i said, it's highly correlated with race and poverty. i don't have a problem with the targeting of this population. i do have an issue when we say it's only this population this we want to expose to college because there are a lot of white -- poor white students that could use a lot of same supports and helps. i don't think it should be exclusionary, but i don't have a problem as i said with targeting. >> what about that point? that fewer blacks may be going to college and therefore need that extra push. >> look it's one thing to have remedial learning and i think we can all agree exposing all kids to the college experience and remember college might not be right for -- the right choice for all children. maybe it's a vocational training but there are poor white kids who might be first
3:47 am
generation going to college, poor asian kids, hispanic kids, i don't think this is the right way -- if there's remedial work that needs to be done, tutoring and things like that or extracurricular activities, if kids want to get involved, not on the school's dime, i'm all for that. i don't think taxpayer dollars should be used for field trips that segregate black students to white students. we're regressing. i think basil would agree with that. >> it was not meant to be exclusionary. it was only meant to support and give these kids what they need to think positively about themselves and their future. do you think these black kids were thinking positively about themselves when they were excluded from the white kids going on these field trips? >> i think once they get to a college campus and they see folks that look like them and say this could be me going forward i think that's the
3:48 am
benefit that we should be striving for. interesting debate. we would love to hear our viewers thoughts on it this morning. you can weigh in on our facebook page. great to see you this morning. coming up here on the show. you saw it here yesterday carly fiorina firing back who says the ceo says women shouldn't be running for president. >> i think gender shouldn't be the basis upon which we make that decision. >> she's going to join us live next hour to respond. a little girl falls from a tree and is cured from two disorders. doctors say those disorders could have kill her. that's not all. she says she went to heaven. she joinds us live with that incredible story. that's next.
3:49 am
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annabel dean was just five years old when she was diagnosed with two incurable disorders. the illnesses kept her in and out of the hospital, the treatment barely effective. in 2011 while climbing trees with her sister a branch gave way, plunging her into the bottom of a tree where she was stuck for hours. her diseases have completely disappeared. she came back with a remarkable story. she says she went to heaven. a miracles to heaven her journey to heaven and her amazing story of healing. thank you so much for being with
3:53 am
us. >> thank you for having us. >> christie, when abby, your oldest daughter came back from playing on the trees with annabel with this terrible news that your daughter has fallen, what's going on through your mind and tell us how that day played out, december 2011. >> well i remember abby being quite frantic and it hadn't registered in my brain what she had trying to say. i felt annabel was in a tree and she had fall and then needing help to get down from the tree. it never occurred to me that she was stuck inside the tree. >> inside a hollowed out tree. we're looking at pictures there with a cross on it. you say when you fell head first you had a remarkable experience while you were down there? were you in in pain? nervous or scared? >> no, i was just really calm, cause i wasn't really scared or
3:54 am
anything and i think if i was really frantic and nervous and crazy then i wouldn't have been able to get out of it. >> before you were playing in the tree you were and out of the hospital going through these treatments for these digestive orders where your intestines were blocked. it was a horrible ordeal that you were going through. you go to heaven while you were in the tree. what did you see while you were there? >> i remember it was really bright and i saw my mimi who died a couple of years back and that's how i knew i was in heaven. i sat in jesus's lap, he said there will be nothing wrong with him. i asked him if i could say. he said no annabel, i have plans for you after this. >> when your daughter is telling you this, are you initially going no way that didn't happen or did you believe her right away? >> well, you know, in the book,
3:55 am
miracles from heaven, i talk about how we were just sitting there in the truck and she shares it with me and i am just stunned and i remember the feeling of just silence around me and i just said really, it was all i could get out of my mouth. i could get nothing proceed nound out just the word really. >> annabel, for people who say this little girl made this whole thing up and there's some scientific way to way that she's free from these illnesses. she's symptom-free, going swimming and playing sports and with her sister once again. for people who are skeptical, what would you say to them? >> i would have to say you don't have to believe the story. this is a chance for you to get closer to god in your relationship and like i said we're not going to try and shove it down your throat but it's a great opportunity for you. >> this story is actually being
3:56 am
made into a movie by the same folks who were behind the movie "heaven is for real." what has been like for you to watch your story be on the path toward being on the big scleen? >> just the whole ability to publish "miracles from heaven" has been an incredible journey. the ability to schaefer our -- share our heart and to inspire people and to be able to do that on a screen as well is just so exciting. >> yeah hopefully making a lot of believers out of nonbelievers. thank you so much for your time today. the movie is schedule for release easter of 2016. pressure your time. >> thank you. >> have a great dayay. 56 minutes after the hour on your sunday morning. a fox news alert as isis spreads from syria and iraq and into afghanistan, we have gotten word of a brand new video from the terror group beheading christians. more top of the hour and you know him as one half of the blues brothers. now dan aykroyd has a exclusion
3:57 am
for -- solution for what he calls gun crazy america. they say after seeing a magician make his assistant disappear mr.clean came up with a product that makes dirt virtually disappear. he called it the magic eraser. it cleans like magic. even baked on dirt disappears right before your eyes. mr.clean's magic eraser.
3:58 am
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3:59 am
we didn't think so. from figuring it out to getting it done, we're here to help.
4:00 am
it's sunday the 19th of april. i'm anna kooiman and a fox news alert. as isis spreads from iraq into afghanistan, we've gotten word of brand new video from the terror group beheading christians. the breaking developments straight ahead . the war on terror becomes a major focus on candidates who are hoping to make it to the whitehouse. >> if only terrorists attacked the gulf more, that might actually get the whitehouse's attention. this is serious. >> what would a republican
4:01 am
president do differently than the obama administration has done? one half of the blues brothers and dan aykroyd has a message for you. >> america is flat-out gun crazy. that's it man. >> but he's got a solution. does it include a proceed -- proton pack. what till you hear it. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ we start with this fox news alert. just moments ago isis reportedly releasing a brand-new horrific video showing the brutal murder of ethee beyond the scopian christians in libya. one group is beheaded, the other is shot to death. the video has not been authenticated yet. >> this comes as the latest
4:02 am
attack. 21 christians were beheaded in libya early in the year. >> a major shift in the war on terror. isis striking on the heart of afghanistan. a suicide attack at bank early in the morning when civilians were picking up money for their paychecks. he blew himself outside the bank. >> this is like going to your local branch of your bank to cash a check is the parallel that you can relate to this in your own community. 35 people are dead from the suicide bomber including several children. isis is claiming responsibility for this attack waving their black flag, calling media organizations, press releases on
4:03 am
line saying we did this and we're proud of it. the taliban is calling them out and saying this is brutal or terrible. isis is known for, these are civilians. they are just beheading, their murdering, they are blowing up. the taliban even thinks isis is bad. >> this is being taken by analysts as the ominous sign as the spread of isis. this is a first nonarab country. america still has troops and advisers in afghanistan. does this mean that isis is spreading its reach and if so, what exactly do we do about it? this on the heels of a very passionate debate over what's happening in iraq right now where isis has physical control of a lot of country and their control appears to be growing. >> the larger question was it a symbolic move that isis is
4:04 am
circling in on the city of ramadi. general dempsey said he didn't think there was much symbolism to it. mccain said this an snault to the families of hundreds of brave americans who were kill and wounded trying to free ramadi from the grip of al qaeda. >> this is the blood, sweat and tears of our troops. what does this do for our morale now as he continue this fight on terror? why does ramadi matter? now an utterly lawless place. we spoke to tom rogan about why we should care about it. >> if you consider ramadi significant it is pretty basic that it is important. it's a capital of anbar, that
4:05 am
interlinks with syria a key area of operation for isis. why it is so important is it's predom nanltly sunni and a more moderate form of islam with the tribes that are there and to abandon it allows isis to take control of that sunni population. the trust between theses tribes and the iraqi government he says is weak and this makes it even worse. >> you asked an interesting question which was is anyone thinking about iraq the next ten years, one country or three? senator ted cruz in new hampshire yesterday talking about the obama administration and the focus on the war on terror and slamming the president. listen. >> we all remember just a few months ago seeing over 40 world leaders walking arm in arm in
4:06 am
solid airity against france and where and where oh where was the utilizes of america? -- united states of america? you know, if only terrorists attacked the golf course, that might actually get the white house's attention. >> tactics precede strategy. you have to have the idea first. you have to understand what's happening before you can combat it or help it or whatever but you have to have a baseline understanding where these events are coming from and it seems like the white house refuses to acknowledge this is a ideological war of radical islam versus the west. they refuse to acknowledge that. >> they keep down playing it and
4:07 am
what ends up happening is -- >> we're going to hear from more of gop contenders in new hampshire. their thoughts on foreign policy coming up here on the show. we need to tell you about some other stories making headlines. caught on camera. fire pouring from a bus on a massachusetts highway. more than 50 university of connecticut students on their way to boston for a senior cruise. they heard a loud bang that forced the driver to pull over. hundreds are feared dead after a migrant ship capsizes in the mediterranean sea. 700 people were on board. only 28 have been rescued and two dozen more are confirmed dead. the passenger were fleeing libya to italy and were trying to get picked up by another ship. the ship capsized when too many
4:08 am
crowded on one the obama administration blocking tens of thousands of veterans from owning guns. republican senator chuck grassley, it's disturbing to think the men and women who dedicated themselves to defending our freedom face undue threats to their fundamental second amendment rights from the very agency established to serve them. check this out. a reaction to the news "star wars" trailer. >> oh, wow, a new fighter, holy cow! ohs that's luke skywalker. it must be! oh, wow! oh, oh oh.
4:09 am
chewbacca! hans solo! >> it sounds like my response yesterday. >> the response is racking up over 280,000 views. >> kevin mccarthy and i had nerd tears over it. >> that rattled me. i'll be completely honest. speaking of intense, in a good way, our friend janice dean is here. >> thank you so much. speaking of intense we do have some intense weather that's happening. we're into the season. it's spring time. we've got the clash of two air masses and potential of severe weather today. we've had potential for tornadoes. we actually have a severe thunderstorm warnings from the panhandle of florida up toward southern alabama. hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes today and the flooding threat continues. we've seen over 10 inches of
4:10 am
rain across the gulf coast over the last seven days and this is a slow-moving system. more rain in the forecast. as you can see several inches possible with flood advisories in place along the eastern gulf coast and up toward the southeast and the mid atlantic. taking a look at the severe threat today, that means, hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes. wide section of the country little rock, west of jackson, mississippi, we think that's where the ingredients can come together for a real nasty day. northeast ward, we can see the potential for strong isolated severe weather storms for monday morning's commute. this is typical for this time of year. this is typically tornado alley in toward the southeast. believe it or not, yes, we're seeing tornadoes but it has been a relatively quiet year for tornadoes, we're down statistically in tornadoes which is great news but we still want people to be cautious.
