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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  April 25, 2015 11:30am-1:01pm PDT

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miss tweet it to us. that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel and to all of you for watching. i'm paul gigot. hope to see you next week. this is a fox news alert. a massive earthquake centered in nepal killing thousands across four nations plus triggering a deadly avalanche on the world's tallest peak mt. everest. people in nepal running for their lives, scrambling for safety as the quake hit just outside nepal's capital city of katmandu. rescue teams digging through the rubble searching frantically for survivors, helping the injured and recovering the dead. just look at this right now. what you're looking at is the absolute terror captured on video as buildings and walls rattled violently, threatening collapse at any moment. the earthquake hitting just before noon local time. some 12 hours ago, with a magnitude of 7.8. it's among the strongest ever recorded leveling much of
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katmandu's historic center city. hello, everyone. welcome to america's news headquarters. i'm kelly wright. >> i'm julie banderas. rescuers race to save lives. the quake was felt across many borders in india, tibet, and bangladesh. a huge aftershock rumbled through and a dozen more rippling through shortly after. the scene is just awful. take a look as local residents pitch in moving bricks trying to push away debris and treating the injured on stretchers in the middle of the street. a reporter with grn was there and described the chaos earlier on america's news headquarters. >> there were more patients, more people coming in than the hospital actually has the capacity. the emergency was overflowing with serious cases but what i
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saw outside was like makeshift immediate emergency centers being set up people getting saline drips, people being administered first aid because there's no place inside. >> world leaders now pledging emergency help to nepal but sending food and medical supplies will be difficult, with the airports and many roads closed down. >> meanwhile, we know ten people are dead after the quake set off an avalanche on the world's tallest mountain mt. everest. we have photos shared online by witnesses who were lucky enough to escape with their lives. the avalanche sweeping down the mountainside across one of the peak's most dangerous spots to a base camp used by climbing expeditions. snow ice and debris burying a big portion of that camp. nepal authorities say ten victims were recovered but many others remain missing or injured, including climbers and their sherpa guides. one mountain climber tweeted that he ran for his life and
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there were many many people remaining up on the mountainside. again, more than 1,000 people are feared dead with the death toll rising. keep it tuned to fox news and america's news headquarters as we bring the very latest on this enormous disaster. to other news now, baltimore bracing for its biggest march yet after near daily demonstrations this week over the death of an african-american man in police custody. >> the whole world is watching! the whole world is watching! >> protests getting under way just a short time ago and are expected to grow throughout the day. protesters vowing to shut down the city until they get answers about the death of freddy gray who suffered a spinal injury while in police custody and died days later. police admitted yesterday they failed to provide gray the medical attention he needed after his arrest. six officers are now suspended
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with pay while the baltimore police department investigates. a fox extreme weather alert. a powerful system leaving major destruction in the south. more than 200 reports of severe storms including 11 tornadoes. heavy winds damaging homes and toppling trees and power lines. one texas homeowner still in shock after a tree came crashing down on to her house. >> it took out the grass, whole earth came up with it the tree i can't even imagine how big this tree is. the whole side of my porch pretty much crashed in. >> i think the car's totaled. everything is pretty crushed. >> cleanup time now is what it is. it's just cleaning all this debris. >> let's get some more details about the weather from meteorologist janet dean live from the fox extreme weather center. >> yes, we are dealing with the potential for severe weather. this is the season. the clash of two air masses and we've got a lot of unstable
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moist air ahead of this next front that's moving through. several days of severe weather ahead of us. 6:00 p.m. central time that's where we have our severe thunderstorm watch and a couple of tornado watches as well. the latest across portions of the tennessee and ohio valley until 8:00 p.m. local time. so let's watch this as it moves in towards new orleans area where they are into jazzfest so people are seeking shelter right now. severe thunderstorm warning and we have seen tornado warnings as well. south of jacksonville that's where we have a severe thunderstorm warning earlier. that was a tornado-warned storm. keep an eye on that region. there's your severe threat. a wide area here a lot of real estate millions of people. we think all of the ingredients are going to come together for perhaps a severe weather outbreak later this afternoon into the overnight across the ohio and tennessee river valley. then we have a new system that comes out of the rockies, going to give us the threat for severe weather for texas and oklahoma. that's going to move across the gulf coast, again, some of the
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same areas that have been getting hit hard over the last week and that's going to continue to move eastward. let's track it. there's your future radar, watching very carefully across this area and the gulf coast over the next several hours as this moves eastward then we watch this next system powerful system out of the rockies. look at that spin. our low pressure area forming across the rockies, ejecting into the central plains and look at the snow. several feet of snow across the colorado rockies so one of the main ingredients we need is that cold pocket of air and then we've got this warm unstable air mass ahead of it and that's going to give us ripe ingredients for severe weather not only today, but for the next several days. we will watch it. back to you. >> thanks for the update. a lot of people will be watching. thank you. maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio dropping a bombshell, admitting to a federal judge he had conducted a secret
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investigation into the judge and his wife. will carr is live in los angeles with the very latest on this one. hey, will. >> reporter: hi julie. it's no secret that sheriff joe doesn't back down from controversy. he is often referred to as america's toughest sheriff. but it does appear that he's in a little bit of trouble. the allegation that landed him in court this week is that he continued to enforce federal immigration law even after the court told him not to. this week he even admitted that he violated the court order several times. but the real fireworks came thursday when federal judge snow asked arpaio if anyone has investigated judge snow or his wife. arpaio ended up saying yes, testifying that working on a tip, he hired a private investigator who found the judge's wife allegedly told a friend that judge snow wanted to do everything he could to make sure arpaio was not re-elected. yesterday, a chief deputy got on the stand and tried to play down the quote, investigation, saying they just verified that the conversations took place.
