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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 20, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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mom. you know nana worked for the home company for many years and papa is a firefighter and we're very proud of that. so i take it all back. tell me about your family. tonight, there's going to be stuff coming out about the clinton foundation and there are donations from different companies. >> a new book reveals how foreign money and special favors help make bill and hillary multi multimillionaires. senator rand paul is here tonight reaction. >> what time is it? >> and stoners celebrate 4/20 in colorado. >> it should not only be legal in colorado but everywhere across this beautiful nation. plus, christians under attack. a new video surfaces showing dozens of christians murdered.
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plus, dana perino and her secret way of giving it right back to the liberal media. she'll discuss. "hannity" starts right now. welcome to "hannity." there are damaging details about the clinton foundation and its accepting of foreign donations. there have been questionable activities going on for years but now tonight a soon-to-be released book called "clinton cash" offers information that could derail hillary's campaign. peter schweizer claims several foreign entities donated money to the foundation and gave bill clinton speaking fees in exchange for treatment from the state department when hillary clinton was serving as secretary of state. we have the latest details tonight and the clinton campaign reaction. our own ed henry is out on the campaign trail. she just tried to dismiss this
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today. is that going to fly, ed? >> reporter: sean, she really did try to dismiss it. and i just got off the phone with one of her top campaign advisers and says they will refute it one by one but today it was just a general denial because she was here in new hampshire trying to focus on her middle class message after iowa last week. what is different about the allegations in this book, we certainly heard about foreign contributions to the clinton foundation. we've heard about speaking fees for former president bill clinton. a lot of this is publicly available and it's alleging something much deeper and there were official actions taken by hillary clinton as secretary of state to help the foreign donors to the cloentinton foundation hillary clinton tried to say that republicans were just trying to distract from her message.
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listen. >> the republicans seem to be talking only about me. i don't know what they talk about if i weren't in the race. but i am in the race. and hopefully we'll get onto the issues and i look forward to that. >> she said she wants to focus on the issues. interesting that josh earnest was asked repeatedly about this and was asked to categorically deny deny and he could not do a categorical denial and said he's not going to run through every allegation that is out there. also, hillary clinton did not refute it. her aides told me privately when the book comes out on may 5th they claim they are ready to fight fire with fire. sean? >> ed henry with the clinton campaign thank you. here with more reaction is a senator critical of hillary clinton and her actions as secretary of state.
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gop kentucky senator rand paul. there is the quid pro quo and an issue i know you have been critical of and that is why accept tens and tens of millions of dollars from countries with atrocious human rights records, especially on gays and lesbians, et cetera without being critical of those countries. >> well we have rules that specifically have been written into the law to try to prevent foreigners from influencing our elections so it's actually illegal for anybody to take a contribution for the election from anybody from a foreign country. now, these aren't contributions to her campaign but do they act like the same thing as a contribution? are they expecting something in return? and, yes, i've been very, very loud about the fact that they should give it back. a young woman in saudi arabia was raped by seven men and she was arrested for being in a car
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with a man and she was given 90 lashes and six months in prison. this is the kind of country you should shun or rebuke. >> they then take tens and millions of dollars from saudi arabia. i want to get to that in a minute. let me go to "the new york times" statement and they say that foreign entities made payments to the clinton foundation and through high speaking fees and they received favors from mrs. clinton's state department in return. in other words, we see a pattern of financial transactions involving the clintons that occurred contemporaneous with policy decisions benefiting those providing the funds. your reaction to that? that is the definition of pay to play, quid pro quo is it not? buying access? >> i've been briefed by peter
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schweizer on this book and the facts are going to be alarming and mind boggling and i think people are going to read this book and say my goodness, how can this happen in america? and it's detail after detail after detail. i promise not to reveal all of the details because it's not my book but i think people are going to be blown away by the details in this book and how they link the clintons into this enormous exchange of money from foreign countries, from donors to companies and then it's all swirling around and i don't think it would happen if you didn't have somebody who was secretary of state in a foreign president and they seem to be capitalizing and it reminds me of people using the system to enrich themselves and i think it looks unseemly and i think a lot of americans are going to agree with me. >> he mentioned -- "the new york times" mentioned three specific transactions. one, in colombia a free trade
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agreement that benefited a donor foundation and the projects in the aftermath of the haitian earthquake and a canadian bank a major holder in the keystone pipeline. do you think whatever you've been briefed on, there's a possibility of laws that have been broken, sir? >> i think there are going to be real questions as the secretary of state does oversee and i'm not going to be able to get into the details tonight until the book comes out. the secretary of state has to oversee some transactions and the real question was, was there money that influenced these transactions directly or indirectly, is there the appearance of impropriety, at the very least and that's what voters have to look at and can we trust somebody who is the president of the united states who is involved with so much money changing hands from foreign countries and entities and even then they say they are not going to take it from
