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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 24, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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guts. glory. ram. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> accusations mounting that while secretary of state hillary clinton used her position to enrich the clinton foundation by doing favors for foreign governments and corporations. >> heat building on hillary clinton as charges mount that she traded political favors to help the clinton foundation. >> nothing to see here. >> is it time for her to come clean and can she survive this scandal? >> we moved forward when women who came to this country in search of a better life can earn a path to citizenship. >> the democratic front runner calling for am mess city at a women in the world summit. is she already pandering for the latino and female vote? we'll debate that.
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>> really reaching a critical tipping point which is christian persecution in the middle east and northern africa and that's something that president obama has really been largely silent on. >> as the brutal persecution of christians continues so does the silence from the obama administration. reverend franklin graham will be here. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. let's get right to our top story. growing accusation of corruption against hillary clinton as talking points explained last night there is an overwhelming amount of circumstantial evidence that the former secretary of state may have traded political favors for donations to her family foundation and large speaking fees for her husband. >> talking points believes there is enough evidence of major money flowing to the clinton foundation and to
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the clintons themselves through lecture fees that an official investigation has to be launched. but i want to make it very clear. that the clintons are to be given the presumption of innocence. as one who has been dishonestly smeared i loathe political hit jobs. but there are major questions here. and they must, must be answered. no government official should benefit financially while serving the people. >> and a fox news documentary hosted by bet baier tonight suggests even good deeds such as help for earthquake ravaged haiti came with strings attached. >> as haiti dug itself out of the rubble, many projects were initiated often with u.s. money and a connection to the clintons. the central question, the question which sweitzer investigated was about how you so many of these deals seemed to come back at some point to the clintons. >> what quickly became apparent to many people was that if you wanted a contract, if you wanted to
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do business in haiti you had to have relationships with the clinton. that was absolutely key. >> the clinton machine has been predictly out in force trying to defend glirl there is no smoking gun. there is no evidence that she changed the policy based on the donations to the foundation. >> i think what we're dealing with is really big bureaucratic organization. i think this book, again has been full of a lot of already discredited pieces. and i think that's more and more going to come out. i think we have to remember that this is not what the voters in this country are looking for in this campaign. >> if somebody wants to make something that the foundation is readjusted a tax return, who knows. and i think the thing is like $2 billion. i wouldn't be surprised if there is an accounting glitch somewhere. how why know? >> but even the liberal "new york times" says it's time for hillary to come clean writing today quote: the increasing scrutiny of the foundation has raised several points that need to
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be addressed by mrs. clinton and the former president. the only plausible answer is full and complete displotion disclosure of all sources of money going to the foundation. so is it time for the clintons to come clean? joining me now from washington is richard good stein the democratic strategist and former advisor to hillary clinton and simon rosenberg a former advisor to president bill clinton and the founder of the end. richard, first to you. you were an advisor of hillary clinton. you know, first of all, the two of you guys, i feel bad. i don't know how you are going to do. this you have it to defend these candles keep getting bigger and bigger. i'm under the impression this is a sweater with so many snags in it one of these snags is going to unravel the whole thing. why is this not as big as i think it is and a lot of people do. >> here to start first i won't talk about discrediting the author. i know people have talked about his ties to. >> stay on hillary. >> i'm saying let's put that aside. the fact of the matter is as you heard in the segment you
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just ran there has not been a single fact, tons of speculation, great but not a single fact that traces any of her behavior to anything that anybody on the outside did or indeed anything involving this whole russian uranium deal at all. indaddy, the assistant secretary of state who was assigned to handle this said that he never heard from hillary once. this was a multi-agency. >> richard, did you sell -- cellular company made $50 million doing haiti work. then it's o'brien who ran digi cell set up speeches for bill clinton and dropped millions of dollars into clinton foundation. hold on, one more, dcs mining, new to the mining game, got mining contracts in haiti and hillary clinton's brother was put on the board of that mining company. mind you, they are new to that business. you may say there is no shred of evidence. i look at it as saying it's
