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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 23, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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rs at their best fading from the hubble. >> it was a hubble fade on juan. >> the universe is in each of us. >> that's beautiful. >> i like it. >> that's it for us, special report up next. this is a fox news alert i'm bret baier in washington two breaking stories tonight, hillary clinton's presidential campaign is scrambling reacting to the release of new information tying her family to a russian effort to gain control of a vital american strategic asset. it is just one story of many involving international contributions to the clinton foundation and lucrative speaking deals for former president clinton. we'll explain. we begin with what president obama calls deadly mistakes. two hostages one from the u.s. the o other from italy were killed in an american counter terror operation gone terribly wrong. kevin corke has the tragic story from the white house tonight.
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>> as president and as commander in chief i take full responsibility for all our counter terrorism operations including the one that inadvertently took the lives of warren and giovanni. >> reporter: president obama at times emotional, apology for the accidental deaths of two hostages including an american held by al qaeda since 2011. maryland doctor warren weinstein and giovanni la porte toe were inadvertent victims of a drone strike meant to hit an al qaeda compound. >> as a husband and as a father i cannot gib to imagine the anguish that the weinstein and lo port toe families are enduring today. i realize that there are no words that can ever equal their loss. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence confirms the men died january 14th in a strike that also took the life of ahmed if a ruk, also an american. the white house offered few details about the action declining to say where and when the strike took place and why it took three months to
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tell the american people. senior intelligence officials tell fox news that the strike was not ordered by the president himself, nor was the january 19th strike that killed adam gadahn a 36-year-old oregon man who appeared in al qaeda videos. u.s. officials said they didn't realize until weeks later that weinstein tied in the initial attack? in the aftermath of a situation like this it raises legitimate questions about whether additional changes need to be made to those protocols smr in a statement weinstein's wife wrote there are no words to do justice to the disappointment and heart break we are going through. those who took warren captive bear ultimate responsibility. neighbors also mourned the loss of a humble doctor whom they said just wanted to serve others. >> our hearts are broken. we have great sympathy and, you know, i just want to let them grieve. >> reporter: along with sorrow there was outrage. maryland congressman delaney said weinstein deserved better.
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>> we had several years to find him and we didn't find him and because we didn't know where he was we were involved in this tragic accident that resulted in his loss of life. his country let him down. >> reporter: powerful words interest a man who spent several years trying to earn his release. i should point out we learned that the white house will compensate the wine teen and lo port toe families. we also learned the president will dee classify this mission after a thorough review. >> kevin, thank you. tonight we are learning that the clinton foundation bill hillary and chelsea's charity will refile tax returns for the last five years because of quote, errors in reporting about certain contributions. its part of a tail that could spell serious trouble for the hillary clinton presidential campaign. big money, tens of millions of dollars and allegations of influence peddling and even bribery. even russian aggression and iran's nuclear program factors in. much of it is detailed in a new book clinton
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cash by peter schweizer. i was given early access to the book and talked exclusively with its author. the stories span the fwloeb but perhaps the one with the most geo political consequences starts in kazakhstan. consider the stunning case of kazakhstan and how american uranium ended up in the hands of the russians. >> september 6, 2005 bill clinton shows up in kazakhstan where frank justra a canadian investor has been trying to get control to buy a couple of uranium mines and he became partners in a way with bill clinton working on philanthropic activities. >> i came to him with an idea about creating anish testify to alleviate poverty. >> furthermore frank justra has been involved in helping to facilitate speaking engagements for the clintons. >> they were whisked to the
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presidential palace of president bayoff in kazakhstan. it's a fascinating story because everybody walked away from the table that night with somebody. >> the story caught the attention of pulitzer prize winning new york times reporter joe becker. >> what the president got was this huge propaganda could you. bill clinton endorse ds the progress that kazakhstan had made in terms of their own democracy which was interesting given that president nazarbiof was elected with 96% of the vote. >> bill clinton has a public press conference with president nazarbiof where he praises his rule and praises his human rights record but the bottom line is after they leave a couple of days later frank justra gets his uranium concessions which end up being enormously lucrative to him and to a small group of canadian
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mining investors. >> his company was like a bit player and really had gone from worthless shell company overnight got this huge uranium mining deal and then soon after that bill clinton got a huge donation $31 million from frank justra to his charitable foundation followed by a pledge to donate $100 million more. >> our calls to the kazakhstan embassy were never returned. we talked to frank justra who told us he considers this an old story and said that he's not interested in politics. meanwhile, his defenders insist that no undue influence was exerted in kazakhstan because the deal did not require the kazak government's approval. >> the problem is there are corporate records that indicate very very clearly that the kaza government did have to sign off and approve. >> that's what we're looking at here? >> exactly. which is the amended
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memorandum of understanding that's dated september 15th 2005 between the ministry of energy of the republic of kazakhstan and the atomic agency in the kaza government. there's no way they can argue the kaza government was not a party to the organization. they were signators to this agreement. >> and there's a post script. >> kazak officials wanted to take an equity stake inest i think house which is a u.s. company that works in the civilian nuclear field. >> when you have a sensitive company like westinghouse that requires review by the u.s. government. >> so the potential investors came to america to see the man who could make things happen. >> frank justra arranged for can kaza officials to go to bill clinton's house in chap a kwa. when i first contacted both the clinton foundation mr.
