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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  May 9, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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for us in washington. america's news headquarters rolls on. >> thank you for watching. hello, everybody. this is america's news headquarters. we are letting our viewers know the journal editorial report has moved to 3:00 p.m. eastern. welcome to our new hours of news. in our top story, the threat of domestic terrorism, the fed with a dire warning as police in australia say they have arrested a teenager with homemade bombs. >> the tragic truth is that there are people amongst us not very many it's true but there are some people amongst us who would do us harm. >> and back in this country, twisters touching down and the threat isn't over just yet. plus -- >> oh, my god! >> i really wanted to reach out and bring it home and show it to
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everybody, this is what it feels like. >> space pioneer. the last man to step foot on the moon on the dawn age of space exploration and its future. but first, to our top story. home-grown terror continues to make headlines overseas and here at home. australian police now saying they have stopped what was an imminent terror attack in melbourne. authorities arresting a 17-year-old suspect tied to an alleged plot to explode a series of home-made bombs. this amid new concerns over the spread of isis. with the fbi warning that the terror group has potentially gained thousands of followers here in the u.s. >> isis is being -- they have found a lot of success and creativity in using social media, capturing the imagination of young americans. they are black, asian, middle eastern, they are all across
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america. >> you have to accept that there's a certain group that are going to be drawn into this. they are. what you then have to do is essentially monitor and isolate them as long as you can and then anticipate what's going to happen. >> meanwhile, the u.s. commander raising protection levels to bravo calling for increased vigilance at all military facilities. let's bring in the former deputy assistant director of counter terrorism for the fbi. he has also directed the unabomber federal taxsk force that caught and convicted ted kaczynski for an 18 year long string of terrorist bombings. great to have you here today. >> hi uma. thank you. >> there have been grim warnings on social media from self-described american jihadists who boast that isis has trained soldiers ready in 15 states from california to maryland just waiting for orders to carry out their deadly campaigns. you have a long history when it
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comes to fighting domestic terror. when isis comes out like this and gets very specific how does the fbi and others move ahead in this new reality where isis is reportedly putting out thousands and thousands of tweets daily in its slick bid to recruit wanna-be jihadists? >> of course this is the new reality we have to face and what happened in texas a few days ago is really a symbol of the good and not so good in trying to combat terror. i will give you an example. the good news is if you think about the last few years, the years since 9/11 the fbi has been able to prevent well over 70 acts of terrorism, yet you look at the tsarnaev brothers in the boston marathon bombing, you look at major hasan in the fort hood shooting and elton simpson in what just happened and the fbi was actually involved with investigations on these people. but the timing and the things that were going on at certain times during those
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investigations didn't correspond to where they actually made decisions to move ahead and commit violent acts. so we're good at collecting and we're getting a lot better at i'll use the word profiling but identifying these people through a lot of different methods and means, but at the same time the weakness that's showing up is that we just have an inability to predict with any accuracy when someone or if a particular person finally crosses the line from thinking about it and having the desire to commit a terrorist act and then actually committing or getting on the pathway to that act of violence. >> but when you hear the fbi director saying isis is leveraging social media in unprecedented ways and represents an unmet level of sophistication demonstrated by terrorists in the aftermath of 9/11 is isis gearing up to outpace our government's capabilities across the intelligence community? >> absolutely. isis in a way is starting to look at other terrorist organizations like al qaeda, are starting to look almost like an intelligence service.