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a big pile, a big mound of evidence. >> there are good reasons that big global companies were donating to the clinton foundation because they, like others, want to tackle malaria, aids, climate change and disaster relief. there is a reason why they like to have bill clinton speak to them because he spoke to those issues, too. >> the timing. they are dropping money into the clinton foundation as these deals were struck or just after the deals were struck. i have a whole list of them. let me get to simon for a second. simon, london group investigated for human rights violations in the congo under senator obama and senator clinton's legislation. senator clinton became secretary of state clinton she looked other way with in london group. guess what happens when she announces she wants to run for president in 2008. do you know what happened? they dropped $100 million into the clinton foundation. >> well, look, i think that richard covered some of the topics but i think the clintons are going to have to do as the "new york times" suggested far more in
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the coming weeks to assuage people that nothing improper happened during her time as secretary of state. i don't think that the initial defense has been overwhelmingly convincing. there is a lot of stuff kicking around out there. i think if they think they're going to make this go away by taking one of these at a time, i don't think that's going to happen. they will have to do far more than they have to make sure the "new york times" has offered one idea. there is lots of other ideas out there to make sure that they say to the american people definitively that nothing improper happened. if that doesn't happen that's going to clearly effect her candidacy. >> you can say all the way you want. the only way you put a nail in this coffin so to speak is by getting these emails. talk about what happened. we will talk in the next block how we try to get emails and sometimes it doesn't work out. richard, take a listen to marie harf at the state department. josh earnst has said don't talk to us, white house about what went on during the clinton era that the
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hillary secretary of state era. talk to the secretary of state department. they are the ones that she ran, she ran the state department. >> look what happens when you ask the state department about hillary clinton. >> these specific donations that the "new york times" reported about yesterday were not required to be disclosed by the memorandum? >> that's certainly my understanding. >> you can explain why that is? >> i'm happy to check on some more information on that. i'm happy to check. >> you don't know why -- >> -- i'm happy to check if i knew why i would tell you. i'm happy to check. >> a little snippy there. right, are richard? >> you know, i'm friends with simon and i agree with him on almost everything but here is where i disagree a little bit. john podesta was quoted incoming, this will not stop. if all she did all she spent her time doing was talking about all the stuff coming in utterly unsubstantiated, okay? that's all she would be doing. the voters out there, let me
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tell you the evidence of what she is doing is right. republicans spent two weekends ago in new hampshire bashing hillary. hillary has been out there talking about problems that are facing every day voters. guess what? in the fox news poll itself from the month ago until now, her standing is better against rubio paul, christie the fox news poll actually has her up half as much as the real clear politics. >> she definitely is losing ground. >> no, she is not. >> simon it's one thing when it's a former president or it's a secretary of state and you're trying to, i don't know, buy favor or get some political influence. but it's another thing completely when that person wants to be the most powerful human being on the planet. there is a lot of influence to pedal if she becomes president. >> yeah, i mean, look. she is the most likely person in the country to become the president. she is far ahead in the polls. she has no primary opposition right now. there hasn't been a figure on the national stage like this since eisenhower running for president. i think it's because she has
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no opposition all the media is now focused on her. this has come very quickly. it's clear that they were not totally prepared, frankly, for what's going on. and they have got to get out in front of this. and i think what i said earlier was they have got to make it clear to the american people, not to you and those of us watching tonight, but the american people that nothing improper happened. if she can do that, she can become the president. if she fails at that it's going to effect her candidacy. >> we're going to talk a lot more about this the rest of the show. simon and richard thank you very much. >> next on the rundown general electric still refusing to answer questions about a possible quid pro quo with hillary clinton. we'll analyze that deal and others that are raising some serious questions. we hope you stick around for that report. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day.