4:11 am
>> well, good. i want to be cautious around tornadoes. >> you should. hollywood wants you to be cautious around guns because another hollywood celebrity is taking on gun control now. we always turned to hollywood to figure out america's heart. dan aykroyd says america is gun crazy and says there are leslie that will alternatives, like a taser. take a listen. >> america is flat-out gun crazy. that's it man. >> i'll applaud that one. >> agreed. but, of course it's guns in the wrong hands. there are alternatives. there's taster, there's a sound system that you can use to disable someone. there's a high frequency generator that you can use. there's a net that you can fire and it completely closes over the top part of the body. why aren't we looking -- >> marcus is familiar with all of those. and there's a proton pack
4:12 am
that you can put on your back. a lot of people are saying you should stick to the blues brothers and "ghost busters." >> he says yeah, america is gun crazy, it's a country based on the individual and not the country or the state. and each person is responsible for his own protection and freedom. that's integral to america. that's in our dna. >> they have a discussion about what unfolded down there in south carolina. we saw the police officer firing in the back of the geyer running away. the point that he made is guns in the wrong hands, the philadelphia, and violence in the streets. >> people make bad decisions all the time and in china where there are no guns people go crazy and stab one another. people are sinful, that doesn't
4:13 am
mean the average person doesn't have a right to protect himself and that the individual isn't more important than the group. that's the essence of what the second amendment stands for in my view and that's makes us different from the rest of the world. >> i'm not personally a gun owner. >> we're going to change that. >> because it's an ultimate equalizer,ing it it's going to be very valuable for women if the proper training -- >> if i was a woman, i would be festooned with firearms. coming up on "fox & friends," it happened here yesterday carly fiorina firing back to the ceo who says women should not be president. >> i certainly think a woman is capable of being president and i will probably be running for president in a few short weeks. i also think that jenner shouldn't be the basis upon which we make that decision. >> so what does the ceo behind that original comment think now?
4:14 am
she responds next. an amazing catch off the baseball field. a cameraman now a hero after saving a fan at the last second. that's all caught on camera. tt8fq@q:)q1m-[f=/p2!a>l
4:15 am
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which we pair with fresh spinach (ahhh) mushrooms (yes) and chicken raised without antibiotics. (very nice) then top with a soy-miso broth. that's the ticket! and if you're feeling extra adventurous try our delicious thai chicken salad only at panera bread. what started as a facebook post, a female ceo reacting to hillary clinton's presidential announcement, she wrote this, a female shouldn't be president. let the haters begin, but with the hormones we have, there's no way we should be able to star a -- start a war. >> with that meant here's what potential presidential candidate carly fiorina says to say.
4:18 am
>> history is littered with men making judgments on the basis of hormones. gender shouldn't be the bases upon we made that decision. >> sheryl rios made that original comment. she made joins us now. >> you say you've been cyber bullied to death about these comments, but i want you to have your time to defend it. what do you mean? >> you know, it really truly was a private post. and i know there's no such thing as private in the internet world as it is, but it was on my personal facebook page someone screen shotd it and it got shared and shared and shared. it wasn't meant to come to this national spotlight. not that i don't believe what i
4:19 am
said. i truly do believe a woman shouldn't be president. now, for all the people who think i'm saying that women shouldn't be successful and do great things and build great things and be successful that's not what i said. i was speaking of one particular position. that was president. >> now you go on and -- by the way, i guess no one can call you sexist which it must be nice but you go on to make the point that it's really the use of force that makes you uncomfortable in the hands of a woman. the one thing i will agree with, i think we assume women are more peace-loving and i don't think that's necessarily true. >> it wasn't necessarily just force. we're built differently. i believe in an old fashioned way of things where the man is the head of the household. the man is the free world the country, and women take more of a subordinate role behind him. i'm not saying we can't run businesses and being successful. i'm a single parent and have been for six years taking care of my household.
4:20 am
>> a lot of people would agree with you but a lot of other women who say that is completely backwards. that is like telling a woman you can't teach preschool or lead the fire -- choir but you can't be pastor. you are a ceo yourself, you are a strong woman. what on earth is -- would make you think that you could do this high stress job but not that one because of hormones? >> it's not just hormones. god made us completely different and we have different roles. just because i run a company doesn't mean that -- you have to agree with my opinion. we have different opinions and what makes this world great. >> i'm not saying i will agree with you. but i admire your ilingness -- willingness to stay unpopular things in this age of conformity.
4:21 am
you are a brave woman. the navy's new swarm of tiny drones launched in a minute. how does it work exactly? the cyber guy is here to tell us about it. stay tuned. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] he doesn't need your help. until he does. three cylinders, dual overhead cams and 50 horsepower. go bold. go powerful. go gator.
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4:24 am
first up six hours that's how long passenger on board a united express flight sat open a tarmac in colorado springs. eventually, a bus drove up and drove them to their final destination in denver. they just had crackers for six hours. >> next, $1 billion. ♪ that's how much "furious 7" has made worldwide.
4:25 am
are you kidding? it's only the 20th movie in history to cross the $1 billion mark. finally the 28th that's the day you can expect smore from starbuck. it's made with marshmallow, whipped cream, graham crackers and ice, and remarkably only 20 calories. i'm joking. >> that would be nice. i think i would -- a swarm of 20 drones lawnkling together to overwhelm the enemy. it may change how we fight the war on terror. kurt the cyber guy is here to explain. >> ths called the locust. >> it's called acronym low cost unmanned aerial vehicles forming
4:26 am
technology. these things, out of this device on board of a ship. these are disposable drums. they communicate together using extraordinary technology. the navy has been working on. these will g mission to perhaps spy, spraps just beyond recon i sans do an attack on a village. i would say to our enemy watch out because this technology is ready for prime time in 2016. it is extraordinary. these are autonomous drones. these are disposable. they go in and they are mean and the enemy is going to be looking up going what in the heck is going on because they will simply circle around go do exactly what they are intended to do. communicating all along with one another, and being able to find out what the situation is on the ground within seconds. >> it can be invaluable you
4:27 am
know, drone technology is used a lot for surveillance, but it's also been criticized for the strikes and decreasing the valuable intelligence-gathering that sometimes is lost if you kill a subject rather than try to get more information. >> a lot of criticism for drones but however this technology, mark my words will be at the forefront of future military conflict. no question about it. if you look down from this shot, from this demo look at those. they look like birds that are flying. they were dropped from an aircraft which can be done that way as well. unbelievable how accurate, how quick they get in and get the job done and put nobody's life in danger in the process. >> this is not going to be used on everyday citizens, right? just enemies abroad. >> certainly its application could be anywhere but there are no plans for that. >> it does seem like it could be straight out of a movie. check out kurt's newsletter
4:28 am
"cyber guy." a new twist for a reporter ranting against a tow truck attendance. >> i'm in the news sweet heart. i can sue this company. >> wait until you hear what they have to say. it's the most patriotic day of the year. what you need to know about today next.
4:29 am
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♪ ♪ ♪
4:33 am
shot of the morning meets trench and maple. this dog-human duo have their own band. the dog maple plays instruments on his own. our producer says this video is clearly fake. >> is there like a fake paw that's on that's making him do that. >> that's not fake. you should tell him to stop playing. >> everything on the internet is true. we know this. including this. >> i don't understand why you are not saying this is fake. that dog is clearly playing the drums. >> wow, by the way. speaking of videos have gone viral. you have seen this no doubt. this is video taken of an espn reporter named britt mchenry.
4:34 am
this is the confrontation she had with the check-out woman at the towing company, watch. >> i'm in the news sweet heart. i will [ bleep ] sue this place. >> that's all right. i'll play your video. be careful. >> i have a degree. [ bleep ]. >> that looks stunning here, because i'm on television and you are on a [ bleep ] lose some weight. >> she's insulting her weight, her teeth, her smile, her education, her job and a lot of people have said this britt mchenry from espn is saying she should be fired. the company is saying just the
4:35 am
opposite. parking enforcement is contentious by nature. we're not interested in seeing her suspended or terminated as a result of her comments. she made remarks that were out of line. she is human and errors in judgment can be made in the heat of the moment. >> the towing company release that video publicly. >> they are on a p.r. campaign. >> they have already destroyed her life, so they are happy to be magazine nam i nous. this is steal your car and hold your car for ransom. they take your car away. >> this is a single mother with children that she's trying to feed. >> i'm not defending her. >> they are a match made in heaven. >> it's like the iran-iraq war. everyone wins.
4:36 am
>> tammy wrote us this morning. they are showing some more class than ms. mchenry. >> personally, i would not want someone of that character representing me. therefore, i will fire her. >> she's a professional. that represents espn. is this the kind of person they want? yes, i will fire her. >> do you agree with the towing company's forgiveness? and can you escape the internet mob? >> it's a fall from grace. if she comes out and teams up with a charity, she may be the next rising star. >> i'm changing my -- i'm in the news, sweet heart.