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it's using every technique it can to get inside and to be inside the country and do what it has to do and has figured out that if number one, they can reach these home-grown terrorists and i'm sure that they would have the hope some day to even reach the very very secluded lone wolf type but if they can reach them and either through an indirect or direct contact and by using social media, encourage them to do what they know that these people would like to do because they want to be part of this they want to be part of the isis team then they are going to be very effective and the price they are going to pay is going to be very low. you can see them doing that. >> let me ask you this. we are hearing that isis recruiters are operating from the safe haven of syria, for example, mostly on twitter and then steering them to encrypted venues where their communications are basically lost to law enforcement here. just how difficult is it for our counter terrorism folks to break through and take these sites down? >> well it's not easy. there are thousands of these
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sites up and running. every day they are going to change and some are going to go down others are going to go up. then there are all the other issues that are connected with fighting terrorism in a free society such as who do you decide to take down and when and what are they going to say that indicates they are crossing the line. that's why part of combatting terror also involves congress it involves people expressing what they're willing to give up in the way of civil liberties to deal with some of these kinds of issues. >> it's a very big story and obviously a very big concern for law enforcement and for all americans. thank you so much for joining us today with your insight. we really appreciate it. >> you're welcome. thank you. now we want to hear from you. what do you think? can our law enforcement officials keep up with the sophisticated methods that these terrorists are using with their threats? tweet me with your thoughts. i will read some of those later in the show. well turning to other news the baltimore police officers charged after the death of freddie gray asking a judge now to dismiss the case. they call it an overzealous
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prosecution. the case inspiring peace walks in baltimore this weekend. this comes as the justice department launches a civil rights investigation into the police force. molly hennenberg is joining us live in washington with the latest. what's the reaction right now to the attorney general's announcement? >> reporter: some of baltimore's leaders, as you may remember including democratic mayor stephanie rawlings-blake asked the federal government to come in and investigate and the department of justice is now doing just that. but one former attorney general under president george w. bush says baltimore may get more than it bargained for if the justice department investigators lower the boom. >> part of the problem is that they have a tendency to come down like a ton of bricks on anybody that they look at and the cities don't have the wherewithal to challenge them in court. they don't have the resources. so they wind up taking some
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supervisor or monitor or something of that sort and that generally leads to a decline in policing. >> reporter: he also warns that tying the hands of the police department too much could lead to quote, fewer arrests and more crime. >> molly, what has lynch said about what she's going to do that she hopes is going to come out of this investigation? >> reporter: she says this will be a look into the policies and practices of the baltimore police department by the civil rights division and if those investigators find anything unconstitutional the justice department she says will seek a quote, court enforceable agreement to address those issues. specifically lynch says the probe will focus on whether baltimore officers had used excessive force, conducted unlawful searches seizures or arrests, or engaged in discriminatory policing. she says it may be a process to rebuild trust between the police and the community. >> the challenges that we face and that baltimore faces now did not arrive in a day and change
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will not come overnight. it will take time and sustained effort. but the people that i met in baltimore from the protesters to the public officials to the officers including one who had been injured amidst the violence all were saying to me ultimately the same thing, i love my city and i want to make it better. >> as you were saying later today, later this afternoon, there will be a peace rally in baltimore near freddie gray's neighborhood. >> molly, thank you very much for bringing us up to date. appreciate it. well as the justice department investigation gets under way, the high profile spotlight on a community where riots and looting devastated one of baltimore's older neighborhoods is now fading from the headlines with more than 300 damaged small businesses still struggling to rebound. now, for many small mom and pop business owners it's still a huge challenge finding a way to recover the losses and life remains extremely uncertain about the future. this is king's grocery mart in baltimore, where looters robbed
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and left $25,000 worth of damage. the owners didn't have insurance and are now trying to find a way out of this terrible mess. the owner of king's grocery mart is joining us now, rasheed kahn along with his wife linae. welcome to the two of you. thank you very much. i want to thank you for joining us today. i know it's very difficult for you to share the story but i want you to know that my heart goes out to all of you and your family. first off we need to ask, how are you getting by in the days after the looting and rioting? >> it's been very difficult. we have been just trying to manage day by day and do what we can do. we struggle just simple things restocking with the loss of money. we don't have the money to restock. >> it's got to be awful. rasheed, you are shaking your head there. you were already struggling with paying high medical bills for open heart surgery and are now
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dealing with thousands of dollars in damage to your business. are you receiving any encouraging news from city or state officials about what they might be able to do to help you and other shop owners in that neighborhood? >> we haven't heard very much. >> are people coming together there to lend a helping hand community owners and other shop owners are they trying to find a way out of this? are folks volunteering to clean up and give you some type of comfort? >> not really. in the community, i mean we're friends with the community, we're friends with the customers, but the shop owners a lot of them are closed. >> that's what i wanted to ask you. a lot of them have closed up shop and they have left town. they are just not coming back. what are you doing to hold on to your piece of the american dream? i know this business meant the world to you. do you still have hope that you are going to find a way to rebuild? >> i do. i have hope we are going to do it.