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if true experts say arpaio could ask the judge to recuse himself. back to the reason that everybody's in court, arpaio is facing that serious contempt charge. the aclu alleges that his department continued to racially profile latinos after being ordered not to. arpaio though claims he simply wasn't paying attention. >> he really does know what's going on and i think he's using the old excuse of i didn't know what was going on. bottom line is he violated the court's order and i think he should be held responsible. >> we have never disputed some stuff fell through the cracks. we are saying that it was not willful and from this there are lessons that have been learned. >> the hearing went so long this week the judge has now ordered for it to continue in june. in the meantime he has ordered sheriff joe to turn over all evidence from that investigation into the judge and his wife. julie? >> will carr, thank you very much.
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the select committee on benghazi calling hillary clinton to testify once again on the deadly terror attack in libya. what the ongoing investigation could mean for her presidential campaign. and new details on a stage collapse that injured nearly 20 students. what the school superintendent is saying about that accident. every truck can tow a boat. every truck can climb a hill. every truck can haul a trailer. but not everyone can say they're the fastest-growing truck brand in america. guts. glory. ram.
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time now for a quick check of your headlines here on fox. southwest airlines flight making an unscheduled stop in denver last night. the jet was carrying 175 passengers from las vegas to milwaukee when authorities say it had a pressurization problem. starbucks is back up in business after a computer program took thousands of stores offline. many stores closed early yesterday and gave out free
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coffee. the problem affected 8,000 starbucks stores in the u.s. and canada. and there's this. the stage that collapsed injuring 16 students was only a fefew years old. the school superintendent is not sure it was ever inspected. the cover over the orchestra pit collapsed, plunging students into the pit. all were treated and will be fine. hillary clinton expected to testify again on benghazi as her presidential campaign ramps up. the former secretary of state called for questioning in may and again in june. leslie marsh is a syndicated radio talk show host and fox news contributor. ed rollins, former principal white house advisor to president reagan in both his terms. he has been a long-time strategist to business and political leaders. he is also a fox news political
11:44 am
analyst. both of us join me today. i said both of us. let's talk about hillary clinton right now. she is facing two hearings before a congressional committee, as you know. will we ever however, know what hillary clinton in her role as secretary of state knew or did not know about the 9/11 attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi that killed four u.s. citizens including the u.s. ambassador to libya? leslie, start with you. >> you know there have been seven hearings, 50 briefings seven investigations 13 hearings 50 briefings, 25,000 pages of documents. the bottom line is there's no here here. let's look at the timing of this. hillary announces i'm going to run for president, then all of a sudden it's like we're going to have her back for one hearing, maybe two hearings. the bottom line is investigation and hearing after hearing, investigation after investigation. there's no there, there. they did not find that there was any hint of a conspiracy or
11:45 am
wrongdoing by the former secretary of state or our president. that's what they're going to find again. >> i want you to hold that point. we will get back to that in just a moment. ed so far, mrs. clinton, as we have heard through trey gowdy, does not appear to be cooperating with the chairman of the house select committee on benghazi. he requested that clinton turn over her private e-mail account while serving as secretary of state. she has not done that. and she declined to meet in private for a transcribed interview with committee members about her e-mails. so what can the benghazi select committee expect from her during these public hearings? >> they will continue to press and obviously this is an opportunity for her to tell the full story that she has not cooperated. no secretary of state or no other cabinet officer or no senior white house official runs their own e-mail out of their house in chappaquidick. she chose to do that. she has not been cooperative. i would think if i was running for president and no offense to my counterpart here she announced a week ago, two weeks
11:46 am
ago she's running for president. we all assumed she was but these hearings have been in play for a very long period of time. this is an opportunity for her to step forward, tell the full story. the full story was not told. instantaneous instantaneously after this occurred susan rice national security advisor today, went on five television shows and basically misled the american public by saying this was not a terrorist attack this was all about a video and that's all been disproved. i think this is very important. an american ambassador was killed three other americans were killed and we need to get to the bottom line. nobody is says hillary clinton did or didn't do anything but let's get the facts out. she clearly is the one who can help get that done. >> leslie let's circle back. is there a there there when hillary clinton, for all intents and purposes appearing not to be as transparent as she would have the public believe. >> i think that what -- you know, this reminds me of a movie years ago. i think it was called "the contender" with joan allen in which there was a video she was
