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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 21, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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forget about with whether these u.s. warship gicize stopped an iranian convoy in its tracks. i want to meet the u.s. senator who says we better stop this iranian nuclear deal in its tracks. kelly aayotte is here. what are those iranian ships bringing to yemen? if it is weapons for fighters do we board them? so far the administration is not saying. the senator sure is. she's here in a moment. first to jennifer griffin on tensions that are rising by the
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moment. >> state run television in saudi arabia announced within the last few hours it is halting air strikes over yemen. it is not clear if this was in response to a call for a cease fire by the iranian president, hassan rouhani who in terms of the u.s. aircraft carrier trailing that suspected iranian weapons convoy fox news has learned from a senior u.s. defense official the white house is not even close to making a decision about boarding and conducting a search of the iranian vessels. >> we continue to have concerns about iran's support for the houthis, including supplying them with military equipment. >> the atmosphere at sea remains tense off the coast of yemen in this high stakes game of brinksman brinksmanship. the aircraft carrier has entered the gulf of aden and is
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launching aircraft to fly manned recognizance over the nine ships in the convoy suspected of carrying weapons to houthi rebels. there are now a total of nine u.s. warships and three support ships operating in the area stretching from the southern red sea to the arabian sea. the u.s. warships are enforcing a un arms embargo against yemen passed by 14 nations excluding russia. the iranians deny their convoy contains weapons. negotiations regime in swirtstoday. >> jennifer griffin, thank you very much. after the showdown, time to just shut the entire deal down? to answer the republican senator kelly -- first of all, senator before we get to the deal, do you know whether we have the
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authority in presumably international waters to board a ship or a series of vessels we suspect might be bringing arms to a country? >> well i think the fact there's a un resolution that prevents these arms from going to the houthis in yemen gives us authority to do that. you would think if iran is -- had said they don't have any military equipment on these vessels then they wouldn't mind if we boarded and they'd invite us on board to show us that there aren't any arms. we know iran is arming the houthis houthis. we had to leave yemen. and who is there? al qaeda. it highlights the problem weez have in these negotiations. all this has been off the table. iran's activities state sponsor of terrorism has been off the table. isn't that absurd? here we are in this potential
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confrontation leading to yemen and yet it's not being discussed at all in the context of these negotiations. we're not using our leverage to get them to stop this kind of behavior. >> are you surprised they're doing this or behaving this when the deal isn't signed and done by any means, as you pointed out, even if they did try to pull this stunts, this is unprecedented this number of ships -- leaving that aside, isn't it just better if you're going to do this kind of thing to do it after you signed a deal? >> well, i think it shows you how emboldened iran is. you hear the iranian leaders talking about the that they're expecting immediately sanctions release. i think it shows you that they think they have our ticket in all this. and the president's response is oh we'll just send secretary kerry to be more creative with
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our negotiations. it's time for us to stand up for our interest. that has to be to really put it to the iranians, you stop this right away or we won't have an agreement. we'll ratchet up sanctions again. with what's happening about the price of oil, we know it's hurting theirchy economy. >> senator john mccain looked at the situation, and said it was very obvious to many that this did not have to happen. quoting senator mccain. we did not take care of the regime that was in place. the president that was in there -- talking about yemen it is a symptom of our failure throughout the middle east. what did you make of that? >> i agree we have seen a consistent pattern with this administration where we don't get engaged in supporting our friends forcefully enough and so the problems that flow from there is that our friends aren't able to rely on us and our enemies feel emboldened.