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foreign countries anymore but they are going to take it from wealthy people and it's hard to separate these people out in other countries. >> let me explain what we're talking about. this book will go into the quid pro quo aspect of it but the allegations we have been outspoken about we have a list of gender gap rankings in the country. those seven countries there where she took money from, some of the worst rankings into the entire world, if you go to saudi arabia, she took tens and millions of dollars from a country where women can't drive and need a veil to be seen in publicic and in kuwait women don't have the right to become prosecutors or judges, no laws prohibiting domestic violence, we go to the uae, qatar and all of these countries and i cannot find the public statement, senator, where she has condemned any of the treatment of women in
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these countries but yet she's running as you know, isn't it a time for a woman to be president? is that hypocritical? >> well, i think it's going to destroy our message because i think it's going to be hard for her to go around saying she's going to be a champion of women's rights when she's taking money from womena country who abuse women's rights. women don't get to complain because they are not voters and don't sit on juries and it takes two women to equal the testimony of one man in most of these countries. so yeah, i don't know how she's going to explain this in any possible way. she was making $300,000 an hour giving speeches. all of her husband's speeches seem to increase in the value. he gave 13 speeches worth $500,000 a speech when she became secretary of state and apparently this will be revealed in the book and was in "the new york times" today that before she was secretary of state, apparently bill clinton's
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speaking fees weren't quite what they were once she became secretary of state. >> maybe she can answer a question. there's been a lot of commentary, you did a full hour i asked you every question i could possibly think of, sir, from easterniran, your position on abortion. maybe she could answer a few questions. that would be a start. thank you for being with us. >> senator paul is just one in the gop growing republican field. another republican challenger for the white house released this video earlier today. let's take a look. >> hi i'm john kasich and i believe it's time for a new day for america. you know, it's time to put aside the petty differences and divide us and rediscover the values that we all share which have made america great, values like personal responsibility, community, respect, courage and, of course, faith. >> does that mean governor nor kasich of ohio is running for president? here to answer the question
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himself, governor, how are you? >> i'm good. >> i've got a guy in the studio who wants to know if you're running, governor? that sounds like you're running. >> listen, he's been asking me this for to years. >> not that guy. a friend of mine from ohio. >> oh okay. i'm not a candidate at this point but obviously this is a step forward to make sure i can continue to travel. as you may not know, i was in south carolina on friday and saturday and jetted up to new hampshire and was up there and and as to whether or not i'm going to be a candidate that's yet to be decided. it's further down the road but it gives me a chance to be morrow bust than i've been. >> i think you have a good message to deliver and that is that you were the head of the house budget committee, the last time we actually got to a balanced budget and you were very strong on insisting using real numbers, not artificial numbers.
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>> correct. >> what you did in ohio, how much was your budget office? >> 8 billion. we're almost at $2 billion surplus now. >> all right. $10 billion shift right? >> yeah. yeah. >> how many jobs did you create since you've been governor? >> we're up about 340,000 after being down about 350,000 private sector jobs. >> okay. then the only thing that i read about you that's negative is your support for common core. do you support common core? >> sean, what i support is this. i want high standards for our kids which we have in ohio and the curriculum to meet those high standards by local school boards with parental advisers. it's decided by local and we want local control and we have that in ohio. >> what do you think of what we're discussing tonight about hillary clinton? this new book that is coming out, the clinton foundation, taking money from countries that have atrocious rights as it
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relates to women and other minorities? in saudi arabia you can't build a christian church. bad decision? >> yeah, these are very disturbing allegations and, you know, they are out there and she's going to have to respond to them. i want to point out to you that we have been cozy with saudi arabia for way too long and i don't mean just the way they treat women there which, to me, is absolutely ridiculous. a woman can't drive a car just to begin with. but let me also tell you that the support with the saudis, for a lot of these extremist groups, some of these terrorist groups is totally unacceptable and i think we've had a number of administrations that have looked the other way. to just look the other way when they are funding some of these radicals out there intent on harming america let alone the human rights violations and to
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have not really said anything, sean, is really, really wrong and i just think we need to be stronger with them and a lot of our friends. >> they have played both sides to the middle for years. >> it's time to call them on it, sean. because you know what, they are not only supporting groups that are hurting us it turns around and it's a boomerang back at them. >> we're running out of time and you host so you understand. when might you make an announcement one way or the other? >> well, i think when i feel that it's the right time. right now it's a and i'll make a decision, sean, when i decide that at the end of the day that i can win, that i can decide that at the end of the day this is right for me but obviously i'm far more aggressive than i was just a short year ago. >> all right. john kasich, governor of ohio, it sounds like a yes but i'm just -- my own honest interpretation of events. good to see you, governor.
