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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 22, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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being stopped. utah congressman said security tracked him from pennsylvania but officials decided not to shoot him down fearing people on the ground could get hurt. i'm jackie ibanez. "hannity" starts now. for all your news logon to the real war on the saudi woman arrested for daring to drive a car. >> i have investigations in every single state. >> and the islamic threat
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within. a "hannity" special io investigation into why americans are now joining isis. i told him the right thing to do is make a public apology. >> martin dempsey apologizes to the mother of a fallen navy s.e.a.l. she is here tonight to respond.ap and topless women now targeting underage tourists. >> it's not just a fight. the fight of the century. >> jim grayur weighs in on who will win f the mega fight of the century. "hannity" starts right here, right now. welcome to "hannity." for years democrats across the country accused conservatives for waging a war on women. women are treated as second class citizens and even killed. now, of wacourse i'm talking about thehee treatment of women in islamic they ok
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rasys. an activist on the front lines for this war for many many years, even starting the right to drivebi campaign for saudi women, where she films herself driving a car within saudi arabia that got her arrested and thrown in jail. joining us nowau via skype is the brave woman behind that video. women's rights activist is with t us. thank you for being with us. >>n' thank you. >> mrs. clinton, we have a presidential campaign going on and from the kingdom of saudi usto arabia she took anywhere between 10 c and $25 million. she says she's a champion of he women's rights. she's never spoken out about the treatment of women in this country thatsh her foundation has taken tens of millions of dollars from. i want you to explain to our audience why you went about this effort and what happened when you were caught driving.i >> this happened in 2011 actually. and theau campaign is still going
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on. butin it's just part of a bigger movement for women's rights in my country. and i thinkbu the women's right is all over the not only in saudi arabia. it's an issue, you find it in the u.s. you find it in europe and of course, saudi arabia. >> yeah. now, i understand women also you don't have the right to wear any clothes that you want as a woman inse saudi arabia is that true? >> we have to wear the black hibia in public. >> so in other words, you must cover in public? >> no not anymore. t it used to be like that. but now more and more you see girls not covering their face and they're okay. >> what about the morality a police. can you explain how women in saudi arabia are not allowed to leave their homeor if they're not accompanied by a male relative is that true? >> no, not true. this is a stereotype about saudi arabia.? we can leave the house without a
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man.n. the problem isn't work. we need a man permission or legal guardian permission. >> youmi need a man's permission to do it. but there's a group of police officers for cam plexample if you wanted to meet a young man in a park and have ice cream et together that can't happen can it? >> ano. these things the morality police there are ruleses to make sure that everyone is following the islamic teaching in >> if you have the choice to wear whatever you want drive whenever you want leave your house whenever you want love whoeverwe you want that is personal freedom. sounds to me you don't have the freedom that i american women have, and the choices, youou can't even drive a car.en that's the point.
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you can't drive a car. that is absurd to >> comparing it to the american woman, i don't t see this as a point. american women shouldn't be compared to anyone. the history is different, the culture is different, everything t is different. so youou cannot compare it. it's really like comparing -- i would say it's not apple to apples. this is really i would say wrong comparison. american women would look at people oh she's wearing a hib ari and not driving a car. oh they're move privileged. i'm lucky. i'm sorry, i disagree with that. >> i don't think it's lucky. i think it's called freedom. america's free. you do not have the freedom that american women have.. >> if freedom is wearing a bikini i don't want that. to are frank with you. >> the freedom is you don't have to. the freedom is, but you can.
