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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 28, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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memory growth. the ugly a woman managed to skirt around a florida radio shack stuffing components under her dress. he managed to walk out with all of it. "fox and friends" starts now. good morning. it is tuesday, april 28th. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. baltimore is burning. a night of chaos turns a city into a war zone. >> get back. get up on the stairs. are you watching this guys? are they watching us? steve? are you watching this? >> businesses are looted and protesters celebrate the destruction. this morning why police say social media started it all. we are live on the ground with what you need to know straight ahead. unbelievable. and amid the chaos and flames people want to know diz baltimore's mayor actually fan the fire with this stupid
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comment? >> we also bid those who wished to destroy space to do that as well. >> she gave those who wish to destroy space. now she's trying to take the words back. isn't it a little too late? all right. and it's not just baltimore this morning, officers across the country on high alert as gangs put a hit out on white cops. "fox and friends" starts right now. good morning. we start this hour of "fox and friends" with a fox news alert. baltimore, still burning. this morning the city looking like a war zone as protesters spent the night setting fires. actually those weren't protesters. i should have said those lawless looters set fires and throwing bottles at police. those weren't protesters those
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were people acting in a criminal nature. >> they were anything but peaceful. the national guard is just arriving at the scene. the chaos unfolding on the day freddie gray is laid to rest. he's the man who died in police custody. peter doocy is live in baltimore with the latest on this. peter, what can you tell us this morning? >> elizabeth we went to bed last night, the entire city smelled like smoke. we wake up and it is more of the same. across the street from a wig shop, at the intersection in east baltimore that is completely looted. there's broken glass, bits of wig and mannequin. across the street we have a pawnshop that you can see still smoldering. the windows, white brick building, the windows are blacked out. down this alleyway we have two ladder trucks that have been operating trying to get this
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fire under control. this is a very very bad start to the day. there are a lot of firefighters here. they've been doing a good job. but this is obviously, not something that you want to see when a lot of business owners are hoping to wake up and just figure out how much of their livelyhood they have left. some of the other locations we're not this morning, we hz the national guard. there are 1,500 guilty guardsmen. i'm going to move here we don't want to be in the way. we have seen the national guardsmen. they're patrolling the streets. they're hoping to avoid a repeat of yesterday when 15 police officers were injured. they are expected to go okay. and only about two dozen people were arrested. all that property damage all that violence all the rioting, about two dozen arrests. we have spoken to some people
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who say, that all this happening in their city, makes them sick. listen to this. >> i am extremely disappointed in what has happened in this beautiful city tonight. i'm disappointed in the fact that the damage has been done to these communities. i'm disappointed that we cannot be more responsible. the embarrassment we have nationwide in our communities. >> these firemen very bravely going in. it looks like they are using the water to put out what remains of the fire. the entire area smells like something is still burning. here they all go. wow. they're going in starting day two of these really bad riots. putting out a hot spot. the people of baltimore owe them so much. they've been doing such a good job. all the violence that we saw last night, there was no curfew
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in place. there is a curfew that is set to go into effect at 10:00 p.m. tonight. but that is a long way off. remember a lot of the rioters that we saw yesterday, that started at the mall in west baltimore, they were everywhere. they were teenagers who left school. there is no school today. how long until we see if those teenager who were rioting yesterday actually stay home. >> peter, got a quick question for you. we saw the images of the cvs drugstore on fire in baltimore last night. and then we saw some knit wit destroy the hose so they couldn't put out the fire. and it changed out of control. are the firefighters traveling with police protection today to make sure they can do their job safely? >> you know looking around it
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does not appear that's the case. there are a lot of fire trucks here. there's at least a dozen. i see an ambulance, but i don't see police protection at least anywhere in sight. we have seen police officers here. i see one unmarked car that could be a policemen. one unmarked car for all these firefighters and hoses, that would not count as a broad perimeter of security. >> that's a good point. >> thank you. it's understandable why they would then call in national guard, ask for thousands of support. boots on the ground from all the local regions there. peter made a great point. he said the kids were in school until 2:30 #3:00. they saw this flyer come out called the purge. it was about this -- fictional -- this is the flyer it shows a police car being smashed in. it basically -- surrounds the idea of what would happen if all
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laws were suspended. in the purge. it was for an hour. we know went long for that. if the kids are in school until 3:00 and they're not in school today, we may see violence earlier yesterday. >> they were out flanked and out numbered or maybe they were told behind the scenes whatever happens show restraint. let thooez people vent a little bit. did this uprising start with students and end up with gang members? that brought us through the night. was it very late in the game before we heard the national guard, before we got the numbers from the surrounding areas to somehow get that place under control. as late as midnight last night, it was still a place in which it wasn't safe for police. >> they called off the baseball game. they postponed it indefinitely. we don't know the rescheduling. 500 state troopers to baltimore.
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>> you know what what's interesting is the mayor waited as long as she possibly could before she declared a state of emergency. the governor 30 seconds after she asked for help granted that. and national guard was sent in. you know some observers have said that one of the things that could have precipitated this was we have played the sound bite for you yesterday morning at this time of the mayor in baltimore over the weekend talking about the peaceful protests. she said -- and violent and ugly at a point. she said we gave the people space to destroy. there's the mayor right there last night. well we're going to play that sound bite for you again this morning. then we're going to play some of her from last night where she tries to walk back and say she never said what she said. >> well, whye tried to make sure they were protected from the cars and other things that were going on.
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we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well. we worked very hard to keep that balance. >> i never said nor would i ever say we are giving people space to destroy our city. my words should not be twisted. >> nobody twisted her words. that was an exact quote. i question overall she said she was busy. the first time we saw her was 8:00. things had been going on for eight hours. >> the business owners are consume would flames. the people are consumed with the wreckage that is to fall and perhaps moreriots. apparently the mayor spoke with president obama about the ongoing situation. you have to wonder what he had to say to her about it. how dare -- >> we do know the message. the message, the attorney general was given that gave to the -- the new attorney general got this message, tell the
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police to show restraint. >> that's good. that could explain why nobody got arrested. it started with those kids throwing the bricks and now look at this chaos. former homicide detective rod wheeler joins us. can you explain this to me? i get why some of the people there in baltimore are angry at the police. why are they angry at the wig shop? why are they angry at the cvs and the baptist church and they burned down the nursing home there? how do you make that turn? >> it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. yesterday i was here during the entire time. and i saw at least 50 businesses were looted by hundreds of people. the unfortunate thing, is that the police here were totally out numbered. it was obviously they were caught off guard. there was not police officers
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here. there were cars being burned up in front of him. yesterday about 6:00 p.m. i saw a guy walking onthen street he was attacked by a gang of individuals. the police were standing there and did nothing. >> do you believe the police were given a stand down or a sit back order on this? >> you know that's an excellent question. and i was wondering about that yesterday. because i actually saw right around 4:00 5:00 in the afternoon, i saw about 200 police officers in an alley. they wasn't moving whatsoever. as a result of that there was so much looting on the streets. a lot of people was wubdering why wasn't the police doing something about this. it's going to leave a lot of questions for us to try to figure out exactly what was the police told. the other thing, they were totally out numbered. when i got her about 2:00 in the afternoon, there were 2,000 people in the street. it was only 200 cops. there was nothing they could do. >> it seems like there's different waves and different
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people. watching the interviews yesterday, some of these people were saying i don't know who these people are destroying my neighborhood. congressman cummings said the only time the riots got out of control was when people from the outside came. is there a sense on the street there is people from other cities who want the chaos and the anger? >> yeah. you know i have to tell you, that the people that was here yesterday, that was rioting, 99% of those people were from right here in this neighborhood. they were going in and out of their homes as they were rioting. most of the people were from the area and they were destroying their own neighborhood. >> we're getting a look at what went wrong last night. coming up on this tuesday morning, what took so long for the national guard to get called up on the scene and why didn't the police get involved earlier? up next we'll talk to the former
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the mayor coming under fire for those comments this weekend. over the weekend. now she's trying to take those words back. >> i never said nor would i ever say that we are giving people space to destroy our city. so my words should not be twisted. >> were they twisted? are baltimore's leaders the ones allowing this to spread? here to react former maryland governor bob ehrlich. we understand the hangeranger, but how did it get this bad so quick? >> those words should have been taken back then. she obviously made a mistake. public officials make mistakes but her staff somebody at the time should have said look this is how it came out, this is what you said let's take it back. what she meant, obviously, we respect descent, we don't respect destruction. those comments will live for a while and follow her. >> i know it's personal for you,
3:18 am
not only you were the governor of the state, you know that area. that's where you grew up. that's where your kids are. but we saw a city that was out numbered the rioters out numbered the protesters the cops out flanked the cops according to a city police commissioner. how does that happen? >> unprepared. obviously. unprepared. it's going to be a lot of hard questions here over the coming days and weeks, particularly on the day of the funeral. this was not hard to predict. clearly there were some elements some political element, if you will to stand down. you heard it you felt it. but a lot of people are paying the price for that stand down. whether it was an order or not, i don't know but that sense of let's let it play out a little bit. a lot of people lost their property as a result last night. >> who were these people? who were these people that were rioting? >> obviously to some extent there's an element that comes in. you see the professional rioters, but, as you just heard a few minutes ago in your
3:19 am
previous guest, some of this was from the neighborhood. that's incredible. >> it's embarrassing. i grew up outside west baltimore. i drove through north avenue just 24 hours prior to this. this is very personal to those of us who live in the city. i was governor of the state. my congressional district abutted the baltimore city line. it's a horrible day. >> not only personal. bring us inside the nerve center that tells us what would make the mayor wait until 8:00 at night to have a press conference and later to call in the national guard who then stays out on the perimeter. >> how it probably went down was the mayor and governor talking, governor hogan i'm sure asked the mayor what do you need, what are your police telling you, what does the intelligence say, the governor is going to make a decision as to what the mayor says. clearly, there was a sense let's
3:20 am
wait let's wait. last night the press conference 30 seconds after the mayor says okay the governor calls in the national guard. a little bit too late. there was a sense, i think, that let it play out a little bit. when the city calls us we'll move. but the city obviously, was somewhat dilatory in respect. a lot of mistakes there is going to be a lot of monday morning quarterbacking here. i think as a result of ferguson people politicians, leaders, are scared to move. they're scared to move assets and call the national guard in. >> it's an over correction former maryland governor bob ehrlich. thanks so much. looters are impacting the economy, can the city recover? ♪ ♪ the beautiful sound of customers
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a fox news alert now. overnight, a state of emergency issued in baltimore as rioters burn local businesses to the ground. so what is the economic impact and can the community recover? we'll ask fox business network charles payne that question. how do you recover? >> we have to begin -- it's a lot more that replacement costs. it's a lot more than how much does it cost to rebuild a cvs. this gets to something. i study what happened in watts, bell california all those places around there never recovered. it's not just economically it's
3:25 am
spiritually. this is when you become a carcass of a community. then you have bad leaders. you have everything that happens to you because you lost your will. here's the irony, baltimore never recovered from 1968. 1950 was the sixth largest city in america. you had thingeds like the steel industry that faded. once you have wounds like this you're talking decades. >> i have been to this neighborhood when i lived in washington, d.c. we were showing images of the cvs that got burned. the people of that area went there for -- went for groceries and drugs and everything they needed. and where they going to go now? >> that part is always always confused me. i lived in the hardest hit neighborhood in new york city in 1977 when the blackout occurred.
