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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 29, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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tune in tomorrow night or set your dvr now. we have kill immediate, charles krauthammer, enjoy. let me know what you think of tonight's show. thanks for watching. i'm megyn kelly. this is the kelly file. tonight -- >> i think i will get the nomination. i think. >> donald trump continues to dominate the headlines and polls in the 2016 gop presidential race. >> look, people are tired of these politicians. >> former governor of texas rick perry is here tonight with reaction. senate republicans are moving to defund planned parenthood in the aftermath of disturbing undercover videos. >> this bill would insure taxpayer dollars for women's health are spent on women's health. >> our panel tonight will react. >> the decision handed down by the league yesterday is unfathomable. >> and tom brady and the patriots slam the nfl's decision to uphold his suspension. >> i was wrong to put my faith in the league.
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plus hillary clinton out of touch? she reportedly shut down a luxury store to get a $600 haircut, and is back to using the private jet. "hannity" starts right here, right now. welcome to "hannity." tonight donald trump continues to dominate headlines in the polls. the liberal media naturally have taken notice and they have set out to discredit him, smear him, like they will every other republican candidate. the latest example comes from "the new york times" with claims donald trump insulted a female lawyer during a 2011 deposition. of course, it appear time took the whole incident out of context the. here's what trump said to greta van sustern. >> i think it's amazing what the press is allowed to get away with nowadays. and somebody like me has no recourse because the libel laws are so pathetic and weak that you can't bring lawsuits.
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>> peter johnson jr. peter, the bottom line is every republican candidate as they rise in the polls can pretty much expect this is the treatment that they're going to get. they're going to get smeared. they're going to get called racist and homophobic and they want to kill grandma and destroy the environment and kill children. so this is par for the course for every republican, right? >> i think they can all anticipate this kind of treatment. donald trump is making a lot of people's heads explode. all his republican opponents, hillary clinton the rest of the democrats, "the new york times" the daily beast and a lot of washington pundits who say they're conservative and middle of the road. they don't like this straight talk. it takes them out of their comfort zone. for a lot of americans, it's putting them in a comfort zone that they would like to be because they'd like to hear their politicians tell the truth once in a while and actually say what's on their mind. so it's a new paradigm in america. it's getting a lot of folks upset. a lot of folks you wouldn't expect to get upset.
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>> you know stephen hayes, i know you have been a big trump critic. in one sense, though, you've got to admit he is a creation of weak republicans in washington. those that promised they repeal and replace healthcare and obamacare but they won't use the power of the purse or end executive amnesty but they don't want to get blamed for a government shutdown. broken promises, hasn't that created the path of frustration for many americans? >> oh absolutely. no i readily admit that. i admitted that several times. i don't think that donald trump is the solution to the problems. i find it ironic that people who call themselves conservatives are investing so much in donald trump given his long history of having positions that i would argue are anti-conservative. so, yeah, i think you're right about the frustration. certainly there's been frustration. i think one of the failures of the romney campaign in 2012 was its inability or unwillingness to channel that frustration. to tap into that frustration. it's been to the benefit of
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republicans in 2010 and 2014 when they've been able to harness the energy and use it. to their advantage. there's a lot of frustration. there should be a lot of frustration with what's happening in washington. >> peter johnson jr., mary matalin i thought had a good observation. she pointed out that other candidates can learn from donald trump. of course advance their own agenda what they believe in but be bold and courageous. you don't necessarily have to be politically incorrect. tell to the people what's going on and how you're going to solve those problems and don't back down from a media that's going to smear and besmirch you anyway >> i don't know whether he's going to win or he's going to lose. i know him for a long time. i represented him. he can be a difficult candidate. he can be probably a difficult client. he is being bold and courageous. and he is saying to a lot of americans that it's okay to tell the truth as you perceive the truth to be. i find it bizarre that a lot of
