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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 15, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> gretchen carlson has a new book out tomorrow. it's called "getting real." she did a piece on it today at 2:00 p.m. you can learn a lot more about her and all the things she's done. >> set your dvrs. jeb makes three. another bush joins the family business and launches the run for president. this is "special report." good evening. for the second time in three days a member of a past presidential family has formalized intentions to seek their own spot at the head of the white house table. saturday was hillary clinton. today jeb bush became the third member of his family to run for president. brett we begin with chief political correspondent carl cameron in
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miami where the former florida governor made it official. good evening carl. >> reporter: hi. yes, indeed he did make it official today. long expected, but as a practical political matter he's been omnipresent in this race since the beginning of the year. >> i've decided i'm a candidate for president of the united states of america. >> he says he can fix what's broken in america with conservative principles and new leadership. >> we're not going to clean up the mess in washington by helping elect the people who have broken it. >> bush is an insider. he's the son and brother of the last two republican presidents. he's tied or leading both nationally and in the first four states to hold votes next february. he has huge advantages in fundraiseing and name recognition. many conservatives dislike his
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support for common core principles and immigration. >> the next president of the united states will pass meaningful immigration reform. >> his wife is mexican and he launched his run at miami-dade college. >> i will campaign as i would serve, going everywhere, speaking to everyone keeping my word facing the issues without flinching, and staying true to what i believe. >> u.s. senator marco rubio, a former protege may be his rival. he genuinely likes, cares for, and respects jeb. bush's brother and father were not on hand but his mom, who discouraged his 2016 candidacy,
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was. >> frankly with all these reporters around i'm watching what she says too. please say hello to my mom, barbara bush. >> barbara bush got some of the biggest applause of the day. though jeb bush gets knocked as the establishment candidate, it's worth noting that establishment candidates have been winning the nomination since the reagan era. >> let's break down what bush is facing now that he's entered the race. good evening, brett. >> hi, shannon. when john kasich said he thought jeb bush's candidacy would take up all the oxygen he was expressing the view that many hold. he faces many head winds winds.
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the most obvious is his name. another is his position on immigration immigration which the gop right considers amnesty. bush's conservative detractors may not know much about his conservative record as governor but they're well aware of those two positions. it has helped him amass a campaign war chest. the good news for bush is that polls suggest he's very much in the thick of the race and has a base of support to build on. he's not known as a strong o orator but he can make a speech. what he needs now is a hearing. >> do you think he's going to get that hearing? >> he'll certainly have time and
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he'll certainly have the money to mount advertisements to stay in the race long enough but he does have strikes against him. and i don't think he's going to do what some other candidates might choose to do in that set of circumstances, which is to move to his right, abandon old positions in order to try to win over those who are suspicious of him. i don't think he's going to do that because i think he believes if he did, it would compromise his election chances. >> there wasn't a mention of im immigration or trying to sell that. a heckler brought it up. he made a point of saying not by executive order. >> that was quick of him. that sets him apart from president obama with whom he country does not entirely disagree with him on the substantive issue. hillary clinton's campaign is trying to balance a hard push
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for liberals with an appeal to the great american middle something she will need to win next year and much of that effort involves money. who gets to keep it and who gets to spend it? ed henry is covering the clinton campaign tonight. >> reporter: hillary clinton took her rebooted campaign to new hampshire today where she focused on spreading the wealth and was quickly confronted about how she can pull off a populist campaign after she and her husband made $25 million last year. >> i'm very grateful for the success bill and i have had. >> reporter: clinton did take several campaign questions today. a campaign official insisted a snub of a reporter had nothing to do with the newspaper's aggressive coverage of clinton and instead boils down to a dispute over whether the pool
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system should consist of those already at the white house. >> i'm not running for some americans but for all americans. >> reporter: then quickly veered off into a state of the union style laundry list of liberal programs as the former secretary of state spent just two minutes of the 40 minute speech on foreign policy. she suggested gop leaders are racist for opposing her efforts to increase voting rights. >> i really am quite amazed at all the republican-led efforts to disempower and disenfranchise young people, poor people people where disabilities people of color. what part of democracy are they afraid of? >> reporter: clinton finally stopped waffling on the pacific trade deal saying it should fail without major changes and she criticized president obama
