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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  April 26, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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he focus on others. that's it for us today. we hope you like our facebook page. you can e-mail us. media buzz. we're back here next sunday morning with the latest buzz. >> the united states confirming at least three americans are among those victims in nepal. that after that devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake yesterday. more than 2,000 people have been killed in what is being called the worst earthquake to hit the country in 80 years. welcome to america's news head quarters. >> doctors and supplies are now arriveing at the scene as search and rescue teams dig for survivors. strong aftershocks continue to ripple across the region. david piper is live with the latest from thailand.
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>> reporter: rescue teams and aid are now pouring into nepal, but it's going to take a huge international effort to restore the country. a strong afterstock was felt today. the 6.7 tremor was sensed in cat moon due man due and caused manics. people have been living in fear of the streets because of fear of aftershocks. travelers have been trying to escape the country in the wake of the quake. >> all day, the camera was coming and we were all scared even in the night also we're scared outside the hotel on the ground. but luckily with fight was on time so i had the flight today. it was on time, so luckily.
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>> reporter: the death toll from the origin earthquake on saturday could still rise. some remote areas remain cut off because many roads are cracked or blocked by land authorities. the authorities are also continueing to struggle with the numbers arriving at hospitals. it overwhelmed the government in nepal. they appealed for help. many countries have answered the call. back to you, arthel. >> thank you very much for that update. >> also a group of survivors on the mount everest are receiving help. none of the injuries are live threatening. dozens are injured and at least 17 people were killed in the
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avalanche. this man among the victims. he was a google executive. he's seen in this photograph with his former girlfriend. he ran the company's secretive google x laboratory and photographs mountain peaks for google map. john kerri is offering condolences to the people of nepal. the u.s. is now sending a disaster response team and $1 million in aid. will car is live. >> reporter: with the death toll continues to rise help is pouring in from all across the globe including the united states. secretary of state, john kerri, issuing a statement saying i join the people of the united states in expressing our condolences to all those affected in nepal. we are working closely with the government of nepal to provide assistance and support.
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the ambassador has issued need for assistance. we are activating an urban search and rescue team to accompany disaster experts and assist with assessments of the situation. to the people of nepal and the people affected we send our heart felt sympathy. we stand with you during this difficult time. ambassador peter body also saying u.s. special forces teams are on the ground providing assistance. he also says a 50-member search and rescue team from virginia has arrived and the u.s. helped prepare nepal for this magnitude disaster saying they prepared wells providing water for the residents in the area. doctors without borders and the red cross have pledged money and
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aid and that region will certainly need as much help as they can get in the coming days weeks, and months. >> will thank you so much. >> arthel a police commissioner blaming splinter groups and outside agitators for the violence that happened in what began as the peaceful protest over the death of freddie gray the young man who died after being in police custody in baltimore. it left a dozen protesters in handcuffs. we are following the story from new york. >> protests in baltimore have been happening almost daily since freddie gray's death last sunday but one of the largest protests yet turned more violent at times. at least five officers injured and twelve people arrested. hundreds of people mavring the treats but later smaller groups began smashing police car windows, throwing rocks, and shouting at officers.
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signs demanding jail killer police t shirts reading black lives matter. the protesters ang write, demanding justice over the death of a man who died after suffering an unexplained spinal cord injury after his arrest. the peaceful protesters marching from the housing development where he was arrested convened at baltimore city hall. later demonstrators clashed with fans outside camden yard stadium. >> they became violent and started to throw items. they smashed out windows at the bars and pubs located on the northwest side. and they just wreaked havoc. >> the violence causing the victim's twin store speak out last night with the mayor. >> please stop the violence. freddie gray would not want that. freddie's father and mother does
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not want violence. that does not get justice. >> he was arrested after he made eye contact with police and ran. he was dragged into a police van without a seat belt and at some point injured his spine. six baltimore officers have been suspended with pay. the department's criminal investigation will wrap up on friday. a viewing will be held at a baltimore funeral home today from 1:00 to 6:00 p.m. the funeral is scheduled for tomorrow morning. >> new isis related threats prompting authorities to bolster security in los angeles and airports in the area. the terror warnings include possible attacks on uniform personal nel. we'll continue to bring updates as we get them. >> the continues rise of radical islamic forces throughout the middle east. we are told they have now captured a strategic swath.