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he's a determined man. >> a lot of people help. from my family borrow money. i again build up my business. my neighborhood no trouble for me. my neighborhood very good. >> the people in the neighborhood. >> very good. very good. my neighborhood, very, very good. >> it's from the other neighborhoods that the rioting came from. >> i can't begin to know what it's like to walk in your shoes but i do give you so much credit for having the courage and the guts to move forward. keep us posted and we thank you so much for joining us today. all the best to you. >> thank you. >> thank you. now, switching gears and turning to a fox extreme weather alert. severe storms developing in kansas and oklahoma threatening big trouble this mother's day weekend.
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take a look at this video, folks. a powerful tornado hitting northern texas. now, this is just one of more than 50 tornadoes that have touched down across the plains. also tropical storm ana now getting closer to the carolinas, about to bring dangerous surf and heavy rain to the southeast coast. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is joining us at the fox extreme weather center. i know you have been busy today. t-there's a lot going on for so many people this mother's day weekend and unfortunately, some big problems out there. first of all, we have a lot of snow. we are in may and it's mother's day, you don't think of that but take a look at the radar picture. snow in arizona, in new mexico colorado into utah and up towards parts of wyoming. it's this cold air mass that's moving in towards the plains and bringing us that severe weather. we have been dealing with this today is i think the seventh day that we have had a tornado threat here across the central plains and here we have it again. severe weather just to the southwest of oklahoma city right
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now. very heavy rain falling, unfortunately, again. they have had so much rain this week. and a new tornado watch box in effect across western kansas and eastern parts of colorado. that i think is going to be a real active zone throughout the afternoon. we are seeing some clearing from the first batch of showers that moved through. that allowed things to heat up at the surface and all of that moisture and air to rise. that's where we get the big thunderstorms that potentially produce tornadoes. i will say yesterday i think we were looking at more -- thinking we would have more of an outbreak than we are thinking today. that doesn't mean we need to let our guard down across this area because we could be still seeing some large and possibly destructive tornadoes, possibly not as many as we were considering yesterday. the threat all the way down across parts of texas. look at tomorrow goes up across parts of minnesota into south dakota iowa nebraska stretching back down throughout oklahoma again, and texas. going through the day on monday this stretches here all the way towards parts of the ohio valley.
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now, when you have multiple days of all of this kind of weather that's a lot of moisture. we have had some areas that have seen over a foot of rain already along the red river here and we are getting very heavy rain again this morning. flash flooding going on right now from plano just to the north of dallas across parts of southeastern oklahoma and we are going to see more rain over the next four to five days. in fact very heavy rain falling. this is what one of the models is looking at. those reds are eight to 12 inches of rain by the time we get to tuesday. that means those areas are going to experience a lot of flooding, unfortunately. finally, tropical storm ana, hurricane season doesn't start until june 1st. we generally wouldn't be seeing something like this but it can and has happened. it's a very slow-moving storm that's been bugging the carolina coast line for a couple days and will make land fall sometime tonight into tomorrow morning likely around myrtle beach, bringing rough seas winds 50 to 60 miles per hour and three to five inches of rain or so all along the coastline. rough weekend at those beaches as well.