3:26 am
the destruction of your neighborhood supermarket, drugstore -- >> by your neighbors. >> of course. i mean of course that wasn't fuelled by the anger that's the foundation of this. it's mind boggling. >> it was so sad, i think is how many young americans were out there on the streets with force of destruction, they were young, school kids. what do you say to them? >> here's the problem, i got to be honest with you, i'm not necessarily surprised this happened. coming into this year i've been bracing for maybe the summer of 2015 to look like this. i'm not being a critic of president obama, i believe he has mishandled this whole thing, particularly on the racial side. it's sort of like you got to admonish people. period. particularly when they look like you and they're doing something wrong. you can't always make them the victims. of you can't always make -- looters can't always be the victims or justified.
3:27 am
unfortunately, that's been the narrative. >> violence aside, the one thing that i'm getting from this there's a sense of generations of being hopeless. whether you want to judge them or not, it's up to you. they feel like it's hopeless. the american dream has left them. >> when we elected president obama, he could have taken the works of people like martin luther king to the next level. >> he took al sharpton to the next level. >> as this was happening, apple computer reported earnings for the last three months, the most amazing three months. why is that interesting? it was started by a kid with a chip on his shoulder. he redirected his anger to create one of the most amazing company in american history. this anger can be redirected. it can be used. it's like the power of a nuclear facility. you can use it weapon or for power. if you find a way to have the right persons fuel that and say
3:28 am
take this same energy and put it into becoming an escinge inge nooer. whether you want to judge them or not it's got to come from the outside in. there's nobody on the inside of that community that's helping fuel that dream. it's not happening in ferguson or baltimore. >> you hear a lot of parents whose kids are on heroin. they're great parents, but outside influence is too great. we underestimate when there's teenagers -- how many mothers hug their kids through jail cells. it's a combination of thing. that's why people i think who are influential from outside and inside the community, have an obligation to say this is wrong. i don't have your back.
3:29 am
i'm not going to make excuses for you. i will do everything i can to encourage you. >> that leadership there, give them space -- >> oh, my god, what the mayor did, what she said was the ultimate green light. again, political correctness, and everything from the strategy yesterday. you were talks to rod, i had him on my show. we did this whole thing live. it's amazing. >> the thing is it's got of control. people saw -- >> small businesses anita's beauty salon. her dream is gone. >> right. right. >> charles payne. thank you. coming up straight ahead, all white police officers being on alert. police say they have incredible information on a new threat against cops across the country. we'll have the warning that has cops fearing yet another ambush.
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without any guns. >> we look at communities like this in urban america, lack of education, lack of commercial development. lack of opportunities. it's the social economics of it. it has nothing to do with west baltimore. >> the freddie gray situation was the straw that broke the camel's back. everybody out here that's looting and rioting, they have a story to tell themselves. >> i have watched so many of our people get killed. i'm tired of it. >> they want answers. that's all they want is answers. >> i'm perturbed. i'm angry, i'm upset. this is my neighborhood. this is where we live. >> we are back with a fox news alert. looters spending their night setting fires and wreaking
3:34 am
absolute havoc on baltimore. >> hours after freddie gray's family laid him to rest. the national guard is arriving. >> joe waldman is live on the ground. joel look around right now, it seems quiet, is it? >> it is quiet here. good morning to you. very quiet here in front of baltimore city hall. most of the violence is off your tv screen to the left over my left shoulder. that is the western part of the city. that's where we saw a lot of images from yesterday. i will have my cameraman peer over here you'll see an armored vehicle. we believe that's a national guard vehicle. we think it's what's known as an m wrap which is used to defuse mines in the battlefield. law enforcement not taking any chance husband here. the baltimore city police department is behind the camera's position here. and they are heavily armed with barricades up to insure that no
3:35 am
rioters can breach that area. as you know by now, a state of emergency has been declared here. 1,500 national guardsmen on their way over. as many as 5,000 could come. 500 state troopers and the governor now also asking for an additional 5,000 law enforcement officers. so what a difference 24 hours makes. law enforcement being stepped up here in a big way. the police commissioner made a plea to some of the parents here to keep an eye on their children. >> this is our city that we have to live here. and when you destroy your infrastructure i've seen cities that haven't recovered like the city of watts. we have parents who came off that campus take control of your kids. this is our city. let's make a difference. >> last night 15 police officers were injured. six of them remain hospitalized.
3:36 am
a big concern for the police commissioner. another big concern, a credible threat that perhaps the rival gangs like bloods and crypts are coming together to take out police officers. people upset there were no curfew last night. a curfew set for this evening. >> police officers on high alert across the united states now. there's a new warning from law enforcement officials this morning. there's a threat apparently calling on gang members to kill quote, all white cops. in reaction to the death of freddie gray. that threat spread frump last to philly. joining us now is beau deedle. the three rival gangs had gotten together and said we got to take out cops. >> let us not forget what happened this summer when two
3:37 am
new york city cops were assassinated. where did he come from? the guy came from baltimore. the environment -- it can spread across the country. failure of leadership from the mayor on down to the police commissioner we had the riots of '77 which i was out there. harlem everything was burning. we were sent out there. you have to take charge immediately. you have gas, tear gas, you lob the tear gas in and you go in there. 200 cops up against 2,000 demonstrators. >> this was on the fox news channel yesterday afternoon about 3:30 the cops were in full retreat. >> i was on cavuto. they had these cobblestones and they're hitting cops. at some point you go and you say let's take them out. put some damage in let them know they're not -- the word went out there saturday night -- people were missing saturday
3:38 am
night by the ballfield. they were out there and looted stores and throwing stuff at the cops. when this great mayor comes out with this stupid statement about destroying this is like -- >> somebody -- was there a stand down order? >> i guarantee you there was a stand down. there is no cop in this country that would stand by and get pelted. the commanders on the street -- where was the police commissioner he should have had a helmet on. >> there has been 27 arrests. governor hogan said he got a call from the attorney general who spoke with the president on the first day. the president urged him to have law enforcement officers exercise restraint. and he assured the president that he would. >> why? allow people to destroy nice people have businesses there. where is their rights? the president of the united states he's got a big mouth, should have been on tv last night saying kids go home. parents, get your kids home. because the majority of these kids are from baltimore. these are kids from the schools
3:39 am
there in the afternoon. these were school kids. these are not outside agitators. these are kids that thought this was an opportunity. let's go loot stores and meet at the maul.ll. no one was stopping it. al it was animal house. that's exactly what it was there. >> what do you have to say now? across the nation i'm sure police are on high alert. personally. for their own safety. we know these three gangs in baltimore are threatening to take out white police officers. >> i'm really scared. because this has the same feeling of last summer when all of a sudden this creep from baltimore got in his car, took a train and went into brooklyn. >> he was apparently a member of one of these baltimore gangs. >> this guerilla family whatever you want to call it. when you have nowhere, nothing to live for, then you want to do something to make your friends -- wow, did you see what beau did, beau whacked a cop. i'm afraid for cops in new york los angeles, this could get its
3:40 am
own life. we're heading into the summer again. bad timing. this should have been nipped in the bud. the president should have been on this morning. he does these news conference for these idiotic things. get on the tv and say we must stop the violence. how do you put a curfew for the next night? if you're going to put a cur -- >> last night. >> last night was when you needed it. why wouldn't you let the national guard come right in? you've got to nip this. because what -- >> kept on the perimeter. >> you're throwing gasoline on a fire. i'm so upset about watching these cops get pelted like that. i was a new york city cop, these are my brother officers there. and when i see officers -- we had a little bit of that in new york city with de blasio. he let them close down bridges. you have to take chargize anarchy will be all over the country. >> yesterday baltimore was lawless. let's hope it's better today.
