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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  May 6, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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schools and yet a child's three pack of oreo cookies is seized by a teacher because they said it was unhealthy. who is in charge? >> we like that comment. >> that happened in colorado, too. >> thank you for joining us today. we appreciate it. "fox and friends" starts right now. good morning. today is wednesday, may 6th. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert now. this morning, a threat from isis to america. the terror group promising specific strikes saying that their fighters are already here and we are learning that the gunmen behind that texas shootout made direct contact with an american born jihadi on the loose. a true falls on two boys who were playing on the park. >> when the tree fell on my head. and then i can't escape. it was scary. >> no kidding.
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his 2-year-old brother in the hospital with a cracked skull. how does something like that happen? she redefines army strong. >> you got it, ma'am. come on. >> you got this. >> a display of dedication and teamwork that earned this female soldier one of the army's toughest decorations. she'll be here live because mornings are better with friends. well, it's that time of year. brian went and packed up his son yesterday, college. >> came home, 4 hours, 15 minutes my ham strings are going to be sore for a long time. he's back home and i'm sure he's sound asleep. >> you don't want a massage from me? >> not again. not again. >> i don't know. he seemed to be suggesting that.
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>> something about it. >> we all know that's joel's job. just kidding. one thing i'd like to say is no traffic. from -- >> i would have the best talks with my dad on the drive back from college. >> we had a pretty great time. >> glad he's back home. >> we'll see how the summer goes. >> i'm going to be doing it next week. thank you for joining us on this wednesday. we start with a fox news alert. this is really disturbing. a brand new chilling threat from the terror group isis. they are now claiming to have dozens of fighters right here in the united states. and those fighters are ready to kill us. >> right. casey stegall is live near the scene of sunday night's terror attack in garland, texas with the latest. good morning to you. what do we know at this minute? >> there are many moving parts to this investigation, including
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this chilling threat that isis put out. in fact, we want to show you a map. because the islamic state now claiming it has a total of 71 fighters living in 15 u.s. states right now. but they only named virginia, maryland, illinois, michigan, and california. now investigators looking into a possible minnesota connection to this shooting here in texas. a man from there, who is now working in somalia. federal prosecutors say hassan moved overseas seven years ago to fight for islamic extremists and recruit followers. investigators say ten days before this shooting in texas hassan tweeted, it's time for brothers in the u.s. to do their part. and then included a link to this garland event. later that same day, one of the texas shooters, 30-year-old elton simpson tweeted about this event as well. both men were contacts on twitter. and had messaged leading up to the attack according to
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investigators. in the meantime, the white house will not say the two gunmen had ties to isis or classify this as terror just yet. what's more, the organizer of this muhammad cartoon contest here in garland where the shooting occurred sunday night, pam geller, isis has reportedly said it would like to kill her and anyone who supports her. guys? >> casey stegall. great reporting there. so you look at this roundup here. you've got isis singling out pam geller saying we will send people to achieve her slaughter. you've got social media traffic that is suggesting there was contact between the shooter and an isis account overseas. >> including naming names. >> you've got federal agents for years who have been monitoring this elter simpson and he was arrested for lying to them about his travels and attempts to become a jihad. all of this together would suggest that the white house
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would perhaps on the heels of the shooting, which did occur on sunday would make a statement. yet, their strategy is to remain silent. the president, no statement from the president. >> elizabeth, what's your hurry? keep in mind, this is embarrassing. go back before the election the president made it clear we have decimated the killers, al qaeda, which in many cases became isis. do you know who the white house is blaming? they're blaming twitter. they're saying the problem is social media. it's hard to get a handle on that. >> it's not that hard to get a handle. >> they're blaming social media. and as we heard, this recruiter, this isis recruiter very specifically and very directly talking to people here in the united states, essentially activating this sleeper cell. >> how disappointing we have the white house press secretary downplaying this calling these two men two individuals. >> this is under investigation of the fbi to determine any ties
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of affiliations of the individuals. blah. blah. blah. >> two individuals wanting to go and slaughter those. >> if you take a poll, most people understand that al qaeda is there and isis is surging, al shabaab. all these different entities. lieutenant colonel ralph peters weighed in. >> these guys were on the when bush left office. no way around it. you can blame bush, you can blame the apocalypse, but this has happened on obama's watch. we are playing defensive ball and you can't win that way. >> you put out rewards, we named the top ten -- >> find the people. >> you want $5 million. >> even loretta lynch calling this a simple criminal investigation. she called it a criminal investigation. this should be an investigation on terror. >> you know what has been -- one thing about isis, i think people have been worried about here in the united states.
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it's like it's way over there, in the middle east somewhere. it's very clear they are here. and isis is even telling us that. regarding the white house and their non-reaction so far, sheriff david clark from milwaukee county tweeted this. president of the united states was too busy raking the american police officer over the coals again to al jazeera yesterday to address the terror incident in texas. we'll have rudy guiliani, america's mayor with us less than a hour from now. if anybody knows anything about terror, it's that man. >> there is one resident in garland who is anything but. he is making one strong statement. he is 21 years old. he's been holding an eight foot american flag outside with his arms, tired as they may be since this happened. he said he's going to do it to show our community is not scared and we are patriots. he said people actually jumped in to help him hold it when his
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arm got too fatigued. his message was strong. many say stronger than that of the white house at this point. what a statement from him, just 21 years old. he's coming up at 7:15 a.m. and we are looking forward to talking to him. >> excellent. >> all right we have rudy guiliani and that man joining us. catherage herridge as well as abc reporting direct ties to isis. i don't know what the delay is. it's eight minutes after the top of the hour. it's time for news. for that, once again as we always do we turn to heather nauert. >> good morning. a knife in the arrest and the death of freddie gray in baltimore could actually end up changing the outcome of the case. one of the baltimore police officers charged in gray's death is now insisting that the arrest was in fact legal and that's contrary to what the state attorney, marilyn mosby has said in her press conference. officer edward nero demanding
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the prosecutor produce the knife that was the reason for gray's arrest so it can be inspected. police considering that knife an illegal switch blade. the prosecutor claims it was a different legal type of knife. in the meantime, america's top cop, taking her first trip as attorney general, loretta lynch in baltimore to meet with the family of gray and city officials. lynch praising the police and saying she's committed to helping baltimore. lynch has ordered a separate probe into gray's death. dramatic video shows the moment a huge tree falls on a group of children as they play in a mass park. it seriously injured two young boys. one of them is still in the hospital this morning. the other boy, an 8-year-old, has bruises on his shoulder and needed staples to close a cut on his head. he was watching a video when that tree came crashing down. >> the tree fell on me head.
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and then i can't escape. it was scary. >> that park has been closed until all of the trees are inspected and deemed safe. hillary clinton is back on the campaign trail. her latest message -- we'll tell you about that in a little bit later. subway riders ipnew york city got an unexpected performance from a world famous rock band. take a look. ♪ >> no kidding. do you recognize that song? angel of harlem i think it was called. that is u 2 and they played a surprise show at grand central in front of a huge crowd there. even the chef mario betally was there. he posted an instagram photo. it was orchestrated by jimmy fallon. the band is performing on the tonight show on friday. how neat is that?
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>> you know, it's so neat. love that. >> the message is u 2 can take the subway. >> very clever. how do you pull that off at 6:00 in the morning? >> i'm here all week. try the veal. >> by the way, his hand is still bad from the bike accident. >> i know. >> so he can't play the giguitar. you should not exercise or ride bikes. >> so true. >> you know what -- maybe you should take the bus. let's talk about this. there's a school bus driver in arizona and he was taking the kids home from elementary school. you know what? the kids got really noisy. and at one point, he started saying to them you guys got to shut up or i'm going to take you back to see the principal. the kids kept making racket. listen to the conversation.
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>> you break that door you're going to be buying another one. your kids will get off the bus when i'm done with them. >> help us. >> i'm not letting anybody off until you listen to what i have to say. get away from the bus. >> so they took the bus driver away. >> there he is, he's driving off. the kids would not shut off so he drove off. >> he has resigned op his on accord at this point. two things he said your kids will get off when i allow them to. that was crossing the line. he took off. he starts driving while the parents are banging on the door to get their kids out. >> that's a problem. if he would have gotten into an accident with the kids after he took off. i mean, he talked about i'm going to take you back to the
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principal. their parents are there. open the door and say who does this kid belong to? i want you to know -- billy explain what you did. >> my bus driver was the man. he had us under control. he was calm and patient but stern enough. this seemed to be traumatic for the kids. how would you feel if you were a parent? >> no offense to bus drivers, i see in the back of the bus drivers wanted. i hope they're screening them fully. they have a lot of responsibility. >> this driver was driving an extra shift. this is not his normal route. >> do you think it is an appropriate thing for him to do? keep the doors shut then take off. he's out of work. they're looking for somebody to take that route. let us know. in the meantime straight ahead, it's our top story. isis says they're already here in the united states. up next. major pete hegseth is willing to go to iraq and fight to keep them off american soil. republicans have a brand new
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fox news alert. new this morning, a brand new threat posted online from isis promising new attacks inside the u.s. within the next six months. this time they're naming
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specific states. do we take that threat seriously and how will the white house respond? joining us from minneapolis major pete hegseth. good morning to you? >> good morning. >> yesterday, isis claimed responsibility for the attempted terror attack down in garland. now online they're posting it and making it very clear we have 71 fighters in 15 states. they name five of the states. virginia, maryland, illinois, california and michigan. now what? >> certainly here in minnesota we've seen a number of former minnesotaens travel to sumaomal and syria. you have young men very much inspired by what they see in -- through isis in iraq and syria. they believe the caliphate is expanding. they believe it has momentum. because we haven't addressed it,
3:19 am
everybody wants to pick a winning horse. in this case they believe that isis is strong, isis is advancing and isis is the wave of the future. whether or not they're in command or control or how many they have. that needs to be under investigation, none the less, the inspiration is real. and it's clearly something they want to act on. >> you're in minneapolis right now. apparently, according to a reporter at abc, isis recruiter who was in contact with the garland shooter was from minneapolis. he was taunting this guy saying you better go do something about what's going on in garland. >> there's a sizable muslim community in minneapolis that's had significant problems with their young men going to somalia and syria to fight. it's a local problem but it's a global problem. the empathies here are tied to what they perceive as success. >> there's a picture of the guy who is presumed to be the recruiter.
