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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  June 10, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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figo the golden retriever, throwing himself in front of a mini bus saving his blind owner. wow. even after the accident though he didn't want to leave her side. amazing story. thanks for being part of the real story today. i'm gretchen carlson. here's shep. the prison worker accused of helping the two killers escape. the word on what she did, what her family is now saying and the trouble she may face. we're also following the manhunt for those murderers. you'll hear from a former u.s. marshal about how they're trying to find these guys and the governor speaks shortly. hang on. plus mission creep, anyone? mission creep? hundreds more americans headed to iraq to help with the fight against the islamic state. is a change in numbers a change in strategy? how far might this go? the white house speaks as few buildings can. can airline travel get any
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worse? absolutely! new rules for carry-ons and how could a plane's bathroom possibly get any smaller? buckle up for turbulence. let's get to it. first from the deck this afternoon, we're minutes away from an update from the new york governor on the manhunt for those escaped killers upstate. we'll bring it to you live as soon as it starts. but first we're learning this prison worker who helped those prisoners escape allegedly panicked once the ruthless men were free. that's what sources on the investigation are now telling fox news. we reported yesterday that police were investigating this woman, joyce mitchell. she is an instructor at the prison's tailor shop. according to the fox news sources, she's the one who gave the inmates power tools to help them tunnel out of the prison in upstate new york. they say she was also supposed to get them a getaway car.
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but when word got out this weekend that the killers were loose, she freaked. went to the hospital with a case of the nerves and checked herself right in. the woman's son coming to his mother's defense now, he calls her a nice woman who loves sewing but he says she's a very nervous person. he told the nbc news that his mom would never help inmates escape unless she had no choice. >> people might say, no matter what i wouldn't do that. when you're put in a situation where a family member's friend or other family members might be at risk you would do everything to protect your family. and in my family family always comes first. >> sounds like he might know something. there is also speculation that the woman was having an affair with one of the killers, especially the one cops describe as kind of charming but a violent sociopath and psychopath for that matter. the son says no way.
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and for all we know she's not even a suspect, much less under arrest. first david lee miller live at will wills willsborough new york. what's the latest there? >> reporter: the road is sealed off because of lots of activity. media not allowed down this road we're told for our own safety. we saw a bus make its way down this road. earlier we shot some videotape, and you can see dozens of corrections officers marching in military formation down this road and this is a road that's not far from where the two suspicious-looking men were spotted from 24 hours ago. it is believed those two suspicious men may very well be the two fugitives. but the search here is a slow go. this is a rural community. it's very heavily wooded. nevertheless the authorities are searching every conceivable potential hiding place as best
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they can. people here though are scared. doors that are normally left open are now being locked. i talked to one resident here a short time ago and now he says he is carrying with him a sidearm. he is not alone. people here say they would rather be safe than sorry. they're taking their own precautions. they are reassured there is a strong police presence but they say they will not rest until these two are caught. >> you're about 30 miles away but my understanding is they're still doing door to door by the prison huh? >> i'm now 40 miles south of the prison but incredibly shepard, while searches were happening here there were simultaneous searches literally outside the gates of the prison where the two guys escaped. there was a massive manhunt again today in dannemora, they were there because of no leads or tips they received but an a abundance of caution. they want to retrace their steps and make sure they take every
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precaution where these two men may be hiding. and residents have become worried, and increasingly so as these two fugitives may be becoming more desperate. listen. >> we locked the door and like everybody else we're locked and loaded. because they're not going to worry about whether the door is locked or not. they'll come in. they've got to be getting hungry and they've got to be getting wet and cold. >> the question now, will there be any words of assurance from governor andy cuomo. he'll hold a press conference in about 15 minutes' time. that's when it's scheduled to begin. many are anxiously awaiting good news but there is not a lot of optimism because we still see heavy police presence here and elsewhere. >> what kind of trouble could that woman be in the one who is said to have maybe helped them out. we listened to his son there talking to nbc news, and we thank them for the sound, it
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sounds like he may know something, doesn't it? >> if she conspired with them she is facing a host of potential charges, and we can go through them if you like. but the defense of duress they made me do it is not credible. they were inmates in a maximum security institution. all she had to do where she is free to come and go is walk away from them get herself reassigned and she'll never see them again. it is inconceivable that they forced her to do it unless there is some bizarre relationship here that we can't even conceive of. >> that's the kind of scuttlebutt that she chatted with one of them. according to these sources, she got the power tools to them and away they went. >> all right. if they had an agreement for the two of them to escape and for her to help them do so that's a conspiracy. first charge against her. if she brought them power tools and other implements for the escape into the jail that's the