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you see how emboldened iran is. you see how emboldened russia is with the sales they're trying to make to iran. they undermine our interest. and you think about that. and the president is not coming down on russia on that either. >> you mentioned earlier that it was a suspicion as such there are weapons or supplies for some of these rebels on these ships, that we -- and are suspicions are strong we should board them. isn't that playing into maybe iran's hands here, if they are, you mentioned russia trying to tempt us into doing just that to make this a bigger international incident? >> well i think that iran is going to be the loser of all this. you had, obviously, saudi arabia and a number of other gulf nations allied to try to assist the government in yemen. we have a lot of friends on our side on this. i think we could alt yanate them and show them for what they r. it's undermining what the un has
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said about the situation. we have more people on our side on this and that the world is against them on this issue. >> you know when it came to the -- not everyone is singing from the same choir book. even within the republican party. senator graham criticized senator rand paul on flip-flops on these issues. senator paul was asked about that criticism. with my friend bill hemmer. here's what he had to say. >> i'm the only one actually standing up and saying the war in libya was a mistake. the bombing of assad would make isis stronger. the arms to the islamic rebels would make isis stronger. so i'm really the one standing up to president obama. and these people are essentially the lap dogs for president obama. i think they're sensitive about that. >> he was essentially saying senator mccain and graham were lap dogs for the president. what did you think? >> i think you could ask the current administration, they've been some of the strongest critics for the failed foreign
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policy of this administration. i know one thing about all three of my colleagues, they agree barack obama should not longer be commander in chief. as i look at senator mccain and senator graham they have been the strongest voices on foreign policy and america's role in the world. i think it demonstrates if you look at what we're facing right now, that the fail td leadership of this administration has put us in this situation where we're in this confrontation right now with iran. the negotiations that were engaged in the iranians, seems to me we came it into a strong position the iranians keep moving the terms of this potential agreement. we seem to be aseeding to that. all to the detriment of our interest and the safety of the world >> you think rand paul went a little too far with the lap dog comment? >> that's just not the case. both of them have been strong leaders on national security and they've stood up to the administration time and time
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again. what america's role should be and america needs to lead. we see what's happening in the chaos around the world and how our friends feel. they feel left out. and our enemies feel emboldened. >> do you feel senator rand paul is too thin skinned? >> i think you can have lively disagreements on a number of issues, and i think that's one of the things you see happening within our party with a robust republican presidential primary happening right now. >> i don't hear too many republicans, in ronald reagan's time ever call other lap dogs. >> i believe in ronald and reagan and all of us working together for the country. so i would have to say i'm in that camp as well, neil. >> you stay above the fray. i admire that, senator. i do not. by the way, i get right in it. let me step back. there's been talk that part of this deal if it ever were to come into place is iran gets essentially a $50 billion bonus.
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if you were to put the sanctions that were unfrozen it amounts to $50 million. $50 billion. what do you think of that? apparently it doesn't mean approval of the whole deal. >> that's unclear what the administration seems to be moving the potential terms of the framework on that. and the fact that they could get this $50 billion bonus, is very concerning. what are they going to do with that money? that's what they want. this money can be used to fuel terrorism, it can be used to further fuel the conflict in yemen. support for the assad regime, hes hes bola. we're not asking them to stop their terrorism in the region. which is causing this confrontation right now. >> i don't know the details of
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the deal you probably do far better than i ever will. i do see the iranian regime continuing to say death to israel continuing to say death to america. continuing to say we're everything but pond scum. continuing to metal around the yemen area. continuing -- >> continuing to behave very badly, undermining our national security. >> that's my bigger point. the optics alone don't look good. that if you were going toed a here to a deal you would at least before anything is committed appear to be behaving. if they're not what does that tell you about how they might behave after such a deal should it come to pass is signed? >> they would want to be on their best behavior so they could get the agreement and sanctions release. yet they're doing all of these activities that are very bad for our interest. and undermining our national security interest. we're going to expect much were behavior as i see it after this deal is inked.
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and also, the bottom line is if we're giving immediately sanctions relief, what kind of leverage do we have to get them to stop their behavior? >> the argument against republicans on these type of issues senator as i'm sure you've heard -- it was made with senator mccain when he was running -- that republicans seem to be itching to get involved in another conflict in the middle east. how would you disavow americans of that notion that you, your colleagues, want a conflict in the middle east, think that america should be once again involved knee deep in the middle east, what do you say? >> i think that is completely false. because we see -- i see what's happening in the middle east drawing us into conflict. we did not leave a force in iraq, now you say what happens with the vacuum created with isis. then we have to send our men in
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women in uniform to help that situation. have you left them in i think the situation would be more stable there our view is this if you engage earlier and with all the tools on the table, including your diplomatic skills, you avoid conflict. right now as you look at what's happening around the world, there is much more potential for conflict with what the obama administration has been doing in leading from behind and not engaging with our friends and pushing and being strong against our enemies and those who are trying to act against us. >> you're one of the few senators not running for president of the united states at this moment. they all seem to be running. but your name comes up a lot, senator. as a running mate. would you be open to that? >> i'll tell you what i want to do, i want to represent the people of new hampshire. and that's my hat's what i desire to do. and every day represent their
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interest. make sure this country remandsins safe which is the issues i work on the armed serviced committee. >> i tried to get something out of you. always a pleasure thank you very much. senator. the tsa cracking down not on airline passengers, airline workers.