11:47 am
accused of being in and she wasn't in and everyone said why don't you just say it's not you. i think this is a line in the sand for mrs. clinton which is look these are personal e-mails. this has nothing to do with benghazi. this is not going to shed any light and quite frankly, do we really have when she has been acquitted, if you will by a jury of republicans over and over if they haven't found the answers, ed you said with all due respect that she hasn't answered all the questions. maybe they're not asking the right questions if she hasn't answered all the questions. why aren't they doing their job more effectively? really shouldn't there have just been one investigation, get all the questions out, get all the answers there. why are we going back again and again if they feel material information is missing, then they're not asking perhaps the right questions. >> she does not have the right or no person in government when you work in government you make a determination that you don't have such a thing as a private
11:48 am
e-mail. those are going back and forth, your husband, whathave you, anything that relates to the government is supposed to be done on a government computer. there is very clear rules and regulations. she has never been forthcoming. at the end of the day on anything that they have ever done. we are now going to have another whole round of issues on the clinton foundation whathave you, and if she wants to be a serious candidate and i think she is a serious candidate, sheeps she's got to basically offset two public polls, fox and quinnipiac say the american public do not believe she is an honest person. she has to be an honest person step forward, or she won't be a viable candidate. >> ed rollins, leslie thank you both for joining us this afternoon. obviously we will talk about this for quite awhile. we will be. thank you very much both of you. bret baier digging deeper into the allegations that foreign governments and businesses have helped make the clintons rich. don't miss a special fox news reporting, the tangled clinton web today at 5:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox news channel. once a big problem on
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more workers are popping pills to keep up at work according to a new study. not just over the counter caffeine pills. more workers have trying to boost performance using drugs
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typically meant for kids. like aterol and the vivance and the con krrkscerta. the use nearly doubling over the last four years. these drugs are often then prescribed to kids. why are doctors prescribing them to adults? >> do you remember the movie limitless by bradley cooper where he was taking the pill and all of a sudden his brain was working better and achieving and he was able to do things? that's what's going on here. they were starting in
11:54 am
campuses and they were able to perform better and function better. and now it is carrying over. a lot of people in wall street. people really under pressure. stress. are going and taking these pills. the numbers between 18-45 has gone up threefold. we're seeing emergency room visits are on the rise so people are using these. and it's unfortunate because there are a lot of side effects to say. >> it's sad to say but one of the most used is the cocaine. and. >> it is almost the same mechanism that goes on with the precipitations. these are hormones in our brain and it makes you think faster and work faster and dhooef more but then you get addicted to it. what it also does to your heart is increases blood pressure heart rate. you can have the cardiac arrest
11:55 am
from this. how many times you see a young guy walking around and then he falls and he's done. these are very addictive medications. also a rebound of the hallucination and the anxiety and it just doeng don't think it is a good idea. >> how often are these effects with the children because these drugs are often given to children with adhd. >> hyperactive disorder. right. and another thing is the doctors are writing too many precipitations very easily. what it does for kids is it can kind of calm them down and bring them to the kind of behavior that is acceptable. for adults with none of these issues. it makes you think faster and makes you push to a whole new level. and that others want to catch up with you. the issue with doctors after ten minutes of talking to you looking at signs and symptoms are writing the precipitations and that should stop. we're just play tag lot of knee
11:56 am
jerk reaction medicine where we see some of these behaviors. and i. >> sounds like doctors like the over prescribing. >> absolutely. >> by the way, happy birthday. back to you kelly. >> happy birthday. top republicans taking their message to voters across the country. a live report from iowa coming up.
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welcome to a brand new hour inside america's new headquarters headquarters. >> talking the news this hour devastating new allegations against hillary clinton that some say could derail her presidential campaign. >> also the accidental deaths of to al qaeda hostages in a u.s. drone strike is raising questions about military policy and whether the ends justify the means. >> and and whether airline industry is celebrating profits thanks to lower fuel prices and the strong demand. does that mean we could see prices coming down? you may not like the answer.
