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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 27, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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classroom? >> nick says your legs might get tired for standing in the same spot. >> not realistic we have all have are to sit down and rest at times. >> we hope you have a great day. "fox and friends" starts now. good morning. it is monday april 27th. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert now. terrifying aftershocks from a massive earthquake as a search for survivors gets more desperate. >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> more than 3,000 people are dead and at least 100 americans are missing. the dramatic video of those desperate climbers trapped on mt. everest. >> a form recall president lets lose. president george bush blasting
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obama's foreign policy. what he said. cheating cussing and immaturity. all that mail a professor fail his entire class. why the university is taking the kids kids side in texas. mornings are better with friends. hello, everybody, welcome to studio e in the heart of midtown manhattan. a possibility of hail here. >> that's right. you had a big old party at the white house correspondent dinner. >> it was my honor. it was great. great to see all the fox people in a row. we had tony romo at our table.
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it's very rare for a nfl superstar, baseball superstar to be there and want to talk about their sport. i felt like i was inside the nfl. >> great. >> i have actually been at a table at tony roma's which is great. we have a lot in common. >> we were streaming it live the whole night separately from florida and northeast region. we need details. >> next you you guy pz got foocome. >> peter doocy is great to hang out, but he's so much younger than you. >> all the people who want to be president next year will be there. >> sounds good. >> more of that later. we have a fox news alert to bring you now. more than 3,600 people are dead. after a massive 7.8 earthquake in nepal. terrifying aftershocks as the search for survivors gets more desperate.
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>> [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> you're looking at brand new video of the avalanche on mount everest. at of now,b three americans are dead and more than 100 are reportedly still missing. >> this is some of the video you can see. i think this is from one of the base camps. people go when you decide you're going to go up mt. everest, you go to a base camp for a month or five or six weeks so you can aclimate. that is one of those go pros as that shaker happened. you look at it and it's utter devastation. it's not like this hasn't happened before. in 1934 the city of katmandu was completely levelled and there you can see it this weekend, once again, everything that was there before is either completely destroyed or almost un -- >> reminiscent of that time there. it was the worst to hit the
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nation in more than 80 years. 100 earthquakes and aftershocks making recovery nearly impossible. >> over 3,500 have lost their lives. about a week ago, earthquake sciencetists got together in katmandu and said let's figure out what will happen if a earthquake happens. these buildings are not built to withstand any type of substantial quake. what do we do for evacuation and first aid. the next week this happened. >> they knew they were racing the clock and it has to be with the population there. one scientist saying the trigger of this natural disaster. the earthquake's consequences are man made citing the population and density in the region. a place that's not so densely
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populated would not suffer the consequences we're seeing right now. >> katmandu is in a valley. when there's a earthquake you got land slides and everything else and no real building codes. when things started shaking, things went to hell. >> 1.5 million people living in that valley. >> i would add this i would -- as usual we're sending the most that's what we do. i'm sure more is going to come. i'm hearing china is going to get involved other countries are going to get involved. do something so we don't sit there by ourselves. >> when you see the rescue efforts here and you see their successes in the rubble here and the victory in the rubble of retaining life or saving life. that makes your heart continue to beat in things like this. our prayers are with the region. >> once again, at least 100
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americans are missing. you saw it over the weekend right here on fox news channel. down in baltimore after the death of freddie gray he was in police custody and then he died. apparently something happened to him. the autopsy has not been released. >> they're investigating the spinal injury. >> he had some kind of a broken neck. there was a big game on saturday night and at one point the official said over the loud speaker, you know what the game is over but we don't want you to leave because it's not safe. >> the red sox are playing the or ioles fans were told to stay inside. six police officers suffered injuries here. you saw a picture of one protester sporting a police cap. i guess in victory that had been taken from an officer.
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their windows smashed and violence on the streets here. >> and so to this you got -- obviously, people are angry about what happened. nobody knows for sure yet. they will find out. extraordinarily, the mayor of baltimore, stephanie rawlings-blake in something you would certainly not call leadership at its finest admits that they gave the protesters space to destroy things. she said on saturday night. while we try to make sure they were protected from the cars and other things that were going on we -- here's the important part here -- we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well. >> just give them space and they want to destroy and punch in police car's windows and cause 6 officers to be injured. i understand there's a investigation going on. tlf is a way to peacefully protest. you know who spoke well?
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at 10:10 freddie gray's sister told protesters to protest peacefully. >> two people from the outside showed up here's congressman cummings. >> there was a few people who said we're going to turn this city down. we're going to close it down. the next thing you know we had a few people mainly from out of town to come and to start beating up on police cars and throwing all kinds of projectiles. the fact is for the most part it was -- it could have been worse. >> it could have been. we're going to have one of the reporters who is actually inside camden yards, which is the baseball yard in baltimore. he'll be joining us in about five minutes. keep in mind if the mayor is saying we gave the protesters room to destroy things.
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if the city allowed them to destroy things the city should cut a check to anyone who lost property because it was part of the mayor's plan. let's give them the rope. >> destruction zone. >> who knew? >> let's change gears and talk politics. we'll talk about hillary clinton the foundation and the tax returns that were not close to accurate. let's talk about president egeorge w. bush. a few people are writing up the story, i'm not sure why they are. in the washington post he writes he was in las vegas because the president was speaking to jewish donors in a closed door meeting, about the current state of foreign policy how it relates to him. and he is finally speaking his mind. >> apparently he voiced skepticism about the pursuit of iran. is there a new policy or did they change the spokesman? >> rohani being smoother. >> he also said he quoted
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senator graham pulling out of iraq was a strategic blunder. he also stressed that leadinghen you do it, you got to mean it when talking tough. the nation's allies and enemies need to know where america stands. >> one of the things about george w. bush in his post president daens he has not commented about the current president in public. he did it behind closed doors. there were no recordings. something transcribed what he said. he said of the president, the president is placing the united states in retreat. he opposes the iran deal as obama is doing it. because the iranian government mr. bush says was on the verge of giving in to the west's demands. why give them this now? he also said the new al qaeda is isis. what would he do about it? he will kill them. >> when talking about 2016 he said hillary clinton formidable but beatable according to someone who was there. >> she talked about islamic state forces didn't develop.
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if you have a military goal and you mean it you call in your military and you say what is your plan for me to get to that goal? has that ever happened? what about that relationship? i guarantee you today, josh earnest will wait and relish this question. because the barack obama had the most success he ever had politically when he could attack george w. bush. now he has an opportunity to fight back. >> george bush said he would not campaign for his brother jeb because it would be too negative. he's not going to be on the trail. >> all that and more at 11 minutes past the hour. heather nauert good morning to you. you looked fantastic at the white house correspondents' dinner. >> thank you. it was great to be tony romo. >> it was good to see you and your posse walking around. >> we'll show you pictures later. i have developing news to bring you. there is a search off the coast
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of alabama. it continues at this hour after a violent storm capsized several sailboats during a rugatta tl. al two people have been dead and five more are missing at this hour. more than 100 boats were participating in the regatta when the storm hit. and now a fox news alert to bring you, three men suspected of being tied to last week's foiled terror attack on christian churches in france are underarrest. french officials claimed the dna evidence linked two of the men to the ringleader in the planned church attack. al a third man is accused of helping the others. it's not clear how involved they were in those planned attacks against christian churches. the u.s. government reportedly preparing hacking related sanctions as we learn that last year's russian security breach was worse than initially thought. the "new york times" reports that hackers were able to read president obama's
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unclassified e-mails and gain access to white house e-mail archives. the white house claims no classified information was affected by this. it's unclear if the russian government was actually involved. >> what are we going to do about it? this is ridiculous. >> they just said none of it was real secret stuff. >> if i were barack obama i'd feel differently. >> all right. meanwhile, coming up on this monday cheating cussing and immu immaturity immaturity. a professor failed the entire class. why the university is taking the kids' side. >> we're get your opinion on that. these dance moves are apparently so bad they're illegal. how these girls twerked their way into a jail cell. >> i love russia. ♪
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of the game at camden yards. we have the baltimore reporter who covers the orioles every day. on saturday night, suddenly you're a crime reporter you're there to watch the game next thing you know there's a violent protest around you. >> yeah. i mean we knew going into the day that something could happen. that these demonstrations were occurring in baltimore and they could pass through camden yards, so i was preparing for a game to cover as i do every day. and i was following some of my colleagues on the sun on social media and heard that some of the demonstrations were heading back towards the stadium. and went out there and saw lines of officers right outside what they call beirut plaza, which is one of the main gates. they had to close the gate there. unlike any other scene i've seen but before the game and at the end of the game.
3:19 am
any baseball game i've ever covered. >> how often does something crazy like this happen. you were in the clubhouse. you were watching the police activity outside the stadium with some of the players. once they get that in their head they can't shake that off too easily. tell us what happened at the conclusion of the game. the announcement over the p.a. as this was going on outside. >> yeah, i mean inside the ball park the game started as normal and progressed as normal. with the exception of the police helicopters and the news helicopters above the stadium, really couldn't tell anything was going on. until the bottom of the ninth they made the announcement that under the orders of the mayor's office and the police department they're asking people not to leave the stadium because of an ongoing public concern -- public safety concern. >> did i read in your report for the sun yesterday morning that some of the players, maybe some
3:20 am
of the coaches thought about, you know what? why don't we just sleep here tonight? >> i think there was a good deal of just kind of a confusion. that happened so quickly, for the players, they're concerned about their safety a little bit. and you know i don't know if anyone actually slept there. it was a quite turn around a day game after a night game. there was concern. i think a lot of confusion more than anything amongst players and fans. >> it was a crazy saturday night. thank you for joining us on this monday morning to tell us what was going on inside camden yards. 20 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up these accused terrorists on a permanent vacation after they were released on gitmo. now they want pay back from the united states. kidding me? call it free range day. why parents across the nation are calling for their own holiday to let their kids play alone.
