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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  June 20, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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the reality is, floods do happen. protect what matters. get flood insurance. call the number on your screen to learn more. >> well, here we are. >> i don't know, lou. do i have to go to work? can't i go to work with you? >> you are going to be fine. if he gives nany trouble just ignore him. >> he is constantly following me in the halls. >> in the halls? >> well, ignore him. >> all right. i'll try. .hanks, lou. >> i am going to try. >> greg? >> did you forget something? >> thanks. >> peanut butter? sh>> exactly. >> greg? this. >> thanks, lou. almost forgot. >> greg.
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>> oh. thanks. the oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. thanks. almost forgot. uncle steven. >> and this. the>> yeah, yeah. >> okay. anything else? >> his brother. thanks, lou. >> remember, have fun. >> you dropped your alligator. >> i don't think he knows what he is doing. he is in way over his head. >> i don't understand why people tolerate this kind of nonsense. >> it looks like he is weak. he doesn't know what to do. >> this guy is a fricken more ron. >> start doing what we pay you to do. >> hi, i am greg gutfeld. i dropped my alligator.
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thanks for not watching lifetime. tonight's topic a pool party gone wild. roll the tape, tape roller. (dog barking) >> paxton, relax. >> what, you thought i was going to run that other thing with that poor girl with the row cop in texas. you have seen that more times than william due vain selling silver. it was a local story gone steroidal thanks to video. video captures small town chaos is suddenly big time grafted on to a larger epidemic about race and victimology it is the new subversion the oil spill was used by activists to smear big oil. now isolated incidents are linked together to tangle law enforcement. once you bring down the law you bring down society, who should we blame? me for starters. we have played the tape because it gets i balls.
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tape sells story. the story that lax good visuals is ignored like a harry baby. we can't find good shots of computer hacking. stopped footage like this. look at that. why we focused on mckinney hackers hacked the office of private data of millions of federal workers. social security numbers, health records, pay history, secret stuff. if china wants you to spy for them, all they have to do is bring up your affection for saved leem murs once hidden in your file. it is a blackmailer's paradise. it is a huge military defeat. how can we care when a pool brawl is way more interesting than stock footage of a walk pressing send. maybe it will help if the poor teenaged girl and the red army as the small town cap, and now image our nation's defenses are
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in the hands of an am pifl lent former neighborhood community organizer. that is the picture the story needs and test one that should scare the pants off of you. >> here he is. >> look who is here. he is so smart his iq requires a comma. it is jonah goldburg national senior editor fox news contributor and she is here because she got locked out of the car she sleeps in. it is joanne. >> jonah and joanne it's going to get confusing. i want to go to you first jonah. this theory i have when local goes national it completely trumps all stories. it is put into a larger narrative and other stories which have no visuals that are devastating are ignored. do you buy that brilliant theory? >> i do. i was once on howe kurtz media show on another network. we won't name it. years ago. our show was delayed by a breaking news video of a purse
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snatching in a supermarket parking lot. >> no. >> it would not make the local police blog but it was great video. one of the things conservatives love to talk about media bias there is a lot of liberal media bias. there's aother kinds of bias. good video bias is a huge one. the other thing i want to point out is it often works the other way, too. sometimes the mainstream media talking about liberal bias will use the excuse it is just a local story not to cover something. remember kermit goz nell the guy who is -- >> killing babies. like the out takes in the movie saw with body parts all over the place. the "washington post" explained they didn't want to cover it because it was a local crime story. >> that's because super media has certain narratives they want to tell or sell. >> romantic fiction will always win over dry nonfiction. so it's whatever video or elements they can get that can sell their story to the most
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people and win out over all of the others. that's what they are going to focus on. >> i blame your generation, because at fox news we like to blame the millennials. most americans young americans don't care about hacking private information because you have already instagramed it. you don't value your privacy because you give it up. you are floozys with your information, joanne. >> it is almost we become more important if someone wants our information. it is a status symbol more than anything. >> that's a pathetic way of looking at it. before i move on i have a theory to jonah that we should declare what's called a buys amnesty i would forgive you for your gambling habit and you would say no worries for my cross dressing. we all are going to be leaked. we have to decide to forgive and forget. >> i like the idea of buying sin offsets bike carbon offsets. if you have a thing for shaved lee murs. >> i don't. >> that was a freudian slip
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before. you can buy sin offsets and then you are free and clear. >> that's a great idea. i will steal that for the 5 on monday or tuesday whatevereneve the show. >> this is the best story ever. i love this woman. speaking of identity stheft we are talking of course about the white president of a naacp chapter who has been telling everyone she is black and who are you to argue? >> are you african american? >> i don't -- i don't understand the question. >> are your parents white? >> clearly she is from kenya. >> rachel dolzol runs the spokane chapter of the naacp. she wanted to serve on a local commission and she had to fill out a form like we all do. she checked off african american. a quick check of her birth certificate, something our president doesn't have. she is white.