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in saudi arabia you cannot. in saudi arabia, you cannot >> yes. and that is changing. i'm not saying that women in saudi arabia are not trying to change. >> that's the point. it isno oppressive for women. i'm not trying to argue. i know that you grew up in a different culture thang what we have here. n but if you had the freedom, the fundamental core value of america is freedom of expression. freedom of speech. freedom a of religion. there are no christian churches that are allowed to be built in saudi arabia. there are no jewish synagogues. gays andui lesbians must do it in a closet somewhere. they cast comen't come out publicly. women can't drive. in many ways in my opinion, and i say this respectfully you don't have the freedom that women in america yhave. and i feel bad for you. >> no i don't find it offensive that you say these things.d
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because if you talk about gay marriage until the '70s, it was thrown at in the u.s. and you still have the racism. you still have all the native americans. and today -- >> listen when you get to drive a car on your own and you get to make choices on your own, we can talk. but listen i understand what you've grown up with. i have to run for now. but i did enjoy our conversation. i wish you the best. god bless. thank you very much. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> one person consistently turning a blind eye to saudi arabia's human rights abuses is hillary clinton. her foundation has accepted millions of dollars from saudi leaders. earlier today, fox news obtained a memo that's being passed around byy the hillary clinton campaign blasting the new peter schweitzer book that they're saying they're widely discredited. here's author of the upcoming
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book the silencing, that's kirstenn powers. also joining us is tammy bruce. author and panelist pamela geller. a littleam choppy because of the delay. we trieded our best. what's your reaction to her? >> well clearly she lives under the sharia. she's a devout muslim. and she supports it. so this idea of freedom is -- >> it's alien. >> it's alien. and of course she found your remarks offensive. >> too bad. >> well no no but you're insulting the sharia.ns you're insulting islam. by the way, that's blasphemy.e i also believe that she was subdued, because when you shut that cutoff switch off, she's still there. the saudi government is going to watch that interview, sean. and she doesn't want any repercussions at the same time. >> that's a's great point. >> look this is a society where she knows that it will be
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watched and judged. she also i think, when you have a dynamic like a stockholm syndrome there's a point you're in someplace that's that oppressive you do have to adapt inck order to survive. >> stockholm syndrome i believe is real that you take on the sympathy of the captor. >> to be able to move through a dynamic, explain and be able to survive it and feel okay within the framework and become a part of it as opposed to a victim. it's a survival the difference here though i think, and she handled it very well and it was clear that she understands the she avoided questions about herself. the issues about being able to worker freely or vote or own a company. but yourr point was perfect. that freedom is not about that you have to do something, or that you must wear a bikini but you could if you wanted to. and you don't -- and you don't if you don't want to. >> i'll never wear one, so i take my freedom seriously. on a more serious note kirsten powers let me bring you into
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this. i want to put up on the screen about the gender gap rankings of the companies that donated to the clinton foundation. 144 countries. and you see saudi arabia -- we'll put up c each country at a time -- saudi arabia women can't drive, need a male companion, permission to work and travel which she acknowledged. they donated $10 million to $20 millionge to the clinton fon days. kuwait the women don't have the right to become prosecutors or judges. we move on to the uae. they also donated to the clinton law required a male guardian to conclude aed women's marriage contract. men can discipline their wives even with physical violence. oman and qatar and algeria, and brunei. all these countries, their oppression of women, all countries that gave to hillary clinton's foundation. what's your reaction to that
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kirsten? >> well i think, look i think thatat obviously i find that abhorrent. i'vena been very critical of a lot of these countries. at the same time you have to remember these are countries that you know, saudi arabia is a u.s. ally. if you say the clinton foundation shouldn't have any relationship with them neither shut the united states. >> she wants to be -- there's a difference here. she wants to be the champion of ne women's rights. >> but she can't control -- >> i can't find any public comments where she has been critical of the oppression of women in these specific countries. so she's selling out her principles for the dollar. that's what it appears to me. >> if she was enriching herself, that would be true. i think they're taking money to do good works around the world. i think that we should be critical of these regimes, but i also think the united states should be critical. i don't remember doing any of these segments when george bush