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hi get ready for some courtroom headlines. lawyers for the boston marathon bomber will begin calling witnesses today as they argue for him to get life in prison. rather than the death penalty. six of his family members are in the u.s. they're expected in court and could testify. opening statements begin in colorado for the movie theater massacre. he killed a dozen people. prosecutors say he was a promising neurscientist in training. holmes has pled not guilty by reasons of insanity.
3:25 am
that will go on for about four months. thank you for that. supporters of free range parenting taking their fight to another level. urging people to take their kids to a local park and leave them there. the group protesting in solidarity with the maryland couple who were investigated letting their kids walk home alone. it's never been a safer time to be a kid in america. are they trying to to prove a point with a dangerous demonstration with our kids? we're ask former florida circuit judge alex ferrar. i can't believe they would announce this. in case anyone wants to snatch them may 9th is the day. >> this is where all the children are going to be and there's no supervision. that's insane. admittedly the idea of letting your kids roam or walk a mile or two home and at what age, i think that varies from community to community.
3:26 am
if you live in a very safe town -- there is still safe towns across america, it's a community standard. you know but i wouldn't do it. i don't even believe in free range chickens to be honest with you, it's a dangerous word. i have locked away murders. i don't see the point to rush your children's independence. they will have plenty of time to become independent. >> putting aside the fact they are, i think, mindlessly announcing the date these kids will be by themselves there is a study -- numbers out there indicating we may be in a safer place now. only 1% of missing kids about 115 a year are taken by strangers. >> yes that's true. >> okay. that the u.s. department of justice had that number there. abduction cases are down 31%. are we safer now? is this free range parenting not
3:27 am
such a bad idea? >> i think parents are a lot more cautious now, too. i think this is a pendulum. it swung from -- when i was younger and most people be home when the street lights come on. you just disappear on your bike go play with your friends y. would never do that today because i know what's out there. i guess, maybe it was like in the matrix take the blue or red pill. when i became a cop and judge i took a pill that opened my eyes to all the predators out there and all the people that could do evil things to your children. parents became protective. i think we will see those numbers go up. >> thank you very much. >> thanks. >> that's the final ruling. a change to united states hostage policy. a new report that parents may be able to pay terrorists. and a sports arena is turned
3:28 am
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3:32 am
>> that guy up close to the camera was that the guy from modern family. that's shannon broom, a fulltime employee in the washington bureau. >> what a fun time. >> i feel bad for shannon and chris wallace they had to work. >> a lot of fox folks made the trip down to washington, d.c. for the annual correspondents dinner. donald trump was also in attendance. he'll be joining us in a half an hour. the president made a joke about him. >> not much compared to the last time. remember the last time? >> that was before the 2012 election. it was devastating. anyway we'll get his reaction in a minute or two. >> texas a&m has this one professor. i guess we have all been in classes -- i don't know if you -- it might have been much more disciplined. i had classes where i walked in and said this teacher is not in
3:33 am
control of the class. this teacher felt he had been disrespected. there's been rampant cheating going on. the kids were acting immaturely. and after two years of teaching he said i have had enough. >> he was enraged. i am disgusted. you alllack the honor and the standard that texas a&m upholds. i will no longheart be teaching the course and all are being awarded a failing grade. >> he gave an f to everybody in the class. and some people are saying well you know the administration should stand behind him because if he was completely tormented -- i was reading one of the reports where apparently before he sent that e-mail to the students he sent an e-mail to the administration. and he said you know students are going to come out and say i didn't treat them fairly. and you're going to side with them. the problem is
3:34 am
apparently a number of students were not involved. and he said to the administration i would like to teach them privately. and the administration said you can't do that. he said then you'll have to take care of them. for those kids who were doing okay who got the f, i got a problem with that. as a parent with kids in college, if my kid got collateral damage i would be upset with that. >> i think anyone who has been through that. you have to do what you can to get those around you to straighten up. the school right now, the grades will not stand at the university. they are going to investigate the actions of those -- >> the cheating allegations, too. i want to add this number one, if you begin to lose control of the class, it's your obligation to call. you got to get somebody in there
3:35 am
above you to say i want you to observe this. i'm talking severe action. the way they're talking to me is unacceptable. if i'm in this class and i notice everybody else is going crazy, i'm doing something for it. >> those classes cost a ton of money. when you break down your class costs, you're wasting the money that -- get it together. >> the teacher got up in front of you, and said i'm failing this entire class because of the knuckle heads in the first two rows what would you do? >> do everything i could to get my fellow students to listen. if it gets this unrulely you got to get -- >> he got to the point he couldn't take it. they had to have security guards follow him around. at 25 minutes before the top of the hour. we start with weather, don't we? >> another extreme story to tell
3:36 am
you about. we have extreme weather overnight. tornados and haile rippinghail ripping through texas. tornado sirens warning local residents in the dallas area. menacing clouds gathering overhead. there were several reports of twisters touching down. now injuries as of now. take a look at this picture, baseball sized hail. many drivers reporting a lot of damage to their cards. four gitmo detainees spent the weekend protesting demanding money from the u.s. government and taxpayers. the four men were held in the cuban prison for years before they were relocated. and now they're calling for the u.s. to pay for their families to come to that country. students left shock and angry at the troubled corinthian
3:37 am
colleges makes the decision to shut down 28 of its schools. leaving 16,000 students without certificates and degrees. some of them days before graduation. >> i can't believe that this is happening. >> we're left in the dark. >> that announcement comes just weeks after the federal department of education signed corinthian $30 million for inflating job placement numbers. what about those degrees. three young women in russia behind bars this morning because they did this. they did some twerking in front of a world war ii memorial. they were found guilty of hooliganism. that's the same charge that landed a singer from a girl band in prison foreign policy two years. >> did they turn into taliban? >> it's in front of a war
3:38 am
memorial maybe they feel it's inappropriate. >> so they arrest them? >> yeah. >> goes to show you how lucky woo are to live here. more than 26 million cubit feet and 30 stories high. the memphis pyramid has hosted baseball games and roaddeos how it's redone to become the world largest bass pro shop. it's grand opening this week. anna anna kooiman is there live. >> it's so big i have to use an atv to get around it. want either that or i'm a little lazy. this place is massive. 535,000 square feet. 26 million cubic feet. there's a half a million gallon cypress swamp with thousands of fish and alligators and ducks. you name it. in fact this will be opening on wednesday.
3:39 am
we're giving you a sneak peek. there's a glass in here now. the reason we don't have any alligators in here yet. we don't want them crawling around. they're actually on their way in here. here's the deal it's also a hotel. there's 100 hotel rooms in here. there is also a restaurant. it has a view that overlooked the mississippi river. and the memphis skyline. i'm joined by some pretty amazing men. here is johnny morris and bill dance. >> how are you, anna? >> fantastic. how are you doing? >> great. >> what makes the ceo of a massive country, 92 bass pro stores decide to open a store in the pyramid. >> my friend lives here he said you should do this. we looked at the building and it
3:40 am
is an amazing structure. to have an opportunity to build a store, i think the footprint is like half a million six feet. >> it all came from a fishing trip a lot of good things come from a cold cat fish trip in the middle of winter. what happened? >> we had to let the city know. they own this building. we rent it -- we had to make a decision i was a little anxious. you know it's a big undertaking. so usually sometimes a decision you can flip a coin. we decided a cold january day, bill is a keen catfish fisherman. i said boys if we catch a big catfish today -- >> 30 pounds or more? how big did you catch? >> the deciding factor was whether we're going to do this or not. like i said it was a cold winter day. we went up the river. we had a good buddy with us we
3:41 am
went about 30 miles up the river. johnny said, all right,b we can't make a decision. we can't make a decision. we're going to -- if we catch a fish over 30 pounds that will be the deciding factor. i said we're going to let a catfish decide? >> the pole starts rattling. >> jack caught this 34 pound catfish. >> here we are today. you are going to christen this place with a bass? >> with a bass. not just any bass. >> okay. let's see it. >> a gigantic bass. a 16 pound bass. >> we're going to release it right here. >> splash it in. i'm ready to get wet. >> where is it? >> here it goes. right here. here he comes. hey, big guy. >> king kong. >> we are having a blast. coming up in the next hour we'll go up to the top and have an
3:42 am
amazing view as the sun is rising over memphis. >> that is a cool place. it's a pyramid in memphis. >> special thanks to the fish. >> came right up to the glass. one of our family's favorite places to go. al. >> now this coming up. a change to u.s. hostage policy. a new report says families may be able to pay a ransom. we'll debate it for you. >> could be a problem. a u.s. naval academy graduate is making history from the pitchers mound -- you got to hear this one. coming up.
