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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 30, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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o see if it's from malaysian 370, missing for over a year. investigators also found battered luggage today that washed much the same area thousands of miles from the path of this plane. final note. kelly file for what life is like on the set of the kelly file. see you tomorrow. tonight, they see what's happening. there is a movement going on. >> people are tired of incompetent politicians. >> despite attacks from the media, donald trump continues to surge in the polls. then a shocking new undercover video shows a planned parenthood executive negotiating prices for fetal parts. the creator of these videos will be here. >> this is the most asinine act i've ever seen a police officer make. >> and a cincinnati cop is charged with murder after killing an unarmed man during a traffic stop. >> stop, stop! >> our panel tonight reacts. and a new book claims that bill clinton is cheating on hillary with a shapely blond mistress.
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the author is here with all the details. "hannity" starts right here right now. >> welcome to "hannity." despite attacks from the liberal media, donald trump continues to surge in the polls. two new polls show donald trump has a sizable lead heading into the first gop primary debate. he leads with 25% in the new reuters poll which is more than double jeb bush who comes in second with 12%. now trump also has an edge in the new quinnipiac university poll with 20% compared to governor scott walker's 13%, and jeb bush's 10%. joining us now author of "the queen: the epic ambition of hillary and the coming of the second clinton era" nationally syndicated radio host hugh hewitt. the washington time, charlie hurt. you've been a bit of a critic of donald trump. knowing you as much as i know you, that you understand where this is coming from. that he is speaking his mind. he is politically incorrect. he is bringing attention to issues in a way that republicans have been far too weak and timid to deal with.
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i'm sure you get that aspect of it, right? >> i was very critical about the comments about senator mccain, sean. i will say this and i think it's true about everyone in the race on both sides of the aisle and all the presidential candidates for the past many years. donald trump is the only one there will be a broadway musical made. that is who he is. i've never said that before. it okured to me on vacation. he is vastly entertaining. i got an e-mail from him two days ago i asked him to be my show tonight when i'm back from vacation. he sent me a fax. hugh can't do it i'm in england next week. i'm at turnberry which i own watching the ladies british open. i thought that's so donald. he told the focus group, send it the focus group. he said, he's most like us. now, he's a billionaire. he's actually not like many of us at all.
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>> they're not talking about the money. they're talking about outspoken. when you're with your friends. do you monitor your every word? has it been prepared by some political advisers? he is raw, real, it is genuine, authentic, and refreshing. in this day and age of politically pre calculated sound bites. that's what they're saying. they're not talking about how much money he has. >> i agree with that. i'm skeptical. i don't think it will last but i'm skeptical of it lasting. >> you have hit on something that is very important about what is driving donald trump. it is his creativity. he is an enormously creative guy. as he very, very good at marketing. and he thinks of new ways of marketing his campaign. and do you know what? it works. it is a breath of fresh air in politics. because nobody else is doing it. i don't know if you saw the story out today where donald trump will take his private helicopter out to the iowa state fair grounds and he will give free rides to any child seen wearing a make america great cap.
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you can say it's goofy. >> that's smart. >> you can say it's goofy, but it's brilliant. and so these kids -- >> you watch. there will be some liberal group that sues that says he is trying to buy votes with helicopter rides. >> i'm sure the government will say he's not allowed to do it. the point is that he gets it. and he is not ashamed of the fact that he is a billionaire. he is taking and using it as an advantage. and he knows what appeals to people. >> hugh let me say this too. i thought mary matalin has always been a sharp media adviser, somebody that observes people really well. she said that everybody republican ought to learn from donald trump and i agree with her. i want to see that level of energy. i want to see the scripts get thrown to the side a little bit. i want to see some genuine passion about getting the country back on the right track. helping out those millions of americans out of the labor force and poverty and on food stamps. we're going to take out isis.