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republicans and a lot of conservatives are running away from donald trump because he's reflecting 20 or 25% of the republican electorate. when you trash donald trump, you're trashing a quarter of the republican primary voters. that's not smart. it doesn't really show they understand who the electorate is in this country. >> you know at the end of the day, steve, this is a marathon and not a sprint. we go back to 2007 rudy giuliani and fred thompson were leading at this time. so my question to you is does donald trump -- you keep bringing up you didn't like his earlier positions or that he donated money to both candidates and both parties. et cetera. but at the end of the day, isn't it really going to come down to who has the better vision, the solutions, the experience and can convince the american people they can get the job done? isn't that what it comes down to? primary voters will decide not the elites and establishment in washington? >> i don't get the sense that somebody who is criticizing
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donald trump for his positions in the past or things he is saying today somehow will deny voters the right to cast their ballots. that's a bit of a strong man i think i've heard other people use. donald trump will have to present a vision. he will have to tell people what he is for. he's going to have to do better than what he did in an when he talked about obamacare and was asked what his position was. he said i'm going to repeal and replace it with something terrific. people are going to want to know what he's going to do on obamacare and immigration where he's said several different conflicting things. he should have an issues section to his candidate website. people want to hear about that. i think until he does it and until he fills that in he will trouble getting above 20 25%. >> all right. we'll see what happens. we got a lot of race ahead. thank you both. steve and peter. trump is not the only 2016 gop presidential candidate making headlines. former texas governor rick perry
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gay -- gave a major economic speech earlier today right here at the yale club in new york city. take a look. >> distrust. with wall street and with washington is probably greater than anytime in our history. and for good reason. most americans see this special political class that spend large sums of money to wield influence to protect their entrenched interests, to advocate for special favors at the expense of taxpayers and the general public. >> here now 2016 republican presidential candidate rick perry. governor, good to see you sir. how are you? >> thank you. >> good to have you back. you know, here's one example. republicans in the senate, you know, fight over the import export bill. which basically is corporate croneyism and loan guarantees that the taxpayers have billions
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of dollars that puts them on the hook for. i'm thinking we got 93 million americans out of the labor force and 50 million in poverty. it seems that they don't have their priorities straight. i'm talking about republicans. your reaction? >> obviously, getting this economy back on track ought to be the number one issue that all of us that want to be the president of the united states talk about. all of these distractions that are out there that we have. they're going to be there. i get it. but i think wisely pivoting back to a real focus on the economy, nobody on that debate stage is going to have a record that i've got of creating jobs since 2007 through 2014. 1.5 million jobs were created in the state of texas while the rest of the country lost 400,000 jobs. we need to be laying out policies that clearly show the american people how we're going to free them up from overtaxation over regulation. we need to have wall street back
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to really creating the wealth so that our entrepreneurs and innovators can go there to get their money and people don't feel like they're special interests. we need to get the community banks back where they can loan money. we've lost 1,300 community banks in the last couple of years. this is an assault on middle america, that dodd frank is putting into place. there's a lot of economic issues in there we need to be focused on. >> how is it you created 1.5 million jobs in texas? alone and the rest of the country lost 400,000? what did you do differently? >> we obviously started this some years ago when we put into place tax policies that let people keep more of what they work for. >> tort reform. >> we have the most sweeping tort reform in the nation. we put education policies in place that were stunningly effective. when you look at what we did, we had the most sweeping teacher pay incentive pay program in the country. expanded our charter schools by a substantial margin.
