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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 27, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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surprise? >> right. >> we're going to have to leave it right there. "special report" will pick up the continuing coverage of the breaking news in baltimore. bret's going to take it from there. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier. a city on edge tonight. protests have spawned violence. as you look at the funeral of the 25-year-old african-american man whose death in police custody has sparked a week of demonstrations. social media today urged young people to go on a purge. a reference to a movie about urban lawlessness. then there were reports that the national known criminal gangs were going to police officers. clearly a dangerous situation in baltimore still developing just down the road from the nation's capital. doug mckelway is in the middle of it all tonight.
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doug? >> reporter: bret we're standing outside of the mondawmin mall near where the baltimore city zoo is. this was the scene of rioting not much more than a half hour ago. if you look at the street behind me you can see debris and bricks and rocks i'm holding in my hand right now. very large brick thrown at somebody here and not too long ago. the protesters have moved down this direction towards the inner city and towards the baltimore inner harbor i should say. this on the day that police set out a press release saying that the bloods and crips and the two baltimore area gangs were combining together to center into a partnership to take outlaw enforcement. that too, on the very day that mr. gray the victim of this police incident eight days ago, was laid to rest.
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the funeral was held today for 25-year-old freddie gray and his death remains under investigation. hundreds came to the baptist church to praise his life and to comfort his family and seek justice. >> although i believe that our mayor and our new prosecutor are up to the job, we need to look forward to structural change where they are not put in this position anymore. >> reporter: a visibly shaken elijah cummings is asking for legal change as well. there was no visible sign of a police presence at the funeral, not that it would have been welcome here. a community convinced that police excess caused gray's death. the anger erupted in violence on
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saturday night as a peaceful protest made its way from the african-american neighbors to the touristy harbor. 35 people were arrested. fans at the nearby oriels park at camden yard were forced to stay there until the violence abated. >> we also for those who wish to destroy to do that as well. >> when i first heard this comment from the mayor i thought, has this mayor lost her mind? >> she later walked back the remark but tensions remain high. the campus at university of maryland closed early. freddie gray's death, an apparent spark that was caused by years of pent-unanger as an
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invitation to harm. >> what does your average black man in baltimore city think of the cops in this city? >> it's a harsh reality. because we are arrested for any little thing, we abuse and they don't approach you at all. >> reporter: and now to the police investigation, more officers in riot gear congregating about half a block from where we now stand. the investigation is supposed to be wrapped up this friday and the department of justice has its own investigation ongoing and key to those investigations is the fact that he was put in that police van in a unbuckled
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situation. he suffered very very serious injuries when the police decided to give him a, quote, rough ride. bret, back to you. >> doug mckelway, thank you. we're monitoring all angles of the baltimore rioting and the response and shepard smith is on the news deck. >> i can show you on the wall here this is the center of it all where some of the protesting had been happening earlier. a lot of looting. a liquor store and then a number of businesses up and down the street. if the camera were to pull out and show you where authorities are massing, many different locations sort of around this area. it would appear from the chopper
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coverage that they are working to establish a perimeter, in other words, keep the lawlessness contained to a certain area i can tell that you sense this began about 3:15 or so this afternoon, a baltimore and washington time began with a few people throwing rocks and bricks and a number of cops coming at them in riot gear but the cops being pushed back as they were vastly outnumbered by the demonstrators and then the cops were forced at some point or made the decision at some point to retreat and after they did so they had been massing in different areas, as you can see right here of waiting presumably at some point for the call to go back and take back the streets. their time is short. sun down about an hour and a half away and these sorts of situations are much more difficult in the dark of night. we have reports of at least seven police officers officially from authorities injured. one of those seven police officers with broken bones. another said by the spokesman for the baltimore city police
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department to have been unresponsive upon first contact. those -- all of those officers were taken to the hospital. we do not have a number of individual arrests on the street but we have seen authorities take a number of what appear to be young men into custody. one after he had been jumping up and down on a police vehicle along with a somewhat dozen or more people destroying a police vehicle. one of those at least was arrested and a number of other arrests. during "the five" in the last hour some of the hosts were asking where is the civil rights community? the man who gave the eulogy for mr. gray earlier today of which doug was reporting came forward and said this is the last thing they need for their message. listen. >> i'm in pain for my city and for our children. this is not representational of the movement that we're part of, that we're seeking out justice. this is absolutely mayhem. >> and it certainly is and it