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second charge, giving them contraband. if she looked the other way while they were doing what they did, that's another charge. aiding them is another charge. aiding them when they got out is another charge. if they got over state lines, they violated federal law and she's responsible for that. she can be charged of any crime they commit in furtherance of a conspiracy. if they steal a car, she can be charged with that theft. if they steal food because they're hungry she can be charged with that theft. conceivably speaking she's facing jail for the rest of her life. >> arthur broderick, he's in charge of investigations skpeezand he's live with us. where do you begin? i wonder what you can get out of other inmates because they've got to know something. >> you can get a lot out of
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other inmates and that's the first place you'll go to. who was in the cell next to them? who did they associate with on a daily basis? who did they work with in the tailor shop or other details they had within the prison? that's going to be the first person you go to. you also go to the visitor logs you look at phone calls they made. you can compile all that information together and decide what step you'll take next. >> they seem to think these prisoners have gone south instead of north. the local sort of coordinator of all the authorities says there is a reason we're still looking here so hard and not focusing on the canadian border. i guess they have more than they're letting on hopefully. >> absolutely. obviously they're not going to let out the key information that they have. i think one of the keys here is the cell phone that they were able to get, mitchell's cell phone, and digging down into the numbers in there, obviously we've already heard that there was some calls placed to matt's relatives. so that's a key bit of information, but i also think probably that once the vehicle
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wasn't there, they headed south possibly thinking that law enforcement is going to be looking at the northern border. >> you wonder how somebody could go through months and months and months of planning which everyone involved seemed to suggest that they have and then not have a backup plan for a getaway car on the way out. >> i think they were taking their best shot. you're right about the months of planning. they even planned to the point of getting into the honor cell block so they had more access to the facility. this was well planned on at least getting out of the facility but again, i think they relied on an individual or individuals that evidently didn't show up. >> one-time assistant director of investigations. you must have some sort of idea about what it's like in that prison right now. how much pressure because so many people look so bad. >> it is unbelievable. everybody is being looked at. cells are being tossed, kra contraband is being confiscated. probably every inmate is locked
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down there. every one of them is being spoken to. it's pretty tense in that facility right now. >> let's take a live look now, john where this governor is going to speak. look at that. they have their graphics up with a picture of the two. governor cuomo is going to come up. he's had a hell of a bad time the last few months in upstate new york. now i wonder how helpful politician rz ins are in this sort of thing. >> obviously this is the manhunt part of the case right now, so it's important they get the pictures up. it's important they give what information they can without blowing the case to quell the people and make the people -- there's tons of law enforcement in that area so it's a pretty safe area other than for these two individuals right now. >> arthur roderick stay with us if you would. the judge will as well as we're waiting for this news conference
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to begin from the vermont and new york governors on the search for these killers. we wonder now if they have something new, if there's something new on these two men, one of whom chopped up a victim after murdering him. we'll bring it to you live. also prison breaks are not all that rare. in fact on average in the united states at least five prisoners escape lock-ups every day. some of the most notorious breakouts in history coming up and you thought airline travel couldn't get any worse, didn't you? that's what you thought. you were so wrong again. look in that mirror and call yourself wrong. it's a doosey. well done. arthritis like me... and you're talking to a rheumatologist about a biologic this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me reach for more. doctors have been prescribing humira for more than 10 years. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that
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because a summer without tropical flavors might as well be winter. this escape is too good to miss so...don't. we are waiting for two governors, the governor of new york and the governor of vermont on word of the two escaped inmates in upstate new york. and the author stephen king tweets about prison break similar to "shawshank redemption." he says okay the dannemora break was a bit like shawshank. sometimes life i am tats art, that's all. except these are bad, bad boys. it's not unusual for inmates to