3:41 am
>> i pray to god that the president steps up and becomes a leader. >> okay. thank you very much. >> thank you. it's 20 minutes before the top of the hour. a very busy news day. heather has overnight developments. a couple other things going on. i want to start with nepal. rescuers pulling more victims from the rubble at saturday's earthquake. new concerns are growing about a shortage there. the death toll climbing to more than 4,400 at this point, including a fourth american citizen. the state department now confirms that this man died at the base camp when that him. top taplin, and dan fredinburg are among the dead there. a teacher being hailed as a hero for what could have been a deadly school shooting in washington state. police say a 16-year-old student fired off two shots inside her
3:42 am
high school in lacy washington. social studies teacher, immediately jumped into action knocking that shooter to the ground. >> i kind of liked she ran towards it. when we all ran away he was leading the other two men to run towards him. he did save lautd of people possibly me or my friends. >> police believe that that student may have been attempting a so-called suicide by cop. he now faces several weapons charges. and the murder of an indiana university student, hannah wilson may help in the cold case of another missing college coed coed. wilson's friends say they sent her home in a cab alone. her body was found in a vacant lot several hours later. officers arrested a suspect after finding cell phone at the scene and blood in his car. police say that wilson's case is eerily similar to that of another student, she went missing from the same area. she was at the same bar that
3:43 am
night in 2011. she was never found. investigators say they will not likely reexamine her case. those are your headlines. i'll see you back here in about 30 minutes. >> thank you very much. coming up amid the chaos in baltimore, the family of freddie gray pleads for calm. >> i want y'all to get justice for my son, but don't do it like this here. don't tear up the whole city man, just for him. it's wrong. >> painful. but their calls for peace is completely ignored. what happens those caught on camera assaulting cops and committing crimes? judge napolitano will break it down for you next. across america, people are taking charge of
3:44 am
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a fox news alert. if you're just waking up violence and chaos coming hours after freddie gray was laid to rest in baltimore. his family is pushing one important message. >> i want y'all to get justice for my son, but don't do it like this here. don't tear up the whole city man, just for him. it's wrong. >> that's freddie's mom. what happens to people caught on video looting and assaulting cops? will they be prosecuted? let's talk to fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. we've had extraordinary coverage. >> our intreped leland vittert was closer to the action than the police were last night. there were hundreds and hundreds of cops standing in safety behind him while he risked his on safety to talk to these people. i don't know why the cops are not arresting people. just covering this last night,
3:48 am
with megyn kelly in the 9:00 hour and shepard smith in the 11:00 hour. i personally witnessed many criminal acts and i witnessed cops witnessing the criminal acts not doing anything. i don't believe it's the fault of the cops. these guys were structinstructed not to go anything. i would suggest there's a serious absence of leadership here. why is it we don't know the manner and cause of gray's death? why is it that no one who obviously, apparently caused his deaths has been charged with a crime? one of the reasons this didn't happen in south carolina is the government did the right thing, they charged him with a crime immediately and p people saw that government works. here they see that government does not work. they're taking advantage of that. people who have been bitter and grieved for generations and people who are political
3:49 am
activists who want to make the most out of others' bitterness. >> i was online and some people are comparing it to ferguson. this is not like ferguson. here the mayor is black, the chief of police is black, most of the cops i think the majority of the police officers are black as well. so you wouldn't think that racial component would be part of this. and yet, you know things -- you brought up the absence of leadership. >> well there obviously is a perception. leland interviewed many people on the streets last night. and it is clear that there is a perception in the african-american community in this neighborhood in baltimore where the burnings were last night, that the government does not protect them. we saw that. does not treat them fairly. we see evidence of that. and does not treat them decently and treats different people in a different way. that perception is now
3:50 am
magnified. >> you know i understand it started with the protests. the protests were peaceful. after the kids got out of high school out of school and were dismissed, then there was the pelting of the cops with the bricks it turned into looting. people are using this death as an excuse to steal stuff. >> precisely. people who know that they're going to get away with it are going to do it again. this is largely a society dependent on the government. the dependence has been furthered by the government and the government can't deliver the basic necessities of public safety. >> they need a strong leader. i hope the mayor steps up. major league baseball canceled a game before she called in the national guard. >> i don't remember that happening. maybe in a earthquake. up next our breaking news cover nl continues. social media calling for a purge
3:51 am
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3:54 am
welcome back to "fox and friends." special edition. we're taking a look at what's going on down in baltimore. it looks as if the violence all started with something that was transpired on social media. there is a movie about two years ago called the purge. somebody sent out a meme that said after school was dismissed, they would gather -- go ahead and go from the mall to the avenue back to downtopwn. the purge was a movie that essentially said there were no laws. >> what if laws were suspended
3:55 am
for one hour. it was an attempt to decrease crime in one area. what would happen if all laws were suspended and we saw that last night. fires burning, police cars and vans afire. just complete destruction. >> a lot of these pictures are coming on social media. we're doing a round up on things on instagram, twitter and facebook. >> the cop knew about this. they dit get to the mall. they weren't able to suppress it. >> this is @baltimoreriot2015. one rioter throwing a shopping cart through a window. >> a couple of burned out cars. a lot of police cars were burned out. >> here's an instagram video inside of a peaceful protest. i think we're going to show that. that's how they were over a week. after one saturday night then things started going wrong. >> here is a tweet for the
3:56 am
mayor. today we are working to insure most government services can operate normally. that's what we're really worried about, services operate normally. >> i get a tweet like that from my phone company. >> could you make it safe for people to walk? >> public schools are closed today. people holding their breath. all those riots started at 3:00 p.m. >> give kids more free time. >> coming up as violence hits the street cops have one important message and it's not for protesters. >> for parents, take control of your kids. >> a mom caught on camera pulling rioters off the street when our coverage continues at the top of the hour. >> that's her son.
3:57 am
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4:00 am
good morning. today is tuesday, april 28th. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. as the son rises on the smoldering city of baltimore. new video of the aftermath. rioters turning on police, looting the stores. and torching the city. >> we are dealing with right now. this is [ bleep ] across the street from my house. get out of the house. >> we'll take you live to those very neighborhoods in seconds. then did baltimore's mayor fan the flames by giving the criminals some space? >> we gave those who wish to destroy space to do that as well. >> now the mayor claims she never said that. is bad leadership responsible for making the crisis worse.
4:01 am
meanwhile, police in baltimore have a message for the parents. >> for those parents who have kids who are off there, take control of your kids. >> take control of your kids. well that mother apparently did. we're going to tell you what we know about her straight ahead. special edition of "fox and friends." we begin with a fox news alert. baltimore is burning. protesters spent the entire night clashing with police. this morning, we are getting a look at the devastation they have caused. >> all the chaos is unfolding, and on this day that freddie gray's funeral, which was yesterday. he's who died in police custody. that is when he was buried. an hour and a half later protests ensued. >> we shouldn't call them
4:02 am
protesters many of them were looters and criminals and not doing what they should have been doing. al peter doocy joins us now. you have moved locations, where are you now in baltimore? >> right now, we are where all the action was last night. you look at the pictures that we saw throughout the night. people in baultd went to bed is a city that was on fire. they woke up in a police state. these are some of the maryland state troopers who have been sent in to help reinforce this main drag. we have this morning seen some of the 1,500 national guardsmen who are here to help restore order. they are patrolling the streets. they are positioned in some strategic locations in tactical vehicles. the sun is coming up. there is a state of emergency, but, really state of emergency does not do a lot to describe the depth of the damage in some parts of this neighborhood. there is stuff in the streets, there is fire damage.
4:03 am
lots of broken glass. and business owners are heartbroken. >> definitely for my neighbors, i feel really bad, you know this guy right here at the wig store. he's a really old citizen, guy, you know i wonder how he's going to be when he comes to this store. he has no kids he's the only one, him and his wife. they come at 9:00 in the morning open the store till 6:00, six days a week. that's how they survive. that's how they support themselves. >> in the last few minutes, there was so much debris in the streets that street sweepers were coming through. and the operators were getting out of their vehicle to lift some of the big stuff off of the road so they could get some of the little stuff off. as you can see -- we look down here there is a lot of random scattered garbage. once you get closer to some of the houses there is, obviously, the charred remains of
4:04 am
buildings. al now, of course we have to worry about what will happen today. there is a lot more law enforcement, but there's also going to be a lot more teenagers at home. schools are closed. yesterday we saw in the infantacy of these violent riots, it was lots of left the high schools. there is no school today. we have to wonder will these people come home. we're not sure what's going on. you can see they're making way in a police line for a fire truck. this fire truck from prince george's county this would be one of the neighboring agencies in maryland. he's heading in the direction of that cvs that we saw yesterday looted and then burned to the ground. we don't know what's going on down there h. just before we went live we did see an impressive convoy of fire trucks heading somewhere ibn that direction, we continue to hear the hum of low flying helicopters trying to keep an
4:05 am
eye from the sky. of everything that's been going on on the ground. yesterday, obviously, they were completely completely overwhelmed. we will see what will happen between now and the curfew at 10:00. >> it looks like a war zone. >> it does. how tense can it be? the police commissioner anthony batts, he sent out a message to parents now. particularly today, it will be important. these kids are home from school. he said parents get control of your kids. >> for those parents who have kids that are out there that came off that campus take control of your kids. >> it would be nice. but i tell you, towards the end of the night, they didn't seem like high school kids anymore. they seemed like a lot older. they knew what they were doing. >> his message hit home with one mother. we have images of a mother. there are stories out there that apparently she went out on the