4:37 am
a new york mother and daughter disappeared three weeks ago heading to a play. they don't have any leads but don't believe they are in any danger. a college professor facing serious charges for a lesson gone wrong. >> what kind of a moron are you? god son of a [ bleep ]! [ bleep ]. >> linda atkins is laying on the ground after texting a -- after confronting a driver texting at the wheel. terrifying moments when a mother realizes someone hacked into her baby's monitor. she noticed the camera following
4:38 am
her every move as she put her three-year-old down for a nap. i was freak out. and i yelled into the camera. i didn't really know what to do ixs just so scared and so shocked that this is actually happening to me. >> gosh you think you have privacy in your own home. she thinks the hack evers gained access to the monitor. she's gotten rid of the device since. and safe a quick thinking camera zoom. a fan reaches over to catch a ball and a camera operate eror helps him back on his feet. today is patriot's day, it's celebrated as a public holiday in massachusetts and maine but it's not as well-known in united
4:39 am
states. >> our next guest says it aught to be knowns as much as fourth of july. >> here is "the hidden history of america "at war." >> we do know what patriot's day is. >> we probably learned the poem about the shot heard round the world. this is the day that the farmers stood up to the -- british soldiers. it's that day. >> why isn't it celebrated except in massachusetts and maine? >> because i think people did focus on fourth of july as the birth of the nation. this is really where the war begins and more importantly who told the story who fought in that war. we've been telling war stories for a very long time but who controls the narrative was part
4:40 am
of it. but these were farmers for the most part but they were very well trained professional soldiers as well. men who go out to lexington and concord, they kind of got -- the story got told that these were guys who just grabbed a gun. they were really ready for action and, of course, it all starts with a very famous midnight ride which wasn't just paul revere. >> that's exactly what i wanted to talk but. others in mythology that has emerged around this ride. what's the truth? >> paul revere definitely sets out a little bit before midnight on the 18th and he's meant to go out and warn the patriots in lexington and concord and specifically john hancock and john adams. he was one of several riders that night, but his name kind of matches up pretty well, listen
4:41 am
my children and you shall hear of the midnight ride of paul revere. this is a very well organized group of patriots to warn the men in lexington and concord that the british were coming to capture the supplies they had there some of which had been stolen from the british. >> without this day, none of the rest happens. is this is not a free country without this happening. >> i don't want to say that. there was a lot of resistance to the idea that america should leave the british. john adams thought about 1/3 of the country at the time was loyal. 1/3 was patriot and a third didn't care. but facts are stubborn things as john adams also said and this is the day that really got the rest of america involved in the fight. >> we're celebrating on "fox & friends." great to see you. >> the book is called "the
4:42 am
hidden history of america at war." a mom is arrested and her son taken away from her after he defends medical marijuana so his classmates and the teacher. did the state go too far? we debate it next. and parents outraged when their kids come home cursing like sailors. the worst part is the teachers taught him the words. how this happened and where. next.
4:43 am
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to get that right. and we take it very seriously. because we love them. and we know you love them too. people ship all kinds of things. but what if that thing is a few hundred thousand doses of flu vaccine. that need to be kept at 41 degrees. while being shipped to a country where it's 90 degrees. in the shade. sound hard? yeah. does that mean people in laos shouldn't ge we didn't think so. from figuring it out to getting it done, we're here to help. i'm angela and i quit smoking with chantix. my children always wanted me to quit smoking but i resigned myself to the fact that it wasn't going to work. but chantix helped me do it. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it gave me the power to overcome the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts
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or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some people had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix or history of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems or develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. i'm a non-smoker. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. time for some headlines for you. a high school senior is standing up against they are school accusing em this of
4:46 am
discrimination for refusing to approve a pro life group on campus. the kids were reportedly told to shout vulgar phrases. school officials are investigating. trust me wow! listen to this story. a medical marijuana activist is arrested and her 11-year-old son taken into state custody after the child allegedly made comments in school defending medical marijuana, triggering a raid on her home where cops found pot and cannabis oil. she's fighting to get her son back. did the state overstep its bounds or did she break the law? the facts in this case are shocking. the son, the 11-year-old son is
4:47 am
in school during the discussion about medical marijuana, and he comes forth because of his knowledge of medical marijuana from when the family used to live in colorado and he talked about his mother treated her crohn's disease with cannabis oil. the police sweep in and lock her up. >> the teachers under kansas law have an obligation to report when the kid is talking about an illegal drug in the house. the school reports it to child protective services. they come and interview him. for some reason they start to believe there's illegal things going on this in house. marijuana is illegal in kansas. they report it to the police. the police go to the home. they find amounts of pot and cannabis oil. she's not been arrested. the child is placed with the father. tomorrow, there will be a hearing to determine whether or not she can get the child back.
4:48 am
>> is this the right move? . >> first of all, you can't take away people's children because parents are engaging in illegal activities. the issue what you have to prove is as a result of a parent's drug use the child is being harmed abused or necessity nectd in any way. i don't know any facts in this case. is there excessive tardiness, absenteeism, child going to school hungry, i don't see any of these things. >> the standard is clear and convincing evidence. so it has been proven to this judge that the child should be placed with the ex-husband or separated husband at least for the present time. she lived in a state where marijuana was legal. had she stayed there, this not be an issue. she's a marijuana activist. they steps forward to speak on behalf of marijuana. unfortunately, the child learned that from her and spoke up at
4:49 am
school during at anti-drug education seminar. >> this child is clearly being punished for political speech and i have a problem with it and i'm sure other people do as well. >> it's better that he's taken away from his family. let us hear from you on this. you know her as one of stars of the hit show "gossip girl." >> what a nice surprise. i wasn't expecting you. >> just like you weren't expecting me to find out you were with chuck. >> i knew you would be upset. that's kelly rutherford's personal life turned upside down after losing her kids in an international custody battle. she's going to join us live to talk about that. the force is back. the new "star wars" teaser trailer has been released. kevin mccarthy has a sneak peek
4:50 am
and he's speaking out next. i've got a to-do list and five acres of fresh air. ♪ ♪ top three tools: hammer screwdriver, front loader. happiness is a drive-over mower deck. a john deere dealer can teach tractors to anybody. in the right hands, an imatch quick-hitch could probably cure most of the world's problems. that's how we run, and nothing runs like a deere. see your john deere dealer for great deere season savings on the one family subcompact tractors.
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4:53 am
hey, everybody, it's a sci-fi weekend. the new film "ex-mavepna." >> ex machina, this movie which is opening up in limited release goes wide next weekend. the idea is it's a head of a tech company he builds a female
4:54 am
a.i. and he brings in a young programmer to test this a.i. to see if there's an element of consciousness there. he believes that he's speaking to something that has consciousness. and the movie itself is absolutely mind blowingly crazy. it's over the top. it's so interesting to watch and the performances are mind blowing. alex garland directed the movie. he wrote two of my favorite movies of all time, "28 days later" and "sunshine." so far, and honestly my top five of this year, i have ex-machina, the movie it says starts donald gleason as well as an actor who is in the "star war's film. what would that sound like?
4:55 am
>> i don't want to meet that woki. >> it's a great impression by the way. you've seen the trailer, the trailer has over 30 million views for the new "star wars." the new "star wars." the gentleman on the right oscar issac plays the pilot flying in the trailer you see him going around and having fun. >> in the water. >> that is him. you got to be with me on this, clayton. i was blown away by it. as a film nerd, it has a perfect amount of nostalgia.
4:56 am
you have harrisonford, mark hamill. this scene. >> we're home. >> everyone on twitter is how chewbacca stayed so young. >> they don't get earrings in late middle age. >> that trailer had over 30 million views in the first 24 hours. everyone is geeking out about the movie. the trailer itself was presented in anaheim. the cast was there. i really have faith that this movie is going to be absolutely incredible just in regards to the star trek reboot. john williams is back. it's shot in 35 millimeter. did our technical director that our swipe.
4:57 am
>> coming up the fox news alert, isis surging into afghanistan. it's getting worse. brand new details on a video where christians are beheaded. more next. tt8fq@q:)q1m-[f=/p2!a>l
4:58 am
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5:00 am
too. remember, while your medication is doing you good a dry mouth isn't biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth. hello. good morning, friends. today is sunday, the 19th of april, 2011. -- 2015. i'm anna kooiman. as isis spreads into syria and afghanistan, a brand new video just out. the terror group now claiming they have beheaded more christians. we are live with the breaking details. and the war on terror becomes a major focus as republican candidates gather in new hampshire. >> you know, if only the terrorists attacked the golf course. that might actually get the white house's attention. holy cow this is serious! >> what exactly would a republican president do differently? we'll tell you coming up. you know her from "gossip
5:01 am
girl." actress kelly rutherford is in a six-year custody battle. she joins us live on the fight to get her children back. "fox & friends" begins now. hour three. hey, friends, good morning. >> welcome in on this sunday morning. just a half hour, dana perino will be live at the food city 500. she's the honorary start there today. she's with richard petty. she had a crazy dream that she thought she woke one a bald spot and she woke up with a pillowcase wrapped around her head. that will not deter her. >> she's going to be the best starter she ever had in nascar.
5:02 am
a fox news alert. a new horrific video showing the execution of christians. >> this is their path of terror spreads from iraq to afghanistan. you heard us right. afghanistan over night. an attack killing 35 people and injuring 125 others. >> for the very latest on this fast-developing story. we go to elizabeth frantz. >> isis releasing another video. they captured christians in libya. make it clear how many captives were killed or where they were it does show two one being shot dead and beheaded. it shows masked fighter saying christians must convert to islam or pay a tax according to the koran. it appears isis has carried out the first major attack in afghanistan. militants who say they are aligned with the network have claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing outside a local
5:03 am
bank in the eastern afghan city of jilalbad. it happened saturday as workers waited in line to collect their monthly salaries. some military experts say we need to be doing more. >> the point is it's not stopping isis. they are getting more territory in iraq and more in syria and now they are moving into afghanistan. >> if the government doesn't unify and bring stability to afghanistan the country could fall victim to more rogue attacks. back to you guys. thanks. ted cruz in new hampshire along with other the potential candidates. talking about foreign policy and getting off a great line so far of the campaign. here's the summation of the obama foreign policy. watch this. >> well god bless -- we all remember just a few months ago
5:04 am
seeing over 40 world leaders walking arm in arm in sol dart in france against terrorism and where oh, where oh where was the united states of america? you know, if only terrorists attack the golf course, that might actually get the white house's attention. holy cow, this is serious. >> this is a good line, but it points to a deep truth. these people are trivialize frivolous. the hands of our country's foreign policy are basically children, kids running the show and it shows. new hampshire of course an early voting state. their voters were able to listen to you will aof these kds talk a lot about foreign policy. we also heard from senator lindsey graham and rand paul. graham saying we got to hit them hard and now. we heard from paul talking about
5:05 am
liby how we should never have been there in the first place. saying we wouldn't have jihadist swimming in the pool there. but the one common theme that everybody could rally around at least was that hillary clinton does not need to be in the white house. listen to these jabs and barbs. >> hillary clinton must not be president of the united states because she does not have a track record of accomplishment, because she lacks the candor and the transparency that are so necessary to leadership and because she will pursue a set of policies that crush possibilities and the potential of this great nation. >> the next president of the united states better be a republican. [ applause ] because hillary clinton will not do the things that are going to be required, in my view. she is the third term of barack obama. >> when hillary clinton travels there's going to be two planes,
5:06 am
one for her encourage and one for her package. >> one thing making the headlines is gender. should you be voting on gender alone, one female ceo is making headlines. her name is michelle rios. she came out mid week and said we wouldn't have a woman's president because of hormones. she was here earlier to defend herself. it wasn't meant to come to this national spotlight. not that i don't believe what i said. i truly do believe a woman shouldn't be president. now, for all the people who think i'm saying that women shouldn't be successful and do great things and build great things and be successful, that's not what i said. i was speaking of one particular position. that was president. it's not just hormones. god made us different.