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saying it's time for him to listen to nancy pelosi. she suggested she'll fight harder for workers than president obama. mayor bill de blasio did not attend saturday's rally in his city and is holding out on his endorsement. he warned she needs to get more specific about dealing with income equality. >> i want to see those details. i think people all over the country want to see those details. >> clinton hasn't said yet how she'll pay for these new programs from universal pre-k to college education. >> ed henry traveling live with the former secretary. thank you, ed. concerns over a breakdown and bailout talks for greeks sent stocks downward. the dow lost 108 and is in the
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red for the year. the s&p 500 fell 10 and the nasdaq dropped 1. the u.s. goes after another major terrorist. did we get him? fox 16 in little rock arkansas a civilian armed with a rifle was shot and critically wounded trying to enter an air force base. an injured bystander is also hospitalized. the base was on lock down but since has returned to normal status. as the state supreme court upholds the firing of a worker using marijuana, dish network was within its rights to dismiss a quadriplegic who smoked marijuana at home to control seizures. the big story in dallas tonight. the end of the plano water tower. the 178-foot tall tower was 30
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more than a dozen syrian rebel groups say the country's main militia is engaged in ethnic cleansing. the u.s. is leading the coalition providing air support the kurds. u.s. air power may have taken out a top al qaeda member this weekend. >> reporter: he was known as the "one-eyed algerian." he broke away from al qaeda to form a more vicious terror group
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called the signed in blood battalion in 2012. two fighter jets and four precision guided bombs targeted a building in eastern libya where he was meeting other islamic fighters early sunday. >> i'm not in a position to confirm the results of the strike but when we have more details, we'll share it with you. >> reporter: the attack on the amenas facility left at least 38 hostages dead including three americans. the state department offered a $5 million reward for the terror terrorist. the u.s. military strike is the first in libya since the u.s. embassy withdrew last summer.
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libya has in essence become a failed state in the four years since the u.s. decided to help overthrow gaddafi. >> we're concerned about the situation in libya and isis-affiliated groups there. >> reporter: isis groups have shown videos of them beheading christians. al qaeda's number two and the head of aqap was targeted by a drone strike last friday in yemen. he was reportedly near the port city of mulaka. he has a $25 million reward on his head.
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>> thank you, jennifer. there is new information tonight further sullying the reputation of bowe bergdahl. it's a never before heard account of how he landed in the hands of terrorists. >> reporter: at the height of the afghan war, an american contract set up a network of informants to secure the release of an american journalist. the network came across surprising information about another case. according to a former cia officer who is speaking publicly for the first time. >> an american soldier along with two or three afghan soldiers had been captured. they were use ing using -- >> reporter: a 30 year veteran of the cia said he had no idea who the soldier was until his
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informant said search teams were calling out an unusual name. >> they wanted what was bowe. we were told the soldier was bowe bergdahl. >> reporter: he was passed through the proper channels. a former senior special operations commander told fox it was deemed quote, credible and highly useful. asked whether the revelations factored into the white house swap there was no denial. >> i'm not going to say anything about that ongoing investigation that may in any way interfere. many of the people missing after the flooding of an area around a georgian zoo have turned up unharmed today. the death toll did increase to
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14. several big cats died in the flood or were killed by police. still ahead, a tough time for president obama could be getting even tougher. we'll talk about the trade fiasco and what could happen to obama care but first the killers remain free but their alleged accomplice isn't going anywhere. the latest on the prison escape. 7
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authorities in north carolina stay two young people who lost limbs in separate shark attacks were in waist-deep water about 20 yards offshore. a 12-year-old girl suffered a leg injury and lost part of an arm. a 16-year-old boy lost his left arm. officials do not know if the
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same shark attacked both. the man linked to a violent assault on dallas police headquarters was accused of choking his mother two years earlier. he planted pipe bombs and fired at officers early saturday from an armored van. he was killed by a police sniper. there is still no word on where two escaped murderers are after escaping from a maximum security prison in new york. >> reporter: the seamstress now helping sew up the case against her. >> i've gone over the charges with ms. mitchell. >> reporter: joyce mitchell was quiet in court today but has been quite candid behind closed doors, sharing details about the plan to pick up richard matt and