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both biological parents are white. clearly she lied. she is obviously asian. okay. jonah. could this -- i have a theory this could be performance art. she is playing the long game. >> you think that's right? >> look, i think it is a fantastic story. i am happier than elizabeth warren in a sweat lodge. it is a fantastic tory. we live where we sub died identity stuff wruf you are subsidize it you get more of it. there was a blogger who pretended to be a gay girl in damascus. he was a 40-year-old white guy in georgia. he said nobody would listen to me unless i told him i was a lesbian living in syria. in fact he was living in scotland. we get to this kind of fakery a lot of places because we privilege people because of the color of their skin and sexual identity. >> joanne, how dishonest is she? she is 50 percent less black
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than our president. >> technically. that is correct. >> i only go by the science. >> i think that people are most upset with the fact that she has kind of fooled a bunch of people. no one likes to be in a position. if any one should come forward and say what she is thinking or how she is really feeling inside it is her. someone in this position they love having dialogue. now would be the great time to have a dialogue of how you want to choose your race. >> naacp talks about how the country needs an hon knees dialogue about race, conversation with people who put on fake black makeup. >> the naacp should change their name to national association for the advancement of colored people and white ladies who think they are black. that's all encompassing it works. i don't see race or gender. i believe we are on a planet together. we are all earthlings. we are earthlings.
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i am no different than a cow. i am no different than a pig or a ers who. if i feel as my identity might change that i want to be an animal, why can't i be an animal? it's my identity. i might be a hairless over grown ferret. sometimes i feel that way. i am going to check in with our always entertaining always adorable liberal panel. liberal panel, it is always good to see you again. >> hi, greg. >> you are ready to go i can tell. how do you feel -- i would assume you support the white black lady or the black white lady? >> first of all it is pronounced wafrican american. >> that's what she prefers. >> if she identified as a black woman that's what seswe should respect. i identify with a black women called champaign you call me liberal panel. >> do you think it is logical
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you are a wall sometimes you think it is a door or chair. it is what the people perceive you matter. if you want to be a chair i can't sit on you. >> will you stop trying to silence my narrative? by the way, i think we all need to watch the new net flex program about rachel dolezal it is called orange is the in you black. >> remember the kid in elementary school that ate the glue off the desk? is that turned out to be our next guest. is she a modern day heroin? is i think she is. >> i think she has been a personal heroin for me because i have fwn having a rough week. i found a good meditation practice if i just close my eyes on focus on my breath and repeat, at least i am not rachel do doll sglal over and over again. i feel better. >> i didn't know that could have an effect on you. >> what are you feeling in it
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general about this. you know the story inside and out. she rejected some students in a class experience because they weren't hispanic enough? >> she went on and on and she was cared of going to a tea party rally because there would be too many white people there. she must be really really boare and it looks like she is an awful person. >> i disagree. i think she might be a little troubled. this is what happens when you get involved in identity politics. it becomes your a chiefment, your identity. that is under threat. it gets really dangerous. she is a great artist. have you seen her artwork? she is an may i seeing artist. she doesn't have to do this. >> there is a one-video of her watching wine. >> i wasn't talking about that. i was talking about the sku sculptur sculptures. she does skrat dugreat skulculs. >> we will talk to you later in the show.