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we started testing kids in the early grades so that we could intervene and get them back on track. here is the results. we went from 27th in the nation in high school graduation rates to the second highest overall graduation rates in america. if you were hispanic or african-american you live in the state that has the number one high school graduation rates for you. there's nothing more powerful that we can tell the people that we're going to graduate your kids from high school, put them on a track for success. those four things tax policy regulatory policy you get focused on those, this is isn't a texas thing. we've got to get washington out of the business of sending curriculum to the states. we got to get washington out of the business of putting healthcare policies and transportation policies. the tenth amendment means what it says. federal government is supposed to do a few things, do those things really well. stand a strong military, secure the border. those are a couple of things you're supposed to do. wouldn't it be awesome if they'd get those two right, sean? then everything else, leave it
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to the states. louis brandeis said the states are the laboratories of democracy. the states are to get out there and experiment come up with novel ideas so the states can compete against each other. he said from time to time a state is going to foul up and make a mistake. i think about colorado when i think about that. i will defend colorado's right to be wrong. >> so will i. i agree with you. if colorado wants to make that choice, they can do that. i want to specifically ask you, things have gotten contentious especially between you and with donald trump. what's going on? >> my beef's not with donald except when he took a shot at john mccain and the bullet went through john mccain and hit my friends that have served and worn the uniform including myself. that wasn't called for. frankly, i think it would still be wise for him to stand up and say you know what? i overreacted and i said something i shouldn't have said and i want to apologize to the men and women who have worn the uniform, particularly p.o.w.s.
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we'll have the opportunity to discuss solutions that i hope donald will talk about solutions. there's nobody on that stage that's had more experience about it. we sent our national guard. we send our recon. literally in the river. you have seen it. we are a 74% decrease in the apprehensions. i know how to secure that border. you elect me president of the united states and i will promise the american people one thing. the will to secure that border will reside in the oval office every day if i'm elected. >> i don't know what the difference is between the last time you ran and this time. but i see a difference. i see you more focused and energized. am i right? >> well, i'm healthy for one thing. the fact is three and a half years of being prepared for this and really having gone through it more than once. i'm telling you, you look back. dwight eisenhower is the last nominee that the republicans had that hasn't done this more than once. anybody that's doing this for the first time it's going to be a real learning experience for them. >> governor, good to see you. appreciate it. >> take care. coming up, tonight here on "hannity."
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>> i call upon the united states congress right now today to stand up and lead and to defund planned parenthood. >> finally, senate republicans are they taking steps to defund planned parenthood? lila rose father jonathan morris tamara holder are here. they join us with reaction next. hillary clinton has traded in the scooby doo van and hits gives a speech on global warming and hits that massive gas guzzling private jet of hers. she reportedly shut down a store in new york for a $600 hair cut. ed henry has more as we continue.
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live from "america's news headquarters i'm jackie ibanez. a grand jury indicting a cincinnati police officer who shot a black man to death during a traffic stop.
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officer ray tensing claims he was dragged by the car. but prosecutor says a police body camera video shows a different story. the shooting of 43-year-old samuel dubose happened less than two weeks ago. the university has since fired officer tensing. three university of virginia graduates now suing rolling and one of the writers after a campus rape story saying they published vicious and hurtful attacks because of reports in the article. the three men who belonged to the fraternity at the center of the story are seeking damages for defamation and infliction of emotional stress. i'm jackie ibanez. now back to "hannity." for all of your headlines log on to welcome to "hannity." hours after the release of the latest damning undercover planned parenthood video several gop presidential hopefuls rallied outside the u.s. capitol building to demand action against america's leading provider of abortions. watch this.
