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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 23, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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running around -- it's okay. it's okay. tonight on fox business we ask you this question should nerds unite against apple? we'll see you then. hello, i'm eric bolling along with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams melissa france and greg guttfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is the five. >> multiple new reports that raise very serious questions about hillary clinton's credibility, her honest wree and trustworthiness. bret baier is angering his special tomorrow night with explosive tails on donations the clinton foundation accepted while mrs. clinton was secretary of state. he's going to join us live in just a moment. first let's take a look at a clip from the tangled clinton web. brett got an lieu sieve interview with peter swietser who told fox how russia
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came to control up to half of america's uranium. >> uranium one became very active in acquiring uranium assets actually in the united states itself. why 2008 2009 they were collateral attractive target for the russian government. >> and the russians a kwhierd that target. >> they would acquire what would amount to 50% of projected uranium output by 2015. >> in other words, russia now controls what was projected to be up to half of america's uranium. >> we're talking about things that relate to the nuclear industry. we're talking about the russian government which already provides equipment, material to iran. >> that's correct. >> the problem is that hillary clinton's family foundation the clinton foundation was receiving tens of millions of dollars from shareholders in uranium one who wanted the russian government to acquire them because it would be a
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financial land fall. >> in a statement today mrs. clinton's campaign spokesman says no one has produced a shred of evidence to pro of she ever took action as secretary of state to support the interests of donors. let's bring in breath bare anchor of the tangled clinton we be and special report. breath fallon says not a shred of evidence. it seems to me like it's more than a shred, it seems like a pound of evidence. >> in this hour we lay it out. as you point out is that whiteser in his book has a lot of bullet points based on all of these, not only foreign government and companies contributing tens of millions of dollars to the clinton foundation but also hls of dollars in speaking fees to the former president, bill clinton, around the world. and they coincide or time with some foreign policy issues that are before secretary of state hillary clinton. you know there's a lot of coincidence here. they say there's not a
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shred of evidence this is the clinton campaign today. this all goes in the inspector, obviously, of the e-mail server and what we don't know was or was not on those e-mails. >> bret looking forward to the special. we saw on this new poll 54% say hillary clinton is not honest or trustworthy. okay. that's how the american people view her. how significant of an impact do you think this special and the information that's contained therein will have on her polling and favor ability ratings? >> it's interesting, kimberly. i think that it's going to have the effect of another thing. the clintons obviously already have a lot of things in their past that have raised eyebrows in washington and around the country, but there will be another thing and there are specific other things in this book. the new york times today did this 4,000 word piece on just one aspect of this book and that's the kazakhstan portion where you just ran a piece of that about the uranium company.
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well that -- the people tied to that uranium deal donated in excess of $140 million to the clinton foundation from the beginning of the company until when russia purchased almost all of it. >> not only that if i can weigh in quickly, the u.s. used 20% of our electricity production is from nuclear and we needed that uranium and russia was controlling half of it. juan, you wanted to ask a question. >> it's interesting to me that there is limited discussion about the impact this had first on bill clinton but also on the obama administration because the obama administration had set clear rules for secretary clinton as secretary of state with regard to donations to the foundation. so i'm finding myself a little puzzled like what are democrats saying? what's the obama administration saying as these revelations come forward? >> well that's a great point. had they did have this deal with the clintons. when she became
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secretary of state that there would be a disclosure of any foreign governments that contribute to the clinton foundation and even an approval process to say if a foreign government and her company was offering bill clinton speaking opportunities that they would have a yes/no opportunity. that according to all reporting kind of fell away right away in the early days. today josh earnest at the white house was asked about all of this. he said -- he was asked are you satisfied with the disclosures from the foundation and her 'tis closures and he said well i haven't been presented any evidence to indicate that somehow there was insufficient information provided to the administration. understand that there were a lot of questions that he punted today to the state department and to the clintons. also with this uranium deal just one of the deals, these donors were not disclosed and now we learn today that the clinton foundation is refiling its taxes for the last five years. >> and what about democrats in the rest of the party?