5:07 am
>> she goes on with women not being for the position of president of the united states. you should stick up for women come on. it's the same argument that you heard about women in the military, women can't be in combat positions and elite positions and folk still get all bent out of shape out of this. women can't be leaders in the church. no woman should not be voted into the presidency -- president of the united states because of her gender but give her a chance and don't -- come on break through the glass ceiling and don't listen to this lady. >> i think she should be in prison, she's expressing an unpopular opinion that internet,
5:08 am
twitter and people are appalled. >> she should be executed. >> men could very often be amazing leaders and lead in different ways and there are exceptions to all kind of rules even physical rules. >> you are going, anna. >> i can't believe that lady. >> clayton, shut up. don't stay a -- say a word. caught on camera, smoke and fire pour from a bus on a massachusetts highway. more than 50 university of connecticut students escape the blaze with seconds to spare. they say they heard a loud bang forcing the driver to pull over. the bus burst into a fire ball. extreme weather 50 million people from the central plains to carolinas bracing for strong storms. western states already hit hard. and greeley colorado, lightning
5:09 am
hit a chemical plant. no one was hurt but the fill was destroyed. and tornado touched down in colorado fields. luckily, there was no damage there and texas getting slammed with quarter sized hail. developing this morning, 20 years of testimony, the fbi admitting nearly every examiner in its crime lab over stated forensic matches to support prosecutors in hundreds of trials in the 1980s and 90s. unreal. the fbi says lawyers are being notified to determine whether there are grounds for appeals. and the final beetle has officially been inducted in the rock and roll hall of fame for his solo career. ringo starr is one of many music legends entering the hall including bill withers and green
5:10 am
day. ♪ ♪ ♪ my mind plays tricks on me ♪ >> and ainsley earhardt is going to be behind the scenes tomorrow regarding the hall of fame induction ceremony. >> not just stars, but super stars. >> what makes them that? >> extra sparkly as you pointed out on the break. >> janice dean speaking of extra sparkly. >> we have some severe weather i want to get to. the tornadoes we have the threat for tornadoes across portions of the southeast. the tornado watch until 3:00 p.m. local time for the florida panhandle up toward alabama and as well as georgia. we have a tornado warning meaning that we have spotted some strong rotation on doppler radar just northeast of pensacola around the munson area. that's going to be the threat
5:11 am
throughout the day today. hail damaging winds and tornadoes there's a look at your severe threat throughout the day today, that enhanced risk in the area shaded in orange, and the yellows and greens, you are not out of the woods obviously. then that is going to shift toward the southeast coast and the mid atlantic for the russia hour tomorrow. -- rush hour tomorrow. i-95 corridor is going to be a wet mess. speaking of wet, there's your rainfall for the next couple of days, that's going to cause some flooding concerns. there's your highs today for this sunday. a little cool across the rockies, 51 in new york 81 in atlanta. we have the severe weather threat today and tomorrow. we'll keep an eye on it. back to you guys. coming up marco rubio is in. what about his mentor, jeb bush? is there enough room for both of them in 2016? we have a brand new poll that
5:12 am
addresses that question directly and chris wallace will help decipher us for us. see the skills, this pug is active on the slopes. up next. your buddy ron is always full of advice. usually bad. so when ron said you'd never afford a john deere tractor you knew better. the e series. legendary quality. unexpected low price.
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is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs. billions in tax revenue... and a new century of american energy security. the new energy superpower? it's red, white and blue. log on to learn more. i've heard some suggest that i should step aside and wait my turn. >> no! >> but i cannot because i believe our very identity as an exceptional nation is at stake and i can make a difference as president. that's marco rubio, the freshman senator, republican from florida, of course, responding to critics who say he should back done to help another 2016 hopeful from the sunshine
5:16 am
state. his mentor, former governor jeb bush. >> but a new poll shows the two are pretty much tied among republican voters in their home state. so what's making rubio so appealing. >> let's ask chris wallace. nice to see you this morning. >> good morning to you guys. >> brand new mason-dixon poll out. it shows it neck and neck down there for registered voters, rubio at 31% and bush at 30%. this is the first time in history where you've had two candidates from the same state not only from the same state, but also from the same town, how is this going to playout? >> it's very interesting. everybody thought if jeb bush got into the race. that marco rubio would take a pass. in fact bush was rubio's political mentor when bush was governor and rubio rose up through the statehouse and eventually became the statehouse
5:17 am
speaker, they were allies, but very much bush is the senior partner and rubio as a junior partner. it was a bit of a surprise when rubio decided to get in. it's awfully early and bush hasn't formally gotten in yet, it's going to be a race between the two of them. politics ain't beanbags. it's an interesting thing. i was thinking about this, when some people say wait your turn, as we've learn with various politicians, you may only get one shot and when the lightning strikes you have to grab it and we saw that with barack obama. you can argue whether it was goodr bad for the country, but it was certainly thought it was good for him. some people thought he should wait in 2008. >> what's the difference between them? they are both pretty liberal on immigration pro business, hawkish on foreign policy.
5:18 am
are there dividing issue? >> rubio was somewhat liberal on immigration, of course, however he's changed on that. there are not huge differences between the two of them, but i think the argument may be more generational than it is ideological and that is rubio is a fresh face. he's 43. it's turning the page and bush either fairly or unfairly is getting linked to his father and his brother and seen as part of a dynasty that some republicans feel has played out too long on the republican stage. i guess in a way it's almost generational than it is a sharp difference on their policy. >> some of bush's allies are starting to quietly spread negative information on rubio's record. who do you have coming up on the show? >> bush said the other day i'm not going to say anything negative about rubio, we're
5:19 am
friends. we can campaign against each other. he wasn't talking about his allies, and you can be sure that both camps will be saying terrible things. if you run for president you run for president. on the show this week, we're going to have another potential republican candidate and that's lindsey graham who is up in new hampshire and you can see a potential democratic candidate bernie sanders socialist senator from vermont who hundred from -- who one against hillary clinton from the left. we'll talk about why he thinks she's too moderate conservative. we're going to talk about the astonishing security lapse about the helicopter landing on the west lawn of the white house. this is not the first. it's only the latest in a long string of security lapses here in washington. one of questions we're going to ask is are we getting sloppy about national security. >> it looks that way.
5:20 am
thanks, chris. coming up here on the show. you know her from the show "gossip girl". actress kelly rutherford, her kids were born in america and a judge says they have to stay with their father in france. one lawmaker sending a strong message to attorney general eric holder let those who fought for your freedom carry arms. the debate coming up. ♪ ♪ ion starts... right here. with a control pad that can read your handwriting, a wide-screen multimedia center, and a head-up display for enhanced driver focus. all inside a redesigned cabin of unrivaled style and comfort. the 2015 c-class. at the very touchpoint of performance and innovation. see your authorized mercedes-benz
5:21 am
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5:23 am
you may know her from the
5:24 am
hit show "gossip girls." >> i wasn't expecting you. i knew you would be upset. he tracked me down. >> you invited him back to our apartment. >> that's actress kelly rutherford. in real life she's been lock in a bitter six-year custody battle with her husband. a court ruled last week her children must live with her ex-husband in monday aco. >> this is a shocking story, the more you learn about it. your children are in a foreign country. they are american, and yet you have no recourse. you can't get them back and the u.s. government snot helping you. is this a fair characterization? >> correct. they were sent there with an order that's unenforceable in a
5:25 am
foreign country. which means my ex-husband doesn't have to follow any american orders. he's not from monaco and from germany. >> howl are your children? >> my daughter is five, and my son is eight. >> what a nightmare. >> it's a little bit confusing you would think if you have problem with another country if someone say steals your children and take them to another country, you might get the u.s. government to help you. but that's not true. >> yeah. in this case, tucker we have the american government forcing the children to move to a foreign land and a land with which they have no connection. the kids aren't french. they weren't sent to france. kelly and the father is not french, and why are they in france? here's the issue if you are an american citizen our spourt said a long time ago no matter what you do if you are an american
5:26 am
citizen you cannot be ordered by the american government to leave your country. you can go to prison, but you cannot be ordered to leave your own country. in a sense what we have here is a state court order from a california judge declaring kelly's then two and five-year-old children less in the eyes of the law, less than a convicted terrorist who seeks to destroy this nation. that's what we have. >> it's bizarre and kelly if you are an american citizen living in monaco, the irs still wanted to gets sloughed in your life. have you approached anyone in the obama administration to help you? what's the reaction been if so? >> i just started reaching out and i haven't gotten any response yet. i know dan abrams wrote an article about it asking for political support. i think that's ultimately what it's going to take now. >> is there any pressure, do you
5:27 am
think, wendy, that can be applied from members of congress, say, or anyone at the state department to help correct this? >> well we have asked the state department for help. we've asked members of congress for help and they have basically said there's nothing we can do. that's why we're in federal court. i'm representing the kids in federal court saying this is a federal issue. california has no business acting like a federal anything, kicking kids out of their own country. we're in federal court and the second circuit in new york saying you have the power to make some federal government official do something to bring these kids back, but i'll tell you one thing that i think the obama administration should answer for as you know there's a big amnesty program out there that says if you are an illegal mother in this country and you give birth to two children who are american citizens you have a right to stay here with your children. okay? if that's true, if you have more rights as an illegal alien
5:28 am
mother to stay in this country with your two american born children, i'm thinking i might have kelly renounce her american citizenship? is that what i'm supposed to understand from the obama administration? she has more rights if she renounses her american citizenship. are you kidding me? >> i want to read a statement. your ex-husband continues to protect the children from any negativity and will not engage in these false media fabrications which only serve one person but clearly not the children. >> i think sometimes the transparency and the truth can be seen as negativity if somebody doesn't want something to be talked about. i'm now being totally alienated from my children in a foreign country. he's made no efforts to get back in this country. if i was going to do press, this is not certainly what i would have chosen to do in terms of my
5:29 am
career, anything. i've given no other choice but to speak out about this and i wish that it had be different and we were making efforts to get back into the united states and he wasn't filing in monaco saying i have no rights whatsoever when i was found to be a fit parent in my own country. >> thank you for coming on this morning. coming up a mom and daughter drove into new york city to see a broadway show and that's the last anyone heard from them. they were caught on video carrying suitcases. the trail ends there. we'll tell you what we know coming up it's one of biggest venues in al of racing. she's there to start those end you didn't see. she joins us live from bristol motor speedway coming up.