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has continued to be throughout the afternoon. from the multiple feeds that we have from the air, we were able to get a better sense of things from the air. we have not seen the kind of looting that we were seeing earlier. we have not seen any more fires started and we've seen police officers remaining completely out of this area. you can see traffic is still on the move. people are still on the move. but authorities have set up or are trying to set up it would appear some sort of barrier around all of this so they can eventually hopefully go back and take the streets back. the main question now is will they have the manpower to do that. baltimore city police obviously stretched and have been. some state police have been called in. we're told as many as 82. prince george's county some people called in. some city of washington troops have been called in. noerts in other words, a lot of other police organizations have been called in to help. they will find coordination difficult unless they have radio systems where they can communicate widely and make sure
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that they are coordinated in their effort. there will be a concern at a time like this that someone with a weapon who might fire it would begin a new level of trouble that frankly, and thankfully we have not yet seen whether authorities will be able to do that is a matter for reporting of the minutes and hours ahead, bret. but right now the pastor says there is mayhem and there is. >> shep live a the news deck we'll head back with any breaking details. we'll go live now to sheriff clark. sheriff, welcome. as you look at the situation as it develops what are the challenges here for baltimore state police and what would do you? >> it doesn't look like -- it's total chaos right now. baltimore city officials need to rehuddle and bring in more resources and they already should have had next in place. i want to see a better execution
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of the plan. i think there's still time to regroup and get baltimore's finest additional resources. as soon as they started taking on casualties when the rocks and bottles were being thrown they should have executed or implemented phase two of the program. you bring in reinforcements. they should have had strike forces of 20 to 25 officers that could have moved in to any area to take that thing back over. so i'm a little puzzled as to what their operational plan is but it's not looking good at this point. >> sheriff, we're told that the governor has not declared a state of emergency yet. we're told that state police have been mobilized but not in great numbers so far. and, you know you're critical of the plan as it has developed here. you've also been critical, as we look live in baltimore, of the mayor, that they were projecting to protect cars and buildings but, quote, we also gave those who wish to destroy space to do that as well. >> total capitulation to these
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rioters and looters, and i think not only for the baltimore police department but to the law-abiding people the majority of law-abiding people who live in this community where this is going on right now, appeasement has never worked anywhere in the united states as a strategy. it's a failed strategy which is why i would encourage them to regroup, rehuddle and come out with a better plan to execute. give these baltimore police officers a chance to get this thing under control but they have to have the resources. >> sheriff, what about, as shep mentioned, as darkness falls there in baltimore, the additional challenges that police face on the ground? >> well darkness always brings a new element to the thing because of concealment which adds more danger to the law enforcement officers. same on the governor at this point that hasn't declared a state of emergency. all of america is watching this. i'm watching this and in utter
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disbelief that he or she, the governor of maryland doesn't think that a state of emergency should be declared. to give the people in baltimore some sense that their government officials are in control and have their arms around this thing so they can quickly restore order because that's job one. the national guard at this point should be deployed and these are calls that they have to make but you're asking me what i would do. we had a situation similar to this in milwaukee in december and i called in for the national guard to be on stand by. they were marshalled in the milwaukee area and ready to go at a moment's notice. you can't start to mobilize as this stuff is going on in the theater. you have to have a station and throw a switch load these men and women up in the national guard and get them in just if nothing else, to form the perimeter from around these areas where i'm seeing uniformed officers and form strike forces 20 to 25 that can move to hot
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spots, the troubled spots, to move those people out. i'm seeing people allowed to mingle and gather. you have to keep people moving. that's where your large crowds start to build up and you have problems on your hand. >> the gray family attorney after the funeral today, he came out and talked about some of these protests some of them have that been violent. >> if there is no respect for order, there will be no order. we have to remember that we still need the police to protect the citizens of baltimore. we don't want this town to become mob town again. >> sheriff are, there was a lot of anger. there just are not answers yet in this investigation about freddie gray and how he died in police custody.