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here is the good news. the tsa is finally cracking down on potential crack pot airport workers. the bad news well it's still leaving a lot of cracks. trace on the case. hey. >> neil the tsa report dealing with those insider threats like airport employees who have access to baggage and airplanes is now concluded that fully screening all airport employees would be one too expensive and would not lower the risk to the overall public. saying that fully screening employees is quote, incapable of
1:18 pm
determining a person's motives attitudes and capabilities to cause harm. it certainly might have picked up the guns that a delta worker was busted for smuggling on to flight in december. just last week we were reminded of the access ramp workers have to flights when the baggage handler fell asleep in the cargo hold of an alaska airlines cargo hold. instead of screening them sth tsa will increase the background checks on employees who handle the aircraft. the report calls for more surveillance cameras in baggage rooms and cargo areas and to start encouraging employees to report any type of security issues. kind of surprising that one wasn't already in the playbook. neil. >> yeah i think -- thank you. and all this time we've been focusing on the guys getting on the planes is it already too late to focus on all the guys
1:19 pm
working on those planes? here to talk about it is pat robertson. >> it takes rethinking. the fact is there's strict parameters today for vetting and screening a bank employee or visiting nurse than airline employees to mitigate the threat the insider threat by airline employees. bank employees, visiting nurses, much stricter parameters. the whole concept of the criminal history. that's out dated thinking. criminal histories only go by seven years. what we're looking for with a criminal history with these individuals is not a larceny something that would be relevant if they were taking a retail store job. we're looking for treasonous behavior. it's not going to be there. >> i'm worried about what they're doing on the job when they're on the job. if we got guys who fall asleep -- they might not have
1:20 pm
ill will. if we can't track what they're doing on the job, forget about what they're doing before they got the job. >> it's a vulnerable place in many ways to have a lack of screening. i think of three? stances when it comes to terrorism a man had worked at a st. paul airport. in 2007 an islamic terrorists blotted to broe up jfk airport. in london in 2003 an employee at an airport was plotting to carry out attacks on heathrow. it should be stringent. whether it's a guy or a janitor we need to be stringent about this. >>ia sume from the guys who handle the luggage to everyone
1:21 pm
who works are going through a security process. >> an element of it is also that these cursory, these vapor background checks, the very rudimentary checks that have been in place for years, they don't apply today in 2015 to a mitigated insider threat. >> would you encourage that? >> we gave the keys to the venue that facilitated 9/11. we have to look at them closer than we look at a bank employee in terms of the parameters of the search. >> all this breaking news. when politicians wine about the economy, i'm not talking about the republican ones. i'm talking about this democratic one. at negotiator. price-line ne-go-ti-a-tor! 60% off! 40! 60! 40! 60! 40! 40! 60! trust me, they can't say 'no' to me. i've been doing this for 20 years... can i get an upgrade? trust me, and you'll never overpay again. seriously?
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we're seeing steady improvement in the economy. >> middle class wages are
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picking up again. our economy improves. we've seen five straight years of job growth. >> all right. you got the drill. the president says the economy is rolling. somebody might want to tell that to the democrat who wants his job. >> i want to be sure that we get small businesses starting and growing in america again. we have stalled out. >> wow. trouble in party paradise? we have byron york. in the clearest terms yet very clear break from the president right now. what do you make of that? >> hillary clinton has a very difficult narrow path to walk. between not completely breaking from the man who made her secretary of state. and who is extremely popular among democrats, not breaking with him. but at the same time establishing the rationale for her own presidency. and if she's clearly signaled she believes this is an election about the economy.