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>> a rough weekend, indeed. my goodness the rainfall amounts, unbelievable. >> absolutely. it will be a big-time flooding concern for so many people. >> thank you very much. turning now to politics. the race for the white house, republican presidential contenders gathering in south carolina today for the freedom summit. marco rubio, as you see on the stage at this moment just taking the stage to greet the audience there. the event gives candidates a chance to get a leg up in a pivotal primary state where until the last election voters had predicted every republican nominee for nearly 30 years running. our chief political correspondent joining us from greenville south carolina. carl what's the latest from that big state where everybody is looking at right now and gearing up? >> reporter: there's a big crowd in greenville well over 1500 people listening to the candidates. a lot of the focus has been on religious freedom referred to as the freedom summit. there has been one in iowa and
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new hampshire already this year. now they come to the first of the south primaries, third in the process, and the religious freedom has been emphasized not only here but as well as in virginia. first a listen to a couple candidates this morning her freedom summit in greenville talking about religious freedom and its importance to conservatives. >> delusional thinking of the left is pretty much epitomized by our president where criminals obey the gun laws. now, the rest of us we subscribe to what i refer to as reality-based thinking. >> we're the best defense against crime, an arm citizen. >> what good is freedom of speech if you can't speak what you believe? >> for the first time in the history of our country, our government is trying to tell us what we can believe. our government is trying to
11:18 am
bully us not to tolerance, not to going along, but to conformity. >> most of the republican candidates are here. mike huckabee's granddaughter is having a birthday. rand paul is out in california announcing his team. former florida governor jeb bush was giving the commencement address at the university of virginia today. here's what he had to say. >> what should be easy calls in favor of religious freedom have instead become an aggressive stance against it. somebody here is being small-minded and intolerant and it sure isn't the nuns ministers and lay men and women who ask only to live and practice their faith. >> reporter: those speeches continue for the rest of the afternoon. during the lunch break today, there was a focus group on stage. the group was asked how many folks were addressing having a
11:19 am
senator for president. only a smattering of hands when he asked how many would like to see a governor be president. it felt as though every hand in the audience went up. >> that's a very interesting indicator there. all right. lots going on down there. i know you're keeping up with everything. we really appreciate it. we will check back with you throughout this day. on the democratic side hillary clinton taking even more hits. this time unsettling new poll numbers for her. the democratic front-runner should she be worried? and then a political animal literally, folks. take a look at this pig. why this pig is now running for mayor. >> i turned to her, i said you are a better candidate than some of these people. and i thought well, why not run her. if you don't think "hashtag love dad" when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp". our aarp tek program helps people find better ways to better connect with each other.
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get medical help right away if you experience trouble with breathing serious allergic reactions like swelling of your face tongue, or throat, sweating, extreme drowsiness dizziness, or confusion. now i know about novolog®. taken by millions since 2001. vo: ask your health care provider about adding novolog®. it can help provide the additional control you may need.
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with xfinity from comcast you can manage your account anytime, anywhere on any device. just sign into my account to pay bills manage service appointments and find answers to your questions. you can even check your connection status on your phone. now it's easier than ever to manage your account. get started at welcome back everybody. controversy taking a toll on hillary clinton's polling numbers right now but perhaps not as big a toll as some critics have predicted. the "wall street journal" finding the percentage of americans with a negative opinion of the former secretary of state rising to 42% from 36%. the dip coming on the heels of
11:24 am
revelations about foreign donations to the clinton foundation. in another poll 76% of democratic voters expressing a positive view on mrs. clinton. joining us now to put these numbers into some perspective, we have the great ed rollins, former white house advisor to president reagan in both of his terms and long-time strategist to business and political leaders, also fox news political analyst. always a treat to have you here. >> my pleasure to be here. >> let's talk about these polls right now. some people are saying they are misleading because for example, one of them they polled more democrats than independents or republicans. >> what you have to do when you look at polls and i have probably looked at more polls than anybody in america the last few years, you watch for certain signs. it's not just the head-to-head and whathave you. is there an erosion among your own support. these polls are starting to show that a higher percentage of americans don't trust her. it becomes a dishonesty question. certainly democrats know that's their only choice so they are
11:25 am
still very favorable but the key element here is the independents. you don't win an election in america without independents. it's about a plurality of americans are independents you are starting to see an erosion in those numbers and some of the head-to-heads. >> it was as though the "new york times" and others were trying to say she hasn't taken as big a hit as people had expected so we can move on the story is old news. >> the story is not old news. it's a long ways to go and certainly mrs. clinton and her husband have survived a lot of battles over the years but it's a cumulative thing. you start with distrust. there's a lot of things they have done in the past their premise is always basically it's not true they start beating up on republicans or somebody else. these are complicated stories but over time it sort of repeats a pattern and people begin to say is she honest. we're not sure. >> at what point is she going to finally have to come out and answer reporter questions? they have been putting chelsea and bill out there. she has yet to do that. >> she has had by far, i have been around this game for 50
11:26 am
years, the worst kickoff of anybody i have ever seen. she has been in the field about seven, eight weeks now. the 30 days she has been there, all she's done is respond to no e-mails and why, still dealing with benghazi still dealing with promises she made when she became secretary of state not to take the foreign money, she took the foreign money. and very little about who she is and why she's running for president. the only thing she said is we will allow illegals to be in the country and the president's team went on and countered that and said we have done everything we can do she legally can't do any more. she really hasn't given us any hope for where she will take the country. >> it will be very interesting to see how it plays out going forward. on the republican side it's been a big week for the gop contenders. you had three people come out this week declaring their intentions to run for the white house. carly fiorina, dr. ben carson and mike huckabee. >> no disrespect to the three, two of them will not be finalists. carly will not make it to the finalists. she ran once in california got beat by a million votes and basically her issue is she's a woman and she's not hillary.