3:43 am
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♪ this kis makes stains like you would not believe so when we had him, we bought one of those he washing machines just trying to keep up but that thing ran forever turns out it wasn't the machine, it was our detergent. so we switched to tide turbo clean and now we get way cleaner clothes way faster which is so appreciated make a mess make a mess make a mess, make a mess make a big mess your first words tide he turbo clean. 6x cleaning power in 1/2 the time. that's my tide what's yours? all right. new fallout from the drone strike that killed two hostages including american warren
3:46 am
weinstein weinstein. his family paid a 200,000 ransom to get him freed. should families be negotiating with terrorists at all? here to debate that is former bush senior advisor on hostage rescue policy and former coordinator for the hostage working group at the u.s. embassy in iraq. what about this should we be allowing rich people to negotiate to get their loved ones back? >> well in reality of th of kidnapping ransom payments is generally how you get your people back. but, again, the u.s. policy in my humble opinion, needs to stay out of the private sector side. when you establish a policy it becomes perception that the u.s. will pay for hostages or allow families to do so, it sets a dangerous precedent. >> you can understand families are doing everything they can to get their loved ones back.
3:47 am
what about the next group of families? >> leaders do not cave in to the demand of the enemy. leaders do not give the enemy what they want cold hard cash. leaders do not abandon the relationship with their trusted allies who do not pay ransomes. it is an insidious temptation to start to pay ransom to terrorists. we have always allowed families to respond to criminal organizations. in this case we're talking about terrorist organizations. there is no example i can think of in history where we have had a good transaction with terrorist organizations when it comes to hostages. >> i tell you what, the white house says we haven't decided on doing that. they realize something has to change. in the big picture. if that was somebody we knew over there,ing wouldn't you do anything to get them back? right now the government is in charge and they don't seem to be as effective. we watch four lose their heads and two get struck down after
3:48 am
two years of captivity. right now you would have to say the current situation is not working, correct? >> no. i disagree. >> let dan answer first. >> i disagree brian. be careful you don't fixate on the current exemp lares of our policy. the long term benefit of now concessions is you deter the enemy from taking new hostages. if you want to create a new market start allowing rich families -- the poor ones won't be able to pay it. to pay to terrorists. this would be a tragedy. >> dan? >> i concur 100% with him. he's exactly right. we're setting a dangerous policy. when we went against what was a
3:49 am
u.s. policy we had a similar hostage crisis. it was much worse if you look at the numbers ten years ago. al we stuck by our policy of no concessions to terrorism. we changed that. by the simple trading for bergdahl. we changed u.s. policy and we've gone down a slippery slope. i'm sure others will agree it's only going to encourage more kidnappings. >> are you for or against a hostage czar? >> you already have a hostage czar the national security advisor. the chairman has the group of interagencies -- >> that would be a no. dean? >> that was. >> i'm sorry dan. >> i concur. he is exactly right. there is a chairman of the hostage working group at the national security council. >> great debate. wish we didn't have to have it but we do. we have more americans still being held. 11 minutes till the bottom of the hour.
3:50 am
coming up straight ahead. a cake shop denies making a cake for a same sex couple. flaws in your cell phone make you vulnerable. what can you do to make yourself safe? kurt the cyber guy is the only guy who knows. ♪ does all greek yogurt have to be thick? does it all have to be the same? not with new light and fluffy yoplait greek 100 whips! let's whip up the rules of greek!
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
listen to this. a flaw in your smartphone could leave your personal information vulnerable to hackers. here to explain is kurt the cyber guy. people who have smartphones are generally iphones or androids. >> we have two completely
3:54 am
different yet simultaneous flaws. we're talking about, first of all the iphone ipad. this morning we're waking up to see there's a flaw exposed in it. apple has patched this flaw that enables people to get your data from your phone, including passwords as well as payment data. from ipads as well. the problem is about 1,500 apps so far have not yet updated. meaning, you're totally exposes if you have these apps. we were still counting the apps. we're up to 1,500. this was fixed in march, yet the app makers have not yet complied. what can you do? not much. what you can do is put pressure on apple. they've done the right thing on their end, but what they should do is put pressure on the app developers to update on their end. >> can you delete these apps or is the damage already done? >> i don't actually have the answer to that question.
3:55 am
because i don't know if -- which app was vulnerable the whole time. i can't tell you the answer to that. i can tell you that we're protected with our credit card numbers even if they're stolen. keep that in mind. here is the other thing, you have an android phone -- they did the samsung galaxy s 5 phone. researchers worked on this and they were able to find out that they could emulate and spoof your fingerprints. when you went to the phone to authenticate it's you on that or using an app like paypal and u.s. go ahead and take $1,200 from my bank account or credit card they were able to fake it t. they're able to fake it again and again. you asked me a genius question which is does this mean they're just able to pick up your fingerprint from a polished surface, or does it mean that they have it some other way. they have it both ways. they can pick your fingerprint up just like a crime scene. >> off a glass. >> or they can trick you in to
3:56 am
giving your fingerprint to an app which is in the normal part of the phone then move it into the trusted part of the phone. they have a copy of your digital fingerprint forever. >> how do we fix this? >> you can cut your hand off, or -- no. alternate here is make sure the software in your phone is updated. that's it. period. that's all you can do. >> and pressure the companies to step it up. >> whenever there's a patch always update. go to kurt's news letter. sieb celebrity and politicians gather for washington's annual nerd prom. >> we know hillary's private e-mails got her in trouble. i thought it was going to be her private instagram account that was going to cause bigger problems. >> donald trump was there. and the butt of a joke.
3:57 am
we'll and him what he thought in a couple of minutes. >> this country singer has a message for the troops. tyler farr is going to join us close just ahead. dominique wilkins, are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza. he said victoza works differently than pills and comes in a pen. victoza is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time. and the needle is thin. victoza is not for weight loss but it may help you lose some weight. victoza is an injectable prescription medicine that may improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise. it is not recommended as the first medication to treat diabetes and should not be used in people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. victoza has not been studied with mealtime insulin. victoza is not insulin.
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3:59 am
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4:00 am
good morning. today is monday april 27th. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert now. the massive earthquake in nepal leaving 3,600 people dead and fears that number may climb to 10,000. and the desperate search for survivors continues. brand new video of the terrifying moments atop mt. everest. [ bleep ]. >> and we're learning at least 100 american citizens may be among the dead. we are live with the breaking details for you. he swore he'd never criticize his successor,
4:01 am
apparently george w. bush has had enough of president obama's foreign policy. he spoke out. the former president lets loose with a warning every american needs to hear. it was supposed to be a closed door meeting. al did somebody break their confidence? did she disrespect her country? controversy erupts after a woman does not properly pledge to the flag. we're going to report and then you will decide. got a busy hour straight ahead. you're watching "fox and friends" live from new york city. a big hour coming your way. it's coming off a weekend. there's a lot of tragedy going on. >> that's how we begin now with a fox news alert. more than 3,600 people are dead.
4:02 am
after a massive 7.8 earthquake in nepal. terrifying aftershohocks are making the search for survivors even more desperate. >> go. go. [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> wow. that is brand new. if you're seeing it for the first time you haven't been missing anything. that is video at an avalanche as we know three americans are dead and more than 100 are missing. >> that's right. where are you supposed to go whg you're on the side of the mountain? we have more from london. >> unfortunately that death toll is still rising. there's likely to be more bad news in the coming days. here's why, let's take a look at the area around the epicenter of the earthquake west of the capital katmandu. you can see the devastation. these are remote mountain
4:03 am
villages very few resorts are in the area. the fears are there could be more dead because rescuers haven't been able tool get to these villages yet. rescue efforts are continuing for a third day. already a thousand confirmed dead. international rescue teams are arriving along with emergency teams and aid agencies from around the world. a u.s. military aid is on the way. that is due to arrive today. time is running out for those people trapped in the rubble. and survivors, of course will need help for some time to come. problems with water, electricity, food supplies. a million children are affected by this. thousands of foreign tourists were caught up. look at this video, this is the peek season for climbers and hikers. 18 people killed in this terrifying avalanche. as you say, three american climbers are confirmed amongst the dead. a camp doctor tom taplin a
4:04 am
filmmaker from colorado and dan fredinburg a google executive whose duff waseath was confirmed. of course many people many foreign tourists as well as local people are missing. >> if you're on the side of a mountain or if you're at the bottom of the valley where are you supposed to go? >> no and the dense population has contributed to this aftermath. awful. our hearts and prayers go out to the rescue team. >> donald trump is on hold. he's going to weigh in. first things first h to tell us what's happening in the news. developing this morning, a search off the coast of alabama continues today after a violent storm capsized several sail boats during a regatta.
4:05 am
two people have been found dead and five more are still missing. more than 100 boats were participating in the regatta when the storm hit on saturday. so far more than 40 people had to be rescued. the funeral services are being held for freddie gray. the white house announcing it is sending a white house representative the head of my brother's keeper. that's the task force that the president set up for young black men. he was handcuffed and put into a police van. how he was hurt remains unclear. six officers have currently been suspended pending an investigation. over the weekend, 3 dozen people were arrested as the protests turned violent. demonstrators smashing cars and looting stores. we made mistakes that is an admission coming from the clinton foundation. the charity says it will refile some of its tax returns for some years. claiming they mistaken wantly combined
4:06 am
donations. and it took them seven years and two tours in the persian gulf but mitch harris makes hits debut for the st. louis cardinals. he is the first u.s. naval academy graduate to reach the majors in nearly a century. the 29-year-old's first pitch come in at 95 miles per hour striking out the first batter up. a bunch of fine young men and women. >> includer your brother? >> my little brother, yeah. six minutes after the hour. like heather nauert donald trump was at the white house correspondents' dinner on saturday night. the last time you were there, you were considering running for president. any coincidence you showed up there again this time? >> no, i just like doing it. you know rast time it was interesting, brian, because last
4:07 am
time i was hit very hard by the president and everybody else. it was unbelievable. i had a great time i was telling my wife this is unbelievable. that's all they talk about. the next day, they say trump hated it he couldn't stand it. i loved it. the one the other night was absolutely great. >> i was watching it live streaming from home with the kids and you, i hear and i -- many records on this you got the biggest applause as you walked into the room. your wife looked phenomenal. i want to play a montaj of jokes. i want to see what is your favorite. >> after the midterm elections my advisors asked me do you have a bucket list? i said i have something that rhymes with bucket list. take executive action on immigration, bucket. i have one friend just a few weeks ago, she was making millions of dollars a year.