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in the impact segment tonight, as the factor reported last night a potentially damning piece of evidence that there may have been some wrongdoing by hillary clinton is general electric's refusal to release emails about a big contract that was awarded with her backing. >> when a corporation like general electric says it will not make public emails sent to it by the state department during a period of time when g.e. secured a big contract from algerian government while donating generously to the clinton foundation? there is something very wrong. g.e.'s ceo jeffrey immelt must know that there is an appearance of impropriety here. and he has an obligation to the shareholders of g.e. to avoid any taint of scandal. thus immelt should release those emails immediately. if he does not the justice department should begin an investigation. >> well, at g.e.'s
8:15 pm
shareholder meeting earlier this week one ask if release emails. that shareholder justin denhoff public counsel policy research. host of money sister network 2:00 p.m. on fox business. mr. danhoff what did g.e. tell you but releasing those emails. by the way, you went to the shareholder meeting? >> that's right. thanks for having me on, eric, on tuesday i traveled to oklahoma city. i went to the belly of the beast and i confronted mr. i'm melt. the general lick trick ceo face to face. i laid out just what mr. o'reilly laid out that here are the facts and they are not disputed. you donated to the clinton foundation. hillary clinton admits that she lobbied the algerian government on behalf of general electric and algeria did, indeed, award a 1.9 billion-dollar contract to general electric after a the fact. so so, after i laid out those facts i said since we
8:16 pm
cannot get blood from a stone, and the stone being hillary clinton's server in this instance, would you general electric, would you release the documents? would you release the communications that you have with the state department during this time to prove to us investors here that nothing untoward happened? and that's the approach that we are coming from. we are a good governance organization. we are concerned that general electric may have exposed itself here to honest services fraud completely unnecessarily. >> right. and so you did this in the shareholder meeting. stand up and raise your hand and immelt was on the stage. what was the response? >> his exact words were what i ask are you going to release the documents? he said that's not something we would do. so that raises the suspicion level even higher, doesn't it right? if there is no there there why won't g.e. get out in front of this story rather than playing from defensive from behind if i'm the ceo.
8:17 pm
i get out in front and say of course we didn't do anything wrong. here is the documents proving so. you have your lawyers vet them and you get out in front of the story. >> let me bring in melissa francis. boeing, other companies had arrangements where they were awarded bids and contracts and made donations to the clinton foundation. is there a there there? >> there is a there there. there are mountains of evidence. there are so system cases. you look at the case of boeing. she went and she lobed for them to get a contract in lush shah after that they put money right in the foundation. i don't know going after the emails may not be the way to go. doubtful for me that they actually put in writing there was a quid pro quo. i don't know if you need that look at the uranium situation. this is a disaster we have let russia corner the market on uranium all around the world. they now control the u.s.' source of uranium. we're a net importer. we need this for weapons and
8:18 pm
energy. how did we let this happen? isn't there a committee that judges whether or not companies should be able to buy strategic assets. >> do you know where the committee is. >> where they are? >> at the state department. >> at the state department. she sat on that committee by virtue of saying nothing? that is it right there. she needed to raise her hand and say this is improper and she would have in other situations. she got money. her husband got money. the foundation got money from this company that she let take over america's resource. >> mr. dan hough you are investor in these companies. so my question say all right, isn't the secretary of state supposed to do that? make deals for american corporations? the problem i'm having here is that there was pay back. there was payment into the foundation and this: what about the other companies? what about the competitors to boeing and g.e. and uranium one? the iranians have no shot. that's not free market. that's not capitalism. >> that's right. melissa brings up a good point we have to see if there is quid pro quo.
8:19 pm
under services fraud it's ambiguous law. written in 1988. the last time the u.s. supreme court case heard it was enron's skilling in 2010. it didn't clear up the ambiguities. if you actually reach a jury level under honest services fraud, a jury is allowed to infer guilt from the circumstances. so, even if there is no, you know, secret documents you can find. >> i don't even think you need to go that far. in the case of uranium one. you look at the case, the bankers that were behind the deal put money directly into the clinton's account by having bill clinton give that speech. auto% of that money is hillary clinton's because they are married. she went out and she advocated for this company by virtue of not raising her hand and saying this deal is terrible and not in america's interest. >> hopefully they keep that chinese wall between the foundation. >> that's not even the foundation money though. that's speech money. >> went directly into her pocket. >> we have to leave it right there. directly ahead.