4:06 am
street and she spotted who is believed to be her son and as you can see, he covered his face and, you know who knows what he was up to. she made sure that he went home with her. >> i will say this this is what evidently happen. some say it's not her kid. she said she watched somebody someone take a huge block and throw it at a cop car. she went off on him. one of the things she was heard saying as she walked away these guys knew what they're doing. they're dressed in all black. >> you can see in that moment where she grabs and looks him into the eye and talk some sense into him. that moment gripped my heart where she's trying to reach out to this person who is wreaking havoc on their own community there. >> it all started -- we told you about ten minutes ago, how this social media meme went out and said you know let's get together at the mall. and what the kids started -- these were kids out of high
4:07 am
school. that's why it's important today there's no school. is they started throwing the bricks at the police officers. you saw it live right here on the fox news channel. that's the police line in downtown baltimore. i was sitting at home and saying why aren't the cops moving. apparently they were told to stand down. a local resident said he thought the high school students misunderstoowhat it looks like to fight for civil rights. that was their version of it. the mayor of baltimore has been criticized. on saturday after some destruction in her city it sounded like she was giving them a pass. she said we gave them the opportunity to destroy things. she tried to walk that back last night. if you didn't hear those two sound bites, here's one from saturday and one from last night. >> while we tried to make sure that they were protected from the cars and the other, you know things that were going on
4:08 am
we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well. and we worked very hard to keep that balance. >> i never said nor would i ever say that we are giving people space to destroy our city. my words should not be twisted. >> she used her press conference about a third of it to tell the press, you got it wrong and you are misconstruing my words. the press aren't telling the right story. i heard that two or three times. the press aren't covering the good things that are happening. why would you not -- why would the press not cover a police car being attacked or bricks being thrown at cars? as opposed to a block where things were empty. >> how can you employ such permissiveness when it comes to giving somebody space to destroy. it's not a maybe, maybe something would happen if you said that. it did happen. you have 15 police officers who sustained heavy damages to their bodies through rocks, sticks
4:09 am
bottles. you had firefighters putting out that fire at cvs. one saw one of the rioters clipping the hose as he was trying to save that building. they need things to get through their day. to say you need space to destroy is irresponsible. >> it's ironic they start ripping on the firefighters and cops for not putting out the fire on the cvs. then you see the hose get hooked up you see the fire hydrant get engaged then you watch two guys separately within two minutes go over and knife the hose. and -- >> that was their space to destroy, brian. they just needed space. al. >> it sounded from what the mayor had said earlier that that was their intent. we have heard that apparently they were given a stand down order, just let's see where this goes. you know when it was peaceful that was one thing. what's interesting is -- we understand the frustration in baltimore after the death of freddie gray. you know there are so many
4:10 am
questions that have not been answered. >> like why it takes a week to find out what happened. >> we don't know the answer to that. we understand the frustration with the police officers. however, why do the people turn -- you know and use this as an excuse to just steal stuff? why did they burn down the cvs? why did they destroy that mom and pop wig shop that we just saw? there's a story out this morning, i think it's in the baltimore sun, one of the large fires last night was a $16 million nursing home that was built by the baptist church. they have been working on this place for eight years. it was finally going to happen in december. it was on the east side of the city of baltimore. officials think that it was set on fire on the east side to pull the emergency services from the west side so that the rioters could loot and they could rob the check cashing stores and the liquor stores and the
4:11 am
supermarkets. and completely destroy wig shops and grocery stores and everything else. >> terrible. destroying lives. keep in mind we learned yesterday that police officials said they received information that these gangs have entered into a partnership. they're joining together to take out law enforcement officers particularly white officers in the area so now they have a dual job right now. protecting their own lives and those in the community as well. recovery efforts today. >> the theme after ferguson was why do these cops get this stuff from the military for? why are they using these vehicles? it makes it seem like a war zone not america. ferguson when they do have riots are allowed to destroy the whole place because cops are told to stand back and the national guard was deployed late. we take the same bad model. you have cops out there without shields and vests step back in order to not become the story. now the story is the mess that is the city of baltimore, i
4:12 am
would say they overlearned with the outrage was. in the beginning at ferguson now we're seeing the whole city of baltimore destroyed because people didn't like the perception of what cops needed to do to restore order. >> there you can see the sun is coming up in baltimore. there is a heavy police presence. i don't know what was going on in the mayor of baltimore's head yesterday, but she waited until the last minute to call up the national guard and finally she did. she called the republican governor of maryland and within 30 seconds he signed the order. they were deployed. what took so long baltimore? today, you know what? they are fully armed. >> they have to be. the curfew doesn't start until 10:00 p.m. they have to stand on guard all day long. >> the national guard didn't do anything they were backed up to the perimeter. coming up chaos, cars torched and cops injured in baltimore. seriously so. who held the police back from
4:13 am
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4:17 am
a fox news alert now. you're looking live at the sun rises on the ravages which is left of the streets of baltimore this morning. the national guard now on the scene after a night of chaos and de destruction. looters raiding after the funeral of freddie gray. last night police stood by and watch as the chaos happened. were they told to stand back? were they told to watch? joining us to speculate is a retired lieutenant from the nypd. what is your assessment of the way the police acted? >> i think it might have been helpful to say the least if they came out and gave an idea of what happened to freddie gray. however, we have to take a look at what's going on at baltimore and say when enough is enough. we're not going to allow people to start burning down cities every team there's an incident with the police. >> the cops said we knew this
4:18 am
was going to happen and we were out numbered. >> you have to look at the mayor first and see what direction she gave. the patrolman aren't the ones making the decision. the mayor said we're going to give people room to destroy. >> what are your thoughts? you are a lieutenant you ride around in cars like that. what are your thoughts? >> you have to put a stop to it at the beginning. as soon as you start seeing this group forming, put an end to it. when you allow groups to get together, they get stronger and more violent. they get to mob mentality. once they start forming and throwing rocks, they start getting disorderly. nip it in the butt off the back. >> they didn't have the shield the numbers. we saw the ones in the white shirts in command, the ones with the blue shirts because they had no shields. they ended up back pedaling. when you watch that and cities that turn the sound off and put the commentators what do you
4:19 am
think? >> it's sad to see the police are being forced back. they weren't repaired for t. why they were not, i guess that's a question for the upper echelon in baltimore. or the mayor. did she give directions -- >> there's a theory out there if you show out in rioting gear it makes things worse. how do you feel about that theory today? >> you have to take a look at what structure was nearby. could they have put 200 cops nearby and be accessible. there is different things you have to look like. >> what do you expect today after what we saw yesterday? >> hopefully the people of baltimore realize they're hurting themselves. what do you do to the 80-year-old woman who has no store. you have to take a look at the town at a whole. the politicians have to wake up and think what's best for the city not thinking what's politically correct. saying what needs to be done. >> all right. john rafferty thanks so much. 19 minutes after the hour.
4:20 am
up next on our rundown, hillary clinton's cash troubles got worse. more shady donations are surfacing. we hear from the man who brought this to our attention. the author of clinton cash. he's here you're seeing him, peter schweizer has all the details.
4:21 am
4:22 am
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4:23 am
switching gears for a moment. hillary clinton's cash problems got a whole lot worse. this morning, yet another shady donation to the clinton foundation has surfaced. this time tied to a donor from india, apparently a friend of bill clinton. the revelation part of peter schweizer schweizer's book "clinton cash." friend of bills, gave him $5 million. you know just another brick in
4:24 am
the wall, so to speak. you know i saw over the weekend you were on one of the chat shows and somebody said you got no smoking gun. the way you presented it is just the same way they make cases against people when it comes to insider trading. >> that's exactly right. you look for a pattern of behavior. just like if somebody is engaging insider trading, you see they have access to inside information. they make a series of well-timed trades. you get suspicious. it's the same thing here. so in the case of india,b for example, in this particular case you have an indian mb of parliament who has been charged with bribely in the indian parliament. he donated supposedly between $1 million and $5 million to the clinton foundation. he said it wasn't my money i got it from somewhere else. he won't say where. >> you have had it in the book. this indicates there waz an agreement between the united
4:25 am
states and india over nuclear arms. >> these are fundamentally important issues like nuclear technology. hillary clinton was opposed to sharing u.s. nuclear technology with the indian government in 2005. there were there was a series of speaking fees paid to hillary clinton that came from indian interest. suddenly in 2008 against the opinion of her top aides, she voted and pushed this bill through. again, it's another example of this kind of changing her position on issues after there was a huge influx of tens of millions of dollars to him. >> we saw the hillary clinton campaign said schweizer got his head handed to him. i didn't see that in the interviews. that was their spin. you're done you've been marge margealized margealized. it wasn't just hillary clinton that signed off on that it was seven other agencies what's your reaction? >> there's a couple things i'd
4:26 am
say. none of those several other agencies got $145 million from shareholders in the deal. there are nine shareholders in theure deal. hillary was the most hawkish than anymore in the obama administration in opposing these deals. she has a long history of saying we don't want governments having -- >> you point out the port situation. >> the thing to keep in mind if one of them says we don't want this deal that kicks in a special investigation that ultimately gets kicked to the president. she could have stopped this deal or pushed it to the president. she chose not to. >> you do a lot of stories you've been an investigative reporter for a while. are you shocked at how hillary's allies have come at you personally? >> yeah. it's really been very stunning. you look at what paul bugalla are doing on twitter and the things they're saying about me and my personal attitudes, calling me a bigot.
