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  The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  June 16, 2015 5:01pm-5:20pm PDT

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but, first, a factor exclusive. donald trump running for president. >> ladies and gentlemen,. [cheers] >> i am officially running for president of the united states, and we are going to make our country great again. >> along with that announcement, the 69-year-old trump released his net worth today about 9 billion with a b dollars. he spoke to for the better part of an hour basically saying that current politicians are wimps who will never solve the intense problems america never happens. trump says is he solve them. now, i have known the man for almost 30 years. i have done some business with his jet fleet and occasionally we go to sporting events together. so he wanted his first post announcement interview to be on the factor. good for us. here it is. >> so this is like the
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lightning round here. >> you just tell me how you are going to solve these problems. isis. how are you going to defeat isis? >> i would hit them so hard. i would find our proper general. i would find the patent or mcarthur. i would hit them so hard your head would spin. remember, i sent you the document. i said in 2004 we should not go in and do that whole thing with iraq. it was a disaster. because i said that iran will take over and it will totally destabilize the middle east. but there is nobody bigger or better at the military than i am. >> are you telling me you are going to send american ground troops into syria? >> i'm not telling you anything. the reason i'm not is because if i run and i win, i don't want them to know the game. >> but you have to -- if you want to hit them hard -- >> -- i'm probably going to have to say i have a way that would be very effective with respect to isis but, when i watch obama get up and talk about in two weeks we're doing this and in three weeks we're doing that. >> american ground troops in to chase them around? >> take back the oil. once you go back and take back that oil they have
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nothing. >> how do you -- >> -- you have to go in. >> with ground troops. >> you bomb the hell out of them and then you encircle it and then you go in and let mobile go in and great oil companies go. in once you take that oil, they have nothing left. >> you are going to have unintended consequences. you are going to have iraq not wanting you to do this. >> there is no iraq. >> you don't respect them? >> i don't have any respect for them, no. >> so they are out. syria, are you going to violate them. >> interestingly, syria is supposed to be our enemy. iran and russia are protecting syria. and it's sort of amazing that we are in there fighting isis and syria. so we are helping the head of syria who is not supposed to be our friend although he looks better than some of our so-called friends. it's really rather amazing. maybe syria should be a free zone for isis. let them fight and then you pick up the remnants. >> in order to defeat isis, you are going to have to invade syria. there is no way you can defeat them without invading and i guess you are willing to do that. >> i disagree. you can defeat isis by taking their wealth. the wealth is the oil.
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>> you mentioned iran. would you make the nuke deal with iran. >> i would make the deal but not that deal. that deal allows them to do practically whatever they want. wait, the inspections are going to be a disaster. if we look and if you look at what's going on with this lack of negotiation right now, as sure as you are sitting there, iran is doing nuclear. >> so what do you do with them? >> you have got to either make it -- personally i would put on the sanctions big league. double and triple the sanctions. look, the biggest problem that the world has right now is nuclear weapons global warming is is not our big problem. our big problem is the maniacs controlling weaponry that has never been like it is today. it's very important to make nuclear deals but you have to make them from strength, not from weakness. once they have the weapon, then we don't have the strength anymore. >> the problem with the sanctions is you are not going to get cooperation from germany and these other countries. >> you have to get them. that's what leadership is all about. you have to get them to work with us. >> but they have obama that
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wants to play golf instead of deal with people. part of being a leader is to get everybody in line and get them. >> you think you could convince. >> yes. that's what i have done. i have made a fortune with foreign countries. >> putin, what do you do with putin? >> no respect whatsoever. he has tremendous popularity in russia. they love what he is doing and what he represents. we have a president who is absolutely, you look at him, the chemistry is too bad. i was over in moscow two years agoened i will tell you, you can get along with those people and get with them well. >> so you could make a deal with putin to stop his expansion? >> i would be willing to great relationship with putin. it's about leadership. >> based on what, two watch though guys. >> deals. deals are people. >> bush, he looked into his soul and said he was a good guy. >> bush didn't have the iq. >> pick this up on this.