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was nipresident. hee has a personal relationship with the saudis. not to mention -- let me finish. now, hold on. hold on. let me finish. you're using women's rights now because it's a political issue to hit her over the head with. >> i've beenen critical of the saudis saudis -- no no i'vehe been critical of sharia law -- >> did you criticize president bush -- >> our close relationship i've been critical for decades. i've been absolutely critical of sharia law. >> i carehi about these issues. >> we aligned ourselves with the soviet union, we did it for a good reason. there are some alliances that you have to get in bed with the devil to beat a bigger devil. >> there are horrible things that happen g in saudi arabia that go well beyond the things that you talked about. including peoplee being burned to death. >> sheook has no credibility. i think kirsten is morally
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equivocating. hig laer is probably counting on the media's complicity. back in 2008 in my book the obama administration's foreign america, i documented millions of foreign donations to obama. if you recall prior to the election. and the media absolutely was completely disinterested in the story. i predict that the media will be completely disinterested in the it's illegal. >> she was afraid we all believe here she was afraid to tell the real story of saudi arabia. because as you pointed out, tammy, she's being watched. there will be repercussions for her for being critical of the kingdom, correct? >> yes. i think to kirsten's point, if the clintons are being personally enriched with these personal relationships, there's now question of exactly how much of a percentage of the clinton foundation is going to the charity work. and i think that's going to have to be a serious question that gets answered. you are looking at individuals,
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what $130 million within a ten-year period of time. and this book when it comes out, clinton cash book is clearly bringing up these n- issues. but i think that the -- and kirsten's also right, though. this money relationship between the middle east and saudi arabia in particular has been going on for generations. i complained and was error fid when laura bush went to saudi arabia and sat with the women andd praised the environment. in politics this is going to happen. with hillary clinton, she claims to be the champion for women, and then she does the opposite as did barack obama. and that's what we have to call out. >> all right, guys we're out of time. >> call for the end. >> we'll have you back. great victory for you. great court victory. >> thank you. >> we just ran out of time. kirsten, thank you, too. coming up a "hannity" investigation next into how radical islamists are recruiting members right here on american soil. we'll explain the warning signs you need to be on the lookout
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for.ig plus the mother of a fallen navy s.e.a.l. who received an apology from general martin dempsey. that and much more on this busy newsnight here on "hannity." an apology from general martin dempsey. >> that and much more on this busy news night here on "hannity." unbelievable! toenail fungus? seriously? smash it with jublia! jublia is a prescription medicine proven to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. look at the footwork! most common side effects include ingrown toenail, application-site redness itching, swelling, burning or stinging, blisters, and pain.
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making the most of their united flight. power, wi-fi and streaming entertainment. that's... seize the journey friendly. a special investigation tonight into the growing islamic
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threat from within. now, this is after a 20-year-old alabama student abruptly left her family and joined isis in syria. she was allegedly recruited after being brainwashed by the radical islamist on the internet. one of their top recruiting tools. joining me now is someone who knew her personally a former classmate. jordan how did she get involved in this? >> now, sean first of all, it's a pleasure to be here. i'm a long-time viewer of your show. it really is a mystery to a lot of people that were close to her. i knew her. we graduated in the same class in 2013. and some of my fripds knew her even better than i did. most of them were shocked. but from my understanding that all of this was kind of done online via social media like you alluded in the tie-in with this interview, with twitter, youtube, facebook things like that that a lot of people didn't know that she was taking in and that's how they got to
10:19 pm
her. >> did you know in any way, was there any indication she was being radicalized? did she try to pros they le tiz, or any radicalism? >> yeah like i said sean it really was a surprise. she did make some of these statements of radicalism on social media. but the catch on that was that she had a separate secret social media account that she kind of put all this out on. >> she hid it from all of her friends? >> yes, that is correct, sir. there was one person an anonymous friend whom i don't know who that was who was cited in the original article on this story. and that person knew about this secret twitter account. from who i've talked to, no one else knew about it. >> thank you, jordan for being with us. spokesperson for the hoda family is with us. what can you tell us? what insight can you give us about this? >> you know words can't describe the utter shock and
10:20 pm
trauma and horror that the family is facing and the pain and anguish they're facing after having lost their daughter to a violent gang of monsters really. >> why is karen involved at all? especially considering your controversial group. >> your unindicted co-con super tor. >> let's not change the subject here. >> no i'm here to -- i'll ask any question i want. this is my show. you are a controversial group. why are you involved? >> again, i don't know what you're talking about here -- >> the holy land foundation unindicted co-conspirator. don't deny you know nothing about it. >> do you want to talk about the reason -- >> why is a controversial group like -- >> the reason we're involved is really because we had been working in that community for a long time. her father actually attended a lecture to counter extremism.