5:30 am
5:31 am
5:32 am
5:33 am
♪ ♪ ♪ the weather is finally nice and you no he what that means, it is time to get out the grill. today, we've got judd who is the director of operations at the ranch and you are grilling up a storm. i'm so happy that the weather is finally nice. you are going to tell us the grill has been out there all winter long. how do we get it prepared for some grilling. >> first of all make sure you
5:34 am
have enough gas or wood whatever your fuel is. you want to make sure you start with a clean grill. do a little cure on it. vegetable oil. >> vegetable oil. >> olive oil, cooking seasoning, whatever you want to do. >> and we're ready to go. and if you don't clear it off, then it tends to heat up quicker? >> what you want to do is burn off anything that's left over. be make sure you start with a clean grill. >> we have the threat for severe weather today across the southeast and the gulf coast. we have a tornado watch until 3:00 p.m. local time until the florida panhandle, parts of georgia as well as alabama and a couple of tornado warnings as you can see there on your map. we're seeing some strong rotation on doppler radar. it's going to be a tricky day unfortunately for a lot of folks across the south as well as the mississippi river valley. we'll keep you posted and we'll talk more about grilling later on in the show. back inside.
5:35 am
>> you got it. thanks j.d. all these stories making headlines. a new york mother and daughter vanish. they were last seen three weeks ago on surveillance video near a manhattan parking garage heading to a play. there are no leads but they don't believe they are in any danger. obama administration blocking tens of thousands of veterans from owning guns that's because the administration classified some vets as mentally defective. a republican chuck grassley send a letter to eric holder that says this. it's disturbing to think that the men and women who dedicated themselves to defending our freedom and values face undue
5:36 am
threats to their fundamental second amendment rights from the very agency established to serve them. the man behind the wheel claims he was driving the puppize to give them away. didn't realize he was doing anything wrong. all the dogs are fine and will be put up for adoption. well, she's bad to the bone. this chill dog showing off her snowboarding skills. this pug shows off her skills. not talk about living the pug life. those are your headlines. that is fun. start your engines. fox's own dana perino waving the flag this morning to start the flood city -- food city 500 nascar race today. >> joining us live from bristol motor speedway, and the author of the book "and the good news
5:37 am
is." >> i saw your twitter feed this morning. you thought you woke up with a bald spot. >> i'm worried about dropping the flag. everyone i've met here which people are fabulous at nascar and in bristol, virginia this whole area northeast tennessee, southwest virginia, all fabulous people, everyone i met, including rich petty just told me don't drop the flag. i thought does this actually happen, now it's in my head and i'm nervous about it. >> i think you are equal to the task. >> we had you on last week. you impressed me with your love of country music. how does a girl from colorado who grew up in wyoming, how do you get you know into country music and nascar?
5:38 am
>> well, i have always loved country music. there was about a period of ten years, right about it in the book you just mentioned where i didn't really listen to any music at all. i'm a pop culture black hole when it comes to 2001 to 2011, and then i rekindled my love for it. i got to go yesterday to bristol museum it's the birthplace of country music. it's one of most well-done museums i've seen this morning. >> you are in coal country, of course. >> unbelievably gorgeous. >> you said the effect of the administration's energy policy is really obvious down there? >> the obama administration has made no secrets about waging its war on coal and the effects of that are very noticeable in this area. people here really want to work hard. they are working to provide all of us in america with the energy
5:39 am
that we need to do all the great things that we have the opportunity and are blessed to have in our lives andhe jobs have started to go away and they are not being replaced. there's no thought about the administration of what's going to happen next. i just love the community spirit that i've witnessed here. we're staying with israel o'quinn who is a state representative in virginia he and his wife are very deeply involved in their community and it is something to behold. i believe the people of this region of the country really deserve better from washington. >> they are not the obama demographic. they don't care. >> i used to live a stone's throw from where you are standing right now. >> they are so innovative and lovely. >> today you can watch the food city 500 on the fox broadcast channel starting at 12:30 eastern time and dana when will you be waving that flag?
5:40 am
>> hopefully janice dean is going to help us out. there's not going to be any rain so we don't have any delay and that will kick off at 1:00. i promise, i won't drop the flag and richard petty said they are going to strap me into the flag stand, but at least i'm taller than greg gutfeld. >> you look very small to him compared -- with his big hat and glasses. >> and i have 5 inch heels on. >> coming up here hundreds of dogs, dangerously stick with a canine -- [ no audio ] >> says it has nothing do with religion. he joins us next.
5:41 am
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5:44 am
a quick look at some entertainment headlines. first up celebrities fuel up their private jets to attend the earth day at the national mall.
5:45 am
it's now the talk of twitter. for shame. pictures like this surfacing showing trash cans towering with garbage at an event aim at highlighting environmental degradation. hypocrisy time. brad pitt and angelo -- an gel lean know jolie hoping to adopt a girl from syria. a bible battle brewing in tennessee. our next guest is attempting to make the good book the official book. >> critics calling it the unconstitutional. >> he says the bill has nothing to do with religion. >> thank you for having me. >> you say that the left kind of
5:46 am
stole your thunder and hijacked the argument and saying it has to do with religion. you on the other hand has to say it has to do with history and the fabric of the community. in fact, nashville, a lot of bibles are printed right there. >> while the bible is religious in nature, there's other aspects to it and the historical, cultural and economics of the bible is what we want to focus upon in this field. >> it's also interesting that a lot of the opposition in the senate there came from republicans who wanted to push it back to committee to not have it come up for a vote. what did you make of that? >> well, you are correct. in the house, this bill passed and it would have only passed with bipartisan support, so the democrats joined us thought this was a good bill and that's the reason it passed the house. we have to wait and see what the committee does with it in the senate. >> some say it would trivialize the piebl bible as to what the
5:47 am
state animal is the tennessee cave salamander i think it is. the state fruth or vegetable is the tomato. do you agree at all with that? do you understand what their argument comes from on that front? >> well, you know, i think that the debate is very emotional for people and i do understand how people feel about that, but the family bible is located on our coffee tables across america and to diminish it really is an impossibility because it is what it is to all of us. it stands by itself. it doesn't need propping up and we wanted to recognize the historical, cultural and economics of this bible, and our state. oddly enough you know, 615, it's house bill 615, that is nashville's area code. >> well, the governor and the attorney general oppose the bill. a law professor at the university of tennessee has an interesting take on it as well and says this, i think there is
5:48 am
something substantively different making the bible the official book of the state. are they going to be printing copies of the official state book hosting the state book on government websites. what do you make of that? >> it's never come up with any other state with us similar to what we have in the blue book. the passion of the flower talks about the crucifix and three nails, i don't know how that plays an argument when the bill itself, the amendment that we wrote makes the bill and it talks about the historical cultural, and economics so it doesn't deal with the religious context. >> all right. jerry sexton thank you sphomp your time today. let us know how it ends up. >> thank you for having me. it's been a blaryb. >> coming up here, hundreds of dogs dangerously sick with the canine flu across the country. there's a new theory how it's
5:49 am
preding. what you need to know to protect your pet. the snack police strikes again. two boy scouts not even teenagers are fighting back and they join us live. [blowing] wow! cars. they've always captured our imagination. what they look like, how they move... and the places they take us.
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5:52 am
well he says good morning. a recent outbreak of canine flu is in the u.s. and it's getting worse. >> but not all reporting on the story has been accurate. does it effect humans? will a vaccine guarentee your dogs safety? >> joining us to separate fact
5:53 am
from fiction is dr. heather lindsey. >> they're good eye candy. >> this is certainly troubling for pet owners. what do we need to know? >> there's a couple of important facts. the first one is that people cannot get this type of influence. a lot of people freaking out can my kids get this from my dog? they cannot. they can calm down about that but another true issue is this is a brand new strain of flu. we've never seen it before and the current theory broke yesterday that we think it's from a dog from asia. we don't know which dog but the virus hasn't muytated and it's the same as a virus in asia. the vaccine that we have right now is not protective, may not be protective against this new type of flu. >> some folks may be going out of town might think, man, i'm worried about bringing my dog to
5:54 am
a puppy play date place or a kennel or something. >> right. that's -- that's something to be concerned about. right now we know it's in the chicago land area. also wisconsin ohio, and indiana. so it's not in the northeast yet but all it takes is a dog coming over here that has the flu. a lot of times they don't show symptoms for a couple of days. they these and cough on another dog and since our dogs have never seen this virus before the risk of them getting it is high. >> there's so many terrible animal viruss coming out of asia. they mistreat animals in a lot of asia. >> the good thing is mortality rate is low. mortality rate is less than 20%. >> how do you know when you have it? >> coughing, sneezingeingesneezing, lethargy, not eating. >> coughing in animals both dogs and cats is almost always a sign of disease. so if your dog or cat, because
5:55 am
this current strain which is h3n2, this can be spread to cats. >> is there anything we can do to ward it off? >> still vaccinate. talk to your vet about vaccinating because there's still other strains of flu out there and don't let your dogs around dogs you don't know. so right now dog parks, boarding kennels obedience classes, pet stores letting your dog smell and be around other dogs is risky. especially in the midwest. >> is it just in the midwest? >> so far but the virus can be on our clothes as well. we can't get it but we can carry it. we just need someone hopping on a plane that got sneezed on by their dog and hanging out with other dogs in another part of the country and it could be here. >> he actually did my taxes this year. how smart is calvin? >> crazy smart. so there's dolphins and border collies when it comes to
5:56 am
intelligence. >> do you ever feel intimidated? >> i do. i spend a lot of time keeping him comfortable but i use a pet sitting service for him because i don't want hill around strange dogs for lots of different reasons. >> well, you can get the cute award. >> she can. >> she found food underneath our couch. >> thank you, doctor. >> thank you. >> thank you for having us. >> thank you calvin. >> coming up on fox and friends, chairman of the joint chiefs of staffs says the fall would not be symbolic. tell that to the families that lost loved ones fighting there. read the mom that wrote a personal letter to him. she joins us ahead. >> did you completely lose control when you watched the new star wars trailer. do you know anything about the star wars trailer? watch this. >> oh, wow, an x wing fighter and holy cow.