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you would buy putin. >> i wouldn't him at all. i would be able to get along. very good relationship. important for the country to do that years and years, never drive russia and china together. and obama done that. >> i actually laughed when you said you are going to build this giant wall from san diego to brownsville and the mexicans are going to pay for it the mexicans aren't going to pay for the wall. >> let me tell you the mexicans are the new china. what they're doing to this country. >> they they are not going to pay for the what you will. >> let me explain. they are ripping us so badly. >> tell me. >> i will tell you how. >> tell me. >> start charging for product coming into this country. mexico is living off the united states. >> so you would try strangle them economically unless they pay for the wall. >> they will pay for the wall and wall will go up and mexico will start behaving.
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mexico is not our friend. >> or you will break them economically. >> i will do something that they will not be thrilled. >> all right. chinese hacked into our federal government system what do you do to them for that. >> you have to do something with china economically also. china, the power we have is that we have rebuilt china. they have taken our jobs. they have taken our manufacturing they have taken everything from us. >> why do they do that? >> do you know right now we owe china $1.3 trillion. we are paying them interest. >> what do you do to china they are powerful. >> if you don't behave we have to start taxing your goods coming into this country. >> a tariff. >> they charge us tariffs. we don't charge them because we are stupid. they charge us. the largest bank in the world is right under this floor. >> you realize congress is going to have to okay all of this. they have to okay you destroying mexico. they have to okay you putting a tariff on china. >> bill. >> do you think you are going to get it through. >> absolutely. i have been dealing with politicians all my life. >> absolutely. >> they're going to fold under you. that's what they do, bill.
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>> so just like putin, you are going to make him your friend, you will be able to make congress your friend too. >> i think so, absolutely. >> all right. now, let's turn to domestic issues the reason that we have income inequality, while you make an enormous amount of money and other people don't is because you are very well educated. bad parents and terrible public schools. >> big problem. >> how are you going to fix it? >> the african-american kids this was not supposed to happen. you have to create incentives for people to work. you have to create jobs. >> go out of work. making more money than sitting back with nothing. >> that's the federal government creation. you have got to get the private sector to do that. >> you can stimulate through incentives. you can do tax-free zones. >> make the kids learn in school.
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what incentive. >> have you been saying it you need parents. nothing like parents. >> you can't mandate good parenting. >> it's a huge problem. i would sit down with the best and the brightest. i also happen to think it's one of the most difficult problems we have. but we have a president that, in theory, should have been focused on this and i'm sure he cares about it, but he certainly did a poor job. because, if you are an african-american youth right now, you are in worse shape than you practically ever were in the history of this country. >> the culture is driving that. tough culture. >> hillary clinton first woman president, war on women. are you going to -- you are going to walk right into that? >> well, i laugh when i see it i was watching her talk about income inequality. that can be beaten. all you have to do is take a look at her donor list. >> if you attack her you will be antiwoman. >> that's all right. and maybe i don't win for that reason but maybe i do. >> final question your republican rivals, they're gonna come after you, you
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know that snnch. >> >> okay. >> you don't take criticism all that well. you lash back. >> yeah, i lash back. why wouldn't i lash back? well, now, the president is supposed to have some kind of elevation, you know, where you have to overlook some things. you are not real good at that. >> well, i get things done better than anybody. >> okay, are you going to slash and burn through this republican field. >> i don't have a lot of respect for many of them. i can tell them. >> anybody you respect? >> i don't want to say that yes i do a couple. i will tell you i have been dealing with politicians all my life. they are all talk, no action never going to get done. controlled why the lobbyists. controlled by donors and controlled by special interests. when i tell somebody to do something, i'm not going to get a lobbyists calling me the next day and say please don't do that even though it's good for america. >> you have got to go through. >> i have been dealing with them all my life. this building was not supposed to get built. this building was supposed to be 18 stories tall and it's 68 stories tall. i dealt with politicians.