12:01 pm
but first this fox news alert to this 7.8 magnitude earthquake devastating nepal and four nearby countries. secretary of state kerry responding saying the u.s. is working to provide assistance and will be deploying a disaster response team to the region. this as we are getting reports of more than one thousand people dead and the number rising by the hour. you can see the epicenter near kathmandu. officials urging people now to stay out of the buildings following massive aftershocks including a 6.6 tremor through the area. david piper joins us with the latest from the china. what can you tell us. >> reporter: the official death toll is now over a thousand and that could still rise further as search teams reach the epicenter of the quake. and still no news of climbers who went on monteunt everest when
12:02 pm
the quake struck. the quake was felt across the region. >> the ground shook quite hard for possibly about 30 seconds. looking around, i happened to be out doors at the time. trees were waving like it was a hurricane or something like that. but most of the buildings where i was didn't fall down and don't show too many signs of damage. >> reporter: a government minister has described massive damage at the epicenter. so far there has been little information out of the mountainous area as rescue teams struggle to get there. the search is continuing through the night. people trapped beneath the rubble in fallen buildings in kathmandu. many people are sleeping on the streets of the capital tonight because of fear of aftershocks. india has already sent in relief supplies. kathmandu's main airpt is
12:03 pm
reported to have received some damage but some flights are managed to get in. a number of historic buildings have been destroyed by the fake. the famous hundred foot high d darahara tower was smashed. the quake also triggered a huge avalanche on mount everests with mountaineers tweeting they had to run for their lives. eight people are reported dead at the main base camp and many were up at the mountain when the quake struck and remain unaccounted for. >> kevin piper reporting in nepal. from thailand. and again just to remind you our our secretary of state john kerry responding saying the u.s. is working to provide assistance and will be deploying a disaster response too to that region. the rubble coalition spring meeting is under way.
12:04 pm
top republicans coming together and policy makers including former president george w. bush. house speaker john boehner lindsey graham and more. and in iowa declared presidential candidates rand paul ted cruz and marco rubio will be speaking along with possible contenders. scott walker jeb bush and carly fiorina. john live from iowa. >> reporter: it is christian conservatives here in iowa at the point of grace church. this is one of the overflow rooms for the cattle call. they only have 700 seats in the main hall and 1500 people have said they are going to be here today. of course christian conservatives a very important voting block here in the state of iowa.
12:05 pm
in 2012 57% of all people who went to the republican caucuses were christian conservatives. nine candidates in total at least going to be here including marco rubio. they want to hear about bread and butter issues the economy, taxes as well as foreign policy and national security. but they also want to feel that the candidate shares their views on the social issues. for example the faith and freedom coalition issued a call to action for the republican part to quote, grow a backbone on religious freedom. senator marco rubio said this morning he agrees. >> the purpose of our laws is to protect our right. not just to worship but to livous faith as citizens of this country. you see we've reached an area of the growing symbols intolerance against people who choose to live out that you are faith in business and in politics. >> reporter: voters also want foe where they stand on gay
12:06 pm
marriage. all of them do propose it though fiorina does support civil unions. i asked if she had ever been to a gay wedding? >> i had been to a reception. they were good friends and it was a nice reception as well. >> would you go to gay wedding. >> if i were inviting. probably. not in a church that would make me very uncomfortable. but in a civil ceremony yes i would go. >> faith and coalition officials say it is not likely voters here in iowa would vote strictly because of the social issues but it could be a disqualifying factor if they felt that candidate did not agree with them. we should point out marco rubio has the lead nationwide. here in iowa scott walker would win if the caucuses were held today. of course they won't be held until if first week of february next year. about marco rub row, i asked
12:07 pm
about the clinton cache. he said if it was found that cash given to the clinton foundation did influence u.s. policy that could be a, quote, disqualifier for clinton. the clinton foundation says it is now combing through several years of tax returns. this amid allegations about the charity's alelgd lack of transparencey of her tenure. it could derail her second bid for the white house. molly reporting live from washington. >> could possibly derail if she becomes enmeshed in some kind of criminal corruption investigation during her time or related to her time as secretary of state. and donors specifically foreign donors received some benefits or advantage via the state
12:08 pm
department when hillary was the second secretary there. >> the critical question is going to be was there a linkage between the contributions raised by the foundation and the actions mrs. clinton took on behalf of a foundation contributor. if that linkage is in an e-mail housed in new york you could see a very clear linkage. but again it will all depend on the facts as they continue to come to light. >> an upcoming book called "clinton cash" the untold story of how and why businesses helped make bill and hillary rich released this week. and during the time period as the state department under secretary clinton was approving the sale of a canadian company of mine that company made a
12:09 pm
large donation to the hillary foundation. >> it's pretty obvious. but if you can show it with documentation, then you escape the criminal liability. and if the clintons as long as they have skirted the criminal liability, they have gotten away with it. >> clinton's campaign says it is utterly baseless that the then secretary exerted undue influence in the sale of the u.s. uranium mine. >> more in a few minutes, including why some lawyers say the former first lady could -- could -- end up facing federal charges. fears street battles are raging in yemen. take a look. this is the city of aden is bombarded by dozens of saudi led coalition air strikes. attacks as iran back shiite rebels bring in enforcements.