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go missing, not at all. about 2,000 inmates broke out of prisons in 2013. of course not all prisons are the same. more than 20 of them were in new york state. in researching some of the famous escapees. >> one of them that's still a mystery is the 1982 alcatraz break. >> the federal penitentiary on san francisco bay, or the rock as it's known to the criminal world, stands humiliated today in its boast of national security. >> three prisoners left dummies made with materials, including human hair climbed through a hole they had cut in their cell wall and set off in a raft made with prison raincoats. they were never found and they're actually believed to have drowned. back in 1934, john dillinger was
12:16 pm
the most wanted inmate in the country, but he shot himself to death. and more recently there was an escape in 2003. two convicted murderers made holes in their ceiling. they were caught after their chase about a day and a half after they got away, shep. >> we've actually seen a drop in escapes in recent years, huh? >> we have and the numbers may seem high but most of them are not breaks from high security prisons. when it happens, he says most cases are probably from lower security corrections facilities where inmates simply walk away and are usually eventually caught. you can see from this chart the number of u.s. prisoners who have escaped has actually fallen dramatically in the last 20 years. you mentioned 2013. compare that to a thousand in 1984. the technology of secur improved and that's in part why the number of breaks have fallen
12:17 pm
in the last two decades. >> they didn't have enough cameras, these guys just sauntering around in dannemora. the governors of new york and vermont are expected to talk soon. a police officer who shoved a teenage girl to the ground and pointed his gun at a group of kids at a pool party is now in hiding because he's getting death threats. so says the lawyer for the police union or something or other who just held a news conference one day after the officer resigned from the force after this happened. this. details coming up on the fox news desk.
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of the news conference coming. they have a news easel propped up where the guys escaped. the governors will be coming up in minutes now, and they'll have brand new information on the search for the killers. in the meantime the police officer who threw a girl to the ground and pointed a gun at kids at a pool party is now in hiding after people sent him death threats. that's according to the attorney for the police union who spoke in a news conference moments ago. listen. >> he's worried for his family he's worried he may be followed. and until that threat subsides he's going to you know be in an undisclosed location. >> the attorney also said the officer had responded to two suicide calls earlier in that shift, which had taken what she called an emotional toll. the officer resigned yesterday. this all comes after a witness posted video on line showing the cop's actions.
12:22 pm
the town's police chief said the investigators have not yet decided whether to file charges against the former officer. he has also said the actions are in indefensible. casey spiegel live where it happened. what else came out of that news conference casey? >> the officer involved here said that 7-minute news video only depicted part of what happened on the scene. the officer was not targeting minorities in any way. he actually detained a white teenager but that was not shown. the officer apologized to all he offended and he resigned in the hopes this community would start to heal. >> eric's actions at the craig ranch neighborhood were only an attempt to investigate violent assaults.
12:23 pm
his purpose was to interview as many people as possible to determine who was involved. he believed that those who fled were possible suspects. >> she goes on to say that the officer did respond to two suicide calls before he responded to the pool party call and that his emotions quote, got the better of him. shep? >> possible suspects not sure to what. that's the lawyer humanizing the client. what's the reaction of the community? varied? >> reporter: well yeah it's been very mixed. some people are happy he's resigned that he's no longer policing these streets, although he was placed on administrative leave when the video surfaced. some said he should have been fired because by resigning, he was able to keep his pension and benefits which his attorney did confirm this afternoon. we've heard there are no charges filed. people are protesting until this is picked up by the district
12:24 pm
attorney's office. >> these children were victimized and we need these children's rights to be displayed and we need the city of mckinney to really stand up for justice for these teens. >> reporter: the d.a.'s office says it is waiting on the results of the independent police investigation that is under way right now before it determines if charges would be filed, and they're asking for the community's patience while this process plays out shepard. >> casey, thanks. dozens of newly hired secret service officers are working without the right job security clearances. that's according to the "washington post" newspaper which reports today and on line some of those officers are stationed at the white house. the agency claims its new director found out about this just last week. it's apparently because the secret service hired a whole bunch of new people after recent security lapses but it didn't have the staffers to process all the security clearance paperwork. secret service at action. the secret service gave a
12:25 pm
statement about the issue with security clearances which reads in part, the director has taken the immediate steps to accelerate the top secret adjudication process and has allocated additional resources to ensure that this is completed as quickly as possible. they hope to have it caught up by friday. in march some agents were accused of drinking and then driving to the white house. last september we saw a major breach at the white house, or what they called that when a man jumped the fence and raced into the building. these problems are not new. remember a few years ago, there were issues of officers and agents caught in a prostitution scandal in columbia. we wait for governors of vot vot -- vermont and new york to speak about the prisoner escapees.