3:20 am
quickly, on the other side you have u.s. army vets who are ready to go from here over there. who are these guys? >> it's a group of vets that have gotten together. that are doing what a lot of us have talked about. i remember when isis first took over places that we fought in iraq and talking to other members that i served with saying i got to do something about it. our government isn't fighting these guys. these guys are saying forget about the details we're going to get over there, find somebody to fight alongside and do something about it. i got a lot of respect for t. i don't know how they're going to do it. we'll see. >> keep us posted. all right. major pete hegseth joining us from minneapolis. thank you very much. >> thank you. all right. 20 minutes after the top of the hour. she is being called the roommate from hell. a poison plot discovered ara hidden camera catches a woman pouring windex in her roommate's
3:21 am
food. why her lawyer says the video should be thrown out. only one out of four of 8th graders are showing performance in civics and history. how does that affect the country and how do we fix it? when broker chris hill stays at laquinta and fires up free wi-fi, with a network that's now up to 5 times faster than before you know what he can do? let's see if he's ready. he can swim with the sharks! book your next stay at!
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they don't know much about history according to a 2014 report. comes to socialudents are studies. only 18% could answer the questions competently and do it only slightly better in geography and civics. what does this mean for the future of this country and our children's ability to become good citizens? we have a former 8th grade teacher, now marketing director for the bill of rights
3:25 am
organization. when i look at this statistics only a fourth of 8th graders showed solid performance? >> i think it's saying what teachers and administrators and many parents have been saying for years, that because of this culture of testing, because of failed progressive big government education policies that have taken the focus of what happens in the classroom from teachers engaging students to rote memorization. and we're losing these kids. we're losing opportunities at a prime age to really get kids excited about being involved, to be engaged in the process to be proud to be citizens. that study shows half of them think the government owes them a guaranteed job when they graduate. that's frightening. >> this was the sample question, it said which of the following is a belief shared by people in the united states.
3:26 am
the government should guarantee everyone a job. when the answer is a government should be a democracy. 32% answered correctly. where do we go? if the money is funded into tech, which i think many people would argue is a good place to go. they wouldent great history and social studies into the tech. >> kids can be do a job at looking at local voting. how do they engage with the local government on a daily basis, whether they're stopped at a stop light. how many times do they engage with some government entity. teach them what the role of government is and what it's become. in their science classes they could be doing things that have to be with legislation. their language arts classes have them read thomas payne. engage them that will give them ideas it's not just in social
3:27 am
studies class. >> was it your instinct that these kids and the feeling these kids did want to learn civics? >> they do. if you get a student in the classroom excited about students they will continue learning on their own. they will show up at a city council meeting. they want to learn it. i had kids in 8ts grade dissecting the patriot act and determining if it was constitutional or not. they were so engaged in it they were teaching adult members in our community at 14 years old. these kids are capable and excited. we have to get them opportunities and tools to do that. >> thanks for your first hand insight there. great work. >> thank you so much. coming up, a major league tribute to a fallen hero. the moment at the mets game that brought the crowd to tears. and he just announced he's running for president. watch this. >> i announce that i am a
3:28 am
candidate for president of the united states of america. >> up next, former arkansas governor mike huckabee joining us live with why he says this run will be different than 2008. first a happy birthday to george clooney who is 54 years today. ♪ you wear it well at red lobster's create your own seafood trio... ...if it looks tasty, you order it. choose 3 of 9 dishes for just $15.99. like baked lobster alfredo. brown butter shrimp scampi. and soy-ginger salmon. hey, this is my plate. get yours while you still can. you, my friend, recognize when a trend has reached critical mass. that's what a type e* does. with e*trade's investing insights center, you can spot trends before they become trendy.
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we have been telling you about the disturbing social media campaign, th the #ericsheppardchallenge. >> that's where you see in this video americans challenged to stomp on our flag. that video had dakota meyers so
3:32 am
fired up he's launching his own campaign. >> i'm going to start our campaign, a campaign that shows the level of ignorance. you know what? we love our country. we love our country and love it more than anything in the world. i want you to go out and show your patriotism. you take that hashtag, neveroutgunned. we're louding than they're ever be. if they don't want to be here, they can leave. >> we through up the challenge and you took it. our "fox and friends" viewers like roger tweet this. >> try and stomp on these, you won't make it far. neveroutgunned. >> for us to be an american. >> then you got this, this is old glory, hundreds of thousands of americans have fought and died under this flag for you. >> skip smith tweeting this, god bless america. >> once again, if you would like to get it trending, it
3:33 am
is #neveroutgunned. started yesterday on this program by dakota meyer. >> thanks to our friends who stepped up to that challenge. >> we are waiting for governor mike huckabee. he will be talking about his plan to be president of the united states. >> maybe he wants to talk about something else. >> he announced it yesterday. >> we're going to find out. >> after the news. >> while we fight over that, heather nauert has what's going on. i have a couple headlines. an alleged cop killer is waking up behind bars. a 26-year-old is being held on $2 million bail in jail. he allegedly shot an officer and took off in his car and led police in a high speed chase in idaho. sarge moore, a 16 years police veteran died from his wounds on tuesday night. our prayers go out to his family. hillary clinton is back on
3:34 am
the campaign trail. her latest message a promise to illegals with a path to citizenship. she said our system is broken and she vowed to fix it. listen. >> i will fight for comprehensive immigration reform. and a path to citizenship if congress continues to refuse to act. as president, i would do everything possible under the law to go even further. >> just in case you were wondering, she did not do any official interviews with the press during that time. a south carolina college student faces felony charges after being caught on camera poisoning her roommate's food. you can see 22-year-old haley king spitting on food from the refrigerator and then she is seen spraying windex in several containers. one roommate even ate some of that contaminated food before seeing the video. king now faces 20 years in prison if convicted.
3:35 am
legal analysts say the video could be thrown out of court because she's entitled to privacy in her house. that's a legal debate. the new york mets standing in solidarity with the nypd. yesterday, the team wore the police baseball caps during batting practice to honor fallen officer brian moore. officer moore died on monday after he was shot in the head. moore had a ticket to that game. the mets had a moment of silence with nypd officers before that game. they sure did it up right there over at the mets stadium yesterday. >> it's nice. >> there's a hashtag campaign. #moorematters. >> thank you. on to extreme weather and twisters ripping through parts of the country. this massive funnel cloud touched down in a field near big spring, texas. no damage was reported. >> check this out, a cold air funnel cloud over roswell new
3:36 am
mexico. fortunately nobody was hurt but a spectacular picture. >> that was then, what about now? we turn to maria molina for what we are in store for. >> good morning. it looks like that storm system is on the move. it could bring more severe weather, not only to day but over the next several days. we're expecting several days here in the peak of severe weather season and tornado alley looking at that risk. i want to start out with your current temperatures. across the central and eastern part of the nation you are mild early this morning. you're in the upper 60's in new york city and the same goes for you in memphis and dallas. as we head into this afternoon the high temperatures will be climbing into the 80's across the plains. here's a look at the severe weather risk. you can see it's across parts of nebraska, down into kansas, oklahoma, large hail, damaging winds and isolated tornados. there's a lot of moisture ahead of that system. there is warm temperatures will fire up some of those storms.
3:37 am
unfortunately, wind sheer as well. have a way to get the warnings today. >> thank you very much. former arkansas governor mike huckabee announced yesterday a second run for president throwing his hat into an already crowded republican ring. >> a recent fox news poll showing 9% of voters have actually favored governor huckabee. what is his plan to security the nation? joining us is the 2016 presidential candidate mike huckabee. thanks for being here. >> delighted to be back. >> do you still have your company id? >> they took that away the moment i left. >> they cleaned out your office like 45 minutes out of your office. >> i don't think it took 45 minutes. >> brian jumped in it. he thought he could grab an opportunity. >> one of the reasons a lot of people feel you've got a shot is in 2008, every debate -- rudy mentioned this, every debate you were always funny. you had a good line. the other thing is through your
3:38 am
tv show here at fox, you could tell by the ratings people like you. >> that's because they don't know me well. what i've got to do is make sure they don't get to know me that well. i like to believe i speak for people for no one else is speaking up for. there are americans who are feeling left out of the whole process. this is in a world where so many people are thinking the eletes run everything. think about how many people work hard. nobody is paying attention to them. when i hear people say the economy is in recovery. let me show you some people for whom the economy is not in recovery. >> you said how the government trapped people into poverty and keeps them there. >> you're sangm mom, you can get benefits. if you get married you lose the benefits. wait a minute, shouldn't we encourage people to build stable families? if a person gets a job that pays them just over the threshold of
3:39 am
benefits, they lose healthcare for their kids, they might lose food stamps. in other words, you could go from having a relatively comfortable way of providing for your children to being in dire poverty by getting off poverty. the system traps people in. we wonder why so many people are in the system. >> one of the people that does really respect you but weighed in on your prospects was charles krauthammer. here's what he said. >> barack obama said that he disapproved of gay marriage because of his religion. think of where the country is now on that issue. huckabee is where he was in '08. the country has moved radically. i'm not judging whether he ought to have moved or not. i respect him for not. it isn't going to help him because the way that the country has changed. if he hopes that having the evangelical vote alone is going to carry him in, he has no chance. >> are you the same guyane 2008 are you huckabee 2.0?
3:40 am
>> i'm the same person. i'm a christian. i don't have the option of rewriting the bible to fit the culture. i have to be who i am. if anybody thinks i'm running because i want to be the evangelical candidate they must not have heard my speech yesterday. my point is, this is about securing america, making this country safe. it's about giving economic opportunity to the people who right now don't have it in this country. the economy is booming for people at the top. it is not booming for the bottom 90% of the work force in america. the bottom 90%, most of america, has had stagnant wages for 40 years. >> let me ask you about the president as it pertained to isis for the first time taking credit for a terror attack on our soil. he has remained silent on this. how should he handle this? >> the biggest mistake he will not identify thiz enemy as islamic jihadism. i hear the semantic games is it isis, it doesn't matter. it's rooted in islamic jihadism.