10:17 pm
>> isn't it funny these same people who say it's a meaningless clump of cells are trying to get livers and lungs and kidneys because how could you have such organs from a meaningless clump of cells? >> i call upon the united states congress right now today to stand up and lead and to defund planned parenthood. >> now following that protest, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell introduced a bill to defund planned parenthood. and senator rand paul is calling out his rivals and some of the ties for example, to abortion providers. watch this. >> and i'm calling today for hillary clinton to return the money she's been receiving from planned parenthood officials. >> here with reaction with all the latest fallout is lila rose, author of "light in the darkness." fox news contributor father jonathan morris. and tamara holder is back. are you going to defend this now? we have multiple videos. we'll crush this part not that
10:18 pm
part. we'll save the lungs, kidneys and heart and we can sell it for $75, $100 $200 and i hope i can buy a lamborghini. do you not find this gruesome and grotesque and disgusting? >> i'm silent. i am without words because you ask me this every single time. you're going to get the same answer -- >> where is your heart? i want to know where your heart is. >> my heart is in my body, just like my head. >> is it beating? >> just like the brain in high head which you don't have, sean, because this is not a moral issue. you bring on an attorney last week. you bring on a pastor this week. you bring on people to have your moral debate -- >> i asked you a question. >> this is not a moral theme. >> you answer it for me because you know what i'm going to say. >> does anything in those videos disturb you? >> yes. i think what disturbs me is that lila rose and her weirdo -- >> lila rose. >> lila rose whatever her name
10:19 pm
is and her weirdo group that goes on to the hill and tries to sell these videos. >> why are you so mean and personal? >> they're not doing anything except a disservice. >> i'm shocked. i'm speechless. as you put it. and i do have a brain in my head i believe, and i have a heart in my body. because you said that abortion that is the killing of a human being and it's, yes, infant stages. infant stages. >> no. no. >> let me finish. let me finish. >> that's not the law of the land. >> what is legal is -- >> do you follow the laws of the land? do you follow the laws? >> you're changing the topic. let me finish this. >> no. >> what is legal is not always morally right. and then my -- >> this argument is about planned parenthood doing something that's illegal. >> let me finish my point. >> that's why these pastors -- >> let him finish his point. >> the suggestion, that killing a living human being inside the womb suggest that's not a moral issue? i find that to be so out of main stream common sense.
10:20 pm
it has nothing to do with religion. >> let me bring in lila. lila there are laws that i interpret to be broken here. number one, you cannot manipulate the abortion to preserve parts. that's number one. you have to inform people, number two. number three the selling of fetal tissue is illegal. there are a number of laws that are broken, correct? >> absolutely, sean. all three of the different abortion executives at planned parenthood that have been caught on tape talk about how they'll manipulate the abortion procedure to sell the parts to preserve the quote/unquote intact specimen. it's horrific. it's very clear what's going on. the late-term partial birth abortions that they talk about practicing in order to keep an intact specimen. planned parenthood is throwing their weight around on capitol hill. they're giving campaign contributions to folks -- they're trying to stake out their ground. >> you are throwing your weight around on the hill -- >> this is a really important point just to finish here. and there are over 7,000
10:21 pm
federally qualified health centers who should be getting the money instead of planned parenthood who don't do abortions. planned parenthood is trying to force their way in here and be the big abortion lobby instead of having these federally qualified health centers actually do health care for women. >> lila rose does not look crazy to me. but let me suggest -- >> thank you, father. >> by the way, lila is right about the law. the law is clear and on the tape it's clear they broke it. >> the law is clear. but guess what? they did not break the law. and this funky group that she has created. >> funky? what about your funky liberal friends? >> they're a fraudulent group. >> let me educate you about the law. because you need help. >> because this isn't about what is wrong or right. this isn't about a moral debate with all due respect. i know you're such a good man.
10:22 pm
this isn't about good and bad. >> yeah it is. it's about good and evil. >> it's about doing the right things. >> you don't crush body parts of babies to sell body parts. >> you are not alone in this very false reasoning of this. listen to what harry reid said. he says this. we are dealing, your side with the health of american women, and they are dealing with some right wing crazy deal. they're the ones making it a truly political thing. it's a moral issue. >> thank you both. >> if we care about the health of women, we need to give the money to federally qualified health centers. >> you want the money for you. that's what it is about. >> no, she doesn't. no she doesn't. she doesn't want tax dollars going to planned parenthood, and neither do i. coming up, outrage tonight -- there should be outrage about this. outrage after an american killed a famous protected lion named cecil during a hunt in africa. what should happen to the hunter? our panel will weigh in on that. why are people more outraged about that than the planned parenthood story? do you suffer from constipation or irregularity? trust dulcolax® for dependable relief. try free at
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i think it's important some good come out of this i think it's important some good come out of this tragedy. this is the website for the wild life conservation research unit at oxford wild these are the researchers who put the collar on cecil in the first place. they tracked the animals. if you want to make this into a positive, you can -- sorry. okay. make a donation to support them at the very least. maybe we can show the world that not all americans are like this jack hole here. this dentist. >> jimmy kimmel all choked up reacting to the story of an american dentist who killed a famous and protected lion named cecil while on a hunting trip. last month in africa. walter palmer reportedly paid more than $50,000 to hunt a lion in zimbabwe. he allegedly lured the lion out of a protected reservation sanctuary and tried to destroy the gps collar that the lion was wearing.