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and this is how we're going to do it. that boldness needs to be there if the republicans want to win. >> not only should every republican learn from him, every broadcaster should. because he is the blocking tackle of 2016, right? he is clearing out everything. he makes mistakes. i think he made mistakes with the mexican remark. he made a terrible mistake about senator mccain being a captive and he doesn't like people who get captured. he's got to apologize for that. >> he is not going to apologize, hugh. that issue is dead. >> don't you think that if he had it to do over again, he might have refined some of those statements? >> yes. >> but to his credit and i happen to agree with you, sean to his credit i think he just says okay i'm going to move on from this. i wish i'd said it differently. but i'm going to move on from it. i won't ring my hands and try to apologize and kowtow to people. >> he is most like teddy roosevelt. another son of new york. teddy roosevelt would
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occasionally say extraordinary things that got him into trouble. i hope he reads a couple of the roosevelt biographies. i would love him to run for mayor from new york against blasio. wonderful you like that? >> i think if he followed through on his promises, and was serious about governing, i think he could be a great leader. i think he is inspiring a lot of people. and especially people that are tired, including me of republicans being weak. i'm so sick of it. let me ask this. he dealt with two controversy this week. he dealt with the daily beast, ivana trump. that was dead and buried within 12 hours. a tribute to him. a tribute to his ex-wife and his family. and a second one, "the new york times" going after him, bringing up a lawsuit that he won and even got lawyers fees for about a woman pulling out a breast pump in the middle of a deposition. and he said this is disgusting. isn't that a lesson for the other republicans, as all of the garbage is piled on them by the media?
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just blow it off. >> absolutely. and it is amazing how every scandal that, democrats skate through scandals all the time and they move right on. republicans get mired down and it is like kelp. they can't get out from under it. and they spend weeks hand-wringing and apologizing and trying to be something different. but this guy, like you say, he just keeps walking right on through it walking through the smoke and the fire and doesn't let any of it alter his focus on the vision that he is trying to convey. and he does a very good job of conveying in it those simple term that people see. and people understand his vision. and so they forgive him. >> if research this week didn't bring him down i guarantee both the daily beast and "the new york times" both thought they had him, hugh. they thought this was over this week. >> they did. but what he's got to do is start
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helping the republican party. he's got to go after hillary now, sean. if he is serious, hillary has been revealed to have four different sources of classified information on her server. i'm looking for donald to bring the hammer that he has down on hillary and i'm looking at chris wallace and megyn kelly. they'll ask hard questions. but be serious questions. >> bret baier is going to be on the panel too. >> oh, and bret baier. they'll ask serious questions. i'll get to do it a couple weeks later. at that point, donald trump will either be serious or not. at this point i'm skeptical he'll go. >> speaking of hillary, let's go back to the quinnipiac poll today. again, this is like the seventh or eighth poll that has come out. is she honest and trustworthy? 57% say no. then the poll on how voters view hillary clinton, 51% unfavorable. >> if i'm a democrat, i'll saying run joe, crazy uncle joe run. even though he likes to apparently, we'll get into this later, according to kessler's new book swim naked in front of female secret service agents. >> her favorability is under
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water nationally and underwater, meaning her unfavorability outpaces her favorability in iowa and in new hampshire by double digits right now. this is like a four-alarm fire for them. or it should be if they were paying attention. >> all right. so democrats are panicking. does elizabeth get in? does crazy uncle joe get in? >> no, no, john kerry. the dreadful candidate of hillary goes away and john kerry comes back clutching the iranian agreement and saying peace in our time. watch for it. >> i voted for the $87 billion before i voted against it? we'll to have live through that nonsense against? >> yes indeed. >> i say it's joe biden. and i wouldn't be surprised if president obama doesn't take out the shiv and put an end to the clinton dynasty and get behind joe biden. >> who? crazy uncle joe, the skinny
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dipper? >> crazy joe is proud of america, he loves america and people. i don't think you can say, those are the first things you would say about hillary clinton. >> what do you think? >> a driver took me to my victoria airport in canada two days ago said that joe biden had been in calgary. he had a 12-car motorcade because he wanted to make sure he got back to our country. i think joe biden has no viability. john kerry is the guy. >> i disagree. kerry's had his shot. i think the person to watch out for. two people. i think they have aligned together privately, a conspiracy on my part. i think elizabeth warren may get into this race with the support of comrade bill de blasio. >> oh -- >> what a doozy. >> what a snoozer. >> just what we need. another law professor. this one from harvard. >> all we need is another communist running for -- obama on steroids. here we go. we're in trouble. all right, guys. good to see you both. coming up next tonight, right here on "hannity" --
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>> >> because we were like we don't want to get called on you know selling fetal body parts. >> neither do we. >> no one wants to get -- >> how do we protect ourselves? >> a new just released undercover video that shows planned parenthood executives knew just what they were doing. is it illegal? and later, a bombshell claim. bill clinton apparently has a blond mistress. the author will give us details. plus why is the white house more concerned about the killing of cecil the lion than the murder of kate steinle or the planned parenthood videos? that and more as "hannity" continues.