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is there any talk about this is just the beginning of this onslaught on hillary clinton we have days and weeks of this to go as this book rolls out? if she does get more and more damage is there another candidate waiting in the wings? if you look at that poll that kimberly was talking about 60% of democrats favor hillary clinton, the next closest second place is joe biden with 10% giving you the feeling they've gone all in all or nothing on hillary. >> you're right. i think much of the party is saying likely she is going to be the democratic nominee with or without all the controversies that surround her. i will say that if these investigations are opened and many people up on capitol hill are already calling for investigations just seeing what they've seen so far, t then i think it raises more questions. there is a lower bar if there's a civil case for example, one of these companies, one of these people that's affected and suddenly you get into another legal deal that could draw the clintons in. there's a lot of information here it doesn't fit
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on a bumper sticker. you have to lay it all out and we to that in the hour tomorrow night. >> there are a whole slew of companies, ur theme one, boeing general electric. i wonder if we pulled some of their e-mails from their side that would be interesting to see. >> i think you guys are totally blowing this out of proportion. i mean if you've got to look at it from the positive side if the russias own half of america's uranium, that's only half. she could have sold all of it. >> right. >> so i think we have to look at this from a positive. that she prevented -- >> i knew i could count on you, greg. >> we have to commend her from preventing russia from taking all of it. we keep saying this is a smoking gun but she has more smoking guns than a firing range. is this her strategy tpe that we're so overloaded by this stuff that we throw up our hand and consider it normal. that this is how hillary operates. >> actually just accept it. >> i think that was the strategy coming out at first by the clinton campaign saying -- and
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attacking peter heightser the author saying he was right wing and a partisan hack. i think that goes away a little bit when you have a pulitzer prize winning new york times writer putting together a detailed piece that's outside of the book. you have our investigative reporting that you will see laid out in full over the next day and a half and i think, you know it's interesting to see. we're not saying there's a smoking gun here because they are right. as far as the e-mail that says you should do this and i will do this we don't have that and there are thousands of e-mails that we will probably never see. >> there's a lot more to investigate. e-mails sent from say, i don't know boeing to ge or a third party saying hey, clinton said this and we've got this airplane deal with russia or in the case of ge the power plant deal with algeria, there could be a lot of e-mails we could dig up from the other side.
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>> do you know what i'm thinking is that i'm worried about the ethics of it all. if you say there's no smoking gun, okay but the ethics of it just bother me. it just bothers me that you can have a situation where people who not only make contributions to the foundation then gain access to president colon, i think a quarterer of the president's speeches $26 million over 12 years came from people who made contributions to the foundation. so they gain access to a former american president who is wife is the secretary of state and it seems to me then tremendous influence in the american political process. i mean even without the smoking gun it's the ethics are troublesome is what i'm trying to say. >> listen juan i think a lot of people will agree with you and as you know in washington it's often not what's illegal but what's not illegal. >> that's a low standard. >> that's a low standard. and the ethics here obviously come into play and the clintons have pushed it up to the line. as you
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lay all of this out, is it enough to cause a real problem for the campaign? i think they're going to have to answer some serious questions pretty soon. >> let's take a listen to chelsea clinton who defended the family foundation against allegations that foreign governments received favors in return for donations. >> we have always partnered with governments and foundations to believe the work we do is important, that we will be even more transparent. to eliminate any questions while we're in in time we won't take new government funding, but that the work will continue as it is. >> do you want to weigh in on this real quick? >> i think the foundation is going to continue. they're not limiting foreign government's. they've listed the governments that they will take donations from and some of those include, you know others that have been involved before. i think it's interesting to see chelsea clinton at the top of the ticket there at the clinton foundation and trying to defend what's