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in the factor follow-up you segment tonight, how are republican presidential contenders going to capitalize on the clinton controversy? while secretary clinton remains the solid frontrunner for the democratic nomination. all of these controversies are hittings her in the honest and trustworthy poll. how will the republican candidates exploit that weakness? joining me from washington d.c. is matt slapp chairman of the american conserving union and former director to president george w. bush and adam goodman a republican
8:24 pm
communication strategist. ghat earlier we had two dems on trying to defend the clintons. i felt bad for them at one point that they are really out there. they are stretches. they keep saying there is not a shred of evidence and we keep showing them mounds and mounds of evidence. >> yeah, here's the first fact is that we're never really going to know all the facts here because they viewed all of this as personal business. and, of course, we know that she said at her u.n. press conference that she felt -- it was perfectly okay to delete all those emails on her server. we are never ever going to get all the information. the information we have raises huge questions about hillary clinton's judgment. even if he didn't break the law that's a big if what about her judgment? >> let's talk about the g.o.p. side. who does it help the most? jeb bush was a governor for an will time and not subordinated with any of these kind of controversies whatsoever. marco rubio. you think of bebb carson, honest worthyy guys who gets the most benefit from this. go with you matt very quickly and jump over in a second. >> basically i think jeb
8:25 pm
bush does benefit from this. from shows voters who say it's clinton it's bush. legacy we have heard all about them. this is a way jeb bush distinguishes. no one raises ethical questions about jeb bush also helps those candidates far away from people like washington, d.c. carly fiorina scott walker, the people who can run against the town of washington, d.c. >> what do you say adam? scott walker, matt points out scott walker has not much foreign policy exposure whatsoever maybe that could be a good thing. >> there is a new rallying cry republicans can now use thanks to hillary's problems. the rallying cry is america is not for sale. we can't be bartered. we can't be coerced and we can't be sold. i think every candidate actually in the republican banner can run on that. to matt's point agree. when i jeb bush who comes off as very real and authentic, that will play well i think. marco rubio sitting on the senate foreign relations committee as foreign relations has become a bigger issue for americans.
8:26 pm
that will be helpful for marco and then the outsiders as matt said the corely fiorinas the scott walkers and even the ted cruzs even though maybe not considered technically an outsider they all can stand to benefit. every republican can now look the voters in the eye and say here is what we are talking about. we are talking about leadership that's willing to stand on their own two feet. look the american people in the eye and say what's what. hillary, who, you know, creates charities with bill, where they are themselves the charity of is not the kind of leadership we are looking for. >> so, matt, if the voters are looked in the eye and say this is what you have, apparently it's not effecting. she still does he have well among democrats something like a 65% approval rating. >> no, look at those numbers back from 2008. there are worried democrats all over this town. this beginning of this presidential campaign it didn't get off operationally very well. now they have very big problem. she didn't get out. adam knows the first rule of
8:27 pm
politics. get all this stuff out before you announce. she is announcing while all the bad news is coming out. they will potentially have to refile all of their 990s potentially for 15 years eric. we are going to be talking about 'this for months and months. it's not just smoke there is some flames. >> what's the g.o.p. strategy here? do you stay on this or do you risk sounding like you are repetitive? i think they stay on this. is huge. there this a box flower rose to the g.o.p. some pedals it keeps opening up. >> how many times you have seen that conservative bassian of media the "new york times" give holy hell to the clinton family being open and straight and transparent. i think that's where this is all going. the bottom line is he are in now the campaign the season of first impressions where a lot of republicans are getting the chance for the first time to introduce themselves to the american public. unfortunately for hillary we're seeing impressions that trace back to the old hillary and these are impressions, i think a lot
8:28 pm
of americans would rather not remember. >> it's interesting to note that the "new york times" has been on top of this as recently as today. ' progress is out in some of this stuff matt, quick thought on whether the democrats are a little nervous of hillary. >> they are definitely i nervous. i actually think you are going to see martin o'malley and others like bernie sanders get in this race. i actually don't think it's a forgone conclusion she is going to get this nomination. yes she seems to get better as a candidate. last time as the campaign went forward. she didn't start in this kind of position. i think that they better come up with complete answers for these questions soon or they're going to be up for a rocky couple of months. >> adam, i think she pulls out. i think she says enough is enough at some point what do you think? >> it could be. >> i hope not. >> she is entertaining as heck. but the bottom line is i think the democrats have no plan b. she is plan a and there is no b c or d. they are starting to panic. >> thank you very much. plenty more as the factor
8:29 pm
moves along this evening. geraldo rivera says iran isn't really hot u.s. should be worried about. he is going to explain that. and later: hillary clinton tells a conference of women that illegal immigrants should essentially be given amnesty. is she already pandering for votes? we hope you stick around for those reports. jack's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today, his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before your begin an aspirin regimen.