4:27 am
all these things that have nothing to do with this book. it feels like middle school. >> why did you write this book? >> with the clintons you have a unique situation unprecedented in american history. i'm interested in the issue of how politicians get rich while they're in public service. you've never had a situation where you've had a sitting senator and secretary of state whose spouse is taking in tens of millions of dollars from foreign interest at the same time. >> that was the subject of your previous book which was both sides. >> he'll be talking about jeb bush in the future. peter schweizer. >> talk to you on the radio shortly. >> the book is called "clinton cash." coming up our coverage continues. a night of chaos turns baltimore into a war zone. the big question now, when is it going to settle down? former cop turned judge alex ferrar worked the miami riot. he says letting thing cool down
4:28 am
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we have a fox news alert for you now. chaos erupts in baltimore this morning. officers across the country on high alert as gangs put a hit out on white cops. the threat spreading from los angeles right to philadelphia. that's where our philadelphia affiliate reporter is live for us to explain. good morning to you. >> reporter: all that rock throwing we saw on tv is something we're used to seeing in our news coverage only from the middle east and west bank and not the east coast here in the united states. and gangs are ganging up and the warning to police officers about a gang threat to take out law
4:32 am
enforcement is being taken seriously by all big city police departments. remember just four months ago, it was a baltimore man who drove through philadelphia on his way to no, and assassinated two new york city police officers. police know threats can be carried out city to city. philly police warned all its officers about the gang threat. they're calling credible. baltimore has the eighth largest force in the united states. they have asked philly for help 100 miles south down i-95. and the police officers here feel obligated as all cops in all cities share that bond to be at each other's side at funerals and at preventing them. among the first arrest down in baltimore. saturday during the protests that first group of 35 one guy from philadelphia, we don't know yet if anybody else from philly went down there as part of the outside group that baltimore police feel caused most of the
4:33 am
trouble down there. >> let's bring in judge alex you know him from television. once upon a time he was a cop as well. as you look at what happened overnight in baltimore, you know it start td last week there were peaceful protests and then on saturday night, things started to spin out of control. what's your observation? >> well you know we learned some lessons 35 years ago in miami and the first mcduffy riots. it doesn't seem like much as changed since then as far as some departments are concerned. we learned you don't sit back when peaceful protests which is perfectly legitimate starts to turn violent. when somebody throws a brick -- >> like yesterday afternoon with the kids from high school. >> you can't let it go. when you let it go what we learned is the prevailing thought at the time was let the tempers cool let people act out, they'll get it out of their system. instead, the opposite is what happens. what happens is people get
4:34 am
emboldened the police aren't doing anything and the thug culture comes out, starts looting, rioting destroying people injuring people killing people. we had a lot of deaths as a result of that. >> from seeing your perspective both from being a police officer and understanding the rights of peaceful protests which i'm hearing you saying that's not what we're looking at here. when you have mayor -- i'd love to get your insight on this -- saying there is space to destroy. we're going to allow space to destroy. how negligent was that? >> if that's what she said they played her quote and she said something we allowed a space to destroy. i don't know if she was saying like we inadvertently allowed -- >> she said we also gave those who wish to destroy space to do that as well. >> if i interpret that that she intentionally gave space to destroy, no lessons have been learned in the last 35 years. that's the mistake we learned long ago. let them kind of burn the
4:35 am
passion out of them. it doesn't work. if what she meant we did this and at the same time we gave them space to destroy, then it may be taken out of context. i don't know what her intention was. but that was wrong. looters are nothing more than thieves. nobody is going oh, i'm grieving so bad about freddie gray and i'd grieve a lot better in that recliner over there. >> a couple of things happen. you said they shouldn't lay back. they did. they overlearned what happened in ferguson remember the police force was criticized for using military equipment and being too harsh. you're saying use rubber bullets, shoot the bean bag. >> when it gets out of control. >> eight hours of riots, 27 arrests that's almost nothing. >> it should never have gotten to the point -- i don't know if the department was ready. this department may not have been ready. it's a difficult task. >> how bad is that for them not to be ready? >> baltimore is a big city they
4:36 am
should have been ready. they have to have groups that are available and ready to step in. typically, you had a line -- in miami,b we learned to have the police line and behind -- >> i got to ask you, on the statement the mayor made room to you know destroy, does that mean the city is now liable possibly with a lawsuit for the businesses that are destroyed because the mayor said ole? >> yes and no. there is sovereign immunity. if there is liability, there's a cap on the liability under sovereign immunity. if that were her intention, to let them go forward and destroy property it was a really bad strategy. i mean like i said we had learned very early on you have a police line that confronts the rioters, the protesters who are starting to get violent, and then every time there is an attack of some sort the line opens up an attack team goes out and grabs that person and
4:37 am
the line closes. when you stop having a consequence, this is what happened. >> one of the problems after all the looting, they only made a couple dozen arrests which is extraordinary. at the same time you look at the excuses, some "baltimore sun" reporters and -- there is one of the businesses that they got in there -- they talked to some people who were apparently doing looting a. woman was walking out of shoe city with a bunch of shoes and she said these were on the ground. i just picked them up. >> yeah well what are you going to say? like i said -- >> she was caught red handed. >> looters are thieves. you have to put the looters aside. the peaceful protesters they have a legitimate gripe. they have a perception they are not being heard. >> that's a celebration. look at the screen right now. do you think those people are upset about freddie gray's death? this is an opportunity to have
4:38 am
the time of our live. >> notice what you're not seeing you're not seeing peaceful protesters. when you allow thugs to come out and take control, you deprive the people who have legitimate gripes from their ability to express their gripes. everybody loses. >> gray's family said calm down. let it be peaceful. last night, nobody listened. >> thank you very much. >> thank you for joining us live. 22 minutes before the top of the hour. we've been showing you some of the incredible images coming out of baltimore overnight. we have one looter stealing this vehicle and driving it into a reporter's life shot. our reporter. >> this violent clash you're seeing here igniting on social media. heather nauert joining us now. that is upsetting to see. you have to wonder what is going to happen today when school kids are out of school and if they'll be at home with their parents and their parents will keep an
4:39 am
eye on it. >> this started at 3:00 p.m. when they were out of school. >> you touched on this the purge, for our viewers this morning, there was a reference for a movie that came out in 2013. th's what the police commissioner is saying ignited this whole thing. >> online. >> and that's what we've seen this flyers habeen circulating among baltimore high school students on social media. calling for a purge of their own where by there aren't any laws. one person writes in the purblg is live in baltimore right now. we're getting incredible video from the ground. it shows flames absolutely destroying homes. a lot of people who live there are posting this. take a look. >> we are dealing with right now. this is [ bleep ] across the street from my house. get out of the house. >> oh, my god. >> those photos and the video coming directly from some rioters and people nearby. we also see police moving through the streets and blocking access to other areas of the city as they try to containthal
4:40 am
there. we're seeing comments like this. the reporter gets cold cocked in the face by one of the rioters. some people writing online they deserve it. then there's this video. it has taken over social media this morning. it's a positive piece of video. it shows a furryy of a mother who finds out her son is involved. a lot of people responding saying good that is what mothers need to be doing, dragging their kids back home. >> we believe that's their son. that's what we've been led to believe. >> a lot of people are writing i'm disappointed how the children of baltimore is acting. their city is ruined. a lot of thi online. >> now we've had about 30 or 20 hours to understand what happened yesterday. i'm wondering if there's anything in place from the police protection perspective to stop it from happening again today. >> we have the three gangs
4:41 am
coming together right now saying waging war against the white police officers in baltimore and other places are on alert now. there's an image i think you found inside a 711. look at the damage taking advantage of this day. >> we did hear from baltimore police a short while ago. they are sending out their officers with the fire departments to insure the safety of the fire department and make sure they can fight fires as they need to do. >> looking online as well there are a number of people in addition to the cleanup, that has started. peter doocy was reporting on the street sweeper that went down the main drag. now people are posting pictures of them going into businesses helping to clean up. it's neighbor helping neighbor. people from baltimore helping the people get back on their feet. but it's a big job to do. it's a big mess. >> it's a big mess. you see more and more pictures of people out there with brooms and trash bags coming out to
4:42 am
help clean up. >> i hope the cops are going through some of the footage so they can make more than 27 arrests. they can see who is destroying the cop cars. the celebration is obvious. >> as they brace for another night perhaps. >> i'm keeping an eye on it. coming up as baltimore wakes up to complete destruction, al sharpton wants them to know this he is on his way. oh yeah rest assured. will his message only make things worse there?
4:43 am
4:44 am
4:45 am
first he showed up in ferguson amist the chaos. al sharpton plans to visit baltimore this week. he wants to plan a two day march in may from baltimore soowashington. he says he wants answers in gray's death.
4:46 am
but is this the kind of help that this community really needs right now? joining me is the founder of staying true to america's national destiny, pastor ew jackson. a tragedy loss here. now what's we're seeing in terms of consequences in terms of protesters is he the answer? >> he needs to march back to new york to msnbc. i want to point out the irony, we have this happening while we have the first black president, the second black attorney general, a city in which there is a black mayor and a black governoring structure. it tells you something is wrong with the leadership. al sharpton represents that leadership when you have this kind of reaction where you have black people in effect in control. >> i thought one of the mistakes people have been pointing to is that of the mayor. when she said we gave space to destroy. and these are not peaceful protesters we see violence we see riots, fires.
4:47 am
and destruction, 15 police officers were injured. seriously so. trying to tame this fire here. to include the proverbial gas and match, that is al sharpton into this equation can't make things better, can it? >> isn't it interesting that when the president talked to the governor who is now called up the national guard, he told him to restrain himself. what about restraint against these thugs? what about restraint against attacking police officers? the good people in baltimore need to stand up and tell these folks you don't represent us. we will solve our own problems working together with our elected leadership. right now, what you've got is chaos. i lay it at the feet of these leaders who have demagogued the issue of race. >> i look back to when al sharpton said earlier, as it pertained to eric gardner, we are going to burn this thing down. i can't imagine the solution being sharpton here. as a pastor what is your
4:48 am
message to people who may feel pain who may feel they want justice in terms of finding out what caused the death of this young man, but at the same time shouldn't be called to violence? >> elizabeth, it starts in the family. you got to rebuild the family. have fathers take responsibility for their children. you got to put the church back at the center of the community's life. have teasehese pastors say look this is not what represents the very best of the black community. this does not portend well for the future of baltimore. you got to have political leadership frankly, that is not interested in demagoguing race but interested in real progress in the black community. how about the president get some of these billionaires to support him to go into these communities and privately invest in helping these communities more viable. >> i think some are concerned about a narrative being allowed to continue. we thank you for your time and our prayers for this area are with you.
4:49 am
coming up journalists in danger. as violence hits the streets of baltimore. one looter stealing this vehicle and driving it right into our reporter's live shot. unbelievable. up next hear from a newsman who went to cover the news story and got punched right in the face. when account lead craig wilson books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and practice his big pitch. and when craig gets his pitch down pat, do you know what he becomes? great proposal! let's talk more over golf! great. better yet, how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! your 2 0'clock is here. oops, hold your horses. no problem. la quinta inns & suites is ready for
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4:52 am
are you watching this guys? are they watching us?