3:41 am
whether it's al qaeda, isis. they're all leaves from the same tree. what we're seeing now on u.s. soil, what happened in garland, texas. thank god for an off duty traffic cop with a glok took down two people. we're stripping elderly groerths electronically naked in the tsa process, and this guy is tweeting he's about to attack somebody and we don't catch that. something is incredibly unbalanced about our approach to security. >> if you wind up with the nomination, you would presumably square off against hillary clinton whose husband you went to the same gikindergarten teacr as bill clinton. >> when will that be revealed? >> that's ms. mary. she was probably in her 70's when i was in kindergarten.
3:42 am
bill clinton is nine years older. he was class mates with vince foster. it was a private kindergarten. it was old school, discipline, corporal punishment, but we learned a lot. >> he colored outside the lines i understand. >> i'm sure he did. even then. >> congratulations. we know it was a huge decision for you to leave here. your show was soaring. it's going to be a big sprint. we wish you the luck in the world. >> thank you so much. great to see you guys. wonderful to be back. 18 minutes before the top of the hour. he's the definition of the american dream. meet the man who built the world wide leader in sports, espn by starting in the mailroom for $8,300 a year. the former president of espn will explain that story next. she redefines army strong. watch this. >> you got it, ma'am.
3:43 am
>> come on. >> you got it. >> what an incredible display of dedication and teamwork. it earned her the female soldier, one of the military's toughest decorations. she will join us live with her inspiring story just ahead. ♪ the final countdown taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar,
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espn has come long way from its first broadcast. >> welcome everyone to the espn sports center. this very desk in the coming weeks and months, we'll be filling you in on the pulse of sporting activity, not only around the country but around the world as well. >> but how did that network go from that to arguably the most powerful name in sports? let's ask someone who was there from the beginning, the former
3:47 am
president of espn and the author of this book. welcome to fox news channel. is it odd being here? >> no, i love being here. thank you for having me. >> where were you when george grant had that broadcast? >> that was september 7th, 1979. i was finishing up college in my senior year. i joined espn about 15 months after that broadcast. >> you ended up running the place. the way your story should be for every graduate. you waited for the right job opportunity. you wanted to work in this business. you said i'm going to take a job in the mailroom for $8,300. what did your parents say, if this offer comes, should i take it? >> my dad gave me the best advice i've ever received. sports television that you either are or can be passionate about, then you should take the job and get a foot in the door and go from there.
3:48 am
choose a career over money. that was the advice. fortunately i took it. >> is there anybody that wants to go anywhere in the business, it wasn't about money for long time. you started in the mailroom, specking people up at the airport in a case where no one had heard of cable television or a all sports network then. when did you realize you were in the right place? >> very quickly. the culture of the company was fun, nurturing, people like dick vitale who i was driving around. >> he wrote the intro for your book. >> he did. we've been friends for 30 years. he was already a star. he embraced somebody who was starting out, encouraged me. we've had an friendship all these years. >> from espn, to x games, espn 3. here's the moment that struck everybody in america, especially you, george.
3:49 am
>> number one is laugh. you should laugh every day. number two is think. you should spend some time in thought. number three, you should have your motions moved to tears to be hap ness. think about it, if you laugh, you think, and you cry, that's a full day. that's a heck of a day. >> just to get behind that microphone you talk in this book what it took to get him up there. >> he was extremely ill on that night flying up from north carolina with his wife, pam, and coach mike krzyzewski and his wife. it was debatable whether he could make it to new york much less get on stage. when he got there, it was as if the cancer left his body for the evening. i would encourage anybody to youtube that entire speech. it is the most inspirational things you will ever hear. >> it is. that's where all the proceeds for the book is going to the jimmy v foundation. it's a fantastic book. congratulations on your career.
3:50 am
it's a great lesson for anybody who wants to make it in any business. do what you want and the money will come and success will follow. 11 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up, this guy knows how to make an entrance. i'm talking about security finally caught up with him. not before becoming an internet star. watch he does at the home plate. one patriotic man is fighting back. he's sending a message to isis and terrorists around the world holding up a flag and saying he is not scared. ♪
3:51 am
do you suffer from constipation or irregularity? trust dulcolax® for dependable relief. try free at dulcolax® stool softener makes it easier to go comfortably. hurry! try free at dulcolax®. designed for dependable relief™.
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3:53 am
3:54 am
it's the power of patriotic pride. a garland, texas, resident holding up a flag in front of this weekend's shooting to remind his community and americans everywhere not to live in fear. he joins us now. thanks for being with us today. why did you decide to get out there after this shooting when people were afraid that isis took credit for. why did you decide to get out there with our flag? >> well, when i woke up yesterday morning, of course, i turned on the news. i'm not very big on watching the news much. and the first thing that came on
3:55 am
my tv screen was isis taking responsibility for what they're calling a terror attack. it didn't sit right with me seeing this is the city i grew up in, garland, texas, ever since i was a child. and you know, ever since 9/11, i've noticed every one has lived in fear. i used to be a door to door salesman. meeting the people i've met, people are scared. people weren't taking their kids to school. i spoke with a local principal, and he was telling me these kids are going to school, you know, this is -- it's a problem. i wanted to -- i immediately grabbed my flag off my wall and was going to stand there until everyone realized we need to stand strong and not be afraid. we didn't lose that battle. >> you did just that. you know what i thought was
3:56 am
incredible? it's emotional to hear you say that against images of you holding this flag. people stepped up to do this with you, is that correct? >> yes. originally when i got there, i was by myself for an hour or two. i had a friend stop by and come help me hold this flag. but as time went by, more and more people would stop and, you know, they would bring their texas flag. they would bring signs. but the most important thing that stood out to me, there was a muslim family that stopped and got out of the car. and they walked up and gave me a hug and said thank you for what you're doing. i said we are all americans, no matter what race, no matter what religion. >> incredible. i know you have plans to step up and join the national guard. you have a military family. we thank you for standing for freedom there in texas. right in the hearth of the recent terror attack this
3:57 am
weekend. you're a great american. >> thank you. rudy guiliani coming to talk about this and more at the top of the hour. next. i accept that i'm not 21. i accept i'm not the sprinter i was back in college. i even accept that i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. but i won't accept giving it less than my best. so if i can go for something better than warfarin, ...i will. eliquis. eliquis... reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin, plus it had less major bleeding than warfarin... eliquis had both. that really mattered to me. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily and it may take longer than usual for any bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care
3:58 am
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4:00 am
good morning to you. today is wednesday, may 6th. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert now. this morning, a threat from isis. to america. the terror group promising specific strikes saying their fighters are already here and ready. and we are learning the gunmen behind that texas shootout made direct contact with an american born jihadi still on the loose. details for you straight ahead. he was shot in cold blood. despite outrage against the police, the new york mets stood in solidarity for this hero. rudy guiliani is here live with riaction to another cop gunned down. you know her as big sister dj on full house. remember this? >> let go. i said let go.
4:01 am
>> okay. >> candice cameron bure all st curvy couch today to talk about how full house is going to be rebooted and coming back and she's even going to quiz us on how much we know about the show. that's right. from the full house to the full couch. you're watching "fox and friends" live from new york city. got another big star about four feet from the couch. >> i know. it is a huge show, very important information coming your way. >> we'll start with a fox news alert for you. first, isis is in america. >> the terror group now revealing isis is, it has dozens of fighters scattered all across the united states and they're ready to attack. they even listed the states where they're going. >> casey stegall is live near the scene of sunday night's
4:02 am
terror attack in garland, texas, on who may have inspired both gunmen. >> a key part of this investigation by the way, is trying to determine who was responsible for the violence and what motivated it. a key part is delving into social media. and looking at what are called digital trails. because as you know, twitter, facebook, and the rest has become a way now for terrorists to communicate and spread their propaganda. investigators are researching tweets and communications sent out by one of the gunmen at this texas event. 30-year-old elton simpson. the fbi says several months ago he began posting on twitter about isis. even tweeting using t the #texasattack. minutes before the shooting here in garland. counterterrorism officials also saying that simpson had been in communication with a minnesota man, muhammad hassan who lives
4:03 am
in somalia. the feds say he moved there seven years ago to fight and recruit followers. which brings us to a new claim by isis today, that it now has 71 fighters it says now living in 15 u.s. states. but only named virginia, maryland, illinois, michigan, and california. the u.s. government now offering up to $20 million in rewards on information that would lead to the whereabouts of the top four leaders of isis. >> all right. casey stegall. thank you very much. america's mayor, rudy guiliani knows more about terror than pretty much anybody in the country. he joins us live. it's very clear from what isis has posted -- yesterday at this time we were talking about how on their radio station they were taking credit for the attack in garland, texas. now they're posting online that isis is in the united states. 71 fighters ready to kill us. >> take them seriously.
4:04 am
don't discount it. it may be an understatement. it reminds me in a strange way of a mafia case. they put 10, 12 people in different place. >> sleepers? >> their front was, they ran pizza restaurants in peoria, illinois. they would make sure the payment was made. if it wasn't, they could kill you. >> you sent strong messages of 9/11. really strong messages to the american people. i think americans are wondering why if there is a weak, if any message being sent. we've heard nothing from the president. >> this is not a strong area for the president. he gets to get weak -- certainly in this language when we talking about islamic extremists. you can't have a better definition of islamic extremist terrorism than the islamic state. they're giving you their name.