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free on bail after entering a not guilty plea in the shooting death of a black motorist. ray tensing, who has been fired from the university of cincinnati police department shot samuel dubose during a traffic stop. it happened after dubose failed to produce a driver's license and refused to get out of the vehicle. tensing claims he was being dragged by the car, but prosecutor says the video shows a different story. a horrific attack during a gay pride parade in jerusalem. police say the anti-gay extremist stabbed six people just weeks after being released from prison for a similar attack a decade ago. no one died but some of the victims were seriously hurt. police say the attack took place despite a massive security presence. the attacker was arrested there at the scene. i'm jackie ibanez. now back to "hannity." welcome back to "hannity." the center for medical progress has released another shocking video showing a high ranking
10:15 pm
planned parenthood executive negotiating the sale price of aborted fetal parts. we have to warn you again, this video is very disturbing. it contains very graphic material. we think it is important to show you. take a look. >> you know when you get to 17 18 weeks, we do some of those. that's when you're doing a lot more d & es and you might get a little larger. that's where we have to do a little more training so they wouldn't crush. >> so it is a matter of training. >> we have to be on the same page. >> right. almost to the point where we have to disclose if we're doing this so if anyone gets called out or runs with that we're all oh i didn't know you wering this. oh, i'm doing this too. we have to be, i think we have to be coordinating. >> to keep the stories straight. >> to make sure we're all saying the same thing and the ceos are saying the same thing. >> right. >> joining now from the
10:16 pm
center for medical progress david dleiden is back with us. so you're responsible for this. but yet yesterday you had a court literally in california blocking the release of new videos. first, your response to that and then we'll talk about the video. >> right. so the temporary restraining order from the court in california yesterday was actually very, very limited. and it is only in reference to an alleged recording of a very specific meeting with the leadership of stem express in northern california which is one of the major middlemen biomedical companies that is partnered with planned parenthood around the country. >> what is really shocking with this, in the second video. i want to buy a lamborghini. all the haggling for prices and in each the videos, they have a discussion about parts and even procedures that are used. i want a lamborghini. in this one, oh it's another boy that they're dissecting. how is it possible that people act the way they do?
10:17 pm
they sip wine. they eat frou frou salad. they talk about buying lamborghinis from the body parts. i'm wondering, where is the conscience in these people? did you ever get the feeling that anyone is aware of what they're actually doing? >> you know, some of them are. and actually, really interesting. this is where it really is important to sometimes watch the full conversations. things that weren't covered so much in the past couple weeks. doug nuke nucatola in the first video sipping wine and talking about partial birth abortions. she had an interesting comment toward the end of the conversation. she was talking about before becoming an abortion doctor, she wanted to do two medicine. she said believe it or not, before this, i actually like babies. we were posing people who were as deep into abortion as she was. i think she was trying on convince herself. and there were similar actions in the full footage that will be released shortly.