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happening. there's certainly smoke here whether lawmakers move forward with the investigations whether the new attorney general loretta lynch who was just approved today opens something up i think is yet to be seen. as you lay it all out it is a compelling case of just how tangled the web is across the world. i do want to say one thing. i just saw dana perino here in d.c. and she said -- she came up to me and said and the good news is lessons learn and advice from the bright side. that's all she said. >> she won't stop will she? >> she won't stop. >> this chelsea thing, i mean, what do you expect? that's her daughter. is she going to go up there and go you got my mom, guilty as sin. she's not going to say that. the thing that i find funny and i'm sure you are on the media matters e-mail because they send it to everybody. >> i am. >> they accused the new york times, the washington post and fnc of being, and this is their
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term in cahoots, a word that he haven't heard since my gramps pass add away. saying that fnc and the new york times are in cahoots is like saying israel and iran is in cahoots. that's their defense. >> new york times doesn't program the five? >> i hate to tell you that. but the fact that everybody from both sides are now looking at this now we're all in cahoots. >> listen there's a lot there there. whether it leads to something bigger we don't know but when you lay it all out, it is compelling. as i said it doesn't fit on a bumper sticker, it's pretty complicated, but you -- when you lay it all out there there's clearly some influence that at least these companies -- these countries and governments and companies in foreign places felt like they could get it seems by contributing. >> bret the clinton money machine, this is such an old story, it's something the american public is so used to this idea even that they're
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selling access. when you look at this we make fun of the uranium thing, but the russians have cornered the market on uranium. this is a strategic asset. it is very important to countries all around the world, especially ours for energy and weapons. we accidentally sold maybe half of it to the russians. that's a disaster. you sit there and look at it and say how could this possibly have happened is this wait to don't we have a committee that's in charge of making sure something like this doesn't happen. we do. it's the foreign investment committee. who was on this committee at the time that let this stupid thing happen? wait a second it was hillary clinton who simultaneously was taking money both through her husband and through her foundation from the chairman and the investment bank and the exact people connected with this company. this is a really big teal. >> it is. >> and it's about national security. >> the clinton campaign will point out she was one of the people who made the approval but you're right, it is significant. in just saying that russia owns up to half of
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american uranium, think about that. russia does deliver uranium to its client state iran. so is american uranium traveling through russia to iran a nation that we are currently in negotiation with to try to slow the development of a nuclear weapon. >> but bret even if they say that it's not leaving the country which will be the response to that we only produce 20% of the ur theme that we need. we get it from everywhere else around the world. we are totally dependent on that 20% inside our country. russia could say we're not going to mine it we're not going to produce it we're going to control the price of it and hang us out to dry. that's the danger. and they control all the rest of it elsewhere in the world. they've cornered the market. >> senator clinton really opposed foreign countries being involved in u.s. properties pretty much across the board. >> i hear william due vain is something you should buy more uranium. >> criminals on death row have
2:15 pm
been convicted with circumstantial evidence. >> absolutely. >> as probably less than the clintons are kind of -- >> are you arguing for the death penalty? >> that's what he's in fact saying. >> i think after they watch bret's special they're going to say, in fact yes, it's a death penalty case. that be the judgment. >> this is ridiculous. come on. >> it was a joke. >> all right. >> but the point being circumstantial evidence has the same weight and effect as direct evidence in a court of law. what you have here you have circumstantial evidence you have direct evidence it's very compelling. but whether or not it sticks is did depending on whether or not individuals like bret whether or not fox news channel that are putting that out so the american people are able to understand it and make a decision about it. that's who you're going to be making the case to. >> look at two cases, one is bob menendez currently indicted by the u.s. justice department the other is bob mcdonald, the former governor of virginia who is currently in jail. look at what they did, what the
2:16 pm
prosecution is bringing up against them and has and, you know we'll see if this investigation starts or it doesn't. >> we've got to leave it right there. the tangled clinton web airs tomorrow night 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox news. make sure you don't miss that one. how much is all of this hurting hillary in we've got the poll numbers next.