4:05 am
so i think you can get the words out of your mouth. but i don't think it hurts in the sense that the fbi has no confusion about this. the cia has no confusion about this. i think the fact that they made this announcement in some ways is helpful. because it puts local law enforcement on alert. and this is a situation -- i lecture on this some. we have to use our police as our eye and ears. remember, we only have about 15, 16,000 fbi agents. we have over 800,000 uniformed police officers. not to count all the private security and everything else. if we can make those people our eyes and ears. if we could teach them the precursors of terrorism, the things to look for. the suspicious behavior, i have a case that happened when howard safer was my police commissioner where we caught these guys who was going to bomb a subway station. a rookie cop spotted them and he became suspicious. >> you can't ask the cops to be
4:06 am
on the front line taking on terrorists and at the same time telling them they have to be retrained. >> we have a lot of problems in the country. police can improve like anybody can improve. they're not the problem. if the police were perfect we would still have all the problems we still have. the problem with crime -- >> can you see how they would be hesitant more now than when -- four years ago, five years ago. >> i hope not. i hope not, brian. you and i both know many, many police officers. i have four uncles who were police officers. i had a cousin who died in the line of the duty. it's in the heart. it's not just all the work i did. when you talk about terrorism, something happens to them. there's an american patriotism that comes out. i don't think all this criticism from the people who have a warped view of them is going to harm them. >> you mentioned police officers who have died in the line of
4:07 am
duty. >> this great -- >> brian moore who was gunned down. shot in the face by a dirt bag. he had tickets to the mets game. >> beautiful thing. >> they did a beautiful tribute to him. now #moorematters is trending online. >> this is what our police officers are all about. what he did. he didn't know when he went out to duty that day that he wasn't going to come bachblk. his family didn't know it. every single police officer's family is living with that same pressure. my grandmother lived with that pressure for three of her sons. people don't know it unless they live it. these are good people who are trying to save us, and keep us safe and secure against some very bad people. if we have an occasional one that's a bad guy or a criminal as i did, you put them in prison. >> been doing that for years. >> we put lawyers in prison,
4:08 am
doctors in prison. we put everybody in prison. we have bad guys. i think we have fewer bad guys among the police than we do in most other professions. >> you can't white wash it. we're watching it every other week from baltimore to ferguson, the police are the problem. our great mayor here saying the police have to be retrained. you can't ask them to do that then see brian moore take a bullet in the face for asking somebody what's in your waist band. we have to recalibrate quickly,b or else we're -- >> we need people to stand up for them. i believe that when i was the mayor, the new york city police department knew where had their back. and sometimes i took a beating for it. with some of the shootings because i began with the following proposition. everyone is you know, not guilty until proven guilty. presumption of innocence, if it applies to worst criminals in society, it should apply to a police officer. >> let's take that to the next
4:09 am
level. when you say national security and those serving to protect need to know their backs are had by their leadership. who do you believe will send that message? >> that last guy you had out here, he was my colleague when we ran in '08. he was a lot of fun to run with. john mccain and i and him had a lot of good jokes together. his was the bush. i like jeb bush quite a bit. i like chris christie. i like marco. i was the first person to endorse chris christie i think out of the state of new jersey. i was the second person to endorse marco rubio. do you know who asked me to endorse him? jeb bush. >> really? >> which is a little strange. >> upside down. >> timing is everything. when john mccain was going for the nomination the iraq war and the surge was big. by the time he gets the nomination it becomes the economy. looking at these six who are out and those likely to get in, who
4:10 am
has the skill set and perfect timing? >> you know, our former governor, george pataki, would make an excellent president too. i don't know if he's announce. >> he's thinking about it. >> all these guys do. it sounds strange. this is a very strong field. these are all people with executive experience who have proven themselves in tough jobs. marco has had executive experience when he was in the state legislature. it's going to be hard to choose for a good reason. three good centerfielders, who is going to play as opposed to all we have -- >> usually trade two for pitching. >> we're working on a nine player team, they're working on a one player team. hillary, it's starting to become very questionable now. >> we had a meeting with the elizabeth warren people, do you think they're serious? >> i don't know. these are tremendous blows that in most cases would absolutely
4:11 am
down a candidate. i mean, the attorney general when i was in the reagan administration, i destroyed half of my records -- i don't think i would have been mayor of new york. i'm not sure where i'd be but it wouldn't have been mayor of new york. if my wife was going out and getting money from all the companies i was making decisions on when i was are u.s. attorney, and getting paid a fortune from them, even though i said we never talked about it. >> you would be in prison. >> i'd be -- i would have done a bo book on prison reform. >> thank goodness she didn't say we need to pay the bills. >> i think they could borrow. >> thank you very much. it's 7:11. time for a fox news alert. good morning. new news coming in a short while ago. fox news alert, the germanwings pilots who murdered 150 people
4:12 am
by deliberately crashing a plane we are now learning practiced that deadly descent hours before. a german newspaper claiming that andreas lubitz actually performed a controlled descent for several minutes on the flight -- earlier flight that very same day that one crashed. it's also possible he was trying to crash the plane on that first flight but actually couldn't carry out that act. the new details are part of a report that will be published later today. dramatic new video that's hard for any parent to watch. take a look at this. it shows the moment a huge tree falls on a group of children as they play in a massachusetts park. it seriously injured two young boys. one of those children is still in the hospital with a possible skull fracture. the other boy, an 8-year-old, has bruises on his shoulder and cuts on his head. he said he was watching a video when that tree came crashing down. >> the tree fell on my head. and then i can't escape. it was scary.
4:13 am
>> the park has been closed until all the other trees are inspected and determined to be safe. fans who run on to the field don't make it very far. one guy avoided security and somersaulted on to home plate. it happened on monday. he got a big cheer from the crowd but he wasn't safe at home. he was taken down moments after crossing the plate. >> what an entrance or exit. i can't tell. thank you very much. straight ahead, the price is right, but the prize was so wrong. >> what do we got? >> a couple of prizes we have a treadmill and a new sauna. >> okay. that woman just won a treadmill. but she is in a wheelchair. how the internet and cbs is reacting to that faux paus.
4:14 am
a rescue guaranteed in 30 minutes or less. a woman has a knife held against her is -- >> she was at knifepoint. she's alive today and has pizza hut to thank. major thoroughfares and corridors that were just totally pitch black. those things had to change. we wanted to restore our lighting system in the city. you can have the greatest dreams in the world, but unless you can finance those dreams, it doesn't happen. at the time that the bankruptcy filing was done, the public lighting authority had a hard time of finding a bank. citi did not run away from the table like some other bankers did. citi had the strength to help us go to the credit markets and raise the money. it's a brighter day in detroit. people can see better when they're out doing their tasks, young people are moving back in town, the kids are feeling safer while they walk to school.
4:15 am
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4:17 am
an absolutely incredible story to bring you right now. >> a woman managed to escape a
4:18 am
hostage situation. it's all thanks to a secret message and pizza hut's delivery app. >> make sense to you? "fox and friends weekend" co-anchor anna kooiman unwinds it for us. >> there is an app for that. good morning to you. a toxic and scary hostage situation for one florida woman. her boyfriend used a knife to keep her and her three children inside their home. 26-year-old ethan nickerson has been fighting with her all day. she said nickerson initially snatched her phone away. she managed to get it back on the pretense of ordering a pizza. she used pizza hut's online delivery app to call for help. employees saw their customer was in a dire situation. check out the receipt under the special request section. please help me get 911. in the section for extra toppings. hostage, help.
4:19 am
fortunately the employees took it seriously and called 911. >> i've never seen nothing like that. i called my boss and he said call 911 immediately. so we called 911 and that basically how it happened. >> i don't know if i would have thought of it. it's something naturally. the boyfriend never knew about it until he saw us coming around the corner. >> when deputies arrived, she ran out the door holding one of her children. cops negotiated him. he is charged with assault and battery and false imprisonment. we're told the woman and her children are safe. fortunately the employees didn't think it was teenager pulling a prank. >> hats off to them. that's a big tip. thank you. now this, she redefines army strong. watch. >> get up. >> you got it, ma'am.
4:20 am
>> you got it, ma'am. >> come on. you got this. >> the incredible display of teamwork that earned this female soldier one of the military's toughest decorations. she will be here with us next. it's gentle on your body too. no wonder doctors and patients have trusted advil... for their tough pains for over 30 years. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil.
4:21 am
motor trend's 2015olf car of the year. so was the 100% electric e-golf. and the 45 highway mpg tdi clean diesel. and last but not least, the high performance gti. looks like we're gonna need a bigger podium. the volkswagen golf family. motor trend's 2015 "cars" of the year.
4:22 am
4:23 am
army captain gives new meaning to army strong. approaching the end here of a grueling 12 mile march at fort dix.
4:24 am
>> go. go. >> you got it. you got it. you got this. >> you got it, ma'am. >> come on, you got this. >> come on. come on. >> don't touch her. >> awesome. captain kudd was one of 46 candidates to earn the army's expert field badge that day. it's one of the toughest decorations to earn. she joins us live. congratulations. we just saw you, you had fallen two times. and then we picked up the video
4:25 am
right there when you're down on the ground. tell us what you're feeling and whether you're just ready to, you know, ready to call it quits right there. >> well, i have to say, i was ready to go home. that was one of my motivations to get to that finish line, just thinking about all the time j spent, the ten days of training and how exhausting it was. and then thinking about going home to my husband and, of course, all my friends around me, just cheering me on. they were willing me forward. i couldn't have gotten across the finish line without all the support i had, definitely. >> it is a vision of pursuit. one million people saw, it was shared 22,000 times. what message in your opinion and mind does it send to americans seeing this right here? >> i think it sends the message that only when you push yourself, only when you're slightly uncomfortable, can you
4:26 am
grow. it's by doing those difficult things that seem impossible at the very beginning that make you a stronger human being. >> yeah. and we're looking at the video, there you go down the second time. i know you were down on the ground for a while. but you had some of your camo family right there encouraging you to finish it. as we look at you and you struggle, you push yourself up with your rifle. in the following seconds, tell us -- it looks to us like you're staggering to the finish line. what was going on in your head? >> well, in my head, i thought i was running. that just tells you how tired and dehydrated i was. i thought i was running to the finish line. obviously i fell over the finish line i was so exhausted. >> you made it there though when 80% of those who attempted this test fell short and did not.
4:27 am
that says a lot about your pursuit and strength. i love the facts your brothers and sisters are saying you got this, ma'am. you did get it. once you crossed the line, what was the first thing you said or did? >> well, when i fell across the line, there was man that picked me up. the first question i asked was did i make it. and he said yes, yes, ma'am you made it. good job. then my second question was where is my weapon. in this course we have to keep track of our weapon. those were the two things i was afraid i had lost one or the other. thank god everything worked out. the support was amazing. >> fantastic. captain cudd before you leave, what is next for you? congratulations. >> thank you. thank you. next for me, going back to school. that's one of the great things about the military is they always offer you the opportunity to grow and be better.