1:26 pm
so she has to say something that she will do to improve the economy. while still praising what barack obama did. >> you know, i always wondered as recoveries go as weak as this has been, it's always considered to be long in the tooth. four years, five years, six years, typically at the seven year point you are beyond the itch. you are facing the meltdown or the comedown. so it's possible given the weak nature of this recovery it will dodge that bullet. is that what the clinton forces seem to be trying to get ahead of now? >> i think what they've tried to do is they've -- they latched on to shthe issue of inquality it's something president obama did great work digging us out of this hole we were in. he brought us to this point in
1:27 pm
the recovery. we have to do something about the inequality that's effects our company. she's protecting a 60 point lead. it gives her an way to give forward a platform that differs from the president without criticizing the president. >> let's say no one jumps in to challenge her. but she is already pivoted far to the left to keep that from happening. so she would be the first candidate at least in my memory who has been driven to the extreme in her party without anyone entering the race to join her. >> yeah, the idea if you're on the republican side you run to the right in the primary and run to the center in the general election. the opposite for a democrat. this is more like an incumbent reelection without an incumbent.
1:28 pm
she doesn't have to do this. but, it's pretty clear that hillary clinton has gotten a reputation in the last few years among the left wing of the democratic party. as a -- bit of a conservative believe it or not. they view her that way. they view her as a big friend of wall street, a friend of big business. and they would much rather see elizabeth warren running. it doesn't look like she's going to run. hillary clinton wants to satisfy those elements of her party. so she's really trying to position herself to win a primary race that she's not even facing. >> yeah. it is weird. but it is what it s. thank you very much. we don't know who is going to be joining you in the race. i think you've got company on the campaign trail. this guy sure sounds like he's running. >> it is not true that regulation holds poor people down or regulation keeps middle
1:29 pm
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1:34 pm
tflt wasn't a given my parents were going to pay for it. it came down to good communications. they communicated to me they couldn't afford it. they wished me the best, but i had to figure something out. so i did. that's what parents need to communicate to the kids now. and that's what kids have to figure out. are they going to be able to take on the debt themselves. are they not going to go into debt are they going to work and take longer to graduate. there are alternatives. if you join the military the gi bill with pay for t. i'm a big supporter of it. there are in state schools and community colleges. why are going to college anyway? is it so you can figure out how to make a living. have you looked at a trade school, how much are plumbers making these days? >> when they talk about these parents who are freaking out over this, maybe some of them didn't do what they said. and now they have to break it to your kids i don't have the money to help you out or your mother and i are going to have to take
1:35 pm
this out our retirement. you say that latter thing is a bad thing to do. >> if you've sacrificed your retirement in order to take care of your kids first of all understand that you are an irresponsible parent to begin with. you didn't teach your kids how to be responsible and take care of themselves along the way. and you -- >> because you didn't tell them that they might be paying for their college? >> you didn't wake up when they were a senior in high school and say, guess what i'm broke and i don't have the money for you to go to college. >> early on if they had told them -- i have kids who have many kids. >> yeah. >> that conversation was that look, too -- we can't make this happen. we're going to help. you're saying don't even help? >> if you can afford to help, that's fine. you don't wake up when the kid is 17 years old and realize you can't help. maybe you should have helped that child learn to save along the way and helped them with a college fund. if you're interested in your kids going to college you start
1:36 pm
when they're in diapers, not when they're 17 years old. it comes down to personal responsibility. i'm responsible. you are responsible. what are you going to do to help yourself. >> your message to young people many of them signed up for this idea of free community college they're hearing from the president or kicking around ideas to pay off their college debts. what do you advocate? >> advocate that every child go out there and figure out all on their own why they want to go to college. is it to make a better living are there other things you can look into. look into sources you don't have to go in deep like community college, in state tuition. you don't have to move on to the college. there are more non-traditional students. meaning you can walk while you go to school. you can do a lot. you should figure out how to pay it for yourselves.
1:37 pm
if for no other reason when you have kids you can rub their nose in it. >> do your kids hate you? >> no i had one that went to the military. >> yeah. are you cheap? >> i wasn't cheap y. taught them it was their responsibility to make their own money. i would help and give them skills. >> they must be looking at you and say dad's a rock star. >> yeah, they do. >> good. they noted. that's what i tell my kids, we're spending your inheritance right now. mom and i are spending every last paneenny. >> i left my kids with the way to spend their own money. the last day i'm alive on this earth i'll spend the last dime i got. >> meanwhile, if walmart thought hiking the minimum wage was going to get unions off its back, well look.