10:26 pm
public outrage has been strong against palmer. he has reportedly now been in hiding. joining us now is wildlife expert dan stockdale, professional fitter and rob dunham and detective bo dietl. all right, dan, you're the big animal rights person. seems to me the person that's wrong here are the people that he hired. he's from minnesota. he paid $50,000. he hired professionals to take him out on this hunt. nothing illegal about it except that they took him to the wrong area. he didn't know this was a protected lion in this case. shouldn't the people who took him be responsible? >> i believe they are being held responsible. beyond that because it's legal that does not mean it's the right thing for the environment and the right thing for wild life conservation. let's make no bones -- >> then make it illegal. if you want conservation. by the way, i believe in protecting animals, especially endangered species, bald eagles. i understand that. >> right. >> but, you know is the lion an
10:27 pm
endangered species at this point? >> they're actually vulnerable in the wild sean. their numbers have declined 60%. >> i didn't ask that. are they an endangered species at this point? >> no. >> do you eat meat? >> i do eat some meat, yes. let's be fair. everyone's getting worked up about the lion. let's be honest here. you hire assassins to kill your chicken and to kill your fish and to kill your beef and then you fry it up and you grill it up and you eat it. what's the difference between killing cattle, chicken or salmon that you like to eat? >> sean, honestly, to be honest with you that's part of what's been blowing up on facebook is that question. what's the value of a life and where do we draw the line between the life of an ant and a lion. but i'll tell you, when you think about the way this was done, this was a horrific murder, okay. this lion was lured out of its protected park. okay. from there -- >> i got it. i love lions. look, hunting is not my thing. i carry a gun for protection.
10:28 pm
hunt, i like target shooting. hunting is not my thing. you know what? people don't have to like what i like. >> sean, sean, i'm very surprised at you. look at that little lion. ♪ born free ♪ remember the song about the lion? now the cubbies have nobody to go back with. >> do you see that -- hang on a second. i want you to look at that lion. that lion would chew you to little pieces. >> that's right. but did they eat the meat? they took the head off. they skinned him up. they took his head off. did they eat the meat? this animal is a mascot of zimbabwe. i like to put that guy in a cage with three lions. >> i've been out to dinner with you. >> and hope the lions get guns. >> so you hire assassins to kill your beef too? >> no, no, i eat the beef. >> you still have somebody kill it for you? >> if he ate the lion and cooked the lion -- >> you're fine with it? >> i'm fine with it then. >> ron? >> well, the thing is, the lion
10:29 pm
is the only animal or leopard that an out fitting camp won't use for meat. the locals do take the meat contrary to what everyone says. they even use the bones. so every part of that animal would be used. the biggest point i think everyone's missing here is the government of zimbabwe national parks, they manage this resort. if they say this area has a quota and they're allowed to harvest one animal maybe one year, maybe every third year that $50,000 to $75,000 is an actual amount of money. my camp in zimbabwe when i'm hunting, i have over 32 jobs some years. imagine those people with big families. they've got 120 people i'm feeding because i'm there hunting. a government sanctioned quota that is issued -- a lot of times by north american biologists. >> let me go back. i understand people see the
10:30 pm
animal and maybe they think it's senseless because they're not consuming the animal. because they're not consuming the animal or they did take the head of the animal. my question is, animals are killed all the time. that lion would rip your head off and not think twice about it. and the second thing is i see more people outraged over the lion than i do over the planned parenthood videos of aborted fetuses where they're crushing this part of the body and this part of the body but then harvesting the lungs and the hearts and the livers and selling them for profit. it seems selective. i don't know if jimmy kimmel would get teary eyed over the aborted fetus pictures we've seen lately. >> sean, sean, he was the mascot of zimbabwe. it's like the top guy. it's like having -- going out porpoise fishing and getting flipper. imagine whacking flipper? >> let's keep in mind one thing, guys? this wasn't just cecil that was killed. there is six cubs that will likely be killed as a result of
10:31 pm
this. >> go get the cubs and protect the cubs and raise them. >> that's part of the pride. you don't want to interject yourself into the natural process. >> okay. they're going to be dead. >> my question is the information that i have is it hasn't shown me that animal was a pride animal and it did have other -- a pride with it. and the laws and ethics of the zimbabwe professional hunter association is if a male lion comes in by itself and it's a old male lion and they have indicators like the color of the nose, et cetera, you can take that animal. if it has a pride with it, the ethics are to leave that alone because you're other guest is absolutely right. all its immature off spring are killed by the incoming male. >> let me put up a statement by roger palmer. the dentist apologized for killing the lion. i relied on the expertise of my guides to insure a legal hunt. i deeply regret my pursuit of an activity i love and practice