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what do you say to this african-american community that is angry, confused and now tonight on the streets? >> well it's misguided and i don't think there's a lot of leadership coming from the area the political leadership but some of the community leadership because i think the frustration is misguided. we all want to know what happened to freddie gray. let's face it they didn't know freddie gray. they weren't associated with freddie gray. with the black on black crime that exists in the city of baltimore and i have a few statics, 90% of the suspects are black and they should be frustrated with that. we'll deal with the problems that they have with the police. i think it's worthy of a discussion if not worthy of a riot. let's place the anger where the frustration needs to be and that's with the city officials in baltimore. >> sheriff david clark from
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milwaukee county. sheriff, appreciate your time tonight. we are monitoring the situation live in baltimore. there is other news today after a quick break. we'll update you on the other stories and keep you up to date with everything that is happening on the ground in baltimore. hate stuff? it's evil. and ladders... awwwwwww!!!!! they have all those warnings on them. might as well say, "you're going to die, jeff". you hired someone to clean the gutters? not just someone. someone from angie's list. but we're not members. we don't have to be to use their new snapfix feature. angie's list helped me find a highly rated service provider to do the work at a fair price. come see what the new angie's list can do for you.
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you're looking at baltimore, a lynn of policea situation that is on edge in baltimore. we're continuing to monitor it and doug mckelway is on the ground. we'll head back for any breaking news. there is other news today. politics. hillary clinton continues to battle her own self-inflicted political wounds tonight. the chief executive of the clinton family foundation is admitting mistakes were made in how its disclosed contributions from foreign entities. but as allegations surface in a soon-to-be released it book the clinton campaign strategy appears to be still, kill the messenger. chief white house correspondent
3:19 pm
ed henry ihe campaign tonight. >> reporter: aides stepped up their campaign to try to discredit the author of the book "clinton cash" after peter schweizer appeared on two sunday talk shows. >> this warrants investigation. >> reporter: clinton spokesman brian fallon claiming, "we believe we turned a corner as the author himself conceded multiple times on national tv that his conspiracy theories lack any evidence." that's a reference to schweizer acknowledging that the deal was approved not just by the state department. >> nine separate agencies. >> reporter: and there's no direct proof clinton was active in the process. >> you don't have a single piece of evidence that she was involved in this deal that she sent a memo to the person -- the state department representative who was on this committee and said hey, we want to approve the uranium sale? >> right. i'm a journalist. i don't have access to government records or certainly
3:20 pm
don't have access to her e-mails. >> reporter: on top of clinton not turning over her e-mail server rand paul today declared there should have been a much stronger firewall around former president bill clinton's fundraising while secretary clinton was in office. >> of she stood up and objected the sale wouldn't have gone through but now the russians own 20% of our meaning and it turns out that the people who own the mining company were giving over $100 million to the clinton foundation. >> reporter: the clinton foundation's acting chief executive admitted over the weekend it's amending tax returns for several years adding quote, yes we made mistakes as many organizations of our size do but we are acting quickly to remedy them. while clinton said this over the weekend for a south carolina democratic event. >> we have to fix our dysfunctional system and get that unaccountable money out of
3:21 pm
it. >> is this rise to the level of a grand jury asking more questions? >> i've seen the top line reports of. this i'd have to read more into the details but i think that certainly would be warranted. >> reporter: meanwhile, a liberal editorial writer for "the washington post" said over the weekend regardless whether laws were broken this was sloppy. she said it showed greed and in the end she called it simply inexcusable. bret? >> ed henry, thank you. we'll take a look at baltimore. on the other side senior analyst brit hume will have a look at politics. we're monitoring the situation live in baltimore. keep it here on fox. hey. i'm ted and this is rudy. say "hi" rudy. [ barks ] [ chuckles ] i'd do anything to keep this guy happy and healthy. that's why i'm so excited about these milk-bone brushing chews. whoa i'm not the only one. it's a brilliant way to take care of his teeth. clinically proven as effective as brushing.