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that country. plenty of people are warning that the agreement will help iran find terrorism and eventually build a bomb. how worried should americans be? here now fox news senior correspondent geraldo rivera. >> hello. >> i'm terrified of a nuclear iran. why aren't you wouldn't you know that me and millions of others don't know? >> are you terrified of a nuclear pakistan? a nuclear india? why not? >> because i think they are less hateful of everything that's west. i know there is a lot of -- india is very westernized and pakistan is becoming more western nice. iran wants to wipe the west out. they want to get rid of israel and hate everything about america. >> you just recited was the propaganda that you have been spoon fed by the saudis. >> india isn't pro-western. >> saudi arabian is the font of all evil and let me explain how the word supports my point of view. >> you changed a little bit. you asked about pakistan and india. >> i will get to iran. believe me. you say iran is the gravest threat.
8:34 pm
i'm telling you what the greatest threat is is i was in africa in 1998 much the boekham obamaings, i covered "u.s.s. cole." and then you have 9/11. who are the attackers on 9/11? 15 of them were sunnis. sunnis. >> who funded them? >> sunnies at the embassy. >> they were who funded them? just tell me where the money came. >> from all sunnies all from saudi arabia. it funds the that dross. >> do you want me to tell you what i am about to say. >> please. >> sunni extremists. world is divided into two sunni shiite, saudi iran. who are the sunnies? al shabaab. al news are a. al qaeda isis. boko haram. who are they? they are all sunni extremists funded by. >> funded by whom, geraldo? >> funded by the saudis. >> if you follow the trail it's back to iran. >> give me the sleuth
8:35 pm
bologna. >> shiites are somehow funding the sunni extremist. >> i'm saying funding hezbollah, funding hamas. funding certain sects of al qaeda. they are funding a lot of the people. >> the iranians are supporting al ghid that's not true. al qaeda, al shabaab. alnasa arera. sunni extremists. funded why elements of the saudi royal family. >> so you are saying. >> proven and groofn. >> saudis are a bigger threat to western civilization, america and our allies than the iranians? >> not only do i say that but i say that. >> it's mind boggling. >> saudis have bought off so many of america's intelligenceia and punditry they have conned the world. >> they are one of our allies geraldo. they went to war to
8:36 pm
eliminate saddam hussein. >> i want them to release the 9/11 report that is still classified that talks of the saudi and the saudi family involvement in 9/11. sunni extremists. al shabaab. boko haram. isis. al qaeda, usama bin laden himself a saudi. all -- where is it that iran is suddenly the existential threat to america? iran and the shiites have nothing to do with the people who have been beheading j americans,. >> they have been burning people. >> terrorism around the world, geraldo. >> you say that without. >> if you follow my trail it always ends up in iraq. >> tehran preposterous. >> who says death to america. they say it in saudi arabia and bahrain libya and morocco. here there and everywhere. >> is it a good idea to let the iranians get a bomb? >> no. because i don't -- >> why not?
8:37 pm
>> i am opposed to luke larr proliferation, period. it makes the world more dangerous. buff for us to sit here and say iran is this threat, iran shiite iran is the graveeth threat. >> iranians have said wipe israel off the map have they not? >> i have not heard saudis say that. >> invaded israel. >> i haven't heard egypt say that. >> saudi arabia all these countries invaded israel. iran -- iraq not iran. >> israel bombed iran for a reason. yes or no? >> i will speak directly to you. al shabaab alnusra. al qaeda, boca boko haram sunni extremists have nothing to do with iran. >> iran, hezbollah hamas hamas is sunni. >> you are defining them for that reason. i'm defining.
