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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 29, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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that's tonight's "on the record." joseph has been really fun here on the show. we are going to miss him. we will see him in the hall. you just won't see him. anyway, good night from washington. see you on monday. a special edition of the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: fighting the terror threat. >> it's an enormous challenge and we have to fight it on every front including the front of social media. >> incredibly nancy pelosi believes that fighting isis on the net should be a priority that's how screwed up this entire terror war is right now. we'll have a special report. >> in mosul in ramadi, in fallujah isis is literally lighting people on fire. >> the situation now almost out of control in iraq as thousands of frightened refugees stream into baghdad. now we hear some americans are going over to fight isis on their own because the obama administration is not doing enough. we'll have two "special
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reports." ♪ chanting] no more hate. no more hate. >> killing jews is worship brings us closer to allah. >> should a sign that says killing jews is worship be allowed on new york city buss? we'll debate it. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. war and peace in the u.s.a. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. in washington, bad things are occurring. as america's power overseas is in free fall decline. the worst situation, the war on terror. isis savages are creating mass chaos throughout the middle east, africa and nigh now nigeria. even though president obama promised to confront isist,
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and downgrade it, that has h not happened. isis continues to expand, murdering thousands of innocent people, creating chaos wherever it goes. in response, the president speaks of climate change to the coast guard academy graduating class last week and touts its international record. >> today is the first memorial dayay in 14 years that the united states has not engaged in a major ground war so on this day we honor the sacrifice of the thousands of american service members men and women, who gave their lives since 9/11, including more than 2200 american patriots who made the ultimate sacrifice in afghanistan. >> what the president did not say is that isis is now expanding into afghanistan. the northern part of that country now a free fire zone as the taliban and other islamic militants seized territory from the government. in fact there arern very few victories in the war on terror these days.
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syria under siege by isis. iraq tottering as isis controls about a third of the country. yemen, no functioning government. libya, no functioning government. my gearia isis is aiding the savage group boko haram h and they are threatening to destabilize the entire country. meantime iran is gaining power throughout the middle east by supporting terror groups like hezbollah and hamas. iran the only power inside iraq that is actually putting up fight against isis. in the meantime president obama's acolytes continue to insist they have a handle on the terror problem and isis in particular. >> it's an enormous challenge and we have to fight it on every front including the front of social media. that is a place where they have really made more advances than you would have suspected and that is where we have to fight them as well. >> so while isis is burning human beings alive congresswoman pelosi is concerned about the social media aspect of the
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struggle. also, we are not fighting ice sis on every front. we are not confronting them on thee n ground with very few exceptions. as usual congresswoman pelosi living in the land ofin oz, she has no blanking clue whatat's happening. same thing with senate minority leader harry reid.ea >> the situation in the middle east is disruptive as we speak. it's a toughak. situation. the. president has done the best he can with the tools that he is given by the constitution what congress has allowed him to do. >> are you kidding me? there are many members of congress pounding the table m for more action against isis and other jihadist groups. so here we have the three most powerful democrats in the nation, mr. obama pelosi, and reid, all saying various things that make absolutely no sense at all. now, the unintended consequences of the disastrous foreign policy we have. president obama likes to point to a 60 nation coalition that apparentlyy has signed up to confront isis. outside of a few. countries that are undertaking a few
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bombing missions, there is little sign the coalitionis is effective. maybe italy spain and germany have noticed the millions of people trying to illegally cross into europe from africa and the middle east. many of them fleeing terrorism, much of it generated by isis. as thousands drowned in the mediterranean sea, the leaders of the european union fiddle, imitating near row, too corrupt or incompetent to do anything about the terror threat. the whole world is changing, the jihad is advancing u yet the 60 nation coalition is as impotent as any group ever be. there isn't enough viagra in the world. as american power recedes abroad tyrants like putin in russian take advantage. this is another result of presidenty. obama's weak foreign policy. president obama met with putin promising him if he promised stop seizing more territory that must have