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clinton's spokesman and mr. justra they denied any such meeting ever took place. then when we told them we had already talked to the head of kaza who told us not only all about the meeting but has a picture of him and bill at the home in chap a kwa and that he proudly displayed on his office wall they then acknowledged that yes, the meeting had taken place. >> so what happened to justra's company that benefited from that deal in kazakhstan? after a merger it became a uranium giant called uranium one and then the russians bought it. >> uranium one became very active in acquiring uranium assets actually in the united states itself. why 2008 2009 they were collateral attractive target for the russian government. >> and the russians acquired that target. >> they would acquire what would amount to 50% of projected uranium output by 2015.
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>> in other words, russia now controls what was projected to be up to half of america's uranium. >> now, does secretary clinton factor into this? >> for that deal to go through it needs federal government approval and one of those people that has to approve that deal is secretary of state hillary clinton. >> who as senator clinton was vigorously opposed to these kind of buys from countries into u.s. property. >> that's a great point, bret. you remember the dubai ports deal which she was opposed to. >> we believe that no foreign government should control our ports. >> in this particular case we're talking about uranium, we're talking about things that relate to the nuclear industry we're talking about the russian government. >> which already provides equipment, material to iran. >> that's correct. >> just how deeply those uranium interests were invested in the clintons was not disclosed by them or their foundation.
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schweizer learned about that by scouring canadian tax records. >> so let's go to the fern wood document. >> fern wood foundation is an entity in canada controlled by ian tellfer who ends up being the chairman of uranium one. ian telfer in 2007 made an individual contribution to the clinton foundation. the problem is based on canadian tax records in this particular case made a payment of $250,000 to the clinton justra sustainable growth initiative. they are required to disclose the donation they failed to do that. this is a hidden contribution and over the course of a couple of years you're talking about more than $2 million from the fern wood foundation to the clinton foundation. when you actually go to the clinton foundation website itself on disclosures and type in fernwood you find no contributions listed whatsoever. >> no results match fernwood.