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jerry seinfield is mad about the police chief on college campuses but will he lift a finger to help. the latest installment that ponders the tough questions in the 2016 presidential field. >> coming up this week on the campaign trail 2016. rick perry meets with potential voters but will his first view as president to get wayne malik to go with one direction. >> if he does that he will be the greatest man of his age. let's give him that second chance. >> plus, will ted cruz continue to puturn his back on the camer? is his imagination too occupied with time travel or both? >> image in 1775. image in 1776. image it's 1933. indeed to some they may seem unimaginable. >> and finally does hillary clinton really want to be president or is she more excited
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about recently joining the hell's angels motorcycle club. >> as a member a little over 8 months it is the best club you will ever be a memb (cheers) >> until next week on the >> until next week on the campaign trail what up wheels! mr. auto-mo-deal! hey, it's the wheel deal! hey, hey, the duke of deals! i know a few guys in the rental car biz. let's go, 'wheels'. rental car deals up to 40% off.
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>> you know when you have a show the most important thing is how you look. i don't want to just look like a million bucks. i want to look like $6 million which is why i have invited the $6 million man, aka steve costin otherwise known as steve majors to help me pick out my wardrobe. follow me. >> do you wear this around your waste or your neck? >> this would be your neck. actually it looks pretty good, though. that's a fox. not that you are foxy. >> i work for fox news. >> anyway a nice black belt. simple black belt silver buckle. black jeans look great with neens like this. you can't tell it's not a suit. >> you trick people in public. >> black jeans and black tennis shoes, black jacket. >> everything on you is black. >> black, you don't go back. >> i have heard that somewhere
10:19 pm
myself, my friend. >> terrible. >> jerry seinfield will not be performing at your college auditorium. campuses have gotten too pc. >> i don't play colleges but a lot of people tell me don't go near colleges. they are so pc. i will give you an example. my daughter is 14. my wife says to her, well, you know, in the next couple years i think maybe you are going to want to hang around the city more on the weekend so you can see boys. you know, my daughter says that's sexist. they just want to use these words. that's racist. that's sexist. that he is prejudice. they don't even know what they are talking about. >> college used to be the place where a comedian would go. they pride themselves in open mindedness now they are stalins. >> professors are concerned one wrote anonymously on
10:20 pm
liberal students terrify him because they don't want their beliefs challenged. >> because jerry seinfield all said no, joining me is comedian nick depalo. nick, okay, seinfield's complaint. he remind you have charlton heston at the end of "planet of the apes." you have been talking about this for at least a month. >> at least 20-years i have been talking about it. >> i did my first open mic in 1987 >> somebody said to me you are politically correct. that's good. that's how it's going. that's the trend. even then i go what are you talking about? it will be worse. >> fiseinfield let's give him credit. remember when michael rich sdardz thardz did his thing. he went on letterman and defended him. stop voting down if you don't like this. >> he is a wealthy man.
10:21 pm
he could start like an event on campuses to fight this trend. why doesn't he put his money where his mouth is? >> too busy trying to set his dautsers up with guys in the city. >> that's a bit creepy. >> find a man in the suburbs. >> go to the city and meet some boys. >> i hear it's fleet week. >> take your time don't come back. if you do tip toe. if you bring anybody i will make breakfast. >> it is not just college campuses but it is met it's sizing to comedy clubs. >> people in comedy clubs will feel if your humor is too mean they will complain. >> it's about the fact that they feel the jo he can is mean. that used to be offensive now it is moved to mean. the biggest threat, jonah, the aaron knee of this is the biggest threat to free speech
10:22 pm
are the benefactors. >> i have been saying for a long time i have been to a lot of college campuses maybe 1100 in the -- 100 in the last 10 years. the thing that is said every day on a college campus if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem. there's this attitude where you can't have your own life you can't have your own beliefs you have to celebrate everyone's feelings. i think it starts in grade school as these delicate little flowers if you say anything that hurts their own self conception of who they are or feelings or identity, now the buzz word is triggers. you are triggering people. it's like an allergy to any truths you don't want to hear. it's amazing. >> you know what's grate, though, i like it now that liberal professors are worried. boo-hoo. where have you been?