4:53 am
steve? are you watching? >> we've been showing this video. one looter apparently stole a vehicle and drove it into a reporter leland vittert's live shot last night. members of the media were under attack including our next guest. he was covering the riots at the cvs that was burning yesterday afternoon. he joins us. i understand you were about to file a live report from cvs, what happened? >> i was standing in the middle of the intersection right next to that cvs that was about to be engulfed in flames. as i was on the phone, steve, a man came up to me i didn't quite see him because i was paying attention to my work. and he punched me. in the right side of my face. i fell down dropped my phone. he grabbed it was about to start kicking me. and others i noticed were starting to join in like a mob
4:54 am
mentality. and fortunately some well-intentioned by standers intervened and they helped me get back on my feet. i injured my left knee. i hobbled to a safer area. >> you never saw the munch coming? >> absolutely not. it was kwiedquite a surprise. >> did you require hospitalization? >> i did. i went to a local er and had my knee treated. i have to have surgery next week. i am worried about the city i grew up in. in that er i was not theonal person there, several police officers clearly person. one with his left arm was in a sling. other innocent bystanders were there and protesters that were there that were caught by police. it was a busy night. >> you say protesters how many protesters and how many rioters and just general thugs are there? >> well listen it's hard to tell the difference. no one wears a name tag with who
4:55 am
they are and where they're from. are they outside agitators or not? i can tell you inmajority of what i've seen in the lawless areas of west baltimore i was in yesterday and have been driving a bit through this morning, was just dozens and dozens if not hundreds of people taking advantage of every kind of situation they could to score free things by looting stores burning vehicles or hurting others. >> do you believe that the media's looked at as the enemy? >> i can tell you that the rioters have no intention of protecting anyone. and you know everyone is a target. and i think that the well-intentioned protesters see the media as an ally. but these rioters clearly do not. >> will this stop you from being back on the streets again? >> absolutely not. i'm back on the streets this morning. i want to get out there, i want to cover what is happening to
4:56 am
this great city. and hopefully find some meaningful information from it. >> right. you're going to remember that punch yesterday, because i understand you're going to have to eventually have some sort of surgery, right? >> right. exactly. i tore a tendon in my left knee. so i need to get that sewn back together. that's in a few days. i'm able to get around and still do a bit of work. >> on the ground what do you expect today? >> so far, it's been a quiet morning. and that is a positive thing after really hours and hours overnight of police and protesters. >> got you. >> schools are closed today. and now what happens after this curfew will people obey it or not. >> all eyes are on. we're glad you're okay and will be back on the streets. we'll be keeping our eyes on that. as the violence hits the streets of baltimore, cops have one important message, and it's
4:57 am
not for the protesters or the rioters. >> for those parents who have kids that are out there that came off that campus take control of your kids. yeah, right. dr. phil will join us with a message every parent needs to hear. right at home's professional team thoughtfully selects caregivers to provide help with personal care, housekeeping, and of course, meal preparation. oh, that smells so good. aw, and it tastes good, too. we can provide the right care, right at home. making a fist something we do to show resolve. to defend ourselves. to declare victory. so cvs health provides expert support and vital medicines. make a fist for me. at our infusion centers or in patients homes.
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good morning today is tuesday, april 28th. a fox news alert, the sun rising to a strong police presence taking back the streets of baltimore. with help from the national guard. this after rioters spent hours looting stores crushing cars and burning countless buildings to the ground there. >> we are dealing with right now. this is [ bleep ] across the street from my house. get out of the house. >> we're going to take you live to those neighborhoods seconds from now. and as baltimore wakes up to big destruction, al sharpton wants them to know hey, baltimore, i'm on my way. but will his message only make
5:01 am
things worse. we'll talk to lauren ingram who joins us live. >> police pleading with parents to take control of their kids. at least one mom listened. should more parents be following that lead. who better to talk to than dr. phil he's here live. may i add, mornings are better with friends, every morning. we begin with a fox news alert. as you are seeing daylight has come up in baltimore giving us our first look at the devastation ibn that city. crowds looted stores and startsed fires and through bottles and bricks at officers. this was on the day of freddie gray's funeral. >> right now, we're going to go live to peter doocy who is in
5:02 am
front of that burned down cvs. what can you tell us right now? >> elizabeth, you can remember when we were watching the live video of looters rushing into this cvs and grabbing everything they could, this is what it looks like with one entire window just completely melted away. you can actually look through the melted hole in what was a shelf at some of the merchandise. it is charred, it is destroyed. this entire place, is ruined. and the smell is really it is something that is very difficult to stand here. but that said it is a mess and it is very unpleasant. we have people here volunteers cleaning up. this is part of a big effort to clean up this neighborhood that started just as the sun came up. you see, some people have heavy equipment like this man, who is taking away some of the twisted steel and broken glass. but then others have brooms
5:03 am
some have shovels. it is an effort to try to get things cleanuped cleaned up as fast as possible. none of them are getting paid. they all just live around here. this was their drugstore. they want things to get better as fast as possible. what's really amazing about this cleanup effort right now, is that just across the street we can't see right now because somebody brought in a dumpster. the national guard and the maryland state police are reinforcing a police line. we have seen a lot of national guard officers national guardsmen patrolling the streets in tactical vehicles. all night. we have now seen a reinforced barrier, reinforced line of maryland state troopers who are there. they have come in to help. this is really nice thing to see here a cleanup effort. the authorities are very concerned about a repeat of what
5:04 am
happened yesterday and what happened last night. there is a curfew but it doesn't go into place until 10:00. that means all day something bad could happen. remember schools in baltimore today, not in session. back to you. >> all right, peter, thank you very much. 50 miles from where peter is standing laura ingraham is sitting. i'm sure you were watching yesterday. the pictures of the cvs was on fire. eventually the fire department got there and then some guy with a mask takes a knife or screwdriver and punctures the hose. >> i watched this unfold last night. and i spent a lot of time in baltimore, my family spends a lot of time in baltimore for a variety of reasons. it was hardbreaking infuriating, and illuminating. when you saw the young black male with the mask and the stabbing the hose i thought to
5:05 am
myself okay where is his mom, where is his dad? where is his male role model and wheres his faith. we have to talk about what's going on. we have this horrific situation with freddie gray. we need answers on that. he had a troubled past. he died of a bizarre injury. i understand people's frust raise frusteration on that. i do. what happened last night should be divorced from what happened to freddie gray. this does nothing to help him or his family. senior citizens now have no place to go because of what was done by criminals and thugs and adults who should know better i'm sick of hearing these were children. the other networks were saying these were children. children? these are young men, almost no women by the way, young men who are completely out of control.
5:06 am
we need truth telling here. >> what about the leadership or lack thereof here? when you heard the mayor saying we're going to give space -- >> that was lovely. >> -- get out the venting here -- >> to destroy. >> your thoughts on that. >> she tried to back away from the comments. i played them on my radio show yesterday. i was shocked the first time i heard them and i was shocked last night when it went four five hours where we heard nothing from the baltimore mayor. i guess she was in contact with president obama. throughout the evening, by telephone. larry hogan, the governor comes out last night, finally state of emergency. my question is when they basically locked down camden yards on saturday night telling the people in the stadium, don't leave, they're worried about some type of racial confrontation outside the statement. why wasn't that a light bulb going off that you needed to institute an immediate curfew. if that curfew is violentated,
5:07 am
bring in the national guard. that was bad decisions on the parts of the governor and mayor. >> through all these riots,b we're focusing on how the cops interact with the community. we're asking for the cops to raise their kids. a perfect example is the area steve spoke up with knifing the hose. first they're yelling nobody is here putting out the fire they hook up the fire hydrant the water is going and two guys walk up and put two holes in the hose what do you w do? >> i think the police and fire department are in a bad situation. they have to take orders from the higher ups here. they're criticized if they're too aggressive, they're criticized if they don't show up. what we saw last night is what can happen across this country -- there's a thin line
5:08 am
between order and total anarchy. and when common sense goes out the window -- interesting conversation this morning, with a 35-year-old man from mauritania a legal immigrant to the united states. unbelievable man. unbelievable work ethic. you know what he said? guess what i had no shoes for five years. no shoes. i was a young boy. i had one bowl of rice and meat every day. i had one meal. you want to talk about injustice? we didn't do what's going on in the united states. he didn't even understand he said where are the fathers, grandfathers. i said you sound like a conservative. this isn't politics. this is not about the police and the young people. this is about a breakdown in total order discipline chaos ensues. i don't care what your skin color is this is a break down
5:09 am
in the american family faith, discipline morals character. >> one of the leaders of the black community, reserve rnd al sharpton love him or hate him, he's going to baltimore. >> that helped a lot in the michael brown situation. i went back to look at some of his comments michael brown, he said darren wilson was lying. he said michael brown didn't use any force against the police. he said we've had enough. that's what he said whipping up people into a frenzy in ferguson. what do we find out? we find the officer was within his rights to defend himself. we found out hands up don't shoot was a total lie. that's being repeat because people like al sharpton went into the situation and prejudged it. he comes into the community, and most of the time makes it worse. i don't know why baltimore thinks al sharpton is going to bring sanity to the situation. >> the mayor said al sharpton is
5:10 am
invited if he wants to come. >> let's not forget president obama is one of his top informal advisors on race relations. that's all you need to know. >> before you go laura, what does the president need to say today and will he? >> well i was -- the president came out last night, one of our premier cities in flames he should have come out last night. he should say go home. be with your families. any wrong doing or criminality of the police will be punished. go home. be a son, be a father. be a human being. with character and morals, that will improve your life. you'll do better. i became president of the united states. i studied, i did my job. and just common sense from the president. he could actually do a lot here. >> he could, but his words to his attorney general to the governor was tell the police officers to show restraint. they showed restraint -- >> there we have it. that's our city of baltimore.
5:11 am
good luck with that. >> a little more restraint? soon there will be nothing left. thank you very much. i know you got to go do your radio show. 11 minutes after the hour. you saw the chaos, cars cops injuries in baltimore. who held the police back from doing their jobs? bo bodeteal is back. advanced design makes it easy to protect your dog or cat from fleas and ticks. discover seresto. with the performance you expect from topicals in a non-greasy collar
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a 4 in 1 detergent. now with 24-hour freshness. a fox news alert. police finally taking back the streets in baltimore this morning after rioters torched the city and looted stores late last night. police and city leaders knew riots were a possibility after freddie gray's funeral. despite obvious signs little was done to stop them. we're going to ask bo dietl that question right now. why was no action taken? >> we started saturday night. i don't know why people didn't see what i saw when they were looting the stores and rioting saturday night, they kind of knew after the funeral there was a very strong possibility something was happening. then when the kids got out of school and when they were
5:16 am
thrown those big boulders at the cops. at that point, they shouldn't have been standing down they should have dispersed them. they had tear gas, that should have been shot in there. i don't care if it was 200 cops against 2,000 demonstrators. i believe there was a stand down from the mayor's office. >> you sort of think it was the fact that they kept the team and the fans in the stadium. >> on saturday. >> even though our congressman told us sunday of that area he was proud of the protesters. >> this should be an example and it should be a history lesson. if something like this starts in any of one of our other cities which can happen at any time. there could be a conflict between police and somebody being arrested. they have to nip it. look at these poor people i feel so sorry for the the people who live in the community. >> you feel sorry for the people. we're going to take you down to
5:17 am
baltimore right now. there is the mayor of baltimore. she is just outside the burned down cvs surveying the damage. now, let's listen to saying. >> the communities members who are in pain who are working to clean up the destruction that was done to their community. i want to thank the officers who have been going above and beyond not just the baltimore city police officers but officers from all over the state who have been here to lend support and assistance. i will open it for questions. >> can you explain why you thought it was important to come out here to this particular spot at this particular time today? >> this is a community that has been working to rebuild since the riots in the 60's. and what happened here last night, destroyed so much of the progress that the people who actually live here have been working for.