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>> that's right. >> uranium one and ian telfer declined to comment. what this amounts to in the end is a russia company essentially controlled by vladimir putin will now be in charge of a substantial portion of american uranium. russia sends uranium to its client state iran. so american uranium could well be sent to the very nation we're negotiating with to try to slow its ability to develop a nuclear weapon. thus we see how far reaching the effect of the clinton blur as schweizer puts it can be. neither the former nor the hopeful president clinton has responded directly to the new reports about the foundation's financial connections or the speeches but another clinton was asked about it. chief white house correspondent ed henry is in new york with the response. >> reporter: chelsea clinton who is taking on a bigger role as her family deals with this latest crisis today rushed to
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the defense of the foundation which has been battered by allegations that foreign governments received favors in exchange for hefty donations. during her mother hillary clinton's time as secretary of state. a revelation in the new book clinton cash that's roilg the presidential cane. >> we will be even more transparent that to eliminate any questions while we're in in time we won't take new government funding, but that the work will continue as it is. i think that's the right choice for the people who are being affected by that work. >> reporter: she was pes pressed at a panel on women's rights why the foundation took big money from countries like saudi arabia with abysmal records on women's right which is a small part of the allegations piling up as the new york times and fox news report the family and its foundation pocketed millions of dollars from donors tied to a business teal that allowed russian president vladimir putin to essentially corner the market on american uranium production a deal signed off in part by hillary clinton, despite an official memorandum of
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understanding signed by advisors to clinton and president obama to avoid such conflicts. >> i think the goal of the memorandum was to ensure that even the appearance of a conflict of interest was -- was avoided by ensuring that there was greater trans fairnessy. >> reporter: despite those vows the foundation is now planning to refile at least five annual tax returns after a reuters review found major errors in how they reported donations from foreign government's. while the washington post revealed former president bill clinton was paid at least 26 million sooipd in speaking fees from entities that are also major donors to the foundation. leading republican presidential hopeful carly fiorina today to charge it's the clinton way, raking in millions from foreign governments behind closed doors while making promises about transparency that they never intended to keep. clinton campaign folks man brian fallon declared nobody has produced evidence that she took action as secretary of state to help clinton foundation donors
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and added of the author peter schweizer it is impossible to view this allegation as anything other than just another in the many partisan conspiracy theories advanced in the clinton cash book. that may be undermined by the fact that schweizer isn't just going after clinton or democrats. he says his next project will target jeb bush. >> after hillary clinton she may face heat on another big topic, republican tray gowdy chair of the special house committee on benghazi declaring he wants her to testify either in may or june at the latest not just on the terror attacks, but also on what happened to her e-mail. we will have much more on that book and its findings friday evening, 10:00 p.m. eastern time. please join me for fox news reporting the tangled clinton web. set the dvr. new fox polls in the race for the white house. here is what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering
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bolt. baltimore covering more protests over the death of an african-american man who died in police custody. some of the demonstrators last night clashed with police. maryland's governor is calling in state troopers as protests are expected to continue through the rest of the week. fox in seattle microsoft wants its contractors to give 15 days of paid leave to security guards janitors and cooks who work at the software giant. microsoft appears to be the first large company to begin taking such a step. this is a live look at minnesota and our affiliate there. the big story the governor declares a state of emergency over a bird flu outbreak that has killed more than 2.5 million birds, almost 150 workers are being monitored after dealing with infected turkeys, over ten workers have minor symptoms and none has tested positive for influenza. that's tonight's live look outside the belt way from "special report." we will be right back.
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we are seeing youth pulling ahead in the race for the white house tonight. new fox polls show a bump for the youngest candidate on the republican side. chief political correspondent carl cameron has the new numbers. >> reporter: there's a new early front runner in the republican presidential nomination race fueled by a well received
3:20 pm
campaign launch one week ago today, florida senator marco rubio leads the latest fox news poll with 13%. it's a tight race with wisconsin governor scott walker a point back and kentucky senator rand paul also in double digits in third. jeb bush has slipped into single digits and a tie with mike huckabee for fourth. a 4 three-year-old hispanic freshman senator rubio is viewed as a leader in the future. seven points ahead of hillary clinton who runs second and rand paul in third followed by others well behind. topping the list of leaders of the past vice president joe biden, jeb bush and hillary clinton. rubio bounced on reports that while mrs. cli secretary of state her department negotiated a uranium deal with kazakhstan while the clinton foundation was accepting millions of dollars from russian interests and bill clinton was raking in millions in speaking fees. >> the allegations are serious and troubling, the notion that somehow official u.s. policy was influenced by donations made to a private foundation and through
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speaking fees to the former president. that's a troubling allegation if proven to be true i think is a disqualifier. >> reporter: kentucky senator rand paul with his appeal to younger voters is the only candidate to virtually tie clinton's within the 3 point margin of error. jeb bush and marco rubio are only a point off the pace in the early polls which rubio tries to downplay les he draw the scrutiny that trips up front runners. >> this campaign will be decided on the basis of a race and a campaign not on what's going on in april of the year before. >> reporter: most of the goep hopefuls track to iowa or to vegas for the republican jewish coalition meeting. he spent $20 million helping newt beginning rich and $30 million helping mitt romney in their 2012 campaigns and it is expected to help rubio. >> we would love to earn his support but that's something we will have to earn. that's not a
3:22 pm
factor right now. >> reporter: it is a fact that the candidate who raises the most money often wins in american politics. this time around those are super paks and mega toners including bush walker rubio cruz and paul. for now they are the first tier in the polls and in the money, bret. former cia director david petraeus was sentenced this afternoon to two years probation and a $100,000 fine for leaking classified documents to his biographer and mist tress. the sentence followed petraeus' agreement to plead guilty to a misdemeanor count. outside the charlotte court petraeus apologized. >> today marks the end of a two and a half year ordeal that resulted from mistakes that i made. as ski is it in the past i apologize to those closest to me and to many others including those with whom i was privileged to serve in government and in the military over the years.