10:21 pm
he heard i gave a lecture at his mosque. he legitimized it he reached out to me. and the first thing i told him is we have to contact authorities and do the best we can to make sure no other child is lost the way your daughter is lost. >> what do you think about hamas? their charter calls for the destruction of israel. is hamas a terrorist organization? >> sean i'm not -- >> i just asked you a question. >> you bring -- every muslim you bring in you change the topic. >> it's a simple question. >> i'm here as a representative to the family -- >> hamas is calling for destruction to israel. >> when are you going to -- >> let me say the question slowly so then you will understand it. hamas's charter calls for the destruction of israel and the killing of jews. are they a terrorist organization? >> they're a designated terrorist organization. >> you agree with that? >> that's not why we're here. >> just checking.
10:22 pm
appreciate you being with us. thank you. >> shame on you -- >> no shame on me. i'm allowed to ask any question i want. joining us with more reaction is fox news terrorism analyst, dr. wallace ferris and emanuel gomez is with us. why is karen involved in this? >> basically about k.a.r.e. not just in the united states but the united arab emirates actually designated k.a.r.e. as an organization. it perceives itself as a civil rights movement and there's a big debate about -- >> how do you see this? >> i think that k.a.r.e. -- when you asked me k.a.r.e. attacked me in november of 2012. and basically i designated them as a pro-jihadist very clearly. they have been protecting and
10:23 pm
defending the movement of jihadists. >> let me show you -- >> the terrorism experts exposed that. >> let's go to a chart, u.s. ranked number four as isis as number four on twitter. the isis advocate supporters are pretty involved in social media in the u.s. how big a threat is that to us? >> what i think at this point in time if the u.s. government the administration that is does not change its policy with regard not combating the ideology in fact they are not combating the ideology for the simple reason they're not designating it not even naming it. you cannot find a narrative of the assessment over the past five years of the jihadist ideology. how can you identify the extremists. >> mr. gomez, thank you for being with us. isis recruitment tactics, they
10:24 pm
have four basic tactics. let's put it up. the magazine bills itself as a periodical on unity truth, seeking, holy war, et cetera. this seems to be happening more and more in bigger numbers. what should we be doing? are we monitoring social media, enough to prevent the influence of isis on individuals like this girl in alabama? >> we are doing a great job in monitoring their attempts to recruit our people. what we should be doing and we're not doing and we will get a great return on investment is having our own campaign to counter isis to get the word out, that this is an organization of death and violence that has people that were successfully escaping from isis and tell the tales of torture. >> why would they bring in k.a.r.e.? what are your thoughts on k.a.r.e.? that's somewhat troubling to me.
10:25 pm
>> a lot of organizations here in the u.s. are under investigation for funding and resourcing -- >> you know the holy land foundation case. >> right. >> you know their position in that. the fact they're bringing them in is to me very suspect. >> i wouldn't count on any organization that as you said discounts the state of israel as being legitimate as a legitimate organization here in the states or abroad. >> good to see you all. we'll continue to follow this story. coming up general martin dempsey apologizes to the mother of a fallen navy s.e.a.l. find out why next when the grieving mother will join us for an interview. later tonight -- >> if there are weapons delivered to factions within yemen, they could threaten navigation that's a problem. >> here we go. he does it again. no wonder iran is not afraid of pushing our buttons. they're sending ships off the coast of yemen to confront u.s.
10:26 pm
ships. so the president is not going to do anything and that rogue regime in tehran knows all about it. we'll talk about the latest in the showdown off the coast of yemen, straight ahead. ght, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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♪ general martin dempsey is offering up an apology to the mother of a navy s.e.a.l. who was killed in iraq after making these comments last week about the city possibly falling in the hands of isis. >> the city itself is -- it's not symbolic in any way. it's not been declared part of the caliphate on one hand or central to the future of iraq. >> here with reaction the mother of the navy s.e.a.l. who wrote an open letter to the general demanding an apology. by the way, thank you, debly lee, for being here. >> thank you. >> you wrote jechblgeneral dempsey and said you owe an apology to the family of those who shed blood in ramadi.