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thank you. >> thanks, sean. thank you. coming up tonight, shocking video out of syria. a new report reveals what a chemical weapons attack looks like. we've got to warn you, this is horrifying. this video will not be for children to watch. we're giving you fair warning. also, isis releases new video reportedly showing the terror group executing dozens of christians. we'll examine that disturbing trend. and then -- medical marijuana. >> our team hannity producers went all the way out to denver for the annual 4/20 pot-smoking event. is legalization of marijuana going to make america weaker and dumber? we'll debate that, straight ahead.
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♪ ♪ the beautiful sound of customers making the most of their united flight. power, wi-fi and streaming entertainment. that's... seize the journey friendly. the fox news alert, the "uss
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theodore roosevelt" is being sent to yemen to block iranian arms shipment. president assad used saran gas against its own people and "60 minutes" showed what investigators discovered, one of an alleged chemical weapons attack and the imagery is heartbreaking. now, before we continue we want to warn you and this is a real warning, the footage we're about to show you is incredibly graphic. this is not a video for children. if they are there you may want to have them leave the room right now. here it is. >> victims were stripped and washed, everything was tried but nothing could be done. there was no forcing life into
7:19 pm
lungs that could not accept it. their nerves electrified by saran fired nonstop, muscles seized until death released them. >> almost 1500 people confirmed dead. very hard to watch and here it is a year and a half later no one has been held responsible. joining us now is lieutenant colonel michael waltz and martin moyer is with us. i watched this last night. it's heartbreaking. nearly 500 children dead, laying there. we didn't show all of the footage. brutal. obama drew a red line in the sand with syria about using these weapons. he used them. he did nothing. >> and the question remains, who is ultimately responsible for this bombing? who killed these family members? who killed these children? i think it's good that the american -- >> i think we know who did it. it was syrian president assad.
7:20 pm
>> well, there's still some people who are questioning who actually is behind this but even if it is assad, it's good that the american people, i think got a chance to watch this on cbs. it's good to see what terror can do how people can bring a nation down to its knees by these incredible killings and massacres that are going on. >> let's look at the latest video that came out this weekend if we can, colonel and this is ethiopian christsians, some were beheaded and some were shot. the white house failed to name the religion of those who committed it in the name of allah, because they are on video saying it and those were persecuted, which happened to be christians. why can't the administration acknowledge who our enemy is? >> well, you know sean, as i've said before, look we may not want to admit that we're at war
7:21 pm
with -- and this administration may not want to admit that it's a war with islamic extremism, it's at war with christianity and other factions of islam and the more we wrap our minds around that, the better. >> they did mention christians were victims. here's the problem, though. they are not identifying the perpetrators of these acts. it's radical islamists. the president won't identify a radical islam. what message does that send to that part of the world if we won't even say their name? >> well, i think we've sent a message both to our enemies and our allies that we're not engaged in this war and we're starting to see the saudis take action on their own we're starting to see our allies move out on their own and their own coalition and we're seeing our
7:22 pm
enemies embolden. the video from cbs news is endemic of the fact that we essentially are turning a blind eye to these massacres, conducted by the assad regime because they are allied with iran and at the end of the day the administration wants a deal with iran on the nuclear arsenals at all costs. it's all intertwined. >> martin, we have an image of a washington post journalist being charged with espionage by iran. you add to this that we now have to send ships to yemen as we mentioned at the top of the segment, because we have iranian-back rebels, i have said during this whole negotiations that we should have demanded before we even sit down with the iranians number one, they stop being a state sponsor of terror, recognize israel's right to exist and stop chanting "death to america." here's the state's spokesman
7:23 pm
saying we can't even ask for this man's release in relation to this deal. listen to this. >> we will continue to raise his case and the other two americans detained and robert levenson but they are not the fate and the outcome of these cases should in no way be tied to the nuclear issue. >> we shouldn't tie it to the nuclear issue? we have a preacher that has also been held captive for a long time in iran. why wouldn't they tie it together before the iranians get the 50$50 million bonus of their money back? >> one of the things that we discovered in our travels to europe and talking to politicians is that the act of terror or their influence to politicians, they are there to say if you don't do what we want you to do, we will terrorize these people. we're watching terrorists go out there and behead people, bomb subway stations and then we're seeing politicians giving them
7:24 pm