12:10 pm
a pentagon officials say the ships never crossed into the yemeni waters. >> meanwhile in iraq isis is claiming responsibility for three homicide car bombings attacks targeting a the ploet border crossing into the jordan. three solders were killed along with the head of the security force. trebill, sites of fears fighting between iraqi forces and isis militants. the actual deaths renewing the country's drone policy debate and calling into the attention how accurate u.s. intelligence gathering really is. then going beyond the dream. i talk to a holocaust survivor.
12:11 pm
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but hurry! sleep train's interest free for 3 event is ending soon. ...guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ welcome pack. cycling to honor our wounded warriors in this weeks's "face of america" ride.
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veterans are biking all the way to gettysburg pa. the two day bicycle and hand cycle ride gives bikers the opportunity to bring attention to our countries injured vets. also for many of the injured veterans the ride service as an important part of their program allowing them to connect with other veterans faced by similar life challenges. top criminal defense lawyers in washington are saying hillary clinton could conceivably face federal bribery and corruption charges. this amaid a whirlwind of accusations regarding the clintance clintons business and political relationship with foreign donors. first let's talk about the clinton foundation. it is now reviewing several years of tax returns, as top criminal defense lawyers in washington are saying clinton
12:16 pm
could face bribery and corruption charges. these are terrible charging to be coming up against a woman who wishes to become the next president. how could this impact the her campaign? and is she doing more harm than good for the democratic party with these charges looming? >> let's find out what we saw the last week. everyone is writing stories that show the over lap of the foundation of hillary's work as secretary of state and her husband, the money he gets for paid speeches. 26 million dollars he received in paid speeches. those people also made donations to the foundation. now there is no evidence of a quid pro quo but it just gives the perception of conflict. and there's also been a something of a blind spot for the clintons when it came to their donors. we're all reminds of the
12:17 pm
nineties and the lincoln bedroom sleepovers and the buddhist monk situations. >> icky and distrustful. the foreign donors and their relationship with the state department is definitely eyebrow raising. and this new book clinton cash it highlights the state department under her leadership cl green lights a foreign transaction that placed an estimated 20% of america's stockpile of the uranium under the control of the russian firm. >> the clinton people are pushing back pretty hard on this saying that she was not involved at all in that project. there were a lot of people in the administration that had to approve that. and it did not come from her. i think whew you have to consider is listen almost every president, you know, sets up
12:18 pm
some charitable organization. they get paid for speeches. none of that is unusual. and a lot of their work ends up being global. what is unusual for the former president's wife to also be the secretary of state and to want to run for president. and this is uncharted territory. it remains to be seen whether a quid pro quo was found. right now there is no evidence of that. but again as i said before. a poll came out this we're that asked the is hillary clinton a good leader. is she honest or trust worthy and people were so sure. and that is what she has to worry about in maybe not the primary election but certainly the general. >> full disclosure the clinton foundation had vowed to restrict donations from foreign governments and as it turns out they failed to uphold the voluntary agreements.
12:19 pm
while they were voluntary with a former president married to a possible future president and secretary of state. the total funding it received from government entities should be completely transparent. that lack of transparency many believe could derail her run to the white house. >> and she came out and said we need to be more transparent. they are more than most non profits but they could with more. obviously news this week they underreported some of the foreign donations raises eyebrows. i think one of problems for her is she doesn't have a real opponent in this primary. so right now she is running against herself essentially. and right now the media is laser focused on these issues. she is not really getting to debate the issues of working families and populism and education and the things that she wants to be talking about at a campaign that she might be doing if she had some
12:20 pm
challengers. right now everyone is focused on the foundation work and her work as secretary of state. >> jamie, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> and fox news reporting the tangled clinton web. that airs today at 5:00 eastern. then tomorrow author peter sweizer will be on to promote his new book "clinton cash." in israel the past two weeks has been filled with great emotion as the country observes its independence day. and we also look at the commemoration of the holocaust. it's 10:00 a.m. on israel in holocaust remembrance day. air raid sirens blare throughout the country. for two minutes israelis
12:21 pm
everywhere stop what they are doing to give solemn reflection of a dark chapter in their history, observing it for my first time in israel was moving. given you a true sense of the emotions that are still felt today many decades after six million jus were murdered in nazi germany. every year they have a ceremony in observance of the holocaust. it is when people come together to reflect and remember on what happened back then. this year's theme is the anguish of liberation, the return to life. this man says life began for him 70 years ago when he was liberated from a death camp.