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hillary clinton has a lot of questions to answer about donations her family's foundation received while she was secretary of state. is the white house concerned about new revelations? >> does none of that trouble the administration? >> it doesn't because the president and administration continues to have a strong confidence in the decision-making of secretary clinton and that she was somebody who served this country and this president extraordinarily well as the secretary of state. >> i think that was a nice personal touch, josh you go. he's coming up in the ranks with me. what do you think about the comments? he is. i like him better than i did. >> stop it. i honestly think hillary clinton is going to have to bow to the race hits on point. >> do you really think so? >> i do. i understand the
2:21 pm
democrats are still -- they're all in on her, but these things are going to tie these donations quid pro quo, pay to play that's the influence peddling they're going to tie it back to the clinton foundation somehow some way and it's going to be through some stupid e-mail or bill clinton e-mail. it always comes back. >> dry cleaning bill. >> when they do the american people have to make the decision. do you want someone who has shown no leadership no trustworthiness, no honesty in anything from the time she was senator to the time she was secretary of state to the time she ran for president and her husband, too, as well. when was the last time bill clinton or hillary clinton said something that was truthful and honest? >> when was the last time people and democrats seem to even care about that greg because despite the tact that she has quite a long history or the whole notches in her belt of scandals it doesn't seem to matter. >> the advantage of being islamic is that everything slides right off. she's like a duck after an oil spill. i don't know. also it helps her a great deal that she has a rapid
2:22 pm
response team that is right there. president obama had the suit and they are like media matters and the like are jacked up on adderall and caffeine. they are up all night. the media matters staff are wearing dee approximate approximate ends to save trips to the bathroom. every time something comes out they're coming out and stopping it. i do think it's very strange. she sold something that she's not allowed to sell. in a weird way she sold us. she's like a girl scout and america were her cookies. >> let me say that the duck ducks after they're covered in oil it's not -- it's ducks normally that water rolls off their tail. >> thank you for correcting that metaphor. a metaphor apology will be following shortly after. >> eric had it earlier. >> i was trying to tie the illegal aspect of what they were doing to her. >> yes. but let me just say -- >> you have a real comment? >> yes. well i was trying to help gregory out. >> thank you very much juan. >> he has never seen a duck.
2:23 pm
>> i've eaten them. >> okay. well anyway what interests me is picking up on what melissa was saying 60% of democrats, 60% still back hillary clinton. >> right. >> as you were saying it's not as if this is the first go round or first rodeo for hillary in scandal. she was neck deep in them in arkansas way back even before the clinton white house. >> have you ever been to a rodeo? >> you got me. >> this is normal for the clintons this is what everyone expects and they've made sure there isn't anyone anywhere near the goal in sight. the next closest guy is joe biden. we took a picture of martin o'malley out on the street to see if people could identify them no one could. so there's no one anywhere near the hoop. she's going to be the nominee, but at the same time all these scandals i think when it finally comes down to national security that's when it's meaningful to people. when it's just about them selling influence and access everybody is used to that. we don't even like our
2:24 pm
politicians honest. none of them are honest. when they're selling our national security, maybe people will take notice. >> bolling, you think she might get knocked out, they will say this is too much. she would use a health reason i think if she ever bowed out. >> yes. for whatever reason my health i want to spend more time with my grandchild. just wait until the polls start to skew. wait until the republicans, three or four not just one or two, they be when they start to poll against her and win, then maybe someone else jumps into the race. >> if they knock her out then who? >> there is too much illegal bs going on with the clintons over the course of the last 30 years. there's going to be stuff that -- >> elizabeth would jump in or biden, but elizabeth can't win the general. biden -- well i don't think biden could win the general, he could get a fom nation. he would have a little better chance than elizabeth. >> i think she should make her lack of trustworthiness her brand. >> it is already. what are you talking about? >> like joe biden he plays up the fact that he's whacky and
2:25 pm
harry reid is kind of ruthless. she should just be, hey, you want me out there in this world because nobody can trustee. i'll make putin look like mary pop pins i won't get rolled like obama. i'm going to lie my face off. >> that's a really good point. remember a lot of independence -- look at the numbers, break down the polls what you see is that republicans don't like hillary clinton, but democrats are sticking with her. then you have a large block of independent voters and i think there are a lot of women who are like we think hillary is tougher than obama. >> right. >> more of a hawk got the foreign policy experience from the state department. >> i think she is tougher than obama. >> okay. >> that's not sig anything. >> that's an interesting point but that leads you to the conclusion do you know what it's about the democrats and independents in the general election. i think she can win them but she's going to have to make the point. >> i would prefer a tough hillary than a fake hillary, but i don't know if you can separate the two. >> i would, too. i clintons would bring back their
2:26 pm
kill list. that was kind of hot. okay. next what made actor robert downey, jr. take off his mic and walk out of an interview before it was over. it's coming up here next.