what they want by the words that they say. they will not blame them because they are afraid if they do they will produce more terrorist acts. >> isn't this negotiation 101 simple preconditions? if they want to join the world community, they stop chanting "death to america," stop being the world's number one sponsor of terror you release the americans held hostage, basically, against their will. why not make that part of the negotiations? why is the obama administration so pathetically weak in wanting this deal? >> it lacks a fundamental understanding of the region. people in that part of the world understand strength and they are going to back who they perceive to be the eventual winner and there's a fundamental lack of understanding in that dynamic and an understanding about the length of time that
7:25 pm
we're dealing with here. and i'm scared for our future, frankly. >> so am i. thank you for being with us. appreciate it. coming up, hillary clinton's campaign wants you to think that her iowa trip was successful. you're going to meet one of the students in the hawkeye state who took her behind-the-scenes pictures and she tells a fulfilling story and accurate story. plus was espn wrong for suspending their employee? new evidence shows that the video may not be telling the whole story. also, later tonight -- >> hey, sean get high every day because it's good for you. >> great advice. our producers went back to colorado for this year's 44/20 rally.
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with no more weeds it's your year. a rough first week for hillary clinton in iowa. she ignored the customers at
7:28 pm
chipotle. she didn't leave them a tip. she staged a meet and greet bringing in fake voters and banned most students from attending her sit-down at the community college she went to. here now is a kirkwood community college student who documented her trip to the campus. how are you? >> how are you? >> i'm very impressed with what you did because you chronicled the whole thing better than the news media. so i want to go through it. first you took a vine video of the reporters in a frenzy racing to get hillary. that was a pretty funny moment. meanwhile, none of them got to see her at that point right? >> no. no one got to see her. and >> and a big untold -- go ahead. >> she pulled in came down the drive and had all of the black vans with her and pulled back around the back of the building and everyone noticed that is where she was going to go and
7:29 pm
enter at. all of the reporters took off running in this insane frenzy and i was in the middle of it so i pulled out my phone and got the video and followed them. >> okay. and then you took a photo of the kids. this champion of the people, locked the kids in the classroom because she didn't want to shake anybody's hand, right? >> yes. they were all pressing up against windows and saying we're locked in we're locked in. >> all of the reporters you said there were more reporters that were there, real iowans, right? >> there were still people there hoping to see her but for the most part it was a lot of the reporters. the people there to see her were also very upset. just a college student hoping to see hillary and no chance of it. >> you snapped a picture and she
7:30 pm
wouldn't go in the main entrance, she had to go in a back entrance, hidden by a fence and nobody saw her get out of a scooby doo van and everything else was cordoned off, right? >> yes. reporters in general were disappointed they didn't get to see her. she waited for hours and couldn't even get a decent picture of her. >> erika, you have a future in journalism because you did a better job than every journalist there. great job. >> thank you so much. >> espn reporter britt mchenry suspended for a week after belittling a towing company employee. take a look. >> i'm in television. >> mchenry did apologize after being suspended but a new report suggests that the video was
7:31 pm
edited in order for her to look the worse. joining me is ainsley earhardt. >> i was surprised, i don't know if the editing matters much because you talk about, oh, and lose some weight babe, and no degree and -- >> and in a trailer. >> no matter how that video is edited it makes her look really bad. it's unacceptable. she's really really mean and goes on and on and we're watching the video. how many times have we seen that and it's still hard to watch because i see so sorry for the other lady. however, i do believe that she should get a second chance because i believe everyone is entitled to that second chance. if she's truly remorseful she says she's story -- >> i actually agree with you. >> you do? >> i have to think if something like that happened at fox which
7:32 pm
it never would, no one talks to each other like that. >> i know a couple. >> i would think they might be suspended or talked to. i think we're a family. like if you're loyal, you forgive. >> you're more sar kas particular sarcastic. >> she ruins it for all of the beautiful women. espn was right to suspend her because they are a brand. >> fire her? >> possibly. there are lots of talented women who would fight for that job and do just as good of work as she does. >> she does need to remember that where her bread is butter. character is very important and if you want the viewer to like you and continue to watch you -- >> she's got a long way to go. >> by the grace of god she --
7:33 pm
>> she punished herself i think. employers might not want to work with her. >> by the grace of god she's beautiful and she did get a college degree and she doesn't have to live in a trailer. but you treat everyone equally and everyone like they are god's child. >> i like her bun. >> you like her bun. okay. coming up for the second year in a row, our "hannity" producers head out to denver for the annual 4/20 pot smoking holiday. also a brand-new book by dana perino and she'll reveal the story she swore me to secrecy and i kept my word. find out what it is. straight ahead.