10:18 pm
with dr. gnda from colorado. you can feel the wave of sadness coming off her when she walked into the path lab after doing 10 or 12 abortions that day and was pretty agitated, picking through the dishes looking for the different body parts. so there is some conscience still there but there's a lot of powerful, psychological, ideological and financial factors, frankly, that keep people in the abortion industry and keep it going. >> when, in this particular new video, i think a per item thing works a little better. just because we can see how much we can get out of it. it is illegal to sell those parts. is it not? >> yep. it is completely illegal. and the really interesting thing about the colorado footage that we put out today is that what it really illustrates is behind the scenes the reality of the coordinated cover-up going on in planned parenthood that is
10:19 pm
playing out right now before our eyes in the media as they try to get away from the fact that they're selling the body parts of aborted babies, and that that's illegal. you don't their vice president and medical director in the rocky mountains ever say she is concerned about following the law or about doing what's right. you hear her say that she is concerned about not getting caught and about not getting called on selling body parts. >> let me go back to what this doctor says out of colorado in this latest tape that you reveal. sometimes if we get, if someone delivers before we get to them for a procedure, then we are intact. and then they're talking about second trimester abortions. we would have to do a little training with the providers to make sure they don't crush. it sounds to me like it is almost, they're describing instant -- infanticide at that point. >> that's exactly right, sean. that was one of the really chilling moments that our investigators.
10:20 pm
a lot of people don't realize this. if you're in a facility does a high volume of second trimester abortions, just based on the, based on different patient case, characteristics and how patients respond to patient protocols for second trimester abortion it's not uncommon that you'll have live births and precipitous deliveries before the abortion happens. those born live infants and that's infanticide. >> there is an awareness where you can hear them talk about getting caught. let's roll this for our audience. >> how confident are you with your attorneys they're building many layers so they are making it difficult? >> he has it figured out. we talked to him in the beginning, you know. we're like, we don't want to get called for selling fetal parts. >> neither do we.
10:21 pm
>> no one wants to get -- >> right. so how do we protect ourselves from that. >> how do we protect ourselves, talking about the lawyers, full understanding that what they are doing is illegal. >> right. >> right. >> where is this attorney general on this? >> i know. good question, good question. there's ten different states investigating planned parenthood now in three different congressional committees. so hopefully that will move forward. and we'll start to get some answers as to how deep and pervasive the law breaking really is within planned parenthood. that kind of attitude to try to hold yourself above the law and completely disregard and find every way around it possible. that comes from the top level down of planned parenthood of the litigation and law department. roger evans who sent the letter to the congressional committees investigating planned parenthood, he gave an entire presentation at the planned parenthood national meeting just a few months ago in washington, d.c. in march on how to skirt
10:22 pm
the federal law on fetal tissue sales, saying i think this is a good idea, guys. you should go for it. bull these are the ways to do it. >> all right. we'll continue to show these videos as you release them even though many in the media, they have given more coverage in one day to cecil the lion than they have to this issue and these tapes. and we applaud what you're doing. i hope they finally defund this organization. this is grotesque barbaric and gruesome. thank you so much. >> thanks, sean. coming up a new book claims bill clinton has had a blond mistress and that the clintons are only keeping their marriage together for another shot at the white house. then tonight is the killing of cecil the lion more important to the white house than the murder of kate steinle and the american hostages or these planned parenthood tapes? well it sure looks that way. our panel will react. and a police officer charged with murder after shooting an unarmed man. we'll show you exactly what happened. we have the videotape. how you exactly what
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welcome back to "hannity" tonight. well there could be more trouble headed hillary clinton's way. a new book claims bill clinton has a blond mistress known as the energizer who visits the clintons' new york home while hillary is away. it also details what hillary clinton is really like when she is not pretending to be the voice of the american people. joining me now "new york times" best-selling author now available in paperback, the first family details, secret service agents reveal the hidden lives of the presidents. how you? >> good to be with you, sean. >> blond, bust city mistress named the energizer. wow! >> the reason she's named the energizer, the first letter of the code name for each family begin with the same letter. so in the case of the clintons, bill is eagle, hillary is evergreen, and therefore, the secret service agents decided to call the mistress energizer.