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as you look live at baltimore, the orioles game has been postponed. president obama has spoken with the mayor and maryland's governor has put the national guard on alert. back to the news of the day, the latest developments of hillary clinton's campaign. >> unruly children who left without strict children invariably make a mess. now they made another one. with bill out of office and hillary in first as senator and then as secretary of state, they have managed to go from deep in debt to a tune of $140 million.
3:26 pm
mostly this was proceeds from speeches bill gave which proved breath takingly she became secretary of state and he traveled the world appearing before various entities with business before the state department. this is an outfit so oddly structured that the respected philanthropy rating service said he can't give it a rating because it was where the playbook at such times, neither said much of anything while their apologists are out attacking the fellow viewer about how the money machine works. hillary may have to explain and undoubtedly will be incomplete at best and may be enough to mull through this as they have so often done before. they have had lots of practice. and they are good at this. bret?
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>> brit thank you. as the senate prepares to debate what role it should have in any nuclear deal with iran president obama is taking new criticism over his foreign policy. former president george w. bush told an audience over the weekend that president obama is misreading the audience in retreat from around the world. james rosen is at the white house tonight. >> reporter: at the biggest gathering former president george w. bush foreign policy of his successor, a rare departure from bush family protocol. >> and i suspect he's getting phone calls from most of the significant leaders of the middle east and i think, if you will, the pressure of that kind of communication suggested that george w. bush that this was time to at least put something on the table. >> when you saying? something, you have to mean it.
3:28 pm
mr. bush embarked on just remember the guy who slit danny pearl's throat is in gitmo and now they are doing it on tv. >> there are links between al qaeda and iraq and isil. and the fact that al qaeda would not interact prior to president bush's decision to commit significant american military resources on the ground in that court. and that is an historical fact. >> how do you recon with the historical fact that they were practically bankrupt and we now have isis beheading people on tv? >> i'm not sure that it was gone. i think that this is something that took root in iraq. >> reporter: the former president also intimated that future generations will roo the iran nuclear deal. sparring over the iran diplomacy
3:29 pm
of the nominee who did. >> so much of their actions are related to this nirvana, this mirage out there with the nuclear deal we're going to have some kind of new relationship throughout the middle east that scared the hell out of our sunni arab allies. >> we are, in fact closer than ever to the good, comprehensive deal that we have been seeking. and if we can get there, the entire world will be safer. >> reporter: and president obama's top negotiator at the iran talks said today without this deal presently on the table, iran will be able to develop in enough weapons grade plutonium to build two nuclear bombs a year. bret? >> james rosen on the north lawn thank you. we'll go live to doug mckelway in baltimore. this looks like a fire. this is a cvs which we saw looted earlier. it looks like it's engulfed in
3:30 pm
flames at this moment. you see a line of police officers outside. we'll head back live for breaking news out of baltimore. the protests there continue now as nightfall approaches.