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delighted vlad putin who i have nicknamed vlad the invader. as he saw the u.s.a. desperately trying to appease him.. he will take whatever kerry gives him and do whatever he wants' knowing that america and europe are too afraid to confront his illegal ambitions, too soft to stop his illegal activities. same thing with china. that country is now expanding in the pacific. seizing territory that does not belong to it and military in dramatic way. southeast asia. expand without any consequence from the west. so this is a perfect storm of weakness. not only is the u.s.a. reluctant to use its power but nato and the other western countries do not want to confront evil either. thus, the evil doers are on the march. talking points is simply aghast that the american foreign policy is so bad. while it's true we can no longer police the world with ground troops, we can use our economic and diplomatic
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power to hurt countries that violate international law. we can also lead the world into confronting isis and other barbarians in a meaningful way. it's all about will, tactics, and leadership. none of which is coming out of washington, d.c. right now. all the foreign chaos is going to beto b a huge former secretary of state hillary clinton as she campaigns for president. if she points to the so-called russian rye set knowledgeable people will wins. if she points to the war on terror she is highlighting a natural disaster. it t allo comes back to president barack obama. the most reluctant commander and chief this nation has ever had. it's somewhat understandable as mr. obama comes from i'd okayable that usually sees american military might as a negative. the far left in the u.s.a. historically have opposed using american power abroad. and now after thousands ofno military folks were killed and maimed in iraq and afghanistan, the left is
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joined by some conservativesd and independent americans who believe we should stand down overseas. but, by withholding americanri power abroad, the president isside plunging the world into a very dark place. when order collapses so does civilized sewed -- society and we are seeing that all over the planet. next up aville than news iran. god help the next president of the united states. that's the memo. reaction, joining us here in new york city, monica crowley and from washington kirsten powers both fox news analysts. powers, amazing memo, right? you don't have to compliment me. you don't have to. >> no, i actually was thinking as i was thinking to it, i think the next killing book should be killing o'reilly and i think i will write it. >> okay. you do that. now, i'm going to walk through this with you. >> okay. >> american foreign policy troubled fair? troubled right now? >> yeah. i think -- but i think what your talking points were completely overblown. >> isis, are you worried
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about isis? you know -- >> -- yes. >> are you? okay. so you are worried about them right? are you disappointed that president obama is kind has kind of diminished the threat and really practicing a void dance on it? are you disappointed? >> i don't think that he has done that. this idea that somehow he is not aware that isis exists and once again for the 100th time i have to have a conversation with both of you about this idea that barack obama fears american power which is a completely made-up talking point. it is not true. he is not afraid of american power. the reason that we can't send ground troops is because american people are tired of ground troops after two wars that george bush started. >> we can get into that in a minute. it's obvious that the bombing campaign that the commander and chief has initiated isn't working. not working. let's go over to miss monica now. i know that you agree with me correct? >> correct. >> all right. but surely, i said something wrong in seven minutes. did i say anything wrong? >> well, look, i think the big lesson of history and i just returned from normandy
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in france and walked through the american cemetery. the big lesson of history when american power is considered weak, the united states is considered weak or even perceived as weak, the good guy guys retreat. bad guys advance and wheels come off the world. you end up facing a far bigger cataclysm as it would if america was strong. >> ms. powers is correct when she says that because of iraq and afghanistan most americans do not want to place forces, ground forces to chase isis around. isn't she correct? >> that may be true in terms it of public opinion that's why you have leadership. >> would you do that? would you inject a couple of divisions into syria. >> that's what i would do if i were the american president right now. i would reverse what obama done in terms of gutting the military. >> that's down the road. would you send divisions in to chase these guys around? >> yes i would reintroduce the amount of ground troops that my generals would tell me would be necessary to destroy isis.