10:26 pm
>> it is viewed as a punishment though to get on hillary's detail. and at this the that the secret service loved the energizer because she's nice to them bakes them cookies, and hillary is mean to them. is that accurate? >> well, hillary is not only mean, she's nasty, abusive. being assigned to her detail is considered a form of punishment. by secret service agents. it is the worst assignment in the secret service which tells you a lot about the character of this individual. if you knew someone like that, you would have nothing to do with them. you would never hire that person. you would never be a friend of that person. and yet hillary is running for president. so this is something that the secret service has to put up with. but it tells you a lot about character. and if we ignore character we're going to suffer the consequences as happened for example, with richard nixon. there was the checkers episode, an ethics episode before he was elected.
10:27 pm
and sure enough, we got watergate. >> a couple other notes. you talked to a lot of the secret service agents. by the way, have i my secret service agent pin. i have a lot of respect for them. i know some of them came under fire but the vast majority of them, they're willing to take a bullet to protect our leaders, which i admire greatly. joe biden likes to swim naked in front of female secret service agents? that's creepy. really creepy. >> talk about a war on women. biden likes to swim nude both at his vice president's residence in washington and at his home in wilmington which he guess back to several times a week all at our expense, by the way. a million dollars in air force 2 expenses. and this offends female secret service agents. they signed up to take a bullet for the president, as you said. >> gets naked in front of female agents so he is a creep. basically, they say he is a pervert. >> well, they certainly didn't
10:28 pm
sign up to see biden naked. and it's offensive. it's abusive. and it's in this book, the first family detail. but of course the press doesn't want to touch it. >> you know, you're sourcing this book. how many sources did you have for that particular story? >> several who have first has firsthand knowledge of what happened and this continuing problem. >> and he doesn't want the nuclear football within a mile of him? what happens if we have a national emergency? >> that's right. that's the most outrageous thing of all. the nuclear football contains the codes to unleash a retaliatory nuclear strike in the event that we're hit by another country. if obama is taken out, biden would have to unleash these codes. but he insist when he goes back to wilmington several times a week that the military aide with the football remain at least a mile behind his motorcade. he wants to have this image of a regular joe. he is a man of the people. he doesn't want to have a long motorcade. of course, the result is even if there was no traffic, the military aide with the football
10:29 pm
could not catch up to biden in time. so we are totally defenseless in a situation like that. >> what about this conversation that secret service agents relayed to you about michelle obama talking to barack obama about racial issues in america. >> agents have been dismayed to overhear michelle urge her husband not only to attack republicans more aggressively but also to side with blacks in racial controversies, which of course we've seen him do over and over again. >> all right. pretty scary. it is all happening here. and i don't know. that's just bizarre. all right, sir, thank you. appreciate it. >> the white house is now showing concern for death the cecil the lion. they didn't seem to care much about the murder of kate steinle or the american hostages that they could have negotiated the release for, or they didn't really seem to care that much about the planned parenthood videos. our panel will react coming up later. and also an ohio cop
10:30 pm
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welcome back to "hannity." tonight the outrage over the killing of cecil the lion is so intense that the dentist who admitted to hunting the animal is reportedly receiving police protection. the dentist, walter palmer could also be in trouble with the u.s. authorities because earlier today the u.s. fish and wildlife service announced they're investigating the incident. here now with reaction are animal planet's large predator expert dave salmoni. rebecca rose woodland and. they're not going to secure the border after kate steinle. they won't investigate the tapes of planned parenthood where laws are broken. you're an attorney right? >> yeah. >> but the u.s. fish and wildlife service will go after this dentist in minnesota who
10:36 pm
killed an animal in zimbabwe? help me out. >> well, it was an illegal poaching. zimbabwe has already arrested the two other people who were involved his guides. and there is an extradition treaty that could place this man in danger of being extradited to zimbabwe. >> great. and he might get 15 years in jail. >> yes. >> now, he spent $50,000. he got the license to hunt. if you don't like the laws of zimbabwe, don't follow them. i would say the responsibility lies with the guides saying i doubt the minnesota dentist knows much about what is going on in zimbabwe. >> you know i called some people at safari club international, and they say known hunters, big game hunters and he has done this before, they would know better tracking his location knowing he is on the national preserve. he is like at the edge of yellowstone. >> i'm not buying he knows exactly where the lion was. i'm not buying it. i doubt he knew this was a beloved lion. >> i don't know sean. the way people have explained to me when you go out to tanzania and hunt a lion, which it is legal there if you buy the proper permits, that the lions