12:26 pm
one woman said to maybe have helped them out, seeking clarity from governors. hundreds more american troops are headed to iraq. this is not mission crete. at least according to the white house and others. that's coming up. thanks to the tools and help at i know i have a 798 fico score. ♪ oh. that's the sound of my interest rate going down. according to this score alert, my fico score just went up to 816. 816. 816! 816! fico scores are used in 90% of credit decisions. so get your credit swagger on. go to become a member of experian credit tracker, and take charge of your score.
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fox report now from the fox news desk. cops in new orleans say a pickup dropped several stories from a parking garage and landed upside down killing the driver. no word exactly what happened. police are saying only that the truck somehow crashed through the barrier of steel cables and glass window. officials in ukraine now say crews contained a deadly fire at a fuel depot that has been burning for three days. they say the flames have killed five people, including three firefighters firefighters. investigators are looking into whether somebody may have set that fire on purpose. israeli officials say construction crews working on a highway outside jerusalem have unearthed the remains of a
12:29 pm
115-year-old byzantine church. the findings are ancient mosaics, lamps and cites. we're waiting for the governors of vermont and new york on the killers who escaped upstate.
12:30 pm
12:31 pm
bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news and a live look. we're waiting for the governors of new york and vermont to hold a news conference with an update on the status of those two missing inmates who you see on the right side of your screen on the esasels there. we've gotten word the governors are a matter of minutes away. they're a little late but they're coming. stay tuned. associated press reports it's likely the first case of a u.s. citizen to die fighting against the terrorist army. the man is from massachusetts and had teamed up with kurdish fighters in northern syria.
12:32 pm
the kurds say he died a week ago during a battle of kobani. it was right near the turkish border and was a site of heavy fighting until the turks got control of it. this is brand new today. this is not mission crete, says everyone who is for this including the white house. >> the president, i think, as i've tried to convey to you, is very specific about what he expects about what their mission is. we're also very clear about what their mission is not. these troops are not being deployed to iraq to engage in ground combat operations. >> instead it's an effort to boost the training of sunni forces in hopes they'll fight isis. the president and military advisers say this is right. the military speaker of the house of representatives john
12:33 pm
boehner says it's a step in the right direction, but he says the united states does not have an overarching strategy for dealing with isis. i remember when it was like 50 and then it was 100 and then it was like a thousand and now it's a lot more. >> now the white house says today they'll be sending an additional 450 personnel over to iraq in non-combat roles. there are already more than 3,000 u.s. troops in iraq. and the pentagon says there are almost 2,600 iraqi troops being trained, so there are more u.s. troops than iraqi troops being trained. and these additional troops are being sent to a base in a town near ramadi. that's where they'll be headed to start this training and advising. >> thank you, sara. jennifer griffin at the pentagon josh laid out the strategy and it's a doozy. can they train the sunni fighters in the area we want
12:34 pm
them to fight and be successful? it sounds grand. >> it's coming a year late. it's becoming increasingly obvious that something needs to be done quickly to get sunni fighters to push back isis especially in the wake of the fall of ramadi. today the president ordered 450 additional u.s. troops to be sent to iraq to stand up a new training base in the heart of ramadi. the current program on training the iraqi military and cost 4.5 million to date is not working, fraught with the same problems they had with isis. they're also considering joint tactical operators and spotters on the ground. that's something the president has not been willing to do until now, and he's criticizing others for not doing so. now it seems he's leaving that door open.
12:35 pm
only a quarter of the personnel sent to iraq will be training the iraqs, will be training with equipment. of the 280 currently being trained, 80 are sunni, the rest are shia. in fact to date no sunnis have been trained by the u.s. military since the training effort began in january, which raises serious questions about the effectiveness of the training and whether the u.s. will be viewed as a partisan in the ongoing sectarian conflict between sunnis and kurds which gave birth to the tribes. such a strategy is about a year too late. those tribes have already pledged allegiance to isis shep. >> we have trained no sunnis.