11:27 am
ben carson is a man many people admire but he won't be a viable candidate. mike huckabee could be. he has to be careful because he's out attacking the republican establishment. eventually he needs those voters and that money to be a viable candidate. you can't run against congress when your own party controls congress. i think mike we all love and obviously he has been a great contributor here and great friend but he's got to change direction a little bit. you still have the bushes and rubios and people leading the pack. >> really quickly, is the field just going to be too crowded? we are waiting to hear from jeb bush and others. will it hurt the gop? >> it doesn't have to. we have the strongest group of candidateses since 1980. it will be very serious for whoever gets to be the nominee. >> always great to have you. you are the expert when it comes to the polls and all things politics. be sure to tune in tomorrow morning to fox news sunday when chris wallace will be speaking live with dr. ben carson
11:28 am
neurosurgeon one of the three gop candidates we have been talking about to declare a run for the white house. check your local listings for the times and air dates. they say politics is a dirty game but one u.s. city could be on the verge of electing a new leader. now, that leader literally loves to wallow in the mud. an adorable piggy named giggles is running for mayor of flint, michigan. a local attorney entering his 1-year-old mini pig after a clerical error meant the race would consist entirely of write-in candidates. he says giggles would bring calm and civility to the mayor's offers but not everyone is amused. another candidate calling giggles' campaign a quote, mockery of the democratic process. we report you decide on that one. he is the last human being to set foot on the moon. we are talking about former nasa astronaut gene sernon. he will join us for a look at the first steps and the next steps of space exploration. plus we get a live report
11:29 am
from oklahoma where more severe weather now developing at this hour. will carr is at the scene there. what can you tell us? >> reporter: well the sky is getting darker here as these storms are set to come across this area. at the same time a number of homeowners are still picking up the pieces after a tornado hit this area just a couple days ago. we'll have a live report coming up. [phone rings] [man] hello,totten designs. sales department? yes...i can put you right through. sales department-this is nate. human resources. technical support. hold please. [announcer]you work hard to grow your business. [man] yes!i can totally do that for you. [announcer]our new online business planning tools will help your business thrive. wells fargo.together we'll go far.
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♪ [music] ♪ jackie's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. welcome back everybody. a lake in central oklahoma now at risk of breaching its dam after a storm dumping heavy rain there. this as people brace for more severe weather. just days after powerful tornadoes ripped through that state, the town of bridge creek was one of the hardest hit areas with difficult recovery efforts still under way at this hour. joining us live from the scene in bridge creek, will carr who is standing by in oklahoma. hi will. what can you tell us? how much of a concern is flooding right now?