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i would increase the use of special forces. i would ramp up the air campaign. >> that's war. >> well, listen, we are in a war whether we want to see it or not. >> i put forth powers. that the 600,000 troops against 50,000 isis and then they should go in and get them. that's what i put forth. >> did i just hear, monica say that she would send troops to syria? >> yeah. right into syria and a i would, do. >> i didn't say syria specifically. >> but i did. i did. >> you said syria. >> right across that little desert. >> that's an awesome idea. like so -- this is what i can't follow with you guys is that i can remember when i used to have this conversation about how we needed to overthrow assad right? >> i don't care about assad. assad can stay in bunkner damascus. we are going to get isis. >> what happened we had to get rid of assad and now it's isis. >> it's a different world. maybe you haven't noticed in the last six months. >> six months? in six months? >> yeah, six smonts a different world yeah, yeah.
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>>not a different world. >> see all the my grants coming over from africa? did you miss it? >> it's the exact same world. you need to admit that you were wrong by saying we needed to overthrow assad. >> i didn't say anything about assad. i had no analysis on assad at all. >> didn't say anything about assad? i find that hard to believe. >> you have to go back and check. >> i know monica has. >> this was a talking point. we have to get rid of assad. never mind the fact that isis. >> you are bringing up stuff that wasn't brought up here. >> i'm making the point that you guys are wrong all the time. >> things are going so well right now aren't they,. >> i will give monica the last word. >> obama causes every single problem in the world. >> powers, give your cohort the last word. >> when you have a commander and chief in the united states that is weak or perceived as weak, have you advancing enemies and chaos around the world. we know this from history. now what we see is isis is raging across the middle east iran is on the precipice of getting a nuclear weapon, thanks to
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president obama. putin is running wild in eastern europe. china is asen can't. even cuba didn't get any concession is from us and got a great deal. >> are they going to invade the key west? i heard the cubans are coming? >> they might. that might be another threat. >> when our enemies see that they the american president is basically a 98-pound weakling who is not willing to do anything. >> he doesn't want to do it that's for sure. >> they're running cir >> he weighs more than 98 pounds and he is in pretty good shape. >> barely. >> there is monica and powers everybody. >> coming up, is president obama dragging his feet in the fight against isis? some powerful perspective. also ahead fighting the war on terror. watters world the wounded veterans edition. i take these out... put in dr. scholl's active series insoles. they help reduce wear and tear on my legs, becuase they have triple zone protection. ... and reduce shock by 40%. so i feel like i'm ready to take on anything.
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threat. we believe the number one problem in the world right now is is the islamic jihad and isis. president obama was too slow to get ahead of the terror group, which is now causing chaos all around the world. i recently spoke about this with david tafuri a former campaign advisor to the campaign and with max boot, a senior official council on foreign relations about the terror threat. >> do you have any idea why president obama went against his generals and national security people all of whom on the record say we told them not to withdraw the u.s. boots. why did he go into that, do you know? >> he came to office antiwar candidate. >> political play. >> i believe so. >> not a tactical play. >> no. he wanted to fulfill his pledge essentially that he would pull us out of iraq and he did that. >> i don't think very few americans would have objected to. you wouldn't have objected to 10,000 residual troops remaining in iraq for peace-keeping purposes, would you? >> absolutely not.