12:36 pm
that's what you said right? no sunnis. >> right. >> shocking. let's bring in foreign army intelligence officer. it receives funding from some of america's biggest defense contractors, including general dynamics raytheon and die corp. this is a sunni government. has it shown any signs that it wants to make sunnis part of things here? >> i actually think the governor of iraq does. i think it regards iran-backed sunni militias that wish to fight for shia interests to be a limited influence. they do want a sectarian qualified future. the problem is they're losing the war to isis and i think that's the bigger concern. >> sunni leaders have been in
12:37 pm
washington for the last couple days and to a man they say, this government is not doing what it's supposed to be doing. just like the malaki government before it it's not being inclusive, there's no place for sunnis in it and there is no reason to think this is going to get any better. what are we doing? >> it's a very sad reflection. i would have said about six months ago when the abadi government actually came to power, there was hope that malaki would be cross sectarian. but that government has been under a lot of pressure, and it's not been delivering on this score, so i'm not entirely surprised there is cynicism again. >> to people who would say this looks like the mission crete of the 1960s, what is the rebuttal? >> i do think a trained technician is a training component to capture isis. my main problem is it's not going to be fast enough. we're coming up on the one-year
12:38 pm
anniversary of isis' declaration, and train and assist takes a long time. i'm actually concerned there isn't a component of the strategy that will additionally stop isis in its tracks so the iraqi security forces can start to mount an effective campaign. >> we have this dictionary problem around here and part of it is the definition of insanity, which is obviously doing the same thing and expecting a different result, which makes this look a bit insane. the last time we trained a bunch of these people they melted away and gave away all our stuff. and the next time they melted away and gave away all our stuff. the next time they melted away and gave away all our stuff. they might give away our stuff again. >> training appears to be the next best step but i agree with you, i think we need a new
12:39 pm
playbook to fight isis. >> but it can't be giving them what they want because most analysts who are willing to speak on this matter and politicians who have any sense, will tell you that's exactly what isis wants. isis has come to the front and said we want american troops. because the moment they can't get the saudis? can we get the turks involved in any way? what do we do? >> i do think research component strategies are a good idea but they are more concerned about fighting the assad regime and that sectarian regional dynamic is still competing with the counter-isis fight we would wish to lead. that is ultimately something that could be tackled as part of a comprehensive strategy for isis but it really can't be approached just for the point of assist. for the second time in a
12:40 pm
week, parents are targeting tourist sites in egypt. now the president of egypt has ordered increased security after a suicide bombing steps away from a major tourist attraction. in egypt, a suicide bomber blew himself up not far from the ancient temple in the city of luxor. millions of tourists visit there each year. tourism is the main source of economy in luxor. it's home to egypt's most famous temples and tombs, including that of king tut. short of after the explosion, police exchanged fire with two suspected islamic militants and then killed them. four people including two policemen, were wounded in that attack. governor watch continues. waiting for the governors of new york and vermont. this is serious stuff, obviously. there are two killers on the run. one of them spotted each other.
12:41 pm
it's 3:40. they're very busy. we hope when they do come out we'll get something new on the search for these two men. that's coming up on fox newschannel. and the next time you may have a choice bring a smaller carry-on bag or bring a fee to check it. new restrictions some airlines will be using. and how small can the bathrooms get? really?
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well it looks like the governors are getting out of the trucks. the trucks just pulled up behind the easels with the pictures of the escapees and lots and lots of suits. we figure governors are nearby. mr. roderick with us again. i guess the thing we can hope for, arthur roderick i guess one of the things we can hope for is that they've narrowed this thing down but i've not seen any sign of it yet.
12:45 pm
>> yeah, it doesn't look that way, shep. i think one of the things they're probably going to talk about since we have both governors here obviously it's a situation where they might have crossed state borders. >> let's listen. thanks. first i'd like to start by reassuring the community that we're doing all that we can to ensure their safety during this search and this investigation. as law enforcement, we're all in during this search. we won't stop until we have these convicts captured. today we've received more than 500 leads, and we're thoroughly investigating each and every one. that means looking behind every tree under every rock and inside every structure until we find these men. today the public will have noticed an increased police presence both in the village of d dennamora and willsborough in essex county.