10:37 pm
in the wild are very, very dangerous. it's obvious this lion was just out as if he was someone's house cat. >> let me ask you this. the president, kate steinle, he doesn't fix our immigration problem. you see these planned parenthood videos they're despicable. >> yeah. >> they're going after the people who shot the video not the people on the video breaking the law. >> yeah. >> but they're going to make a bigger deal about cecil the lion. what does that say? >> my response is they should be doing it all. i don't know what you do make some kind of gesture. something doesn't sound right to me about the way this lion was lured out of the park. i don't really buy the story that the guy isn't know what was going on. maybe we'll find out there. is no reason that if you prioritize one thing, you can't look at another. they should be looking at planned parenthood. he should be talk commenting on kate steinle. this is important too. if there was a law that was violated here i think they have
10:38 pm
the right to investigate it all. >> a lion over the lion is okay but inside the preserve is not okay. >> the way they lured him out, putting the dead animal on the car, and the way this lion -- >> but i blame the two guys. >> i blame them all. i blame them all. >> you're the expert. what do you say? >> yeah i mean obviously, if we're not talking about the moral and the ethics behind trophy hunts, we're just talking the legality there is a lot of things that come in. to get your permanents to actually hunt the lion the landowner has to prove that that lion is on his land and it is enclosed with a game fence and has been there for more than 30 days. now wl they did that or didn't do that obviously we weren't there. we don't know. the other thing that would cause alarm, besides the fact that you're close to national park that they baited that animal the animal has a big, big collar around his neck. so even if everything else fails, and you claim your ignorance all the way along, if you're close enough to shoot wit
10:39 pm
a bull you're close enough to see this big collar. what the heck is that? >> wasn't it at night? >> it was, if it was at night. he would have to have some sort of vision. otherwise you're shooting blindly, right? so they use spot lights. on top of that, if there is a big spotlight on the lion, absolutely you will see this big collar. >> let me go back to jedidiah. mia farrow literally tweeted out the dentist's home address. all right. you've got these people who have now shut down this man's business. >> yeah. >> i understand people's reaction to the lion. i wonder how many people that are so outraged hire assassins to kill their cows that that can eat their steak with or kill their chickens or kill their turkeys or the fishermen that kill their fish. thing is a little bit of hypocrisy. what is the difference wean a cow and a chicken and a turkey? >> she shouldn't have tweeted out that information. that's horrific. that's like saying something inhumane happened here so i'll respond with more inhumane behavior. you know if you do this, you will incite people who are
10:40 pm
inclined to be violent to either go and destroy his business or cause harm to him. that's not the answer. if this bothers you, you feel there was an injustice done, you don't respond to it with more injustice. >> all right. so here is the question. >> you should be bigger than that. >> is there more coverage in the media of cecil the lion in two weeks worth of videotapes showing the corruption of planned parenthood? what does that say about the media in this country? >> well it says something that i'm so uncomfortable about it because they did a survey. around people in this country say 53% say it's okay. it's okay that planned parenthood is actually -- >> harvesting body parts. >> actually breaking the law. that is a law they're breaking. we're not talking about abortion. we're talking about body parts being sold. that's illegal. >> so they can buy lamborghinis. >> exactly. for personal profit. they're not putting that money back into medical research. >> so our government will look into the cecil the lion issue. but they're not going to look into the planned parenthood case except to go after the people that exposed it.
10:41 pm
>> but there is reason for that. people in this country have been desensitized on the abortion issue. when you talk about the lion, they're looking at the lion. they're empathizing with that creature. >> they went to see lion king and bambi. >> right, exactly. when they talk about abortion, they've been told, this is a clump of cells. this is not a human life form. they're not thinking in terms of baby. they've been desensitized. >> for all the people out there. >> if you're upset, are you eating steak tonight? do you have fish on your table tonight? do you have chicken? do you have turkey at thanksgiving? >> you keep bringing up the food fact. the reality is mob in trophy hunting is actually eating a lion. all that is to show off to your friends when you get home. if you were doing a hunt and you're shooting deer and the population needs to be managed to some degree -- >> i'm okay with that. i'm pro-choice. i don't want to put a lion head in my den. that's the last thing i would want to have there. other people have different tastes than i do.