4:08 am
and she's now living out of a van in iowa. and donald trump is here. still. >> yes they had to cut away the camera. you were sitting with one of our top haunchoes here at fox news. that didn't bother you, did it? >> no, it didn't. while it may have gotthen biggest laugh, i didn't think it was the best. it was a great evening. it was great. the press is there, some of whom you really respect and like and some of whom are a total sleaze. no question about that. >> mr. trump, can you ask you about the performer after the president speaks cecily strong she did 20 minutes of material i wasn't a big fan of it. isn't it time to retire the comic after the president? the president is going back to george bush they do a good job
4:09 am
of poking fun of themselves. maybe it's time to get rid of the comic? >> it gets to be a long evening. you have the president go and you have somebody else go it gets to be very long. it is a duplication. i think people want to hear the president, whoever that may be. in any case i think they want to hear the president. i think maybe the president could go a little longer and do without the double. that's true. good point. >> i'm with you. >> i thought she was pretty good especially everything was stacked against her, because the president thought it was strong. there is no doubt about it. i think you have made more moves as a presidential candidate of this point. i hear you're putting down stakes in new hampshire? >> matter of fact i do. i'm going there in about ten minutes. after i finish this call i'm going up to new hampshire. we have sold out crowds. we're getting tremendous response. with me people understand that's what i do i negotiate
4:10 am
do things. we have to have somebody who knows what's going on. china will not be taking advantage of us and every other country. japan is raising its head right now with what they're doing with their curancy. the world is treating us horribly. we have people who have no clue. i'm doing something that i've never done and i did. i'm very much into new hampshire. i have many friends there. i have people who work for me in new hampshire. iowa like wise and south carolina. i'm going to make three big speeches up there in front of tremendous crowds. >> will one of them include an official announcement? >> not yet. i am looking at it very seriously. it will not be in the distant future. we're talking about june july at the latest. the only problem is i assume i can continue to do your show. that would be terrible. your highest rated 15 minutes of the week. >> real quick, mitt romney over
4:11 am
the last week said that -- what he saw in this book peter schweizer's book he'll be on with us tomorrow -- clinton cash. this is bribery. this looks like bribery. you've done business at the highest level. you understand favors and politics. what does this look like to you? >> well he's 100% right. this is a real problem for them. honestly if this were a republican sitting there or if this -- can you imagine richard nixon? he would have been in jail ten months ago. if this were a republican sitting there, this would be considered illegal. menendez in new jersey was indicted for far less. look at general petraeus,b he's been destroyed over something that is far, far less you're talking about peanuts by comparison. general petraeus what he's gone through over something that is nothing by comparison to this. the one problem is that you only have democrats in office and
4:12 am
the u.s. attorneys and the attorney general, it's all democrats. they won't indict her. but this is a very serious crime. it's interesting when i watch some of the republican candidates and they say, well this will affect the voters. this is not the voters this is about jailtime. this has nothing to do with voters. this is a much more serious problem than voters. nobody talks boutsabout it. probably they say that could be us. trump is the one person that doesn't have to say that. i think the republican candidates are not talking about this the way it's supposed to be spoken about. this is a serious problem. you make a speech you get millions of dollars, all of a sudden miracles happen. and, you know it's not just one isolated instance it's many. >> that's why charity navigator, which is a watch dog for charities has put the clinton foundation on a watch list. stand by for that. you got about seven minutes
4:13 am
before you have to head up to new hampshire, donald trump, thank you very much for joining us live today. >> thank you. >> travel safely. coming up on this monday a cake shop gets fined for discriminating against same sex couples. now it's getting punished again. for trying to fight back. have the intolerance police become the intolerant ones? we'll report and you will decide. >> and it's no movie scene for these filmmakers at sea. watch this. >> [ bleep ]. >> man. >> my oh, my. i think they'll need a bigger boat. >> you can say that again. ♪
4:14 am
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with the hightest standard of animal care in the world, our whales are healthy. they're thriving. i wouldn't work here if they weren't. and government research shows they live just as long as whales in the wild. caring for these whales, we have a great responsibility to get that right. and we take it very seriously. because we love them. and we know you love them too. a bakery forced to shut down this online fundraiser after complaints. the bakery was trying to raise money -- a third party was trying to raise money for them after being fined more than $100,000 by the state for refusing to bake a cake for a same sex wedding. does that sound fair?
4:18 am
we're joined by fox news contributor tammy bruce. good morning. >> good morning. >> so some state agency said okay bakery, you'll maybe have to pay a fine. somebody else said we're going to help them. >> you know this is interesting. because the business has already closed their doors. they're trying to make ends meet. this is a family of five. good hearted people said let's try to help. then though at the same time apparently destroying the business wasn't enough. there was complaints to go fund me which is a fund raising sites. it was taken off because it violented violated the terms of service. >> it says campaigns in defense of heinous crimes including hateful or sexual acts are
4:19 am
prohibited. they're trying to use that as a dodge. it doesn't apply, does it? >> i don't think so. what's the difference if you don't serve someone, versus not baking a cake. they have always served gay people. the difference is you're being asked to participate in a act that violates your faith. what this suggests is that being true to your faith is hateful. that's something that everybody when we're defending people of conscious -- look i would bake the cake. i think -- i think that's a good thing. but in this situation, we're defending the notion that people of conscious, acting on your faith, this is something that certainly doesn't hurt the gay community. and it's -- i think it's obvious to most people. >> does it look like go fund me caved? >> this is the whole problem when you've got a group of bullies out there. it might be small -- and i think it is. most of the gay community and says this is a little extreme. you destroy a business.
4:20 am
but that is not enough you need to destroy their family and their ability to make a living. most people are thinking this is too much. >> you sent out a tweet over the weekend. we put it over the weekend. bake the cake. >> this is about embracing people who are different. making sure people can live lives that best sue themit them. it was never meant for us to bekeep thugbe become thugs. and yet that's what's happening. most of us can speak against it we should to make sure it doesn't go any further. >> tammy bruce joining us live thank you. did she disrespect her country? controversy erupts after one of the highest ranking women on miami's police force does not properly salute the american flag. is something else at play here? he swore he'd never
4:21 am
criticize his successor. apparently george bush has had enough. the former president lets loose with a warning every american needs to hear.
4:22 am
your buddy ron once said he could install your ceiling fan. he couldn't. and that one time ron said another chili dog was a good idea. yeah, it wasn't. so when ron said you'd never afford a john deere tractor, you knew better. now ron does too. introducing the e series. legendary john deere quality. unexpected low price. drive one of the e series tractors during a drive green event at your john deere dealer.
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4:24 am
a brand new musical taking broadway by storm. finding neverland tells a story behind one of our most beloved children's tales. how peter pan became pan. ♪ >> wow. >> the end of the first act.
4:25 am
it is fantastic. >> you can say that with great heart. here to give us heat behind the curtain is a tony award winner. kelsey grammer sat here and said it's the best show he's worked on. >> i loved working with him. he's such an incredible actor. what's the best for a director? a completely generous and creative soul. >> what do you mean by that? >> he's just -- you know a director will work with any actor who has talent. when you meet an actor who is willing to try anything who has the whole show in mind. he will sit and watch rehearsals of scenes he wasn't in because he loved it so much. like a kid watching the show. he was so passionate about the project. >> he's got two roles. in the beginning you think he's the crazy american producer of this theater company. then it turns out he becomes hook. by hook or by crook. here's the problem going in and it goes to show you how
4:26 am
brilliantly you did this. everybody knows this story. everybody and their brother knows about peter pan and tinkerbell. this shows where the story came from. >> we think peter pan has always been in our lives. we see it on the bus, the peanut butter. there was a time when there wasn't a peter pan. it took this author to take a risk. in 1904 it was a experiment. children who could fly. it's a story about writing your own story. about having the courage to say something different to the world. >> here's a question from a non-theater guy. once you get it off the ground and it's rolling and you're doing shows here and there. what is the role of the director after that? >> you birth the baby and there comes a moment where you leave the baby to walk on its own feet. now the show runs i have a whole team at the theater who managed it. but i like to come and surprise
4:27 am
them. so i usually sneak in the back. >> i'm sure they're delighted to see you. >> your energy is dropping here i think you're losing this scene. >> you watch it because they're doing it eight times a week. to have that outside eye to just coach them keep your eye on here don't let too much time go by here. >> finding neverland is knockout. it's taken in nearly million dollars a week. >> can i just say, you might not know about this we're thinking about making "fox and friends" the musical. >> right here. >> would you? would the crew be asked to scene? >> who would brad pitt play. >> i was thinking that. >> type casting. >> all right, fantastic. >> thank you. three minutes before the bottom of the hour. straight ahead, did she disrespect her country?