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>> the judge said petraeus committed a grave but very uncharacteristic error in judgment. mixed news in the housing market today, sales of new homes plummeted about 11.5% in march while existing home sales were up. modest fwans on the markets today, the dow finished ahead 20 the s&p 500 rose 5, the nasdaq closed up 21 at a record high. the senate has confirmed loretta lynch as the next attorney general. she will become the first african-american woman in the office. the afternoon's vote was 56 to 43 with ten republicans voting in favor. lynch's nomination had been on hold for five months because of democratic objections to an oi borings funding provision on a bill on human trafficking. republican presidential candidate ted cruz was the only senator not to vote. he also missed yesterday's action on that trafficking bill. still ahead, the secret service is accused of letting down its guard again. first we look at the significant impact of the u.s. aircraft carrier
3:24 pm
group watching an iranian convoy near yemen.
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russia has hacked a u.s.
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government network again. defense secretary ash carter says the hackers gained access to the pentagon's unclassified network we're told the intruders were identified within 24 hours and removed in a way that minimized their chances of returning. the white house and state department had also have been hacked by the russians so far this year. more air strikes by the sawed joe led coalition in war torn yemen today. the targets included a houthi held air base military camp and weapons cashes. off the coast the uss theodore roosevelt has made its presence felt while trailing and observing an iranian convoy. >> reporter: he be pentagon officials say the suspected iranian weapons convoy reversed course overnight before enters the waters off yemen. the state department would not say that the presence of the uss theodore roosevelt was the reason. >> ask the iranians why they turned the ship around. we have a variety of ways to raise
3:29 pm
concerns with the iranians and i'm not going to get into more detail. >> reporter: the u.s. navy positioned nine war ships in a line along yemen's coast stretching from the entrance to the red sea to oman. the nine-ship iron wran convoy is being trailed by the roosevelt which is flying manned and unmanned surveillance planes near the suspected iranians arms convoy which is now headed northeast in the arabian sea in the direction of home being escorted by the iranian revolutionary guard's navy. two attack missile boats, the kadir and mirror raj, the convoy was originally heading in the direction of the yemeni point of adan which is now surrounded on three sides by houthi rebels. white house officials have encouraged the saudis to halt their air campaign against the houthis in yemen, concerned about the large number of civilians karkts. president obama spoke with the saudi king last friday but already those air strikes have started up
3:30 pm
again. saudi arabia's ambassador said during a press conference in washington that his country will continue striking targets in yemen as needed. >> when the houthis or their allies making a sieve moves there will be a response. it's the decision to calm matters now rests entirely with them. >> reporter: the proxy war in yemen between saudi arabia and iran also creates a problem for u.s. diplomats trying to negotiate an end to iran's nuclear program in vienna. those talks restarted monday. >> i mean a lot of confusion. i mean we're putting an aircraft carrier in the gulf of yemen to block against iranian war ships that are coming into that area and yet we're still significant at a table can you get a deal on nuke lever weapons there's something wrong with that picture. >> reporter: that from general mike flynn. pentagon officials welcome iran's apparent decision to order its convoy to return home but the uss theodore
3:31 pm
roosevelt is still trailing the suspected arms shipment in case the iranians change their mind and reverse course again. the european union is committing new resources to deal with the influx of migrants from northern africa. more than 10,000 people have been plucked from the sea between italy and libya in just the last few days hundreds of others have died. the plan is to find and destroy vessels used by the traffickers as well as increase the capabilities for search and rescue missions. a program created by congress to deal with massive patient black logs at veterans affairs medical facilities is being called a disappointment tonight. the $10 billion veterans choice effort aims to send vets to see private sector doctors but only 38,000 appointments have been completed since november involving a tiny fraction of eligible patients. va officials say they're studying the problem. more troubling had news about the secret service tonight. an inspector general's
3:32 pm