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>> first debated is fox and top 10 on the polling average are going to get. in you may very well get into that debate. >> fine. >> looking at the other 9. are you going to slash them. >> i won't be the nicest. i'm just going to be honest. i'm not going if slash and burn i will be honest. >> they don't have it. >> you are going to look jeb bush in the eye and say common core is a disaster and you are this. >> i'm not a fan of jeb bush. the last thing we need is another bush. believe me. >> you are going to slash and burn? >> all of my life, they are all talk, they are no action, and they are totally controlled why their donors and by the lobbyists. this country, if we have another politician that includes hillary, we have another politician, this country is going down. >> now, the entire view with donald trump uned at this timed posted on bill o' next on the rundown, powers and crowley will analyze that interview. later, gutfeld and mcguirk on a teacher refusing
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get complete protection. nexium level protection. continuing with lead story, donald trump getting into the presidential race. with us in new york city monica crowley and in washington kirsten powers, new book how the left is killing free speech. powers, would you consider voting for mr. trump? >> no. >> why? >> because i don't think is he a serious candidate. i think that he says serious things inter%red with unserious things. he actually imagines to say some stuff that makes sense on foreign policy. announced syria isn't too far off. then he says other things that don't make any sense like i'm not going to tell you what my plan is because i don't want them to know or nobody is bigger or better than i am on the military. these kind of outland dish statements plus the whole birther thing that he takes credit for the fact that he
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got the president to have to release his birth certificate. this is not serious stuff. >> what we heard tonight, did you hear anything that you feel was unserious in your words from him tonight? >> well, what i just said. i think the way he is talking about you know nobody bigger. or won't talk about what his plan is is. >> he did in a round about way saying is he going to cut off othe oil revenue to isis. >> i have to say one thing that he said that i think will resonate with people, i don't think is he going anywhere. he has 57% disapproval rating. >> that could drop though. >> but, the one thing he said i think will resonate with people is mr. b. politicians people are tired of politicians i don't think that means they want donald trump. is he definitely on the right track on that that people are tired and people can be pushed around by lobbyists. >> i agree with you. >> and things like that. >> would you vote for him? >> well, i would give him a second look. >> you would? >> after today, yeah. as richard nixon once said the only worse thing in politics than being wrong is
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dull. donald trump is certainly not dull. killing could not take my eyes off of his press conference today. >> he didn't have a press conference. >> well, his announcement today. the reason is i think trump is giving voice to a lot of hard truth about the state of this country how we are increasingly weak. >> let me just stop you there. it's easy to do that because fair minded people know this country is not in good shape. 66% feel it's on the wrong track according to all a the polls. but the solution to the vexing problems, did you hear anything in that interview that gave you pause, that made you happy? >> well, nothing really gave me pause because he lays out a broad vision for the country i in a no b.s. style which people find refreshing. >> how about restoring mexico economically. >> coming at problems from economic point of view. he wants to use america's economic leverage. >> power. >> against iran, mexico and china and is he not wrong. what gave me pause watching
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this is is he very short on details he doesn't want to flesh out his strategy. >> he doesn't want to get trapped. >> that's not a problem. >> not clear about what he is going to do. >> that's not necessarily a problem. hillary clinton is very short on details too. >> two opposites of the spectrum. if you had a choice, powers, between a donald trump type guy and a hillary clinton type politician, you are telling me that you would pull a lever for mrs. clinton right now? >> are you telling me you wouldn't? >> i never endorse anybody. i will tell you what, i would rather have the straight talk of donald trump than the obfuscation of hillary clinton any time. >> i don't endorse -- are you seriously saying right now you would vote for donald trump over hillary clinton? >> what i'm telling you is this: you have one politician and that's what trump is now because he is in the game who is saying this is what i'm going to do, all right? this is kind of how i'm going to do it. use economic. >> bill. >> and then you have another politician who says this is what i'm going to do and
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what she says she is going to do is impossible. >> right. i'm going to make the mexican have to build a wall, that's totally possible? i mean, why are you cutting him so much slack? >> i'm not cutting him slack. i challenged him on that. >> and then you go on me and he is running from president. >> i challenged him on that, but he says he is going to break economically the country in mexico unless they pay for the wall. that's what he says he is going to do. so the folks can take it or leave it. >> i mean, i just -- i can't believe that you can take that as a serious answer that he thinks is he going to force mexico to build a wall. >> i mean, look, if it's serious, i don't know if it's serious, but he certainly as president of the united states could injure that country almost beyond repair if he were elected. he could do it. >> how about, i mean, the truth is, if he had only done the interview with you he would be in a lot better shape than if he hadn't done his announcement today. he said a lot of stuff that
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was pretty alarming i think. >> to you it was alarming to other people they are applauding. they want mexico to stop the nonsense. >> and this is why i think he is actually resonating more strongly than people think. tapping into two things. one, he is tapping into, i think, america's deep distress and concern over the state of the country. we are weak and we are disrespected. the second thing he said today when he said i'm very rich are. america used to be aspirational society. is he celebrating his wealth and he has worked hard for it. >> i don't think that will give him votes. >> that's powerful against the left and income inequality wealth is evil argument.