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and help protect your identity your money, and your credit. ♪ actor robert downey, jr. walked off an interview when the host asked him about his past. he was there to promote his new film "avengers: age of ultron," clearly a romantic comedy when the questioning veered toward an embarrassing scandal that could threaten his career. it turns out a few years ago downey said he wasn't a liberal. i know. deep breaths, everyone. see, in the world of entertainment saying that you're not a liberal is like admitting you molest fwoets or don't own a prius, the host saw what he thought was controversy. >> it was after your incarceration and you said you can't go from a $2,000 a night
2:31 pm
hotel suite to a pentagon and understand it and come out liberal. i just wondered what you meant by that. >> i couldn't even really tell you what a liberal is so therein lies the answer to your question. >> does that mean you are not a liberal or that you came out of prison not being a liberal? >> are we promoting a movie? actually i wouldn't say i'm a republican or liberal or democrat. >> you've talked in other interviews again, about your relationship with your father and the role of all of that and, you know the dark periods you entered and taking drugs and drinking and all of that. and i just wondered whether, you know you think you're free of all of that or whether that's still something you -- >> i'm sorry, i really don't -- what are we doing? >> well i'm just asking questions, that's all. >> right. bye. >> you seem okay just getting a little diane sawyer.
2:32 pm
>> i didn't want to do that. >> okay. now, most of the reports make it sounds like this was about a guy asking about drugs, but it wasn't. not at all. the reporter was nailing downey for not being a total lib. that was the real back story, not the cocaine abuse. downey happened to say this one time a long time ago and that's not allowed. being thinking but a leftist is the new sell ton in your closet. media hacks are relentlessly predictable. bent on out the -- how tear downey have a different opinions their inn flexibility used to keep everyone in line. it's like ben affleck saying that it's hard to watch republican ak doors because he wouldn't like that person if he met him, but give him one career slide slide and he would do a movie with the kkk, it's in his blood. just a joke. >> whoa.
2:33 pm
>> just a joke people. kg what's wrong with you? >> i love ben. >> that's your problem. >> not really. >> see a shrink. was he right to leave? >> i think that reporter was out of line. he's there to promote a movie, why is he talking about if he's liberal or this. robert downey, jr. is a great actor, has come far in his life he has been open and transparent about his problems and issues. i think he's looking good especially given his past. i admire him for not kissing that guy's butt. >> i disagree with you because i've gone out and done these junkets before and you walk in and they tell you exactly with a you're allowed to ask about and what you're not. you walk into a room and they say make sure you don't ask the guy about the monkey on his head and you're like wait i'm going to look like an ass. you're going to ask what you want to ask. >> it wasn't a monkey. >> it was a boil. >> i'm surprised downey didn't get up sooner and walk out. that's his prerogative, but that
2:34 pm
report has every right to ask anything he wants. >> he can ask it but i have no problem with downey getting up and going, beat it loser. >> eric that wasn't my point. >> we don't care. >> my point is that he was treating being a liberal as being the real scandal. >> as news here. >> and you're also right about that. >> i would say, look i agree, i think he probably should have gotten up a long time before he kept looking at his person. >> his publ sit should have jumped in. fail. >> sfs he or she did that then he got up he got the hook. that's what a publicist or come director is supposed to do. when you get the heat it's not downey's fault it's the publicists fault. i would have left earlier. watching that i could care less i know about his drug use, i know robert downey, jr. >> did you know he was a non liberal? >> we wanted to hear about what it was like to film the movie. >> i want to hear about the hot co-stars. >> what co-stars? >> in the movie. >> he has hot co-stars?