5:18 pm
we should have left a residual force behind and that absolutely would have helped. that would not have on its own solved the problem with isis. moreover, keep in mind that the withdrawal time line for troops from iraq was set by president bush before he left office. president obama followed that time line. >> let me ask you one more question on this. what is president obama's strategy now today to defeat isis? what is it? >> well, his current strategy is to use air strikes to push isis back on its heels. >> that strategy has been in place since august and more isis fighters in syria now than there ever have been so that strategy isn't working. >> that strategy is working for phase one. >> face one? >> it does have back on heels. yes, it's killed thousands and thousands of isis fighters. >> go ahead. >> there needs to be a second phase where we have to have boots on the ground. not necessarily u.s. troops on the ground but we need to have a fighting force well equipped. >> the second thing has not been defined. >> president obama has
5:19 pm
expressly ruled out having boots on the ground against the best military advice that he is getting. >> wait, i don't understand why the 60 nation coalition couldn't each kick in 5,000 troops okay, that's 300,000. did i that right in my head without a calculator, all right? 300,000, right? 5,000 times 60, that's 300,000. okay. wouldn't that overwhelm isis anywhere in the middle east? >> that would be great if that were to happen. you can't expect saudi arabia and united arab elm rites to kick in troops. >> why not? >> they are just not going to do it because they need american leadership. >> if there is a coalition to fight these savages and all we are asking is 5,000 troops from each country which isn't a lot. wouldn't that overwhelm isis. >> in theory, yes that's not going to happen unless we do something to galvanize a sunni revolt against isis. >> if 300,000 troops were assigned to this task believe me the sunnies and everybody else would get on that team real fast. mr. that furry is it fair
5:20 pm
for people like mr. boot and myself to believe that mr. obama is totally clueless if fighting the jihad? he has no clue what to do and that the jihadists have gained in power under his administration in a remarkable fashion? would that be fair to say? >> that is not fair. the president has made progress. but he certainly has to do a lot more. he doesn't necessarily have to put u.s. boots on the ground. in your opinion why isn't he doing a lot more? >> well -- >> -- we need to think before we shoot. >> he has had had had a lot of time to think about this. >> is he is putting together a plan. >> putting together a plan? >> right. >> it's been going on for more than a year. >> absolutely. he needs to be arming and providing training to the forces that are on the ground that are in direct contact with like the kurdish. >> they need more weapons absolutely. >> being divided between the iranian jihadists on the one hand and sunni jihadists on the other from libya to syria to iraq to lebanon.
5:21 pm
>> the whole place is going to go up. next up, in this terrorism edition of the factor, judge napolitano having a lot to say about this advertisement being displayed on new york city buses.
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unresolved problem segment tonight free speech versus threatening behavior. a poster saying killing jews is worship can be put up as advertisement on new york city buses. the ad is by a pro-israel group that says it wants to raise awareness of how dangerous muslim terrorism is. that might be lost in the headline which is provocative in the extreme. joining us is fox news senior judicial analyst judge napolitano. this sign is very provocative and then if you read the small print you know it's about people who
5:25 pm
don't like muslim terrorists and the jihad. but, the headline, killing jews is worship is what everybody is going to see because the buses go by real fast. it's not like you have time to read the whole damn sign. you have a jihadist there and all of that. you know, some people say look, people are going to say this is a threat and you say? >> >> i agree with the judge. this is not an easy case. the speech is hateful and repellent and certainly provocative. under the law it does not qualify as hate speech. hate speech, which is unprotected is speech which provokes a particular individual to engage in immediate violence. look if these signs start provoking people to engage in immediate violence, the court is going to have to relook at it. but the sign standing alone as hateful as that language is does not meet the hate
5:26 pm
speech standard. >> okay. so it's only if there is an immediate danger caused by an action of expression that the government can come in and stop it? >> yes. >> okay. >> and the reason for that is because the first amendment presumes that all speech even speech we hate and don't want to hear is protected. so the government has the burden of showing that it's unprotected and it hasn't met that burden here. >> let me give you a hypothetical because i want everybody to understand. say some loon runs out on the streets of new york or washington, d.c. in five minutes and starts screaming i want to kill all jews? all jews should die? county police stop that man? >> no, the police could stop him in the mobs began to respond to him. >> they might beat him up. he might get attacked. >> well, now you are talking
5:27 pm