11:34 am
>> reporter: well uma, it's a big concern. if any of these storms come through again like they did just a couple days ago, the homeowners in this community tell us they are ready to get inside their underground shelters just like this one. every home in this neighborhood is required to have a shelter just like this. now, this is a homeowner here who had his home hit by an ef-2 tornado on wednesday. the tornado punched holes in his roof and ripped all the shingles off of it as well. he wasn't the only one. just about every home in the neighborhood that we're in sustained some kind of damage including the home across the street there. you can see the roof completely gone. across the region 35 homes were destroyed. families lost just about everything. they lost their personal mementos they lost their clothing their food and while they are all now trying to pick up the pieces they tell us they are hoping they miss this storm system coming through right now. take a listen. >> it's tough thinking that you're trying to come out here
11:35 am
and save what you can and you just got more rains and winds coming. it's like well do i want to do anything because it's just going to get tore up again. makes it kind of hard. >> reporter: the national weather service tells us there is a slight chance that we could see some tornadoes in central oklahoma where we are today. these homeowners are obviously hoping that's not the case since they have already lost so much. >>have. we wish them all the best during this very difficult storm season. will, thank you very much. a new documentary getting lots of attention right now is about the last man to be on the moon. >> many years ago, [ inaudible ] he said because it was there. >> i just was selected for the space program. wow. >> wow. it's amazing. captain gene cernan was the
11:36 am
commander of apollo 17 back in 1972 becoming the last man ever to leave his footprints on the surface of the moon. the former nasa astronaut joining us now and he is also the author of the book "the last man on the moon" and we are so happy to have you here today, because you are a true space hero. i am a huge space buff. we have had the chance to meet before and i have talked with you before in the past but it's always a treat to have you on the program to talk about your epic journeys to space. >> you are too kind but it's truly a pleasure to be with you today. >> talk to me for a moment about why you wanted to move ahead and put your thoughts and recollections into this documentary and share your very personal experiences. >> well i think i was talked into writing a book because i spent a lot of time talking to folks and sharing, and sharing is the key word some of my
11:37 am
feelings and someone talked me into writing a book where i indeed take every reader with me wherever i had been and try to be pretty honest with my feelings and a young man who became the director of this movie read it was passionate came to me one day and said we want to make a movie. i thought he was crazy. who wants to see a movie about me. but they finally convinced me it took a couple years. >> a lot of people would love to see a movie about you. >> i's a story that needs to be heard about a young kid in america growing up with a dream. >> growing up with that dream, that is something that is so amazing to know that you are part of that very special elite fraternity of individuals on the planet who have had a chance to go into space and actually set foot on the moon. i know you get asked this all the time but people love to hear the story of what it was like being there on the surface of the moon and knowing that your footprints are still there as the last human so far to set
11:38 am
foot on that iconic surface. >> well you know it truly could have been anybody. i happened to grow up in chicago. it's my story, my dream, but it could have been a kid growing up in topeka or san diego or wherever who had a dream about doing something in his life. in my case the dream was as a kid growing up in a regular american family my dream was so far out there, it was always the unknown heroes of world war ii we watched in a news reel. we didn't have television that really inspired me to want to fly. that and the fact that mom and dad's dream was to get me the education they never had a chance to get is what allowed me to pursue my dream. the movie also encompasses something else. it takes us through what we call you got to be 60 years old to remember this the terrible
11:39 am
'60s. the country was enveloped in campus unrest civil strife and the beginning of a very unpopular war in which 16 minutes of space flight experience johnny glenn had not even gotten into orbit, a young president, john f. kennedy challenged this country to do what most people thought was impossible most people thought couldn't be done. so the other half of this movie is reminding people of what american exceptionalism is all about. because when neil armstrong stepped on the surface of the moon i don't think anything else in recent history has matched it for what we can do if we really want to do it. so the movie is sort of americana and i don't want it to be about me. i want it to be the kid out there who can be a doctor a teacher, a scientist, or whoever. it's been very gratifying because the response of people all over the country is
11:40 am
overwhelming because i have tried to be very personal share my family share my friends, share my grandkids. >> i know that's a big deal because you are really a very private person. most of the time. so doing this was a big deal for you. i have to ask really quickly, a lot of astronauts like yourself are quite upset and frustrated by the state of space exploration right now, manned space exploration, because of the lack of funding and the fact we have to hitch a ride with the russians these days just to get up in space to the international space station. do you believe that things are going to get better and more young people are going to be encouraged to have those dreams like you, to dare to dream and move ahead with space exploration in the days going forward? >> i do. i talk to a lot of young people and believe it or not, young kids whose parents were in diapers when we went to the moon are excited and enthusiastic. they can do and become anything they want to. they can go to the moon and they
11:41 am
will take us back to the moon and those young kids in fourth grade, if we give them the chance that someone gave me when i was growing up with a dream, they're the ones that are going to take us tomorrow. it indeed will happen. in this country politically it's always been a bipartisan factor in our lives and we indeed will go back. what goes around comes around. i tell you, you and most of your listeners will see it happen again. >> i can't wait for that to happen. thank you so much for joining us today. you are a true hero and an american original. we love you and god bless. >> thank you. god bless you, uma. thank you much. >> take good care. all right. north korea boasting about secret weapons testing and a report that kim jong-un personally oversaw the whole thing. how the state department is now responding. plus russia breaking out the big guns for a massive
11:42 am
military parade. why thousands of soldiers are marching through red square.