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this is a fox news alert. you're looking live at baltimore, a situation that is developing violent protests tonight following a funeral for
3:34 pm
an african-american man who died in police custody earlier this month. we heard that police are calling for a medic at the scene of one of these incidents of violent protests that's developed. police were saying that seven officers have been injured so far. as you take a look at wjz, a look at baltimore, that is a cvs on fire one that had been previously looted earlier that we saw live on fox news cameras. standing by in baltimore, as our reporter doug mckelway, has the latest on the situation. >> reporter: hi bret. we managed to get ourselves closer to the cvs drugstore where the looting began earlier this afternoon. you can see thick, brown and now a whitish smoke billowing from that cvs. it has been clearly set on fire. just moments ago at this location we saw a caravan of
3:35 pm
perhaps 40 to 50 prince george's maryland police here. they obviously need help with their police department. they are being overwhelmed. another caravan, maryland state transportation authority. a lot of people milling about. if we look over here a lot of people have been milling about. this is the case on virtually every intersection that we have visited. some are merely by standers curious about what is going on and others are residents and some are downright angry. i heard another colleague of mine saying a block from where we are standing we saw people with quarts of milk bars of soap anything that they could carry carry out of that cvs and piling them into their car. a lot of activity here. i count one, two, three, four five helicopters. some of the police helicopters other than obviously news helicopters but a very very
3:36 pm
fluid situation. we can kind of determine the rioting, it ebbs and flows and is moving in a direction generally towards the inner city the inner harbor and downtown baltimore towards city hall. it's very hard to get your bearings because so many roads are roped off by the police that you can't follow that. you just get inser sected at various places. that's the latest from here bret. back to you. if you're asking me questions, i can't here. we'll try to straighten that out for you. >> thank you, doug as you see the police moving forward to move the crowd back live in baltimore outside of the cvs that doug just mentioned. they are marching forward. joining us again, you heard earlier in the show sheriff david clark in wisconsin, as the police are moving forward, it seems like there are more on the ground now and they are getting bigger numbers as we head towards nightfall.
3:37 pm
what are the biggest concerns for law enforcement that this -- as you see this develop? >> well numbers, resources, mobilization quick governor norof maryland, i'm watching this as america unfolds. what does he have to see before bodies laying in the streets? it's time to take action and move. give the police officers a chance to get this thing under control and they can do it with a better operational plan and with more resources. that's the only thing that they are going to be able to do now. as you indicated, bret when nightfalls it's another element that they are going to have to deal with because it allows the rioters and looters concealment. they can get it done but they are going to have to do it quickly now. >> sheriff, you've talked about this before. some activists say that this situation is indicative of
3:38 pm
african-american community's tension with police all over the country. how do you respond to that when you hear that? >> well i don't know. i think the police are the strong if you will. these are cities mainly under democrat political control, failed liberal policies that lead to the rise of the underclass. that's what we're seeing here. the majority of people that live in baltimore in these black communities are good law-abiding people but you have an emerging underclass and they live by the behaviors that we see playing out here. they settle disputes with violence and you see the rioting and looting. as this underclassy emerges, it's easy to point at the police and blame it on the police. but if you look at the data and the research and i'll bring back this black on black crime that be besieges these communities,
3:39 pm
these same individuals shrug their shoulders when they hear that it's 90% african-american. they would soon as shot freddie gray in a baltimore nightclub if he had bumped into them on a dance floor. i'm not going to sit up here and let the individuals that you're talking about trying to blame the prisolice for what ales the city o of baltimore. >> sheriff, you can see that there are bad apples and things do happen that are wrong in police departments. >> sure. and we have a process for that. i think we do a good job in law enforcement of self-correcting. i think we saw it in south carolina not too long ago and that investigation is still under way. we have to believe in the process. you have to believe in the process. i understand they are frustrated but this is not a socially acceptable way to deal with frustration. the process will straighten out
3:40 pm
what happened to freddie gray and we have to give the investigation time. i wish the investigation could be concluded tonight but if you rush in you're going to miss something and then the same individuals will say that you did a faulty investigation you rushed it through and came to a conclusion. it's kind of a pick your poison kind of thing but i trust the process and the people in baltimore in this investigation that don't get it right in the end. >> what we don't often talk about is the patience that is required on the ground for police officers. the diligence to not respond with overwhelming force at times, to rocks being thrown or seven officers being injured. one of them apparently unresponsive. you know, what about that, sheriff? >> well that's a fluid state. i would say that once the rocks and bottles start to be hurled at the police all bets are off. i expect the police to be aggressive and assertive and reasonable and work under the constitution. i do expect them to trust their
3:41 pm
training and if they do that i think things will work out well for them. but one of the things i'm not going to -- you're not going to hear me talk about once the rocks and bottles are being hurled is restraint. i will use the "r" word reasonable in terms of how they deal with this situation but for them to take on casualties like they did earlier, you know i don't want to see any citizens in baltimore hurt or killed. i don't want to see any police officers hurt or killed and that's why i'm looking at the governor right now and say, i don't know what you're being looking at but what i'm looking at is a state of emergency. get those resources in there and get them mobilized so we can get this city under control and sort through and figure out what is going on here and how do we put baltimore back together again? >> yeah. apparently the governor has urged -- has put the national guard on stand by. wouldn't baltimore police be calling in for that additional help? >> well that all depends.