10:32 pm
responsibly and legally resulted in the taking of this lion. marco rubio put out what i said. he said look at all this outrage over a deadline. what's the outrage of the planned parenthood dead babies. all right, guys, thank you for being with us. you're going to go eat a steak now, aren't you? you've hired an assassin to kill your meat. >> a real rare steak. >> so the blood comes out? >> yes. >> all right. thank you. coming up, how out of touch is hillary clinton? reportedly she's getting $600 hair cuts, shutting down department stores to get them and gives a speech of global warming and jumps in her private jet. ed henry has more. plus tonight -- >> it is completely incomprehensible to me that the league continues to take steps to disparage one of its all-time great players. >> patriots owner robert kraft unloads on the nfl after tom brady's suspension was upheld for allegedly deflating footballs. former nfl player joe theismann,
10:33 pm
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welcome back to "hannity." according to the "new york post" hillary clinton shut down part of a luxurious new york department store. why? to get a hair cut that normally cost 600 bucks. this is after she was seen boarding that beautiful private jet that reportedly burns 347 gallons of fuel an hour right after she gave a speech on climate change. is this yet another example that she is way out of touch with you the voter? give us the detail, ed henry. before you get going, i have a couple of statistics for you. the average american woman pays $44 for a hair cut. not $600. did she sound like the average american? >> certainly does not sound like that. i talked to the campaign today extensively about it since i'm covering it. they're not going to run away from the fact that hillary clinton does make a lot of money now from the speeches the
10:39 pm
books. we've seen all that. obviously that ran a bit counter to her comments in the abc interview during her interview tour last year that she was flat broke after leaving the house white house. she got a lot of grief for that. they say they're in the phase of the campaign where they're not going to make any bones about the fact she's no longer middle class. she's wealthy. they see a difference between mitt romney. they say she's rich but she'll push for policies that will help the middle class. romney got tripped up they said because he was rich and pushing policies that will help the rich. they're is a big difference there. it may back fire on them because there may be a hypocrisy argument to be made as well. >> it's pretty amazing. why the $600 haircut? and bergdorf goodman in new york apparently they shut down half the store for it. >> my hair cost a lot of money for my haircut. >> how much do you pay for your hair cuts. >> i go to supercuts or i have a
10:40 pm
friend that works with us that cuts my hair. >> you mention the private jet. candidates in both parties have private jets because they have political events. they need to hop around. >> she just gave a speech about global warning. >> you're right. you're right about climate change. it was right after a speech on climate change. that's different from the candidates on the republican side. that can trip her up again, that hypocrisy argument that she's saying one thing and doing another. in that case they say the campaign is buying carbon off sets so whatever fuel that the private jet is burning they'll make up. but obviously, as you say, that might trip her up with voters as well. >> carbon off set is like a guy or a lady that cheats on their spouse and says here's a diamond ring. it's an offset. no problem. i'm going to pollute the environment. >> i'm going to let you use that argument. >> i've used it before. all right. ed henry, good to see you. my next guest may have the first real proof that hillary clinton's personal e-mail server could have been compromised. he obtained exclusive e-mails from long time hillary clinton
10:41 pm
how many huma aberdeen that show her private e-mail account was down on one occurrence. she's calling for the justice department to appoint a special counsel to investigate the hillary clinton e-mail allegations. al joining us david bossi. let's go back to hillary clinton getting on the jet after the global warming speech, climate change speech she gives. it's pretty amazing. this is not the first time we have liberal hypocrites. we caught al gore getting off his private jet in san francisco and he's lecturing us about driving our suvs around. >> and john kerry's haircut. john kerry's haircut. do you remember that? >> yeah. by the way, do you remember this video? watch this. talk about expensive haircuts and the primping. remember john edwards? ♪ ♪ i feel pretty ♪ ♪ oh, so pretty ♪ ♪ i feel pretty and witty and bright ♪