12:46 pm
we continue to check residences door to door and roadblocks in the area. we have more than 450 law enforcement members working on this search. in addition to the new york state police we have the new york state department of corrections and community supervision. the new york state department of environmental conservation our forest rangers, fbi, u.s. marshals u.s. customs and border protection all working together as one team. the new york state police and the vermont state police are working hand in hand to secure our state's borders. one of the things that we developed during our investigation was information that there was a possibility of them fleeing towards vermont. we've mentioned early on we've reached out, we've been hand in hand with the vermont state police working to secure the borders, and today we're just formalizing our arrangement, our agreement. we'll be able to employ state troopers on the new york state
12:47 pm
line should it be required for searches. that's if leads take us there. in addition we've conducted interviews with inmates, corrections officers contract employees and anyone else working here at the correctional facility. we continue to ask the public for their assistance in our investigation, looking for any suspicious activity they might see in their communities, anything they might see that's out of the ordinary and we urge them to contact law enforcement. we ask the public to remain vigilant. these men are considered very dangerous. please call 911 if you see these inmates. if you notice anything out of place, please don't hesitate call police. i want to remind the public again, don't try to approach these men. they're extremely dangerous. if you have any information on these inmates or their escape or if you can help in any way,
12:48 pm
follow our tipline. i'd also like to remind the public that new york state is offering a $100,000 reward for any information that leads to the capture of these men. i'd like to thank you for your patience. we've received hundreds of tips not only through our tip line but through social media. we've actually contacted people to try to get information. at this time it's my pleasure to introduce the colonel of the vermont state police police. i just wanted to thank the new york state police the governor's office in new york and vermont to bring us over to follow up on any information. >> we have people working on the lake edition along with
12:49 pm
troopers. we're checking campsites, we'll be passing out leaflets along those campsites, public campgrounds, both public and private. i want to thank the vermont leader as to what's been developing here in new york. governor? >> thank you, fifa and i'm very happy to be here with my maker. i'm lucky to be here are committed to doing frg we can to keeping the folks in vermont and new york safe as we hunt down these two inmates that are clearly dangerous people. governor cuomo called me this morning and informed me that although we don't know where they are or where they've gone that there is some indication that one of their destinations the destination they might have
12:50 pm
indicated was the state of vermont. so we have taken a number of actions together to ensure that our law enforcement community has no obstacles to to anpprehending these two criminals. i directed my state police to do the following five things. one, we are -- have set a vermont state police liaison to the command post in new york so we're working seamlessly to move information. two, the police technical team is ready to respond to all available tips from the public and as governor cuomo will tell you, we need all the tips from the public that might be out there, we need the public to help us solve this challenge. we also will be ensuring that our entire vermont state police team is ready for action should they be needed. three, public awareness.
12:51 pm
we're going to be doing public awareness campaigns to inform members of the public who may not be connected to the internet might not be watching television who the folks are, what they look like. we'll be doing that in state parks, doing that in remote campgrounds and areas where we think they may well be headed. four we deployed our vermont state police marine assets on lake champlain. and obviously we have deployed them from our headquarters in williston and the new haven barracks. fifth, our anc troops are going to be doing direct patrols along the lake borders. and finally, the vermont crime information center is in direct contact with our new york state intelligence center for all kinds of information sharing
12:52 pm
whoep will we hope will be helpful. this is no time to panic. it is a time to be sensible. if you see suspicious people don't go near them. call law enforcement. lock your doors. make sure that you're being vigilant and let's work together to get these two dangerous men locked up once again. i want to turn it over now to governor cuomo. i don't think there is a governor who is more concerned about finding these two folks than governor cuomo. because he cares deeply about the welfare and safety of the people of new york. so we're in this as a team. i'm grateful to him for reaching out to me to working so cooperatively, and i give you now the great governor of the state of new york governor cuomo. >> thank you, thank you. thank you very much. >> thank you very much let me begin by thanking all the law enforcement that has been working very long and hard. it has been a long few days the state police of new york have done a great job. the local police clinton
12:53 pm
county franklin county our federal partners the fbi has been extraordinarily helpful. and the coordination among all these different law enforcement agencies has really been something to behold. governor i can't thank him enough for his responsiveness ioner of public safety and the vermont state police. we have information that would suggest that vermont was discussed as a possible location. and the governor was very generous in saying he would be fully cooperative. the governor has been a good neighbor to the state of new york. we do a lot together. a lot of times it is good news and it is positive news and this time unfortunately it is a less attractive undertaking, but no doubt a very necessary undertaking. we need to find these escapees.