3:42 pm
i know that when i had the situation under state law, the sheriff or mayor of the city can call in for the national guard, i place that call to the governor. the governor did comply. we had them mobilized and ready to go at a moment's notice. i am hearing some very vague language when i hear that the governor has the national guard on alert or on stand by. i don't know what that means. when i talk to the general who is head of the national guard in wisconsin, he told me about two weeks before this situation potentially it was going to be two or three days to mobilize the national guard. give me two or three days leeway so we can have them ready and then he mobilized them. when i'm hearing words like standby and on alert, i don't know what that means. >> sheriff, as always. we appreciate your time and expertise and hopefully this ends peacefully. thank you. >> thank you, bret. i hope the same. well as you look live at baltimore, we'll bring in our
3:43 pm
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fifteen percent or more on car insurance you switch to geico. it's what you do. go on kitty, kitty... looking live in baltimore as police are trying to get the situation under control, there you can see a cvs on fire. it was looted earlier. it was one of the spots that these protests have moved through these areas. this is one area of baltimore. it's north baltimore. but we are watching a number of different locations as police are preparing for nightfall. this after there's been a lot of reaction to what the mayor said about the situation with the protests developing over the weekend. >> i've made it very clear that i work with the police and instructed them to do everything that they could to make sure that the protesters were able to exercise their right to free speech. it's a very delicate balancing act. because while we try to make
3:47 pm
sure that they were protected from the cars and the other things that were going on we also gave those who wish to destroy space to do that as well. >> so let's bring in our panel. steve hayes, senior writer for the weekly standard juan williams national public radio and syndicated columnist, charles krauthammer. steve? >> obviously the people responsible for most of the violence are rioters. they are not protesters. and listening to that it's really a jarring comment. it's hard to imagine a public official saying something like that which i think could effectively be seen as a green light for this kind of destruction. she said we're providing the safe space to destroy. people went out and destroy. i don't think anybody should be surprised at that. and what i think has been surprising is looking at the reluctance of the police to move in further and try to restore
3:48 pm
order before this spins totally out of control before nighttime and before these gangs that we've all been hearing about so much can be activated. >> juan? >> well i would differ to this extent. i think what happened today is the kids get out of school around 3:00. there was a lot of social media conversation about let's go after this let's have a total attack. so i think and then the gangs got involved as well. so the message over the weekend was a mistake. the mayor spoke when she said give people space to destroy, you want to give people space to protest. what we've seen here is anarchy take hold and you need a strong force. you don't need to make a mistake of making the government or police into some oppressive force, a provocative presence as we've seen in ferguson with the militarization of the police. that's why we haven't heard from the mayor to clean up what i think as being a misinterpreted statement. she's simply saying people need
3:49 pm
to have their first amendment rights to be heard, being protected by this government. >> she walked it back a little bit but it was not a full -- >> i think this is a bad day for the government of baltimore and state of maryland. the national guard has been put on alert and she hasn't been present recently to explain what her police force is doing to keep order and right now it looks pretty bad. i mean it looks like they are standing around and buildings are on fire. and i think, you know she's been good on this in the earlier weeks of this couldn't verse see. she needs to come out again. >> we should point out, this is one part of baltimore. it's not like the city is on fire or essentially under siege but it's a situation and it's dangerous. >> there's a total failure of leadership here. people can look at the scenes and they know that there's a city out of control on the
3:50 pm
ground but also it's out of control at the level of governance. you have to show up. you have to have the governor out there and the mayor out there and police chief out there speaking even if it's every -- if you don't have a lot of new information, you have to assure people you know what is going on and you have a plan. you on you have a plan. you don't need a yettin on a tank, you don't need a giuliani on the streets of new york on 9/11. you need somebody to give a sense of control. there was a blackout of news. they have announced nothing. everybody is speculative. all the stories are tweets. you have to put something out. i think a new governor and a mayor that makes a statement like that this is actually aggravated the situation in a way that's astonishing. >> we continue to watch live the situation. back with a panel after a quick break.