10:29 pm
you need to apologize to our troops whose bodies were blown to pieces from ieds and leaving parts behind in ramadi it matters to them. we've now lost fallujah. we've lost mosul. we have lost tikrit. now ramadi is next. we lost 4,000 americans, including your son. >> mm-hmm. >> what do you want to say to the president, after all of that -- this blood-soaked ground they gave up and now in the hands of isis? what would you say to the president? >> first of all, he needs to show the honor and respect to our men and women who served and sacrificed and given so much and to the memories of our fallen heroes and to our famimilies not just with lip service but with actions from our government. we have seen in his administration that lacking sorely where there's the scandal with the va other issues they've had, not getting the support when they come back home.
10:30 pm
he and his wife stand out there and say they support the troops. but when we look at their actions, that doesn't happen. they're not given rules of engagement to make them successful. we're not taking care of them when they get home. it's sad what has happened. >> it's disgraceful. >> it sure is sean. >> i don't know if you know the greatest respect for men and women, the highest calling to serve in the military and protect your fellow citizens. but i'm very troubled by a pattern. we lost 58,000 men in vietnam, many others injured. 4,000 in iraq many others lost their arms and legs. so i ask colonel north, i ask, colonel, what would you advise your own son now that two wars have been lost not on the battlefield, but in washington by politicians. would you advise your son to go into the military? his answer was, not for two years. what's your answer? you lost your son. >> i did.
10:31 pm
mark gave his very best on the battlefield. willingly sat up in the direct line of fire on purpose to defend our country and to defend his teammates. i'm so proud of him. and i'm so glad that if he had to give his life it was under president bush who was a real commander in chief. but i have had young men, young women ask me my thoughts parents ask me my son, daughter is considering that i said the same thing, not under this man. who his title is commander in chief but doesn't act like one. >> debbie i'm so sorry about the loss of your son. god bless you. thank you for being with us. glad you called him out on that. thank you. >> thank you. we were pleased to get a response. new developments in the showdown with iran in the gulf of aiden. the pentagon is now telling fox news that the iranian convoy suspected of carrying weapons to arm the rebels in yemen is moving very slowly now off the coast of oman. u.s. ships in the area monitoring the iranian ships. as for the president's response
10:32 pm
to the situation, he tried to assure the world that he's got everything under control, in an interview with chris matthews of all people, last night. take a look. >> what we've said to them is that if there are weapons delivered to factions within yemen, that could threaten navigation, that's a problem. and we're not send them obscure messages we sent direct messages. >> joining me now with reaction fox news military analyst, david hunt and former deputy director of the cia counterterrorism center phillip mudd is with us. very specifically they said today, on fox and friends this morning, well we're not really sure if they ought to confront them. we're sending this fleet of ships there, including the uss
10:33 pm
theodore roosevelt. now the iranians are sending more ships themselves. i think the iranians have no fear that obama would ever pull the trigger to start the army of those rebels. the proxy war, fighting in yemen. am i wrong? >> i think so. here's why. the woman speaking for the state department isn't the department of defense. we've got rules of engagement. that have been good to bad for 14 years. i don't think we have warships out there to let them pass into yemen. yemen is a failed state. iran has turned out to be a super power in the middle east. we can't allow this. but at the same time that we've got ships there to allegedly block access to yemen, we're giving $10 billion to $50 billion back to iran a terrorist nation for a nuke deal that nobody's sure of. we would not -- i don't believe we're going to put navy guys in harm's way in the middle east
10:34 pm
without aggressive rules of engagement. they won't allow the iranian ships to come into yemen, i don't think they will. >> the iranians are now sending warships there themselves. if i can, fill lip, let me go to you. i want to put up a map for our viewers. this is very important. you see in the upper right-hand side. the straits of hormuz. a major shipping lane that is in control of the -- by the iranians. you look down on the coast of yemen, and you have the bab el-mandebb strait. my question is, if obama wants this deal with iran and he was allowing them to chant death to america, continue to be a state sponsor of terror and saying the destruction of israel is not off the table, that didn't stop negotiations. is this president, do you think he has the courage to pull the trigger and stop the army of the rebels in this war that the iranians are fighting, in yemen
10:35 pm