1:38 pm
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all to grow our economy and create jobs. see how new york can give your business the opportunity to grow at walmart has the right and responsibility and the ability to place all these workers in other stores. they're opening brand new stores up. they could just relocate them. without cutting pay or benefits. >> well up against walmart again. the retailers are closing five stores for busted plumbing workers not buying. they say the closures is pay back for protesting wages. stewart acuff says they're way off. why backoff, sherry? >> well, they're making a mountain out of a mole hill
1:42 pm
they're making a bad situation worse. it's unfortunate for these workers. walmart is giving them a decent severance package. they'll get first dibs at other stores. there is more than just plumbing problems. that will be different jobs that are brought in for repairs. >> one of the stores is the one in california in particular was one that was sort of a breeding ground for these protests. >> yeah, but look -- >> you don't find that -- >> i can see why the timing looks suspicious. and i think there can be some investigations. walmart should welcome it. i think they're being generous. this stuff does happen. the stores are going to come back. they're high performing stores. >> we'll see about that. the plumbing problem -- stuart acuff is our union guy. i want you to react to the response from walmart. saying, we don't believe there's any basis for an injunction as
1:43 pm
we said all along these stores were closed temporarily so we could fix the plumbing issues. it would be unfortunate if the union attempts to slow this process down for our associates and our customers. what do you say? >> well, it's ridiculous. walmart's got long history of retaliation and intimidation against workers who try to form unions. they got a long history of violating our nation's labor laws. >> three of these five stores didn't have any protesters at them. ever. >> they may not have had protesters, but that doesn't mean people weren't organizing quietly within. >> they must have been like, church mice. because no one heard them. >> but they probably were. that's why we have -- >> said that -- >> we have an employer like walmart who regularly retaliates against its employees. >> lisa, didn't they just raise their wage? didn't they just raise it?
1:44 pm
>> they did just raise their -- >> walmart is already paying way above the federal minimum wage. quite frankly it is asinine to think that walmart would shoulder the financial cost of shutting down -- >> it is not asinine. it is not asinine. >> 2000 employees get out of town. >> the history of closing stores -- >> what we know -- >> lisa, finish the thought. i'm going to go back to you. >> what we know this lawsuit, just like the protests isn't about helping workers it's about driving unions left wing political agenda and further unionization. >> what do you make of that? no matter what walmart does you will not be happy, you don't trust or like them. if they would unionize you would be happy and wouldn't be on the show. >> do you know why? then workers would have a voice. they don't have a voice now. they can sit down across the table and bargain a contract. if they were able to unionize at walmart. you're exactly right, neil. >> they're already getting paid
1:45 pm
above the -- >> you're both going to be disqualified. if none of these stores -- >> they're getting screwed. >> it could breed cynicism. >> it doesn't have the markings of retaliation. everything -- >> come on, five stores -- >> five stores have more than 100 plumbing incidents. it could be a situation if the unions -- >> they need a union plumber. >> let me finish a sentence. if you need that fight, why don't you let the unions go and inspect. if you find severe -- >> i will give you the line maybe they need a union plumber. >> get a union plumber and they're feeling the heat. they're feeling the heat.
1:46 pm
>> let that one go. it was pretty clever. >> it's great to talk to you. >> thank you, you're all very good espousing your views. meanwhile, in 1992 the media poked fun at this group of democrats challenging george bush sr. one of those guys went on to win. why is the washington post laughing off these republicans when a good many of them could do the same?
1:47 pm
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okay. so as presidential candidates go he's a long shot. you might even say that himself. but does that make documentary filmmaker dennis lynch a crockpot. to read today's washington post kind of. all but summing up the 19th the presidential want to be as the
1:50 pm
latest to cram into the clown car. that's something you would expect to hear out of chris matthews. and you do. >> hillary clinton may be driving in her scooby van but mike huckabee is behind the will of the gop clown car. >> out of the washington post? this man saysnah goldberg says he just doesn't get it. i hold "the washington post" to a high standard. what do you think? >> i hold "thwashington post" to a higher standard too. >> it did in that maybe air that and the tenor of that make a joke of it. . >> that is true. there is the old-guard mainstream media to look down its nose in a sovereign contempt
1:51 pm
and disdain and there is an elitist notion within the beltway that if we haven't heard of you, don't matter. you find a lot of things like that in the mainstream media. >> the one thing i'll give the mainstream media its due is they did have a thing to do with the chipotle thing. did she need to be recognized or not recognized so i thought the whole thing was a big deal over nothing. i've gone in to many ponderosa's so not to be noticed. >> but you're robbing the ponderrosa. >> don't let people on to that. >> but there's a disproportionate number, too, and i understand that but i remember this in the past, i remember barack obama versus mitt romney or john mccain versus barack obama. you know the drill. this is a familiar drill. >> yeah.