3:23 pm
david sweat aided by tools she allegedly provided and shuttle them to a secluded spot seven hours away. it's been reported that it allegedly involved killing joyce's husband lyle. >> asked if they were going to take any type of physical action to harm lyle mitchell, i'm not going to comment on that. >> reporter: mitchell just met her lawyer a few minutes before today's hearing because her assigned public defender stepped aside due to a conflict of interest. schools that had been closed reopened and nervous parents sent their kids back to class. back at the scene of the crime, the manhole has been sealed shut just a city block away from a cell block being investigated by new york's governor andrew cuomo. he wants an independent investigator to quote, report back on what steps need to be taken to insure this situation
3:24 pm
is not repeated. now a push to answer questions. >> why weren't they checked every 30 minutes? why are these guys in civilian clothes? why are they walking around? these people should be kept in jail and not given any privileges at all. >> reporter: 800 exhausted law enforcement officers haven't found much but the da may be ready to reveal the identities of other accomplices. >> there are other people that may have been arrested based on the information we continue to receive on a daily basis. >> reporter: shannon, it is hard to show feelings of fear on tv but they are everywhere here. a waitress told her for years that her and her husband have been arguing about guns in the house, but now there is a
3:25 pm
firearm on every table just in case a fugitive murderer shows up at the front door. >> kids are going back to school. a lot of folks concerned about sending them out. police are still checking these roadblocks and vehicles. how does it look to you? >> reporter: shannon, the roadblocks are particularly intense for everybody, including us. we have nothing to hide. we have nothing in the trunk, but a handful of officers will swarm around cars at a variety of intersections, a handful of intersections near here. the way that it works is two officers will flank either side of the trunk and they'll point their guns at the trunk while someone else comes and slowly opens it up just to see if there's anybody inside. they really have no idea if these people are hiding out in the woods, if they are in a house, or if they're in the trunk of somebody's rental car. >> thank you. the spokane washington naacp
3:26 pm
president whose parents say she's actually white has resigned. rachel dolezal has long been a figure in the community's civil rights community. the city of spokane is investigating whether she lied about her race. up next president obama is on a losing streak. his struggle to remain relevant against some pretty tall odds.
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what has already been a very difficult spring for president obama could soon become a disastrous summer. tonight a kroerntcorrespondent at the white house shows us a president whose legacy is hanging in the balance. >> reporter: turns out, it was a political walk of shame. the president was still unable to sway nancy pelosi or fellow democrats to support his fast track for transpacific authority. republican house majority leader kevin mccarthy said it was the democrats who hit their leader the hardest, saying quote, i've never seen a party do this to their president. >> it's ironic. they're the ones who are making
3:31 pm
him a lame duck president. he has work to do with his party and i hope he can get that work done and can fix this. >> reporter: there's little doubt the president's swagger has been staggered. in each case the president faces an uphill battle that can be decided against him in the coming weeks. to say nothing of his promises to reform immigration and the problems at guantanamo bay. >> the transfer would not have occurred if the secretary of defense were not satisfied that the threat of these individuals posed to american national security was not sufficiently mitigated. >> reporter: quote, president obama is once again putting his legacy above the safety and security of americans.
3:32 pm
while it's unclear how the president's legacy items will affect how he is viewed in the long run, a majority of those surveyed in the latest fox news poll say they disapprove of the job the president is doing right now. 48 to 45% within the margin of error. >> he has focused on the process in a way his achievements could be accomplished, but the possibility they could be undone means his legacy will not last. >> reporter: he called the speaker of the house john boehner and gop lawmakers said to be considering a second vote that will be a companion to the transpacific partnership. >> thank you. the spacecraft that landed on a comet a few months ago and then went silent is talking again. it communicated last night for
3:33 pm
the second time since waking up a few days ago. apparently as the comet approaches the sun, the solar panels absorbed enough light to get it working again. there was the magna carta. a big deal was made today in england of its 800th birthday. >> reporter: beside the river river thames 800 years ago history was made. the king could not impose his will unjustly on his citizens the basis of constitutional democracy. >> we talk about the law of the land and this is the very land where that law and the rights that flow from it took root. >> reporter: the current royal powers queen elizabeth and
3:34 pm
king-to-be prince william and a lot of americans, including attorney general loretta lynch were there. the american bar association erected this monument nearly 60 years ago. >> we need to continually educate the people about the magna carta and the separation of powers. >> reporter: the magna carta is a modern document raised in various legal matters. chief justice of the supreme court, john roberts, use it in a recent case. >> if we're going to enjoy a stable peaceful and prosperous world, we must ensure that the core principles of the magna carta continue across the world. >> reporter: some say it is