about the mob silencing him because they don't like what he said. >> right. >> the police in that hypothetical would be to protect him from the mob but not to silence him. >> so you can go out and call for the death of anybody you want but unless there is some action surrounding it, no one can stop you? >> that's the current state of first amendment jurisprudence with respect to provocative speech. yes, bill. >> all right judge. thank you very much. next on the rundown some american vets going to fight isis on their own. an unbelievable story developing. we'll have it for you. ♪ ♪ is this the year you take the trail less traveled. then save on the gear you need at bass pro shops. like new bass pro flag t shirts for only $5.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm patricia stark. parts of texas setting rainfall records after the recent deadly storms. the national weather service confirming more than 16 inches of rain has fallen on the dallas area so far this month. that beats the previous record of nearly 14 inches set in 1982. austin beating may record with 17.5 inches. recent storms have killed at least 27 people in texas and oklahoma. more rain is in the forecast there this weekend. well the obama administration formally removing cuba from the u.s. terrorism blacklist today. the step comes as officials from the two countries continue to work on restoring full diplomatic relations. the decision being hailed in cuba as the healing of a
5:32 pm
decades old wound. an important step toward normalizeing positions between cold war foes. now back to the o'reilly factor. impact segment tonight.nt a group of veterans against isis is about to launch a combat mission to fight jihadists on their own. joining us is sean roe founder of the group and former army sergeant who did serve in iraq. mr. roe, let me get this straight, you guys got a group of all americans mostly veterans, mostly combat guys and you're gonna go on your own to syria to fight isis? is that it? >> well, our primary mission is to liberate iraq under -- from under isis control. >> how many guys you got? >> we got nearly two dozen veterans right now and i'm talking to a lot more recently. >> all right. but two dozen is not going to liberate anything from anything. and if you go over with just
5:33 pm
a few don't you run the of being kidnapped and beheaded by sis sis? certainly they are looking for americans to hold hostage. >> well, we will be working with the locals -- various locals over there. and i will put my team against four times the number of isis. they are not -- they don't have nearly the amount of training that we have. >> so, but you acknowledge the danger. so you are going over to a foreign nation. and the u.s. government doesn't want you to go, by the way. but they can't really stop you. you are going over there and then you are partnering up with some people who you really don't know that well, right? i mean, they are supposedly anti-jihadists but you really don't know, do you? >> well, the peshmerga is a decent group and they are talking in congress right now about sending them aid although it doesn't really say glch go to kurdistan not syria? go up to kurdistan first? >> well, we are establishing connections in both iraq and syria. the kurds are in both areas. >> right. all right. so the kurds i would trust more than, you know -- but
5:34 pm
if you drop yourself into syria you are going to get sold out. you know how dangerous it is over there. >> it's going to be dangerous regardless. >> it's going to be dangerous regardless but i don't want to see your head on a stick and an american is worth a half million dollars over there. >> they are not going to capture my head. >> no matter how many dollars you have got. >> if they take me they will be taking my dead body but that ain't going to happen. >> you understand though the danger of dropping yourself into a war zone that's pretty much out-of-control? i mean, there are some u.s. advisors over there. and but i don't think they are going to hang with you guys, are they? >> well, hopefully we can get -- we already got three rangers on our team. we have a pretty good team coming together. >> exrangers. >> former rangers. >> so i'm not sure about -- and i'm looking out for you here sean. i'm not sure about the wisdom of this. >> it's crazy. i admit it. >> obviously we want to defeat the jihadists but i just, you know, if you go
5:35 pm
over there and you take a wrong turn, you're gonna be dead. >> we can't let fear incapacitate us, bill. they need help over there. who better than american veterans? >> how are you getting the money to go over? >> well, we are funding ourselves mostly that's why we are reaching out for help because we are going to need all the help we can get in what is sure to be a lengthy and demanding mission. >> how are you going to get arms? >> we're going to have to purchase them over there because we can't take them. that's why we are raising money. arms looking to raise funds for medical supplies. we are hoping to get armored medevac vehicle. maybe a couple armored trucks if possible and mini drone. >> hard to get them in there. how are you yourself going to get into kurdistan? how are you going to do it. >> it will be a challenge and obstacles we have to overcome but we can't let fear or doubt stop us, bill. >> all right sean. i wish you the best. i hope you guys think it out though. i don't want to be reporting three months from now that
5:36 pm
you are being held in some cage some place and set on fire. >> it's not going to happen, bill. it's not going to happen. >> all right. thanks for coming on. >> coming up, colonel tony shaffer has some disturbing information about isis. building strength in afghanistan. >> they have control of five northern provinces in afghanistan plus they are now taking over the drug trade in the south. >> right back with it.