4:28 am
so go back to school for residency training and hopefully be a better person for the army. >> 12 miles. five pound rifle which you had when you crossed the line. we love your pursuit and dedication to our country. thanks. >> thank you for having me. have a great day. >> very inspirational. >> it sure is. all right. coming up a disturbing story you have to hear. for decades several women thought their newborns had died. that's until they learned their babies were actually stolen and sold by the hospital. >> horrific. and you know her as big sister dj on full house. watch this. >> let go of it. >> you let go. >> i said let go. >> okay. >> i remember watching that episode. candice cameron bure stopping by the curvy couch to talk about it
4:29 am
now. >> it's a full couch. ♪ of somebody who needs you ♪ everywhere you look this allergy season, will you be a sound sleeper, or a mouth breather. well, put on a breathe right strip and instantly open your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicines alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right. meet thsuperpower.ewest energy surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs.
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4:32 am
as marijuana legalization becomes more popular. it could affect the jobs of drug sniffing dogs. or as those dogs say, thanks buba obama. that's right. it has more places legalize weed some police departments are retiring their drug sniffing dogs. don't worry, the retired dogs have already been adopted by stoners who forgot where they put their weed. it's like, come on girl, i know i had it here somewhere. kimmy's in trouble. kimmy's in trouble. >> first time i've heard anybody blame obama's dog.
4:33 am
>> absolutely. >> thanks. >> coming up in the next hour. the governor of colorado expected to sign a law allowing medical marijuana in schools. we'll debate whether that's a good idea or not. >> can we vote? >> for medical purposes. i have a test coming up, i'm a little tense. i can see that. that's all of a sudden. i need it, it's a medical condition. >> it's a big debate. >> that's come up this half hour. i want to hear the other side. meantime, time for news. i bet we'll get a lot of mail in on that story. i have news to bring you coming out of idaho and an alleged cop killer is waking up behind bars this morning. 26-year-old is being held on $2 million bail in a northern idaho jail. he shot an officer and took off in his car leading officers at a high speed chase up to 125 miles
4:34 am
per hour. a 16 years police veteran died from his wounds late last night. our prayers going out to his family. a heart breaking story to bring you out of the midwest that could end up reuniting families a half a century later. at least 18 african-american families believe a st. louis hospital stole their children from them decades ago and then sold them to adoptive families. this came to live after zella price memher daughter for the first time. price had been told her newborn had died at that hospital back in 1965. that hospital has since closed. other families started to come forward with similar stories and are now suing to get adoption records. a loving tribute to tell you about from the facebook coo sheryl sandberg as her husband, david goldberg is laid to rest. scores of big names from silicon valley coming to stamford university to pay their
4:35 am
respects. after the funeral, sandberg took to facebook to say this, we had 11 truly joyful years. the deepest love, happiest marriage and truest partnership i could imagine. things will never be the same. the world is better for the years my husband lived. here's a case where the price was right, but the prize was definitely wrong. take a look at this. >> george what do we got for her? >> a couple of prizes. we have a treadmill and a new sauna. >> okay. so it seems like it would be a nice prize, except for the fact that they awarded that treadmill to a woman seen right there who is actually disabled and not able to use it. she's in a wheelchair. cbs now responding to the outrage saying the prizes are chosen before each show and not tailored to specific contestants. the winner tweeting this, i won the treadmill and now i'm
4:36 am
winning the internet. what a class act. nice way to handle an awkward moment. >> i think she's going to be jimmy kimmel tomorrow or the next day just talking about that. >> good. all right. meanwhile, remember those fun moments from the hit show, full house? >> how could you forget? >> are you ready? >> i'm ready, dj. >> whoa. whoa. aren't you forgetting something? >> oh, yeah. radio on. >> we'll be able to slide right out of there as soon as we butter your head. >> deej no. >> lifetime achievement award montage there. dj tanner is back for even more hijinx in a reboot of fuller house. joining us now is actress c
4:37 am
candice cameron bure. >> you're going to be the first to sign on to netflix and watch it. who didn't love full house. >> is this going to be a family show? >> absolutely. no. no. not from my mouth. we want to protect the brand of full house. i think that's why it's taken as long as it has. we wanted to do this the right way. >> i was fascinated to find out your ratings were fine when left. the network that stopped it. >> i was a kid, so i didn't know all the politics that went on. but i think it just got too expensive. and -- >> everybody was making a lot of money. >> you had that hole in the wall from the broom accident. >> yeah, i know. i caused that. >> you had dave, stamos, bob, they were the men of the house, are they coming back? >> they're coming back for an episode. >> okay. >> yeah. so the show now resolves around
4:38 am
my character, dj. and she has three kids. but she's widowed. so she asked her sister stephanie and her best friend kimmy gibler to move in and help her. it's kind of the same premise of the original show, but it's just flip-flopped. >> have you taped it? >> no, we haven't we start this summer. >> how exciting. >> everyone is going to come back for an episode. the fans will be happy. it's a spinoff show. we're not redoing the show. >> let's get our wheels greased with quizzing on the old show. >> i think she's actually asking us the questions. >> i did not agree to this. >> i don't have the questions. >> they're in the tell prompter. >> this is seemless so far. >> which celebrity never guest starred on full house? >> would it be doris roberts, mickey rooney, florence
4:39 am
henderson. kirk cameron. >> who is kirk cameron? oh, my brother. >> i would say florence henders henderson. >> mickey rooney. >> it's florence henderson. >> is that right? who knew? >> fantastic is the game over? >> no. >> how did i miss the mickey rooney episode. >> what does dj stand for? donna jo, dorothying jane, danny jr. >> i'm going to say -- >> wouldn't it be like danie da. >> it's donna jo. what's the tanner family's dog name? is it. >> put them up. >> win dex, is it lysol, is it comet? >> comet. >> you're right. it's comet. >> i remember comet.
4:40 am
>> so which is not the name of a band featured on the show? >> okay. >> big heinz and the polka dots, girl talk, discipline problem or the exits? >> i think it's a. >> i go a. >> c. >> it's the exits. >> i don't remember discipline problem. i don't know whose band that was. >> from win dex to zip lock, tell us what these are doing here. >> i've teamed up with zip lock brand bags. we're honoring the tough mothers out there. they are making life a little more simple for moms with their easy open tagged bags. you can use them for everything. >> so in other words, if you want something fresh, you use zip lock. do you think there's too much emphasize on freshness. >> there can never be too much
4:41 am
emphasis on freshness. >> stinky hockey sobs to be fresh and i'll put those in zip lock bags. >> is that true? >> you put dirty socks in there? >> i don't want to stink up the rest of the bag. then it protects the -- >> that actually makes a lot of sense. >> can you ask you something, were your kids forced to play hockey? >> we asked them not to play. and now they're playing and they are on aaa teams. >> you're never home. >> never home. >> you have your third book coming up, dancing through life and haul mark you have a show coming just the way you are. premiering on the hallmark channel. >> it's a mother's day movie. >> new york fresh. >> let me tell you, this is mommy gold here. it really is. >> who wants -- look how fresh
4:42 am
it is? candice cameron bure, thank you. >> see you soon. all right. coming up on this wednesday, isis claims responsibility for the attack in texas. and says more to come. because they're already here. rob o'neil, the man who keeled osama bin laden joins us next. say hello to the redskins. they want to ban the mascot all together. ♪ i have type 2 diabetes. i started with pills. and now i take a long-acting insulin at night. i take mine in the morning. i was trying to eat right, stay active. but i wasn't reaching my a1c goal anymore.
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4:45 am
all right. time right now for quick headlines. united states government has
4:46 am
approved ferry service to cuba for the first time in more than 50 years. at least four florida companies say they have been given ferry licenses from the united states. they still need approve from cuba's government before they can take off. meanwhile, is government overreach to the max? a california assembly has passed a bill banning the name redskins for any high school teams. prezemably in california. four california schools still use redskins. if the bill passes in the state senate they would have until 2017 to completely phase out the redskin mascot in california. a new threat from isis this morning. the terror group promising new attacks in the u.s. in the next six months. it's naming specific locations. let's bring in our former navy s.e.a.l. and the man who shot bin laden.
4:47 am
they have 71 trained soldier in 15 different states. >> the reaction i have to that. and they're telling the truth. because they're more populist than anything and they're very popular on social media. there going to attack any claim. somebody can say they like isis and based on what happened that was us all day long, whether or not it's true. >> what does it tell you that the fbi has been looking at one of these guys since 2006? >> isis is so popular now because they're over there with this glorified sense of resilience because nobody is fighting them. people with watch them there, and there's a lot of sympathy for isis in this country. they see it every day. it would take about 25 people working around the clock just to track one of these people. it's difficult, even though the fbi is doing a great job. >> two guys show up with ak-47's in a car and they get to the perimeter and they get taken out
4:48 am
because that place is bulked up. your thoughts about other people who might not have that security to layer them? >> well, they need to get the security. this is a prime example of the difference between a gun free zone and texas. they showed up at "charlie hebdo," it was a massacre. if these two guys would have gotten into that building, it would have been "charlie hebdo" times ten. fortunately these guys showed up because they were offended by something protected by the first amendment and they were quickly introduced to the second amendment. >> the states that have been pointed out by these guys, there is california, illinois, michigan, virginia, and maryland. when they come out and say something this -- and make themselves this transparent and name the states, is that a tactic that we should look at as a fake or should take it at face value? >> i think a combination of both. they're probably talking to people there, too, but they
4:49 am
realize they can lie to us, which they will. we -- like i said it's going to be a tough one. this is a spot where people need to realize the best way to protect themselves from these attacks would be to arm yourself. there is so much easier for them to help radicalize somebody, have them get a weapon then go use it as opposed to using a bomb which can be sniffed out or spotted by the way they purchased the stuffer to make the explosives. >> what's your opinion when bill o'reilly and donald trump said you have to be smarter than this, and others who say it's all about free speech. i don't think what takes place you have the right to do it. where do you stand? >> it is protected by free speech. you need to be smart. there's no reason to insult millions of muslims that are our allies like saudi arabia and jordan. you kw do it. there is no reason to. there's no reason to insult people. again, other people don't
4:50 am
realize it's not just the prophet muhammad that shouldn't be depicted. they believe prophets like jesus and moses shouldn't be depicted either. >> thanks so much. 11 minutes before the the top of the hour. coming up, caught on camera a school bus driver refusing to let unruly kids off his bus. >> help us. >> is he within his authority to discipline misbehaving kids? your e-mails are pouring in on this. pay your kids to study. our next guest says it could help them get better grades. kind of. they join us to explain why. on this day in history, 1978 the beegees were topping the charts. it's on elizabeth's ipod.