3:35 pm
vague on key points. don't say that to american magna carta fans. >> this is a huge deal. it just really makes you cry when you understand what happened here. >> reporter: the question is will our declaration of independence and other documents every mark their own 800th bi some might think that's debatable, but in the magna carta we certainly have something to live up to. >> thank you. pope francis has accepted the resignations of minneapolis st. paul arch bishop and his deputy bishop for failing to protect children from a pedophile priest. the vatican has also indicating his own foreign ambassador to the dominican republic has been indicted for sexually abusinge inging
3:36 pm
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3:40 pm
of america. >> the mystery is over. it's official. let's bring in our panel to talk about jeb launching his campaign today. steve hayes and radio talk show host laura ingram and a publisher of "the national journal." what did you make of the speech? >> it was a pretty good speech. i thought there was some humility. i think he was more forward- thinking than hillary clinton. i think for jeb bush, the hero in his story was him. >> he talked about religion freedom. he talked about all kinds of things. one thing that wasn't noted was a a mention of immigration. here's what he said in response
3:41 pm
to folks who showed up to push him on that issue. >> by the way, the next president of the united states will pass meaningful immigration reform so that that will be solved not by executive order. >> that's some of the most fire i saw out of him in the speech today. >> i think for those of us who believe it's going to be difficult to out pander hillary on this issue, that kind of demonstrated it a little bit, right? they said they want citizenship now, and jeb has an idea about how to move forward, normalize status you have to pay your way to citizenship. it's earned citizenship. hillary is going to come forward and say that might work in a republican primary, jeb, but i think these hard-working people should become citizens
3:42 pm
expeditiously. you want to delay what these people have worked so hard for. how dare you. i don't know what his answer is going to be that. it will help a little bit with the grass roots, but it's going to be a little tough. i think it was smart that he didn't bring it up in the speech. >> you think his speech played better to the middle than hers will? >> we know what the democrats can do with getting out the base. i don't think the base of the republican is going to rush to vote for jeb because. i think that was an interesting moment. >> he did get a dig at the current president saying i'm not just going to do it by executive order. hillary would be more of the same policies. >> you may be right about the politics about how this
3:43 pm
playingses inplays in the general election. i think the question about his candidacy is will he campaign more like the conservative reformest governor he was for eight years in florida, or will he be a person who is a critic of the republican party? i think if you judge it based on this speech it's certainly more the former. it is more running on his record. he wanted to highlight the things that he's done in florida, the fact that he made some conservative reforms. he certainly spent a lot of time -- several references to his opponents in the republican primary whom he would claim haven't done anything. they don't have a record they can run on. i think that was the emphasis of the speech. i thought he started off a little unsteady but as he progressed, i thought the speech improved. >> he did play a video at the
3:44 pm
event. at the event today, so much highlight on his time as governor. a fellow floridian had this to say about how she thinks jeb works. >> he would do anything and everything to prevent you from getting your way and him -- and to make sure that hell would freeze over before his way would not be adopted, so it's important to know that this is the style of our former governor. not exactly a prescription for breaking the log jam we have in washington right now. >> ron, he's going to point to things he got done with democrats across the aisle in florida and say what he's saying is in direct contrast to what he's going to say is reality. >> it is a record that in the middle in a general election
3:45 pm
democrats can be able to use against him. when you say, i know how to get things done what i say i'll do i'll get done the american public right now is looking for a leader. i know if they are looking for a bush or a clinton, but they're looking for a leader that can fix things. >> religious freedom and talking about the little sisters of the poor being attacked. that's something we expect a lot more of the conservatives to talk about. >> he's smart to mention that. is there a easier group to defend then the little sisters of the poor? yes, it was a nod to religious freedom. but when it comes to the primary contest, you're going to have people out there for years fighting for this. ted cruz has been out there for years. i think marco rubio has a good story to tell.
3:46 pm
for all these years where we needed jeb's voice, because he's a really smart guy and he does have a really strong record in florida, he was kind of quiet. he went underground except on immigration. he's out there making money. that's fine. but on these critical struggles in the country, we didn't see much from him. conservatives could have used his help and he wasn't there. >> he's been out of office in florida so long that 75% of floridians that are alive have not had a chance to vote for him. next up hillary clinton wants to keep presidential politics in her family as well.