5:18 am
and, you know operationally, we were at a point where i could get out here. i wanted to make sure that i talked to people to the people who are desperate for better in baltimore and to let them know i'm here to support them. we're geekoing to get through it. >> do you see anything happening today similar to what happened yesterday? do you feel a slight lessening of the tensions this morning? >> i think we put in place some things with respect to juvenile daytime curfew in collaboration with the baltimore city public school system. the additional support we have will be helpful. officers have been working around the clock. having that additional support will be good. we also know that beyond the
5:19 am
operation of public safety response what we have is people from all over the community who are also being vigilant and working with us to make sure that if anything pops up that we have you know thousands of eyes on the street. [ inaudible ] >> two 200. around 200. >> what else is on your schedule today? >> i don't have a published schedule yet. we'll keep you posted. >> one of the women i spoke to today, she's pregnant she used to come here to the pharmacy. she said it tears at her heart. we have failed the young people in this community. do you believe that? what more needs to be done here? >> i also spoke to someone here who knows how hard we fought to get a cvs to invest in this neighborhood. and to destroy it when this is
5:20 am
the only place so many people have to pick up their prescriptions, they get health checks here. we just announces a major health initiative with the cvs. everybody knows we have a city with great needs. and there are many that are struggling. what happened last night made sure that more people are struggling and that more people have needs. those needs are going to go unmet because of what was destroyed. >> we know you're a native of baltimore. you love the city -- >> we're looking at the mayor of baltimore answering reporters questions outside that burned out cvs. bo dietl joins us. one of the frustrating things yesterday when we were watching live on the air as the place burned down and there were no cops around it there were no firemen on the scene -- >> hold oonn a second. the governor is about to have a press conference. let's see what he has to say.
5:21 am
>> good. >> the governor was there for just a moment. he's going to speak to the press in a little bit. >> right now what the police should be doing right now. we have some really good video of a lot of these people that were looting, setting fires, i would be getting a lot of these pictures -- i'm sure a lot of these kids have records. i would be sizing up the people who were committing all these crimes i would let the word be out there they will get locked up. you cannot break the law, burn things beat people up rob people. they should be prosecuting now. the mayor should come out front and say we're going to identify everyone we can. >> that wasn't the message, was it? she had a three sentence open and opened for questions, nothing about law enforcement and what was going to be different today. >> i think the most important thing is everybody has to learn. you bring the national guard -- this is the important thing we
5:22 am
have to learn. put them on record you will be arrested. maybe not today but you will be arrested tomorrow. they should go out there and make thousands of arrests if they have to and show them that we will not tolerate in our society where those people who live in baltimore have all the rights in the world, i'm not condoning anything that happened to that young man. we still don't know what happened. this does not take over for what happened to that young man. this now has becommitse it's on life. >> if he did order restraint, and if she would be able to allow them to do what they need to do today. >> i would call on that police chief, the commissioner police chief, whoever he is and ask were you officers asked to stand down. i'd like to talk with the union guys at the baltimore police department. if they were told to stand down if that's the fact then they're not doing their job. that mayor, if she's responsible for that. she has malfeasance of her job.
5:23 am
>> you watched them back up. >> if i'm a cop, and guys are throwing boulders at me what are we going to do? are we going to keep getting hit? you have cs gas, fire it in. let them know we're not taking this. >> that's why it was so frustrating watching yesterday because the cops let them hit them and retreated and it all went to hell. >> as a cop it was the most frustrating thing to see. >> stand by for just a second. we have kevin jackson, the executive director of the black sphere. he's a frequent guest of this program. the sun is coming up in baltimore, we can see there was a lot of craziness going on there. mom and pop businesses burned out of business. this morning, the sun is coming up a lot of people are rolling up their sleeves and trying to clean up to get things back to normal. this is a mess and they've got a problem. >> it was rinse and repeat of ferguson. i mean you know you got kids that have done exactly what
5:24 am
happened in ferguson. baltimore acts as if they didn't know what could happen when they had a boiler plate for this. with all due respect to bo, it wasn't what happened saturday they had other instances to look at as to what was probably going to happen. the sad part about it it doesn't have anything to do with this guy gray who got killed. there needs to be an investigation and all these other things that are happening, the real issue here is people are opportunitiests like al sharpton, they've decided you know what? this is our chance to profiteer on something that had justice system should meet out. they're not going to do that. >> do you think it's right to have this period of time it has happened with freddie gray april 12th. should we have an answer by -- judging what happened in south carolina and nothing happened there? >> what happened in south carolina we agree with that that cop should have been locked
5:25 am
up prosecuted and sent to jail. this mayor is supposed to be the ceo. she knows there's a tinder box. she knows there's people not happy with a lot of things. she should have said we are investigating this thuroroughthoroughly. don't tell people what's not going on. the word went around the kids they're going to get away with murder. they'll be prosecuted. >> it's bigger than this. there is thuggery that's being condoned in america. it's pad lavian in the sense every time somebody black is killed we have this type of situation. this should not be happening. there are many other people of other races that get killed by cops who knows what this investigation will finally come out. at the end of the day, we burn down cities we mess with innocent people's investments and livelihoods because of this? this is race profiteering at the
5:26 am
highest level. >> you're a dad, what do you tell your sons today? >> look people should be raising their kids to obey the law, to -- let the process figure itself out. and not just jump to conclusions. again, i don't know what's going to happen here if the cops are wrong, i hope they put them in jail and throw them under the jail. we cannot -- >> kevin, we have kids in baltimore there, 90% of the young kids in baltimore that are being killed are being killed by other black kids on the streets. that is our problem, also. we should be demonstrating peacefully about kids killing kids there. gangs killing kids. that's what i'm all about is saving the young kids there. >> no question. look guys the biggest problem we have here is exactly what liberalism has done which is put these kids in highly concentrated areas, black neighborhoods, give them no opportunities, not educate them properly. then wonder -- they don't have
5:27 am
parents, fathers. their mothers are single moms and things like this. then we incite this type of violence because barack obama doesn't spoke out. eric holder doesn't speak out. they're mad at the system and the very system they're talking about is a black mayor, a black police chief, and who knows the cops that were involved. they act as if the white man is against them or the system is against them. it's a system that has been installed by liberals. what more can you ask for? >> it is not the same as ferguson. bo you've been talking to us over the last couple of hours, what's interesting as we watch it all unfurl yesterday, was the restraint the cops had ebnot going after the people who were breaking the law. do you know why? it's because they had made a decision based on politics rather than public safety. >> i don't think it was the cops' decision. i really believe that that came down from city hall.
5:28 am
>> it's politics. >> not to make arrests. don't make it worse. but you know what? if you don't go in there and stop it it just becomes its own life. we were watching -- i was on the news until 11:00 last night. they were stealing cars throwing stuff at fire engines, cutting hoses, they were trying to put fires out. at what point do you say that's enough? >> well beyond that point. bo is exactly right. cops should be able to do their jobs as bo said nip these things in the bud. they have been completely handcuffed pardon the pun into doing anything. >> don't worry, we have a curfew tonight. >> where is all these owners and all these people they put all their life savings. they don't have insurance. destroyed. i heard from those people i
5:29 am
haven't heard from these young kids. i heard from the people that made their lives around their businesses. these are americans, man. they should be protected. and by those cops not going in there, they were not protected. >> it's hardt breaking. >> ask yourself if people are going to want to put businesses in those type of neighborhoods, ferguson is going through that right now. >> thank you. appreciate all your words. all right, nerksxt up we showed you this apparently one mother who took to the streets to get her son in order and have him go home. but what about the others? where were the responsibility parents last night? are they to blame? dr. phil joins us live with a message every parent needs to hear. you're watching "fox and friends" live from baltimore.
5:30 am
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more than 1,000 volunteers retaking the streets in baltimore this morning cleaning up after the destruction last night left behind. crashing cars, burning entire buildings to the ground. peter doocy is live in baltimore this morning with the very latest. you've been there through the night. what can you tell us at this minute? >> elizabeth i can tell you as soon as the sun came up there were people here trying to tidy up their neighborhood as best they could. you look outside this cvs that was completely engulfed in flames. there are bits of broken glass and some debris. it looks a lot better. they took away window frames and
5:34 am
glass. although you look inside a lot of work to do. everything that you would imagine that would catch fire inside of a drugstore, bug spray, soap frosted flakes it's all in here. and it's all stinks. this is -- building is a completely -- it's a total loss. it is one of many now. we asked somebody who turned up here before he even came to work why it was so important just to start here picking things off the ground. this is what he said. >> just take it easy today. calm down. and let's get it a chance there. let it go back to the table and try to work all this mess out. we don't need no more destruction and violence and all that right now. you know it's enough. you can't go on like that. because sooner or later there ain't going to go nothing for you to tear down and we won't have nowhere to live. >> the cleanup effort continues
5:35 am
across the street just around the corner of this beauty mart that is completely shielded right now with those metal gates. there are several buildings that have had glass broken and had fires inside during the looting yesterday. and the police line is letting people with snow shovels and brooms go by. they are on the lookout for trouble makers.o see if there is a repeat of the riots from yesterday. back to you in new york. >> as they pick up -- it's a big job. a lot of people wonder where the parents are. we talked to people where is your role models in the area. where is the sense of values and character. dr. phil joins us. that's something you do for a living on tv and in the real world. you're also a dad. what's your thoughts? >> well obviously, i do wonder where the parents are. when you look at a lot of the people that are throwing the rocks and cutting hoses, these are decidedly young people. where are their parents?