5:37 pm
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prove. continuing now with our factor special fightsd the terror threat. does president obama even have a strategy to defeat isis? recently i spoke with colonel tony shaffer and dr. michael reuben. both have concerns about how the president is handling isis. >> so, colonel i understand that you have new information about afghanistan and isis. >> right. >> what is it? >> bill, basically isis is on the modify. not surprisingly. what they are doing in afghanistan is quite brilliant. much like they partnered with the baath party in northern iraq to go about how to understand how to dismantle parts of the country. they have partnered with the higg. a terrorist organization a guy named hekmati a war lord given them information. my sources tell me they have control of five northern provinces in afghanistan plus they are now taking over the drug trade in the
5:41 pm
south. north and south. we are talking about over a thousand isis fighters, many of which who is you see becks and chech. setting up a tax system take control of the old smuggler routes and going after north, bill, the actual michelle resources. china is already there exploiting some of that the copper there essentially isis is playing it smart. isis is going in with the help of this small terror group. what about the taliban? are they going to fight it out with isis? >> that's an interesting point. the afghan people very resistant as we have found to anybody they consider an invader. they did accept al qaeda. they did allow al qaeda to peacefully exist there. this is different. al qaeda was coexisting, not taking over. isis is now taking over. i think there is going to be some real issues and i'm
5:42 pm
hearing from the afghan government who is aware of all of this. the pentagon is down playing. this they are trying to mobilize even some of the taliban. >> it will be interesting to see how that shakes down. mr. aruba bebb, i am fairly indicting the obama administration for being appear apathetic in the face of the growing threat you have to acknowledge it even if mr. earnst plays it down. do you understand the apathy mr. reuben? >> i think the basic problem, bill, the fight against isis is one step forward and two steps back. the white house and the pentagon will only allow the reporting of the one step forward and so we don't recognize that we are losing this war and that we refuse to recalibrate our strategy in order to win. >> they don't acknowledge that they are not going to acknowledge that if i had the president on or even the joint chief of staffs. they wouldn't acknowledge that last night there was a late night meeting in the white house. to come up with some kind of
5:43 pm
strategy. i'm saying to myself this is going on three years now that this threat has been in play. there is still no strategy and you are seeing ramadi 70 miles away from baghdad fall and all the blood and treasure that the united states spent in iraq is going down the drain before our eyes and you still don't have any counter to it? is that just incompetence, mr. reuben? >> it is, bill, that's just the tip of the iceberg because when the obama administration looks at what's going on with the islamic state in iraq, they want to look at this through the lenz of grievance. they want to say reason why we have the islamic state is because the iraqi government isn't generous enough, isn't talented enough. if only they would be nicer to the sunnies then maybe the islamic state wouldn't massacre christians and women and so forth. but, you know, that doesn't explain why we have the islamic state in libya. that doesn't explain why we have the islamic state as we just heard in afghanistan or in yemen. the fact of the matter is we are battling a fight against ideology and while they may be playing chess, we are not even playing checkers, we
5:44 pm
are playing solitaire. >> you didn't answer my question. is it incompetence that the obama administration does not confront them? is it incompetence or something else? >> it's willful incompetence and let us hope it's not something else. >> well, i mean, the only other thing would be ideology in the sense that he is so against armed conflict that he has let people run wild. what do you think to that question, colonel shaffer? i mean, obviously the united states the most powerful nation in the world and the president brags about the 60 nation coalition which is phantom that doesn't exist could defeat 50,000 jihadists, obviously we could do it if we wanted to do it but there is no will to do it. why? >> there is no political will. let me say this there are people in the pentagon very senior office who get exactly what you are saying. the problem that the political narrative that the white house dictates does not meet the reality of which we are facing. now, the question becomes why doesn't the political reality even touch upon the on-the-ground reality?