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research, price, find. now get the right service, without all the drama. all drive. no drama. . welcome back to "hannity." denver has become the epicenter of all thc-related. this was especially true on 4
7:39 pm
slack slack 20, a self-proclaimed pot holiday where thousands of people across the country flocked to denver to celebrate their new-found weed freedom. is this a healthy celebration or something more dangerous? we sent our crew to denver to check it all out and here is the bright and intelligent -- this is the future of america right here. >> this is an expression of living in america and doing what you want with your own body. >> 4/20 means unity. that means love and having a good time. ♪ >> i started smoking since i was
7:40 pm
11. >> whenever i need to consume it, i need to consume it. >> i like to roll it up a lot. >> i've been smoking weed all my life. >> i've been smoking a little weed. >> yes, sir. >> if it gets me going, it gets my ideas flowing and everything. >> it sparks creativity and allows me to function throughout my workday. >> i wish i had started at a later age and i definitely wouldn't promote my own kids to be smoking weed. >> what time is it? >> 4/20!
7:41 pm
>> 4/20! >> hey, sean, smoke lots of weed. it's healthy. >> hi sean! >> this is for you, sean! >> special messages from my friends out here in denver. here with a special 4/20 discussion, the blaze tv anchor amy holmes. they seem to be smoking massive quantities of this drug, some of them every single day. the strength is from, what i read, stronger than it's ever been. is this good, bad? should parents be worried? as a parent, i'm worried. >> as someone who is also a parent, i'm not worried about people in colorado on 4/20 smoking a bunch of weed. >> no they smoke it every day. >> it's like manhattan on saptt. patrick's day. >> but when you talk to them
7:42 pm
our producer says they smoke every day. >> people who drink every day in great excess are no picnic to be around. >> but you don't advocate that people get drunk every day either. there's this argument that pot is less dangerous than alcohol but it's far from benign and there's new information that came out in december, the use of pot after colorado legalizing it in 2012 and pot use has gone up across the board and -- >> more available and can't get in trouble? >> of course. a professor at ucla who is considered an expert on the issue, the percentage has gone way, way up. and we know for teenage brains, you know, it's not good for them. >> there's a part of me that wants to be a libertarian. i want to say do what you want with your life. it's none of your business. but in reality do we really want a nation or do kids have access to all of these drugs that are getting stoned and is this the beginning of a slippery slope where all drugs are
7:43 pm
legalized? >> do we want a nation in which there's 700,000 plus people and do you want worries about that understandable to be enshrined at -- >> college kids are like no i will concede the point. but do we want a nation of stoners? people that function highly. but the majority don't. >> they don't. >> my experience has been they are slow, they are lazy. all of the qualities that you associate with it. >> it would seem to me that a libertarian would not be happy with the fact that now pot being legalized in colorado it's raised $63 million. >> to the state? >> to the state. you have a larger state, more state coffers and a higher risk of all of these people becoming addicted and who is going to pay for that? we are. >> is crack next? should we legalize crack? >> we are not going to legalize crack? >> we are not going to legalize crack. >> i asked if you would legalize
7:44 pm
that. would you legalize heroin? >> no. i want to know your political purity here. >> there's a moral case saying no. the government should -- >> what do you say? >> i'm saying, there is a moral case. it is my moral case that the government shouldn't be involved. however i live -- >> crack, heroin -- >> the war on drugs is a war on marijuana. 90-plus percent of all drug arrests are marijuana. >> wait a minute. >> i could but it's not going to happen. i'm not working on that at all. >> the state is involved in drugs prescription drugs the state regulates. you can't just go and get oxycontin on the street legally. the station being in between a citizen and its drug just isn't true. >> no. the argument is that we shouldn't be enforcing marijuana laws. >> all right. when we come back the one and only dana perino with "the five" is here to talk to us about a special thing she would do as press secretary for president
7:45 pm
bush to the liberal news media. it's probably the greatest story i've ever heard and it's coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] he doesn't need your help. until he does. three cylinders, dual overhead cams and 50 horsepower. go bold. go powerful. go gator. get 2,500 dollars off select gators at a dealer near you. introducing the new can-am spyder f3. with a cruising riding position and the most advanced vehicle stability system in the industry...'ll ride with a feeling of complete freedom and confidence. visit your can-am dealer and test drive the spyder f3 today.