5:57 am
oh! >> that's unbelievable. it gets better from there. the priest's hilarious reaction going viral. we'll show you the video. stay tuned. doug. you've been staring at that for awhile, huh? listen, td ameritrade has former floor traders to help walk you through that complex trade. so you'll be confident enough to do what you want. i'll pull up their number. blammo. let's get those guys on the horn. oooo looks like it is time to upgrade your phone, douglass.
5:58 am
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6:00 am
>> hello everyone. it's sunday the 19th of april 2015. isis spread from syria to iraq and afghanistan. a brand new video just out. they claim they beheaded more christians. we're live with the breaking details. >> bracing for strong storms. so extreme across the country. lightning causing this explosion at a chemical plant. the very latest on tornado warnings from our extreme weather center. stay tuned. >> and a new twist for a reporter caught ranting against a tow truck attendant. >> i'm in the news sweetheart. do you feel good about your job? so i could be a college doprop out
6:01 am
and do the same thing. >> i'm in the news sweetheart. that tow truck company speaking out and wait until you hear what they have to say. fox and friends hour 4 starts right now. >> i'm in the news sweetheart. >> baby girl, sweetheart. we got barbecue grills on the plaza. we're going to be eating good in just a little bit. >> we are but you at home won't get to taste it unfortunately. >> you'll get the recipes. >> is it rude of us? if i could put it through the television i would do that. >> it will be fall off the bone. >> we are covered in dog hair but we press forward relent leslie because the news demands it. >> they show the execution of christians. they released this a minute ago. >> this as their path of terror spreads from iraq into afghanistan with an attack killing 35 people and injuring 125 others. >> elizabeth joins us live in
6:02 am
washington with the latest on this. good morning elizabeth. >> good morning, guys. isis is releasing another video showing the killing of two different groups of ethiopian christians in libya. in february we watched isis members behead 21 christians on a beach. the newly released video doesn't make clear how many captives were killed but it shows two separate mass executions. one group being shot dead and another being beheaded. it shows a masked fighter saying christians must convert to iz lal -- islam. they're vowing to kill christians until the world submits to islam. militants that say they're aligned with the network claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing outside a local bank in eastern afghan city. it happened saturday morning local time as government workers waited in line to collect their monthly salaries. a taliban spokesperson even
6:03 am
condemned the attack which targeted civilians. if the government doesn't unify and bring stability to afghanistan the country could fall victim to more attacks by rogue terrorists. anna tucker clayton back to you guys. >> thank you. it just shows a new front for isis. a coordinated attack at 8:00 a.m. three separate explosions and immediately sending out information to social media to notify the world that, yes we isis were responsible for this. this is far from where they have set up camp in syria and iraq. >> a long way. >> it's a long way. this was coordinated. they had a special media connection in all of this and got the message out that quickly is troubling. >> even the taliban is calling them out saying this attack was so heinous because it involved so many children. when the taliban is calling you out you know it's bad. >> how does the united states respond to this new threat and to the chaos in that region more generally? that's part of the debate now
6:04 am
going in new hampshire where republicans hoping to be the republican nominee for president are debating each other. yesterday, two republican senators, both well respected, lindsey graham of south carolina, the other rand paul of kentucky offered competing visions of america engaging the world. this is really instructive. watch this. >> you know how you defeat radical islam? you fight them so they don't come here. we need to be over there helping people in the region that would live in peace with us and fight these guys before they get strong enough to hit us here again and if we don't, 9/11 is coming again. how many of you believe the only reason 3000 died on 9/11 and 3 million is because they couldn't get the weapons to kill 3 million of us. >> the republicans will criticize the president and hillary clinton for their foreign policy but they would have done the sail thing ten times over. every one of the ones wanted troops on the ground. i think it was a mistake to be in libya. we are less safe.
6:05 am
jihadist live in our swimming pool now. it's a disaster. we should have never been there. >> he's slamming his fellow gop contenders saying all of them would have done the same thing as hillary clinton and barrack obama. >> a lot of people have said at a senator rand paul wants to separate himself even more in the primaries and win it he's going to have to broaden his base and open up his mind on foreign policy but you saw there he's sticking to it. >> maybe they're both right. you have lindsey graham saying we need to remain engaged with the world and strong and that's true but rand paul saying if you haven't learned something from the past 14 years you're not qualified to be president and maybe he's right too. they may not be as far apart as you think. i do think on the question of libya, he though it's a fair question. did killing gadhafi make the world safer for us? probably not and the obama people need to answer for that as far as i'm concerned.
6:06 am
>> much more coming up on the show and now headlines to you. >> caught on camera, smoke and fire on a bus. 50 university of connecticut students on their way to senior cruise escaped with seconds to spare. the fire completely gutted the bus. the driver says the flames started in a wheel well but the cause is unknown. >> now to extreme weather. 50 million people from the central planes bracing for strong storms. western states already getting hit hard. in colorado lightning strikes a chemical plant creating a chain reaction of explosion. this picture shows a tank soaring through the air with smoke and fire shooting several feet high. no one was hurt and facility was destroy destroyed. >> a tornado touched down in colorado in a field. luckily there was no damage there. and in texas they're getting quarter sized hail.
6:07 am
man, they're getting slammed there. wow. >> well, to oklahoma city now where in less than an hour a remembered ceremony will take place for the victims of the federal building bombing 20 years ago today. 168 people were killed including 19 children. when timothy mcvey set off a truck bomb outside of the building. he was executed in 2001. it's one of the deadliest acts of domestic terrorism in u.s. history. >> bad weather forcing united jet from kansas city to denver to divert from colorado springs. passengers were told they could get off the plane but if they did they would forfeit their seat. folks sat on the tarmac for six hours with one bathroom and only crackers to snack on. a bus drove the passengers to denver less than two hours away. >> that's why i always buy a big bottle of water. got to have your snacks.
6:08 am
>> you have to be hopeful they let you go to the bathroom. >> and a diaper. that's the other thing i bring. >> janice is here with exthree weather. tornado watches and warnings right now going on. >> absolutely. it's going to be an active warning and into the afternoon and overnight. it's a several day severe weather outbreak is underway. we have a tornado watch in effect for the folks in alabama and georgia and the florida panhandle where we think large hail damaging winds and tornadoes are a good probability here. here's our tornado warning southwest of atlanta georgia so we're getting into heavily populated neighborhoods here. take shelter immediately if and when you have a tornado warning in your neighborhood. tornado watch meaning that conditions are favorable for tornadoes and looks like we have a severe thunderstorm warning. north and west of panama city. look at pensacola. heavy rain, the potential for hail and damaging winds as well. a large section of real estate under the gun for the possibility of severe weather. hail, damaging winds and
6:09 am
tornadoes are possible and then that's going to move over to the east coast. the southeast, the mid-atlantic, also up toward the northeast where of course we have a rush hour to get through tomorrow morning and into the afternoon where we could see the potential for strong to severe storms. heavy rainfall. this is what we have seen already along the gulf coast. over 12 inches of rain in seven days. we'll see the potential for flooding all up and down the east coast as we head into monday. several inches of rain. the flooding is going to be a problem. we were talking about being on the tarmac. we could be on the tarmac with all the severe weather. so just be prepared. >> oh. thanks for that. >> thank you janice. >> well, the video that probably fired up more video than any other piece of viral video is britt mchenry caught on that security camera yelling at the tow truck attendant trying to get her car back saying all sorts of horrible and despicable things. making fun of her lack of education. making fun of her weight.
6:10 am
making fun of her hair. et cetera. well, now the tow truck company has come back with their own response to all of this. >> so they don't think she should be fired and don't wish her any ill will despite this terrible video. >> i'm in the news sweetheart. >> i'll play your video so be careful. >> i have a degree. [ inaudible ] >> wow. >> here's what the towing company is saying. it's contentious by nature. neither gina, or lot clerk nor our company have any interest in
6:11 am
seeing her terminated. she is our neighbor. she says remarks out of line. she is human and errors of judgment can be made in the heat of the moment and they're giving her a second chance. >> she seems like a parity of a nasty self-involved tv person. parking is not contentious. i'm surprised al sharpton doesn't have a towing company. they steal your car and hold it for ransom and until you pay the bribe you don't get it back. i understand her rage having been there myself. >> i think they're a match made in heaven. >> i think they should go out on a date. >> viewer responses. he wrote i would like to hear a very sincere apology by britt. too many people are being given passes today for rude and unsavory behavior. >> classy move by the towing company.