report says a security alarm at the texas home of former president george hw bush was broken for more than a year before the service fixed it. roving patrols and cameras were used to monitor the property while the alarm was broken. bush 41 tweeted his respect and confidence in the service has never waned. no grapevine tonight, the panel is set to weigh this on all the new evidence linking the clintons millions of dollars and allegations of influence peddling. so, what brings you to jersey? well, geico's the #1 auto insurer in new jersey, new york and connecticut. so i just came by to say "thanks." #1, huh? that's great. here you go. a little token of appreciation. oh, that's... that's... that's great... now i'd say you probably need a large. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> i haven't been presented with any -- any evidence to indicate that somehow there has been insufficient information ru to the administration. >> what the clinton foundation had said is that we will be even more transparent even though transparency international and others have said we're among the most transparent foundations. we won't take new government funding, but that the work will continue as it is. i think that's the right choice for the people who are being affected by that work. >> chelsea clinton speaking today about the clinton foundation going forward. this as new allegations about really tens of millions of dollars in funding for the clinton foundation coming from foreign governments while mrs. clinton is secretary of state and also big ticket speeches to former president clinton. the new york times did a 4,000 word piece done by pulitzer rise winning reporter joe becker she spent months investigating this deal before this latest book clinton cash and it lays an interesting story that we talked about in
3:38 pm
this piece about uranium and a company in kazakhstan. this as we find out new information today, reuters, quote, hillary clinton's family charities are refiling at least five annual tax returns after a reuters review found errors in how they reported donations from governments and said they may audit other clinton foundation returns in case of other errors. the charity's errors generally take the form of underreporting or overreporting by millions of dollars donations from foreign governments or in other instances omitting to break out government donations entirely when reporting ref through the charity confirmed to route ears. this comes while we have a special tomorrow night 10:00 p.m. eastern time and you see the latest fox news poll on whether hillary clinton is honest or trustworthy. judge andrew napolitano charles lane and charles krauthammer. okay. there is a lot to unwind here. we do it in an hour where we go through all of these different
3:39 pm
cases, this one case deals with uranium in kazakhstan. judge, when you look at the face of this and you see what we've reported and others have what do you think? >> i think that the president of the united states start with him before we get to mrs. clinton, permitting the uranium in the united states to be under the control of vladimir putin his arch them a sis and no longer a friendly country to the united states russia is incompetence of the highest order. if the foreign policy the public policy of the united states of america was influenced by donations to the clinton foundation or fees paid to bill clinton which under new york state law were mrs. clinton and bill make their marital home are hers as well as his, the fbi mustst men's an investigation as to whether or not there was active or passive known or unknown bribery in this case. >> if there was, for example, a
3:40 pm
civil action that involved the clintons the stipulation -- the bar is pretty low. >> yes. yes. there's a federal statue called rico which would permit someone who was burned by this who felt i was intimidated to paying bill clinton more than he was owed or i made this trick to the foundation expecting this promise and i didn't get it that would permit a successful claim and after showing two criminal acts bribery or ex torsion, in a ten-year period to attack the value of the clinton foundation and if successful if successful to receive three times its value dis gorged from whoever owns the clinton foundation. >> the clintons are pointing out that the foundation does great work around the world, they say there is not one shred of evidence that ties them to any bribery or pay for play. >> wow. i'd be surprised if we ever to find a flat quid pro quo
3:41 pm
where somebody said i will give you money, you, bill clinton, i will give you this speaking engagement if in return for you i get x. i would be surprised if in this whole flow of cash there's something that explicit. >> do you think there has been an e-mail? >> actually no. i think nobody would be dumb enough to reduce something like that to writing. my point is however, that isn't the way these things work. this is just the kind of sloshing around and influence and cash that is now standard procedure, unfortunately, in washington. to me the outstanding fact in this is the following, this is what's really unprecedented. we have a former president of the united states who for the last decade plus was essentially a lavishly compensated part-time employee of wall street big industrial companies and foreign governments. okay? who is now in a sense coming back to the white house in whatever capacity he wants to
3:42 pm