12:22 pm
as a survivor he comes here every year. >> i came july 31st 1944. the u.s. army drew near and then they sent us to the march of death. and this i will remember for the rest of my life. on the death march we walked four weeks. i arrived to a camp that i called the hell on earth. we were taken in trains with no food. we it a the frozen ice. this is a memory that one never forgets. and this should be remembered. >> reporter: how do you heal and find the ability to forgive and raise a wonderful and return to life? >> translator: they took me and the children the red cross took
12:23 pm
me to switzerland with 300 children. switzerland to me was the healing, physical and emotional. and then i learned engineering. i got israel and had a profession. i learned hebrew and soon after very quickly, i built with no help a family. >> a vital place in preserving the history of the holocaust for future generations providing documentation, research and commemoration even providing digitally recorded stories of survivor. that are accounting can now be shared long after their lives end. also our ar kooifl films show the atrocities inflicted on the jewish people because of their faith and ethnicity. we must never forget and never let it happen again.
12:24 pm
>> complete evil ideaologist. and i think that we have to try to do our best not only to educate but to influence by public opinion. skbl >> and one of the things he is concerned about rite now is the persecution of christians and other things going on by ethnic groups by isil and radical islamic militants out there committing atrocities against people who just want to express their freedom of religion. >> powerful story. protesters vowing to shut down the city of baltimore taking to the streets over the death of the 25-year-old freddy gray. and these are live pictures courtesy of wjz in baltimore. we'll be keeping an eye on this as it continues to unfold. plus you can see just about everything in new york city. and now that includes -- that is
12:25 pm
right -- coyotes. they are trying to search this one down. it's been on all week long. why these little creatures are suddenly appearing on city streets. how do they get there is what i want to know. ♪ jack's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today, his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before your begin an aspirin regimen. so if you have a flat tire dead battery need a tow or lock your keys in the car, geico's emergency roadside assistance is there 24/7. oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!! well it's good... good for me. what do you think? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or
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it is the bottom of the hour. time now for the top of the news. the death toll is climbing from a powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit nepal and four nearby countries. reports now saying more than 1300 people are dead with that number rising by the hour. more protests in baltimore today over the death of freddy gray. you are looking at live pictures there. the marchers protesting his
12:30 pm
death. the 25-year-old who suffered a spinal injury while in police custody. and former olympic champion bruce jenner coming out as the transgender during an interview with diane sawyer. the star said he is a woman in a man's body. is secret he has been keeping since he was just a little boy. jenner says his family is supportive of the decision and has told them they can still call him dad. >> there is a renewed debate over u.s. drone policy after the accidental deaths of two hostages held by a al qaeda. both aid workers. and while the white house claims drone strikes along the afghanistan/pakistan border have taken out al qaeda operatives
12:31 pm
this deadly mistake is calling into the question how accurate intelligence gathering is. rick, good of you do join us. the death of americans warren weinstein and the giovanni lo porto were unintentional and while the president apologizes for the mistake, the wife criticizes efforts. but she also says other efforts of the government were inconsistent and disappointing over three and a half years let herg down. what do you say about that. >> i think there is no question that president obama and a whole bunch of politicians in washington d.c. feel terrible about this. and i think that they are sincere that they did not want this to happen. but it is up to the rest of us. it is up to the media to kind of
12:32 pm
present the facts to the president as to why this intelligence gathering problem is producing drone attacks that are random inaccurate and really a problem as going forward. you cannot have a policy -- and washington politicians don't understand this. but you can't have a policy that says washington is going to start bars, swars we're going to have no boot tops ground. you can't withdraw all of that information gathering and then claim that you are shocked that our drone policy is random and killing people without specific information. these drone strikes happen when you don't have precision information. and the fact of the matter is is that gathering intelligence is a costly and risky operation. if you are going to have a drone
12:33 pm
policy like what the president has, just look at pakistan alone. there were 11 drone strikes in the second term of george w. bush. there are 372 drone strikes since obama has been elected. so president obama concentrates his policy as a drone policy. we're not gathering intelligence -- >> so let me ask you then. >> -- we're interested in bombing and killing them. >> are you saying that there are not boots on the ground in terms of human intelligence gathering? and should there be? >> well there may be some. but there is certainly not a enough. and there is not enough because the president of the united states has a national security policy which is really a political policy formulated in the corn fields of iowa where he promised american people no boots on the ground, i'm not going to start wars i'm going to bring everybody home.
12:34 pm
which means we're bringing a inging all the intelligence gatherers back home and they are not there to gather the intelligence they should be in order to drone strike our enemies. >> rick is anything foolproof when it comes to war? >> by that i mean could this be a sad example, a tragic example of what we are calling friendly fire? >> sure it could be. and you have to remember too kelly, that intelligence is an estimate. so we're gathering intelligence. we're gathering human intelligence. and this is just an estimate. sometimes we are under. sometimes we are over the estimates. but if you look at the history of what's been happening since we withdrawn our intelligence on the ground the boots top ground, you see that we sent in special operations forces to rescue some americans. we got to the house we thought they were and lo and behold they had left the week prior. our intelligence is old. it is not accurate. it is not precision intelligence anymore.