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i don't think americans are against success. i think americans are against people who they pull themselves up. at some point we are in all of this together. those of us who do have opportunities ought to be doing more to help people do the same. >> former secretary of state hillary clinton out and about speaking today taking some questions, not from her our own ed henry who did try. relaunch of her campaign this weekend. we're back with our panel now. steve, i will start with you. she only leads bernie sanders by 46 points. where does she go from here? >> i know that i'm sort of -- i'm -- i think there is going to be a moment where hillary clinton is vulnerable in this campaign. i don't know when it will be. but it wouldn't surprise me
3:51 pm
if bernie sanders has a moment now. is not going to be the democratic nominee. but a could he have some enthusiasm? we are seeing enthusiasm for him in the early states. wisconsin state democratic party did a straw poll in which he had 41% to hillary clinton's 49 %. i think we have a bernie sanders moment. the question is can he build on that and actually threaten her candidacy? probably not. could he be a place holder for somebody else to come in and take on challenge of vulnerable hillary clinton in a serious way? i think that's an open question. i think we have seen from her both in her speech and in her questions today the sort of mechanical rogue focus group answers that will not stand her well as the campaign rolls on. >> laura she answered questions today. >> yes. i think she did as well as she could have done over the weekend, i really do. what else is she going to say. she is not going to run on her record. she is talk about the same policies of economic disparity and so forth that
3:52 pm
has been ginning up the left wing base. the same woman remember, who is in the goldman sachs primary the ceo goldman sachs hank jeb. who is going to win this? they agree on a lot of issues. i think hillary and jeb on some of these core financial issues they might seem really far apart now wreath seems to be saying either one of them in the end would probably be okay for us. hillary's rhetoric aside i don't think wall street is worrying. >> here is what she is wanting to say to differentiate and going after the g.o.p. and essentially dividing and warning people they don't like you. here's a bit of what she had to say. >> i really am quite amaze the at all of the republican-led effort to disempower and disenfranchise young people, poor people, people with disabilities people of color, and they turn their backs on gay people who love each other when they should
3:53 pm
be joining us in saying, clearly, no to discrimination. >> they even shame and blame women. rather than respect our right to make our own reproductive health decisions. >> okay. so, she checked off a lot of groups and a lot of issues there. we can impact those. one of the things she keeps talking about is voting rights. why do republicans do not want you to be able to vote? our most recent polling shows 70% of people think that we need to have voter id laws. that's an overwhelming majority. but it's something she keepsg they don't like you they don't want you to have rights, they don't want you to have a voice. >> if you want to make a case that we are no longer an agriculture era that we only have to vote on tuesdays where we are not only at the market and in church i'm for that i'm for improving the voting system. if you want a wedge in the other party i don't think that's what we are looking for in leadership. this reminds me of the whole election bush vs. clinton this weekend.
3:54 pm
clinton vs. bush. the first time we had this kind of weekend we had what maybe 100 web sites on this thing that only a few of us knew was called the internet. 87% of the voting public at the time was white. swing voters were all the rage and i i had a full head of hair. times have changed and i just don't know if we want more of the same. >> well, and thinking of change, she talks about people turning their backs on gay people who love each other. that's a position that she held not that long ago herself. >> until about five minutes ago. >> i think ron hit it though. we san odd dynamic right now playing out in america two candidates if you had to bet today it and things could change, it could be anybody. bet today probably bet it's going to be a clinton vs. bush again. i think the country is screaming, no, no, no. please give us someone else. and, yet it seems like this is what our system, whatever we want to call, it is going to perhaps deliver again. if that is the case, and i
3:55 pm
would speak from the republican side. if that's the case, i think the republican party is going to look at a whole new nominating process is. maybe it's vote all the states on one day. we have a national delegate contest on one day so we don't have this momentum building of money being able to clear cut the field with one candidate. but it does seem like ron said like the remainder's table or something. it looks all kind of old. >> if you look at that argument in particular, the voter i.d. argument, i mean, she is drawing this straight from the 1990s. at the end of the 199 os the justice department under bill clinton launched several investigations about apparent republican efforts to suppress the vote. they never went anywhere there was no evidence of it. but, it ginned up the votes from people that she wanted and president clinton wanted to come out. she is doing the same thing. i think it's a deeply cynical move and i don't think it will work. >> not only will it not work it ensures that she won't be able to get a pass so much animus after this campaign. >> 31 states have early
3:56 pm
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apparently that is joanne. we like her a lot. i'm shannon bream, good night from washington. record"on the record" is next. >> this is absolutely terrifying and it is real. shark-infested waters. two teenagers more than an hour apart more than a mile apart suddenly became shark bait off the carolina coast this happened. tonight the terrifying moments captured in these horrifying 9/11 calls. >> 911 what your emergency? >> oh my god. >> hello? >> my son just got bit by a shark. >> we need an ambulance now. >> blood in the water coming over with the white wash. the kid was in shock. >> 911 what is your emergency? >> we have somebody shark attack. >> hi, we're on island. a girl whose hand has been