10:42 pm
>> you got to see the whole video. it's priceless. what's your reaction to all this hypocrisy? >> first of all, i'm not surprised by it at all. hillary clinton walks around and says one thing and does another. it's one of the reasons the numbers of the people that don't trust her. her untrustworthiness numbers is absolutely shocking. i ran into bernie sanders on the way in here he's happy as a clam tonight 69. >> i bet he is. let's go to the e-mail issue. everyone's upset that tom brady got rid of his cell phone records. lois lerner now it's hillary clinton. huma aberdeen. what about these e-mails? is your e-mail working? mine was down last night. my bigger problem, i can't even get into my clinton e-mail and i wanted to print all the latest documents. we now know that classified information was on that server. what does this mean? >> well, that's exactly the
10:43 pm
right question. we've been working at this for about 18 months. citizens united. we had our hillary clinton film, hillary the movie back in 2007, 2008 that ended up going to the supreme court. we're working on our sequel. we've been at all 18 months. these foyer requests which we started back then are now in federal court. we have six federal lawsuits. the only way you're able to get anything out of the clintons is through a federal judge's court order. that's where we are today. this is in the first batch of e-mails that we've gotten out of one of those lawsuits. we're going to be getting a lot more information from huma and cheryl mills' e-mails because we'll be getting them all by the end of september under the court order. so we're very excited about this. this showed you -- this comes down to the question of national security. that's what makes this so important. huma is talking about her e-mail being down about the server
10:44 pm
being down. who services the server? >> yep. >> who? does the geek squad show up and just fix it in chappaqua? i don't think so. >> david, i think we've got the raise money. i assume the chinese have it. i think vladmir putin has it. i want to raise money and buy the entire server. are you in? >> i'm in. i'm with you on that. that's the way to get that stuff. look, we're going to be getting more information. huma abedin is as close to hillary clinton as they get. and really these e-mails showing the connection between her at the state department, the clinton foundation donors, which is really the thread we were trying to pull. how clinton inc. works. >> i'm running out of time. david bossi, good to see you. when we come back, the patriots' owner and coach slam the nfl for upholding tom brady's four game suspension. former nfl players joe theismann, spencer tillman, they'll battle it out, coming up next. by the way, it worked for hillary and lois lerner. u think your car smells fine but your passengers smell this... eliminate odors you've gone noseblind
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welcome back to "hannity." in response to the nfl upholding the four-game suspension of patriots star quarterback tom brady for his alleged role in deflategate, patriots owner robert kraft and bill belichick held a press conference earlier today. take a look. >> given the facts, evidence and laws of science that underscore
10:50 pm
this entire situation, it is completely incomprehensible to me that the league continues to take steps to disparage one of its all time great players. >> right now we're in a long step by step process as we head into the beginning of the 2015 season. so we're just going to take it one day at a time: >> tom brady also responded to the decision writing on facebook quote i'm very disappointed by the nfl's decision to uphold the four-game suspension against me. i did nothing wrong and no one in the patriots's organization did either. higher now with reaction is former nfl quarterback joe theismann and former nfl player spencer tillman. i actually expected, expense, we'll start with you. i thought they'd hit a compromise, two game suspension done. the breaking of the phone seems to be the tipping point. bad move by brady? >> absolutely it was a bad move
10:51 pm
by tom brady. again, if there is nothing to hide why destroy the evidence? in most situations, we've talked about this ad nauseam, it's the cover-up that really gets you in trouble. you have to have the possibility of there being this idyllic outcome. and there was that possibility. but it's not, and there will not be until tom brady apologized for what he did. ultimately that's what separated is the the situation. the nfl was not in a situation in the wake of the adrian peterson scenario and with what happened with ray rice to not do anything about this. i said at the time on your show that the four-game suspension would be upheld. i think a roger goodell did the right thing for the league. he did the right thing for america. >> joe? >> i don't agree with spencer at all. first of all, spencer already said that tom did something wrong. we don't know if tom did something wrong. he made it right clear, right from the beginning, he was not going to give him the cell phone. he could have thrown it in the water. he could have sent it to the moon. it wouldn't have mattered.