10:23 pm
>> you are enabling these kids. >> colleges wear their pc attitudes like greek letters. it's the badge of pride that they are doing something good. they are a part of something good when they are really excluding people from their group. someone thinks differently. no you can't be a part of it. they are not really learning. these procedures aren't helping them. >> it used to be like you were into band or a type of music like you were a punk or you were a head banger. now it is gender or ethnic identity. it is like a white woman wanted to be black, it's like chet haze, the son of tom hanks trying to be a wrapprapper. the other thing, too, is they don't just target, it's not about what you say it's about who says it. for example conservatives were criticized for going critical of
10:24 pm
katelyn jenner. bill maher was the most brazen critic of crate lynkatelyn jenn. >> it is a white heterosexual speech. >> you don't teal me chris rock is going to get in trouble for making fun of white people? >> he is racist. supposed to be an ally of mine. >> remember the good old days when you could walk in anywhere and say whatever you want. mr (laughter) >> i am doing the kind of criticism you normally get. i want to go to the liberal panel because i know what side he is on. >> i bet you applaud what's going on on campus because this is your making. >> first of all my name is champagne. boo-hoo mr. palo, a white male can't say whatever he wants any
10:25 pm
more. w aaa. i for one am happy to have seinfield and his clie p oent oppositional humor finally go away. this is a year of mindy kaley. >> you know what? i can't stand you. we have to move on. thank you liberal panel i think. like talking to a wall. >> up next are robots blowing us into a false sense of security ? if you say no they have already won. jolene kent is up next with the it's so shiny. i know, mommy, but it's time to let the new kitchen get some sleep. if you want beautiful results, you know where to go - angie's list. now everyone can get highly rated service even without a membership. you can shop special offers or just tell us what you need, and we'll help you find a local company to take care of it.
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angie's list is there for all your projects, big and small. pretty. come see what the new angie's list can do for you.
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>> i have a theory robots are going to kill us all. making the rounds on the web hilarious videos of robots falling over like this one here. (laughter) (laughter)
10:30 pm
>> maybe they are drunk. >> laugh away you superior humans. it is hilarious to see how clumsy and pathetic these machines seem to be. seem to be that's the operative phrase. they were released to lull us into a false sense of security as the robots plan our end. perhaps they aren't clumsy at all. just really good actors playing to the camera. here's what the robots are capable of when they are not pretending. ♪ oo you see humans laughing at robots are like dinosaurs laughing at astroids if dinosaurs ever existed. robots won't just be doing our
10:31 pm
jobs we will be doing their bidding probably naked. who will be laughing now? not me? my head will be frozen in a locker next to walt disney's. >> well done. she is so bright the sun is told not to stair directly at her. she is our robotics correspondent jolene kent. that's our first joe today. what do you make of my theory brilliant or awesomely brilliant? >> not brilliant, greg. these robots are todgood at hea. >> how do we know this? >> they do things that could help you. they could make you smarter, make you more innovative and they could help you make more money. darpa is an agency of the government. they are helping sponsor some of the crazy robots you just saw. something they do interesting they do bionic arms. they can do brain implants. they could help safe your soul, greg. >> i don't have one. >> maybe they will implant one
10:32 pm
in that case. >> how can we prove those robots weren't acting for the cameras, they were falling on purpose. you can't disprove that. >> i can't dismove that. >> maybe they were doing it to get on your show. >> a lot of people are going to like robots as pets that is how it will start out. you don't kill it. what will happen instead of cat ladies you will have robot ladies. they will have 20 robots they will nif in the house and there will be robots swarming all over the neighborhoods that's how they start communicating and they kill us. >> it will be a slave army. you saw the beginning of the digital planet of the april movies. they were our butlers and they came self aware. it will happen one way. i well om our -- welcome our
10:33 pm
robot over lords. >> that's a smart thing to say. >> you are the benjamin arnold of human beings. >> actually kent brockman he's k welcoming our aunt over lord. >> joanne, the good news is we could possibly replace you with a robot which i think would be a good thing. >> they planned them falling down. it is a human thing to do. the>> we don't want to replace robo robots. >> they realize they can build a 3-d printer gun. they tell other robots and become terminators. >> it starts with having lee majors on your show. >> he was the original. >> i like it you don't have to follow them around with a plastic club pig picking up
10:34 pm
stuffing it is like the couple worried about the kids killing them. >> kids do kill parents. >> you have to have kids. >> we are building the robots. what is going to happen joe. am the this is my theory as well we are going to build such amazing robots they will develop their own right groups. the robots will be activists and they will say we are nonhuman or we nonhuman rights which are actually more valuable than human rights. >> i can't believe you are against robot rights and they haven't been born get. yet. >> what are you calling me robotist? >> robots will not take a great leap forward. it will be like in little spurts like cell phone all of a sudden before we realize it it will become alive and it will brush us. you are laughing right now.