6:12 am
if she were my employee i probably wouldn't fire her. i would take her out from in front of the camera for awhile and have her work her way back up. >> pretty on the outside very ugly on the inside. she doesn't deserve the job she has with an attitude like that. fire her please. >> comments coming in on the question. do you agree with the company's forgiveness. do you think we'll see more if britt mchenry? if she goes on a campaign about antibulling and boy i made a mistake. american versus forgiven politicians for a lot worse. >> once the twitter mob decides you need to be killed then you go out and start a foundation for helping employees of towing companies and starting telethons and stuff and a run for towing. >> run for towing. >> it's almost like a prescribed thing. >> but if you're ugly on the inside your true colors are going to show. >> coming up the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff say
6:13 am
the fall is not such a big deal. >> the city itself is not similar -- symbolic in anyway. >> to the families that lost family members there. she wrote a personal letter demanding an apology and joins us live next. >> did you freak out over the new star wars trailer? >> i did. >> it got nothing on this priest. i thought i was bad. watch this. >> oh, wow an x wing fighter and holy cow! oh my god! ♪ if you're looking for a car that drives you... ...and takes the wheel right from your very hands... ...this isn't that car.
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6:17 am
>> the city itself is not symbolic in anyway. it's not been cleared part of it on one hand or central to the future of iraq. but we want to get it back. we would much rather that ramadi not fall but it won't be the end of a campaign. >> that was the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff down playing the fall of ramadi but the mom of a navy s.e.a.l. that died fighting there took exception and she wrote in a letter to dempsey this. my son and many others gave their future in ramadi. ramadi mattered to them. you sir owe an apology to the families whose loved ones died fighting in ramadi. >> thank you for having me. >> that portion of your letter pretty much summed up i think the feeling of it.
6:18 am
have you received any response at all from general dempsey? >> i actually did get a phone call yesterday morning from the pao and the office and doesn't sound like there's going to be an apology coming any time soon. i told them the right thing to do is to make a public apology. our sons our daughters our husbands, our wives, our men and women who are still with us that served over there and sacrificed so much for us and to say that that's not symbolic, and not significant, are you kidding me? and i can't think of anything that was more painful and insensitive than those comments that he made and that is just appalling. for me we have sacrificed greatly over there. we have men and women left body parts there. my son's blood is on that soil and to say it's not symbolic.
6:19 am
some of the strategies have gone on over there. seal team 3 as they worked with the marines and the army over there, in 2006 it was a terrible place and the difference they made turned that country around. ramadi is the capital of one of the biggest provinces in iraq and it is important to the campaign. that's where the sunnis are. that's our only chance of trying to defeat isis over there is working with them. it just shows the lack of strategy that this administration has over there and it is disgusting to me and very painful the comments that were made. >> and the lack of respect. what they're basically saying is the sacrifice of your son and family and so many families didn't mean anything. >> you know ramadi mattered enough to mark for him to give his life over there. he stood up in the direct line of fire three different times that day willing sacrificed his life to defend his teammates and keep them safe and for the
6:20 am
freedoms we have in america. we have watched isis continue their campaign to attack. we're seeing what's happening on our homeland as they're sending them back to attack us. this is crucial for america. this is crucial for our safety over here and to be so flippant and act like it doesn't matter, ramadi does matter. the sacrifices our men and women made over there does matter and that's why for us at america's mighty warriors we're determined to make sure that we stand behind them. that we don't inflict more pain and that we help them with their pain and help the families of the fallen and let them know we'll never forget the sacrifices you have made. we need the government to stand up and honor our troops and be there for them and make sure that they're taken care of. not to have painful comments coming from the joint chiefs of staff. >> it's so bitter but what a powerful statement from you. thank you for joining us this morning. >> you bet. thank you so much.
6:21 am
>> next up, the snack police strike again. a big fund-raiser for school trips is cancelled thanks to michelle obama's guidelines. but two boy scouts are not deterred. they're fighting back and they join us next and they're prepared.
6:22 am
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6:24 am
>> hi friends. 24 minutes after the hour and a quick look at your headlines now. these are the two ladies that could bring down senator bob menendez. he used his political influence to get these two along with with another foreign model visas to enter the united states. he pulled the strings for his friend and major donor. they both face corruption charges. >> oklahoma lawmakers approved debt by nitrogen gas chamber. they're set to decide soon if
6:25 am
it's cruel and unusual punishment following a botched execution last year. clayton over to you. >> well, no more bake sales. a school fund-raiser set down because of the new standards on snacks. now two 6th grade boy scouts are piething to bring their school bake sales back. they sat down to plead their case. 6th grade students and members of the boy scout group 743 join us now. nice to see both of you this morning. welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> i'm proud to have boy scouts on the show this morning. you would raise money and sell gatorade and different food items to raise money on whacky wednesday. what is that? >> it's the school fund-raiser that 8th graders would run and we could buy drinks and donuts
6:26 am
and that could cost $2 or one doughnut would cost $1 or one drink for $1 and this was a social hour that you could have but now we can't have it because of the law that was made that said you can't have junk food during school hours. >> the shift hand of justice kale down on your donuts and whack whacky wednesday. you were going to use this money to go to chicago. you used to sell out and be able to go on this trip and now you can't? >> yeah t chicago trip is for the 8th graders and the money it goes toward field trips and things for the school and representative chatfield said he was a former teacher so he said that fund-raisers really help go on field trips and they help you learn so it's helping your education. >> absolutely. so you met in front of lawmakers the other day to plead your case. what did you say to them?
6:27 am
>> well i told them about whacky wednesday and how it related to education and what it was and that it wasn't just about eating the junk food because i know the junk food isn't really good for you but if you have watched the video out there, then you heard me say eating the junk food is good and i know that probably made you laugh. but it is true. because they have calories and you don't want too much calories or too little calories. the right amount of calories. >> william i think you're absolutely right and i think you'll help me lose weight with that diet plan by the way. i know you wanted to say congratulations. you guys are putting up the good fight. we'll see if you can back down and allow you guys to sell these things. >> kevin you wanted to say something to your fellow boy scout troop. >> yeah i would like to thank my boy scout troop for doing all of this for us.
6:28 am
having the senator in so he could talk about the conty constitution and help us ask questions. i'd like to say thank you to troop 743. >> thank you to troop 743 and future leaders of america right there. look at all those merritt badges. people say bad things about the youth of america going forward but you guys are a testament that that's not the case. thank you guys. i hope you get your whacky wednesday's back. >> one more thing, i wanted to say that this all started at a boy scout troop when the senator came to speak to us at our troop meeting. so since he did that i asked him why have you made it illegal for me to sell baked goods at our school and that's basically how this all took off. me and kevin asked him. >> that's great guys. good luck on the fight and
6:29 am
please come back and update us on the whacky wednesday's fight. can you send me some donuts please? and anna? >> sure. >> thank you guys. have a great weekend. coming up here on the show a new mother shocked when she finds out someone is spying on her baby. >> every single hair in my body stood up. like i was freaked out. >> her unanimousnanny cam hacked by strangers seeing everything going on in her house. >> if you love duck dynasty you'll love this. willie robertson says the new musical about his family life brings tears to his eyes. get a behind the scenes look at duck commander when we go live to have a gas next. ♪ tt8fq@q:)q1m-[f=/p2!a>l
6:30 am
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for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision or any symptoms of an allergic reaction stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. why pause the moment? ask your doctor about cialis for daily use. for a free 30-tablet trial go to well it's your shot of the morning. tale of two foul balls and very different results. two different fans tried to catch foul balls. they were in different countries. one in the u.s. and one in canada. >> this guy tried to snack the ball while holding on to his beer can. it didn't go well.s soaked and he doesn't get the ball well. >> he's a toronto's blue jays fan. now let's go to wrigley field in chicago. this cubs fans catches it in her cup and makes a big splash at
6:34 am
the oldest stadium in america. she knows what she's up to. >> and she chugs her beer. >> that's awesome. a little pine tar with your beer. there's deep lessons to be gained from this. the tail of two foul balls. one in the united states. home of the free land of the brave, defender of the first amendment and the other in canada. what lessons do you draw from this? >> i know what our facebook fans think about this. >> we had a pole, which video do you like better? 895% of you think the cubs fan is way better. >> 5% say they prefer that. >> we actually just found out janice dean is the only one that voted for that. >> she like so many great canadians chose to come to the united states. >> the cream of canada lives
6:35 am
here. we're glad to say that. >> which we remind her every time she fills in for rick. 30 minutes after the hour on your sunday morning. other stories making headlines now. a new york mother and daughter vanish without a trace. police on long island searching for her and her 14-year-old daughter emily. they were last seen three weeks ago on surveillance video heading to a play. cops have no leads but they don't believe they're in any danger. >> gossip girl actress caught in a battle, a bitter custody battle as a federal court denies a request to bring her 8 and 5-year-old children home to new york. she shares custody with her ex-husband but because he doesn't have a visa to stay in the u.s. a judge says they have to live with him overseas in monaco. >> i'm now being totally alienated from my children in a foreign country. i wish that it had been different and that he were making efforts to get back into the united states and he wasn't now filing in monaco to see that i have no rights whatsoever when i was found to be a fit parent
6:36 am
in my own country. >> rutherford's ex denies the claims against him. >> terrifying moments when a mother realizes her baby monitor is hacked. she noticed the camera connected to the sperinternet was following her every move as she put her 3-year-old down for a nap. >> every single hair in my body stood up. i didn't know what to do. i was so scared and so shocked this is actually happening to me. >> she says she didn't have a password on her home wifi and think that's how hackers got access. >> bingo. >> that mom is going to be on fox and friends tomorrow with the warning all parents need to know. >> and a man who usually depends on the power of prayer uses the force as he reacts to the new star wars trailer. oh wow, an x wing fighter and holy cow! that's luke skywalker.