4:51 am
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you can even check your connection status on your phone. now it's easier than ever to manage your account. get started at is there really such a thing as homefield advantage? would your kids perform better if you paid them before a big test? i have. why you should always ask your daughter's boyfriend what his middle name is. here are the answers to these questions are the co-authorers of freakonomics, their new book is called when to rob a bank and 131 more work suggestion,s. i love the new book. it's fabulous. this is compilation of your blog posts that said does the home team have an advantage? >> short answer is yes.
4:55 am
you can look it up. the question is why, people have a lot of theories. teams that have to travel are disadvantaged because they're -- >> what about the cheering? >> that's a very good question. so does the cheering actually help the team perform better? you might think so. turns out no. but the cheer associaing relate real answer. home team advantage is because of the referees. they're influenced by the cheering and make the difference. >> should you pay your child to try harder on tests? >> you probably shouldn't as a parent. it sends a signal to the kids. >> it's bribery. an economist, favor of bribery. it turns out it doesn't work very well. to improve your performance at school takes effort. i think we pay kids $5,000 they
4:56 am
would study harder. for 50 bucks it's a waste of time. >> if your daughter has a boyfriend, why should you ask what his middle name is? >> turns out that wayne is a name -- how do i put this that is commonly associated with a criminal element as a middle name. it doesn't name if you name your kid wayne he is going to turn into a criminal. it turns out that certain names, as they move up and down inincome ladder. low income is generally associated with crime. if it's a low income name it could be a signal you don't want your daughter going out with him. >> when to rob a bank? >> never. if you need to do it, in the morning. >> before noon. all right. they wrote freakonomics, their new book is called when to rob a bank. thank you, guys. all right. meanwhile, coming up, do you remember him? he captured the nation when he stood before his church a couple years ago pleading for somebody,
4:57 am
please adopt me. now this teenager has finally found a home. that teenager and his new mom join us live in the next hour. ♪ all i need is a miracle ♪ all i need. you exercise.
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good morning to you. today is wednesday, may 6th. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck, this is a fox news alert. a brand new threat from isis to america. the terror group says their fighters are already here and ready to strike. we are learning that the gunmen behind that text shootout made direct contact with an american born jihadi. he is still on the loose. >> that's a picture of the recruiter right there. meanwhile, this video, look at that. it's terrifying a giant tree crashing down in the middle of a busy park with kids down below. >> the tree fell on my head. then i can't escape. it was scary. >> he is so lucky. that little boy, his 2-year-old
5:01 am
brother is still in the hospital with a cracked skull. how did that happen? wow. and do you remember him? he captured the nation when he -- imagination of the nation when he stood before his church pleading for somebody to adopt him. he finally found a family. that teen and his mom join us later this hour. all because mornings are better with friends. the story of that young man is tragic in many ways. he had been living with different foster homes for so long. finally, he went in front of his church, became a national story. he got adopted. by a family out in ohio. didn't work out. got sent back. what happened next is going to warm your heart. >> that's right. we'll get to the fox news alert for you at home. isis, that's right isis in our own back yard.
5:02 am
the ruthless terror group revealing they have dozens of fighters on american soil ready to strike. >> they tried to strike in garland, texas on sunday night. that's where casey stegall is. >> good morning to you. this is a very fluid investigation. there are many moving parts. let's get right to that new development. we also want to show you map. let's put that up on the screen now. because isis is now claiming or bragging, really, that it has 71 fighters, 71, living in 15 u.s. states right now. but they only named virginia, maryland, illinois, michigan, and california. now investigators looking into a minnesota connection to this shooting. a man from there who is now working in somalia, federal prosecutors say muhammad hassan moved overseas seven years ago to fight for islamic extremists and recruit followers. investigators say ten days
5:03 am
before the shooting, hassan tweeted it is time for brothers in the u.s. to do their part. and then included a link to this garland event. later the same day, one of the texas shooters, 30-year-old elton simpson tweeted about the event as well. both men were contacts on twitter and had messaged leading up to the attack according to investigators. meanwhile, the white house will not say the two gunmen had ties to isis or call this a terror attack just yet. what's more, the organizer of this muhammad cartoon contest here in garland where the shooting happened on sunday, pam geller, isis has reportedly said now it wants to kill her and anyone who supports her. back to you guys. >> casey live in garland with the very latest. >> that's right. remember when president obama called isis the jv team? they're trying to get the
5:04 am
varsity letter here. the president still no where to be found on this issue. silent on the terror attack there. his strategy is absolutely getting slammed. we spoke with former governor of arkansas, mike huckabee, just threw his hat into the ring for 2016. this is what he said is the president's biggest mistake. >> the biggest mistake is he will not identify this enemy as islamic jihadism. and we need to recognize -- i hear the semantic games is it isis -- it doesn't matter. it's all basically rooted from islamic jihadism. whether it's hamas, hezbollah, isis, they're all leaves from the same tree. and what we're seeing now on u.s. soil, what happened in garland, texas, thank god for an off duty cop took down two people. unbelievable. i think it's a reminder we're not safe anymore in our country because we haven't had control of our security situation. >> it's hard not to agree with the governor. i personally agree with the governor.
5:05 am
i guess the president's approach is i don't want to cause panic by saying isis is here run for your lives. >> isis is here. they were here on sunday. they have fighters all over the united states ready to go at a moment's notice. >> 71 in 15 states. >> here's the thing, and casey kind of touched on it a little bit. this fellow who was one of the shooters in garland, texas, elton simpson, he had apparently been on our -- we've been watching him for the last couple of years because he was convicted of lying to the fbi about whether or not he wanted to join al shabaab over in somalia. >> he was still tweeting, though. >> here's the thing, brian, he was tweeting -- apparently this isis recruiter, this misty guy who was living in minneapolis, minnesota until 2009. he's pictured to the right there. he fled to join terror groups in africa. he is now an isis recruiter. he was tweeting to mr. simpson in april where they were
5:06 am
talking -- where talking about the "charlie hebdo" thing. he said the brothers from the "charlie hebdo" attack did their part, it's time for our brothers in the united states to do their part regarding attacking this upcoming event in texas. the recruiter pretty much activated mr. simpson and said go to garland and kill those people. well, he went to garland. it does look like isis is here. and it does look like they're being activated via twitter. >> this clown, elton was trying to get to africa. he was denied going to africa because of his background. he has a lawyer defending him saying he was wrongly stopped from going. so he's lawyering up, sitting in a lean to, some small apartment in arizona. he still is able to fight back against the fbi. by the way, how amazing is it that the fbi is staying ahead of the game like this? i admit they got there. at least they were tracking him and they knew what was going on. >> if they were ahead of him, they would have stopped it. you know, we talk a lot about
5:07 am
the collection of data by the nsa, they did not stop hassan. they did not stop the boston bomber. they did not stop this guy. a lot of people are saying why exactly is the nsa gathering all that stuff up? >> counterterrorism officials just studying the electronic trails left by the two men that were shot dead in the terror attack on sunday. twitter will play a major role in determining how many ties they have to isis. >> maybe the president comes out today and says some disturbing linkages are out there. we'll get more information as we go forward. >> it would be nice to hear that by wednesday afternoon. >> or the end of the show. we're giving you the very latest on the terrorist situation in texas. al heather now has got another fox news alert. this is a chilling story. an update to bring you on the germanwings plane that went down a few months ago. the pilot of that germanwings flight who murdered 150 people by deliberately crashing the plane into the french alps, practiced the deadly descent
5:08 am
hours before that crash. a german newspaper today is claiming that the pilot andreas lubitz performed a controlled descent for several minutes on another flight earlier in the day. investigators say it's possible he was trying to crash that plane, but couldn't carry out that act for some reason. these new details coming out in part of a report that will be published later today. back here at home, the man accused of killing uva student hannah graham could face the death penalty. prosecutors have charged jesse matthew with capital murder. forensics evidence led them to increase the charge from first degree murder. she went missing last year after a night out drinking. searchers found her body one month later. surveillance video captured matthew following her around on the night she disappeared. a frightening video to show you that's hard for any parent to watch. it shows the moment a huge tree falls on a group of children as they play in a massachusetts park that seriously injured two young boys.
5:09 am
a 2-year-old is still in the hospital this morning with a possible skull fracture. the other boy, an 8-year-old has bruises on his shoulder and cuts to his head. he says he was watching a video when the tree came crashing down. >> the tree fell on my head. and then i can't escape. it was scary. >> poor little guy. that park has been closed until all the other trees are inspected and determined to be safe. then story is getting a whole lot of attention now. frantic parents force today call 911 after a bus driver locks elementary school children inside that bus, refusing to let them go because they're being too rowdy. listen to this. >> your parents are going to be getting upset. not at me. they'll get upset with you because it's your fault you're not getting off. >> the parents didn't view it that way. terrified students started screaming for their parents. >> help us.
5:10 am
>> those kids so scared the driver was then met by police officers at the school where the kids were released. he has been placed on leave while the district reviews that tape. we're getting a lot of e-mails from folks on this. a lot of tweets and e-mails. tory tweets this, this man should be fired. my kid would not step back on the bus. >> i drove a school bus for 20 years. it is not uncommon for a driver to stop and restore order. this was out of line. >> eagles girl tweets you have no idea what bus drivers go through every day. al the students are insubordinate and unruly and can be distracting to the driver. >> in the old days when i was on the bus, i remember -- my bus driver, evelyn, she had complete control of that bus. if you made a lot of racket back there, all she'd have to do is look up in the mirror. it was one of those things. if there was a problem, she'd
5:11 am
call my mom or dd. >> my bus driver kept complete order. this -- >> i walked ten miles to school every day. i wouldn't have the luxury for a bus. >> you went out in a snowstorm. >> most of the time on our bus rides, we look in the back and it was my younger brother causing the trouble. >> kilmeade, kilmeade. >> that particular bus driver has already resigned from his post. so it doesn't look like they're going to have to fire him. >> the bus driver override the parents. the parents are calling for their children to come off the bus. the fact he kept going was traumatic for the kids. even if they were causing trouble. >> the parents don't know exactly what was going on in that bus with that bus driver. so the bus driver could have been watching something that was just unsafe to let the kids out. >> open up the bus door then and say, hey -- >> let them out on the streets. >> i want you to see your kids
5:12 am
in action. >> by the way, why do we not argue we don't have seat belts? >> the bumps were so much more fun. >> it's dangerous. you should not be bouncing your head off the top. >> i think they calculate it, it's safer without seat belts. >> really? what do you have air bags? >> no. nothing. >> we'll investigate this. >> all right. meanwhile, straight ahead. a rescue guaranteed 30 minutes or less. a mom being held at knifepoint is alive today and she has pizza hut to thank. the unbelievable story about how she ordered a rescue on her smartphone. >> unbelievable is right. reading writing and reefer? colorado making it okay for kids to go to school with medical marijuana. isn't that a good idea? a fair and balanced debate on that next. ♪ ♪ nexium 24hr. it's the purple pill. the #1 prescribed acid blocking brand.