4:28 am
controversy erupts after this woman doesn't properly salute the flag. remember when marie harf said these terrorists wouldn't want us to kill anymore if we gave them jobs? you know what? they turned down the jobs. al wait till you hear what they're asking for now. >> oh, really? ♪ give a little bit of your love to me ♪ give a a little bit of my love to you ♪
4:29 am
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4:31 am
jo your shot of the morning looks like this. when animals attack an alligator handler almost loses an arm.
4:32 am
the close call happening during a crawfish vestfestival in texas. he walked away with just a small gash. he was traumatic for the alligator, too. >> man oh, man. >> tastes like chicken. >> you know what? i have had gator before and it does taste like chicken. really rubbery chicken. >> i haven't seen a gator, and i live with crocodiles and you never know. >> i still don't know the difference. meanwhile, ltset's take a look at some video that was shot by the fraternity order of police down in miami. you notice that woman there in the front war. she is the assistant chief of police in miami. she did not put her hand over her heart during the pledge of allegiance. the fraternity order of police guy is furious.
4:33 am
he says she did not show respect. he wants her off the force. >> she was the first african-american first female elected to be chief there. this is causing a stir as to why she wouldn't. it comes down to the pledge of allegiance and what is required by the department and federal law. >> if you're in the military you hold a salute. if you're a civilian or law enforcement, you put your hand over the heart. some say she was standing at attention in that slot. that's how she was doing it? >> the code of conduct for military personnel is in doors stand at attention remain silent and face the flag. the fraternal order of police president suggests this could have been a religious decision. he has suggested perhaps she is a muslim. that is not known. but none the less a lot of waves being made about this
4:34 am
video down in miami. >> if you were a muslim i hope it means you can still salute the flag. what does that have to do with it? >> that would be a great question to ask. is it our right to know if somebody wants to opt out of that. now they're asking for her position to be taken from her, for her to be fired. >> i'm going to ask one other thing. sometimes you have absence of mind. i remember walking up a few times with my hands in my pockets, instead of my hands crossed. not thinking it was a longer line i don't know what i was thinking. could she not realize it? >> i think she has done this on more than one occasion. that's why the president was taking a picture of her doing that to say, look she does it all the time. >> some coming to her defense, look she's abiding by what our naval code is, our military code. that should be good enough.
4:35 am
what do you think? let us know. facebook e-mail twitter. >> there is an investigation in miami, as soon as it's determined what's up we'll let you know. >> getting notes, some people believe don't put anything above that. he swore he'd never criticize his successor, but george bush may have had enough of president obama's foreign policy. al according to donors who attended a private fundraiser in las vegas, the 43rd president called president obama's approach to isis naive. and his plan to lift sanctions on iran premature. bush predicted foreign policy would be the number one issue in the race for the white house in 2016. that was a closed door meeting. former gitmo detainees spent the weekend outside the american embassy embassy demanding money from the u.s. government and taxpayers. the four men were held in a cuban prison for years before they were relocated to uraguay.
4:36 am
now they want the u.s. to pay for their families to come to the country. these are the same guys who said no thanks to this solution from the state department. >> we need in the medium and longer term to go after the root causes that leads people to join these groups whether it's lack of opportunities for jobs. >> the government has already provided these freed detainees with a house and a monthly stipend stipend. john jones is his name and he is considered the name suspect in a hit and run that left a pregnant woman in a hospital. he now faces a misdemeanor charge and could be liable frl damages to the vehicle and also the victim's medical costs. ufc says it's gathering all the facts before they take action. spectators at a rally race in argentina, was as this car
4:37 am
careens out of control. how scary there, six people were hurt when that driver flew off the track. the extent of the injuries still not known. we certainly hope everybody is going to be okay there in argentina. >> and that dog, too. thank you very much. scary. another reason to stay in your house. the brand new bass pro shop's pyramid opening this week in memphis, tennessee. >> look how big that thing is. >> i love this place. >> it would be great if we could get anna on the inside. >> i've been looking for her all morning. bass pro is about to opening. hi anna. >> good morning. this is your moment event overlooking the mississippi river. we have the tennessee, arkansas bridge behind us. and the sun is rising over memphis. it's gorgeous. we are on the top, basically the
4:38 am
apex of the pyramid here in memphis. if used to have concerts and things. bass pro decided they're going to open their 92nd store. we have the ceo of bass pro and ducks unlimited. this is going to be a tourist destination for a lot of folks. even if you're not into hunting and fishing, why did you pick the pyramid? >> it was here. it's amazing to be here above the river, great views. >> it's the largest free standing elevator we took to top of this big boy. there's a restaurant up here too. give us a sense of what folks are going to be experiencing. >> the lookout, because of the outstanding screws the glass floor. and my son came up, he wants us to put up a zip line. >> i'm coming back for that. >> we'll have a zip line across
4:39 am
the mississippi. >> if you can make that happen, our producers would not to have their arms twisted. >> tell us about the ducks unlimited and the museum you have. and the connection that people don't make between hunting and conservation. >> that's a big misconception. what we have is hunters started in 1937 ducks unlimited was formed. in being the first conserveivationconserveation conservations. hunters have already stood up and say if we're going to have to resource we'll going to have to pay for t. having johnny morris is a good friend and allowing us to display that. water foul conservation that has taken place over the years. our volunteers give everything and ask for nothing back. their time their money. all they want is to make things
4:40 am
better. >> i know you hope this ends up being a land mark like the st. louis arch or the grand canyon sky walk. this place is pretty cool. thank you so much. coming up next hour we'll show you a little bit more inside the 92nd bass pro. the largest one in north america. back to you. >> thank you very much. why go to the pyramid in egypt when you can go to one in memphis? >> what was built first? can somebody find that out? >> call the brain room. >> let's go to break and we'll get the answer. >> i think egypt. straight ahid. he predicted that the clinton's money scandals would wreck hillary's campaign. rand paul joins us live to react to the controversy. he's live on the curvy couch in about 15 seconds. good morning to you. he took country music by storm after an appearance here on "fox and friends." this morning, tyler farr is back
4:41 am
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4:44 am
welcome back. quick headlines for you now. a high school softball coach is suspended after his school district accused him of giving energy drinks to his players. >> ignore what's on the screen. >> we're looking at a separate photo. >> we will do that story later on. >> one american and one italian hostage are dead. you see them here. a drone strike because the president lowered the standards on drone strikes in pakistan. here to weigh in on that is kentucky senator rand paul who joins us now. thanks for being here. >> good morning. >> what is your take right now on our position in terms of
4:45 am
drone strikes? you just saw the two individuals who lost their lives. do you believe we're replacing intel with u.s. strikes and that's why this happened? >> i hope that's not the case. i do think there's a valuable use for drones. as much as i'm seen as an opponent as drones i think in military and warfare they have val umpt value. this is a different situation. you have hostages there, you have people holding the hostages. i've been an opponent of using drones in people that's not involved in combat. if there's a kidnapping in new york the police don't have to have a warrant to go in you see what i mean? you don't get due process in a war zone. the captors probably got what was coming from. unfortunately the hostages lost
4:46 am
their lives. i tend not want to blame the president for the loss of life. i think he was doing what he had to do. >> you cannot blame the president. >> let's talk about 2016. you would like to be the next president of the united states. the big news has been this book by peter schweizer. he will be on our show in a day or two. it details quite graphically the parallels between the clinton foundation getting cash and then things happening to the benefit of that country while hillary clinton is secretary of state. >> you know i'm very -- i think it's worrisome that the russians -- 20% of the mining in our country. there are a few industries where i feel government should have a regulatory role. in a national security industry like uranium, for the russians
4:47 am
to buy this it had been to be okayed by hillary clinton. had she stood up and objected it wouldn't have gone through. the russians own 20% of our mining. the people who own the mining company were giving millions of dollars to the clinton founldation. >> you understand too, you were going to run for president for a while. you were looking in your background responsibly, going what could come up that could trip me up and spoil my candidacy, did hillary clinton not do that? >> here's the thing, also she had agreed and told president obama she would release the donors. it turns out the reason they didn't release these donors is they were set up a dummy or shell corporation of the foundation that's canadian. we only agreed to do the u.s. foundation not the canadian foundation. do you think they did that because they were worried about these shareholders and this your
4:48 am
uranium company. >> to the average american this is just hillary's way. why should they be concerned about money be transferred perhaps for favors in policy? >> the commander in chief, you have to trust their commander in chief that they wouldn't actually sell the country. the secretary of state is an incredibly important position. she got to be on the approval of whether or not a uranium company was sold to russia. she allowed it to happen while receiving money from shareholders. >> was it bribery? >> well i think it has the appearance of impropriety i think is the best way to put it. the thing, is there ought to be rules against this. the constitution says when you're in a high office you cannot take gifts from foreign countries. >> should there be an investigation? should the department of justice look into it? >> absolutely. i've talked to people in the senate about whether there
4:49 am
should be an investigation. i favor an investigation because i feel we need to know that. if you're going to elect somebody to be the president -- >> for people who would say we need to focus on what somebody has done what do you say? >> benghazi is still an issue, the decisions she made wasn't just for the day, it was for nine months she denied requests. she said i didn't make any of these decisions. that goes to wisdom. the commander in chief has to have wisdom. >> when you go home thank your wife for stopping by with her cookbook. she revealed that the person who makes the thanksgiving turkey at their house is this man and the recipe he uses he found on? >> the food network. >> the food network. >> you're in charge of the turkey we'd love to have you make it for us one time.