12:35 pm
just simply because we have a policy of withdrawing all of those people back to the united states. look that can be a good policy. but you shouldn't drone people with inaccurate and general information if for some reason you are not gathering the right information. >> rick thank you for your insights and perspective sir. good day to you. >> thanks kelly. >> well some new york city neighborhoods not exactly happy about their newest residents. coyotes showing up in backyards, parks, even the roof of a building. five sightings so far this year. including one this morning. and brian, did they catch the coyote and what are people saying? there's been one all over the upper westside driving police >> reporter: the wild coyote was caught this morning but not before causing a wild police chase for about an hour. the cops chases i across the streets before corning it in the
12:36 pm
outside seating area of a restaurant in battery park. here is the a mug shoot of the captured fugitive. it was taken to the local care and control center. i will be released. the sighting is particularly concerning for residents here. especially tho with small dogs. particularly barry abado who witnessed the chase this morning and he says he's concerned. >> totally going to be more careful. totally be on my guard. i come out the back way and god forbid, you know he would have been desert for my little guy. >> on wednesday morning a wild coyote in the upper westside called a full nypd search including a helicopter. it gomt got way. last week a coyote was caught in a courtyard of a building in midtown. the same week another was
12:37 pm
spotted on the roof of a bar in mid queens before disappearing. this month in neighboring new jersey are, two men were also attacked by two coyotes infected with rabies. experts say attacks are rare and they usually try to avoid people, julie. >> i would imagine walking around new york city they are a little more afraid of us than we are of it. they are cute but really dangerous. my question is why the rise in sightings in and around manhattan. this is one of the first times i've ever heard of this it week. >> reporter: experts are saying they suspect that rising populations of coyote, particularly in parks in the bronx are causing younger coyotes to shift and migrate south towards manhattan looking for new territory and food. and this kind of things happens a across the country in cities like chicago where there are some 2,000 thriving there. and urban coyotes, research
12:38 pm
showing actually they live longer than rural ones. >> very adaptable and generalists. so they can do really well in human-dominated landscapes. >> reporter: bottom line julie, experts say, get used to them. they are here to stay. >> that's not good. that is the worst news you could possibly end that report on. thanks a lot. downer donald. debby downer. >> they're adaptable. they can survive. >> i'll remember that when i'm walk miging my small dog in central park. >> that tripped me out to be honest. >> on a roof? >> wile e. coyote. in the meantime a white knuckle moment for investors back in 2010. you might recall this when the stock market plunges hundreds of points in just minutes. now u.s. reports think they have
12:39 pm
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this is truecar. . time for a quick check of the head lipasenes. statute of liberty reopening one day after the bomb scare. an anonymous caller threatened to blow it up. no explosives luckily were found. protesters gathering at a college in southern georgia? in response that resulted in a military vet being removed from campus. this after she took a american flag from demonstrators who were stomping on it. and. a pair of sisters found nearly two weeks after going missing in michigan. they stock got on a snowy road near lake superior in an area with no cell phone service.
12:44 pm
they are said to have a survived on girl scout cookies and snow. may 6, 2010 began as an ordinary day on wall street when suddenly the dow jones plunged 600 points in just 5 minutes wiping out nearly 1 trillion dollars of assets. blaming the flash crash on a lone trader who worked from his parents home in london. 36-year-old sarrou was arrested on tuesday and is currently in a u.k. jail. he allegedly made $40 million on a technique called spoofing. and is facing sentences up to 430 years. stunning case.
12:45 pm
and the fact of the long arm of the law can get their man allegedly. how do you make your case if you are the defense attorney on his behalf. >> first you have to ask yourself what is wrongs with the government to allow this world to exist. the spoofing case is a technology used to trick the high frequency traders. why do we have high frequency traders in the first place that capitalize on these algorithms like traders on doug burns on his lunch break just wants make a couple of stock trades? >> i understand david's point but i don't care what technology is it is. whether using a the can with a string or ultrahigh frequency algorithms. the man was making it appear there was going to be all these trades and then canceled them in a split second. that's market manipulation. >> and they reached out saying
12:46 pm
hey you are doing something pretty dangerous and could put the whole exchange into jeopardy. and his reaction was allegedly according to this claim was kiss my you know what. if anything he was very bold very brazen. >> yeah. >> so what. is that a legal term? >> he's not being prosecuted for being cocky during the phone call. let's look at the facts. he stopped his algorithm about three minutes before the crash. we're working on one tenth of a second where he puts in these fake these in spite of trades that don't really exist really to trick other people that are defrauding the average market player like myself. >> come on really? is that defense going to work? >> i think it absolutely could work. it is the government that created this entire environment in the first place. and he is just playing along with it. >> the guy is putting in, you know the indication -- and he also did another term called
12:47 pm
layering in addition. it is part of spoofing where you make it look like it is going to be 600 00 1200. and then he cancels them. he knew at the time -- that's why immaking it simple -- he wasn't going to make the trades and then he profited 40 million. >> and he set up a company called milking. is he being brazen about it. but he set it off shore in the caribbean ielsd. >> this the country they still have to prove him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. when you are manipulating the market by 1/10 of a second and three minutes go and now the government they can't prove it otherwise so now they have to come one a theory that one person caused the entire stock market to crash. >> so you think he's being scapegoated then. >> i think there are other reasons different. >> why would this be different than bernie maddow.