10:35 pm
in 20-years if you are not married to one you will be killed intie one. >> you have anything for us? you said grojonah was a turncoa. >> we think minute ar told took off with my -- >> that was tom ar node. >> tom arnold took my drugs. that was a nice watch mr. benjamin. after the break joanne explains how music festivals>> i think it is time for me to start wearing ties. but i wahate to hill you. i don't know how to tie one. i usually have other people tie it and put it around my neck. >> who dresses you? >> anybody in the vicinity.
10:36 pm
>> you don't know how to tie a tie and you are going to do this show. >> tell you what, we will try to get a tie tied. >> one is longer than the other. i remember that. then you go like this. >> go thick this, like that. the and something is missing. there's a place i was going to put this in. this is a trick tie. >> we will woman back to that okay. meanwhile, try this. the>> i one of hose i see if i can't
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boy: once upon a time, there was a nice house that lived with a family. one day, it started to rain and rain. water got inside and ruined everybody's everythings. the house thought she let the family down. but the family just didn't think a flood could ever happen. the reality is, floods do happen. protect what matters. get flood insurance. visit to learn more. >> i am the biggest $6 million man fan in the world.
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i am going to give you a quiz. i believe that i can beat you on $6 million man trivia. >> okay. >> first question, what was bionic on steve? was it the left eye, right arm, both legs or the right eye, right arm, one leg? >> left eye right arm both legs. >> all right. well that's okay. that was easy. >> i had the operation. >> bionic boy who was that? >> vince van patton. >> what was the name of the bionic boy? >> that i don't know. >> and de sheffield. >> i called him boy. >> was what the name of the anthropologist who was seeking big foot? >> wasn't andre the giant because he was big foot. >> you were trying to save big foot from the anthropologist. she had a financial stake he p wanted to fight you. >> wanted his chicken bones. >> i win because i had the answers. >> it's your show.
10:42 pm
>> it is my show. >> this is the whole point of having a show i win and you lose. >> if you and i were to fight even though you could kill me i would write a new script that i win. >> and i am not even getting paid. >> at thathat is so true. >> you are getting paid with love. i got kids by lee majors that puts me in a select group of hollywood. >> a lot of people have been kissed by lee majors. >> bonn raroo coachella it is t names of the summerfestivelies. are they harmless fun for fans of allalls? here with a report the always lingering joanne. >> hi, greg. music festivals have been getting a lot of criticism lately. i understand how an event that has drug culture poor hygiene is evil. if it you love your country and you are proud to be an american,
10:43 pm
you will go to a music festival. the most noticeable part of the event is of course the fashion. people plan their wardrobes way in advance knowing that these looks will be blasted all over social media. so i say a native american cap pest tree worn as a halter top is not cultural appropriation but cultural appreciation. those flower crowns you see surely will be responsible for the boom in horticulture's popularity over the next five years. and wardrobe is only one of the many things concert goers spend their parents hard earned money on. the festivals are great for the economy travel, hotel, camping gear, organic tacos at the vegan food stand, greg's favorite. so many businesses are profiting and driving off of these events. the real highlights of the music festival is the camaraderie. nothing warms my heart more than
10:44 pm
a group of young people with different backgrounds and beliefs gathering together in solidarity and mud to support the arts. arts programs are being cut left and right from school so the fact that there is still an interest in music and self expression gives me hope for our future. that, greg, is why music festivals are a great idea and you should attend some this summer. >> i couldn't disagree more. music festivals are evil. they are disgust can. why are mix mud with -- >> did you not listen to everything i said. >> i listened patiently. it is a mixture of mud, drugs, bodily fluids. the there's always somebody that is going to flow up on your sandals. >> jolene kent you are dating yourself, greg. >> they can't handle their booze or their drugs. they are the worst advertising for having fun. you know why the drug wars started?