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we are back with news that russia is staging a massive military parade. thousands of russian troops seen here marching on red square as the country marks 70 years since the allied victory over nazi germany happened back in world war ii. amy kellogg is standing by live from moscow with the very latest on those celebrations. amy? >> reporter: hi uma. since 2000 president putin has run the show here in russia and in that time he has been consistently pushing the patriotic buttons of this nation and in fact today there was a really massive show of unity on the streets of moscow and other cities. hundreds of thousands, possibly
11:47 am
half a million people were out marching with placards of relatives who died during world war ii. it is said here in russia that pretty much everyone lost someone in that war. now, each year may 9th is a very big commemoration but this one marking 70 was bigger than ever and it included a rollout of russia's first new tanks since the end of the cold war. it's been noted that president putin and russian officials generally have used the national sensitivities about the fight against fascism to describe their conflict with kiev. as the u.s. western europe and the soviet union were all allies in world war ii western leaders were here for the 60th anniversary of victory in europe day but this year because of the disapproval for russia's backing of ukrainian separatists, they did not show. >> translator: if they don't come to the parade that's absolutely okay. last time george bush came.
11:48 am
if barack obama doesn't come to the parade i really don't care. he's persona non grata to me. he's no thet the type of person i would like to see at this parade. >> reporter: instead, the venezuelan president, raul castro and close to a couple dozen others were in attendance. one critical analyst looking at this lineup said that from a political perspective, red square was empty. the most high profile head of state here was the president of china and that is very significant in that russia is moving much closer aligning itself much closer with china since the sanctions against russia were put in place over the annexation of crimea and involvement of the war in ukraine and have been signing a series of deals. they are talking about creating a new silk road joining asia and
11:49 am
europe. next week we will see china and russia doing joint naval exercises in the mediterranean sea. >> fascinating. an alliance that's growing stronger and stronger. amy, thank you very much for that update. appreciate it. well north korea claiming it has test fired a new secret ballistic missile from a submarine. the operation increasing tensions with south korea which confirms this launch. the state department spokesman telling fox news that the u.s. is aware of the apparent firing adding that it would be quote, a clear violation of multiple u.n. security resolutions. the "wall street journal" reporting that leader kim jong-un personally oversaw the entire thing but one bit of good news. we now have more pictures of kim jong-un looking at a variety of things. take a look. all right. ebola devastating several countries in africa but now one of the hardest hit is ebola-free. that's the good news.
11:50 am
ahead, what this means for the rest of the world. plus you won't believe this one. an x-ray showing a child trying to get into the country in a suitcase? that and much more still ahead. the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. after all, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned... every day... using wellness to keep away illness... and believing that a single life can be made better by millions of others. healthier takes somebody who can power modern health care... by connecting every single part of it. for as the world keeps on searching for healthier... we're here to make healthier happen. optum. healthier is here.
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good news on the medical front. liberia now free of ebola. the african nation has not seen any new cases for 43 days, the maximum incubation period for the deadly disease. at the hofstra north shore lij school of medicine and a member of the fox news team we are so glad to have you here. >> thank you, uma. >> the world news organization has declared liberia ebola free is a huge move forward. it's a huge stand. >> 14 months after we first heard information about this oobl virus, we're getting great news. it's time for people to celebrate but still be vigilant. it only takes one case to change the statistics. clearly the other two countries are being affected by this. we see more ebola in there. this is a great achievement.
11:55 am
it shows us how the world has come together with all the doctors without borders and the entire national international doctors coming together to stop this virus. as a result of this we still lost about 11,000 people. 200 health care workers died as a result of this virus. but today, world health news is announcing a very good news that in liberia, this is under control. we still have a lot of work to do in sierra leone and beginguinea. the entire health care has become global. what effects in africa what shows in africa can be in our doorstep in it can, new york and other places. so basic simple things such as hand wash controlling the disease, not letting this to get out and for everyone to come together today is very good news and we hope to continue the hard work. >> so happy to report this news finally reporting positive news on this front on the ebola front. dr. samadi great to have you
11:56 am
here. >> thank you. >> thank you for being here and giving us the news day. stand by. we'll be back with more after this.
11:57 am
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