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>> we are hearing what we are hearing. you are going to see tear gas, you are going to see pepper balls. we are going to use the appropriate methods to ensure the safety of that 5çcommunity. >> the police spokesman there in baltimore as the situation continues. the funeral today was held for 25-year-old freddie gray who died in police custody eight days ago after being in police custody in a closed door of a baltimore police transport. there you see his pictures. that's where these protests started. the funeral today. back the panel, juan arc lot of people spoke out at the funeral about the situation md:soo. >> jesse sackson says we don't need more police we need jobs. i did a panel this week for the museum of african-american history and cultures here in washington. on that panel, there was a law professor and she said we need
3:55 pm
police to be more of a commune force. and all of a sudden the police on the left of the panel said we need less police. we need more mental health services and more jobs. i thought this is an invitation the people who need police the most are the people in the community who are victimized by the thugs and the criminals. >> which is interesty we are not seeing a bigger p >> i don't understand it. we are waiting for the mayor to explain it. or somebody. it's mystifying. >> what you do is the use the national guard to establish a perimeter and the local blis police who know the neighborhoods, who know the streets are the ones would would be active inside. instead the local police are now forming perimeters and there is nobody who goes inside into the crowds and disburses sneem just as too much police as juan suggested earlier can lead to sort of an aggravation of a tense situation, so can too
3:56 pm
little police and police that are there in a defensive posture. what we've seen from police thus far is retreating. we've seenh$ the fire department being told to stand down. i think that further signals that this kind of chaos is okay. >> final thoughts in a moment as this has obviously changed our normal special report tonight as we look live in baltimore and the situation there. ...if hiring plumbers, carpenters and even piano tuners were just as simple? thanks to angie's list now it is. we've made hiring anyone from a handyman to a dog-walker as simple as a few clicks. buy their services directly at no more calling around. no more hassles. and you don't even have to be a member to start shopping today. angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. visit today.
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looking live in baltimore as we just lost the shot from the aerial -- there is another one from our affiliates there on the ground. um people mulling around in the streets. we just got reports from the police on the ground that the firefighters were trying to put out that fire at the cvs that was looted but protesters we're told cut the fire hose and cut off the water to that effort. rioting over the death of an american -- african-american man in police custody, basically moving through the streets here. the situation is fluid. some officers some seven officers, have reportedly been injured. they have looted. now the governor of maryland has
4:00 pm
put the national guard on stand by. so far, not declaring a state of emergency. we're waiting to see what happens. you can stay here on fox news kmanl for continuing coverage. that's "special report." fair balanced and still unafraid. this is a fox news aletter. tonight baltimore like a war zoechbl these are live pictures of violent riots underway right now. as of now, seven police officers injured. one is unresponsive. images chilling, police carsçsãon fire, trash cans, all thrown at cars. looting. a cvs set on fire. police warn a credible threat tipping them off that crooks are targeting police. they want to take them fphoout. the violence starting as the funeral for freddie gray wrapped up. on the roar has a team on the ground covering the


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