6:37 am
it must be. oh, wow. chewbacca! awesome. >> that's reverend father roderick and his video has gone viral racking up 285,000 views. >> i love it. >> i watched it like four or five times and then three with my kids. >> anyway, janice dean is standing by outside. >> held loilo. i want to do the weather real quick. we have a tornado watch across the southeast toipt go over and the potential for severe weather throughout the day. conditions are favorable for tornadoes. we have a couple of tornado warnings around the florida panhandle as well as southern alabama so be real careful. hail, damaging winds, isolated to tors and very
6:38 am
tornadoes and heavy downpours. so be cautious. where are from you? >> georgia southern university. >> girls trip here. >> absolutely. >> having fun so far. >> absolutely. >> favorite part? >> yes. >> okay. where are you from? >> holland township, new jersey. >> a special day today. >> yeah, 40 years married today. >> oh my gosh. you guys were married when you were like 5 years old. fantastic. stay for barbecue i hope right? and what's your favorite tv show? >> fox and friends weekends! >> excellent. i didn't even tell them to say that. back inside. >> she handed them all five. >> that's unbelievable. >> it's just as good. >> did janice do the weather? >> she's a trip. the next dynasty craze swept the nation and the quack attack hits las vegas where fans can see the family in a whole new light. >> we're live in vegas for the sneak peek of the musical called
6:39 am
duck commander. good morning, matt. >> hey, guys. well as you probably know the robertson pale has captured the hearts of millions of americans. they have a highly rated reality show music, books, endless impersonators and now a musical and we got a behind the scenes tour and interview with the cast. take a look. ♪ >> the robertson family goes from the small screen to the stage in the new duck commander musical in vegas. ♪ >> i think anyone that has a family and has experienced the highs and lows of family life can first of all relate to this story. the musical features original foot stomping country pop tunes and portrays the journey from southern business owners to america's favorite red necks. >> we're really trying to give you the true behind the scenes
6:40 am
look at this exunusual family's rags to riches story. they're really living the american dream. >> the stars of the show go through a complete transformation with custom wigs and make up. >> i don't know what people complain about. tattoos don't hurt. >> we have done the research and spent time with these people and the music brings these characters to life in a whole new way. >> it doesn't hurt that willie robertson personally stops by the show to give his blessing. >> this is willie approved. willie tells fox he thinks the musical might be even more authentic than the tv show giving fans a look into the robertson's behind the scenes struggles. >> how does that work and how do you deal with the media scrutiny and all the thijngs we went through. all of that is played out in the musical. >> he says it brought tears to his eyes because it shows how far his family has come. >> emotional at times. i was crying watching it. you just think about if something would have happened
6:41 am
differently none of this would have happened. it's a special thing to see the family portrayed this way. >> camouflage. >> now guys opening night for this show was last week and the entire robertson clan was here and of course they walked a camo carpet instead of a red carpet. back to you. >> and you mentioned that willie had given his blessing to the show. how involved was he matt? >> he actually showed up unannounced to the show several times before it opened. he would walk in and the cast would go there's willie robertson. i was backstage with him sitting with the gentleman playing him in the musical and he made sure that the width in the knot of that bandana was the same after his. very detail oriented and really likes the show. >> had to do a double take there. great job. >> great job matt. >> have fun out there. >> thank you. >> up next, maria joins us with
6:42 am
a preview of her exclusive interview with house speaker john boehner. what he is calling an embarrassment to america. that's coming up. >> and it was a concert created to raise awareness for earth day and this is the aftermath. a whole bunch of trash. when you do business everywhere, the challenges of keeping everyone working together can quickly become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help. with the tools and the network you need to make working as one easier than ever. virtually anywhere. leaving you free to focus on what matters most.
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i've got a to-do list and five acres of fresh air. ♪ ♪ top three tools: hammer screwdriver, front loader. happiness is a drive-over mower deck.
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a john deere dealer can teach tractors to anybody. in the right hands, an imatch quick-hitch could probably cure most of the world's problems. that's how we run, and nothing runs like a deere. see your john deere dealer for great deere season savings on the one family subcompact tractors. good morning. from the growing threat of isis in the middle east to the 2016 campaigns heating up at home our next guest got a chance to sit down with house speaker john boehner and talk about it all. >> joining us now is host of sunday morning futures. nice to see you. >> nice to see you guys. that interview is going to air in about 15 minutes here on the fox newschannel. >> we are at 100 days. 100 days since the gop has taken
6:46 am
over the majority in congress. so my first question was where are we. it's 100 days. what have you gotten done? there has been some debate about why we haven't seen more get done. he was pretty optimistic in terms of domestic issues. the trade issues that are on the table right now. that should be an easy one. he said from my standpoint we've had a lot of victories. let's not forget we did the keystone. we want tax reform. you need to have a willing partner in terms of the president. so there was the upcoming debt ceiling debate discussion. do we always have to wait until the very last minute to get anything done and the idea of that defense spending he would like to see increased but then there's iran and there's the middle east so when we turn to that part of the conversation we got a little heater because the speaker basically feels that what's happening on this strategy the lead from behind strategy is frankly failing. >> i think the fact that the
6:47 am
iraqis had to call or accept an offer from the iranians to help direct the fight going on should be an embarrassment to our country we need to be more actively engaged in helping the iraqis take on this flight. the training is fine. we're not talking about 100,000 troops. we're talking about having our people more engaged in helping the iraqi's fight the fight. >> you hear a lot about john boehner's tough job. obviously a lot of divisions in the caucus. did he seem like a man fully engaged that likes it and has a vision for getting things done in the next year? >> he did. but he did also seem tired of the fight. tired of constantly coming up with, you know, legislation that actually at the end of the day gets vetoed. that was the discussion around keystone. he said you talk about what we haven't gotten done. it seems like such an easy one.
6:48 am
he said we thought so too. the same with the trade issues. the same with tax reform. so he he was a little exacerbated at the end of the day saying we're trying but we need a willing partner in the white house and the executive actions have really fuelled such animosity that the president goes around congress to get everything done. >> did you ask him about the risks within the republican party and how that will be effecting the primary? >> yeah, he seems to think that the bench right now is so strong and we have lots of debates and we'll have those debates but we won't be trippingstripping over ourselves in term of insulting colleagues and not getting anything done at the end of the day. this is such an important issue because the last time we saw the gop primaries it felt like there was so much animosity that it's very hard to find unity and that's the difference. when the democrats say look hilary is our candidate, everybody gets in line and the
6:49 am
gop does not get in line. >> and $2 billion is also on the democratic side fuelling the hilary fight right now. don't miss maria weekdays on the fox business network. log on to fox her exclusive interview is moments away. >> 11 minutes. we'll be watching. >> thanks guys. >> get on your running shoes. >> thank you so much. next we are grilling on the plaza. how to make the best ribs on the block. >> do you want some ribs before your show? >> i do actually. [announcer:] what if one stalk of broccoli could protect you from cancer? what if one push up could prevent heart disease? [man grunts] one wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease- pneumococcal pneumonia. one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine can help protect you ... from pneumococcal pneumonia, an illness that can cause coughing, chest pain difficulty breathing and may even put you in the hospital.
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prevnar 13 ® is used in adults 50 and older to help prevent infections from 13 strains of the bacteria that cause pneumococcal pneumonia. you should not receive prevnar 13 ® if you've had a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine or its ingredients if you have a weakened immune system, you may have a lower response to the vaccine. common side effects were pain, redness, or swelling at the injection site. limited arm movement, fatigue, head ache muscle or joint pain less appetite, chills, or rash. ev . . . . get this one done. ask your healthcare professional about prevnar 13® today.
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welcome back. quick look at requester headlines now. this isn't what you want to see
6:53 am
in your backyard. folks in florida now dealing with an eight to nine-foot bull shark near their condos. residents say the shark is probably there to feed on chum. that's what they always say. or bait that people throw into the water. bull sharks are known to attack humans unprovoked. and celebrities fire up their personal jets for an earth day rally. pictures like this surfacing showing trash cans towering with garbage at the event aimed at highlighting environmental issues. at least they tried to put the trash in the garbage cans. >> but they missed. >> we've been waiting all winter long for it to start. here it is. it's barbecue season officially. we're kicking it off with some great texas dishes that have a certain modern flare. >> joining us now is director of operation for the ranch restaurant in texas. good morning. >> thank you for having me. good morning. >> mind if i borrow your hat? >> it's going to blow away. >> what are we cooking today?
6:54 am
>> the ranch is all about texas cuisine. we try to put our best foot forward with all the different things texas has to offer. we started with our mini tacos with cilantro lime. can't be texas without our baby back ribs. here we have a little bit of a texas corn caviar with black eyed peas. then for dessert, we have our sticky toffee cake with roasted candied -- >> and this is just one serving size. >> that is. >> let's go to the ribs. how did you make these? these are fall off the bone good. >> they are. we mesquite smoke them. we put a nice little rub on them. we actually glaze them with a little bit of barbecue sauce, molasses, honey, and finish them in the oven. >> are you gas or coals? >> a little bit of boat. >> i'm forcing you to take a position.
6:55 am
you have one grill, one fuel source. >> coals. >> thank you. i knew it. i could tell. >> tips for folks at home who want to make tasty ribs. >> we're in texas. we know how to throw a party. and we try to locally source all our ingredients in irving, texas. what's nice about this is you can go and source things out from just about anywhere. for example, if you do the tacos and don't have elk meat get burger meat what have you, ground beef, and do it from that. ribs same type of deal. bring it to the house how you want it. >> this is a beverage with jalapenos in it. is this a moscow mule? >> that's a texas mule. we take our version of moscow mule and flare it up with a little bit of lime juice, a little vodka, muddled jalapenos. >> muddled is when they're totally confused? >> that's right. >> can't believe they're inside a beverage.
6:56 am
>> you can get all these recipes on our website. head to more show coming up in two minutes. don't go anywhere.
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6:59 am
♪ yes, it's the best food in the world. it's from the ranch in texas. people wear hat, they eat well and we're glad to bring it to you. >> we didn't realize there was a display table. >> why aren't we eating? coming up tomorrow on "fox and friends," donald trump will be here live. >> plus, a question many parents have wondered about. can your baby monitor be hacked? we have the warning you need to hear. >> oh my gosh. >> and they're busy eating. here's what else is coming up tomorrow. the ft. hood shooting victims finally get their benefits.
7:00 am
we'll talk to one of them live. >> if you're hungry, come by. >> bye, everybody. >> see you next week. good morning. president obama's saying he's open to creative negotiations with iran. hi, everyone. i'm maria bartiromo. iranian leaders placing new demands that would come with a final deal on its nuclear program this morning. as talks resume this upcoming week. i'll ask the chairman of the house armed services committee about congress' involvement in all this. plus, house speaker john boehner sits down with me to talk cuba no longer considered a state sponsor of terrorism. and i'll get his reaction to hillary clinton joining the race announcing her run for the white house. plus americans call


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