10:52 pm
they were not going to get his cell phone. everybody has contradicted him of a crime. there's no roof whatsoever, nothing conclusive. no facts that say that tom brady did anything. the fact is there should never have been a compromise because you compromise and go to two games, that's an admittance that you did something wrong. i respect the fact that tom brady believes that he did not do anything wrong. there should never have been a punishment. spencer, i think you agree with me as well as sean. this has gotten way out of hand and should have never gotten to the point where it is. >> it's hurting the league. tom brady not being in four games hurts the nfl. why you laughing, spencer? >> it doesn't matter if he's a big star or not. joe, it doesn't matter. listen any time we start to acquiesce and these situational ethics kind of scenario it besmirches the league's reputation even further. they cannot afford to have this continue to happen. i don't care if the shield is teflon you cannot continue to go with these situations not being dealt with.
10:53 pm
>> what did he do, spencer? what did he do? >> listen -- >> what should he do? just answer the question. what did he do? >> when i get on a car i get stopped in the police if i'm in my gated neighborhood if i do anything that is inconsistent with what the officer wants you to do, i'm in trouble. why would you destroy the phone? even while ted wells' investigation is going on, tom brady destroyed the phone knowing full well that they wanted that information that was on it. they're not looking for anything elsor than something that would implicate him from that. he was complicit and helped others who were employed by the new england patriots to alter those balls to possibly effect the outcome of the game. >> you don't know that. you don't know that. >> you don't know that he told them in the beginning you are not going to get my phone. didn't matter what he did with it after that. >> why destroy it though? >> the nfl does not have subpoena power. yet if they go to federal court.
10:54 pm
if i send you a text, you can give that -- you're going to have to get that to whom ever asks for it. whether i have it or not. >> he hasn't broken any law. joe, he has not broken any law. he won't be subpoenaed. that will never happen. he has not broken the law. >> so what happens? is he going to take this to federal court, is he going to win? joe? >> i think he has a chance there are no facts he did anything wrong. >> it did work for lois lerner and hillary clinton. there's a political side of everything. guys, good to see you. this debate will continue. coming up, we need your help. a very important question of the day, stay with us. we need your input. straight ahead. when heartburn comes creeping up on you... fight back with relief so smooth...'s fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue ...and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum, tum tum tum...♪ smoothies! only from tums.
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welcome back to "hannity." time for tonight's question of the day. do you think the hunter was at fault for killing cecil the lion? and by the way, there a difference between killing keys sill and a cow or a chicken, or hooking a fish? we want to know your thoughts.
11:00 pm
go to slash sean hannity. that's all the time we have left this evening. we hope you will set your dvr, never miss an episode, because we miss you if you are not here. thanks for being with us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. this is a fox news alert. it is a boeing 777 moments ago, saying this airplane debris off the coast of africa is the same type of plane as the 370. today's wreckage found on that isolated french island east of madagascar and south africa. fox team coverage starts noi. big news, we have been looking for this flight don't know it is the malaysian flight looks like it might be. >> the investigators are looking into it. it is a fr


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