4:50 am
>> that would be great. >> cooking can friends. that's what we have been doing all week. >> he took the country music scene by storm. tyler farr is back with a special tribute to our troops ♪ ♪ when salesman alan ames books his room at, he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can check in and power up before his
4:51 am
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4:53 am
♪ his songs lit up the country music charts only after our appearance on the all american summer concert series on "fox and friends." >> you're welcome.
4:54 am
>> he owes us something. this morning tyler farr is back with a brand new album. he has something special for our troops who he just visited insatoriousin various locations around the world. >> good to have you back. >> you've been busy and with great cause. tell us about your most recent trip. >> we've been busy. but one of the coolest things we got to do was right before christmas and the holidays we get the opportunity to go over on a navy tour into the persian gulf. and go to africa first and then take a cod -- which i didn't know what that was, it's a navy airplane and we flew on to the base aircraft carrier and the fleet, uss carl vincent and stayed overnight. i banged my head approximately 37 times. >> plus you were in a hammock.
4:55 am
>> i'm not even tall. trace adkins he'd be done. >> you have to have a helmet. you thought you knew what our men and women do before and you didn't. >> no, i mean you kind of know what they do. we don't really know exactly what they do until you go and have an experience like that. it's a life changer. i'd do it every year if time allowed. flying there, i called it the honky tang hang arthat night. you could see the persian gulf in between. these are the people going and -- that was the whole thing, that the syrian and isis thing was going on. >> let's talk about your new album. >> new album is suffering and peace. >> out tomorrow. >> yeah, it's my second one. >> what's the boots on the
4:56 am
beach? >> that's an event we're doing in jamaica. it benefits the very men and women i just went and seen over in the persian gulf. it's in jamaica. i've negative beenver been there. it's a new thing. it's for a good cause. i'm excited to do it. >> that's where they make red stripe beer. that's good. >> i'm more like -- i'm not a big red striper. >> you're a red, white and blue striper. >> the success you've had, how do you handle the success you've had so far. and how does this album live up to it? >> every year we're trying to one up ourselves trying to bring it to the next level. everybody has gone was it tougher? no actually it was easier. i felt more relaxed because i already did one album with a couple hits. it comes with a little more confidence. i can lay it out on the table
4:57 am
with this album. we ended up with a project that i fell in love with. and hope everybody else does. >> it's just great. >> boots on the beach memorial day. tyler farr will be back next on "fox and friends." he says she's an undisciplined overwaterer. she claims he's a cruel underwaterer.
4:58 am
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to learn more or support the cause, go to ♪ ♪ good morning. today is monday april 27th. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert now. a desperate search for survivors after massive earthquake in nepal leaves nearly 4,000 people dead. this morning, brand new video of those terrifying moments from mt. everest. >> go. go. [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> at least 100 of those victims may be americans. we are live with the breaking details for you. where do you run to? a change to american hostage policy a brand new report alleges the white house may allow families to pay ransoms to terrorists. but is that a good idea?
5:01 am
if you're paying won't more people end up as hostages. bret baier weighs in. cheating and cussing leaving one professor to fail an entire class. the school is siding with the kids not the 20 year professional professor. by the way, let me just bring this up get it out of the way, mornings are better with friends. you know usually in the 8:00 hour i don't know about you, brian, and elizabeth, i start to get hungry. over the last ten days it's been great. in the 8:00 hour we've been cooking with friends. they make us breakfast. take a look at what happened last week. you made those sliders gluten free. >> i loved seeing your family
5:02 am
here. steve and you sally were cooking up avocado toast. >> ed henry was here too. >> today cooking with friends continues jenna lee, you know her "happening now" her brother is going to be joining us. they will make one of the recipes that was passed down by their grandmother. >> zack is a quarterback out of nebraska. >> i have a feeling he will be most of the stirring. >> maybe he was cooking off campus. >> that's coming up this hour of "fox and friends." first, a fox news alert. terrifying aftershocks rattling nepal where a 7.8 earthquake killed 3,600 people. today the search for survivors gets more desperate. >> go. go. [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> all right. this video showing the moment a deadly avalanche tears through
5:03 am
mt. everest. >> look at that. kenny logan is live in london with the latest. good morning. >> good morning. sadly e that death toll is still rising as more information comes in from the out lying areas outside the capital. these are the first pictures of the area of the epicenter of the earthquake. you can see the devastation. these are remote mountain villages. there are fears there could be many more dead here. rescue workers haven't been able to get into these places yet. refgue efforts are continuing for a third day in the capital, katmandu. a thousand confirmed dead in the city alone. of course as well, thousands of foreign tourists were caught in this disaster. climbers are being evacuated. one of the survivors describe what happened. >> a big ice shelf and it was just released. we saw it hit. it hits one level and then it just shot right back up. told the group to get down.
5:04 am
it was like, 4,000 feet of snow coming and there's no where to run. >> back in katmandu many people sleeping out in the open in tents. the fear of more aftershocks. people have lost homes. al there are problems with electricity, water, food given these dire conditions many people are desperate to leave the city. we're seeing chaotic scenes at the airport. coming in there are emergency rescue teams arriving. international teams. aid is coming in. the u.s. military is sending an aid flight which is due to land in the capital today. people in that country are not just going to need help right now, but also for some time to come. >> all right. thank you very much. >> thank you for that. >> our prayers are with the families there. >> four minutes at the top of the hour. we bring in bret baier.
5:05 am
first off, let's talk about something we're getting with -- also was featured on the weekend, and that's a possible switch in our hostage policies as it relates to families of hostages. if they have the money to write the check, possibly the administration might let them do it? >> yeah, good morning. so far the white house is denying that report. and kind of playing it down. clearly, there's an effort to review and look at the policy dealing with these families. and to make sure according to the reporting, that they don't face any prosecution for trying to raise funds to get their loved ones out of custody. the problem is is that the u.s. policy has always been don't negotiate with terrorists. when the five taliban were traded for bowe bergdahl it seemed -- it kind of loosened up that whole deal. and some of these families are saying they've been treated poorly when they were trying to save their loved ones oversee.
5:06 am
>> that's what the foley family said. what's interesting is the difference between the european and american stance. al we say we don't negotiate with the bad guys and we don't pay ransoms, the europeans have been paying ransoms for a long time. they simply when asked about it deny it. >> they don't talk about it. and some of these families are extremely frustrated with the level of communication they've had from the -- or lack of it from the u.s. government. you have a representative delaney from maryland who is the representative in the district where warren weinstein is from the doctor who was killed in that drone strike and there is just an outcry that something else has to happen. expect whether isthis story is accurate or not, some change or review of the hostage dealing with those families. >> there's talk on a left calling for a hostage czar. do you believe that is the case they're actually calling for
5:07 am
that, this may manifest? >> there will be calls. there are a lot of people on capitol hill skeptical of another czar to this administration. >> you had the special on friday night, reran over the weekend. and you talked to peter schweizer, who has written the new book clinton cash. where it does show all of these parallels between, you know countries and entities giving money to the foundation or bill clinton getting a big payoff for a speech and then things happening. what has been the fallout so far for hillary? >> well a couple of things we're hearing over the weekend from the clinton foundation that they are reviewing their tax returns and refiling tax returns. saying that there were mistakes made. so a concession there. just this morning, we're hearing from the clinton campaign ed henry just posted a memo obtained by fox -- and saying today we believe we turned a
5:08 am
corner as the author himself, peter schweizer, conceded multiple times over the weekend that he left information out. they are painting an optimistic picture of -- >> shows over. >> fallout from all of this. it will lead to more questions that hillary clinton herself will have to answer. you know the whole defense has been there's not a shred of evidence. that anybody can point to. and schweizer, you know he laid out what he's laid out. >> peter schweizer said this on "fox news sunday." following your investigation on this this is what he had to say on sunday. >> you see this pattern of benefit. you see a chain of events repeat over and over again from kazakhstan to africa. this is not one or two examples there are 11 instances. when you have two or two examples it's coincidence.
5:09 am
>> will there be an investigation, or is this just one of those things because the department of justice is essentially operated by the executive wing which is controlled by democrats, nothing is going to happen? >> yeah, i don't know if there's -- we'll see where the bar is for the justice department to get involved. i don't think it would surprise many people that an investigation is not launched. capitol hill may do its own. as a spinoff to this e-mail server investigation, remember there's no shred of evidence. there's not probably an e-mail out there that says i will do x for x. and, you know part of the question is the e-mail server wiped clean, how many e-mails were in there that dealt with the clinton foundation or any of this we don't know. >> right. it's going to be interest figure the president's personal e-mail was hacked i was wondering if the -- by the russians. was the secretary of state's e-mail doing state department
5:10 am
business was that also hacked? she would have no control over what got out? >> the national security implications of that e-mail issue, the e-mail and security of it and what people were able to get to or not get to is a big deal when you're talking about a sitting secretary of state and all the interchanges that we see from the foundation and other things. yeah i mean, the possibility of it is obviously, is there. >> no kidding. you've got a busy hour coming up at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. lots to talk about. we'll be tube side. thank you. >> thank you. now we turn to heather nauert who has what's going on for you at home. let's start off in the south where there is a search and rescue that is taking place off the coast of alabama. it continues at this hour. a violent storm capsized several boats during a regatta over the weekend. five people are dead. more than 100 boats were participating in the dolphin island regatta when the storm hit on saturday. so far more than 40 people had
5:11 am
to be rescued. the government preparing hacking related sanctions as we learn last year's russian security breach was actually worse than we originally thought. "the new york times" reports that hackers read president obama's unclassified e-mails and were able to gain access to white house e-mail archives. the white house claims no classified information was affected it is unclear at this point if the russian government was involved. it is no movie scene for this film crew out to sea. look at what happened here. so here's what happened. there was a two person crew off the coast of new zealand. they were trying to attach a camera to a shark. the shark eventually gave up luckily and it swam away. no one was hurt. that doesn't seem like a good idea to attach a camera to a
5:12 am
shark. >> it would have been a really cool idea had that not happened. >> exactly. coming up on this monday the new york police department trying to push a g rated new policy to stop cops from cursing. al up next a former police officer who says dropping the f bomb actually saved his life. incredible. this store clerk saw his life flash before his eyes as a car, watch this came crashing right through the front window. he is alive today. thanks to that slushy machine right over there. ♪ just another manic monday ♪ ♪ wish it were sunday ♪ there's some facts about seaworld we'd like you to know. we don't collect killer whales from the wild. and haven't for 35 years. with the hightest standard of animal care in the world, our whales are healthy.