2:35 pm
>> i a lot of dudes. >> anyway kimberly is right about this in terms of public response because that host sent out all his twitter steely moment from iron man and, guess what he got a lot of push back interest people who said he was wrong and that he was beating up on this poor guy and i might add that his son recently had some drug problems. so i think people are sympathetic to downey on this point. so they missed your point about the liberal stuff. >> you're right. it got shifted. >> they feel like why are you beating up on this guy. >> do you know what's funny, a reporter would never ask a question to the celebrity when the celebrity said he wasn't a conservative. it was the guy saying he wasn't a liberal. then his defense was i'm just asking questions. of course you are, that's your job. >> nobody is going to want to sit down with that guy now, mr. nose wree pants. >> quentin tarantino objected to questions from that guy, said i'm not your puppet i'm not your slave, i don't have to
2:36 pm
answer these stupid questions. >> next on the five should president obama pardon general david pay trees, he was sentenced on a misdemeanor charge. we'll debate it coming up. tors "ride away" (by roy orbison begins to play) ♪ i ride the highway... ♪ ♪ i'm going my way... ♪ ♪i leave a story untold... ♪ he just keeps sending more pictures... if you're a free-range chicken you roam free. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance you switch to geico. it's what you do. ♪ two wheels a turnin'... ♪
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♪proud to be from the virgin islands♪ ♪and the whole place nice♪ to experience your virgin islands "nice", book one of our packages today. . today former cia director and four-star general david petraeus appeared in court. he was sentenced to two years probation and $100,000 fine after pleading guilty to leaking classified material to his buying grafr. the general addressed reporters when he left the courthouse. >> today marks the end of a two and a half year ordeal that resulted from mistakes that i made. as i did in the past i apologize to those closest to me and to many others including those with whom i was privileged to serve in in government and in the military over the years. i
2:41 pm
want to take this opportunity also to thank those who have expressed and demonstrated support for me as i have sought to move forward since november 2012. i now look forward to moving on with the next phase of my life and to continuing to serve our great nation as a private citizen. thank you very much. >> kimberly what do you think? >> you know i personally like general petraeus i'm grateful as the nation is for his service. i think this was a difficult situation, it seemed not to be the host appropriate prosecution, there's some questions. >> why? >> well because there's question as to whether or not he turned over specific documents, information, that she didn't already have access to because she did receive actually a security clearance for certain documents. so to me, i don't know it just -- it didn't just sit quite right, but i think the sentence of the probation and the fine was sufficient. >> so he signed a document that
2:42 pm
said he had turned over any classified stuff that he had, it wasn't in his possession. who does that sound like? isn't that somebody who had information that you were supposed to turn over and they didn't and then they -- what do you think, bolling is this. >> so i think he is a ph.d. four-star general, cia director. he didn't leak technically leak any state secrets. one misstep and i'm curious if hillary clinton has ever asked, what do you think of that mrs. clinton, how could she answer that? >> well he slept with someone. that would be tough to answer for her. i would love to hear how she answers what we should do. >> she slept with somebody? >> he slept with somebody and that sounds familiar. >> i don't think lewinsky was getting state secrets, was she? >> do you not know? >> i'm glad to learn if that's what you're telling me. >> to be share he shared the black books that had names of covert operatives coalition war strategy notes with his discussions with president obama, however, nothing that he
2:43 pm