against the saudis? i don't think he does. >> if you're sitting in a situation room at the white house, this decision at least part of this decision whether to pull the trigger has already been made. this is like a circus. you've got a main tent here. that tent is a nuclear negotiation. you've got side shows. that is things like iraqi militia and -- >> he's going to let the area yans rearm the rebels he's supporting. >> i think there's a pretty good chance of that. i would have an intelligence question before you take a shot though. having watched intelligence pictures when you're trying to understand when somebody's loading on a ship. before you say you know what's on those ships, i can tell you from the other side of the curtain, from the cia side you can sit there and tell the president, and the national security adviser, we're 70% to 80% certain, maybe, there are weapons on those ships. if you want to get into the game of saying we'll put american credibility on the line by guaranteeing as a cia guy, 100% there's weapons on those ships, that ain't the way intelligence works. if we're going to take a shot
10:36 pm
we better be certain. i doubt we are. >> guys thank you both for being with us. appreciate it. tonight, here on "hannity" -- >> yeah. >> just a couple questions? it won't take but a second. >> come take a picture. >> body painted, topless womening parading all around new york city in times square purportedly taking money from underage tourists who want to take a quick photo. that's coming up next. later, the boxing match of the century everyone's talking about. jim gray spoke with floyd mayweather before he steps into the ring with manny packio. or capturing your world. and now they can transform it with the new angie's list app you can you can get projects done in a snap. take a photo of your project or just tell us what you need done... ...and angie's list will find a top-rated provider to do the job. start your project for free today.
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welcome back to "hannity." new controversy happening right in new york city involving topless women posing for pictures with underage tourists. the "new york post" released a
10:42 pm
bombshell report earlier uncovering this widespread practice of women that are nude posing for pictures and kids as young as 14. we decided to send our cameras to times square to investigate this developing scandal. watch this. >> no comment? just a couple questions? it won't take but a second. >> come take a picture! >> does that shock you to see something like that out here? >> not really. you're in new york. not really. >> we come here once a year. i saw it last year too. not very appropriate for young kids. >> you go to the beach, don't you? do you take off your shirt?
10:43 pm
>> here for reaction. how are you, sir? >> i'm outraged is what i am. >> i'm steaming. >> geraldo rivera. they are naked. >> they're covered in paint. they're not naked. >> all right. they're naked. >> they're a lot more attractive than the filthy elmos. >> that's right. >> the characters gross me out. >> don't go to times square. it's hell on earth. why are you taking your kids there in the first place. it is just a bunch of grifters dressed up like children's characters trying to scam money off of you. you lead the list of arrests in the last year of like cookie monster groping a teenage girl and this is what you're going to get upset about. >> that traumatizes kids. but it's great we have an expert
10:44 pm
on shirtlessness here tonight, geraldo rivera. >> that's right. in fact, the law in new york is the same male and female. you are allowed to be topless. that's just the way the law is. that is not public lewdness unless they do something like simulate sex, or masturbate. >> but taking pictures with kids. their -- >> where are the parents if they're letting the kids take photographs with them. >> you have people that come on tours, you know the tour director turns his head. the 14-year-old goes racing over and gets his picture taken for instagram instagram. >> i'm so scandalized. first of all, glad you're keeping us abreast of this whole situation. >> i invited the three worst people i could have possibly invited. >> they've had a cowboy out there for years. rain sleet, snow cold weather, he's got more shrinkage going on
10:45 pm
in january. that's sexism. >> let the kids go to radio city. >> why are you going to times square? >> i'm losing this. >> you lost. it is over. >> david letterman tells a joke treat a lady like a -- >> whore? >> and treat a whore -- >> like a lady. >> back in the '20s, my goodness -- >> i'm tired of people getting offended by words. if you don't want to watchletman -- >> i don't get offended by anything but i get offended by unfunny old jokes by an old untalented man. >> does the age make it inappropriate?e? >> geraldo, i don't want to see another naked selfie of you. >> letterman was ad libing to a
10:46 pm
question before air. >> what was the concept? let's argue the concept. what's the concept? >> you can make fun of governor christie's weight but if you make fun of hillary's weight, that's sexist. >> why does it have anything to do with hillary? >> it's a sexist joke is what i'm saying. >> people wouldn't point the finger. >> the woman everybody is kowtowing to her. somebody says hey, baby let's have a margarita. >> i've lost the whole crowd here. up next on "hannity" here tonight, the fight of the century. >> a part of history. the biggest fight that the sport of boxing has ever seen. >> being called the biggest fight in decades. jim gray sat down with the undefeated floyd mayweather before he steps into the ring with manny pacquiao.