5:45 pm
the question -- i believe the answer is you have total incompetence nobody there like a bud mcfarland who actually had a military background. plus you have political narrative which drives everything. you put those two things together that's what we are seeing severe detachment from the reality we face. >> you are saying that there are people in the pentagon. there are people in the cia other intelligence agencies that are begging the president and the. >> absolutely. >> and the general to do something and they are just not doing it. they just won't? >> yes. >> i mean, that's certainly possible. >> when we come right back, watters world the wounded veteran edition. >> i sustained the major injuries december 3rd, 2003. we were ambushed by 35 enemy insurgents and soyuzed my body as a shield to protect my gunner.
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thank you for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the watters world segment tonight, as you may know we support the independence charity which provides high tech wheelchairing and medical care to severely wounded american vets. to let you know how life changing these track chairs and medical assistance are we asked jesse watters to track three veterans who have received it. ♪ ♪ >> staff sergeant tommy. steve walker marine corps patrol. army sergeant mike varato. thank you very much for your service. >> thank you. >> what motivated you to join the armed services? >> i have wanted to do since i was 8 years old running around in camouflage. my 101st in desert storm
5:50 pm
that motivated me more than the events of september 11th. i was going in and i knew it. >> i was in marine corps ro 12th grade -- >> were you deployed overseas. >> one in kosovo in 2000 the initial invasion of iraq in 2003 and then again in iraq. i sustained the major injuries december 3rd, 2003. we were ambushed by 35 enemy insurgents and used my body to protect myself. >> i took a couple of steps and figured what was actually a chinese made land mine that they had hooked up to two five-gallon jugs of homemade explosives. i felt the pain in my leg. >> my story is different from the average marine. ironically i had an eye appointment in august 2001. >> what did the doctor tell you. > you have this condition that's probably going to make you go
5:51 pm
blind by the time you're 40 or 50. i was deemed nonemployable. >> if you got your eyesight back would you re-enlist? >> there's a lot of stuff i wanted to do in the marine corps but i still love the time i served. a lot of my friends who are veterans they lost their vision in combat in an instant. i'm losing it over the span of ten years. >> i woke up walter reed and asked someone did i lose my leg. yeah, you did. >> took a bullet in the helmet. >> yeah. >> did it have a long-lasting impact on you. >> with the built-up of the amount of time we were deployed and the preparation to take another man's life that's not an easy thing to process and living that daily grind is rough. >> you stuck by mike. >> i remember -- sorry. i remember the first time i was going to see him he was very concerned about making surure that i knew the extent of the
5:52 pm
injuries. he's been in life and death mode for so long. but then you realize kind of comes after and we've realized it's surviving, surviving. >> it was then the mental devastation, it was the reintegration back into society with your family and with the community. i probably had six months' worth of every narcotic you could possibly think of. i checked out and wrote a good-bye letter to these two and drove a truck into a tree at 70 miles an hour and nobody knew what i was going through. the only thing that helped was numbing it with alcohol and pills. >> how much can you see right now? >> if you were to take a straw and look through it that's what i can see. the normal day-to-day stuff that comes so natural the little things are what's tough. my wife said you know always wanted to do an ironman. let's do it now. >> the hyperbaric chamber. what does that do for you? >> it's really cool. it takes cells that they thought were dead that really aren't and
5:53 pm
revitalizes them. >> when you pressurize that the cells are working again. i was in a bad place before. now i'm on top of the world. i have the greatest relationship with my kids now. >> he went from being in vision therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy and he is not in any of them anymore. >> he popped the question. >> he did. in texas during recovery. >> so this is the tandem bike you got from the independence fund. >> this is the beast. >> the beast? >> yes. >> let's see what we're made of. no one has been injured so far. >> we're good. >> my girlfriend said he needs a track chair and needs to get out of the house. >> what does it allow you to do you weren't able to do before? >> pretty much anything. i say it's whatever you can think of you can do it. i go hunting with it just go romp around in the woods, go to shooting events. really not many limits to it. >> you proud of your father? >> uh-huh. >> you realize what a big hero he is? you want to be like your dad when you grow up a little bit.