turned over to her never made it into the book or saw the light of day. greg. >> well great men have foybles and military men are not exempt from this. at times, though our priorities are skewed it's amazing to me in america that petraeus is being sentenced, snoweden roems free. this is a die guy that defends our country, wasn't trying to screw over our country. he was a great guy and being screwed and snow den is in russia. >> the conservatives, i think, have to say this is right and i will tell you why. >> why? >> because you can't allow people to leak state secrets and we come back to snow den. >> then you say what snow den did was inappropriate. >> where he. i'm consistent with this. snow den is out of the country, if he comes back he will be prosecuted. the guy who leaked to james rosen at fox, he
2:44 pm
got 13 months. they just recently got a guy under espionage who was a former cia agent and they are thinking about giving that guy decades in jail. so the question is how come you want to there is a separate standard for the american elite. i don't think that's a good conservative argument. >> if anything it should be a tougher standard. he is the director of the cia. >> okay. >> he is somebody who was one of the great military minds of our time. if anybody should have known better it was him. that's the exact reason why you get concerned about people being compromised by cheating on their spouse and having a mistress who has been getting information out of them that they're not supposed to share. >> lock them up for life. >> for the cheating with the mistress. >> that's what it seems like. >> no but i'm just telling you if you want to crack down on people and the internet age there's a lot of easy access to secrets secrets. you can't have a separate standard for general petraeus petraeus. >> he should have just burned his server. >> burned down the whole house.
2:45 pm
next a judge approves a settlement brought by thousands of players over concussions. it could cost the nfl a billion dollars over the next six decades. how will it impact football moving forward?
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2:49 pm
is this the beginning of the end for pro football? for all football. a federal judge approved a settlement to resolve thousands of concussion lawsuits filed by retired nfl players. it's an agreement that could can cost the league a billion over the next 65 years. a lot of former players have spoken out about the dangers of the sport. >> if you had an eight-year-old kid now, would you tell him you want him to play football? >> i wouldn't would you? >> no. that's sad. i wouldn't. my whole life was football. i think the risk is worse -- worse than the reward. i really do. >> if i had a ten-year-old boy i don't know that i would be real inclined to encourage him to go play football in light of what we are learning from head injury. >> i would be real leary of him
2:50 pm
playing. >> one current player does think the nfl has taken the right steps to make the sport safer. >> you're never going to you know totally eared kate brain injuries interest life in general and especially from the game of football but when you look at what roger goodel was i implemented into the nfl to make it safer is encouraging for him. >> eric you just think this is wrong. >> there is so much wrong with this segment. first of all, it's a billion dollars over 65 years, that comes to $16 million a year the nfl is one of the strongest brands if not the strongest brand in all of sports. >> they're nonprofit. >> hold on. they make $9 billion a year 16 $15 million a year they're going to laugh at that and pass all of that cost on to the advertisers. then we ask a former player and he is a punter about concussions. mike ditka and brett favre you know you let your boys play football i certainly would. >> why? >> they just said that they wouldn't. i take them for their word. >> they're trying to stay
2:51 pm
relevant. they're just being pc about this? >> yeah. >> the research says they did a sample of 101 players, 80% of them tested positive for degenerative brain disease. >> but for the nfl to be at fault and to have to pay them they're trying to say the nfl knew that this risk with as out there and knew that all this brain damage was going on and kept it a secret and all these players had they known better they wouldn't have gone out there and played and that's why the nfl is being forced to pay. that's ridiculous the nfl kept this a secret? i think signs has advanced we've figured out that hitting your head a million times really hard is bad for your brain and as a result they're changing a lot of the equipment, the way they make the calls, a lot of the rules. it was always a dangerous sport, it still is. you talk about the money. did you know the nfl is tax exempt? i don't feel sorry for them at all because i have to pay my taxes and they don't. they're nonprofit. >> my point was it's such a drop in the bucket when they're making $9 billion a year.