10:47 pm
that's all coming up next. you can call me shallow... but, i have a wandering eye. i mean, come on. national gives me the control to choose any car in the aisle i want. i could choose you... or i could choose her if i like her more. and i do. oh, the silent treatment. real mature. so you wanna get out of here? go national. go like a pro.
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i don't have to worry about anything. he's a solid competitor. he's going to push me. that's what i need. and i think the two styles makes for a good fight. because he will bring the best
10:52 pm
out of floyd mayweather. >> may 2nd, floyd mayweather and manny pacquiao going toe-to-toe to find out who's the best. joining me now, the man broadcasting the fight on showtime pay-per-view the one and only forth caster our friend jim gray. i wanted to buy a ticket. i looked at the prices of the ticket and said forget it. i'm going to pay-per-view and watching it with you. tickets going for 100 grand or more right? >> they are. it's insane. the tickets just got released. and so it's a frenzy out there, sean. you make a good living come on down and enjoy the fight. you won't see anything like it again. >> i can watch it for a lot cheaper on pay-per-view and not spending $100,000 for a fight that may be over in three minutes or less. i just can't risk it. that's nuts. >> we're going to love to have you on pay-per-view. we want you and everybody else to shine up. it will be so much fun. >> i may go to the garden this
10:53 pm
weekend. there's a heavyweight fight. is this really bigger than ali-frazier? is this bigger than thrilla in manila? i know the purse is bigger what $300 million? >> could be even more than that. $73 million gate depending on the pay-per-view. if they get 4 million buys that will be $400 million. we can't say it's bigger because we don't know the outcome. the thrilla in manila was a great fight. we don't know the outcome of this. certainly the hype and everything surrounding it we didn't have twitter back then or blogs. the internet wasn't even being thought of in 1985. so that's what's made this so big worldwide. all of the -- i've never seen anything like it. this will be the biggest event in my opinion since the '84 olympics in this country. >> i'm excited for you. >> the glamour and anticipation. >> you're a great broadcaster. i'm excited you get to have this opportunity. it's like us to go to presidential debates. i don't know if that's
10:54 pm
comparable. you've got mayweather 47-0. never lost. pacquiao what, 57-5-2. you've got 5'8" versus 5'6". who's going to win this fight? >> well i believe that floyd mayweather is going to win the fight. there's nothing in his history that would give any indication that -- he has a perfect zero after his name. manny pacquiao however, is accomplished. he's won so many divisions, so many titles. >> pacquiao hates mayweather doesn't he. >> he does yeah. i don't think floyd likes manny. that's what makes for a great fight. it's going to be a lot of fun. if you were making me pick one, i'm picking the guy who never lost. >> listen there are a couple of people who might -- >> who do you want to fight? >> maybe in another show. there are a few people on my list. anyway jim, i'll be watching on
10:55 pm
pay-per-view. great fight, great night, congratulations. we'll see you soon. >> all right. our question of the day, about hillary, that's next. uestion of the day, next. when the moment's spontaneous, why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision or any symptoms of an allergic reaction stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial.
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11:00 pm
let's go to hannity. let us know what you think. that's all we have this evening. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. >> a tense faceoff on capitol hill over the irs. is the irs pinched for money or just reckless with yours? and tonight it only right here "on the record," irs commissioner john koskinen and peter ross, the congressman both men going "on the record" in seconds. but, first you just may want to shake your head in disgust. bonuses, unions and he obamacare, that's what the irs is spending millions of dollars on all while ignoring your phone calls for help. in the height of tax season. congress has in fact cut our revenues and resources to a point that we are not as effective as we ought to be. >> you can't run around town and telling everybody you are out of money and that's the reason you can't do your job.


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