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they are deploying advanced anti-tank efforts. this is marking a major move. it's signaling a new coordination among the extremist fighters. does this threaten us? a former united states ambassador to the united nations, and fox news contributor is here. from the radical islamic terrorist of isis to the houthis taking and holding yemen and now southeastern territory. are the islamists still spreading despite our efforts? >> i think it's pretty clear their strength is holding firm and in some cases expanding. in syria, you have basically a coalition of a lot of different groups but led by the al qaeda affiliated al nusra. they're now pointed out a base in western syria. whether they can expand that or not, it's hard to say.
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in a way, they're doing isis's business for them because they're fighting against and freeing up isis in syria and iraq. this is a problem initially for iran because they need the asaad regime to stay in power. we'll see how they respond. at the same time, their allies houthi coalition in yemen, despite close to a month of saudi air attacks against them and other forces they continue to expand. they're expanding now into saudi arabia. they're at least attacked across the border. they have the resources. they have the men and material and i think they're still on the move. >> if iran as you point out, are succeeding in syria, and their allies are not succeeding yet they're succeeding in yemen, what does that mean? >> i think it shows how complicated this is and why the
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absence of a clear american strategy is helping to facility this chaos, and it's also why the indifference on almost to what isis is doing other than air strikes, really is allowing them to consolidate in iraq. el nusra could combine this isis and work out living together where they both attack the asaad regime. people should not underestimate the possibility for unusual alliances here against external enemies. that means the saudis the arab man oronarchyies monarchies turkey and so on. the situation is continuing to deteriorate, spinning further out of control, looking more and more like chaos region one. >> meanwhile, this seems to be a win. was it a win that we apparently turned back the convoy there were nine ships and a couple
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others steaming toward yemen, apparently with missiles and land mines and such and the aircraft bat group dispatched there and they're apparently turning back. is that a win? is that why they retreated? >> from what we know publicly i'd say it's a win and a demonstration of what happens when real force is put on the table. it means you don't necessarily have to use it that the ability to muster that kind -- demonstrated the capacity we had and deterred the iranian forces to rearm the houthis. there's a lesson there. i'm not sure the obama administration has learned it although the pentagon zerves credit for carrying through. now let's see if they can help the saudis the egyptians and others do something to diminish the cloud of the houthi coalition. >> do you think that will do that?
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>> i think that's their objective. inside yemen, you have a fluid situation. generals in command of yemen forces allied with the houthi just last week. it defected to the former government and i think ultimately you're going to find a deal getting cut but only after the houthi are dealt a significant military setback. >> it hasn't happened yet but we can chalk one up for us. >> ambassador, the author of clint cash speaking out this morning. what peter swietser is saying about the controversial claims raids by his book. >> that's extremely troubling, especially the fact you find it's an expensive pattern. at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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an intense search underway right now for four people missing after several sailboats capsized in mobile alabama in the bay. the coast guard managed to pull
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one man from the water. more than 100 sailboats were taking part in a race when a powerful storm rolled through the area there. >> they sparked a big debate about the clinton money, the yes. did donors who gave millions of money get special treatment when hillary clinton was secretary of state. on the clinton side they deny wrong doing saying there is no evidence but the author of a new book is speaking out on fox news sunday today and he goes head to head with a former clinton lawyer about the allegations. live in washington with the details, doug. >> one of the more puzzling components of what critics say appears to be a kwid proquo of u.s. government favors for contributions to the foundation. the price of can bill clinton's
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speeches rose dramatically. fees paid to the former president tripled in some places after hillary clinton became secretary of state. the speeches were delivered in the same time frame that foreign governments sought and received favors that had to be approved by the state department. >> there's a $500,000 speech that he is paid by an investmentbackinginvestment banking firm that is tied to putin. he'd only given one speech in russia before that which he was paid a third of that. why did they go up and why did it go up with cooperations and individuals and with people connected to foreign governments who had business before the state department? >> there is no proof of a quid pro quo or bribery, but they say that's often the case on wall
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street where they look for a pattern of behafr or action. they say the former first couple took great pains to keep their roles transparent. >> can i tell you that bill clinton has nothing to do and religiously had a wall between himself and secretary clinton when she was secretary of state. >> just today the clinton foundation though announced some new measures to increase transparency to include increasing donor information to quarterly. and they will no longer accept sponsor thips from foreign governments. >> how is the clinton campaign dealing with the claims in the book and will she be able to move beyond all the negative press? we're going to get a look with a political writer. stick around for that. that drives you... ...and takes the wheel right from your very hands...