5:13 am
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the beautiful sound of customers making the most of their united flight. power, wi-fi and streaming entertainment. that's... seize the journey friendly.
5:16 am
reading writing and reefer. the governor of colorado expected to sign a bill, a first of its kind that would allow students to have medical marijuana in school. is this a good idea? or is this an idea whose time is come? joining us to debate is the director of federal policies and dr. sharon levy on the committee
5:17 am
for substance abuse. do you think this is a good move? >> i do. it's a no brainer. it's surprising to me we're here debating this. al medical marijuana is the law of the land in colorado. it's the law of the land in the vast majority of other states in some form or another. the poll shows most doctors think medical marijuana would be recommended. a fox news poll shows 85% of americans think it should be legal and they should have access to it. put yourself in the shoes of the parents. if a doctor tells you -- or two doctors that's required by colorado law that your child has a debititating condition and marijuana would help. you will stop at nothing to get it. who are we to tell parents to choose between education a doctor recommended treatment. >> here are the diseases they have limited this to. seizures, mental disorders.
5:18 am
this bothers you right? >> the american academy of pediatrics opposes using medical marijuana in children because it isn't a medication. it's not standardized. we don't know what the dose is. i think many of your viewers may be aware that fungus produces penicill penicillin. parents would be horrified if they went to their pediatrician and were sent home with a piece of moldy bread to treat an infection. it's not the proper preparation. the same holds true for marijuana. >> isn't there a legitimate fear of abuse where we saw where medical marijuana was legalized in california and next thing you know people are going in and getting doctor's notes and abusing it? >> we're not talking about sending kids into classrooms with joints. this would treat marijuana like any other medication for kids who have serious recommendations. their parent would be able to come in and administer the
5:19 am
medicine. we're talking about medicine in colorado that has helped thousands of kids with cerebral palsy and seizures. the american academy of pediatrics talk about doctors recommending this on a case by case basis. >> we're in an era where you can't bring peanut butter in or nuts. >> right. you know, i think that the issue is that the scientific evidence isn't there to establish that marijuana is effective. and we need to do it because the anecdotal evidence is strong. some of the biggest barriers that are preventing us now from really doing the proper scientific studies to take a hard look at the active ingredients in marijuana and make proper medications is the speed at which we're pushing this out. laws like this one is a prime example. we're willing to give out marijuana before we know how it works and before we prepare it
5:20 am
in a formulation that's appropriate for children. >> thanks for joining us today. we'll see what happens. as usual, when it comes to marijuana, all eyes on colorado. ten minutes before the bottom of the hour. isis took credit for the attack in texas. some blame the organizers. is it time to stay silent to prevent terror? what till you hear what franklin graham has to say. he captured imaginations when he asked for a parents. his new mom and his case worker join us next. ♪
5:21 am
when you're not confident your company's data is secure, the possibility of a breach can quickly become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help. we monitor network traffic worldwide, so we can see things others can't. mitigating risks across your business. leaving you free to focus on what matters most.
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our
5:23 am
gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california. welcome back.
5:24 am
quick headlines for you now. tech companies could be flying high later today. the faa is expected to roll out new initiatives. right now drones must be enoperator's sights at all times. the rules could bring us closer to drone delivery services. an arizona judge ruling that illegal immigrants can be eligible for in state tuition. that means undumed students who qualify under president obama's deferred action program would pay $84 per credit instead of $325 there. steve? thanks. two years ago, he captured hearts across america and around the world when he stood up in front of his florida church and begged somebody please adopt me. he told the congregation, i'll take anyone. old or young. dad or mom. black. white, purple. i don't care. i would be really appreciative. the best i could be.
5:25 am
10,000 calls came in. but one failed adoption left him back in foster care. now he has finally found the family he always wanted. his case worker of nearly ten years has taken him in as her own son. joining us right now, davian henry with his newly adopted mother, connie bell. good morning to both of you. >> hi. thanks for having us. >> this is such an unbelievable story. davian, you lived your entire life in foster care. you've been bounced throughout families. tell me why you wanted to stand up in front of that church in florida two years ago and say, please, anybody, please adopt me? >> i don't know. i think i prayed about it that's what god wanted me to do. >> yeah. well, connie, you have been his
5:26 am
social worker case worker since he was what, seven years old? you had helped him along the way. at what point -- you thought that when he told his story and the news came out then after all these thousands of people said we'd love to take this young man and make him our son, you thought that was going to work, didn't you? >> i truly believed there was a family out there for him and we needed as a system to do whatever we could to find him that family. >> right. and eventually he was adopted by a family in ohio. he moved there and it didn't work -- >> he was actually placed. he was placed with a family in ohio. they didn't finalize the adoption. >> okay. davian, it didn't work out, did it? >> well, it's not -- i'm not going to say that. i mean, because, we're still family. >> absolutely. it wasn't a good fit. you wound up coming back. and you wound up, you know, at the end of your rope.
5:27 am
you thought if there's ever going to be a chance, you thought that was going to be it. instead what you did was you called connie, right? >> well, yeah. i mean, i kind of just like, you say i was on a limb, you could say that. because, really, i was actually done with everything. and i was ready to just age out and do everything by myself. >> connie, he called you on the phone and he said, you know, i've known you my whole life. will you adopt me? >> yes. we had talked about it before, and i had told him i believed there was another family for him the year before. and so he asked me if i remembered what we had talked about before. >> and you did? >> oh, yes. i did. because i had been thinking about it since he had come back to care. i hadn't heard from him. i didn't want to impose on him
5:28 am
and make him feel pressured for anything. so i had everything ready set to go when -- when he asked me i was 100% there. no doubt in my mind. >> now, davian, you've got your forever family. and i was reading a news account that the other day, you were at home and you referred to connie, 45 times as mom. >> he likes to call my name. i think he called my name quite a few times. we use my name a lot. mom is kind of, i think something he uses in public a little bit more. >> yeah. >> but it feels really great. we tease each other. we can yell across the house, connie or mom or this or that. we really -- he's an awesome, awesome -- i'm so blessed to have him as my son. >> you must feel like she's an angel, davian? >> yeah. >> sometimes. >> i know what kids are like.
5:29 am
i know what 16 year old kids are like. -- >> i'm 17. >> it took a while but you're together. it's a forever family as you call it. davian henry and connie bell, congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. great story. all right. isn't that a nice story? 29 minutes after the top of the hour. she's being called the roommate from hell. caught on camera pouring win dex into her roommate's food squoo we've had those kind of days where you'd love to kick back and relax with a can of beer. wait till you see the lengths this guy went to get that beer. ♪
5:30 am
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it was 35 years ago when then california governor ronald reagan announces he was going to run for president. few had suspected back then that in 2015 he would remain one of the nation's most influential presidents. >> for the first time in a comprehensive book, members of his administration are explaining why it's easy to remember ronald reagan. >> james rosen reports now from our nation's capital. >> a quarter century after he left the white house and more than a decade after his death, ronald reagan remains an icon. and an industry. with scholars adding almost weekly to the hundreds of books already published about our 40th president. >> he was an optimist. his message was a message of hope. >> at the national press club, former aides heralded the new book. it compiles personal recollections from those who
5:34 am
worked with him. from george bush, to national security advisor colin powell. former ambassador who organized the book remembered the moment aboard an airplane 47 years ago when he learned martin luther king was killed. >> he sat down in his seat. he looked back across the aisle and he saw the governor, lips moving, praying. >> former budget director james miller recalled a tension confrontation of taxes and spending between tip o'neil. >> mr. president, there you go. you're trying to bail out your rich friends. the president said there you go, tip o'neil, government, that's the answer to everything. >> february brought us ronald reagan's decisions of greatness by former domestic policy aid martin anderson and his wife. next week will bring reagan to life. a treatment by a historian. october will see the debut of last act.
5:35 am
the final years of ronald reagan who has so far written 1,700 pages on reagan and explained his work is intended to correct the chariacture. >> they don't understand him to this day. most books by liberal authors, stories about ronald reagan are critical or disdainful of him. he grew up poor in the midwest. he was a hold actor. nothing in his life was anything like what they had experienced. they didn't understand it. they were highly critical of him. before his presidency, during his presidency and after his presidency. >> also in attendance was william webster the only man to run both the fbi and cia still fit and sharp at 91. and recalled former president reagan gratitude that when bush became president he never criticized his predecessor.
5:36 am
>> i worked in washington for the nbc station during the reagan years. one day i did a funny piece about reagan somebody from the white house called up the president just saw that, can we get a copy of that. >> i was holding my breath there. >> i took it to the white house the next day, he said you want to come in and say hello. >> you took it yourself? >> i wasn't dressed back then. >> no interns? >> there were interns, but it was a whole different story. >> how was he? >> he was nice. i told him the motorcades were going up and down my street. if you're ever stuck in traffic, pull over, i'm right there at new hampshire. he never got stopped by traffic because he was actually causing the motorcade. >> yes, he was. >> great story. >> you have a picture, don't you? >> i do. >> now we have some tomorrow? >> there you go. >> you'll post that later today. we'll turn to heather nauert with a show of support to tell us about. happening out of idaho this
5:37 am
morning. this candle light vigil in idaho mourning the loss of one of that state's finest. sergeant moore was killed earlier this week when a suspicious person he was investigating shot him and stole his police car. other officers managed to catch the guy after a high speed chase. the 26-year-old man who is now being held behind bars on $2 million bail this morning, awaiting to find out what happens next. sergeant greg moore was a 16 year veteran of the force. he was also a u.s. service member, a husband, and a father. our prayers go out to his family this morning. stuck in a scary hostage situation, there's is actually an app for that. there's a mom in florida who claimed she was being held captive by our angry boyfriend who was waving a knife and refusing to let her go or her children. he was holding them captive in their house she says. he did agree to let her do this, order a pizza using pizza hut's app on her phone.