10:42 pm
so what? >> no one eats the lion. it's not the same thing. no one is outraged about regular hunting. well some people might be. but trophy hunting is so egregious. it's just a matter of -- >> well, then teddy roosevelt is going to be trouble because he has all those mounted animals at his place. >> the issue of trophy hunting, even if you condone that which i'm not a huge fan to be honest but you would still look at the way this guy did it. this lion was hit 40 hours, wandering around before he died. probably undergoing a lot of suffering. he was lured out with a dead animal. this is not going on sit right with a lot of people. >> the same people that might be putting a little salt and pepper on their steak. >> i eat steak. i'm not a vegan. >> you hire assassins to kill your animals. >> not to go kill lions and certainly not to lure them out of protected territory. >> you go to your local supermarket and you buy it in a package. you have hired an assassin to kill the cow. you hire assassins, jedediah.
10:43 pm
you hire assassins to kill your food. >> that's not true. >> what this was for, basically what david was saying. it's basically for a trophy on the wall. and wasn't legally procured. we're not arguing about hunting being right or wrong. because it is legal in this country in certain locations. >> it's legal in zimbabwe. >> it's legal there too, but not the way they did it and not on a preserve. >> i blame the guides because they're the ones that know the terrain, not the hunter. >> well we'll see if he knew or didn't know. i question how much he knew. >> if they want to put him in jail for 15 years. >> well, he has a defense. let him mount it. let him mount it. the way he mounted the lion on his wall. >> it's true. >> the next time i see you eating steak, i'm going to mount the head of the cow somebody killed for you. >> that is a different debate. >> no it is not. >> i will come back. >> you want it to be a different debate because it justifies you eating steak, chicken, turkey and fish. >> this is about the humanity of the way this lion was executed.
10:44 pm
>> it is and not for consumption. >> you eat bacon too. >> no. i eat turkey bacon. >> up next on "hannity" -- >> i've been doing this for over 30 years. this is the most asinine act i've ever seen a police officer make. >> a cincinnati police officer, charged with murder after shooting an unarmed man during a traffic stop. the entire incident caught on his body camera. we're going to show you the video. we'll get your reaction and our panel's reaction, next. his body cam.
10:45 pm
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welcome back to "hannity." a university of cincinnati police officer has been charged with a murder and faces life in prison for killing an unarmed man during a traffic stop earlier this month. mao the cop, ray tensing was arraigned earlier today. he plead not guilty. the incident has been heavily scrutinized and was captured on a body camera as you see the victim disobeys the orders of the officer to take off his seat belt and instead turns on his car. this is when the cop yelled stop before pulling out his weapon and firing the final shot. the officer said he feared he would be run over. two other officers involved in the incident have also been placed on administrative leave. here with reaction criminal defense attorney eric guster former nypd detective bo dietl, fox news contributor david webb.
10:50 pm
all right. let's roll this video. let's roll it slowly. and as we're showing it, again, i want to you explain, bo, from your perspective what you see is going on here. you hear the conversation. what are your thoughts on what's going on? and what the officer did? >> he obviously pulled him over. he is asking for his license. and it is a conversation. now all of the sudden at the car there, he closes the car door. now the cop reacts. and again, he starts to drive away. or he shoots the person. i don't really see hen the shot actually happened. a lot of times sean stand up to the cops. this incident the incident that occurred in carolina when a guy shot him in the back i mean, this is tough to have any kind of defense for what i see. i see something that the guy obviously wasn't trained very well. and then also now they suspended these two other guys cops. >> they shouldn't.