8:38 pm
>> sunni shiite. >> all about where the money comes from, geraldo. if they don't have a money trail. they can't do without the money. >> you are oil trader. you have hold the hands with the saudis for decades. >> that's it. i have some deal with the saudis? >> not you personally, all of your class. geraldo, i love you, you are out of your mind. >> thank you very much. >> hillary clinton pushing amnesty at a woman's conference. she just trying to lock in the latino vote and female vote? we'll debate that coming up. [meow mix jingle slowly and quietly plucks] right on cue. [cat meows] ♪meow, meow, meow, meow...♪ it's more than just a meal it's meow mix mealtime. with great taste and 100% complete nutrition, it's the only one cats ask for by name.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm eric bolling in for boyle and in the unresolved problem segment tonight. we all know that immigration will be a major issue in the 2016 presidential election. and hillary clinton the only democratic candidate so far made her position very clear last night at the women in the world conference. >> we moved forward when women who came to this country in search of a better life can earn a path to citizenship. [ applause ] >> right now they are being forced to work outside the formal economy often being subjected to discrimination and even worse. >> well, that sounds like back door amnesty to me but
8:43 pm
joining me with a different perspective from fort worth texas is francisco hernandez, an immigration attorney. i'm listening to that and mrs. clinton's words were path to citizenship. isn't that amnesty? >> well, no. it depends if it's earned or not. the problem here is that it's amazing to me that the republican party is letting that entire block of votes go on unchallenged. why can't we introduce something in congress? we he have states passing laws against the immigrants and they all got held unconstitutional and we are letting hillary clinton run with this. >> francisco how is she running with it if it's not a path to amnesty? president obama basically said i'm going sign off on executive order to 4 and a half million illegals to get their immediate path to citizenship. >> no did not. did not. >> you are suggesting that there should be some form of process involved? >> there ought to be -- thank you so much. yes. there ought to be a process whereby folks are filling
8:44 pm
jobs that are available can apply to be here legally. no one is here against undocumented immigration than undocumented immigrants. they are have been rejected by their own country. >> i am going to push back on you. the group that least supports undocumented immigrants is documented immigrants people who waited their turn, stayed in line and spent sometimes 10 years getting a green card. those people don't want the four and a half million or under hillary clinton who knows? 10 million? 12 million people getting in without going through the process. >> look. even if there were a path to citizenship, it wouldn't arrive for five or ten years. but, look, we are not even beyond what the executive order did. they don't have a path through the deferred action. they don't have any guarantee of anything. but you know what? everybody is working and they are contributing for yours and my social security. that's what it's all about. >> do these people who are getting their path to citizenship, do they -- are they going to be entitled to
8:45 pm
obamacare? >> no one is getting a path to citizenship. there is no path. >> she just said we should have a path to citizenship for illegals. those are her words. >> that is the sacred cow of our side whether democrat or republican. we need to give that up. >> let me ask you this. >> as long as we keep talking about immigration as a right we lose. we talk about it as a glift let me ask you this. she was talking to a group of women. she pointed specifically talked about women having -- women illegals having a path to citizenship. it sounds like she is pandering to not only latinos but also to women as well. >> sure. pandering. pandering and we're letting get away. republicans are letting it get away. i'm not on either side. but why can't both parties go after them? it's a block of votes. the undocuments don't vote. but it's about -- their children do. that is who hillary is going
8:46 pm
after and. >> they vote but don't vote now. see how things are changing. >> did you know that illegals that come over. >> undocumented. >> whatever you want to call them fine i will call them undocumented. they are still illegal and breaking the law. if they live in texas they can get in state tuition to texas colleges if i send my son for a year texas cleaning i have to pay out of state tuition. undocumented has lower tuition than my son who is legal and american citizen. >> it's different in texas. i worked on that with governor ratcliff in 2000, 2001. >> they are legal resident. texas is a property tax base state. >> francisco it's 18 states in the union right now. and in five states they not only get a lower tuition rate they can earn financial aid. we can bring somebody from the middle east over here never intended to be here and pay taxes here and we let them have instate tuition. we want them here educated or uneducated. anyone who wants a higher
8:47 pm
education ought to have that opportunity. that's what this country is all about. >> leave it right there. mr. hernandez, thank you for joining us tonight. directly ahead. silence from president obama as christians are slaughtered overseas. where is the outrage over this religious persecution? reverend franklin graham is here. he is next. let's take a look at your credit. >>i know i have a 786 fico score, than to all the tools and help on so how are we going to sweeten this deal? floor mats...
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segment tonight as the factor has been reporting for weeks, christians are being persecuted app the silence from the obama administration is deafening. >> it's reached a critical point. which is christian persecution in the middle east and africa and it's something that president obama has been largely
8:51 pm
silent on. >> christians living in these terror-ridden countries are absolutely terrified. at any time they could be murdered just because they have a cross around their neck or they're saying a prayer. that's how bad it is. and the leader of the free world says nothing. last word. >> that's true. he's been -- >> that's true. >> nothing -- he will occasionally say something when he's under pressure. >> nothing. >> he's not made it a priority. >> what will it take for a president to reach out on this atrocity? joining me now from ashland, north carolina reverend franklin. why is he silent on all the atrocities going on against christians around the world? >> you know i can't answer that question. you know as a youth, his influence was islam. his father was a muslim. his stepfather was a muslim. he went to muslim school. so growing up his impressions as a young man came from islam, not the christian faith. so that may have something to do
8:52 pm
with it. i don't know. >> did he make a mistake pulling troops out of iraq too soon? >> no question. the military commanders told him not to do it that there would be a power volumeacuum. and the shiites and others began to market them. now we have isis. isis was formed to combat the iranian threat or what they saw as the shia threat. and america stepped out of it and now we have a mess on our hands and the president and his policies are responsible for this. the sad thing is the christians and the minorities, the aya zee cities have been butchered. the women have been raped and taken off and sold as sex slaves which is permitted in islam, and the west the president, has been doing virtually nothing.