2:52 pm
>> it's something for the family. if your son or your dad has degenerative brain disease and remember junior say joe shot himself in the head there's some money for those families. that's better than nothing. >> the equipment is better they're changing the rules. >> when i go out to that washington professional football team those guys run, i mean headfirst. you're supposed to put your head in a hole. >> do you have a quarter back? >> i think greg is our quarter back right now. >> when you look in the context of other sports it's interesting. race car drivers die and their family members still race because -- i mean it's true. we know this. danger the other word for danger is risk. had they known the risk maybe they would change their minds but these are very competitive people and i don't see -- if you told mike ditka was the risk was i don't see him changing his mind. you have to look also at the statistics. you mentioned suicide. the
2:53 pm
interesting thing is suicide among the general population is twice as high as former nfl players. you could actually argue that if you play nfl football you could slash your suicide risk in half. however, there are deaths from alzheimer's and from als which is elevated among players. so there is definitely a risk involved and they should address it. they should address it but they should be very careful about throwing around the facts and inn dunking in hysteria. >> legally they have to make those risks known. >> i've got to go because otherwise i might feel suicidal. one more thing coming up next. stay with us.
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all right. it's time for one more thing. so my pal dana went on jon stewart's show to promote her new book but it's sad the guy is so obsessed with hating fox news that he spent a lot of the time taking shots at us especially me. apparently i'm living rent free inside stewart's head. whatever johnny boy, your time would have been better spent talking to dana about her book it's great, optimistic positive upbeat. had you done your homework you might have learned something. dummy. >> you showed him, eric. >> it's on. the ping-pong is happening. i've got an amazing story that also ties into a
2:58 pm
segment, robert downey, jr., iron man, and enter jack carter a five-year-old boy from columbus ohio and he threw the first ceremony y'all pitch at columbus clippers minor league game on tuesday and he was wearing a 3-d printed prosthetic arm. there you see it from iron man. take a look at this pitch. >> nice. now, he did throw that with his other arm, but what enthusiasm and what a great moment for him and his family. >> this is weird because, you know today is lee majors' birthday aka steve austin the $6 million man, he's 52 which is in bionic years is 12. and also a big fan of the five. >> i never miss his show my number two favorite show was love boat after his. >> you guys may not know today is national take your kids to
2:59 pm
workday and you would think that my sons would be at work with me but my husband's job is much cooler. they have robots serving snacks and also drones and all i've got is dreg greg. so i lost out but it looks like it's fun. there was kids all over our building today, sadly not mine because that's what they wanted to do. >> how cool is that in. >> so tomorrow is the 25th anniversary of the hubble telescope and guess what, nasa put out some of the spectacular pictures that have come from hubble. a star cluster, wester land 2 one of the hottest stars in the universe. it's incredible to think back but hubble wasn't expected to last for 15 years, now it's 25. 350 miles up in the sky and still working. go hubble. that's america at its best showing the universe to the whole world. >> that was our producers at their best fading from the
3:00 pm
hubble. >> it was a hubble fade on juan. >> the universe is in each of us. >> that's beautiful. >> i like it. >> that's it for us, special report up next. this is a fox news alert i'm bret baier in washington two breaking stories tonight, hillary clinton's presidential campaign is scrambling reacting to the release of new information tying her family to a russian effort to gain control of a vital american strategic asset. it is just one story of many involving international contributions to the clinton foundation and lucrative speaking deals for former president clinton. we'll explain. we begin with what president obama calls deadly mistakes. two hostages one from the u.s. the o other from italy were killed in an american counter terror operation gone terribly wrong. kevin corke has the tragic story from the


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