come back to the white house. we've had ex presidents who have gotten rich off speaking engagements engagements, although probably not to this degree before. we've never had a situation in which one could return this effect to a position of power in the white house and i think out of this whole mass of information that to me is the unprecedented and most troubling part of it. and the part i want to hear hillary clinton address very directly. >> 11 of the 13 bill clinton speeches that were $500,000 or more occurred when hilry clinton was secretary of state. this is from the time he left office until 2012. we don't have any other reporting after 2012 because they didn't have to report it. we should point out on this kazakhstan piece that those donations from the company that was created from this deal in kazakhstan on uranium mining those donations were not reported. the only reason they came to light is because there were canadian tax records that were unearthed. >> it's hard to know where to start with this. they go
3:43 pm
unreported and then you hear the principal who donates its money saying that he really was interested in a charitable objectives of the clinton foundation. when it is obvious to anybody who is over nine years old that you take the president of the united states ex-president on a plane, you go to kazakhstan he praises one of the more infamous dictators in the region at a time when he needs that kind of validation. a few days later this small company which is sort of unknown, a shell company, gets a human concession and then there is a donation and then there's a speech that he can pocket. whereas the donations, you know what did you report the other day, something like $70 million the foundation has spent on transportation. i mean what does it take -- i mean that's really flying pretty high. so in a sense it's a piggy bank for the clintons under the fwiez of a charity. but what strikes me
3:44 pm
about all this is the unbelievable arrogance of the clintons who do this in the full expectations they're going to get away with it. they burn the tapes, this he eliminate the e-mails. yes, you might not have had a direct quid pro quo in the e-mails but there might have been hints of things going on that would support other evidence and now it has disappeared, it's gone. and you do all this knowing you're walking the line. you know you may not be able to prove an actual quid pro quo, which is what you would need for a criminal prosecution, but you come really close to that line but they think in the end they're going to get away with it this comes out in april of this year and by next year do you know what they're going to say, old news. we have dealt with it. >> which is what some organizations are already saying about this that it won't have an impact. i do want to read this from the new york magazine the clinton campaign is batting down the darkest and most conspiratorial interpretation of these stories and where this all leads remains to be seen but the most positive interpretation is not exactly good. to run a
3:45 pm
private operation where bill clinton will deliver a speech for a huge fee and a charity that raises money from some of the same clients has a difficult situation to that have gate. to overlay that situation on to hillary's likely future government service makes it all much harder and yet the clintons pay little to no attention to this problem. >> i he thinks hadded bribery earlier because the justice department justin dieted new jersey senator bob menendez for bribery for behavior far less harmful to the run tree on evidence far less than what we now know about mrs. clinton. >> i want to say a word about the politics. there's a quote this "politico" today from a clinton fundraiser and listen to what he says about this whole con plex of issues it's a legitimate concern and i think secretary clinton needs to be able to explain this in a straightforward constructive thoughtful way. in other words, one of their own supporters is saying she has to get out in front of this she has to say
3:46 pm
something about this. the keyword there is legitimate concern. it's not that there is not a good explanation for this but that people are right to be asking this question and that she herself, not chelsea, needs to get out there and talk about it. >> we'll have more tomorrow on "special report" and the special is at 10:00 p.m. eastern time. next up american drone strikes kill two innocent hostages. as we go to break this is a live look outside the west district police station in baltimore where demonstrators are gathering. they're protesting, as we mentioned, the death of that african-american man who suffered fatal spinal injuries while this police custody. they have been mostly peaceful these protests but developing this hour our crew on the ground says several protesters have been arrested throwing water bottles for police officers. we're monitoring it all and we will keep you up to date.
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president obama did talk today. he actually moves his lips
3:51 pm
and said some things. and he talked about apologizing for the accidental deaths of two hostages including an american held by al qaeda since 2011 the two americans killed are dr. warren weinstein an italian aide worker. dr. weinstein is the american. the other american killed was working with al qaeda adam gadahn, you may remember him as the english spokesperson for al qaeda. and faruq was another al qaeda member killed in a drone strike. now let's listen. >> as president and as commander in chief i take full responsibility for all our counter terrorism operations, including the one that inadvertently took the lives of warren and giovanni. i profoundly regret what happened. on behalf of the united states government, i offer our deepest apologies to the families.