8:53 pm
and i appreciate the air strikes, but it's almost too little too late. i'm afraid the united states is going to have to put troops back into iraq which i would hate to see, but that may be the only way to defeat isis because i don't think the air strikes are enough. isis is growing. it's not -- it's not backing up. it is growing. >> reverend, can you weigh in on president obama's comments at the prayer breakfast and again doubling down the comments he made at easter time. why would he be calling out christians in history at the very important holy times for christians? >> again, i don't understand where he's coming from who's advising him, where he's getting his facts and his information. the christians in the middle east are being persecuted and they're being slaughtered, and it's happened on his watch. and my question to the president
8:54 pm
and his administration, what are you going to do? are you going to wait before it's too late and say, well we didn't know? you do know. you know the internet is filled with the images of christians being beheaded being shot being buried alive, being burned. these things are there on the internet. and as a christian, eric you know god sent his son from heaven to this earth to die for me and to take my sins and he went to a cross and he shed his blood there and he was buried and god raised him to life. god will forgive anyone of their sins if they're willing to put their faith and trust in his son see just christ and as a christian i want to follow cite and emulate christ and do good to all men. islam, the god of islam requires you to die for him. my god, the god that i worship, he died for me and he's willing to save me and forgive me if i put my faith and trust in his son. but islam, the islams want to
8:55 pm
emulate prophet muhammad. he raped, he murdered, he killed. we've got to take a stand. we fweesht to understand what we're dealing with and it's not just the middle east. we have to be careful of the muslims in this country. we need to stop the immigration rmg we need immigration reform but stop the immigration of muslims come ss coming to this country from countries with active terrorist cells. we have to stop that or we're going to redwret importing that here. sooner or later we're going to see a terrorist attack on one of our theaters schools, or synagogues just like we saw what happened in kenya recently just a few weeks ago at the school. that could happen in this country. and so i hope that our politicians will close the door to these people. >> reverend, thank you so much. by the way, there's a christian
8:56 pm
verb 1 peter 5 that's really powerful. check that out on the internet. reverend reverend thank you so much. next a look at this week's "legends and lies" you don't want to miss it. my feet felt so heavy at the end of the day. they used to get really tired. until i started gellin'. i got dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles. when they're in my shoes my feet and legs feel less tired. it's like walking on a wave dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles, i'm a believer!
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and before we go tonight, legend and lies. the subject, kit carson. here's an exclusive look. >> reporter: during the 1840s the young american nation is experiencing intense growing pains as politicians clam more to seize the vast lands of the western frontier. in the mountains where rocky men once thrived kit carson's life is fading away. he's left his daughter in missouri with family protecting her from the struggles that lie ahead, but on his return trip
8:59 pm
down the mississippi, his prospects change. >> how far you takin' her? >> i'm leading an expedition through the rocky mountains. >> have you ever been to the mountains, sir? it's far east. it will probably take you where you want to go. >> well met, sir. john c. fremont. >> kit carson. >> john fremont, a lieutenant in the army topographic corps has been charged with leading an exploration through the west. he instructings carson to round up a team of veteran mountain membership and native scouts to guide the way. also the companion book is a huge bestseller and if you become a premium member you can get that book or any of bill's other books absolutely free. it's a great value.
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and remember all the money bill gets goes to chairty. remember the spin stops here because we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, growing pressure on hillary clinton from the reeftight and the left as we hear new demands that she come clean as her family took millions of dollars they appeared to receive or appeared to receive variable decision. welcome to the kelly file. i'm megyn kelly. huge fees paid to bill clinton for speeches. and her decision to delete the e-mails that could have cleared the record. with the latest complaints coming from democratic donors. it's been two weeks since she declared her candidacy from


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