12:54 pm
they are dangerous men. they are killers. they are murderers. there is no reason to believe they wouldn't do it again. they're going to be more desperate than ever. if they are headed towards vermont, as you heard from governor vermont is engaged and vermont is mobilized and we're working hand and glove and we'll be coordinating several times a day to make sure that every lead we have every piece of information is shared. from the point of view of public safety these people are dangerous. they're dangerous to new york residents and they're dangerous to the residents of the state of vermont. this kind of coordination and partnership makes total sense. we're also in contact with our other surrounding states but, again, as we have information that would suggest this vermont is a possible destination, we're making a special effort.
12:55 pm
the only way to pursue this type of investigation is to follow every lead that you have and follow every lead as if this is the one that is going to break the case. so whether it is traveling to hillsborough or doing house to house searches in dannemora or coordinating with vermont if that tip turns out to be true you just follow each and every one with all the energy and all the vim that you can muster. that's what we're doing. at the same time we have employees from the prison that are being interviewed. and that is a very consistent exercise that we're going through. the media has reported on one woman in particular who is a subject who is being interviewed. and that's correct. but we're also working through everything we have been discussing the past few days.
12:56 pm
other employees, contractors, still working through investigation, how power tools were acquired. all that is ongoing. so to the extent there are lessons to be learned here fine we want to learn those lessons. and we're going down both tracks simultaneously. first track, find them before they do any harm get them back behind bars that's where they belong. second how did this happen? are there any lessons to learn, any systems to change to make sure that it doesn't happen again? let me end where i began, i want to give the governor for being a good neighbor i want to thank the people of vermont for being their help. i want the people of vermont to take this seriously. as you heard, report any suspicious behavior. these are not people to be trifled with. this is not just another prison. clinton correctional.
12:57 pm
this is one of the prisons in the state of new york that holds the most difficult inmates. trust me, these men are nothing to be trifled with. i thank the governor i thank the state police i thank the commissioner of public safety. any questions for myself or the governor or the state police, please feel free. [ inaudible ] >> it says we have to continue to follow every lead and work very hard to find the men. as we discussed initially, it is very possible they have a several hour head start on us. we found out they were gone in the early morning hours, approximately 5:30. they could have been -- they could have escaped as early as midnight 11:00. so they had a several hour head start to begin with. we had an exhaustive effort as
12:58 pm
you know. not for lack of trying but we're going to redouble our efforts and keep looking until we find them. >> are you worried they may never be found? >> i am confident we will find them. the only question is when. >> do you confirm these men may have -- [ inaudible ] >> i'm going to be careful what i confirm because it is an ongoing investigation. what i can tell you is that we have information that suggests that they thought that new york was going to be hot, vermont would be cooler in terms of law enforcement, and that the camp in vermont might be a better place to be than new york. [ inaudible ] >> we do not. >> what is being done for example -- [ inaudible ] stepped up at all, different borders. >> i was contacted throughout the breakthrough e-mails with
12:59 pm
new york state police and their information, and immediately with we deployed troopers up to the grand isle we had a tactical team in the islands in case there is a sighting in that area. we have been working hand and hand sharing all the relevant information that speaks towards vermont. we have a trooper deployed here to their command center as well. [ inaudible ] >> we are still searching in that area. the tip we were following up is two individuals who could have fit the description, not confirmed they were our escapees. out of due caution, we deployed and we did a pretty thorough search which continues. no confirmation they were our escapees. [ inaudible ] >> i'll just say that during the
1:00 pm
course of the investigation that we did develop information that had been discussed by these men prior to their escape. the possibility of going to vermont and finding a location in vermont. i'm not prepared to go into where it came from. >> >> i think the governor confirmed that. we have spoken to the female that the media has widely reported on. obviously she -- she was befriended or she befriended the inmates and may have had some sort of role in assisting them. i'm not prepared to go into details on that. [ inaudible ] >> i'm not prepared to go into those details. [ inaudible ] >> -- they're maybe working with someone or they're on their own? >> we're going on the premise that