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at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. welcome back to "hannity," she's a long-time friend of the show, the co-host of "the five" under president george w. bush.
7:50 pm
dana perino has a new book and it's really awesome and i learned things about her that i didn't learn before, and it's called "and the good news people feel like they've known me as white house press secretary and on "the five" then read and think i didn't know about your grandfather or how i met my husband on an airplane, and the day i got the job as press secretary is after the day i was going to resign so the book details how someone like me ended up in a place like that. >> when i first met you it was at the white house. you told me a story, you swore me to secrecy. >> and you never revealed it. you threatened to on the show many times.
7:51 pm
. >> i referenced it. >> you teased me. i decided i just had to have candor. one of the things people ask me about is how did i deal with the stress of dealing with the white house press corps? >> the question is how do you deal with that crap? >> how do you resist reaching out and punch someone? i would think at the podium if the president were watching me now, would you be proud if what i was saying if he was not i would not say it. dihave a secret way of tealing with this press. >> greatest story ever told. >> so unlike me. embarrassed but i showed you at the podium you have a shelf right? that is where i would put my water. if there is a reporter i had to look with a pleasant look. if someone was giving me a hard
7:52 pm
time, being a jerk. when they showed off for the cam, i would hide my hand behind here and flip them the bird. >> is there anyone you did it more than others? >> there is one. i didn't do it very often. i remember there was someone that sat in the front row to my right. >> main networks, got it. just to give people a quick sin sin -- synopsis. you show a side of him the public i wish would have seen. he was more than a boss he was a friend and has become a life long confidante, teaching me about forgiveness
7:53 pm
i invite my dad at the white house he had never been to visit before. and the president made that visit so special and on marine one, we're flying. the president says i am so proud of you. that meant so much to me. i want the world to know there is more than history of george w. bush than just policy and politics >> you talked about the violence you experienced but the best part of the book as your friend is that you show such courage in all of your decisions, being a white house press secretary to transitioning to tv. it's not easy. >> there is great behind the scenes stories about fox news. >> the first day, kimberly guilfoyle, and art foley saved his life. and my life, how i've achieved
7:54 pm
some little bit of success thanks to people like me that had me on your show. >> if you have a son or daughter this is the book to read it's awesome. well done. it takes you inside of the white house you get to know dana's heart. that is the side she didn't show until now. do you know how hard to keep that secret? >> i should apologize to president bush. i'm going to see him next tuesday and talk to him about it. >> mr. president, please give her a pardon. . >> i deserve one, thank you. >> coming up we need your help the question of the day straight ahead. ♪ miranda: ♪ i got red dirt stains on my boots and jeans. ♪ ♪ calloused fingers from my guitar strings. ♪ ♪ wild like the wind in the tall pine trees. ♪ ♪ i got roots and i got wings. ♪
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>> welcome back to "hannity". do you think the espn reporter that said horrible things to the parking lot casheer should have
8:00 pm
been suspended? let me know what you think. unfortunately that is all the time we have left. thanks for joining us we'll see you back here tomorrow night. the o'reilly factor is on tonight. >> the deck is still stacked in favor of those still at the top. there is something wrong with that. >> hillary clinton is now facing accusations that she profited from the clinton foundation. and that she may be making more money than the ceo she is criticizing. we have a factor investigation. >> tens of thousands of refugees trying to get to europe. many of them are dying. the pope calling for compassion. why is this happening? we will tell you. >> when did global warming start? >> i have no idea. i literally came here to listen to music. [ laughter ] >> also tonight the world is supposed to celebrate earth day this week. but what is that


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