5:38 am
the mom then typed in sos messages into the delivery instructions. one read, please help. get 911 to me. the other 911 hostage. help. the employees at pizza hut saw that message and called police. police arrived at her door faster than a pizza delivery. they ended up making an arrest. what a story. a south carolina college student now faces felony charges after being caught on camera poisoning her roommate's food. you can see 22-year-old haley king spitting on their food. she's also seen spraying window cleaner into multiple containers. king's roommate set up the camera after they had several disputes with her. they asked her to move out. she refused. one roommate ate some of the food before she saw the video. king faces 20 years in prison if convicted. legal analysts say the video could be thrown out of court because she's entitled to privacy in her home. the moment a man smashes his truck through the front door of
5:39 am
a california store only to stumble over a refrigerator and grab a beer. he doesn't take anything else. doesn't look at the cash register. he backs out his truck from the store and drives away, with that beer, of course. a good samaritan chased down the guy until police caught up with him and arrested him. i got to say, priority. that guy needed a beer. >> i hope it was a expensive beer. it was an old milwaukee. i said it was 50 years ago reagan declared he wanted to run for president. 35 years ago. >> thanks for not. now this, we're talking extreme weather. the windy city is covered in fog. check out this live view from the heart of chicago. al all you can see is the trump tower and the willis tower in that skyline. >> meanwhile, over in new mexico, a cold air funnel cloud over roswell, take a look at that right there didn't touch down. thankfully nobody was hurt.
5:40 am
and no damage. >> you want to see a better video than that? how about maria molina? >> good to see you. i want to share with you current temperatures across the nation. they are mild this morning. you saw those images coming out of chicago with fog. temperatures there relatively cool. al only 49 degrees. you head south from that. that's where we have warm air. you're in the 60 win memphis an new york city. this afternoon, temperatures will be rising in the 80 across memphis and farer west in the plains. in the plains we have a storm system moving eastward. it will bring storms from nebraska and texas. have a way to get the warnings. >> it's going to be a beautiful day. we should have lunch on the stoop. >> you want to do that? >> let's do that. in about 20 minutes. >> what time do you have lunch?
5:41 am
>> 9:00. we get up early. straight ahead. isis took credit for the attack on free speech. many americans say don't blame the terrorist, blame the victims, the free speech activists. would we be better off staying silent? reverend franklin graham on that next. hillary clinton saying she'll go further than president obama on immigration. she claims it will help you get a bigger paycheck. >> that will work. >> is that true? maria bartiromo has the facts on that next. >> it sounds like it will work. ♪ [chorus singings:] ♪ roundup i'm the protector of my patio. killing weeds where they grow. a barrier forms so weeds can't appear - serious weed prevention up to a year. [chorus singings:] ♪ roundup max control 365 ♪ so i'm fighting weeds on opening day and preventing weeds while i get away. weeds stay dead as we carve this beast, and they still aren't back when i cook this feast.
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vo: mother's day is almost here. now get 200 dollars or more when you trade in your smartphone for a galaxy s6. but hurry, this offer ends may 10th. verizon. hillary clinton saying one of the keys to a better job market is legalizing illegal immigrants. watch. >> oftentimes when i have conversations with people who
5:45 am
are fearful about immigration reform, their fears are rooted in the feeling that they're losing jobs that are going to people who are undocumented. my argument is, the quicker we can legalize the people who are here, the better the job market will be for everybody. >> it sounds logical. >> is that sound economic theory? would it work out like that or are we talking politics. >> joining us is maria bartiromo. does hillary clinton have sound reasoning there? >> you know, i don't know. to me, it sounds a lot like politics to be honest with you. let me tell you what the news of the morning this morning has been pin business, that is jobs. the adp report came out it shows 169,000 jobs were created in the month of april. that was below expectations. if you want to look at the job market today and look at the last seven years, it's clear whatever policies have been
5:46 am
implemented are not working. we should be a lot further along in terms of this recovery and in terms of job creation. at this point in the cycle. common sense tells you if you have the average american family out there who has seen their wages stagnate or go down in the last seven years, clearly, it's not working. and you want to have a priority of the american workers that are legal in the system today, having an opportunity before actually giving those opportunities to people who are not legal in this country. >> sure. maria -- >> particularly as these policies are not working. >> why are you in las vegas and not here on the couch with us today? >> well, you know what? we came to las vegas for the sky bridge alternative conference. this is an alternative investing conference. there are stocks, bonds, real estate, there's private equity. lots of alternatives in an environment where everybody is searching for yields with interest rates at rock bottom levels.
5:47 am
we're here at the sky bridge. we're have the board of allion. where are the jobs, we'll talk with bill daily. a lot of great guests. general petraeus tomorrow. >> i see steve wind telling you anyone saying the economy is doing well is basically lying to you. >> if you look at the numbers, you see one step forward, three steps back. you're not seeing stability and growth on the jobs market and sentiment and confidence you would expect. 2007 at this point, was a lot of years ago. when we had the financial crisis. we should be a lot further along. you really can't blame theficial across anymore for where the growth is and the lack of opportunities that we're seeing out there at this point. >> many people do. >> thanks for bringing it into focus all the way from las vegas. we don't want to miss you on fox
5:48 am
business. check our website for details on that. see you soon. >> thanks guys. coming up, isis took credit for the attack on the free speech event in texas. many people say don't blame the terrorists, blame the organizers. would we be better off staying quiet if it will prevent an attack? we'll talk to franklin graham. >> i want to talk to bill hemmer? >> are you guys giving brian that authority? >> it's our pleasure to check in with you. >> isis threatening america. what are we going to do about it? where is the next threats? specific states have been made. new poll numbers out of iowa in the republican field. did hillary clinton pull a 180 on immigration. why would we sell bunker busting bombs from saudi arabia? what is so special about this
5:49 am
time when martha and i see see you at the top of the hour. time for a new routine. try nexium® 24hr. the latest choice for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protection.
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5:52 am
a fox news alert. isis terrorists issuing a new threat this morning. bragging about its attack on free speech in that event in texas. and promising more violence to come in the next six months. we have heard many in the mainstream media don't blame the terrorists, it's partly the victim's fault. should free speech be sidelined if it could prevent a attack? that question is out there. today to discuss, reverend franklin graham shares his thoughts. thank you for being here. >> thank you. good to be with you. >> what place does free speech have right here, if indeed --
5:53 am
you have isis taking credit for the first time for the attack on our soil by them -- and saying more is to come. they're willing to slaughter by their quote, slaughter pamela geller who led the event here and anyone who supports her. where do we stand between freedom of speech and faith? >> first of all, you know, as a christian, i don't like it when people mock my lord and savior, jesus christ. and what this event in garland texas was doing was mocking the muslims. and i disagree with islam. i don't believe in islam. but i'm not going to mock them and make fun of them. so i'm discouraged that people would do this. we live in a society now where there's no civility, no respect. we don't honor people who have differences. we only attack each other. and so i agree that the folks in garland, texas, were wrong. they had the right to speak. i have free speech, but that doesn't mean i'm going to go
5:54 am
around and cuss people because i have the freedom to do that. i think we need to show respect and civility. and yes, we are a nation made up of many different faiths, people of different races. we need to respect one oorkt. as a christian, i believe jesus christ is the son of god who died for my sins and he'll come into every heart who is willing to believe and trust in him. that's my faith. but for those that believe differently, i'm not going to mock them. >> i say you're mocking -- if you're a christian, you believe it's cool. i believe in this nation you shouldn't be slaughtered even for being offensive. you can go other places and you see that happening now. to die for your opinion, as offensive as it may be is wrong. isis is claiming credit for the attack in texas. let me ask you this, where has our leadership failed in terms of naming radical islam, calling it out and ultimately defeating it so far?
5:55 am
>> well, first of all, it's wrong to -- for violence, period. the muslims have no right to go around shooting people because somebody mocks them. and our president is not giving the leadership. unfortunately, i believe that we lowered the bar and we're allowing muslims to come into this country to immigrate. i think we should halt all immigration temporarily from countries that have active terrorist cells operating in those countries. we should not be allowing immigration into this country from those countries who have active terrorist cells. because it's only going to get worse. it's not going to get better. it's going to get worse. we'll see more shootings like this. it's just coming. and our president and, unfortunately, those in congress seem unable to do anything about it. >> how should we pray right now? >> well, we need to pray for our
5:56 am
country. we need to pray that this country will turn back to the god of our fathers. and we need to pray for our president. we need to pray for our -- those in leadership, the congress, that god would guide and direct their hearts. we need god today in this country. we need his help. we need to love one another. regardless of what that person believes. we need to love them and respect them. >> sure. amen to that. we thank you for your time. an honor to have you here. >> thank you. wise words. more "fox and friends" just moments away for you. i have type 2 diabetes. i started with pills. and now i take a long-acting insulin at night. i take mine in the morning. i was trying to eat right, stay active. but i wasn't reaching my a1c goal anymore. man: my doctor says diabetes changes over time. it gets harder to control blood sugar spikes after i eat and get to goal. my doctor added novolog® at mealtime for additional control. now i know. novolog® is a fast-acting, injectable insulin
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just one reason volkswagen is the #1 selling diesel car brand in america. that's going to wrap up things for today. i understand we'll be back tomorrow same time, same couch. >> i saw the schedule. heather will be back here on the couch, too. if you have to run for the tv,
6:00 am
run to the radio. >> do people still listen to the radio, isn't there an app for that? >> come on. >> i'm taking my -- >> and your books. we'll see you soon. bill: this is a cool way to start the morning. straight down to florida. a rocket test set to take off any moment from spacex. this is a unique launch here as we watch it go a mile in the air. then deploy parachutes and then land into the atlantic ocean. that is the mission here. let's see if it works. >> after five 1/2 second burn. cone is detached. dragon is tumbling as planned. chute deployed as planned. >> sequence commences. passing through 600-meters. downrange distance.


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