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♪ >> the clinton foundation and hillary clinton's campaign on the offensive that some donations were not disclosed on their website. they're responding saying so, yes, we made mistakes as many of organizations of our size do. we are acting quickly to remedy them. we are committed to operating the foundation responsibly to continue the life changing work that we are doing every day. susan ferrechio is here. she is the chief congressional correspondent for the washington examiner. follow me here. you have questions about
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donations and use of personal e-mail server. is they weakening her out the gate? the hillary let them pound her, and then she wins in the end, or can the early pounding on hillary weaken her throughout the fight? >> i think that's the question everybody has right now. what thereby outcome of these dripping of problems within her campaign. is it something that by next year she can call old news and something the public is tired of hearing about, that the media is tired of reporting about? will there be more? will we hear more about the foundation? the issues with the former president clinton's speaking fees increasing. all these things can damage trust. that's important in these elections. on the other hand as you say, it's early, and so there is time for her to rehabilitate her
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image and put this behind her, and also the fact that the public hears about campaign issues and the foundation and the money, and they think the connection is foggy to them. the issue is not very relevant to them personally so she has that working in her favor, and plus the old clinton stregy of saying this is the same attacks on us. we're going to focus on the issues that matter to americans. she has a 50-point lead. it's going to take that down to the threat of another person waiting in the wing. but they're waiting. there are a lot of people shadow boxing from the liberal side wanting to get her point of view from the left. she has them to worry about. too early to tell. she does have a big lead. it'll be tough get that point to the point where she's threatened. >> are there some people in the democratic party who would like
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someone else to run? >> absolutely. if you take the combination of the scandals and look at polls that say while she is the dominant candidate, a recent poll found that many democrats want another candidate in the race. they're not entirely satisfied. there's an opening there. and if you combine that with some of the problems she's having in the campaign she could lose her footing here. but, again, that lead is going to take a lot to do that. the clintons are worried about that and others in the party who fear she may become a weakened candidate. >> susan, quickly, let's talk about loretta lynch. if in fact the holdup of her confirmation was a political power play and if a point was proved will this ease now some of the blockage in congress or
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cause more political fallout. >> you've seen them working together on major issues including the medicare bill the iran agreement that just went through committee and is headed for approval next week. there's a strong desire by republicans to show they can govern and that they want to work together. the lynch nomination really kind of hurt them on both sides, because their conservative base did not want the nomination to the floor because of her endorsement of the executive actions. but republicans want to build confidence in their minoritity voters. this doesn't help because she's said to be first african american woman in office. they put off the confirmation for months and months. they got hurt on both ends but i think you'll see more collaboration between democrats and republicans going forward. >> we leave it there. susan ferrechio, thank you. >> thank you.
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>> time now for "sunday house call." >> welcome as always. joining -- >> and dr. david samadi. chief of robotics surgery. good to see both of you. >> we start today with stunning new study about binge drinking in our country. it shows that in some parts of our country more than one-third of adults are consuming alcohol at they say dangerous levels. how much is too much? if


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