3:52 pm
>> so this operation took place in january. january 14th, we're told. we're back with the panel. charles, what about this? i mean, it seems strange the way it was explained, what about it? >> look, we have had other hostages lost on other presidents. jimmy carter and rescue mission under reagan hostages executed executed in lebanon friendly fire. you don't want to heap a lot of criticism on the president. two points to make. number one is we lack intelligence. obama decided he was going to be holier than thousand, close guatemala change our interrogations and put everybody in a civilian court where you can't interrogate. only option is to kill a terrorist. a dead terrorist doesn't speak. immediate effects are zero. over the six years of the presidency, intelligence dries up and that's why you are shooting in the blind. that really isn't good. this is possibly a result of that policy. the second is that in the
3:53 pm
2012 election cycle the white house leaked stories about how the president heroically looks through list. he calls in the drone strikes, he decides who lives and who dies, it was particularly acute after the usama bin laden raid. and now they have announced that on this raid he was not involved. it was others who did it you know, that's a little bit lacking of class. either you are the one who commands it or you are not. >> well, he does say he takes full responsibility. you are right. senior officials said he didn't order it. >> and those words mean nothing. he takes responsibility. >> okay, chuck don delayney congressman from maryland others saying there is something tragically wrong that we don't have a better system to go after american hostages, there are others. >> boy, i don't know what congressman delainie, who is a smart guy, i don't know what his better idea is for tracking and rescuing people who are on the ground in very remote corners of waziristan and pakistan, by the way, you are already
3:54 pm
violating pakistani airspace which is kind of controversial. and to ingenetic american ground troops, which i guess is the alternative even riskier. basically with charles on this which is that these are the terribly regrettable risk was you take when you are dealing in a war on terror like this. and you -- the part i disagree with him on is i'm not sure can you lay this intelligence failure to anything particular even something like the lack of place to interrogate people. there is just going to be some blind spots in any -- at any kind of operation. you rarely have perfect intelligence and that's unfortunately why some of these things happened. >> judge, you have a problem with u.s. citizens being killed by drone strikes period, anwar al-awlaki yemen, others, rand paul has talked about this what about this? i am sorry for the death of dr. weinstein and mr. laporte toe i agree with
3:55 pm
my colleagues this is unintended consequences of trying to fight the bad guys in a remote part of the world. i condemn in words as strong as anyone can muster the idea that the president of the united states can be judge, jury and executioner for any american. the constitution expressly prohibits it and we fought every single war against tyrarants so that that type of unilateral power in the hands of one person, who now apparently delegates it to others would ever come here. >> even if they are tied to al qaeda? >> even if they are tied to al qaeda. the president cannot summarily kill them. that's a war crime. >> we have got to governmental the trader and then kill him. >> there. we will leave it at that that's it for the panel stay tuned to see the many expressions of president obama.
3:56 pm
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3:59 pm
ginelly tonight president obama is getting ready for the white house correspondence dinner this weekend. likely deliver lines there. facial expressions caught the eye of one late night host. >> this is called was sup. >> this is the. >> this is the hay this guy over here. >> hey i'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse. >> this is the hey. >> this is the representative. >> this is the.
4:00 pm
>> this is the get out why you still can. >> thanks for inviting us into your your home tonight. this is fair balanced and unafraid. here is greta. >> presidential frontrunner hillary clinton has lots of explaining to do. the clintons under fire from major newspapers. a headline in the "the washington post" asking if the clintons have an ethical blind spot. the "new york times" raising questions about special deals with russia and uranium and the "wall street journal" raising issues about gifts to secretary clinton's family foundation. none of this is good for secretary clinton's campaign. but, first outrage tonight over a cia drone strike that president obama says accidently killed americans held by al qaeda. two innocent hostages. an american and italian also held. two americans fighting for al qaeda. right now, "on the record" live team coverage from washington to pakistan we begin with fox white house correspondent kevin


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