1:52 pm
well, first of all, i'll do one better. i disagree with you. it became a joke but initially the mainstream media treated the chipotle media thing as if it was actually an exciting story. >> you know you're right about that. >> only because it got so absurd that it started to descend into this caricature that abc news called it an adventure. bloomberg was calling it novel and exciting and really thrilling to see hillary clinton do this, buy a burrito. the list of trivial things we have not seen hillary clinton do is almost literally infinite. if they keep treating it like it's news, it's going to be a long campaign. one of my favorites of double standards is marco rubio, years ago when he was running for senate, and "the new york times" found out what was on his ipod. it was some very left-wing rock band. basically, a communist rock
1:53 pm
band. they said, what a weird contradiction that he likes this music. it's one of these things that republicans are always hypocrites if they ever engage in the popular culture, if they ever seen like normal people. they have this critical disdain for republicans. >> when it comes to their artistic choices or religious right there that is fair game and fodder. >> but it goes straight to the culture. you're talking about elite democrats socialize with elite liberal journalists in a way that republicans don't do that. mainstream new york times reporters marry and go to mainstream all the time. on abortion, you never, ever hear debbie wasserman's schultz's position on abortion which is basically one minute
1:54 pm
before the baby is born you can kill the baby. you can go down the list. there's always this presumption that republicans are wordily and strange and democrats are normal. >> i don't remember that she said one second but i get your point. >> it's a logical upshot of it. some big food scares ahead of that big barbecue and these ones cover a couple of really big food groups.
1:55 pm
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thanks for calling angie's list. how may i help you? i heard i could call angie's list if i needed work done around my house at a fair price. you heard right, just tell us what you need done and we'll find a top rated provider to take care of it. so i could get a faulty light switch fixed? yup! or have a guy refinish my floors? absolutely! or send someone out to groom my pookie? pookie's what you call your? my dog. yes, we can do that.
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real help from real people. come see what the new angie's list can do for you. . well, backyard party staples, chicken, ice cream being ravaged by bird flu and blue bell creamy is recalling its entire ice cream line over fears of listeria. it is a fine line, right? >> absolutely. at this point there's no reason to panic. this h 2 n 2 virus has not been
1:58 pm
shown to affect humans at this time. >> we have killed millions of turkeys in wisconsin and iowa. >> right. >> is that overreaction? >> absolutely not. we have one of the best surveillance systems in the world and it's our responsibility to make sure that our food is safe. we are concerned there is a small possibility that it can mutate. that's why people are paying attention to make sure we eradicate the poultry as well as beef. >> if you have chicken in your freezer and your best advice in the interim would be? >> there's a possibility that some of the infected chicken made it to our freezers. we want to make sure it's fully cooked. that's general practice not just for -- >> even if, god forbid, do you have chicken with this bacteria, the best solution is to -- >> cook it out. >> yes. >> but ice cream is a whole different matter a different beast, i understand. >> exactly. >> what is going on there?
1:59 pm
>> blue bell has recalled every product of theirs. there's listeria present in our oil and water supply and it's a very sturdy bacteria and animals of livestock can pass it around. if it gets into a factory into their machinery there's concern that it can affect every step of the way. what has happened in some of these nursing homes and hospitals, people have eaten this ice cream and they are prone to this the ravages of this bacteria. >> you can't cook it out. >> exactly. >> so your options are limited. >> it's a very sturdy bacteria. it can last in cold temperatures. that's why blue bell has done the right thing by recalling everything at this time. >> have we wondered what is going on? >> whenever there is food that is produced, there's a possibility that there is infection. the best thing to do is keep our products clean in the kitchen,
2:00 pm
wash our fruits and vegetables and cook our food all the way when it comes to meat products. >> dr. rad clz radcliff, thank you. hello, everyone. i'm eric bolling along with dana perino and greg gutfeld and kimberly guilfoyle. this is "the five". >> day two for hillary clinton on the book that accuses her of trading favors for cash and, shocker she won't answer them again. >> can you comment on the specific allegations? >> her crohn


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