10:51 pm
that's not their fault. >> no no. but they might have supported -- he said he was dragged or the car was going to hit him. and they might have supported that contention until the cameras came out. >> maybe they caught that. >> until the cameras. they had cameras too. >> the body cameras. >> that might tell the whole story. >> at the end of the day, i say i want body cameras. but there is a slight risk that the cameras don't tell the whole story sometimes. >> if i may, and the only thing i want to say, and i came on because i know this is bad one. >> i'm glad you're not defending cecil again tonight. >> every one of these bad shootings like this and that is a bad shooting now the cops that are out there trying to do their jobs every time they do their jobs they're going to be second guess and questioned about what they did. >> david? >> yeah i'm with bo on this one. i've looked at this over and over. it doesn't matter what this guy did. at some point whether he is dlij rent argumentative, refusal, whatever even if he drove away there is other action as. but pulling out the gun and shooting him, i think bo is right. you've got bad training.
10:52 pm
you a 25-year-old young cop. you have basically a guy that is trained a little bit above what seems to be a university campus police. >> right. >> with a gun. this makes it so much tougher in a bat environment already where the police are constantly under scrutiny. it doesn't do any good for this. >> eric put on your criminal justice hat. you're defending the cop in this case. what would your argument be? >> i a case that bo and david agree with me. now you want me to defend the cop, sean? >> wait a minute. whoa whoa whoa. everybody deserves a defense. what would you say? >> everyone was deserve a defense. >> you're a good lawyer. that's why i'm asking you. >> what his lawyers may do. fist of all, this guy needs to go to prison for a very long time. what his lawyers may do is try to put a jury in the seat of him and say well he was fearful for whatever ridiculous reason and see if someone will buy it. but there is no defense in this case there is simply no defense. this cop was wrong. he was hotheaded. and he got angry that samuel
10:53 pm
dubose disrespected him. >> he didn't sound that hotheaded on the tape leading up to that. he didn't sound like he was losing his temper. he sounded slightly annoyed. >> a guy shooting someone is. >> i think eric has hit on something here. eric i think anger played a big part in this. you've got a confrontation between two young men essentially, and it heats up. and then they move on. it moves on. >> you're right. >> dubose is driving away. he was driving away from the incident. the cop was nowhere near his car. nowhere near getting hit. and then they lied about it. >> eric this doesn't outweigh this terrible terrible crime which i'll call it a crime. the fact is if he sat there for people complying. >> to comply with police that's what i'm getting at. let's all try and listen to the cop. >> oh, my gosh. >> listen to me. this doesn't outweigh the shooting. but should he just driven away from a cop? eric is that right just drive away from the cop? that's not right either. >> what is right, the cop
10:54 pm
already had his tag. he should have just followed the guy home chased him don and then arrested him. that's all he had to do. he already had the information. he already knew exactly who this guy was. >> his fault because he drove away bo. >> come on bottom of the. >> communication between cops and people they're stopping. respect back and forth. >> we're going to leave it there. >> yeah respect samuel dubose and don't shoot people in the face. that's the level of respect people deserve. >> engine we all agree this looks like a really bad shooting. >> bad. >> and it doesn't help a really bad climate already for other officers who have to do their jobs. >> when we come back -- thank you, guys. we need your help. a very important question of the day, straight ahead. ortant question of the da do you suffer from constipation or irregularity? trust dulcolax® for dependable relief. try free at dulcolax® stool softner makes it easier to go comfortably. hurry! try free at dulcolax®. designed for dependable relief.
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11:00 pm
go to hannity. let us know what you think. that's all of the time we have left this evening. we hope you set your dvr so you never miss an episode, because we miss you when you're not here. thanks for being with us. the road to 2016 is right here each night at 10:00 eastern. thanks for being with us. r home. that's it for this report, fair balanced, unafraid. this is fox news alert, and now they have a suitcase. here it is. take a look at this. does this belong to one of the 239 passengers or crew of flight 370? that's the bigamistry. now this suitcase was found just hours after finding this airplane part that may be part of a boeing 777. that's the seam type of plane. a worker found the tattered suitcase and now the search is on. it's stepped up looking for more clues that may hold more answers to the baffling mystery. information tors are now rushing to a french island off