12:48 pm
>> they are trying to blame this guy individually for the may 6th crash. i don't think you can lay that on his heels. but i do think he manipulated the market for his own gain. that's the case. $40 million. it's a fairly strong case i think. >> i hope he challenges the government to their floor and let's see he caused the market to drop by 600 points. >> you should hire this guy. like your style. >> thank you very much david and doug. all right julie. profits at u.s. airlines taking off. soaring to record levels. so then why are their customers still feeling the pinch? ♪ leaving on a jet plane ♪ ♪ i don't know when i'll be back again ♪ ♪ oh babe i hate to go ♪ when you're living with diabetes
12:49 pm
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well the nation's top air carriers are reporting record earnings this week. sounds good news right? well the big first quarter coming as the industry enjoys lower fuel prices with customers actually shelling out more for tickets and baggage fees. let's bring in brian who is a ceo and chief equities analyst of the advisors. this really bothers me. if the airlines are saving money, and we are finally out of
12:53 pm
a recession, the jobs are going up unemployment's going down we're all trying to rebound, finally the airlines are doing great, what are they doing, they want to take more from the consumer. >> yeah, bad news brian here but your summer vacation is going to cost more. i think the airlines which had record traffic in the march quarter, so far this april, very strong cells. they've had no resistance to the price increase they took across the board last year. and it's not just the ticket prices guys it's also within ancillary revenues. delta, 28% increase in revenues for things like early check-in and it's going to get worse. >> other things like leg room early boarding entertainment packages and southwest in fact is one of the airlines delta, that you will see if you fly on these. interestingly enough reporting today about southwest had to have an emergency landing. because of pressurization problems. skywest last week again, had problems. these airlines aren't perfect. consumers could do something
12:54 pm
about it. that's what makes me so angry. if consumers stood upid i'm going to drive, i'm going to take the train, and you will lower your pricing until i get back why aren't consumers more revved up about this the? >> they like the convenience. they do not to want hop in the car. i would love to hop in the car and go to the grand canyon. >> rent an rv go on cross country drives. i'd say that consumers should stand up to the airlines. >> you're right, that's the only way prices will go down is if consumers stand up. they're seeing traffic outpace gdp. a lot speaks within corporate america within the airlines where the executives for years, seen profits destroyed by higher fuel prices now wind fall and boost the bottom line and boost the bonus check at the end of the year. >> why not use that money, build more planes book more flights, make more money that way, instead of pinching the consumer? it just seems incredibly unfair. >> #funfact.
12:55 pm
what they're doing, they're investing inside of their planes. a lot have invested in new technology pushing them closer to the wall were more seats on the planes and charges you and more for extra leg room. and it ain't right. >> it's not. it's just not the airlines you're talking about all of us booking summer vacations, cruise lines are doing it too? >> yeah within this week we had royal caribbean saying they're trying to get away with last minute discounting. in english, jack up the prices for people like mom who want the last minute discount. they want that discount it's going away. once royal caribbean does it, they'll all do it. >> is there anything the consumer do to get on the airplane that possibly could save you a buck or two? book well in advance does nothing? >> i would is a no. and i think it's only going to get worse. for example, look at the apple watch, the apple watchings have functioning to check in earlier. don't think airlines execs don't know that. they're going to charge you for
12:56 pm
having the apple watch. wait, it's coming soon. >> i don't really fly that often, but now, i would have to say as a consumer there's a possible way to get around it i think the airlines needs to hear the pushback. >> stay home turn on the sprinkler, and enjoy your summer. >> you drove here last night. you didn't get on an airplane? you wanted to drive at 2:00 in the morning? >> didn't want to get on the airplane. >> 2:00 in the morning he was driving. i don't know how you do it. zblnl when we return the death toll is rising in the powerful earthquake in nepal. >> and the devastation is complete. ahead, the latest we will be joined eni'll see you on the fox report tonight at 7:00. >> i'll be watching.
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add breathe right to your allergy medicine. shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right and look for the calming scent of breathe right lavender in the sleep aisle. hello everyone welcome to america's news headquarters. >> and i'm eric sean. topping the news this hour those allegations hillary clinton could have used her position as secretary of state to funnel cash to the clinton foundation. some are asking is there enough evidence to potentially pursue any charges? hundreds of people taking to the streets of baltimore vowing to shut down the city in response to the death of an unarmed black man after police admitted they failed to get him the medical attention he needed at the time of his arrest. and this weekend, there's severe weather across the plains triggering nearly a dozen


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