5:36 am
i don't mean where are their parents that night. oftentimes the older generation talks about the younger generation as though we have nothing to do with who they have become. we do have something to do with who they become. where were their parents in terms of the values? i often say to people on my show look during this hour one thing you won't hear me say is i know how you feel. if you haven't been in someone's shoes you can't say how they feel. look you know i'm sitting here old white guy, i can't say i know how these young people feel. i get that. but i can tell you this look at ferguson look at some of the other places that these things have happened. a month later, the mom and pop shops are gone. they're destroying their own communities backbone. these people who are underinsured or not insured, they're in there destroying their businesses their lives,
5:37 am
their families their futures, their legacy. they're not helping themselves. come on. >> you look -- peter was outside that cvs. the cvs was the nice store in the middle of a blighted area. where are they going to buy this stuff? >> you asked earlier where the parents are. i want you to watch right now. okay. that's some of the cleanup moments ago at the cvs store. let's take a look at this. that reportedly is a mother who looked out and saw her son was about to do something bad, she took him home. >> look you always say never say never. i would have said i would never say that i would endorse a parent striking their child on or about the head and say that's good parenting. >> until today. >> i got to say, i'm tipping my hat to this mother that gets off her butt and gets out there on the street finds her kid, and gets his attention and drags his butt home. i am tipping my hat to that woman. >> somebody would accuse that
5:38 am
mother of child abuse. >> exactly. >> this mother is saving her child's life in this moment? >> she could be very well doing so she could be giving that child his life back. he could have been getting shot if she didn't. she could be getting him home. he will not forget that his mother came out there and got him and brought him home. i guarantee you 20 years from now. he'll say my mother took me home. >> how do you get into the mindset of the looters and rioters, what's your message to them? they feel justified in what they're doing, wrongly so what do you say to them? >> you can't have a generality. because i promise you -- i've interviewed and talked to people about this in the past. some of them can't tell you why they're out there. you know you'll hear people -- when i say i've talked to people about this in the past. i have talked to people who are angry about issues but don't really understand the issues.
5:39 am
they're just blanket, we're supposed to be angry. then you have people that are just saying hey, it's a chance to get free stuff. they will do that. and they don't really understand what's going on. and then you've got people that are legitimately upset. they understand that there has been a breakdown of the system. they understand there is an abuse of power here. they understand that there has been a miscarriage of justice. and they are angrily upset and protesting. so there are factions within there. you've got thugs that are just out there trying to capitalize on an opportunity. then you've got people that legitimately are upset. there is all kinds of people out there. >> you usually deal one on one. you're dealing with a family one on one. when you look this is like the fourth inner city uprising we keep saying where are the parents, opportunity, the role models. how long are we going to keep saying where are they and what can be done to change this?
5:40 am
those kids have the same potential as your kids and our kids. >> i'm not sure that true. they may have the same potential, but i'm not sure they have the same opportunities. because the fact is the school system is not necessarily the same the resources is not the same. the leadership that they have from the parents because of the generational past throughs are not the same. there is no question they have a steep hill and a tough row to hoe. it's not going to get better because you're out there cutting fire hoses that are trying to stop fires burning down businesses that are family owned in their own community. how much better would this be had they done what the 300 man march was trying to get people to do to get out there and show solidarity in a peaceful way and say we are not moving until
5:41 am
people get -- pay attention to this. instead of showing what is easily criticized and put down. >> because we still don't know what happened to freddie gray. >> his family is calling for that just peace and calm. >> we appreciate your comments about that. later on today you have a powerful guest, kimberly richards on real housewives of beverly hills makes a big admission. >> we'll be looking at what's going on on that story. so many people follow that throughout the country. obviously, she's had a real significant event in her life. we're going to find out what really took place. we'll ask questions that people want to know the answers to. i think we're going to get to the bottom of the story that's captivated a lot of people's -- so we'll see what's happening there. but i'm going to keep watching this as well. >> nobody asks questionsfore gives answers like the great dr. phil. >> we need to get elizabeth hasselbeck one of those housewive shows. >> what's the chances of that?
5:42 am
>> zero. not going to see her on a housewives show. >> thank you. coming up on this tuesday, all morning we've been showing you the horrific images from baltimore. >> get back. get up on the stairs. are you watching this guys? are they watching us? >> the car drove through the fire. what happens to those caught on camera assaulting cops and committing crimes? peter johnson jr. take as look at the legal fallout next. what is the white house saying this morning? will the president be condemning the chaos, a live report from the front lawn after the break. stay with us. i accept thai'm not 21. i accept i'm not the sprinter i was back in college. i even accept that i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. but i won't accept giving it less than my best. so if i can go for something
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5:45 am
fox news alert now. talk about a big first task. the violence in baltimore breaking on the same day loretta lynch is sworn in. kevin corke is live at the white
5:46 am
house. any word from the president, the administration this morning about the unrest or anything else on tap today? >> good to talk to you. you're right. always expect the president, especially in a circumstance like this where he welcomes a dignitary, in this place the prime minister of japan. usually the president will have a remark we expect the president to have something very strong to say about what has been unfolding over the last several days. as you pointed out, recently confirmed u.s. attorney general did meet with the president. she has been watching this very kafr carefully. her office releasing a statement an investigation will be on goeg into the death of freddie gray allegedly because of a so-called rough ride given to him by police. here is the recently confirmed attorney general on the unrest in baltimore. >> we can emdue our criminal
5:47 am
justice system with both strength and fairness for the protection of both the needs of victims and the rights of all. we can restore trust and faith. both in our laws and in those of us who enforce them. >> trust in the law and in those who enforce the law. that's the major theme. i have a statement i'd like to share with you. it says here -- this is attorney general lynch. i urge every member of the baltimore community to adhere to the principals of non-violence. in the days ahead, i intend to work with leaders in baltimore to insure the security and civil rights of all residents. i will bring the full resources of the department of justice to bear in protecting those under threat. and that should certainly include, and specifically law enforcement folks who are out there trying to keep the city safe. as soon as we hear from the
5:48 am
president, i'll bring it to you right here. back to you. >> thanks kevin. 13 minutes before the top of the hour, let's go deeper with elizabeth hasselbeck and peter johnson jr. >> thank you. we're going to take a legal turn now and focus with peter johnson, jr. let me ask you this -- thanks for being here now -- as we see the looters, rioters, what form of prosecution will they ever face if indeed they would? >> based upon what we've seen in terms of leadership of that city i don't expect a whole lot. when the mayor says that they need to give people space to destroy property when the local congressman talks about things being not as bad as they could be. there's not a lot of expectation there will be robust prosecutions. there has to be. so maybe the feds will step in in place of the local authorities. as we see, the hope in some of the other communities and act against these rioters. the problem is -- we've heard it time and time again -- there is a vacuum. now we understand that gangs,
5:49 am
gangs, the crypts, the bloods other gangs are massing together in a conspiracy to kill police officers not only in baltimore, but across the country. now, why does that occur? that occurs in a vacuum of leadership. when there's no leadership the people on the margins, the racial profiteers and the people who want to cause murder and mayhem fill the void. fill the vacuum of common sense and decency and the ideals that befit america. so i say, and we've heard this time and time again, and i hate saying it, because it's painful. the president has failed over these many years. he talked in december with bet about bringing folks to together. and about race relations. race relations in this country are worse today than they were when he became president. we watched it on fox last night. we saw an intensity and an anger.
5:50 am
i understand that intensity and anger. if you're living in a poor neighborhood if you're living without hope to some extent there is that kind of anger. but where are the jobs? why hasn't the president acted? anger does not justify violence. but we've got a severe problem in this country that's thought been met by the leadership. >> we do. loretalynch has a task at hand. thank you. still ahead, our breaking news coverage continuing a man punched in the face by rioters that video going viral. we're looking at all the images pouring in from the web. first we'll check in with bill hemmer for what is coming up at the top of the hour. good morning from city hall. good morning to you as we wait to see what happens with the police force. it has changed since overnight. we expect hundreds if not thousands. how will people react here in baltimore? we do not know that. a curfew will be set, but that's not until 10:00 tonight.
5:51 am
you have 13 hours before that curfew begins. we will have complete coverage starting at the top of the hour here on "america's newsroom." martha and i will see you at the top of the hour. live in baltimore and new york. incredible! i've been claritin clear for ten days. when your allergy symptoms start, doctors recommend taking one claritin every day of your allergy season for continuous relief. with
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5:54 am
fox news alert. police and hundreds of volunteers retaking the streets of baltimore this morningism thankfully cleaning up the destruction left behind after last night's riots. we've been showing you pictures of the destruction all morning long. the chaos sparking a flurry of activity on social media. heather nauert has been monitoring it for us. and joins us with some images making waves online. but they are images that are positive. >> there are positive and nevada ones negative ones. until we get justice we out here
5:55 am
thugging. a lot of people in the area talking about the possibility and rumors that another mall may be attacked. that's what they're calling it an attack. we're getting notes from a lot of people saying i need my job. you've got to stop. stop this rioting, i need to earn a living i need to be able to show up to my job today or tomorrow. a lot of people getting pushback on this and all the rioting that's going on. >> have they specified which mall? >> here's what we're hearing, there's a mall called security square mall. there is concerns that may be the source of some activity later today. kids are out of school. baltimore shutting down schools. a lot of parents worried what are their kids going to do today? >> the purge that we have seen. the flyers that were put out and how it may have ignited these actions, what do you know about that? >> it's a movie that came out a few years ago.
5:56 am
kids showed up at another mall and started throwing rocks and bricks at police officer. that went around on social media encouraging people to show up and attack police officers. we're still hearing purge today. the purge is live in baltimore. >> the kids are home, but are the numbers going to be bolstered for the cops to act. yesterday the word from the police chief out numbered and out flanked. >> we hope so. we have to watch and see what's going to happen with the police officers there today. >> in addition to all the images this morning, of things burning orve night over night. there are a lot of pictures of people cleaning up today. they have brooms, dust pans. >> we are seeing lots of pictures obama with people showing up cleaning up. stay tuned. more on "fox and friends" in just a moment.
5:57 am
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6:00 am
baltimore just looks like a war zone as we wake up this morning. thank you very much for joining us on "fox and friends." let's now go to baltimore and bill hemmer. bill: fox news alert. a major american city erupted into absolute kay -- absolute chaos last night and overnight. the looters made the local business owners their targets last night. >> get


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