5:54 pm
>> yeah. >> no? no, maybe. >> they want to be smarter. >> who's this? >> little grace. >> hi grace. she's a star already. >> she's pretty perfect. >> she is. >> bill o'reilly wants to congratulate you and thank you for your service. >> i just bill thanks for everything you're doing. being a voice for us and keep driving it. >> i'm so grateful for the time and the energy that he's put forward. i can't thank him enough. >> he's a living testament of supporting the troops. not somebody who just talks about it. we can't thank him an you enough, truly. >> next up twitter and isis. terrorists trying to peddle threats and recruit on the social networks. right back with it. e to sea-bond denture adhesive seals. holds stronger than the leading paste all day... without the ooze. feel secure. be yourself.
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the servers and software on a mission to find the perfect match. and the mom who gets to hear her daughter's heart beat once again. we're helping organizations transform the way they work so they can transform the lives of the people they serve. let's take a look at your credit. >>i know i have a 786 fico score, thanks to so what else are you going to throw in? leather seats? >>and this... get your credit swagger on. become a member of experian credit tracker and find out your fico score powered by experian. unresolved problem september tonight, more threats from the isis more threats from the isis
5:57 pm
savages. twitter is the leading part of propaganda. jihadists threatened the ceo of twitter, dick costello. >> you've been threatened by isis? >> we have yeah. >> you personally. >> yeah me personally and then all of our employees, after we were regularly suspending their accounts which we've been doing, some folks affiliated with the organization used twitter to declare that the employees of twitter and the management of twitter should be assassinated. >> it gets worse. on sunday supporters of isis called on jihadists around the world to kill twitter employees. well to explain further melissa francis who anchors her own program at 2 p.m. weekdays. i know nothing about twitter. i actually have people that twitterer for me or tweet for me. >> tweet, yes. >> but i have never in my life and probably couldn't run the
5:58 pm
machine or figure out how to do it so let's go step by step. anyone in the world with one of these dopey machines in their hand can twitterer if they want to. >> yes, any computer any internet access. can you get an account and do it. >> when you say get an account do you send your name somewhere or sign up. >> you have to sign up and verify your account. have an e-mail address. we all know that's not hard. >> does it cost any money? >> no. >> it's free. >> free. >> so once you get your account set up on the internet then you can send out your dopey little messages. >> yes, yes. >> that's what isis was doing. >> yes. >> sending out messages that we're going to kill everybody and terrorize everybody so the twitter people can disconnect your account. >> yes. they can suspend your account. >> where are they? >> they're all over the place but they're mostly in california like so many tech companies and they can shut down or suspend your account and have a number of reasons they can do that if you're harassing people if you're threatening violence. for any reason. >> there's got to be millions and millions of twittererers or
5:59 pm
tweeters. >> 288 million. >> 288 million. wow, no wonder i have a headache. so they can pinpoint though people doing bad things and they can take them off. >> so this is part of the problem is the u.s. government is saying wait a second we kind of know where these people are and can keep an eye on them. >> they don't want them to -- they want to track him. >> it's a way to track them. you would think for the people who are tweeting you know they try to obfuscate where you are but you can pinpoint it so it's a way to track folks on isis but at the same time the isis folks are getting more support and inspiring people to go out and do the lone wolf attacks. >> so this is an enormously large operation, twitter, so when you tweet it goes all over the place. >> to anyone who is following you. >> you probably have 50 billion followers. >> as i said i'm frightened of this stuff and i don't -- but, you know an organization what i say is immediately tweeted out and, you know it's boring and everybody falls asleep.
6:00 pm
thanks for watching this special "the factor." i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here. we're always looking out for you. from the world headquarters of fox news it's "the kelly file" with megyn kelly. >> break tonight as the bloodshed in baltimore continues to soar we are taking a closer look at how the fallout from a series of incident as cross this country is leaving america's finest under fire. good evening and welcome to a "kelly file" special. i'm megyn kelly. two more people were shot in baltimore. 24 hours after a mother and her 7-year-old son were found murdered in their home, both shot in the head. this comes as a 9-year-old boy is released from the hospital after he was shot over the holiday weekend while playing basketball. one of the many