10:45 pm
woodstock and altimont. everybody saw people getting high and throwing up and falling all over each other if nobody saw that we would have legalized drugs. i blame music festivals. >> last concert i went to men without hats was headlined. >> that wasn't a music festival. it was a bald guy doing this. >> they don't do drugs at the fist i feel. stay away from the brown yogurt. >> organic tacos and then they do ecstasy. wash my colon and friday my brain. what's wrong with these people, america? >> organic chemistry. >> time to take a break. then katherine takes us. first a word from our transportation sponsor. >> transportation for tonight's guests provided by my neighbor carl. he was a decent enough dude once you give him a chance.
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>> we go to our op ed cath
10:50 pm
rifrn. how is it going? >> i am going to start with you, nick. i don't appreciate your horribly sexist comment. you are a man so you don't understand how hard it is to be a woman. every day we have to walk around and see these horribly sexist institutions like subway which literally forces female employees to make sandwiches for men. >> thank you. you are not much better by the way. it is not a serious national story if you get your purse stolen. what would you know? joanne music festivals are great while they are going on but then after it's a buncrying and throwing up and girls with the flower crowns over here being like where is crystal. i can't find crystal. >> you don't need a music festival to do that. >> you find her. >> jolene for a pro bought expert you don't understand
10:51 pm
robots. we are going to die it's not the robots but the nerds behind the robot. >> greg first of all do not knock organic tacos in and ecst until you try it. >> i want to get really high and have diarrhea. >> i love that you sent him ranting about local stories becoming national and how that's a problem. spent the rest of the segment talking about a fake black white woman from spokane, washington. >> because that's a funny story. >> all right, thank you. >> that is what i am saying. also called hypocrisy. >> i was aware of the hypocrisy and went along with it anyway. it was fun. >> i didn't say that. >> that it? >> yeah, that's it for now. >> maybe they will see you next week. coming up more stuff. oh no.
10:52 pm
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>> time for our letter of the week. this is an actual e-mail that i got from a viewer claiming i minced -- claiming i miss pronounced the word dissect. i am withholding his name because i love it when bill o'reilly says that. let me read it for you. the subject is there is no die in dissect. greg, check the spelling. dissect to disavow, disown. there's no long eye in dissect. the word is correctly pronounced with a short i pronunciations should not be confused with vie set which does have the long i. name withheld fairfax, virginia. all right guy. never mind that someone had the time to write this letter to a complete stranger.
10:57 pm
dcc my boss roger ailes on this letter which means he is not only correcting me he is trying to get me in trouble. the writer is what we used to call a think. wi that's with a short i. thank you for your helpful input. don't get me fired. i don't have any other talents other than shouting. >> finally tonight my favorite part we present the first installment the very first of hard evidence. this is a show within a show where we examine one of the most disturbing cases in recent memory. this is the story of trevor a man whose life took a detour that involves kidnapers drug dealers murderers alien invaders a man known only as the seeker that culminated in the trial of the century. here is trevor story in the first of 52 parks.
10:58 pm
>> trevor is born and raised in houston, texas. most of the days were spent driving a zamboni at a hockey rink. he went for a walk by the beach by the atlantic ocean. it changed his life forever. forensic pathologist michael bad din explains. >> this is entirely unexpected. because of it we had to make a much further investigation. >> it was a cold july night with snow on the ground and through his breath he could see a pair of headlights approaching on the highway in the middle of the desert. he could see a vehicle approaching him with huey lewis and the news on board. >> that was the first clue. >> first kicked off to what was going on on the surface.
10:59 pm
>> what happened next will change the lives of millions of people. >> i don't know about you guys but um going to be sticking around for that follow up. 52 parks. >> riveting. >> it is amazing. i think we are done here. thank you jonah, jolene, joanne, nick, that's three joes and a nick. an interesting film i once saw in college. katherine and the libl bereral . happy flag day. >> i will see ya. >> what's up, bill? >> how was the show? >> it was pretty good. >> i was great. show is okay but i was good. really good. >> so you ready to go, champ? yeah, let's get out of here.
11:00 pm
>> you didn't tell me we were going to a costume party. >> oh, we are not. >>


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