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insurance and you could save up to $423 dollars. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. are you still getting heartburn flare-ups? time for a new routine. try nexium® 24hr. the latest choice for frequent heartburn- and get nexium level protection. ♪ i've got a to-do list and five acres of fresh air. ♪ ♪ top three tools: hammer screwdriver, front loader. happiness is a drive-over mower deck.
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a john deere dealer can teach tractors to anybody. in the right hands, an imatch quick-hitch could probably cure most of the world's problems. that's how we run, and nothing runs like a deere. see your john deere dealer for great deere season savings on the one family subcompact tractors. police are being asked to subdue their suspects with kind kindness. the nypd wants cops to not use cuss words. this man spent 20 years as a nypd officer. his new book is out, called the job. if you were on the job and you couldn't curse, would it hurt you? >> you got to understand i agree. you shouldn't be using bad
5:17 am
language when dealing with the public in general. you want to present a professional image. you want to choose your words carefully. >> right. >> and i've always found when you're polite with people most of the time they're polite back. there are certain situations where you use your voice, you use words as a tool. if i had a guy with gone in the street and i'm screaming at him to drop the gun. i'm probably going to drop a couple four letter words to go with it. i do it for a reason. i do it because i want to get my message to this guy that you better drop the >> do we need special retraining to get rid of curse words among cops? don't you know there -- if somebody from maine wants directions to times square you're not going to drop the f bomb. if somebody is coming at you with a gun, you might do whatever you need to do. >> exactly? >> is this an insult? >> i don't know.
5:18 am
>> you can say yes and you could say bleeping yes if you want. we'll take care of you. >> i never needed anybody to tell me to watch my language. i always tried to be professional. but, there are times when i -- yes, i did. >> your opinion now from your experience on the job, how are the guys and women' attitude on the job when you have stories like this? >> most of the guys i talk to think that a directive like this is unnecessary. it's you know everybody knows when it's appropriate. most people know when it's appropriate and when it isn't. they don't need to be told. >> you saw what happened in baltimore, we saw what happened in new york. you brought up an interesting point over the weekend. what did you see in the paper? >> i'm reading the paper the other day, on page 11 down at the bottom in the corner, there was a little article. it wasn't much bigger than a horoscope about two cops that responded to a job and delivered a baby on the living room floor.
5:19 am
that was a beautiful thing. they brought a life into this world. it made page 11. the those cops had made a mistake it would have been on the front page. i think that's why people get a lopsided view of the police. >> what if the mayor started putting stories like that in his remarks? >> people need to hear about the good stuff cops do. they just get a lopsided view from the press. all they hear is the bad things. al in new york city you know the police department responds to about 4 .5 million 911 calls a year. that's a lot of opportunity for something to go wrong. most of the time dealing with pds it's doing a good job. >> should the mayor have your guys back? >> me personally i never felt he was a big fan of the police. that's that. >> that's very diplomatic.
5:20 am
the name of his book is called the job. thanks for your service, i do appreciate you. thanks for coming in. 19 minutes after the hour. speaking of bad language cheating cussing and immaturity. one professor got so upset how he was being treated by his students he failed his own class. cooking can friends continues with my only real friend sorry guys who is not on the show jenna lee. she really likes me. will zack? we'll find out as they make breakfast for us when we come back. ♪
5:21 am
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5:24 am
time for some quick headlines. saved by a slushy? a car slammed into a new york gas station narrowly missed the car cashier. he says he's alive because he left the post to fix the slushy machine. the driver had a medical emergency. he is expected to be okay. a super market worker in england now a hero. he is shown her carrying groceries home for a 95-year-old. the young man even holding the senior's hand the whole way home. that is sweet. >> now -- we love it. it's cooking with friends. it continues this morning. last week see saw steve and sally, my husband, ed henry, geraldo, and brian. today jenna lee and her brother zack are joining us now.
5:25 am
you're actually making a very special recipe. >> this is my grandmother's frittata. you can't screw it up. i'm not looking at you for any reason it's a great recipe. my grandmother recently passed away. she was 92 years old. she was an incredible cook. this is a recipe we made all the time. >> you and zack made this together? >> yeah, we'd make it every once in a while with everyone. >> he can cook. >> how do you make this thing? >> the first thing you'll need to do is saute vegetables. jack is going to break the eggs in here. you can use as many eggs as you want. just use what you got. he's going to crack the eggs. the key to this although you do the initial cooking in the pan to get your vegetables al dente.
5:26 am
>> would you get in here? >> you guys do the hard work. >> you cook these up and put them to the side. zack you set it up you're great. >> he's a master whisker. put in olive oil. this is -- >> the yokeslks are fighting back. >> use two cups of parmesan cheese. keep moving it. we'll pour in all the vegetables. you can't pour the eggs into the pan with the vegetables. >> can i ask a question to zack? what kind of sister is she? >> she is great. >> what does this mean to be making this recipe from your grandmother? >> it's sumpch a simple vegetable.recipe.
5:27 am
you can put anything you want in it. what my husband does as well they use ground meat because they say it's not enough for them to have the eggs. >> you prepare the skillet, it's red hot, what do you do? >> it goes into the skillet and put it into the oven at 350 for 30 minutes. >> shouldn't your brother do it. >> put it in the oven. it will come out perfect every time. >> that's why you call it foolproof. >> your dad was in the nfl, you are a quarterback in nebraska. do you cook while the game is on? >> while we're playing -- >> sunday afternoon. >> halftime run down make a little -- >> you make it. >> hurry up offense on that --
5:28 am
>> thank you for coming in from the west coast to be with your sister today. >> make it a competition. make it a bakeoff. >> that would be great. >> tomorrow heather nauert is going to be here in the kitchen. >> i heard she's making a ribs. >> yeah. >> a little jealousy there. >> the frittata is good it goes good with ribs. >> you are competitive. cooking with friends continues tomorrow. a cake shop gets fined for refusing to bake a wedding cake for same sex couples. now it's getting punished again for trying to fight back. are the tolerance police breaking their own rules? we report you decide. who needs a shopping cart when you can put your stuff in a pontoon boat instead. anna kooiman takes us on a tour
5:29 am
of the best show you'll ever going to see. the new bass pro shop live from memphis. ♪ i got my groove on ♪ ♪ i got my smooth on ♪
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it's just two pills, all day! and now, i'm back! aleve. two pills. all day strong, all day long. and for a good night's rest, try aleve pm for a better am. remember this? first she tackled cancer now she is taking the field. 4-year-old leah still scoring the first touchdown at temple university's spring game. >> she's at the 50, she's till on her feet. run, leah run. the 30 the 20. the freshman sensation. leah still is still running. she's at the 5 end zone. touchdown, temple. and the entire temple team both cherry and white is swarming leah still has she scores the first touchdown.
5:33 am
>> freshman sensation. >> she got a good block prom the mascot there. what a moving day. >> she is by the way, the good news she is in remission. and what a day they will always remember that in the still house. >> remember devon still is the nfl player who you said when he find out his daughter had cancer he quit and said i'm going to come back and make sure she gets healthcare. the bengals kept him on the team. he chronicled the whole thing. today she's doing well. >> we spoke with him here. >> happy ending. >> listen to this you know look being a teacher is a tough job. but do you think this professor went over the line or he was within his rights? apparently -- we're talking about a texas a&m professor, he gave everybody in the strategic management class an f because, apparently they had taunted him, cussed at him.
5:34 am
it was to the point where he actually had to have a security guard outside his class at certain times. >> she couldn't strategically manage them. he wrote i am disgusted. you lack honor and maturity. the confidence and/or desire to do the quality work necessary to pass the course. i will no longer being teaching the course and all are being awarded a failing grade. >> even ones who were not accused of cheating or being rude. he said i'm through. should somebody have stood up and said whoever is giving the problem, settle down. a lot of people aren't going to graduate without this course? >> some of the people in the class had not done anything and they gave them an f, too. this is a class you need for your degree. a lot of people want to graduate in two weeks. want they are all messed. they thought -- the school now says you know what nobody gets an f. and then they will now -- >> they jumped on the kids'
5:35 am
side. >> there were kids who were not failing, they had aest's. >> diane on facebook saying that's what's wrong with our young people they don't show respect for anything. not even themselves. >> i realize he was frustrated. i cannot believe the entire class deserves to fail. >> dawn says good for the professor for holding his students for a higher standard. texas a&m should have supported. it is texas a&m galveston we're talking about. 25 minutes before the top of the hour. we head to texas for the weather. extreme weather as we take a look at some live pictures out of johnson county texas. that is where nearly wide tornado devastated that area. that storm also bringing heavy rain and flooding. people are still stuck, we understand inside their homes. as rescue crews are trying to
5:36 am
save people by a nearby creak. some roads we're told completely impassable. the flood waters are no longer rising this mangled pile of metal used to be a school playground. al a twisted ripped through it and destroyed it. listen what is happening here former gitsmo detainees spent the weekend protesting outside a embassy. these men were held at gitmo for years, now they're calling for the united states to pay for their families to come and live in that country in freedom. they clearly do not want to work for their money. remember these are the same guys who said no thanks to this solution from the state department. >> we need in the medium and longer term to go after the root causes that leads people to join these groups whether it's lack of opportunities for jobs.
5:37 am
>> the government has already provided these freed detainees with a house and a monthly stipend. they want more. a fundraiser for a breakry shut down after complaints from gay avtists. they were fined for refusing to make a cake. it was collecting donations to cover the expense. go fund me said they were committing a crime. >> they've always happily served gay people. the difference is you're being asked to participate in an act that violates your faith. >> the bakery is allowed to receive $109,000. that money was already collected. a lot going on today. how many stories do you know of that has a swamp, alligators
5:38 am
a live fire pistol range contained inside a gigantic huge pyramid. >> those are some of the features inside bass pro's pyramid in memphis. al anna kooiman is live giving us a tour from her brand mew boat. >> how does it look? good morning to all of you at home. we're in a half a million gallon cypress swamp here in the middle of bass pro shops latest store opening. 535,000 square feet is how big this thing is. a live fire pistol range, bowling alley, two restaurants, all caught in the pyramid of memphis, tennessee that's been sitting desolate for a decade while the city was trying to figure out what to do with it. at bass pro shop said we'll save the day. i'm joined by my new friends,
5:39 am
bill dansworth and johnny morris. the ceo of bass pro shops. congratulations, how does a guy like you, go from having just a couple of shelves in your dad's liquor stores to having 92 stores? >> passion and a lot of great people on our team. including my buddy, bill here. but i think this pyramid is something we're all extremely proud of and excited about. you mentioned how we started. i was just thinking for the first 13 years we were in business in my dad's liquor store you could put that whole shop inside the lobby of this store. it's all about fishing and the out doors. this facility has a lot more than just fish plugs, hotel rooms. >> there's a museum. bill i got to get your take as the world famous fisherman.
5:40 am
why is this a great place to go shopping for boats? >> like you said we've got 600,000 gallons of water that meanders its way through there. we have boats that float. you can step in the boat. feel the stability and test the boat and feel what the boat is like. we've got 1,800 fish with 32 different species of fish right here. so it's amazing. >> it's going to be a tourist destination is what you're hoping. the whole thing was inspired by a fishing trip you took with a couple of your buddies. you can show that photograph. >> we're going to show that photograph. i'd give you a tee cap because your mother and daddy would love that since they went to tennessee. we'll give you a bass pro hat. let me show you something. this is the replica of that big fish that started this whole thing. >> you had a bet. if we catch a 30 pound tfish
5:41 am
we will open this thing. and you caught one. >> that's a true story. this is a replica of that big fish. >> thank you so much for having us today. i wish your buddy, jack could be here. he passed away. >> he see here with us in spirit. >> congratulations. al. >> thank you very much. >> back to you. >> great job, anna. it gives un us a perspective. >> amazing. that place is massive. we love going there with the kids. they think they're on a vacation every time we go there. >> now you got to go to memphis to the big show. you would think our politicians would condemn the violent protests in a baltimore streets. here's what one congressman said instead. >> for the most part it could have been worse. >> really? is that the right response congressman? we're going to report and folks at home will decide. and he loves baseball and thanks to his brand new iron man
5:42 am
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5:45 am
protests in baltimore turned violent over the weekend after police admitted they might be partially responsible for the death of a 25-year-old black man named freddie gray. one of the most influential congressman is trying to down play the violence. >> a few people said we're going to turn this city down close it down. the next thing we know we had a few people mainly from out of
5:46 am
town to come and start beating up on police cars and throwing all kinds of projectiles. but the fact is that for the most part it was -- it could have been worse. >> wow. fox news legal analyst peter johnson jr. joining me. it could have been worse. >> that's a failure of leadership that we have in this country. that when you say something like that it could have been worse. you're in a sense validating the violence. there is not an explicit validation or endorsement, of course not. congressman cummings wouldn't do that. what you're doing is defining devancy down. what you're doing is creating a lower bar for american behavior. to say, well it could have been worse. why could it have been worse? it could have been worse because the act that provoked this violence was something that was really kindness really disturbing and extreme. maybe you could act in a way that would cause more violence more upsetment.
5:47 am
more rioting. that would be understandable. it's not understandable. it's not understandable for a member of congress or any elected leader in this country to say that's acceptable. what's wrong in this country, is that congress and senators like congressman cummings don't come out and say what the sister of freddie gray said we don't want violence. we don't need violence. this is not what is wanted. and she's the most hurt by the alleged acts against her brother. >> yeah. remarkable he has the most sense but suffering the most. >> this other notion that i find disturbing. we were talking about it before -- maybe you find it disturbing at home -- we hear this time and time again, we hear it in ferguson and other places. these were out of town folks. these are americans. whether they're from baltimore, whether they're from ferguson or anywhere else these are folks who are trying to do harm to the fabric of a community. it doesn't help black americans,
5:48 am
it doesn't help white americans, it doesn't help anyone. we need a single standard of justice for police officer and people whether they're black, white or any color that they are. if the police officers are wrong, six of them have been suspended with pay. if they're wrong, they'll be indicted and they'll be convicted. we don't know what happened. we know what shouldn't have happened. we know that freddie gray had three fractured vertebrae in his neck and a crushed windpipe. you don't get that by whistling through the park. sometime happened but we don't know what happened. until then let's let the process take hold and let our leaders act in a responsible way that says we're not going to excuse this kind of conduct. we're not going to say, oh, it could have been worse or it was folked folks from out of town. that's not a solution. >> thanks for being here. >> good to see you. have a great week. it was a great moment fit for a superhero. watch this.
5:49 am
[ applause ] >> it will melt your heart. that little boy stealing the spotlight. he's here to share his story on our plaza when we come back. there you go jack. we're going to check with martha maccallum. did you see that catch out there? >> good morning. coming up today, the long awaited and delayed trial for james holmes the alleged movie theater murderer starts today. george bush breaks his sloins and gives his critique of the obama administration. ed and joe are hill and bill and i will see you at the top of the hour.
5:50 am
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5:53 am
this was a moment you'll want to watch. [ applause ] >> he's 5-year-old jack carter throwing out the first pitch in a minor league game after receiving his iron man 3 d printed hand. he joins us here on our plaza. can i get a high five? that was an awesome pitch. >> that was a low 5. >> it's high for me. you were great, did you like throwing that pitch out? yeah? >> he will shortly. >> all right. john tell me first off, how this all came to be? >> well we saw on tv a boy that
5:54 am
had a prosthetic hand so to enable and they farmed out to a college in upstate new york. they 3 d printed the hand just for him. his hand is unique unlike any other hand the company has printed out because of his thumb. >> can i see your hand? that is awesome. i heard it came with lasers. do you love this? do you like it. it's incredible. 3 d printed. i heard one of the partners who created this said it cost $50. he offered to build jack a new one when he out grows this hand. >> absolutely. >> what does it mean to you to have jack have this hand? >> it's been unbelievable. we just heard from joey from sienna college a month ago. we connected right from the beginning. within a month he had his hand.
5:55 am
they said they want to continue with him as he grows. >> he likes iron man, this is up his alley. let me ask you quickly, jack do you want to show me how it works, how do you move it? do you go like this? >> jack was born with a thumb and he has nubbins for fingers. >> you're able to move it look this? >> uh-huh. >> do you want to throw it to mr. kilmeade do you want to throw it to brian? ready? i'll be your umpire back here. >> here you go. >> here it comes. >> ready? >> oh, yeah! >> wow. >> you are a great player buddy. >> look at you. >> he's going to go get the ground ball. can you get brian? >> how did you teach her to do that the switching on the mitt. he was in little league already.
5:56 am
>> we showed jim abbot how he switches his glove. we're going to throw it again. >> you're great, jack you know what? you are a superstar. >> you are awesome. thanks for showing me the iron man hand. more "fox and friends" in just a moment. ♪ we are the champions my friends ♪ and we'll keep on fighting till the end ♪ across america people, like basketball hall of famer dominique wilkins, are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza. he said victoza works differently than pills and comes in a pen. victoza is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time. and the needle is thin.
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5:59 am
on a z435 and save 100 dollars on your purchase. nothing runs like a deere. ♪ amazing. >> he has just receive ad3 d printed hand. he's going to park one out of
6:00 am
our plaza i think. nice job. how does that hand feel? >> good job. >> very nice. >> thank you for joining us. have a great day see you tomorrow everybody. bill: , breaking news. more aftershocks rocking the country of nepal. 3,600 confirmed dead in the worst quake there in more than 80 years. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to a brand-new week of "america's newsroom." martha: a search and recovery effort under way on mount everest. the moment of impact caught on tape. watch


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